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    Onna Bugeisha Soshiki: Woman Samurai Organisation

    Onna Bugeisha Soshiki

    2002. A great time currently in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. ALPHA-1 and GAMMA are going at it, putting on their best shows yet, British Cage Fighting is rising in popularity, Signature Martial Arts still have some of Europe's best fighters and a steady amount of prospects, and Xtreme Cage Combat are putting on some great events for fans in the states who want to see the smaller weight classes go at it. Things are pretty good.

    Unless, you're Kadena De Mano Fighting Circuit. A company that started off introducing the world to Sukarno and Atep of Indonesia, is basically a feeder league for ALPHA-1 at this point. That wouldn't be so bad, if Fukasaburu Ajibana didn't have "a grand vision" of KDM FC rivalling the "big two."

    I'm Atsushi Nakajima, I was a pretty good fighter back in the day, got a 30-16 record as well. Competed for the ALPHA-1 Middleweight title at one point, but it wasn't to be unfortunately. Still though, after I retired I done a few ALPHA-1 shows as a backup commentator. I'll tell you, I've seen some wars in my time, wars like you'd never believe. Sukarno vs Fumiaki Hayashi, Tadamasa Yamada vs Jin Katou III, Terron Cabal vs Hassan Fezzik, any legendary fight that happened in 2000-2001, I've called it. It's nice to be recognised as a voice for the biggest MMA company in the world, but I wanted to do my own thing, so I left the company.

    I was always fascinated with female fighting, I remember going to a KDM FC show with my buddies while I was in Thailand, and seeing this girl called Yuya Shimizu taking on Ayame Kondo, where the two went straight at each other, ending with Yuya cracking Kondo with a head kick, and ever since I fell in love with it. When I left ALPHA-1, I started finding tapes of Women's Extreme Fighting Federation in Canada, and I thought "Damn, we should have that in Japan." Unfortunately though, everyone was signed to KDM FC.

    Until last month. Fukusaburu Ajibana made a statement that due to the women not drawing enouth money for KDM FC, they were cutting the division at the end of the year, and I'll tell you something, I've never been so happy to hear about mass layoffs in my life. I straight away called up every female on the roster, apologised for the news, and let them know I was starting up my own thing.

    Now, if there's one thing I know from watching ALPHA-1, is MMA fans LOVE a tournament. Even if they aren't too sure who's in it, they'll pay attention if there's a tournament involved, so, I announced for our first three shows, we're gonna have a Featherweight, Bantamweight and Flyweight Grand Prix to crown the first ever OBS Champions. I don't know if this'll pull off, but I'm gonna leave everything out there to try and make this work.




    Ana Natalia Pinto (3-0)
    Bio: A tall Muay Thai specialist, Ana Natalia Pinto is a Brazilian fighter who turned pro at the start of 2000. Known for her kicks, she prefers to fight from range when possible.

    Annika "Iron Chef" Sjolin (2-0)
    Bio: Annika Sjolin is a young Swedish wrestler. A professional chef in her civilian life, she gained the nickname "Iron Chef" because of her determination and heart. Known for her aggressive nature, she could develop into a very dangerous competitor.

    Chiyo "The Scorpion" Yanagimoto (11-3)
    Bio: A dangerous kick boxer, Chiyo Yanagimoto causes a lot of problems for opponents because her 5'11 frame gives her a big reach advantage over most other women, meaning she can strike from distance. A very inconsistent fighter, you never know whether you're going to get a killer or a kitten.

    Eiko Shiokawa (6-0)
    Bio: A decent Jiu-Jitsu fighter, Eiko Shiokawa can be a dangerous opponent if a fight goes to the ground; getting it there, however, can cause her major problems. She signed with KDMFC in April 1998 and has thus far been impressive, looking to continue that success in OBS.

    Feng Chung (3-0)
    Bio: A young Chinese fighter, Feng Chung comes from a Muay Thai background and is noted for her deadly elbow strikes. Blasting her way to a 3-0 record on the local scene, her career had hardly begun before OBS came in and signed her up.

    Hanako "The Stormbringer" Shimizu (10-2)
    Bio: Japan's Hanako Shimizu is a Muay Thai fighter who is noted for her excellent striking game, which is at a considerably higher level than most of her peers. A former KDMFC Women's champion, she has torn through all the competition in that division with the exception of Veronika Sablikova, who has beaten her soundly both times they've faced off.

    Johanna "Scandi Noir" Lagerholm (1-0)
    Bio: A decent kick boxer who prioritises skill over power, Gothenburg's Johanna Lagerholm is a rookie who debuted in March 2001 on the European scene. It's too early to tell much about her, but she looked solid enough in her debut (which she won).

