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Thread: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    SmackDown Live — April 23, 2019
    Lincoln, Nebraska Pinnacle Bank Arena

    SmackDown Live jumps onto the airwaves from Lincoln, Nebraska tonight. Pinnacle Bank Arena is playing host to tonight’s Blue Brand Presentation, and just like last week, we are wasting little time in getting to the in-ring action. Kevin Owens’ music hits, and out he walks into the arena. Greg Hamilton announces that this forthcoming contest is a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match, which gains everyone’s attention. We then hear from Tom Phillips, who welcomes us to the show. He hypes up this upcoming contest between KO and Cesaro of The Bar, as these two former rivals will face off for the right to be involved in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. We then move to an inset promo from Owens, who makes a declaration that the WWE Championship is the one championship he and everyone else aspires to get. He says that this MITB Ladder Match is a gateway to attain that title, and says that he has come up short the last two years. But this time, things will be different, KO says, and the third time will be the charm.

    Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton banter a bit as KO gets into the ring, and then the music of The Swiss Cyborg hits. Cesaro walks out with Sheamus at his side, as tensions seem to be much smoother now despite what happened last week. We get another inset promo, this time from Cesaro and Sheamus. Cesaro affirms that tensions are cooled off, and now it’s time to focus. Cesaro says that if The Bar can’t be SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, then they’re aiming higher. They say that they both plan on being in the MITB Ladder Match, and nothing will get in their way of achieving that goal. As they walk to the ring, Phillips announces our main event of the evening, which will pit Finn Bálor against Bobby Lashley with the second spot in the MITB Ladder Match on the line! But for now, it’s time to focus on this opening bout.
    Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro (w/ Sheamus)

    The elevated stakes in this matchup make for a pretty stirring encounter here. KO and Cesaro prove they’re no stranger to each other as they work fluidly and crisply in the opener on SmackDown Live. Lincoln’s firmly behind Kevin Owens, who has begun to endear himself more and more lately to the fans. Cesaro, meanwhile, has his supporters, but obviously they’re not as vocal as he and Sheamus haven’t exactly been doing themselves any favors to get any fan support. Not that they care, but it’s definitely not their priority whatsoever.

    KO and Cesaro get physical with each other and begin to really hit each other hard as the match progresses onwards. Owens goes to run off to the ropes later on, but Sheamus reaches out and grabs I’m by the boots, causing him to fall on his face! The crowd boos as Sheamus walks away from the scene while the referee accosts him. He says he had nothing to do with it, and says the mat’s clearly slippery, and while that’s going on, Cesaro is getting to work and putting the boots to Owens. So the plan worked to say the least, as it’s apparent that if you didn’t think The Bar were on the same page, clearly they very much are.

    Later on though, Cesaro has Owens up on the top turnbuckle. He looks to Superplex him, but Owens fights his way out of it. Cesaro goes for a big forearm, but Owens blocks it, and scores with one of his own! Cesaro flops down on the mat, and Owens perches himself up top. Sheamus, however, gets up on the ring apron. He goes over, but Owens punches him down and off it! KO then gets up to his feet, and looks to hit a Swanton Bomb! But Cesaro rolls out of the way!! Owens crashes and burns, and despite absorbing a punch, Sheamus’ plan to distract Owens and take him off the scent has clearly worked!

    Cesaro gets up to his feet as Owens does also, and runs over and scores with a ROARING uppercut! Owens’ jaw is hit HARD, and Cesaro then picks him up and lifts him up and DOWN with the Gotch Neutralizer! He hits his finisher and goes for the cover! 1! 2! 3-NO!! Owens kicks out of the Neutralizer!! Cesaro can’t quite believe it, and Sheamus, now back to his senses, argues with the official as well. The two of them are doing the most, while we see Owens getting up to his feet. Cesaro goes over and looks to subdue Owens, but Owens hits him with a right hand! Cesaro stumbles back over towards Sheamusa nd the official, and KO then lunges over AND LOOKS TO SUPERKICK CESARO!

    BUT INSTEAD HE STRIKES SHEAMUS!!! Sheamus goes flying off the apron again, and Cesaro reaches out and rakes Kevin’s eyes! He then pulls him in, and looks for Neutralizer number two! No! Owens hits him with a big back body drop!! KO then turns around as Cesaro gets up and walks over. KO then goes for a kick to the midsection and scores with it. And then Owens goes for a STUNNER, but Cesaro pushes him away! KO hits the corner, and then goes back in. Cesaro goes for a kick, but KO grabs him by the boot, spins him around, kicks him in the gut and LANDS THE STUNNER THIS TIME!! He goes for the cover on Cesaro! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Kevin Owens via pin fall at 13:07. Owens is IN the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
    KO is MITB bound again!! Things go sourly at the top of the show for The Bar yet again, as Owens has triumphed over Cesaro to begin SmackDown Live tonight! KO rolls out of the ring as Sheamus climbs on inside, and lets out a smile. He props himself up big for winning the match, while Cesaro, now getting up to his knees, is looking painfully disgusted with himself in the aftermath. We get a few replay sequences of the high points of the match, leading to the eventual finish. The replays conclude, and we see Owens up on the stage, looking into the camera, confidently talking himself up. KO has of course become the first SmackDown Live superstar to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and his gloating in this case is absolutely well-earned.

    As we’re about to go to break, we see Kofi Kingston making his way through a hallway! He’s stuffing pancakes between his title and his stomach and appears to be headed everybody’s way as well!

    And sure enough after the break concludes, Kofi Kingston makes his way out on stage. The WWE Champion is in good spirits as always, and receives a hearty pop from the Lincoln, Nebraska crowd. As Kingston makes his way to the ring, commentary notes the fact that Kingston will defend his newly won WWE Championship at Money in the Bank against Braun Strowman. Corey calls it a huge early test for Kingston and his title reign, and the others can’t help but concede that point. Kofi gets into the ring and gets on the mic. He says what’s up to all of Lincoln, gathering a very nice pop from the audience. He says that he’s looking forward to tonight’s Tag Team Titles Tournament matches, despite the fact that his boys unfortunately lost last week to Daniel Bryan and Rowan. He says that’s okay, because the positive spin on things is that the rest of the tag team division gets to flourish and he’s excited to see what comes of tonight’s action.

