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Thread: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

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    FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS


    Friday, July 12, 2019
    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Pyrotechnics kick off the night as thousands of fans packed into the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans show off their signs. Many are supporting Gabrielle Montgomery, who challenges for the FWA World Championship. A few signs support the champion, Cyrus Truth. Others are for "The King" Dave Sullivan. More are against Sullivan. Some support Krash while a few are on Chris Kennedy's side. One sign reads, "I'll let the Rockstar play with my drum sticks." And another one says, "I will pay $100 to be in the Cheshire Cat Clan." Finally, we see one that reads, "PHILLIP A. JACKSON FOR THE HALL OF FAME"

    Rod Sterling: Folks, the night is here! The FWA's summer of 2019 pay-per-view, the 14th Anniversary Show. This proud company has been around for 15 years, since 2005, with the first anniversary show occurring in 2006. We skipped the 12th and 13th years, but it's back. So much history, so much prestige.

    Devin Golden: And tonight, so many moments will be made. Gabrielle Montgomery faces Cyrus Truth for the FWA World Championship. What. A. Dream. Match. And what a great show for it to happen. Gabrielle has wrestled in A LOT of anniversary shows.

    Rod Sterling: In fact, according to our research team, she has wrestled in the most Anniversary Show matches of any FWA wrestler ever.

    Michael Garcia: And she faces a CWA legend, who doesn't understand the heritage of the FWA. But he does understand what it means to be an FWA World Champion. By my calculations, he has held that championship for two years now. Gabrielle hasn't held it for that long in her two reigns.

    Rod Sterling: You know who also has been a champ for quite some time? "The King" Dave Sullivan. He's the reigning X Champion and North American Champion. He's been the X Champion three times, with this current reign lasting a year now. A. YEAR. It's the record, with ease. And he's been North American Champion for a few months as well.

    Devin Golden: He could lose BOTH championships tonight, though. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon and "The Wildcard" Jason Randall face him in a two-fall triple threat match, with each fall being for one of those titles.

    Rod Sterling: And the last major match tonight, Krash faces Chris Kennedy. No titles. No contendership stipulations. Just a grudge, a grudge over Kennedy's comments about the CWA on the night Krash visited.

    Michael Garcia: Kennedy's anti-CWA comments are actually pro-FWA. They are the RIGHT comments. And he will prove that Krash's CWA legacy means nothing.

    Rod Sterling: And isn't it funny how the CWA aspect shakes out. We haven't really focused on that much, not for a few years. The last noteworthy CWA transplant? Cyrus Truth. Now it's Krash. And those two will go head to head in singles matches against the FWA's formerly biggest power couple ever, Gabrielle and Chris Kennedy. On any greatest ever list, they may be 1 and 2, in any order you prefer.

    The first theme music of the night hits, and the crowd is around 90 percent capacity with fans still strolling into their seats. "The Warrior" hits and Penny steps out on stage to the delight of the sold out crowd that are cheering her on. She smiles and makes her way down to the ring, she looks much more focused and serious but she still takes some time to slap hands with some fans along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: Making her way to the ring, from Long Beach, CA and weighing in at 115 lbs. She is “The Eccentric Dreamer” Penny!

    She walks around the ring to the time keeper’s area where Fred and Norman are both sitting in a chair together, she hugs them both before entering the ring.

    Michael Garcia: This is one of the biggest matches of her life and she’s over here hugging stuffed toys!

    Devin Golden: They obviously mean a lot to her Maggle. Lighten up a little!

    The arena goes black as the stage fills up with smoke. A single red spotlight shines down. The fans watch in awe. Izzy Van Doren slowly shifts her feet almost zombie like into the spotlight. The drums come in and the lights in the arena turn to a dark orange tint. Izzy's wearing a black leather vest adorned with studs and pins and a large back piece. A spotlight follows Izzy as she makes her way to the ring. She reaches the threshold between the ramp and ringside. The camera catches her glare as she walks around to hard cam side of the ring. She lets out a primal scream as the lights flicker/strobe around her. Her eyes fixed on the hardcam she slowly enters the ring. She sits in the corner scowling at her opponent.

    Kurt Harrington: and her opponent, from Chicago, IL and weighing in at 121 lbs. She is “The Notorious IVD” Izzy Van Doren!

    Michael Garcia: Excuse me for thinking that she’d be taking this more seriously, Penny did ask for this after all!
    Rod Sterling: This one is about to get real personal.


    Penny vs. Izzy Van Doren

    The two ladies approach each other in the center of the ring and stand face to face, Izzy with the slight height advantage by just one inch. Izzy begins running her mouth and saying some things to Penny that can’t be picked up by the cameras, but then she strikes with a forearm to the jaw yet all that does is light a fire underneath Penny who tackles Izzy down to the canvas and begins to wail away at Izzy before it being broken up by the official. Penny is held at bay while Izzy is getting her bearings back before standing up and asks if that’s all she’s got, prompting Penny to take her down with another tackle but this time Izzy turns the tables on Penny and now mounts her and delivers several forearm shots followed up by repeated headbutts to Penny. She rises up off of Penny as Penny rolls over on all fours trying to find her bearings now before Izzy strikes with a soccer kick straight to the midsection!

    “You wanted this, Penny! You asked for this!”

    Izzy spits her vitriolic words at Penny, who is coughing and gasping after that kick and then Izzy follows up with another kick to the ribs! She picks Penny up and slaps her across the face several times, all the while saying hateful things to Penny and this fires up Penny who comes back at Izzy with a forearm to the jaw that rocks Izzy back! Penny then delivers a spinning back kick to the midsection doubling over Izzy and follows up with a snap DDT! Penny goes in for the cover…


    Izzy gets a shoulder up and rolls over to her side and rises up but Penny is right back on the attack jumping on Izzy and manages to just cinch in a guillotine choke with a body scissors on Izzy, but Izzy manages to counter out of it flipping over and turning it into a pin fall attempt…


    Penny kicks out now and kips up to her feet and runs the ropes, and off the rebound looks for a shining wizard but Izzy catches her and looks like she’s about to powerbomb Penny yet Penny finds a way to counter it with a headscissors takeover over the ropes sending Izzy to the outside floor! Izzy takes her time a bit before stumbling back to her feet and just as she finds her footing she’s taken out by Penny with a fosbury flop!

    Rod Sterling: Great athleticism on display by Penny!

    Michael Garcia: A few flashy moves doesn’t prove anything.

    Penny tosses back in the ring and hops up on the apron and waits for Izzy to stand up, and then she propels herself in the air with a springboard tornado DDT planting Izzy to the mat! She hooks the leg this time…


    Izzy with a shoulder and Penny sits up thinking that she might have had it there, but that comes back to bite her as Izzy slides her up behind and pins her shoulders to the mat…


    Penny kicks out and rolls through as Izzy kips up and ducks a spin kick from Penny, and clubs Penny from behind stunning her. Izzy then follows up Kick and Snare! An axe kick and elbow smash combination that drops Penny like a bad habit! Penny instinctively rolls to the outside to find herself and she starts to slowly get to her feet but before she can even react she’s met by Izzy with a Suicidal Tendencies DDT on the outside mat!

    Rod Sterling: Just like that, Izzy regains control of this match!

    Michael Garcia: That has got to be it for Penny.

    Izzy tosses Penny back into the ring and slides back in for the cover…


    Penny just kicks out! She starts to crawl away to a nearby corner while Izzy watches on, letting Penny crawl to the corner. Penny manages to get to her but she’s met by Izzy with a running corner clothesline! Izzy then follows up with repeated headbutts in the corner! Izzy then drags Penny from the corner and hoists her up and drops her back down on her head with a back drop driver she calls Dead End! Another cover made by Izzy on Penny…


    Penny stays alive somehow after getting dropped on her head! Izzy is beginning to grow frustrated and yells at Penny to just stay down. She talks more trash as Penny is slow to get to her feet, using the ropes as leverage, but Izzy drags her away and attempts to apply her single leg boston crab but Penny kicks her away and immediately crawls back to the ropes and hoists herself back to her feet as the crowd goes wild. Izzy charges at her but Penny ducks and catches her with a dragon suplex! Penny then wastes no time and locks in a seated fujiwara armbar on Izzy! She wrenches back with all her might hoping that Izzy will relent and give up but Izzy refuses and fights through the pain that is searing through her arm right now and somehow manages to snag the bottom rope to break the hold! Izzy clutches her arm as she rises up and she ducks a clothesline attempt by Izzy and strikes with a forearm shot! Penny is momentarily stunner and Izzy has her set up for a sidewalk slam it looks like but Izzy can’t find the strength in her arm still allowing Penny to counter into the Nine Lives! She wrenches back now on the other arm of Izzy, who howls out in pain but eventually counters that with a back drop sending both ladies to the mat!

    Penny is back on her feet first and has Izzy in her sights and sets her up for Cat Nap, but Izzy counters out of it and connects with a wrist lock lariat! With Penny stunned she hits ¡Adios Amigos! She makes the cover…




    PENNY KICKS OUT! BY GAWD! Izzy is in shock now and is irate, and she exits the ring and looks underneath the ring for something. She retrieves a kendo stick and re-enters the ring while the referee pleads with her to stop but Izzy refuses to listen and swings but misses as Penny instinctively rolled out of the way. Penny is up now but still in a bit of a daze and Izzy swings again but misses as Penny runs underneath it and clubs Izzy from behind forcing her to drop the stick. Penny sets her up...CAT NAP! Penny doesn’t cover her for the pin though, she’s too spent to even move at the moment. Eventually she manages to drape one arm over Izzy just barely…




    Izzy with a shoulder up now! Both of them just lay on the mat, both spent, both exhausted. Penny is the first to stir and slowly she’s up on her feet, but stumbles a bit. She then gingerly climbs the top rope, all the while Izzy has begun to stir and just as Penny is up on the top in position for her moonsault, Izzy uses one last burst of energy to bounce up with her weapon in hand and swings full force to Penny’s back! The referee calls for the bell immediately…

    Kurt Harrington: The winner of the match by disqualification, Penny

    Winner via DQ: Penny

    Penny has fallen to the outside after getting cracked with that kendo stick. Izzy has followed and begins to violently swing repeatedly at Penny, who lays on the floor helpless. Izzy drags Penny back into the ring and throws her in there, and then exits the ring and grabs a steel chair. Izzy is back in the ring and Penny is on all fours as Izzy cracks the chair right across Penny’s back!

