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Thread: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two

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    The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two

    King Of Be The Booker Round Two | The Gimmick Match

    So once again congratulations to our elite eight, and this is where the competition really starts to heat up. After some discussions with Keefmoon, we’re going to break from tradition, and this round won’t feature our eight remaining contestants being paired up into match ups. Instead, like the first round, it’ll be a leader board, and the top four will progress to the Semi-Final stage. That way, no one will receive a bye in the event of a no-show, and the four best scorers will advance.

    The Elite Eight





    ~ TY2J

    ~ TWG


    ~ RASKY

    The Challenge

    So here is the challenge…

    No promo writing this time around. We want to see your match writing skills.Just the match, and a brief backstory that brought us to that point. The only parameter we’re setting is that the match MUST be a gimmick match. It doesn’t have to be a feud ending match, though I suspect most will/should be, and can come from any time period in any company. We want to see you all be as creative as possible, and hopefully serve up classics such as the Triple H/Cactus Jack Streetfight from the 2000 Royal Rumble, or the Ric Flair/Terry Funk I Quit Match from the Clash of The Champions in 1989.

    Here is what we want from you;

    A brief backstory to bring myself and Keefmoon up to speed on the feud, and how your match of choice has come about.

    - A GIMMICK match. This can be anything ranging from Hell in a Cell, to an Ultimate X match and everything else inbetween. A straight up singles match or tag match will NOT be accepted.

    - You CANNOT use anyone that was featured in your opening round entry.

    - You’re NOT limited to a 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 match. You can include as many people as you want – if you really want to give yourself an added workload. A 30 Man Royal Rumble, 6 Man Elimination Chamber and a 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match are all on the table, should you so wish to write that.

    The Judging Criteria

    You will be graded on the following points, totalling 40 points per judge and a maximum of 80 once combined.

    Storytelling/Emotional Investment

    Your entry
    MUST be sent to Wolf Beast and Keefmoon via Private Message. Zoom-E is going to sit out this round, so it’s safe for everyone to come out!! Now, you have the small task of impressing last years King. No pressure!!

    The deadline for submitting your semi-final entry to

    Bit of a longer deadline on this occasion, as giving you all essentially two weekends (when most people tend to have more free time) there should be no excuses for failing to submit your entry. I’d still suggest that you try to use that time wisely and not to leave it until the last minute.

    If you have any queries or questions, feel free to PM me or ask your question in the discussion thread.

    Good luck to all!!
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    Re: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two



    Our story starts at Survivor Series 1999. Kurt Angle made his PPV debut by defeating Meat in a quick match. Angle attempted to connect with the fans as the prototypical “white-meat” babyface, but it simply did not work .Right off the bat, the fans were less than thrilled with Kurt Angle, and told him how they felt. Kurt Angle’s debut at Survivor Series ultimately set the stage for the way he would carry himself moving forward.

    Although Angle was unable to connect with the fans, he soon realized he didn’t need them. While he lacked the boost of the crowd’s energy behind him, he made up for it with his tenacity and extraordinary in-ring ability. There was no denying that Angle simply impressed everyone while he wrestled, and soon, many took notice. Angle began racking up victories left and right throughout the month of December. However, Angle knew he had to align himself with the right people if he was going to make a name for himself in the WWF. Angle needed someone to help catapult him into the upper echelons of the WWF if he wanted to compete with names like The Rock and Triple H.

    Watching from afar was one of the co-owners of the WWF- Shane McMahon. Shane was searching high and low to surround himself with the best wrestlers in the WWF, in an attempt to gain ground on his father and sister. On an episode of Smackdown in early December, Kurt Angle was squaring off against X-Pac. Angle was highly impressive in the match, and eventually ended up winning rather easily. Following his win, Shane McMahon made his way down to the ring to extend an offer to Angle, saying he wanted to manage Kurt Angle to greatness.

    At first, Angle was apprehensive; knowing the history of McMahon’s screwing those closely associated, he didn’t want to make a mistake he couldn’t fix. McMahon drove a hard bargain and even offered Angle a deal which included a personal bodyguard of his choice. Angle decided to accept the deal, and quickly requested the services of one Ken Shamrock to become his bodyguard. Angle knew Shamrock from the days when he dipped his toes in the Mixed-Martial Arts world, and stated that Shamrock may be the toughest man on the planet.

    Shane McMahon then ordered Ken Shamrock to come out and accept his new position. At the time, Ken Shamrock was attempting to keep his head above water in the WWF. After ending up on the losing end of a feud with Chris Jericho in the early fall, Shamrock found himself directionless. Attempting to keep a grasp on his career in the WWF, Shamrock really didn’t have a choice in the matter. Shane McMahon told Shamrock either he join Angle in being his bodyguard, or he would be shown the door. Knowing there was really no other option, Shamrock accepted the position as Angle’s bodyguard.

    As the calendar flipped to 2000, the paring of Angle and Shamrock had been everything Shane McMahon had hoped for, as the two men with a grappling background clicked from the moment they became associated. Shamrock found himself in a very nice position, as he was being paid double- to wrestle and to protect Kurt Angle. McMahon made it abundantly that Shamrock was the low man on the totem pole and that Kurt Angle was the crown jewel and future of the WWF, but Shamrock couldn’t have cared less as long as his weekly double check kept coming in.

    With the backing of Shane McMahon, Angle and Shamrock were put in a prime position to succeed. Soon, Angle and Shamrock found themselves teaming and ended up squarely in the WWF Tag Team Title picture. Their first shot at the titles came at the Royal Rumble 2000, and after some help from their boss Shane McMahon, Angle and Shamrock applied dueling Ankle Locks on Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, who submitted, giving Angle and Shamrock the win and the titles. Angle and Shamrock celebrated alongside Shane McMahon, and that would possibly be the last time the three men would see eye to eye.

    The dynamic duo held the Tag Team titles for a little over a month before they lost them to Edge & Christian on an episode of RAW in late February. The finish came due to a miscommunication when Shamrock inadvertently hit Angle with a clothesline. Shamrock was then subsequently rolled up by Edge and the titles were no longer in Shane McMahon’s grasp.

    The tension started to grow a little bit further when at Wrestlemania 2000, Kurt Angle and Ken Shamrock wound up on the losing end of a match against Too Cool. Once again, miscommunication lead to their ultimate demise, as Angle this time ended up whacking Shamrock across the head with a chair. Following the match the duo was seen arguing up the entrance way, with Shane McMahon looking to keep the peace.

    The following month at the Backlash PPV, McMahon set up a “cupcake” match for Shamrock and Angle against two long-time journeymen in the WWF- Barry Horowitz and Gillberg. The idea was to gain their confidence back and start from scratch. Shamrock was aboard for the plan; however it was revealed later on in the match that it was all a set-up by McMahon and Angle to embarrass Shamrock. After making very quick work of Horowitz and Gillberg, Shamrock was about to apply the Ankle Lock on Horowitz when Angle inexplicably lifted Shamrock up and hit him with the Olympic Slam. McMahon then flew off the top turnbuckle with a top rope elbow drop. McMahon ordered the referee to keep the match going, and draped Horowitz over Shamrock for the victory as he and Angle walked up the entrance ramp, turning their backs on Shamrock.

    After being humiliated by McMahon and Angle, Shamrock wouldn’t go down easily, and called them out on an episode of RAW leading up to Judgement Day. McMahon came out with a wad of cash in an attempt to smooth things over with Shamrock, but Shamrock ended up snapping. He took McMahon’s money and ripped it to shreds before hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Angle. He then put McMahon in the Ankle Lock as a host of officials attempted to get Shamrock off of the Co-Owner of the WWF.

    From there, things reached a boiling point when Linda McMahon, looking to get back at her son, announced that Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle would finally square off one-on-one in a Street Fight at Judgement Day. Kurt Angle finds himself all alone, as Shane McMahon is still recovering from a broken ankle by Ken Shamrock’s dreaded Ankle Lock. Ken Shamrock has all the momentum going into this one, but we can never count out Kurt Angle inside the ring. As Good Ol’ Jim Ross says, this one will be “one hell of a slobber knocker” at Judgement Day!

    Judgement Day 2000

    Street Fight
    Kurt Angle vs. Ken Shamrock

    Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us back down to ringside as we get ready for one of the most anticipated matches of the night- the Street Fight between two former friends and tag team partners turned bitter enemies- Kurt Angle and Ken Shamrock. Ross says that the referee really only has two jobs tonight- to count the pinfall or submission, and get the hell out of the way. Jim Ross then reads the rules of the match, which are quite simple:





    ***LION’S DEN***

    Ken Shamrock’s music hits first as the raucous crowd roars in approval for Ken Shamrock. Shamrock isn’t dressed in his usual attire, as tonight will be an all-out blood-bath war. Shamrock has on a white tank top and a pair of blue jeans, complete with a pair of cowboy boots on. His wrists are taped to the max, as he is looking to deal maximum damage to Kurt Angle here tonight. Shamrock is laser-focused as he walks to the ring. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler acknowledge the rage in Shamrock’s eyes, as he has had enough of playing second fiddle to Kurt Angle for the past six months. Tonight is Shamrock’s night to prove his worth in the WWF, and he knows it. Shamrock enters the ring and paces back and forth while talking to himself.


    Kurt Angle’s music hits as the crowd begins to boo. Angle emerges from the curtain wearing an old “Lion’s Den” t-shirt- the training club that Ken Shamrock made famous in the 90’s over his singlet. Obviously Kurt isn’t dressed for war the same as Shamrock, as Ross and Lawler mention that maybe Angle is in for one hell of a night if he isn’t taking this match seriously. Angle takes his sweet time walking down the aisle, jawing at Shamrock while taunting him by pointing to his t-shirt. Angle stops in the middle of the aisle to taunt a few fans…


    The official bell rings as Shamrock goes in a full mount and begins throwing haymakers to the unexpected Kurt Angle. Angle is able to get his hands up and eventually pokes Shamrock in the eyes before he rolls over out of the mount and quickly gets off of his back. Shamrock charges at Angle once again and this time tackles him hard into the black steel guard rail barrier. Shamrock fires away with rights and lefts as Jim Ross says Shamrock is letting out months of frustration here in the early going. Shamrock then lifts Angle up and hits a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX on the hard concrete floor! Angle holds his back in pain as he attempts to get a breather but Shamrock pounces right back on top of him. Angle once again is able to roll out of from underneath Shamrock and drills Shamrock with an uppercut that staggers the enraged animal a little ways down the aisle way.

    The camera pans up close to Kurt Angle as blood begins to trickle down his left eye down his face. Shamrock caught him good with one of the early punches and delivered maximum damage. Angle charges at Shamrock and goes for a clothesline but Shamrock ducks. Angle catches himself right before crashing into the guard rail. Angle turns around to an awaiting Shamrock who latches on in a bear hug. “I’M GONNA END YOUR F**KING CAREER!” Shamrock shouts as Angle tries to fight out of it but Shamrock is too strong and swings the Olympic Gold Medalist around…


    Chants of “Holy Shit!” ring out throughout the Freedom Hall in Lexington, Kentucky as Angle is down in the first row with a hoard of chairs on top of him and around his body. Shamrock climbs over the guard rail and picks up a chair to the delight of the fans. Shamrock waits for Angle to stagger to his feet BEFORE HE TOSSES A CHAIR FULL SPEED RIGHT INTO THE HEAD OF KURT ANGLE! Angle is now busted open from ear to ear. Angle attempts to run away from Shamrock through the crowd, but Shamrock is in hot pursuit! Shamrock eventually catches up to Angle and smashes him in the back of the head, knocking him back down to the ground. A spotlight follows the two through the crowd as the referee is seen behind them, catching up to the action. Shamrock picks up another chair and places it on the ankle of Kurt Angle. Shamrock then climbs up a set of bleachers in the crowd. Shamrock gains his balance and jumps off…


    Angle screams in pain as Shamrock is clearly softening up the right ankle of Kurt Angle for the dreaded Ankle Lock. Angle holds his ankle on the ground as he grabs the referee, shouting to him that his ankle is broken. Shamrock zones in and goes for the Ankle Lock, but Angle uses the weight of the referee to hoist himself up and out of the hold. Shamrock charges at Angle again but this time Angle is waiting and DRILLS SHAMROCK OVER THE HEAD WITH A VICIOUS CHAIR SHOT!

    Angle is able to buy some time as he shakes feeling back into his ankle. He picks up another chair and cracks it over Shamrock’s back. Angle, knowing he isn’t too safe in the crowd begins dragging Shamrock back towards the ringside area with a chair in hand. The two are right back in front of the steel guard rail as Angle drills Shamrock with another chair shot to the head. Angle then clotheslines Shamrock back over the guard rail and to the ringside floor. He tosses a few chairs over with him as he climbs back over.

    Angle lifts a chair high in the air and smashes it across the back of Shamrock! Angle wastes no time as he picks the chair up over his head once more and this time smashes Shamrock across the back of his legs. “Two can play that game mother f**ker!” Angle shouts as he smashes the chair down across the back of Shamrock’s legs once more. With Shamrock down for the time being, Angle reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a table, before setting it up at ringside. Angle goes back underneath the ring and pulls out two more tables, and slides each underneath the ropes and into the ring.

    Angle punches away at Shamrock, who is also now busted wide open. Angle attempts to send Shamrock into the steel steps but Shamrock reverses it and Angle crashes into the steel steps, flipping over them. Shamrock picks up Angle and slides him into the ring. The match finally makes its way into the ring as Shamrock catches his breath while Angle lies on the mat, holding his ankle and knee. Shamrock picks up a chair and rushes towards Angle who ducks and the chair comes back, hitting Shamrock square in the face! Shamrock falls onto the mat as Angle hobbles over towards him. Angle smashes him across the chest with a chair! Angle sets the chair up on top of the fallen Shamrock, as he begins his ascent to the top turnbuckle. Angle climbs up high, back facing Shamrock. What is this man thinking?!?!? Angle gains his balance, sets his feet…




    Angle is out cold as Shamrock gets to his feet. He sets up a table propped up in the corner. Shamrock catches his breath before drilling Angle with rights and lefts. Shamrock lifts Angle to his feet and puts him in a full nelson. Angle attempts to wiggle out of it, but the extremely strong Shamrock has a lock-tight grip in place... Shamrock backs up a few steps….


    Angle lands neck first through the table, as Ross and Lawler are sure he just got knocked out cold. Shamrock drapes an arm over Angle…


    Somehow, Kurt Angle kicks out at the last second. Ken Shamrock is beyond pissed off as he slaps the mat in frustration. Shamrock rolls under the ropes and back to the outside. Shamrock picks up a table and sets it up in between the ring apron and the steel guard rail. Shamrock climbs back into the ring where the referee is checking on Angle, to see if he can still continue. Shamrock tosses the referee out of the way as he picks up Angle and tosses him hard into the corner. Shamrock climbs up to the second turnbuckle and begins hammering away as the fans chant along until he gets to 10. Shamrock’s once white taped fist are now a scary shade of crimson from the face of Kurt Angle! Shamrock then sends Angle to the opposite corner hard. Angle hits back first and the momentum from the toss sends him over the turnbuckle and to the floor!

    Shamrock climbs out of the ring and goes over toward Angle…


    “Where the hell did he come from?” shouts Jim Ross as Kurt Angle’s manager and benefactor seemingly came out of nowhere. Shane has on a big boot on his foot, from the broken ankle courtesy of Ken Shamrock. McMahon wheels the kendo stick around before he cracks it across the ribs of Ken Shamrock. Shane then clears off the announcer’s table and pushes Shamrock on top of it. Shane then ditches the boot and hits Shamrock over the head with it. Shane then shifts his attention to Kurt Angle, who has so much blood on his face he can barely see. Shane wipes him down with a towel and steals a bottle of water from the announcers table, dousing Angle in it. Shane sits Angle down on a chair and tells him to catch his breath. Shane goes back over to Shamrock who slides off the table and cracks him with the kendo stick once more before sliding him back on the table. Shane then hops up on the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle…

    Shane does the sign of the cross…


    Shane gains his bearings as he waves Angle over to make the cover. Angle has to move the debris from the crash out of the way to find Ken Shamrock before he pins him…


    KEN SHAMROCK KICKS OUT! Kurt Angle can’t believe it! Angle crawls out from the mess at what was once the announcers table as he drags the lifeless Shamrock with him. Angle sends Shamrock right into the steel post and Shamrock hits head first. A huge blood stain drips down the ring post as Shamrock looks like he has been involved in a car wreck! Angle shouts for Shamrock to get to his feet as he waits to strike. Shamrock needs to use the ring apron to stand up. Angle wraps his arms around the waist of Shamrock AND GERMAN SUPLEXES HIM ONTO THE FLOOR! Angle holds on and lifts Shamrock back to his feet, and HITS ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! WILL HE GO FOR THREE?!?!? Angle holds on once more, and this time eyes up the table he set up earlier on in the match…


    Angle drapes his arm over Shamrock…


    At the last possible second, Ken Shamrock, clearly on auto-pilot, kicks out! Angle doesn’t know what else to do! Angle punches Shamrock in the head as he shouts for him to just give up! Angle gets to his feet and grabs a hold of Shamrock and slides him back into the ring. Angle rips off his “Lion’s Den” t-shirt and takes down his singlet as he taunts the crowd. He zones in on Shamrock…


    Shamrock screams in pain as Angle has the Ankle Lock on him right dead in the middle of the ring! Shamrock shakes his head no as blood pours down his face, dripping onto the mat! Shamrock begins to muscle over to the ropes and reaches for the ropes, but it doesn’t matter since there are no rope breaks! Shamrock then hoists himself up to the second rope, and then the third, but Angle still has the Ankle Lock locked in! Shamrock uses his extraordinary strength and begins scaling the ropes all around the ring, but Angle refuses to let go! Finally, Shamrock is able to muster enough momentum to mule kick Angle with his other leg and Angle goes flying down to the mat!

    Shamrock hobbles over towards Angle who is waiting with a hard right hand. Angle hits another one…BUT KEN SHAMROCK IS EATING THESE FISTS LIKE THEY’RE CHINESE TAKEOUT!!! Shamrock gets that crazy look in his eyes…HE HAS SNAPPED!!! Shamrock fires back with hard right hands of his own until he corners Angle and begins to stomp him out. Angle falls into the corner of the ring as Shamrock ROARS to the crowd’s approval. Shamrock thinks about putting Angle in the Ankle Lock, but has second thoughts after seeing the table still propped up in between the ring apron and the guard rail. He goes over towards Angle and lifts him to his feet. Angle knows what’s coming and hits the deck, and crawls underneath Shamrock’s legs. Shamrock turns around as Angle goes for a dropkick but Shamrock blocks it!



    More chants of “Holy Shit!” ring out in the crowd as they are firmly behind Shamrock. Shamrock quickly exits the ring and sizes up the fallen Kurt Angle. Shamrock tosses the broken table aside…


    Angle screams in pain as he attempts to hold onto a piece of the table as his face shows signs of serious agony! Angle begins biting a piece of the broken table so he won’t tap…



    Shamrock turns back around and puts his attention back onto Kurt Angle, who is trying his best to crawl away from Shamrock. Shamrock lifts the last table underneath the ring, and possibly the last table in the entire state of Kentucky at this point, and sets it up right underneath the ring post. Shamrock punches Angle in the face a few more times before setting Angle up on the table. Shamrock then climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Shane McMahon enters the ring and grabs a hold of Shamrock’s leg. Shamrock does his best to kick Shane off of him, but it gives Angle enough time to slide off the table.

    Angle grabs a hold of a steel chair…


    The thud from the chair echoes throughout the arena, as Jim Ross says he has never heard someone’s head crack from a steel chair like that in his life! Shamrock sits atop of the top turnbuckle, dazed. Angle climbs to the top turnbuckle with Shamrock. Angle positions himself in a very dangerous position as he stands with Shamrock held sideways over his neck and shoulders…


    Angle and Shamrock lie in the mess of what was once a table. Angle lies on top of Shamrock, still in the Olympic Slam position…


    Winner at 25:45- Kurt Angle

    Shane McMahon quickly rushes over to Kurt Angle, who might not possibly know that he has just won. Shane lifts Angle to his feet as Angle holds his arms high in the air. A team of medics quickly rush down to ringside to tend to Ken Shamrock, who is still lying lifeless inside the broken table.

    “Kurt Angle just did the impossible. Nobody thought he could hang with Ken Shamrock in a Street Fight, but with a little help from his buddy Shane McMahon, he has won the match! As much as it pains me to say it, Angle brought his A game here tonight, and turned in a legendary performance!” shouts Jim Ross.

    Angle’s music blasts as Shane McMahon assists him walking up the entrance way.

    “It was a car crash, a natural disaster and one of the best slobber knockers I have ever witnessed in my entire life, all rolled into one match King! Call it what you will, but we’ve just witnessed one hell of a match!”

    Kurt Angle poses one last time at the top of the entrance way, knowing he not only slayed the biggest problem he has encountered during his short time in the WWF, but he just put the entire locker room on notice that he is a major player moving forward!

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    Re: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two





    EVENT TITLE Joey Janela's Spring Break 4 [April 3rd, 2020]
    LOCATION Orlando, Florida
    VIDEO DESCRIPTION Joey Janela’s Spring Break has become underground wrestling fans’ favorite tradition for WrestleMania Weekend. With a fever dream of a show that only The Bad Boy can come up with, Joey Janela is to thank for today’s popular independent stars getting more eyes such as Marko Stunt, Flip Gordon, and even revitalizing the career of a previously retired PCO. With this type of chaotic and crazy booking that led us to matches like Matt Riddle vs. James Ellsworth, Virgil winning the soul and dignity of Ethan Page, and having a match between two invisible wrestlers, what kind of Insanity will be brought to Joey Janela Spring Break 4?! One of the top matches could be confusing to those who are unaware of New Japan Pro Wrestling, American Independent Wrestling, and old gimmick matches, is one that many who are in the know have been buzzing about. Included is a link with a “cheat sheet” of the wrestlers involved, as well as a description of the rules of the match!




    "Freshly Squeezed"
    Orange Cassidy
    "Sublime Master Thief"
    Toru Yano
    Too cool for the world, professional wrestling’s sloth Orange Cassidy has made waves on the independent scene. If you’ve ever seen the movie Wet Hot American Summer, Orange Cassidy is Paul Rudd’s character. If you haven’t seen the movie, Orange Cassidy is a wrestler who, simply put, doesn’t want to wrestle. But here’s the thing - He’s really good at wrestling. Due to this, Cassidy tries to use as little effort as possible, often times wrestling with his hands still in his pockets or just weakly throwing “strikes” that often do little to no damage. As he constantly learns new ways to dish out offense without needing to exert any effort, Orange Cassidy grows ever more dangerous to the competition. Orange Cassidy is able to perform feats of amazing athleticism in times where his back is truly up against the wall, which is why it is both mind boggling for some, and perhaps good for opponents, that he chooses to try so little. As Orange Cassidy would say, though, - “Eh whatever.” A fan favorite and well known spoiler in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Toru Yano is a trickster known for all kinds of shenanigans. Perhaps not since Eddie Guerrero has there been a wrestler who is as tickled pink by bending rules past their breaking points as Toru Yano. Yano is a member of the stable CHAOS, and as such is constantly trying to sell exclusive backstage DVD’s of CHAOS to make even more money from the fans. This, among other tricks for his opponents, including removing the turnbuckles, turning the opponents clothes against them, and even just throwing the referee out of the way so he can cheat, is what makes Toru Yano a truly dangerous spoiler in any scenario. If there’s a way to get an easy win, Toru Yano knows it - with victories over Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, Jon Moxley, and Hiroshi Tanahashi! Yano has even proven he can get the job done without cheating, but for him… It’s just not as much fun.

    A last laugh match is exactly what it sounds like - you want to get the last laugh on the opponent.


    >15 Minute Time Limit

    >Temporary Victory By Pinfall, Submission, Disqualification, or Count Out

    >Whoever Scores A Victory Becomes Current Leader

    >Whoever Is Leader Once Time Expires Is Your Winner

    >Victories Do Not Stack - Gaining A Fall While Already Leader Does Nothing

    This match promises to be chaotic with both personalities involved, but the question is going to remain. Will Orange Cassidy be able to stay cool under pressure, or will Toru Yano be able to steal the victory like he’s done countless times in the past?


    We tune into the broadcast, just in time to hear Danny Havoc and Excalibur yelling about the match that we are getting ready for. We see the ring announcer waiting, as referee Bryce Remsburg makes his way into the ring, ready to officiate this… Unique contest.


    The crowd comes alive as out from between the curtains saunters the Freshly Squeezed one! Wearing his usual ensemble of jeans, aviators, a T-Shirt of himself wearing a T-Shirt of himself, and a denim jacket, the crowd favorite meekly raises a thumb to the approval of the fans in attendance. Taking a swig from his trusty bottle of orange juice, Cassidy slowly makes his way to the ring as his introductions are done. He gets into the ring and casually poses in the center before leaning in the corner to conserve energy.


    The crowd pops once again as, this time, a much more energetic presence comes forth - Toru Yano is here! Wielding a red folding chair and a bottle of water, Yano spits the water up into the air as he gets on the stage. As he makes his way down to the ring, he places his chair aside for a moment to try and sell some DVD’s to the front row! A few fans pony up, and Yano probably gets somewhere around $60 before just chucking 4-5 DVD’s in the fans general direction. Yano gets into the ring ,and we see Orange Cassidy already smirking. Ring Announcer Larry Legend steps into the middle of the ring to do the introductions.

    LARRY LEGEND: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Last Laugh Match! The last man to score a fall when time expires will be declared the winner.

    He points to Orange Cassidy as the crowd pops.

    LARRY LEGEND: Introducing first, in the corner to my right! Hailing from… Wherever. His height? Doesn’t matter. This is! Freshly Squeezed! Oraaaaaaange Caaaaaaassidyyyy!!!

    Cassidy holds up his bottle of Orange Juice as the crowd applauds him. Cassidy steps aside.

    LARRY LEGEND: And his opponent. In the corner to my left! He hails from Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan. Standing at 6 feet, 1 inch y’all, and weighing in at a POWERFUL 250 pounds - Toruuuuu Yaaaaaaanoooo!!!

    Yano does his RVD parody taunt, spraying water into the air while the crowd cheers on NJPW’s resident Loki incarnate.

    We get official introductions finalized as Bryce Remsburg checks Orange Cassidy for weapons. None are found, as Cassidy removes his jackets, puts on his elbow pad, and takes one final swig before placing his bottle of orange juice in the corner. Remsburg moves over to Yano, looking to check him for weapons, but Yano seems uneasy. Yano keeps yelping whenever Bryce takes a step towards him, but the official has to check him for weapons. During the pat down on the boot, Bryce finds something odd, reaching in and pulling out - Brass Knuckles! The crowd pops, as Yano pretends to have no idea where they came from. The pat down continues, and inside Yano’s left knee pad, Bryce Remsburg once again finds something weird. Remsburg reaches into the knee pad - A fork?! Yano tries to defending himself, yelling something about food as Bryce tries to keep going. Yano seems to be okay, and Bryce turns his back to walk to the center. As Bryce turns his back, Yano laughs to the fans, slipping on something out of the front of his tights that Remsburg didn’t see! Yano shushes the fans, as Orange Cassidy seems to not be paying any attention, already bored. Yano stuffs whatever it is underneath his jacket in the corner before getting ready to start.



