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Thread: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    SmackDown Live — April 23, 2019
    Lincoln, Nebraska Pinnacle Bank Arena

    SmackDown Live jumps onto the airwaves from Lincoln, Nebraska tonight. Pinnacle Bank Arena is playing host to tonight’s Blue Brand Presentation, and just like last week, we are wasting little time in getting to the in-ring action. Kevin Owens’ music hits, and out he walks into the arena. Greg Hamilton announces that this forthcoming contest is a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match, which gains everyone’s attention. We then hear from Tom Phillips, who welcomes us to the show. He hypes up this upcoming contest between KO and Cesaro of The Bar, as these two former rivals will face off for the right to be involved in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. We then move to an inset promo from Owens, who makes a declaration that the WWE Championship is the one championship he and everyone else aspires to get. He says that this MITB Ladder Match is a gateway to attain that title, and says that he has come up short the last two years. But this time, things will be different, KO says, and the third time will be the charm.

    Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton banter a bit as KO gets into the ring, and then the music of The Swiss Cyborg hits. Cesaro walks out with Sheamus at his side, as tensions seem to be much smoother now despite what happened last week. We get another inset promo, this time from Cesaro and Sheamus. Cesaro affirms that tensions are cooled off, and now it’s time to focus. Cesaro says that if The Bar can’t be SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, then they’re aiming higher. They say that they both plan on being in the MITB Ladder Match, and nothing will get in their way of achieving that goal. As they walk to the ring, Phillips announces our main event of the evening, which will pit Finn Bálor against Bobby Lashley with the second spot in the MITB Ladder Match on the line! But for now, it’s time to focus on this opening bout.
    Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro (w/ Sheamus)

    The elevated stakes in this matchup make for a pretty stirring encounter here. KO and Cesaro prove they’re no stranger to each other as they work fluidly and crisply in the opener on SmackDown Live. Lincoln’s firmly behind Kevin Owens, who has begun to endear himself more and more lately to the fans. Cesaro, meanwhile, has his supporters, but obviously they’re not as vocal as he and Sheamus haven’t exactly been doing themselves any favors to get any fan support. Not that they care, but it’s definitely not their priority whatsoever.

    KO and Cesaro get physical with each other and begin to really hit each other hard as the match progresses onwards. Owens goes to run off to the ropes later on, but Sheamus reaches out and grabs I’m by the boots, causing him to fall on his face! The crowd boos as Sheamus walks away from the scene while the referee accosts him. He says he had nothing to do with it, and says the mat’s clearly slippery, and while that’s going on, Cesaro is getting to work and putting the boots to Owens. So the plan worked to say the least, as it’s apparent that if you didn’t think The Bar were on the same page, clearly they very much are.

    Later on though, Cesaro has Owens up on the top turnbuckle. He looks to Superplex him, but Owens fights his way out of it. Cesaro goes for a big forearm, but Owens blocks it, and scores with one of his own! Cesaro flops down on the mat, and Owens perches himself up top. Sheamus, however, gets up on the ring apron. He goes over, but Owens punches him down and off it! KO then gets up to his feet, and looks to hit a Swanton Bomb! But Cesaro rolls out of the way!! Owens crashes and burns, and despite absorbing a punch, Sheamus’ plan to distract Owens and take him off the scent has clearly worked!

    Cesaro gets up to his feet as Owens does also, and runs over and scores with a ROARING uppercut! Owens’ jaw is hit HARD, and Cesaro then picks him up and lifts him up and DOWN with the Gotch Neutralizer! He hits his finisher and goes for the cover! 1! 2! 3-NO!! Owens kicks out of the Neutralizer!! Cesaro can’t quite believe it, and Sheamus, now back to his senses, argues with the official as well. The two of them are doing the most, while we see Owens getting up to his feet. Cesaro goes over and looks to subdue Owens, but Owens hits him with a right hand! Cesaro stumbles back over towards Sheamusa nd the official, and KO then lunges over AND LOOKS TO SUPERKICK CESARO!

    BUT INSTEAD HE STRIKES SHEAMUS!!! Sheamus goes flying off the apron again, and Cesaro reaches out and rakes Kevin’s eyes! He then pulls him in, and looks for Neutralizer number two! No! Owens hits him with a big back body drop!! KO then turns around as Cesaro gets up and walks over. KO then goes for a kick to the midsection and scores with it. And then Owens goes for a STUNNER, but Cesaro pushes him away! KO hits the corner, and then goes back in. Cesaro goes for a kick, but KO grabs him by the boot, spins him around, kicks him in the gut and LANDS THE STUNNER THIS TIME!! He goes for the cover on Cesaro! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Kevin Owens via pin fall at 13:07. Owens is IN the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
    KO is MITB bound again!! Things go sourly at the top of the show for The Bar yet again, as Owens has triumphed over Cesaro to begin SmackDown Live tonight! KO rolls out of the ring as Sheamus climbs on inside, and lets out a smile. He props himself up big for winning the match, while Cesaro, now getting up to his knees, is looking painfully disgusted with himself in the aftermath. We get a few replay sequences of the high points of the match, leading to the eventual finish. The replays conclude, and we see Owens up on the stage, looking into the camera, confidently talking himself up. KO has of course become the first SmackDown Live superstar to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and his gloating in this case is absolutely well-earned.

    As we’re about to go to break, we see Kofi Kingston making his way through a hallway! He’s stuffing pancakes between his title and his stomach and appears to be headed everybody’s way as well!

    And sure enough after the break concludes, Kofi Kingston makes his way out on stage. The WWE Champion is in good spirits as always, and receives a hearty pop from the Lincoln, Nebraska crowd. As Kingston makes his way to the ring, commentary notes the fact that Kingston will defend his newly won WWE Championship at Money in the Bank against Braun Strowman. Corey calls it a huge early test for Kingston and his title reign, and the others can’t help but concede that point. Kofi gets into the ring and gets on the mic. He says what’s up to all of Lincoln, gathering a very nice pop from the audience. He says that he’s looking forward to tonight’s Tag Team Titles Tournament matches, despite the fact that his boys unfortunately lost last week to Daniel Bryan and Rowan. He says that’s okay, because the positive spin on things is that the rest of the tag team division gets to flourish and he’s excited to see what comes of tonight’s action.

    He then moves on to his match at Money in the Bank. Kofi says that he did hear the news that dropped Monday that he would be facing one Braun Strowman at Money in the Bank. He says he’s obviously very aware of everything that The Monster Among Men is capable of. While he doesn’t think he needs to seek out advice from guys like Colin Jost and Michael Che, he does have them on speed dial so perhaps he will anyway. But on a serious note, Kingston says that he’s certainly got big things to look forward to, including this championship match. Kingston says he knew that going into WrestleMania, if he were to become WWE Champion, that he knew it would be no easy task going forward. He knew he’d have a litany of challengers of all shapes and sizes coming at him. He feels that this is no surprise that he’s going up against a man like Strowman, but says that he’s overcome odds all of his life. Kofi says that guys like him were never supposed to be WWE Champion, and he still was able to knock down that wall at WrestleMania. And now at Money in the Bank, he tells Braun Strowman that one wall got knocked down and there’s going to be a domino effect now, whether he likes it or not!

    Kofi goes to speak, but suddenly, the music of Roman Reigns hits!!! A HUGE pop echoes around the arena as a result of that tune, and Kingston smiles as The Big Dog makes his way out. Reigns looks around and nods his head, and then marches down the ramp. Commentary ponders what Reigns may have on his mind, and they do note that he was one of the only winners at WrestleMania not to be rewarded with something this week. Nevertheless, as speculation runs amok, Reigns grabs a mic from a crew member at ringside and we’ll hopefully get some answers now.

    Roman brings the mic up and first and foremost congratulates Kofi Kingston on his win at WrestleMania. Reigns says that he knows firsthand what it’s like to inspire millions and perhaps even billions of people that he may not even know, and knows that Kingston did the exact same thing when he won the championship from Bryan at Mania. Reigns says that speaking of which, he’s sorry for stealing the spotlight a bit last week, but he figured that they could use a hand. Kingston laughs and says that he did save their bacon, so it’s okay. Reigns officially notes that he is he’ll be on SmackDown Live from now on, which grabs a pop. He says that he can’t wait to get things going again, and that last week definitely lit yet another fire underneath him. He even points out that he’s been waiting a while to knock Daniel Bryan down like that, and can see why Kofi enjoyed doing that so much at WrestleMania. That of which gathers a laugh from the champ. Roman says that he’s glad that he’s on SmackDown Live. He says that the group of superstars on this roster may be better than any group he’s ever been part of before, which is awfully high praise. And Roman says that it starts at the top, and looks right at Kofi Kingston when he says that!

    Reigns says that Kofi’s fight to the top since February has been an admirable journey. He also says that he knows the kind of work that he’s put in over the last 11 years, and absolutely respects him and everything that he’s done. He says that Kingston’s a no doubt Hall of Famer and is a class act and the kind of guy who should be leading this company. But… Reigns says that Kingston is a lot of things, but he’s not The Guy!! Kofi smirks as he looks down at his championship, and brings up his mic. He tells Roman that, with all due respect, he believes that if the WWE Championship he has on his shoulder doesn’t make him The Guy, he doesn’t know what would. Roman responds by saying that main eventing WrestleMania four years in a row is a good start to an explanation, which draws a laugh from Kingston, who says that that’s fair play. Roman says that what he’s basically trying to say is that he’s made his comeback, he dispatched Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania, and now he’s got a new yard. So The Big Dog, Roman says, just needs one more thing to make his yard complete! Roman looks at Kofi and looks down at the WWE Championship on Kofi’s shoulder. Kofi grips it rather tightly, noticeably so, but suddenly everyone’s attention turns away.

    Why? Because the music of Andrade hits! A bit of a surprise to be sure, but El Idolo, Buddy Murphy and Zelina Vega make their way out onto the stage. The duo dubbed as The Expat Express by Vega last week come on out, with Vega holding a microphone. She says that all of this going on right now is a waste of everybody’s time. Nobody, Vega says, wants to see Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston kiss each other’s asses and that everyone wants to see a fight. And luckily, Vega says that they’re going to get that in a few moments when Andrade and Buddy Murphy beat Heavy Machinery in an aforementioned Tag Team Titles Tournament match. Vega says that some might say that the two superstars in the ring are the “best around today” but anyone with eyes can see that she’s standing with the two best of the best today. She puts Andrade and Buddy over, saying that they can do things that Kofi and Roman could only DREAM of doing. She says that they’re going to be the next SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions and will make the two of them look small by comparison.

    Roman gets on the mic and says that she’s doing a lot of talking for her boys, but what she doesn’t realize is that the problem is she’s talking them into a fight that they want no part of. Roman adds that the only one wasting time is Zelina talking all that talk if her boys aren’t going to walk that walk! Kofi off mic shouts at them, wondering if they want the smoke from them. Zelina smirks and then asks the crowd if they want to see a fight. The overwhelming response is in favor of a fight between these two tandems. But, Zelina says that’s too bad, because that’s not going to happen right now. There are plenty of boos, and Vega reminds Reigns again that they have a Tag Team Titles Tournament Match right now and she isn’t letting them anything get in the way of that. Vega tells them to get out of their ring right now, but is sure to add that they’ll remember this interaction, as she makes sure to also stare at the WWE Champion while she says that too. Roman and Kofi look at one another, as Reigns shakes his head, and the two of them depart the ring. Commentary in the meantime hypes up the upcoming tag contest between The Expat Express and Heavy Machinery — which is next!!

    We come back to the ring as Andrade and Buddy Murphy are waiting inside the ring. And as they do, the music of Heavy Machinery hits! Out walk Otis and Tucker, as the blue collar boys are ready to rumble. They receive a pretty decent hand from the fans in Lincoln, as Zelina Vega looks on with some disgust in her eyes, probably at Otis. Definitely at poor Otis, who would never hurt a fly. They get in the ring and take their vests off, as Andrade and Buddy discuss things over and we get going!
    The Expat Express (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Heavy Machinery

    Otis and Tucker prove to be quite the thorn in the side of Andrade and Buddy here. There’s certainly an advantage on display here, as despite their “youth” on the scene here, they’ve been tagging for longer than Andrade and Buddy have. And while it’s put over that The Expat Express were and are workout buddies, that doesn’t immediately translate to a smooth in-ring effort. And Zelina Vega, certainly, is perturbed by this as Otis and Tucky put Andrade and Buddy on their heels in the early goings of the match.

    But as time transpires, Andrade and Buddy begin to gel a lot more. And as that happens, the tide in the match turns mightily. Late though, Otis turns things around after a hot tag, and goes to hit the Caterpillar. But as he goes up for it, Buddy comes FLYING IN with a knee to the side of his head! He saves his tag team partner’s bacon in the process, and puts Otis down and out on the mat. Buddy goes over to the apron and reaches out for the tag and Andrade comes over and gets him. Buddy gets into the ring, talks to Andrade for a moment and he nods. Buddy gets Otis up, and with Tucky subdued on the outside, Murph powers the mighty Otis up onto his shoulders, AND ANDRADE RUNS UP AND HELPS TO DROP HIM DOWN ON HIS HEAD! This DVD-DDT combination leads to Buddy going for the cover! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERS — The Expat Express via pin fall at 8:02.
    So after a hard fought battle it’s The Expat Expresswho advance in the tournament! Zelina inserts herself between Andrade and Buddy in the ring and holds both their arms up. She shouts to everyone that they’re going to be the next champs, and hey, after the performance they just had that point might be hard to argue. Commentary goes through the replays of the big moments of the match, and also discuss the fact that now that they’ve won, they have set up an absolutely huge matchup in two weeks against Ali and Rey Mysterio! That match certainly has big time written all over it, and it will surely be a sight to see when it happens.
    Kayla Braxton is then seen backstage. Braxton welcomes Bayley to the interview pit, and in walks The Hugger, who’s looking sharply focused right now. Braxton firsts asks Bayley about her thoughts about next week’s historic All-Women’s SmackDown Live. Bayley says that she couldn’t be more thrilled about it and says she’s so happy to be part of something this historic. She says it’s another step in the right direction and she can’t wait for next week already. Braxton then asks her about her match tonight, as she’s joining forces with her opponent next week, Asuka, to battle The IIconics. Bayley says that she knows Asuka like the back of her hand and says that she’s ready to compete with her tonight, but is absolutely focused on next week too. Suddenly, Asuka joins the fray! The Empress is greeted with a nod by Bayley, and Asuka leans into the mic. Asuka says while looking at her that tonight they are allies, but next week, they will be enemies. Asuka then says that she may have a championship, but to her… she is still the same woman she’s beaten not once… not twice… but THREE times! That remark catches Bayley by surprise, and a startled Hugger goes to speak, but Asuka shakes her head and says their match is next. She leaves, and Bayley looks at her, looks at Kayla, shakes her head, and then storms off.

    Appearing on screen next is not somebody from SmackDown Live. No, instead, it’s someone from Raw, and that someone is none other than Alexa Bliss! Bliss, in a pre-taped promo, excitedly talks about next week’s all-women’s edition of SmackDown Live. She gushes over the idea of WWE holding it, listing off all the matches that are happening. She says that it’s missing something though. Alexa then proceeds to lament that if the show were in her hometown of Columbus, then she could give that show A Moment of Bliss… oh, wait, it IS in Columbus! Alexa then excitedly announces that next week, she will host a VERY SPECIAL EDITION of A Moment of Bliss in her HOMETOWN of Columbus, Ohio! And who will it feature as her special guest? None other than the Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!!
    As Corey Graves goes through his usual routine of gushing over Alexa, the music of The IIconics is playing, as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are already in the ring. Kay and Royce are going back and forth with each other. Then, the music of Asuka hits! The Empress then makes her grand entrance, and while she walks to the ring, commentary discusses the back and forth she just had with the resident Hugger of SmackDown Live. Corey says that Bayley couldn’t seem to handle the truth and says that Asuka HAS beaten her three times in a row, and she could make it four next week. Byron Saxton says he doesn’t doubt the validity of that, and Bayley doesn’t either, but the shot just seemed uncalled for. Corey asks Byron if you can really blame Asuka for saying something like that, considering all that’s happened to her over the last month, and she is trying to get inside her opponent’s head because she wants a shot at Becky Lynch’s SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. Decorum goes out the window, Graves says, as Bayley makes her entrance. Bayley goes through her usual motions and high fives some fans on the way down to the ring and climbs on inside. She takes off her jacket, side eyes Asuka a little bit and then climbs onto the apron, generously offering Asuka the chance to start the match.
    3 — Tag Team Match
    The IIconics vs. Asuka and Bayley

    The IIconics are who they are. And while they’ve had Bayley’s number recently — they did score a pin fall win over her and Sasha Banks a few weeks ago on SmackDown — whose number they don’t have is Asuka’s. She and Bayley work rather well with one another in this one, despite the animosity before the match. Peyton and Billie prove to be pretty staunch in their own rights. But in this case, they are simply no match for The Empress. With Bayley having cut Peyton off late in the matchup, Asuka lands a HUGE hip attack on Billie in the center of the ring. Afterwards, she picks Billie up, launches a BIG kick into her side, and then pulls her down and locks in the Asuka Lock! Asuka wraps her legs ‘round Billie, and Billie almost immediately taps out after that!

    WINNERS — Asuka and Bayley via submission at 6:46.
    The match is over and Asuka and Bayley are victorious! Asuka lets go of the Asuka Lock on Billie Kay, who is promptly collected by Peyton Royce and helped away. The highlights roll as commentary talk up the fact that Asuka and Bayley worked like a pretty well-oiled machine despite the animosity and tension. Speaking of… Bayley grabs a microphone outside and calls for Asuka’s attention. She gets it as Asuka turns around and looks over to her. She says that now that the match is over, she wants to ask Asuka a question. And so, she asks her a question: What the hell was that all about backstage? Asuka looks on as Bayley brings up the fact that she said she’s the same woman - the same Bayley - that she’s beaten three times in her career. She asks her if she really thinks that, and Asuka nods her head of course. Bayley chuckles a little bit, and says that she wants to ask Asuka a question again. Bayley gets into the ring and asks Asuka if the same Bayley would do this. Bayley then proceeds onward to Asuka and SMACKS HER RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE!!

    That move CERTAINLY shocks everybody around the arena, Asuka included, and maybe even Bayley herself a bit based on subtle facial expressions. Bayley then asks her if she’d do that again in a rather angered tone. Bayley says that the last few weeks have taken a toll on her, but she has had it and she isn’t going to let Asuka get away with what she said. She then goes on to say that she has worked day in and day out to better herself this year, and she feels pretty damn good right now. Bayley says that she’s a champion right now, which is a lot more than Asuka can say about herself, and that she’s better than the last time that she saw her. Bayley then points out that she thought that Asuka respected her. She says that last year when they fought on Raw, Asuka shook her hand. She says that she noticed that she didn’t do that to anybody else, and she thought Asuka was above what she said in the back. Bayley says that she’s disappointed, but not surprised, because everyone around here has always looked down on her, but she says that she knows that she is pretty damn good.

    Bayley says that she was NXT Women’s Champion, she’s the Women’s Tag Team Champion and she was once Raw Women’s Champion. She says that she’s three victories away from becoming SmackDown Women’s Champion, and being a Grand Slam Champion, and she will do what she has to do to get to that point. And that starts by beating Asuka next week for the first time in her career. She says that everybody says that nobody is ready for Asuka but Asuka should be ready for Bayley. She says that next week, she’s coming to the all-women’s SmackDown Live to prove a point. And that point, Bayley says, is that the best women’s superstar on SmackDown Live is NOT Asuka, NOT Charlotte, not ANYBODY else, it’s Bayley!!

    All this time, Asuka has been glaring rather heavily at Bayley. Unfazed by it, Bayley stands and looks right at Asuka with the same amount of sharpness in her eyes. Asuka then lets out a cry and CHARGES AT BAYLEY!!! AND THE TWO WOMEN BEGIN TO FIGHT IN THE RING!!! The two trade quick and heavy blows with each other as Bayley grabs Asuka by the legs and trips her down and starts to punch away at her!! Asuka returns fire as the two roll around the ring and continue to pepper one another with strikes. The referee in the ring tries to intervene, but his efforts are futile. He calls on more officials to come down to the ring, but by then, Asuka and Bayley have gone to the outside!! Bayley goes and drives Asuka into the barricade and continues to wail on her, but Asuka suddenly grabs her by the waist and gives her a hard throw into the barricade!!

    Asuka grabs Bayley and drags her over towards the announce table. Everyone skedaddles away, and Asuka goes and tosses Bayley over the table!! Bayley crashes into the chairs and goes down, and Asuka goes over and clears the way, and Bayley grabs one of the chairs and shoves one of them up into Asuka’s jaw!! That gives Bayley some time to buy, and she gets up, brushes past a couple of officials and lands a hard punch to Asuka’s face!! She knocks her a bit silly as Bayley tries to continue to go on the attack, but officials prevent her from doing so. The crowd wants the melee to continue on, as evident by their vocal chanting and cheering. Asuka is held back also, but she suddenly swim moves past the officials! She charges over at Bayley and grabs Bayley by the ponytail! She then yanks at her and throws her into the ringpost!! Bayley bangs off the post and stumbles to her knees, and Asuka then runs up and clocks her in the back of the head!! She tosses Bayley onto her back and starts to hammer away, but officials once again try to pull her off. They soon succeed, but it is very evident that the lid has just been BLOWN OFF for these two.

    As Asuka is guided to the back, we get a replay sequence of everything that just transpired after Asuka’s initial strike in the ring. And after that’s over and done with, the camera returns and sets itself on Bayley, who’s looking on with anger in her eyes still. She doesn’t listen to anything that the officials are saying to her, as anyone can see that she has other things on her mind. And suddenly, she reaches back, grabs her hair tie and THROWS it down and busts past everyone and storms up the ramp!!!

    We arrive back on the broadcast, and immediately we see Asuka and Bayley brawling in the back!! Commentary says that this has been going on during commercials, as officials have been unable to control these two in the back. Asuka and Bayley are just teeing off on each other in a hallway. Asuka grabs Bayley and goes to throw her into a wall, but Bayley spins out and throws Asuka into it instead!! She grabs her and smashes her face against the wall, and Asuka then elbows Bayley right in the face. She goes over and elbows Bayley again in the face, as we see a cut has formed on Bayley’s mouth. Bayley catches Asuka’s arm as she goes for another elbow, and lands a punch. Then she lands another, and another. Bayley then tucks her head down and lowers her shoulder into Asuka’s stomach and drives her right into a door! She does it again, and Bayley backs up and looks at her, hair scattered in her face, as Asuka is still on her feet. Bayley then looks to do something about that, as she RUNS FORWARD—

    And before ANY sort of conclusion can happen the camera cuts back to the ring!!!

    And then, the music of Rusev hits!

    As Rusev steps out, Tom Phillips says that they will provide updates on Asuka and Bayley when they can, but this was a directive from production to get the show going. And while The Bulgarian Brute, Lana and Shinsuke Nakamura make their way to the ring, Phillips says that due to the length of the brawl between Asuka and Bayley, they had to cancel an interview segment with Charlotte Flair, which was supposed to happen following Asuka and Bayley’s tag team bout with The IIconics. Corey Graves says that this is the nature of live television and sometimes, things get hectic and plans go out the window. As such, Byron issues an apology to the audience for how things have transpired and for the cancellation of the interview.

    Rusev and Nakamura get into the ring and then The Hardy Boyz make their entrance! Jeff and Matt Hardy come out as they are to often do, and get the crowd going as always. Commentary hypes them up as one of the heavy remaining favorites in this tournament, especially due to their experience. They also point out that they scored a win over The Usos two weeks ago, which put them in a pretty great spot all things considered when it comes to their confidence. They get into the ring, take a look over at their opponents, and get ready to scrap.
    Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura (w/ Lana) vs. The Hardy Boyz

    As time is getting crunched, all four competitors in this match certainly do their damnedest to try and get into the win column. The Hardys work with great fluidity and chemistry to no one’s surprise, but Rusev and Nak aren’t too far behind in that category either. They work very well together here, as Lana’s guidance appears to be paying off for them. Late in the matchup, Rusev has Matt Hardy on his heels. He’s got him ready for the Machka Kick as it appears, and lets out a roar as he goes to take Matt’s head off!

    But as he does, Jeff dives in and takes the bullet! Rusev is taken by surprise for a moment, and Matt Hardy turns him around, kicks him in the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate! But Rusev spins out of it! He then goes for the Machka Kick again! No! Matt dodges that bullet on his own, and then grabs Rusev and plants him down with the Side Effect! Nakamura, out on the outside, looks over and sees Matt covering Rusev! 1! 2! NAKAMURA DIVES IN! BUT IT’S TOO LATE!! 3!!!

    WINNERS — The Hardy Boyz via pin fall at 7:15.
    And it’s The Hardy Boyz who are moving on! Matt and Jeff pick up the big win over Rusev and Nakamura, as they show to everyone that they’re still kicking. As they celebrate in the ring, The Hardy Boyz hear it from the crowd, getting a very rousing ovation while Lana helps to collect her bandmates. Replays air of the big spots in the matchup, and we come back to see them celebrate. Commentary discusses their victory, and say that now the semifinals are set, as The Hardys will be facing the tandem of Daniel Bryan and Rowan in two weeks time.

    Speaking of time, no time is wasted now, as we see a graphic appear to hype up the main event, as Bobby Lashley and Finn Bálor will collide for a Money in the Bank Ladder Match spot — NEXT!!

    As we come back, a video plays, hyping up the impeding arrival of one Nikki Cross to SmackDown Live! Cross’ frenetic and chaotic ways are played up, as she will of course be debuting on SmackDown Live next week during the All-Women’s SmackDown Live episode.
    Commentary welcomes us back to the show. Tom Phillips once again apologizes for the overrun and for the cancellation of the Charlotte Flair interview segment. He says that tonight and tonight only, if the main event match between Bobby Lashley and Finn Bálor goes over time, the conclusion of the match will be broadcasted exclusively on the WWE Network. He then says that Asuka and Bayley have been sequestered and are being tended to by the trainers after their brawl spilled out to the back. Corey Graves says that if there was any concern that next week’s All-Women’s SmackDown Live wouldn’t deliver the goods, those doubts were silenced, because Asuka vs. Bayley will be worth the price of admission to see these two scrap with each other again, this time, in sanctioned fashion.

    The music of Finn Bálor then hits! Bálor makes his way out on stage with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist, and blue trunks on below and white boots on his feet. Finn is set to take part in his first ever match on SmackDown Live, an accomplishment to be sure. The IC Champ captivates the crowd on the way down and as he gets into the ring, and then jumps down and looks on at the stage. It’s there that Bobby Lashley makes his way out. Lio Rush accompanies Lashley out and, unsurprisingly, he’s got a microphone in his hand. Lio gets on the mic and says that he’s delighted that this match is happening, because he didn’t even have to ask to have Lashley get his hands on Finn again. Lio says that they aren’t over what happened a few weeks ago at WrestleMania, and Finn kinda cockily taunts them both with the IC Championship, which is now on his shoulder.

    Rush says that it’s funny that he’s taunting them like that, because Bobby Lashley could get the Intercontinental Championship back within the snap of a finger. He says that the title belongs to Lashley and that Finn has no business possessing that title. He says that he thinks it’s also funny that The Demon appears nowhere to be found, and says that he is nothing without that, and has never defeated Lashley looking like the goof that he does right now. Lio says that if Finn were real about being a competitor, he wouldn’t just have this Money in the Bank qualifying match tonight, he’d put the Intercontinental Championship on the line too!!

    Finn appears to not have a problem with that, challenging Lashley to come on down. Lio says that he wants this match to be WINNER TAKE ALL, DOUBLE OR NOTHING for both a spot in the MITB Ladder Match AND the Intercontinental Championship! And once again, Finn seems to invite that challenge along, as he motions for Lashley to come get some. Lashley then goes down the ramp and Greg Hamilton gets on the mic and CONFIRMS that this match will now be DOUBLE OR NOTHING for the Intercontinental Championship AND a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!!
    IC Champ, Finn Bálor vs. Bobby Lashley (w/ Lio Rush)

    There was a lot riding on this match to begin with and now the stakes have only been raised even further. With the Intercontinental Championship now on the line, as well as a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, this match certainly gets a lot of drama slapped onto it. Lashley dominates the early moments of the matchup. He uses his fanatically large size and strength compared to Finn’s to his advantage, and Lio on the outside couldn’t be happier about it. Finn fights on very valiantly, but each time he sees an opening, Bobby is right there to close it up right after.

    Late in the matchup though, Finn is beginning to make a very strong comeback. He puts his boots up as Lashley comes up to get him over near the ropes. Finn does it a second time as he comes over, and Finn runs over and takes him out with the Slingblade! Bálor is wounded a little bit, so he’s slow to get up. But he does succeed in getting up before Lashley does, and he runs over and jumps down and gets him with a double foot stomp! A running version of the Coup de Grace, and he goes and covers Lashley. 1! 2! Shoulder up! It’s not enough for Finn to get the win, but Finn then starts to pound away at Lashley’s face!

    Finn gets up to his feet and feels a bit energized now after letting off some steam. Rush gets up on the apron and gets Finn’s attention. Bálor runs over, and Lio jumps off the apron. Finn gets outside and Lio backs away. He doesn’t want any problems, but that doesn’t appear to be Bálor’s problem, and he goes after Lio! Lio runs away, jumps up on the steps and launches himself off to try and get out of pursuit. But Finn is still hot on his tail. Lio continues to get chased, and he rolls himself into the ring. Finn dives in afterwards, and runs toward him BUT LASHLEY SUDDENLY CUTS HIM RIGHT IN HALF WITH A HUGE SPEAR!!


    Bálor is turned inside out, and looks to be KNOCKED out, and The All Mighty goes for the cover! 1! 2! 3-NO! FINN KICKS OUT!!

    Finn survives the Spear! Lashley can’t quite believe it, as he shakes his head in disbelief. Lio can’t believe it either, as his attempt to lure Finn in worked, but it didn’t work as well as he wanted it to. He pounds on the apron as he walks away, trying to collect himself for a moment as we see Lashley lift Finn up. He then powers him up onto his shoulder, walks around with him for a bit and seems to want to plant him with the Dominator! A throwback maneuver for Lashley himself, as it USED to be his finisher back in his first run in WWE. He then GOES TO SEND HIM DOWN, but Finn lands on his feet!! Bobby goes for a clothesline, but Finn ducks it and scores with a Pelé Kick!

    Bobby bangs into the corner and stumbles in, and Finn pulls him down and into an inside cradle! 1! 2! NO! Lashley kicks out and pops back up to his feet. He runs over, and Finn then executes a drop toehold that sends Lashley FACE FIRST onto the second turnbuckle pad! Bálor then goes over to the opposite corner and looks on at Bobby, who is woozily getting up to his feet. He does, and Finn runs over and hits a running front dropkick!! Finn then gets up to his feet, and he sees Lio on the outside. Finn then runs over towards the ropes and DIVES OUT, AND CONNECTS WITH A TOPE CON HILO ON LIO RUSH!! Finn rolls RIGHT back up to his feet, looks over at Lashley, who’s lying down on his back. He then runs up, jumps up on the apron and climbs up the ropes. He launches himself off AND HITS THE COUP DE GRACE!! HE COVERS! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Finn Bálor via pin fall at 13:07. Bálor RETAINS the Intercontinental Title and is IN the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
    He’s done it!! Finn Bálor is headed to Money in the Bank AND has maintained possession of his Intercontinental Title!! The crowd bellows out a loud pop as Bálor goes into celebration mode with his championship. Lio Rush can’t believe it on the outside, as his gamble to get The All Mighty the Intercontinental Championship has just gone south! We get a heavy sequence of replays of this eventful encounter, including the very dramatic conclusion. Those replays end, and we see Finn celebrating with the title still inside the ring while Lio has collected something, that being Lashley, as the two are heading up the ramp in dismay. Finn, meanwhile, is far from it, as he’s headed for Money in the Bank and now has a shot at glory while still proudly holding his championship.