    He then moves on to his match at Money in the Bank. Kofi says that he did hear the news that dropped Monday that he would be facing one Braun Strowman at Money in the Bank. He says he’s obviously very aware of everything that The Monster Among Men is capable of. While he doesn’t think he needs to seek out advice from guys like Colin Jost and Michael Che, he does have them on speed dial so perhaps he will anyway. But on a serious note, Kingston says that he’s certainly got big things to look forward to, including this championship match. Kingston says he knew that going into WrestleMania, if he were to become WWE Champion, that he knew it would be no easy task going forward. He knew he’d have a litany of challengers of all shapes and sizes coming at him. He feels that this is no surprise that he’s going up against a man like Strowman, but says that he’s overcome odds all of his life. Kofi says that guys like him were never supposed to be WWE Champion, and he still was able to knock down that wall at WrestleMania. And now at Money in the Bank, he tells Braun Strowman that one wall got knocked down and there’s going to be a domino effect now, whether he likes it or not!

    Kofi goes to speak, but suddenly, the music of Roman Reigns hits!!! A HUGE pop echoes around the arena as a result of that tune, and Kingston smiles as The Big Dog makes his way out. Reigns looks around and nods his head, and then marches down the ramp. Commentary ponders what Reigns may have on his mind, and they do note that he was one of the only winners at WrestleMania not to be rewarded with something this week. Nevertheless, as speculation runs amok, Reigns grabs a mic from a crew member at ringside and we’ll hopefully get some answers now.

    Roman brings the mic up and first and foremost congratulates Kofi Kingston on his win at WrestleMania. Reigns says that he knows firsthand what it’s like to inspire millions and perhaps even billions of people that he may not even know, and knows that Kingston did the exact same thing when he won the championship from Bryan at Mania. Reigns says that speaking of which, he’s sorry for stealing the spotlight a bit last week, but he figured that they could use a hand. Kingston laughs and says that he did save their bacon, so it’s okay. Reigns officially notes that he is he’ll be on SmackDown Live from now on, which grabs a pop. He says that he can’t wait to get things going again, and that last week definitely lit yet another fire underneath him. He even points out that he’s been waiting a while to knock Daniel Bryan down like that, and can see why Kofi enjoyed doing that so much at WrestleMania. That of which gathers a laugh from the champ. Roman says that he’s glad that he’s on SmackDown Live. He says that the group of superstars on this roster may be better than any group he’s ever been part of before, which is awfully high praise. And Roman says that it starts at the top, and looks right at Kofi Kingston when he says that!

    Reigns says that Kofi’s fight to the top since February has been an admirable journey. He also says that he knows the kind of work that he’s put in over the last 11 years, and absolutely respects him and everything that he’s done. He says that Kingston’s a no doubt Hall of Famer and is a class act and the kind of guy who should be leading this company. But… Reigns says that Kingston is a lot of things, but he’s not The Guy!! Kofi smirks as he looks down at his championship, and brings up his mic. He tells Roman that, with all due respect, he believes that if the WWE Championship he has on his shoulder doesn’t make him The Guy, he doesn’t know what would. Roman responds by saying that main eventing WrestleMania four years in a row is a good start to an explanation, which draws a laugh from Kingston, who says that that’s fair play. Roman says that what he’s basically trying to say is that he’s made his comeback, he dispatched Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania, and now he’s got a new yard. So The Big Dog, Roman says, just needs one more thing to make his yard complete! Roman looks at Kofi and looks down at the WWE Championship on Kofi’s shoulder. Kofi grips it rather tightly, noticeably so, but suddenly everyone’s attention turns away.

    Why? Because the music of Andrade hits! A bit of a surprise to be sure, but El Idolo, Buddy Murphy and Zelina Vega make their way out onto the stage. The duo dubbed as The Expat Express by Vega last week come on out, with Vega holding a microphone. She says that all of this going on right now is a waste of everybody’s time. Nobody, Vega says, wants to see Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston kiss each other’s asses and that everyone wants to see a fight. And luckily, Vega says that they’re going to get that in a few moments when Andrade and Buddy Murphy beat Heavy Machinery in an aforementioned Tag Team Titles Tournament match. Vega says that some might say that the two superstars in the ring are the “best around today” but anyone with eyes can see that she’s standing with the two best of the best today. She puts Andrade and Buddy over, saying that they can do things that Kofi and Roman could only DREAM of doing. She says that they’re going to be the next SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions and will make the two of them look small by comparison.

    Roman gets on the mic and says that she’s doing a lot of talking for her boys, but what she doesn’t realize is that the problem is she’s talking them into a fight that they want no part of. Roman adds that the only one wasting time is Zelina talking all that talk if her boys aren’t going to walk that walk! Kofi off mic shouts at them, wondering if they want the smoke from them. Zelina smirks and then asks the crowd if they want to see a fight. The overwhelming response is in favor of a fight between these two tandems. But, Zelina says that’s too bad, because that’s not going to happen right now. There are plenty of boos, and Vega reminds Reigns again that they have a Tag Team Titles Tournament Match right now and she isn’t letting them anything get in the way of that. Vega tells them to get out of their ring right now, but is sure to add that they’ll remember this interaction, as she makes sure to also stare at the WWE Champion while she says that too. Roman and Kofi look at one another, as Reigns shakes his head, and the two of them depart the ring. Commentary in the meantime hypes up the upcoming tag contest between The Expat Express and Heavy Machinery — which is next!!

    We come back to the ring as Andrade and Buddy Murphy are waiting inside the ring. And as they do, the music of Heavy Machinery hits! Out walk Otis and Tucker, as the blue collar boys are ready to rumble. They receive a pretty decent hand from the fans in Lincoln, as Zelina Vega looks on with some disgust in her eyes, probably at Otis. Definitely at poor Otis, who would never hurt a fly. They get in the ring and take their vests off, as Andrade and Buddy discuss things over and we get going!
    The Expat Express (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Heavy Machinery

    Otis and Tucker prove to be quite the thorn in the side of Andrade and Buddy here. There’s certainly an advantage on display here, as despite their “youth” on the scene here, they’ve been tagging for longer than Andrade and Buddy have. And while it’s put over that The Expat Express were and are workout buddies, that doesn’t immediately translate to a smooth in-ring effort. And Zelina Vega, certainly, is perturbed by this as Otis and Tucky put Andrade and Buddy on their heels in the early goings of the match.

