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Thread: WCW 2001 (WCW wins the Monday Night War)

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    Re: WCW 2001 (WCW wins the Monday Night War)

    Appreciate the feedback, Deco. Thank you.
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    Re: WCW 2001 (WCW wins the Monday Night War)

    May 16th 2001

    Pepsi Center
    Denver, Colorado

    Opening Intro

    Thunder opens on an electrified crowd as pyro & fireworks go off on stage. Mike Tenay welcomes us to the final stop on the road to Slamboree. The commentators hype tonight's matches which will see Dustin Rhodes take on Terry Funk, Kevin Nash versus Buff Bagwell, Raven against Norman Smiley, a No. 1 Contender Match for the Cruiserweight Title at Slamboree between Jason Jett and Chavo Guerrero Jr. And the main event will be a tag team match featuring The Giant teaming up with Ric Flair and their opponents will be Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett. We're going to kick off with 6-Man Tag Team action.

    Match One
    6-Man Tag Team Match
    The Filthy Animals (Konnan, Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio Jr.) (w/ Tygress) vs. Disco Inferno and 3 Count (Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore) (w/ Alex Wright)

    Rey and Disco kick it off for their teams. Disco applies a rear waistlock on Rey and Misterio counters with Back Elbows to the side of his head, getting out of it. Rey runs to the ropes and hits a Tilt A Whirl Armdrag on Disco. Rey delivers kicks to Disco's legs soon as he gets up and attempts an irish whip but Disco reverses, sending Rey across the ring. Rey slides through Disco's legs though, standing up behind him and Rey jumps up on Disco's shoulders, performing a Victory Roll. Rey only gets two however.

    Rey kicks Disco in the gut and hits the ropes once again but Disco flings him up in the air with a pop up and lets Rey crash down on the mat stomach-first. Disco stomps the back of Rey's head before he stands him up and lifts Rey up in the air for a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Disco climbs to the second turnbuckle and hits a Diving Elbow Drop on Rey before he goes for the pin. Rey kicks out. Disco picks up Rey and tries for a Scoop Slam but Misterio drops down behind Disco and Dropkicks him forward onto the middle rope. Rey looks to hit a Tiger Feint Kick on Disco but Evan Karagias tags himself in before Rey can do anything.

    Rey and Evan go at it with forearms to the face. Rey gets the better of Evan and shoots to the ropes but gets caught with a Scoop Powerslam. Karagias takes control of the match until he sends Rey to the corner and charges at him, only to receive a boot to the face in return. Rey charges over to his corner, tagging in Kidman. Kidman and Karagias have a back and forth battle until Evan tags out to Shannon Moore. Moore climbs onto the second turnbuckle and delivers a Diving Calf Kick to Kidman, knocking him down. Moore goes for the pin but it only leads to two.

    Shannon climbs out on the ring apron and leaps up onto the top rope for a Springboard Senton Bomb on Kidman. Shannon eventually tags out to Disco, who works over Kidman. Disco attempts a Powerbomb but Kidman reverses it into a Sitout Facebuster and tags in Konnan. K-Dawg takes Disco down with a Rolling Thunder Clothesline following up with an "ORALE!" to the fans. Konnan hits a 187 DDT on Disco, going for a pin immediately but Disco kicks out of it. Konnan runs to the ropes but gets tripped up by Alex Wright at ringside. Disco takes advantage, putting Konnan down with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Disco mocks Konnan with his own "ORALE! at the crowd, who boo Disco back. Disco puts Konnan in his team's corner and wears him down with stomps to the mid-section before he tags in Evan Karagias.

    Karagias continues the momentum for his team against K-Dawg. Karagias whips him to the corner and races towards him but gets caught with a Back Elbow to the face. Konnan places Evan on the top turnbuckle and picks him up on his shoulders for a Muscle Buster to the mat. Konnan covers Evan but Shannon runs in to break up the pin. Konnan goes for a Back Suplex but Evan flips over his shoulder, landing behind K-Dawg, and Evan kicks him in the gut as soon as he turns around before hitting a Snap DDT on Konnan. Evan tags out to Shannon and irish whips his partner to the ropes, Hip Tossing Shannon on top of Konnan before he gets out on the ring apron. Shannon pins Konnan but K-Dawg gets his shoulder up before three.

