What if CWA In Exile 2019 had gone on like planned? We will probably never know, but while we were waiting for the results, I tried to think of what could have possibly happened and where CWA would have gone after it was over. So, here's In Exile 2019 as told by me, Comeback Kid.

Video Package

A video package opens the broadcast with the music of Mozart (Requiem: Lacrimosa) playing over the closing moments of the Under Seige Pay-Per-View (PPV).

Brayden writhes in pain as Lilith applies more and more pressure with the hold. The referee comes over and asks if Brayden wants to quit. Brayden refuses but it's obvious that he is spent and at his limit. After what seems like an eternity in the hold, Brayden is able to break free and lock Lilith in the Mercy Kill (Elevated Triangle Choke)...
President John F. Kennedy (Voice Over): We observe today not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom–symbolizing an end as well as a beginning–signifying renewal as well as change.

As he locks in the Mercy Kill the camera pans out to a wide angle view of the ring and the arena. As the camera pans out we can see Dash Carlisle out of his seat shouting at someone. As the shouting continues, the ring bell rings and the arena is in utter shock. Clint Shepherd and Dash Carlisle are shouting at one another until Dash pushes Clint and can be heard saying "I'm in charge and we do what I SAY".

President John F. Kennedy (Voice Over): For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forbears prescribed nearly a century and three-quarters ago.

The members of the CWA roster can be seen pouring into the arena from the back, led by Krash. Krash enters the ring and immediately asks the referee what's going on. The referee is as confused as Krash. Lilith sits in the ring staring at Dash Carlisle while Brayden Bridgesextis the ring and approaches the GM. Dash reaches down at the timekeeper's area and snatches the championship. He places the title on Brayden's shoulder and yells "SAY IT" at Lindsay Monohan.
President John F. Kennedy (Voice Over): The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe–the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God.

Lindsay Monohan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this match via a forfeit...Brayden Bridges.

Brayden look's upset and confused as Dash Carlisle is escorted out of the arena by security. Lilith sits in the ring emotionless as Krash and other members of the roster can be seen yelling at Clint Shepherd, who can't even look them in the faces. The broadcast comes to an end with the fans yelling and throwing debris in the ring.
President John F. Kennedy (Voice Over): We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.

Brayden Bridges: I hold the championship in my hands which means I have the power and with this right here I am doing what I want. I am a man who has paid for a crime I didn't commit. A man that took the debt that society owed him and cashed it in the price of gold. Lilith, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I came here, and I was a lost soul, a lonely drifter who questioned everything I had done. I was a lost soul who questioned everything he had, but I’m not lost not anymore.
President John F. Kennedy (Voice Over): Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

Theo Atkins: CWA was no longer going to let the inmates run the asylum

President John F. Kennedy (Voice Over): In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger.

Dash Carlisle: Enough. Enough. ENOUGH. I've decided what our In Exile main event is going to be. Since you 12 can't seem to stop interfering in each other's matches, calling each other out, asking for rematches; we're to settle this all in one match. Last time we were Under Siege and now some of you will be In Exile after this next Sunday because someone will be exiled after this battle is over. We're settling all the scores in a winner takes all match. We're going to see The Dark Watch get their rematch for the Worlds Championship. We're going to see The Elite and Krash join forces to both defend their Tag-Team Titles and get their respective Pure Title matches. The Nasty Alliance will also have Sammy Riggins by their side to not only help them retain the Pure Championship but possibly even finally prove they are the true Tag-Team Champions and don't forget Sammy Riggins will not get Beast and Belle in a match where's there's no escape. And who could let Brayden Bridges defend the Worlds Championship without backup either, as he's going to have Beast and Belle on his side when he defends the title and the CWA itself one last time against The Dark Watch.
President John F. Kennedy (Voice Over): The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country.

Dash Carlisle: 4 teams. 3 championships
President John F. Kennedy (Voice Over): And all who serve it–and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.

Dash Carlisle: 2 rings. 1 steel cage.
President John F. Kennedy (Voice Over): Let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own.