    Toru Yano vs. Orange Cassidy

    15 Minutes On The Clock - No Current Leader

    The crowd gets behind both men with dueling chants between “TO-RU YA-NO” and “FRESH-LY SQUEEZED!” before either man even moves. Yano goes to rush in, but Orange Cassidy’s hands stay in his pocket, not reacting. Yano stops short, seemingly confused he couldn’t scare his opponent into a reaction. Yano turns around like he’s going to walk back to his corner, before planting his foot and going for another fake out - Again no dice. Cassidy can’t be startled. Toru Yano cracks a smile, applauding his opponent. Toru Yano walks over to his corner and grabs a copy of his most recent DVD. He walks over, holding it out offering for Freshly Squeezed OC to buy it! Orange Cassidy looks down at the DVD, back up to the cheesy grin across the face of Yano, back down to the DVD, as the crowd builds anticipation with “ooooooh’s” awaiting the response from Cassidy… Who shrugs in indifference. Yano looks confused, starting to demand that Cassidy buys a DVD! Cassidy just shakes his head, not moving from his spot! This just annoys Yano, who grabs Cassidy’s right arm! Try as he might to pull it out, the hand of Cassidy is stuck in his pocket like the sword in the stone! Yano tries for the other arm, but Arthur he is not, as YTR again fails his attempt. Yano takes a deep breath, sighing as the crowd applauds.

    “Orange Cassidy displaying world class pocket control!” - Excalibur

    “Is Orange Cassidy actually winning mind games with the slickest trickster in pro wrestling?!” - Danny Havoc

    Yano’s eyes light up, as if he has an idea. Tossing the DVD to the side, Yano puts his hands in the front of his tights, mocking Orange Cassidy’s demeanor. As the two stare down Yano dares OC to bring it. Orange Cassidy responds by FIRING OFF - a half hearted tap to the pectoral. Yano responds by calmly tapping Cassidy’s shin with a leg kick! Another chop/tap from Cassidy! Leg “kick” from Yano! The crowd comes alive, yelling as if they were watching a prime Misawa/Kawada strike battle! Loud OH’s come out for each strike! OH - “chop!” OH - “kick!” - Yano raises up both his hands haunting the “brutality” taking place, while rubbing his chest in… pain? Has this really been affecting YTR? Yano applauds the efforts of Orange Cassidy, offering him a bow! Cassidy smirks, walking to the center of the ring and giving a thumbs up to the hard cam. Yano pantomimes a full bow, wanting Cassidy to actually commit to it. Cassidy sighs deeply, doing slightly more than before but still barely any movement. Yano is growing more frustrated, as he seems to give up and yank off Cassidy’s sunglasses! The crowd gasps as Yano drops them on the mat in front of OC! Cassidy looks at him in confusion to which Yano smirks and weakly apologizes. Cassidy shrugs again, bending over to pick up his glasses - SMALL PACKAGE FROM YANO! 1...2...3!


    Yano rolls out to the outside, yelling and celebrating as he holds the lead now! Cassidy just sits on his knees, half chuckling. Cassidy gets to his feet, putting his aviators back on, half heartedly applauding Yano. YTR, trying to sell DVD’s to fans on the outside, is reminded by referee Bryce Remsburg that the match is still going on! Yano and Remsburg argue, seemingly unable to understand each other, as we see Orange Cassidy realize the position they’re in! The crowd builds in anticipation, as Orange Cassidy casually strolls off the ropes! Sauntering his way across the ring, Orange Cassidy building up a... Head of steam? Kinda? Cassidy gets to the ropes, as Yano and Remsburg look up in fear! But - Cassidy casually gets onto the apron, before weakly falling off with an axe handle - giving enough time for Yano to push the referee in the way! Remsburg goes down! Freshly Squeezed OC gets back to his feet, looking shocked that his dive didn't come out in his favor - Club to the back of the head from Yano! YTR tosses Cassidy into the ring, trying to capitalize as he can now cheat without consequence! As Yano takes his time to taunt to the fans, he doesn't realize Orange rolls into the ring... And then just keeps rolling. Yano realizes at the last second, rushing in to try and keep Orange Cassidy in the ring - but Cassidy rolls all the way to the outside! YTR sighs, before going and grabbing for Cassidy again. Yano rolls cassidy back into the ring, and Cassidy once again continues to roll! Referee Bryce Remsburg on the other side is starting to get up from the brutal axe handle - And Orange Cassidy steamrolls right on top of the official! The referee is down again!

    "Toru Yano is a bowler and a good man!" - Excalibur

    "YTR just picked up the 7/10 split! Two pins, one throw!" - Danny Havoc

    Yano confusedly gets into the ring, realizing the damage he inadvertently caused. Toru Yano looks around, before shrugging and reaching back into his jacket for his weapon from earlier! Toru Yano reaches in and pulls out... Is that an Orange Peeler?! Is Yano looking to peel back Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy?! OC is back in the ring now, grasping his bottle of orange juice from his entrance, perhaps looking for a Vitamin C sponsored hulk up. Yano chuckles, shushing the fans as he walks over to Cassidy, whose sunglasses fall off in the process. Yano rears back for the strike, - MIST IN THE EYES! ORANGE CASSIDY WITH THE 100% PULP FREE MIST! Yano claws at his face trying to see, dropping the Peeler to the floor as Orange Cassidy shoves Yano's head down, hooking up the arm and leg of YTR, trapping him in a modified La Magistral! He's got the Mouse Trap!


    Gif for Move Reference



    He did it! Orange Cassidy stole one from Yano! Orange Cassidy holds the lead! Remsburg grabs the peeler and the aviators off the mat, moving them to the corner as both men get back to their feet. Yano, finally wiping the juice out of his eyes, is full of rage! Yano lunges in for a forearm - Orange Cassidy dodges with shocking agility! Yano's eyes grow wide with shock, as Orange Cassidy rushes off the ropes (for real this time!) with his hands in his pockets. Yano steps aside, pushing off the back of OC who passes and hits the ropes once again - dropkick to the chest of Toru Yano! Yano rolls out of the ring, as Orange Cassidy kips up! HANDS STILL IN POCKETS! Cassidy hits the ropes again - DIVE OVER THE TOP AND CRASHES INTO TORU YANO!

    :"A no hands Tope Con Hello from Orange Cassidy!" - Excalibur

    "The juice is loose, Orange Cassidy is firing up as we near the halfway point of this match!" - Danny Havoc

    The crowd breaks out into chants of "Hands in pockets" clap x5, as Orange Cassidy poses on the ring apron, sprawled out and waiting for Toru Yano to get back to his feet. Yano does, as OC grabs him by the back of the neck and sends the opposition back between the ropes! Orange Cassidy steps between the ropes himself, as Yano stumbles to his feet - PENALTY KICK TO THE MIDDLE ROPE! The rope sent up into the groin of Orange Cassidy, as the crowd starts to boo for the first time tonight. Cassidy falls to the his knees, holding his groin in pain as Yano steps towards him - Stiff forearm to the head drops OC to the mat! Yano looks like he's tired of the games played by Orange Cassidy, as YTR now looks to take advantage of the situation.

    Toru Yano grabs a side headlock in on Freshly Squeezed, wrenching away on the head and neck of his opponent. The crowd tries to rally behind Orange Cassidy, as as he starts to fight to his feet, Yano grabs him by both ears and slams the back of the head of OC into the mat! Toru Yano's smile has left, as he clearly does not like being shown up, especially by someone who doesn't even seem to be trying that hard. We hear the announcement that five minutes remain in this contest, as Yano starts to grapple with Orange Cassidy on the mat.

    "You can't forget, Toru Yano is a free spirit, but he has a background in MMA that could make the difference here tonight." - Danny Havoc

    And just as commentary would allude, Yano starts to use his groundwork to his advantage. YTR passes into half guard as Orange Cassidy tries to keep his shoulders off the mat. Orange Cassidy looks get up onto Yano's back from the ground, but Yano responds with a swift elbow to the chin that sends Cassidy stiff for a moment! Yano strikes again, sinking a second elbow, this time right on the temple! Cassidy falls back, and Toru Yano seems to want to send a message as he attempts to get back in the lead in the closing moments of this contest! Yano passes back into full guard, standing up as he keeps control of OC's legs. YTR looks out to the crowd for a moment before hooking up the legs in a Texas Cloverleaf! Yano looks to step over, trying to fully apply the submission, but Orange Cassidy is trying to fight it... The struggle, will it be blocked, or can Toru Yano get Orange Cassidy into position - He steps over and the cloverleaf is fully applied! The crowd has mixes of "TAP!" and "Please don't tap!" chants, as Orange Cassidy writhes in pain in the hold. OC tries to get to the ropes, but he can't move with how much leverage Yano is applying! OC may have to tap out just so he can still fight for the remainder of this match - and he does!


    Orange Cassidy now, trying to get to his feet as Yano toys with him. The cheshire smirk has once again donned the face of the Sublime Master Thief. Toru Yano looks to be in full control - forearm to the head of Orange Cassidy! But Cassidy doesn't even react! Another forearm, and Orange Cassidy is starting to fire up! Yano hits a third forearm, which sends Cassidy on jelly legs, but Cassidy stumbles back off the ropes - WOOO! Knife edged chop rings out through the building as Cassidy smacks at his face, asking for another! Yano answers with a forearm that doesn't seem to do too much, as Cassidy responds with a HEAVY right hand to the chin! Toru Yano stumbles back into the turnbuckle and OC charges in - Yano moved! Chest first into the corner goes Orange Cassidy, as YTR lifts his opponent now to the top rope! Yano tries to shove Cassidy clean off the top, but OC kicks away the hands of his opponent! A shove to the chest with his boot sends Yano momentarily to the floor after tripping over his own feet. As YTR starts to rise, Cassidy stands up on the top rope. Orange Cassidy takes his time, before soaring off the top rope with a diving DDT! Cover! 1...2...3?! NO! Yano got his foot on the bottom rope at the last second!

    LARRY LEGEND: There are two minutes remaining, I repeat two minutes remaining.

    The crowd comes to life once more, as both men are down and out from trying to one up each other! Yano and Cassidy both begin to stir, as Cassidy needs to go into warp speed if he plans to come back and get the victory! Orange Cassidy gets back to his feet, falling in his corner as he tries to think what else he can do. Yano crawls over into the corner, and is covering himself up so nobody can really see what he's trying to do... Orange Cassidy gets an idea, as he once again reaches for the bottle of orange juice!

    "Are we gonna see the mist again?!" - Excalibur

    "Well why not? He's already behind, what're they gonna do DQ him? This is brilliant by Freshly Squeezed!" - Danny Havoc

    Orange Cassidy scrambles with the cap, realizing he doesn't have much time left to put away Yano. OC takes a big swig, now stalking for Toru Yano to get back to his feet. YTR staggers, as the time counts down. Orange Cassidy measure him up and Yano turns to face OC - MIST IN THE FACE OF TORU YANO! But Yano doesn't react..? TORU YANO IS WEARING ORANGE CASSIDY'S SUNGLASSES! THE MIST BLOCKED BY THE THING DEAREST TO ORANGE CASSIDY'S HEART! Yano stands there, hands in his tights as if he had pockets, seemingly unbothered by the mist that we just saw!

    LARRY LEGEND: There is one minute remaining, I repeat one minute remaining.

    Orange Cassidy can't believe what he's seeing! As Yano stands there, seemingly just as unbothered as Orange Cassidy typically is, and he's even wearing Cassidy's damn glasses! OC tries to go off the ropes for a clothesline, but Yano weakly avoids it, giving as little effort as possible! Orange Cassidy, frantically looking for an opening, stomps down on the foot of Yano! Yano hobbles around on one leg, as Orange Cassidy gets a school boy! 1...2... NO! Yano stays alive, mere seconds left in this contest. Yano gets back to his knees, but Cassidy shoves his head down and rolls YTR over into another pinning predicament! 1...2... No! Toru Yano gets back up to his feet, still with his hands in his "pockets" and aviators on his face. We hear the last ten seconds getting counted down, as in a panic, Cassidy spins Remsburg around and nails the low blow! It's like we're seeing a mirror match! Orange Cassidy with a page out of Yano's book with the low blow directly into a roll up! Remsburg needs a second to get back into position! 1...2...


    "What a match! In the end, we seemingly had both men swapping personalities trying to find an answer for one another!" - Excalibur

    "I can't help but think that Yano finally got into Cassidy's head. Cassidy got mocked, he tried to imitate Yano by shoving the ref. If Cassidy didn't shove Bryce, that extra second could have made all the difference tonight, Ex." - Danny Havoc

    Yano has his hand raised by Bryce Remsburg, applauding the efforts of Orange Cassidy before leaving the ring area. As catches his breath, returning the sunglasses to his face, we see a smile fill his face. Cassidy, perhaps realizing he stayed toe to toe with one of the greatest trickster's wrestling has ever seen, slowly saunters his way down the ramp, with one final smile and thumbs up as we fade out.

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    Re: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two




    Falling out of Wrestlemania XIX, both The Rock and Shawn Michaels set their sights on the World Heavyweight Championship and engaged in several bitter wars of words, with Rock antagonising Michaels at every turn and calling him “past it” on a number of occasions. The rivalry turned up a notch when Rock brutally attacked HBK backstage and said he should have stayed retired. Fearing the safety of his roster, Eric Bischoff then made the first time match official for Summerslam, making it an I Quit Match with the loser leaving Raw.


    We now head back to ringside, and the fans are almost beside themselves in anticipation, ready for the main event of the night. The camera cuts back to the commentary table to a very serious-looking JIM ROSS and JERRY ‘THE KING’ LAWLER.

    Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for your support ta’night at Summerslam. Jim Ross still here with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, an’ we’re just about ready for the main event of the evenin’… For the first time ever, The Rock will be takin’ on ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, but this isn’t gonna be a straightforward match. The only way for either one of these two men to win the match is ta’ make the other man say the words… “I Quit”.

    Jerry Lawler: Not only that, but as per the orders of the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff, the loser of this match will be forced to LEAVE Monday Night Raw, for good.

    Jim Ross: That’s right, King. It was this a few weeks ago, when he made this match, that Eric Bischoff decided that after everythin’ that has happened between The Rock and Shawn Michaels these past few months, that he could not have the show thrown into chaos on an almost weekly basis anymore. Somethin’ has got to give.

    Jerry Lawler: It does. Even though only one of Shawn Michaels or The Rock will be leaving Raw, I’m sure that neither man will be the same ever again after tonight.

    Jim Ross: That they will not. It seems that we’re ready to get started, so we’re going to hand it over to Lilian Garcia.

    After a couple of sweeping shots of the arena, the hard camera zones in on LILIAN GARCIA in the middle of the ring, with a microphone. Standing next to her is referee CHAD PATTON, who also has a microphone, which he is going to need during the match. After a couple of seconds, Lilian raises her own microphone.

    Lilian Garcia: The following contest is an I QUIT MATCH!

    That announcement draws a loud cheer from the America West Arena, who are more than ready for this one.

    Lilian Garcia: In this match there will be no pin falls, no submissions, no count outs and no disqualifications. The only way to win this match is to make your opponent say the words “I Quit” into the referee’s microphone. Introducing the participants…

    The arena then plunges into darkness and the Titantron lights up with a shot of a helicopter flying through the sky and various city skylines with calm keyboard chords until the arena then jumps back into light and life.

    ***IS COOKING***

    The 16,000 strong crowd lets out a huge ovation as THE ROCK walks out onto the stage! There are cheers, boos and screams from the women in the crowd, but Rock doesn’t give too much away at this point on how he feels about it. A small smirk in the corner of his mouth is the only real expression we can see as he is wearing sunglasses. He starts to march down to the ring with purpose, avoiding attempts from the fans in the front row to make physical contact with him.

    Jim Ross: There’s no doubt in my mind that The Rock is going to go down in history as one of the greatest performers in the history of the WWE. He has achieved just about everything that can be done in this business an’ beaten some of the greatest of all time on his way, including Hulk Hogan an’ ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. However, he’s made it clear that he’s tired of bein’ compared to legends an’ havin’ to share what he views as his spotlight with them. In The Rock’s eyes, Shawn Michaels is another legend that is in his way.

    Jerry Lawler: This all started because these two wanted to become World Heavyweight Champion, but it became personal very quickly.

    Jim Ross: Damn right, it did, King! When Shawn Michaels earned the opportunity to face Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title at Bad Blood, it was The Rock who cost him that opportunity… out of nothin’ but jealousy.

    Jerry Lawler: JR, I’ve got to stop you there. Shawn Michaels didn’t earn that opportunity, he coerced the circumstances at the time-

    Jim Ross: He didn’t coerce a damn thing! There was a spot open in a Battle Royal, which he was given by an injured Chris Jericho, an’ then he won it! The same damn night The Rock REFUSED to even take part because he didn’t feel like he needed to earn his shot at the title. An’ even after he cost Michaels the title, he still wasn’t done, because he attacked Michaels backstage the next night an’ put Michaels out of action for almost six weeks! You got a defence for that, partner? I’ll sing this man’s praises for his accomplishments an’ his ability in the ring, but his actions these past few months have been disgustin’.

    King remains silent following JR’s tirade, unable to provide an acceptable retort. Rock stomps up the steps and enters the ring through the ropes before climbing up onto the turnbuckle and raising his arm in the air. He scans the arena and then removes his sunglasses, now giving the entire arena a smug grin before reiterating his promise from this past Monday night on Raw, “Tonight, the show stops for ‘The Showstopper’!”. Rock jumps down from the corner and removes his shirt (cue more screaming) and circles the ring whilst he waits for the lighting to return to normal.

    Rock’s music fades out, and a duelling chant of “ROCKY” and “H-B-K” booms around the arena, which causes another smirk, seeing how he is causing such a polarizing effect on the fans in attendance.

    ***SEXY BOY***

    A THUNDEROUS reception fills the American West Arena for the classic theme song, and the electricity ramps up even further when SHAWN MICHAELS bounces out onto the stage from behind the curtains. Whilst The Rock’s entrance to the ring was understated and to the point, HBK is completely the opposite. Full of fire and aware he has the crowd in the palm of his hand, Michaels fires the crowd up before dropping to his knees and saying a quick prayer. He holds his arms out and pyrotechnics explode out of the Titantron, all the way down the side of the stage and then from each ring post! The display wows the crowd and Michaels laughs at the sight of Rock jumping at the fireworks going off around him, before he pulls himself up to his feet and makes his way down the aisle towards the ring.

    Jim Ross: Would you just listen to this ovation for Shawn Michaels! What an entrance! This man has fought his demons, he’s fought adversity, he’s come back from retirement and won the World Heavyweight Championship in the Elimination Chamber last year at Survivor Series, he’s beaten Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. Ta’night, for the first time EVER, he will be going one-on-one with ‘The Great One’!

    Jerry Lawler: No one has ever accused Shawn Michaels of not knowing how to make an entrance! But if you ask me, JR, that grand entrance with the theatrics and the fireworks, it is just to distract us. Shawn Michaels KNOWS that he is not one hundred percent, even after that time out on the shelf to recover after what The Rock did to him. He KNOWS that he cannot physically outmatch The Rock. Shawn Michaels can’t even rely on his experience tonight. He’s never been involved in an I Quit Match before and then you have The Rock who is undefeated in this type of match; he has a two and oh record in I Quit Matches! He knows the lengths that you need to go to in order break your opponent to the point where they have to say those words.

    Jim Ross: I can’t disagree, King. This might be The Rock’s woodshed, having been successful in this environment twice before, but if I have learnt anything in mah career, it is that you NEVER rule out ‘The Heartbreak Kid’. Shawn has that bad back, it took four years of his career away from him an’ The Rock knows that’s the weak spot. But bah gawd, if there is no one with more heart or more determination than Shawn Michaels. He’s no lame duck either, he knows that he isn’t one hundred per cent, but you’re a fool if ya think that’s gonna stop ‘im from bringin’ the fight ta’night.

    Jerry Lawler: Shawn Michaels is the one that agreed to this match with a target on his back, literally. He knows what The Rock is capable of first hand and still agreed to the match. If anyone is the fool here, its Shawn Michaels.

    Jim Ross: You haven’t been any more wrong in your whole entire life, Jerry Lawler. Shawn Michaels is a survivor. He had to climb back from the bottom back to the top an’ he isn’t gonna give it up easy. Shawn Michaels lives and breathes Raw an’ he won’t be taken away from it without putting up a fight, I promise you.

    HBK reaches the bottom of the ramp and the gravity of the situation clearly sinks in for him at the moment, when he locks eyes with The Rock. Not removing his stare from his opponent, he removes his chainwear and throws it to the side before hopping up onto the ring apron. Rock steps back from the middle of the ring to let Michaels in and HBK slowly enters through the ropes. HBK’s music cuts out and the two icons take a step closer to one another and the crowd is now firmly in the corner of Michaels, something which Rock doesn’t react to.

    Jim Ross: Ladies an’ gentlemen, it is time. One of these men will be banished from Monday Night Raw after tonight… The Rock, Shawn Michaels… someone is going to quit ta’night! This is Summerslam! This is the main event!




    The bell rings and both men approach the centre of the ring. Rock starts talking trash to Michaels as only he can do, and HBK doesn’t offer anything in return. Mocking Michaels, Rock offers up a cheek for a free shot - which Michaels takes! A hard right sends Rock down to the mat and scrambling back into the corner, but Michaels follows him in! The crowd cheers as Michaels starts drilling Rock with repeated right hands, and then finishes up with a CHOP to the chest!! There are winces from the crowd after the slapping sound created echoes around the arena.

    Michaels backs away a few paces and Rock stumbles forward out of the corner, holding his chest, and Michaels takes him over with a Hip Toss. Not skipping a beat, Michaels meets Rock when he gets back up and delivers another Chop across the chest, followed by an Inverted Atomic Drop! Rock sells the effect on his groin area, and Michaels then puts him down on his back with a Scoop Slam. JR comments that Michaels has come out like a house on fire, and perhaps The Rock underestimates HBK.

    The crowd cheers loudly as Michaels steps through the ropes and heads towards the turnbuckle before climbing up. Michaels perched on the turnbuckle for a moment and then let’s fly, landing the DIVING ELBOW DROP!!

    For the first time in the match, Michaels acknowledges the crowd and starts amping them up. He heads to the corner and starts to stomp his foot - he’s tuning up the band!!

    Rock slowly stirs after the Elbow Drop and gets up to his feet. He looks around the arena and sees what they are doing... so he quickly rolls out of the ring before Michaels can catch him with Sweet Chin Music! The crowd boo the cowardice, and Rock looks on at Michaels with an angered expression having been outclassed in the early exchanges. Seeing The Rock exit the ring, Chad Patton also leaves the ring and holds the microphone to The Rock’s mouth and asks him if he wants to quit. He’s met with the People’s Eyebrow and then Rock towering over him.


    Patton scurries away, and The Rock tentatively climbs up onto the apron and gets back into the ring. Michaels allows him to do so, content that he has already gotten into his opponent’s head. Both men convene in the middle of the ring, and then initiate a collar and elbow, which is fairly even at first, until The Rock uses his size and strength to force Michaels in the corner. There is no break initiated by the referee, due to the no disqualifications rule in place, but Rock lets HBK go and swings for a right, which Michaels dodges and he nips behind Rock. Rock turns around – right into another stiff chop from Michaels!

    Michaels grabs The Rock’s arm and tries to send him across the ring with an Irish Whip, but Rock is able to turn it around and sends Michaels in instead. HBK goes for the floatover, but Rock doesn’t actually follow him in so Michaels lands back on his feet and turns around – straight into a poke to the eyes by The Rock!

    Jeers emanate from the crowd, and Michaels puts his hands over his face, which allows Rock to bulrush him into the corner back first. Rock unloads on HBK with a flurry of punches and he leans back and hits a powerful People’s Punch, which knocks Michaels down into a seated position in the corner. With Michaels down, Rock starts stomping away on the midsection and then the face of his opponent whilst he is down. Rock grabs Michaels around the neck and brings him back to his feet and turns him around in the corner, and starts to repeatedly drive his forearm into HBK’s back. He follows that up by pulling HBK in towards him, and then elevating him up for a Back Suplex!

    Rock jabbers to the crowd, pleased with his methods, and in an impressive show of strength, he lifts Michaels from the mat and then drops him down across his knee with a Pendulum Backbreaker! HBK’s back arches on the mat as the crowd winces at the replay of the angle that Michaels’ back contorted too.

    Michaels rolls over onto his front and Rock then zones in on the back again with some more measured stomps, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Picking up on the anger of the fans, Rock talks some trash at them about Michaels not being a match for him, but in doing so, takes his eyes off of his opponent! Michaels reaches up from the mat and grabs Rock by the front of the trunks and yanks him forwards – sending him flying through the top and middle rope to the floor, taking a bump on the apron on his way down.

    Pain is etched on the face of Shawn Michaels, as JR reminds everyone of his back problems once again and The Rock’s clear gameplan to target the weak area. As Rock recovers on the floor at ringside, Michaels pulls himself up to his feet with the assistance of the ropes. He has something in mind as he measures The Rock up… and then launches himself over the top rope with a Slingshot Crossbody!! BOTH MEN are down at ringside, and the arena bursts into a “H-B-K!” chant!

    A few seconds pass whilst both men start to bring themselves up to their feet; Michaels’ gambit causing as much (if not more) damage to himself than his opponent. As both men get up, Rock grabs Michaels by the head and slams him into the ring apron, which dazes HBK momentarily, before he bulrushes him into the ring barricade, causing even more damage to the back! Even though Michaels got the Crossbody in, the early damage by Rock proved enough to prevent him from gaining a true advantage from it. Michaels is slumped against the barricade and now The Rock starts hammering away on Michaels, talking more trash as he does.

    Patton approaches to ask Michaels if he wants to quit, but he is prevented by The Rock, who tells Michaels that “It’s going to get worse before it gets better, Shawn!” and hits another defiant punch to the head followed by a couple more stomps. Nodding his head, Rock picks Michaels up from the floor and hooks his arm over his head… and takes Michaels over with a Suplex onto the hard floor at ringside!! Michaels yells in agony, and Rock gestures that he felt that one too, but doesn’t offer Michaels any chance to recuperate as he is straight back up, bringing Michaels with him. He bulrushes Michaels forward again – this time back-first into the steel ring post!!

    The Rock STILL isn’t done, and he lifts Michaels up onto the apron and then climbs up himself. He deadlifts Michaels up again, just as he did earlier and then jumps down to the floor, but he drops Michaels’ back onto the edge of the ring apron with a Sidewalk Slam!! It becomes evident quickly that Michaels is winded and in serious pain from that and NOW The Rock smugly allows Patton to get down and ask the question…

    “Shawn, do you quit?”


    The response from Michaels is faint, but it elicits a big response from The Rock, who is almost INSULTED by Michaels’ refusal to give up, despite it being relatively early on in the match. He gets down and reminds HBK that he is making a mistake and then slowly drags the body of Michaels away from the ring and closer to the ramp, dragging him almost halfway up the ramp towards the stage. Rock has a smug look on his face (not for the first time in the match, and it usually means something painful is coming for Shawn) and he starts to bring Michaels up again, and he hooks his arm – he’s going for a Suplex on the steel entrance ramp!!

    Rock attempts to elevate Michaels, but Michaels hooks his leg – he’s blocking it! The crowd wills Michaels on, as not only does he block the Suplex, he somehow finds it in himself to REVERSE it and Michaels Suplexes The Rock on the ramp!!

