Just Another Night
February 23, 1996

This event was a glorified fancam thatís shot with one camera with the cameraman on the floor at ringside. Joey Styles does provide commentary to make it slightly better than your average ECW fancam though. The theme of the tape is that itís just another night for ECW. This average, run of the mill event is the sort of event youíll always see from the company. Witness how much better ECW always is over WWE and WCW!

The Bad Crew vs JT Smith and Joel Heartgood
Before the match, Smith tried to teach Heartgood some Italian dance. Apparently, Smith isnít pleased with what he sees so she smashes a chair across Heartgoodís face. The beatdown continues for a bit before Smith leaves. The match is able to officially begin and itís an unofficial handicap match with Bad Crew hitting a bunch of big moves on Heartgood. The Bad Crew would win with a power bomb/top rope splash combo. Smith remains awesome. ANGLE.

After the match, The Sandman came out to give The Bad Crew and Heartgood some shots with the Singapore cane before leaving.

Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie aka The Fabulous Ones are in the ring to kill a bit of time with a wacky dance. Richards imitates Shawn Michaelsí strip routine.

The Pitbulls w/Francine vs Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie
Although nothing truly stood out in this match as being notable, it was very solid. The early going had The Pitbulls destroying the heels with great ease. This advantage suddenly evaporated after Stevie surprised both Pitbulls with Stevie Kicks to start off a face-in-peril sequence for Pitbull #2. During the heel beatdown, weíre shown a proto-Stink Face with Richards shoving Pitbull #2ís face into Meanieís tiny jean shorts covered ass. Eventually, Pitbull #1 got the hot tag and was able to clean house while forcing Stevie to receive a Meanie Stink Face as punishment. Richards sustained a running Doomsday Device over the top rope, allowing The Pitbulls to finish Meanie off with a Super Bomb to win the match. No bullshit or gimmicks, just two teams working hard to put on a nifty little match. Richards looks quite good, especially by taking out both members of The Pitbulls himself thanks to the Stevie Kick. Meanie even got in an amateur wrestling style roll-up for a nearfall that impressed Joey Styles. Fun stuff. ** ĺ

Fonzie w/Taz vs Tod Gordon w/Bam Bam Bigelow
To keep Taz from interfering, Bigelow jumped him before the bell. That causes a big brawl to happen outside of the ring while Gordon and Fonzie at battling in the ring. Our one cameraman spends the majority of the time just focusing on the brawl outside of the ring. Considering itís Taz vs Bigelow, I canít blame him. When we switch back to the ring, Taz had apparently knocked out Bigelow as Taz is able to jump into the ring and knock Gordon out with a weapon allowing Fonzie to cover for the victory. Way too little of the match was actually shown to judge how good or bad this was. Seeing Taz and Bigelow duke it out for the first time was fun though. Not Rated.

The next scheduled match was to be The Eliminators vs The Dudleys, but during The Dudleys entrance, Sign Guy Dudley was knocked off the apron by The Eliminators. Dances with Dudley, one of the two that was set to wrestle The Eliminators, jumped into the ring to stand up for his half brother, but instead is knocked out with Total Elimination. That caused Big Dick Dudley to use his crutch to attack both Eliminators. Through all of this chaos, referees came out to force Big Dick to return to the back while Chubby and Sign Guy Dudley help the injured Dances with Dudley to the back. That left poor Bubba Ray Dudley by himself, leading toÖ

