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Thread: CWA: A Decade of Decadence - LIVE

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    CWA CWA: A Decade of Decadence - LIVE

    Our scene opens within a black screen, the all-encompassing darkness filling the entire screen. Silence echoes through the airwaves, time ticks over, until slowly, a voice starts to be heard...

    A voice from years ago, scratchy and tainted with an almost radio-quality.

    Charles W. Anderson: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the first edition of CWA Adrenaline Rush!

    A voice that hasn’t been heard in years, that of Charles W. Anderson, CWA’s original announcer. An audio recording of the first aired show of CWA, live from New York City, with Charles W. Anderson’s friendly baritone welcoming us to what would be the start of something great. Various images begin to flash across the screen, dozens upon dozens of images, of various superstars and moments across CWA’s history. From the very first match pitting Ultimate Pain, Rich Stone, Logan Five, & Devon Jones against one another, highlights of CWA’s glorious age continue to play, years of memorable moments and spotlights. Champions, Icons, Personalities, Ensemble Darkhorses, a veritable who’s who of CWA’s locker room history.

    Charles W. Anderson: I hope you all had a safe and happy holidays but now, its time for some bone crunching, career shorting, death defying brand of Entertainment that is exclusive to Clique Wrestling Alliance. I know you people didn’t spend your hard earned money to listen to me talk so without further hesitation, let’s kick off the show!

    As Charles W. Anderson’s voice begins fades away, the images slowly fade to a crawl, with the final image being that of a sea of fans, uproariously chanting...

    Except that’s not an image, that’s live! “SEE-DUB-A! SEE-DUB-A!” The fans in attendance at the sold-out Madison Square Garden, the very place where CWA held it’s first show, echo the score in recognition of the promotion they love so much. The camera pans across the ocean of CWA fans, taking it’s time to ensure the entire arena is noticed, catching several signs among the crowd such as ‘ULTIMATE PAIN > JACKSON FENIX’, ‘LILITH IS THE DARKNESS THAT WILL SAVE US’, ‘I FOLLOWED CWA FOR TEN YEARS AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT’, among various other colourful signs, before finally pulling into the commentary booth, with Jim Taylor, Tim Coleman, and Daniel Oakley, all, dressed in their finest suits.

    A bare second of silence, a second of solemn pride, for a company that lasted this long, echoes between the trio. Even the newest member, Daniel Oakley, knows not to interrupt this second.

    But the second passes, and the commentary beckons us with a smile, even the typically dour Tim Coleman.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, to CWA: Decade of Decadence, coming live from Madison Square Garden in New York City. You know who we are, but for tradition’s sake, I’m Jim Taylor, and joining me is my commentary colleague and good friend-

    Tim Coleman: Don’t spread such lies, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: My good friend, Tim Coleman. And beside him, our expert broadcast analyst, Daniel Oakley.

    Daniel Oakley: I’m honoured to be here to join a commentary legend in Jim Taylor, and his friend Tim Coleman, to help commentate over CWA’s Ten Year Anniversary. I hope everyone watching is prepared for a monumental show, because I sure am.

    Tim Coleman: Ten years, my god. I’d had marriages that haven’t lasted a fraction as long as CWA.

    Tim’s typical satirical – is it satire if it’s real? – take lightens the atmosphere, but as quickly as it happens, it passes, and the smile fades from the trio ever so slightly.

    Jim Taylor: It’s no secret that CWA has been in... Well, a rough spot, so to say. Legally, we can’t explain the reasons or pinpoint who to blame, but with CWA’s future uncertain, an anonymous benefactor donated a significant sum of money purely to provide CWA with one final hurrah. Whoever that was, we thank you, and we’ll do our best to ensure it's all worth every cent.

    Tim Coleman: That’s not to say this is the end, oh no! We all have our rough spots, our dry spells. You know about dry spells right, Daniel?

    Daniel Oakley: I-What?

    Tim Coleman: The point is, sometimes things can come back from the rough spot, to a brighter future. And sometimes... They can’t. A lot of that is out of our hands. What is in our hands, and the hands of every capable performer in the back, is the chance to give CWA the final bow it deserves.

    Daniel Oakley: It could be the end of something great, or the start of something new. Either way, I have it on very good authority that every wrestler in the back, is going to give us a show we will never forget.

    Jim Taylor: Let’s not spend any more time on the ‘maybes’ or the ‘if, ands, or buts.’ I think I speak for everyone in attendance, that it’s about time we get this show on the road! Lindsay Monahan, take it away!

    We pan over to the dutiful Lindsay Monahan, centre of the ring. One of the people who has been with CWA since it began, announcing every wrestler with as much grandeur as she could, for ten years. A ‘LIND-SAY’ chant in recognition of her talent breaks out just as Lindsay Monahan brings up the microphone, and she has to take a brief second to collect herself from the unexpected chant.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our opening contest!

    A cheer breaks out as the lights dim, and the show officially gets underway...


    Notes: Like I mentioned in the preview thread, the show will be posted in segments on a match-by-match basis. Aiming for at least one match update every few days, so cross our fingers.

    Take the time between the matches to discuss the event so far, or if you are so inclined, you may post a backstage promo either reacting to the previous match, hyping up your own future one, talking about CWA as a whole, or just a bit of a skit/character development. These promos are completely optional and do not count towards the result of your own match later on, if you have one.

    The opening match will be posted tomorrow. It's already been written, just needs some brief editing and coding. Plus I need sleep. College and car drives don't mix.

    As an aside, this opening post will also serve as a contents directionary, with quick links to every match as they're posted. So if you're looking for a particular match or promo, you won't have to struggle through walls of text or go 'ctrl + F.'

    Love you.

    Quick Directonary:
    $10,000 Battle Royal
    Johnny Vegas vs Mark Merriweather vs Peter Jacobs - No.1 Contender for CWA Pure Championship
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    Re: CWA: A Decade of Decadence - LIVE

    Looking forward to this Wolfy - nice start with Charles Anderson!

    And he scores goals...!

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    Re: CWA: A Decade of Decadence - LIVE

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is a battle royal, with the winner receiving $10,000! Names from CWA's past and present will take part in this match with eliminations occurring when someone is thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. Introducing first...

    The dark punk rock of Motionless in White’s 'America' echoes across the arena, as the anarchistic V walks out from the curtain, focused. A respectful applause and several cheers from the audience, as V approaches the ring. Is he even blinking?

    Lindsay Monahan: From Parts Unknown, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-five pounds, V!

    Daniel Oakley: Starting off with a very strong surprise! V debuted back in August of 2014, and brought an anarchistic message with him. Perhaps another chance to spread his rhetoric is due?

    Tim Coleman: He certainly has his fair share of followers. He’s got a message, and people want to hear it.

    V enters the ring, and stands stock still in the middle, before stretching his arms out, as if ‘welcoming’ the world to his display.

    Shinedown’s 'Devour' now plays from the speakers, as the monstrous Beast emerges, with his manager Bell sitting on his shoulders. Waving as if she’s on a parade float, Belle orders Beast towards the ring, as the fans give a decidedly mixed reaction.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Dallas, Texas, Belle and the Beast!

    Tim Coleman: This is my pick to win the dollar prize, I guarantee! Don’t need to know any other surprise entrants, nope! Who can compete with the immense strength of Beast and the conniving wit of Belle?

    Belle leaps down from Beast’s shoulders, and the two enter the ring, Beast keeping an eye on the unblinking V while Belle continues to wave behind him.

    Survive, If I Let You’ echoes, as the New York native John Stephens, walks through the curtain. With a surly scowl, he begins to approach the ring, taking no heed of the audience either booing him, nor cheering him.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at two-hundred and forty pounds, John 'The Destroyer' Stephens!

    Tim Coleman: Sometimes you don’t need strength or wit to win, Jim. Sometimes you just need to beat someone’s skull in, as John Stephens would likely know.

    Daniel Oakley: Hey, here’s a fun fact! John Stephen’s debut match was against none other than V! Do you think he remembers?

    John Stephen certainly does, as he rolls into the ring and immediately goes nose-to-nose with V. The Brooklyn Brute mouths off, while V continues to stare, unblinking, at him.