    The Rock’s eyes bug out after the impact, shocked and in pained after Michaels turned the table on him. Both men crawl closer to the ring and then bring themselves up. Michaels beats The Rock to the punch and tees off a couple of right hands and then grabs him around the back of the neck, rolling him under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Michaels gingerly pulls himself up onto the apron and enters the ring through the ropes. Rock is back up but a double-handed slap to the chest knocks him down, followed by another right hand as he gets back up which sends him into the ropes. Rock stumbles back at Michaels – into an Inverted Atomic Drop!

    The crowd cheers as Michaels starts to build some momentum and then suckers Rock into another Inverted Atomic Drop! Rock comically sells the move, and his eyes bulge when Michaels grabs him in between the legs and takes him over with a Teardrop Suplex!! HBK favours his back after lifting his opponent up, but then gets ready for Rock once he is back to his feet. Michaels brings Rock up and attempts an Irish Whip into the corner, but Rock is able to turn it around and he powers Michaels into the corner, the force sending HBK spilling over the top rope and landing on one knee on the apron!

    Rock charges in… but Michaels low bridges the top rope, sending The Rock crashing down to the floor! Michaels drops down to the floor as well as The Rock gets up with the assistance of the barrier at ringside. Once The Rock is back to his feet, Michaels Clotheslines him over the barrier and now both men are in the crowd!

    Michaels is up first, but Rock isn’t far behind him. Michaels measures his man and delivers another stinging chop to the chest that sends Rock stumbling further back into the crowd area, leaning on a nearby rail. Michaels approaches Rock from behind and elevates him up… and drops him onto the rail with an Atomic Drop onto the railing! The Rock has another exasperated look on his face, and he flops off of the rail to the floor, holding his sensitive area. Michaels uses this time to try his best to tend to his back and relieve the damage of some of the targeted attacks by The Rock.

    HBK heads back towards ringside and hops back over the barrier. He lifts up the skirting of the ring apron, which draws a big pop from the fans… and pulls out a Singapore Cane! A smirk comes across the face of Michaels as he examines the weapon and turns back to the barricade, but The Rock is up and throws a drink in the face of Michaels!! Rock ignores an angered fan and hops back over the barricade and grabs Michaels by the head before bouncing his forehead off of the steel ringpost! Michaels drops down to a knee, and The Rock now looks underneath the ring. After a couple of seconds, he re-emerges… with some duct tape?

    The crowd is confused at first, but now The Rock’s plan becomes evident as he grabs HBK’s wrists and starts tying the tape around them, effectively handcuffing him to the ringpost!

    Rock grabs the referee and sends him in Michaels’ direction and asks him “You wanna give up now, Shawn?!” and Michaels shakes his head, although still loopy from the ringpost collision. Shrugging, Rock warns Michaels of what is coming and grabs the Singapore Cane… and starts UNLOADING ON MICHAELS WITH IT!!

    Most of the blows are concentrated on the back, and Michaels winces with each strike. Out of breath, The Rock stops and motions for Patton to ask the question again. Michaels’ groans are picked up through the referee’s microphone, but he shouts “NO!” defiantly into the microphone, which frustrates ‘The Great One’. Rock returns back to the fan he stole the drink from, and demands that he gets out of his chair. The man refuses, so The Rock reaches over the barricade and shoves the man away and STEALS his seat! Rock slams the chair together and then lines Michaels up again for a shot with the chair. The Rock swings… Michaels moves… and the chair strikes the ringpost!

    The vibrations of the impact send shocks up The Rock’s arms, causing him to shout out and stumble away. Michaels desperately uses this time to squeeze one of his hands out of the duct tape, with the wetness of the lemonade thrown at him making it much easier than it otherwise would be. Michaels, free from his makeshift shackles, gets his head up and looks to The Rock…


    The crowd exclaims in shock, as Michaels drops to the floor like a stone, and The Rock drops onto the floor in a seated position, pleased with what he has done. ‘The Great One’ picks himself up and slides the chair into the ring, seemingly not done with it just yet, and turns his focus back to the stirring Michaels. Rock brings him up by his hair and tells the camera to come in close. As Rock raises Shawn’s head, we see that he was busted open by the chairshot, on the forehead.


    Rock rolls Michaels into the ring, and then enters himself, to a chorus of “YOU SUCK!” chants from the fans. The Rock engages in an argument with a couple of them.


    Michaels is spread eagle on the mat, still out from the chairshot, and now The Rock stands over him by his legs and lifts both of the feet of Shawn Michaels up. “You know this one, Shawn” is the taunt from The Rock, as he steps through and turns Michaels over… THE ROCK HAS PUT SHAWN MICHAELS IN THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!

    Michaels screams in pain, which caused him to exit his daze, and he desperately looks around the ring, trying to figure out where he is. He groans in pain, his face covered now in blood and his hair sticking to it. Patton drops down and puts the microphone in Shawn’s face, asking him again but Michaels shakes his head weakly.

    The Rock cranks back on the move some more, looking to cause an ultimate embarrassment to Michaels, given his history with The Sharpshooter. Michaels tries to turn it around and get on his back, by the hold is locked in far too deep and he cannot. Instead, HBK starts to try and claw towards the ropes, even though there are no rope breaks in an I Quit Match.

    After a struggle, Michaels reaches the bottom rope - but The Rock brings him back into the middle of the ring! Michaels puts his hands on his head, and tries to will himself not to give up. Patton puts the microphone down to Michaels again, and HBK screams “NO!” before he’s even asked if he wants to end the match. This brings the crowd to life, fully in support of Shawn Michaels!

    Having to drag Michaels back to the middle of the ring loosened the hold up slightly, so again HBK tries to turn onto his back, which he does - and he kicks The Rock away!! Michaels is out of The Sharpshooter!

    There’s a big pop for that, but Michaels can barely bring himself back to his feet, as he still feels the effects of the submission. The Rock is relatively unscathed, so he brings Michaels to his feet... and looks to hook him up for the Rock Bottom!! Knowing his predicament, Michaels tries to break it up with elbows to the side of the head. This causes Rock to abandon the attempt, instead sending Michaels into the ropes - but HBK comes back with a Flying Forearm!! Both men are down!!

    Michaels hits the move that never fails to get the crowd on their feet, and they eagerly await HBK’s kip up - but he can’t do it! Michaels couldn’t kip up! He starts to get back to his feet the old fashioned way, without realising that Rock is already up! HBK’s offence is causing just as much damage to himself as it is to The Rock! Before Michaels can do anything, Rock grabs him again - ROCK BOTTOM HITS THIS TIME!!

    Rock doesn’t get back to his feet as soon as he hits the move, he looks around the arena and sees the crowd devastated that things could be ending for Michaels. He approaches Patton and snatches the microphone from him.


    Michaels shakes his head down on the mat, he isn’t giving up yet. Angered, Rock stomps down hard on his chest, and then bends down to address him again.


    Rock turns around from Michaels and looks at a woman in the front row and smirks. JR then informs us of the identity of this woman... it’s Shawn Michaels’ wife.

    “Maybe The Rock should go and say a quick hello to that pretty wife of yours, Shawn. Maybe... The Rock should show her what a real man is.”

    He raises the famous eyebrow at Shawn’s wife, as the crowd boos.

    “What do you say, toots? You want some Rock?”

    Michaels, still on his back on the floor, has a look of steely determination... enraged at what he can hear.

    MICHAELS KIPS UP!! HBK is SEETHING! The Rock turns back to Michaels...


    Michaels stands over The Rock, still furious at what he heard him saying to his wife. I NEVER WANTED THIS TO BE PERSONAL! BUT YOU CROSSED A LINE! Michaels drops down and rolls out of the ring, still favouring his back, and he looks to the Spanish announce table at ringside, and demands that the commentators move out of the way! Michaels tips the top of the table off, drawing a big pop from the fans, but The Rock has rolled out of the ring as well, and he turns Michaels around and starts to lay into him with right hands!

    Rock doesn’t allow HBK any chance to fight back, and then sends him directly into the steel steps. Michaels slumps down and grimaces, yet another blow to his back, but through gritted teeth, he begins to get himself up, his eyes lasered on The Rock. This is unbeknownst to Rock, who continues the undressing of the announce table, jabbering on to himself. Once he’s removed the monitors and cleared some wires, he turns around to Michaels... RIGHT INTO ANOTHER SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!

    The force of the kick sends The Rock back, and he lands on the table! Michaels looks down on him and then grabs him by the head and throws a few punches down on Rock. He drops Rock’s head onto the table with a thud and starts walking around the ringside area - and grabs the duct tape that The Rock used earlier. Michaels walks back to Rock with a purpose, and strikes him on the head with the roll of tape to ensure he stays down.

    HBK begins unravelling the tape and he grabs Rock’s hands and tapes his wrists together, just like Rock did to him earlier on! However, Michaels takes it a step further, by tying Rock’s ankles together too!! The Rock has been immobilised!! The crowd pops, and Rock becomes aware to what is happening and starts shaking and shouting “NO!” loudly.... so Michaels tapes his mouth shut!! JR points out that this is very counter-productive in this kind of match, but it is clear that Michaels isn’t concerned about the match anymore. It is more that than now - he’s punishing The Rock mentally.

    Michaels then puts more tape across The Rock’s chest, taping him to the table. He stands back and admires his handiwork with an almost pleased expression on his face, as the mood in the arena turns slightly uneasy. HBK looks under the ring for something... and PULLS OUT A LADDER!! The Rock’s eyes bulge at the sight of it, and he tries shaking but he is trapped. He can’t move anywhere.

    The referee tries to dissuade Michaels, but HBK ignores him and erects the ladder and puts his foot on the bottom rung. Gingerly and slowly, Michaels climbs the ladder, putting both feet on each rung. The Rock is doing the best he can to plead, but Michaels ignores his grunts of anguish. HBK reaches the top of the ladder, and then coldly looks down on The Rock.

    “Take it off his mouth.”

    Patton removes the tape...

    “PLEASE, DON’T! OKAY....

    I QUIT!

    The Rock quits - the match is over!

    The crowd pops, and Rock breathes a huge sigh of relief, but Michaels... is shaking his head. He looks down at The Rock... and gives him a DX CROTCH CHOP - AND DIVES FROM THE LADDER WITH AN ELBOW DROP ANYWAY, PUTTING THE ROCK THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!

    SHAWN MICHAELS (21.52)

    ***SEXY BOY***

    The cameras catch shots of crowd members around the arena, who are stunned at what they just saw. An team of EMTs sprint down the ramp and around the ring towards the announce table, and they immediately start tending to both men. Those looking after The Rock start removing the duct tape from his legs and wrists and perform other checks. Michaels is helped to a seated position from the wreckage of the table and then he uses the medic to pull himself back up to his feet. Michaels stumbles and then catches himself on the ring apron, and clears his face of long hair that has stuck onto the blood.

    Jim Ross: It’s not often ya hear me say this, folks, but I am lost f’ words.

    Jerry Lawler: Shawn Michaels had the match won. The Rock quit. He just put the exclamation point on top for good measure, and I don’t think that either of these men will ever be the same again after what we just saw.

    Chad Patton grabs HBK’s wrist and raises it into the air, and Michaels tries to stand up on his own volition. He won the match, but he looks anything but a winner at the moment. As he tries to stand, he is forced to drop to a knee due to the pain in his back, with the Elbow Drop taking the last bit of energy out of him. He manages to revert back to a vertical base, and watches on as The Rock is tended to by the medics.

    Jim Ross: This is obviously a concerning situation for The Rock, who I can confirm is now no longer a member of the Raw roster. We may see ‘im again on Smackdown or elsewhere, but the focus for now surely must be recovering from the effects of this match.

    Jerry Lawler: What has Shawn Michaels done?! He could have ended The Rock’s career – he hasn’t moved! He went too far, JR!

    Jim Ross: I find myself in a position where it is difficult to advocate or condone Shawn Michaels’ decision to hit that Elbow-

    Jerry Lawler: The Rock had already quit! Now, look what’s happening!

    A stretcher is wheeled out from the back and down the ramp towards The Rock. As it passes Michaels, he has a look of concern for his opponent on his face… does he think that he took it too far?

    Jim Ross: The landscape of Monday Night Raw has changed tonight, for sure, folks, an’ we’ll see the effects ta’morrow night! Thank you for joinin’ us ta’night at Summerslam! Goodnight!

    The show ends with Shawn Michaels turning his back on the carnage in the ring and at ringside, and beginning to make his way up the ramp towards the back.

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    Re: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two


    “I can’t fight you! But I know someone who will!”

    At Wrestlemania 13, Vader and Mankind challenged Owen Hart and The British Bulldog for the WWF Tag Team Championships but the match ended in a double count out. Under the tutelage of Paul Bearer both Vader and Mankind continued their quest for tag team gold, and earned another shot at the champions at the next In Your House pay-per-view.

    Onto In Your House 14 : Revenge Of The Taker, miscommunication between Mankind and Vader saw the latter accidentally clothesline the former, leading to Hart and Bulldog retaining the titles. After the match is where the juicy action began as both men argued over the events that lead to their loss. Mankind tried to reason with Paul Bearer that it was not his fault, however Vader took offence to this and assaulted Mankind from behind. Vader literally beat Mankind up, busted him wide open, before nailing him with not one, not two but three devastating Vader Bombs!!! Despite Mankind being incapacitated Vader wasn’t finished, and with Bearer’s blessing dragged him from the ring and pulled back the protective covering on the ringside floor. Despite the protests of officials, Vader happily proceeded to Powerbomb Mankind onto the exposed concrete floor. Mankind wasn’t moving as a sea of EMTs and backstage personnel flooded the ringside area, concerned for Mankind’s well-being. To add insult to injury Vader ripped the mask from Mankind’s face and presented it to Paul Bearer. Both Vader and Bearer watched on in delight, as a bloody, motionless Mankind was stretchered out of the building.

    Over the following weeks, Paul Bearer and Vader criticised Mankind for being weak, and blamed him solely for their recent troubles. Vader would square off against enhancement talent over the next few weeks, obliterating them all in under a minute. However, after each match is where the story was, as Vader took the Mankind mask that Paul Bearer was carrying around with him, placed it on the head of his victim before hitting him with a second post-match Vader Bomb. At In Your House 15 : A Cold Day In Hell Vader crushed Flash Funk in under two minutes and after the contest was over he looked set to carry out his new post-victory ritual. He put the mask over Funk’s face and headed to the middle turnbuckle, but this time the lights went out in the arena to huge fanfare from the crowd. When they came back on Flash Funk had disappeared, but in his place sat the brown ring attire that Mankind has been wearing the night he was stretchered out of the World Wrestling Federation. A slightly freaked out Vader picked up the attire and stared confused and angrily at it. Even Paul Bearer was clueless as to what was going on as a visibly frustrated Vader exited the ringside arena.

    The next night on the 12th May edition of Raw is War, Vader and Paul Bearer demanded answers. But they were to be disappointed as they didn’t get any, so Vader took out his frustrations on Jesse James. James was the next victim of a post-match Vader Bomb, but unlike at the pay-per-view there was nobody to save Jesse James from The Mastodon. The following week on the May 19th edition of Raw is War Vader ignited the flames as he cut an intense promo demanding that Mankind show his face. Vader ordered Mankind to stop playing games with him because the next time he gets a hold of him he would send him to the morgue. Paul Bearer took over and started by addressing himself as ‘Uncle Paul’ in an effort to attract Mankind out. Bearer said that he knows what Vader is capable of, so if Mankind wants revenge then they will give him that opportunity. Bearer proposes that Mankind faces Vader at the King Of The Ring pay-per-view, in a Street Fight. The 26th May edition of Raw is War came but still no answer arrived to the challenge laid down by Paul Bearer and Vader. And it did not go down well with Vader, who interrupted a match between Leif Cassidy and Scott Taylor, forcing it to be thrown out. Vader battered both men with clotheslines before he piled them up and hit a bone crushing Vader Bomb onto both men at the same time!! Vader looked into the camera and yelled for Mankind to answer his challenge.

    The next week on Raw is War, it was the go home show for the King Of The Ring pay-per-view. The show is at the Civic Center in Huntington, West Virginia. As the show enters the final hour Vader and Paul Bearer again make their way out to the ring and demand an answer to their challenge, with time running out before the pay-per-view. After a few moments of frustration, Vader snaps and promises that somebody else will get hurt if Mankind does not respond. Moments later the lights in the arena go out before Mankind appears on the screen, although he’s sitting, swaying even, in the shadows, his face hidden. Mankind squeals that he’s ready to give Vader answers, but they might not be the ones that he wants to hear. Mankind despairs how he has had a lot of time to think whilst laid up in a hospital bed because of what Vader did to him. Mankind notes that he realised that his ‘Uncle Paul’ was really not looking out for his best interests, especially the night Vader powerbombed him on the concrete floor. Mankind adds that he doesn’t think that he can face Vader in a Street Fight at King Of The Ring. He doesn’t believe that he can beat him. Mankind thanks Vader and Paul Bearer for awakening the maniac inside of him. Mankind again states that he cannot fight Vader, but that he knows somebody who will. Mankind continues that Vader knows the person that he is talking about, and this person doesn’t fear Vader like Mankind does. He adds that this person is going to be Vader’s worst nightmare at King Of The Ring. Mankind steps out of the shadows, and Vader looks like he’s seen a ghost as a devilish grin is seen on the face of the mask free Mankind. The former Mankind yells that Cactus Jack is back!!! And Jack isn’t alone as he wields a barbed wire covered two-by-four in his right hand. Jack warns Vader and Paul Bearer that at King Of The Ring he and his little friend are going to make what Vader did to him look like a trip to the seaside. Jack finishes off with his ‘Bang! Bang!’ finger salute as the video closes out, leaving Vader and Paul Bearer speechless inside the ring. And so it is set, Vader versus the returning Cactus Jack, at King Of The Ring, in a Street Fight!!!

    The Match

    King Of The Ring
    Providence Civic Center | Providence, RI
    June 8th 1997
    “It’s Bound To Get Medieval. Brace Yourself.”

    We join the pay-per-view moments after The Hart Foundation trio of The British Bulldog, Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart defeated The Legion of Doom and Sycho Sid in six-man tag team action.

    Jim Ross: We’re back ladies and gentlemen and still to come tonight we’ve got Goldust squaring off with Hunter Hearst Helmsley to see who will be crowned King Of The Ring.

    Vince McMahon: That’s not all JR! Also we will see Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin battle it out to determine who will be the team captain for Team USA at the next pay-per-view, whilst the WWF Champion The Undertaker will defend his title against the leader of The Nation of Domination, Faarooq!!

    Jim Ross: I cannot wait to see Faarooq get exactly what’s coming to him tonight, but just like the tagline for tonight’s pay-per-view you betta’ brace yourselves for what’s up next!!! And I guarantee you things are about to get medieval when a certain individual makes his World Wrestling Federation debut!!!

    A video package rolls, starting with the WWF Tag Team Championship match at In Your House 14. Vader clotheslines Mankind to cost the duo the match and afterwards Vader assaults Mankind, ending up with a vicious powerbomb on the concrete floor, an attack that forced Mankind to be stretchered out of the arena. The next few clips show Vader’s dominance over various enhancement talents before his victory over Flash Funk airs. We see the start of the mind games as the lights go out and Funk disappears, with Vader demanding answers. This leads to Paul Bearer laying the challenge of a Street Fight before finally Mankind answers the proposal last week on Raw is War. Finally Cactus Jack appears and accepts the challenge with the video coming to a close on the cusp of Jack stating ‘Cactus Jack is back!!’

    The show heads back to ringside where Howard Finkel is standing inside the ring.

    Howard Finkel: The following contest, scheduled for one fall… is a Street Fight!!!

    There’s a huge cheer from the fans as they realise what is upon us.

    IT'S TIME!

    IT’S TIME!!



    Those cheers turn to jeers as Vader appears from behind the curtain with Paul Bearer in tow. Vader looks menacingly forward as he steps out in his red and black attire with his red mask tightly fitted to his head. The Mastodon throws a few shadow punches with his fighting gloves as he starts to march down towards the ring.

    Howard Finkel: Making his way down to the ring, accompanied by Paul Bearer!! From Denver, Colorado!! Weighing in at four hundred and fifty six pounds!! He is The Mastodon, The Man They Call… Vader!!!

    There’s another rush of jeers for Vader as his name is read out but The Mastodon looks undeterred as he makes his way into the ring and starts to stretch out the ropes with his large frame.

    Vince McMahon: The Man They Call Vader!! The Mastodon!! He’s been on one hell of a rampage these past few months JR!!

    Jim Ross: He sure has Vince. But it all started with that demolition, that destruction even of Mankind back at In Your House 14. The only problem being that tonight that moment might come back to bite Vader right on the ass!!!


    There’s a massive pop as the theme music of Cactus Jack hit!!!

    Howard Finkel: And his opponent!! From Truth or Consequences, New Mexico!!! Weighing in at two hundred and eighty seven pounds!!! Cactus.. Jack!!!

    An almighty roar from the crowd as Cactus Jack’s name is yelled out by Finkel, but Cactus Jack doesn’t appear!!! Vader starts to laugh as he thinks that Jack has backed out in fear, but there’s another, even bigger roar from the crowd inside the Civic Center as Cactus Jack comes through the crowd!!! And Vader hasn’t seen him!!!

    Vince McMahon: It’s Cactus Jack!!!

    Jim Ross: He’s here!! And it doesn’t look like he’s come to play!!!

    And Jack isn’t alone as he has a trash can in his hand!! The noise from the crowd finally alerts Vader and he turns around, and Cactus Jack launches the trash can into the head of Vader!!! The fight is on!! Referee Mike Chioda signals for the bell to start the hugely anticipated Street Fight!

    Street Fight
    Vader w/ Paul Bearer versus Cactus Jack

    Vader struggles to balance his feet and Cactus Jack nails him again with the trash can. A third shot of the trash can finally takes Vader off his feet and Jack bends the trash can in half as he cracks it over the back of Vader. Paul Bearer looks worried as Jack kicks Vader under the bottom rope to the outside. Jack sizes up Vader for a running knee to the face but Paul Bearer distracts him as he gets in between the two. Cactus Jack doesn’t have the same affections for Bearer as Mankind did though and stalks Bearer…



    The Mastodon knocks Cactus Jack off his feet and he looks angry. Vader pulls Jack up to his feet and nails him with several punches to the midsection, before he forearm clubs Jack to the ground. Vader stomps all over the back of Jack before he pulls him up to his feet by his hair. Vader with a sharp uppercut to the face of Jack, and he grabs him by the hair again…


    Jack’s head bounces off the metal and he slumps up against the corner of the steel barricade at ringside. Vader delivers a couple of stomps to the midsection before he picks Jack up and rolls him back into the ring. Jim Ross points out that Vader is smartly taking the action back inside the ring, where it suits him. Vader tosses Jack into the corner before he connects with an avalanche that squashes Jack against the turnbuckle. Vader doesn’t look impressed as he slams his foot against the throat of the downed Cactus Jack, yelling out if this is what he wanted. Vader picks Cactus Jack up in his arms and turns towards the middle of the ring before he drops down and slams all of his weight on top of Jack!!

    Vader makes the cover…



    Cactus Jack kicks out!!!

    A visibly frustrated Vader drags Jack up off the canvas by the throat before he lifts him high into the air and drives him into the canvas with a chokeslam! Another cover by Vader…



    Surely this time!


    Jack throws a shoulder up!!

    Vader holds his head in his hands as Cactus Jack again avoids defeat. Vader decides that he’s had enough and heads to the corner, and starts to remove the turnbuckle cover!!! Vader exposes the steel turnbuckle and the crowd start to get anxious as he picks up Cactus Jack!!! Vader has him by the hair again…





    And smashes a back elbow into the face of Vader!! Jack rallies as he unloads on Vader with a flurry of right hands, before he grabs Vader by the head…


    The crowd are in a frenzy as Cactus Jack takes things to the extreme!! Vader screams as he stumbles towards the ropes, and Cactus Jack charges at him with a clothesline and takes both of them over the top rope!!!


    Jack lands on his feet and shouts ‘Bang! Bang!’ as he fires the gun finger salute into the sky to a huge roar from fans in attendance. Vince McMahon points out that the fans love Cactus Jack, but just as he states that Jack starts to remove the TV monitors out of the Spanish announce table. He holds the second one in his hand and watches as Vader stirs to his feet…


    The crowd erupt as Vader collapses on top of the announce table. Mike Chioda looks to check on him but Cactus Jack swipes him away and looks as though he’s nowhere near finished with The Mastodon. Jack slowly lifts the large frame of Vader onto the announce table before a few stiff shots to the head keep the big man from moving. Jim Ross wonders what Cactus Jack has in mind as he heads to the apron, but we are not made to wait too long as Jack runs along the apron….



    There’s an almighty pop as both Vader and Cactus Jack lay amongst the remains of the what once was the Spanish announce table!! Jim Ross can barely contain himself and Cactus Jack throws an arm over Vader for the cover…





    Vader chucks a shoulder up just in time!!! The crowd aren’t happy but Cactus Jack rolls to the side and rises to his feet. Jack looks down at Vader before a sick smile appears across his face!!! Cactus Jack heads towards the ring apron before he pulls it up and starts to look under the ring. Jack throws a couple of steel chairs, a burlap sack, a fire extinguisher and a kendo stick into the ring before he looks like he’s found what he was searching for. Cactus Jack stands back and lifts something into the air!!!


    The crowd again raise the volume inside the Providence Civic Center, but a look of horror spreads across the face of Paul Bearer as Cactus Jack places his favourite weapon inside the ring and tries to pull Vader out of the remains of the announce table. Cactus Jack rolls Vader back into the ring before he slides in after. Jack picks up the two by four and looks prepared to inflict serious damage to his opponent, but Paul Bearer intervenes as he grabs the foot of Cactus Jack!!! It’s only a slight delay however as Jack easily kicks him away, and charges towards the rising Vader with the barbed wire two by four!!! Cactus Jack swings!!



    Vader finally gets a chance to breathe as he sends Cactus Jack into the canvas neck first. Vader looks angry as he rips off his mask and follows up with a huge side belly to belly suplex on Cactus Jack!! Vader sends Jack into the corner and smashes him with a body avalanche!!! Vader isn’t content either as his rage takes over and he hoists Jack over his right shoulder and slams him down with a running Powerslam in the middle of the ring!!! Vader makes the cover but Cactus Jack kicks out on two!!

    Vader shakes his head before he tosses Cactus Jack through the ropes to the outside. Vader looks at Paul Bearer who encourages The Mastodon to finish Cactus Jack off. The crowd start to raise their volume again…






    LOW BLOW!!!



    The crowd are on their feet as Cactus Jack looks to give Vader a taste of his own medicine!!



    Bearer saves his client as he whacks the steel chair over Cactus Jack’s back, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect on Cactus Jack!! And now an irate Jack is after Bearer!!! The former mortician freaks out and starts squealing as Cactus Jack corners him outside the ring…


    Paul Bearer is down and out!! But Vader isn’t!! And Cactus Jack doesn’t see him coming!! And there’s a massive groan as Vader runs right through Jack with a lariat!!! Vader pulls Cactus Jack up and turns him inside out with a short arm clothesline!! Vader rolls Cactus Jack back into the ring and slams him down with another side belly to belly suplex!! This time Vader doesn’t want the pinfall though as he heads to the middle turnbuckle, looking to finish Cactus Jack off with the Vader Bomb!!!