    Shannon tries to hit Bottoms Up on Konnan but K-Dawg sidesteps and plants Shannon with a Release German Suplex. Konnan brings Shannon to his feet and tucks his head between his legs. Konnan lifts Shannon up on his shoulder and holds him above his head in a crucifix position before planting him down on the mat with the Splash Mountain. Konnan holds his legs up for a pin and Disco runs in, breaking up the pin. Konnan tags out to Rey. The two littlest men of the match trade shots. Rey gets distracted by Evan from the ring apron and Rey blasts both Evan & Disco in the face with forearms before he turns around into an Step Up Enziguri from Shannon. Shannon tags out to Evan. Evan heads up top and goes for a 450 Splash on Rey but Misterio rolls out of the way in time and Evan hits nothing but the mat.

    Rey steps out on the ring apron, waiting for Evan to get up. Rey jumps up on the top rope and hits a Springboard Seated Senton on Evan, picking his leg up for a pin. Both Shannon and Disco break up the pin together, leading Konnan and Kidman to charge into the ring and attack Shannon & Disco as the match breaks down. The Filthy Animals get the better of Disco and 3 Count. Kidman pops Rey up in the air and Rey extends both legs out in mid-air, catching Evan and Shannon with a dual Dropkick, knocking them both down at the same time. Disco is then on the receiving end of a Bronco Buster from Rey before he gets put down with The K-Factor from Konnan. Kidman follows by going up top and hitting a Shooting Star Press on Disco.

    Alex Wright pulls Billy Kidman out of the ring and throws him into the Steel Steps. Konnan climbs out of the ring and starts chasing Alex at ringside. Inside the ring, Rey Misterio sends Shannon over the top rope with a Back Body Drop to the outside and turns around to brag.

    Evan Karagias sneaks up behind Rey and rolls him up with a Schoolboy, holding his tights to steal the win.

    Winners: Disco Inferno and 3 Count (7.01)

    Post-Match: 3 Count celebrate in the aisle like they already have the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles won and Alex Wright & Disco join the celebration in the aisle, high fiving Evan and Shannon as they gloat about their victory over The Filthy Animals. Konnan, Rey, Kidman and Tygress are all in the ring, looking disappointed especially with Rey having been pinned by Evan, giving the Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions a small taste of defeat, possibly losing their belts this Sunday to 3 Count.

    Local Bar: The camera cuts away from the arena to a local bar here in Denver, Colorado where The Sandman is seen drinking and smoking at the counter of the bar. The Sandman finishes up his drink and asks the bartender to pour him another one as the camera cuts back to the arena for the next match.

    Match Two
    No. 1 Contender Match for the Cruiserweight Championship at Slamboree
    Jason Jett vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

    The Cruiserweight Champion, Shane Helms joins Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson on commentary to find out who the next challenger for his title will be this Sunday. Helms mentions that he's been keeping a eye on Jason Jett the past few weeks and he's impressed by him so far.

    Chavo gets in Jett's face after the opening bell and talks shit to him about his undefeated streak, telling him he's gonna end it tonight and go on to regain his Cruiserweight Title from Helms. Chavo pokes his finger in Jett's chest as he continues talking trash to him and Jett slaps his hand away. Chavo responds by smacking Jett across the face, angering Jett who fires back at Chavo with Forearm Smashes right away.

    Jett smashes Chavo back against the ropes and irish whips him across the ring, planting him with a Sitout Hip Toss. Chavo stands up and Jett Scoop Slams him on the mat before he hits a Standing Moonsault on Chavo, hooking his leg for a pin. But it only leads to a two count. Jett picks up Chavo and drills him in the chest with a Knife Edge Chop. Chavo answers back with a chop of his own and both men trade more chops with each other. Chavo rakes Jett's eyes and irish whips him to the corner. Chavo follows up with a Running Dropkick to Jett in the corner. Jett stumbles out of the corner and Chavo Snap Suplexes him before heading up top, hitting a Frog Splash on Jett. Chavo covers him, only getting a nearfall.

    Chavo picks up Jett and tucks his head between his legs, lifting him up on his shoulder for the Gory Special, stretching Jett out like an ironing board.