    But as time transpires, Andrade and Buddy begin to gel a lot more. And as that happens, the tide in the match turns mightily. Late though, Otis turns things around after a hot tag, and goes to hit the Caterpillar. But as he goes up for it, Buddy comes FLYING IN with a knee to the side of his head! He saves his tag team partner’s bacon in the process, and puts Otis down and out on the mat. Buddy goes over to the apron and reaches out for the tag and Andrade comes over and gets him. Buddy gets into the ring, talks to Andrade for a moment and he nods. Buddy gets Otis up, and with Tucky subdued on the outside, Murph powers the mighty Otis up onto his shoulders, AND ANDRADE RUNS UP AND HELPS TO DROP HIM DOWN ON HIS HEAD! This DVD-DDT combination leads to Buddy going for the cover! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERS — The Expat Express via pin fall at 8:02.
    So after a hard fought battle it’s The Expat Expresswho advance in the tournament! Zelina inserts herself between Andrade and Buddy in the ring and holds both their arms up. She shouts to everyone that they’re going to be the next champs, and hey, after the performance they just had that point might be hard to argue. Commentary goes through the replays of the big moments of the match, and also discuss the fact that now that they’ve won, they have set up an absolutely huge matchup in two weeks against Ali and Rey Mysterio! That match certainly has big time written all over it, and it will surely be a sight to see when it happens.
    Kayla Braxton is then seen backstage. Braxton welcomes Bayley to the interview pit, and in walks The Hugger, who’s looking sharply focused right now. Braxton firsts asks Bayley about her thoughts about next week’s historic All-Women’s SmackDown Live. Bayley says that she couldn’t be more thrilled about it and says she’s so happy to be part of something this historic. She says it’s another step in the right direction and she can’t wait for next week already. Braxton then asks her about her match tonight, as she’s joining forces with her opponent next week, Asuka, to battle The IIconics. Bayley says that she knows Asuka like the back of her hand and says that she’s ready to compete with her tonight, but is absolutely focused on next week too. Suddenly, Asuka joins the fray! The Empress is greeted with a nod by Bayley, and Asuka leans into the mic. Asuka says while looking at her that tonight they are allies, but next week, they will be enemies. Asuka then says that she may have a championship, but to her… she is still the same woman she’s beaten not once… not twice… but THREE times! That remark catches Bayley by surprise, and a startled Hugger goes to speak, but Asuka shakes her head and says their match is next. She leaves, and Bayley looks at her, looks at Kayla, shakes her head, and then storms off.

    Appearing on screen next is not somebody from SmackDown Live. No, instead, it’s someone from Raw, and that someone is none other than Alexa Bliss! Bliss, in a pre-taped promo, excitedly talks about next week’s all-women’s edition of SmackDown Live. She gushes over the idea of WWE holding it, listing off all the matches that are happening. She says that it’s missing something though. Alexa then proceeds to lament that if the show were in her hometown of Columbus, then she could give that show A Moment of Bliss… oh, wait, it IS in Columbus! Alexa then excitedly announces that next week, she will host a VERY SPECIAL EDITION of A Moment of Bliss in her HOMETOWN of Columbus, Ohio! And who will it feature as her special guest? None other than the Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!!
    As Corey Graves goes through his usual routine of gushing over Alexa, the music of The IIconics is playing, as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are already in the ring. Kay and Royce are going back and forth with each other. Then, the music of Asuka hits! The Empress then makes her grand entrance, and while she walks to the ring, commentary discusses the back and forth she just had with the resident Hugger of SmackDown Live. Corey says that Bayley couldn’t seem to handle the truth and says that Asuka HAS beaten her three times in a row, and she could make it four next week. Byron Saxton says he doesn’t doubt the validity of that, and Bayley doesn’t either, but the shot just seemed uncalled for. Corey asks Byron if you can really blame Asuka for saying something like that, considering all that’s happened to her over the last month, and she is trying to get inside her opponent’s head because she wants a shot at Becky Lynch’s SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. Decorum goes out the window, Graves says, as Bayley makes her entrance. Bayley goes through her usual motions and high fives some fans on the way down to the ring and climbs on inside. She takes off her jacket, side eyes Asuka a little bit and then climbs onto the apron, generously offering Asuka the chance to start the match.
    3 — Tag Team Match
    The IIconics vs. Asuka and Bayley

    The IIconics are who they are. And while they’ve had Bayley’s number recently — they did score a pin fall win over her and Sasha Banks a few weeks ago on SmackDown — whose number they don’t have is Asuka’s. She and Bayley work rather well with one another in this one, despite the animosity before the match. Peyton and Billie prove to be pretty staunch in their own rights. But in this case, they are simply no match for The Empress. With Bayley having cut Peyton off late in the matchup, Asuka lands a HUGE hip attack on Billie in the center of the ring. Afterwards, she picks Billie up, launches a BIG kick into her side, and then pulls her down and locks in the Asuka Lock! Asuka wraps her legs ‘round Billie, and Billie almost immediately taps out after that!

    WINNERS — Asuka and Bayley via submission at 6:46.
    The match is over and Asuka and Bayley are victorious! Asuka lets go of the Asuka Lock on Billie Kay, who is promptly collected by Peyton Royce and helped away. The highlights roll as commentary talk up the fact that Asuka and Bayley worked like a pretty well-oiled machine despite the animosity and tension. Speaking of… Bayley grabs a microphone outside and calls for Asuka’s attention. She gets it as Asuka turns around and looks over to her. She says that now that the match is over, she wants to ask Asuka a question. And so, she asks her a question: What the hell was that all about backstage? Asuka looks on as Bayley brings up the fact that she said she’s the same woman - the same Bayley - that she’s beaten three times in her career. She asks her if she really thinks that, and Asuka nods her head of course. Bayley chuckles a little bit, and says that she wants to ask Asuka a question again. Bayley gets into the ring and asks Asuka if the same Bayley would do this. Bayley then proceeds onward to Asuka and SMACKS HER RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE!!

    That move CERTAINLY shocks everybody around the arena, Asuka included, and maybe even Bayley herself a bit based on subtle facial expressions. Bayley then asks her if she’d do that again in a rather angered tone. Bayley says that the last few weeks have taken a toll on her, but she has had it and she isn’t going to let Asuka get away with what she said. She then goes on to say that she has worked day in and day out to better herself this year, and she feels pretty damn good right now. Bayley says that she’s a champion right now, which is a lot more than Asuka can say about herself, and that she’s better than the last time that she saw her. Bayley then points out that she thought that Asuka respected her. She says that last year when they fought on Raw, Asuka shook her hand. She says that she noticed that she didn’t do that to anybody else, and she thought Asuka was above what she said in the back. Bayley says that she’s disappointed, but not surprised, because everyone around here has always looked down on her, but she says that she knows that she is pretty damn good.