    The fans become hysterical as Cactus Jack survives!!! Vader cannot believe it and doesn’t know what to do next as it seems Cactus Jack refuses to be beaten. Vader looks around and something catches his eye...


    A sinister grin spreads across the mask free face of The Mastodon and he strolls across the ring and reaches down to pick up the dangerous weapon. There’s groans and moans from the crowd as Vader inspects the barbed wire covered two by four, before he turns his attention towards the kneeling Cactus Jack. Vader slowly approaches Jack and raises the weapon above his head...




    Cactus Jack finds an opportunity to down Vader, and now he has the barbed wire covered two by four in his possession!!! The crowd are on their feet as Jack steps forward...



    Vader keels over, and the two by four is stuck in his back!!! Cactus Jack stands on him and rips the weapon out from Vader...





    Jack finally stops sticking the metal wire into the head of Vader and instead turns his attention towards the burlap sack that he placed in the ring earlier tonight. With Vader down Cactus Jack looks into the bag, and with the crowd wondering what’s going to happen next, he pours the contents out onto Vader!!!


    The crowd go crazy as Vader is covered in thumbtacks, and.Cactus Jack heads to the top turnbuckle!!! Jack takes his time but there’s no time wasted as Jack flies off the top rope!!!




    There’s a massive cry from the crowd as Cactus Jack writhes around in pain, several thumbtacks stuck to the back of his shirt, surely piercing his skin!!! A bloody Vader rises slowly and after gaining his bearings he slowly pulls Cactus Jack towards the corner. Vader calls for the Vader Bomb as he steps up the turnbuckle!!









    Cactus Jack is back in the ascendancy as he rises and charges towards a cornered Vader, and nails him with a running knee to the face in the corner!!! Jack pulls Vader up and looks to hit him with a Double Arm DDT!!!
















    HE GOT IT!!!


    Winner by pinfall : Cactus Jack (15:27)

    The fans are on their feet and roar their approval as Cactus Jack is read out as the winner of the match. Paul Bearer on the outside just rises to the apron to see the finish go against his man, and yells out ‘No!’ as Cactus Jack rises to his knees and has his hand raised by Mike Chioda.

    Jim Ross: Bah gawd that was one of the most brutal matches I’ve ever seen!!

    Vince McMahon: It wasn’t pretty JR but the fact of the matter is Cactus Jack has defeated Vader here tonight in his WWF debut!

    Jim Ross: He sure has Vince. And I’m sure it won’t be the last time we see Cactus Jack victorious in the WWF!!!

    Back inside the ring a bruised and hurting Cactus Jack salutes the fans before exiting under the bottom rope. Cactus Jack victoriously walks to the back but the same can’t be said for Vader, who’s left bloody and beaten in the middle of the ring. The show continues with Jim Ross and Vince McMahon hyping up the rest of the pay-per-view still to come, including the crowning of a new King, and the WWF Championship match between The Undertaker and Faarooq.
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    Re: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two

    *Copying and pasting hasn't brought the formatting with this one.


    Authors Note: Paul Heyman and Big Show’s contract were extended for this submission.

    In 2006, World Wrestling Entertainment introduced a third brand to their programming with the relaunch of ECW after a second One Night Stand pay-per-view event.

    At the 2007 Royal Rumble event, only seven participants represented the ECW brand. It lit a fire under Paul Heyman who questioned that while a WWE Brand, it was still being treated like the ugly step sister. Ten superstars from each brand should have been represented.

    It was then announced by Shane McMahon- his dream of ECW on would come true for one night only. On February 6th, a special edition of ECW would be airing on WWE’s website for a commercial free hour long: ECW Royal Rumble.

    The rules match that of a regular Royal Rumble Match, but the ECW Extremists are encouraged to bring the weapons because extreme rules do apply more than ever. However, Paul Heyman has 30 spots to fill for this momentous occasion, so you just never know who will be showing up.

    There’s one thing for sure with the winner being one of the first two men to take part in an ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match versus Bobby Lashley at The Grandest Stage of Them All: Wrestlemania.

    February 6th, 2007
    Live on

    Entrant #1 Rob Van Dam
    Entrant #2 Hardcore Holly

    As the bell rings, Rob Van Dam and Hardcore Holly are setting the pace early on. Van Dam throwing the chair to Hardcore Holly, who catches the foreign object, and RVD comes running in with a dropkick. A big pop in the start of the match with Hardcore being sent down, and the Alabama slammer rolls outside of the ring. There are some boos, but Rob goes through the middle rope to follow Hardcore Holly. Van Dam comes in with two right hands, but on the third Holly grabs him to throw him into the steel steps.

    The crash of the metal as the steps come apart, but Hardcore is not stopping there. He picks up Rob Van Dam by his hair, throws him into the barricade, but Van Dam uses his foot to halt the attack. A back elbow to the no nonsense number two entrant, Rob pushes himself up onto the barricade, and leaps off onto the shoulders of Holly for a hurricanrana.

    A loud RVD chant breaks out with the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion going back to the steel steps to slide the ringside object into the ring. As he does so, the countdown timer begins.

    ENTRANT #3
    Kevin Thorne

    The third entrant is Kevin Thorne alongside Ariel, the vampires of ECW who also took part in the Royal Rumble match two weeks ago. Rob Van Dam enters the ring as Kevin slides in. The ECW Original steps onto the steel steps for height, and leaps onto Kevin Thorne but the vampire catches him. Kevin Thorne carries Van Dam to the ropes and drops RVD onto the apron. He comes in with a right hand, but Rob ducks under then connects with a right hand of his own following up with a vertical jump then brings his legs around the head of Kevin Thorne. As Van Dam pulls Thorne over, Holly comes from behind with an assist to dumb Kevin outside of the ring.

    Elimination #1: Kevin Thorne (Hardcore Holly & Rob Van Dam)

    Rob Van Dam rolls back into the ring with Hardcore Holly going straight on offense. Holly stomping down on RVD - not allowing the first entrant of the night to get to even a knee. Holly then drags him into the corner in a seated position. Holly then takes the steel chair previously used by Van Dam to wedge it between the middle and bottom rope in front of RVD’s face. As he does so, the next entrant is up to battle.

    ENTRANT #4
    Little Guido

    Out next is a member of the Full Blooded Italiians - Little Guido, but he is not alone as he is accompanied by Trinity. Guido wastes no time sliding into the ring for some action while Trinity is looking for action under the ring. Hardcore Holly and Little Guido look at each other for a moment before Bob steps back. Guido goes to the corner opposite of Van Dam, and comes in full of steam with a cannonball into the chair. Guido immediately tends to his lower back, and Hardcore Holly goes to the attack.

    The former WWE Hardcore Champion picks Guido up, hangs him over his shoulders, and connects with the signature Alabama Slam. Just as Trinity finds a variety of cookie sheets to slide into the ring, Little Guido is thrown over the top rope.

    Elimination #2: Little Guido (Hardcore Holly)

    ENTRANT #5
    Marcus Cor Van

    With Hardcore Holly waiting an opponent - Marcus Cor Van “The Alpha Male” is entering the fray. Cor Van slides in, ducks under a clothesline, and comes in with his finishing Pounce that sends Hardcore Holly into the side of the steel steps. Some gasps from the crowd with Holly’s landing, but Marcus is not going to waste any time as he takes one of the metal cookie sheets brought into the ring by Trinity. Cor Van brings the cookie sheet on the back of Holly. Marcus shouting

    Marcus Cor Van turns around to taunt the crowd, but he instead eats a cookie sheet now to the side of the face with Rob Van Dam returning back to action. Van Dam is not wasting time as Marcus Cor Van staggers into the ropes with RVD clotheslining Cor Van over the top rope. However, The Alpha Male lands on the apron, catches RVD with a right hand, and a shoulder to the gut.

    As Marcus is returning the ring, Rob catches him with a high kick to the shoulder followed by a DDT - spiking Cor Van’s head to the mat. WIth both Hardcore Holly and Marcus Cor Van down, the number one entrant decides to go back to the weapons on hand. He slides under the bottom rope, takes out four chairs, and slides them into the ring. Once he is back in the squared circle - the countdown reaches zero for the next participant.

    ENTRANT #6
    Balls Mahoney

    From a New ECW to an Original ECW member in entrants as Balls Mahoney running down to the ring. And he is not coming out empty handed as a table is coming with him. Once Balls gets ringside, he slides the table into the ring. But as he is entering, Rob Van Dam comes in with a dropkick between the middle and bottom rope to keep his fellow original out of the ring for the time being. Van Dam turns his attention to the table to be set up in the corner, secured with the legs across the top rope. RVD turns around with Mahoney in the ring with a quick to the gut followed by a suplex onto a random cookie sheet.

    Mahoney is then met by Hardcore Holly, with a deep cut along the side of his torso, as Hardcore takes a clothesline from Balls. Holly picks himself up in the corner with Mahoney running into him with all of his 350 pounds. Mahoney is fired up with a focus being turnt back to Rob Van Dam - lifting him to slam him down with his finishing Sitout Spiner as the countdown reaches zero.

    ENTRANT #7
    CW Anderson

    And we have a first surprise as CW Anderson is entering action. And he is coming out with a trash can that is thrown over the top rope before sliding in. To a vertical base and laying the can down, he directs his attention to Balls Mahoney as the New Jersey Native is taken down by Anderson’s own signature Spinebuster onto the trash can! The metal compressing under Balls with Anderson going towards Marcus Cor Van. Two hard hitting men beginning to slug out before Cor Van whips Anderson off the ropes, shoulder blocking him to the mat, but Anderson returns to his feet right away. This time he throws Cor Van off the ropes and takes him down with a huge Belly to Belly Suplex. But then Anderson is taken out by a hurt Balls Mahoney spear to the ground. Both men rolling under the ropes as Entrant Eight is on the way.

    ENTRANT #8
    Mike Knox

    The ring is starting to fill up with Mike Knox joining the fight. Knox comes in with attention being focused on Hardcore Holly who was working to eliminate Van Dam. Knox breaking up the elimination by doing his own work to try and get rid of Hardcore Holly. But then Rob Van Dam breaks it up only to receive a stiff back elbow from Knox. Knox takes Van Dam, throwing him shoulder first into the steel post, and he then moves back to Holly. But Holly chops Knox! Followed by another hard-hitting chop! And the look for a third but Knox grabs Holly's arm, knees him in the gut, then connects with his swinging Knox Out to onto the steel chair. As the clock counts down, he takes a moment to kick the steel steps out of the ring.

    ENTRANT #9
    Tommy Dreamer

    A big pop for a Face of Extreme: Tommy Dreamer. And Dreamer is coming with a whole shopping cart of weapons! A new stack of steel chairs, a baseball bat, license plates, a jerry can, and the retired WWE Hardcore Championship. As Dreamer is ringside, he wastes no time beginning to empty out the cart into the ring. While doing so, CW Anderson is back body dropped over the top rope by RVD, but he lands on the apron. He grabs Rob by his ponytail, beginning to pull him over the top rope, but Van Dam drops to a seated position for a stunner against the top rope to send Anderson to the outside.

    Elimination #3: CW Anderson (Rob Van Dam)

    Van Dam rolling under the rope to catch his breath. Tommy Dreamer has entered the ring - setting up a steel chair in between the middle and top rope in the corner. Then scattering out a few license plates with the rest of the foreign objects being left in the cart. Marcus Cor Van knees Mahoney with the New Jersey native going into the ropes. Balls Mahoney is then clotheslined over the top rope to the outside.

    Elimination #4: Balls Mahoney (Marcus Cor Van)

    Knox Mike Knox takes a steel chair, smashes it on the back of Holly, then throws him over the top rope for another elimination.

    Elimination #5: Hardcore Holly (Mike Knox)

    A string of eliminations leave just four men in the ring. A momentary staredown when suddenly Van Dam, Cor Van, and Knox both fall face first and are dragged out of the ring by the men they eliminated! Right hands are quickly exchanged from all sides of the ring - besides Hardcore Holly who has a license plate to slam on top of Knox’s head. A brawl underway with all six men going to the side of the ring closest to the announce desk.

    The six men all gathering together with Tommy Dreamer going through the middle rope to stand on the apron near the ring post. Then, as attention turns to him, he runs across and leaps into the three active and three eliminated participants! Seven bodies laid out outside the ring, nobody in the ring, and the clock is ticking down.

    ENTRANT #10
    Matt Striker

    The resident teacher of ECW Matt Striker may have found himself the perfect number. He walks out as cocky as ever to a parade of boos, and he goes ringside to the talents who are down and out. Striker however steps through them to take a microphone from the ringside crew.

    Matt Striker:
    Well, well… Look at what we have here…

    Striker look at the talent outside of the ring with disgust.

    Matt Striker:
    Seven men who made the poor life decision who followed the ways of extreme to try and win this match when there are still twenty-one men to come after you.

    The crowd boos Striker as he takes a steel chair; setting up for seating in the center of the ring.

    Matt Striker:
    So.. What I am going to do.. I am going to sit in that ring and fight like a real competitor.

    Striker takes a seat, crossing his leg, and letting the crowd boo him. Not letting the jeers of the crowd phase him with the clock hitting zero.

    ENTRANT #11

    Another big pop with Tazz standing up from the announce desk. He unbuttons his blazer revealing he has been wearing his gear behind the announce table. Stepping over down bodies - Tazz climbs onto the apron and enters the ring. The crowd chants for The Human Suplex Machine with Striker yelling that Tazz shouldn’t be in the match. But Tazz doesn't want to hear the trash talk. He takes Matt Striker, goes behind, and locks in the Tazzmisson! Matt immediately taps out on the arm of Tazz! And the commentator breaks it to immediately follow it up and throw the teacher over the top rope to the outside.

    Elimination #6: Matt Striker (Tazz)

    Striker is out with Tazz standing on the bottom rope, yelling at Matt not to bad mouth ECW. And Tommy Dreamer comes from behind to then throw Tazz over the top rope!

    Elimination #7: Tazz (Tommy Dreamer)

    There are minor boos with Tommy Dreamer eliminating Tazz, but he turns around to be met by Marcus Cor Van who takes him down with a clothesline. Followed by a big boot then Van looks to pounce Dreamer through the table, but Tommy moves out of the way and side steps Marcus through the table into the corner! Dreamer then lifts Marcus back to his feet and throws him over the top rope for his second elimination.

    Elimination #8: Marcus Cor Van (Tommy Dreamer)

    With Marcus eliminated, Dreamer takes a moment to go to a knee to catch his breath. And when he rises to his feet, he turns around to go face to face with Rob Van Dam.

    ENTRANT #12
    Super Crazy

    And another surprise with Raw Superstar making his way into this ECW Royal Rumble. Super Crazy comes running out, climbs to the top rope, and dives onto Tommy Dreamer with a dropkick. Then popping to his feet to suck a clothesline from Rob Van Dam. He runs off the ropes then rolls under another clothesline, and he pops up to his feet for a standing dropkick. Crazy is fired up only to roll out of the ring, and pulls a ladder out from under the ring. A fair pop from the fans of extreme with Super Crazy wasting no time to set the ladder up ringside. He then slides back in to meet Mike Knox. Knox won’t let Crazy go to his feet, stomping on the bottom half of his back then dropping a knee onto him.

    ENTRANT #13

    And the surprises keep coming with a former ECW star and a former Mexicool stablemate of Super Crazy - Psicosis making his return tonight. The formerly masked individual comes running down with a crutch, making a point to go straight to Tommy Dreamer. He slides in and drops the crotch to go through Tommy’s legs. Then, he pops up to his feet… Hurricanrana sending Tommy Dreamer through the middle rope to the outside. Psicosis then meets Mike Knox who just took out Super Crazy with varying kicks to the knees. But Knox grabs Psicosis by his hair.

    Psicosis is thrown over the top by Mike Knox! Knox comes in with right hands as Psicosis stumbles back almost falling to the ground. Mike then comes in with a clothesline, but Psicosis ducks under and returns with a kick to the side of Mike’s head. Knox stumbles back with the former masked luchador about to re-enter the ring but instead turns to the ladder set up by Super Crazy. Psicosis maneuvers onto the ladder, climbs halfway up, the roar of the crowd getting louder, and Psicosis leaps onto Mike Knox with a Crossbody!

    ENTRANT #14
    Elijah Burke

    Number 14 is another man apart of ECW’s new breed: Elijah Burke. Burke enters the ring immediately looking for action. He runs into Tommy Dreamer with the double knees - Elijah Express! Then, he turns to Super Crazy in the opposite corner… Elijah Express! Everyone is out leaving Elijah with the perfect opportunity for an elimination. But instead, he begins kicking weapons out of the ring. License plates and cookie sheets going to the outside before Burke focuses on taking down the table from the corner. Although, as he is doing so, Rob Van Dam has returned to his feet.

    RVD turns Burke around, connecting with two right hands, but Burke then knees Van Dam’s gut. He follows that up with knee to the face then a rather stiff uppercut to Van Dan. Burke then whips Van Dam onto the table behind him then runs to the opposite corner…. Elijah Express! But Rob Van Dam catches Burke and dumps him over the top rope as the clock reaches zero!

    Elimination #9: Elijah Burke (Rob Van Dam)

    ENTRANT #15

    We’re halfway through the field and the former number one contender entering the match. Test slides into the ring with a crowbar, ducks under a double clothesline from Super Crazy and Psicosis, drops the object, and he clotheslines both men himself… Over the top rope securing two eliminations!

    Elimination #10: Psicosis (Test)

    Elimination #11: Super Crazy (Test)

    Test is already making an impact in this match with a double elimination. The six foot six turns around and runs into Mike Knox just as the bearded man was returning to his feet. Then, he moves to Tommy Dreamer, lifting him onto his shoulders, and runs into the set table with Tommy’s own Dreamer Driver! Some chants of “Holy Shit” filling the arena as Test is fired up with Number 16 already on the way.

    ENTRANT #16
    Big Stevie Cool

    A pretty big pop for Stevie Richards… As Big Stevie Cool! Big Stevie takes a slow walk like the original Big Daddy Cool. Once he’s close to the ring, Cool decides to walk the perimeter of the ring. Going to a seated Tommy Dreamer, patting his shoulder that he needs to get moving. Continuing his walk - Test’s eyes never leaving Stevie - he hypes up Rob Van Dam to re-enter the action. However, Van Dam is still out trying to regain energy for the time spent in this match. Cool then reaches through to take a cookie sheet before stepping onto the apron. He looks directly at Test, slowly enters the ring then runs at the taller man to eat a big boot with the cookie sheet going into his own face! Stevie Cool is down with the clock reaching zero.

    ENTRANT #17
    Hollywood Nova

    It looks like we’re on track for a reunion for The Blue World Order as Hollywood Nova is entrant number 17. Hollywood Nova comes into the ring with a head full of steam as Test takes him down with a clothesline. But Nova is back to his feet right away for another clothesline. This time he comes up visibly angry with Test, not falling down at the clothesline. Test comes in with another but Hollywood Nova stays on his feet. Nova is getting angry, throwing off his bandana, and then comes into Test with a fury of right hands. Each one garnering a pop from the crowd until Test is against the ropes. Nova runs in with a clothesline, is thrown over the top, but lands on the apron. And Stevie with a slight cut comes in to Test with a Stevie Kick to take down the big man. He then helps Nova back into the ring before both point to the stage as the clock hits zero.

    ENTRANT #18
    Da Blue Guy

    And it only makes sense to have the third and final member of the group - Da Blue Guy! As he enters, he takes a steel chair with Nova and Stevie bringing Test back up to his feet. Da Blue Guy throws the chair to Test then comes in with a running crossbody as all of his weight goes down onto the six foot six Test. The BWO is standing tall sharing two sweets between each other when Mike Knox is back to his feet to interrupt it.

    Mike Knox is yelling asking who The BWO thinks they are, calling them a complete joke. So Big Stevie Cool comes in with the Stevie Kick to Knox! Knox, rather than falling to the mat, falls forward onto the chest of Da Blue Guy. The three members of The Blue World Order look at each other before lifting Mike Knox as if he is a crowd surfer to throw him over the top rope for a joint elimination!

    Elimination #12: Mike Knox (Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova, and Da Blue Guy

    The BWO wants to celebrate, but Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam are back to their feet. Dreamer coming into Da Blue Guy with the steel chair from Test to the back of the 300 pounder. Rob Van Dam coming into Big Stevie Cool with his same cookie sheet to the back also. The clock reaching zero with Hollywood Nova looking to help Da Blue Guy.

    ENTRANT #19
    Shannon Moore

    The surprises are up with Shannon Moore - The Freak - joining the action. Moore goes straight for Nova with an enzuigiri. Then, as Da Blue Guy back elbows Dreamer, he uses the knee of Tommy as leverage for an enzuigiri to the Scott Hall wannabe. Van Dam is standing on the second rope with right hands down on Cool, but Stevie turns it around and places RVD on a seated position on the top rope. But Van Dam catches him with a swift kick to the jaw, pushes his full body to the top, and then comes in with his signature diving kick to Big Stevie.

    Van Dam is getting momentum back on his side as he goes to kick Nova, is caught, but he counters with an enzuigiri of his own. Da Blue Guy, Hollywood Nova, and Big Stevie Cool all laid out in the ring. Shannon Moore and Tommy Dreamer back away for Rob Van Dam as it is time for Rolling Thunder! A senton landing onto three members of The Blue World Order to a nice pop before it all breaks down again as Shannon Moore takes Tommy Dreamer, springboards off the ropes, and plants Tommy with a DDT! RVD goes for Shannon as the clock reaches zero.

    ENTRANT #20
    CM Punk

    One of the fastest rising stars of ECW is here with CM Punk. Punk makes an immediate impact as he springboards off into the ring with a double diving clothesline to Rob Van Dam and Shannon Moore. Moore and Van Dam quick to disperse to opposite corners preparing Punk for a running knee to Van Dam followed by a bulldog to the center of the ring. Then he does the same to Shannon Moore, but Moore doesn’t stay down as he hits the mat. He pulls himself back up with CM Punk clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor.

    Elimination #13: Shannon Moore (CM Punk)

    Punk is all sorts of fired up when Test is back in action with a crowbar shot to the gut of CM Punk! Followed by a shot to the back of Punk. Then, after dropping the crowbar, he throws him headfirst into the chair in the corner set up by Tommy Dreamer! Test is once again the only man up as he reaches through the middle rope into Tommy’s shopping cart pulling out the WWE Hardcore Championship. Then runs into the last ever Hardcore Champion Dreamer with a shot across the skull. Immediate boos as the former two time champion holds up the belt with the clock hits zero.

    ENTRANT #21
    Cactus Jack

    A humongous pop as Mick Foley’s Cactus Jack is entering this ECW Royal Rumble. The man who was the first Hardcore Champion under the mask of Mankind is coming out holding up a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat. Cactus enters the ring and immediately takes a shot at the gut of Test. Then the back of Test. He drops the weapon of choice then drops Test with a DDT!

    Cactus Jack goes to his feet with finger bangs and runs into seated Tommy Dreamer with a running double axe handle. He goes to the center of the ring for the Barbed Wire Bat as he holds it up to cheers from fans of the ECW brand.

    ENTRANT #22
    Terry Funk

    Another big pop with a hardcore legend entering the match! Terry Funk with a Barbed Wire 2x4! And Funk is entering the ring with Cactus Jack waiting for him. Funk and Jack stare each other down when Hollywood Nova enters himself in between the two.. To take a baseball shot from Cactus Jack then be thrown over the top rope by Terry Funk!

    Elimination #14: Hollywood Nova (Terry Funk)

    And Big Stevie Cool follows behind Nova to avenge the fallen friend. He however takes a 2x4 shot across the back from Terry Funk followed by Cactus Jack throwing Stevie to over the top rope for his own elimination.

    Elimination #15: Big Stevie Cool (Cactus Jack)

    Terry Funk and Cactus Jack have eliminated two members of The Blue World Order, and the largest member is looking to return to action. But he takes both barbed wire foreign objects to the gut, the weapons dropped, and they work together to eliminate Da Blue Guy!

    Elimination #16: Da Blue Guy (Terry Funk & Cactus Jack)

    ENTRANT #23
    Al Snow

    Just as Da Blue Guy hits the ground, Al Snow is making his way to join the match. Of course, he is being joined by Head! As Snow is sliding into the ring, Cactus Jack turns his back on Terry Funk and throws The Living Hardcore Legend over the top rope securing another elimination!

    Elimination #17: Terry Funk (Cactus Jack)

    There are some boos with the elimination as Al Snow goes straight to Rob Van Dam, bringing Head to his back. Followed by taking the crutches brought in by Psicosis to hit Test’s back with. Cactus Jack is focusing on Tommy Dreamer, but The Innovator of Violence is fighting back with right hands. He then reaches down for a steel chair to bring it to the gut of Jack. Followed by a shot to the back. And he drops the chair to send Cactus over the top rope!

    Elimination #18: Cactus Jack (Tommy Dreamer)

    ENTRANT #24
    Lance Storm

    A former ECW World Tag Team Champion in Lance Storm is entering action next. And he is waving his Canadian flag with pride as he enters the ring to use it as a weapon! Right into the back of Tommy Dreamer then the abdomen of CM Punk. Storm proudly waves the Canadian Flag then places it on the outside of the ring. But he returns focus on the action to Al Snow with the crutches still, running into Lance Storm with the object into the gut followed by connecting with a snap suplex. He pops up to his feet when Test is back to big boot him with the entry clock hitting zero.

    ENTRANT #25
    The Sandman

    With five competitors left, a big pop from the crowd as the cameras are searching for the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion. And they find The Sandman just as he is bashing a beer can into his face. Then the camera cuts away to the ring as Test just threw Tommy Dreamer over the top rope for his third elimination.

    Elimination #19: Tommy Dreamer (Test)

    Test boots Rob Van Dam down and stays on him as Sandman has entered the ring, holding up his singapore cane, and he is met by Snow who throws Head right at The Sandman. But Sandman swings his cane and launches head outside of the ring! Snow is angry for a moment then acts out with a superkick straight to the jaw knocking down Sandman. Al Snow isn’t finished, he wants to add insult to injury as he climbs to the top rope. Set up perfectly for a Moonsault when CM Punk pushes him to the outside!

    Elimination #20: Al Snow (CM Punk)

    Punk with a quick elimination as before focusing to go after Test as the next entrant is underway.

    ENTRANT #26
    Justin Credible

    Out next is a returning Justin Credible who hasn’t been seen since the initial relaunch of ECW. Credible enters the ring with his own singapore cane as he cracks it on the back of CM Punk. Three shots against Punk before one to an already seated Test. Credible then turns around to The Sandman back on his feet with his singapore cane also. Sandman and Credible staredown, shouting at each other. They both take a step back then return to the center of the ring! The Sandman and Justin Credible are whipping each other with singapore canes!

    The two extremists coming in with multiple consistent cane shots as neither man is budging. The crowd cheering loudly when The Sandman yells for more, but he is taken down with a superkick from Lance Storm! Storm looks down at Sandman before turning to Justin Credible for a quick hug between the duo. Then, the signature Impact Player pose when Lance Storm takes Credible and throws him over the top rope for an elimination!

    Elimination #21: Justin Credible (Lance Storm)

    There’s immediate boos with Lance Storm trash talking his own tag team partner with number 27 on the way.