    Scott Hudson asks Shane Helms on commentary who he would he prefer to face at Slamboree out of Jett and Chavo. Helms replies, "I've battled Chavo numerous times and every time I've fought him, he was tough as hell. But I came out on top of our encounters with the belt. Jason Jett is making a name for himself and he's proven he's worthy of being a contender with all the names he's beaten in the Cruiserweight Division. However, there's a reason none of those guys are the champion of this division and I am. It doesn't matter who wins this and goes on to challenge me for my title at Slamboree. I have no preference cause at the end of the day, I'm still gonna walk out the champion at Slamboree and remain at the very top of the Cruiserweight mountain."

    After making Jett suffer in the Gory Special for awhile, Chavo flattens him with the Gory Bomb. Chavo rolls Jett onto his back and goes for the pin...but Jett kicks out. Chavo raises Jett off the mat and irish whips him across the ring. Chavo tries for a Clothesline but Jett ducks under and catches him with a Handspring Back Elbow. Jett hits a Northern Lights Suplex on Chavo for a pin. Chavo kicks out at two. Jett waits for Chavo to get up before he sprints towards him. Chavo sidesteps and throws Jett through the middle ropes out onto the ring apron. Jett stands up on the ring apron and Chavo approaches him. Jett Shoulder Barges him through the middle ropes, connecting with his mid-section. Jett tucks his head between Chavo's legs and Back Body Drops Chavo over the top rope to the outside.

    Jett climbs back in the ring and ascends the top turnbuckle, waiting for Chavo to reach his feet at ringside. Jett soars off the top turnbuckle and comes crashing down on Chavo with a Diving Plancha outside. Jett picks Chavo off the floor and rolls him back into the ring. Jett steps up on the ring apron, waiting for Chavo to stand up before he slings himself over the top rope back into the ring, knocking Chavo down with the Afterburner. Jett pulls Chavo up to his feet and sets him up for The Crash Landing. Chavo lands punches on Jett's gut though, getting out of it, and Chavo applies a front headlock on Jett, hitting a quick Tornado DDT on him. Chavo goes for the pin...and gets two.

    Chavo picks up Jett and places him on the top turnbuckle. Chavo climbs onto the second turnbuckle, looking for a Superplex but Jett blocks the attempt and Front Suplexes Chavo off the second turnbuckle to the mat. Jett stands up on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Chavo to get up. Jett takes Chavo down with a Diving Crossbody. Jett has him down for a pin but Chavo brings his shoulder up at two. Jett stands up and waits in the corner on Chavo, waving him to get up. Jett goes for a Superkick but Chavo catches his foot in his hands and spins Jett around...only to receive a Jumping Enziguri to the side of his head. Jett picks up Chavo and sets him up for The Crash Landing once again.


    Chavo pins Jett and the referee begins counting.


    Chavo stands up instantly and raises his arms in the air, starting to celebrate as Jett's undefeated streak has come to an end. The fans boo loudly at the referee's fuck up.



    Chavo is still celebrating in front of the crowd, thinking he just ended Jett's undefeated streak and is the No. 1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Title again, unaware that the referee called off his count and that the match is still continuing.

    The referee grabs Chavo's arm and puts it down, telling him the match is still on because Jett had his foot on the bottom rope. Chavo looks back, seeing Jett's foot on the bottom rope and shakes his head at the ref, telling him he won the match. Chavo raises his arm again, trying to pass himself off as the winner, but the referee yanks his arm down again and tells him he hasn't won. Chavo grabs his head, disappointed. He can't believe what just happened.

    Jett stands up on his feet across the ring from Chavo...and Chavo charges towards him, only to get caught with a kick to the gut.


    Jett hooks his leg for the pin...and gets the three, keeping his undefeated streak alive, extending it to 12 - 0 aswell as becoming the new No. 1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Title, earning a title match against Shane Helms at Slamboree.

    Winner and facing Shane Helms for the Cruiserweight Championship at Slamboree: Jason Jett (6.47)

    Post-Match: Despite the controversial ending, the crowd cheer Jett as he climbs up on the second turnbuckle to celebrate, raising his arms in the air. Shane Helms stands up off his chair at the commentary desk and removes his headset, making his way into the ring with the Cruiserweight Title. Helms stands in the middle of the ring and waits for Jett to finish celebrating. Jett climbs down from the second turnbuckle and turns around, seeing Helms in front of him. Helms and Jett take a moment, staring at each other in the center of the ring. Helms raises his hand up to Jett, offering him a handshake. Jett continues staring at Helms and looks down at his hand, thinking about whether he should shake it or not. Jett comes to a decision...and decides to accept his offer, shaking hands with Helms. Helms congratulates Jett on the victory and Jett thanks him. Both men finish their handshake and Helms walks out of the ring with his belt as Jett keeps his eyes locked on him. Jett watches Helms leave up the aisle and Helms backs up the aisle, looking back at Jett in the ring. Both men nod their heads at each other in appreciation as the show goes into a commercial break.