Dash Carlisle: It's going to be WarGames!
The opening video package finally comes to a close with the final chords of Mozart's Requiem: Lacrimosa and the members of the four War Games teams facing off in the middle of the ring.

Voiceover: And now, CWA presents In-Exile.

The In-Exile graphic swoops across the screen and a long aerial shot of the Saitama Super Arena is shown. The arena is clearly packed to capacity as the camera pans around the arena giving the viewers a glimpse of the many faces in attendance. The camera switches it's focus to the announce team of Tim Coleman, Daniel Oakley, and Jim Taylor.

Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen we are LIVE here in Tokyo Japan at the Saitama Super Arena for what will be nothing short of an iconic night here at In Exile. I'm joined tonight by my broadcast partner Tim Coleman and Daniel Oakley, a new edition to our announce team by decree of Theo Atkins.

Daniel Oakley: I'm forever grateful to Theo Atkins for this opportunity and the many others that he has given me throughout my career.

Tim Coleman: Please Daniel, make it a little more obvious as to who's team you're rooting for in the War Games match tonight.

Jim Taylor: I can see that you two are going to get along great tonight. But none the less, I'm being told that we about to get started with our opening contest of the night.

Opening Contest
Singles Match
Humanity VS Sicario w/Reign

Sicario was determined to make a statement on his pay-per-view debut and he wanted to use Humanity to do it. Humanity wasn't going to let this happen easily as he brought that brawling Puroresuwrestling style that he was known for to the contest quickly establishing dominance and the upper hand in the opening moments of the contest. Humanity looked to quickly put Sicario away with the "Welcome to Reality" (Clothesline from Hell) but Reign managed to place Sicarios foot on the bottom rope just before the referee's hand could come down for the three count. The interference from Reign continued throughout the match until the referee finally had enough and ejected her from ringside, garnering standing ovation from the fans. The standing ovation quickly ended though as Sicario took advantage of Humanity watching Reign being sent to the back and hit him with a Hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner: 8:33

Tag-Team Number One Contender Series Finals

Winner Becomes Number One Contender for the Tag-Team Championship
The Montreal Death Cult VS Diamond Dogs

Because of the announcement that "The Elite" would be leaving the company after tonight, it was announced that the winner of this match could become the tag-team champions if "The Elite's team wins. That announcement seemed to light a fire under both teams, especially the Diamond Dogs who quickly took control in the opening minutes of the match, sticking to their tried and true strategy of cutting the ring in half and isolating Hudson Drake from Morgan Malone. Remo Richardson, the leader of the Montreal Death Cult managed to pull Hudson Drake out of the ring as Dongarelli rushes for the
Skullfucker Bicycle Knee. Remo repeatedly slaps and punches Drake and Malone in the face shouting at them in between the slaps and punches as the referee hesitates on whether he should do something. No one is sure what the hell Remo said to Drake and Malone but once they get back in the ring, it's like they are completely different people as they begin a systematic destruction of both members of the Diamond Dogs. The match comes to an end as Hudson Drake is perched on the top rope while Morgan Malone locks in a Guillotine Choke on Dongarelli. Drake jumps off the top rope and levels Dongarelli with a Double Foot Stomp, while Malone drives the head of Dongarelli into the canvas. Drake covers Dongarelli and Ricardo Vance attempts to enter the ring but is YANKED off the apron and hit with a Chickenwing Facebuster by Richardson as the referee gives the three count.

Winner: 12:54
The Montreal Death Cult

Proving Grounds
Pure Rules
Derek Levy VS Jermaine Rose w/ Zaya

The announcement that this Proving Grounds match would be contested under Pure Rules elicits an unusual amount of cheers from the Japanese crowd and Levy and Rose definitely gave the fans a match to cheer, applaud, and "pop" for. The American Pharaoh, Jermaine Rose starts this match out quickly with that fast-pacedLucha libre style of his, attacking Levy from all sides bouncing off the ropes with strike after strike. Rose showcases his skills in this match and looks to have the advantage over Levy as he bounces off the ropes again for a Superman punch but Levy swats the punch away and counters with a nasty rolling elbow strike that basically knocks out Rose. Levy now has the advantage and he is in his zone.