    ENTRANT #27
    Big Show

    In a normal Royal Rumble, the 27th entrant is the most convintended spot. And it might be the best spot tonight too with the largest entry. Big Show takes a slow walk to the ring and be wastes no time. Lance Storm, the only man to his feet, comes straight for Show but is tossed over the top rope just after eliminating his own tag team partner.

    Elimination #22: Lance Storm (Big Show)

    Big Show wastes no time to turn focus on CM Punk, running his full body weight to smash Punk between him and the corner. Then, he throws Punk to the opposite corner for The Straight Edge wrestler to go head first into a wedged steel chair. Big Show then runs into Rob Van Dam with the same move, but tosses him onto a stack of license plates.

    Big Show is fired up when Test is back, with a crowbar, to meet the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion. Test goes in a crowbar shot to the gut, and Big Show returns it with a stiff knee. Test taking more of the damage as long as he has been in the match, Big Show pulling him by the Crowbar, and locking in Cobra Clutch. No fight from Test with Big Show securely locking it in; lifting and swinging Test with the pressure applied. And he lifts Test over the top rope and drops him to the floor!

    Elimination #23: Test (Big Show)

    Then, as Sandman is returning to his feet with the clock reaching zero, Big Show takes him by his shirt and throws him over the top rope for his second elimination.

    Elimination #24: The Sandman (Big Show)

    ENTRANT #28

    With the participants suddenly getting lower, a surprise entrant once more as Tajiri has returned to WWE. As he is making his way to the ring, Rob Van Dam throws a chair to Big Show… Van Daminator! Big Show doesn’t go down, but he does stumble through the middle rope near the entrance way. To meet a Buzzsaw Kick from Tajiri! Big Show continues to stumble when a dazed CM Punk runs into him with a Shining Wizard to take down the big man!

    A quick formed alliance for Big Show to be taken out of the equation as Tajiri goes after CM Punk! A quick kick to the gut followed by one to the shoulder then a Buzzsaw Kick to Punk! But Rob Van Dam has left the ring to meet Taijiri with a fury of right hands. Tajiri reacts quickly to whip Van Dam into the steel barricade, and he runs into him with a shoulder to the gut. The Japanese Buzzsaw quickly maneuvers into the crowd over Van Dam. He pulls Rob Van Dam’s legs through the barricade with a Tarantula! Van Dam screaming in pain with roughly ten seconds passing before Tajiri releases the hold.

    ENTRANT #29

    With the brawling, the second to last entrant is Raven! Another former ECW Champion who wastes no time to join the action. He goes under the ring to pull out a fire extinguisher then runs it into the chest of Tajiri. Then throwing him head first into the steel pole of the ring. Raven makes sure to continue the assault as he takes CM Punk, throws him into the ring, and pulls his head out to hang the floor.. A running knee from Raven that hits hard, causing Punk to fall halfway out of the ring once again. The returning Raven goes back under the ring to slide a stop sign and a yield sign into the ring. He goes back one more time where he pulls out a duffle bag then enters the squared circle.

    He pushes out the broken table remnants out of the ring, and then pours tacs out of the bag! A pop for the foreign object with Raven leaving the ring once more - moving to the commentary table to tear it apart. Throwing the cover to the side then unplugging a monitor to throw it into the ring. Then, he takes Rob Van Dam to throw him into the ring with Number 30 on his way.

    ENTRANT #30

    Homicidal. Suicidal. Genocidal. Death-Defying. The last entrant is none other than Sabu! Sabu is going straight for Raven, ducking under a clothesline, climbs onto the apron, and uses the second rope as a springboard to fall back onto Raven. Sabu then takes Raven to throw him into the ring with Van Dam. Then he takes Tajiri as well as CM Punk to join him there. Sabu goes under the ring, setting up a table on the entrance side of the ring. Followed by going to tear down the ladder set up earlier by Super Crazy and slide it into the ring. Sabu then takes another steel chair, climbs to the top rope, and dropkicks Raven with the chair in front of his feet.

    Then, using the same chair, he runs into Tajiri with another steel chair dropkick combination. Sabu is bringing the extreme back out in this match with CM Punk standing against the corner. The Evel Knievel of ECW sets up a steel chair to use as leverage as he jumps off it to come into Punk with Air Sabu!

    He continues on when he comes face to face with his friend Rob Van Dam. Both of these men want their championship opportunity; wasting no time going after each other. Van Dam throws Sabu off the ropes, looks for a back body drop, and Sabu rolls over his back. Sabu is quick to take the Yield and Stop sign to clap them together against Van Dam’s head!

    And Sabu is then taken down with a Buzzsaw Kick from Tajiri! But now Raven is once again to his feet to go after The Japanese Buzzsaw. Raven comes from behind to throw Tajiri over the top rope, but Tajiri stops it with his foot against the middle rope. He steps through onto the apron then stuns Raven against the top rope to force Raven to back away.

    Tajiri re-enters the ring coming straight for the opposition. A kick to leg, a kick to the gut, a kick to the shoulder and then a Buzzsaw Kick! NO! Raven ducks under then takes Tajiri to drop him with the Everflow DDT! Tajiri is laid out with Raven refusing to waste time. He lifts the Japanese extremist off the mat by his hair then tosses Tajiri over the top rope to the outside.

    Elimination #25: Tajiri (Raven)

    We are down to four with Rob Van Dam now being on the receiving end of an assault from Raven. The former leader of his own Nest stomping a mudhole into Van Dam while we see Tajiri pulling himself back up to his feet.

    Tajiri cannot believe he was just eliminated, climbing back onto the apron to re-enter the ring, but the referees are instructing him that he is eliminated. Tajiri visibly upset steps down from the apron, only to slide into the ring and GREEN MIST Raven!

    Raven is blinded as Sabu comes from behind to throw a fellow Original over the top rope for his first elimination.

    Elimination #26: Raven (Sabu)

    CM Punk, Sabu, and Rob Van Dam are all to their feet looking at the other. The three competitors deciding their next move when The Big Show pulls himself up onto the apron! A quick shift of focus to Big Show, but the former champion is quick to fight off all three men with right hands and pushing them back. Big Show then steps into the ring with Rob Van Dam going after him with another Van Daminator, but the chair is thrown back directly into the face of RVD.

    Van Dam goes down with Punk coming in with a knee, but Big Show catches him and dumps him over the top rope. However, Punk lands on the apron. And Big Show’s focus is immediately on the fearless Sabu. Sabu goes in right hands that don’t faze the larger man. Sabu then runs off the ropes, but Big Show stops him by taking him by his throat. And a Chokeslam onto the tacs brought into the ring by Raven!

    A chant of “Holy Shit” fills the arena with Sabu’s body twitching in pain. But it doesn’t end there with Big Show lifting him up by his throat again and carrying him over to the entrance side of the ring. Chokeslam to the outside of the ring through the table! The same way Sabu was eliminated from the WWE Royal Rumble two weeks ago!

    Elimination #27: Sabu (Big Show)

    Sabu lays in the broken table beneath him, and CM Punk jumps onto the back of Big Show. A sleeper hold on Big Show. The Big Show seems to be fading, but he then tosses Punk over his back onto the apron. Punk begins punching away at Show, trying to re-enter the ring, and Big Show goes for a clothesline. Punk ducks under then runs at Show straight into another clothesline that sends Punk down to the outside.

    Elimination #28: CM Punk (Big Show)

    We are down to two between Big Show and Rob Van Dam. Big Show turns around following his fifth elimination with Rob Van Dam throwing the ladder in the ring right at Show. Van Dam wastes no time moving to the next weapon - the monitor from the announcers desk. As Big Show throws the ladder off of himself - and to the outside - Van Dam runs in with the monitor to the gut of Big Show then the back of Big Show.

    Big Show drops to all fours as Van Dam takes a cookie sheet to bring it against Big Show’s back. Then a license plate. Then a steel chair! Van Dam using all the weapons at his disposal trying to take down Show. Rob Van Dam comes off the ropes with his second Rolling Thunder tonight to completely layout his rival. Big Show is down and Van Dam is feeling all the adrenaline.

    A resurgence of energy as he goes to the corner to pull himself up to the top rope. Van Dam pointing to himself as the crowd joins along for each initial… R… V… D! Five Star Frog Splash! Rob Van Dam with a picture perfect frog splash, but now he needs to pick up the dead weight of Big Show to win this match.

    Van Dam takes Big Show up by his hair, wrapping his opponents arm around his own shoulder, and then dragging him closer towards the ropes. He then begins the process of lifting Show to his feet before going through the middle rope, then standing up for Big Show to match his vertical position.

    Van Dam jumps up to wrap his legs around Big Show's neck, bringing himself to the closer to the ground with Big Show being brought over the top rope. But Show falls to onto the apron on a knee rather than to the floor! Van Dam immediately lets go of the hold, rolls into the ring, and takes a steel chair. Then he runs into Show with the chair and a baseball slide with The Giant falling to the ground! Van Dam has done it!

    Elimination #29: Big Show (Rob Van Dam)

    Winner and Challenging Bobby Lashley for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 23:
    Rob Van Dam

    From number one to the last man standing, Rob Van Dam has done it! Rob Van Dam has a date to reclaim the ECW World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania versus Bobby Lashley!

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    Re: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two


    In the spring and early summer of 2005, it looked like it would finally be time for Christian to rise to the top of WWE. After a celebrated career as a tag specialist in the early part of his career, Christian had been gaining serious traction as an entertaining singles act from 2003 and onward. Not only that, but Captain Charisma was also becoming one of the best TV match workers in the game. That, plus the fact that there was added sympathy towards him, given the fact that his ‘brother’ Edge was gaining significantly more notoriety as a singles competitor, all bubbled up to a tremendous groundswell of fan support that year. Additionally, there was the fact that he was going toe to toe and blow for blow with John Cena for months on end, which all came to a head once Cena moved over to Monday Night Raw.

    Things are not always as they seem, of course. Christian fell in a Triple Threat Match at Vengeance with the WWE Championship on the line. He then moved over to SmackDown two days later, while Chris Jericho, someone Christian had been interconnected with for a very long time, would continue to agitate Cena on Raw in his pursuit of the WWE Championship. You know the rest. Jericho would fall short of becoming WWE Champion, and then took a near two-year hiatus from the company. Christian, meanwhile, fizzled out on SmackDown. His interactions were less than memorable. In fact it’s likely that you might not even remember anything at all from his SmackDown run. He then went to TNA after the month of October, where he showcased his starpower, though he would eventually leave the company and come back ‘home’ in 2009.

    Let’s change some history though.

    Christian would lose that WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at Vengeance. But instead of heading to SmackDown, let’s say that it was Jericho who was bound for SmackDown, while Christian remained a pillar on Raw.

    Captain Charisma and The Doctor of Thuganomics’ feud would continue on. They would come to a head in a singles match for the WWE Title at SummerSlam later that summer in Washington D.C. It was indisputably the biggest match of Christian’s career. In the end though, it would be Cena who would rise up and pick up the win over Christian. But this would agitate him to a bitter, bitter point. And it would cause Christian to snap after the match. He would assault Cena, attacking him rather viciously, as he saw the biggest moment of his career slip away from him. This would ultimately lead to a one-man conchairto on a busted up Cena, creating quite an image, as Christian would leave the ring in a huff.

    Christian would earn himself another opportunity at the WWE Championship in a #1 Contender’s Match against the likes of Shelton Benjamin, Carlito and Shawn Michaels two weeks later. After that match, Cena stormed back into the scene with a vengeance. Cena would brawl with Christian to end the show, causing Eric Bischoff to send a flurry of officials and agents and superstars to separate the two men. The bad blood between the two had only been further escalated. The two would come to blows again the following week in a tag team match, in which Cena teamed with Benjamin while Christian tagged with Carlito. Christian would introduce a ladder into the fray, but Cena would attack him with it, something Christian obviously did not account for. Cena would then set the ladder up, and then set a table up on the outside. He’d drag Christian up to the top, but not wanting to see another vicious blow, Eric Bischoff would come out to try and stop Cena. He told him that if he did anything, he would be stripped of his championship. That struck a chord with Cena, but Bischoff said that for once, he was on his side. He could see why he wanted a piece of Christian, and he could see why Christian wanted to come to blows with Cena, too. So, Eric would announce that at Unforgiven, the WWE Championship would be on the line in a SummerSlam rematch, between Christian and John Cena. But it would be no ordinary match. It would be a TLC Match! This delighted Cena, and probably Christian too, although he was obviously out of it at that point.

    So now, the scene is set. Unforgiven 2005 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Will history truly change for Captain Charisma? It’s time we find out.



    The fans inside the Ford Center rise to their feet as CHRISTIAN makes his way out onto the stage. Captain Charisma looks locked and loaded and ready to go here, playing in his own element, something he’s sure to note as he talks into the camera. TYSON TOMKO, Christian’s ‘Problem Solver’ is nowhere to be found at the moment, something commentary notes as Christian briskly paces down the ramp. Christian is wearing white and blue trunks tonight, something new and different for him this evening. He gets down to the ring and takes his hood off and looks out at his peeps and smiles. He beats his chest and gestures around his waist, and then goes over to the corner and waits.

    ***THE TIME IS NOW***

    An earth-shattering reaction breaks through the Ford Center. As always, that reaction brings JOHN CENA out. The WWE CHAMPION is fired up and ready to fight, to say the very least. He glares down at Christian, hoisting the title up high above his head, and waves his hand in front of his face and then marches down the ramp to the ring.Christian, having taken his jacket off, glares at Cena the entire way. He also pays a good amount of attention to that championship that he desires so badly. Cena gets into the ring, and The Doctor of Thuganomics hoists the title up again over his head by the ropes. He then walks by Christian, holding it up near his face, as Christian goes after him! But the referee breaks between them. Cena smiles, shakes his head, and offers up the title to the referee. The ref puts it on the hook, and up it goes above their heads, as we’re about to see this high stakes championship match go down…

    WWE Championship
    !!! TLC MATCH !!!

    ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ John Cena defends against ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian

    The bell rings and the two superstars instantly run and collide in the center of the ring! John Cena and Christian go blow for blow here with the OKC crowd lit up for each punch landed. The stronger man in Cena overwhelms Christian at the start of it, backing him into the corner. He scores with a couple of body blows as Christian tries to guard up. Since there’s no disqualifications in this match, the referee can’t really intervene. So, Captain Charisma’s on his own here. Cena grabs him by the head and brings him over to the adjacent corner and slams his face down on the turnbuckle. Cena grabs him by the back of the head again, walks him along to the next adjacent corner, and slams his head down on it once more! Cena shakes his head, not satisfied yet, and aims for the next adjacent corner as he’s nearly gone in a circle. He brings Christian over, but Christian throws his boot up on the middle rope to block the move. He elbows Cena in the gut, grabs him by the back and shoves him into the corner! He grabs him by the arms and looks for an early attempt at the UNPRETTIER, but Cena counters out of it and shoves Christian away. Christian turns around as Cena is sprint over, looking to clothesline him! Christian however ducks the shot from Cena, and then runs over and clotheslines him out of the ring instead!

    Christian goes underneath the ropes to get to the outside. He walks over to Cena who’s already up, but Christian charges over and blindsides him with a right hand. He grabs Cena afterwards and throws him body-first into the barricade. Christian hammers away at Cena’s back with his forearm, and then waves his hand in front of his face, telling John that he can’t see him, and then knocks him off his feet with a big right hand. With the WWE Champion down, the challenger looks over and grabs one of the ladders that are sitting up against the barricade. He walks over and slides it underneath the ropes, but doesn’t set it all the way in the ring. He leaves half of it out, and then goes over to The Doctor of Thuganomics. He stomps down on his sternum, causing Cena to let out a cry in pain. He stomps down again, and then lifts him up. He chops Cena across the chest, gathering a WOOOOO from the Oklahoma City crowd. He chops him again, which elicits another WOOOOOOO from the fans who’ve packed the Ford Center. Christian then grabs John by the hand, looks over, and Irish whips him forward… until Cena collides with the ladder!! A big blow to the chest of the champ! Christian smiles, having achieved exactly what he wanted to do, and he again taunts John by standing over him, waving his hand in front of his face, and then he spits down on him!

    After showing disrespect towards the champion, Christian pushes the ladder all the way into the ring. He goes inside and instead of setting it up underneath the title, he grabs it, picks it up, and leans it against the turnbuckles in the southeast corner. He then goes down under the ropes, grabs John and rolls him into the ring. Christian follows in, but as he gets up, Cena, already up, runs over and clotheslines him down! Christian bounces back up to his feet and is sent right back down with another clothesline from the champ, who has awakened here with a sudden burst of energy. Angrily, Cena walks over and grabs Christian and shoots him into the northwest corner of the ring. Cena follows in and squeezes him up against the turnbuckles! He then grabs Christian by the hand, and looks to whip him right into the ladder in the southeast corner! However, Christian counters mid-swing and sends the WWE Champion in instead! Cena hits it and stumbles in as Christian dips down and looks to prop his opponent up on his shoulders! Perhaps looking for an F-U! But Cena quickly slides off! He grabs Christian and punches him in the face, knocking him away for a moment. But Christian comes back with a knee to the gut, and then drives him down to the mat with a neckbreaker!

    With Cena down, Christian gets up to his feet and looks around. He promptly walks over to the ropes and climbs out of the ring. Christian then dips down, throws the ring skirt up and reaches underneath. Captain Charisma then pulls out a steel chair, which gathers a big reaction from the crowd. JR points out what happened the last time that Christian used a steel chair, and bad intentions could be on his mind yet again. Christian rolls underneath the ropes and brings the chair up over his head, looking to hit Cena with it! But Cena, up to his feet, goes low and hits Christian in the abdomen! Christian drops the chair as a result, and Cena dodges a major bullet early on. Cena punches Christian around the ring a few times, and he eventually gets him up against the northeast corner. The champion lowers his shoulder and then targets Christian’s abdomen again. He throws his shoulder in, more than a couple of times, causing Christian to gasp for air. Christian tries to walk away from the scene, but Cena refuses to let that happen. He stays on him, and then looks over at the ladder, still leaned up on the corner. He looks at Christian, and then hooks his arm underneath his. Cena then lunges forward with him and HIP TOSSES CHRISTIAN RIGHT UP AGAINST THE LADDER!!

    A tremendous showing of power! Christian lands hard on the mat as the ladder then promptly falls down on him too. Cena walks over and grabs the ladder and throws it off him. He talks down at Christian, asking him if this is what he really wanted. Christian reaches out to grab Cena to try and pull himself up, but the champ sends him right back down with a couple of right hands. He then looks over at the steel chair. He remembers the damage that Christian did to him with it, and he bends down and picks it up! He walks about the ring with it, waiting for Christian to get up to his feet. And soon enough, Captain Charisma does exactly that. Cena then, red in his eyes, walks over and slams the chair into Christian’s gut! Christian hunches over, and Cena then winds up and waffles Christian in the back with the chair! Christian lies flat on the mat and Cena winds up and slams the chair down on his back again! He drops the chair and then picks Christian up to his feet. He then powers him up, scooping him off the mat and into his arms. Cena then runs forward and DELIVERS A POWERSLAM RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!! Christian screams out in pain as he’s been powered right down onto the chair, the same weapon that he used to really ignite this feud. And Cena looks more than pleased with this development, and it has perhaps only just begun for him.

    Cena kicks the chair away and out of the ring it then goes. He then grabs the ladder. With Christian having rolled over, doubled over in pain, Cena positions the ladder up below the championship belt. He sets it up, and we then see that Christian is helping himself up to his feet with the ropes. Cena sees this and takes his eyes off the ball for a moment. He walks over and delivers a right hand that takes Christian down a peg. He delivers another and then another, and goes for another, but Christian gouges the eyes! Christian then reaches out and shoves Cena away by his back and his face collides with the side of the ladder! Cena spins down to all fours, and checks the side of his face, but there’s no cut. He’s likely thrown for a loop, but at least he’s not busted open. Captain Charisma meanwhile, folds the ladder right back up. He then grabs it himself and looks over at Cena he locks in his target, charges over and hits Cena in the gut with the top of the ladder!! Cena gras the area in a lot of pain, dropping down to all fours. Christian then decides he’s ready to inflict even more damage. He maintains possession of the ladder, lifts it up and drives the top of it down onto Cena’s spine!

    Christian then puts the ladder down on the mat. He kicks at Cena, and then pulls him up to his feet. He delivers a couple of hard uppercuts to Cena, and then hits him with a big reverse elbow that takes him off his feet. Christian then looks over at the ladder and lifts Cena up to a vertical base. He hits him with another uppercut, and then sets him up near it. He looks back for a moment and then looks at Cena, grabs him by the waistband and lifts him up and SUPLEXES HIM ONTO THE LADDER!! Cena cries out in pain as he instantly favors his back, rolling around a bit and squirming. Christian rolls over and up to his feet and then goes to the outside. He then walks over towards one of the TABLES, which gathers up a big reaction from the fans, naturally. He goes and sets it up on the outside of the ring, right near the apron. He then rolls back into the ring and grabs Cena and knocks him down with an uppercut. Christian then drags him over near the ropes, looking back out at the table. He uppercuts Cena again, as he falls down to a knee. Christian then goes out onto the apron and drags Cena out with him. HE then looks to SUPLEX CENA DOWN ONTO THE TABLE, but Cena blocks it! Christian goes for it again, but again, Cena blocks it with his foot. Cena then desperately throws and connects with a right hand. He throws another at Christian, and then a third, and is able to free himself from his grasp.

    Cena climbs back into the ring to get a moment of respite. With Christian still on the apron, Cena looks over and then runs forward. Cena CLOBBERS Christian with a HUGE clothesline that sends Christian down hard on the apron. But not the table of course, as Christian grabs the bottom rope to avoid a worse fate. Cena reaches down underneath the ropes and pulls Christian back underneath and inside them. The WWE Champion then brings Christian over towards the ladder. He knees him in the gut with his big leg, and knees him once more, and gets Christian down to a knee. Cena then sets the ladder up right near him with his foot. He then sprints over to the ropes, hits them, comes off with a surge and JUMPS UP, FLIES IN THE AIR AND CATCHES CHRISTIAN’S HEAD! AND HE DROPS HIM DOWN WITH THE THROWBACK RIGHT ONTO THE DAMN LADDER!! Christian’s chest hits the ladder HARD, and he gasps for air as Cena has delivered a spectacular move right onto the ladder. The Doctor of Thuganomics then gets himself up to his feet. He grabs the ladder and pushes it aside. He then looks over and grabs the steel chair. With Christian prone on the mat, Cena slides the steel chair underneath his face! Cena’s got baaaaaad intentions now, and he then climbs out of the ring. He walks over and grabs another chair that’s leaned up on the barricade!

    The crowd, JR and King can sense what’s coming here and boy it seems bad. Cena climbs into the ring, and looks down at Christian who’s still prone on the mat. Cena can obviously see the same situation that happened at SummerSlam, in which he was on the receiving end of a one-man conchairto. Now, Cena is in the position to cause the same harm to Christian! Cena looks over, winds up and walks forward, AND LOOKS TO BASH CHRISTIAN’S HEAD IN WITH THE CHAIR! BUT CHRISTIAN NARROWLY AVOIDS IT!!! Christian gets out of the way, and all Cena hits is steel on steel. His hands sting a little bit, as the chair falls out of his hands. Christian, having dodged a huge bullet, looks on as he realizes what he’s gotten away from. But Cena ain’t done yet. He grabs the chair again, and Christian gets up and kicks him in the stomach! Cena doesn’t let go of the chair, but he’s certainly stunned for a moment. Christian tries to get himself up, but Cena goes in again. And again, Christian gets him away with another boot to the stomach. Cena is stunned once more, and Christian then gets up and goes to over to him. BUT CENA SUDDENLY TURNS AROUND AND SMASHES THE CHAIR ACROSS CHRISTIAN’S FACE!!!

    A HUGE CHAIR SHOT TO SAY THE VERY LEAST!! It knocks Christian OUT, as Cena has dealt a MAJOR, MAJOR blow to the challenger! Cena drops the chair down, as he even looks a bit surprised himself at what he just did. We get a quick action replay of the brutal chair shot, and in the meantime, Cena has now grabbed the ladder again. This time he’s not looking to inflict harm. He’s looking to win the match! He sets the ladder up underneath the title belt. The Doctor of Thuganomics then sturdies it, walks over and begins to climb up the ladder, hoping to grab his championship to retain!









    CHRISTIAN IS BACK UP! And boy is he busted open too. And after being knocked silly before, he’s a bit woozy, with blood coming down his face. But he has enough wherewithal to realize the situation, and he walks over and grabs Cena by the legs! Cena tries to kick him off, but Christian is relentless in his pursuit of the champ. Christian holds on, as Cena again tries to kick him off. But suddenly, Captain Charisma succeeds in pulling Cena off! And before Cena can even think, Christian quickly grabs him. He spins around, AND THEN DELIVERS A BRUTAL RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP, AS THE BACK OF CENA’S HEAD HITS A RUNG ON THE LADDER!! The back of Cena’s head hits the rung HARD as he grabs it in serious pain. Christian meanwhile may have hurt himself a bit on the ricochet with the mat. But he certainly delivered a big and timely blow. Christian rolls out of the ring, and takes a moment to gather himself. He then walks over and grabs yet another table. This one though, he pushes into the ring. He then goes and sets that table up in the northwest corner. And meanwhile, Cena is back up to his feet, using the ladder to his advantage. Christian walks over though and grabs the ladder and uses it to shove Cena down. Christian then folds the ladder up and drops it down on the mat. He pushes it away, and goes over to Cena and stomps down on him. Christian then walks over and grabs the steel chair. Not the one that Cena used before on him, but the one Christian’s face was lying on when Cena had intentions to hit him with the conchairto. He goes over and grabs it, and looks to bash Cena’s head in this time! But Cena catches him with a blow to the stomach!

    Cena then, advantageously, jumps up on the top rope with his feet perched on the second rope. He looks at Christian, who’s on his knees, and he looks to score with a bulldog! NOBODY HOME! Christian avoids trouble and Cena lands on his feet. But he can’t avoid the next shot! WHAM! A CHAIR SHOT RIGHT TO CENA’S FACE TOO!! The chair falls out of Christian’s hands after he uses it to bash his face in, and Christian falls down too as he used a lot of his might. We see that, already, Cena has been busted open with the chair shot to nobody’s surprise. Both men are bleeding, and pouring out just about everything that they can here with that title belt still hovering over the ring. Christian then gets up to his feet, a little bit slowly, and grabs the ladder again and sets it up. He gets it right underneath the title, and then begins to ascend, looking to collect the WWE Championship!







    Cena is up!! And John Cena grabs the ladder and pushes it, and looks to send Christian off it!! But Christian lands on his feet! Using his savvy, Christian narrowly avoids trouble again. Cena goes for a big right hand, but Christian ducks. Christian then goes for a huge uppercut, but Cena side steps him. He then grabs Christian, looking to hit a spinning side slam! NO! Christian tumbles backwards and lands on his feet. He then shoves Cena over towards the table set up in the corner! But Cena stops himself with the ropes. Cena then turns around—


    A move out of his brother Edge’s playbook has come up large!! Christian has taken Cena and perhaps himself out too for a moment. But the use of the Spear has done plenty of damage to the WWE Champion!! Christian rolls away from Cena a few moments later, as we see a series of replays play out of the big Spear, with commentary definitely playing up how Edge’s influence loomed large there. Christian then helps himself up, and repositions the ladder again underneath the WWE Championship. Captain Charisma then looks up as he begins to ascend yet again!