    Commercial Break

    We're shown a replay of Steve Corino and Terry Funk's attack on The Rhodes in Dusty's hotel room on Monday.

    Match Three
    Dustin Rhodes vs. Terry Funk

    Dustin starts going crazy on Funk as soon as the bell rings, looking to get payback on him for the hotel room attack and the Fireball he shot into his dad's face.

    Dustin pummels Funk in the corner and doesn't let up. The referee steps in to pull Dustin off Funk. Dustin is dragged back into the middle of the ring by the referee. Dustin argues with the referee...and Terry Funk comes out of the corner, tackling Dustin to the mat. Funk punches Dustin in the face repeatedly until Dustin rolls him over, getting on top, and Dustin fires his own punches back at Funk. Dustin gets off Funk and waits for him to stand up. Dustin Clotheslines Funk over the top rope to the outside.

    Dustin climbs out of the ring and drags Funk up but gets punched in the gut. The Funker irish whips Dustin into the Steel Steps. Funk picks up Dustin and bashes his face off the ring apron. Funk climbs up on the ring apron, dragging Dustin onto the ring apron with him. Funk jabs Dustin in the face and Dustin blasts him back with a Throat Thrust. Dustin kicks Funk in the stomach and DDT's him on the ring apron.

    Dustin rolls Funk underneath the bottom rope back into the ring and goes for a pin. Funk kicks out at two. Dustin picks up Funk and drags him to the corner, bashing his face off the top turnbuckle. Dustin turns him around and climbs up on the second turnbuckle, standing over Funk, and Funk is forced to eat 10 Corner Punches. Dustin steps down after the tenth & final punch and applies a headlock on Funk, driving him out of the corner with a Bulldog. Dustin pulls Funk up to his feet and tucks his head between his legs, looking for a Piledriver. Funk grabs his legs though and trips Dustin up on the mat, putting a Spinning Toe Hold on Dustin.

    Dustin punches Funk in the face, making him release the Spinning Toe Hold. Dustin gets up but is caught with a kick to the gut. Funk irish whips Dustin to the ropes and bends down for a Back Body Drop but Dustin drops down on his knees and hits a Kneeling Uppercut to Funk. Dustin stands up and Atomic Drops Funk on the top rope then shakes the top rope, making Funk bounce up & down on the top rope groin-first. Dustin pulls Funk off the top rope and Suplexes him before driving a Pointed Elbow Drop down onto Funk's face. Dustin goes for a cover but it only leads to a kick out from Funk.

    Dustin waits for Funk to get up before he starts laying into him with a series of Bionic Elbows. Dustin shoots to the ropes...but gets caught with a Kitchen Sink to the gut. Funk slaps the back of Dustin's head and insults him, calling him a "bastard". Funk continues talking trash to Dustin about his dad. Funk tucks Dustin's head between his legs, attempting a Texas Piledriver but Dustin counters with a Back Body Drop. Dustin climbs up on the second turnbuckle, waiting for Funk to stand, before he jumps off and hits a Diving Bionic Elbow to Funk's head, knocking him down.

    Dustin heads outside and grabs a Chair from the timekeeper's area, bringing it into the ring. Dustin plans to hit Funk with the Chair but the referee grabs the Chair and tries to yank it out of Dustin's hands, having a tug of war with him over the Chair. As the referee and Dustin continue fighting over the Chair, Terry Funk clubs Dustin from behind causing Dustin to accidentally jam the Chair into the referee's stomach. The ref goes down on the mat, holding his stomach in pain. Funk drops Dustin with a Haymaker before he picks up the Chair and screams at Dustin to get up. Funk tries to hit Dustin with the Chair but Dustin ducks the shot and grabs Funk's head from behind, setting him up for The Curtain Call.

    Steve Corino bolts down to the ring and stands up on the ring apron. Dustin sees him, abandoning The Curtain Call on Funk, and Dustin knocks Corino off the ring apron.


    The Chair is layed out on the mat and Funk tucks Dustin's head between his legs.


    Funk slides the Chair out of the ring as the referee begins to recover. Funk hooks Dustin's leg and the referee rolls over, counting to three.