    Rod Sterling: This isn’t right!

    Michael Garcia: She asked for it.

    Devin Golden: She asked for a match you dingus, not an all out assault!

    The referee is trying to stop this but Izzy shoves him away and smashes the chair across Penny’s back once more! Penny is crying out in pain and Izzy takes Penny’s ankle and wraps it inside the chair before viciously stomping on it!

    Rod Sterling: Somebody please put a stop to this right now!

    Penny screams out in agony and cries while holding clutching her ankle. Jason Randall runs down to the ring to check on Penny, and Izzy immediately exits the ring pleased with her work. Jason holds Penny when medical personnel finally arrive. Jason glares at Izzy with a look that could kill, but Izzy just smirks with malice while Penny is being helped.


    The sound of Matt Dusk’s “Back in Town” hits and the crowd cheers madly as Krash steps out, soaking in all of the love and support from his fans.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, from Melbourne, Australia and weighing in 205 lbs. He is “The Moustached Maverick”...KRASH!

    His music fades out and is soon replaced by the familiar intro of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”, and once the song kicks in, out steps Chris Kennedy to a heavy mixed reaction. He has his dedicated, hardcore fanbase, yet there are a fair share of detractors in attendance. Regardless, Kennedy doesn’t care either way.

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent making his way to the ring, from Tampa, FL and weighing in 238 lbs. He is “The Astonishing”...CHRIS...KENNEDY!

    Michael Garcia: There he is boys, the man that is gonna send this CWA goof packing!

    Devin Golden: You seem more confident in Kennedy winning than you ever were in your own brother's career.

    Michael Garcia: Joke all you want Golden, but there’s a reason that this man calls himself astonishing and Krash is going to find that out the hard way!

    Rod Sterling: Regardless of your feelings, this match is a dream match. It’s a match that fans never thought would happen in a million years, but here it is. We are about to witness something special!


    Krash vs. "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy

    Krash approaches the center of the ring and extends his hand out, looking for a handshake. Krash is known to have an affinity for sportsmanship and all that, but Kennedy on the other hand wants nothing to do with it and slaps it away and begins smack talk Krash. “Very well, have it your way”, says Krash. Kennedy stands there, flabbergasted by that exchange but shakes it off. The two circle each other briefly before locking up and Krash immediately spins behind Kennedy with a rear waist-lock looking to take down his adversary, but Kennedy throws a back elbow knocking Krash away. Krash, not really surprised by that, holds his jaw and shakes it off. The two lock up again, this time Kennedy traps Krash with a side headlock and tries to take him down but Krash sends him to the ropes and comes back with a shoulder block that takes down Kennedy! Kennedy looks on a bit shocked that he was just one upped like that while Krash nods approvingly and motions for Kennedy to get up. Kennedy obliges him and springs up and runs at him, but Krash is one step ahead and side steps Kennedy before he counters with an arm drag. Kennedy pop back up but Krash is quick to strike with a running dropkick that sends Kennedy to the mat, and he quickly rolls outside much to the dismay of most fans that boo him.

    Rod Sterling: I don’t think Kennedy expected this from Krash.

    Michael Garcia: I’m sure he expected this and more from Krash. Kennedy is a student of the game, I’m sure he studied each and every one of Krash’s moves.

    Devin Golden: Did he really though? Because from where I’m sitting it looks like Kennedy got schooled.

    The referee is counting and ordering Kennedy to get back in the ring, but Kennedy tells him to piss off. Eventually, Kennedy attempts to get back in the ring but first barks orders at the referee telling him to keep Krash back. Krash looks unphased by this and not surprised at all at Kennedy’s antics, he obliges and keeps his distance. Kennedy finally re-enters and Krash starts to move towards Kennedy, and Kennedy slips right back out of the ring. The crowd is now booing the man mercilessly, he throws up an obscene gesture at a group of fans booing him in the front row. Krash has finally had enough and runs the ropes and nails Kennedy in the back with a baseball slide! Kennedy goes flying into the barricade between him and the fans. Krash exits the ring now and delivers repeated forearm shots to Kennedy up against the barricade before dragging him back to the ring. Back inside now, Kennedy crawls to a corner and gets to a vertical base in the corner but he’s met with a step-up enziguiri from Krash! Kennedy is stunned and this allows Krash to drop him with a snap suplex! Kennedy quickly rolls back up on his knees and he’s begging Krash to reconsider, but Krash isn’t dumb enough to fall for that and goes for a kick but Kennedy slips underneath him and catches Krash from behind with a surprise roll-up…


    Krash with the kick-out! He rolls back over to his feet but Kennedy is quicker on the exchange and fires off a spinning wheel kick! Krash is taken off his feet and Kennedy stomps away at Krash while the crowd lets him know how they feel. He kneels down and drives several fists to the head of Krash until the referee gets him away. Krash begins to crawl on all fours but Kennedy grabs him by the head and has him in a rear waist-lock before hitting a german suplex! Kennedy then applies a reverse chinlock on Krash, keeping him grounded on the mat.

    Michael Garcia: Like I was saying, student of the game Golden. Kennedy is wisely slowing the pace and keeping Krash grounded.

    Kennedy asking the referee is Krash is ready to quit but that isn’t the case. Krash is still staying in this and manages to snag the bottom rope. He uses the ropes leverage but Kennedy sneaks up behind and nails him with a kick to the back! Kennedy follows up with a rope hung DDT! He makes the pin…


    Krash with a shoulder up this time and Kennedy just laughs. He begins mocking Krash, teasing him and slapping his head, and then kicks him in the head keeping Krash down. Kennedy then applies an anaconda vise submission this time and wrenches back with all his might, all the while asking Krash if he’s ready to give up yet. Eventually Kennedy himself releases the hold and plays to the crowd, who responds back with boos, and Kennedy yells at them and it’s picked up by the camera, “Go fuck your ass!”

    Rod Sterling: Chris Kennedy telling the fans how he really feels about them.

    Kennedy’s play to the crowd may have been detrimental because as he’s still jaw jacking with the fans, Krash catches him with a surprise roll-up from behind…


    Kennedy with the kick out and rolls through, but as he’s up he’s met with a kick to the face! Kennedy is stunned and Krash follows up with a famouser! He makes another pin attempt…


    Kennedy kicks out again a split second before two! Krash is feeling it now and the crowd is too, and he readies himself and waits as Kennedy is rising up and looks for a springboard crossbody, but Kennedy catches him mid-air and sends him crashing to the mat with a powerslam! Kennedy slides out of the ring looking for a weapon it seems and he grabs a steel chair, and he’s back in the ring with it but the referee struggles to take it away from him and eventually does so. Kennedy is irate and as he turns around he’s leveled with a spear! The crowd is going wild now and Krash falls on top of Kennedy for the cover…



    Kennedy kicks out right before three this time! Krash nearly can’t believe he thought he had him. He goes to climb up top thinking he’s going to end it but Kennedy manages to get up and stops him mid-way and drags him down off the turnbuckle and plants Krash to the mat with a double arm DDT! Kennedy quickly locks in The Kennedy Curse! The crippler crossface submission is applied! Krash is doing everything in his power to stay alive but it’s looking like it might be too much for him to hang on…

    The referee checks on Krash once, twice, and the third time when it looks like it might be over Krash shows a second life! He starts fighting his way to the ropes and manages to just barely grab the bottom rope to break the hold and Kennedy is absolutely livid now. He’s up now and starts berating the referee, yelling all sorts of profanities at him.

    Kennedy is still yelling at the referee, meanwhile Krash has gotten back up with his own power and waits as Kennedy turns around...SPEAR! ANOTHER SPEAR THAT COMPLETELY OBLITERATES KENNEDY! KRASH IS CLIMBING UP TOP NOW...HE THROWS OFF HIS ELBOW PAD...DAYBREAKER ELBOW DROP RIGHT TO THE HEART OF CHRIS KENNEDY! HE MAKES THE COVER!




    Winner: Krash

    After the match, the crowd is cheering for Krash. The new FWA roster member and CWA legend grabs the bottom rope to pull his body off the sweat-filled canvas. He then wraps his fingers around the middle rope as his eyes look to be in a daze. Kennedy remains in an X position in the middle of the ring. Krash finally hoists himself up to a standing position and gets his hand raised by the referee.

    Devin Golden: What a performance! What a PPV debut for Krash! To knock off Chris Kennedy, arguably the best ever and inarguably one of the best ever, is quite an achievement. It catapults him to the very top of the FWA landscape in my opinion.

    Krash slowly rolls his body through the middle and top ropes to the apron. He slowly walks around the ring, still nursing multiple body parts, as he leans against the fan barricade. Some of the front-row attendees hug Krash and cheer for him, swiping their popcorn-grease hands all over his sweaty chest. A few take selfies with their phones, which Krash doesn't notice amid his extreme fatigue.

    Rod Sterling: It's obvious. Krash is a fan favorite in the FWA. It didn't take long. At all.

    The Anniversary Show feed cuts to a promo for the next Back in Business.

    The show returns from a promotional ad for some sort of product or whatever and in the ring is none other than Triple J Security, Jiggy John, Jugem Jugem, and Jobber Jimbo. John has the microphone while Jugem and Jimbo stand on each side of him while the crowd showers them in boos.

    Jiggy John: How could the FWA have an Anniversary Show and not book the single most important trio in all of the FWA to even appear on the show?

    Jugem tells something to John.

    Jiggy John: You’re right Jugem, it’s a travesty! A misscarriage of justice by god!

    Devin Golden: Are they serious right now?

    Michael Garcia: Who are you to judge these three legends?!

    Devin Golden: Why does it not surprise me that you stan these three?

    Michael Garcia: Stan? What does that even mean?

    Devin Golden: Exactly.

    Jiggy John: I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do about it right now if all of you could shut your pie holes and let me talk!

    This elicits even more of a negative response.

    Jiggy John: What I was gonna tell you is what we were gonna do was sit out here in this ring in protest until we get a match, we demand it!

    The booing continues but then the lights dim in the arena eliciting excitement, and then the sound of Shinedown’s “Cut the Cord” begins and the crowd loses their shit as two men step out once the song kicks into high gear.