    Current Card for WWE Money in the Bank
    Date: May 19th 2019
    Event Location: Hartford, Connecticut; XL Center
    Event Music: Jim Johnston; Money

    Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    AJ Styles vs. Apollo Crews OR Randy Orton vs. 2 Other Raw Participants vs.
    Finn Bálor vs. Kevin Owens vs. 2 Other SmackDown Live Participants

    Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    Ember Moon vs. Naomi vs. Dana Brooke OR Ruby Riott vs. 1 Other Raw Participant vs. 4 SmackDown Live Participants

    WWE Championship Match
    Kofi Kingston defends against Braun Strowman

    WWE Universal Championship Match
    Seth Rollins defends against The Miz

    SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships Tournament Final
    Ali and Rey Mysterio OR Andrade and Buddy Murphy vs. Daniel Bryan and Rowan OR The Hardy Boyz

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    205 Live — April 23, 2019
    Lincoln, Nebraska Pinnacle Bank Arena

    It’s 205 Live time on the WWE Network! After an eventful night on SmackDown Live the cruiserweights now take center stage here at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kicking things off is Jack Gallagher who makes his way to the ring for singles competition. Not competing for a spot in the Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match in a few weeks though, as we learned last week that his ally Drew Gulak is doing that later tonight. Aiden English says, after talking with Vic Joseph for a moment, that he spoke to Gallagher earlier tonight. He said that he asked him what his thoughts were about Gulak getting the spot over him were, and he said he had nothing but good things to say, but he said his eyes told a different story. As Joseph and English go back and forth on the thought that maybe Gallagher’s a bit upset that he wasn’t picked for that match, Raul Mendoza makes his way to the ring. Mendoza, a newcomer to 205 Live, made his debut two weeks ago of course in a tag team match with Humberto Carrillo against Gallagher and Gulak. Now, he’ll get a one-on-one test against one of the savviest of veterans here on the purple brand.
    1 — Singles Match
    Jack Gallagher vs. Raul Mendoza

    Gallagher and Mendoza get things started off on the right foot here. Mendoza’s quickness gets him into an early advantage over Gallagher, who can’t ground and pound like he would like to. At one point in the early goings, he twists Jack’s arm, walks over to the corner, steps up the turnbuckles, bounces off the top rope on his legs, backflips and then drags Gallagher up and over his shoulder and to the mat! Mendoza then kicks Gallagher in the back and runs off to the ropes and snapmares Gallagher as he’s sitting down! The early and exciting action brought by Mendoza gets him some cheers from the crowd remaining in the arena, as he’s certainly getting it going here.

    Gallagher does eventually take hold of the matchup and uses his style to keep Mendoza down. He makes it almost look easy, as he takes all of that early momentum and snatches it up for himself. He at one point grabs Mendoza, butterflies his arms and suplexes him down on his back! Gallagher then picks Mendoza up again, hammers his back, and then butterflies the arms and suplexes him down again! Gallagher shakes his head, not feeling satisfied yet, and he grabs him a third time, butterflies the arms, lifts him up and drops him back first down onto his leg! A butterfly backbreaker NEARLY gets him the victory, but Mendoza is able to get his shoulder up before the count of three.

    Late in the matchup, Gallagher has Mendoza prone in the corner. He runs in, looking for the Gentleman’s Dropkick, but Mendoza dodges the move! Gallagher hits the corner hard and backs up and Mendoza grabs him, locks him up and hits a Reverse Exploder Suplex! Mendoza then runs back against the ropes, comes up and scores with a huge Penalty Kick! He goes for the cover afterwards. 1! 2! NO! A kick out from Gallagher doesn’t cause Mendoza to get too hot and bothered. But it’s certainly a bit of a disappointment. He pulls Gallagher up, and he runs up but Gallagher suddenly HEADBUTTS Mendoza! He then pulls him in, turns him around and hits a Back Suplex that drops Mendoza damn near on his neck! He goes for the cover. 1! 2! Shoulder up by Mendoza!!

    Gallagher shakes his head as he then grabs him by the arm and tries to lock in an armbar! But Mendoza is able to eventually wriggle himself out of danger. He throws Gallagher into the corner, and then Mendoza goes over to the corner. He climbs out on the apron, grabs the top rope and slingshots up. He jumps up on the top rope, bounces off and HITS A DOUBLE FOOT STOMP ON JACK’S BACK! He then picks Gallagher up, collects him, lifts him up and DROPS HIM DOWN WITH A PUMPHANDLE DRIVER! He hooks the legs! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Raul Mendoza via pin fall at 12:27.
    A three count later and Raul Mendoza picks up the win! A rather impressive victory for the upstart here in 205 Live, as Mendoza is now 2-0 in action on the purple brand. Mendoza lets out a big fist pump after picking up the win, as he’s obviously very excited about getting another tall in the win column. We get some replays of the intense action that took place between Mendoza and Gallagher, ultimately ending with Mendoza’s big time Pumphandle Driver for the victory. A frustrated Gallagher is the focus out of the replay, as he not only didn’t get to compete for a chance at a CHANCE at a title, but wound up on the losing side of things here as well.
    After everything clears itself out, we get a special look at both Drew Gulak and Humberto Carrillo, as well as their rivalry, in a nifty video package.
    Out of that video package, it’s time for more action! The music of Akira Tozawa hits, and out walks the 205 Live vet. Tozawa receives a nice hand from the crowd, and as he paces down the ramp to the ring, we get a look back at last week. Tozawa, of course, mettled with Mike Kanellis’ match with Gran Metalik, which ultimately led to Kanellis’ demise and Metalik’s delight and advancement into the Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match. While Akira isn’t facing Mike tonight, and commentary notes that Tozawa will be in action next week for a chance at getting to that Triple Threat Match, Mike Kanellis probably out there watching somewhere.
    2 — Singles Match
    Akira Tozawa vs. Devin Justin

    This proves to be more of a palate cleanser than anything after the back-and-forth match we just witnessed. Tozawa dominates Devin Justin, a local talent, as he gets a nice lead-in to his high stakes match next week. Devin can’t muster up too much offense. And when he odes, it is easily countered by Akira, who shines pretty brightly in this abbreviated contest to say the least. Tozawa lays Justin out on the mat, and then drags him over near the corner. He then goes out on the apron, scales up the ropes and gets to the top. He then launches off, and hits his Senton Bomb finisher! He covers! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Akira Tozawa via pin fall at 3:49.
    And with that, Akira Tozawa is victorious! The 205 Live veteran gets an emphatic win with a big opportunity looming for him next week. A quick series of replays airs, highlighting Tozawa’s dominant victory tonight in Lincoln. The cameras then shift back to Tozawa, who’s up on the second rope in the corner. He’s celebratory right now, but suddenly his attention is taken away by somebody’s voice. In fact, everyone’s attention is taken away, as it all goes to the TitanTron…

    Because somebody is on the screen!

    That someone is…

    KYLE O'REILLY!?!?!?

    Indeed, one of the members of The Undisputed Era is on the TitanTron! O’Reilly says hello to Akira Tozawa, and congratulates him on the win. He says that for a while, he’s observed Tozawa from afar, and he’s impressed. He says he knows that he’s one of the best on 205 Live. And he knows that if he wanted to come to 205 Live, he’d want to face the very best. O’Reilly recalls facing the very best in the world everywhere that he’s been, including down in NXT. He says that competition is something that makes him thrive and is something that has made him successful everywhere that he’s been. Which brings him to a very important announcement. Kyle says that next week, he’s coming to 205 Live!! Just in case that he was wondering who he was going to face to get into the Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match, O’Reilly tells Tozawa that he’s looking right at him!! KOR tells Akira that he’ll see him next week, but when all is set and done, Kyle O’Reilly will be one step closer to becoming Cruiserweight Champion… and that’s undisputed!!
    After that bombshell announcement and a commercial break, it is indeed made official that next week, Akira Tozawa will go one on one with The Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly, with the final spot in the Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match on the line!
    And with that, we get set for our main event of the evening. Humberto Carrillo makes his way out onto the stage. Carrillo is introduced and receives a nice hand from the fans who are still here. He makes his way down the ramp, but suddenly he’s hit from behind! And the attacker is none other than his opponent tonight, Drew Gulak!! Gulak kicks and stamps away at Carrillo and picks him up and throws him into the aisle barricade! Gulak apparently wants as much of an advantage as he can possibly get. The official tries to pull him away, but Gulak shoos him off as he picks Carrillo up to his feet. He asks him if he wants to fly, and asks him again, and then runs over with him and sends him flying alright, right into the steel steps!! Humberto is down and out cold now as Gulak lets out a smile as he looks at the work he’s done. Admiring it, he squats down and continues to look on as several more officials and the training staff come down to look at Carrillo.

    Drew rolls into the ring and goes and sits down in the corner. In the meanwhile, Raul Mendoza has now come out. Mendoza goes over and checks on his friend, who’s communicating with officials. Carrillo says that he wants to go, ignoring the advice from the staff to come to the back. Gulak pulls himself up in the corner and challenges him to go on. Mendoza glares over at Gulak and talks to him, calling him a coward. Gulak ignores Mendoza and continues to challenge Carrillo, and Humberto proceeds to roll into the ring! And away we go!
    Drew Gulak vs. Humberto Carrillo

    Drew Gulak obviously came into this match with a plan and he’s executing it perfectly in his mind. Carrillo is banged up as the match begins, and Drew works aggressively on Humberto’s back and shoulder, which took the brunt of the damage dealt to him on the outside. Gulak uses his submission, ground-and-pound style to his advantage, taking out the mighty high flying skills of his rival. Which, as Aiden English notes, appears to be exactly what he wanted to do from the beginning of the match.

    Humberto certainly fights on valiantly though. He stays alive and uses his resiliency to his benefit. Gulak becomes increasingly frustrated as the match goes on that Carrillo isn’t going down for the count. But that frustration later comes with a price, as his overaggressiveness costs him dearly. He has Carrillo prone near the ropes, and runs over. But Humberto bends downa nd back drops Gulak up and all the way over down onto the floor! Humberto looks down at Drew from inside the ring and looks around. He then grabs the top rope, slingshots up and turns around, and then bounces off AND HITS A SPRINGBOARD ASAI MOONSAULT DOWN ON DREW GULAK!

    The luchadorian ways of the upstart on 205 Live have dazzled the crowd and put Drew on his back for once. Carrillo then gets up to his feet, as he’s still a bit banged up, and he puts him up and into the ring. He then grabs him through the ropes and lifts him up. He goes and hits his head on the top turnbuckle, and then does it agin. He climbs inside, props him up on the top turnbuckle and then heads out onto the apron. Gulak tries to fight back, but Humberto scores with a couple of big chops across the chest. Humberto then grabs the top rope, jumps up, springboards off AND DROPS GULAK DOWN ON THE MAT WITH A SPECTACULAR HURRICANRANA! He covers! 1! 2! NO!

    A near fall keeps Gulak alive and progresses this match onward. Carrillo has seized momentum away from Drew though, but that can only last for so long. Humberto runs up to Gulak after chaining off a couple of strikes and kicks. But Gulak is ready for him, and he grabs him on return and spins him around and this a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! He goes for the cover.1! 2! Shoulder up! Gulak shakes his head and taunts Carrillo as he goes to get up. He then goes to deadlift him up off the mat and succeeds! But Carrillo lands behind him and on his feet. He spins Drew around and then goes for a standing hurricanrana! No! Drew holds on, and then swiftly applies a Boston Crab!

    Carrillo lets out a cry as Gulak keeps the hold applied in the center of the ring. Humberto reaches out for the ropes and makes a play for them, but as he does, Gulak drops his legs, gets down and then applies a Crossface! The submission styles of Gulak are benefitting him here greatly and we see that Gulak is pushing the ropes away from Humberto with his feet! The referee accosts him for doing so, but all Drew does then is use them to bounce off, and put the hold on in the center of the ring! Humberto toils and toils some more but then begins to make another push for the ropes! Gulak pulls back more and Humberto then elbows him in the face. He elbows him again and then suddenly throws himself over and gets Gulak’s shoulders to the mat! 1! 2! No! Gulak powers back on him and then begins to elbow him!

    Drew relentlessly hits Carrillo in the side of the head with his elbow for a couple of moments. He then grabs him, sets him up in surfboard position, but reaches out and grabs him by the neck and pulls him down!! He supplants even MORE pressure on his back as Carrillo is in a world of pain! He tries to fight on, but the longe the fights, the longer that Gulak is in control and the more pressure is applied! Eventually, after a couple of moments of fighting on, Humberto has NO CHOICE but to tap out!!!

    WINNER — Drew Gulak via submission at 14:27. Gulak advances to the #1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match.
    And Drew Gulak is victorious!! Gulak is headed to the #1 Contender’s Match, and is now one step closer to becoming Cruiserweight Champion for the first time in his WWE career. He gets up and has his hand raised by the official, and he soaks that up with Carrillo lies on the mat in suffering. Drew shakes his head at him and steps over hi, and goes over to the corner and celebrates the win up on the second rope. A replay sequence is shown of the highlights of this dramatic contest, as it was obvious to anybody that these two put all that they could into this one. In the end though, it was Gulak’s style that won over Humberto’s, and that perhaps is only going to embolden Drew even more. The replays end and we see Drew standing up on the stage. Suddenly Jack Gallagher makes his way out. Gallagher, who we saw fall to Raul Mendoza earlier tonight, comes out and grabs Drew’s attention right away. Jack looks at Drew and Drew looks at Jack, and Jack grabs Gulak by the wrist and holds his hand up. Drew lets out a smile, as for right now, Gallagher is in full support of Gulak, despite any buzz of the contrary. And right now, this camp certainly looks to be pretty darn strong.



    April 30, 2019:

    Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender's Play-In Match

    Akira Tozawa vs. Kyle O'Reilly

    May 7, 2019

    Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match

    Drew Gulak vs. Gran Metalik vs. Akira Tozawa OR Kyle O'Reilly

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    NXT UK April 24, 2019
    Brooklyn, New York Pier 12

    The second round of NXT UK from WrestleMania Axxess has gone live! Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, located here at Pier 12 in Brooklyn, New York. The unique atmosphere combined with rowdy fans who’ve packed the arena section of Axxess are set to provide plenty of excitement. Joseph and McGuinness highlight the big happenings of the evening, which will be capped off by the main event of the evening, which will see The Grizzled Young Veterans defend their NXT UK Tag Team Championships against Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams!

    We get going with the return of one of NXT UK’s biggest lads. That being Dave Mastiff, who stomps through the curtain and looks around at the NXT UK Universe. Mastiff is making his in-ring return, having not competed since all the way back on January 30. Mastiff’s absence has likely only made him hungrier for competition here, as his imposing presence gathers up quite a lot of attention as he gets into the ring. He looks out towards the stage as his opponent then makes his entrance, and that opponent is none other than NXT’s Riddick Moss! As Moss makes his way to the ring, commentary talks up a bit of a ‘talent showcase’ going on between NXT General Manager William Regal and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint, which explains this encounter that’s set to go on now. Commentary talks Moss up, saying that he’s somebody looking for an opportunity, and now he’s going to get one here on this episode of NXT UK.
    1 — Singles Match
    Dave Mastiff vs. Riddick Moss

    Mastiff and Moss are two big dudes, and in this match they fight like two big dudes. Which is to say they try to knock each other’s blocks off in a bit of a hoss fight. Moss holds his own in his first match in quite a while on television, while the same can be said for Mastiff too. Near the end of the match, Mastiff is beginning to pull away from Moss. Moss tries one last attempt at trying to make a big move, as he dives at Mastiff off the ropes. But mastiff grabs him in midi-air! And he lifts him up and plants him down with a huge slam to the mat! He drags Moss over, walks over to the opposite corner, charges in and hits a CANNON BALL in the corner! He then drags him away to the center and hooks the legs. 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Dave Mastiff via pin fall at at 6:07.
    In his first match back with NXT UK, Dave Mastiff is victorious! Mastiff gets up and gets his hand raised by the official as his name is announced with some gusto. We get a replay sequence while Joseph and McGuinness talk up the importance of Mastiff’s victory here on this episode. They talk about getting off on the right foot, especially after being absent for nearly three months. Needless to say, Dave Mastiff did exactly that here. There’s no telling what a hungry Mastiff could mean around here, but regardless of the unknown, what IS known is that he’s in a very good spot right now after picking up that W.
    Prior to tonight’s main event, we get a video package that hypes up The Grizzled Young Veterans. It focuses in on James Drake and Zack Gibson, their formation and then their road to TakeOver: Blackpool several months ago. Their match against Moustache Mountain is highlighted, in which they became the first-ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Their work over the past few months is shown, including their victory over the likes of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch back in February. It’s been a solid run for them so far, but can they continue it today? Time will tell.
    A pre-recorded interview airs, as NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm is seen fielding questions. Storm appears to be over by another area of the pier, and discusses her recent victory over Jinny, where she retained the NXT UK Women’s Championship. She says that she feels accomplished after picking up that win, calling Jinny a great competitor, but says her best wasn’t better than hers. She’s asked about how Paige showed up last week on NXT UK, appearing to scout out talent. Toni says that whatever reason Paige is here, she’s happy that she’s around, calling her an inspiration to her and someone she really respects. Storm is then asked about the rest of the women’s division in NXT UK, but she’s suddenly ambushed!! The camera picks up that it’s Killer Kelly who’s going after Toni Storm! Storm tries to fight back after being knocked off her feet, and Kelly gets in some really hard shots as the two fight over by a loading dock. Storm again tries to fight back, but then the two are separated. Before that though, Kelly gets in a cheap shot, kicking Toni right in the gut. No one can understand in the moment why Kelly would do this, but it’s definitely gotten the NXT UK Women’s Champion’s attention, that much is true.
    We go back inside Pier 12 and Kassius Ohno is on his way to the ring. Ohno, who was last seen losing to Travis Banks two weeks ago on NXT UK, is getting set for singles competition here. Nigel puts Ohno over as a wrestling genius and says that we should be grateful to have someone of his stature and prominence around NXT UK. Joseph contests that Ohno may be that, but his arrogance seems to be costing him and not making any friends. Nigel says that you shouldn’t be in this for friends and he doesn’t blame him one bit for how he has handled himself. After Ohno gets into the ring, he grabs a microphone.

    Ohno begins to cut a promo, talking about that loss to Travis Banks two weeks ago. He points out that Banks picked up a big win over Noam Dar last week, and he credits himself for that. Joseph asks how that could be possible, and Ohno says that his guidance in that match obviously had an effect on The Kiwi Buzzsaw. He says that he made sure to teach him a couple of things, and he tells Banks “you’re welcome” for the win last week. Ohno says though that his work in NXT UK is not done yet. He points out that Tyler Bate picked up a big win over Jordan Devlin last week too. Ohno says that a lot of people have been saying that Tyler Bate should be next in line to face WALTER. Kassius says that he doesn’t know how that’s possible, because he hasn’t beaten Kassius Ohno yet. He says he’s the measuring stick around here and proceeds to seemingly challenge Tyler Bate to a match! But Ohno says that match isn’t going to happen tonight, especially will not while they’re in Pier 12 because he is above having a match of that caliber in front of a bunch of tourists. Ouch…

    Kassius drops the microphone then as Ligero makes his way to the ring. Ligero receives a nice hand from the crowd, as the masked superstar fetches in some support from the faithful who’ve gathered here in Brooklyn today. Ohno paces around the ring as he waits for Ligero to get inside. Commentary says that this is a great opportunity for Ligero, who hasn’t competed since March 20 against Eddie Dennis. Nigel says that Ligero should be honored to share the ring with a wrestling legend like Kassius Ohno, and Nigel also says that he agrees with his assessment, and that Tyler Bate shouldn’t get hasty about facing WALTER until he beats Kassius Ohno. While that can be debated, what cannot be debated is that we’re about to see these two go head to head.
    2 — Singles Match
    Kassius Ohno vs. Ligero

    The arrogant Kassius faces off with fan favorite Ligero here in our second match on NXT UK today. Ligero gets Ohno a bit frustrated in the early goings, putting him on his heels a bit with his quicker style that Kassius isn’t quite able to keep up with. Ohno being a smarmy veteran though is able to know him down with a cheap shot and he uses that to sweep momentum in his favor. Kassius tries to rip the mask off Ligero more than a couple of times, which doesn’t earn him any grace or positive responses. It definitely fires Ligero up, but Ligero’s overaggressiveness plays right into what Ohno wants from him. Towards the conclusion of the match, Ligero nearly gets Ohno down for the count. But, he’s soon taken down with a huge boot to the face by Ohno! Ohno then sets himself up and then runs over and LAUNCHES IN THE KNOCKOUT ELBOW to Ligero! He drops down and covers! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Kassius Ohno via pin fall at 8:07.
    Kassius Ohno gets the win! Ohno is able to take down Ligero, figuratively and literally, with his devastating elbow. As a result, Kassius is able to pick up a strong victory here to bounce back after falling to Banks a few weeks ago. We get some replays of the big moments of the match, including the finish with this KO getting a KO victory. As Ohno celebrates, we get a graphic hyping up the fact that Rhea Ripley is about to get into the ring herself!
    Without wasting any time after the quick commercial break, Rhea Ripley heads out onto the stage. Ripley doesn’t receive the greatest of responses from the crowd that’s packed Pier 12, but Ripley could not care less. The first NXT UK Women’s Champion stomps down the ramp to the ring, as she’s set to compete with MJ Jenkins, who’s already in the ring and waiting to get after it. Commentary points out that these two have history with one another, as they met in a First Round matchup in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. Ripley gets up on the apron and poses, and then climbs inside the ring and discards her vest and stands in the corner menacingly.
    3 — Singles Match
    Rhea Ripley vs. MJ Jenkins

    So… yeah, this goes about as you’d expect. Jenkins and Ripley don’t exactly have the match that they had in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. This time around, Ripley dominates Jenkins from pillar to post and bell to bell. Jenkins gets only a couple of moments of offense, and they are otherwise snuffed out by what is a simply dominant performance by the first NXT UK Women’s Champion. Ripley gets Jenkins set up in the center of the ring eventually and promptly DROPS HER with the RIPTIDE! She goes for the cover after. 1! 2! 3!!!
    WINNER — Rhea Ripley via pin fall at 3:25.
    And this ballgame is ova. Rhea Ripley picks up a commanding victory over the upstart in MJ Jenkins, who had no answer for anything that Rhea or her Riptide could bring to the table tonight. A short replay sequence later, and we see Rhea backing up the ramp. She clearly has no regard for anything the crowd is doing, and she taunts them all and puts herself over as she’s brimming with confidence. She continues to back up towards the stage, and as she does we see someone walk out on stage. The camera closes in on Rhea, who then turns around and looks in the eyes of… PAIGE! Evidently, Paige is back on the scene for the second straight week. Paige looks out towards the ring, and then back at Rhea, and sizes her up. Rhea locks eyes with Paige, who seems impressed with what she’s seen, but we can’t be too sure since she soon departs from the scene without a word.
    After the brief commercial break, we come back and hear the music of Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams! And that means that it’s main event time here on NXT UK. Jordan and Williams go down to the ring with a humongous opportunity at their feet. They seem ready for it as they briskly pace down the aisle towards the ring. They hop inside and communicate with one another as they head to their corner. After they do that, the music of The Grizzled Young Veterans hits. Out walk James Drake and Zack Gibson, both of whom have their NXT UK Tag Team Championships around their waists. They bang fists and go down the aisle, their eyes locked on the team that picked up a win against them a few weeks ago on this program. They get into the ring, we go through intros, and we’re ready… to… go!
    The Grizzled Young Veterans defend against Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams

    With the clock ticking not his episode of NXT UK, this match proves to be a hearty sprint. Drake and Gibson look to do anything and everything to keep their Tag Team Championships intact. But they are certainly put to work by Jordan and Williams. The upstart tag team use their tandem offense to put The GYV on their heels. Late in the matchup, Williams is going blow for blow with Gibson in the middle of the ring. Gibson knees Williams in the gut, and then goes for a Powerbomb. But on his way down, Williams counters it right into a facebuster!! Drake, on the outside, is battling with Jordan, and he props him up and drops him down on the barricade! He then looks inside the ring, as Williams has gotten up. He ducks a desperate shot from Gibson, turns him around and hits him with a Swinging DDT!! Meanwhile, as that happens, we see that Drake has grabbed one of the NXT UK Tag Team Titles! Williams drops down and hooks both legs in the meantime! 1! 2! NO! DRAKE HAS STRUCK WILLIAMS IN THE BACK WITH THE TAG TEAM TITLE BELT!!

    WINNERS — Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams via disqualification at 8:40. The Grizzled Young Veterans RETAIN the NXT UK Tag Team Titles.
    Boos rain down from the bleachers here at Pier 12, as Jordan and Williams have defeated The Grizzled Young Veterans — by disqualification! Drake drops the title down and stomps and kicks away at Williams. Despite a raucous effort by the challengers, they have come up empty handed thanks to Drake’s devious ways. Gibson soon gets up and helps Drake kick and stamp away. While that’s going on though, Amir Jordan has sprung up! Jordan walks over and gets up on the apron. He gets Gibson’s attention, as Jordan slingshots up and jumps off the ropes and takes Gibson out with a clothesline!! He then ducks a shot by Drake, and turns around and hits him with a spinning heel kick! Jordan then runs and launches at BOTH Drake and Gibson, and takes both of them out of the ring with a running dropkick!!

    The NXT UK Tag Team Champions may very well still have their gold. But as this episode comes to a close, they certainly may have also bitten off more than they can chew, and this likely won’t be the last time that these two teams face off!


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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    NXT — April 24, 2019
    Winter Park, Florida Full Sail Live

    The black and yellow brand is back on the airwaves. NXT arrives on the WWE Network at its usual timeslot. And per the usual, the fans inside Full Sail Live are going bananas. Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show, hyping up a huge night of action on the way for us. That of which includes an epic 3 Way Dance to determine Io Shirai’s first challenger for her newly won NXT Women’s Championship between Bianca Belair, Candice LeRae and Mia Yim. And in addition to that, The Undisputed Era will band together to face The Street Profits and a partner of their choosing!

    And speaking of that… SHOCK…THE SYSTEM blares over the PA inside Full Sail Live. And afterwards, The Undisputed Era make their way to the stage! Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong make their way out with Kyle O’Reilly flanking them. Those first three are the ones announced for this upcoming 6-Man Tag, as O’Reilly will merely be acting as the wild card of sort at ringside. Commentary discusses how this match came about, flashing back to last week’s encounter between TUE and The Street Profits, as we then see the group go in the ring and go through the usual motions of their entrance. Then, a few moments later, The Street Profits enter Full Sail Live! Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford dance their way out onto the stage, charismatically and dynamically as ever. Angelo goes to go down the ramp, but Montez pulls him back and wags his finger and reminds him of the fact that their partner’s yet to arrive. Angelo nods his head and remembers that, and tells him, “my bad, fam” as Montez assures him that it’s all good. Ford then points over to the entrance way, Kliq-style, as does Angelo…

    And the music of The Original Bro hits!!! Matt Riddle is the handpicked partner! A very likeminded choice indeed, Riddle dances with The Profits, as The Undisputed Era roll their eyes inside the ring. This will be, of course, Riddle’s first encounter with TUE, and already he has seemingly drawn the ire of them just by existing as The Street Profits’ partner. Commentary talks up the fact that Riddle is likely looking to get on the right path after falling to The Velveteen Dream at TakeOver several weeks ago. The Original Bro climbs into the ring, dances a bit with the Profits and kicks his crocs off, and again, his presence draws agitation from TUE. They all briefly discuss things, and then we get to business!
    1 — Six-Man Team Match
    The Undisputed Era (w/ Kyle O’Reilly) vs. The Street Profits and Matt Riddle

    It should surprise not one person that this match went off without a hitch. Given the combination of talent in the ring, it was bound to be as fluid as possible. It certainly allows for Dawkins and Ford to have their highest profile match to date, and for Riddle to get some burn with some of the best around. For TUE, it’s a chance for them to get back in the mix. And for a good portion of this match, they show their unity and growth as a unit, and prove why they’ve been so strong a unit for nearly the last two years on the black and gold brand.

    Late in the matchup, which has gone on for some time in the early goings of this episode of NXT, Adam Cole and Bobby Fish are doing some double-teaming of Montez Ford, while Angelo Dawkins has been indisposed on the outside and while Matt Riddle can only watch from the apron. Cole, the legal man in the matchup, taunts Ford while Fish holds him by his arms. Cole then runs forward and looks for a jumping knee to the face, but Ford avoids trouble and Cole’s knee collides with Fish’s face!! Ford now has a chance to make a play for a hot tag to Riddle, who stamps his feet and tries to get Full Sail loud and ready. And loud and ready they are!

    Cole goes to put a stop to that however, as he grabs Ford and yanks him up. He goes for a right, but Ford blocks it and then hits him with a step-up enziugiri! Cole is now on his stomach, and Ford continues to dig and try to get towards the corner. The leader of TUE, meanwhile, is now headed to try and get a tag from Roderick Strong, who has his hand extended out over the ropes. Cole then gets there and slaps Strong’s hand, but concurrently, Ford makes the tag to Riddle!!

    Riddle charges in and ducks a right hand from Strong. He then runs up and knees Strong right in the jaw to get him stumbling away. Fish, back up to his feet on the apron, is then taken right back down as Riddle goes over and hits him with a flying knee as well! He then looks over as Roddy runs over to him. Strong jumps up, but Riddle grabs him in mid-air! He puts him down on his feet, turns him around and hits him with a big German Suplex! Riddle holds on and gets up and hits him with a second German Suplex! The Bro then keeps his arms cinched around him, grabs him again, adjusts his grip and then swings back and drops Roddy with a Dragon Suplex!!

    Matt gets up to his feet and feeds off the crowd, who’re going bananas at the moment. Riddle then sets his sights on Roddy and charges over. But as he approaches, Kyle O’Reilly charges over, grabs Roddy by the hand and pulls him away from the scene! And Riddle’s knees hit the turnbuckles!! The referee though has a serious problem with that, and he accosts Kyle for it! Kyle gets into an argument with him, and the official then throws him out from the ringside area!! KOR argues with the official, but he has no other choice but to be sent away from the ring.

    Meanwhile, inside the ring, Roddy and Riddle get up to their feet. They meet and chop the hell out of each other for a couple of moments, and Roddy grabs his head and knees it hard. Riddle bounces off the ropes and then charges forward and slams his knee HARD into Roddy’s head!! Riddle then immediately grabs him and goes for another German, but Roddy blocks, rolls through and gets him into a pinning combo! 1! 2! NO! Riddle kicks out! Both men get up to their feet and Roddy runs over. He goes for a strike, but Riddle ducks it. And Montez Ford, on the apron, savvily jumps and scores with a Pelé Kick on Roddy with the ropes’ assistance! Riddle then waits and dips down and props Roddy up on his shoulders!

    Cole, seeing this transpire, goes to go inside the ring. As does Bobby Fish. But as they do, Angelo Dawkins gets in the ring and sprints over and TAKES BOTH MEN OUT WITH A HUGE TACKLE!! And as that happens, RIDDLE DROPS STRONG WITH THE BRO 2 SLEEP!! Montez then hops in the ring to play watch dog as the referee counts! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERS — Matt Riddle and The Street Profits at 12:32.
    And it’s over! Riddle and The Profits are victorious!! A chaotic and frenetic six-man tag opener concludes with the good guys prevailing over the mighty Undisputed Era. Riddle and The Profits maintain the ring while TUE collects themselves and heads up the ramp while replays air of the high spots of the match. Those replays conclude, as commentary makes a note that pinning Roderick Strong might be the biggest thing Matt Riddle has done thus far in NXT. Riddle and The Profits dance once again, now in the center of the ring, while TUE looks on in disgust from the top of the stage.
    We then get some additional hype for our main event, as we cut to see Candice LeRae taping up her wrists in preparation. LeRae, of course, will be fighting with Bianca Belair and Mia Yim in a 3 Way Dance to determine who’s next in line to face Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship.
    After a quick round of commercials, we get a look back at how last week’s show ended. Of course, The Velveteen Dream had all of the spotlight. The Dream defeated Keith Lee in a non-title match, as he did not defend his NXT North American Championship against the man they call Limitless. But the story certainly revolved around what happened after the match. As Dream went to celebrate on stage, the music of one TYLER BREEZE hit to the shock of EVERYBODY in Full Sail Live. Prince Pretty then appeared for the first time in a few months, as he’d already tangled with Ricochet a few months prior, but this move appears much more permanent. And as Mauro Ranallo points out, it is, as Breeze was involved in the Superstar Shakeup and is officially on NXT.