    CENA IS UP!! And the WWE Champion begins to ascend as well, as Christian is slowing up!!









    Cena and Christian meet up where they are now, and Cena hits Christian with a right! Christian connects with a right hand of his own. The two begin to really duke it out at the top of the ladder, trying to win this battle. Christian reaches up for the championship, but Cena fires off a big right hand to his chest. Cena then shoots up for the title. However, Christian scores with an uppercut to the jaw that has Cena reeling a bit. Christian scores with another, as Cena leans back afterwards, nearly falling off the ladder! Christian tries for a third, but Cena blocks it and hits him hard in the face with his forearm! Christian is the loopy one now, as he grabs onto the top rung for balance. The Doctor of Thuganomics then reaches up for the championship again, gets his fingertips on it, but Christian suddenly scores with another body blow! Christian then grabs Cena’s head and smashes his face down onto the top rung of the ladder! Christian keeps it pinned down there, and seemingly now has a window to go for the championship! He, however… does NOT! And instead, CHRISTIAN PUSHES DOWN ON CENA’S HEAD, ROLLS THROUGH WITH A SUNSET FLIP AND POWERBOMBS CENA DOWN ONTO THE MAT!!!

    Both men are DOWN and OUT after Christian’s desperate but spectacular sunset flip bomb. Captain Charisma is certainly feeling it, in more ways than one, as he looks up at the ceiling with fans going crazy around him. Blood still coming down his face, Christian rolls himself out of the ring to catch his breath and collect himself. Cena, meanwhile, is down and out on the mat, maybe badly hurt after taking that powerbomb off the ladder. Christian then gets up to his feet and walks over and grabs a steel chair! He goes and tosses it into the ring, and then goes and grabs another ladder! He walks over and pushes the ladder into the ring, and then drops down and reaches under the ring skirt. He then pulls out another table, which gathers everybody’s attention! He grabs it and pushes that into the ring as well and rolls in. He goes over, grabs the table and sets it up right near the ladder. Christian then grabs the steel chair and looks over at Cena, who’s on all fours now. He walks over and brings the chair over his head and CRACKS IT ACROSS CENA’S BACK!! Cena yells out in pain, as Christian winds up and SLAMS IT DOWN AGAIN! Christian drops the chair down on the mat and then walks over to the ladder. He repositions it underneath the championship and then sets it in place. Christian then begins to climb up, with the WWE Championship in his sights!





    Cena awakens and crawls over!




    Cena himself begins to climb!!




    Christian notices Cena climbing, as he’s four rungs away from the top of the ladder! Christian takes his eyes off the prize for a moment as he looks down and punches Cena! Christian shakes his head at him, and Cena climbs up and goes and strikes Christian in the stomach! Cena climbs up more and goes on the attack again, and connects with a big right hand! Christian hangs on for dear life, and Cena looks for a big blow, but Christian blocks it and scores with one of his own! Christian grabs Cena and again slams his already busted up face on the top rung of the ladder! He does it again, as Cena is holding on pretty hard to avoid falling off. Christian looks down at the table below, and then grabs Cena again. He looks at him, and then grabs him by the arms! He then spins John around, looks down off to the side…


    Christian has taken a HUGE risk and it’s seemingly paid off now!! He’s drilled Cena with his finisher all the way down through the damn table, and Cena is lights out! Christian has absolutely hurt himself quite a bit, as the cost he’s paying now is a dear one. He rolls over and away from Cena who’s still lying between the split table. Captain Charisma seemingly is getting willed on by the crowd, who are full throat in supporting him right now. He grabs the rungs of the ladder, and looks up at the WWE Championship. It’s hanging right above him, 10 rungs away, and he knows it. The crowd knows it. JR and King know it. And hell, maybe even John Cena knows it right now, even though he’s been put out to pasture. Christian then powers himself up to his knees, and then up to his feet. He leans against the ladder, huffs and puffs, and wipes some blood away from his eyes and face. He then looks up at the WWE Championship again, and begins his climb!















    BY JOHN CENA!!!!

    The Champion preserves his championship at the last possible second!!! John knocks him AGAIN with the ladder in the gut, as Christian holds on for dear life. John then grabs the ladder again, and then SMASHES IT RIGHT AGAINST CHRISTIAN’S HAND!! Christian screams out in agony, as he holds on with his other hand. Cena then sets the ladder up between the fourth and fifth rung, laying down horizontally as it rests against the ring ropes as well. He then walks over, and begins to climb up the ladder himself!









    Cena punches Christian in the face! Captain Charisma continues to hold on, as Cena punches him again. Relentlessly, Christian stays up on his feet, only to receive another big right hand. Christian survives AGAIN, and then looks right in Cena’s eyes. Cena looks over at his, as they’re both glaring at each other. Christian then waves his hand right in front of Cena’s face, and Cena snickers, before scowling.






    Christian is down and he is OUT!!! The ladder has just straight up CRACKED in two, and Cena is perched up HIGH and is COMPLETELY ALONE at the top!! He continues to look down at the fallen Captain Charisma. He is perhaps shocked with himself, perhaps shocked that the ladder is split in two pieces now. But what’s also clear is there is no remorse in his eyes. He knows how personal this just got, and with one swift movement upwards, he can end it all by claiming his championship. But… Cena’s eyes tell quite a story. He may very well remember the conchairto that put him down and out. And his eyes move over to one of the steel chairs on the ring mat. And shockingly, SHOCKINGLY, Cena begins to CLIMB DOWN the ladder! Nobody can quite understand what Cena’s doing. The crowd, our commentators, and maybe even Cena himself. But Cena reaches the BOTTOM of the ladder, and plants his feet on the mat. He then walks over, and grabs the split ladder and tosses the remnants of it over the top rope and to the floor. He then looks down at Christian, who hasn’t moved merely a muscle since falling through the ladder. Cena then looks over at the chair again, and stomps over. He grabs it, and walks over and SLAMS THE CHAIR DOWN ON CHRISTIAN’S BACK!! He keeps hold of it, as this has gotten absolutely personal right now. Cena CRUSHES Christian again with the chair, and then does so again and again and again! The side and the back of Christian’s body is being ravaged by this steel chair, and Cena then slams down AGAIN on his back!

    Cena then drops the chair, and then grabs Christian and puts his face down onto it. He pushes his foot down on the back of Christian’s head, as he’s glaring ANGRILY down at Christian. He shakes his head vehemently, and then relents. He walks over and grabs the OTHER chair, and looks down at Christian. He’s set up PERFECTLY to get revenge, just like earlier. Only now, Christian is hurt badly. Badly. And seemingly has no way of wriggling out of danger either. He waves his hand in front of his face as he glares down at Christian. Then he BRINGS THE CHAIR UP OVER HIS HEAD, LOOKING TO SLAM IT DOWN TO MASH CHRISTIAN’S SKULL!!!




    LITA, seemingly appearing out of NOWHERE, tries to WRESTLE THE CHAIR AWAY FROM CENA! The WWE Champion turns around, and he’s QUITE shocked to see her. Lita lets go of the chair and shrieks, now not wanting anything to do with the WWE Champion. Cena, confused, continues to look at Lita and drops the chair and asks her what she’s doi—






    The crowd is going BONKERS, as are JR and King! What Edge is doing here, nobody knows, but there are TWO very possible options at play here!!! Edge instructs Lita to get John up. She does exactly that, as Edge walks over to the other corner, ready to uncoil! Lita lifts John up, as Edge nods his head as he crouches him down. Lita smiles as she has Cena ready, and EDGE THEN SPRINTS OVER!! LITA GETS OUT OF THE WAY AND EDGE SPEARS JOHN CENA!!!!

    Edge gets up to his feet and digs at his hair. He has struck and struck BIG, and then he instructs Lita to dispose of Cena. Dispose she does, as she rolls Cena out of the ring and down to the floor. Edge then looks over at Christian, and looks back at Lita. He looks over at Christian again and then back at Lita. He then says “it’s time” and Edge walks over…


    EDGE, seemingly acting like a Guardian Angel for his brother, is seemingly about to HELP CHRISTIAN WIN THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Edge gets Christian up and tells him to go up. He points to him, as Christian looks on with his eyes glazed. He can’t BELIEVE what he’s seeing. His astonished look tells the entire story. But he looks at Edge, who nods his head and keeps telling him to go up. “This is it. This is your moment, go get it!” He shouts. Lita then encourages him to get up. The crowd encourages him. And Christian grabs hold of the rungs, and STARTS HIS CLIMB UP TO THE TOP WITH JOHN CENA NOWHERE TO BE FOUND ANYMORE!!!











    “Now!” Edge shouts as he looks up at Christian, who is fingertips away from the WWE Championship!




    “IT’S TIME!” Edge shouts at Lita, which she shouts RIGHT back at him. Edge then hurries over and GRABS THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE! He climbs out of the ring and hurries over to Lilian Garcia.


    Referee Earl Hebner comes over and seems to ask what Edge is doing, and Edge says that HE’S CASHING IN RIGHT NOW! He says that this gives him a title shot WHENEVER, and he wants in RIGHT NOW!! Hebner and Garcia look at each other, perhaps helplessly, as they know it’s unethical… but they know too that Edge is NOT wrong and Hebner concedes! Lilian then announces that EDGE IS CASHING IN HIS CONTRACT RIGHT NOW, and subsequently, EDGE HAS BEEN ADDED TO THIS MATCH!!!

    Edge then runs right back into the ring! With Christian out COLD, and Cena still out cold as well, Edge is ALL ALONE IN THE RING with NO ONE TO BE FOUND!! The Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko, is even nowhere to be found right now! Edge then grabs the ladder, and resets it underneath the title belt. And then, Mr. Money in the Bank begins his climb to the top!!!











    Edge sits RIGHT ATOP the ladder!

    He reaches up for the gold!!


    WINNER: Edge at 28:05. Edge is the NEW WWE CHAMPION.

    EDGE HAS SHOCKED THE WORLD! MR. MONEY IN THE BANK CASHED IN AND HAS WON THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! The widest of smiles comes across Edge’s face, as he celebrates up at the top of the ladder with the championship in his hand. He throws up his hand signals as Lita excitedly looks up from the bottom of the ladder. She then begins to climb up top as we get a look at Cana and Christian, both completely taken out of commission, and both having been at the receiving end of this heist by Edge. Lita gets up to the top and passionately kisses Edge, who returns the favor as the two embrace up top.

    We get several replays of how this all went down, and plenty are shocking to say the very least. We then come back to the broadcast, as Edge and Lita have climbed off the ladder and are continuing to celebrate, in more ways than one, up the entrance ramp. Christian and Cena both now realize what happens, and it’s fair to say that they have both been completely bamboozled. But it is Edge who has had the last laugh tonight, and now has the thing that they were both fighting so hard and desperately for.

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    Re: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two


    TNA X-Division Championship
    Submission Match
    Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Kurt Angle

    The Dragon

    In Fall of 2010, a major announcement took place about a talent that was coming to TNA. It was none other than "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson. Following his shocking release from WWE after a controversial moment during the start of the Nexus angle, Danielson had signed with TNA Wrestling. He was being billed as the man deemed too dangerous for television and would make his pay-per-view debut that September in a squash match against another controversial wrestler, Orlando Jordan.

    After annihilating Orlando Jordan, Bryan Danielson would go on a winning streak, taking down a series of opponents that wanted to make a name off of taking him down. That December he would capture the X-Division Championship when he made Doug Williams tap out to his new signature move, the Heel Hook.

    From there one Bryan Danielson took down a series of opponents taking on all comers as an independent agent during the intracompany war (more on this later). The American Dragon continued to blaze a trail through the coming year of 2011, having never suffered a defeat once in the company. It was September 2011, a full year after his debut, when an unpredicted challenger who arise from the ashes.

    The Knight

    As Fall 2010 came around, TNA was in
    all out civil war. The young talent and TNA originals who helped to shape the company in the early years had their last straw broken when Dixie Carter replaced their pay-per-view with an ECW reunion show. At the end of the show, the TNA originals crashed the party where the ECW alumni were talking about how ECW would live on forever. A brawl broke out between the TNA originals and ECW alumni, sending shockwaves through the company.

    For the next eight months, TNA was a company divided between those who stood for the new face that TNA represented and those who stood with Dixie Carter and her vision which
    so happend to include many veterans, among them was Kurt Angle. Angle felt he owed his life to Dixie Carter after he came to the company during a dark point in his life. So right or wrong, he was standing by Dixie Carter. Angle was a leader in the charge of safeguarding Dixie's reign over the company, though he still showed sympathy for the cause of the younger talents.

    Things came to a head at TNA Lockdown 2011 during a Lethal Lockdown match where Kurt Angle represent Dixie Carter's team as a member of its team of five. Also involved in the match was Jeff Jarrett, a man who Kurt Angle was known to have personal issues with after Kurt Angle's wife had left Kurt to be with Jarrett. Having these two on the same team seemed like a good theory to put together a winning team, but the personal issues rose between the two in the match. The two would get into an argument in the middle of the match after Kurt Angle almost accidentally hit Jarrett with a clothesline. Jarrett shoved Angle on his ass and picked up his guitar, looking to nail his
    own team mate over the head with it, but AJ Styles who was on the opposing team, saved Angle from the hit. Angle, seeing the respect AJ Styles still had for him after everything, finally relented to what he knew was in his heart and after delivering an Angle Slam to Jarrett, walked out of the match. Kurt Angle had regained his integrity and seemed to have walked off into the sunset.

    The Nightmare Match

    Starting in September, Bryan Danielson was busy searching for a worthy opponent to defend his TNA X-Division Championship against. He was hungry for competition and wanted to face his biggest challenge yet at the 2011 Bound For Glory. He spent the next few weeks going around the world, scouting potential opponents, then one night, after Danielson defeated Alex Shelley in a singles match, a challenger stepped up to face Bryan Danielson: The Returning Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle came down to the ring and said he thought about hanging up his boots at this point in his career, he's done everything he possibly could do, but there was one man who he wanted to face: Bryan Danielson. Bryan Danielson agreed to the match, ready to face his toughest challenger yet in a dream match of the decade.

    At Bound For Glory, however, things didn't end as expected. While everyone came into the match ready to see who the better man of the two was, things turned controversial. In the heat of the action, the referee got knocked out of the ring without either of the competitors knowledge. Then Kurt Angle applied the Grapevine Ankle Lock to Bryan Danielson. Danielson attempted to struggle to the ropes, but he couldn't take the pain anymore, and tapped out. There was no one there to officiate the match however ... Kurt Angle finally released the hold when he realized the referee was not present and went to go get the referee back in the ring. As Kurt went to get the referee, Bryan Danielson face was covered with a sense of shock, though it wasn't official, he had tapped out for the first time since coming to TNA. Danielson rolled out of the ring as well, but he was going out to retrieve his X-Division Championship. As Angle rolled the referee back into the ring, he spun around, into a running title belt shot to the skull. Angle was out cold and Danielson covered Angle with the recovering referee making the count. Bryan Danielson retained his X-Division Championship.

    The Quest To Slay The Dragon

    Bryan Danielson came out the next week, proclaiming that he defeated Kurt Angle, that he proved himself at Bound For Glory to be the greatest professional wrestler in the world, and that no one will ever take the X-Division Championship away from him. He claimed that the fans loved him, that they worshiped him, that they made him their idol, but when Kurt Angle, the man who turned his back on all of them by siding with Dixie Carter, returned that they all turned their backs on him. He said the fans are free to love him or to hate him, but they all know that he is the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots.

    Kurt Angle came out, ready for a fight with the X-Division Champion, but security quickly got between the two before anything could happen. Bryan Danielson said that if Kurt Angle wanted another shot at his X-Division Championship he would have to prove himself. Kurt Angle agreed to just that and was placed into a Gauntlet For The Gold match to determine the #1 Contender. At the end of the match, it came down to Angle and Alex Shelley, both men hungry to get the next opportunity at the title. Danielson, already knowing he could defeat Shelley in a fair match up, tried to interfere in the end to cost Angle the match, but Angle caught Danielson with an Angle Slam before going on to win the match. It was now set in stone, Kurt Angle would get his rematch at TNA Turning Point.

    TNA Executive Vice President, Sting, however had a plan for the match. Seeing the results of what happened at Bound For Glory, he determined that the only way to truly settle the score between these two men was to have the two submission specialists wrestle in a match that could only end in submissions. So it was announced, Bryan Danielson would defend the TNA X-Division Championship against Kurt Angle in a No Disqualifications Submission Match.


    TNA Turning Point 2011
    November 13, 2011
    Cow Palace
    Daly City, California

    The lights go pitch black as the fans wait in anticipation for tonight's main event.


    "Gold Medal" by Tha
    Trademarc & Dale Oliver

    A spotlight shines on the entrance ramp as Kurt Angle rises from the floor, with an American
    flag draped over his head and back. He raises his head, looking around at the cheering fans around the Cow Palace, and heads down to the ring with a purpose.

    Mike Tenay: The only Olympic Gold Medalist in the
    history of professional wrestling. An 11-time world heavyweight champion. And tonight he seeks to become a two time X-Division Champion. This ladies and gentlemen is Kurt Angle.

    Taz: T
    here's no better athelete to lace up a pair of boots than Kurt Angle. This man's whole career has been marked by greatness, but tonight he's going to go one-on-one with the man who I consider the best wrestler in the world, the TNA X-Division Champion, Bryan Danielson.

    Mike Tenay: Well that is definitely a claim that many could agree with,
    but lets not forget, last month at Bound For Glory, Kurt Angle made Bryan Danielson tap out to the Ankle Lock ... the only issue ... the referee was unconscious and unable to see it. Then in a desperate, uncharacteristic move, Bryan Danielson took Angle out with the X-Division title while he was trying to wake up the referee. Tonight, Kurt Angle is not only seeking the coveted X-Division Championship, he is seeking retribution on Bryan Danielson in this no disqualification submission match.

    The Olympic athlete charges up the steps, looking fired up, and enters between the ropes. He poses in the middle of the ring before looking down the ramp, waiting for his opponent.

    "Eye of the Tiger" (Orchestral Cover)

    Jeremy Borash: Ladies and gentleman, it is time for your TNA Turning Point main event of the evening and it is for the TNA X-Division Championship of the World! This contest is a No Disqualification Submission Match and can only end when one of the competitors tap out or verbally submit. Introducing first, the challenger! He hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighting tonight at 240 pounds, he is the ONLY...Olympic...Gold...Medalist in the history of professional wrestling! "THE WRESTLING MACHINE" KURT ANGLE!

    Kurt Angle raises up his arm and yells in intensity. He looks ready to decrown the undefeated champion tonight.

    Jeremy Borash: And his opponent. He hails from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in tonight at 192 pounds, he is undefeated in TNA, and is the REIGNING TNA X-Division Champion of the Worlllllllllld...

    Bryan Danielson cuts off Jeremy Borash to a confusion from the crowd and Kurt Angle. Bryan Danielson then whispers into the ring announcer's ear and walks away with a smirk on his face.

    Jeremy Borash:
    And ... The Self Proclaimed Greatest Professional Wrestler In The World ... "THE AMERICAN DRAGON" BRYAN DANIELSON!

    Bryan Danielson nods along with being called "The Greatest Professinal Wrestler In The World" and holds up his X-Division Championship as proof, walking into the face of Kurt Angle, showing no fear tonight.

    Earl Hebner takes the X-Division Championship from Danielson and presents it the crowd as both competitors make their way to their corners.

    TNA X-Division Championship
    Submission Match
    Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Kurt Angle

    The bell rings. And without warning, both competitors charge at one another, tying up in the center of the ring, both trying to gain an early advantage at the kick of the match. Both men try to maneuver for a position of advantage, but it is Kurt Angle who gains the upper hand, using his strength to apply a headlock to Bryan Danielson. Angle starts wrenching on Danielson's neck right away as Tenay reminds us that this is a submission match and already Angle has applied the first hold of the match. It doesn't take long for Danielson to try to fight out of it though, as he backs Angle into the ropes, pushes Angle into the ropes, throws him off into the opposite ropes, but gets dropped with a shoulder tackle from Angle on the rebound. Danielson holds his head and Kurt is right on top of him, lifting up Danielson to his feet, and applies a waist lock from behind, looking for the German suplex. Danielson runs towards the ropes and grabs the top rope before Angle and throw him back, then swings with an elbow, connecting with the side of Angle's head. Angle temporarily releases the hold and Danielson takes the opportunity to drop down and roll out of the ring to recoup.

    Bryan Danielson walks around the ring, his hands on his waist, as he rethinks strategy. Angle signals for Danielson to come back into the ring, but Danielson shakes his head and waves off Angle's invitation. The crowd starts to boo Danielson as they want to see the action continue, but the reaction from the fans doesn't really seem to bother Danielson. Finally, Danielson starts to climb up onto the apron, with Angle backing off so that the Champion will come back into the ring, but Danielson has second thoughts and jumps back down to the floor, getting the fans and Angle more agitated. Danielson starts to walk around the ring, but Angle isn't having it anymore and drops down, rolling to the outside. Danielson begins to flee, wanting to get away from Angle, and Angle takes the bait chasing after his opponent. The two circle around the ring before Danielson finds a chance to roll back into the ring. Angle is still on pursuit however and rolls back into the ring, but gets met with a kick to the head ... BLOCKED by Kurt! Angle has caught the leg of Danielson and everyone comes into anticipating as Angle raises up, kicking out Danielson's other leg, and looking to apply his signature hold. Danielson tries backing up on the mat, not wanting to give Angle the chance to apply the Ankle Lock, but Angle holds on and attempts to role Danielson over. Danielson prevents himself from getting rolled, however, bending in his knees, and causing Angle to have to lean in, but as he does, Danielson reaches up and rakes the eyes of the Olympian!

    Angle releases the hold and rubs his eyes, disoriented, with Danielson getting jeered from the crowd for using the cheap tactic, but Danielson is ready to make the most of it and dives at Angle from behind with a chop block to the back of the right knee. Angle falls down to the mat, clutching his leg, and now Danielson takes control for the first time in the match. Danielson starts stopping his boot into the back of Angle's knee, softening his knee up, and then presses his boot into it. Danielson keeps after Angle grabbing the leg and pulling to Angle to the corner. Danielson jumps out through the ropes and grabs Angle's leg, pulling it into position, and then bounces Angle's knee right off the steel ring post. Angle yells in agony and curls up his knee, holding onto it, as Danielson looks out into the crowd, points to Angle, and yells "This is your hero?" before shaking his head and going back in after Kurt.

    Kurt tries to pull himself up using the assistance of the ring ropes, but as he pulls himself up, Danielson charges at Angle and kicks out his knee from under him, sending Angle back down to the mat. Angle rolls into the middle of the ring holding his knee, and Danielson comes up from behind him, stepping on Angle's free knee, before stomping on Angle's back, forcing him to give up his other knee, Danielson then steps on Angle's injured knee, and slaps the sides of Angle, making Angle raise up his arms, allowing Danielson to catch them, and lean, applying a seated surfboard to Kurt Angle. Danielson and Angle struggle as Danielson seeks to lean back and Angle trying to power himself forward, eventually though Danielson is able to lean back fully, and lifts Angle into the air, getting the full elevated surfboard stretch on Angle.

    Angle yells in pain, his body being stretched, and pressure being put on his weakened knee. Danielson yells as well, using all of his strength to lift Angle up into the air and Earl Hebner begins to check on Angle to see if he wants to give up. Angle shouts no to the referee and shakes his head, not willing to give up this early into the match, Danielson however wants to get this match over with, and lowers his and Angle's arms, before wrapping his arm around Angle's head, and locks in a dragon sleeper while still applying the surfboard to Angle!

    Kurt Angle seems to be in real danger now as "The American Dragon" has his dragon sleeper surfboard sleeper sinked in on Angle. Angle continues to yell in pain and Earl Hebner gets down on his knees, checking on Kurt to see if he is going to submit, while Danielson senches in the submission hold. Angle starts reaching aroudn for his free arm, trying to find a way to reposition himself, while Danielson yells at Angle to "Quit!". As Danielson eggs on Angle to give up however, Angle finds a position to place his arm on the mat, and roll backwards out of the submission hold AND APPLIES A DRAGON SLEEPER OF HIS OWN!

    Angle doesn't keep the hold in long however as he uses it to transition into a waist lock and then for the first time delivers a release German suplex to Danielson on the mat, planting him on the back of his head. The crowd comes alive for Angle's escape while he holds the back of his knee and gets up to his feet, trying to regain some composure. Meanwhile, Danielson rolls around on the mat, holding the back of his head in pain, but starts to make his way back up to his feet, looking frustrated that he wasn't able to get the win there. Bryan Danielson rolls out of the ring and looks to repeat his actions at Bound For Glory, grabbing his X-Division Championship off of the commentary booth, and rolls back into the ring looking to aim up to hit Angle with the title and even though the referee is alive tonight, Hebner is inhibited to do anything about it due to this match being no disqualifications. Angle spins around and Danielson charges at the challenger, but Angle ducks out of the way, causing Danielson to crash into the top turnbuckle and drop the belt to the outside. Danielson spins around, but gets caught by Angle and hit with a European uppercut to the jaw, then another, and a third making Danielson fall back into the corner. Angle grabs his opponent and pulls him up to the center of the ring with a front face lock applied, then falls back, hitting Danielson with a verticle suplex, Angle then rolls over and to his feet with the front face lock still applied, hits Danielson with another vertical suplex, and he rolls over one more time and pulls up Danielson hitting him with a third vertical suplex. Three Amigos!

    Kurt Angle rolls Bryan Danielson onto his stomach with the front face lock still applied and then climbs on his back, looking to apply a rear naked choke on Danielson. Danielson catches Angle's left hand, fighting to prevent Angle from applying the hold, while pushing back on Angle's right arm with his own. Danielson manages to roll Angle and himself on their backs and continues to fight Angle's arms from connecting, tucking in his chin now as well to prevent the choke. Angle fights his arm out of Danielson's grip and hits Danielson with a vicious cross face strike, causing Danielson to lift his chin up, and giving Angle the perfect opportunity to lock in the rear naked choke!

    Now the champion is the one in danger, waving his arms, placing them on the mat, trying to find anyway he can get out of the rear naked choke quickly. Angle hooks in the choke hold deeper and Danielson's arms shoot behind his head, as he attempts to grab Angle's arm on the back of his neck. Danielson grabs the back hand of Angle and pulls it forward, trapping it under his arm. Angle holds onto the choke tighter with his forward arm to prevent Danielson from finding a way to escape, but Danielson is able to grab the arm of Angle with both hands, and pulls it off his neck. Danielson then holds onto Angle's wrist and transitions into a straight armbar on Angle!

    Kurt Angle instinctively crawls to the ropes with Danielson having the submission hold locked onto Angle. Danielson reels back, bending the arm of Angle, but Angle is able to make it to the ropes. The referee yells at Danielson that it is a rope break, but Danielson keeps the hold locked in as Taz reminds us on commentary that even though the submission doesn't count, Danielson won't be disqualificated if he doesn't release the hold. Hebner tries to reason with Danielson to release the hold, but he just reals back again, shocking a look of strain and utter pain to flash across the face of Kurt Angle before he screams loud in pain. Angle starts to force himself to crawl further and further, needing to find a way to escape the hold, crawling under the bottom rope, dragging Danielson with him along the way. Angle finally makes it to the apron and rolls off, falling down to the floor, but also causing Danielson to release the hold.