    The catchy tunes of The Village People’s ‘YMCA’ causes the crowd to sing along, as a surprisingly popular Xlea Kebert erupts from the entrance curtain, tripping almost immediately, and having to be helped up by his loyal sidekick, the vertically challenged Mr. Twinkles.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Parts Unknown, weighting in at one-hundred and sixty pounds, accompanies to the ring by Mr. Twinkles, Xlea Kebert!

    Jim Taylor: Xlea Kebert is a surprisingly popular figure, judging by the reaction. He looks just as surprised by the volume as we do.

    Mr. Twinkles directs Xlea towards the ring, and the ever smiling funny man slides into the ring, right into Beast’s chest. He jumps, stumbles back, and bumps John Stephen’s chest, who unleashes another tirade at the frightened, confused man.

    Kick Ass’ by Egypt Central is very fitting, as Zack Sullivan emerges from the back in a long black robe over his ring gear as well as some super obnoxious sunglasses. There’s a mixed reaction, a few boos at his rather punchable face, however an equal amount of cheers Zack.

    Lindsay Monahan: Currently residing in Hollywood, Florida, weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds, ‘The Majestic One’, Zack Sullivan!

    Daniel Oakley: Zack Sullivan, a former tag team champion as one half of FTK! Probably a good sleeper pick to win this one.

    Tim Coleman: Yep, he’s my pick! I hope he didn’t bring his partner with him.

    Zack Sullivan slides into the ring, glancing at the odd scene of Xlea Kebert wedged between Beast & John Stephens, and smirks, announcing something about how he’s ‘going to win this match and that’s a fact' to anyone who will listen.

    Jim Johnston’s ‘Fight’ is damn near drawn out by the sheer volume of the CWA audience, as CWA veteran Thomas Jones enters! The Iceman pauses, somewhat taken aback by the show of support, and hides a smile as he approaches the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Shreveport, Los Angelos, weighing in at two-hundred and forty-five pounds, ‘Iceman’ Thomas Jones!

    Jim Taylor: My word, I think we’ve got the audience favourite! Thomas Jones!

    Daniel Oakley: A former CWA High Voltage Champion, someone the crowd has supported for YEARS. It’s great to have him here.

    Thomas Jones enters the ring, paying the others no mind as he stands stoically in the ring, wiping the smile from his face.

    A surprising reaction from the crowd, as former Craig Owens bodyguard Ryan Andrews is next to the tune of Breaking Benjamin's ‘I Will Not Bow.’ The Irish Dragon has no wasted motion as he marches towards the ring, a deadly look in his eyes.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two-hundred and sixty-seven pounds, he is 'The Irish Dragon,' Ryan Andrews!

    Tim Coleman: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ryan Andrews without Craig Owens close by. Perhaps he’s finally striking out on his own, from beneath his employer’s shadow.

    Ryan Andrews rolls into the ring, and immediately pushes V from the centre of the ring, finally causing the anarchist to blink. Andrews raises a fist and punches his chest, glaring, almost daring someone to retaliate.

    Skillet’s ‘Rebirthing’ plays, as the other half of FTK makes his entrance. It’s all cheers as Nero James, a veteran of the game with a CWA Tag Team Title reign to his name, nods his head at the cheering crowd, approaching the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at two hundred pounds, 'The Underdog,' Nero James!

    Daniel Oakley: A veteran of the game, Nero James has seen everything there is to see. A former CWA Tag Team Champion with Zack Sullivan, one must imagine the tag team experience of FTK could serve them well here tonight.

    Tim Coleman: But there can only be one winner, and between Sullivan and James, I can make a guess about who will turn on who before the day’s done.

    Sliding into the ring, Nero James offers Zack Sullivan a fist bump, and FTK stand in a corner, eyeing the competition down.

    The baroque rock tones of ‘An Evil Rarity’ now play, much to a quiet displeasure to the fans. Violet Dreyer, in all her loudmouth glory, bursts from the curtains, posing to the mild boos. She shrieks that they should be cheering for her, however receives only slightly more boos in response.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Sydney, Australia, weighing in at one-hundred and forty-one pounds, ‘That Dastardly Dreyer’, Violet Dreyer!

    Daniel Oakley: Violet Dreyer is a multiple-generational talent, an alumni of the Black Widow Classic, but I don’t think anyone wouldn’t thought she’d be making an appearance with CWA here tonight.

    Tim Coleman: Color me surprised she’d make it to CWA at all. Didn’t think she’d have much else other than a mouth to her, but CWA must see something in her if they’ll give her a spot in this match, right?

    Violet Dreyer slides into the ring, immediately getting in Ryan Andrew’s face and mouthing at him to move, for ‘centre stage is reserved for ME!’ Ryan glares her down, and Violet, sensing an impasse, gets the hint, and instead starts mouthing off at some of the others. John Stephens, unable to resist, joins in, and the two loud mouthed fighters jeer at each other as the rest can only sigh.

    OH SHIT. Everyone in the ring stops what they’re doing to stare up the entrance ramp, as none other than former kingpin of CWA Jon Snowmantashi has arrived! The audience cheers loudly as Jon Snowmantashi, looking slightly more bulky, pauses atop the stage, observing the crowd with a smile, before beginning his slow, methodical walk towards the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at two-hundred and ninety pounds, ‘Inhuman’, Jon Snowmantashi!

    Jim Taylor: And here comes the biggest target in the match! Jon Snowmantashi, a former two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion, who made a career out of absorbing what others can dish out, and giving it back tenfold. The odds have changed, and they favour Jon Snowmantashi.

    In the ring, several wrestlers have several different reactions. Some, like Thomas Jones and V, don’t seem to be intimidated by his presence. Others like Ryan Andrews, John Stephens, and Beast are itching to take a swing at the former world champion. Nero James and Zack Sullivan, FTK, quickly start whispering a game plan to each other. Xlea Kebert seems to have soiled himself, and attempts to hide behind Belle, who pushes him away in disgust. Violet Dreyer, in a rare display of common sense, starts to sneakily exit the ring, for once not wanting everyone’s eyes to be on her. Jon Snowmantashi pauses at the apron, grins at the competition awaiting him, and climbs into the ring, where he meets Ryan Andrews in the centre of the ring. Ryan Andrews refuses to budge, and Jon Snowmantashi laughs. He seems acutely aware of what a target he has on his back.

    With eleven wrestlers in the ring, the referee starts to signal for the bell to be rung, when-

    Before a packed crowd in attendance. ‘Time’ by Hans Zimmer begins to play with beautiful imagery of nature and the world on display on the titantron.

    Jim Taylor: Oh, no... We know that music. Style and grandeur is synonymous with him.

    Meanwhile on the stage are two ribbon twirlers both of whom are fashioned in glow in the dark colors making them beautiful silhouettes. A spotlight shines onto the stage and reveals "The World Renowned" Craig Owens in all his glory. With a beaming smile on his face as he blows kisses to the booing public. Owens confidently strolls down to the ring while he is noticeably wearing a headset microphone.

    Craig Owens: Yes... Yes I know.. (Craig chuckles). You all missed me. It's OK I don't blame you for it. But ladies and gentleman fear not. Because CRAIG OWENS is back!

    There is an eruption of boos as Craig Owens begins to walk up the ring steps and onto the apron.

    Craig Owens: I am back here after my highly successful global tour which featured my one man show entitled all about Owens. Because truthfully I realised that all of you and the CWA couldn't do without me! Because without Craig Owens you people lack class and sophistication. Without Craig Owens... You people lack a hero to live vicariously through but fear not for I am here tonight to give you what you need. Because from this point onwards.... Craig Owens is running the show!

    With that Craig Owens steps through the ropes and into the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at two-hundred and forty pounds, ‘The World Renowned’, Cra-

    Lindsay Monahan can’t even finish the introduction before Ryan Andrews nails a big boot right to the face of Craig Owens! The referee hastily signals for the bell to be rung, as chaos quickly descends upon the battle royal!


    The bell immediately rings to start the match as the crowd are in shock at Ryan turning on his former client Craig Owens. While a few of the wrestlers are equally surprised, this shortly passes and they all begin battling amongst themselves while Ryan easily drags Craig to his feet and tosses him out of the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Craig Owens has been eliminated!

    Jim Taylor: That, that is music to my ears.

    Tim Coleman: Did Ryan Andrews start this match by kicking his boss OUT of the battle royal?!?

    Daniel Oakley: I don’t think he’s his boss anymore!