    We then cut to a exclusive video that saw Cathy Kelley interview The Gorgeous One. Breeze said that he was delighted to hear that he was coming back to NXT. He says that while some might think that he didn’t get the job done on Raw or SmackDown Live, he says that he’s not viewing it that way. He says that he’s just looking at this as a fresh start for him. But also, Breeze says that he has unfinished business. He points out that despite his success a few years ago, he never won a championship while he was in NXT. He even points back to the fact that he never even had a one-on-one opportunity for the NXT Championship. But also, he says that he came close to winning that North American Championship against The One and Only, and now, well, The Velveteen Dream has something that he wants.
    The NXT Tag Team Champions hit the scene! The War Raiders stomp out on the ramp. With a boisterous crowd reacting around them, Hanson and Rowe look ready to feast on their opponents in this upcoming non-title bout. Mauro, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson discuss The War Raiders’ enthralling victory over Aleister Black and Ricochet from several weeks ago at TakeOver: New York. Considering that they have dispatched The Undisputed Era and that exciting tag team of Black and Ricochet, commentary ponders who could possibly be next and who could possibly be the ones to take them down. Percy wonders if there’s a tag team anywhere that can do that, given the size and abilities that The War Raiders possess. Nigel is not one to take too big a leap though, and puts over that NXT’s never been more talented and there will come a day where they get taken down, but for now, they are poised to have a dominant reign. In any event, it’s time for them to get going.
    2 — Non-Title Tag Team Match
    NXT Tag Team Champs, The War Raiders vs. Aaron Frye and Nykos Rikos

    So… as you might expect… this goes as you might expect it to. Hanson and Rowe dominate their competition, which doesn’t prove to be too much in the way of competition for them. They bulldoze through Frye and Rikos, as neither of the two really stand much of a chance. Credit to Frye and Rikos for taking the bumps that they do in this match. But, this is certainly one-sided in just about every which way that you can imagine it to be. Towards the end of the match, with Frye taken out to the outside, Rikos is left lying. And Hanson and Rowe pick him up and drop him down with their tandem finisher. Rowe scores the cover. 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERS — The War Raiders at 3:17.
    A quick and decisive win for The War Raiders! Hanson and Rowe easily dispose of their poor opponents, and this strong showing only keeps the ball rolling for them. We get a very quick series of replays of the big blows that the Raiders delivers to Frye and Rikos. Afterwards, we see them embark up the ramp, as commentary continues to wonder who’ll be able to stop them.
    Backstage, Io Shirai, the NXT Women’s Champion, is seen walking through the halls of Full Sail Live. Naturally, she’s accompanied by Kairi Sane, her lovable ally, and the two appear to be headed towards the ring for the main event. As they’re walking down however, they run into one Bianca Belair. Belair sizes them both up, as Shirai doesn’t flinch one muscle. Bianca tells Io that she meant everything she said last week and calls her a fraud of a champion. Bianca says that she should be champion right now and that the two of them know it. Belair says that when she gets through Mia Yim and Candice LeRae now, there won’t be any more room for discussion. Because, Bianca says, she’ll prove that she’s something more than un-de-fea-ted, and that’s the un-dis-pu-ted NXT Women’s Champion. Bianca rolls her eyes at Kairi and then storms off, as Sane is sure to hold Shirai back a bit. Io assures her that she’s good, and the two of them continue on their path.
    Prior to our main event, we get some hype for next week’s show!

    ~ The Forgotten Sons battle Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan!
    ~ The in-ring debut of KUSHIDA!
    ~ Johnny Gargano’s Championship Celebration!

    And as we get back, the music of Mia Yim hits. Out walks The HBIC, as she receives a very nice hand from the fans in Full Sail. Yim trots down the ring with confidence in her step, as this is of course a major opportunity for her right now. Yim goes up the steps and into the ring, wasting little time for fanfare or anything of that ilk. Afterwards, the music of Candice LeRae then hits over the loudspeakers. The bubbly LeRae comes on out, as she looks pumped up and focused for this big opportunity in front of her. LeRae high fives some fans down the aisle, and then rolls int he ring as it’s all business for her right now too. And finally, Bianca Belair’s music hits next. Bianca hops out, and she too has plenty of fire in her eyes. Especially after coming up short the last two times that she’s challenged for the NXT Women’s Championship. As the three stand in the ring, Io Shirai’s music hits! Shirai and Kairi Sane come on out, as they decide to sit down on the stage to scout. Kairi, naturally, has brought out her telescope, two in fact, as The Sky Pirates are certainly going to want to key in on Shirai’s next opponent, whomever it might be.
    Bianca Belair vs. Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim

    Bianca, Candice and Mia instantly start to go after one another once the bell rings. There’s no waiting around in the ball pit here, as the three superstars aim to try and chomp away at each other from the opening bell. Each woman gets their turn at trying to pick each other apart really, as it’s clear that these are three of the best we’ve got here in NXT, and the stakes being where they are right now certainly have made it that much more impactful and that much more important.

    As time goes by, Mia and Candice are scratching and clawing at each other with Bianca having been disposed of around the eight-minute mark. Mia puts Candice on her heels after hitting her with the Seoul Kick, and then grabs her afterwards. She goes to suplex her, but Candice lands on her feet, grabs her by the head and drops her with a neckbreaker! LeRae then crawls over and climbs up to the top rope. Yim, meanwhile, has stumbled up to her feet. She then turns around, and LeRae dives off the top rope and brings Yim down with a huge hurricanrana!

    Candice takes a bit of a spill afterwards and is slightly slow to get up, and Yim meanwhile has trouble too obviously. Candice gets up to her feet, and Bianca then slides into the ring. Yim, elsewhere, gets up and walks in the direction of Candice. But Belair grabs her long ponytail and suddenly SLAPS Yim’s back with it! Yim shrieks, and Candice then decides to stay back and look on. Bianca then grabs Yim and brings her up on her shoulders. LeRae then climbs up to her feet as she waits around still in the corner. Bianca then props Yim up in the air and DROPS HER DOWN with the KOD!!!

    And while Bianca had her readied and slammed her down, LeRae has run over to the ropes. LeRae jumps up to the second rope, springs off and DROPS DOWN ON BIANCA WITH A MOONSAULT!! Bianca, a bit shocked, looks on as Candice makes the lateral press!! 1! BIANCA DIVES DOWN ON MIA TOO! 2! 3!!!

    ELIMINATED — Mia Yim by Bianca Belair AND Candice LeRae at 9:07.

    Bianca and Candice have teamed up to eliminate Mia! An intelligent move indeed, it is now down to Belair and LeRae, with a shot at Io and her gold on the line.

    Unsurprisingly, Belair and LeRae hit each other hard and fast for the next few several minutes. In the late stages, Belair has LeRae weak-kneed, and she gets her up and looks for the KOD! But as she props her off her shoulders, LeRae lands on her feet! She then grabs her arm and chops it down, and gets down and looks to lock in the Mrs. Garga-No-Escape!!! And she slaps it on indeed!! Belair is in trouble in the middle of the ring, as LeRae has cinched her husband’s signature submission hold in! And it may be about to punch her ticket to a title opportunity!!

    Belair struggles to get around the ring as LeRae has her trapped. She digs in with her elbows though and gets toward the ropes. She reaches out, grazes the ropes, and LeRae wrenches back even more! But Belair is able to grab the bottom rope and successfully gets the rope break she needed. Candice lets go and tumbles backwards. She looks on at Candice and wonders how she can get it done. She then grabs Belair by the ankles and puts her by the center of the ring. She then jumps over her, runs to the ropes, and looks to hit her Springboard Moonsault again! BUT BELAIR PULLS HER KNEES UP!!

    Candice lands hard on them, as she then gasps for air. Belair gets up to her feet afterwards and looks over to LeRae as she pulls herself up with the ropes. She holds onto her abdomen in pain, and Belair adds even more damage as she hits her with a huge Spear!!! Belair then quickly rolls into a cover! 1! 2! CANDICE PUTS HER FOOT ON THE ROPES!! Belair thinks she’s won the match, but the referee scrambles to get her attention. She points over to the foot of LeRae, which was put up on the bottom rope. Bianca can’t believe it, as she screams at the ref, and then angrily stomps over towards Candice.

    She pulls Candice up to her feet and hammers away at her. She lets out her frustration on LeRae, having been bamboozled in front of everyone, thinking that she’d earned her way into winning this #1 Contender’s Match. She throws Candice down and away from the corner. LeRae shakes it off, as she grabs at her knee pads, but Belair tells her that she needs to stay down. She yells at her that she needs to go back to being Johnny’s wife, which sets her off as Candice slaps her across the face!! Belair, angered now, YANKS LeRae up and then quickly props her on her shoulders! She then INSTANTLY throws her off and DELIVERS THE KOD TO CANDICE!! She covers!! 1! 2! 3-NO!!

    LERAE KICKS OUT OF THE KOD!!! Belair, Shirai, Sane, the commentators and the entire crowd can’t believe it!! LeRae has just managed to do the damn-near impossible as she’s kicked out of one of the most successful finishing maneuvers in all of NXT. Bianca slaps her hands three times, but the official tells her it was just two, and she is clearly on the verge of a tantrum. She kicks the bottom ropes, and then walks over towards LeRae. She grabs her by the hair, shakes her head furiously and then lifts her up to her feet. She puts her up on her shoulders, looking to once again deliver the KOD!!! BUT LERAE SLIPS OFF HER SHOULDERS!! Candice then quickly grabs Belair by the arms, turns her inside out and DROPS HER WITH THE HEARTBREAKER!!! Candice then gets up to her feet, holding her abdomen, and runs over and jumps off the middle rope, AND HITS THE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT YET AGAIN!!! She pulls Bianca over onto her back, and hooks BOTH legs!!! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Candice LeRae via pin fall at 16:32. LeRae is the NEW #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.
    AND SHE’S DONE IT! SHE’S DONE IT!! Candice LeRae is the #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship!! LeRae’s gritty and gutty performance tonight as earned herself a first class ticket to face The Genius of The Sky for her prized championship in the very near future! She gets up and pumps her fist after having her hand raised, having survived the efforts of both Mia Yim and Bianca Belair. And what great efforts those were. We get a sequence of replays, highlighting damn near everything that happened in this tremendous matchup. The focus then goes back to LeRae, while we see Bianca ditching the area, having gone over the barricade, and avoids any and all contact with anybody as she storms off towards the back.

    With LeRae inside the ring, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai make their way to the ring. LeRae is there to wait for them, as she looks on with no real fear in her eyes. Sane and Shirai get in the ring, and Shirai, holding her championship on her shoulder, walks right up to Candice. Candice looks at her and nods her head, and looks down at the championship. Io congratulates her on the win, and then offers a handshake. LeRae is very quick to accept that handshake, and Io then nods her head as she steps back. Kairi too congratulates Candice, and Candice nods her head and thanks her. Io holds up the championship belt, reminding Candice who really owns the ring right now, as whenever this encounter comes, it’s sure to be nothing short of a firecracker.


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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond


    Drew McIntyre, Ricochet set for main event battle over spot in MITB Ladder Match

    Spots in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match are quickly filling up. Already, three superstars have punched their ticket to the high-stakes match taking place on May 19, and two more superstars will confirm their entries into the match on Raw.

    Drew McIntyre and Ricochet exchanged words a couple of weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. The animosity between the two has cooled off a bit since, but things are set to be ramped up even more on Monday. The One and Only and The Scottish Psychopath will do battle for what will be the third spot on the Raw side in the match. In the main event of the evening, Ricochet and McIntyre will square off with lots on the line. McIntyre has already proven himself to be worthy of competing for the Universal Championship before, and Ricochet has been lighting up the scene ever since he arrived to Raw in February. Competing in his home state, can Ricochet grab the coveted spot in the Commonwealth? Or will it be an unhappy homecoming courtesy of the titanous McIntyre?

    Will The Viper be MITB bound as well?

    Randy Orton has made a serious impact since moving to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup. On his first night on the red brand, The Viper struck the Universal Champion Seth Rollins with a tremendous RKO. The following week, he went after 'The Phenomenal One' AJ Styles, furthering the animosity between the two superstars that had been previously ignited before WrestleMania. Now, on Monday, Orton will also be attempting to gain entry into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Standing in the way of Orton is Apollo Crews, who is hoping to make good on this opportunity as well. Given the tension between Orton and Styles, it's a wonder if we'll see The Phenomenal One make an appearance before, during or at the conclusion of this match.

    Will tension rise between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler again?

    The Man and The Queen of Spades nearly came to blows last week on Raw. Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler have been inching closer and closer towards a blow up ever since Baszler made her arrival on the Raw brand. To Baszler's credit, she has gotten the better of Lynch in two previous exchanges with her. And last week, she successfully got in the head of The Man. She did so much that she may have caused Becky to have a very awkward and tense confrontation with Sasha Banks following their near eruption. What will happen next? Something is bound to go down, one way or another.

    Contract Signing for the Universal Championship Match at Money in the Bank

    The Miz was able to defeat AJ Styles in last week's high stakes match that pitted the two mega stars against each other. Now that The Awesome One won, he's assured himself of an opportunity at Seth Rollins' Universal Championship at Money in the Bank. The contract will officially be signed for this match on Monday night in Lexington. We have seen how contract signings have gone before on WWE television, and seldom do they come without anything eventful transpiring. You'll want to tune in to see if anything noteworthy occurs.

    Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way set to determine Samoa Joe's next challenger

    The Superstar Shakeup is behind us, and now nearly everyone on the Raw brand has a fresh, clean slate to work with. Because of that, The McMahon Family has decided to create a chance for four superstars on Raw that haven't been able to break through in some time in singles competition. In what's been dubbed a 'Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way' Match, we'll see Chad Gable, Karl Anderson, Mojo Rawley and Sami Zayn square off with one another. The prize for the winner of this match? A one-on-one match with United States Champion Samoa Joe for his championship at Money in the Bank. Which superstar will be able to lay claim to this jackpot? Tune in to find out!

    All of this, PLUS, The Usos make their Raw debut, Cedric Alexander takes on Samir Singh, Alexa Bliss battles Mickie James, AND, Ruby Riott and Dana Brooke face off for the third Money in the Bank slot on the Raw side of things on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw!



    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    'The Scottish Psychopath' Drew McIntyre vs. 'The One and Only' Ricochet

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    Apollo Crews vs. 'The Viper' Randy Orton

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    Dana Brooke vs. Ruby Riott

    Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way Match

    {Winner Receives U.S. Championship Shot at Money in the Bank!}
    Chad Gable vs. Karl Anderson vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Sami Zayn

    !!! THE USOS' RAW DEBUT !!!
    The Usos in action!

    Singles Match
    'The Goddess' Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James

    Singles Match
    Cedric Alexander vs. Samir Singh (w/ Jinder Mahal, Sunil Singh)


    Seth Rollins and The Miz sign the contract for their Universal Championship Match!
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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    I'm back... time to stunt on you h**s again...
    Raw – April 29, 2019
    Lexington, Kentucky Rupp Arena

    Raw hits the airwaves at 8 p.m. ET on the USA Network, but the first thing we see is from earlier today. As Michael Cole voices over the footage, we see AJ Styles making his way through towards the arena. Amongst him are fans whom he signs autographs and takes pictures for. As Styles goes to go inside Rupp Arena, we see a fan in a Kentucky Wildcats hoodie jump him from behind!! Security goes to go after him, but we quickly find out that it wasn’t a fan at all who attacked The Phenomenal One. No, because that “fan” pulled off his hoodie to reveal that he’s RANDY ORTON!

    Orton was then seen grabbing Styles, and he then threw him into the door! Orton walked over and pounded away at him, and security continued to try and pull him away. The Viper told them all to back off though, and he then lifted Styles up. AJ started to fight back though after that! He landed a couple of punches, and Orton stumbled away towards the cars in the lot. AJ continued to fight back, but Orton then launched and connected on a big uppercut to the jaw! He then grabbed Styles and threw him hard into the back of a car! He then stomped away at him repeatedly, grabbed him, pulled him up and slammed his face down on the hood of the car. Orton smiled down at Styles, and then quickly scoffed as he pulled him up to his feet. He asked Styles, much like last week, if he believed that he was better than him.

    No answer was offered up by The Phenomenal One of course, as he was completely in a haze. So Orton grabbed him by the head again and pinned it down on the trunk of the car. Orton then walked back a few steps, and then ran up, leapt up and DROPPED STYLES ON THE TRUNK WITH AN RKO!! Orton smoothly slid down off the trunk as Styles collapsed on the ground. Orton crouched down and shook his head, and he told him that no matter what he ever did, he’d never be better than him, and that he needs to accept that or this will just be the beginning.

    After that busy start, “Voices” hit inside Rupp Arena. Out marched Randy Orton, who will be opening the show tonight in his Money in the Bank Qualifier and certainly has his edge going into this match. Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young banter about the actions of Orton earlier today. Young brings up the fact that for the last three weeks, Orton has been so consumed by the fact that he couldn’t beat Styles at WrestleMania, so much so that he has launched attacks on Seth Rollins and AJ Styles in each of the last two weeks now. Corey says that it’s obvious to anyone that he’s a man on a mission now, as Orton wants to prove a point that he’s ‘The Phenomenal One’ around here. Cole argues that Orton could be going about this better, but Graves counters and asks if Cole has seen the last 10 or 15 years that Randy Orton has had, and that this is how he has always operated. Orton gets in the ring and does his thing, and then the music of Apollo Crews hits. Graves calls Crews a dead man walking on his way to the ring. Renee says that she thinks otherwise, saying that Crews has lots of heart and is about to show exactly why. Apollo gets into the ring and looks across at Orton, who’s readying himself in the corner, his eyes having not left Crews once.

    Randy Orton vs. Apollo Crews

    Orton opens up the match going right after Crews from the opening bell. Apollo does his best to go toe-to-toe with him from the jump. However, The Viper has an extra gear with him tonight. That much is indicative from how he pounds away at Apollo and doesn’t really allow him to breathe early on. But what can definitely be said is that Apollo is resilient. He takes this licking and keeps on ticking anyway. He shows some more resiliency, fighting back against Orton and lands a couple of big strikes. Orton goes for a big one of his own, but there’s nobody home! Apollo fires back with a big uppercut that sends Orton reeling towards the ropes. Crews then runs forward, leaps up and scores with a big dropkick! And that dropkick sends Orton flying through the ropes and to the floor!

    Crews continues to fight on very valiantly as the match progresses. The Viper does get back in his groove though, but Apollo continues to challenge him anyway. Orton goes for his gutwrench neckbreaker maneuver, but Crews slips off his shoulder! He then turns around and lands a big spin kick to the side of The Viper’s head! The Viper stumbles and bounces against the ropes and Crews hits him with a big back body drop! Crews then runs off to the ropes and comes back with a BIG shoulder block that swipes Randy right off of his feet! Crews then runs forward and lands a SPECTACULAR Running Shooting Star Press!! He covers! 1! 2! SHOULDER UP! Orton pops his shoulder up at 2.75 and is able to stay alive here. Crews is a bit disgruntled but he stays on Orton anyway.

    He gets him up and lands some more strikes. He goes for a big one, but Orton ducks it. On his way down, he grabs Crews and hits him with an inverted backbreaker! Orton then lurks around, watching for Crews to get up to his feet. He’s certainly looking to strike now, hoping to hit him with the RKO. Crews gets up to his feet, and Randy pops up. He then jumps and looks for the RKO! NO!! Crews blocks it! He shoves him away towards the ropes! Orton then charges in and Crews powers him down with a Powerslam! Crews then walks about the ring, feeling it a bit now, as he may very well believe that he can win this match! He then runs up to Orton, who suddenly PULLS HIS LEGS UP! Perhaps wondering if Crews was going to hit him with a Running SSP again, Orton smartly guards up. The problem? Apollo never leapt! And Crews STOMPS DOWN on Orton’s chest! He then turns around and connects with a STANDING MOONSAULT! He covers again! 1! 2! KICK OUT!

    Crews was just a SPLIT SECOND away from scoring what would’ve been a HUGE upset over The Viper! Crews is astonished, but again doesn’t let it bother him. He then goes over to the corner, and measures Randy up. The 13-time World Champion gets on all fours, and then up to a vertical base again. Apollo charges over, but Orton sidesteps him! Crews then stops on a dime and turns around. Orton then goes for a right hand! But stops! Crews flinches, and ORTON THEN JUMPS AND BRINGS HIM DOWN WITH THE RKO!! JUST LIKE THAT!!! Randy then hooks both legs and secures the pin! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Randy Orton via pin fall at 11:07. Randy Orton has qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

    After a surprisingly lively matchup, Randy Orton has earned himself a spot in the MITB Ladder Match! He got his money’s worth from Apollo Crews, who can’t possibly be ashamed of himself after that performance. But nevertheless, it is The Viper who can celebrate tonight after making a huge impact before and during the show. We get a sequence of replays, showcasing this grand opener. Afterwards, we get a look at the competitors who are now in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

    AJ Styles
    Randy Orton

    Finn Balor
    Kevin Owens

    And after that, Orton, smirking, backs up the ramp slowly. He tells everyone that he’s won Money in the Bank before, and he’s going to again, and no one can stop him. He gets up to the top of the stage, closes his eyes and poses.

    But suddenly, he’s attacked from behind!

    And the attacker? AJ Styles!

    Styles has struck! Payback from earlier today, as AJ is going right after Randy Orton here and now! One surprise attack deserves another apparently, as The Phenomenal One is now pounding away at The Viper. The official tries to get Styles away from him, but Styles is relentless. He jumps on Orton and pounds away at him as the crowd is absolutely behind him all the way. Styles pulls Orton up and then throws him right into the set! He grabs him again on the ricochet and continually bangs his face against the set! Even so, as he does that, more officials and security flood the area and pull Styles away. The crowd boos, and AJ kicks and tries to get away from them. Officials also go over and try to protect Orton from The Phenomenal One. As that process continues though, AJ swim moves away and goes after Orton again! Officials yet again pull him away after he lands a couple of shots in on The Viper. One thing’s for sure, as Cole points out on commentary, this has agitated Styles to the point where things are going to get ugly in a hurry, especially since both men are now in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!


    We spin right back into the in-ring action after our return from commercials. Mickie James makes her way out to the stage here in Lexington. The RVA native, wearing blue attire this evening, trots down the ramp with a focused look in her eyes. As she goes down, commentary recaps us on what’s led to this match between Mickie and Alexa Bliss. They turn to a video from last week, in which James had a confrontation with Ember Moon that was interrupted by Little Miss Bliss. That led to these two former allies sparring verbally, which ultimately has led us to this one-on-one contest tonight. After James gets in the ring and walks around, “Spiteful” hits to a pretty loud pop from the Lexington audience. Out walks Alexa Bliss, who isn’t too far away from her home state of Ohio right now. And speaking of, commentary points out the fact that The Goddess will be hosting a very special edition of A Moment of Bliss tomorrow night on the historic All-Women’s Edition of SmackDown Live. Bliss, who’s wearing predominantly blue and white gear tonight, perhaps feeling in the Big Blue Nation spirit, smirks as she sees James and gets inside the ring. After doing her thing, she squares up with Mickie and gets ready to rock.

    2 – Singles Match
    Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss

    As Alexa Bliss continues to seemingly transition away from her previously devilish ways, Mickie James stands in her way tonight. James has a lot of aggression to let out on her, as she’s already fuming that she wasn’t able to defeat Naomi last week, and as a result will be missing out on the MITB Ladder Match yet again this year. But Bliss has enough for her in the start of the match to put her on her heels. Lexi uses her athleticism, that she hasn’t all the way tapped into in her career to frustrate James. At one point early on, Alexa has Mickie on a run-around, and she stops in the corner. She calls on James to come over, and she does. Bliss then hops up onto the top rope and tumbles out onto the apron. James swings and misses as Alexa ducks underneath. She then lowers her shoulder and throws it into Mickie’s abdomen! James holds the area as she then walks back over. Bliss then uses the ropes to her advantage, as she elevates herself and locks her legs around Mickie’s neck and then throws her down to the floor with a headscissors takedown! And for added measure, Bliss skins the cat and pulls herself back inside, and walks about the ring to cheers from the Lexington crowd.

    James’ frustrations continue with Bliss as the match progresses. She, however, is eventually able to take hold and then ground and pound her way into an advantage. She goes up to the top rope eventually, and leaps off and scores with her Thesz Press, and goes for the cover! 1! 2! Bliss kicks out! James comes back over and goes for a big kick. But, Alexa ducks underneath it. She then props herself up onto James’ shoulders from behind! On top, Alexa then swings herself around and hits a hurricanrana that sends James flying! Bliss then gets up and runs over to the ropes as James gets up. James then walks in as Bliss leaps out at her and scores with a running front dropkick! She goes for the cover after. 1! 2! Shoulder up! Bliss looks at the official, and neaaaaarly throws one of her signature tantrums… but instead just gets up and shakes it off. She looks at Mickie and goes over to the corner. Bliss climbs up the ropes, but James meets her there and strikes her. She strikes her again and goes for a third, but Alexa knocks her back. James goes in again, but Bliss catches her in the jaw with her forearm! Alexa then grabs her and pulls her in, and locks her legs around her and then scores with Code Red! 1! 2! Shoulder up!

    Bliss, again, is dissatisfied with herself. She clenches her fists and once more looks at the ref. She relents, and gets up to her feet and James hits her with a knee to the gut. Mickie then grabs her and holds her to the side. She jumps up looking for the MICKIE-DT! Bliss plants her down her feet however! She then trips her up and rolls through, looking for a pin! 1! 2! James kicks out! Alexa gets up to her feet along with Mickie, and she looks for a big forearm shot to the face! Nobody home! Mickie then turns around and looks to score with the Mick Kick! Nobody home either! Alexa then grabs Mickie and rolls her up! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Alexa Bliss via pin fall at 9:16.

    Alexa Bliss scores the win! Bliss gets up happily, and has her hand raised by the official. However, Mickie James then runs up and blindsides her!! James looks down at her former ally as she hears it a bit from the crowd. She shakes her head as Bliss holds the back of her neck in some pain after absorbing quite the strike. She then goes right down on her and begins to pummel away! James is clearly not pleased with how things have transpired, especially with the way she wanted to demand respect from everyone, and how she’s now gone the last two weeks without getting any, or getting any wins either. She picks Alexa up off the mat and hits her again with a hard right hand, as Bliss is knocked silly to say the least. She grabs the ropes and James grabs her by the arms and then throws her hard into the corner!

    Alexa falls down and Mickie then begins to stomp away. James does so relentlessly, despite being accosted by the official for it. Mickie continues the assault though, but while she does that, somebody runs down the ramp towards the ring, and then that someone leaps up onto the apron. It’s Ember Moon! Mickie’s attention is grabbed, as she then walks over, and Ember slingshots up to the top rope, springs off and hits Mickie with a big cross body block!! Ember rolls through and then ducks a swing by Mickie. Moon then runs off the ropes and comes back with a BIG bicycle kick! The impact of the kick sends Mickie stumbling away and through the ropes and out to the floor! Moon patrols the ring for a moment, keeping her eyes locked on James. James, obviously angered, stews as she backs away from the ring, wanting no part of The War Goddess evidently.

    Moon tells her to come get some, but James is already halfway up the ramp and then some by then. She says that she’ll deal with her soon, and Moon gets up on the middle rope and continues to tell her to come down. James continues to ignore that request, as we see Alexa slowly getting back to a conscious state. Moon looks over at her as she rises up to her knees, obviously still a bit shaken up. Without thinking about it much, Moon walks over towards her. Ember assists her in getting up to her feet. Bliss, appreciative of that, nods her head and doesn’t push her away or anything. Ember is sure to ask her if she’s good, and Alexa responds by saying she is, as we hear Ember’s music play. Ember aids Alexa out of the ring, as it’s very clear that Ember has now returned a favor after Alexa was at ringside for her match with Liv Morgan two weeks ago. And it’s also becoming abundantly clear that there’s a dynamic here, no matter what it might become down the road.

    Backstage, we find Sami Zayn standing by with Charly Caruso. Charly discusses last week with Zayn, particularly when Baron Corbin attacked him backstage before his Universal Championship Match, but also points out that he once again hit Corbin with the Helluva Kick, this time to end the show. So, Charly asks Sami what he thinks that Corbin’s thinking this week. Sami laughs, and says that he must be thinking that if he didn’t look like the biggest clown in the world in Montreal, then he hopes that he got fitted for his clown shoes last week in Des Moines.

    Sami says that he wasn’t surprised that Baron did what he did to him last week. He says that if there is anybody who aggravated him more while he was on the sidelines, it was Corbin. Sami says that he believes that the WWE Universe deserves better. He says that Corbin undoubtedly made Raw a worse place while he was Constable. And if that weren’t bad enough, even after his duties were stripped of him, he went and retired one of the greatest legends in the history of the business, Kurt Angle, at WrestleMania. Zayn says that he wishes that it could’ve been him in Angle’s retirement match, because at least he would have respect for Angle. Zayn says that Corbin has no respect for anyone, and that is why he is hated almost universally no matter where he goes. He also says that he clearly doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head, because last week was too damn easy.

    Charly then talks about the Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way Match that Zayn is part of tonight, featuring himself, Chad Gable, Karl Anderson and Mojo Rawley, in which the winner will receive a shot at Samoa Joe’s United States Championship at Money in the Bank. Zayn says he feels energized and ready to be part of this matchup, not just because he’s never held a championship since coming up to WWE from NXT, not because he has history with Samoa Joe, but also because he gets a chance to be around three guys who are as hungry as he is. Zayn says that that’s what Raw has needed for months, not the scene to be bogged down by the same three or four guys all the time. So Sami says that he has respect for everyone in the match, but says that he plans on winning that match and then plans on becoming the next United States Champion.


    As promised, Part 2 of the video highlighting Ricochet plays as we return from commercials. The video highlights Ricochet’s wrestling career up until he was pulled into NXT. Plenty of magazine stills are shown from his work in EVOLVE, ICW, OTT among other promotions. Then, the moment when he was shown in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia is highlighted, as is his torrid run through the brand for the year that he was there. His run-ins with The Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano are showcased, as is his stretch with Aleister Black in the Dusty Classic. The informative video package concludes by saying that the best is yet to come for The One and Only.

    After the conclusion of the video, our cameras pick up Apollo Crews, as he’s sitting in the locker room. Disappointed with himself, Crews dejectedly tears his wrist tape off and tosses it aside. It’s apparent that he’s groveling over the fact that he fell short earlier tonight to Randy Orton. Crews then looks up as he sees someone walking over towards him. That someone is none other than Seth Rollins! The Universal Champion nods his head down at Crews and sits down beside him. Rollins chats with Crews, as Crews lets him know that he’s distraught over not beating Randy Orton. Crews calls to the fact that he was so close to doing it, and that he shouldn’t have flinched like he did before he was hit with the RKO. Apollo says that that’s going to eat him up. Rollins assures him that he may not have won the match, but he earned the respect of many in the locker room. Apollo says that he’s tired of just looking for respect. He says that he’s been here for over three years now and has almost nothing to show for it. He points out that he’s gone from brand to brand, whether it be Raw or SmackDown Live but the results have been the same. He says he wants something to change. Rollins looks at him and asks him if that’s what he wants. Crews says yeah, absolutely. Seth then tells him that he earned his respect first and foremost, and says he’s always believed that he’s been one of the best talents around here. And that if he wants to keep climbing that ladder, he needs to find himself, because in the end, talent always wins out.

    Then we jump back inside Rupp Arena. Mike Rome introduces Elias, who receives a hearty hand from the crowd. Elias strums a tune before introducing himself as always. He goes through the usual motions of his introduction, which draw the commonly loud reactions from the crowd. He brings up the fact that Kentucky once was known for classic bluegrass, KFC and acclaimed basketball. Now, it’s just known for being an overrated college basketball team disguised as an NBA factory, and an irrelevant football team. That draws the typical heat, which isn’t too surprising. These fans in Lexington take their sports, ESPECIALLY basketball, very seriously. Elias says that they all can deny it and boo him, but they know it’s true, just like the one all knowing truth, that WWE stands for Walk With Elias! Elias goes to perform, but naturally, he’s interrupted. That interruption causes quite the stir because The Man has come around!! Becky Lynch takes a stroll out to the stage, and receives a massive reaction from the Lexington faithful. It is as if she’s donned a Wildcats hoops jersey, as she’s clearly beloved in the Commonwealth. Becky marches down the ramp towards the ring, as Elias… appears to not want anything to do with Lynch, so he doesn’t seem all too bothered. Perhaps a smart move, to say the very least.

    Becky gets into the ring and swipes away a microphone. She lets the crowd get their “Becky!” chants going, which causes the Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Champion to smile with delight. Lynch looks at Elias and tells him that if he tries anything, she’s gonna stick that guitar where the sun don’t shine anymore. Elias, not wanting any trouble, actually proceeds to get up and leave the ring! Apparently, the power of The Man is pretty prominent, as Elias has obliged her request and has promptly left the ring. Lynch then stays on the mic and begins to walk about the ring. She says that she’s looking forward to tomorrow’s All-Women’s Edition of SmackDown Live. She says that she might not be wrestling, but they made her a focus anyway, considering she’ll be on A Moment of Bliss with Alexa Bliss. She says she isn’t sure what they’re going to talk about, and preemptively apologizes to Alexa and says she doesn’t really care for coffee. But Becky says that just in case it’s not brought up, she’s got a little something to say about last week.

    Becky talks about how everyone saw Shayna Baszler taunt her right over by the barricade. Lynch says that she’s not one to be taunted, and relishes the fact that she didn’t get the chance to slap her stupid head off. Becky says that if it weren’t for Sasha Banks holding her back, she’d have absolutely gone down there and started a fight. A pretty stirring statement to make to say the very least. Becky says that she’s The Man for a reason, and reiterates that she likes being able to fight her own battles. She says that very quickly, this little alliance that they’ve got will dissolve very quickly if The Man can’t be The Man. Becky also restates that she’s not Sasha’s tag team partner, and in fact, the last time that she was Sasha wound up turning her back on her anyway. So Lynch says that while Banks’ intentions were good, The Boss needs to focus on staying WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions with Bayley instead of getting in The Man’s business right now. She appreciates the help and says she knows she’s gonna be in for a fight, but Becky didn’t become The Man with ANYBODY’s help.

