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Thread: NFL Summer Predictions for the 2019 Season

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    NFL Summer Predictions for the 2019 Season

    I'm in a football mood today, and I'm gearing up my brain for training camp that's starting up in a couple of weeks. So with that said, I am making this thread for casual non competitive predictions for the 2019 season. We haven't seen training camp, we haven't seen a lot on teams, and some free agents aren't signed yet. But that isn't stopping us from predicting who is going to the Super Bowl 54 in Miami.

    This is my disclaimer for this prediction thread: It's entirely based on fun, and probably a little bit of bias. Do not respond to my post and be like "Wow you think the Steelers are going to win the division and not the Browns? LOL you're such a homer moron". No, this isn't that kind of thread. I am not an NFL analyst. I am not putting a lot of in depth thought into this with statistical analysis and sabermetrics and scouting reports. I'm simply predicting the final record of every team and doing it off the top of my head based on the overall general knowledge and opinions I have with all 32 of the NFL teams. I encourage you all to do the same. With that said, even though I am rooting for my Steelers to win the Super Bowl, and I making it a rule for myself that I have to pick a different team than them to represent the AFC.

    AFC North
    1. Steelers: 11-5
    2. Browns: 10-6
    3. Ravens: 8-8
    4. Bengals: 4-12

    Yes, I am predicting my Steelers to win the division. I think people are underestimating how much of an upgrade the Steelers got by downgrading their offense. That doesn't sound logical I know, but truly I think less is more for this team that had so much drama last year. I think most of the causes of the drama have been resolved, and that everyone is on the same page going into this season. People overall the importance of an ace running back. Name a team that won the Super Bowl with an ace running back paving the way. Marshall Faulk and the Rams in 2001 is the last one I can remember, unless you can make an argument for the Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch. Barry Sanders, Adrian Peterson, Ladainian Tomlinson...and so many more never won a Super Bowl. You don't need a running back to win a Super Bowl. And quite honestly, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have proved 6 times that you don't need a fancy high powered offense to win a Super Bowl either. I think with the Steelers going back to the style of offense that they had successful with before the Killer B era, and focusing in on defense, they will have success. Defense wins championships, and with the Devin Bush pick I think the Steelers defense is ready to get back into form.

    People don't realize that this isn't Madden. Having big name players doesn't win you the Super Bowl. Anybody remember the 2011 "Dream Team" Eagles who were the big favorites after signing a bunch of free agents? There is so much more involved than just players on the roster. Coaching, morale, leadership...the Steelers cleaned up. The Browns look good on paper, but I don't know if Freddie Kitchens has what it takes to lead them to victory. But, for the sake of the hype, I'm giving the Browns a 10-6 record and a just missed opportunity at winning the division.

    The Ravens are going to miss the playoffs at 8-8. Lamar Jackson was their saving grace last year, going on that huge winning streak at the last second by replacing the finished Flacco and winning the division. But QBs like Jackson always find more success in their first NFL starts when teams have no tape. How will the running back playing QB do now that teams will start to figure him the Chargers did in the wild card last year? Lastly, the Bengals are going to be last in the division. I don't think anyone will argue with me on this one. I actually really like the hiring of Zac Taylor, and he's one of my favorite hires this offseason. Perhaps they win more than I give them credit for, but I just think this team won't have success until Andy Dalton is replaced. They missed big time on not getting Will Grier and letting him fall to the Panthers in the third, but perhaps if they snag a Tua or a Herbert they could be a different team? Like the Steelers, the Bengals had a serious locker room culture issue that was holding them down. With the likes of Vontaze Burfict out the door, perhaps they too are cleaning things up?

    AFC East
    1. Patriots: 12-4
    2. Jets: 9-7
    3. Bills: 7-9
    4. Dolphins: 3-13

    So my writeup for the AFC North was way more detailed because that's the division I'm most familiar with. Every year I say, hey...maybe Tom Brady will start to play like he's actually 4(insert second digit here). But he doesn't. Do you know the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless? I am convinced those pills Cooper takes are legit, and that Tom Brady has the entire stash...him and Novak Djokovic. MAYBE...just maybe Tom will play like he's 42 this year, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Sony Michel was one of the real reasons skill wise why the Patriots cruised to their 6th Super Bowl win last year, and I think with Belichick calling the plays that offense will be just as successful. With the experience and leadership of Brady, and the young athleticism that Michel and first round pick N'Keal Harry bring to the team, I don't think the Patriots aren't going to give me the satisfaction of seeing them fail this year.