    There is a cheer from the crowd as Owens hits the ground with a thud before Ryan begins to battle it out with John Stephens. Meanwhile in the centre of the ring, much to the delight of the crowd, there is a face-off between Jon Snowmantashi and Beast, the two biggest men in the match. With a smirking Belle watching on, the towering Beast throws the first blow as he cracks Jon with a forearm smash!

    Snowmantashi is quick to return fire as these two monsters duke it out in the centre of the ring before Snowmantashi starts to get the better of the exchanges. While this is going on Thomas Jones is able to connect with the Big Fricking Haymaker on Xlea Kebert. The force of this shot sends Xlea toppling over the ropes and out onto the apron where Jones follows up with the best dropkick in the world knocking Xlea off the apron and crashing onto Mr. Sprinkles.

    Lindsay Monahan: Xlea Kebert has been eliminated!

    Jim Taylor: Thomas Jones, with deceptive agility, dropkicks Xlea Kebert out of the match! Poor Mr. Sprinkles, though.

    Tim Coleman: Eh, he’ll live. Midgets are surprisingly durable.

    Daniel Oakley: I’d ask what makes you think you know that, but I doubt anyone actually wants to know.

    As the crowd cheers for the fired up Thomas Jones however, he soon finds himself surrounded by the duo of Nero James and Zack Sullivan, who overwhelm him with the numbers game and begin raining down blows upon the veteran.

    Back to the centre of the ring, with Jon Snowmantashi getting the better of the striking exchanges, Beast attempts to hit Jon with a chokeslam but Snowmantashi is able to fight his hand off from his throat before he nails Beast with a headbutt. With Beast wobbled Snowmantashi traps him in the Frostbite! A horrified Belle watches on, before springing into action and attempting wrench Snowmantashi off of her valued client. Unsurprisingly, this fails, Snowmantashi barely reacting to her yanking at his arms. Giving up on this idea, Belle enlists the attention of FTK, Nero James & Zack Sullivan, suggesting that the duo attack Snowmantashi with their superior numbers. FTK take one look at Beast, fading away in Snowmantashi’s Frostbite, and politely refuse, turning their attention back to Thomas Jones and continuing to stomp away at him. Snowmantashi releases the hold, dropping a sluggish Beast to his knees, but before Snowmantashi takes advantage Belle physically strikes, with a hard SLAP across the face of the former world champion!

    Daniel Oakley: That might not have been one of Belle’s better actions there...

    Jon Snowmantashi, more surprised than anything, gently picks Belle up by the shoulders, walks her to the corner, and dumps her there, promising that he will deal with her after he eliminates Beast. How gentlemanly. Snowmantashi goes back to Beast, and Belle makes to follow – only to be stopped by Violet Dreyer grasping her hair from the apron, where she had been sneaking unseen for most of the match, choosing now to strike. Dreyer drags Belle over the ropes, joining her on the apron, and attempts to throw her to the floor. But Belle is quick to hold onto the ropes, avoiding elimination, and catches Dreyer with a hard forearm smash. Dreyer backs up, releasing Belle, and Belle charges at her with a jumping knee strike! But Dreyer ducks beneath it, catching Belle by the wayside and nailing a neckbreaker on the apron! Belle falls to the floor!

    Lindsay Monahan: Belle has been eliminated!

    Jim Taylor: A strong showing for Violet Dreyer in her CWA debut insofar, even if most of that debut has been spent mouthing off at others and hiding at ringside.

    Tim Coleman: Forget Violet, Belle’s eliminated! This, this is injustice! How can we continue without such a beauty?

    Daniel Oakley: I’m certain we’ll survive, Tim.

    Meanwhile, with a clear path to Beast, Jon Snowmantashi grasps at the giant – only to be rocked with a surprise uppercut! Beast catches Snowmantashi a series of thudding blows, sending Snowmantashi close to the ropes. Beast winds up for a haymaker, and lets loose – only for Snowmantashi to duck, catch Beast on his shoulders and nail the Hailstorm! The crowd are in shock at the strength of Snowmantashi as he drags the carcass of Beast to his feet, and dumps him out of the ring!

    Lindsay Monahan: Beast has been eliminated!

    Tim Coleman: He was my pick! Beast is gone! Damnit!

    Daniel Oakley: In the battle of the monsters, Jon Snowmantashi came out on top, but certainly not for lack of trying.

    With that, Jon Snowmantashi begins to turn his attention to John Stephens, while Ryan Andrews attacks V. We are now down to 8 in this match and it very much appears that the team work of Zack Sullivan and Nero James is proving dividends as they continue to bring the heat to Thomas Jones, as Violet Dreyer watches from the apron, waiting for the moment to strike.

    Meanwhile Ryan Andrews having at first been caught off guard with the unusual antics of V would show off some surprising athleticism as he leapfrogged over a charging V before catching him in the Dragon's Den. Despite valiantly trying to fight out, V is unable to break the grasp of the powerful Andrews and he soon goes limp. Ryan drops him on the canvas and lets out a roar before the crowd only to then come face to face with Jon Snowmantashi. The two stare down, and as this happens, we see Zack Sullivan craftily take a moment to toss V out of the ring, stealing the elimination for himself.

    Lindsay Monahan: V has been eliminated!

    Tim Coleman: Never one to let an opportunity slide, Zack Sullivan eliminates V right from under everyone’s noses.

    Daniel Oakley: But he’s left his tag partner, Nero James, and left an opening in the double-teaming! Look!

    Indeed. While Zack Sullivan is making several mocking poses to V, Violet Dreyer decides to strike, climbing up to the top turnbuckle. As Sullivan turns, Dreyer launches herself with the Dastardly Dreyer Discourse! But Zack ducks, avoiding the knee, and catches Violet with a punch right to the mush. He then jawjacks at her, but sensing the opening, Thomas Jones is now able to battle from underneath, catching Nero James with a headbutt to the ribs, finally catching some air. Before Zack can go help his partner, he’s caught with a stiff elbow by John Stephens! Now in a surprising show of unity, the numbers game is turned against FTK, as Thomas Jones, Violet Dreyer, & John Stephens all work together against the duo! Thomas Jones is able to turn the tables on Nero James, while in a corner Violet Dreyer & John Stephens take turns chopping Zack Sullivan, amidst smacktalking to the other about how a proper chop should be done. As this goes on in the centre of the ring Ryan Andrews makes the surprising decision to blast Snowmantashi with an open handed slap. Snowmantashi responds in kind and these two behemoths begin trading shots in the centre of the ring. This would be until Snowmantashi ducked a shot by Andrews and hoisted him in the air before slamming him down with a Uranage. Much to his surprise however Andrews would roll to his feet and hit the ropes.

    Jim Taylor: Ryan Andrews, refusing to stay down, taking the fight right to Jon Snowmantashi!

    Running off from the ropes, Andrews blasted Snowmantashi with the Dragon's Fang, but instead of go down, Snowmantashi would merely take a step back. Fired up Ryan dared Snowmantashi to hit the ropes himself and ever willing to accept such a challenge Jon would charge off from the ropes but much to the shock of everyone Ryan in a double cross would meet him with the Concussion On Delivery! For the first time in the whole match Snowmantashi would leave his feet as Ryan put him down on the canvas to the surprise of the crowd! With that, Ryan would turn his attention to Thomas Jones, and attack the veteran. With Thomas Jones now distracted, Nero James is able to save his partner Zack Sullivan from Violet Dreyer & John Stephen’s trashtalk/chopfest with an axe handle on Stephens. The brawl breaks up, splitting into a brief 2v2 face off, the established team of FTK against the two mouthy trash talkers John Stephens & Violet Dreyer. The foursome stare each other down, and with a nod, the loudmouth team strikes!

    Tim Coleman: Could we see the start of a new team right here?

    Well, no. Violet Dreyer immediately bails away to the apron as John Stephens strikes at FTK, unaware that he's alone in this endeavour. FTK is quick to take advantage of Violet Dreyer high-tailing it out of there and leaving her impromptu partner to the wolves, and take John Stephens apart with the numbers game. Zack Sullivan and Nero James pick apart Stephens, double-teaming him enough to clothesline him out of the ring!

    Lindsay Monahan: John Stephens has been eliminated!

    Tim Coleman: The numbers game of FTK pays off, unfortunately for John Stephens. Maybe anyone other than Violet Dreyer would’ve had his back.