    Bayley says that she was NXT Women’s Champion, she’s the Women’s Tag Team Champion and she was once Raw Women’s Champion. She says that she’s three victories away from becoming SmackDown Women’s Champion, and being a Grand Slam Champion, and she will do what she has to do to get to that point. And that starts by beating Asuka next week for the first time in her career. She says that everybody says that nobody is ready for Asuka but Asuka should be ready for Bayley. She says that next week, she’s coming to the all-women’s SmackDown Live to prove a point. And that point, Bayley says, is that the best women’s superstar on SmackDown Live is NOT Asuka, NOT Charlotte, not ANYBODY else, it’s Bayley!!

    All this time, Asuka has been glaring rather heavily at Bayley. Unfazed by it, Bayley stands and looks right at Asuka with the same amount of sharpness in her eyes. Asuka then lets out a cry and CHARGES AT BAYLEY!!! AND THE TWO WOMEN BEGIN TO FIGHT IN THE RING!!! The two trade quick and heavy blows with each other as Bayley grabs Asuka by the legs and trips her down and starts to punch away at her!! Asuka returns fire as the two roll around the ring and continue to pepper one another with strikes. The referee in the ring tries to intervene, but his efforts are futile. He calls on more officials to come down to the ring, but by then, Asuka and Bayley have gone to the outside!! Bayley goes and drives Asuka into the barricade and continues to wail on her, but Asuka suddenly grabs her by the waist and gives her a hard throw into the barricade!!

    Asuka grabs Bayley and drags her over towards the announce table. Everyone skedaddles away, and Asuka goes and tosses Bayley over the table!! Bayley crashes into the chairs and goes down, and Asuka goes over and clears the way, and Bayley grabs one of the chairs and shoves one of them up into Asuka’s jaw!! That gives Bayley some time to buy, and she gets up, brushes past a couple of officials and lands a hard punch to Asuka’s face!! She knocks her a bit silly as Bayley tries to continue to go on the attack, but officials prevent her from doing so. The crowd wants the melee to continue on, as evident by their vocal chanting and cheering. Asuka is held back also, but she suddenly swim moves past the officials! She charges over at Bayley and grabs Bayley by the ponytail! She then yanks at her and throws her into the ringpost!! Bayley bangs off the post and stumbles to her knees, and Asuka then runs up and clocks her in the back of the head!! She tosses Bayley onto her back and starts to hammer away, but officials once again try to pull her off. They soon succeed, but it is very evident that the lid has just been BLOWN OFF for these two.

    As Asuka is guided to the back, we get a replay sequence of everything that just transpired after Asuka’s initial strike in the ring. And after that’s over and done with, the camera returns and sets itself on Bayley, who’s looking on with anger in her eyes still. She doesn’t listen to anything that the officials are saying to her, as anyone can see that she has other things on her mind. And suddenly, she reaches back, grabs her hair tie and THROWS it down and busts past everyone and storms up the ramp!!!

    We arrive back on the broadcast, and immediately we see Asuka and Bayley brawling in the back!! Commentary says that this has been going on during commercials, as officials have been unable to control these two in the back. Asuka and Bayley are just teeing off on each other in a hallway. Asuka grabs Bayley and goes to throw her into a wall, but Bayley spins out and throws Asuka into it instead!! She grabs her and smashes her face against the wall, and Asuka then elbows Bayley right in the face. She goes over and elbows Bayley again in the face, as we see a cut has formed on Bayley’s mouth. Bayley catches Asuka’s arm as she goes for another elbow, and lands a punch. Then she lands another, and another. Bayley then tucks her head down and lowers her shoulder into Asuka’s stomach and drives her right into a door! She does it again, and Bayley backs up and looks at her, hair scattered in her face, as Asuka is still on her feet. Bayley then looks to do something about that, as she RUNS FORWARD—

    And before ANY sort of conclusion can happen the camera cuts back to the ring!!!

    And then, the music of Rusev hits!

    As Rusev steps out, Tom Phillips says that they will provide updates on Asuka and Bayley when they can, but this was a directive from production to get the show going. And while The Bulgarian Brute, Lana and Shinsuke Nakamura make their way to the ring, Phillips says that due to the length of the brawl between Asuka and Bayley, they had to cancel an interview segment with Charlotte Flair, which was supposed to happen following Asuka and Bayley’s tag team bout with The IIconics. Corey Graves says that this is the nature of live television and sometimes, things get hectic and plans go out the window. As such, Byron issues an apology to the audience for how things have transpired and for the cancellation of the interview.

    Rusev and Nakamura get into the ring and then The Hardy Boyz make their entrance! Jeff and Matt Hardy come out as they are to often do, and get the crowd going as always. Commentary hypes them up as one of the heavy remaining favorites in this tournament, especially due to their experience. They also point out that they scored a win over The Usos two weeks ago, which put them in a pretty great spot all things considered when it comes to their confidence. They get into the ring, take a look over at their opponents, and get ready to scrap.
    Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura (w/ Lana) vs. The Hardy Boyz

    As time is getting crunched, all four competitors in this match certainly do their damnedest to try and get into the win column. The Hardys work with great fluidity and chemistry to no one’s surprise, but Rusev and Nak aren’t too far behind in that category either. They work very well together here, as Lana’s guidance appears to be paying off for them. Late in the matchup, Rusev has Matt Hardy on his heels. He’s got him ready for the Machka Kick as it appears, and lets out a roar as he goes to take Matt’s head off!

    But as he does, Jeff dives in and takes the bullet! Rusev is taken by surprise for a moment, and Matt Hardy turns him around, kicks him in the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate! But Rusev spins out of it! He then goes for the Machka Kick again! No! Matt dodges that bullet on his own, and then grabs Rusev and plants him down with the Side Effect! Nakamura, out on the outside, looks over and sees Matt covering Rusev! 1! 2! NAKAMURA DIVES IN! BUT IT’S TOO LATE!! 3!!!

    WINNERS — The Hardy Boyz via pin fall at 7:15.
    And it’s The Hardy Boyz who are moving on! Matt and Jeff pick up the big win over Rusev and Nakamura, as they show to everyone that they’re still kicking. As they celebrate in the ring, The Hardy Boyz hear it from the crowd, getting a very rousing ovation while Lana helps to collect her bandmates. Replays air of the big spots in the matchup, and we come back to see them celebrate. Commentary discusses their victory, and say that now the semifinals are set, as The Hardys will be facing the tandem of Daniel Bryan and Rowan in two weeks time.