Levy rag dolls Rose with multiple German Suplexes sending him crashing onto the mat of the ring. Where normal individuals would stay down, Rose defiantly continues to get up and receives a belly to belly overhead suplex from Levy that sends him flying over the top ring rope and out to the floor. Levy exits the ring and stands on the apron snarling down at Rose who attempts to get to his feet. Levy lands a jumping spinning heel kick on Rose that causes the referee to rush out of the ring to check on him. Levy enters the ring and performs the "Rainmaker Pose" in the ring as the referee continues checking on Rose. As he finishes his pose Rose's manager Zaya jumps off the top turnbuckle and
hits a hurricanrana on him before exiting the ring as the referee finally begins his return.

Thanksto the hurricanrana from Zaya, Rose is able to take the advantage but Levy simply won't back down in this matchup. Zaya yells at Rose to "finish the damn match" and almost on cue, Rose goes for the X Strike (Leaping Black Mass) only for Levy to duck under the kick and land an intentional low blow on him to cause a disqualification. Levy doesn't seem too concerned at this as he smirks at the referee and continues his assault, finishing things off with a modified camel clutch hold as trainers and referees come out to break it up.

Winner: 15:22
Jermaine Rose w/Zaya via disqualification

Intergender Match
No Disqualifications
El Perdedor VS Reign w/Sicario

As El Perdedor makes his way to the ring he is attacked from behind by Reign and Sicario wielding a kendo stick and steel chair respectively. The fans audibly boo and jeer at Reign and Sicario as they drag El Perdedor to the ring, forcing the referee to reluctantly start the match. Reign scales the top rope lands a moonsault on Perdedor and goes for the cover. The referee gives the three count as Reign and Sicario pose in the ring much to the dismay of the fans in attendance.

Winner: 2:22
Reign w/Sicario

War Games Match - Winner Takes All
Worlds Championship/Pure Championship/Tag-Team Championship on the Line
Former Champion Lilith and The Dark Watch
Pure Champions Nasty Alliance and Sammy Riggins
Tag-Team Champions The Elite and Krash

Worlds Champion Brayden Bridges, Beast and Belle

If Nasty Alliance wins, Dash Carlisle becomes the new CWA President
If The Elite fail to retain the Tag-Team Titles, they'll be released from their contract
Either Lilith regains the Worlds Championship or The Dark Watch are banished from CWA
If Brayden Bridges fails to retain the Worlds Championship, Dash Carlisle will be relieved of his duties

The ring crew can be seen reinforcing the ring ropes and steel plate separating the two rings and the fans in attendance cheer and clap with excitement and anticipation for the marquee contest of the night, War Games. The camera shifts its focus from an aerial shot of the ring to a profile shot of Jim Taylor, Tim Coleman, and Daniel Oakley.

Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, in a matter of moments we will begin a matchup that will shape CWA for the foreseeable future. War-Games, a match pitting four teams of three against one another with jobs, championships, and bragging rights all on the line.

Daniel Oakley: It would be an understatement to say that this match is huge!

Tim Coleman: War-Games has never been done before in CWA history and I'd go on to gamble that it will never happen again. The War-Games will shape the foreseeable future of CWA and it starts, now!


*Ding, Ding, Ding*

Lindsay Monohan: The following contest is THE WAR-GAMES MATCH. The rules of this match are as follows:

- All four teams will be contained inside separate shark cages by the entranceway, with a member from each team (as chosen by their respective squad) starting the match.

- After five minutes, the remaining members from one team will be released from their shark cage and allowed to enter the match.

When another three-minute period elapses, the remaining members from a second team are released from their shark cage and enter the match. This will continue every three minutes until all members of each team have entered the structure.

-Once all four teams have entered the WarGames Match, a victory can be attained via pinfall or submission.