    I'm being generous giving the Jets a 9-7 record. It could go either way honestly, it depends on Sam Darnold going into his sophomore year. I'll tell you one thing, and maybe I'm saying this with a hint a salty bias, but Le'veon Bell isn't going to be as big of a impact as the Jets need him to be. I'll name all of the reasons why: He took an entire season season off so he's going to be rusty, he is on an entirely new team with an entirely new offense and an entirely new offensive line that isn't the tough offensive line he's had with the Steelers for years, he just got paid which means he no longer has to be the best he can be to earn his money...and based on his actions/words over the last two years that's clearly been his top priority, and to top it all off...he's pushing 30, which people seem to forget the lifespan of running backs is the shortest out of any NFL position, and it doesn't help when you have had two major knee surgeries and the mileage he has with all the touches (even before the NFL he was the workhouse of the Michigan State Spartans). All those reasons, I don't think he's going to be the same Bell we remembered. With that said, I still think he's one of the best receiving backs in the league and I think he'll still have some flashy moments. I like the CJ Mosley signing a lot. But the biggest reason why I can't get behind the the head coach they hired. I am a big big big advocate of not hiring coaches who had previously coached an NFL team before and failed. I am an even bigger advocated against not hiring coaches who JUST got fired from coaching an NFL team and failed. I think Adam Gase is a totally trash coach, and he looks too much like Michael Cole for my liking. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just can't get behind Adam Gase. I do love the new Jets jerseys though

    Some people think the Bills have potential, but I don't see it. I don't like Josh Allen who doesn't play linebacker, and I don't like much else about the Bills roster either. And lastly, the Dolphins are trash too. They are totally going into tank mode for this season. Not sure I am crazy about Brian Flores being the head coach...anybody coming from the Bill Belichick coaching tree hasn't had much success. We saw Patrica go to the Lions last season and try to implement the same locker room culture that Belichick developed over years in New England, and he got a lot of backlash from players. Belichick proteges just have not been able to replicate any of his success. Flores took over as DC for ONE YEAR after Patrica left, and he gets a head coaching gig. However....however...he meets my criteria for head coaching hires. That being, he didn't fail as a head coach in the NFL before. Taking a shot on a first time Head Coach with potential is a way better move than hiring an Adam Gase.

    AFC West
    1. Chiefs: 11-5
    2. Chargers: 11-5
    3. Broncos: 7-9
    4. Raiders: 6-10

    This is a hard one. I almost gave the Chiefs a record of 13-3, but I really don't know how they are going to do without Hunt and Hill in their lineup. They lost a stud RB and a stud WR. They still have a Stud QB who I fully believe is legit, but did they get the weapons they need to replace the stars they lost? Their defense is still stacked. I see them dropping a few extra games than they did last year during the regular season, but get ready because I do think they'll be contenders in the playoffs. Chargers are the Chargers. Phillip Rivers is Phillip Rivers. I see them doing what they do every year, having an above average regular season and then choking it away in the playoffs. I see them missing the conference championships yet again.

    The Raiders are interesting. Their offense could entirely depend on whether Josh Jacobs is legit or not. I don't think they have enough weapons to contend. Likewise, I return to the "Leadership and Team Morale" point I made earlier with the Steelers and Bengals. Remember how I said the Steelers and the Bengals cleaned up their locker room by getting rid of the cancerous dicks that were dragging them down? Well the Raiders decided to dig through their trash and bring them into their team. Antonio Brown, Vontaze Burfict, Richie Incognito...this team is full of cancer, and I see them dragging the team down. Plus, Steelers WRs (with the exception of Emmanuel Sanders) don't have a history of being too successful after leaving Pittsburgh. Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Plaxico Burress, and Antwan Randle El to name a few. We'll truly see if Big Ben makes his WRs, or if Antonio Brown was the one making Ben look good. Based on the history of the other star Steelers WRs who left Ben for lesser QBs not named Peyton Manning, I don't like his chances. Not to mention, as a psychologist with a knowledge on neurobiology, I legitimately fear that Antonio Brown has a brain injury developed due to CTE that is impacting his prefrontal cortex (Decision making, impulsivity, etc). We'll see.