The Eliminators © vs Bubba Ray Dudley and ??? - ECW Tag Titles
Going into this, I figured that this was going to be a short segment rather than a proper match. After all, The Dudleys were already removed from the picture and itís not as if Bubba Ray is prone to working longer matches at this point. Instead, Bubba Ray vs The Eliminators was given some time. Most of it was just The Eliminators working over Bubba Ray similarly to The Bad Crewís treatment of Joel Heartgood. Bubba Ray did manage to deliver a double suplex to both members of The Eliminators. I did find myself growing frustrated at the booking of The Eliminators. Paul E. has this bad ass team, but heís not allowing them to act like bad asses when it comes to what happens between the bells. Watching these handful of 1996 ECW shows has also made me speculate on whether Bubba Ray was already being really protected by Heyman because they were close. After all, why else wouldnít you have The Eliminators quickly kill Bubba Ray? Itís not as if it really hurts Bubba since itís a handicap match and heís battling the tag champions. Eventually, Hack Meyers, runs out to be Bubba Rayís one night partner as they attempt to win the titles. The inclusion of Meyers also adds weight to the theory that Heyman is protective of his boy, Bubba Ray, because of course Bubba Ray is sent to the outside to allow The Eliminators to hit Total Elimination on Meyers to win the match. Am I souring some on Bubba Ray? Hmm, perhaps just a bit. Anyways, this was technically fine, but Iím begging Heyman to just book The Eliminators as bad asses. ** ľ

The Sandman vs Axl Rotten
Are you a fan of mindless brawls that spend more time on the outside than inside of the ring? How about matches where the favorite spot of the match is a never ending series of tossing each other over the steel railing to continue the brawl in the crowd? How about not having a single pin attempt until the very end? If so, youíll love this match! Yeah, this sucked. It felt like it lasted forever without anything ever happening beyond just the brawling. Sandman obviously won after the action finally got into the ring. Ĺ *

After the match, The Sandman puts Axl over as the only man that can go toe to toe with him. Boy, that sure is a compliment. They share a beer and weíre out of here.

Before the next match, The Fabulous Ones come out to do the Fargo Strut with Cactus Jack.

Cactus Jack w/The Fabulous Ones vs Bam Bam Bigelow
On paper this one is pretty awesome. Itís not as good as it could have been though since itís so short and thereís a lot of talking before and after the match. The big news is that Cactus Jack has signed with the WWE and is finishing up with ECW soon. Bigelow isnít impressed, but when Cactus reminds Bigelow that he main evented a Wrestlemania, The Beast from the East reveals that unlike with LT, McMahon hasnít told him to put over Foley. Boy, those are fighting words. Throughout this short brawl inside of the ring, Meanie and Richards tried to interfere with minimal success. Bigelow would kick out of Foleyís double armed DDT which Joey sold as a big deal. Bigelow then abruptly won the match with a running lariat for a pretty flat finish. For a better match involving Cactus and Bigelow, check out their six man tag where they teamed with Kevin Sullivan against The Road Warriors and Norman at WCW Capital Combat 1990. That was a much more fun match than this sorta nothing match. Still, nice to see each other work a singles match against each other. **

After the match, Bigelow gets into a brawl with Foley, Meanie, and Richards with Bigelow getting the advantage until Taz runs out and drops Bigelow on his head with a Tazplex. Taz locked in the Tazplex while Cactus and The Fabulous Ones attack and lowcard babyface that runs in hoping to break up the chaos. Iím fully into seeing Taz vs Bigelow in 1996 now.

2 Cold Scorpio © vs Sabu - ECW TV Title
A rematch from Cyberslam 1996 which went to a thirty minute time limit draw. On paper, I actually had high hopes for this match. Since itís Scorpio/Sabu in 1996, I knew that it was going to be a time limit draw. Yet, unlike with Cyberslam, I knew that it was only going to go to a twenty minute time limit. That sounds like a great thing to me. Instead, itís just an excuse for Sabu and Scorpio to put in next to zero effort and allow the match to be dragged out. Frankly, I was struggling not to fall asleep. Meanwhile, Joey Styles actually had the nerve to remind the viewers that this was Just Another Night and how this was better than any WWE or WCW PPV this year. BULLLLLLLLSHIT. Both February PPVs, Superbrawl VI and In Your House 6, both featured a four star match. This was fucking dull. The longer the match goes on, Scorpio eventually decides to create a bit of a story by not going for covers during moments where he may be able to beat Sabu. Big moves happen at the end, just like at Cyberslam, with Sabu gaining the advantage at the very end. Just as Sabu nails an Arabarian Facebuster, the time limit expires and the match is officially a draw. A pretty big disappointment especially in a match that was claimed to be better than anything thus far shown on PPV in 1996. *

After the match, Scorpio showed some rare respect by Sabu by raising his hand only to nail Sabu from behind.