Kick in The Door by The Notrious BIG plays seep through the speakers of the arena the fans let out a mixed reaction with more cheers than jeers as Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean make their way out onto the stage. The camera makes sure to focus on the midsections of both Ocean and Stocke, showing that they have managed to retrieve their CWA Tag-Team Championships back from The Nasty Alliance.

Daniel Oakley: Looks like The Elite managed to get their tag-team championships back after what happened on Adrenaline Rush.

Jim Taylor: Yes, due to the fact that Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke did not explicitly agree to the match or give consent to defending their championships the match and the decision was reversed.

Tim Coleman: I don't get how they came up with that ruling. Trevor and Noah both actively competed in the Championship match attempting pinfalls and everything. By that definition, they agreed to the match.

Daniel Oakley: It’s funny that you seem to forget that Trevor Ocean had just competed in the Pure Wrestling Series match when him and Noah were attacked and then had the bell rang to start an illegal championship match.

Jim Taylor: The legality of the tag-team championship match could be argued all night but we don’t have time for that. It looks like we are about to see who will start this match for Theo Atkins’ team.

Back in Town by Matt Dusk dissipates through the arena sound system and the fans in attendance seemingly can’t control themselves. The fans erupt into complete mania as Krash makes his way onto the stage and stands in between Ocean and Stocke.

Lindsay Monohan: Introducing first, representing board member Theo Atkins, The CWA Tag-Team Champions Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke and The Heartbeat of CWA, KRASH!!

Daniel Oakley: It is complete pandemonium in here! These Japanese fans are generally more quiet and reserved when it comes to cheering and booing, but they are completely beside themselves for Krash. I can barely hear myself.

Tim Coleman: Unfortunately, I can still hear you and I reluctantly have to agree with you. It is pandemonium in here for the arrival of Krash. One can only imagine how crazy they go when Krash and The Elite lose tonight.

Krash and Trevor Ocean look around the arena as Noah Stocke begins to walk towards the ring and the WarGames cages. Stocke stops just outside of the structure by the ring steps, glancing up at the structure before handing his half of the CWA Tag-Team Championships to a referee near by and entering to applause from the fans. He paces back and forth as the lights in the arena dim and Cut the Cord by Shinedown begins to blare through the arena.

The fans boo as The Nasty Alliance (Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage) make their way into the arena alongside Sweet Sammy Riggins. Fenix and Savage admire the shark cages, specifically the one containing Krash and Trevor Ocean. Savage and Fenix trade insults with Ocean until the referees come and direct them to determine who will start the match.

Lindsay Monohan: Introducing the second team in the WarGames matchup, representing Dash Carlisle, The CWA Pure Champions Nate Savage, Jackson Fenix and “Sweet” Sammy Riggins!

Sammy Riggins attempts to walk down entrance way only for Nate Savage push past him and make his way to the ring as the starter for the team instead.

Tim Coleman: This is my pick to win it all. The Nasty Alliance has a mission, they want to gather ALL of the championships here in CWA and they are willing to do whatever it takes to do so. That’s why Dash Carlisle choose them to represent him in HIS quest to become the CWA President and truly shape up the company.

Daniel Oakley: Yeah…let’s not forget that Dash Carlisle also choose The CWA World Champion to represent him as well in an attempt to double his chances of winning.

Noah Stocke takes a seat in the middle of the first ring as Nate Savage argues with the referee, demanding that Noah move to ring two. The referees don’t budge and Savage reluctantly throws his Pure Championship at one of them and slowly makes his way into the cage. Noah, till seated in the middle of ring one, stares coldly at Savage as he enters the caged structure and makes his way over to ring two.

Virgin Queen by Mediaeval Baebes seeps through the sound system of the arena and the lights dim down, flickering like fire. Lilith makes her way out onto the stage. Her face, void of any emotion, is as pale as ever as she stares down at the WarGames structure. She slowly begins her walk into the arena as the fans greet her with cheers and jeers. Through all of this, she never shows any ounce of emotion keeping her attention on the WarGames structure.