    Rod Sterling: The rumors ARE true!

    Devin Golden: Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix from the CWA are here!

    Michael Garcia: More CWA refugees?!

    Savage and Fenix stand on stage and soak it all in and soon they are joined by a voluptuous blonde woman, who joins Fenix at his side. The trio make their way down to the ring where Triple J Security stand in shock. Savage is wearing a t-shirt and track pants while Fenix is dressed nicely but casually with a sports coat, black button up shirt underneath and slacks, and the blonde is wearing a gold dress and high heels. Savage and Fenix enter the ring while the woman stands outside, then their music dies down and they stand across from Triple J Security. Jugem Jugem makes a run at Fenix but Fenix ducks and turns around to drill Jugem with a super kick! Jimbo makes a run at Fenix but he’s stopped by Savage clubbing him from behind and Savage plants him to the mat with a package piledriver! Jiggy John stands in awe before trying to make a run for it but he eats a super kick from Fenix for his troubles and then to finish him off Savage hits him with a pop-up powerbomb!

    Michael Garcia: A bit overkill, you think?

    Devin Golden: It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

    The blonde enters the ring and picks up the microphone and hands it over to Jackson Fenix while the crowd is still going nuts.

    Jackson Fenix: This is the FWA, huh? If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who exactly we are, well allow me to introduce myself I am “The Best Around, “The Cat’s Pajamas”, “The Bee’s Knees”, and “The One & Only”...Jackson Fenix! The lovely lady you see to my right is my girlfriend and she is wrestling royalty, Britney Adams! Then of course last but most certainly not least my friend to my left is simply known as “Nasty” Nate Savage!

    The crowd pops loud for all three.

    Jackson Fenix: We were known as The Nasty Alliance in CWA, but seeing as how the CWA has folded and is no longer around and we’re here in the FWA we thought it would be best if we got off on a clean slate and start new; so from this day on we are now The Undisputed Alliance!

    He hands the microphone to Nate.

    Nate Savage: We didn’t come here to play around, no we came here for competition, we came here to fight! If you never saw what we did in CWA, well what we just did to these three idiots in here is just a taste of what is to come when anyone decides that they want to step up to us. Take this as a warning for the rest of the tag team division, it doesn’t matter who you are; we’re taking over this division.

    Jackson takes the microphone back.

    Jackson Fenix: That my friends is not just a fact, it’s Undisputed!

    With that Fenix flips the microphone out of his hand and on to the mat, and the music comes back on as the trio make their exit.


    The feed returns with The Warriors of Virtue already waiting in the ring. Their theme music fades out two seconds later when Tommy Thunder's music hits. "The Division One Superstar" appears on the stage, and his music quickly shifts to that of "I'm Not Your Boyfriend, Baby." Sterling Jagger is out next, and the announcers quickly hype up how the mishmash pairing has done so far with three victories in tag team matches, two on Fight Night and one at a house show.

    Sterling Jagger and Tommy Thunder step through the ropes and show off their bromance to the crowd, which responds with some snickering and jeers.

    Michael Garcia: They're my darkhorse pick in this. I don't know if they win but they should perform really well. They're gelling, and the chemistry is REAL.

    "Kill 'Em All" by Jevon is next up. TED and Killemall, the in-ring representatives tonight for Over the Edge, appear out of the stage with Alana Allure and Eyesnsane on either side. The two not on the match leave Killemall and TED to walk down to the ring together and join the other two teams in the ring.

    Devin Golden: There is a lot of tag team success in Over the Edge's history. They know their way around multi-team matches.

    Lastly, "Sick" by Adelitas Way hits and The New Breed appear. They're sporting the FWA Tag Team Championships over their shoulders with wide confidence. The Prototype stomps behind "The Protege" Sean Hughes, the vocal and arrogant leader of the duo. The announcers note that The New Breed became tag team champs on a recent episode of Fight Night, when they defeated The Warriors of Virtue. The camera shows XYZ and Lord Dog staring intently at The New Breed, who enter the ring with a cocky swagger.

    Rod Sterling: This will be a normal tag team match, but with one man from each team in the ring. So the match will be contested under fatal four way rules, meaning the first to get a pinfall wins the match for his team. We're likely to see a lot of near-falls broken up by people at the last second.

    Michael Garcia: Insightful commentary, Rod.

    Devin Golden: Could you have done it better? Legit tell me.

    Michael Garcia: This will be a fatal four way match, meaning each team will have a representative in the ring and legal at all times. The first team to win by pinfall OR SUBMISSION wins the belts. This will be quite a uniqu...

    Devin Golden: Half our audience is asleep, just so you know.

    FWA Tag Team Championships
    Fatal Four Way tag team match

    The New Breed (The Prototype and "The Protege" Sean Hughes) (c)
    Over the Edge (Killemall and TED)
    "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger and "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder
    The Warriors of Virtue (XYZ and Lord Dog)

    The Prototype starts the match for the champions while Killemall and "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger are in for their respective teams. XYZ begins for the former champions. The four all crouch and glare at one another with hesitation. The Prototype simply stands tall and confident. XYZ and Killemall charge at The Prototype, but he sticks out both arms like tree branches and clotheslines both. Jagger follows but The Prototype lands a big boot to the chin. The Prototype then whips Killemall into the turnbuckle and hits a big running knee to the ribs. He pulls Killemall into the middle of the ring but catches XYZ flying off the turnbuckle with a big right-hand punch. Then he sees Jagger up and hits a tiger driver that shakes the ring.

    Lord Dog tags in with a slap on XYZ's shoulder, TED tags in from Killemall, and "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder reaches down and tags in to save Jagger.

    Rod Sterling: Three new people for The Prototype now!

    The song remains the same. The Prototype back body drops Lord Dog, clotheslines TED and big boots Thunder. Then he hits a dragon suplex to Thunder and goes for the pinfall. But the two count is all he gets, when Lord Dog breaks it up with TED helping. The Prototype is up quickly, but Lord Dog and TED pair up with repeated strikes and kicks. They back The Prototype into one of their corners and put boots into his throat, pressing in to take air from his windpipe.

    TED then whips Lord Dog toward The Prototype, and the big brute watches The Prototype duck and flip Lord Dog over the turnbuckle and crashing onto the ring steps outside. TED follows, though, with a running elbow to the chest and a release German suplex! The ring shakes on impact as the crowd cheers. Tommy Thunder quickly stomps on TED's head and goes for a cover of The Prototype, but TED grabs Thunder by the foot and yanks him off The Prototype's body. TED grabs Thunder around the waist and flings him into the turnbuckle. Jagger tags in as Thunder gets a huge big boot from TED, and Jagger pulls down on TED's neck to stun him against the top rope. The Prototype then is up and waiting, and he hits a superkick right under the jaw! TED slinks down into a seated spot in the corner, and The Prototype quickly tags in "The Protege" Sean Hughes as Killemall tags himself in.

    Hughes gets hit with a palm strike from Killemall, who follows with a roundhouse kick. The ninja hits a step-over spinning heel kick and runs off the ropes for a high-angle elbow drop! Killemall is up but meets a flying forearm from the resurfaced Lord Dog! The former X Champion tags in XYZ, who enters with haste and hits a spinning wheel kick to Killemall. Then one to Hughes. Then he meets a kick to the gut and a gutbuster from Sterling Jagger!

    He goes for the pinfall on XYZ but only gets a two count. Then he covers Killemall but again only a two count. Then Hughes, and again a two count.

    Jagger bangs his fists into the canvas and steps into the corner. Jagger looks around as Tommy Thunder reaches over the ropes for a tag. Jagger hesitates, and Tommy again shouts requesting a tag. Jagger hesitates longer, as XYZ is up on his feet finally. Jagger finally turns and tags in "The Division One Superstar" to the fracas. Thunder hops over the ropes and quickly bounces himself off the ropes on the opposite side. He tries a bulldog but XYZ trips him with ease. Killemall twists XYZ around and hits a Vandaminator to stun the former tag champ. Then he lands the KamiKaze Driver finisher to Thunder!

    The crowd cheers as Killemall goes for the pin, but he only gets a two count because Hughes lands a double-fist drop into his upper spine. Hughes hits a Hammerlock DDT while The Prototype goes one by one around the ring and removes each of the people on the apron. First he whips TED into the ring steps and causes a train crash. He shoves Lord Dog into the fan barricade and drops Jagger face first into the apron.

    Hughes looks to The Prototype and makes the tag. The New Breed then look down at Thunder, who looks like a deer caught in headlights. He looks around for help from Jagger and sees NO ONE on the ropes. The Prototype grabs Jagger around the waist from behind, restricting his movement. The Protege lands a superkick and The Prototype follows with a German suplex that shakes the ring. The cover is elementary and the tag champs retain.

    Winners and STILL FWA Tag Team Champions: The New Breed

    As the Anniversary Show rolls on, we cut back to the parking lot where we see a limo entering the area. The vehicle slows down its pace and eventually stops. Before anything happens though, a handful amount of reporters and cameramen quickly swarm the limo. The door of the limo finally opens and out comes one of the newest members of FWA roster, the same guy whose arrival was foretold at last Fight Night with a vignette. Nova Diamond sees the crowd that was waiting for him and smiles. He then closes the door and adjusts his navy-blue jacket. The reporters gets closer, so does the cameras and their flashes. He uses his arm to block the flashes and gestures with his hand that he wants the people to respect his personal space and back down a little.

    ''I'm not going to accept questions, but since I'm such a nice guy, I can give you some words so you can have something to cover.''

    He begins to walk into the building and starts to speak during his walk. The people follow him, some of them grabbing a pen and paper already.

    ''I am finally here. It feels nice to say that. I could be here sooner, but I believe that time is on my side. And quite frankly, the Diamond is not the type to rush anything. I know I have no scheduled match tonight, and my FWA main-roster contract hasn't even been finalized and signed yet. So, why am I here? Duh, because I can be. I will walk into backstage, I will see everyone there, I will look every single one of them in the eye and I will tell them they shouldn't feel safe anymore. Because I know for a fact that my fellow FWA wrestlers got too complacent about their careers. And believe me, I will lit a fire under their asses. But that's not all. I could do those anytime.''

    The reporters are trying to furiously note down everything he said. Nova, being the kind and giving man he is, gives them the time to do it.