    Just then, however, Becky’s attention is taken away. And who’s the one thieving it? None other than The Queen of Spades! Becky leers over as Shayna Baszler appears up on the TitanTron. Baszler is seen wearing a black hoodie with an ace of spades on it, baggy jeans and black shoes. She’s walking around through a parking lot right now, perhaps the parking lot of Rupp Arena. Baszler says that she can’t help but laugh at everything that’s going on right now. She says that she is playing everybody, especially Becky, like a fiddle and just how she wanted to. The Queen of Spades, smirk on her face while she walks, tells Becky that she should’ve seen this coming. And the funny thing, Becky says, is that this isn’t Becky’s fault at all. Shayna tells Becky that she understands why she was so invigorated by what happened last November. She tells her that she knows why she relished the opportunity to face her friend Ronda Rousey and can feel for her that she missed out. In fact, The Queen of Spades even asserts that she gets why she was angered that Charlotte Flair got added to the match at WrestleMania, and that she still hasn’t gotten her one-on-one shot with Ronda. However, Baszler once again tells Lynch that none of this is her fault.

    Becky gets on the mic and asks Shayna what she means by that, because she’s doing a lot of dancing around that. Baszler says that she doesn’t want to tell Becky why this is all happening in front of her right now. Becky demands that she does, or she’s going to come find her outside and beat her ass around the parking lot. Shayna shakes her head and sighs. She says that she doesn’t want to do this, but then decides to speak up. She talks about the Royal Rumble then. Baszler tells Becky that everybody knows how historic of a night that was for Lynch. But before Becky’s historic Royal Rumble win, the pieces were set for all of this to turn into motion. Lynch tells Shayna that she needs to stop speaking in riddles and get to the point. Baszler shakes her head and says, okay, fine, and then she nods. Afterwards, a video plays. The video shows the post-match confrontation between Ronda and Sasha after their grueling Raw Women’s Championship Match at Chase Field. That showdown, of course, concluded with Sasha throwing up the ‘4’ right in Rousey’s face. The video concludes, and we go back to Baszler, who’s shaking her head again.

    Shayna laments Sasha’s decision to disrespect her and Ronda and Jessamyn and Marina. She says that none of this would be happening and nobody would’ve been set off in their camp if Banks didn’t do that. Lynch asks if they’re really getting in their feelings about a hand gesture, and says that if she really wants to get offended, she’s got a hand gesture for her but it involves three less fingers and one just in the middle. Baszler responds after that, saying that’s exactly what she thought she was going to say because Becky and the rest of them don’t get it. They’ve never gotten it, Shayna says, and that’s why they’re in the position they’re in. Shayna says that she, Ronda, Marina and Jessamyn are a family, a sisterhood, and they were the first and they’re the REAL Four Horsewomen. Their friendship has never, ever wavered. Meanwhile, Becky and her “friends” can’t seem to relate to that, Baszler says.

    She goes on about how right now, just now, Becky was telling Sasha to stand back. She goes over the fact that she already has plenty of ire in her gut for Charlotte, and before she knows it, she’ll have it for Bayley too. Before Becky can even retort, Shayna assures her that it’s going to happen soon. She says that Becky knows it too. She also points out how Sasha hates Charlotte and will likely not take too kindly to Becky’s words just now. She also says that everybody knows the drama that has unfolded between Bayley and Sasha before, and they’re one lit match away from exploding, especially if they lose the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Shayna reminds Becky that Charlotte hates ALL of them, and won’t even give ANY of them the time of day! And as for Bayley? Shayna says when it comes to Bayley, the same rules apply to Sasha, and she was awfully angsty with Charlotte and there’s never been any love lost between them, dating all the way back to when Charlotte stabbed her in the back YEARS ago! Oh, and, of course, Becky’s done the same to Bayley before, but surely… she’d never snap on a friend… she’s never done THAT before.

    With Becky just glaring on at the screen, Shayna says that everything she’s said is true and everything she’s going to say now will be true too. Shayna says that this war was started in January and never needed to be, but it’s Sasha’s fault that it did, and now all of them will suffer one way or another. Shayna tells Becky that their demise will come within while she, Ronda, Marina and Jessamyn will become stronger than ever. She tells Becky that the only thing to question isn’t “if” this happens, but “when.” She adds that there’s nothing they can do about it, because the wheels have been set in motion and there’s no stopping it now. Baszler throws the 4 up, and the camera cuts out. An agitated Becky can only look on with disgust in her eyes, and the only question is… will The Queen of Spades’ words become prophetic?

    The mood changes abruptly inside the arena though. That’s because the music of Cedric Alexander hits while Becky is heading up the ramp. For the second consecutive week, an awkward encounter occurs between Alexander and The Man. Becky stares over at him and Ceddy, wanting no problems, holds his hands up and tells Becky that they have got to stop meeting like this. Becky probably can’t help but agree, and as Alexander walks down the ramp, we learn that he will be facing Samir Singh after the commercial break!


    3 – Singles Match
    Cedric Alexander vs. Samir Singh (w/ Sunil Singh and Jinder Mahal)

    Last week, Cedric Alexander dispatched Sunil Singh after an awkward encounter with Becky Lynch. This week, he’s hoping to do the same to Samir Singh after a graceless showdown with The Man. With Sunil and Jinder Mahal at ringside, Samir fights with some confidence. But that confidence is clearly not super beneficial, as Alexander is able to mow through him just like he was able to do to Sunil a week ago. Jinder looks to get involved in the matchup, but like last week, Alexander takes him out, this time with a big time dropkick that sends him crashing down into Sunil! Samir tries to take advantage with a rollup, but Alexander kicks out before the 3 count. He then gets up and hits him with a big Superkick, and then drops him with the Lumbar Check! He goes for the cover. 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Cedric Alexander via pin fall at 4:43.

    And Cedric Alexander is victorious again!! After taking down Sunil last week, Cedric has defeated Samir this week! He rolls out of the ring, feeling elated after scoring yet another victory against the agitating Singh Brothers. We get some replays as he backs up the ramp, highlighting the match, and specifically the finish, which saw Jinder’s plan go up in smoke. Speaking of The Modern Day Maharajah, he definitely does not look pleased at all as he glares at Ceddy, who’s all smiles at the top of the stage. He holds up two fingers, saying, “Two down...” and then keeps one finger up, and says, “One to go!” as he keeps a stare of his own down at Mahal. It’s very clear what his intentions are, and whether he’s able to fulfill them soon is yet to be seen.

    The camera cuts backstage. Alexa Bliss is seen packing her bag up to leave the arena. As she’s proceeding with that process, Ember Moon makes her way into the scene. Bliss smiles a little as she says hello to Moon while she continues to pack her bag. Moon asks again if Bliss is alright, to which Alexa says that she’s fine, and she’s especially fine since Mickie got exactly what was coming to her tonight. Moon confesses to Bliss that for the last couple of weeks, she’s been unsure of Bliss’ intentions. Alexa nods her head, as Ember says she’s seen how she acts from afar, and her track record isn’t so good, but says that she believes that she’s turned over a new leaf and is being sincere about everything. Bliss lets out a smile and thanks Ember for saying that. Alexa says that she’s been misunderstood since Day 1, even down in NXT, but says that she appreciates what Ember is saying. Ember responds by saying that she wants to see the good in people, and can see a lot of good from Alexa lately, so she decided to return her favor by saving her from James’ attack earlier.

    Alexa thanks her again for that, and then suddenly, Charly Caruso enters the fray. Caruso says that she’s sorry to interrupt, but wanted to inform Bliss of something. Bliss asks what that something is, and Caruso notifies The Goddess that next week, she will be competing for a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Bliss, elated, pumps her fists and seems especially grateful for the fact that she gets to have this spot. She asks Caruso who her opponent is. Charly then tells her that her opponent in what will be the final Money in the Bank Qualifier on the Raw side will be none other than ‘The Legit Boss’ Sasha Banks! And that? Well… That tightens The Goddess up a bit, as she doesn’t offer up much of a response at all. Caruso then heads out of the room, sensing that things have gotten awkward in a hurry. Ember glances at Alexa, who looks off to the side, trying not to get TOO hot and bothered about facing her arch nemesis, but clearly, there’s a major issue on the horizon for her.

    After that exchange, a hype video plays. The video features The Usos very prominently. From their humble beginnings to running the tag team scene on SmackDown Live the last few years, The Usos are absolutely as good as this video indicates. And they’re about to show exactly why – next!


    For the first time in nearly three years, the music of The Usos hits on Monday Night Raw! Jey and Jimmy Uso make their way to the stage, fittingly wearing red gear tonight. Cole, Graves and Young dish on what it means to have these two on Raw, as Young calls it an instant upgrade to the tag team division. Graves can’t help but agree, for once, with Young and says that The Usos’ track record speaks for itself. However, Graves says that while they’re good, he hopes they don’t expect to just walk right in and take over. He harkens back to what happened last week, when The Revival brutally attacked the Raw Tag Team Champions, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. The Usos get into the ring then and pose and then look over at their opponents.

    4 – Tag Team Match
    The Usos vs. Jeet Rama and Saurav Gurjar

    So in their first match on Raw, The Usos are fed two Performance Center recruits in the form of Jeet Rama and Saurav Gurjar. Unsurprisingly, the offense from Rama and Gurjar pales in comparison to what Jimmy and Jey dish out. It’s a very lopsided showcase match that concludes soon after the initial bell rings. After disposing of Rama, The Usos deliver a Double Superkick to Gurjar! Jimmy, the legal man in the matchup, makes the cover! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERS – The Usos via pin fall at 4:06.

    And in their first match on Raw, The Usos are victorious! A decisive victory for one of the greatest tag teams of this generation. Jey and Jimmy celebrate their win while we get some quick replays of the “events” of the matchup. Then we cut back to The Usos, who are standing victoriously in the ring. Sarah Schreiber is in the ring with them. She congratulates The Usos on their victory tonight, and asks them how they feel about getting off on the right foot. Jey Uso says that they’re more than pleased with how things went. He says they weren’t scared about the competition on Raw after being on SmackDown Live for the past few years. He says that when you’re the best, you fear nobody, because you wouldn’t have gotten to the top by being fearful.

    Jimmy adds that when it comes to the tag division, they had SmackDown’s on lock. But now, they’ve undergone a change of scenery. But be that as it may, Jimmy says that they’re about to lock up the rest of the competition on Raw! Schreiber asks The Usos if they have essentially issued a challenge to the Raw Tag Team Champions. Jey says that they made their challenge when they moved over to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup! Jimmy adds that they’ve held a lot of championships since they arrived in WWE, and the Raw Tag Team Championships are going to ‘come home’ to them soon enough.

    Suddenly though, their attention is diverted to the stage. That’s because The Revival have made their way to the stage! The Usos stare over at Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. The two are dressed in black t-shirts and jeans, just like last week, and yap a bit at Jey and Jimmy. They prop themselves up, while it appears that in the ring, Jey and Jimmy want the smoke. They call them on to get to the ring, and Dash and Dawson look at each other. After a brief discussion, they then decide to go down to the ring!

    However, as they do, The Usos are suddenly blindsided inside the ring!



    THE AOP HAVE RETURNED!! And they apparently intend on making a HUGE mark right now on The Usos! Wanting no part of this, Dash and Dawson back away from the scene, as they appear to not want ANYTHING to do with AOP. Who could really blame them? Akam and Rezar are taking it to Jey and Jimmy, spoiling their big first night on the red brand. Jey though begins to fight back against Rezar. He puts him on his heels and then launches himself at him. But Rezar grabs him in mid-air and slams him right down to the mat!

    Akam, meanwhile, is continuing to body Jimmy. He runs in and squashes Jimmy up against the turnbuckles, as he flops down in the corner. He then peels him up and looks at Rezar. He feeds him to him, as Rezar lifts him up and powers him right down to the mat! Akam tells Rezar to get him up again, and he does. Akam then runs off, and AOP connect with The Last Chapter!! After a seemingly lengthy absence from the scene, AOP have stormed right back aboard here on Raw, and have loudly sent quite the message to the tag team division, and one that The Usos are going to have to carry with them for quite some time!

    We then cut to a video. That video highlights one Ruby Riott. Riott’s career in NXT is first touched on as she provides the voiceover for it. She talks about learning the tricks of the trade but still aiming to break through the glass ceiling. She then talks over her career in WWE thus far. She calls it misguided, and unsurprisingly there’s a heavy focus on the failures of one Liv Morgan. Riott is emphasized and emphasized only at the end. We see a lot of footage of her singles matches with the big stars of the WWE women’s division. She says that now that she’s on her own she’s going to start a ‘Riott’ unlike any other that’s ever been seen before.

    Once that video concludes, we see Riott in her locker room. She’s seen adjusting her vest and punching her hand, as she’s ready to dish out some punishment. Her match with one Dana Brooke comes later on tonight…

    ...But then we see both Seth Rollins and The Miz! The two men who’ll be competing against each other for the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank are set to sign the contract for that match and they will sign it next!


    We come back to the airwaves. After we do, we’re provided a quick recap of what happened between AJ Styles and Randy Orton earlier in the show. We’re then told that the two of them were sent home but we’ll be hearing from both on next week’s episode of Raw!

    Then we go to the ring. Michael Cole is presiding over things here, as we see the table setup for the contract signing. He then introduces The Miz and Seth Rollins, as challenger and champion come out to very favorable reactions from the crowd. Cole sells the matchup to the crowd for Money in the Bank, highlighting the fact that these two superstars fought over the Intercontinental Championship a year ago. And now, they’ll be battling for the most coveted prize on the Raw brand.

    Miz signs the contract first and then gets on the microphone. He looks at Seth and tells him that while he’s never seen eye-to-eye with him, he certainly respects how he’s carried himself lately. He says that it’s obvious that he’s a changed man and he’s become committed to being the best at what he does. Miz says that that’s a cause that everybody can get behind. He says that he was rooting for Seth to defeat Brock Lesnar and is thankful that he did He says that now, Raw has a champion who will always be around, always will carry themselves with dignity and honor, and always will be respected by the WWE Universe.

    To that point… Miz tacks on more. Miz says that’s the one difference between he and Seth. He has always had the respect of everybody around here, no matter what he did. He points out that not even a year after he betrayed Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, he got almost 77,000 people to cheer him when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania. He says he’s always been the “cool bad guy” despite the fact that for a long time, he was one of the most seedy and untrustworthy individuals around here. He says that even despite that, even despite all of that, he would get cheered all the time. He would be beloved in every circle. Meanwhile, Miz says, he himself been somebody who’s carried himself with dignity and honor since the first day he got here. He says that he’s always been around and has never taken a single break. He says that he’s had the opportunity to do that, but he’s opted not to. He says that Hollywood’s come calling for him, and he could just as easily pull what The Rock and John Cena have done, but he doesn’t. He may have his reality TV show, but he still shows up day in and day out and has for almost 15 years. And yet, he’s only felt the “respect” from the fans up until recently.

    So when he looks across at Seth, Miz says that he sees somebody who is fortunate and privileged. He says that he sees someone who can do no wrong in everybody’s eyes. And frankly, Miz says, it eats him up. Miz says that it eats him up because he may not have ever been the “cool guy” to root for but he has come to WWE and checked off every single box that you could possibly check off. He has been a Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion and WWE Champion. He has been Mr. Money in the Bank. He’s headlined a WrestleMania and didn’t have to pull off a heist to get to that spot either. He’s a mainstream superstar, and a true success story. The one thing that he’s now missing on his long list of accolades is the Universal Championship, and come Money in the Bank, he’s going to check that box whether Seth likes it or not.

    Miz slams the microphone down on the mat, and storms right by Seth and heads out of the ring! Apparently, Miz feels that this is all done, and he doesn’t need to be around for Seth to sign the contract. Rollins, looking confusedly and feeling a bit awkward, reaches over and grabs the pen and looks out towards Miz. He doesn’t see Miz though, because he’s already stormed through the curtain. Rollins shrugs his shoulders and signs the contract, as this signing did end in a bit of an uproar… just not the one we’re oftentimes used to.


    As we arrive back to Rupp Arena, we appear to be set to begin our Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way Match. Karl Anderson and Mojo Rawley are already in the ring, and Sami Zayn is trotting downward, feeling good as he’s set to try and embark on a quest to get his first championship in WWE. After he goes in the ring, we cut backstage and find Chad Gable bouncing around Gorilla. As he does, Jason Jordan approaches him. Gable looks over at his former tag team partner, who offers out his fist. Gable nods his head as he bumps it, and then goes through the curtain as his music hits. We flash back to last week, when Joe confronted Gable’s former tag team partner, which led to the sequence where Joe would have a confrontation with Gable. By the time the flashback ends, Gable has made his way into the ring. He, the smallest man in the matchup, looks around at the others, and then the bell sounds!

    5 – Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way Match
    Chad Gable vs. Karl Anderson vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Sami Zayn

    This match doesn’t get the longest timeframe, but all four guys get their licks in here to say the very least. Mojo has the size advantage, but his arrogance costs him pretty dearly. He would go for an early attempt at his running punch in the corner, but Karl Anderson, his target, would maneuver himself out of the way. Mojo would eat the turnbuckle and then would absorb something even worse: a Helluva Kick by Sami Zayn! Mojo would hit the mat and head to the outside, and Zayn and Karl would get to work thereafter. Karl would hit a beautiful Double A Spinebuster, but would score a near fall after that once Zayn popped his shoulder up off the mat. Zayn and Anderson would duke it out thereafter, and Zayn would hit the Blue Thunder Bomb on Anderson! The ref would go down to count, but was then subsequently pulled out of the ring by the..


    Zayn went out to the outside to confront the rogue cameraman…



    Corbin laughed as he walked away from the scene after that, taunting Zayn in the process. In the ring, meanwhile, Anderson would get back to his feet, and Chad Gable would slither inside and roll him up! 1! 2! No! Anderson kicks out! KA would get up to his feet and go for a right hand. But Gable then ducked, grabbed him by the waist and ran him into the ropes. He would tumble back, bring Karl along for the ride and then hit him with a BEAUTIFUL German Suplex! Gable then scurried over to the corner, climbed up to the top rope and hit a BEAUTIFUL Moonsault down on Karl!! He went for the cover! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Chad Gable via pin fall at 8:07. Gable is the #1 Contender for the United States Championship.

    He’s done it! Chad Gable is the #1 Contender for the US Title! Gable now has a huge opportunity ahead of him at Money in the Bank, and he’s quite jubilant about receiving that opportunity. The highlights of the match then roll, and we come back to a still-excited Gable. Despite the daunting fate that waits him, he seems to be relishing the opportunity to grab his first singles championship in WWE. So does this crowd, who’re quite receptive to Gable’s win, and certainly this could be quite the development for him.

    As we’re about to flip the script here, we see Ruby Riott making her way down the concourse. Some hype is promptly tacked on for Riott’s match with Dana Brooke, which will take place right after this coming commercial break!


    Dana Brooke vs. Ruby Riott

    We waste almost zero time in getting to this match, as Ruby Riott made her entrance right after we got back from commercial break. Riott got into the ring afterwards, and away we went. Brooke stood up to Riott’s skills and tenacity. And she did show some heart, to her credit, in her first Raw match since she was taken down by Ronda Rousey before WrestleMania. But… to her dismay, a similar fate awaited her here. Brooke is kicked and tossed around once Ruby gets into a groove. And then she emphatically drills her in the head with a HUGE Riott Kick! She drops down to cover. 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Ruby Riott via pin fall at 3:32.

    And that’s it! Ruby Riott is going to Money in the Bank! After coming up short a year ago in an attempt to make the MITB Ladder Match, Riott is now one step away from being one step away from having a proverbial golden ticket to becoming Women’s Champion. Riott laughs at Dana as she steps over her, dusts her feet off behind her and walks out of the ring. Business taken care of, the former leader of The Riott Squad is now set to turn her attention fully towards becoming Ms. Money in the Bank.

    A graphic appears for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, showcasing the superstars who are already in the mix:

    Ember Moon
    Ruby Riott

    And of course, as it is pointed out to us, next week will decide the final competitor in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the Raw side. A graphic appears for the upcoming match between two bitter rivals in the form of Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks.

    We then go backstage. A pre-taped promo airs, featuring Drew McIntyre. McIntyre talks about his opponent tonight, Ricochet. He says that there’s all of this hype around him, and specifically points out the hype videos from the last two weeks that showcased his story. Drew says that his story is admirable, but it will not have a happy ending. Mac says that tonight, here in Ricochet’s home state of Kentucky, he is going to personally destroy his chances of becoming Mr. Money in the Bank. McIntyre says that for far too long now, he has been stuck in neutral, and now is the time for him to fulfill his destiny as the man who was once designated The Chosen One. Drew says that while Ricochet may be The One and Only, there is only one Drew McIntyre, and he will be victorious tonight.


    After what was our final commercial break, Drew McIntyre makes his entrance. McIntyre isn’t greeted warmly or with any inkling of southern hospitality, but The Scottish Psychopath does not care what these Kentuckians think. No, he is only concerned about himself, and fulfilling his goal of getting to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Drew goes down to the ring and climbs over the top rope and stares around at the crowd and talks a little bit of trash to a young fan at ringside, who’s wearing a shirt of his hero’s. He takes off his long vest and puts it down outside, and shakes his head at the kid and then he looks out towards the stage. It is then that the lights go out, and out comes The One and Only! Ricochet, who is announced as a native of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, promenades down the ramp and keeps his eyes on the dangerous McIntyre the entire way. Ricochet leaps up onto the apron and goes through the motions of his entrance, and flips into the ring and lands on his feet. He stares over at Drew, who stares right back, and away… we… go!

    Drew McIntyre vs. Ricochet

    With this match getting premier billing and a good amount of time, Drew and Ricochet use that time to make the best possible match happen. Given the fact that these are two of the best in-ring talents in WWE today, it is to nobody’s surprise that this match turns out to be a certified banger. The larger and more imposing McIntyre certainly puts a hurting on Ricochet in the match’s early goings. Drew has no problem playing the antagonistic villain and he shows it in how he carries himself in the open of this match. He overpowers him, throwing him around the ring and even a bit on the outside. At one point, Ricochet was fighting back, but McIntyre slugged him with a hard knee to the gut, and then catapulted him face first into the ringpost!

    Ricochet continues to take a beating on the outside as the match progresses. He is thrown hard at one point into the barricade, so hard in fact that he appeared to be knocked down for good. Mac went into the ring and gloated a bit as he watched Ricochet on his stomach, trying to get up to his feet. The 10 count was initiated, as Ricochet now had to race to get into the ring before meeting a dissatisfying fate. The problem was, of course, that he had absorbed such a beating that it wasn’t even a certainty that he would be able to answer that 10 count. It got up to seven, as Ricochet reached up and grabbed the ring skirt. Eight said the referee as he pulled himself up to a knee. Nine he said as Ricochet dove in! And he was able to beat the 10 count! Unfortunately, all that meant was that Ricochet was now back in the ring with the physically imposing Scottish Psychopath.

    Ricochet would keep on ticking though even after taing the licking he took. And eventually he would wipe himself AND Drew out after hitting a clothesline simultaneously with Drew. Ricochet got up to his feet afterwards, answering the 10 count, and ducked a right hand from Drew and fired back with a kick to the gut! Ricochet then knocked Drew back on his heels with a right hand, and scored with another. He then ran off to the ropes, and hit them and returned over. Drew went for a Big Boot, but Ricochet rolled down underneath! He then sprung back on his hands, caught Drew by his head with his feet, headscissored him and pulled him down to the mat! Ricochet then ran off to the ropes as Drew got up. He sprung off the second rope, flipped back, grabbed Drew and pulled him down and SPIKED HIM with a Tornado DDT!

    Ricochet goes for the cover. 1! 2! KICK OUT! McIntyre kicks out but that doesn’t detract Ricochet from trying to accomplish his goal. He gets up to his feet and waits for Drew and knocks him back with a right hand. Ricochet lands another and then a third, and then runs up and leaps at him and strikes him! McIntyre backs up against the ropes, and Ricochet comes over. He goes for a big strike, but Mac moves away! Ricochet prevents himself from further danger, and then turns around. Drew goes for another Big Boot, but Ricochet tumbles away! Ricochet then gets up to his feet and scores with a HUGE dropkick! McIntyre bounces into the corner and then falls down! The One and Only then sees this opportunity and looks to SEIZE it as well. He climbs out on the apron, climbs up to the top rope and looks to hit the 630º! NO! Drew moves out of the way! Ricochet tumbles and then turns around right into a CLAYMORE BY MCINTYRE!! Drew’s gonna do it! Drew covers The One and Only. 1! 2! 3-NO!!

    Ricochet kicks out of the Claymore Kick! A move that has put down MANY an opponent no less! Drew can’t believe it and the Lexington crowd can’t much believe it either. He gets up to his feet and scolds the official for not doing his job well enough. He then turns around and gets Ricochet up. He pounds away at his head and he drops down on the mat. Drew stands over him and taunts him, and tells him to stay down. He pulls him up again and tells him to stay down, and says he’s going to be put down for good now. Drew runs over, looking for another Claymore Kick. NO! Yet again, The One and Only dodges a major bullet. Drew hits the ropes and turns around as Ricochet scores with a HUGE kick to the head! Drew goes into the corner, and staggers back, and Ricochet then jumps up on his shoulders, and hits a POISONRANA! Ricochet has Drew OUT like a light, and he drags him over near the corner. Ricochet then goes up to the top rope again. He looks around briefly and then leaps off! 630º! HE HITS THE 630º! HE COVERS! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Ricochet via pin fall at 14:07. Ricochet has qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

    He has DONE IT! Ricochet is going to Money in the Bank! An OUTSTANDING effort by The One and Only in a match where SOMEONE had to lose gets his ticket punched for the MITB Ladder Match! Ricochet receives a swooning ovation by his home state crowd as he reaches his feet. He pumps his fist while we see McIntyre has already rolled himself out of the ring and is licking his “wounds” so to speak, emotional ones at least. Some replays air, and then we see Ricochet climb over the barricade and begin to celebrate with his people. As he does, we see the graphic appear for the upcoming MITB Ladder Match:

    AJ Styles
    Randy Orton

    Finn Balor
    Kevin Owens

    And with a short time to go, this match is loading up, and just ONE spot remains for the Raw brand for these monumental stakes on the line!


    Current Card for WWE Money in the Bank
    Date: May 19th 2019
    Event Location: Hartford, Connecticut; XL Center
    Event Music: Jim Johnston; Money

    Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton vs. Ricochet vs. 1 Other Raw Participant vs.
    Finn Bálor vs. Kevin Owens vs. 2 Other SmackDown Live Participants

    Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    Ember Moon vs. Naomi vs. Ruby Riott vs. Alexa Bliss OR Sasha Banks vs. 4 SmackDown Live Participants

    WWE Championship Match
    Kofi Kingston defends against Braun Strowman

    WWE Universal Championship Match
    Seth Rollins defends against The Miz

    SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships Tournament Final
    Ali and Rey Mysterio OR Andrade and Buddy Murphy vs. Daniel Bryan and Rowan OR The Hardy Boyz

    WWE United States Championship Match
    Samoa Joe defends against Chad Gable
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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond


    Zelina Vega is agitated.

    The business associate for Andrade told that she is irritated about her lack of inclusion on Tuesday's historic All-Women's episode of SmackDown Live. So much so that she has stumped for and gotten approved to issue an open challenge during the show.

    "I don't understand," the vexed Vega told "I have worked too hard for too long to be excluded from something like this. You have people on this show who haven't even competed in a WWE match who are vying for a shot at the SmackDown Women's Champion. Hell, you even have someone who isn't even on SmackDown who is being put on this show just because she's from the town we're in right now. I'm furious. But I'm doing something about it. I'm going to show my worth."

    So, with Zelina making her stance known, the question is: Who will answer the call!? With all the SmackDown superstars booked, will we see a name from the past? Will we see someone from NXT? Or perhaps even NXT UK? Time will tell, but be sure to tune in for this historic episode of SmackDown!

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Everything you are doing with this is great. The angles the realistic booking. It has inspired me. Gotta fan
    "Are you doin' this work to facilitate growth or to become famous?
    Which is more important?
    Getting or letting go?"

    "The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't."

    "I rather you hate me for everything I am then for something i am not"

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    SmackDown Live – April 30, 2019
    Columbus, Ohio Schottenstein Center

    An historic episode of SmackDown Live starts off a little differently compared to previous editions. We get going with the intro video to the show, which is a rarity in its own right. But it is completely centered in on the women of the brand. After its conclusion, we dive into the Schottenstein Center here in Columbus, Ohio. We hear the voice of Tom Phillips, who welcomes us to the show. At the announce table are Phillips and Renee Young, who will be calling the action from end to end tonight. The duo hypes up the magnitude of what’s to come tonight, highlighting the fact that it’s an exclusively all-women’s episode of SmackDown Live.

    After that bit of hype, The Queen makes her arrival! Charlotte Flair trots out first, as plenty of woos gather around the Schott. Flair, wearing a blue robe tonight, is playing it festively, but also will likely not be playing any games tonight either. As she walks down to the ring, a video package plays. The video tells us all that we need to know about Flair and her triumphs over the years, dating back to her days in NXT. The gist, of course, is that she is one of the greatest of all time. Once that video package ends, we’re back inside the ring and Charlotte has taken her robe off to reveal blue gear.

    Flair cracks her knuckles, and then rolls her eyes. That’s because the music of Kacy Catanzaro hits! Catanzaro gets a decent hand from the Columbus crowd, as she’s still obviously a very fresh face on the scene. Catanzaro high fives some fans on the way down the aisle, and we’re brought to another video package. This one focuses in on Kacy. We see footage of her on American Ninja Warrior and we’re educated on her road to this point in time. Her training at the Performance Center is shown, as is her work in the second Mae Young Classic. Then we’re brought to her great showing in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match and then her arrival to SmackDown a few weeks ago. Kacy’s hunger and humbleness are on display, as she’s very happy to be here, but also wants to make a serious impact. The video ends, and we see Kacy, in her corner, looking right over at the eight-time Women’s Champion on the opposite end.

    1 – Singles Match
    Charlotte Flair vs. Kacy Catanzaro

    Out of the gate, the cocky Charlotte is bombarded by the fiery and feisty Catanzaro, who springs onto her opponent in the corner and douses her with rights and lefts. She is restrained for a moment, but Catanzaro is lightning quick with her next round of ammunition. She clobbers Charlotte, who very clearly doesn’t know what hit her in the opening salvo of this match. The Queen is Irish whipped into the ropes, but ducks underneath a right hand. Charlotte goes and hits the ropes and goes for a boot, but Catanzaro ducks that, and leaps up and hits Charlotte with a huge dropkick to the chest! Charlotte barrels out to the floor on the outside afterwards, as Kacy’s energy has completely put her on skates in the opening sequence.

    The match continues on, as Charlotte does eventually find her groove. Kacy may have dreaded it, she may have tried to run from it, but destiny, in the form of The Queen, arrived all the same. But Kacy, to her credit, willed herself on as Charlotte tried to win the match on numerous occasions as time went on. Later in the matchup, Charlotte sends Kacy into the corner. But Kacy, acrobatically, propped herself up over the turnbuckles and up onto the apron. Charlotte stops, turns around and looks over as Kacy connects with a back kick to the face! Resiliently, Catanzaro is marching on as Charlotte then comes back over. Kacy then goes low and throws her shoulder into Charlotte’s gut! She then pulls on the ropes and leaps in, and rolls through with a sunset flip! 1! 2! NO!

    Kacy then springs backwards and gets on her feet. Charlotte gets up and goes for a Big Boot. But Kacy throws herself back! Sort of like the Ma-Trish, Kacy then springs up onto her hands, gets her boots around Charlotte and throws her down to the mat!! Kacy then goes over to the corner and hops up on the top rope. Charlotte gets up to her feet, woozily, and turns around and looks as Kacy leaps off! And Kacy scores with a tremendous cross body block! But Charlotte rolls through! 1! SHE HOOKS THE TRUNKS! 2! NO! Catanzaro kicks out! Renee chides Charlotte for utilizing the hook of the trunks, even if she is the daughter of The Dirtiest Player in the Game.

    Kacy gets up and blocks an elbow shot from Charlotte, and connects with one of her own! Kacy then goes up to the top rope, perhaps to try and get another cross body in. She gets to the top, but Charlotte chugs over and knocks her off with a huge Big Boot! Catanzaro crashes down on the apron, and then down on the floor, as Flair climbs out of the ring and grabs her and throws her right back in. Flair looks over as Catanzaro crawls up on all fours, and Charlotte then runs over and DRILLS HER with the NATURAL SELECTION! She turns over and covers Kacy! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Charlotte Flair via pin fall at 7:09.

    And Charlotte Flair is victorious! Flair has gained entry into next week’s high-stakes Fatal 5-Way match, as the sparky Kacy Catanzaro was grounded with the loss. Flair is not quite done yet though, as she gets up and stomps away at Kacy! The crowd doesn’t quite like this, as Flair kicks and stomps Kacy over and over again. The referee accosts Flair, but she tells him that she’s The Queen and can do what she wants! She pulls Kacy and tells her that she needs to know her place, and slaps her across the face! Down goes Catanzaro again, and Charlotte proceeds to run off the ropes, sprint back and SHE DRILLS HER YET AGAIN WITH ANOTHER NATURAL SELECTION!

