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    CWA CWA: A Decade of Decadence - LIVE

    Our scene opens within a black screen, the all-encompassing darkness filling the entire screen. Silence echoes through the airwaves, time ticks over, until slowly, a voice starts to be heard...

    A voice from years ago, scratchy and tainted with an almost radio-quality.

    Charles W. Anderson: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the first edition of CWA Adrenaline Rush!

    A voice that hasn’t been heard in years, that of Charles W. Anderson, CWA’s original announcer. An audio recording of the first aired show of CWA, live from New York City, with Charles W. Anderson’s friendly baritone welcoming us to what would be the start of something great. Various images begin to flash across the screen, dozens upon dozens of images, of various superstars and moments across CWA’s history. From the very first match pitting Ultimate Pain, Rich Stone, Logan Five, & Devon Jones against one another, highlights of CWA’s glorious age continue to play, years of memorable moments and spotlights. Champions, Icons, Personalities, Ensemble Darkhorses, a veritable who’s who of CWA’s locker room history.

    Charles W. Anderson: I hope you all had a safe and happy holidays but now, its time for some bone crunching, career shorting, death defying brand of Entertainment that is exclusive to Clique Wrestling Alliance. I know you people didn’t spend your hard earned money to listen to me talk so without further hesitation, let’s kick off the show!

    As Charles W. Anderson’s voice begins fades away, the images slowly fade to a crawl, with the final image being that of a sea of fans, uproariously chanting...

    Except that’s not an image, that’s live! “SEE-DUB-A! SEE-DUB-A!” The fans in attendance at the sold-out Madison Square Garden, the very place where CWA held it’s first show, echo the score in recognition of the promotion they love so much. The camera pans across the ocean of CWA fans, taking it’s time to ensure the entire arena is noticed, catching several signs among the crowd such as ‘ULTIMATE PAIN > JACKSON FENIX’, ‘LILITH IS THE DARKNESS THAT WILL SAVE US’, ‘I FOLLOWED CWA FOR TEN YEARS AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT’, among various other colourful signs, before finally pulling into the commentary booth, with Jim Taylor, Tim Coleman, and Daniel Oakley, all, dressed in their finest suits.

    A bare second of silence, a second of solemn pride, for a company that lasted this long, echoes between the trio. Even the newest member, Daniel Oakley, knows not to interrupt this second.

    But the second passes, and the commentary beckons us with a smile, even the typically dour Tim Coleman.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, to CWA: Decade of Decadence, coming live from Madison Square Garden in New York City. You know who we are, but for tradition’s sake, I’m Jim Taylor, and joining me is my commentary colleague and good friend-

    Tim Coleman: Don’t spread such lies, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: My good friend, Tim Coleman. And beside him, our expert broadcast analyst, Daniel Oakley.

    Daniel Oakley: I’m honoured to be here to join a commentary legend in Jim Taylor, and his friend Tim Coleman, to help commentate over CWA’s Ten Year Anniversary. I hope everyone watching is prepared for a monumental show, because I sure am.

    Tim Coleman: Ten years, my god. I’d had marriages that haven’t lasted a fraction as long as CWA.

    Tim’s typical satirical – is it satire if it’s real? – take lightens the atmosphere, but as quickly as it happens, it passes, and the smile fades from the trio ever so slightly.

    Jim Taylor: It’s no secret that CWA has been in... Well, a rough spot, so to say. Legally, we can’t explain the reasons or pinpoint who to blame, but with CWA’s future uncertain, an anonymous benefactor donated a significant sum of money purely to provide CWA with one final hurrah. Whoever that was, we thank you, and we’ll do our best to ensure it's all worth every cent.

    Tim Coleman: That’s not to say this is the end, oh no! We all have our rough spots, our dry spells. You know about dry spells right, Daniel?

    Daniel Oakley: I-What?

    Tim Coleman: The point is, sometimes things can come back from the rough spot, to a brighter future. And sometimes... They can’t. A lot of that is out of our hands. What is in our hands, and the hands of every capable performer in the back, is the chance to give CWA the final bow it deserves.

    Daniel Oakley: It could be the end of something great, or the start of something new. Either way, I have it on very good authority that every wrestler in the back, is going to give us a show we will never forget.

    Jim Taylor: Let’s not spend any more time on the ‘maybes’ or the ‘if, ands, or buts.’ I think I speak for everyone in attendance, that it’s about time we get this show on the road! Lindsay Monahan, take it away!

    We pan over to the dutiful Lindsay Monahan, centre of the ring. One of the people who has been with CWA since it began, announcing every wrestler with as much grandeur as she could, for ten years. A ‘LIND-SAY’ chant in recognition of her talent breaks out just as Lindsay Monahan brings up the microphone, and she has to take a brief second to collect herself from the unexpected chant.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our opening contest!

    A cheer breaks out as the lights dim, and the show officially gets underway...


    Notes: Like I mentioned in the preview thread, the show will be posted in segments on a match-by-match basis. Aiming for at least one match update every few days, so cross our fingers.

    Take the time between the matches to discuss the event so far, or if you are so inclined, you may post a backstage promo either reacting to the previous match, hyping up your own future one, talking about CWA as a whole, or just a bit of a skit/character development. These promos are completely optional and do not count towards the result of your own match later on, if you have one.

    The opening match will be posted tomorrow. It's already been written, just needs some brief editing and coding. Plus I need sleep. College and car drives don't mix.

    As an aside, this opening post will also serve as a contents directionary, with quick links to every match as they're posted. So if you're looking for a particular match or promo, you won't have to struggle through walls of text or go 'ctrl + F.'

    Love you.

    Quick Directonary:
    $10,000 Battle Royal
    Johnny Vegas vs Mark Merriweather vs Peter Jacobs - No.1 Contender for CWA Pure Championship
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