    ''The main reason I am here today is to meet some executives from the board, finalize the procedure about my contract and sign the paperwork that will make me an official part of the roster. Why did I waited until today, despite my arrival was known much before? Well, to put it mildly, I had some demands. Some demands that they were too reluctant to first. Some demands that if you hear, you may deem me too arrogant. But I know who I am, I know what I can do. I do know what I am worth and I will fight for every single penny of it if I have to. It was a painful process, but as I said much earlier: You may hate me, you may love me but you can't deny me. And they couldn't.''

    Nova gives an asshole-ish smirk after that and finally stops in front of an elevator. He pushes its button and elevator quickly arrives. While its door opens, Nova notices the crowd that is still behind him, trying to photograph him and get some further words from him. He raises an eyebrow and makes it noticable that he is annoyed.

    ''Do you mind?''

    He enters the elevator, and pushes another button. While he does that one of the reporters try to get into it as well, but Nova roughly shoves him out. He speaks in an annoyed tone while the reporter, now flat on his ass, tries to get up.

    ''I don't think it can fit anyone but me. Now chop chop, go away. You got what you wished for. Ciao.''

    The doors close and while Nova Diamond goes up, our view doesn't and we get back to regular schedule of the Anniversary Show.

    “Sick” by Adelita’s Way hits and the crowd erupts into a frenzy of boos for “The Prodigy” Mike Parr, who walks out looking as confident as ever with a huge shit eating smirk taking over his facial features.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 240 lbs, he is “The Prodigy”...Mike Parr!

    Rod Sterling: The fans letting Parr know exactly how they feel for his despicable actions a few weeks ago when he took out Phillip A. Jackson

    Michael Garcia: Oh boo hoo! Get over it already, PAJ is gone! Good riddance!

    Devin Golden: I have a feeling that smirk is about to be kicked right off his face by this man…

    As if on cue, “Ya Paravoz (I Am The Locomotive)” hits to a huge ovation for the big Russian, Viktor Maximus. He stands on stage and lets out a huge roar before turning his attention down towards the ring where his opposition waits, and Maximus stomps down to the ring with malice in his eyes for Parr.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, hailing from Grozny, Russia and weighing in at 350 lbs. He is “The Destruction” Viktor Maximus!

    Michael Garcia: I don’t get how Parr should be scared of this guy, did you see the tears in his eyes when he had to watch his precious mentor get what he deserved at the hands of Parr? Pathetic!

    Rod Sterling: Maximus hasn’t forgotten what happened to PAJ and he’s about ready to rip Parr to shreds

    Maximus enters the ring and just as he’s stepping over the top rope, he’s blindsided by Parr who begins clubbing him on the back and doing anything he can to soften the big man, but it has little to no effect on Maximus who just glares at Parr and shoves him across the ring right on his ass. Maximus rips off his tank top with ease and still glares down at Parr, who doesn’t look intimidated or is doing a good job of hiding it.

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs. Viktor Maximus

    The Destruction bounces up and down on the spot, psyching himself up ahead of the match, His eyes burning a hole to the man who took out his mentor. With surprising restraint. Meanwhile, Mike Parr remains still and calm, showing typical smug attitude with the smirk he seems to have permanently painted on his face while watching his opponent. As you’d expect Maximus, is the aggressor, decides it’s enough of standing around and doing nothing as he begins to circle around the ring. Parr knowing he can’t be left behind, follows and suddenly this match looks set to go. They keep circling around the ring for a moment, neither moving at a great pace before they both step forward and engage in the first lockup. Despite Maximus being the bigger man, he doesn’t take the advantage immediately, struggling at first with Parr, who is no small man himself. Eventually, as you might expect from a former Russian professional strong man, It’s “The Destruction”’ who is able to win out, forcing Parr back to the corner thanks to his sheer power. That’s where things end though, at least for now, as the referee is quick to get in and try to ensure we have a clean match here, making sure there’s a clean break.

    Maximus, knowing he’s sent a message to Parr, seems happy to release his hold on Parr and stare him down, Parr ignores the little set back instead shaking it off coming from the turnbuckle to circle around the ring, rather than going right back at his opponent. Viktor Maximus too circles around, before the two come forward and engage in another lockup. Much like before, it isn’t a comfortable victory for Maximus, but his superior size and strength ends up coming into play as he forces Parr all of the ways back to the corner. Once again, the official is on it quick as a flash, enforcing the clean break, meaning Viktor has to back away, although this time he raises his eyebrow, almost as if to dare Mike Parr on. Parr looks to take the bait this time too, coming forward … only to drop down and roll from the ring!

    The crowd shits all over the actions of Parr, as he stands at ringside, hands-on-hips. Meanwhile, Maximus demands he get back in the ring, only for Parr to continue to just standstill. Finally, with the referee’s count up to five, ‘The ’ starts to pace around ringside, looking to re-enter the ring … only to slide in and out quickly, causing the referee to reset his count! The boos absolutely rain in once again for Parr as he tells Maximus “When I’m ready when I’m ready.”

    The Ref count has to get up to seven this time before Parr starts to climb up the steel steps, heading onto the apron to tell the referee to back Maximus up. Wanting the match to finally get started for real, The ref does just that, backing Viktor Maximus away so Parr can climb into the ring. A typical smirk on his face, Parr now seems happy to circle around the ring, prompting Maximus to do the same, before they lock up once again. Like before, Viktor is able to overpower Parr, -Surprise Surprise- at least at first, although Parr is soon able to show his superior wrestling technique, taking the arm of Maximus away to twist it overhead and lock in a wristlock. Viktor can feel the pain in his arm, grimacing as Parr continues to keep the hold locked in, before pulling into a side headlock.

    Maximus now struggles again, flailing his arms about a bit, looking for a way out, only for Parr to wisely take him over with a headlock takedown. Maximus finds himself in an unfamiliar position, caught down on the mat as Parr continues to crank on the side headlock, amping up the pressure until Maximus stops flailing and lets his shoulders fall to the mat getting a one count only for Maximus to spring a shoulder up off the mat!

    ‘The Destruction”’ has a brief moment of motivation, attempting to spring to life, only for Parr to really get some leverage and crank the pressure up, sending Maximus’s shoulders back down to the mat but Maximus is able to get a shoulder up again This time ‘The Destruction’ shoots back up, feeling full of energy as he does so, then presses against the ropes, using the momentum coming off to push Parr off, before STEAMROLLING him on the rebound with a shoulder tackle! Wanting to follow up, Maximus is quick to dash off to the ropes again, going under Parr as he jumps in the air, only for Parr to smirk to the crowd, then turn to have the big man already coming towards him, running straight through him with another shoulder tackle! A cheer from the crowd goes up as Maximus looks to keep his momentum rolling, bouncing off the ropes, before coming back from a clothesline … but Parr stops climbing to his feet, then rolls from the ring!

    The crowd shits all over the tactics from the arrogant Parr, who starts to pace around ringside, taking a few deep breaths in … when Maximus suddenly changes towards him and slides from the ring, sending him into panic mode! Parr immediately bolts, running around ringside, before sliding back into the ring and running off to the opposite ropes … to run right back into a clothesline! Maximus immediately makes the cover, but Parr gets a shoulder up at an easy two

    Parr immediately looks to escape, trying to roll away, but the big Russian catches him, grabbing him around the head and running him across to the corner to slam his head into the top turnbuckle. Parr reels away on jelly legs, the shot stunning him as he moves along the ropes with Maximus coming right after him. Looking to follow up on his good work, Maximus kicks Parr in the midsection, then tries to send him off with an Irish whip, only for Parr to reverse … then sidestep on the rebound and grab him by the back of the head … THROWING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT TO THE FLOOR WITH A MASSIVE THUD!

    The crowd groans as soon as they hear the impact sound throughout the arena the thud being sickeningly loud. With Maximus down on the outside, Parr meanwhile gets to take the time to pull himself back together inside the ring, feeling at his facial features to check everything is in order. On the outside, things are not so peachy for Maximus who starts to roll around on the floor, peeling his back off the mats, before using the apron to start to pull himself up. The pain clearly shooting through his back, as shown by one of his hands clasping at it, Viktor struggles to climb up onto the apron, looking to get back into the ring … only to be met with a boot through the ropes from Parr, catching him right in the gut. This stuns ‘The Destruction’ enough to allow Parr to lock in a front face lock, but Maximus fights it! ‘The Destruction’ doesn’t allow himself to be brought into the ring, blocking it with his leg, before going for a suplex of his own … but his bad back won’t allow him to get Parr up! Instead, Maximus is allowed to have another go at suplexing ‘The Destruction’ back into the ring … and he succeeds, slamming Viktor down in the middle of the ring!

    A smile on his face, Parr watches as Viktor nurses his back, before making the cover. Maximus gets his shoulders up off of the mat at the two!

    Despite the kick out, the prodigy isn’t too fussed, because he’s now found his target, and Viktor Maximus knows it. He tries to roll away, but Parr, grabs him by the leg,and DRIVES his knee down into the spine of ‘The Destruction’ Viktor surely feels that the pain having to shoot through his spine … and he feels it again when Parr DRIVES the knee in again and again and again and again, before backing off into the ropes, jumping up and DROPPING his knee across the back of the big Russian once more. Parr rolls the champion over and hooks the leg, but Victor gets his shoulders up relatively early again!

    Maximus however, is in trouble, and he knows it, heading across to the corner to look for some respite, though Parr is right after him, prompting ‘The Destruction’ to get desperate, landing a kick to the midsection. With the crowd behind him, ‘The Destruction’ now looks to bring the fight, giving Parr everything he has with a couple of big rights … only for Parr to RAM him back into the corner. The injured back of ‘The Destruction’ is taken advantage of again as Parr rears back, then DRIVES his shoulder into the midsection of ‘The Destruction’ a few times, SQUASHING his back into the turnbuckles. Parr is finally forced to back up at the count of four, but the damage is done to the back of ‘The Destruction’, and Parr’s able to take advantage of it by rushing back in and beating Maximus with a kick to the midsection.