    Charlotte gets up to her feet as Kacy is further put on dream street after being dealt another high-impact move. Charlotte doesn’t seem to care one iota, as she struts away from Kacy and lets out a WOOOOOOO before leaving the ring. Renee accosts Charlotte on commentary for these actions, but it’s clear as day that she is completely unbothered. She goes up the ramp as we get replays of Kacy’s spunky effort here tonight. Those efforts may have ended in defeat, but she certainly earned plenty of respect. She is assisted up to her feet by the official, as she receives a hearty hand from the crowd.


    Upon return from commercials, we hear the SmackDown theme playing in the background as we get a look at Bayley taping up her wrists. Bayley, one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Championships, obviously has a huge match later tonight in the main event, and a huge score to settle with her opponent. Tom Phillips then sends us to a video package, which recaps the history between Bayley and her opponent tonight, the dangerous Empress, Asuka. Their road to TakeOver: Dallas three years ago is put on display, and highlights of the match are shown as well. Asuka, of course, choked Bayley out to become the new NXT Women’s Champion on that fateful night in April 2016. Then, highlights are shown from their encounter at TakeOver: Brooklyn II. That match, of course, was won yet again by The Empress, as she knocked Bayley out with a huge kick to the head. The two wouldn’t meet in the ring again until early 2018 on Raw, when Asuka, who’d just won the Royal Rumble, squared off with The Hugger in a thriller. Yet again, however, Bayley would come up short and fell to The Empress for the third time. So the question is… can Bayley climb that mountain tonight?

    SmackDown gets F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S as the music of Carmella hits as we return to the ringside area. Mella moonwalks out onto the stage to a very positive reaction from the crowd, and then jaunts down to the ring. Much like what occurred before the previous match, a video package rolls, highlighting The Princess of Staten Island. It pinpoints her high points, such as when she won the Money in the Bank contract (twice) and cashed in on one Charlotte Flair to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion last year. We see her tap many a foe out with the Code of Silence, and her loud personality is put on display as well. We then head back and see Mella interacting with fans while she’s in the ring.

    The mood changes though as the music of The Pride Fighter hits! Out walks Sonya Deville, who shadow boxes as the spotlight hits her. Conspicuous by her absence is one Mandy Rose, who will be competing later tonight, of course. Sonya pulls her hood down as she walks to the ring, staring at Carmella the entire time. As she embarks down, yet another video plays, this one highlighting Deville. It primarily focuses in on her background, as fans get an in-depth look at what brought her here to WWE. Deville is put over as a fighter in many ways, and emphasizes the fact that she will knock your teeth down your throat if you’re not careful. The video package concludes a short while later, and by that time, Sonya is in the ring, ready to fight.

    2 – Singles Match
    Carmella vs. Sonya Deville

    Carmella shoots over to Sonya as the match begins, but this proves to be a costly move right away. Sonya tackles Mella as she was sitting and waiting for her, and she begins to pound away at her over and over. It is almost as if she was looking for a KO victory over her, but the referee wouldn’t allow such to happen. Deville gets up and yells at Carmella, telling her to get up. Knocked on dream street a bit, Carmella does get up, and Sonya goes right after her again. She tackles her into the corner, and throws her shoulder into her repeatedly. She then connects on some rather rough looking forearm shots to the face, as the referee steps in again to try and corral her. Sonya means business tonight it seems, as an aggressive side that none of have ever seen before is being unleashed here with the stakes never higher for Deville.

    Carmella is checked on again, and she gives it a go again. She walks towards Sonya, who smiles and grabs her and tosses Carmella down with a deep arm drag. She grabs her again and lifts her up and throws her down with another arm drag, and then a third arm drag. She bounces up to her feet and stands atop Carmella, trash talks her and slaps her upside the head. It is very clear that Sonya has the early advantage here, and that Carmella’s chances of winning are dwindling by the moment. Sonya again slaps Carmella as she crawls up to her feet, and tugs her by the hair and gets her up against the ropes. She trash talks her again, but Carmella this time responds with a slap to the face!

    Sonya angrily glares over and goes for another right hand, but Carmella dodges it! She goes on the attack now, as she starts to let some more energy out. Despite the fact that she took some hard shots in the beginning of this match, The Princess of Staten Island is dishing it right back and is fighting back. She is, after all, a former SmackDown Women’s Champion. So she has the pedigree to hang in there with some of the best of the best. The match continues on, as Carmella tries to valiantly fend off the surprisingly aggressive Sonya Deville. She succeeds to a point, narrowly escaping her grasp on a number of occasions.

    However, as the match dwindles down, Sonya begins to once again mount control. Carmella looks to splash down on Sonya as she’s up on the top rope, but as she goes down, Deville counters the splash attempt into a quick and thunderous powerslam! Deville then picks her up again and throws her down HARD with a judo throw, and keeps the arm cinched in as she yanks her up back to her feet. She runs Carmella into the corner, and then grabs her and runs her hard into the adjacent one. Keeping hold, she lifts her up and powers her down HARD back first onto the mat, and seamlessly transitions into a rear naked choke! She scissors her body with her legs, keeping the hold applied, as Carmella then TAPS OUT!!

    WINNER – Sonya Deville via submission at 6:37.

    And this one is over! Sonya Deville punches her ticket in this high stakes match, earning a gateway into ANOTHER high stakes match next week. Deville lets go of the rear naked choke and continues to show off the aggression, as we see Mandy Rose make her way out on stage! Rose applauds Deville’s efforts, and as she heads down to the ring, replays air of the big happenings of the match. Not so surprisingly, a lot of those happenings surround the work of Sonya, who put on a heck of a show here. The replays end, and we see Mandy hoist Sonya’s hand up in victory. Mandy then looks down at poor Carmella, and suddenly begins to stomp on her! Sonya soon joins in, as a 2-on-1 attack proceeds on The Princess of Staten Island!

    Sonya gets atop Carmella, and starts to pound away at her while Mandy hypes her up. She tells her to hit her harder, and Deville certainly does not let up on these punches. Rose then tells her to get Carmella up to her feet. Sonya obliges, as she pulls Carmella up. She holds her up by her underarms, as Mandy grabs her cheeks and trash talks her for a moment. She then backs up, blows a kiss to her, and appears ready to take her head off!

    But suddenly, someone is seen storming down the ramp! That someone is none other than… Sarah Logan! Sarah Logan has come to the rescue of Carmella! She slides into the ring, ducks underneath a clothesline attempt from Mandy and clotheslines Sonya right out of the ring! Rose, aghast, sprints over a few moments later to go after Logan. As she does however, Logan dips down and back drops Mandy over the top rope as she crashes down on top of Deville!!

    Sarah, sporting a new look, gets down on all fours as she keeps her eyes on Mandy. We see that Logan has two red slashes going down her face, right down by her eye, and is wearing tattered up clothing, a camo green dark top, and a black skirt, black kneepads and boots. She maintains her stare on Rose, who gets up to her feet and doesn’t appear to know what hit her. She motions for Rose to get in the ring, as she’s up for the challenge right here and right now! And it would appear that we’re going to get right down to business after this next commercial break!


    3 – Singles Match
    Mandy Rose (w/ Sonya Deville) vs. Sarah Logan

    We join this matchup in progress, as Mandy has not yet been able to tame the beast that is Sarah Logan. Logan is giving her all she’s got here, as Rose is looking to be quite a bit overwhelmed. Sonya, still in Mandy’s corner, tries to will her partner on and her advice can be heard, but it doesn’t seem to be followed up on. Carmella has been taken away from the scene, so Logan is surely fighting a proverbial 2-on-1 battle here. But, it would appear that she’s all the way up for that task. Things change, however, as Sonya is able to grab at Sarah’s boot as she hits the ropes. Logan takes her eyes off Mandy, and goes to go after Sonya. Deville backs up, as Logan tells her to scram. She then turns around, and Mandy catches her with a blistering forearm shot that knocks her off her feet!

    After that, Mandy takes control of the matchup. She grows more confident, seeing how Sonya played a factor in the events that just played out. And she knows that Deville is an asset that she can use to her benefit. Later, after taking Logan down in the corner, she gets into an “argument” with the ref. And as she does, Deville comes over and chokes Logan! Deville walks away from the scene once the “disagreement” concludes, and Mandy comes over and deals out more damage to Logan. The match would trudge on from there, and Logan would continue to fight off Rose despite the odds being stacked up against her. Late in the matchup, Logan is able to counter out of the Kiss From a Rose, and plants Rose with a Fisherman’s Suplex! She hooks the leg to make the cover… … …

    BUT SONYA DEVILLE IS DISTRACTING THE OFFICIAL! Logan lets go of the hold when she realizes what’s going on. She then sees Sonya up on the apron, and she storms over. She grabs Deville AND THROWS HER INTO THE RING! Deville, not wanting any part of this, pleads with Sarah as she backs away towards the corner. Sarah, glaring hard at her, approaches her and corners her. Logan then senses, though, that Mandy is getting up to her feet. And she is, and she does, and Rose runs over and looks to HIT HER WITH HER RUNNING KNEE! NO! Logan SIDESTEPS HER and then ROLLS MANDY UP!!





    WINNER – Sarah Logan via pin fall at 7:22.

    Sarah Logan has done it!! Logan beats the odds and has gained a miraculous entry into the Fatal 5-Way Match! The crowd is stunned, as are Phillips and Young, and frankly so are Rose and Deville!! Logan HERSELF can’t believe it as she rolls out of the ring with a big, astonished smile on her face. She lets out the biggest of howls as she backs up the ramp, as she is elated to say the very least after turning that tide. Some replays air, including one of the dramatic finish, and we then go back to Mandy and Sonya in the ring, as they are both distraught and completely exasperated at how things have transpired here.

    Backstage, we find Columbus’ own Alexa Bliss! The appearance of the multi-time champion draws a HUGE pop from her hometown crowd, as Bliss, dressed in black, of course, is getting set to host a special edition of A Moment of Bliss. We see her talking very kindly to one of the stagehands about the coffee she just received, thanking them for putting the right amount of sugar. Bliss takes a sip of that coffee and as she does that, the camera widens out. Revealed, upon doing that, is Nikki Cross. Cross, frantically, comes over and grabs Alexa by the shoulders. Startled, Bliss looks back, and realizes that it’s Nikki. Cross waves at her and says hello, and Alexa laughs and says hi. She points out that Cross is very energetic. Cross nods her head and says that she’s excited for tonight. Bliss says that she is too, and points out that Cross has a match with Peyton Royce, which she says she’ll be rooting for Cross in. Nikki takes delight in that, saying that so far, no one has befriended her and no one will play with her. Alexa seems a bit heart-warmed to that, but suddenly the aforementioned Royce and Billie Kay walk over with disgusted looks on their faces.

    Kay says that the reason that that’s happened to Cross is clearly because no one would ever do such a thing with her. Peyton asks Billie, “Didn’t she used to have friends with her?” and Billie replies that they did, but after dealing with Nikki, they all lost their “sanity” which draws a laugh from both of The IIconics. Peyton says that Nikki reminds her of all of the people of Ohio, especially here in Columbus, because they’ll be second-rate, and never IIconic. As expected, this draws the ire of Bliss. The Goddess tells them that, first off, they’re being very rude. Secondly, they’re wrong, because if Nikki reminds them of people from Columbus, then that means she reminds them of herself, and that’s the highest honor anyone could ever have. Third of all, if we’re making comparisons, then to Alexa, The IIconics remind her of the Michigan Wolverines, all talk, no action, and certainly no winning anytime soon.

    Billie and Peyton scoff, and Alexa then looks over at Nikki, and then back at The IIconics and then back Nikki. “You know what?” Alexa says as she looks back over at Nikki. Bliss informs Cross that once she’s done with A Moment of Bliss, she’s going to play with Nikki. Cross excitedly jumps up, as The Goddess then informs her that she’s going to be in her corner for her match! Cross is even GIDDIER now, as The IIconics storm off. Alexa smiles, and Cross shakes her as she can’t contain her excitement. Alexa is a little bit startled again, but she just laughs it off.


    We are back from break, and after a glimpse of the city of Columbus, one of its favorite daughters makes her way out onto the stage. Alexa Bliss receives yet another huge pop from the audience as she goes down the ramp. This special episode of A Moment of Bliss is taking place inside the ring, as we see the setup between the ropes. Alexa climbs inside and grabs her sparkly microphone and takes a seat. She welcomes everyone to the show, which grabs a big pop. She then leads a brief but loud “O-H! I-O!” chant from the Columbus crowd, and smiles and takes it all in. She says that lately, she’s been in a good mood. She points out the fact that lately, it’s appeared that she’s acting different, so before things get started here, she wanted to address all of that.

    Bliss says that she recognizes that for the past few years, she’s done seedy things. She says that she’s backstabbed a lot of people along the way and made enemies out of many a superstar. But Bliss reveals that her time away from competition these last few months allowed her to reflect on things. She reveals the fact that she suffered two concussions last year, and says that she wasn’t sure if she was ever going to compete again. Getting a little choked up, Alexa states that she’s not taking this life she lives for granted anymore, and has turned over a new leaf. She gets a rather rousing applause from the crowd, and she thanks them. She says that through it all, the people of Columbus have always had her back and she couldn’t be more appreciative of that. Bliss adds that she knows that not everyone is going to be forgiving, but she can only hope to be the best person she can be going forward.

    With that out of the way, Bliss says that it’s time to proceed. So, she welcomes Becky Lynch to the program!

    The Man come around Columbus, and receives a loud ovation that rivals the hometown woman’s. Lynch treks down the ramp and goes into the ring. She sits down and puts her championships down on the table. Bliss offers her a coffee, to which Becky respectfully declines. Lynch grabs a mic as Bliss welcomes her to the show. Becky takes in the crowd’s reaction going on, and nods her head. Lynch says that before she gets started, she wanted to tell her something. She said that from the start here on SmackDown Live a couple years ago, Bliss was her first biggest adversary. If anyone would know how Alexa used to act, it would be her.

    But Becky says that while she’s never seen eye to eye with Alexa, and may never on a couple levels, Becky says that Alexa’s got guts and respects what she just did... To which Becky seamlessly transitions into Shayna Baszler, someone who she says has no guts at all, whatsoever. Alexa nods her head and asks her about all that Shayna said to her last night on Raw. Becky responds by telling Bliss that usually she lets everything that dopes like her say go in one ear and out the other. But, Lynch says that what Baszler told her last night has stuck with her.

    Lynch says that a few weeks ago, she teamed up with Bayley and Sasha Banks. Becky says that nobody, Lexi included, should be a stranger to the fact that the three of them “along with a dope” have set the tone here. They’ve had plenty of battles in the past, plenty of (short-term) alliances, but something about this has felt different. She can’t seem to deny that, especially because of what’s happened to her since WrestleMania.

    Alexa gets back on the mic and asks Becky, point blank, if Shayna was right to blame Sasha for this all starting. Becky looks off to the side, as she appears to be struggling with that question. Bliss gets transparent, saying that she doesn’t care much for Sasha, has a match with Sasha on Monday, but she’s not trying to start anything here or cause dissension. She says that she’s just seeking an honest answer, as the host of A Moment of Bliss. Becky shakes her head again and goes to speak, but is suddenly cut off.

    Who cuts her off? … … …


    Lana walks out with a microphone in hand. Alexa shakes her head, and off mic tells her “This happens every time, I swear, I’m sorry” as we see Lana stop atop the stage. Lana says that if there is anyone around here who deserves an honest answer, it’s her. Confused, Alexa and Becky look on as Lana makes her way to the ring. Lana paints a picture for us, taking us back to the Royal Rumble. Lana says that she was due to be in the second-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match. She says that she was extremely excited to participate in it, in the hopes of going on to the first-ever women’s main event at WrestleMania.

    But due to an injury, she had to cede her position… to Becky, who swooped in and took her spot and the rest is history. So Lana, now having gotten inside the ring, demands an honest answer out of Becky. She wants to know how she can sleep at night, knowing that she took a spot from somebody who has worked hard to make it in this business.

    Becky gets up from her seat, tells Lexi to ease up, and gets the mic up. “You wanna know how I can sleep?” Becky asks Lana, who nods her head feverishly. “Pretty damn well,” Becky says to Lana’s disgust. Lynch says that the past three months have brought her nothing but the best in her entire career, and says that it’s just too damn bad that Lana wasn’t healthy enough. Lynch says that none of that is her fault, but if she has a problem with that then she needs to step up to The Man right here and right now! Lana stews for a moment, and doesn’t waste any time in trying to! But Becky IMMEDIATELY grabs her, throws her down and SLAPS THE DIS-ARM-HER ON HER!

    Alexa, meanwhile, grabs her seat and scoots on back, shrugging her shoulders, as if to say, “Not my problem!” as Becky throws her arm back down after deciding that she’s done enough. Lynch shakes her head, and takes her title belts. Alexa puts her hands up, and says, “Hey, next time I’ll hope to get an answer.” Becky nods her head and goes out of the ring after having made quite the impression on poor Lana. Speaking of Lana, she’s now up to her feet, and she looks over at Bliss. Bliss, shrugging her shoulders, draws the ire of Lana. Lana goes over and SCREAMS at her, which Bliss does NOT take kindly to based on her facial expression. And perhaps worst of all, Lana takes a swipe at Bliss’ coffee cup and it flies out of her hands and out onto the floor!

    Some of that scatters onto her top and pants, which does NOT make her happy. In fact, it makes her QUITE angry, as Lana may have just realized the totality of what she just did. She tries to get away, but Bliss grabs her by the arm! She pulls her back in and delivers a DDT to Lana! But Bliss ain’t quite done yet!

    Never mess with Alexa’s coffee is the message being told, as she goes over, climbs up to the top rope and hits Twisted Bliss on Lana!

    Bliss’ music hits as she tells her never to mess with her coffee again, as we see Lana tumble out of the ring moments later. Alexa cools herself down after a moment, and soaks up the pops going around the arena for her and she takes a bow and throws up an “O-H!” as the crowd responds with an “I-O!” as it is ever apparent that The Goddess has assuredly turned over a new leaf.


    After we return from the break, The IIconics are making their entrance. Billie Kay is accompanying Peyton Royce to the ring, as Royce is set to take on a crazed individual, who will have a cunning woman in her corner. Alexa Bliss is still here, and she smiles and waves at The IIconics as they get into the ring. As they do, a video plays, which focuses in on The IIconics. Billie and Peyton are put on display, as they talk about their similar backgrounds, having grown up with each other in Australia, gone through NXT together at the same time and rose to stardom here in WWE. Then the video concludes, and we are brought back into the arena.

    The Schottenstein Center then gets dark, and the music of Nikki Cross hits! Cross then frantically runs out, hyped up to say the very least. As she heads down to the ring, and dives inside, another video plays. This one focuses in on Cross, as she is put over as a dangerous woman who will do anything to create chaos. Highlights of her Last Woman Standing bout against Asuka are shown in this video, as are her numerous run-ins with SAnitY. The video then wraps up, and we see Nikki shaking the ropes.

    4 – Singles Match
    Nikki Cross (w/ Alexa Bliss) vs. Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay)

    The IIconics were likely expecting a 2-on-1 advantage in this match, which would’ve allowed for some meddling that could’ve gave way to Peyton Royce entering the Five-Way match next week. However…, Alexa Bliss’ presence at ringside squashed that idea from the get go. Seemingly every time that Billie would go to assist, Alexa would be right there to disallow it from happening.

    In the ring, Peyton seemed to be constantly agitated and constantly on the run from Nikki Cross. Cross’ frenetic and frantic behavior definitely caused some shrieks and panic from Peyton. Alexa seemed to enjoy what she saw, even if it was as extra as could be. The crowd turned its tide in favor of Nikki, who definitely was able to get them all on her side as the match played out.

    Towards the match’s conclusion, Peyton had been able to send Nikki out of the ring. She then would go for a baseball slide, but Cross grabbed the ring skirt and pulled it forward! Peyton would get TRAPPED in it, as a frightened Royce then wound up at the mercy of some rights and lefts by Cross!! Billie would then go over to try and get her attention, but Cross startled her and she’d shriek in horror. Billie then ran ‘round the ring, but as she’d do that, Alexa, having gone on the apron, would run off it and SOMERSAULT DOWN ONTO HER!! In the ring, Cross had set Peyton up, having propped her up on the second rope. And she’d drive her down HARD to the mat!! Nikki then collected her and went for the pin! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Nikki Cross via pin fall at 6:37.

    And that does it!! Nikki Cross has won!! Cross will now compete for a chance to GET a chance at Becky Lynch’s SmackDown Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank! Alexa climbs into the ring and watches on as Nikki celebrates around the ring. As she does, we get a replay sequence of the major events that transpired in this match, ultimately leading to Nikki’s pin fall victory. We then see Alexa hoist Nikki’s hand up in the air, certainly a huge moment in itself, as Bliss has put Cross over in a big way. Nikki embraces her tightly, and Alexa laughs (although we see her eyes widen, as perhaps she’s hugging her a LITTLE too tightly). She then breaks off, and Nikki gets the ring to herself while commentary hypes her up as a legitimate threat.

    We get some additional hype for our main event in the form of a fast-moving vignette.


    We come back from the break, and Zelina Vega is already in the ring, dressed to compete. Vega, of course, had made a play to get in the festivities, issuing an open challenge to anyone to face her. Vega tightens her wrists up as she looks out to the stage. And suddenly, music hits that catches Zelina and many others by surprise!


    The 2018 Mae Young Classic winner and current NXT UK Women’s Champion has answered the call! Phillips and Young hype Storm up, as it’s very clear that Vega has been caught by surprise like the rest of us. Storm is very excited to be here, even if it’s to a new audience. She takes off her jacket and her hat, and stands up to Vega, telling her to come on, and Vega obliges!

    5 – Non-Title Singles Match
    Zelina Vega vs. NXT UK Women’s Champ, Toni Storm

    ZV is able to get in some offense at the start of this… but this is not Vega Time. It’s Toni Time. Toni is able to whisk away control of this match and turn it into a proverbial showcase for herself. The Columbus crowd, some of which may be unfamiliar with her, are wowed a bit by Storm’s arsenal of maneuvers. Eventually, she kicks Vega in the gut, butterflies the arms and drops her down with STORM ZERO!! And she covers! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Toni Storm via pin fall at 4:07.

    And with that, Toni Storm picks up the victory!! The NXT UK Women’s Champion has CERTAINLY made a splash in her FIRST-EVER appearance on network television, and it’s very clear that she’s elated about it. We get our usual replay sequence and after we come back, we see Storm has already backed up the ramp with her title in tow. Phillips and Young, as Storm celebrates at the top of the stage while Zelina lies in her woes, tell the home audience to catch her on NXT UK every Wednesday or on demand on the WWE Network. And also, that our main event is NEXT!


    Just as we return from break here at the Schottenstein Center, Bayley makes her arrival! The Hugger receives a good reaction from the crowd as she goes through the many motions of her entrance. The tubemen make their appearance, and she, focused, nods her head and walks down the ramp with the Women’s Tag Team Championship wrapped around her waist. Bayley is a woman on a mission tonight, and we see her roll right into the ring and take the title off and toss it aside.

    She then crouches down, as the arena goes dark. The music of The Empress hits, causing a very loud stir in the arena. Asuka then arrives, as she only can, gathering Bayley’s undivided attention. We see her roll out of the ring as Asuka takes her mask off. Asuka recognizes that Bayley’s out of the ring and ditches her coat at the top of the stage. Bayley stares her down, and Asuka invites her down to fight! Bayley then, very promptly, takes her up on that offer and scoots down and goes on the attack!! And AWAY we GO!!

    6 – Singles Match
    Asuka vs. Bayley

    The intensity between these two is brought right from the start. Asuka and Bayley spend the opening sequences of this match brawling on the outside of the ring. They finally take it into the ring, and things do not quite stop from there. It’s Bayley who is the relentless one here on the mighty Asuka to start things off. You can sense the fact that she knows she’s 0-3 against her. You can sense the fact that she knows that she’s going to have to try and do everything she can to get the win also. And if that means letting out a little bit more intensity than usual, then she’s going to have to do it.

    Bayley has Asuka out of the ring at one point, and in a near callback of what happened in Dallas, Bayley runs up to the ropes, presumably to drop through and deliver a hurricanrana! Bayley, however, stops short and climbs out on to the apron. She runs up towards Asuka, leaps off the apron and delivers a hurricanrana from there instead!! Bayley rolls up to her feet afterwards, and then takes Asuka up off the mat, and delivers a HARD Saito Suplex on the outside! She then climbs into the ring, and… waits to see if Asuka will even get up. Bayley is feeling so in need of a victory, that she’s willing to do it by COUNT OUT!

    Asuka takes a couple of seconds to get up to her feet, as we hear the referee get to seven. Bayley, looking for the killshot, runs over and looks for a baseball sliding dropkick! But Asuka averts it, and it costs Bayley the 10 count! Her desperation costs her duly, and she also pays a heavy price with a HARD kick to the side. Asuka then rolls her into the ring and rolls inside also and begins to get to work on her.

    Later on, things are kicking up a notch. Asuka has Bayley on her knees, and repeatedly kicks into her chest. She then goes to launch her boot into her head, but Bayley ducks underneath! Nobody home for Asuka, and Bayley gets up and grabs Asuka and sends her into the corner. Asuka, though, jumps up on the second rope, turns around and launches herself off and hits a dropkick! The Empress gets up to her feet again, and again kicks Bayley in the chest a few times. After four kicks, Bayley grabs Asuka’s leg and shoves it away! And The Hugger gets up and CLOCKS HER with a forearm shot to the face!

    Bayley then rallies, hitting a couple of hard shots in succession. She then runs off to the ropes and comes up to Asuka, who props her up in the air and DRIVES HER KNEE into Bayley’s face!! Bayley drops down to her knees, and Asuka runs off the ropes and hits her with a SHINING WIZARD! Asuka goes for the cover. 1! 2! NO! Kick out by Bayley! Bayley stays alive, despite being taken down hard, and we head to the final commercial break.

    Out of the break, the match continues on, and the two ladies are fighting and fighting hard, unsurprisingly. Asuka is gaining yet another upper hand on Bayley, and she runs over towards her in the corner. But Bayley springs out, and meets Asuka in the middle of the ring, jumps and locks in a Guillotine Choke!! Bayley hooks her legs around Asuka as she tries to suck the life out of her, and hope to get her to tap out or pass out!!

    Asuka fights on hard as Bayley is unyielding in trying to make her nemesis submit. Asuka grabs Bayley by the waist after getting up to her feet, while Bayley tries to apply the hold harder. Asuka then runs Bayley off to the corner… and SUCCEEDS!

    But the only problem is – SHE TOOK OUT THE OFFICIAL IN THE PROCESS!!

    Bayley crumbles down and sees the official, who’s taken down in the corner now. Asuka grabs Bayley by the legs and pulls her out of the corner. Bayley lands on her feet, and QUICKLY SNAPS HER ARMS AROUND ASUKA’S WAIST AND THROWS HER DOWN WITH THE BAYLEY-TO-BELLY!! But since Bayley knows that the official is knocked down… she doesn’t go for the cover. Instead… she looks over at the timekeeper’s position… and rolls out of the ring. She gets out of the ring, looks over her shoulder at the fallen Asuka and the fallen official, as well. She then looks back at the timekeeper’s spot, as she inches closer towards that area.

    It’s clear that there’s a complex developing here… and Bayley then gets closer and looks at her Women’s Tag Team Championship belt… and after a moment or two of thought… she SNATCHES IT UP!!

    Is BAYLEY going to USE THE TITLE BELT!?!? It sure as HELL looks like it!! The Hugger carries it in her hand as she goes over to the other side of the ring… eying Asuka, eying the title belt, and eying Asuka again. She slithers inside the ring, belt tucked away in her arm. Bayley then props herself up again and looks at the championship once more. She looks at Asuka, who’s nearing her feet. She’s going to have to make a decision of any kind VERY SOON no matter what. She wrestles with it in her mind, as plain can see. Asuka then gets up, as the referee, in the corner meanwhile, has his back turned but is getting up to his feet as well…



    And Bayley…


    The Empress’ mouth goes agape, and her eyes widen. She’s FROZEN, with the title belt in her hands, and Bayley “DOWN and OUT” on the mat below!

    And just WHAT does the official see when he turns around?! Exactly that!!

    Asuka immediately PLEADS that she didn’t do it. The referee looks on with his hands on his hips, pointing down at Bayley, who’s “out cold” on the canvas. Asuka gestures that she threw the title towards her, and the official looks around as the crowd is just reacting. He tells her he can only react to what he sees. And he then makes a move towards the timekeeper’s area… Asuka goes up to him before he can get there and continues to try and explain. While she’s doing that…







    It didn’t work!! Bayley’s plan is foiled by Asuka, and Bayley’s mouth opens wide in shock after. She feels Asuka’s presence behind her though and DUCKS a kick that goes nowhere! Bayley then gets up as Asuka turns around and Bayley SLAPS HER across the face!!

    She then points to herself, a callback of sorts to Brooklyn in 2016, and DARES her to hit her!

    And well, Asuka TAKES HER UP ON THAT AND KICKS HER IN THE SKULL!! Bayley goes down! Asuka drops down and covers!




    Bayley will fight on!! Asuka can’t quite believe it, and she then proceeds to bring her up to her feet. She goes for a killshot, running off to the ropes. She launches away, looking for her Hip Attack! NO! Bayley sidesteps her, and collects her and HITS THE BAYLEY-TO-BELLY!! She keeps Asuka maintained in her grip, and brings her up, and hits a SECOND Bayley-to-Belly!! She keeps her grip MAINTAINED AGAIN, and pulls her up, and stares at Asuka. And shakes her head, and goes for it AGAIN!!



    WINNER – Asuka via submission at 14:19.

    Asuka gets it DONE!!! Asuka is moving on to next week’s Five-Way #1 Contender’s Match!! The war here is STILL one-sided, as The Empress has collected her FOURTH straight win over The Hugger!! The much-awaited replay sequence rolls through, and afterwards, we see Bayley, who is chest-deep in anguish as she looks on at the victorious Asuka. She just hasn’t gotten that elusive victory yet… and it’s eating her up. Asuka celebrates the win up at the top of the stage, but inside the ring, there’ll be no signs of celebration now or anytime soon…


    Louisville, Kentucky || KFC! Yum Center

    Five-Way #1 Contender’s Sudden Death Match

    Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Nikki Cross vs. Sarah Logan vs. Sonya Deville

    SmackDown Tag Team Championships Tournament Semifinal Match
    The Expat Express (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Ali and Rey Mysterio
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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    First of all – it’s fucking delightful to see you back posting! I don’t have time for a full piece of feedback, but wanted to drop a few comments from the last couple of shows.

    Think I mentioned before how much I loved the idea of the “All Womens” Smackdown show. Even in your old thread, I thought you could easily do the brand split with one show for men and another for women. This show proved it, even if it was for a one off due to the men having Blood Money to go and collect. It wasn’t a PPV worthy show, mind, but it was a solid TV show, which, to me, is an even bigger indication that if you wanted a Men/Women brand split, you could do it.

    My one negative was that the Bliss segments from the back, to the ring, and her at ringside for Nikki was all too much imo, back to back to back. If you’d spaced the segments out a little more, it probably wouldn’t have been as big a thing that I noticed (say, switch the backstage segment with the Bayley/Asuka hype after the Charlotte match) but that was probably the only drawback on the show. In fact, I think you going with Alexa as a face is a perfect idea. Having seen her 24/Chronicle (can’t remember which show it is) recently, her story is one people could easily get behind at this point, and plus, she’s done pretty much everything as a heel at this point, and a face run could freshen her up significantly – so that’s a home run.

    Using the show to debut Toni Storm was a great idea too, both to introduce her to the main roster audience for a potential future run, and get attention on the UK brand too. And the main event? Excellent. Absolutely awesome storytelling, I thought. And whilst I’m slightly concerned that Bayley looked a little **too** desperate when she tried to Eddie Guerrero trick, I still dig the approach that Bayley was willing to do anything to get the monkey off her back against Asuka.

    I felt this show had just so much more energy than Raw (not that Raw was bad, by any means) that I really would dig seeing this experiment on a more regular basis. If there’s anyone that can pull that off – it’s you. Even on Raw, the most entertainment is coming from the womens stuff. That whole deal with Becky and Shayna (starting with Becky/Elias interaction, which was gold, btw) was excellent, and you’ve got me anticipating that eventual showdown greatly.

    The Orton/Styles stuff was enjoyable too though, and that was a pretty nifty way to start the show, I thought, immediately grabbing my attention. Elsewhere, it’ll probably take me a little longer to really get ‘into’ Raw in this thread, as much of the roster just doesn’t initially jump out at me as being interesting characters. Whereas on Smackdown, the tag tournament alone has me wanting to check that show out.