    Speaking of time, no time is wasted now, as we see a graphic appear to hype up the main event, as Bobby Lashley and Finn Bálor will collide for a Money in the Bank Ladder Match spot — NEXT!!

    As we come back, a video plays, hyping up the impeding arrival of one Nikki Cross to SmackDown Live! Cross’ frenetic and chaotic ways are played up, as she will of course be debuting on SmackDown Live next week during the All-Women’s SmackDown Live episode.
    Commentary welcomes us back to the show. Tom Phillips once again apologizes for the overrun and for the cancellation of the Charlotte Flair interview segment. He says that tonight and tonight only, if the main event match between Bobby Lashley and Finn Bálor goes over time, the conclusion of the match will be broadcasted exclusively on the WWE Network. He then says that Asuka and Bayley have been sequestered and are being tended to by the trainers after their brawl spilled out to the back. Corey Graves says that if there was any concern that next week’s All-Women’s SmackDown Live wouldn’t deliver the goods, those doubts were silenced, because Asuka vs. Bayley will be worth the price of admission to see these two scrap with each other again, this time, in sanctioned fashion.

    The music of Finn Bálor then hits! Bálor makes his way out on stage with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist, and blue trunks on below and white boots on his feet. Finn is set to take part in his first ever match on SmackDown Live, an accomplishment to be sure. The IC Champ captivates the crowd on the way down and as he gets into the ring, and then jumps down and looks on at the stage. It’s there that Bobby Lashley makes his way out. Lio Rush accompanies Lashley out and, unsurprisingly, he’s got a microphone in his hand. Lio gets on the mic and says that he’s delighted that this match is happening, because he didn’t even have to ask to have Lashley get his hands on Finn again. Lio says that they aren’t over what happened a few weeks ago at WrestleMania, and Finn kinda cockily taunts them both with the IC Championship, which is now on his shoulder.

    Rush says that it’s funny that he’s taunting them like that, because Bobby Lashley could get the Intercontinental Championship back within the snap of a finger. He says that the title belongs to Lashley and that Finn has no business possessing that title. He says that he thinks it’s also funny that The Demon appears nowhere to be found, and says that he is nothing without that, and has never defeated Lashley looking like the goof that he does right now. Lio says that if Finn were real about being a competitor, he wouldn’t just have this Money in the Bank qualifying match tonight, he’d put the Intercontinental Championship on the line too!!

    Finn appears to not have a problem with that, challenging Lashley to come on down. Lio says that he wants this match to be WINNER TAKE ALL, DOUBLE OR NOTHING for both a spot in the MITB Ladder Match AND the Intercontinental Championship! And once again, Finn seems to invite that challenge along, as he motions for Lashley to come get some. Lashley then goes down the ramp and Greg Hamilton gets on the mic and CONFIRMS that this match will now be DOUBLE OR NOTHING for the Intercontinental Championship AND a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!!
    IC Champ, Finn Bálor vs. Bobby Lashley (w/ Lio Rush)

    There was a lot riding on this match to begin with and now the stakes have only been raised even further. With the Intercontinental Championship now on the line, as well as a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, this match certainly gets a lot of drama slapped onto it. Lashley dominates the early moments of the matchup. He uses his fanatically large size and strength compared to Finn’s to his advantage, and Lio on the outside couldn’t be happier about it. Finn fights on very valiantly, but each time he sees an opening, Bobby is right there to close it up right after.

    Late in the matchup though, Finn is beginning to make a very strong comeback. He puts his boots up as Lashley comes up to get him over near the ropes. Finn does it a second time as he comes over, and Finn runs over and takes him out with the Slingblade! Bálor is wounded a little bit, so he’s slow to get up. But he does succeed in getting up before Lashley does, and he runs over and jumps down and gets him with a double foot stomp! A running version of the Coup de Grace, and he goes and covers Lashley. 1! 2! Shoulder up! It’s not enough for Finn to get the win, but Finn then starts to pound away at Lashley’s face!

    Finn gets up to his feet and feels a bit energized now after letting off some steam. Rush gets up on the apron and gets Finn’s attention. Bálor runs over, and Lio jumps off the apron. Finn gets outside and Lio backs away. He doesn’t want any problems, but that doesn’t appear to be Bálor’s problem, and he goes after Lio! Lio runs away, jumps up on the steps and launches himself off to try and get out of pursuit. But Finn is still hot on his tail. Lio continues to get chased, and he rolls himself into the ring. Finn dives in afterwards, and runs toward him BUT LASHLEY SUDDENLY CUTS HIM RIGHT IN HALF WITH A HUGE SPEAR!!


    Bálor is turned inside out, and looks to be KNOCKED out, and The All Mighty goes for the cover! 1! 2! 3-NO! FINN KICKS OUT!!

    Finn survives the Spear! Lashley can’t quite believe it, as he shakes his head in disbelief. Lio can’t believe it either, as his attempt to lure Finn in worked, but it didn’t work as well as he wanted it to. He pounds on the apron as he walks away, trying to collect himself for a moment as we see Lashley lift Finn up. He then powers him up onto his shoulder, walks around with him for a bit and seems to want to plant him with the Dominator! A throwback maneuver for Lashley himself, as it USED to be his finisher back in his first run in WWE. He then GOES TO SEND HIM DOWN, but Finn lands on his feet!! Bobby goes for a clothesline, but Finn ducks it and scores with a Pelé Kick!

    Bobby bangs into the corner and stumbles in, and Finn pulls him down and into an inside cradle! 1! 2! NO! Lashley kicks out and pops back up to his feet. He runs over, and Finn then executes a drop toehold that sends Lashley FACE FIRST onto the second turnbuckle pad! Bálor then goes over to the opposite corner and looks on at Bobby, who is woozily getting up to his feet. He does, and Finn runs over and hits a running front dropkick!! Finn then gets up to his feet, and he sees Lio on the outside. Finn then runs over towards the ropes and DIVES OUT, AND CONNECTS WITH A TOPE CON HILO ON LIO RUSH!! Finn rolls RIGHT back up to his feet, looks over at Lashley, who’s lying down on his back. He then runs up, jumps up on the apron and climbs up the ropes. He launches himself off AND HITS THE COUP DE GRACE!! HE COVERS! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Finn Bálor via pin fall at 13:07. Bálor RETAINS the Intercontinental Title and is IN the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
    He’s done it!! Finn Bálor is headed to Money in the Bank AND has maintained possession of his Intercontinental Title!! The crowd bellows out a loud pop as Bálor goes into celebration mode with his championship. Lio Rush can’t believe it on the outside, as his gamble to get The All Mighty the Intercontinental Championship has just gone south! We get a heavy sequence of replays of this eventful encounter, including the very dramatic conclusion. Those replays end, and we see Finn celebrating with the title still inside the ring while Lio has collected something, that being Lashley, as the two are heading up the ramp in dismay. Finn, meanwhile, is far from it, as he’s headed for Money in the Bank and now has a shot at glory while still proudly holding his championship.