    Kit Sakamoto (8-1)
    Bio: A dangerous striker from Japan, Kit Sakamoto is known primarily for her great conditioning and wicked fight-ending head kicks. A string of brutal finishes made her one of the fastest rising stars in women's MMA, but her run came to an end in late 2001 when Chiyo Yanagimoto outworked her over three hard-fought rounds.

    Maricel Punya (3-0)
    Bio: A kick boxer from Thailand, Maricel Punya has quick hands and feet and likes to overwhelm opponents with the sheer wealth of strikes she throws per round. She joined KDM FC in late 2001 after having won her first three professional fights in comfortable fashion, but signed with OBS after KDM FC cancelled their Women's division.

    "The Japanese Buzzsaw" Naora Kikuchi (6-3)
    Bio: Naora Kikuchi is a Muay Thai competitor who has deadly strikes in her arsenal, particularly her kicks - her long legs allow her to batter opponents with hard kicks without having to get close enough to risk getting tagged in return, a cornerstone of her usual strategy. A long-term member of the Flying Daggers team, her time there has seen her career stagnate and many feel that she may be better off training elsewhere.

    Nora "One-Shot" Bethlen (0-0)
    Bio: One of the few Hungarians in MMA, Nora Bethlen comes from a kick boxing background and is known as "One-Shot" because of her tremendous punching power and ability to put people down and out with a single blow.

    Rosamaria Correa (3-0)
    Bio: A fighter originally from a Muay Thai background, Rosamaria Correa is a power puncher who can devastate opponents in striking battles. Making her debut in mid-2000, Correa has quickly become one of the most talked about young female talents in Brazil.

    Seka Mutsu (4-3)
    Bio: A very powerful fighter, Seka Mutsu is a wrestler who loves to use ground and pound tactics to blitz her way through opponents. Her weak striking game could become an issue, although most opponents aren't upright long enough to test it. She joined KDMFC in 1997, but has had a mixed time with the company, going 2-3 as of the end of 2001.

    Umeka Fujiwara (6-3)
    Bio: A tall kick boxer, Umeka Fujiwara has decent striking skills, but not good enough for her to trouble the elite in women's MMA. She made her KDMFC debut in the summer of 1999 but got decimated by Veronika Sablikova for her first pro loss. She has gone 2-2 since then in the company, and has failed to really establish herself.

    Veronika Sablikova (9-0)
    Bio: The massively powerful Veronika Sablikova is a ground and pound specialist from Prague who has the strength to simply bulldoze opponents. She has made her name fighting for KDMFC in Asia, where she has utterly decimated the roster and was a dominant and seemingly untouchable Featherweight champion.



    Chie "The Bride" Namiki (6-1)
    Bio: Chie Namiki is a tall kick boxer who makes good use of the reach advantage she enjoys over most opponents. Her big weakness is that she's easy to take down and has virtually no ground game off of her back, a fact that has been exploited by opponents in the past, especially Veronika Sablikova who used it to absolutely destroy her in a fight in May 1998 that remains Namiki's only loss to date.

    "Dangerous" Denise Phelan (1-0)
    Bio: "Dangerous" Denise Phelan is a wrestler from California. Very good at physically imposing herself on opponents, it is only really her lack of quality striking that is likely to hold her back; if she can improve it, she will be a real handful for anyone.

    Echiko "Rhino" Watanabe (6-1)
    Bio: Echiko Watanabe is a strong wrestler who tends to run straight through her opponents, hence her "Rhino" nickname. A hard hitting fighter, she prefers to grapple with her opponents and plant them down with a slam or takedown so that she can pummel them with strikes from above. She has been with KDM FC since 1999.

    Emi Nagano (6-1)
    Bio: Strong and well-conditioned, Emi Nagano can stand and strike when necessary, but is at her best when she can grapple with an opponent, usually taking them to the floor where she can grind out wins. Going 7-0 on the local scene, KDM FC hired her in early 2001 only to see her lose on her debut.

    Emiri Fueki (5-0)
    Bio: Emiri Fueki comes from a kick boxing background and is especially good at using leg kicks to wear down an opponent's stamina. She has little-to-no ground or grappling game however, and that's a major issue that she needs to address going forward.

    Hanae Maehata (6-2)
    Bio: A tough striker from a Taekwondo background, the 5'11 Hanae Maehata likes to use her big kicks to batter her opponents from range. Her lack of ground game is easily exploited though and is holding her back from rising up the rankings.

    Junko Yamada (8-1)
    Bio: A Karate fighter, Junko Yamada is at her best when she can stand and trade with an opponent. After a fairly rough start to her career she had a breakthrough year in 2001 when she went 3-0 and displayed much more of an all-round game than had been seen before.

    Katarzyna "Killer" Wojciechowska (7-1)
    Bio: Poland's first female MMA fighter, Katarzyna Wojciechowska is a rugged kick boxer with a pronounced mean streak who just loves inflicting violence. She'll happily stand with anyone in the sport, and is generally known for being in exciting fights.