Raven © w/The Nest vs Shane Douglas - ECW World Title
In the case of this match, The Nest refers to Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, and Kimona Wanaleya. This would be Shaneís first ECW World Title match since failing to win the belt from The Sandman back at Enter Sandman in May 1995. It was the previous month at Hostile City Showdown 1995 that Sandman originally won the title from Douglas. On one hand, Douglas is clearly looking to impress. His big dive onto Meanie and Richards showed that. At the same time, Douglas is nothing more than an average worker who legitimately thinks heís an amazing worker. The most interesting portion of the match came when Brian Pillman made his way to ringside posing as a photographer. Heís just there to provide a distraction to Douglas, causing the camera flash to go off multiple times in a row ala James Stewart in Rear Window right when Douglas is trying to go for a cover. That causes security to drag Pillman to the back. Although Meanie and Richards got involved plenty, Kimona never really did. Despite this, Douglas still felt the need to drag her into the ring, pull her over his knee, and start spanking him. Not only did this feel unnecessary, but he did this when he knew full well that Raven was perfectly fine elsewhere in the ring. Predictably, Douglas spending time going after Kimona just meant that Raven was able to attack him from behind. Although ECW is the land of the extreme and anything goes, thereís still the need to have a ref bump when Douglas counters a DDT attempt by ramming Raven into the referee. That sets up the finishing stretch with Douglas being hit by multiple DDTs, including by Richards, with Douglas kicking out. Cactus Jack ran out, but is quickly given a double arm DDT by Douglas. That does allow Richards to nail a Stevie Kick. Raven is quick to pick Douglas up and hit yet another DDT, this time on a chair to win the match. Match was pretty overbooked, but still ultimately better than the other matches with Sabu and Sandman tonight. News flash, Joey, the ECW World Title is putting on far weaker matches than the WWE or WCW World Titles are currently. **

After the match, Raven and The Fabulous Ones attack Douglas. Eventually The Sandman runs out and clears the heels out of the ring. Then in a segment that felt like it took forever, Douglas proposed a deal with The Sandman. Theyíd form an alliance to wrestle the ECW World Title away from Raven. Then, whichever wrestler ends up winning the title, the other would be the first to score a title shot. Sandman eventually agrees and these two 1995 rivals are now...allies? This seems to be a deliberate move to make it clear that although Douglas is a face at this point, heís still an untrustworthy heel inside. Afterall, if he is the one who beats Raven to win the ECW World Title, how is he supposed to give The Sandman the first title shot when he already made the exact same deal/alliance with Tommy Dreamer? If this was a deliberate decision made by Heyman and not just an oversight, itís actually a great character moment for Douglas. Hell, Iíd be into Douglas making similar deals with anyone who is high up enough in the company to be a World Title contender.

Had Just Another Night been ďJust another fancamĒ, I wouldnít have many problems with the show. Itís clearly just a glorified fancam since itís shot by one cameraman and nothing really important happens on it, but the entire gimmick of the show is that itís a shot directed towards WCW and WWE. Just Another Night was supposed to represent how an average ECW show is better than any WCW or WWE event. If youíre going to present such a cocky claim, you really need to back it up. ECW failed to do that. If this was a PPV in 1996, I imagine itíd be the worst PPV of the year. The Pitbulls vs Stevie/Meanie putting on a really solid show, a fun moment with Cactus Jack performing the Fargo Strut with The Fabulous Ones, and Brian Pillman popping up isnít enough to save this show. Just Another Nightís fantastic failure is entirely on the shoulders of whichever genius decided to market this fancam as being better than the Big Two.

On the plus side, ECW fancams are very watchable events. Itís just one camera and normal fancams wonít have Joey Stylesí commentary, but especially something shot on VHS, the quality would have been pretty good back in 1996. I wouldnít be against watching another ECW fancam if the card actually looked good. RF Video may be own by a pedo, but thereís loads of ECW fancams to check out that Iím not even sure if the WWE even owns.