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Thread: Changes You Most Want to See

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    Re: Changes You Most Want to See

    Have Brock go away until after WrestleMania 36 so he feels special again. I miss actually being HAPPY to see him and popping when his music plays, I never thought I'd ever get pissed off seeing him come out. Just have Seth beat him at SummerSlam, fuck have an angle where Rollins Curb Stomp's him on the ramp or onto the steps or cinder blocks or something to write him off for a LONG time, then keep him away from the title for a while.Also give Otis the world title.

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    Re: Changes You Most Want to See

    Quote Originally Posted by BattleKat View Post
    No more part-timers holding belts and not showing up on TV. Limit one legend per PPV (maybe two at 'Mania) and only one legend vs legend match per year, all the rest must be legend vs current star. When wrestlers are legitimately busted open, don't hide it from the camera. And create a real difference between Raw and Smackdown brands. Tell Heyman and Bischoff to compete against each other.
    To channel my inner Djinn from Wishmaster, you get your wish. However, since you didn't specify otherwise, every legend vs current wrestler will result in the legend going over.

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    Re: Changes You Most Want to See

    Yeah I am sick of seeing all these old timers coming back for the One More Match thing. So Much talent on the roster other guys are suffering. Same thing with the wildcard which has ended up being used for same 15 guys and girls on tv on both shows now. Turn on raw or sd you see the same matches and people.


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