    Current Card for WWE Money in the Bank
    Date: May 19th 2019
    Event Location: Hartford, Connecticut; XL Center
    Event Music: Jim Johnston; Money

    Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    AJ Styles vs. Apollo Crews OR Randy Orton vs. 2 Other Raw Participants vs.
    Finn Bálor vs. Kevin Owens vs. 2 Other SmackDown Live Participants

    Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    Ember Moon vs. Naomi vs. Dana Brooke OR Ruby Riott vs. 1 Other Raw Participant vs. 4 SmackDown Live Participants

    WWE Championship Match
    Kofi Kingston defends against Braun Strowman

    WWE Universal Championship Match
    Seth Rollins defends against The Miz

    SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships Tournament Final
    Ali and Rey Mysterio OR Andrade and Buddy Murphy vs. Daniel Bryan and Rowan OR The Hardy Boyz

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    205 Live — April 23, 2019
    Lincoln, Nebraska Pinnacle Bank Arena

    It’s 205 Live time on the WWE Network! After an eventful night on SmackDown Live the cruiserweights now take center stage here at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kicking things off is Jack Gallagher who makes his way to the ring for singles competition. Not competing for a spot in the Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match in a few weeks though, as we learned last week that his ally Drew Gulak is doing that later tonight. Aiden English says, after talking with Vic Joseph for a moment, that he spoke to Gallagher earlier tonight. He said that he asked him what his thoughts were about Gulak getting the spot over him were, and he said he had nothing but good things to say, but he said his eyes told a different story. As Joseph and English go back and forth on the thought that maybe Gallagher’s a bit upset that he wasn’t picked for that match, Raul Mendoza makes his way to the ring. Mendoza, a newcomer to 205 Live, made his debut two weeks ago of course in a tag team match with Humberto Carrillo against Gallagher and Gulak. Now, he’ll get a one-on-one test against one of the savviest of veterans here on the purple brand.
    1 — Singles Match
    Jack Gallagher vs. Raul Mendoza

    Gallagher and Mendoza get things started off on the right foot here. Mendoza’s quickness gets him into an early advantage over Gallagher, who can’t ground and pound like he would like to. At one point in the early goings, he twists Jack’s arm, walks over to the corner, steps up the turnbuckles, bounces off the top rope on his legs, backflips and then drags Gallagher up and over his shoulder and to the mat! Mendoza then kicks Gallagher in the back and runs off to the ropes and snapmares Gallagher as he’s sitting down! The early and exciting action brought by Mendoza gets him some cheers from the crowd remaining in the arena, as he’s certainly getting it going here.

    Gallagher does eventually take hold of the matchup and uses his style to keep Mendoza down. He makes it almost look easy, as he takes all of that early momentum and snatches it up for himself. He at one point grabs Mendoza, butterflies his arms and suplexes him down on his back! Gallagher then picks Mendoza up again, hammers his back, and then butterflies the arms and suplexes him down again! Gallagher shakes his head, not feeling satisfied yet, and he grabs him a third time, butterflies the arms, lifts him up and drops him back first down onto his leg! A butterfly backbreaker NEARLY gets him the victory, but Mendoza is able to get his shoulder up before the count of three.

    Late in the matchup, Gallagher has Mendoza prone in the corner. He runs in, looking for the Gentleman’s Dropkick, but Mendoza dodges the move! Gallagher hits the corner hard and backs up and Mendoza grabs him, locks him up and hits a Reverse Exploder Suplex! Mendoza then runs back against the ropes, comes up and scores with a huge Penalty Kick! He goes for the cover afterwards. 1! 2! NO! A kick out from Gallagher doesn’t cause Mendoza to get too hot and bothered. But it’s certainly a bit of a disappointment. He pulls Gallagher up, and he runs up but Gallagher suddenly HEADBUTTS Mendoza! He then pulls him in, turns him around and hits a Back Suplex that drops Mendoza damn near on his neck! He goes for the cover. 1! 2! Shoulder up by Mendoza!!

    Gallagher shakes his head as he then grabs him by the arm and tries to lock in an armbar! But Mendoza is able to eventually wriggle himself out of danger. He throws Gallagher into the corner, and then Mendoza goes over to the corner. He climbs out on the apron, grabs the top rope and slingshots up. He jumps up on the top rope, bounces off and HITS A DOUBLE FOOT STOMP ON JACK’S BACK! He then picks Gallagher up, collects him, lifts him up and DROPS HIM DOWN WITH A PUMPHANDLE DRIVER! He hooks the legs! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Raul Mendoza via pin fall at 12:27.
    A three count later and Raul Mendoza picks up the win! A rather impressive victory for the upstart here in 205 Live, as Mendoza is now 2-0 in action on the purple brand. Mendoza lets out a big fist pump after picking up the win, as he’s obviously very excited about getting another tall in the win column. We get some replays of the intense action that took place between Mendoza and Gallagher, ultimately ending with Mendoza’s big time Pumphandle Driver for the victory. A frustrated Gallagher is the focus out of the replay, as he not only didn’t get to compete for a chance at a CHANCE at a title, but wound up on the losing side of things here as well.
    After everything clears itself out, we get a special look at both Drew Gulak and Humberto Carrillo, as well as their rivalry, in a nifty video package.
    Out of that video package, it’s time for more action! The music of Akira Tozawa hits, and out walks the 205 Live vet. Tozawa receives a nice hand from the crowd, and as he paces down the ramp to the ring, we get a look back at last week. Tozawa, of course, mettled with Mike Kanellis’ match with Gran Metalik, which ultimately led to Kanellis’ demise and Metalik’s delight and advancement into the Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match. While Akira isn’t facing Mike tonight, and commentary notes that Tozawa will be in action next week for a chance at getting to that Triple Threat Match, Mike Kanellis probably out there watching somewhere.
    2 — Singles Match
    Akira Tozawa vs. Devin Justin

    This proves to be more of a palate cleanser than anything after the back-and-forth match we just witnessed. Tozawa dominates Devin Justin, a local talent, as he gets a nice lead-in to his high stakes match next week. Devin can’t muster up too much offense. And when he odes, it is easily countered by Akira, who shines pretty brightly in this abbreviated contest to say the least. Tozawa lays Justin out on the mat, and then drags him over near the corner. He then goes out on the apron, scales up the ropes and gets to the top. He then launches off, and hits his Senton Bomb finisher! He covers! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Akira Tozawa via pin fall at 3:49.
    And with that, Akira Tozawa is victorious! The 205 Live veteran gets an emphatic win with a big opportunity looming for him next week. A quick series of replays airs, highlighting Tozawa’s dominant victory tonight in Lincoln. The cameras then shift back to Tozawa, who’s up on the second rope in the corner. He’s celebratory right now, but suddenly his attention is taken away by somebody’s voice. In fact, everyone’s attention is taken away, as it all goes to the TitanTron…

    Because somebody is on the screen!