    But again, great to have you back posting!!

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Beast View Post
    My one negative was that the Bliss segments from the back, to the ring, and her at ringside for Nikki was all too much imo, back to back to back. If you’d spaced the segments out a little more, it probably wouldn’t have been as big a thing that I noticed (say, switch the backstage segment with the Bayley/Asuka hype after the Charlotte match) but that was probably the only drawback on the show. In fact, I think you going with Alexa as a face is a perfect idea. Having seen her 24/Chronicle (can’t remember which show it is) recently, her story is one people could easily get behind at this point, and plus, she’s done pretty much everything as a heel at this point, and a face run could freshen her up significantly – so that’s a home run.
    This is a reasonable critique honestly. I wanted to try and fit in the Sarah Logan run-in to help Carmella after Mandy and Sonya beat her down, but in hindsight, I think the proper maneuver probably would've been to have had that backstage segment, do Moment of Bliss, have the Zelina/Toni match, THEN do the Cross/Royce match and then the main event. So, you're on point here, Wolf.

    As for Lex as a babyface, I agree. It's something I've been pining for IRL and I'm glad it's starting to show itself on TV (although she unfortunately is on break). I'm excited to write her as a babyface. The next few months should be interesante!

    If I may also share with the class, I was deciding between three people for that open challenge. Either Toni Storm, Io Shirai (because she's the NXT Women's Champion) or Bianca Belair, because I myself am very high on her. But I decided to go with Toni so as to showcase her and the NXT UK brand on the show so that it would theoretically be an attempt to attract more exposure to the brand (since it's 4th on the totem pole).

    Very glad to be back and posting as well
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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Great to see you back and posting again, man. I was reading before your short hiatus but had a quick glance to remind myself of what's happened and realised I never actually left you feedback. Really sorry about that dude, poor form on my behalf. So here's some general thoughts of what I think so far...

    Firstly, and I'm not the first person to say this, but all the Four Horsewomen stuff is just fantastic. The reveal of Ronda was probably the highlight, but it's pretty much all been a success so far. I get the impression you started this whole project to run that angle, and if that's the case, it's a great shout. Best thing in this thread by a mile, and I mean that as a positive to this angle and not a negative to everything else. Just great.

    I really liked you separating Sasha and Bayley and making them fight for their future. It's an angle I've always wanted to run s it's such an easy storytelling device, so I love that you've done it. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Orton/AJ has been a lot of fun. It's the kind of feud that does nothing for me irl, but you've sold me on it here. I honestly didn't love AJ qualifying for MitB by losing to Miz (diminishes the importance of MitB imo, would have preferred to have AJ win a match the next week to book his place or something), but the angle has been solid, with the highlight being Orton posing as a fan to sneak attack in the last show. Good stiff.

    A tiny segment I really liked but wanted to bring attention to was Rollins giving Crews a peptalk. Both men have consistently been garbage from a character perspective for some time in reality, but having Crews be gutted about losing and Rollins being there to encourage him immediately made me care about them both way more than I did before. Would love to see more of these kinds of because I think it's the character work that is your biggest strength.

    Cedric and Becky coming face-to-face like this has me super intrigued. Possibly the most intrigued I've been on these boards since OMB started his Manhattan Project angle. Not sure where it's going or what it'll become, but I like it!

    I thought the all-Women Smackdown was a nice change of pace. I don't think most of the characters are developed enough for me to want to "watch" it every week, but it felt different for a one-off. Once you've had more time to put your spin on the whole division, I'd love to see you return to it again, cos it's almost redundant now to say you book the females on your roster excellently. And I think there's something for everyone to learn from in the way you do it - you book them like you would anyone. It's not "women specific angles" or any BS like that. It's putting them all over TV and presenting them so they seem important, and put them in angles that people can invest in. It seems kinda simple, but the fact that more people can't do indicates it's harder than it looks.

    And as a slightly throwaway thing, I also wanted to comment on the presentation of the shows. I really like the summarised versions of promos, as I don't think I could handle a 3 hour Raw with really long, word-for-word promos, and it means reading them is actually quite easy. I have to say I don't love the sea of bolded, red text on Raw, as it becomes a bit of a visual slog after a while. Changing colour, bolding, sizes or whatever would go a long way imo, because this change you've made since coming back isn't quite landing as well for me. I also think most of your shows feel way longer than the 2 or 3 hours they're supposed to be, sometimes with an hour of wrestling plus a tonne of lengthy angles in a 2 hour show, but I can overlook that for the most part.

    While I love pretty much everything about this project, there are two areas that I don't think work as well as they could do. The first is the World Title scene, which feels oddly cold for how well pretty much the rest of the roster is utilised. Miz winning a #1 contender match with no issue with Seth, and then having a fairly basic back-and-forth argument with him, isn't the way to kick off a big, epic title run imo. If you really want to establish Seth as THE guy, he needs to be in a heated feud asap. I thought we were about to get a Finn heel turn based on your very first show, and that would have been awesome. But as it stands, it seems like Seth's a kinda character-less champion, facing a character-less challenger where there's no real tension or rivalry. That's not a hugely appealing combination for me I'm afraid.

    That issue is exacerbated on Smackdown. I don't really get the use of Braun so far. It seemed like he was traded to Smackdown kinda off camera, then was just handed a title shot by someone, and that's it. Where's the conflict? Where's the thing to really draw me in and buy lifetime midcarder Kofi as the number one dude now? Had Braun's arrival on Smackdown been announced by him laying out all of the New Day, followed by him brutalising everyone in his path to getting the title shot, then I'm excited for it. But as it stands it feels like I'm being told a title match is happening, and that's it. I can totally buy a Kofi/Braun match, so sell it to me!

    The other thing that isn't quite working for me, and I feel bad saying it, is the volume of brand you're running. I've got nothing but respect for you taking on the challenge of Raw, Smackdown, NXT, NXT UK and 205, but I think it's diluting what you're trying to do if I'm honest. I'd rather you put 100% of your focus on the main two shows, and build momentum with them. Having to wait so long between important shows means they lose some of the energy they have, and I'd hate for you to get stretched too thinly and not be able to put all your best ideas on the shows that matter, or worse, burn yourself out and give up. I'm sure lots of people will disagree whole-heartedly and love the variation, but it's not quite working for me I'm afraid.

    But yeah, aside from those couple of things (and the first I'd really love to see worked on), this is another great project from a bonafide legend of the section. I apologise for not leaving you feedback sooner and will endeavour to do better in the future. Great to have you back mate, this section is better for you posting in it.

    Don't think NXT UK and 205 and NXT is helping. Appreciate the ffort, but just Raw and Smackdown would be enough for me, cos it's ahrd to keep a hold of everything gonihg on

    Braun is cold as shit to be getting a title shot

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Appreciate the comments, Keef. I can definitely see your vantage point about how much I'm focusing on and all that I'm focusing on, etc. Part of me can reason with that, but the other part of me just feels like everything else is super essential to telling the stories going on right now. For now I'm enjoying it but we'll see how long it takes for me to change that. lol.

    Also as it pertains to the format, I feel you, and I'm probably gonna shift things up a bit soon.

    Anyways, here's 205 Live.
    205 Live – April 30, 2019
    Columbus, Ohio Schottenstein Center

    After the ‘THEN… NOW… FOREVER’ signature opening, DRAKE MAVERICK appears on screen. Maverick walks us back through the last two weeks of 205 Live, in which GRAN METALIK dispatched MIKE KANELLIS, and DREW GULAK uprooted HUMBERTO CARRILLO to advance to the scheduled Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match on next week’s episode of 205 Live. Now tonight, of course, will feature quite the bout in our main event. AKIRA TOZAWA, a former Cruiserweight Champ himself, will step into the ring for the first time EVER in ANY arena with KYLE O'REILLY of The Undisputed Era.

    We then jump into the Schottenstein Center after the intro video…

    ***LUCHA, LUCHA***

    Promptly, the music of THE LUCHA HOUSE PARTY hits! KALISTO walks out with LINCE DORADO behind him, as we see that Gran Metalik is nowhere to be found at the moment.

    Greg Hamilton: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, The Lucha House Party, from Mexico City, weighing 170 pounds… KALIIISTOOOO!!

    Vic Joseph: And we welcome you to yet another stirring edition of 205 Live here on the WWE Network! Vic Joseph here alongside Aiden English, and Aiden, boy, tonight’s shaping up to be a fascinating night.

    Aiden English: You’re putting the biscuit in the basket with that statement, Vic. A stirring night it shall be. Our main event is undisputedly going to be a great one, as Kyle O’Reilly of The Undisputed Era challenges Akira Tozawa for the final spot in next week’s Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match!

    Vic Joseph: And right now, we’re kicking things off with The Lucha House Party! Kalisto is set to go in singles action. Gran Metalik is not here tonight though, as he is knee deep in training for next week’s #1 Contender’s bout.

    Aiden English: I was able to get a word with Gran Metalik earlier this morning. He told me the last time that he was so stuck in preparation for a match of this magnitude was a couple years ago, when he was partaking in the Cruiserweight Classic’s Final Four. So it’s not a surprise that he isn’t here tonight. But he is wishing his fellow Lucha House Party brethren the best here, Kalisto most of all, because he’s in singles competition tonight.

    Vic Joseph: Nice job, on your behalf, in getting that scoop, Aiden…

    Aiden English: I’m doing only what I am obligated to do, Vic.

    ***DID IT ON MY OWN***

    At first, there’s a little confusion, but some pockets of the audience pick up on just who is on his way out of the ring. It’s a well-traveled man named JORDAN MYLES, who certainly seems energized to be here tonight!

    Greg Hamilton: And his opponent! From Austin, Texas, weighing 200 pounds… JORDAN MYYYYLES!!

    Vic Joseph: What a surprise this is!! Jordan Myles is about to make a splash here on 205 Live!

    Aiden English: Oh, I am very, very excited about this. Jordan Myles is certainly somebody who I’ve seen compete all throughout North America. He’s an extremely talented athlete. And certainly, is somebody who is going to get a lot of eyes on him very quickly if he flourishes. And frankly, I’m betting that he does.

    Vic Joseph: Drake Maverick has been pulling a few things out of his sleeve lately to make 205 Live the preeminent brand in WWE, and I’ve gotta hand it to him here. Getting Jordan Myles to be here on 205 Live is a power move.

    Aiden English: Absolutely right, Vic. Drake has proven to be somebody who has his finger on the pulse, and this acquisition is further proof of that.

    1 – Singles Match
    Kalisto (w/ Lince Dorado) vs. Jordan Myles

    Given that this is a face vs. face dynamic, the match starts off with a handshake between the two superstars. Then after that, Kalisto and Myles go straight to work with each other. There’s a feeling out process from the beginning, and Myles looks great standing beside the former Cruiserweight Champion and United States Champion. Kalisto is able to take over though and put Jordan in a predicament. Dorado doesn’t get involved at any point, as he idly stands and looks on, letting the action go on.

    Towards the end of the match, Kalisto has Myles on his knees, having sent in some seriously hard kicks into his chest. He then runs over, looking to spike him down with a hurricanrana, but Myles grabs him by the waist before he can go down! Myles then props himself up, holding onto Kalisto, and he plants him down with a big powerbomb!! He keeps his shoulders down! 1! 2! Kick out by Kalisto!! Myles doesn’t let it agitate him though, as he runs off to the ropes, and ducks a leaping Kalisto. He then turns around and scores with a HUGE spinning heel kick!!

    Kalisto recoils off the ropes and into Myles’ grasp. He then lifts him up and powers him down with a BIG T-Bone Suplex! Myles then goes over to the corner and begins to climb the ropes. He looks down at Kalisto, and then jumps off. He aims and looks to hit a FROG SPLASH!! BUT KALISTO GETS HIS KNEES UP!! Myles holds his ribs and mid-section in general as he then gets up and is hit with a big Samuray Kick by Kalisto! Kalisto then quickly grabs him and looks for the SALIDA DEL SOL!! But Myles reaches out and grabs the ropes!! Kalisto hits the mat, and Myles suddenly runs and rolls through with a matchbook cover! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Jordan Myles via pin fall at 10:02.

    Vic Joseph: Myles has done it! Jordan Myles has won in his 205 Live debut!

    Greg Hamilton: Here is your winner… JORDAN MYYYLES!!

    Vic Joseph: What an absolutely huge victory for Jordan Myles! He’s just defeated a former Cruiserweight Champion and one of the staples of the 205 Live brand!

    Aiden English: Perseverance is key, Vic. And Jordan Myles persevered throughout that entire match. Even after he misfired on the Frog Splash, which would’ve gotten him the victory I think, he fought out of the Salida Del Sol and scampered to pick up the win.

    Vic and Aiden talk over the highlights of the matchup as they roll through. The finish then plays itself out, and we then come back to the broadcast. Kalisto has once again shaken Jordan’s hand, and he raises it up in the air. Kalisto then leaves with Lince Dorado, giving Myles the ring to himself. He goes over to the corner and goes up to the second rope and hypes himself and the crowd up.

    Vic Joseph: I think we may very well be looking at a future Cruiserweight Champion, Aiden.

    Aiden English: I can absolutely believe that, Vic. Jordan has the stuff to compete for the Cruiserweight Championship, and I no doubt believe that he has the stuff to become champion someday soon.

    Vic Joseph: Well another superstar will be appearing on 205 Live for the very first time later on tonight. His name is Kyle O’Reilly. Let’s take a look at one of Undisputed Era’s brightest and best.

    A video package plays. The video highlights KYLE O'REILLY in full to perhaps a new audience who’s tuning in for the first time. O’Reilly’s background is emphasized, showcasing him as an MMA-trained wrestler who can dish it out despite his small stature. He is put over as not only one of the best tag wrestlers in the world, but also one of the best cruiserweights in the world, as well.

    We come back from a quick series of adverts…


    Making his way out on stage next is ARIYA DAIVARI! Competing for the first time on 205 Live in over a month, Daivari looks more than prepared to try and kick ass and send a message to the rest of the brand right now as he stomps his way to the ring.

    Greg Hamilton: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota by way of Tehran, Iran, weighing 190 pounds… ARIYA DAIIIIVARIIII!!

    Vic Joseph: Ariya Daivari doesn’t seem to be in a great mood, Aiden.

    Aiden English: A long layoff for Daivari has seemingly agitated him to the core, Vic. He has only competed two times on 205 Live this whole year so far, and we are on the last day of April. I think that I can empathize with him here… I just hope he doesn’t take it too far.

    2 – Singles Match
    Ariya Daivari vs. Barry Pace

    So, this one doesn’t go too well for Barry Pace (Ace Perry, freelance wrestler out of Indianapolis, for the record). Daivari lets out some of that aforementioned aggression on him and beat sim up from pillar to post. Daivari shouts out at Pace throughout the match, trash talking him as he beats him up. Eventually, after slamming him down, he puts in the Camel Clutch, and gets Pace to quickly submit!

    WINNER – Ariya Daivari via pin fall at 3:47.

    Vic Joseph: And Ariya Daivari is victorious.

    Greg Hamilton: Here is your winner, ARIYA DAIIIIVARIII!!

    Vic Joseph: A statement win there to say the least, Aiden.

    Aiden English: Like I said… he needed to channel that energy and get the victory. He did exactly that. Now—

    Aiden is cut off by the fact that Ariya has climbed out of the ring. He walks over to the timekeeper’s area and grabs one of the steel chairs at ringside!

    Aiden English: Now that’s the exact opposite of what I mean.

    Vic Joseph: What is Ariya Daivari doing!? Why has he grabbed that steel chair!?

    Daivari climbs into the ring with the chair in hand. The referee goes to cut him off, but Daivari swim moves by him. He then winds up and CRACKS THE STEEL CHAIR ACROSS PACE’S FACE!!

    Vic Joseph: Oh come on! Ariya Daivari just bashed that steel chair across Pace’s face for absolutely NO REASON! That is absolutely uncalled for!!

    Aiden English: I was going to add that I was able to empathize with him… but that just crossed the line.

    Daivari shouts down at Pace again and pulls the chair up and SLAMS IT DOWN on his back!!

    Vic Joseph: And now AGAIN Daivari, with the chair, this time to Pace’s back! Why is he doing this!?

    Daivari glares at the referee and throws the chair down and angrily leaves the ring.

    Aiden English: That must be the look of a man who feels he’s getting overlooked and feels underappreciated… but there is a way to get the point across without that kind of brutality. Especially here on 205 Live.

    Vic Joseph: I have to imagine that Drake Maverick is going to find a way to reprimand Daivari for that. He totally lost it just now. Poor Barry Pace…

    Aiden English: Unfortunately, he found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. I can’t disagree with you though, Vic. Crime has punishment, and I imagine that Drake will find a punishment to fit this crime.

    We go through a miniature series of adverts again. Then, as we return…


    The crowd comes alive as AKIRA TOZAWA has made his arrival! Tozawa, a former Cruiserweight Champion, looks very prepared to go into battle against an unfamiliar opponent tonight. Tozawa punches his hand a few times as he walks down the ring, a sharp focus ringing in his eyes.

    Greg Hamilton: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is to determine the final competitor in the Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match! Introducing first, from Kobe, Japan, weighing 156 pounds… AKIRA TOOOZAWWWWA!!!

    Vic Joseph: It is main event time here on 205 Live!

    Aiden English: What a main event it is fixing to be, Vic. Worlds are colliding. One of 205 Live’s best is set to face one of NXT’s best. And not only that. But this is the first time EVER that these two superstars are going to face each other anywhere in the world. That is what makes this brand special. That is what is going to make this match special, as well.



    Funkily striding out to the beat of his theme song is KYLE O'REILLY! O’Reilly is of course wearing his Undisputed Era t-shirt, repping the unit from which he comes from, and he shadow boxes at the top of the stage before beginning to advance down the ramp.

    Greg Hamilton: And his opponent! Representing The Undisputed Era, from Vancouver, British Columbia, weighing 201 pounds… KYLE OOOOO’REIIIIIILLY!!!!

    Vic Joseph: This is not the first time that someone from The Undisputed Era has appeared on 205 Live. Roderick Strong made a run through last year’s Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, but this is the first time an active member of the group is here, Aiden.

    Aiden English: I must say that I am very surprised to not see anyone else from the group here alongside Kyle. But perhaps that is a sign of faith and trust. Perhaps it also means that someone may be lying in the weeds and is waiting for the right time to strike. You just never know with The Undisputed Era.

    Akira Tozawa vs. Kyle O’Reilly

    The beginning of this match plays out as you might expect. There’s a definite feeling out process between Tozawa and O’Reilly, who haven’t ever faced off in any capacity anywhere in the world before now. Tozawa is able to take control early. However, O’Reilly is swift to send things back into his control. He uses his submission style to ground the high-flying Tozawa, although Akira knows himself a submission or two, as evident by how smoothly he counters some of O’Reilly’s holds into ones of his own.

    The action kicks up a notch or two as it plays out. KOR is nearly suplexed out of the ring by Tozawa, who’d been standing out on the apron. Kyle, though, landed on his feet on the apron and broke free of Akira’s grasp with a hard forearm. Tozawa stumbled backwards towards the ringpost, leaving him susceptible to more damage. KOR ran up and DRILLED HIM with a flying knee to the face, and down went Tozawa on the floor. This allowed for KOR to take full control, as he beat up on the wounded Akira on the outside and then eventually on the inside.

    Tozawa does begin to grind back into it. But his momentum is stunted by a big knee to his face again. Kyle then grabs Akira by the arms and puts him in an abdominal stretch, and then gets him on the ground and pushes his knee up into his back for added pressure! Tozawa looks to pry out of it, but Kyle is relentless. But then again, so is Akira, and eventually, he rolls over, locks Kyle’s head with his legs, and throws him back with a MacGyver’d hurricanrana! Tozawa gets up to his feet and ducks a right hand from KOR, and turns around and tags him with a kick. O’Reilly then goes for one of his own, but Tozawa grabs the boot, spins him around and hits a step-up enziugiri!

    O’Reilly stumbles into the ropes and Tozawa then runs at him and hits the IWAKI! He drops down and pulls his legs back! 1! 2! NO! O’Reilly kicks out! Tozawa then gets up, props O’Reilly up, and hooks his arms up and looks for a Dragon Suplex! No! O’Reilly fights out of it. He grabs Tozawa and looks for a Vertical Suplex. But Tozawa lands on his feet! He spins KOR around and chops the HELL out of his chest! O’Reilly bounces off the ropes on impact and comes back with a HARD forearm! Tozawa fires back with ANOTHER chop that sends KOR stumbling. O’Reilly bounces off the ropes and comes back with a HUGE roaring elbow! Tozawa shakes it off however!!

    Kyle’s eyes bulge out, and Tozawa then connects with some repeated and successive open palm strikes, and then grabs O’Reilly and hits him with that Dragon Suplex he was looking for before!! He then goes over to the corner, ascends up the ropes and then JUMPS OFF LOOKING FOR THE SENTON! AND HE SPLASHES DOWN! Tozawa covers! 1! 2! 3-NO! O’Reilly JUST gets the shoulder up!! Tozawa is in a bit of disbelief, and he gets up to his feet and picks KOR up. He goes for a strike, but O’Reilly ducks it and hits him with the Kitchen Sink!

    He then grabs Akira and throws him into the ropes. He then readies himself, and gathers him, looking for a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, but Tozawa counters it into an OCTOPUS HOLD!! His signature submission maneuver!! Tozawa now has Kyle on the ropes, as he gets down to his knees, and initially refuses to tap out. Tozawa applies more and more pressure, but Kyle savvily turns him around on his back and goes for a pin!! 1! 2! NO! Tozawa pops up and keeps the hold applied! O’Reilly shakes off the questions of if he’s going to give up or not. He then turns him around again, and gets his shoulders down! 1! 2! NO! Tozawa pops up again, but O’Reilly then breaks out! And he grabs Akira’s head and knees him in the side of it! He knees him again and again and Akira finally breaks the grasp.

    As a result, Kyle is out and is on his feet. He holds his arm in some pain, but grabs Tozawa anyway. He picks him up and lifts him up and gets him in the corner. O’Reilly goes in and runs, looking to fly in with a knee to the gut! No! Akira moves out of the way! Kyle hits the turnbuckles, backs up and Tozawa grabs him and looks for his BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX! No! Kyle blocks it! And he STUNS him! He then turns around, grabs him, and lifts him up and DROPS HIM DOWN HARD with a BRAINBUSTER!! He then turns over, pulls him in and LOCKS IN A TRIANGLE CHOKE!! Kyle pushes HARD on Tozawa’s face with his boot as he looks to apply as much pressure as possible. Akira is no doubt TRAPPED right now, and there’s not much he can really do!

    But Tozawa tries to fight back!! He grabs Kyle and LIFTS HIM UP!!!

    But he gives out!! And drops O’Reilly back down on his back! And Kyle switches over and moves into an ARMBAR!!!


    WINNER – Kyle O’Reilly via submission at 15:20. O’Reilly advances to the #1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match.

    Vic Joseph: And Tozawa taps out! Tozawa taps out and KYLE O’REILLY has won!!

    Greg Hamilton: Here is your winner, KYLE OOOOO’REIIIIIILLY!!!!

    Vic Joseph: Aiden, this… this is huge. Kyle O’Reilly has qualified for next week’s Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match. Do you know what this means?!

    Aiden English: It not only means that an NXT superstar is one step away from competing for the Cruiserweight Championship. It not only means that an NXT superstar is now twp steps away from BECOMING Cruiserweight Champion. But it also means that the Crusierweight Championship may soon be claimed by The Undisputed Era. That is bad, bad news for everyone involved.

    As O’Reilly celebrates the (surprisingly clean) win, highlights roll of this epic matchup, all the way down to the bitter end. The camera arrives back to ringside, as we see O’Reilly strutting up the ramp.

    Vic Joseph: Well now it is official: Next week in Louisville, Drew Gulak, Gran Metalik and Kyle O’Reilly will do battle to see who faces Tony Nese at Money in the Bank for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. What a match that’s going to be.

    Aiden English: There are so many exciting elements in this match. And one thing’s for certain as well, Vic. No matter WHO wins this match, they will be competing for their FIRST Cruiserweight Championship. No former Cruiserweight Champions are competing in that Triple Threat Match.

    Vic Joseph: Who will emerge victorious? Who will face Tony Nese? You’ll have to find out next week. Goodnight everyone from Columbus!! We’ll see you next week on another exciting episode of 205 Live!!


    Louisville, Kentucky || KFC Yum! Center

    Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match
    Drew Gulak vs. Gran Metalik vs. Kyle O'Reilly

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    I’m pretty much up to date in here now as well, but only really leaving comments on most recent shows, but there wasn’t a hell of a lot that happened in 205 Live. A good win for Jordan, I enjoyed the mean streak from Daivari, and the main event was a cracker. Tozawa is always a good hand but it makes complete sense to put O’Reilly over and expose him to new audience. No complaints and a no nonsense show.

    On the other side of things, the women’s only edition of SD was great. After reading the initial Shayna segment and potential four horse women feud, I wasn’t sure how you’d follow up… But you’ve done a great job so far. The idea of Becky/Sasha/Charlotte/Bayley tearing themselves down from within is an awesome one as well.

    Everything else just feels kind of solid without being outstanding, but that’s fine as you’re still making things your own. I agree with Keefmoon though, Braun does not feel like he should be in title contention right now. Anyway, I’ll continue to check in, looking forward to your next show.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    NXT UK May 1, 2019
    Brooklyn, New York Pier 12

    The NXT UK intro plays on and we then are brought inside Pier 12 in Brooklyn! The third and final round here at WrestleMania Axxess is set to play out, and the NXT UK Universe camped inside here are ready and raring to go!

    Vic Joseph: For the final time from Pier 12 in Brooklyn, we welcome you to another exciting episode of NXT UK! And we are leaving with a bang, because on this episode, you will not only see the NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm, but for the first time since his epic title-clinching victory at TakeOver: New York, we will hear from the NEW WWE
    UK Champion, WALTER!!

    ***TAKE COVER***

    A VERY strong reaction breaks out amongst the crowd as TONI STORM makes her way out! Storm, the NXT UK Women’s Champion, is set to take part in a NON-TITLE singles matchup, but the crowd certainly doesn’t seem to be minding the fact that she won’t be defending her title. They’re just very glad to see her, and the feeling seems mutual.

    Andy Shepherd: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall! Making her way to the ring, from the Gold Coast of Australia, she is the NXT UK Women’s Champion, TONI STOOOORM!!

    Vic Joseph: And we are kicking things off with the aforementioned NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm. Vic Joseph here alongside Aiden English, and Aiden, this crowd has come unglued here for Toni Storm.

    Aiden English: Justifiably so, Vic. Toni Storm is not only one of the best and brightest young stars in NXT UK. She is one of the best and brightest young stars in the entire industry. This crowd here in New York knows stars when they see them. They appreciate stars when they see them. They, right now, are all about Toni Storm.

    Vic Joseph: And what an exciting feeling it must be for Toni Storm right now. A rare appearance here in the United States for her. A day removed from competing on the HISTORIC All-Women’s SmackDown Live episode out in Columbus. She looks absolutely elated.

    Aiden English: She most certainly does, but also… well, it looks like she’s about to speak.

    This is indeed true. Toni, having requested the mic from ring announcer Andy Shepherd, brings that mic up to her mouth.

    Toni Storm: What’s up, NXT UK universe!?

    Cheers from the crowd.

    Toni Storm: Do you guys know what time it is?!

    “TONI TIME!”

    Toni Storm: That’s right, it’s TONI TIME!

    Storm’s voice is inflicted with a lot of enthusiasm.

    Toni Storm: Before I get started, before I get started though I wanna take this time to get a little serious here.

    Storm clears her throat and holds the NXT UK Women’s Championship on her shoulder.

    Toni Storm: When I won this NXT UK Women’s Championship from Rhea Ripley at TakeOver: Blackpool, I understood what came with being champion and I understood the responsibility of being champion.

    Storm nods her head as she again looks at her title and then back out.

    Toni Storm: I understood the fact that I was going to have a target painted on my back. I knew that I would have challengers coming at me from all angles. And I realize that not everybody is going to have the same plan of attack. Case in point… what happened to me last week at the hands of Killer Kelly.

    Storm’s face reeks of disappointment now.

    Toni Storm: Last week, a little bit down the road from here on the pier, I took part in a scheduled meeting with the press. And during that meeting with the press, Killer Kelly took it upon herself to blindside me.

    Toni shakes her head.

    Toni Storm: She blindsided me, and we got in a scuffle. She cheap shotted me after we were separated, she got me with a kick in the gut.

    The disgruntled Women’s Champ continues to inflict her displeasure.

    Toni Storm: Now Kelly why you did that, I’m not sure. But I can only assume it’s because you want what you don’t have right now, and that’s the NXT UK Women’s Championship. I don’t know why you took it upon yourself to ambush me from behind, and cheap shot me like you did, but I can only assume it’s because you want this.

    Toni holds out the title.

    Toni Storm: That disappoints me, Kelly. You know why it disappoints me? Because if you want this? If you want a title shot Kelly? All you had to do was ask me. All you had to do was come up to me and say you wanted a shot. Kelly, I think you’re great. I think you’re one of the best superstars in this entire industry, man or woman. I would have had no problem putting this championship on the line against you any time, any place in the world.

    Storm looks into the camera.

    Toni Storm: Now though Kelly? You made a mistake. Why’s that? You got on my bad side. You didn’t have to do that, you chose to. And so if you decide to come at me again? Kelly, you won’t take my title away from me, but I might take that killer distinction away from you.

    The NXT UK Women’s Champion leers into the camera for a few moments until her attention is diverted…

    ***NOT MY PROBLEM***

    And making HER way out to the ring now is NINA SAMUELS! The veteran London native checks her wrists and looks around at the crowd with a little bit of disgust in her eyes, and the same can be said for how she’s looking at Toni as she embarks to the ring. Storm, still with pent up anger in her, paces around the ring anxiously.

    Andy Shepherd: And her opponent! From London, England… NINA SAMUELS!!

    Vic Joseph: Well Aiden… I don’t think there’s any doubt how Toni Storm is feeling after that sneak attack that Killer Kelly put on her last week.

    Aiden English: Like Miss Alexa Bliss, Vic, Toni Storm is small but fierce. And that was a lot of fierceness that she just put on display in that speech she just had. “You won’t take my title away from me, but I might take that killer distinction away from you.” That line? That line cuts awfully deep.

    Vic Joseph: Well here we have Nina Samuels, a woman whom we haven’t seen in competition for a little while here on NXT UK. The last time she appeared as back at the beginning of March, scoring a win over Charlie Morgan. She is 2 for her last 2 as well, having defeated Lana Austin back in January.

    Aiden English: Nina Samuels was a bit of a late bloomer in this industry but even as she approaches the age of 40, she remains a significant threat. Toni had best not overlook Nina here. She could provide the NXT UK Women’s Champ with some problems.

    1 – Non-Title Singles Match
    NXT UK Women’s Champ, Toni Storm vs. Nina Samuels

    Nina is able to take advantage of the fact that Toni is a little too aggressive at the start of the match. But the end result of this match? Well, it’s not too hard to figure out. Storm eventually powers through Samuels and takes full control and never looks back. Soon enough, play time’s over for Nina, as she winds up on the receiving end of STORM ZERO, capping off a very successful two days for the champ. 1! 2! You guessed it – 3!

    WINNER – Toni Storm via pin fall at 4:27.

    Vic Joseph: And Toni Storm picks up the victory!!

    Andy Shepherd: Here is your winner, TONI STORM!!!

    Vic Joseph: Very impressive and very emphatic win for the NXT UK Women’s Champion, Aiden.

    Aiden English: Toni looked to be a bit rough around the edges to start things off, BUT! She rallied, took control and never once relinquished that control. She channeled that anger and dominated Nina Samuels in that match, Vic. That’s no easy task, either.

    A few quick replays air, as Vic and Aiden talk over those highlights, capped off with Toni hitting Storm Zero on Nina.

    Aiden English: And let’s not discount the fact that Toni certainly sent a message to Killer Kelly here tonight.

    Vic Joseph: She 100 percent did, Aiden. That message was sent loudly and clearly. Toni Storm is not messing around. Well as we mentioned at the top of the broadcast, this is going to be an exciting edition of NXT UK. For the first time since his epic victory over Pete Dunne at TakeOver: New York, we will hear from the NEW WWE UK Champion WALTER later on in the show.

    Aiden English: I cannot wait to hear what The Ring General has to say, Vic. It’s hard to believe that this man has gone almost a month since his win without speaking, but he will be breaking his silence today. I can’t wait.

    Vic Joseph: Also we will see quite the tag team thriller, as Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster step into the ring with Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel.

    Aiden English: The NXT UK tag team division is booming, as they say, especially in the wake of last week’s controversial Tag Team Championships Match. I know one thing. Neither of these teams will be messing around.

    Vic Joseph: And someone else who isn’t messing around is Dave Mastiff, who returned with a bang last week with a win over Riddick Moss. Let’s take a special look at one of NXT UK’s most menacing presences.