    The crowd in attendance boos loudly as FTK taunt John Stephens, but this decision would prove costly however as Thomas Jones suddenly strikes with a wild haymaker to the temple of Zack Sullivan, while Ryan Andrews surprises Nero James with a Concussion on Delivery! Thomas Jones is able to throw Zack Sullivan clear out of the ring, as Ryan Andrews does the same to Nero James!

    Lindsay Monahan: Zack Sullivan & Nero James have been eliminated!

    Jim Taylor: FTK took their eye off the game for a second too long, and it proved to be costly! Thomas Jones and Ryan Andrews out of nowhere, both stopping their faceoff to take out two of the clear threats.

    Daniel Oakley: A very good idea, when that numbers game starts to show, you have to nip it out quick. Stephens had the right idea earlier, but trusted the wrong partner.

    We are now down to four as the last wrestlers remaining as Violet Dreyer, Thomas Jones, Ryan Andrews and Jon Snowmantashi. In the north corner, Jon Snowmantashi has risen back to his feet, clearly surprised at how much power Ryan Andrews held in his boot. In the east corner, Ryan Andrews pumps himself up, eyeing down the competition. In the south corner, Thomas Jones drags himself to his feet, still feeling the gruelling effects of the match. And in the west corner, Violet Dreyer cautiously re-enters the ring, unable to hide on the apron anymore.

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi, Andrews, Jones, and Dreyer! What a final four!

    The four begin to approach the centre of the ring, when suddenly Violet Dreyer starts to mouth off, more so than usual. She makes several motions towards Jon Snowmantashi, pointing him out, and quickly reminding Ryan Andrews and Thomas Jones the volume of threat Snowmantashi possesses. Ryan Andrews and Thomas Jones both glance at Snowmantashi, who seems to shrug, before beckoning them on. Finally, Ryan Andrews strikes with an elbow at Snowmantashi! Thomas Jones follows up with a dropkick, and Violet Dreyer with an enziguri! Jon Snowmantashi stumbles towards the ropes, and Ryan Andrews charges – only to be caught with a teeth-rattling headbutt! Jon Snowmantashi and Ryan Andrews resume their battle, as Thomas Jones attempts to attack, but he is intercepted by Violet Dreyer, who double-crosses him and attempts to throw the Iceman clean out of the ring! This fails, due to Dreyer being significantly shorter and lighter than her target, and Thomas Jones stares her down, more befuddled than anything.

    Tim Coleman: Come on, Violet. Even I knew that wouldn't work.

    Ever the mouth, Violet Dreyer demands Thomas Jones climb onto the apron, so she can eliminate him. Thomas Jones, unsurprisingly, does not do this, shakes his head. This launches Violet Dreyer into a surprisingly long tirade, whilst Thomas Jones can only stare in disbelief. This goes on surprisingly long, with no end in sight for Dreyer’s rant. Thomas Jones glances around, as if to confirm the situation he is in, and eventually decides to just walk away. Aghast over being ignored, Violet Dreyer jumps onto Thomas Jones’s back in a piggyback sleeperhold, unfortunately continuing her raving. Jones backs up into a corner, forcing Dreyer to break the hold, and staggers across the ring. Meanwhile, Violet Dreyer climbs into the turnbuckle, and when Jones turns, Dreyer flies with the Dastardly Dreyer Discourse!

    Thomas Jones ducks, catching Violet Dreyer on his shoulders! Dreyer attempts to transition it into a sunset flip, but Jones blocks the attempt, and demolishes Dreyer with the Icedagger! All the wind knocked out of her, Dreyer can do nothing but weakly protest as Thomas Jones grasps her by the hair, gently depositing her over the ropes and out of the match!

    Lindsay Monahan: Violet Dreyer has been eliminated!

    Daniel Oakley: Playing possum and using sneak attacks could only get Violet Dreyer so far, and while she still fell at one of the last hurdles, it’s still a very good showing for Dreyer.

    With that it is now the final three as, true to form, Thomas Jones would interrupt the battle between Ryan Andrews & Jon Snowmantashi, showing no fear of either monster. Sadly though for the veteran this would soon cost him as a headbutt from Snowmantashi would back him up into a full nelson slam from Ryan. Ryan and Snowmantashi would then face off once again before Ryan clasped Jones by the throat from the canvas and hoisted him to his feet before throwing him across the ring with a high angle hip toss throw. Snowmantashi being the competitive sort and wanting to find a true opponent would follow suit as he picked up Jones and threw him back across the ring towards Ryan. As Jones writhed in pain on the canvas both Snowmantashi and Ryan would meet in the center of the ring and begin trading strikes yet again. Snowmantashi would get the better of this as he started to back Ryan up into the corner.

    Jim Taylor: After showing the power they both possess, Andrews & Snowmantashi go right back at each other. They can't stay away, it's like the two biggest dogs fighting for supremacy.

    Snowmantashi would then irish whip Ryan across the ring into the opposite corner running closely behind him when, in a shocking move, Ryan would leap up to the top rope and jump back with a back elbow to the jaw of the Kaiju. Snowmantashi would appear dazed by the blow as Ryan hit him with a knee to the mid section before he looked to set Jon up for a powerbomb. However he would be cut off as Thomas Jones hopped onto his back and tried for a sleeper hold. Easily Ryan would throw Thomas down to the ground but as he run towards him Jones met him with a haymaker blow. Ryan is dazed momentarily but as he recovers he begins to get enraged and charges at Jones with a full head of steam looking for the Concussion on Delivery, yet wisely Jones backs up and ducks down causing Ryan to catch his leg over the top rope. Not wasting a second Jones attacks his over leg and he is able to flip Ryan out of the ring and to the floor!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ryan Andrews has been eliminated!

    Jim Taylor: The end of a career-making run for Ryan Andrews. Before tonight, he was just Craig Owen’s lackey. But now, he’s seized the spotlight for his own being, and good on him!

    Tim Coleman: But it’s the veteran awareness by Thomas Jones, enabling the perfect spot to use Ryan Andrew’s momentum against him.

    Thomas Jones is greeted with a huge pop from the crowd while he now knows that he only has one man in front of him going out with a big victory. Yet this is not a mere man he has to contend with... He has to contend with Jon Snowmantashi.

    Slowly Thomas Jones would turn and see Snowmantashi standing in the centre of the ring. With the crowd on their feet, Thomas Jones showing no fear or intimidation would charge at Snowmantashi looking to take the fight to him. Yet a haymaker from Jones has little effect as Jon responds with a clubbing forearm smash to the side of the head. Jones staggers back and Snowmantashi hits him again backing him up into the turnbuckle. From here Snowmantashi channels his inner Vader has he batters Jones with clubbing hammer blows. Jones collapses into a seated position in the corner as Snowmantashi backs up into the corner across the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Bad times are ahead for Thomas Jones...

    Jon charges out from the corner and he barrels towards Jones as he looks to end things with a cannonball senton. Yet right at the last second Jones moves out of the way and Snowmantashi hits the turnbuckle hard. This allows Jones a chance back into it as he catches a stunned Snowmantashi with a big dropkick. Snowmantashi attempts for a lariat but Jones ducks under into the corner before he quickly catches Snowmantashi with a tornado DDT. Jon is reeling and Jones signals for the Ice Dagger. Fired up Jones looks to hoist him up in the air but he cannot lift the massive Snowmantashi into the air.

    This allows Jon back into the match as he clubs Jones across the back repeatedly with his forearms before he clubs him with a lariat. Stalking Jones as he gets to his feet Snowmantashi locks him in the Frostbite submission. With the crowd behind him, Thomas Jones tries to fight his way out of it but he cannot break the powerful grasp of Jon Snowmantashi. Refusing to go down without a fight Jones starts to land punches behind him to the face of Jon before he tries for elbows to the midsection yet nothing he is doing can break Jon's grasp. Jones falls to a knee and eventually he fades in the choke completely. With that Snowmantashi easily hoists Jones up and throws him over the ropes.

    Tim Coleman: That's it, he's-

    Jim Taylor: No! Look!

    Yet to the shock of everyone Jones just barely clings to the bottom rope stopping himself from being eliminated. Snowmantashi seems surprised as gamely Thomas Jones pulls himself to his feet on the apron. With a sigh Jones waves on Snowmantashi who slowly nods his head out of respect to Jones before he blasts him with a boot to the jaw sending Jones crashing off the apron and to the floor.