    That someone is…

    KYLE O'REILLY!?!?!?

    Indeed, one of the members of The Undisputed Era is on the TitanTron! O’Reilly says hello to Akira Tozawa, and congratulates him on the win. He says that for a while, he’s observed Tozawa from afar, and he’s impressed. He says he knows that he’s one of the best on 205 Live. And he knows that if he wanted to come to 205 Live, he’d want to face the very best. O’Reilly recalls facing the very best in the world everywhere that he’s been, including down in NXT. He says that competition is something that makes him thrive and is something that has made him successful everywhere that he’s been. Which brings him to a very important announcement. Kyle says that next week, he’s coming to 205 Live!! Just in case that he was wondering who he was going to face to get into the Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match, O’Reilly tells Tozawa that he’s looking right at him!! KOR tells Akira that he’ll see him next week, but when all is set and done, Kyle O’Reilly will be one step closer to becoming Cruiserweight Champion… and that’s undisputed!!
    After that bombshell announcement and a commercial break, it is indeed made official that next week, Akira Tozawa will go one on one with The Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly, with the final spot in the Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match on the line!
    And with that, we get set for our main event of the evening. Humberto Carrillo makes his way out onto the stage. Carrillo is introduced and receives a nice hand from the fans who are still here. He makes his way down the ramp, but suddenly he’s hit from behind! And the attacker is none other than his opponent tonight, Drew Gulak!! Gulak kicks and stamps away at Carrillo and picks him up and throws him into the aisle barricade! Gulak apparently wants as much of an advantage as he can possibly get. The official tries to pull him away, but Gulak shoos him off as he picks Carrillo up to his feet. He asks him if he wants to fly, and asks him again, and then runs over with him and sends him flying alright, right into the steel steps!! Humberto is down and out cold now as Gulak lets out a smile as he looks at the work he’s done. Admiring it, he squats down and continues to look on as several more officials and the training staff come down to look at Carrillo.

    Drew rolls into the ring and goes and sits down in the corner. In the meanwhile, Raul Mendoza has now come out. Mendoza goes over and checks on his friend, who’s communicating with officials. Carrillo says that he wants to go, ignoring the advice from the staff to come to the back. Gulak pulls himself up in the corner and challenges him to go on. Mendoza glares over at Gulak and talks to him, calling him a coward. Gulak ignores Mendoza and continues to challenge Carrillo, and Humberto proceeds to roll into the ring! And away we go!
    Drew Gulak vs. Humberto Carrillo

    Drew Gulak obviously came into this match with a plan and he’s executing it perfectly in his mind. Carrillo is banged up as the match begins, and Drew works aggressively on Humberto’s back and shoulder, which took the brunt of the damage dealt to him on the outside. Gulak uses his submission, ground-and-pound style to his advantage, taking out the mighty high flying skills of his rival. Which, as Aiden English notes, appears to be exactly what he wanted to do from the beginning of the match.

    Humberto certainly fights on valiantly though. He stays alive and uses his resiliency to his benefit. Gulak becomes increasingly frustrated as the match goes on that Carrillo isn’t going down for the count. But that frustration later comes with a price, as his overaggressiveness costs him dearly. He has Carrillo prone near the ropes, and runs over. But Humberto bends downa nd back drops Gulak up and all the way over down onto the floor! Humberto looks down at Drew from inside the ring and looks around. He then grabs the top rope, slingshots up and turns around, and then bounces off AND HITS A SPRINGBOARD ASAI MOONSAULT DOWN ON DREW GULAK!

    The luchadorian ways of the upstart on 205 Live have dazzled the crowd and put Drew on his back for once. Carrillo then gets up to his feet, as he’s still a bit banged up, and he puts him up and into the ring. He then grabs him through the ropes and lifts him up. He goes and hits his head on the top turnbuckle, and then does it agin. He climbs inside, props him up on the top turnbuckle and then heads out onto the apron. Gulak tries to fight back, but Humberto scores with a couple of big chops across the chest. Humberto then grabs the top rope, jumps up, springboards off AND DROPS GULAK DOWN ON THE MAT WITH A SPECTACULAR HURRICANRANA! He covers! 1! 2! NO!

    A near fall keeps Gulak alive and progresses this match onward. Carrillo has seized momentum away from Drew though, but that can only last for so long. Humberto runs up to Gulak after chaining off a couple of strikes and kicks. But Gulak is ready for him, and he grabs him on return and spins him around and this a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! He goes for the cover.1! 2! Shoulder up! Gulak shakes his head and taunts Carrillo as he goes to get up. He then goes to deadlift him up off the mat and succeeds! But Carrillo lands behind him and on his feet. He spins Drew around and then goes for a standing hurricanrana! No! Drew holds on, and then swiftly applies a Boston Crab!

    Carrillo lets out a cry as Gulak keeps the hold applied in the center of the ring. Humberto reaches out for the ropes and makes a play for them, but as he does, Gulak drops his legs, gets down and then applies a Crossface! The submission styles of Gulak are benefitting him here greatly and we see that Gulak is pushing the ropes away from Humberto with his feet! The referee accosts him for doing so, but all Drew does then is use them to bounce off, and put the hold on in the center of the ring! Humberto toils and toils some more but then begins to make another push for the ropes! Gulak pulls back more and Humberto then elbows him in the face. He elbows him again and then suddenly throws himself over and gets Gulak’s shoulders to the mat! 1! 2! No! Gulak powers back on him and then begins to elbow him!