    This leaves ‘The Destruction’ at the mercy of Parr,, dragging Maximus right into the ropes, then pulling him so that Maximus body comes through the second rope, while his back is being bent around the top rope. A smirk on his face, Parr winds up … then SMACKS Viktor across the open ribs with a hard forearm! ‘The Destruction’ looks to escape, but Parr holds him back up in position, before rearing back and SMACKING him again, not once but twice before releasing his grip. With the pain shooting through his spine, Maximus can only flop away to his hands and knees when he comes away from the ropes, allowing Parr to roll him over and make the cover: Viktor is able to kick out!

    Once again, Parr isn’t too fussed, climbing back to his feet to look down at Maximus with a smug look on his face. Realising how dominant he’s become, Parr looks out to the crowd and tells them “THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!”, before winding up for a right hand as Viktor gets up … but when Parr swings, the champion is able to block! Parr can’t believe it, he has just time to mouth “Oh shit” before Viktor now begins to absolutely LAMBAST the Progicy with hard right-hand shots, before roaring out to the crowd and RUSHING him back to the corner! The shoulder thrusts begin, DRIVING into the midsection of Parr … only for Parr to land a desperate clubbing blow to the back of ‘The Destruction’, sending him staggering away. Meanwhile, Parr is able to go up to the second rope, then, with Viktor facing the other way, leap … AND COME DOWN WITH A FLYING KNEE THAT DRIVES INTO THE BACK OF ‘THE DESTRUCTION’, SENDING HIM CRASHING DOWN ON HIS FRONT! The crowd actually cheers the innovative move as Parr makes a cover: No! Viktor kicks out again at two!

    Parr looks at the referee accusingly, perhaps believing that it wasn’t actually a two count, before turning back to ‘The Destruction’ and locking in a rear chin lock, though with a twist, as he also DIGS his knee into the spine of the giant man from Russia. Viktor groans in pain, his back clearly giving him great trouble, although he refuses to quit, shouting “NO!” at the ref every time. The crowd begins to get behind ‘The Destruction’ as he continues to fight, willing him back up to his feet … only for Parr to kick him in the back of the knee, sending him back down to one knee … then measure and perfectly place a kick, SHAKING the spine of ‘The Destruction’. Viktor again looks to roll away, but he’s caught once again in a cover, another two count

    The crowd cheers the fight of the giant bearded Russian, although Parr clearly doesn’t appreciate it too much, instead of wanting to do further damage as he presses Viktor back against the ropes, then sends him off with an Irish whip … only for Viktor to EXPLODE through him with a clothesline on the rebound! The crowd goes crazy as Parr springs back up to immediately be pushed back into the ropes, then sent off with an Irish whip … a reverse elbow right to the jaw this time! Parr is reeling, allowing himself to be sent off with yet another Irish whip … with a BIG back body drop on the rebound from Viktor being the result! He struggles a little after that one, the toll the move took on his back being taken as he watches Parr get up, then runs off to the ropes … and comes right back into a back cracker! Parr goes right back to the back! With ‘The Destruction’ reeling again, Parr goes for yet another cover: 1..2... Viktor springs his shoulder up from under Parr!

    Viktor looks to crawl away, only to get STOMPED right in the back. Deciding to look for a submission victory once again, Parr mounts the back of Viktor, GRINDING his knee down into it, while also holding a chin lock to look for the submission. Viktor groans in pain, clearly not finding the knee on his back too comfortable as Parr drives his knee in as hard as possible, although Viktor still refuses to tap out. Instead, ‘The Destruction’ starts to wave his hands around as he begins to get more vertical, forcing Parr to revert back to a regular old chinlock while Viktor gets right back to a vertical base. The elbows now start to fly from ‘The Destruction’, DRIVING into the midsection of Parr as he looks to fight free … but Parr stops that right in its tracks by raking the eyes of ‘The Destruction’.

    The crowd gives some great heat as Parr smirks, even quickly throwing up his arms in celebration before Irish whipping Maximus into the corner and looking to follow him … to run right into a boot! Like Parr before, with his opponent stunned, he runs at him with A BIG BOOT that sends his head somewhere in spiralling in row D.

    With ‘The Destruction’ now looking like he could find a way back into the match, the crowd really starts to get behind him, clapping him on as he rolls around the mat. Parr is starting to stir too, though, and the two look neck and neck as they head to opposite ropes to look for assistance in getting up. With that help from the ropes, both men are able to get up with the referee before staggering towards one another … and Mike Parr strikes with a right hand! The crowd boos as ‘The Prodigy’ lands the first blow … but Maximus fires right back, scoring with one of his own! Back and forward they go until the big man starts to reel off a few shots in a row Viktor forces Parr all of the way back against the ropes before sending Parr off with an Irish whip … then scoring with a clothesline on the rebound! Parr is quickly back up, walking into another clothesline, and then another one, before Viktor RUSHES Parr back into the corner to EXPLODE with some shoulder thrusts! This time Viktor isn’t interrupted by Parr, striking until he decides to stop and send Parr off to the opposite corner with an Irish whip … which he follows up on by charging into SQUASH his opponent with a corner clothesline! Parr struggles out of the corner, falling right into the clutches of the former strong man as he boots him in the midsection, then hoists him up … for a fireman’s carry! Parr slips out and lands behind Maximus then pushes him off to the ropes … PICTURE PERFECT SHINING WIZARD TO THE JAW ON THE REBOUND! PARR GETS MAXIMUS RIGHT IN THE JAW! Parr makes the cover; One...Two...T-


    Mike Parr can’t believe it, looking at the referee in shock, before staggering back to his feet. With Viktor still feeling the effects of the shining wizard, Parr is able to buy himself some time to stumble around the ring, pulling himself back together, before turning back to Viktor. His eyes now focused, Parr grabs Viktor by the arm, opening him up so he can DRIVE his boot down into his back, continuing to put his focus on there. Still holding Max by the arm, Parr pulls him up, convinced he’s done enough damage … SETTING UP FOR THE ROLLING CUTTER … NO! Viktor spins out of it, then boots Parr in the midsection … LOOKING FOR A POWERBOMB … NO! Parr takes Viktor down with a double leg … then catapults him up, sending him face-first into the top turnbuckle! ‘The Destruction’ reels back from the turnbuckle in pain, feeling at his face … AS HE STEPS RIGHT INTO THE ARMS OF PARR … WHO NAILS A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX PARR BENDS VIKTOR MAXIMUS GETS DUMPED ON HIS HEAD The look on Maximus’s face tells the story, as Parr hooks the leg:………1…… ………2……… THR – NO!


    Maximus kicks out, infuriating Parr, who insists to the referee that it should have been three. The ref waves Parr’s protests away though, leaving the Progicy no option but to move on as he decides to head for the corner. ‘The Prodigy” slowly climbs out to the apron, then climbs up to the top rope, watching to make sure Maximus hadn’t gotten up while he was climbing before getting to the top. ‘The Destruction’ starts to struggle to his feet now, Parr looking down at him before he jumps … RIGHT INTO VIKTOR’S GRIP ...CHOKESLAM… NO! Parr slips out the back, then pushes Viktor into the ropes again … PERHAPS THINKING SHINING WIZARD AGAIN … SPEAR MAXIMUS RUNS THROUGH MIKE PARR WITH A SPEAR!

    Maximus pops back up … picks Mike off the mat AND NAILS HIM WITH A DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX! Viktor hooks the leg:

    ………1…… ………2……… THR – NO!


    The crowd groans, feeling sure Maximus had it that time, only for Parr to kick out at the last moment. Still, Maximus doesn’t appear to be too fussed, getting back to his feet … AND DECIDING TO CALL FOR THE END! The crowd goes nuts as Viktor declares it over, before waiting on Parr. Slowly but surely, ‘The Prodigy’ climbs back to his feet, then turns to face Maximus, receiving a kick to the midsection … POPUP POWERBOMB TIME … NO! PARR COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP ONTO VIKTOR’S BAD BACK! Parr gets back up very gingerly … clothesline … no! Maximus ducks then runs off to the ropes … TO COME BACK … AND GET CAUGHT WITH AN EXPLOSIVE SUPERKICK, OUT OF NOTHING Mike Parr hooks the leg,

    ………1……… ………2………THRE – NO!


    The crowd gives an almighty pop, extremely happy to see Viktor having kicked out. In contrast, Mike Parr is absolutely outraged, shouting at the ref that it MUST be three. The referee has no good news for Parr though, prompting him to turn back to Viktor…and called for the end, ending Viktor gets up Viktor crawls towards the ropes, the pain that is no doubt shooting through his back slowing him down from what appears to be his fate. Parr waits, his victory seemingly just one move away as Viktor gets back to his feet and turns … ROLLING CUTTER … NO! MAXIMUS PUSHES PARR AWAY! Parr turns and charges back … VIKTOR CATCHES HIM POPS HIM UP FOR THE REPUBLIC POWERBOMB … COVER………1………………2………THRE – NO!


    This time its Vikor who simply CANNOT believe it, questioning the referee to make sure it’s just two. Realising he has no option but to go on, Viktor gets back up … while Parr starts to struggle up, like Viktor before, using the ropes to get back to his feet, before turning into a kick to the midsection … looking for a chokeslam … NO! Parr takes Viktor’s arm when he goes to lift him, spinning it around … ROLLING CUTTER! MIKE PARR STRIKES WITH THE CUTTER … NO! VIKTOR THROWS HIM AWAY! PARR LANDS RIGHT ON HIS BACK! Parr gets up off the mat, holding his back … CHOKESLAM! Viktor hooks the leg!



    "The Malevolent" Mac Michaud vs. The Cheshire Cat Clan

    On the surface, Mac Michaud seems to be at a massive disadvantage with the CCC having a massive numbers game, but they call Mac “A monster” for a damn reason and facing down with a group, the majority of which are half his size and weight. He’s been able to use his sheer power to keep the CCC at bay. Like King Kong swatting away fighter jets.

    We join the match in progress. With Nova taking a stiff boot to the face before he crawls across and makes the tag to Alice... She slowly climbs through the ropes and stares worryingly as any 4’10 woman would look at an over 6-foot man. She steels herself charges at him, sliding through his legs and running through into the ropes, and as she comes back off the ropes, she dives at Mac. Michaud holds on to her and tosses him overhead with a fallaway slam. He returns to his feet and opts to walk into the corner. With Alice slowly standing back up, she turns round to see Mac leaping and nailing her with a flying clothesline, that knocks her head clean off

    Mac stands back up, and Alice isn’t that far behind him, but she isn’t all there as she turns round to a backbreaker attempt, but gets INSTANTLY cut off by a flying dropkick coming from Nova with Alice landing on top of him with added impact. Mac stumbles back to his feet lashing out at the first thing he sees AND GETS MET WITH A TRIPLE SUPERKICK, that even floors the monster! From there, the massively strong Nova grabs Mac by the legs, and it’s The Chesire Smile! Alice leaps to the pin.