Jim Taylor: Lilith is out here…alone…why isn’t The Dark Watch out here with her?

Tim Coleman: I’m glad that this will be the last time that we see this pale freak in CWA. If her “goons” didn’t show up with her tonight, who honestly cares? Not me.

Lindsay Monohan: Introducing the third team… from Salem, Massachusetts, she stands at five foot nine and weighing in tonight at 170lbs. She is the former, CWA World Champion. The Herald of Darkness…..LILITH!!

Flames continuously spurt from the ring posts as Lilith makes her way up the ring steps and into the ring. She enters the ring and walks past Noah Stocke, making her way to the ring corner where she kneels as the lights return to normal and the music stops. The camera focuses in on Nate Savage who can be heard saying “What the hell is wrong with these two freaks” as The Bottom by Devour The Day begins to play throughout the arena and the fans explode with boos as the lights in the arena begin to dim.

Brayden Bridges walks into the arena with the World Championship slung over his shoulder flanked by Belle who sits atop the shoulder of Beast. Bridges doesn’t hesitate to continue walking down towards the ring as Belle and her Beast make their way into the sharkcage.

Jim Taylor: It’s hard not to believe that all of this chaos that led to the WarGames match began when Brayden Bridges became World Champion…

Tim Coleman: It’s not his fault that he decided to become a winner instead of being a complaint loser. Bridges did what he had to do to become the World Champion and then managed to retain the belt over Lilith in their second meeting. Bridges didn’t start chaos, he started a cultural revolution!

Bridges drops his championship in the arms of a waiting referee as he enters the caged structure and SLAMS the door behind him. Nate Savage quickly makes his way over to Bridges and can be seen pointing at Stocke and Lilith signaling that they should team up against them.

The referee calls for the bell and the lights in the arena dim except for those trained on the ring. Noah Stocke stands to his feet as Bridges and Savage begin to circle him, eventually boxing him in to a corner of the ring slowly narrowing in on him. As they back him into the corner the lights in the arena shut off before turning back on and Lilith being nowhere to be found.

Daniel Oakely: What the hell?

Jim Taylor: Liliths….gone.

Noah Stocke slides through a gap between Savage and Bridges, who were distracted by Lilith's disappearance, and alternates throwing punches at both of them. Stocke looks as though he’s getting the advantage of the two until he bounces off of the ring ropes and is met with a big boot from Brayden Bridges. Bridges drops a consecutive elbow drops on the downed Noah Stocke as Nate Savage shouts insults at him. Savage can be heard telling Bridges to pick Stocke up as he tees off on him with huge rights and lefts.

Savage and Bridges take turns beating and dragging Noah Stocke around the two rings and the two steel structures. You can see the pain in Noahs eyes each time his face is grated against the steel cage or he’s on the end of a vicious two man assault from Savage and Bridges. Savage tosses Stocke into the ring corner fo the first cage before hitting him with a rolling senton followed by a double knee strike from Brayden Bridges. Bridges lifts Stocke to his feet and playfully slaps him in the face a couple times until Stocke attempts to swing on him. Bridges moves back to avoid the punch and land a knee strike to his midsection followed by pump handle slam from Savage. Savage quickly gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes dropping a knee strike square into the face of Stocke. Stocke burriess his face in his hands but he doesn’t get a chance to catch his breath as Savage grabs him by his hair and drags him towards a cameraman posted outside of the caged structure of ring one. He hold up Stocke by the hair and we can see the blood dripping down from his nose (which appears to be broken).

Savage: Get a good look at this face FWA. You’ll be seeing him in the catering section soon.

Savage forces Stockes face up against the cage and yell’s behind him as Brayden Bridges bounces off the rope and drives a knee into the back of Stockes head crushing his face against the cage.

The clock ticks down and the the buzzer sounds for the arrival of….The Dark Watch. The shark cage door is opened but almost for nothing as no one is even in there.

