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Thread: New FWA mod + Other announcements

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    New FWA mod + Other announcements

    Some of you may have already figured it out, but we've recently added The Golden One back to staff. Devin has been a lot of help and was instrumental with Quest For The Best and the weeks leading to it. Once upon a time, Devin was head mod of the FWA, so he has the experience. Having him on board, this mod staff feels like the 98' Chicago Bulls of mod teams. I'm pretty excited about it. Everyone welcome Devin back, unless you don't want to, that's fine too I guess.

    A little while back, we teased a new system on the back end that will stop show delays and promote a more shared workload. We have finally pulled the trigger on that, and with four of us at the helm, it should go even smoother than we anticipated.

    You may have noticed the return of an old FWA mainstay, THE FWA POWER 20. That's back, babes. Be on the lookout for it's counterpart, The FWA Insider, coming tomorrow. The Power 20 and The Insider were always fun and very helpful in regards to promoting activity and generating excitement. I hope you guys enjoy these additions. I don't want to stop there. I'd love to get Open Promo back on it's feet. Once upon a time, in a pre-WC FWA, it was the most active section we had. I'll be launching a "Being The Elite" style reality show/documentary style type thread in Open Promo that follows a set group of FWA superstars around backstage. Be on the lookout for that as well.

    The next FWA PPV is The Anniversary Show. We may possibly do Hall Of Fame Inductions at this show as it's been a bit since we've done them. After that, we are letting YOU decide which PPV we run going into Back in Business. Last year, we broke the tradition of having Carnal Contendership (The FWA's equivalent to The Royal Rumble) decide who goes on to main event Back in Business by introducing the World Grand Prix. We essentially traded The Royal Rumble for the G1 Climax. In the coming weeks we'll open a poll, letting you pick which of the two we run this year.

    Thanks for your patience with everything. There is some exciting stuff on the horizon

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    Re: New FWA mod + Other announcements

    Everything said here is greatness.

    Welcome back to the mod team Goldy.

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