    Lindsay Monahan: Thomas Jones has been eliminated!

    Daniel Oakley: The fairytale story ends here. Thomas Jones should be proud of how well he did tonight. Few would last as long as he did against the behemoth that is Jon Snowmantashi.


    Lindsay Monahan: And the winner of the match, Jon Snowmantashi!

    Jim Taylor: As dominant as he has ever been, Jon Snowmantashi stands tall.

    Tim Coleman: Ten thousand dollars is now his, for him to spend on various all-you-can-eat resuraunts. He’s earned it.

    The crowd cheers loudly as the announcement is made and the Kaiju stands tall in the ring. Showing little care for the cash prize, Jon Snowmantashi instead waves for a dejected Thomas Jones to come into the ring. Slowly Jones climbs into the ring and before the crowd, Jon Snowmantashi bows to Thomas Jones in a show of respect. Loud chants of Thank You Iceman can be heard as Snowmantashi then raises Jones' arm in the air. With that Thomas Jones leaves the ring and makes his way up the stage high fiving a few fans on the way while Snowmantashi resumes his celebration. Lindsay Monahan enters the ring, briefcase by her side, and offers it to Snowmantashi, who asks whether the amount of physical notes is enough to fill his bathtub for him to bath in.

    Jim Taylor: A fantastic show of respect from Snowmantashi to Jones. A class act, all the way though.

    Daniel Oakley: Hard-fought matches and respect. That sums up CWA quite nicely, I would say.

    Tim Coleman: ... Would it?

    Jim Taylor: In either case, folks, next up will be a triple-threat match to determine who will face Nate Savage for his CWA Pure Championship. Johnny Vegas, Mark Merriweather, and Peter Jacobs, all vying for one last shot at gold. We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors.


    Match Writer: Shade
    Entrances/Commentary/Minor spots: Smooth Jazz Wolf
    Notes: RPs for the Battle Royal will be posted tomorrow when I get home from work. It's 3am and I need sleep. As stated in the opening post, you are free to post extra promo segments reacting to this match or hyping any future ones. I encourage as such.
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    Re: CWA: A Decade of Decadence - LIVE

    Honestly, not what I was expecting for the first match; treated a lot more serious and a lot less cartoony then I thought it would, which I digged. quite a interesting bunch of wrestlers. and the match itself was well written.

    There isn't a day where I wouldn't mark the fuck out for a Tomas Jones appearance and it warms my heart to see him get the star treatment; but when the Sword Of Destiny rang out there was always going to be one winner.

    Gotta be honest; I thought it was a weird choice to debut
    Violet Dreyer in what is possibly a farewell show, but her interactions were fun so that made up for it

    I'm bored sitting in this hospital room so I'd probably contribute a radical segment pretty soon. Keep up the good work
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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA: A Decade of Decadence - LIVE

    After a word from our sponsors – Paul’s Bunion Cream! Paul's Bunion Cream has the soothing formula to make the bunions Head for the Hills! – we’re back!

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a triple-threat match to determine a number one contender to Nate Savage’s CWA Pure Championship!

    As the sounds of From Ashes To New’s ‘Broken’ plays among the arena, a cheer echoes though the CWA fans, as a Rolls Royce slowly drives down the ramp, before stopping just near the ring. The driver’s door pops open, and out steps the Billionaire Babyface, Johnny Vegas! He struts on over to the passenger side, opening the door for his lovely wife Jenny Vegas, the two embracing happily before the CWA fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Jenny Vegas, from Los Angelos, California, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds, Johnny Vegas!

    Tim Coleman: I never understood why these fans love Johnny Vegas so. He’s rich! He’s everything they aren’t!

    Jim Taylor: His monetary qualities don’t enter into it, Jim. People love him, because he loves this business. Vegas could’ve easily spent his days lounging on yachts with the most expensive drinks, but because he genuinely loves this business, he pushed himself to become someone worthy of CWA. In the fans eyes, that dedication means so much.

    Johnny Vegas and Jenny Vegas tour around the ring, taking as much time as possible to meet with the fans at ringside. High fives, hugs, handshakes, no fan is missed. After a full tour around the ring, Johnny Vegas rolls into the ring, before absconding to the turnbuckles, where he embraces the CWA fan’s love for him, before bouncing back down to the mat, awaiting his opponents.

    Weezer’s ‘The Greatest Man That Ever Lived’ interrupts the silence, and now fans appear to be evenly split. Some like him, some don’t. But regardless, Mark Merriweather marches out from the curtain, nodding gamely at the crowd, before settling his eyes on Johnny Vegas in the ring and approaching. He pauses before Vegas’s Rolls Royce, glancing appreciatively at it, before whistling.

    Lindsay Monahan: Weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds, from FWA, Mark Merriweather!

    Daniel Oakley: Mark Merriweather is an FWA talent primarily, and I didn’t think I’d see any FWA talent at this event. But CWA must either think highly of Merriweather himself, or don’t mind giving a bit of extra exposure to their sister promotion, or both.

    Jim Taylor: What would the record books say, if a FWA superstar goes on to hold on of CWA’s premier titles? It’s certainly not out of the question, as Mark Merriweather is eager to demonstrate.

    Mark Merrweather gives Jenny Vegas a passing glance, before rolling into the ring to meet Johnny Vegas head-on. The two seem to exchange words, before backing off into their respective corners...

    Jen Titus’s ‘O Death’ plays, a sharp contrast to the previous music, now plays, and all attention is turned to the entrance way, as a CWA Legend, a CWA Veteran, one of the men synonymous with CWA’s early days, none other than Peter Jacobs, makes his entrance. The entire audience stands in respect of CWA’s Solidary Man, The Devil in Wrestling Tights, applauding and cheering, as Peter Jacobs makes his entrance. Slow, methodical, the years of this business weighing heavily on his shoulders, and yet, he can’t help but grin at the reception, as he makes his way towards the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Armadillo, Texas, weighing in at two-hundred and sixty pounds, ‘The Gambler’, Peter Jacobs!

    Jim Taylor: Peter Jacobs, a former CWA tag team champion, TCW champion, SWA heavyweight champion, EEC champion, PNH tag team champion. A man who has been all over the world, seen everything, done everything, back to CWA for one last hurrah.

    Tim Coleman: This man is pushing 50! Who, in their right frame of mind, would let a man whose body is so clearly broken down, wrestle another match?!?

    Daniel Oakley: This was Peter Jacob’s choice, and his choice alone. Maybe you’re right, and he doesn’t know when to quit. Or maybe he knows exactly when to quit, and that day is still years away.

    Pausing at the Rolls Royce, Peter Jacobs runs a hand over the hood. An old classic, refurnished and kept in good condition years after it stopped being produced through love and care. Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned in that. Regardless, Jacobs rolls into the ring, approaching the ropes to stare menacingly out at the CWA fans, who continue to cheer for the legend. Shaking his head, Peter Jacobs retreats to a corner, as the referee signals for the bell to be rung.


    Johnny Vegas, Mark Merriweather, and Peter Jacobs begin to circle one another, eyes darting to each opponent to see who will make the first move. It’s Mark Merriweather who breaks first, surprising Johnny Vegas with a cheap forearm, before turning to Peter Jacobs and throwing a haymaker. But Peter Jacobs is prepared, and ducks the blow, before returning the favour with a fist to the gut. This leaves Mark Merriweather open to a dropkick by Johnny Vegas, sending him stumbling. Vegas nods at Jacobs, approaching Merriweather – but Jacobs surprises Vegas with a schoolboy rollup! One, t-no, Johnny Vegas kicks out after one. Vegas springs back to his feet in the same amount of time it takes Jacobs to roll to a knee, and the two exchange a stare.

    Jim Taylor: Peter Jacobs, showing his veteran awareness and wiley giles, something that will benefit him in this match. But it’s not going to end this early.

    Tim Coleman: And you can’t blame him for wanting to end this early. Keep in mind the winner of this match will have to face a fresh Nate Savage later tonight. They can’t exert too much energy, or they’ll be setting themselves up for failure.

    Daniel Oakley: But look – Johnny Vegas was the one caught by surprise, and he still managed to get to a vertical base before Peter Jacobs did. Jacobs isn’t a spring chicken anymore.