Jim Taylor: Why did they even attempt that? It was pointless. The Dark Watch isn’t here…no one was in the cage…Lilith disappeared. What exactly was the point?

Daniel Oakley: I guarantee that was the handiwork of Dash Carlisle. With no-one entering from the Dark Watch, Noah Stocke will most certainly continue to be at the mercy of Savage and Bridges.

In the ring, we see a bloody Noah Stocke attempting to crawl away from Savage and Bridges. Bridges laughs to himself as Savage slowly walks behind Stocke, stalking him like prey. As Stocke gets to the dividing steel between the two rings, Savage stomps him in the back before picking him up. Bridges yells at Savage to hold him, as he points to his elbow smiling. Bridges backs up comes charging with the Call the Coronor rolling elbow square in the face of Noah Stocke. Noah’s limp body falls to the floor as Bridges shouts in excitement towards the fans. He turns around and is met with a running knee into the midsection from Nate Savage, much to the pleasure of the fans. He grabs Bridges and throws him into the ropes and hits him with the Nasty Bomb (Pop Up Powerbomb). Savage yells down at Brayden’s downed body “THIS IS OUR TIME!

Daniel Oakley: Nate Savage showings is true colors!

Tim Coleman: Well…this is every team for themselves and the stakes are high. There was no way that this little alliance could continue throughout.

Jim Taylor: That’s a fair point, and we’re moments away from the entrance of the next team members into this match.

The clock counts down to zero and the lock flashes between the cage containing Belle and Beast, the cage containing Sammy Riggings and Jackson Fenix, and the final cage containing Ocean and Krash. The light stops, shining down on the cage containing Belle and Beast and the fans show their disapproval. Belle and Beast make their way to the ring but Beast puts his hand out in front of Belle. He tells her to stay outside as he makes his way into the WarGames structure and closes the door behind him.

Tim Coleman: Beast knows this is no place for a lady like Belle.

Jim Taylor: That could comeback to haunt them though. Remember, the next team to enter will have ALL three of their members in the match.

Nate Savage attempts to charge at Beast with a clothesline but he barely even moves the big man. Beast retaliates with a huge headbut, sending Savage to the mat. Savage gets up again and charges at Beast only to be leveled with a big boot followed by a thunderous leg drop. Beast looks over at the downed Brayden Bridges, walks over to him and lifts him to his feet attempting to help him regain his composure. Savage notices this and charges at Beast with a knee trembler that seemingly doesn’t even faze him. He turns around grabs Savage by his skull and throws him across the ring before turning his attention back to Bridges who is now using the corner to hold himself up.

As Beast helps Bridges out in the corner we see a figure fly from the corner of the screen and hit a knee strike to the side of the head of Beast sending him tumbling down to the mat. The fans applaud as the figure is revealed to be the bloodied Noah Stocke, who barely is able to get back to his feet after the knee strike. He uses the ring ropes to get to his feet and bounces off of them to deliver The Bees Knees (Running Knee Strike to Opponent in The Corner) to the chest of Brayden Bridges.

Jim Taylor: Noah Stocke showing that he is still in this match and still a threat jumping from the ropes of the second ring and hitting that knee strike to the side of Beast’s head.

Tim Coleman: He better look out though because here comes Nate Savage.

Savage turns Stocke around and the two exchange rights and lefts until Noah Stocke drops his hands and delivers a teeth shattering headbut to the face of Savage. He staggers a little as Savage holds his mouth and nose as a seemingly regenerated Noah Stocke shakes his legs before delivering an effortless kick to the midsection of Savage followed by a front push kick sending him backfires into the cage. Beast grabs Stocke from behind and locks him in a bearhug but Stocke casually kicks backwards, delivering a low-blow the giant. Beast releases the hold and drops to his knees. Nate Savage seems to have recovered and attempts a cannonball senton on Stocke only for him to move out of the way and send Savage crashing into downed Beast. Savage quickly rolls away from Stocke and cracks a smile as the timer counts down to zero.