    Winner: Terry Funk (4.45)

    Local Bar: The camera heads back down to the local bar where The Sandman is hanging out. Sandman is still drinking at the counter of the bar, having drank God knows how many beers at this point. Some city local interrupts Sandman at the counter, shooting his mouth off to him, challenging Sandman's credibility and reputation as a wrestler. The local says "You wrestlers think you're so tough but you're all just a bunch of phonies." Sandman tries to ignore him and keeps drinking his bottle of beer but the local continues shooting his mouth off and insulting Sandman. The local challenges Sandman to fight him. Sandman still tries to ignore him, downing his beer bottle. But once the local calls Sandman a "wuss", Sandman puts his beer bottle down, turns around and decks him in the face, getting into a bar room brawl with the local. Sandman beats the local up with ease, throwing him into walls and other things, while the other customers are going wild in the background. Sandman bashes the local's face off the counter before he grabs his beer bottle and smashes it over the local's head. Sandman pulls the local up to his feet and places him on top of the counter, wiping the bar with him, knocking glass mugs & ashtrays off the counter, cleaning the bar top of all inanimate objects. The local is dragged off the counter and left laying unconscious on the floor. Sandman goes back to drinking at the counter, asking the bartender for another beer.

    Match Four
    Raven vs. Norman Smiley

    Raven makes his entrance to the ring first and sits against the bottom turnbuckle in the corner, awaiting his opponent. Norman enters second, wearing NFL uniform. Norman sports a Denver Broncos jersey, which earns the approval of the hometown crowd.

    Norman stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for Raven to get up and start the match. Raven just stares at Norman before he calls for a mic from outside and grabs the top rope with both hands, pulling himself up to his feet. Raven raises his mic up to speak to Norman.

    "Norman, you've been lost in the shuffle around here for so long that it seems you don't even know who you are anymore. You have an identity crisis. You don't know whether you're a wrestler or an NFL football player. Maybe you don't fit in any worlds and you're just trying to find your place in society. Here..."

    Raven pulls a Sting mask from out of his jacket and holds it out to Norman, who looks puzzled.

    "Wear this. Cause just like Sting, you're lost and a man of mystery. Take it..."

    Norman shakes his head, refusing to wear the Sting mask.

    "You don't want it? Fine..."

    Raven hits Norman in the head with his microphone, knocking him down, and puts the Sting mask on Norman, placing it over his face.

    Raven takes off his jacket and starts wailing away at Norman. Raven imagines he's beating Sting at Slamboree as he pummels Norman while making him wear the Sting mask.

    Raven irish whips Norman to the corner and Norman bounces off the turnbuckles chest-first as Raven hits the ropes following up with a Running Clothesline to Norman. Raven continues manhandling Norman, putting him down with a Bulldog. Raven waits for Norman to get up and delivers a Running Knee Lift to him that sends Norman flying over the top rope to the outside. Raven climbs out of the ring to pick up Norman.


    Screamin Norman is heard screaming from behind his Sting mask. Raven grabs the timekeeper's Chair and places it down on the ringside floor in front of Norman.

    Raven pulls the Sting mask off Norman and throws it into the ring to the referee.


    Raven rolls Norman back into the ring while the referee hands the Sting mask to a ringside crew member. Raven brings Norman to his feet...and from out of the blue, Norman starts fighting back against Raven, returning some offense back on him.

    The referee takes an accidental hit to the eye while Norman pounds Raven in the corner, taking the referee's focus off the competitors. Norman knocks Raven down and gets a little full of himself, deciding to do the Big Wiggle on Raven, smacking him on the ass. As he continues standing behind Raven, doing the Big Wiggle...Raven mule kicks Norman in the groin, stopping the Big Wiggle.


    The referee shakes off the cobwebs and counts as Raven pins Norman for the three.

    Winner: Raven (3.09)

    Post-Match: Raven extends both arms out, doing the crucifix pose to the crowd as they boo him.


    It's completely dark in the arena and all that can be heard are the crowd's cheers.



    Raven stares up at the titantron as the little girl talks about the battle between good vs. evil and darkness & light in her monologue.