    The damage, however, has been done, as Angle rolls around on the floor grabbing his right arm with now both Angle's right leg and right arm having taken a beating in this match up. Bryan Danielson meanwhile gloats around the ring, acting as though he himself has just won a gold medal after that moment of poor sportsmanship. Danielson then looks to the outside seeing Angle getting up to his feet. Danielson looks around and then runs to the ropes, connecting with a baseball slide, knocking Angle into the guard rail. Danielson follows up, now smelling blood like a shark in the ocean, grabbing Angle's right leg, and sticking it through a gap in the guard rail. Danielson then steps back halfway the length of the ride side, and charges forward, connecting with a low single knee dropkick to Angle's knee!

    Kurt Angle drops down to the floor, holding his knee, as Earl Hebner comes to check on Angle, making sure he can still compete. A sound of disgust comes from those at ringside as Danielson nods in approval at their disdain for his actions. Danielson looks back down at Angle and shoves Earl Hebner out of the way, and delivers shoot kicks to the Angle's damaged knee. Angle tries to crawl away from Danielson with his teeth clinched, but Danielson stays on top of him, delivering more and more kicks, trying to pulverize Angle's knee. Angle reaches it to the ring announcer's chair and starts to use it to push himself up, trying to find a way to get out of the bad position, but wobbles on his knee which gives Danielson the opportunity to grab Angle's head and smash it against the seat of the steel chair.

    Kurt Angle's falls to his side on the floor, wincing in pain, as this match has turned into something we weren't expecting. Bryan Danielson looks over his fallen opponent and then looks at the steel chair then back at Kurt Angle as a sadistic grin etches into his face. Danielson folds up the steel chair and walks over Angle, holding the chair upside down, and without hesitation, drives the top of the chair into Angle's right knee, then again, and again! The fans are now completely heated with Danielson and he looks completely content. Earl Hebner comes over and starts shouting on Danielson for his complete lack of remorse, but Danielson holds up the chair at the referee, causing him to step back. Then Danielson throws the chair to floor, picks up Angle to his feet, and rolls him into the ring.

    Bryan Danielson looks set to put this one away as Angle crawls to the center of the ring. Danielson grabs the leg of Kurt Angle and pauses looking around the Cow Palace at the fans with a sick smirk on his face, and drops down, locking in the HEEL HOOK ON KURT ANGLE!

    Kurt Angle instantly is yelling in pain as you can tell from the look on his face, his leg can't take anymore damage. Bryan Danielson is shaking his head, wrenching away at Angle leg, trying to tear the muscles apart with this Heel Hook. Kurt Angle's buries his face in the mat, the pain shooting through his body like a jolt of lightning. Earl Hebner dives into position asking Kurt Angle if he wants to give up and despite the look of utter desperation on Angle's face, he is not willing to tap out yet. Instead, Angle clenches his jaw and begins to crawl, crawling with all of his might to get to the ropes, hoping to once again find a resourceful escape!

    But Angle has to stop as Danielson wrenches harder and harder, looking like he's trying to tear Angle's knee out of the socket, Angle raises his head high and cries out from the pain, and lifts his hand into the air. Angle's shaking his hand, his eyes straining as he looks at rope, Danielson wrenches again, sending more shock waves of pain into Angle's leg. The challenger shakes his head, as a look of disapointment comes across his face, he has fought this far, but Danielson's got his signature Heel Hook that has made him undefeated locked in...









    Bryan Danielson continues wrenching in, but Angle starts using his left leg to kick the hands of Danielson without restraint, desperately getting Danielson to release the hold! Angle falls to the mat and rolls onto the apron, grabbing his knee, trying to get any sort of feeling back into it. Bryan Danielson meanwhile, is seething in rage, puffing up his cheeks as he looks at Kurt Angle. Danielson marches over to Angle, reaches over the ropes, and lifts Angle up by his singlet and head. Kurt Angle though suddenly catches the head of Danielson and drops down, hangman on the ropes from Kurt Angle! Desperation maneuver! Danielson stumbles back holding onto his throat as Angle stumbles backwards into the guard rail breathing heavily. Danielson recovers, sees Angle against the guardrail, and points out to Angle causing security to move the crowd out of the way. Danielson runs to the ropes behind him and then charges forward! SUICIDE DIVE FROM DANIELSON!




    Bryan Danielson is sent over the guard rail crashing into the front row chairs! A "Holy Shit!" chant fills the Cow Palace over the crazy spot. Kurt Angle stumbles around at ring side as Bryan Danielson is laid out in a pile of downed chairs. The crowd then turns to an "Angle!" chant and Angle raises his arms up in the air, yelling with intensity, getting back into the fight. Angle climbs over the guard rail, with a moment of hesitation as he stumbled on his leg, and uses a steel chair to support himself. Then he takes a look at the chair and then at Danielson and everyone can tell there is payback on the mind. Kurt Angle folds up the chair and marches over to Bryan Danielson who is trying to pull himself up using the chairs around him. Angle comes up behind Danielson and smacks him across the back with a loud crack! Danielson falls forward and Angle raises the chair up and smacks it across Danielson's back again. Danielson rolls around in pain on the floor as Kurt Angle tosses the chair to the side. Angle pulls up Danielson to his feet, but stumbles some more holding his right knee. Once he gets Danielson up to his feet however, Angle whips Danielson into the guard rail!

    Bryan Danielson winches in pain, his back against the guard rail, Angle comes charging at him, and gets hit with a clothesline over the guard rail from Kurt Angle! The crowd is alive as the momentum has shifted once again in this match. Bryan Danielson begins to scurry back to the ring while Kurt Angle climbs over the guard rail and back to the ring. As Angle starts to slide in however, Danielson is back on top of him, stomping away at the head of Angle, but Angle musters up his strength and hits Danielson with a double leg takedown! Angle pulls himself and Danielson up to their feet, still wobbling on his leg, as he trainsitions into a waist lock, and hits Danielson with a German suplex! And holds on ... another German suplex! And holds on ... for a third German suplex! Kurt Angle gets up and is fired up, pulling down the straps to his singlet, and the crowd is on fire for Angle. Angle signals for Danielson to get back up to his feet and Danielson unwittingly does, and gets caught!





    But before Danielson can complete the hold, Angle catches Danielson's foot on his hip, and twists forcing Danielson's hold to be released. Angle steps away while Danielson rolls up to his feet and charges at Angle!



    Bryan Danielson is in desperation, he's trying to kick himself free, he kicks Kurt Angle down to the mat, but Kurt Angle holds onto the leg! Angle rolls back up, holding onto the knee, Danielson kicks Angle down again, but Angle won't let go of his grip to Danielson's leg! Angle gets back up and rolls Danielson over!


    The Ankle Lock is locked in! Bryan Danielson puts his hands on his face and yells with fury. He tries to crawl to the ropes, but Angle pulls back, twisting the ankle of Bryan Danielson. Danielson yells in pain and searches for some way to escape the hold, trying to roll onto his back, but Angle has the hold secured. Danielson looks down in desperation and it looks like he may just tap out once again to to the Ankle Lock!


    Kurt Angle catches himself and turns around, right into a running dropkick in the corner! Kurt Angle drops down in the corner! Danielson rolls backwards and charges at Kurt Angle again with a running knee to the face of the seated Angle! BUT ANGLE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY SENDING DANIELSON CRASHING KNEE FIRST INTO THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE!

    Danielson holds his knee in pain and spins around right into an inside cradle! Danielson is caught in the inside cradle and Angle transitions, grabbing the leg of Bryan Danielson, and locking Danielson back into the Ankle Lock! Bryan Danielson pulls himself to the ropes as Angle has a hard time keeping steady footing. Danielson reaches the ropes, but Angle pulls Danielson back and drops down with GRAPEVINE ANKLE LOCK!

    Bryan Danielson is in pain and there's nowhere for him to go as Kurt Angle twists his ankle harder!Danielson tries to kick with his free leg at Angle to no avail as Kurt Angle is not letting up the hold!





    Jeremy Borash: Here is your winner and new TNA X-Division Champion Kurt Angle!

    KURT ANGLE HAS DONE IT! HE HAS DEFEATED THE UNDEFEATED BRYAN DANIELSON! He raises his arms in celebration, tears in his eyes, as Earl Hebner gives him the TNA X-Division Championship. Mike Tenay and Taz hype up what a huge momentum shift this will be for the X-Division while Kurt Angle celebrates his victory and Bryan Danielson sulks away, shaking his head.

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    Re: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two

    Let's get started...

    Wolf Beasts Scores



    Nothing to really complain about, but the build up portion could’ve done with a little more pizazz, with a few big moments in bold/italic etc. Given that I’m expecting people to step up their games as the competition rolls on, I feel like you need to do a little more to grab me. 9/10


    Partners that can’t get along doesn’t scream creativity, I’m afraid. Angle/Shamrock is certainly one of the matches we’d have loved to see, but I don’t think you did anything near enough to build it up like you could’ve. Felt like a missed opportunity to pit these two against each other and not lean more heavily into their “shoot” backgrounds as part of the build, and instead go the sports entertainment route. Positioning Shamrock as just happy to pick up an extra pay check wasn’t great either, especially when there’s no real redemption story for him either. He’s just happy to team with Angle, and nothing is made of him stepping up or even leading the team at any point. In the match, you relied too much on table spots; Dragon Suplex, German Suplex, Diving Elbow, Belly to Belly Suplex, and the final Olympic Slam … all through tables. A lack of creativity in the match writing in that regard. For that to be such a big part of the match, I have to be harsh with my scoring here. 5.5/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    So, the build up wasn’t great, imo, and I don’t think the build up lent itself to such a volatile, violent match that you provided. Maybe if this was the second or third match in a series between the pair, but this is the first match these two will have ever had, and I just couldn’t buy into the hatred. You also sold this as a career making win for Angle, but Shamrock was always #2 in their team – by design – but you didn’t make any specific notes that Shamrock was maybe the one that actually carried the team in the end, so it doesn’t feel like such a statement win for Angle either. To accomplish that, Shamrock needed to look like a killer for months while teaming with Kurt – and he just didn’t.

    Onto the match itself, and … yeah. Some good stuff, some fun spots, but again, I think you could’ve built to the crazy stuff – especially if the match is going 25 minutes. If it’s 15, I can accept just getting straight into a brawl. But if you’re going 25, you could easily have the first 5 just being Angle and Shamrock grappling and playing into their backgrounds before getting to the WWE Hardcore schtick. The match itself just really felt like a collection of big spots rather than telling any kind of story, and Angle doesn’t even get the full benefit of savouring the win because Shane saved him from defeat, whilst the kick outs by Shamrock out of the Diving Elbow through the table and the triple Germans on the floor – all in quick succession – was a little much to swallow. I felt really disappointed in this. 5/10


    I definitely liked the noted attire Shamrock was wearing for the occasion. Does a nice job to paint an image in my head. The rebounding chair to the face spot is such a Kurt Angle staple that I’m really disappointed that you included it in this match and didn’t have it happen to Angle, but Shamrock instead. I also feel the match time was a little overly long – something Keefmoon touches on in greater detail in his analysis – and I think the match you wrote felt more like something in the 15-20 minute region rather than 25. 7/10

    score: 26.5/40
    You had a good idea with Angle/Shamrock, but the story leading to the match failed to connect with me, and the match was just a collection of big spots that neglected to tell a story. Given the shrinking field, it'll be touch and go whether this ends up being enough to see you through to the next round.



    The only thing missing was dressing the presentation up a little more with some different colours or italics to differentiate spoken words from descriptions, or a different colour to make the winner of each fall stand out. My only other drawbacks were a few flubs where you said haunting instead of halting during the match, and a point where the commentary wasn’t italicized; which in and of itself is hardly an egregious error, but this is a competition. But everything else was top drawer. The internet style presentation to set the scene for the match was terrific, and highly creative, and the match banner was slick too. 8/10


    I’ll not spend too long on this, probably. You went completely out of the box and took a massive risk, went in the complete opposite direction from everyone else with the gimmick and the style, and went balls out with the spots in the match itself. I’m quite comfortable giving the big marks here. 10/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    Unfortunately, while I’m happy to dish out the 10 for creativity, I’m nowhere near a ten on this aspect. As I mentioned, you took a huge risk going with this match and going down the comedy route. Comedy, in general, I find, is pretty subjective – but even more so in the crazy world of wrestling. Yeah, there’s an audience for this stuff, but I’m not one of them. For me, there’s space for comedy in wrestling, but having only become familiar with Orange Cassidy over the last couple of months, I find his schtick to be pretty insulting to my intelligence, and only because I have to judge this, I’m reading.

    At the same time, I’ll concede that there’s a big audience that would eat this kind of thing up. I’ll even admit to getting some enjoyment with the opening exchange and Yano’s weapons being uncovered, along with him trying to sell OC a DVD. Then the leg “kicks” started, and you lost me again. To your credit, the story you told was very true to the styles of both guys, with Toru constantly bending the rules, and OC being blasé about pretty much everything, before slowly switching roles at the end with YTR nonchalant and Freshly Squeezed bending the rules. Overall, I’m finding it tough what way to come down on this, as it’s a 0 for me in terms of emotional investment, yet I have to accept that you told a good story with the tools at your disposal AND there’s an audience that would’ve loved this. 5/10

    I can’t really fault this either in many respects. You wisely gave a backstory for each guy and their personalities in order to familiarise someone like myself that isn’t completely au fait with both guys (at least in depth) and I appreciate little touches like explaining what both guys did on their way to the ring. I also appreciated the inclusion of the gif to give me a visual idea of that pin combination from OC. I do think some of the sections of the match could’ve been expanded on a little more like that final minute was in order to try and immerse me more into the match. At times, I felt like you rushed through some moments. 8/10

    score: 31/40
    You took a huge risk here, but your commitment to the idea and the presentation of it too has most probably given you a clear path to the Semi-Finals. If you'd told me I'd be scoring an entry featuring Orange fucking Cassidy 30+ marks, I'd have thought you were insane. You're definitely emerging as a contender to win the whole thing right now, as barring a few issues in the last round, your entry there was one of my favourites. I think you're going to be worrying the competition now if you weren't already.



    This was good, as usual. Given the match you went with, I think boldening the dialogue during the match, or using a different colour for that dialogue during the match would’ve been ideal. Everything else was on point for me. 9/10


    To quickly touch on the set up – it could’ve been the build up for a second match on the card match between Val Venis and Stevie Richards – not two of the biggest names of all time. Along with that, it seemed like a completely out of character way for Hollywood Rock to behave. Have him hire the Three Minute Warning to do his dirty business if you have to, but Rock being a badass and laying a guy doesn’t ring true with me at all. And nothing in the match stood out as being overly creative or new or different. We’ve seen duct tape before in I Quit Matches, we’ve seen pretty much all the spots with Canes and chairs and tables. I was really quite disappointed that there wasn’t something more creative here, considering you had Rock and HBK crossing paths for the first time ever. It feels like you left a lot on the table here. You get points for the finish, and Michaels putting the tape on Rocks mouth to prevent him quitting. That was quite creative as far as I can tell. 6/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    So, you put yourself behind the eight ball right away because I think you picked the wrong two guys for this round. A first ever meeting between The Rock and Shawn Michaels would not need the added gimmick of an I Quit Match. It wouldn’t need ANY gimmick attached to it. Aside from that, the backstory done absolutely nothing for me, and just seemed the most basic of build ups for such an extraodrinary collision of two all time greats. Starting off hot like you did was a risky move, but by following it up with Rock then initiating a collar and elbow tie up upon his return to the ring meant it didn’t pay off. I wouldn’t have had a lock up like that in the match anyway, but especially not after starting the match at the fast pace you did.

    You also fell into the trap many do with a match like this in a guy going for the win fairly early despite the intense hatred these two are supposed to have. Rock just looks stupid for thinking Shawn might consider quitting after a sidewalk slam, especially as he looked angry after. It’s one thing if he is just asking and isn’t overly upset after, but you wrote it like he expected Michaels to quit there. One other thing that took me out of the match a bit and made me eye roll was Shawn initially being unable to kip up, but suddenly, because Rock started hitting on his wife, he magically found the energy to do it. Overall, the match was fine. It didn’t blow me away like it should’ve considering who was involved, and lacked a special feeling, but it wasn’t offensive. Just slightly above average in the end. 6.5/10


    While I can appreciate you keeping the backstory brief, I think it needed to be a little longer. It just came off as thrown together with no thought or effort put into it. You covered for that with J.R and Kings commentary, but it still didn’t feel as if you spent much time thinking about how the match came about. My other issue here in terms of details was Rock dipping into moves I don’t recall him ever doing. Sidewalk Slam? Pendulum Backbreaker? I get that the story was working on the back, but Rock was such a basic worker, he had a repertoire and stuck to it pretty rigidly. I also think you missed a trick by not having Rock cross the line with Shawns wife by asking her if she liked “pie” - that, to me, just seemed like a lay up, and you missed it. No skinning of the cat, no corner buckle bump from Michaels, and no spinebuster/Peoples Elbow combo from Rock is all pretty egregious errors on your part though, I feel. Missing big signature spots like that is unacceptable imo. 6/10

    score: 27.5/40
    I feel like you're going to be right on the bubble here. Whether this is enough to squeeze into the final four or not remains to be seen, but you've put in some solid work. If you make it through, you'll probably need to tighten some areas up to stand a chance against some of the others left, but if not, you've nothing to be ashamed of, and I hope it'll increase your appetite to go further next year.



    e colour coding was perfectly fine, but I feel some of the backstory writing could’ve done with some pizazz to liven it up a bit. Some bold for the big reveal, and making breaking up that big final wall of text a bit better. Even the match could’ve done with some italics or bold for the big spots, or some added commentary at points. 8/10


    Hard to mark this. On one hand, Vader/Cactus has been seen, done and the t-shirt has been bought a few times, yet on the other, it was never revisited in the WWE. Also, the whole metamorphosis into Cactus Jack has been done ad nauseam, BUT, given the history between Foley and Vader, it really does work here for the transformation into Cactus for the first time in the WWE. And again, Vader put Cactus out in similar circumstances in WCW, HOWEVER, I’m a sucker for callbacks, so it’s a win in that column for me. As for the spots in the match itself, you pretty much played all the hits with your standard Foley gimmick match, which is to be expected, but apart from Cactus missing the second elbow and landing on the tacks, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before. All in all, above average in this respect, but not enough to hit the big marks. 6.5/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    I feel like the story to lead to the match was somewhat rushed. This could’ve been dragged out to SummerSlam easily. You could’ve drawn out the split of the team, and drawn out the period of time Foley was on the shelf. That kinda puts you on the backfoot from the off. The other thing about the storytelling is that you didn’t put enough emphasis on Vader having done the same thing to Foley years ago when he put him on the shelf before, which then makes it look like a rip off and not an homage.

    With the action itself, I can appreciate cutting straight to the chase, but I really, really wish you’d let this go a while before going for near falls. That chokeslam especially was far too early to be playing the “surely this time!” card imo. If it was just Vader chokeslamming Cactus to slow him down and buy himself time, that’s fine. But I also would’ve liked Cactus to dominate a lot longer at the beginning and for you to really put over the difference between Cactus and Mankind – something you did to an extent with Cactus ready to go for Bearer, but it would’ve hit a lot stronger with me had that not transitioned straight into Vader getting the sneak attack in. Have Cactus cut Vader off and beat on him a while longer, and I’d be much happier.

    Other little pluses was having Cactus bring the trashcan to the ring, and on a personal level I LOVED the fact you teased a few things before finally delivering. Not immediately allowing Foley to use the 2x4 and making us wait for it, and even having Foley block getting sent into the exposed buckle are HUGE pluses for me in the storytelling aspect – not just giving EVERYTHING away as soon as possible and allowing that to pay off later instead – especially the exposed turnbuckle, with it playing into the finish. Overall, some good, some not so good, but pretty solid all around. Nothing was unbelievable, and apart from not having Cactus dominate enough early on for my liking, the match felt authentic.7.5/10


    Not a whole lot for me to pick apart. Despite my misgivings on the rushed nature of the feud, the write up for the backstory was the perfect length, and you go into a
    decent amount of detail in the match itself for the most part. However, there were some instances where it felt as if portions could’ve been expanded upon. Have J.R comment on what it means that Vader ripped his mask off during the match and the significance of that. And that paragraph in general just felt very rushed. In the space of three lines Vader puts Jack on the canvas, rips his own mask off, hits a Belly to Belly, a Body Avalanche and a powerslam and it didn’t even result in you writing a proper near fall and instead just blew it off with telling us Cactus kicked out. Right after that, you had Vader rip away the protective mat and set Cactus up for the … and failed to tell us what he was setting up. I assume it was the powerbomb obviously, but that’s a failure on your end when proofreading to miss that. 7.5/10

    score: 29.5/40
    You're steadily making your way through with some solid work. Scoring just shy of 30 here should set you up to comfortably move on to the Semi-Finals, and I'm hoping you're saving the big ideas and the risks for these final two rounds coming up where you may need them with the competition shrinking.



    Generally speaking, I love your presentation. Unfortunately it didn’t copy and paste across when I posted it into the thread, but obviously, I’m grading based on how you sent it. That said, I think you could’ve done a little more with the entrances for this match. Not enough done to build anticipation by removing the 10 second countdown in your writing is a big negative for me, and I’d have liked to seen a different colour used to show the eliminations rather than just italicizing them.8/10


    An ECW Royal Rumble match is pretty ballsy. Given the thin ass roster, you’re taking a massive gamble by thinking you can keep me entertained for an hour. But maybe, that’s where this paid off. You gave yourself plenty of scope to throw in a bunch of surprise appearances – and I don’t think you actually went far enough with it. There was a big chance to have a tonne of fun, and you maybe showed a little too much restraint in that respect. Maybe even one of the surprise entrants could’ve been a dyed in the wool WWE mainstay to elicit heat and either get tossed right away, or hang around to the final four to make it look like he’d end up stealing the win. Even an idea like Nova pulling double duty and coming out as Simon Dean too at a different point. My other gripe here was the fact that you went with the #1 Entrant winning. Such a trope by 2007 after Benoit winning in ‘04 and Mysterio (albeit from #2) the year prior.

    Credit where it’s due though, whilst the bWo entering all one after another is convoluted as hell, I thought it was a great idea, but I’ll touch on where that fell down in the next section. But, going back to the lack off creativity in having the #1 entrant go Coast to Coast, you’re three years removed from the #1 entrant last eliminating Big Show to win the match. It’s essentially a copy and paste of that finish, with the addition of some weapons. And it’s just too similar for me not to dock a few points. 6/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    I think you missed a trick with the date you had this happen. That weeks ECW emanated from Omaha, and whilst there’s no major market in the Road to WrestleMania that would’ve ideally suited a big ECW show, the March 13 show would’ve been in Trenton, which to me, of the locations in that period, would’ve been the best to get the best reactions for all the old school ECW alum you brought in. I’m not saying this should’ve been held at the ECW arena or the Hammerstein – they’d have shit all over a WWE staple match probably – but a location more fitting ECW would’ve helped, I feel.

    I don’t want to go through each entrant and what they brought/took away from the match, but I’d have spaced out the entrances of the newer guys a little more. It felt as if you wanted to front load the match with them and get the majority of them out of the way, but it meant the match got off to a bit of a slow start as 5 of the first ten were either former main roster mainstays or new faces since the inception of the WWECW. Given the coldness of the match it was also a little tough to really get behind anyone as there was no real story or a chase for anyone to win the match.

    There was probably more fun to be had with Matt Striker, and I found it a little unbelievable that all the other guys were down for that entire 90 second period between his entrance and the next – though the Tazz cameo was, admittedly, fun stuff, and to your credit, you kept his involvement brief, but it would’ve worked better imo, to have a proper heel toss Tazz out for some good heat, rather than Tommy.

    The bWo partshould’ve been the funnest section of the match, ala the 2000 Rumble with Too Cool and Rikishi … but you blew it in my eyes. After getting dominated by Test, it was all set up for them to band together and dump him … yet it ended up being Mike Knox? And even once they slayed the bigger man, you just had Tommy and RVD kill the buzz – two babyfaces themselves – and attack the bWo. Huge miss in my eyes not having a bit of levity in the match by letting them have some fun. You redeemed yourself to an extent with the Cactus & Funk entries and them banding together to toss out the bWo, and I liked the other callback to the Impact Players later in the match too.

    The final four were well chosen, and out of RVD, Punk & Sabu, I could’ve conceivably seen any of them winning, whilst Show is the best choice to be the big immovable object. Ultimately, as much as I love a Rumble, and as much as I love the risk you took … the lack of stories going into the match hurt this entry. I wanted to love this, but I’d no one to root for, no reason to care about anyone winning, and not even alluding to any ongoing issues between anyone prior to the match made it hard for me to immerse myself into the match.5/10


    writing the entrances for even the first two entrants felt lazy. I wanted to see the reaction for RVD drawing #1. I wanted Joey Styles to talk about the history of the Rumble and the odds of RVD going coast to coast and you missed a chance to mention that RVD and Holly had been feuding around this time too, which would’ve added something to the start of the match. You just threw me into the match cold. There was a few other moments that didn’t read correctly too making it feel like you rushed or didn’t proofread. Just read the end of the first paragraph after Cor Von enters, and things like a lack of reaction from guys after they’d been eliminated. Tighten these aspects up, and you'd be scoring close to 10. 7/10

    score: 26/40
    I desperately wanted to rate this one higher. I appreciated the risk you took, and the effort it took into planning and writing a Rumble match, giving it an ECW spin, but ultimately, I feel like you fell into one too many traps, followed a few too many tropes of Rumbles past, and presenting a match where so much can be dissected has left you open to being marked down in a number of areas. A great idea, and maybe with a longer timeframe to think a few things over and iron out some kinks, you'd be looking at a place in the final four.



    I really can never pick out anything much about your presentation that isn’t perfect. Being pedantic, I think maybe some added commentary in one or two places during the match just to break up the wall of bold black text could’ve been useful, and breaking the paragraphs up a little better down to 4/5 lines per paragraph as opposed to 8/9 lines would also be a help. 9/10


    Putting Christian in a TLC Match is an obvious move, and I thought the set up for the match type was somewhat lazy. I did like that you held off on the gimmick match for Unforgiven as opposed to SummerSlam, as it gets to have top billing on this show, rather than playing #2 to Hogan/Michaels at that SummerSlam show. Some good spots in the match too that I don’t personally recall seeing all that often – if ever – such as the Russian Leg Sweep into the ladder, but for the most part, it was standard ladder match style stuff, except for the Unprettier through the table from the ladder – but for me, that one seemed a little TOO dangerous a move to pull off. Probably not enough table spots either, if I’m honest, as I think I only counted three, which seems low for a nearly 30 minute match. The Edge cash in came out of left field, considering he wasn’t mentioned once during the build up. On one hand, his inclusion feels completely out of place – especially pretending to throw his support behind Christian before turning on him – but on the other, it was a highly creative cash in, and I’ll give you a point extra than I ordinarily would’ve. 8/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    Christian willingly getting into a fist fight with Cena at the beginning of the match didn’t feel right to me. Fair enough that you’ve shown us a more serious side to him since SummerSlam, but he’s still a cowardly, smarmy, and clever heel at heart, and him going head on with Cena feels like a bad move on his part. The rest of the body of the match was great. It’s no secret you’re one of the best all round writers in the section; you’ve got the awards to prove it, and you’ve backed it up here again with another sterling effort that kept me involved throughout. Nothing felt overly convoluted or overly ambitious or dangerous, and I was into everything you wrote. You also deserve credit for the selling after big spots too, and letting those big moments have a chance to breathe.