A spotlight flashes between the cage containing Sammy Riggins and Jackson Fenix and the cage containing Krash and Trevor Ocean. After alternating between the two for what seems like an eternity it finally stops on Riggins and Fenix. Savage smiles as you can see the momentum literally drain from Stocke.

Daniel Oakley: It’s almost like he knew that his team was going to be released next.

Tim Coleman: Hey, it pays to have friends in management.

Jackson Fenix and Sammy Riggins are released from their cage and Fenix takes the opportunity to mock Krash and Ocean, who are still locked in the cage. Riggins makes his way to the caged structure as Savage can be heard yelling “GET IN HERE” from the ring. Fenix ignore him though as he rattles and shakes the cage of Krash and Ocean, pulling on the door repeatedly until…

Jim Taylor: THE DOOR!!!! Jackson Fenix JUST PULLED THAT DOOR OPEN!!!

Tim Coleman: That idiot!!!

Krash and Ocean look at the open door as Jackson Fenix can be heard audibly saying “fuck”. He attempts to throw the door back closed but Krash and Ocean catch it and immediately exit to a thunderous reaction from the fans. Fenix attempts to run but Krash catches him and nails him with a strong right. Fenix stumbles around and is met with another punch from Trevor Ocean. This sends him stumbling back towards Krash where the process begins again. After a final punch from Ocean, Fenix is grabbed by Krash and nailed with a belly to back suplex. Krash and Ocean grab Fenix and drag him to ringside throwing him face first into the cage much to the dismay of Fenix and Riggins who turn their attention from assaulting Stocke and Beast to their ally on the outside. Krash and Ocean come to the cage door with Fenix’s body and toss him inside before entering and closing the door behind them. The fans cheer as the door to the cage is officially locked and the referee calls for the bell.


Lindsay Monohan: Ladies and gentlemen, WAR GAMES is officially underway.

The fans cheer as Krash, Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean stand on one side of the ring. Jackson Fenix crawls over to Sammy Riggins and a visibly angry Nate Savage. Brayden Bridges and Beast stand in another corner with Belle peering into the cage from the outside. Krash points across to the second ring where Beast and Bridges stand and lets out a roar sending his team and Savages team charging over towards the World Champion and that mountain of man. Sammy Riggins is the first into the second ring jumping over the top rope with flying forearm only to be swatted out of the air by Beast. But immediately behind Riggins is the Heart Beat of CWA, Krash with a springboard cross body. He’s caught by Beast but Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean immediately enter the second cage and hit a Legsweep (Ocean) / Flying Fish Hook (Stocke) combination on Beast sending him crashing down. As Beast crashes down he drops down onto Krash who he had in his arms. The referee immediately starts to count.

Referee: One…two…THRE…

Nate Savage out of the corner of the screen with a frog splash to the back of Beast breaking up the pinfall. Jackson Fenix rushes over and hits a running single leg drop on the downed beast and gets to his feet with Nate Savage but are met with Tandem Superman punches from Stocke and Ocean. As Stocke and Ocean get to their feet, Brayden Bridges levels the two with Kendo stick strike.

Jim Taylor: Where the hell did he get a kendo stick?!?!?

Tim Coleman: From Belle, of course!!! Even though she’s not entering the cage…she’s still a threat none the less.

Sammy Riggins charges at Bridges and is met with shot to the stomach followed by shot after shot to his back. Bridges returns his attention to Stocke and Ocean hitting them with kendo stick shots that echo throughout the arena like gun shots. Beast is finally able to get to his feet and Brides can be heard telling him to bomb Riggins. Beast obliges and grabs Bridges and sets him up in the power bomb position. Riggins looks outside at Belle and tells her to go up and she nods before starting to climb to the top of the cage. The White Wolf Krash attempts to strike Beast but is met with a series of Kendo stick shots from Bridges. Bridges uses the stick to hit a downed Nate Savage, then Fenix and then Ocean and Stocke as Belle finally reaches the top of the cage. Bridges yell’s DO IT at Beast and almost on cue he lifts Sammy Riggins up and drops him with a powerbomb. At the top of the cage, Belle can be seen steadying herself before jumping off with a diving stomp onto Sammy Riggins. Jackson Fenix manages to get to his feet and charges at Beast only to be caught by Brayden Bridges and hit with the Last Rights (End of Days). Belle overs Sammy Riggins as Bridges covers Fenix and the referee counts.