    AFC South
    1. Colts: 12-4
    2. Texans: 10-6
    3. Jaguars: 7-9
    4. Titans: 7-9

    I don't have much to say about this one, other than the fact that I think the Colts are coming. Andrew Luck is healthy, and I think this team has the tools to really become contenders in the AFC. The Texans are right there behind them with some tools of their own, and if Watson can stay healthy they can give the Colts a run for their money. The Jaguars upgraded with Nick Foles at QB, but I don't think it'll be enough to help them get back to the lucky success they had a couple years ago. The Titans don't have a legit QB with Mariotta in my opinion, but their success depends on Derrick Henry and if they believe in him enough to give him the touches.

    NFC North
    1. Bears: 13-3
    2. Packers: 10-6
    3. Vikings: 8-8
    4. Lions: 8-8

    A lot of people are getting behind the Bears, and I am one of them. In fact, Mitchell Trubisky is getting a lot of Vegas Bets to win the NFL MVP award this year. I do not agree with this, I see Trubisky as a "Flacco in his Prime" kind of QB, or maybe Tony Romo...but I don't see him as an MVP type QB. With that said, the Bears fit the model formula for a Super Bowl team. A top end defense with a solid offense to support them. I also think David Montgomery could end up surprising a lot of people and being the best RB from this draft. I think they're going to make a run for sure.

    A lot of people are down on the Packers, but this is Aaron Rodgers we are talking about. Rodgers will keep this team afloat, he always does. I love the new head coach hire in Matt LaFluer, and think he's an upgrade from McCarthy. We'll see how they do this year. With that said, the Vikings and the Lions have the teams to be in the mix for awhile, but I think they'll drop off in the end to cap off mediocre seasons.

    NFC East
    1. Cowboys: 12-4
    2. Eagles: 11-5
    3. Giants: 9-7
    4. Redskins: 7-9

    As much as I hate the Cowboys, I think they are the ones winning the division here. They have the weapons on offense and defense, specifically with Elliot and Cooper. I don't think Dak Prescott is a franchise QB however, and we'll see if he's their downfall in the playoffs. The Eagles will be right behind them the whole way, and very well could take the division from them. It depends on Carson Wentz and if he stays healthy. The Giants are ranked higher on my list than anyone's I imagine, but I believe in them. Not a fan of Pat Shurmur, but I see this team being similar to the Baltimore Ravens last year. I am really really rooting for Daniel Jones. I didn't like the pick, but the pure amount of hate and critisicm it has gotten, as well as just the unnecessary heat that's been on Daniel Jones by Giants fans and the like...I'm rooting for the kid to succeed. I would absolutely love it if he took over for Eli Manning after a few games, and looked like an absolute all star on the field. Plus, they have the best...yes, the best running back in the NFL with Saquan Barkley in the backfield.

    I like Dwayne Haskins at QB for the Redskins, but I don't know if they have the overall depth to do anything more than 7-9.

    NFC West
    1. Rams: 11-5
    2. Seahawks: 10-6
    3. Cardinals: 8-8
    4. 49ers: 4-12

    I don't have much to say about this division. I think the order of the top two is pretty established. The Rams are going to still be contenders, with a lot to prove after the disappointing loss last year. But their success is going to depend on how what's going on with Todd Gurley's knee. The Seahawks are the second best team, and they could be on the cusp of either a wild card run or just missing the playoffs.

    The real debate here is the Cardinals, who like the Giants/Daniel Jones I feel have gotten a lot of inaccurate readings from keyboard warriors like myself. A lot of the lists I am reading are really downplaying this offense, and some are calling it the worst in the NFL. I do not see where this is coming from at all, and I honestly think they have some serious weapons here. First off, the Head Coach hire meets my criteria. He has an offensive background, and was clearly a Sean McVay type hire. Next, you have the veteran Larry Fitzgerald. Remember my talk about WRs from the Steelers transitioning to different QBs are not having anywhere near the success they had in the past? Well think about how many QBs Larry Fitzgerald has had...I don't know if I can count them all on my fingers and toes. The man has made 11 Pro Bowls. Then you have David Johnson, who hasn't looked good since his injury but we know what he can do. Some people called him a top 3 back just a couple years ago. Then, then there's the real debate. Kyler Murray. He's the first overall pick of the draft, and he was for a reason. I think every team that drafted a QB, would have picked Kyler Murray over their QB of choice if he was there for them. The Cardinals traded their first round pick QB just a year ago away just to draft this guy. Traditionalist will say he's too small, his style doesn't fit in the NFL...but we'll see. I think the guy has a lot of tools, and if I am right the Murray-Johnson-Fitzgerald trio could be deadly. Not to mention they have stars on defense like Patrick Peterson too. I'm not saying this team will make the playoffs or anything, but I think they'll surprise us.