    KT "The Flash" McManamara (2-0)
    Bio: KT McManamara is a young Canadian fighter who is known as "The Flash" thanks to the incredible speed at which she moves and strikes - her kicks in particular are lightning-fast and almost impossible to see coming. A hot prospect for the future, she should rise up the Bantamweight rankings.

    Maya Komagata (7-0)
    Bio: A student of Karate, Maya Komagata is noted for her powerful kicks and elusive nature. She has a big vulnerability to grapplers though, being apparently clueless as to how to deal with them, although she has worked hard on that and is at least getting better at dealing with that.

    Saya Ikegami (10-0)
    Bio: Saya Ikegami is a Karate fighter from Japan. An unorthodox striker, she likes to throw in surprising moves in order to keep her opponent off balance, and that usually makes for entertaining bouts. She is widely regarded as one of the best Bantamweights in Japan, although a lack of good competition means it is difficult to judge how she would do against really top opponents. She moved up to Featherweight after signing for KDM FC in 2001, but got released along with the rest of the KDM FC roster and signed with OBS as a result.

    Sayoko Ebisawa (6-0)
    Bio: Sayoko Ebisawa is a legit black belt Jiu-Jitsu artist who has the skills to submit virtually any other woman in the world. If she can improve her mediocre stand-up, she'd be even more of a force. She has been a regular with KDM FC since 1999.

    Taniko Uchiyama (7-0)
    Bio: A Jiu-Jitsu specialist, Taniko Uchiyama is known for her active guard and her extraordinary flexibility. She is capable of giving anyone problems on the ground, but her inability to offer a competent striking threat is a big weakness that will undoubtedly need to be addressed before she can really challenge the big names in the sport.

    Yutsuko Sasaki (8-1)
    Bio: A short, muscular fighter, Yutsuko Sasaki is a wrestler who uses her low center of gravity and powerful legs to make her takedowns very hard to resist. Once on the ground, she loves raining down blows with her nasty ground and pound. She has become a particular favourite with KDMFC crowds since she joined them in 1997.

    Yuya Shimizu (8-2)
    Bio: Trained in the Jeet Kune Do martial art, Yuya Shimizu is a good, creative striker who likes to use a lot of powerful kicks in her fights. At 5'10, she often has a reach advantage over her opponent, and she has become good at using that to pepper them with jabs and leg kicks while staying out of range. She is no relation to fellow KDM FC competitor Hanako Shimizu, who she in fact faced (and lost to) in 2001.



    Akemi Satou (6-2)
    Bio: Akemi Satou is a student of Jiu-Jitsu who is particularly noted for her choke submissions. Small even for a Flyweight, Satou's awful stand-up could easily be exploited by a big, aggressive opponent, and that big weakness is what has held her back on the Japanese local circuit.

    Chisaki Gojo (6-2)
    Bio: A Judo practitioner, Chisaki Gojo is not much of a threat when standing and striking but can do some serious damage if she can get the fight to the ground and work some of her submissions.

    Daljit Samir (10-0)
    Bio: One of the few Indian fighters, Daljit Samir comes from a Karate background and is noted for her highly technical approach to striking. Elusive, her stick and move tactics make her a frustrating opponent to face. A regular on the European circuit, she completed a perfect 10-0 record in late 2001.

    Fusae Miura (7-0)
    Bio: A student of Judo, Fusae Miura uses her skills in that area to her advantage in her MMA fights; she likes to get in close and use throws and trips, setting up her submission attempts. She joined KDM FC in January 2001 after impressing on the local scene, making the big jump from her usual class of Flyweight up to Featherweight in the process, but recently has moved back down to Flyweight after KDM FC cancelled their Women's division.

    Hiroko Doi (5-2)
    Bio: A very small athlete, the 5'5 118lb Hiroko Doi is a Jiu-Jitsu fighter from Japan. She is skillful on the ground, but her weak stand up and the fact that she can be bullied by bigger opponents (i.e. almost all of them) hold her back.

    Hoshi Kogo (5-1)
    Bio: A tiny little ball of energy, Hoshi Kogo is a pit bull-like wrestler who simply keeps coming after opponents in relentless fashion. Unfortunately for her she lacks the power or submission threat to really worry anyone.

    Kimie Igarashi (6-2)
    Bio: A submission specialist, Kimie Igarashi is known for her affinity for leglocks of all kinds. Getting the fight to the floor is usually her biggest problem though, along with her fragile chin.

    Kochiyo Chikamatsu (9-0)
    Bio: A high-level Judoka, Kochiyo Chikamatsu may not have any striking game whatsoever, but if she can get hold of an opponent there is usually no doubt that that person is about to take a quick trip to the canvas and is going to be defending against a barrage of submission attempts. One of the rising stars of Japanese women's MMA, Chikamatsu has stormed to a 9-0 record on the local circuit without ever going outside of the first round.