    Once the little girl's monologue finishes, the video & Crow theme stop playing, and the lights come back on in the arena, returning to normal. Even for Raven himself, he's a little taken aback and spooked by what he just saw and heard. Raven stands in the middle of the ring, looking around the arena to see if Sting is anywhere present. Raven spots a fan in the front row, wearing a Biker jacket and Motorcycle helmet. Raven climbs out of the ring, remembering Sting's surprise attack on him 2 weeks ago on Thunder when he dressed up as a Biker in the front row. Raven slowly approaches the Biker fan in the front row, paranoid it could be Sting. Raven quickly grabs the fan's Motorcyle helmet and pulls it off to unmask him, Raven is about to swing at him...until he sees it's actually a normal fan, not Sting, and Raven pulls his punch back. Raven walks away from the fan, staring at him with Sting playing mind games on him now, leaving him paranoid. Raven backs up the aisle to leave, still a little spooked by what just happened as we go into commercial break.

    Commercial Break

    Bathroom: Raven is in the men's bathroom, staring at a reflection of himself in the mirror. Raven starts to talk, addressing Sting and his match with him at Slamboree.

    "Sting, you and I have been playing cat and mouse games with each other for the last several weeks. We've been getting inside each other's heads. This Sunday at Slamboree, there's no more running, no more mind games, it's just you and me one-on-one in the ring. I told you a couple of weeks back that all those little Stingers you've held so dear for so long would grow up and turn on you. Yet you still live a lie, one filled with false hope. You just can't turn your back on the Stingers. Well I am the man who's going to close the book on the fairytale that you've been living for far too long. This time the dragon sets the night aflame. This time the outlaw hangs the sherriff with his own noose. This time the villian prevails. My victory is prophetic. Your fate is sealed. So it is written, so it shall come to pass. QUOTH THE RAVEN, NEVERMORE!"

    Just as Raven finishes talking, he sees Sting appear in the mirror, seemingly standing behind him.


    Raven has a bewildered look on his face. The Stinger continues to serve Raven a dose of his own mind games. Raven turns back around to the mirror, which is now covered with steam and has a message written on the steamy mirror that's been left by Sting, which reads: "QUOTE THE STINGER, NEVERMORE!

    Raven then looks down...and sees a Scorpion crawling about in the sink, making him back away in fear.

    Raven leaves the bathroom before he gets any more surprises/messages from Sting.

    Match Five
    Kevin Nash vs. Buff Bagwell

    Buff Bagwell circles the ring, trying to avoid Big Sexy. Nash stalks Bagwell and slowly backs him up into a corner, blocking him in. Bagwell tries to escape out of the corner but Nash grabs him and throws him back into the corner, working over him with vicious Back Elbows to the side of his head and Knee Strikes to his mid-section. Nash irish whips Bagwell to the opposite corner and charges at him, connecting with a Corner Clothesline. Nash then Biel Tosses Bagwell out of the corner, sending him flying across the ring. Nash waits for Bagwell to get up before he picks him up in his arms and plants him with a Sidewalk Slam, pinning him. Bagwell kicks out at two.

    Nash drags Bagwell up to his feet and whips him to the ropes, looking for a Big Boot. Bagwell ducks under and delivers a Chop Block to the back of Nash's leg, dropping him to a knee. Bagwell keeps on Nash with punches and kicks. Bagwell climbs up to the second turnbuckle and hits a Double Axe Handle on Nash, knocking him on his back. Bagwell covers Nash but Big Sexy shoves him off at two. Bagwell heads up to the second turnbuckle again, waiting for Nash to get up. Bagwell goes for another Double Axe Handle but Nash catches him by the throat this time with both hands and lifts Bagwell up in the air, planting him down with a Two Handed Chokeslam. Nash runs to the ropes and hits a Jumping Elbow Drop on Bagwell.

    Nash places Bagwell on the middle rope and runs across the ring, landing on Bagwell's upper back with a Leapfrog Body Guillotine. Nash pulls Bagwell off the middle rope up to his feet and Big Sexy pulls him in for a Short-Arm Clothesline following up with a pin, which is kicked out of at two. Nash picks up Bagwell and irish whips him to the corner, Bagwell grabs the top rope with both hands to stop himself and jumps in the air, expecting Nash to come running underneath him, but Nash catches Bagwell on his shoulder and drops Buff face-first on the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes. Bagwell staggers on his feet from Snake Eyes and Nash goes running to the ropes, knocking him down with a Big Boot.