    Winners: The Cheshire Cat Clan

    The scene opens up to backstage where our lovely FWA interviewer, Katie Lynn Goldsmith, is standing before a backdrop of the FWA logo alongside a guest who is presumably her interview for the segment. Though you don't have to presume for long, because she confirms it in a second.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with one half of the newest tag team in Maravilloso Jr.

    The cameras begin to pan around to what everyone would assume to be another cookie-cutter, straight-laced newcomer, with starry eyes and burning ambitions to earn a contract and become an exclusive member of one of wrestling's most talented rosters. But at we lay eyes upon this dark-haired stranger clad in a mask and hoody smiling at the interviewer.

    Marvilloso Jr.: Hola Katie, es un placer conocerte

    Katie Lynn: First off, Welcome to FWA, I have to say right off the bat; that your father was meant to be joining, but he turned down our request for an interview…

    Marvilloso Jr shuffles his feet back and forward awkwardly being put in a position to defend his mad genius of a father.

    Marvilloso Jr: Yeah um, pops don’t do interviews; well, English or otherwise

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Right, right; of course, only FWA management wanted me to pass on that, they've been having difficulties with your father this week, A recent list of the demands he sent to FWA headquarters recently surfaced, and it’s kinda been making the rounds…

    Katie suddenly takes out her phone and begins to scroll through it, while Maraviloso Jr continues to shift with discomfort.

    Marvilloso Jr: Well, we don’t have to-

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: ...His own personal ring announcer brought in from Mexico.

    Marvilloso Jr: Well, no disrespect; to Kurt Harrington but Armando Caballero is a personal family friend and my father’s adjusting; y’ know so he wants people he knows around him, it’s not a big de-

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: His locker room to be maintained at seven one degrees...

    Marviloso Jr: It’s important to keep cool before matches.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Ten pairs of underwear to be available at all times...

    Marviloso Jr: Well you know-

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: A signed picture of Justin Bieber in his locker room?...

    Marviloso Jr: Ok, look; I get it. I know my dad’s reputation, I know he seems loco to everyone else; I know he’s rubbed some shoulders the wrong way, but no one loves wrestling more than him. That’s what this means.

    Maravilloso points to his mask.

    Marviloso Jr: This means passion, this is famila. Honour in wrestling. And that’s something I don’t think a lot of people understand. You know, nowadays you got people trying to be Michael Garcia tryin' to be these big and bad monsters with style and it just ain't workin', I don’t care about titles, I care about making my own legacy while following in his. And it looks to me like family values are needed right about now because the tag team division around these parts is hangin' on by a thread. Back in the day, it was hard keepin' the teams down. There were more teams than matches. And now you got damn mercenaries as champs, a combination of two random wrestlers who work as individuals than a team. Now don’t get me wrong. `The new breed deserves to be holdin' gold, they ain't two of the best for nothin', but they shouldn't be holdin' tag gold cause they aren't a team. Put Thunder and Sterling the story would be different, but it ain't that story. What I was raised on, if you're champ - you don't leave your partner behind to get ahold of some gold to call just yours.

    Maravilloso nods slowly, adding confidence to his point.

    Maraviiloso Jr: Besides; When was the last time, you saw Lucha enter FWA and take charge? The wrestlers who wear these masks? Are proud people, we take what we love serious, we're hunters. When we even remotely believe we can accomplish somethin' we want - we hunt that dream down... we go for the kill. Pop and I coulda made ourselves felt just like we did when Maravilloso hit the scene. You may call him eccentric. You may call him an old man, but it's time me and him were seen as the hunters we’ve always been. It's time.. Los Maravillosos were seen as warriors, and the FWA Tag Team Championships, are coming home.


    "Dirty Deeds" begins playing over the loudspeaker as the crowd rises to its feet inside the arena. An energetic atmosphere greets "The Wildcard" Jason Randall, who appears about five seconds into his theme song wearing a white wife-beater t-shirt, blue jeans, and a black leather jacket. He looks like a biker from Nebraska, with a toothpick in his mouth and his wet hair combed back in a sleek style.

    Rod Sterling: Just so everyone knows, the man who was closest to dethroning Dave Sullivan WAS Jason Randall. He was THIS close, and I know the audience at home can't see me, but my fingers are millimeters apart.

    Michael Garcia: He was close, but he didn't quite get there. And that's the difference right now. "The Wildcard" is always THIS close.

    Randall reaches the ring and takes residency in one of the corners. He squats down until he is leaning against the turnbuckle and almost seated. The crowd shows a decent sign of appreciation for "The Wildcard", a veteran of the FWA for nearly five years now.

    "Rise" by Sixx: A.M. begins and the crowd gets even more lit. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon appears within three seconds showing chiseled abs, aviator sunglasses, and long wavy dirty blonde hair that surpasses his shoulders and nearly reaches his pecs. His black leather pants go down to his ankles, and he sports a smile that is the polar opposite of Randall's stern glare.

    Devin Golden: The man who once teamed with Ayla El to win the FWA Tag Team Championships. The man who was ALWAYS Danny Toner's thorn. The man who could have and probably should have won a singles championship by now. Well, he gets a chance tonight to walk out with TWO.

    Rod Sterling: The women love him. The men admire him. And honestly, I can't blame them. He could be the X factor in this match. We already have a Wildcard, so I can't use that monicker.

    Ramon reaches the ring with his rockstar style, sliding up the steps and hopping over the ropes and into the ring. He has a bounce in his steps as he takes his spot in the corner opposite of Randall. Instead of squatting and staying focused like "The Wildcard," we see "Rockstar" lean against the ropes with his sunglasses on his forehead with a smirk toward the crowd.

    The opening guitar chords of "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold send the arena black, with strobe lights the only illuminating feature. "The King" Dave Sullivan slowly walks out with a crown over his head, a red fur coat over his shoulders, and both the X Championship and North American Championship belts around his waist in a heavy-looking, awkward appearance.

    Sullivan stops at the foot of the stage, just shy of the narrow rampway, and soaks in the arena. The crowd is reacting, with a 70/30 split in terms of favor. Most fans are booing loudly, while a minority shout "HEY! HEY! HEY!" in the right part of the song.

    Michael Garcia: Look ... no love lost ... but Dave Sullivan has been ... just hitting a stride. It's quite inspiring. He's probably the best in the FWA right now. And I completely expect him to leave with BOTH championships.

    Rod Sterling: That's a tall task. You know the FWA management is sort of trying to put him through the ringer to spread out the championships. Monopolies are never good.

    Devin Golden: But "The King" has answered it every time.

    Sullivan slowly walks up the steps, enters the ring, and stands right in the middle. The lights turn on, the strobes stop, and Sullivan is seen with his hands on his hips and his king attire bluntly in center view. Finally, he removes the crown and then the thick coat. Next is the championship belts, which the referee holds up for the crowd and cameras.

    Rod Sterling: This is a two-fall match. Each fall will be for one of the championships. The first fall is for the North American Championship. The second fall will be for the X Championship, and it will be contested under X Rules, meaning anything is legal. That's why the X Championship fall is second.

    Two-Fall Match
    X Championship and North American Championship
    "The King" Dave Sullivan (c) (c)
    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon
    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    First Fall: North American Championship

    "The King" Dave Sullivan is standing in a corner that is unfortunately for him between his two challengers. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall is first to step toward the middle of the ring. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon follows and the two men wait for the champion, who simply leans against his turnbuckle and watches.

    The camera picks up the murmuring of words between Randall and Ramon. Neither man throws a punch. Finally, the two begin shoving one another, with Randall the first to take a physical approach. Ramon doesn't back down and the two go four shoves in total before Sullivan takes two steps out of his corner. Randall and Ramon then stop shoving, nod at one another, and synchronize a double clothesline to the double champion!

    Randall and Ramon grab Sullivan by the upper body and position him against the turnbuckle. They throw repeated and aggressive punches and kicks at his midsection to keep the pressure at a maximum. Then, they double team whip him but stop and pull him backwards into the original turnbuckle. Sullivan goes down, face first, into the canvas.

    Randall grabs Sullivan and whips him into the ropes. He drops down to allow Sullivan to hop over him, and then Ramon hits a nice leg lariat to the unsuspecting champ. Randall quickly is up and lands a standing elbow drop to the chest, and Ramon hits a leg drop. Sullivan is down and the crowd immediately cheers the two fan favorites teaming up against one of the more hated superstars in recent memory.

    Sullivan tries to escape the ring but Randall quickly locks in a rear waist lock. He tightens the grip around the waist and Ramon locks in a head lock up top. Sullivan drops to his knees as he reaches for the nearby ropes. Finally he grabs the bottom one and both men must release. Sullivan rolls freely to the apron and out of the ring. Randall reaches down to try and grab the champ by the hair, but he is too late.

    "Rockstar" uses his opportunity for a potential victory. He grabs the tights of Randall for a school boy rollup, which catches "The Wildcard" by surprise! But it's a kick out at two. Randall quickly rises and shouts at "Rockstar", who winks back at his opponent and then shrugs and says, "I want the title, yo." Randall throws a wild right hand, which Ramon ducks and meets Randall with knife-edge chops to the chest. Randall is whipped into the ropes but ducks a spinning wheel kick and lands a spinning forearm. Ramon stumbles backwards and dodges a clothesline try to hit a ring-shaking spinebuster! "Rockstar" hooks the leg this time in his pinfall try.

    .......Sullivan breaks it up!

    "The King" stymies Ramon's attempt with a double forearm to the back. He begins pummeling right hands into the head of Ramon. Then he pummels the fallen Randall. Sullivan goes back and forth with double forearms to both men as the crowd boos. Sullivan grabs the hair of "Rockstar" with a sneer, almost a growl. He knees Ramon in the ribs to back him against the turnbuckle. A boot goes up into the throat until the referee forces a break. Sullivan then whips Ramon quickly, and he barrels into Randall. The Wildcard goes down, and Ramon stumbles back after their heads collide. Sullivan takes advantage with a jab to Ramon's throat and a roundhouse kick to the side of his head! Now both men are down and Sullivan is the lone man standing upright.