    An in-depth video package focusing in on Dave Mastiff plays. The video puts him over as a superstar capable of leaving destruction in his wake. His return match against Riddick Moss is shown in some detail, as is his No DQ match with Eddie Dennis from back at TakeOver: Blackpool. Needless to say, it’s pretty clear that no one will want to mess with Mastiff if he continues to be the force he’s been lately.

    After a quick series of adverts, we’re right back at Pier 12.


    Out walks MANSOOR, the upstart Saudi Arabian superstar who’s spent some time in NXT, but is now making an appearance here on the NXT UK brand.

    Andy Shepherd: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, weighing 192 pounds… MANSOOR!!

    Vic Joseph: Well, this NXT-NXT UK talent exchange program is continuing to roll on here, as we’re going to get a look at Mansoor today Aiden!

    Aiden English: Mansoor is a 23-year old prospect with a lot of talent in him. He is just getting started here and his ceiling may be limitless.

    Vic Joseph: And he has already proven himself pretty worthy in some areas, Aiden. He’s goneup against some of NXT’s best and brightest.

    Aiden English: That being said, he’s got his work cut out for him today, Vic.

    Vic Joseph: That he most certainly does, as he is facing one-third of one of the most imposing groups here in NXT UK.

    ***BEAT ME***

    As the guitar strums play, GALLUS makes their way out into the venue. JOE COFFEY stands out in the pack of three, with MARK COFFEY and WOLFGANG flanking him to the left and to the right.

    Andy Shepherd: And his opponent! Representing Gallus!! From Glasgow, Scotland, weighing 242 pounds… JOE COFFEY!!

    Vic Joseph: Indeed Mansoor is going to have his work cut out for him here today, as he’s going one on one with the man who pushed former WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne to his limit back in January, Joe Coffey.

    Aiden English: And it seems clear to me, at the very least, that Mansoor is also going to have to account for the rest of the infantry known as Gallus here. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang don’t appear to be headed to the back. So my man Mansoor has a difficult and unenviable task ahead of him.

    Vic Joseph: Like you said, and like Mansoor can tell right now as he looks around the ring. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang aren’t going anywhere. It is imposing enough to face someone like Joe Coffey. Someone who has main evented a TakeOver before. But all of Gallus is here. Mansoor will have to have eyes in the back of his head.

    Aiden English: He’s going to have to have that awareness rating at 99 if he wants to survive this one. That’s for certain.

    2 – Singles Match
    Mansoor vs. Joe Coffey (w/ Gallus)

    Despite a bit of a valiant effort here from Mansoor, he is far too overmatched for the big, bad Joe Coffey. Coffey decimates Mansoor, as the rest of Gallus at ringside doesn’t even particularly have a hand in the decision in the match. Eventually, Mansoor is swiped RIGHT off his feet with All the Best for the Bells! And three seconds later – 1! 2! 3! – the bell rings for the victory!

    WINNER – Joe Coffey via pin fall at 2:50.

    Vic Joseph: And Joe Coffey makes emphatic work!

    Andy Shepherd: Here is your winner, JOE COFFEY!!!

    Vic Joseph: Quite a showing for Joe Coffey there, Aiden.

    Aiden English: I said that Mansoor would have an unenviable task… and he had exactly that. Gallus did not even have to get involved here. Joe Coffey was downright dominant in that match.

    Vic and Aiden banter a bit more as the highlights from Coffey’s superb showing are shown. Then we come back, and Joe Coffey has a microphone, with the rest of the gallantry in the ring.

    Joe Coffey: Hey, hey… hey…

    Coffey looks for everyone’s attention, and he gets it. He then points down.

    Joe Coffey: You see this here? You see this right here?

    The camera goes down to Mansoor, poor Mansoor, who’s been beaten down enough today, and Joe puts his boot on his head.

    Joe Coffey: This pathetic excuse is evidence of what Gallus is capable of here in NXT UK.

    Mark and Wolfgang clap and nod their heads.

    Joe Coffey: It seems to me like people aren’t paying close enough attention. And you know what? That’s fine. That’s fine, because we’re here to educate and we’re here to remind you all of the damage that we can do!

    Joe nods his head as he receives praise from his fellow peers.

    Joe Coffey: Whether you’re a couple of “Grizzled Young Veterans,” whether you sport moustaches, or whether you’re “Ring Generals…”

    Those certainly seem like not-so-thinly veiled shots.

    Joe Coffey: It doesn’t matter, because there is no stopping Gallus from taking over NXT UK!!

    Coffey throws the mic down and then gives a HARD stomp to Mansoor’s head. Their music hits and Coffey shakes his head disparagingly at Mansoor as the trio leaves the ring.

    Vic Joseph: Well, you talk about messages being sent, Aiden. I think that was another message sent to some very particular people around here.

    Aiden English: Gallus is nothing if not brash, Vic. And they proved exactly why there.

    After we get another look at Gallus, we get a recap video of the events of last week, as we saw THE GRIZZLED YOUNG VETERANS face AMIR JORDAN and KENNY WILLIAMS.

    Vic Joseph: Well taking things back to last week, Aiden, The Grizzled Young Veterans put their NXT UK Tag Team Titles on the line against the upstart team of Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams. And as we saw, Jordan and Williams pushed Zack Gibson and James Drake to their very limits.

    Aiden English: They certainly did, but they did not get what they pursued. That’s because Gibson and Drake played things the hard way. Drake came into the ring with one of the NXT UK Tag Team Championship belts and struck Williams on the back of his head with it. So Jordan and Williams picked up the W, but did not lay claim to the Tag Team Championships.

    Vic Joseph: And earlier today, the assistant to NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint, Sid Scala, gave this statement to the press.

    We then go to a video tagged with an ‘EARLIER TODAY’ lower-third.

    Sid Scala: The actions of The Grizzled Young Veterans last week was reprehensible. The NXT UK Universe deserves better than what they were given, especially these fans here in Brooklyn. We have had fans here at Axxess who have traveled from all corners of the world, who don’t often get to see the superstars of NXT UK. So the fact that we had a championship match tarnished in the fashion that we did upsets myself and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint greatly. As a result of that, we have fined both James Drake and Zack Gibson for their actions last week. And in addition to that, James Drake and Zack Gibson will put their NXT UK Tag Team Championships on the line against Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams in two weeks. Should Drake and Gibson get themselves disqualified again, then the belts will be awarded to Jordan and Williams.

    A graphic then appears.

    Vic Joseph: A stern decree from Sid Scala there, Aiden. And as a result, we’ve got a huge tag team match coming up here in two weeks when we’re back in Scotland. The Grizzled Young Veterans will face off with Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams in an NXT UK Tag Team Championships rematch!

    Aiden English: And you heard the most important part there as well, Vic. If Drake and Gibson get themselves disqualified, they will not only lose the match but their titles as well. If the fine they received didn’t incentivize them to play by the rules, that order from Scala should do the trick.

    We then cut to what looks to be a pre-recorded segment. TRAVIS BANKS, a man who’s scored victories over Kassius Ohno and Noam Dar lately, is walking along by one of the piers here in Brooklyn in casual attire. As he’s walking along though, he runs into one of those two aforementioned superstars that he’s defeated lately. That being KASSIUS OHNO, who stops Banks in his tracks.

    Kassius Ohno: Goin’ somewhere?

    Travis Banks: Yeah, mate. You got a problem with that?

    Ohno laughs.

    Kassius Ohno: No, no, no. I’m not your “mate,” Travis. I never have been, and I never will be.

    Travis Banks: Fair enough. You know who you are though? Someone I’ve beaten in the last month. Now let me get going to where I need to be.

    Ohno laughs again and steps in Banks’ way again.

    Kassius Ohno: Ah, ah, ah. No.

    Kassius wags his finger.

    Kassius Ohno: Travis, you’re not going anywhere. Because I’m taking you to school. You talk a big game, bud. Yeah… you got me a couple of weeks ago. Bully for you. Why don’t you buzzsaw some kiwis or whatever it is that they say that you do, Travis. But you know what you’re not gonna do?

    Ohno gets up in Banks’ face.

    Kassius Ohno: You’re not gonna use me as a steppingstone for your career.

    Travis Banks: Oh, is that right?

    Kassius Ohno: Yeah, it is. You’ve been wrestling for, what, six years maybe? Little bit over? I’m 20 years into this industry, Travis. And because I know a thing or two, I know that you may not even tough half of that.

    Travis Banks: Think you’re smart?

    Kassius Ohno: I’m the smartest guy in wrestling today, Travis. The smartest guy in wrestling. A genius, if you will. And I know two things. One, I’m not your steppingstone. And two, you caught me on a bad day. Anybody can be caught on a bad day, Travis. Anybody can win one match. But trust me when I say to you right now, if we locked horns again, you wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Banks scratches his chin and then looks up at Kassius.

    Travis Banks: Sounds like a challenge, mate. You gonna put up or shut up?

    Ohno laughs… and then suddenly STRIKES BANKS, WIPING HIM OFF HIS FEET!!

    He then looks down at him and shakes his head.

    Kassius Ohno: I know another thing… you just got put down.

    Ohno then walks away from the scene, as Banks holds his face in obvious pain as he angrily looks over at his newfound adversary.

    We then go backstage and find Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel getting their final preparations in for their upcoming tag team match.

    Vic Joseph: Well some interesting developments there between Kassius Ohno and ‘The Kiwi Buzzsaw’ Travis Banks. But up next, a possibly pivotal tag team main event here on NXT UK. The team of Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel square off with the team of Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews!

    Just before we cut away, however, Tyler Bate walks on by them. This, though, appears to agitate them, as they evidently seem like their space was just invaded.

    Fabian Aichner: Hey, have a little respect for us, why don’t you?

    Bate stops, turns around and sizes Aichner and Barthel up.

    Tyler Bate: Hey, I’m lookin’ for a fight with someone tonight, but it’s not either of you. Take it easy, brother.

    Bate goes away from Aichner and Barthel, who don’t appear to be enthused by the former WWE UK Champion’s actions or his rebuke to their confronting ways. They then shake it off, and move along.

    ***LEVEL UP***

    And then, after our quick series of adverts, FABIAN AICHNER and MARCEL BARTHEL make their way through the curtain. The Axxess crowd greets them not so warmly, but Aichner and Barthel care absolutely not for any of that. They pose and then march down the aisle to the ring.

    Andy Shepherd: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 440 pounds, FABIAN AICHNER and MARCEL BARTHEL!!!

    Vic Joseph: Well these two men might be a little testier than they expected to be after that confrontation in the back with Tyler Bate.

    Aiden English: And you gotta imagine, Vic, that the man that Tyler Bate alluded to wanting to fight today is WALTER. The big strong boy has some big stones, I’ll say that.

    Vic Joseph: That’ll indeed be something to watch for as this show progresses, Aiden, but focusing in on this tag team match. Aichner and Barthel have something to prove here.

    Aiden English: We’ve seen them here in NXT UK, we have seen them in NXT. They seem to be on the verge of breaking out as a tag team. And this kind of match and this kind of platform, here at Axxess, to people who may be watching them for the first time in person, may be the kind of match where they get that chance to shine.

    ***FALL TO PIECES***

    As the audience cheers, MARK ANDREWS and FLASH MORGAN WEBSTER make their way to the ring. Andrews and Flash, both Welshmen, are likeminded individuals who certainly have the very same plan tonight against the imposing Aichner and Barthel who wait in the ring for them.

    Andy Shepherd: And their opponents! At a combined weight of 303 pounds, FLASH MORGAN WEBSTER and MARK ANDREWS!!!

    Vic Joseph: Well these two superstars, certainly, have a lot to prove right now, Aiden. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster are still trying to break through themselves.

    Aiden English: These two Welshmen surely have what it takes to succeed as a unit. But they are going to have their work cut out for them here. Aichner and Barthel outsize them by over 100 pounds. They have the skills, but can they make the match go at the speed that they want to?

    3 – Tag Team Match
    Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel
    vs. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews

    This proves to be a fun sprint of a tag team match between the energetic and exciting Flash and Andrews and the large and more physically imposing Aichner and Barthel. The latter eventually gets in control after a furious start by the former, and they go on the attack on Flash. Andrews doesn’t get many minutes in the match, as his tag team partner is isolated for quite a while.

    Eventually, though, Flash is able to break through. He ducks a huge clothesline attempt by Aichner. Then, he goes for a kick, but it’s blocked, so he uses his savvy and connects with an enziugiri!! He then makes the slow crawl over, reaches out, and TAGS IN Andrews!! Andrews hops over the top rope and hits the newly tagged in Barthel with a huge dropkick! Then he runs over towards Aichner, and takes him right off the apron as he falls down on the barricade!

    Andrews then looks at Barthel and runs over. Barthel grabs him and lifts him up from behind, but Andrews drops him down on the downswing with a wheelbarrow bulldog!! Andrews then hops up, runs off to the ropes and hits a Running SSP!! He covers Barthel! 1! 2! Shoulder up! Andrews looks to keep his foot on the gas though as he picks Barthel up and shoves him into the corner. He runs in and goes for a splash. No! Barthel moves, but Andrews jumps up and lands on the second rope!

    Andrews then leaps off and lunges at Barthel, who grabs him in mid-air! QBut Andrews is quick to turn it around, as he swoops through and DROPS HIM with a Tornado DDT!! He goes for the cover after! 1! 2! AICHNER pulls him out from under the ropes!! Fabian breaks the count, and he goes for a clothesline, but Andrews ducks it! And as Aichner misses, he is hit HARD with a Penalty Kick by an oncoming Flash Morgan Webster!! Andrews, meanwhile, scales up to the top rope and measures Marcel up. Mark then takes flight, looking for a hurricanrana. No!! Barthel catches him in mid-air!!

    Marcel gets him down on the mat and then lifts him up, looking for a POWERBOMB!


    1! 2! 3!!!

    IT’S OVER!!!

    WINNER – Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews via pin fall at 11:02.

    Vic Joseph: Andrews!! Andrews pinned Barthel!! Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster have done it!!

    Andy Shepherd: Here are your winners, FLASH MORGAN WEBSTER and MARK ANDREWS!!!

    Vic Joseph: What a savvy way to win! And what a win it was!

    Aiden English: I don’t think I have ever quite seen that before, Vic! Flash Morgan Webster slingshot himself off the ropes and dropkicked his OWN partner, Mark Andrews, so that he could go into a pinning combination. And it worked! That was incredible!

    Flash and Andrews have made like the flash and gotten out of the ring, as Aichner and Barthel are steamed to say the very least. The crowd cheers the winning duo on, as Vic and Aiden go over the highlights of this frenetic encounter. Afterwards we see Aichner and Barthel, still angered, as they make their way up to the entranceway.

    Vic Joseph: Well folks, coming up next, for the first time since his WWE UK Championship victory at TakeOver: New York, WALTER is here, and WALTER will speak to the NXT UK Universe!

    The graphic disappears.

    We’re back inside Pier 12…

    Andy Shepherd: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… the NEW WWE UNITED KINGDOM CHAMPION… WALLTERRR!!!


    The NXT Universe stands up and looks out as the NEW WWE UK CHAMPION WALTER has made his way into Pier 12! The new champ is seen wearing a sweatsuit with the championship wrapped around his waist, which we find out after he unzips the zip-up he’s wearing. Then, he makes his way down to the ring, menacing look on his face and all.

    Vic Joseph: The Ring General became the General of NXT UK a few weeks ago at TakeOver: New York. WALTER did something that nobody else could do during Pete Dunne’s historic title reign – he beat the Bruiserweight and picked up the seismic victory that has caused a huge shift in the dynamic here in the NXT UK brand.

    Aiden English: A near-300-pound shift in the dynamic of this brand, Vic. WALTER is as imposing and menacing and can be as terrorizing as it gets. This man conquered what was thought to be unconquerable and came out of it with nearly no scars. I have a feeling he’s going to hold that championship for a very, very long time.

    Vic Joseph: And it certainly did not take long for him to make that impact either, Aiden. He arrived at TakeOver: Blackpool in January. Three months later, here he stands as the top superstar in the NXT UK brand.

    Aiden English: Those who make the biggest impacts in that short of a time tend to be major players for a long time. Like I said, I do not expect him to be without that title for a very long time.

    WALTER climbs into the ring and hoists the title up over his head. Plenty in the audience take pictures of the imposing superstar, who’s reached the summit of the brand in a very short time, as our commentators alluded to. WALTER puts the WWE UK Championship belt on his shoulder as he takes the mic from Shepherd, who leaves the ring to give the champ the spotlight.

    The crowd goes about their singsonging, chanting “WALTER” in extended fashion. WALTER takes a look around the scene, letting the crowd get their licks in. Then a few moments later, he brings the mic up.



    And a suddenly upset WALTER looks over as the crowd is suddenly surprised! Tyler Bate is making his way through the curtain!

    Aiden English: Well, well, well!

    Vic Joseph: I guess we figured right, Aiden! Tyler Bate is here!

    Aiden English: Yes, he is… and I think we know who’s in his sights…

    Vic Joseph: Yeah, the man who’s in his sights is standing in the ring, with the WWE United Kingdom Championship in his hand!

    Bate, mic in hand, brings it on up.

    Tyler Bate: WALTER… let me be the first to congratulate you on becoming the new United Kingdom Champion.

    Bate continues down the aisleway.

    Tyler Bate: As the man who was the first WWE UK Champion, I know an awful lot about that championship, and what it means. So I can only hope that you bring it the honor and prestige that it deserves, WALTER.

    The sneering WALTER looks on at Bate, who approaches the ring.

    Tyler Bate: Y’know a few weeks ago, I stood in this ring (Bate pats the apron) and I stood toe to toe with a man named Jordan Devlin. And Devlin gave me his best shot, but in the end, my shot bested his, and I was victorious.

    Bate gets up on the apron…

    Tyler Bate: And being that Jordan Devlin is one of the top contenders around here for the WWE UK Championship…

    WALTER looks on, as Bate climbs into the ring…

    Tyler Bate: I think that beating Jordan Devlin means that I’m one step closer to becoming the first two-time WWE UK Champion. Don’tcha think?

    The crowd certainly likes what they hear. The fearless Bate looks on at WALTER, who hasn’t moved much of a muscle. He grips the title belt, still held up on his shoulder, and Bate stares right at it.

    But suddenly…


    Vic Joseph: Wait a minute!!

    Aiden English: Oh MY!

    Vic Joseph: Oh my God!


    IS THE




    Vic Joseph: The former UK Champion is here! PETE DUNNE IS HERE!!! And Pier 12 has come absolutely UNGLUED right now!!!

    Vic lays out after those words, as does Aiden, as they let the crowd dictate the moment here. What a moment indeed it is. The longest-reigning champion in WWE, point blank, in DECADES, has made his return after being unseen for nearly the entire month of April. And Dunne has his eyes set on WALTER and the championship that he toted around with for SIX HUNDRED and EIGHTY-FIVE days! Dressed in a black t-shirt and tattered up dark blue jeans, Dunne and his long locks flow down the aisle. He keeps his stare on WALTER as he climbs up the steps, and then into the ring.

    Dunne then stands in the corner as his music cuts out. The crowd chants “BRUISERWEIGHT” in his direction. He does not acknowledge him though, as his eyes remain stuck on the belt that’s in WALTER”s enormous hand. He isn’t even acknowledging Bate, who’s standing across the way. Dunne is almost in a trance of sorts. The championship he held for nearly two consecutive years is in someone else’s hands, and that seems to be getting to him in the worst of ways.

    He digs through his hair as he walks right over towards WALTER. WALTER doesn’t move an inch, and he stands his ground as Dunne gets right up to him!

    The two mega-superstars stare at each other, as there’s tons of tangible animosity to speak of. Dunne keeps his eyes fixated on the title, while WALTER looks down at Dunne a man he cut down in half and then some at TakeOver a few weeks ago. He doesn’t seem to be scared or moved by Dunne’s intentions or desires. No, he just seems to be getting annoyed by them, really.

    Pete then finally takes his eyes off WALTER. And he puts them squarely on Bate!

    Dunne steps towards Tyler, and Tyler, naturally, feels inclined to go meet him! The superstars who fought over the WWE UK Championship in its first few months of existence stand face-to-face and nose-to-nose. Dunne then reaches down and grabs the mic away from Tyler! Bate lets out a laugh, disarming his own tension, as Dunne brings the mic up.

    Pete Dunne: You don’t get to him (points back at WALTER with his thumb) ‘til you go through me.

    Whew buddy. Bate lets out a snicker and asks him if that’s right. Dunne nods his head.

    Pete Dunne: And Tyler? Lately, as I recall, you have had a little bit of a problem getting through me. Haven’t ya?

    Whewwwwwwww. Bate looks off to the side, as he knows that he’s right. It’s not been since Bate first won the WWE UK Championship in January 2017 that he’s been able to beat the Bruiserweight.

    Pete Dunne: In fact, the last time I checked, the only time you’ve ever beaten me was about two years ago. Since then… whenever Tyler Bate has faced Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate has lost to Pete Dunne.

    Well, facts.

    Pete Dunne: So as far as I’m concerned? This conversation doesn’t involve you right now.


    Pete Dunne: So why don’t—


    BY WALTER!!!

    WALTER SLUGGED him in the back of the head with his forearm, and then he quickly grabs Bate and LAUNCHES HIM ACROSS THE RING!

    Bate ricochets off the mat and slumps into the corner. He climbs up, on jello legs, but WALTER then runs in and SQUASHES HIM UP AGAINST THE TURNBUCKLES!! He then turns his attention to Dunne, who walks over towards him and WALTER OBLITERATES HIM WITH A BURNING LARIAT!!

    The WWE UK Champion then stomps over, grabs Bate and puts him between his legs. He then POWERS HIM UP and SLAMS HIM DOWN WITH A POWERBOMB RIGHT ONTO DUNNE!!!

    Bate crumbles down and off Dunne, and WALTER isn’t quite through with him either! He grabs Dunne, loads him up between his legs AND DELIVERS A POWERBOMB TO HIM TOO!!! This one wasn’t on anybody, so Dunne took a HARD hit to the canvas below. The WWE UK Champion couldn’t give a damn though, as we see him briskly walk over and scoop up the microphone. And he looks at both of them.

    WALTER: Conversation?!

    WALTER’s face, burning, tells the story. He looks at both Bate and Dunne, who are both OUT on the mat.

    WALTER: The conversation BEGINS and ENDS with one man! And that man is ME!!

    Hard to deny any of that, to say the least…

    WALTER: I don’t care if it’s you (looks down at Dunne, and then stomps over towards Bate) and I don’t care if it’s you either. Anybody… and EVERYBODY… is in my way now.

    WALTER scoops the WWE UK Championship up off the mat.

    WALTER: As long as I have this United Kingdom Championship in my possession, everything will run through me. I am The Ring General. This is my ring. This is my brand. And I’m going to dominate from here on out! And nobody… especially you two chumps… is going to stop me.

    WALTER drops the mic and holds his title up high in the air as the crowd looks on. It’s clear now that the WWE UK Champion has sent a LOUD and RESOUNDING message to Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and the ENTIRE NXT UK locker room that he is not to be messed with at all.

    Vic Joseph: Well, I think we know who runs the show around here now, Aiden…

    Aiden English: It was truly never in doubt, Vic. But it’s clear that WALTER means business, and WALTER is going to be a terror around here for a very, very long time.

    Vic and Aiden banter about the proceedings that we’ve just witnessed as the replays air. Then we come to the close of the broadcast, as the camera looks at the fallen Bate, the fallen Dunne, and the beastly looking WALTER, who still has the title held above his head…

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Keeping this train rolling.

    NXT – May 1, 2019
    Winter Park, Florida Full Sail Live

    A rather dramatic intro begins the show after we hit the 8 p.m. ET hour. The video package highlights the path that Johnny Gargano has taken to this point. Gargano’s highs and lows are put on display, especially emphasized is his last year. And of course, the package culminates with his victory over Adam Cole at TakeOver: New York, a win that gave him the NXT Championship that had long eluded him.

    Afterwards, the intro for NXT plays itself out. Then we jump inside Full Sail Live. The fans are on their feet, and we hear the voice of play-by-play man Mauro Ranallo.

    Mauro Ranallo: The hottest show in sports entertainment is about to throw down again on this Wednesday night! And the black and gold brand has a lot to offer you here tonight.

    We then see Mauro, standing on a platform, microphone in hand.

    Mauro Ranallo: Johnny Gargano’s NXT Championship Celebration is on deck. Plus, the former NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane will be in action for the first time since TakeOver: New York. But we are about to witness an HISTORIC debut. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you… to The Time Splitter. THIS… is KUSHIDA!!

    ***RED STAR***

    The NXT Universe COMES ALIVE! After the lights went out briefly, bright blue lights were cast down inside Full Sail. And then arriving the only way he can into Full Sail for the FIRST TIME EVER is KUSHIDA!!

    Alicia Taylor: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Ōta, Tokyo, Japan, weighing 192 pounds… KUSHIDA!!!

    Nigel McGuiness: What an amazing moment this is you guys!!

    Percy Watson: I can’t believe what I’m seein’ right now. I never thought I’d EVER see KUSHIDA here in NXT. But seein’ is believin’, and KUSHIDA is here. The black and gold brand is STACKED!

    Nigel McGuinness: Percy you’re absolutely right and that’s something I don’t often say. KUSHIDA is one of the best junior heavyweights in the entire world. He is a former SIX-TIME IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. The only ones to hold the title as many times or more than KUSHIDA are Tiger Mask and Jushin “Thunder” Liger. We are truly looking at one of the greatest wrestlers of the last decade.

    Percy Watson: And the possibilities for this man here in NXT are limitless, Nigel. He’s gonna face guys that he may never have even dreamed of facing here. I’m so excited. I’ve been so excited for this debut. I can’t wait to see this play out.

    KUSHIDA gets inside the ring after hopping inside. He’s already wowed the crowd to say the least, and he seems rather delighted to be here. He takes off his orange vest and tosses it down aside and begins to disrobe. While he does that, the crowd kicks a “KUSHIDA!” chant up that is loud and boisterous.


    A bit of a surprise here! The NXT crowd gets up and cheers as Jack Gallagher has arrived! The 205 Live staple has apparently been called upon to face off with the debuting KUSHIDA, and Gallagher looks more than ready to take up the task.

    Alicia Taylor: And his opponent! From Manchester, England, weighing 167 pounds… JACK GALLAGHER!

    Mauro Ranallo: NXT just got a little more gentlemanly. Jack Gallagher is here!

    Nigel McGuinness: What an opponent this is for KUSHIDA’s debut match in NXT.

    Mauro Ranallo: Like KUSHIDA, Gallagher is well versed in submission and junior heavyweight style. Gallagher is a former mixed martial artist and has been a staple of the 205 Live brand. He had impressive showings in the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic in 2016. And he, like you said Nigel, is an excellent opponent for KUSHIDA in this spot.

    Percy Watson: I appreciate this. I really do. This level of competition can’t be found anywhere else. Anywhere else. This is about to go down.

    Gallagher gets into the ring and disrobes himself. He puts his robe away and looks over at KUSHIDA, who’s checking his wrists and looking eager. Gallagher stares over at him, as KUSHIDA stretches himself out and gets out of the corner. Gallagher offers his hand, and KUSHIDA shakes it. Away… we now go.

    1 – Singles Match
    KUSHIDA vs. Jack Gallagher

    KUSHIDA and Gallagher start the match off with a bit of a grapple fest. The two technicians swiftly trade holds at the start of the matchup and find themselves pretty Even Steven in the opening sequence. A stalemate proceeds onward to the delight of the crowd, and then the two superstars get back to work.

    Gallagher puts up a hearty fight, but it’s clear that KUSHIDA is getting adjusted to his new surroundings as it proceeds. He finds his way out of many a maneuver and hold, confounding and agitating the Gentleman. Late in the matchup, KUSHIDA counters out of a Back Suplex, and lands on his feet. He then runs off to the ropes, and Gallagher goes for a clothesline. KUSHIDA ducks it, hits the ropes, and comes back with a Jumping Double Knee Strike!! Down goes Gallagher, and he pops up slowly after. KUSHIDA then winds up and STRIKES with a Buzzsaw Kick! He goes for the cover! 1! 2! KICK OUT!

    Gallagher kicks out of the huge Buzzsaw Kick, but KUSHIDA stays on him and looks to slap on a Kimura Lock! Mauro says that’s his HOVERBOARD LOCK submission hold, and as he looks to wrestle Gallagher into the hold, Gallagher twists and twists and eventually squirms his way out of it. KUSHIDA gets up to his feet and grabs the arm and twists it, but Gallagher breaks free and DROPS HIM with 77 Snap! He goes for the cover. 1! 2! KICK OUT by KUSHIDA!

    Gallagher then goes to the corner as we see KUSHIDA rolling over towards it. Jack gets up to the top rope, looks down at KUSHIDA and looks for a High-Angle Senton Bomb! No! KUSHIDA rolls away! KUSHIDA pulls himself up and as Gallagher gets to all fours, KUSHIDA runs over, grabs him and rolls through and locks in the HOVERBOARD LOCK again!! And Gallagher has NO CHOICE but to tap out!!

    WINNER – KUSHIDA via submission at 9:07.

    Mauro Ranallo: Gallagher taps out! KUSHIDA is victorious!!

    Alicia Taylor: Here is your winner, KUSHIDA!!!

    Mauro Ranallo: An epic first win for an epic superstar!

    Percy Watson: You said it! What a victory for this man. What a way to get started here on NXT. I thought Gallagher was gonna steal it at one time or another, but KUSHIDA just took it right away from him.

    As KUSHIDA celebrates, Mauro, Nigel and Percy banter through the roll of the highlights. They focus heavily on the latter sequences, which concluded with KUSHIDA’s submission win over the much-talented Gallagher. After the replays conclude, we see KUSHIDA going up to the top of the ramp.

    Mauro Ranallo: A truly impressive victory for The Time Splitter. You are going to want to be on time any time that KUSHIDA is in the ring going forward. You better believe that.

    Nigel McGuinness: A truly accomplished international superstar this KUSHIDA is. He is just getting started here. That much is true.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well, we too are just getting started here on NXT. But we want to take you back to last week now…

    A video begins to play.

    Percy Watson: Speaking of epics, we had an epic main event a week ago. Bianca Belair, Candice LeRae and Mia Yim went toe to toe and blow for blow, with a shot at Io Shirai’s NXT Women’s Championship on the line.

    Nigel McGuinness: And in the end, it was Candice LeRae who was able to triumph over them all, as her Springboard Moonsault on Bianca Belair gave her the win and affirmed the fact that she will challenge The Genius of the Sky for the NXT Women’s Title.

    Mauro Ranallo: And you saw at the end of that match, at the end of the show, that Io Shirai, accompanied by her best friend Kairi Sane, got into the ring with LeRae. And Candice and Io shared a respectful handshake. But Io was sure to hold her title up in the air. A reminder of who the champion is right now. But in two weeks, we might have a new champion. Because in two weeks Nigel and Percy, Io Shirai will defend that championship against Candice LeRae.

    Percy Watson: What a match that will be. Candice LeRae has yet to challenge for the NXT Women’s Championship since she got to NXT. This is her first title opportunity of any kind. There are many that know how she can go in that ring, but I think the WORLD will know just how she can go. This is going to be an awesome, awesome encounter.

    A graphic then appears.

    Nigel McGuinness: And while The Genius of the Sky prepares for battle in two weeks, her right-hand woman is about to get her hands dirty herself. The Pirate Princess, Kairi Sane, is in action… NEXT!


    Making her way out on stage is TAYNARA CONTI! The Brazilian bombshell is ready for singles competition here on NXT, but she of course will have a very stern test ahead of her. That doesn’t faze Conti, as she paces down to the ring briskly in her strikingly white attire.

    Alicia Taylor: The following contest is a women’s division match, scheduled for one fall! Making her way to the ring, from Rio de Janeiro, TAYNARA CONTI!!

    Mauro Ranallo: If you listen to the words of Taynara Conti, she will tell you that Latinas do it better. And Conti has a chance to prove that statement to be worthy here tonight on NXT.

    Percy Watson: We haven’t seen much of Taynara this year. But you can tell that right now, she’s laser-focused. And she should be. This is arguably her toughest test to date. And like you said, Mauro, she has a chance to really prove herself. Can she do it? That’s the question.

    Nigel McGuinness: I’d like to see if she can do it better than her opponent tonight, guys. That would really, really show me something.


    Full Sail goes UP for former NXT Women’s Champion KAIRI SANE as she makes her way out! Flanked by NXT Women’s Champ IO SHIRAI, Sane flicks her wheel as Shirai nods her head and walks down beside her as they head down the aisle.

    Alicia Taylor: And her opponent! Accompanied by the NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai, from Yamaguchi, Japan, KAIRI SANE!!

    Mauro Ranallo: Here comes a former NXT Women’s Champion and she is accompanied by the incumbent champion. Kairi Sane and Io Shirai call themselves The Sky Pirates, and they have certainly been soaring above the competition lately.