    Nash brings Bagwell to a vertical base in the corner and presses his big boot against Bagwell's neck, choking him. The ref gives Nash till the count of 5 to break his Foot Choke on Bagwell and Nash releases after the count of 4. Nash irish whips Bagwell to the opposite corner and attempts another Corner Clothesline but is met with a boot to the face from Bagwell, making him stumble back. Bagwell climbs up on the top turnbuckle, looking for The Blockbuster. Bagwell jumps off...but gets caught with a kick to the gut and Nash tucks Bagwell's head between his legs, setting up for The Jacknife Powerbomb.

    Lex Luger comes charging down the aisle and gets up on the ring apron, distracting the referee. Nash chucks Bagwell aside, abandoning the Jacknife, and goes for Luger but The Total Package jumps down from the ring apron before Nash can get him. Luger taunts and mocks Nash on the outside. Diamond Dallas Page runs out from the back and sprints to the ring, knocking Luger down with a Clothesline at ringside.

    A furious Page sees Bagwell standing back up and slides into the ring, tackling Bagwell down. DDP punches him in the face in front of the referee and Kevin Nash causing the ref to disqualify Nash as a result.

    Winner by DQ: Buff Bagwell (2.52)

    Post-Match: Nash stands by, watching DDP pummel the hell out of Bagwell on the mat. The referee pulls DDP off Bagwell, allowing Bagwell to roll out underneath the bottom rope and escape up the aisle with Luger. DDP shoves the referee off him. Despite his partner costing him the match by DQ, Nash understands that DDP did it for his wife after what Totally Buff pulled two days ago on Nitro. The Insiders stare at Totally Buff as they scurry to the back with DDP guaranteeing to make Bagwell feel the 'BANG' this Sunday at Slamboree.

    Local Bar: We're back at the local bar and The Sandman is playing Pool with some buddies he made. Sandman pots a ball into the pocket and tells the other players to pay up. As the other players dig into their pockets to hand over their cash to Sandman...Meng is shown entering the bar through the door. Meng spots Sandman at the Pool Table with the other customers and Sandman looks up, seeing Meng stand across the bar from him. Meng bursts into one of his uncontrollable fits of rage and charges over to the Pool Table, going for The Sandman. Sandman's buddies see Meng coming and start to whack Meng across his back & arms with their Pool Sticks, allowing Sandman to escape, who runs out of the bar through the door. Meng no sells the shots from the Pool Sticks and beats up Sandman's buddies, throwing some of them around the bar and some into walls knocking the dart board, pictures and clock off the wall. More customers get involved, going for Meng and Meng picks up a Pool Stick, breaking it over one guy's back. Meng cracks another guy over the head with a Pool Ball and then tosses someone on top of the Pool Table. Another guy lunges for Meng and Meng puts the Tongan Death Grip on him. Some fool smashes a Wooden Chair across Meng's back but Meng no sells that too, releasing the Tongan Death Grip on the other guy, and Meng throws the guy who hit him with the Wooden Chair into a Jukebox, breaking the Jukebox. The bartender comes out from behind the counter, confronting Meng, and the bartender screams at Meng to get out, trying to kick him out of the bar. Meng just grabs the bartender though and sends him flying over the bar counter into bottles on the shelf, smashing the bottles. Meng has destroyed the bar and everyone in it. In a comical moment, Meng turns around and sees a Cigar Store Indian statue in front of him. Meng roars at the statue of the Cigar Store Indian before he leaves the bar, continuing his search for Sandman.

    The camera heads back to the arena and Mike Tenay & Scott Hudson find amusement in Meng tearing the bar apart. Tenay and Hudson run down the final card for Slamboree this Sunday and hype up the PPV matches.

    Match Six
    (Main Event)

    The Giant and Ric Flair vs. Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett

    Ric Flair and Scott Steiner start for their teams, kicking the match off with a competitive first couple of minutes.

    The Nature Boy dishes out Knife Edge Chops on Steiner and twists his arm with an Arm Wrench, dragging Big Poppa Pump over to his corner, and Flair tags in Giant. Steiner pulls away from Flair and quickly rushes over to his corner, tagging in Jarrett before he climbs out of the ring, wanting no piece of Giant. Jarrett stares at Steiner bug-eyed, not wanting to be in the ring with Giant either. Giant grabs Jarrett and Biel Tosses him over the top rope into the ring.