    Rod Sterling: The challengers TRIED to work together, but it didn't matter. Now it's "The King" in control.

    Sullivan grabs Randall and whips him into the turnbuckle. He charges but gets flipped to the apron. Sullivan lands on his feet and smashes Randall's into the turnbuckle. Sullivan enters the ring and immediately sends Randall's body flying over the top rope and outside the ring. But the champion is met with a European uppercut from "Rockstar" Randy Ramon. The challenger whips the champ into the ropes and tries for a kick and snap DDT, but Sullivan counters by driving Ramon into the turnbuckle. He then tackles Ramon to the ground for his ground-and-pound offense! Randall enters the ring and tackles Sullivan off of Ramon!

    Randall then turns and hits "Deuces Wild" snap double-arm DDT to Ramon! The crowd cheers as Randall crawls over for the pinfall, but "The King" again grabs Randall around the neck and this time sends him shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Sullivan quickly turns around and grabs Ramon. He hits the RKO finisher with ease and covers!


    Winner of the first fall and STILL FWA North American Champion: "The King" Dave Sullivan

    The crowd boos as Sullivan rolls off Ramon's body. He then goes to the ropes and yanks himself up with aggression. The bell rings again to signal the second fall, and "The King" immediately begins stomping a mudhole into the fallen Randy Ramon.

    Second Fall: X Championship (contested under X Rules)

    Sullivan goes for a quick pinfall to end the match! But after a two count, Randall breaks it up in suspenseful fashion! Randall is nursing an injured shoulder as he rolls to the side. He rises up, but Sullivan quickly lands a few Muay Thai kicks to the injured arm. Randall grimaces with each impact and slouches against the nearby turnbuckle. Sullivan turns around and grabs Ramon, who is basically useless at this point, for the Three Amigos finisher. He hits the first one, rolls over and hits the second one, and then rolls over but can't execute the third one before Randall interjects with a double leg sweep! "The Wildcard" gives the fans reason to cheer as he hits another "Deuces Wild," this time to the champ! The ring shakes on impact and Randall goes for the cover!


    Randall quickly tries a pinfall of Ramon. But it's also a two count.

    "The Wildcard" immediately rolls out of the ring, as if he expected not to get the win right there. He kneels down and looks under the ring. A steel chair and a trash can are pulled out by Randall, a specialist in hardcore or X rules matches. He slides into the ring just as both Ramon and Sullivan rise to their feet. The steel chair smacks across the head of Ramon, who falls like a heap. Randall grabs the trash can and winds up for a smash across the champion's head, but Sullivan kicks him right in the groin. Sullivan then grabs the trash can and levels Randall with it!

    Sullivan wipes his arms across in an "X" sign and shouts, "NOT DOING THIS AGAIN!" He grabs the steel chair and drives it edge-first into the ribs of the fallen Randall. Then he drives it into the ribs of Ramon. Then back to Randall. Then back to Ramon. Then he tries for Randall, but the challenger blocks it with his foot and kicks it back and up into the face of Sullivan! The crowd cheers as Randall finds his last-gasp wind. Sullivan stumbles backwards and Randall goes for the "Snake Eyes" stunner finisher. Sullivan moves his head and gets away from the grip in time. Randall goes down and Sullivan lands a swift kick into the spine. Randall rolls to the apron and Sullivan looks in time to hit his Three Amigos finisher on "Rockstar"! The crowd jeers watching Sullivan make the pinfall with no interruption!


    Winner of the second fall and STILL X Champion: "The King" Dave Sullivan

    "Hail to the King" plays and the crowd boos wildly. "The King" Dave Sullivan rolls off to the side and receives his two championship belts. Rod Sterling is stunned, nearly unable to form a complete sentence, as Michael Garcia gloats about making a correct prediction. Sullivan leaves the ring area quickly, knowing he successfully did what he had to do and something that no one has done before, successfully defending both championships in a two-fall match.

    Ramon remains down in the ring while Randall looks on, knowing he is again just short of winning the North American Championship or reclaiming the X Championship.


    A video package airs for the main event of the show. We see quick cuts of Gabrielle's biggest moments in the FWA, from her Tag Team Championships victory with Jenny Ignito to her first FWA World Championship win nearly a decade ago. The video package continues, showing more of her feats, including her second World Championship reign and her induction into the FWA Hall of Fame.

    Gabrielle: I haven't shied away from my past. After all we all remember it, we all saw it. I have done some things in this ring that I am not proud of. Things that at the time seemed right, seemed necessary to serve my end goal.
    We see video shots of Gabrielle's less-than-finest moments. Boos are inserted into the background. Gabrielle looks devious, often by Chris Kennedy's side, and some attacking Shannon O'Neal ruthlessly.

    "Now, maybe you have changed. Maybe you're not the same cold, heartless, egomaniac that created literal riots by screwing over your opponents in a feeble attempt to build a legacy out of lies and skullduggery. But I've been here in the three years you haven't. I've taken the measure of your champions, and all evidence points to that being a statistical improbability. Kennedy, Jackson, Parr, Rondo, Connelly, even Shannon broke under the weight of gold and glory and became something far worse than what they were, because they got caught up in the obsession over the trinket rather than what it meant to hold it.
    The static changes to show a look back at Cyrus Truth's debut, his win in the Carnal Contendership battle royal, his initial World Championship victory over Ryan Rondo, his victory against Chris Kennedy, and his second title win against Bell Connelly last year.

    You'll walk into our match as on Icon of this Era, as the Standard of this Era, the Bar of this Era. You could walk out a broken man with a broken Legacy.
    Footage from the last Fight Night, with the two coming to blows. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!

    "The brawl, devoid of any wrestling or any structure, is wild and vicious as Cyrus and Gabrielle look ready to tear each other apart before their match...but after a couple of minutes, Fight Night GM Ryan Rondo appears with dozens of security and production agents to split the two apart. Cyrus manages to grab his World Title belt and defiantly holds it out as both he and Gabrielle are struggling to free themselves, wanting to continue to beat the living hell out of one another..."

    We'll see whether the past catches up to you and see you for what you truly are."

    "Envy" by KHZ plays and the crowd cheers loudly for the theme music. Gabrielle comes out in her caramel-skin form, with her breasts barely covered by the wrestling top and a tight bottoms covering each cheek. She slowly makes her way to the ring with a calm and collected groove, one that cannot be duplicated.

    Rod Sterling: The two-time World Champion and a legend, one of the greatest ever. She's back and she is feared once again. You can tell. It's a mixture of respect and love. Admiration and worship. How does she straddle that line so easily?

    Michael Garcia: I don't worship or respect her.

    Devin Golden: You may be the only one.

    Gabrielle enters the ring and takes her spot in the corner. "Subconscious Entry Version" by Julia Claris is next, bringing the arena to darkness. The violin cords seam perfectly with the red strobe lights, and the FWA World Champion comes out to the rampway and heads down to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: This may be Cyrus' biggest challenge yet. He has defeated so many people. He's a three-time FWA World Champion. He's beaten so many names. Shannon O'Neal. Bell Connelly. Ryan Rondo. Chris Kennedy. Phillip A. Jackson. Stu St. Clair if you want to go waaaay back. Would Gabrielle be the biggest of them all?

    Cyrus is in the ring, removes his championship, and takes his spot in the corner. Ring introductions follow, and then the bell starts the main event.

    FWA World Championship
    Cyrus Truth (c) vs. Gabrielle Montgomery

    Gabrielle and Cyrus start with a basic arm grapple. Gabrielle loses out as Cyrus applies a head lock to his right. Then Gabrielle is pushed into the ropes and gets a shoulder bump to the canvas. Cyrus quickly applies an arm lock with pressure on the shoulder, forcing Gabrielle up to her feet. Cyrus again tries a head lock, this one front-facing, but Gabrielle squirms free and lands a swift kick to the stomach. She fires two forearms to the face and three backhand slaps across the naked chest of the World Champion. Cyrus backs up, into the ropes, and Gabrielle quickly whips him, but Cyrus counters by sending Gabrielle instead. The challenger stops her momentum and lands an elbow as Cyrus charges. Then she hits a spinning heel kick to knock the champion down.

    Gabrielle grabs Cyrus around the neck and hits a split-legged hangman's neckbreaker. She follows with a quick pinfall try, but Cyrus kicks out at one and a half. Gabrielle follows with a standing split-legged leg drop across the chest. Then an arm hold with her leg nearly wrapped around the champ's neck. Gabrielle begins bending the fingers as Cyrus screams in pain about 10 seconds in. Finally, he rolls backwards and rolls up Gabrielle. But the challenger kicks out at two with her arms wrapped around his neck. Gabrielle grabs Cyrus' legs for a pinfall, but it's a quick kick out. And Cyrus again has a roll-up, but Gabrielle kicks out at two. Finally, Gabrielle kicks Cyrus right in the face as both are in a seated position. She rises up but gets both legs swept from under her, allowing Cyrus to hit his First Five Steps repeated stomps into the canvas. He kneels down and covers!

    ...Kick out

    Cyrus rises up to his feet and poses for the crowd, which replies with a mixed reaction. He then points to the fallen Gabrielle, and the fans cheer for her recognition. Cyrus then says, "I don't need the love you have for her. I just need that championship, and that's automatic RESPECT!" Gabrielle catches him by surprise with a small package roll up when he turns, and the crowd rises to its feet!


    Cyrus is up and quickly lands a back body drop and then tackles Gabrielle, pressing his forearm into her face as he sits atop her in a demeaning and forceful manner. Cyrus continues the offense with a series of moves: a hip toss, shoulder breaker, and fisherman's suplex. After the trio, he gets another two count on a pinfall try. Cyrus amps up the aggression with his Exile's Edge argentine rack into a neckbreaker. The crowd groans as Cyrus kneels next to Gabrielle for the cover.
    ............Kick out!