    My problem comes with the finish. If you were writing a 2005 BTB, where I’m immersed in everything going on, I’d have loved it. But this is supposed to be a match in a vacuum essentially for the purposes of a tournament. I only solely want to be focusing on this one match, between the two main characters. Much like the first round, I think you’ve ended up setting the stage for more interest coming OUT of the match you gave us in the end, and having Edge – not mentioned once prior to the end of the match – cashing in his MITB makes me feel like I wasted my time getting into Cena/Christian. As this is the second round in a row this has happened, I’m knocking off an additional point than what I did in round 1. 4/10


    One thing that stuck out that I hated – and it surprised me that you’d write it that way – was in the backstory where you stated Christian won the #1 Contender match “against the likes of” and listed three names. Well … which was it? One of them? All three? Someone else that’s either a mid carder or main eventer?
    Really badly worded and confusing. I also found the “earth shattering” reaction for Cena to be puzzling, as this was right at the point crowds were turning against him, and that’s something I’d have preferred to see you note. But as for the main body of work; the match itself – I can barely pick a fault. Nothing was glossed over, nothing was rushed. Truly top notch attention to detail. My only gripe was the lack of selling the atmosphere or the drama when Christian or Cena were climbing the ladders and just telling us how many rungs were left to climb. Break that up a bit, tell us how much either guy is struggling, or how the audience is reacting, or some bits of commentary – something; anything. 8/10

    score: 29/40
    There’s a few issues to address, but the quality of your writing is likely going to continue to see you go deep into the tournament – in that respect, I think everyone else is having to play catch up. Where you’re falling down in my eyes is that you’re maybe booking with too much of a long term plan in this opening rounds. Drill into paying off the feud you’re selling without an outside influence, and you’re going to be almost impossible to beat going forward. But, much like with selling me a multitude of different feuds in the first round, you paid off the Cena/Christian rivalry by crowning Edge the WWE Champion. That’d be an amazing swerve to pull off in a regular week to week BTB, and it might’ve worked better if Edge had a bigger role in the backstory, but in a tournament environment, I find that to be a huge risk – and it’s backfired on this occasion for me.



    I think, as I’ve said with a couple of other entries though, some brief pieces of commentary during the match might’ve been a good idea to just break things up, and maybe making the paragraphs in the match a little shorter just to keep things nice and easy to read. The bigger problem was that there was quite a few instances of poor sentence structure I felt during the match that could’ve been cleaned up somewhat, along with some fairly egregious spelling mistakes and that knocks you down a little on this end. 7/10


    Well, Angle/Danielson is an obvious ‘dream’ match, and I’d be willing to bet it’s probably cropped up one way or another in one of these before. However, the way this came together, playing off Danielson getting fired by the WWE and having this happen in TNA deserves some extra marks. The Submission Match idea feels like a safe, natural, but predictable route to go. That’s not a knock, but it won’t win you points in this category. I also didn’t love the build to this either, and didn’t feel as special as it could’ve with Bryan Danielsons heel schtick feeling very cliché, which was a major departure from the character you presented in the opening blurb recapping his undefeated twelve months prior to the start of the angle. He went from wrestling machine to generic heel. The only thing that stuck out as being a creative spot during the match was Danielsons attack on the leg using the barrier. That was clever. 6/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    And because of that radical change in character from Bound for Glory to Turning Point, I came into the match a little down on it before it started and it hurt the potential story you could’ve told by just making Danielson play the traditional heel role. The problem with a Submission Match too is that you significantly reduce your ‘outs’ with all the big impact moves having no real consequence attached – and the majority of the early submissions had that same issue, as no one is buying that an arm bar or a Surfboard was going to end it.

    That wasn’t a huge issue, but in general, I struggled for maybe the first half of the match to really get invested in it. Until the heel hook escape by Angle and Kurt then catching the suicide dive and hitting the Belly to Belly into the crowd, it felt like the match just meandered. You had two of the greatest wrestlers that have ever lived, and it just didn’t deliver nearly half of what it could’ve in my eyes. So much potential for counters, transitions etc, and it felt like it was all mostly left on the table. The most frustrating part was that you showed glimpses of what you could be capable of with that sequence I already mentioned and the finish was a great sequence too that was written superbly, and made it feel like a dramatic conclusion. There’s definitely promise here, but too much of the match failed to capture my imagination, I’m afraid. 6/10


    So, it looks as if you completely forgot to write any of Danielsons entrance after the start of his music. Just went straight to the in-ring intro from there. Huge oversight.
    Some of the backstory for Angle could’ve been cut too – but overall, the backstory was tight and didn’t outstay its welcome. I can’t fault the content in the match either. You explained the set up on a number of holds, painted a vivid clear image of the pain on both guys faces as they suffered in holds – but especially that period where Angle was trapped in the heel hook. Because of that, I’d have liked you to dig a little deeper on the finish, considering this was Danielsons first loss, I’d have liked you to spend a little longer on how he was reacting in the moments leading to him tapping out. 8/10

    score: 27/40
    I’m not sure if this’ll be enough for you to reach the final four. If not, I’d focus on the positives here, because with a few tweaks, you’d be scoring points on the other side of 30. A bit more excitement in the main body of the match, and sequences written with more of an urgency, and you’ll be fine. If this is the end of the road, I can see you improving on this next year and going even deeper into the tournament. Plenty of promise that practice can make perfect.

    {After Wolf Beasts scores}

    Ty2J - 31
    Sykotic - 29.5
    Hug Life - 29
    TWG - 27.5
    LinguisticTurn- 27
    BattleTank- 26.5
    Rasky- 26

    Av. Score - 28.07

    Very tightly contested at the halfway mark here. 1.5 points the difference between 4th and 7th. All to play for with Keefs scores still to come for a place in the Semi-Finals.

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    Re: The 2019 King Of Be The Booker Tournament | Round Two

    Make way for the 2018 King (of Be The) Bookaaah!!

    Keefmoons Scores



    Very crisp and clean for the most part. Appreciated the bolding/colours during the match to break it up, and liked the addition of the graphic. The intro could have used something to break up the plain, black text, and I noticed a couple of very minor typos/poor choice of wording. But generally all good on this front. 8.5/10


    Angle/Shamrock is something of a minor dream feud so it's not particularly outside the box, and the bodyguard snapping and taking on the weasel heel is a fairly standard story. That said, I did appreciate that you chose to run this story in 2000, keeping Shamrock around longer than he did, plus having the different approach to Angle's first few months, added in with Shane's involvement and whatnot. You did have some inventive spots in there as well, but they didn't really land with me, meaning the effect of the creativity is dampened. A more creative stipulation (surely this was crying out for a Lion's Den/MMA-style match?) would have been a very quick way to get you higher marks, too. 6.5/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    Sorry to say it, but this is where this one fell down a little for me. I liked the idea of the backstory and appreciated the level of thought that went in to, but once we got the match it was essentially a collection of barely-related spots. What was the story of the match? That both men kept hitting each other with things and putting each other through tables? What was the beginning, middle and end of the story? There was one small moment which I LOVED, which was Shane wiping the blood off Angle's face, but I felt we needed more of that. At times this felt like a list of the sick spots, but without anything for me to emotionally connect to.

    Those spots, while creative, didn't feel right to me either. On one hand it all felt a bit too extreme for WWF 2000 (we're only 6 months removed from the No Mercy Ladder Match at this point), but on the other they didn't particularly build. Shamrock Pillmanising Angle's ankle at the start, and subsequently having Angle essentially no selling it, was a huge stumbling block for me. That's the spot to finish the match, not open it. I also thought Shane's elbow off the top (with a broken ankle!) felt oddly thrown away. Could have used way more build up and storytelling, and again, been used for more than a quick two count. Reigning in the spots and using one or two major ones at the end would have worked a lot better for me.

    Finally, and this is pedantic, but it felt like this story was written for someone else. There were a lot of aspects I loved if it wasn't Angle and Shamrock in 2000. Do they really mean that much in early 2000? I did a quick bit of research and this would have been the sixth longest match in the WWF of the whole year. Longer than Cactus/HHH Hell in a Cell. Longer than either TLC or Ladder Match. The same length as Austin/HHH at Survivor Series, which was the main event of a major PPV paying off the biggest story in the company. From a storytelling perspective for 2000, this really should have been half the length, taken time to breathe to let me experience and feel the moments, and built to a crescendo. Had you done that, this rating would have been a lot higher.


    You got the balance between not leaving anything out and yet not going overboard with detail pretty nailed on in my eyes. However, as stated above, what I do think was missing was digging deep in to the big moments and letting them breathe. The Pillmanising spot happened so quickly I had to re-read it to make sure it was what I thought it was. If the match has half the spots you could have used that time to use that detail more effectively. How was Angle responding to the Pillmanising? How was Shamrock selling the Ankle Lock? In a BTB "blood drips on to the mat" is enough, but in a creative writing tournament I'd love to see you really stretch your legs and paint a picture here. That's what'll take a strong mark for getting a good detail balance right, and turn it in to a top-tier mark.

    Total mark: 28/40
    There was a lot about this I really liked, and there was a lot of potential to be had. Ultimately, though, this fell a little short of that really top level I'm hoping to see. Less is more, and with toned down spots and a shorter match, you can spend that time getting me emotionally invested. Add in a real beginning, middle and end to the match, and that's where the highest marks will come from for you.



    I loved the approach, loved the way you laid out the backstories, LOVED the graphic. Was tempted to go the full whack on this one based on the start alone, but the lack of colour variation in the text, the uninteresting font and long, descriptive paragraphs during the match mean I can’t bring myself to do it, I’m afraid. Fix those three aspects and you’d get a 10 from me, easy. 9/10


    Creative promotion? Check. Creative participants? Check. Creative match type? Check. Creative match style? Check. Yeah, this one is gonna score high in this category.

    However, creativity for the sake of creativity isn’t always the best thing, and that's what holds you back from the full monty. As ballsy as it was going for a comedy match, comedy in wrestling is a) visual and b) subjective. And for as creative as this was, I wish you’d put that creativity to better use than a type of match which doesn’t really translate to writing. Still, I can’t go low on this score just for the pure balls of it. 9.5/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    For everything you gained in the previous category by going with a comedy match, you lose it here. Look at the title of this category. “Storytelling/Emotional investment”. By it’s nature, it was virtually impossible for me to get emotionally invested in this entry. You also have the problem of trying to present physical humour in written form, which meant I didn’t find any of the comedy match particularly funny. That’s not a great combination.

    I will give you credit for the story you told, though, given the handicap you gave yourself. OC and YTR getting in each other’s heads and essentially reversing roles as the match progressed was a nice way to tell a story in a match type which doesn’t really allow for it. You also get a bonus half mark from me for realising that, if someone is behind, they’re basically in a No DQ match because they can’t go further behind. Again, good storytelling, that.

    If you could combine that kind of storytelling with an angle I can emotionally invest in, this score would be far higher. 5/10


    Terrific work on getting in and out without wasting my time. This was to-the-point, but not at the expense of showing me what was going on. Good stuff. That said, it’s easier to do that when you are presenting a match with practically no backstory and no emotional investment, so I can’t go as high as I would if you’d presented yourself with more of a challenge when it comes to this category. 8/10

    Total score 31.5/40

    I can’t begin to explain how much I wanted to give this a higher rating. I love that you took a risk, but I was left wishing that you’d taken that risk in a slightly different direction. This level of creativity + this level of formatting + switching it up so instead we get effective storytelling that really draws me in = the favourite to win KOBTB this year in my eyes.



    The intro and outro look great – slick and easy to read. I wish you’d kept the bolding and the green font throughout the entry, because once we get to the match it’s just a sea of black text, and it meant it wasn’t quite as easy to read. But no huge complaints. 8/10


    Shawn Michaels versus The Rock isn’t exactly a creative pairing. In fact, I’m pretty sure we had someone use it last year. To really make that combination count in a competition like this you need to do something clever to build and tell the story. Show me something I wasn’t expecting, essentially. I’m sorry to say I didn’t really get that, and was left feeling like this was quite a safe entry. The disappointing thing for me is that when you had Michaels tape up Rocky’s mouth you clearly are a creative guy, but you just didn’t do enough here to show me that in this particular entry. 5.5/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    The thing that grabbed me the most about this whole entry was in the post match, with the question about whether Michaels went too far in his need for vengeance. That’s interesting storytelling, right there.

    The problem I have is that I don’t feel like you earned that kind of story. What was he getting vengeance for? Why do these guys hate each other so much? All we seemed to get was a few wars of words and a backstage attack. That makes it really hard to get invested.

    I could allow for the reason for them to feud being by-the-numbers if you tell an interesting story in the match, but I don’t think you did. It was essentially a standard Michaels match blended with a standard Rock match (minus some of their trademark spots for some reason), with the heel getting heat until the babyface comes back and wins. That’s not the level of storytelling I would expect to see in a Quarter Final of a competition like this, unfortunately.

    Finally, I’m also deducting half a point for that whole bit with Michaels’ wife. That absolutely came out of nowhere and wasn’t earned in any way. If you’re going to use something like that as the centre of your story, I’d encourage you to set it up and pay it off later. Chekov’s Gun. Have her give Michaels a kiss during his entrance so we know she’s there. Just to suddenly have her appear midway through the story and then kick Michaels off in to some insane state of vengeance is poor storytelling I’m afraid. 5/10


    That backstory is woefully short of the level of detail I need to get invested in this story. While it’s the right idea to not go overboard, by going so basic you stripped away a lot of my interest before we even began.

    Once we got to the match your detail improves a lot, though, and saves your score here. I loved the touch of Rock’s eyes bugging after the Suplex on the ramp, for instance. I’m looking for each writer to hit that line between not overstaying their welcome, but also giving me all the information I need to paint a picture. You managed to do that pretty damn well in the match itself. Good stuff.

    Total score: 26/40
    This round is about booking a place in the final four of the competition. As such, I’m looking for entries to grab me, to take a bit of a risk and demonstrate why they deserve to be considered one of the four best writers on here. Unfortunately, I just didn’t get that here. There were glimpses of the potential, but ultimately it was too safe, but without the brilliant storytelling to save it. I hope you try again next year, though, because I think I saw enough in this to suggest you could come back a LOT stronger in 2020 if you learn from this.



    For the match itself, all pretty slick. Short paragraphs made it easy to read, the use of purple and bold at the start and end looked good. I do think you could have used more colour in the match itself though to get a really high rating, and that intro was just a wall of black text. But you got the basics right when it mattered, and that counts for a lot. 8/10


    In this section, I’m either looking for a match that didn’t happen in real life, or that I haven’t seen in a BTB, or that is told in a totally unexpected way, or that the stipulation and story behind the match are unique. By all four criteria this one falls down. Cactus/Vader happened in real life, as did the Powerbomb on the floor, and the whole “Mankind can’t fight you, but Cactus Jack can” is a well-trodden Mick Foley-related path. A Street Fight featuring the usual barbed wire and thumbtack spots doesn’t make up any lost ground in this area either unfortunately. 6/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    Honestly, this was kind of basic. However, I think it’s an underestimated aspect of this kind of thing to get the basics right, and you did that here. While it didn’t blow me away with creativity, you told a solid story that I could follow and be invested in, and then told it in a way that felt authentic to the source material. That you did it with realistic spots and in the kind of length of match I’d expect is all really great stuff.

    All that said, I do feel like the match was a little rushed. I have the feeling that may have been intentional (to reflect the batshit nature of both men), but it was lacking a “this one is going at 100mph!” type line to indicate that we weren’t getting a Chokeslam in the first few minutes just because the story isn’t being built effectively. I do also think there is room to step out of your comfort zone and really blow me away, because having read your BTB I think you're keeping something in reserve at the moment. 7.5/10


    You nailed the level of detail in the backstory for me. Plenty of information to draw me in and really understand the feud, but without it becoming a drag. The match itself was well-written and you didn’t skip a beat, but again, without wasting my time. Bonus half point for the mask coming off too. Classic Vader storytelling of “okay, now you’ve pissed me off”. Loved that touch, really showed you know your characters.

    To get to that next level in this category, I do think there is room for improvement in the way you use language, and the depth you give to some of the key moments. The beads of sweat dripping down his head. The canvas stained red. Those little touches that paint a picture, followed with slowing down and letting those real big moments (like the elbow through the table) really breathe. If you can start to stretch your legs with the way you describe the action, you could be looking at 9+ in this area without too much difficulty. 8.5/10

    Total score: 30/40
    A pretty safe entry, but one which got the basics right, and that counts for a lot. I do think that, if you get to the Semi Final, you’ll need to step up and take some more risks, but this was a solid effort.



    This was actually one of my favourite entries to look at on a surface level. Really easy and fun to read.

    The problem I have, though, is that this clearly wasn’t proof read before it was submitted. I’ll touch on this again in a later section, but when I’m seeing frequent spelling mistakes, Marcus Cor “Van”, “WIth” rather than “With”, “turnt” rather than “turned”, and whatever the hell “convintended” is supposed to mean, all that nice formatting is totally undermined by the whole presentation of the thing. And that’s a huge shame. 6/10


    In a competition setting, I love this idea. I don’t know if I would in a standard BTB, but as an exhibition I like it. I think what makes it work is the commitment to the idea, like the commercial-free airing on the WWE website, and the fact that a lot of it happened outside the ring/was in a hardcore setting. Some of the execution of the creativity wasn’t as strong as I’d have liked to see (there was room for more creative spots and entrants), but still, I commend you on the outside-the-box idea. 9/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    I liked a lot of the storytelling in this. The Hardcore Title bit with the payoff of Foley was fun. That little Matt Striker segment was fun. The bWo bits were fun. RVD lasting a long time up against the man who has eliminated everyone is a strong (if simple) story. So a lot of good aspects.

    Unfortunately, there were also just too many story points that missed. Having Psicosis and Super Crazy enter one after the other, and the bWo one after the other, and Foley and Funk one after the other, was lazy booking. Dreamer being essentially the centre of the story and lasting ages, only to basically be eliminated off camera was a total waste. Not having Raven and Dreamer in the ring at the same time was a total missed opportunity. Raven empties out thumbtacks… then ignores them and strips the announce table? Also, after an hour-long match with all these returns and big moments, you don’t have any kind of post-match to really sell the moment?

    The potential was certainly there, but I ended up coming out of it feeling like it was a missed opportunity. 6.5/10


    I mentioned this in the first section, but this entry badly needed a bit of proof-reading. I counted eight uses of “wastes no time”, which is a really poor way of explaining what is going on. We also had things like Big Show’s “second” elimination of the night coming immediately after two previous eliminations. That lack of attention to detail is pretty unforgivable in a competition like this, and is a huge shame because, with better cross-checking, the creativity of this alone would have put you in a decent place to progress. 6/10

    Total 27.5/40
    Man, I’m bummed about that final score. I loved the risk you took with the idea, I liked the way you laid it out, and I liked some of the stories you told. But this read so much like a first draft in dire need of cleaning up that it’s held it back massively. You easily could have hit 30+ from me if you'd just re-read it, and that would have comfortably been enough to see you through, and even compete for top spot. I really hope you learn from this for next year, because if you do the potential is there to do something really great.



    Very clean for the most part. The intro looked great in particular. The bolding of the match became a little difficult to read after a while, but splitting up the rung climbing worked well. A good, solid look. 8/10


    I’m a big fan of this idea. Christian was red hot around this period, so doing something with him is a great idea. Unfortunately, putting Christian in a TLC match isn't exactly creative, and the way you set the match up (Christian randomly using a Ladder) is quite a lazy way to set a Ladder-related match up, so my score here can’t go too high. But I like the combination. 8/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    If this was a standard BTB, I’d applaud you for a strong effort. Two people wanting the belt and fighting hard over it is a good story. Edge snatching the victory with the shock cash in is overused, but allows for interesting stories going forward.

    But this isn’t a standard BTB. This is supposed to be an exhibition, a demonstration of you at your absolute best. And as standalone moments, neither of these aspects worked for me in a tournament setting. I’m looking for a far more interesting story than, “both men want the belt and will do big spots to each other to win it”. You did go some way to telling a story with Cena climbing back down, but I don’t think you really earned that, and it ended up feeling more like a deus ex machina for why he didn’t just win, rather than good storytelling.

    Equally, Edge cashing in is no way to finish a competition entry in my eyes. Money In The Bank cash ins are quite lazy at the best of times, but in a tournament setting it’s pretty unforgivable. There’s no storytelling involved with having him randomly turn up and win after all the work you did with the previous two men (although the line of “Edge’s presence looming over the match” earlier on was a neat, subtle indication). If this was a BTB, you’d be getting something like an 8. But it’s a competition, and I’m expecting competition-appropriate entries. 6/10


    While I appreciate you leaving nothing out from the backstory, and absolutely nothing was missed from the match description, you went way over the line in terms of detail for me. I’m looking for a balance between efficient storytelling without missing anything out. This was far from efficient.

    The issue for me is that you spend too much time explaining the mechanics of how things happen, rather than the emotion of why it happens. Too much explaining the process of how someone gets from Point A to Point B, too much explaining of how someone clears the ring, too much explaining of how someone picks something up, or climbs a ladder. If you say “he leaves the ring and grabs a chair”, my brain can fill in those gaps, without having to be handheld through how they left the ring, and how they walked around to where the chair was, how they picked it up, and how they returned to where the person is. It gets boring and dramatically slows the pace down when you can least afford it.

    While this sounds pedantic, it does serve a purpose. Firstly, by including so much detail, I start to get burnt out, meaning I care less as the match goes on. But secondly, and more importantly, some of these big moments didn’t land for me because they were way over-explained. That Throwback on to the ladder would have been a cool spot if I didn’t have to read every dynamic of the bouncing off the ropes, the grabbing the neck, the flipping. Sometimes, just saying “Throwback on the ladder” is enough for me to picture it and engage with what’s going on. Likewise, Cena climbing back down the ladder lost some of it’s impact through pure over-explanation. The more you explain, the less my brain paints a picture, the slower and more drawn out everything becomes, and the less I can invest in what is going on. "Show, don't tell" is a critical part of creative writing, and this very much erred on the side of "tell". 6.5/10

    Total score: 28.5/40
    Look, you’re great at this. That’s not news, and you can certainly see it in this entry. And as I said, if this was in your BTB, I’d enjoy the match and overlook the excessive detail. But in a tournament I’m looking for an exhibition. To tell an interesting, creative story with a beginning, middle and end, and to give me every bit of information I need without overdoing it. The quality is obviously there, but in this environment I think there’s more to come.



    The format at the start was excellent. It erred on the side of too many colour changes, but I appreciated you tried to keep it fresh. I also liked the use of caps towards the end of the match.

    Once we got in to the match itself, though, those are some long, descriptive paragraphs for much of the match. It felt like you wrote the ending of the match first, with all the fun moments and formatting to mirror it, then filled in the gaps with blocks of text describing move and counter move at the start. Keep the start and end throughout the middle and this’d be great. 7.5/10


    I like the idea of Angle/Danielson, and like it happening in TNA rather than WWE. However, I’m pretty sure Danielson joining TNA after he was fired, introducing a new submission and beating everyone with it until he faces Kurt Angle was Paul Heyman’s idea, was it not? Sadly, that holds me back from giving out the big marks.

    Also, I have to mark you down for including another TNA “civil war”, even if it was in the background! That company had far too many “invading force” stories, and it didn’t need another while the main story is “Bryan Danielson is unbeatable”.

    But still, the idea is a sound one, even if I do think it was borrowed from someone else. Kudos for going with a mat-wrestling approach rather than the obvious choice of big hardcore fight, too. I really liked that decision and think it paid off. 7.5/10

    Storytelling/emotional investment

    I feel like you blew this one before you even reached the match to be honest. The story of Danielson smashing through everyone and Angle being the one to stand up to him was the interesting story to tell. I know you needed a stipulation, but unstoppable Angle (not the one who was doing I-don’t-even-understand-what in that civil war angle) versus unstoppable Danielson was where the money is. I’d have even gone for Angle being the old, washed up guy wanting to prove he’s still the best in the world, or Danielson wanting to kill the old lion to establish himself as the guy. But “Danielson cheats and becomes a cowardly heel” was a story turn that really made sense to me and nearly killed it out of the gate.

    You then followed that up with quite a dull opening three-quarters of the match. I really appreciate the story of Danielson being better and Angle barely hanging on, and some of that legwork on Angle was excellent. But it felt a little like filler before you could get to the exciting homestretch, when there was far more story to tell before that. Even if the start of the match is filler, as a reader it shouldn’t feel like that.

    I do wish we’d have gotten a proper post-match as well. Felt like an afterthought, as though you were rushing to hit the deadline and were just submitting anything, whereas it should have been the point to really sell the emotion of the situation and bring it all home. 6/10


    You did a great job of really digging in to the hold and counter-hold of the match, which is an important story to tell in a match like this, but without overdoing it so I get bored. I also liked that you spent time dealing with painting a picture of what the pain meant and how Angle was constantly struggling with the knee at the end. That was all great, and in fact think you could have gone even harder with that.

    Unfortunately, what holds this back is that it at times lacked clarity (I didn’t realise the Heel Hook had actually been broken, for instance), and sometimes the sentence structure felt off and made it harder to read. There were also some mistakes here and there, like “clinching” teeth rather than “clenching”, which subtracts from the story you are trying to tell. If it was a bit neater, you could have gotten really strong marks here. 7/10

    Total score: 28/40
    A good effort, but one that could have been a show-stealer with a few tweaks. If the story coming in made a little more sense, if the paragraphs at the start had been spread out more, and if the way it was written was a little cleaner, this would have been right up there. The foundation was certainly there, but the execution was just a little bit off that very highest level I’m looking for.

    {Keefmoons scores}

    Ty2J - 31.5
    Sykotic - 30
    Hug Life - 28.5
    LinguisticTurn - 28
    BattleTank - 28

    Rasky - 27.5
    TWG - 26

    Av. Score - 28.5

    {Top 4 progress}

    Ty2J - 62.5
    Sykotic - 59.5
    Hug Life - 57.5
    LinguisticTurn - 55

    BattleTank- 54.5
    Rasky - 53.5
    TWG- 53.5

    Av. Score - 56.57

    Big congratulations to our four qualifiers making it to the Semi-Final stage, and commiserations to the three that didn't quite get over the line. Very small margins in the end, with 0.5 of a point the difference between LinguisticTurn & BattleTank, and just an additional point back to Rasky & TWG. I hope the three of you come back for this next year, as you all showed glimpses of having enough to make a big run at potentially winning this in future, and a big thank you for all participating this year. Ty2J tops this round - and that's something I didn't expect to say when I saw his entry initially. Putting aside my own distaste for that style of comedy wrestling, Ty knocked his entry out of the park, taking a big risk with a highly creative match choice that was pretty much immaculate in it's presentation and detail. Hug & Syko; the two Legends left standing, probably won't have shocked anyone by making the semi-final stage, but they've got some tough competition to overcome if they want to go all the way. LinguisticTurn has perhaps surprised a few by making it to the last four, being the 8th ranked in round 1 of the 8 qualifiers, but his Cinderella run continues. With a few tweaks, there's no reason to count him out of reaching the final.

    Semi-Final challenge will be posted tomorrow.

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