    Giant punishes Jarrett in the corner with stiff Overhand Chops and then sends him to the opposite corner, squashing him with a Running Butt Bump. Giant pulls Jarrett out of the corner and plants him on the mat with an Inverted Leg Drop Bulldog. Giant covers Jarrett for the pin but Scott Steiner runs in to break up the pin and gets back out on the ring apron.

    Giant tags out to Ric Flair and Naitch grills Jarrett with Knife Edge Chops. Flair Scoop Slams Jarrett on the mat and runs out of the corner, delivering a Jumping Knee Drop to Jarrett's face. Flair picks up Jarrett's leg and spins around it, going for a Figure Four Leglock but Scott Steiner charges in and knocks Flair down with a Steinerline, breaking up the attempt. Giant climbs over the top rope into the ring but the referee tries to keep him back. Steiner and Jarrett pick up Flair and double team him in their corner while Giant argues with the referee.

    The referee starts counting out Giant, giving him until 5 to get out of the ring and Giant steps back out on the ring apron. Steiner claps his own hand, making the referee think he made a tag, and Jarrett steps out on the ring apron. Big Poppa Pump and Double J turn their match in their favor, having the upper hand over Flair while Giant is kept out on the ring apron, shouting encouragement at his partner. Steiner and Jarrett tag in & out, taking turns to wear down Flair. The Nature Boy returns some fire back at Steiner and heads up to the top turnbuckle but Steiner grabs him and tosses him off the top turnbuckle to the mat with a Deadly Drive.

    Steiner takes Flair to Suplex City and taunts Giant after each Suplex, firing up the big guy. Steiner goes for The Steiner Recliner on Flair but The Nature Boy slips out through Steiner's legs before Big Poppa Pump can fully apply his submission and Flair jumps to his corner, finally tagging in Giant. The angry Giant comes bolting into the ring and goes wild on Scott Steiner. Jeff Jarrett climbs into the ring, going for Giant, but feels his wrath too. Flair joins in helping his partner take it to Steiner and Jarrett. Flair and Jarrett end up fighting outside, leaving Giant and Steiner alone in the ring to battle it out.

    Steiner grabs his World Heavyweight Title from outside and brings it into the ring with him. Steiner tries to hit Giant with the belt...but Giant catches him by the neck.


    Jeff Jarrett rolls into the ring, trying to prevent a pin on his partner, Flair slides in after him. Giant catches Jarrett by the head, delivering a Headbutt to him and Jarrett stumbles around into a Knife Edge Chop from Flair, knocking him down.


    Giant pins Steiner for the three while Flair makes Jarrett tap to the Figure Four at the same time.

    Winners: The Giant and Ric Flair (5.36)

    Post-Match: Flair releases the Figure Four on Jarrett and Giant stands to his feet. The referee raises up both Flair and Giant's arms as the crowd pop for them. Flair and Giant hug each other, celebrating their victory. Giant just pinned the World Heavyweight Champion and Flair made Jarrett tap out to the Figure Four Leglock in what could be a preview for Slamboree. Steiner & Jarrett roll out of the ring in pain and retreat up the aisle together. Giant looks down and sees the World Heavyweight Title laying on the mat. Giant picks the belt up and raises it in the air as Scott Steiner looks on from the aisle, screaming at Giant to give him his belt back. Giant motions for Steiner to come and get the title but Steiner remains in the aisle with Jarrett while Giant and Flair stare at them from the ring. Giant holds the belt up in the air one more time as a sign that he will become the new champion this Sunday as Thunder comes to a close, getting us ready for Slamboree in 4 days time.

    Copyright 2001
    World Championship Wrestling Inc
    All Rights Reserved

    May 20th 2001

    Savvis Center
    St. Louis, Missouri

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Scott Steiner (c) vs. The Giant

    Sting vs. Raven

    Goldberg vs. Rhino

    The Insiders (Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page) vs. Totally Buff (The Total Package and Buff Bagwell)

    Submission Match
    Ric Flair vs. Jeff Jarrett

    Texas Tornado Tag Team Match
    Dusty Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes vs. Steve Corino and Terry Funk

    United States Championship
    Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Ernest Miller

    World Tag Team Championship
    The Impact Players (Lance Storm and Justin Credible) (c) vs. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O' Haire

    Hardcore Match
    The Sandman vs. Meng

    Cruiserweight Championship
    Shane Helms (c) vs. Jason Jett

    Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship
    The Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio Jr.) (c) vs. 3 Count (Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias)
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