    Cyrus is in complete control. He whips Gabrielle hard into the turnbuckle and follows with a running shoulder bump. Then he whips her to the opposite turnbuckle and charges. Gabrielle puts up a boot, which Cyrus stops shy of, but then meets a kick to the face from the other foot. Gabrielle charges out for a jumping heel kick to the stomach. She then lands a step-up enzuiguri as Cyrus rolls under the ropes and out of the ring, with the crowd energetically cheering for the challenger.

    Rod Sterling: Gabrielle is relying a lot on her kicks and strikes. Cyrus is going more for actual moves. Right now, Gabby's legs are keeping her in this match.

    Gabrielle slides out of the ring and begins leveling Cyrus with repeated forearms to the upper back. Cyrus stumbles away from his opponent, who chases the champ. She then smashes his face into the ring apron and sends him crashing into the fan barricade. A quick reset of the count and Gabrielle is back at it, trying to smash Cyrus' face into the ring post. But the champ blocks it and instead shoves Gabrielle into the ring steps, which she flips over in an awkward manner.

    Cyrus rolls Gabrielle back into the ring and steps to the apron. But Gabrielle meets him with a knee to the face as he steps through the middle and top ropes. She hits her GaBuster reverse lungblower and then goes for the first real pinfall try of the match in her favor!

    ...............Kick out!

    Gabrielle poses for the crowd this time, and everyone adores her. She then says, looking down at Cyrus, "Your legacy is going to BREAK tonight!" Cyrus pushes himself to his feet, and Gabrielle meets him with a furious right forearm to the face. Then she hits a second one. And the third one knocks him back down. The ring shakes and the crowd cheers.

    "I am not Ryan Rondo, or Stu St. Clair, or Shannon O'Neal, or Bell Connelly. I am DIFFERENT. I am a GOD DAMN GODDESS!" Gabrielle screams to no one in particular. Everyone in the arena seems to respond with cheers and screams, at least that's how loud it is in response.

    Gabrielle grabs Cyrus by the neck and whips him again into the ropes. This time it's Cyrus hitting the canvas with a big chop from Gabrielle across the chest. She goes to the top turnbuckle quickly and waits for Cyrus to arise. Then she flies off for her diving hurricarana! And hits it! The crowd is cheering as Gabrielle crawls over for a cover!


    The action continues back and forth, with both wrestlers getting their major moves in. Cyrus lands his Wanderer's Wrath knee drop and almost gets a 3 count after Broken Path big boot. Gabrielle applies a body scissors for about 40 seconds before Cyrus reaches the ropes. Then she puts him in a Lotus Lock for another minute to 90 seconds.

    Gabrielle rises and tries to land her 34 Double D-DT finisher, but Cyrus drives her back first into the turnbuckle. Repeated shoulder thrusts into the gut stymie Gabrielle's offense. Cyrus then does his First Five Steps a second time in the match, this time with the boots landing right into the face and against the turnbuckle. Cyrus applies his Memento Mori chokehold and transitions into the STO! He goes for the cover


    Cyrus thought it was DONE right there. Instead, Gabrielle is hanging by a thread. He pulls her upright and hoists her body onto his shoulders for the Journey's End sitout belly-to-belly piledriver. But Gabrielle slides off the back, stomps on the back of his leg, and hits the 34 Double D-DT finisher!

    The ring shakes on impact as Cyrus goes down and lays on his back. But he's too close to the ropes, his body practically laying underneath them. Gabrielle tries to pull his motionless and limp body into the middle of the ring. About 7 seconds pass as Gabrielle struggles to maneuver a larger human being than herself into the correct position. Finally, after the struggle, she kneels down and lays atop the champion.

    Crowd: ONE .... TWO .... THREE!!!


    Cyrus gets a shoulder up at the last millisecond, and the crowd's energy tells the story. Everyone lets out a massive breath, with their excitement shot. Gabrielle grabs Cyrus and goes for a second 34 Double D-DT finisher. This time, Cyrus scoops her up and repositions her on his shoulders. He then drops her with "Journey's End" and lays down next to her, with the crowd ooo'ing and aaaah'ing. finally, he covers his challenger.

    Crowd: ONE.......





    The crowd again lets out a massive "Oooooooh" as the energy continues. Cyrus rises to his feet and hoists Gabrielle up again for Journey's End. Gabrielle slides down the back and tries another 34 Double D-DT finisher. Cyrus again flips her back and has her on his shoulders. Gabrielle struggles and squirms until she frees herself, and then lands a big roundhouse kick to the shoulder. Cyrus stumbles backwards and Gabrielle runs to the turnbuckle for a split-legged moonsault! Cyrus catches her in mid-air and then puts her on his shoulders and lands a second "Journey's End" piledriver!!!

    This time, Cyrus lays across Gabrielle and hooks the far leg.


    Winner and STILL FWA World Champion: Cyrus Truth

    Cyrus rolls his body off of Gabrielle as the bell rings. He is breathing heavily, his hands over his chest pectorals, and his foe lays next to him with her eyes closed. Cyrus takes about 30 seconds before he rolls onto his stomach, getting his hand raised with a few fans showing jubilation but most of them sorrowful for Gabrielle's defeat.

    Rod Sterling: Cyrus Truth answered arguably his biggest challenge yet. He has defeated Gabrielle, 1-2-3, and what more can anyone say? The CWA transplants went Two and Oh, UNDEFEATED, against the FWA's biggest power couple.

    Michael Garcia: You keep putting that CWA stamp on Cyrus and I may switch my allegiances to Gabrielle.

    The crowd cheers the performance of both superstars, but Cyrus is the only one celebrating or smiling. He retrieves his FWA World Championship and escapes the ring. As he walks up the rampway, he looks back and sees Gabrielle struggling to her feet. Cyrus watches her rise up, and he offers a sign of respect by clapping for her. Gabrielle wants none of it, her stern glare back filled with rage and wanting retribution. Cyrus then says, "My legacy is JUST FINE" as a callback to some of the words they exchanged leading up to the match. Cyrus then points at Gabrielle and says, "Maybe YOU should fix yours."

    The crowd cheers as Cyrus walks up the rampway, with Gabrielle watching him from inside the ring. A few fans begin a "CWA! CWA! CWA!" chant as Cyrus nods his head in appreciation. Then some "FWA! FWA!" chants drown them out, but the reality sinks in. The CWA's two biggest stars on the FWA roster went undefeated in their two matches against the FWA's greatest.

    With hardly any oxygen in her lungs and barely enough energy to let out an audible sound, Gabrielle says loudly, "You don't know what you just did, Cyrus. You don't know what you just did."Cyrus simply ignores her, leaving the ring area while Gabrielle sneers with her narrow eyes piercing daggers out at the vanishing figure.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

    Great show from top to bottom, congrats to all of the winners and kudos to everyone that contributed to this show.

    MVP: “The King” Dave Sullivan

    Honorable mentions: Cyrus, Gabby, Krash, and Maximus
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

    Sully deserves a shot at the WHC even with two titles. The guy could be the "Undisputed King Of FWA" the triple threat of FWA the list can go on. Well written show guys the future looks bright.


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    ​Brayden Bridges

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    Re: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

    Incredible show.

    I've only skimmed most of it, but everything felt like a big deal, everything felt important.

    In particular the World and NA/X Title matches. Krash v Kennedy was big as well, and I loved the parralels drawn between that match and the Gabby/Cyrus match with the former power couple taking on two CWA Stars. Interested to see if that and/or the post match comments to Cyrus retaining lead anywhere.

    The quality of match writing was genuinely special.

    Do we dare attempt to have Sullivan become a Triple Champ?

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    Re: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

    This show was really well put together. There are so many small details written in every part.

    I agree that the CWA duo conquering the FWA stars is a fun storyline, especially on the Anniversary of FWA show. How long until Cyrus and Krash shed those CWA labels and are finally just considered part of the FWA family? It's like poor Cyrus is an outsider even after these few years. But he's on top of it.

    I loved the details in the NA/X championship match. The entrances were very visual, and the choreography of the match was well designed. Ramon and Randall trying to team up and work together to take out Sullivan was smart. I really wasn't sure if I did enough to beat Randall for the second fall, I thought he might've been walking out with the title. Sullivan certainly respects that out of his recent opponents, Randall puts up the biggest fight and keeps his chin up.

    I really had no idea what was going to happen with the main event. I'm not sure the grades, but they had to be close. Those two promos were promos that proved Gabby and Cyrus are the two best in the show right now. Gabby had to of just came short.

    I can't wait to see what happens going forward. Great written and well put together show.

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    Re: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

    Excellent effort and amazing show!

    I've been out on vacay so that's a big part of the delay this time. So major props to TGO, Jimmy, Jiggy, and AON for doing the match writing and work on this show!

    I really like where the FWA is headed right now and trust me when I say I am PUMPED for the next Fight Night. You'll see why...

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    Re: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

    Massive props to everyone involved in this, great show. Parr/Maximus was my MOTN.

    CWA invaders angle with Krash/Savage/Fenix works well since they are new but not sure how to feel about branding Cyrus as another CWA guy since he's been a part of FWA for what, 3 years now?
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    Re: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by Sayer View Post
    Excellent effort and amazing show!

    I've been out on vacay so that's a big part of the delay this time. So major props to TGO, Jimmy, Jiggy, and AON for doing the match writing and work on this show!

    I really like where the FWA is headed right now and trust me when I say I am PUMPED for the next Fight Night. You'll see why...
    i know why.

    long overdue.

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    Re: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
    Massive props to everyone involved in this, great show. Parr/Maximus was my MOTN.

    CWA invaders angle with Krash/Savage/Fenix works well since they are new but not sure how to feel about branding Cyrus as another CWA guy since he's been a part of FWA for what, 3 years now?
    Cyrus has always had the aura of an outsider. Even if he's an accepted outsider, he's still an outsider.

    I think mostly the mentality is Cyrus is part of the FWA now, but with CwA closing and Krash coming over, it could bring up that outsider aura, especially among heels and in specific circumstances.

    This is obviously all kayfabe. Non-kayfabe, Cyrus Truth the RP'er is as FWA as me or Sully or ETE at this point.
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    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: FWA 14th Anniversary Show RESULTS

    TGO has the right of it. Cyrus has been ruling the roost in FWA for years now, but I doubt anybody's ever fully accepted him. As he said in his promo, the respect is there but there's little if any love.

    Anyways, great show. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.
    Something Witty!

    4x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x CWA World Heavyweight Champion

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