    Kyoko Junna (8-1)
    Bio: Kyoko Junna is a striker, using her Thai Boxing training to her advantage in stand-up wars. She doesn't hit particularly hard, but she is very good technically and so is not somebody many fighters want to trade with.

    Manami Ken (7-2)
    Bio: Manami Ken is a Jiu-Jitsu specialist from Kobe. She is noted for being noticeably uncomfortable at striking, to the point that she barely throws any punches or kicks at all, instead putting all her effort into taking the fight to the ground.

    Mao Fukada (7-1)
    Bio: One of the shortest fighters in the world, the 5'3 Mao Fukada is a striker who is constantly active, buzzing around her opponent throwing punches and kicks. She doesn't have the power to stop people, but she racks up so many little strikes that she can overwhelm opponents and take fights via the scorecards.

    Tae Kasuga (6-3)
    Bio: Tae Kasuga is a decent kick boxer from Japan who has nothing that really separates her from the crowd, having neither massive power nor particularly impressive skill. A tidy fighter who never gives less than 100%, she's a regular on the local Japanese scene.

    Tomi Nishimura (6-2)
    Bio: A submission specialist, Tomi Nishimura can be dangerous if she can get her opponent to the ground and work towards a choke or armlock. Unfortunately she is seriously lacking in her stand-up game and so is very vulnerable.

    Toshie Nishina (7-2)
    Bio: A decent wrestler from Japan, Toshie Nishina's favourite tactic is to use Wall And Stall, punishing her opponent with dirty boxing. It's not great to watch, but it's hard for opponents to deal with.

    Tsukiyama Baisotei (9-2)
    Bio: A Japanese kick boxer, Tsukiyama Baisotei has a very solid striking game at her disposal but is let down by her inability to compete on the ground or in grapples. She has been a regular on the Japanese local scene since her debut in 1996.

    OBS Champions:

    OBS Featherweight Queen of the Ring Champion: Vacant
    OBS Bantamweight Queen of the Ring Champion: Vacant
    OBS Flyweight Queen of the Ring Champion: Vacant

    OBS Rules:

    • Fights are to be held within the confines of a Ring.
    • In no decision has been achieved by the end of the fight, the fight shall be judged by the Entire Contest.
    • Non-Title matches will be Four 3 Minute Rounds, with a Fifth Deciding Round if the fight is to be a Draw
    • Main Events and Title Matches will be Six 3 Minute Rounds, with a Seventh Deciding Round if the fight is to be a Draw
    • Strikes to a downed opponent, Closing Guard while on the ground, Knees to a grounded opponent, Elbows, Stomps and Soccer kicks are all LEGAL.

    OBS Bantamweight Queen of the Ring Tournament:


    Quarter-Final: Saya Ikegami vs Taniko Uchiyama
    Quarter-Final: Katarzyna Wojciechowska vs Emiri Fueki

    Quarter-Final: Junko Yamada vs Hanae Maehata
    Quarter-Final: Maya Komagata vs Sayoko Ebisawa

    Semi-Final: Ikegami/Uchiyama vs Wojciechowska/Fueki
    Semi-Final: Yamada/Maehata vs Komagata/Ebisawa

    Final: Ikegami/Uchiyama/Wojciechowska/Fueki vs Yamada/Maehata/Komagata/Ebisawa

    OBS Flyweight Queen of the Ring Tournament:


    Quarter-Final: Kochiyo Chikamatsu vs Tomi Nishimura
    Quarter-Final: Mao Fukuda vs Fusae Miura
    Quarter-Final: Kyoko Junna vs Toshie Nishina
    Quarter-Final: Daljit Samir vs Chisaki Gojo

    Semi-Final: Chikamatsu/Nishimura vs Fukuda/Miura
    Semi-Final: Junna/Nishina vs Samir/Gojo

    Final: Chikamatsu/Nishimura/Fukuda/Miura vs Junna/Nishina/Samir/Gojo

    OBS Featherweight Queen of the Ring Tournament:


    Quarter-Final: Chiyo Yanagimoto vs Umeka Fujiwara
    Quarter-Final: Kit Sakamoto vs Eiko Shiokawa
    Quarter-Final: Hanako Shimizu vs Naora Kikuchi
    Quarter-Final: Veronika Sablikova vs Maricel Punya

    Semi-Final: Yanagimoto/Fujiwara vs Sakamoto/Shiokawa
    Semi-Final: Shimizu/Kikuchi vs Sablikova/Punya

    Final: Yanagimoto/Fujiwara/Sakamoto/Shiokawa vs Shimizu/Kikuchi/Sablikova/Punya
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