    Lastly, the 49ers. They suck.

    NFC South
    1. Saints: 12-4
    2. Falcons: 10-6
    3. Panthers: 9-7
    4. Buccaneers: 3-13

    I don't have much to say about this division either. I think Drew Brees is Drew Brees, and he'll lead the Saints to yet another division title. The Falcons lost more than they gained in my opinion, but they still have all the same weapons they've had success with so they'll be there. Then the Panthers are the Panthers.

    I honestly feel like the bottom two teams in my order are locked in. Saints and Falcons could battle for the division, but the Panthers surely are the unquestionable third place team, and the Bucs are surely the unquestionable last place team in the south. The Bucs have a lot to work on. I still believe in Winston, and I love Evans, but they need much much more.

    Playoff Standings:

    AFC: 1. Patriots (12-4) 2. Colts (12-4), 3. Chiefs (11-5), 4. Steelers (11-5), 5. Chargers (11-5), 6. Browns (10-6)
    NFC: 1. Bears (13-3, 2. Saints (12-4), 3. Cowboys (12-4), 4. Rams (11-5), 5. Eagles (11-5), 6. Packers (10-6)

    Wild Card:

    1. Browns vs Chiefs
    2. Chargers vs Steelers
    3. Packers vs Cowboys
    4. Eagles vs Rams

    For the wildcard round, we'll have the loveable Browns squeak in for a playoff birth over the Texans. But they go into Arrowhead stadium, and get absolutely demolished by the Chiefs. The Chargers go into Heinz Field to face the Steelers in a fairly even matchup, but the Steelers win by a score. The Packers go into Dallas Stadium to upset the Cowboys who choke in the Wildcard, and the Rams beat the Eagles at home to move onto the divisional round.

    Divisional Round:

    1. Steelers vs Patriots
    2. Chiefs vs Colts
    3. Packers vs Bears
    4. Rams vs Saints

    This one has some slobberknocker matchups. Starting with the Steelers and Patriots. After losing to the Patriots by two scores in Week 1, the Pittsburgh Steelers do what they haven't been able to do, and beat the Patriots in the playoffs to move onto the conference championships. While the Chiefs seek Redemption, they don't get it and fall to the Colts at in Lucas Oil Stadium. Meanwhile in the NFC, we have the divisional rival matchup between the Bears and Packers. Rodgers puts up a fight, but this time Jay Cutler isn't there to get injured and the Bears move onto the conference championships. And last but not least, we get a rematch to the controversial Rams vs Saints championship game. This time, the missed pass interference call gets reviewed and overturned for the Saints to win the game and move on.

    Conference Championship:
    1. Saints vs Bears
    2. Steelers vs Colts

    So we start with the Saints vs Bears championship game. It's a good one that goes back and forth the entire game, but in the end the Chicago Cold gets to the Super Dome loving Saints, and the Da Bears clinch the conference and a trip to the Super Bowl after a strip sack fumble of Drew Brees by Khalil Mack.

    Meanwhile, the Steelers travel to Lucas Oil to take on Andrew Luck and the Colts. This one is just as close as the other championship game, until the second quarter when Ben Roethlisberger leaves the game after getting sacked and hurting his shoulder. The Steelers struggle with Mason Rudolph to keep up with Andrew Luck's Colts, going down three scores. Until Roethlisberger comes back in the fourth quarter, and brings the Steelers back. The Steelers tie the game in the last second, and take it into OT...where the Colts win the coin toss, and Andrew Luck marches down the field to score a TD and clinch the Colts for the Super BOwl.

    Super Bowl 54:
    1. Bears vs Colts

    It's 13 years later, but we finally have it. A rematch of the Super Bowl that took place in the 2006 Season. This time instead of Rex Grossman vs Peyton Manning, we have Mitchell Trubisky vs Andrew Luck. But this one turns out more like a different Super Bowl that Peyton Manning played in, when he got beat by the Seattle Seahawks. Because defense wins championships, and Da Bears defense is too much for Andrew Luck to handle.

    The Bears go on to beat the Colts in Super Bowl 54, and Khalil Mack is named the MVP of the game.

    So those are my thoughts. What are your predictions?
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