    The brief stareoff is interrupted by Mark Merriweather, who clubs Johnny Vegas from behind, sending him stumbling onto Peter Jacobs. Merriweather grasps Vegas by the hair, throwing him out of the ring, and sets his sights on Jacobs. But Jacobs surprises him with an inside cradle! One, t-No, another kickout! As Vegas did earlier, Merriweather gets to his feet before Jacobs does, and nails the veteran with a punt to the ribs.

    Tim Coleman: No staredown, right back to the action for Mark Merriweather. Do you think he’s fighting for himself, or for FWA?

    Jim Taylor: It’s difficult to say, Tim. Merriweather keeps his goals close at heart. Who knows who he’s ultimately representing?

    Mark Merriweather strikes with a double axe-handle to the dome of Peter Jacobs, stunning the older wrestler, before scooping him in a rear waistlock, dragging him from the ground into a standing position, before hitting a German Suplex! He keeps the hold tight, rolling to a vertical base, and nailing a second! He attempts a third one, but Jacobs is able to block it with his foot, and twist out of the way as Johnny Vegas springboards back into the ring, nearly taking Merriweather’s head off with a diving cross body! He transitions into a pin cover! One! Tw-No, Mark Merriweather kicks out.

    Daniel Oakley: And there you see the importance of knowing where all your opponents are at any given time. Mark Merriweather assumed Johnny Vegas was still on the outside, and nearly got surprised by a cross body.

    Johnny Vegas catches Peter Jacobs with a dropkick, sending him to the outside, before turning back to Mark Merriweather. He nails Merriweather with a kick to the gut, followed by a snapmare, and an extra kick to the back, as if Merriweather is a particularly foul football. He continues the offence, grabbing Merriweather in a suplex and slamming him to the mat. Vegas attempts another pin cover, but Merriweather catches him with a fakeout punch to the jaw, followed by a backhand chop to the chest! And another! The meaty slap echoes throughout the arena as the audience cringes, and Merriweather is quick to follow with a third chop! A fourth! Fifth! Sixth! Seven chops to the chest!

    Tim Coleman: Johnny Vegas’s chest is starting to look like tenderised meat! Merriweather’s chops are second to none!

    Mark Merriweather attempts to throw Johnny Vegas with an Irish whip, but Vegas reverses it, sending Merriweather towards the ropes instead. As Merriweather rebounds, Vegas throws a haymaker, but Merriweather ducks it, and suicide dives between the ropes onto the face of Peter Jacobs! Merriweather taunts, dragging Jacobs back to his feet, but Vegas is quick to sense an opening, bouncing off the ropes to launch himself with a tope plancha onto Mark Merriweather!

    Jim Taylor: Never one to be outshined, Johnny Vegas throws caution out the window! And his fans love him for it!

    Indeed! Johnny Vegas, in pure hype mode, leaps into the arms of the fans at ringside, who begin to crowd surf him! ‘VEGAS! VEGAS! VEGAS!’ But as Johnny Vegas celebrates with his people, Peter Jacobs, who managed to avoid Vegas’s dive, deftly rolls Mark Merriweather into the ring, and is quick to lock in the Dealer’s Choice!

    Tim Coleman: Johnny Vegas’s showboating is about to cost him! Peter Jacobs has Mark Merriweather dead to rights in that painful submission!

    Daniel Oakley: I wouldn’t count Mark Merriweather out – he’s a skilled technician between these ropes. I can’t blame Peter Jacobs for trying to end it as early as possible, but Merriweather’s not going to go away that easy.

    As Johnny Vegas spots the happenings in the ring and urges his fans to carry him back to the ring, Mark Merriweather struggles, but is able to escape the hold before long. Too early, not worn down enough. Merriweather transitions it into a single-legged Boston Crab, turning the tables on Peter Jacobs. This, too, doesn’t last long, moreso due to Johnny Vegas springboarding off the ropes with a dropkick right to the dome of Mark Merriweather! Vegas rolls into the cover! One! Tw-No! Broken up by Peter Jacobs with a kick to the jaw of Johnny Vegas. Jacobs throws Vegas into the corner, laying into him with a series of stomps to the gut, before gripping Merriweather by the hair, and throwing him into the corner on top of Vegas. Another series of stomps, before Jacobs retreats to the opposite corner. He makes an aiming motion, before charging with a knee trembler to his corner opponents! Mark Merriweather is able to scurry out of the way, but Johnny Vegas isn’t so lucky, and catches the full brunt of Jacobs right to the sternum!

    Jim Taylor: Between Merriweather’s chops earlier and Jacob’s knee now, Vegas’s chest is not having a good day.

    Before Peter Jacobs can continue to show Johnny Vegas’s chest a what-for, Mark Merriweather grapples him from behind, nailing a back suplex! He bridges into a pin attempt! One, two, t-kickout! Merriweather diverts his attention to give Vegas a shove with his boot, kicking him out of the ring, before he focuses his full attention on Jacobs. As Jacobs gets back to his feet, Merriweather strikes, aiming for the Final Cut! But Jacobs avoids the manoeuvre, and instead dumps Merriweather to the mat with a reverse DDT! He scrambles for a cover! One! Two! T-Kickout!

    Daniel Oakley: Jacobs within a second of victory right there!

    Not letting a second go to waste, Peter Jacobs grips Mark Merriweather by the chin, dragging him up, and putting him in position for the Ace of Spades! But Merriweather twists and turns, blocking the manoeuvre, and instead nails a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging it into a pin! One, two, th-No! Johnny Vegas breaks it up, yanking Mark Merriweather out of the ring. He and Merriweather exchange fisticuffs, before Merriweather nails a deliberating forearm, stunning Vegas. Merriweather drags Vegas towards the entranceway, pointing to Vegas’s Rolls Royce parked near the apron, and throws Vegas at the hood! But with his tremendous agility, Vegas slides right over the hood with nary a scratch!

    Jim Taylor: If wrestling doesn’t work out, Johnny Vegas already has the ‘sliding across the hood of a car’ skillset of acting. If Miami Vice gets a reboot he’s sure to get a phone call.

    Before Mark Merriweather can follow, he’s nailed with a sliding dropkick by Peter Jacobs, sending him sprawling across the floor. Johnny Vegas slides back into the ring, meeting Peter Jacobs in the middle, and catches the veteran with a superkick! He follows this with a swift uppercut, and a stuff Brainbuster! That’s 2/3 of his deadly Cruel Intentions combo! He locks in the final third of the combo, the Anaconda Vice! Peter Jacobs struggles, writhing, trying to inch himself towards the ropes, but Johnny Vegas has him dead centre of the ring!

    Tim Coleman: The Cruel Intentions Combination lands Peter Jacobs with nowhere to go, as Johnny Vegas has the submission locked in tight!

    Peter Jacobs continues to struggle valiantly, but he’s fading! With a last-ditch effort, Jacobs reaches not for the ropes so far away, but for something closer – Johnny Vegas’s eyes. Vegas sees it coming, and tries to jerk his head away from the claws of Jacobs, but he can’t do that without releasing the submission! Jacobs rakes at the eyes of Vegas, vicious and downright evil, but in spite of the sheer discomfort, Vegas continues the hold! Another rake of the eyes, and Vegas still doesn’t break!

    Daniel Oakley: Two eye-rakes by Peter Jacobs and his sharp fingernails, but Johnny Vegas still doesn’t break the submission! That had to be a last-ditch effort by Jacobs, but Vegas’s drive to win is outshining his pain threshold!

    Peter Jacob’s hand wavers, inches above the mat! He’s about to tap out! But Mark Merriweather, from the top turnbuckle, nails the Welcome Home onto Johnny Vegas, snapping the hold like it was a twig! He crawls to a cover!



    Thr-NO! Peter Jacobs, still recovering on the mat, breaks it up with a sharp kick to the head!

    Tim Coleman: A millisecond! Mark Merriweather was a millisecond away from victory! But Peter Jacobs, despite still feeling the gruelling aftereffects of Johnny Vegas’s Cruel Intentions, is able to break the cover just in time!