Referee: One…Two…THRE

The lights in the arena go out and the fans in the arena cheer until the lights come back on and Lilith is standing on the back of the downed referee.

Jim Taylor: LILITH!!! LILITH IS BACK!!!!!

Tim Coleman: Why the hell is she even here?!?!?! GET HER OUT OF HERE!!!!

Bridges looks as though he’s seen a ghost as Lilith stands on the referees back. Beast walks towards her and gets a face full of black mist sending him to the ground holding his face. She drops down her chest and spits mist in the face of Belle. Brayden Bridges charges at her and attempts to hit a standing elbow drop only for Lilith to move in a snake like manner avoiding the elbow drop and spitting mist in the face of Bridges who squirms and shouts in agony. Nate Savage manages to hit Lilith in the back of the head with an elbow and launch her into the ring ropes. Lilith bounces off and is lifted in the air for the Nasty Bomb (Pop Up Powerbomb) only to come down and spit black mist in his face. Jackson Fenix attempts to rush Lilith but is grabbed by his hair by Trevor Ocean. This gives Lilith the opportunity to spit mist in his face. Ocean lifts Fenix into a brainbuster position and immediately afterwards Stocke his a roundhouse kicked to the back of Fenix, followed by the finish of the brainbuster.

Daniel Oakley: That’s the Young Boy Killer from The Elite on Fenix!!

Tim Coleman: How much mist does Lilith even have?!?!

Stocke and Ocean stand up and come face to face with Lilith who stares blankly back at them before looking up. Almost on cue, the entire arena looks up and we see Krash at the top of the cage. He looks around the arena before removing his elbow pad and and hitting the Daybreaker (Diving Elbow Drop) onto the blinded and downed Brayden Bridges.



Referee and Audience: ONE…TWO….THREE!!!!


Back in Town by Matt Dusk blares through the speakers and the fans explode into cheers as WarGames is finally over!!!

Lindsay Monohan: Here is your winners of the 2019 WarGames, Krash and The Elite!!!

Daniel Oakley: They’ve done it!!! They’ve done it!!! Krash, and The Elite have won the World Championship, The Our Wrestling Championship and The Tag-Team Championships!!! Theo Atkins is in control of CWA and Dash Carlisle is GONE from CWA!!!

Tim Coleman: This is a travesty!!!! The Nasty Alliance was screwed!!! This was supposed to be their night!!!

Krash, Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke all stand tall in the ring as the caged structure slowly raises from both rings. Krash looks over at Lilith and can be heard saying “Thank you” as the lights in the arena go out. The lights turn back on and the herald of darkness is no longer in the ring.

Daniel Oakley: I think this is what Lilith wanted all along. She didn’t want to be in CWA anymore anyways.

The senior official enters the ring with the championship belts but doesn’t know what to do with them. Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean grab the tag-team championships and the Pure Championship. Noah Stocke can be heard telling Krash “you’re welcome” as the referee hands him the CWA World Championship! Pyro goes off above the ring and the entranceway as the emergent medical team make their way to the ring to tend to everyone. Krash begrudgingly looks at the World Championship, raising it high in the air as confetti falls down over the rings. Stocke and Ocean exit the ring with their championships and make their way up the ramp, with Stocke stopping and turning to look at Krash in the ring with the World Championship.

Jim Taylor: The landscape of CWA has officially changed with the Carlisle era coming to an end and Theo Atkins officially gaining full control of the company. What can we expect from Atkins and his team as we march onward towards WrestleRoyale? Thank you for tuning in tonight ladies and gentlemen. Have a great night.