    Nigel McGuinness: Certainly have. I think this match, and a possible win, is important for Kairi Sane. A lot of the attention has been squarely on Io Shirai of late. For good reason, of course. But a lot of the attention’s been on her. Kairi Sane is an incredible competitor herself… but I’d like to hope that she doesn’t want to just be in Shirai’s shadow.

    Percy Watson: I think that’s a presumptuous statement to make, Nigel.

    Nigel McGuinness: Percy how do you figure that?

    Percy Watson: ‘Cause I think she’s content with being friends with Io Shirai. That’s why.

    Nigel McGuinness: I think it could be argued that she could’ve had a spot in last week’s #1 Contender’s Match. I didn’t see her in that. I was wondering why. If she’s okay with that, that’s fine. But I don’t think she needs to be in anybody’s shadow.

    Percy Watson: You’re just stirring the pot right now.

    2 – Singles Match
    Taynara Conti vs. Kairi Sane (w/ Io Shirai)

    Taynara Conti is really able to hold her own against Kairi Sane in the opening sequences of the matchup. But Conti’s eyes stay on the champion a bit too long, as she seemingly wants to not only prove to the NXT Universe that she’s worthy, but to The Genius of the Sky as well. Shirai stands at ringside, willing her friend on as Conti is getting some offense in on her.

    The tide does eventually shift however, as The Pirate Princess is able to navigate through these troubled waters that she’s been dropped into. Sane soon turns on the jets and blows by Conti. Tayanra soon becomes no match for her, as Sane soon sets her up in the corner. She walks the plank, and then runs in and hits her with a jumping knee! Conti then falls down, and Sane takes the opportunity to take to the skies! And she hits the INSANE ELBOW from the top rope! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER – Kairi Sane via pin fall at 4:45.

    Alicia Taylor: Here is your winner, KAIRI SANE!!

    Mauro Ranallo: The Pirate Princess is still atop her queendom, you guys. An impressive victory tonight for Kairi Sane.

    Percy Watson: A very impressive victory. Taynara Conti gave it her all in that one, but she couldn’t overcome what Kairi Sane brought to the table. She is always, always going to be a tough out.

    We see Shirai go in the ring and hold up Kairi’s arm, as we get some replays of the action that transpired during this match. After that all wraps up, we come back to a look at Shirai and Sane in the ring.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well the women’s division is heating up here in NXT. So many superstars vying for opportunities to come their way. But one woman who is looking to make an impact here in the black and yellow brand is an Italian-blooded star who may rip your arm off if you’re not careful. Let’s take a look at ‘The Virtuosa’ herself, Miss Deonna Purrazzo.

    A video plays.

    DEONNA PURRAZZO stands inside a wrestling ring, arms folded.

    Deonna Purrazzo:
    My name is Deonna Purrazzo and I’m ‘The Virtuosa’ of NXT.

    Clips of Purrazzo in action on both the Florida loop and inside Barclays Center last year are shown.

    Deonna Purrazzo:
    I’m only 24 years old. But make no mistake about it – I have logged a lot of miles in this industry.

    Some highlights of Purrazzo’s early showings here in NXT roll.

    Deonna Purrazzo:
    I’ve stood face to face with some of the best to ever walk through NXT. Asuka, Bayley and Nia Jax. All three have been champions either here or on Raw and SmackDown. But it doesn’t stop there, either.

    Some magazine clips from Purrazzo’s work in PROGRESS, Japan and in SHIMMER are shown.

    Deonna Purrazzo:
    I’ve fought side by side with Shayna Baszler. I’ve defeated the NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm, Dakota Kai, and Mia Yim too. I’ve gone toe to toe with the NXT Women’s Champion, Io Shirai. So, I’m battle-tested against the very, very best in NXT. Past and present.

    A couple of looks at Purrazzo inside the ring.

    Deonna Purrazzo:
    I’m not somebody who’s just happy to be here. I have a chip on my shoulder. I missed out on the first Mae Young Classic. And then last year, I made it to the quarterfinals. Where I lost to Io Shirai. And Io? You might be worried about who’s next for you and your championship but make no mistake I haven’t forgotten that. That’s eaten me up ever since. And one day soon, I’ll be coming for you and your championship.

    But that hasn’t been the only thing that’s eaten me up. The last few months have eaten me up. Two weeks ago, I competed here on NXT for the first time in months. After a while, it starts to feel like someone has it out for me. Like somebody is blocking my way to being where I need to be. Well… I’m done letting that happen. I’m done sitting around and being another face in the crowd. I’m about to show the entire NXT brand just what I can do. And oh yeah… to borrow a line, I may take your arm off in the process.

    Purrazzo is seen inside the ring again.

    Deonna Purrazzo:
    I’m Deonna Purrazzo. I am The Virtuosa. And I will not be overlooked any longer.

    We end on that note, as we get a wide shot of Purrazzo standing against the ropes in the ring.

    A graphic appears.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well the woman who is fluent in Purrazzo will be back in action next week, as The Virtuosa will grace us with her presence as she looks to climb the ladder in the hotly contested NXT women’s division. But up next – we are about to get some tag team action. Our main event of the evening is about to go down. The Forgotten Sons square off with the highly combative team of Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. NXT returns in just a few moments!

    As we come back, we hear the instrumental of THE STREET PROFITS’ theme song, as a vignette is beginning to play. Then, we soon see ANGELO DAWKINS and MONTEZ FORD standing outside of Full Sail, wearing matching black hoodies with yellow in them.

    Angelo Dawkins: Ayyyyyy!

    Montez Ford: FINALLY…

    Angelo Dawkins: Fam…

    Montez Ford: THE STREET PROFITS…

    Angelo Dawkins: Fam.

    Montez Ford: HAVE COME BACK…

    Angelo Dawkins: Fam!

    Montez Ford: TO…

    Angelo Dawkins: Dog!

    Gelo grabs Montez’s shoulder.

    Montez Ford: What!

    Dawkins puts his hand out by his face.

    Angelo Dawkins: Do you really want that C&D?

    Montez stares at Angelo… … … and then nods his head.

    Montez Ford: … … … You right, you right.

    Angelo points at Montez.

    Angelo Dawkins: You was finna do it.

    Montez Ford: I was. But you showed me the light Montez. You know who I hope we showed the light to also?

    Angelo scratches his chin and then pops open his eyes. And points at Montez again.

    Angelo Dawkins: I know what you’re gonna say.

    Montez Ford: THE UN-DIS-PU-TED ERA…

    Dawkins nods his head.

    Montez Ford: Boys, two weeks ago we told ya we had no problem with dancing with ya. We told ya that we were ready to rock and ready to roll! And last week? Well… it sure seemed like YOU were the ones who weren’t prepared to battle! It sure seemed like YOU were the ones who weren’t ready to fight! And it CERTAINLY seemed like you weren’t ready…

    Ford spins the camera around…

    And we see MATT RIDDLE!!

    Montez Ford: To BRO DOWN!!!

    A collective “OHHHHHHHHH!” comes about from the three stars, as they’re all very hyped up obviously.

    Matt Riddle: Bros.

    Montez Ford: What up!?

    Angelo Dawkins: What’s good, Matt!?

    Matt Riddle: All I’ve been thinking about the last week… is how good it felt to be tagging with YOU bros against The Undisputed Era.

    Angelo Dawkins: Yeaaaaaaah…

    Matt Riddle: And y’know, if I may say. I’d never met Roderick Strong before last week. I’d never been in the ring with Roderick Strong before last week. But… he’s not cool.

    Montez Ford: No he ain’t! The OPPOSITE of cool!

    Matt Riddle: And that… that’s undisputed right there.

    Another “OHHHHHHHH!” from The Profits is let out!

    Matt Riddle: But hey, Undisputed Bros. If you find yourself having a problem with all that we just said? Well, I don’t mind bro-ing down with these boys again. So, you know where to find us.

    Angelo Dawkins: And that’s on PERIOD!!

    Montez Ford: Because WE…


    The two look over at Matt, who seems eager to answer.

    Matt Riddle: We want the smoke, bro.

    The vignette concludes as the three of them confidently nod their heads.

    A video then plays.

    Nigel McGuinness: Well we would be remised if we didn’t highlight one of our own making moves. On 205 Live Tuesday night, Kyle O’Reilly of The Undisputed Era took on Akira Tozawa in an epic, high stakes match. And in the end, it was O’Reilly who proved victorious, submitting Tozawa with an armbar submission.

    (Graphic appears)

    So now, next week on 205 Live, O’Reilly will face Drew Gulak and Gran Metalik in a Triple Threat Match. And should O’Reilly win, then he will have the opportunity to face ‘The Premier Athlete’ Tony Nese at WWE Money in the Bank on May 19th for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

    Percy Watson: I know that The Undisputed Era rubs me the wrong way most of the time. But I will always root for anyone from the black and gold brand to succeed. And Kyle O’Reilly has a chance to not only become the Cruiserweight Champoin, but also to bring that Cruiserweight Championship here to NXT. Could you imagine!?

    Nigel McGuinness: I can imagine that very much, Percy. The Undisputed Era have always had a penchant for succeeding. And I think that O’Reilly is going to make it happen.

    Back to ringside…


    Shifting gears, DANNY BURCH and ONEY LORCAN make their way out on the stage, ready for tag team competition. The two are in matching zip-ups of course, and high five each other before Burch walks down holding two fingers while Lorcan holds up one.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well that would undisputedly be something guys. But now it’s time for the main event of the evening!

    Alicia Taylor: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 379 pounds, DANNY BURCH and ONEYYY LORCANNN!!!

    Mauro Ranallo: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan have been combative to say the least with The Forgotten Sons for the past couple of weeks. I’m not sure if this match is going to be the blow-off, but whoever wins this match will be in prime position to take on The War Raiders for their NXT Tag Team Titles.

    Nigel McGuinness: And I imagine that Hanson and Rowe are watching intently somewhere around here. These two tag teams are certainly the preeminent ones around here right now. But Mauro don’t discount The Undisputed Era, or even The Street Profits from this discussion.

    Percy Watson: Business is booming in the tag team division either way. Any four of those teams could have a shot. But I do agree with Mauro. Whoever wins this one? They get a leg up on the competition.


    ***DO UNTO OTHERS***

    Out walk THE FORGOTTEN SONS to quite a bit of heat, as usual, from the NXT Universe. JAXSON RYKER leads STEVE CUTLER and former NXT Tag Team Champion WESLEY BLAKE onto the stage, and gets in each of their faces before they head down the ramp.

    Alicia Taylor: And their opponents! Accompanied by Jaxson Ryker, at a combined weight of 465 pounds, STEVE CUTLER and WESLEY BLAKE, THE FORGOTTEN SONNNNS!!

    Mauro Ranallo: They may not be Mabel and Mo but The Forgotten Sons are men on a mission. And that mission is to become the superior tag team on the black and yellow brand.

    Nigel McGuinness: They came awfully close to winning the Dusty Classic almost a month ago. But as they say, close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades. And The Forgotten Sons aren’t playing either right now.

    Percy Watson: It does not sit well with me though that Jaxson Ryker is here with them. Burch and Lorcan don’t have anybody to aid them. And I know what kind of nefarious stuff that he can do.

    Nigel McGuinness: Well maybe Burch and Lorcan should’ve found a friend in a high place to neutralize him, Percy. It’s not as if Ryker is breaking any rule just by being out there.

    3 – Tag Team Match
    Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. The Forgotten Sons (w/ Jaxson Ryker)

    This turns out to be a very hard-hitting and energetic main event. Burch and Cutler start the match off and Cutler and Blake do a good job of isolating Danny away from the fiery Oney Lorcan. It doesn’t always work, as Lorcan is able to get some burn in the matchup eventually of course. But it’s clear that Blake and Cutler’s strategy to try and cut the ring off does have some merit to it as the match wears on.

    Towards the finish, Ryker tries to get involved as we see him get up on the apron to rake Burch’s eyes out. This was done while Cutler and Blake had the referee’s attention sewn up. Lorcan, however, runs around the ring and grabs Ryker by the legs! He pulls him off the apron and IMMEDIATELY hammers him with his forearm, sending him barreling towards the barricade! He then slides into the ring as Cutler goes to charge at Burch and he wipes him clean off of his feet with a clothesline!

    Lorcan then runs over at Blake and takes him out of the ring with a clothesline! Oney then gets onto the apron, stands and waits, and then runs over and hits a BLOCKBUSTER ON WESLEY BLAKE OUT ONTO THE FLOOR!! The madman that is Oney Lorcan has made quite the impact in one fell swoop! Meanwhile, in the ring, Burch has regained himself, and he hits a HUGE Suplex down on Cutler, and then pulls him up afterwards. He then hoists him up and puts him on the ropes AND THEN CONNECTS WITH LONDON BRIDGE!! He makes the cover on Cutler! 1! 2! 3-NO!

    Cutler gets his foot under the ropes!! The referee spots this and stops the count, and that gets Burch in a tizzy. He helps him up and pounds away at him against the ropes. He then hangs him up on the ropes and looks to hit the TOWER OF LONDON!! But Cutler DESPERATELY shoves him away and is able to get him away! Cutler then rolls up to his feet as Burch comes in and hits him HARD with a European uppercut! He then grabs Cutler and goes for the TOWER OF LONDON again, but as he does, BLAKE slides into the ring, after getting up from the Blockbuster, and runs him into the corner!

    Lorcan then swoops into the ring, and goes after Blake! BUT BLAKE MOVES AWAY AND LORCAN MISFIRES! He hits his own partner, and Blake shoves Lorcan out of the ring. He then gathers Cutler, as the two pick Burch up and DELIVER THE LOST AND THE DAMNED!! Cutler then covers!


    We see RYKER holding LORCAN down on the outside!



    WINNER – The Forgotten Sons via pin fall at 10:45.

    Alicia Taylor: Here are your winners, THE FORGOTTEN SONS!!

    Mauro Ranallo: A misfire leads to mass destruction!! The Forgotten Sons are VICTORIOUS over Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan! What a main event match this was!

    Nigel McGuinness: Absolutely terrific, Mauro. Oney Lorcan is a fireball sometimes. But he and Burch got totally burned there by that mistake. That’s certainly what it was. But it was a very costly error on their behalf.

    Replays of the high spots in the match roll on as we see the way that The Forgotten Sons got their victory. Highlighted towards the end of course was the misfire but also the blatant holding by Ryker on Lorcan on the outside.

    We come back and find the trio celebrating at the top of the ramp while Burch and Lorcan make peace with one another inside the ring.

    Percy Watson: Well, I’m not sure if this is the last time that we see these two tag teams go against each other. But it sure seems like this thing is not over.

    Mauro Ranallo: But what is over is Johnny Gargano’s pursuit of the NXT Championship. The most decorated NXT superstar of all time is set to have his Championship Celebration, as Johnny Wrestling will walk into Full Sail for the first time as Johnny Champion. And he will do that… next!

    A quick, flashing vignette rolls, highlighting Johnny Gargano’s premier moments in NXT. It culminates with his title victory, and then teases that he’s coming up NEXT!

    We return back to Full Sail.

    ***REBEL HEART***

    Full Sail goes UP!!

    Everyone in the arena gets up and cheers loudly and wildly.

    Making HIS WAY out onto the stage…

    For the FIRST time since winning the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP…



    Alicia Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome… THE NEWWWWWW NXT CHAMPIONNNNN… JOHNNYYYYY GARRRRGANNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Mauro Ranallo: Allow him to reintroduce himself, his name is JOHNNY CHAMPION!!!

    Gargano unstraps the championship belt off his waist and hoists it up high over his head. He continues to get the magnificent reaction that he’d seemingly been hoping for, and he begins to walk down the ramp with the championship on his shoulder. He nods his head at all the fans and fists bumps a couple on the way to the ring.

    He climbs on inside the ring and stands up in the corner and brings the championship up in the air again. He nods his head and smiles, climbs on down and holds it up again in front of the crowd. He goes to the other side and does it, and then the other. He backs up and keeps the title up on his shoulder as he takes the mic from Taylor. He stands and looks on out as the crowd serenades him with “JOHNNY CHAMPION!” chants.

    The chants repeat over and over again as Gargano just continues to pause. With a smile all over his face, Johnny keeps the title proudly adorned on his shoulder. He just glances around as a “YOU DESEERVE IT!” chant starts up as well. Gargano nods his head, assuredly believing that very much. He takes a deep breath and finally brings the microphone up.

    Johnny Gargano: You guys aren’te ven gonna get me the chance to speak are ya?

    Johnny laughs.

    Johnny Gargano: Wow, what a journey it’s been.

    Gargano starts to walk around the ring.

    Johnny Gargano: Y’know not too long ago, me and a guy by the name of Tommaso Ciampa walked in here to Full Sail as hopefuls in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. And if you would’ve told me that all the things that have happened since then would happen? If you told me that on that day? I would’ve looked at you like you were totally insane.

    Gargano himself shakes his head in disbelief.

    Johnny Gargano: I’ve truly seen it all. I’ve truly been at every possible level. I have been abandoned. I have been tortured. Hell, I’ve even been unemployed. But never ONCE did I waver!

    Cheers. Gargano nods his head.

    Johnny Gargano: Never once did I tremble. Never once did I quit. I stayed the course. I found my way. I went through hell. And I came out looking pretty damn great!

    Cheers again as Gargano holds up his title belt.

    Johnny Gargano: And to you, Tommaso Ciampa…

    Gargano backs away from the ropes.

    Johnny Gargano: I’ve got two words for you. Thank you.


    Johnny Gargano: I really mean that too. Despite our highs, despite our lows, I would not be in this spot without you. Without you pushing me to be better. Without you pushing me to get more drive, to be more determined and to become the man that I am today. I wish you a speedy recovery, and one day soon, I know you’ll be back again. And I hope that we can do the dance one more time, like we were SUPPOSED to do in New York.

    Well now… doesn’t sound like Full Sail has a problem with that.

    Johnny Gargano: And as for Adam Cole…

    “BAY BAY!”

    Johnny Gargano: Adam Cole—



    Percy Watson: Ohhhhh boy…

    Mauro Ranallo: The mood has undisputedly changed here in Full Sail Live.

    Indeed, you are right, Mauro. Indeed, you are right. That’s because ADAM COLE (BAY BAY) has made his way out onto the stage! Cole, wearing his signature t-shirt and black pants, is NOT here alone either! BOBBY FISH, KYLE O’REILLY and RODERICK STRONG – ALL of THE UNDISPUTED ERA – have crashed this party.

    Adam Cole: Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!

    TUE’s music cuts out as Cole, on the mic, seems very perturbed.

    Adam Cole: As for Adam Cole? As for Adam Cole? You know who speaks for Adam Cole??

    Cole glares down at Gargano… and then points to himself.



    Adam Cole: Alright? Everything that you said just now makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. I despise every single word that just came out of your mouth.

    Whew, geez. Cole is agitated to say the least.

    Adam Cole: Do you know why that is Johnny? Because I had you BEAT in New York! That’s why I hate every word that just came out of your mouth!

    Johnny looks on and kinda just shrugs his shoulders.

    Adam Cole: In fact, I didn’t just have you beat. I DID beat you! I beat you clean as a whistle in that ring. You saw it! I saw it! Everyone in the world saw it! I BEAT YOU! That’s a FACT!

    Again, Johnny kinda just shrugs his shoulders again.

    Adam Cole: But for whatever reason, for whatever reason, the match was 2 out of 3 falls. If it wasn’t, I’d have the NXT Championship in my hands. I’d have the title. This would be my championship celebration, and you’d still be doing what you do best Johnny… and that’s LOSE!

    Some heat. Johnny then brings the mic up.

    Johnny Gargano: Just how many sour grapes did you have before coming out here, Adam?


    Adam Cole: Sour grapes? You know that I’m right!

    Johnny Gargano: Yeah, you know what else I know? I got you in the second fall. I got you in the third and final fall. That makes me champion. That makes you, Adam, the loser in this scenario.

    Cole, further agitated, paces around in a circle as the rest of The Undisputed Era tries to calm him down. Their efforts are futile, however.

    Adam Cole: Look, Johnny… facts are facts. I beat you. I beat you, and I know that I can beat you again. So, you can enjoy your little moment in the sun right now. You can enjoy your championship celebration. But I will tell you this, Johnny. Your reign as NXT Champion is going to end SOONER rather than later!!

    Gargano fearlessly shakes his head in response.

    Adam Cole: You see people call you Mr. NXT. They say you represent everything that this brand is all about. And if that’s the case Johnny? If that’s the truth? Then the way that I see it, NXT needs to have a facelift. NXT needs to be turned upside from. NXT needs to be uprooted, because if YOU are the embodiment of this brand then I am ashamed to be part of it.

    Cole is letting it RIP.

    Adam Cole: WE are ashamed to be part of it then. Because we did not come here just to have someone like YOU represent us! We came here to take over this place. I should be standing at the top of the mountain. I should be representing this place. Because this is my brand. NXT belongs to Adam Cole. NXT belongs to The Undisputed Era. It does not belong to you. It does not belong to any of these stupid people. It is OURS!

    Some jeers for that for sure.

    Adam Cole: And y’know what?

    Cole turns to Bobby, Kyle and Roddy.

    Adam Cole: Boys… I’m a little tired of this celebration. I think it’s time we move on to the next order of business on this agenda.

    Cole throws the mic down HARD and The Undisputed Era then begins to go down the ramp!!! Gargano lets the title slide down his shoulder and arm, and he smile sand shakes his head. Closing his eyes, Gargano can feel the waters beginning to tremble around him. But it seems as though he KNEW this would happen. And he’d no doubt be a fool to suggest or think otherwise.

    This IS The Undisputed Era after all. And their pack mentality has caused them to run amok just about any and everywhere. They flood the ringside area, each man occupying a side. Bobby Fish west of the hard camera, Roddy Strong right in front of it, Kyle O’Reilly to the south. Adam Cole stands right at the end of the ramp, sharply staring at Gargano and his championship.

    Speaking of which, Johnny drops his ‘gun’ so to speak right in front of him. He looks around at Strong, then at Fish, then at O’Reilly and then at Cole, who has approached the apron. He reaches up and grabs the second rope and hops up. He stands on it as we see Fish, O’Reilly and Strong follow suit.

    Johnny sees that this is a 4-on-1 disadvantage in his favor… or lack thereof… He puts his hands on his shoulders, and looks around, taking his eyes off Cole… looking at Strong… then back at Cole… then over at O’Reilly…


    Cole, O’Reilly and Strong then jump into the ring. But Gargano has an answer for each of them! He takes O’Reilly down with a right hand after ducking a clothesline from Cole. He then swoops out of the way from a shot from Cole again, and then takes Roddy down once more! Fish then tries to get back in the mix, but Gargano takes him right back down with a right hand again!! He backs him into the corner, peppering him with rights! Over and over!

    He then goes out of the corner, taking his eyes off Fish for a mere moment.

    And that proves costly.



    And like a pack of dogs, Strong, Cole and O’Reilly begin to ambush Gargano and pick him apart!! They kick and punch and stomp away at him, one after another. The NXT Champion is getting MUGGED in the ring, and right now there’s nobody who can stop this from occurring!!

    Bobby Fish then recuperates and gets right back at it as he, too, kicks and stomps away at the NXT Champion. Gargano is fending for himself right now, a valiant effort to be sure. But it’s one that is taking a lot of life out of him right now Fish, O’Reilly and Strong hold him up as Adam Cole takes the championship belt. He puts it up in his face and shouts at him. He tells him how much he doesn’t deserve it, and he tells him how it belongs to him. He throws it back down, runs up and punches him HARD to take him down onto his stomach.

    Cole grabs the NXT Championship again and holds it up high. He says to everyone that it belongs to him, and that this whole place belongs to him and The Undisputed Era. As Fish, O’Reilly and Strong continue to beat up on Gargano, suddenly the crowd comes ALIVE!!



    In the form of…


    Almost IMMEDIATELY, Angelo, Matt and Montez neutralize the efforts of Bobby, Kyle and Roddy. They go RIGHT after them, as Adam Cole frantically looks on at his teammates being taken on by the newfound, likeminded trio. He sees Riddle going after Strong in the corner, Montez working over Bobby and Angelo taking on Kyle. He decides to go over and peel Riddle off Roddy. But Riddle responds with a HUGE right hand that sends Cole flying away!!

    Roddy then comes out of the corner looking for a knee, but Riddle sidesteps him! And then The Original Bro takes aim and FIRES IN with the FLASH POINT!!! And Roddy is sent FLYING on out of the ring!!

    Montez, meanwhile, has put Bobby on skates. He goes towards the center of the ring, livens up himself (and alongside that, the crowd) as he chugs himself up, and then sprints over and sends Fish SOARING over the top rope with a HUGE clothesline!!

    Angelo, elsewhere, has sprinted over towards Kyle. And he runs in and SQUEEZES HIM UP against the turnbuckles!! O’Reilly STUMBLES forward and then flops down on the mat, and Montez runs up, leaps up and hits a FROG SPLASH on him!! O’Reilly animatedly sells it, flopping like a fish out of water, coming up near the ropes, as he then stumbles toward Riddle. Riddle grabs him, spins around and SUPLEXES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND DOWN ONTO FISH AND STRONG!!!

    Which means that Adam Cole is allllllllllll, all alone inside the ring!

    Cole comes to that realization as he gets up. He then looks over at Angelo, Matt and Montez. His eyes are widened, Grand Canyon-style, and he puts up his hands pleading with them all. But what he does NOT realize is that behind him…


    Cole looks around, and then stops RIGHT in his tracks as he stares at Johnny!



    Boos ring out, as the leader of The Undisputed Era was able to get away without a blemish. But CLEARLY, he has picked a fight against a very valiant man. A very valiant man who now has plenty of backup and allies who all share a common enemy right now… and they are all heading up the ramp at this moment.

    Mauro Ranallo: The battle lines have been drawn here!!! And it is UNDISPUTED that the war between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole is FAR, FAR FROM OVER!!!


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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Can’t complain with the opening to NXT here, giving Kushida the opening spot for his big debut is a smart move. On a personal hate, I hate that Jack Gallagher is virtually a jobber in real life, would love you to do something with him. With that being said, he’s a solid hand so he’s a smart first choice opponent. A showcase for Kushida his first night in an NXT ring, no complaints, off to a good start.

    Sane was always going over Conti here, I’ve no issues with that. I LOVED the commentary here though and the idea of a Sane/Shirai showdown is amazing. Book it.

    A pretty fun promo here from Deonna. Sold herself pretty well and suddenly I’m excited to see her in action next week. Good job.

    You have a knack for characters no matter what time period you book, so Street Profits and Riddle vignette was always going to be loads of fun. The way they played on each others gimmicks, felt like automatic chemistry. Great job, looking forward to seeing these guys continue to go at it with the Unidsputed Era.

    I like that you gave O’Reily a bit of extra hype with his big time 205 Live escapades.

    Main event match was solid enough. Intrigued to whether the Burch and Lorcan collision is a one off, or a lead on to bigger issues… I’ll be watching this space. Nice to have The Forgotten Sons looking good though.

    Gargano getting a victory speech is smart. A big time moment considering his character journey over the past few years. The mentioning of Ciampa was a nice touch as well, however I definitely don’t want to see those two in the ring again. I get the tease but I’ve had enough of that feud. The back and forth between Gargano and Cole was fine, but when Cole really talked about being embarrassed about NXT, the intensity felt at a higher level. That was a great few blocks of dialogue. The all in brawl afterwards and the face team coming out on top is solid hype for all of the existing feuds. A fun, entertaining, well written end to the show.

    NXT’s simple format is always a nice change of pace, and I still think you’re the best writer here. A fun read as ever, sir.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Just a couple of takeaways from the non main roster shows that stood out-

    Inspired decision to have O’Reilly show up on 205 Live. The guy is (imo) the best thing about the Undisputed Era, so having him branch out, but not breakaway, like this is tremendous. I hope he ends up a regular fixture on 205, aside from just the #1 Contender match he’ll be part of. Having these types of surprise appearances would definitely drive any casual fans to check the show out and see who might turn up week to week.

    Really enjoyed the closing segment of NXT UK too. WALTER, Dunne and Bate in a three way feud could carry that show for months. And it feels like a legit three way feud too, with Dunne and Bate both having reasons to chase down Walter. Lol though at Mansoor getting squashed. The guy can only seem to win in Saudi. Keep it that way

    Main NXT was okay too. There wasn’t a stand out moment for me like 205 or UK, though the big deal you made of Kushida came across in spades. Feels like a big ‘get’ for the brand, and I sense he’ll be pushed hard. The Gargano/Cole stuff was decent too, especially Coles comments about NXT needing a facelift, but that feud in general does little to whet my appetite. That said, coming off WrestleMania, it’s one you really can’t avoid.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond


    The Boss meets The Goddess for the final Women's MITB spot

    Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks will never be exchanging Christmas cards with one another and may never, ever be friends. What they will be Monday night in Cincinnati is adversaries once again. The Boss and The Goddess are set to meet in a high stakes main event, with the winner of this contest set to be Raw's final representative in the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match. With Ember Moon, Naomi and Ruby Riott having already qualified, all the attention will be diverted towards these two former multi-time Raw Women's Champions. The question is, however, is what is Banks' mindset? Last week, Shayna Baszler accused her of starting the mess that has consumed Baszler, Banks and Becky Lynch on the red brand over the last few weeks. Will Sasha be able to look past that and get the W? Or will Alexa take advantage and look to become a two-time Miss Money in the Bank? All the answers to those questions will come on Monday night.

    Corbin, Zayn to do battle for final Men's MITB spot

    Raw will be a night of finality when it comes to qualifying for MITB. While Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks will duel for the final spot in the Women's MITB Ladder Match, we're set for the final qualifying match for the men's side of things. Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn have been engaging with each other ever since Zayn made his triumphant return in his home of Montreal a few weeks ago. And last week, things came to a head. Disguised as a ringside cameraman, Corbin cost Zayn a shot at Samoa Joe's United States Championship in the 'Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way,' a match won by Chad Gable. Now, this week in Cincy, the former Constable of Raw and 'The Underdog From The Underground' are set to face off one on one to see who gets in the Men's MITB Ladder Match. A loaded field awaits them, as AJ Styles, Randy Orton and Ricochet represent the Raw brand right now, while Kevin Owens and Finn Bálor are the current reps for SmackDown Live. This match will start the show, so we will soon find out what awaits them.

    Orton, Styles set for exclusive interview

    Speaking of The Viper and The Phenomenal One, the two have been at each other's throats for the last two months. Even after Styles' defeat of Orton at WrestleMania, the feud moved its way over to the red brand after both superstars were sent to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup. The two brawled with each other before and during last week's episode of Raw and were promptly sent home for the week after. This week, with Orton out in Missouri and Styles down in Georgia, the two are set for an exclusive interview with Michael Cole, as both will be on Raw via satellite. Expect there to be a lot of contention and choice words being sent at each other in what could be a fiery, feisty encounter.

    The Man is in action!

    Becky 2 Belts will learn who the next challenger for her SmackDown Women's Championship will be Tuesday night. But we already know who she's going to be facing on Monday night. Lynch will be facing off with an old foe in Mickie James, this after James sounded off this past weekend on Twitter. Begging for a fight, the former multi-time Women's Champion got one in the form of The Man, who promised to slap James' head off. This should be an intriguing encounter, but much like Sasha Banks' match with Alexa Bliss, we have to wonder what Lynch's mindset will be in this one with The Queen of Spades possibly hovering around.

    The Beastslayer faces off with a Hometown 'Gun'

    In 13 days, Seth Rollins will be facing off with The Miz for his Universal Championship. Last week, the two had an intense encounter when they signed their contract for the upcoming bout, in which Miz talked a lot about the level of respect each man is receiving right now. But Rollins' attention is going to have to be elsewhere this week. He's going to be going up against one of Cincinnati's own Monday night, as Rollins will step into the ring with former Raw Tag Team Champion Karl Anderson. Anderson is widely known as a tag team specialist but with Luke Gallows on SmackDown Live now, Anderson has a shot to become a singles competitor. And while he had a very spirited effort in last week's Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way, he has a really good chance to jump start his singles career against the top dog on Raw.

    All of this, PLUS, Cedric Alexander vs. Jinder Mahal, the in-ring return for AOP on this week AND the in-ring debut of LACEY EVANS on this week's edition of Raw!


    Women's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

    WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, 'The Legit Boss' Sasha Banks vs. 'The Goddess' Alexa Bliss

    Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn

    Non-Title Match
    Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion, 'The Man' Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James

    Non-Title Match
    Universal Champion, Seth Rollins vs. Karl Anderson

    Singles Match
    Cedric Alexander vs. Jinder Mahal



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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    This week's Raw has a pretty good match card, although I guess with the roster on hand, that's to be expected. Looking forward to the two big MITB Qualifiers, especially Corbin/Zayn which has some pretty nice heat around it.

    Orton/Styles segments should be fun, and looking forward to seeing Sasha getting screwed to continue the awesomeness of your best angle going at the moment.

    Looking forward to Raw bud, I'll be reading.

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