    Johnny Vegas starts to roll to the ropes, a hand clutching over his stinging eyes, the other over his chest. Mark Merriweather slaps the mat in frustration, glaring daggers at Peter Jacobs, who is on his hands and knees, attempting to recover. Merriweather unleashes a sharp kick at Jacob’s ribs, before dragging him to his feet and holding him up by the chin. Jacobs is visibly unsteady, finding it difficult to stay on a vertical base, and Merriweather abruptly slaps him twice across the jaw, further rattling his membrane! Merriweather signals for the Final Cut! He leaps – but Jacobs pushes him away, avoiding the deadly finisher but stumbling to the mat regardless, absolutely spent. Merriweather, lets out a breath of frustration, and stomps Jacobs right on the forehead, before pointing to the turnbuckles, signalling for the Welcome Home. He climbs to the top turnbuckles, and is about to leap, when Johnny Vegas stops him, grabbing him by the leg. Merriweather pushes him off, but the distraction is enough for Peter Jacobs to throw himself at the ropes, unsettling Merriwreather’s balance, and Mark Merriweather slips, crotching himself on the top turnbuckle!

    Jim Taylor: An unfortunate landing for Mark Merriweather, certainly an unenviable position. If he was just a bit faster, this match may already be over.

    Johnny Vegas, on the apron, takes Mark Merriweather onto his shoulders, glancing backwards behind him where his Rolls Royce is parked. He shoots a shrug at the audience, takes a running start – and drops Mark Merriweather with a Samoan Drop on the hood of his car!

    Daniel Oakley: Johnny Vegas once again throwing caution to the wind, dropping Mark Merriweather spin-first on the hood of his car! Look at the dent on the hood!

    Tim Coleman: That car cost thousands, and Vegas dropped Merriweather onto it like it was nothing!

    As Mark Merriweather writhes in agony, Johnny Vegas rolls him into the ring, climbing onto the apron to follow – but Peter Jacobs catches him with a thumb to the eye, following it with a knee trembler, sending Vegas facefirst onto the hood of his car. Jacobs turns his attention to Merriweather, and grips him by the neck, dragging him to his feet – Ace of Spades!

    Jim Taylor: Ace of Spades! Peter Jacobs with the Ace of Spades on Mark Merriweather!

    Peter Jacobs collapses onto Mark Merriweather! It’s a pin cover!





    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, and the man who will face Nate Savage for the CWA Pure Championship later tonight, Peter Jacobs!

    The crowd explodes as an exhausted Peter Jacobs raises a hand in victory, barely with enough energy to stand. He stumbles, using the ropes to steady himself, as outside the ring, Johnny Vegas can only look on in disappointment.

    Jim Taylor: The veteran, the near-50-year-old-legend, slips by with a victory! We’ve got our final contender for the CWA Pure Championship!

    Daniel Oakley: It was a valiant effort by both Johnny Vegas and Mark Merriweather, both men proved that if there was a second of difference, at any given moment, the night could be theirs. But ultimately, Peter Jacobs pushed himself to want it more.

    Tim Coleman: He might have pushed himself too far, look at him! He can barely stand! I don’t feel comfortable sending a retiree against Nate Savage.

    A dizzy Mark Merriweather begins to raise his head, asking whether he’s won, while Peter Jacobs gingerly exits the ring, sharing a glance at Johnny Vegas, and at his now-dented car. The two seem to exchange words, before Vegas nods, and Jacobs continues the slow walk to the back, knowing that he may have survived one battle, but he’s now heading towards one war.


    Writer: Smooth Jazz Wolf
    Notes: Apologies for the delay. Work is rough and time is rare.

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    The World's Favorite Tag Team - Backstage Segment

    As the cameras fade towards the backstage area where we can see a variety of CWA employees going about their business. With all the hustle and bustle going on for A Decade of Decadence, few have time to stand around and take in the moment of this momentous show. While everyone goes about their business, in the distance is a surprisingly run down and scruffy looking Krash. Motionless and unkempt Krash looks to be waiting for something as by the feet of his now dirty black shoes is a placard. Sporting a surprisingly long scruffy beard and significantly more muscles than he used to have, Krash's focus is on firm display as he sports this long gaze. Yet as the scene draws back we see this image of Krash is in fact a drawing, one completed by the man himself who had grown bored of waiting after only a couple of minutes. Decked out rather formally and dapperly in a grey suit/waistcoat ensemble Krash's sketching is revealed to be on the back of a Placard entitled 'To the best available friend a guy could ever have.'

    Krash: This might be my best work yet, if I do say so myself. Maybe the beard could be a bit longer, but I’ll fix that in post-production.

    Yawning, Krash then checks his watch before he eagerly looks around the hallway at all the people present.

    Krash: Guy sure knows how to keep someone waiting. I wonder if he treats his dates like this.

    Just then Krash's eyes begin to light up as slowly emerging through the crowd with a black hooded top pulled up and dark glasses to further conceal his face is an all-too familiar figure. His gait, and way he carries himself, one hand idly brushing over the knuckles of his other, sparks a clear memory in Krash’s mind. Waving the placard in the air, Krash whistles, getting the attention of the hooded man. The hooded man spots the waving Krash, pausing, before letting out a visible sigh and approaching.

    Krash: Oh, I know that sigh. He’s missed me, I can tell.

    The hooded man approaches Krash with clear reservation, gritting his teeth. As he stands in front of Krash, he studies the placard, before letting out a breath.

    Dan Maskell:
    Well.. Isn't that nice. I bet you are so proud of yourself about that? Did you do it all by yourself?

    Krash glances at the placard, letting out a loose chuckle as he flips it over to the right side.

    Krash: Got your attention, didn’t it?

    Dan Maskell:
    It was less the art and more the whistling loon waving his hands around.

    Shrugging, Krash places the placard on the chair behind him.

    Krash: It’s been years. You don’t call, you don’t write. You don’t respond to my emails. Pardon me for thinking you had died in a ditch somewhere.

    Dan Maskell:
    Not yet. Still kicking.

    Krash: And I’m happy to hear that, and see you again. Dan. Genuinely.

    Krash claps his old ex-partner on the back, and Dan has to resist the urge to throw his former partner into the wall. Noticing this, Krash’s smile falters slightly.

    Krash: Still not the hugging type?

    Dan Maskell:

    Krash: I’ll change that part about you if it’s the last thing I do.

    Dan Maskell:
    I’ll make sure it’s the last thing you do, period.

    The threat hangs in the air for a few seconds, before Krash lets out a grin, shaking his head.

    Krash: Oh, Dan. You still havn’t changed, have you?

    Dan Maskell:
    What’s that supposed to mean?

    Krash: Nothing, really. Or everything. Depends how much you look into it. But, look, we’re getting off track. This is the first time I’ve seen you in years, it’s been too long, Danny.

    Dan Maskell:
    Too short, more like. And don’t call me that.

    Krash: And to celebrate this, I got you something.

    Dan raises an eyebrow.

    Krash: No, don’t look at me like that, it’s a good gift. You’ll like it.

    Dan Maskell
    : Doubtful.

    Krash rummages around in his pockets, before producing a small envelope, handing it to Dan. Dan accepts the envelope with suspicion, before flicking it open and studying the tickets inside.

    Dan Maskell: Front row tickets to the next Panic! At The Disco concert. Honestly, I was expecting booze.

    Krash:Tough customer, aren’t you? Here.

    Reaching into a bag behind him, Krash pulls out a 4 pack of beer, tossing it into Dan’s free hand.

    Krash: I was saving that for my little pre-match routine, but what the hell, I’d say this qualifies as an equally worthy event.

    Cracking one of the cans open, Dan takes a long swig of the alcohol, before spitting it out in disgust.

    Dan Maskell:
    Taste awful, what is this?

    Krash: Non-alcoholic, Dan. They're not going to let us get drunk before out matches.

    Dan groans, before taking another mouthful of the non-alcoholic beer. Reluctantly, Dan joins Krash in a chair next time him, and the two sit in silence for a few seconds, before Krash lets out a sigh.

    Krash: So. You ready for tonight?

    Dan Maskell
    : Of course I’m ready for tonight. You know me – I’m always ready for a fight.

    Krash: True. But it HAS been a while since you stepped into the ring, right? Feeling a bit rusty?

    Dan Maskell:
    Mind your own business. In fact, what about your own business? That hardcore match with Humanity, that’s something you should be worrying about, not whether I’ve still got the killer instinct, something you never had.

    Krash: Just a bit of concern from an old friend, Dan. Nothing more.

