So I just got around to watch the show. First time watching Impact in ages, so admitedlly I didn't have that build up or excitment going into the show that was maybe needed for a few of the matches, epscially the Main Event:

Loved the opening intro to the show with the promo video. Was really well done.

X-Division 4-way match:
- Good opening match. Pretty fun. Double foot-stomp spot from Willy Mack was cool. Started the show perfectly and TJP especially looks like he's got his hunger and happiness back.

3-way Tag Team Championship match:
- Decent match, nothing amazing. LAX are very good and the match after the injury to Santana. Did the North win the titles right before the PPv? If so, why not just have them win the titles are the PPv which would have been more of a big deal? Strange.

Kross vs Edwards:
- Even though the whole cane thing is a little silly, I quite liked the video package for this one. Also can't remember the last time I seen a First Blood Match. Kross looked demonic with his attire and that was pretty neat. Match was a bit of a let down after the build up. Ending was underwhelming too.

RVD vs Moose:
- Don't understand why Impact insist on doing this ECW reunion every year. RVD of 2019 is just not the same and it does seem like father time has caught up to him. Not really a Moose fan, kind of boring to me. Skipped this match in the end but correct choice to have Moose win.

Monsters Ball Match:
- Entrances were visually cool. Ladies brought it and used the match gimmick well. Fun match, some cool spots. Quite surprised to see Taya retain the Championship.

Swann vs Impact:
- Big fan of Swann. Great to see he's been a revelation since joining Impact. Cleaning the rest of the tacks from the ring during the match made me laugh. Impact/Morrison does nothing for me honestly, I find him very bland. Match was good enough and I'm pleased to see Swann retain! I do feel like he's ready for the next step though.

Elgin vs Cage:
- IMO, World Championship Match should always be the ME. Not seen much of Elgin and I'm not much of a fan of Cage though I can appreciate him. He's a beast! Enjoyed this match more then I expected. Two good athletes and they both brought it. Didn't really care either way who won. Assume that's Rhyno who speared.. Uhh.. GORE! GORE! GORED! Elgin after the match? Another ECW guy returning to Impact for more of the same. Elgin vs Rhyno could be fun mind.

Blanchard vs Calihan:
- Went into this match with mixed feelings. I'm not a fan of IG matches outside of tag team ones and the ones used in comedy aspects like Becky vs Ellsworth. Tessa is obviously fantastic and Sami is good at what he does and being that sick bastard heel. Long term, I'm not sure these kinds of matches does anyone any favours outside of creating history or a moment. Also the fact this was the ME highlights a lack of real depth and star power at Impact wrestling right now, IMO. Respect to Tessa for her performance and respect to Impact doing something different and out of the box but this match was not for me. Glad Sami won because there wouldn't be any coming back form that really for anyone that likes there wrestling as realistic as it can be.