    Dan Maskell:
    No, I’m serious. You’re going to die tonight. You’re sitting here, smiles and sunshine, trading whisky shots with someone like me, when you should be focused on your battle with that freak. You waltz into your match with this cavalier attitude, and Humanity’s going to rip you apart. You should be in some dark corner somewhere, visualizing what you need to do to defeat someone like that. Instead you’re milling around backstage, catching up with an ‘old friend’ like the pathetic, overly sentimental loser you are.

    For the briefest of moments, Krash almost looks offended by Dan’s retort, before he lets out a dramatic sigh and places a hand over his heart.

    Krash: Ouch, my heart. It sounds to me like you’re worried for the wellbeing of your old friend.

    Dan Maskell:

    Krash: Got you there, didn’t I? You can say it. ‘I’m worried about you, Krash.’ Five words, that’s all.

    Dan Maskell:

    Krash: It’s only fair. I’m worried about you, after all.

    Dan very nearly throws the cans of beer to the floor in anger, standing to his feet so quickly.

    Dan Maskell: Why? Because of this ‘ring rust’? Because you think I’ve been away for so long that the killer instinct has left? Because you think, somehow, in the years that have passed, that the bad motherfucker who left people in puddles of their own blood, has quietly left? No. No, it don’t work like that. That fucking Monster is still here, inside. And he’s not leaving anytime soon, trust me.

    The outburst only draws out a sad shake of the head by Krash.

    Krash: Oh, Dan. You misunderstand. That’s exactly why I’m worried about you.

    Dan Maskell: ... What?

    Krash: Years of violence and harm weighs heavily on the soul, Dan. It has a habit of poisoning us, turning us into bloodthirsty savages, near-unrecognizable from the person we once were. You’ve let that poison fester in your heart for so long, that by the time I came around, it was pretty much all you had. Violent lives often lead to violent ends, Dan, and as pathetic as it sounds, I don't want you to fall down that path.

    Dan Maskell:

    Krash: Now, I’m not going to say I was expecting the current-day Dan Maskell to be, y’know, rainbows and puppies. A person can only change so much. But I was hoping your time away from this business would let you grow introspective, to look inside yourself at the poison within you, and realize that, ultimately, you don’t need it. You don’t need this evil lurking within you to be the best.

    Dan Maskell:
    So, what, you want me to turn around and be a goody-two-shoes?

    Krash: No, no. I’m hopeful, not deluded, Dan. I just want you to look deep inside yourself, and recognize what’s stopping you from sleeping soundly at night. You have options. Choices. You don’t have to remain a bad person, Dan.

    Dan pauses in disbelief, letting out half of a mocking laugh.

    Dan Maskell
    : A bad person? And what, I suppose you’re a knight in shining armor?

    Krash: No. I can’t claim that. I’ve made my mistakes. Had my regrets. Made choices that seemed fine at the time, but wound up costing me something more important than anything CWA could ever give me.

    Dan Maskell:Like... What?

    Krash frowns, mournful. He motions for one of the cans of beer, taking a strong mouthful before continuing.

    Krash: You would’ve liked him, Dan. He was a lot like you. But ultimately, I made a choice that ended up backfiring badly, and now, it's been years since I even saw him. You have no idea how badly I wish I could undo that mistake.

    Dan Maskell:
    ... Right. And this sudden wish for me to change my heart matters because...?

    Krash: You remind me of someone, Dan. He was a bad guy, or at least he thought he was. His name was Arthur Morgan and, like yourself, he in many ways was an outlaw.

    Dan Maskell:
    And let me guess, deep down he was a good man and he turned it all around.
    Krash: Well kinda, yeah... He also died.

    : I'm not going to die!

    Krash: That's not the point, Dan. My point was Arthur, like yourself, had one last ride in him and it was a quest of redemption. To erase the poison within his heart and redeem himself from his past. Tonight could be your redemption. You can be Arthur Morgan and show everyone who you really are before the end.

    Did I not just say I'm not going to die?

    Krash: All I'm saying is think it through. Tonight is Dan Maskell last ride, as he tumbles towards the final crossroads in his path. Maybe redemption is in the books. Maybe not. Ultimately, it’s your choice. I’m just your John Marston, helping steer your moral compass. See, I-

    The conversation is abruptly interrupted by a backstage producer, leaning in.

    Producer: ‘Scuze me, Krash?

    Halted in the middle of his tirade, Krash can only motion ineffectively.

    Krash: I’m in the middle of something here.

    Producer: There’s been a change of schedule, you’re up next.

    Krash: What? Next, as in after the next match?

    Producer: Next as in you’ve got two minutes to head to the stage.

    Krash: Damnit. Looks like we’ll have to catch up later, Dan. Just think about what I said, alright? You can change. Redemption is only a few choices away. Best of luck, Dan the Man.

    As Krash walks away, Dan Maskell stares after him, the words echoing in his mind. He turns the bottle of whisky in his hands, frowning.

    Dan Maskell: I'll show you whose last ride it really is.

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    Re: CWA: A Decade of Decadence - LIVE

    Cut to the backstage area where Pure Champion Nate Savage is seen watching a monitor, he just saw Peter Jacobs earning himself a match for the Nate's Pure Championship later in the evening. Just then Michelle Kelly walks up with a microphone in hand, Nate turns to her.

    Michelle Kelly: Nate, we just saw that you'll be facing Peter Jacobs later this evening for your Pure Championship...

    Nate puts his hand up.

    Nate Savage: Let me stop you right there Michelle, you said "your Pure Championship", as in this is my championship correct? I'll save you some time and say that it's going to stay MY Pure Championship because there's no way that I will lose tonight. Yeah, Jacobs got lucky but he won't be so lucky tonight. To be honest, look at his competition, then look at me. He won't have it so easy later tonight I can guarantee you that.

    Michelle Kelly: Well to be honest, is it wise to underestimate him?

    Nate Savage: Did I say I was underestimating him? No, I didn't say that. I'm aware of what the man has accomplished in his time in the past, but the key word there is past. That was then, this is now. He's way past his prime while I'm in the prime of my career. Do I have respect for him and all that he's accomplished? Yes, I do as a matter of fact, but that respect goes out of the window when that bell rings.

    Michelle is about to say something else but is interrupted as Jackson Fenix walks up, Britney Adams at his side.

    Jackson Fenix: Hey man, you ready to take that old man out to the back Old Yeller style?

    Nate Savage: As a matter of fact I am, but the real question is are you ready to do the same to Ultimate Pain?

    Jackson looks surprised, as if that question should even be asked.

    Jackson Fenix: Ultimate Pain? You mean Ultimate Chumpstain? Of course I'm ready, I was born ready for this. I overheard you say that Jacobs is way past his prime, well so is Ultimate Pain while I'm also at the prime of my career. Tonight, Ultimate Pain goes down along with this sinking ship of a company...

    Just then they are approached by Clint Shepard.

    Jackson Fenix: Lost old man?

    Clint just shakes his head.

    Clint Shepard: No, no I'm not lost. I just came to wish the both of you good luck this evening. Nate, I brought you into this company and I couldn't be more proud of what you have accomplished. Jackson, I just hope you haven't bit off more than you can chew. Ultimate Pain is no pushover, neither is Peter Jacobs. I just hope you two are ready...

    Before either of them can retort the duo of TJ Styles and Diego Gonzalez walk up. TJ is staring at Britney, who looks back at him in disgust.

    TJ Styles: Yo, no disrespect Shep, but I just had to come over and get a better look at whoever this is right here...

    Jackson Fenix: Yo, whoever you are, why don't you get lost?

    TJ Styles: Aw snap, my bad homie is this your girl?

    Jackson Fenix: Yeah, she is and I'm not your homie, so like I said before get lost!

    TJ Styles: Yo chill dawg, chill

    Diego Gonzalez: For real man, take it easy

    Jackson, Nate, and Britney all look at each other and leave. TJ, Diego, and Shepard all watch them go.

    TJ Styles: Yo Shep, what's up with your boy?

    Before Shepard can respond, CWA Women's legend Ashley Adams walks into view. She looks at TJ, shakes her head in disgust and walks off.

    Diego Gonzalez: Bro, you really got a way with the ladies

    TJ shakes his head and laughs as the scene fades out.
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    Re: CWA: A Decade of Decadence - LIVE

    If anyone wants any help posting something you can message me ill post it or something.


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