    Drew relentlessly hits Carrillo in the side of the head with his elbow for a couple of moments. He then grabs him, sets him up in surfboard position, but reaches out and grabs him by the neck and pulls him down!! He supplants even MORE pressure on his back as Carrillo is in a world of pain! He tries to fight on, but the longe the fights, the longer that Gulak is in control and the more pressure is applied! Eventually, after a couple of moments of fighting on, Humberto has NO CHOICE but to tap out!!!

    WINNER — Drew Gulak via submission at 14:27. Gulak advances to the #1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match.
    And Drew Gulak is victorious!! Gulak is headed to the #1 Contender’s Match, and is now one step closer to becoming Cruiserweight Champion for the first time in his WWE career. He gets up and has his hand raised by the official, and he soaks that up with Carrillo lies on the mat in suffering. Drew shakes his head at him and steps over hi, and goes over to the corner and celebrates the win up on the second rope. A replay sequence is shown of the highlights of this dramatic contest, as it was obvious to anybody that these two put all that they could into this one. In the end though, it was Gulak’s style that won over Humberto’s, and that perhaps is only going to embolden Drew even more. The replays end and we see Drew standing up on the stage. Suddenly Jack Gallagher makes his way out. Gallagher, who we saw fall to Raul Mendoza earlier tonight, comes out and grabs Drew’s attention right away. Jack looks at Drew and Drew looks at Jack, and Jack grabs Gulak by the wrist and holds his hand up. Drew lets out a smile, as for right now, Gallagher is in full support of Gulak, despite any buzz of the contrary. And right now, this camp certainly looks to be pretty darn strong.



    April 30, 2019:

    Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender's Play-In Match

    Akira Tozawa vs. Kyle O'Reilly

    May 7, 2019

    Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match

    Drew Gulak vs. Gran Metalik vs. Akira Tozawa OR Kyle O'Reilly

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    NXT UK April 24, 2019
    Brooklyn, New York Pier 12

    The second round of NXT UK from WrestleMania Axxess has gone live! Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, located here at Pier 12 in Brooklyn, New York. The unique atmosphere combined with rowdy fans who’ve packed the arena section of Axxess are set to provide plenty of excitement. Joseph and McGuinness highlight the big happenings of the evening, which will be capped off by the main event of the evening, which will see The Grizzled Young Veterans defend their NXT UK Tag Team Championships against Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams!

    We get going with the return of one of NXT UK’s biggest lads. That being Dave Mastiff, who stomps through the curtain and looks around at the NXT UK Universe. Mastiff is making his in-ring return, having not competed since all the way back on January 30. Mastiff’s absence has likely only made him hungrier for competition here, as his imposing presence gathers up quite a lot of attention as he gets into the ring. He looks out towards the stage as his opponent then makes his entrance, and that opponent is none other than NXT’s Riddick Moss! As Moss makes his way to the ring, commentary talks up a bit of a ‘talent showcase’ going on between NXT General Manager William Regal and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint, which explains this encounter that’s set to go on now. Commentary talks Moss up, saying that he’s somebody looking for an opportunity, and now he’s going to get one here on this episode of NXT UK.
    1 — Singles Match
    Dave Mastiff vs. Riddick Moss

    Mastiff and Moss are two big dudes, and in this match they fight like two big dudes. Which is to say they try to knock each other’s blocks off in a bit of a hoss fight. Moss holds his own in his first match in quite a while on television, while the same can be said for Mastiff too. Near the end of the match, Mastiff is beginning to pull away from Moss. Moss tries one last attempt at trying to make a big move, as he dives at Mastiff off the ropes. But mastiff grabs him in midi-air! And he lifts him up and plants him down with a huge slam to the mat! He drags Moss over, walks over to the opposite corner, charges in and hits a CANNON BALL in the corner! He then drags him away to the center and hooks the legs. 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Dave Mastiff via pin fall at at 6:07.
    In his first match back with NXT UK, Dave Mastiff is victorious! Mastiff gets up and gets his hand raised by the official as his name is announced with some gusto. We get a replay sequence while Joseph and McGuinness talk up the importance of Mastiff’s victory here on this episode. They talk about getting off on the right foot, especially after being absent for nearly three months. Needless to say, Dave Mastiff did exactly that here. There’s no telling what a hungry Mastiff could mean around here, but regardless of the unknown, what IS known is that he’s in a very good spot right now after picking up that W.
    Prior to tonight’s main event, we get a video package that hypes up The Grizzled Young Veterans. It focuses in on James Drake and Zack Gibson, their formation and then their road to TakeOver: Blackpool several months ago. Their match against Moustache Mountain is highlighted, in which they became the first-ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Their work over the past few months is shown, including their victory over the likes of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch back in February. It’s been a solid run for them so far, but can they continue it today? Time will tell.
    A pre-recorded interview airs, as NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm is seen fielding questions. Storm appears to be over by another area of the pier, and discusses her recent victory over Jinny, where she retained the NXT UK Women’s Championship. She says that she feels accomplished after picking up that win, calling Jinny a great competitor, but says her best wasn’t better than hers. She’s asked about how Paige showed up last week on NXT UK, appearing to scout out talent. Toni says that whatever reason Paige is here, she’s happy that she’s around, calling her an inspiration to her and someone she really respects. Storm is then asked about the rest of the women’s division in NXT UK, but she’s suddenly ambushed!! The camera picks up that it’s Killer Kelly who’s going after Toni Storm! Storm tries to fight back after being knocked off her feet, and Kelly gets in some really hard shots as the two fight over by a loading dock. Storm again tries to fight back, but then the two are separated. Before that though, Kelly gets in a cheap shot, kicking Toni right in the gut. No one can understand in the moment why Kelly would do this, but it’s definitely gotten the NXT UK Women’s Champion’s attention, that much is true.
    We go back inside Pier 12 and Kassius Ohno is on his way to the ring. Ohno, who was last seen losing to Travis Banks two weeks ago on NXT UK, is getting set for singles competition here. Nigel puts Ohno over as a wrestling genius and says that we should be grateful to have someone of his stature and prominence around NXT UK. Joseph contests that Ohno may be that, but his arrogance seems to be costing him and not making any friends. Nigel says that you shouldn’t be in this for friends and he doesn’t blame him one bit for how he has handled himself. After Ohno gets into the ring, he grabs a microphone.

    Ohno begins to cut a promo, talking about that loss to Travis Banks two weeks ago. He points out that Banks picked up a big win over Noam Dar last week, and he credits himself for that. Joseph asks how that could be possible, and Ohno says that his guidance in that match obviously had an effect on The Kiwi Buzzsaw. He says that he made sure to teach him a couple of things, and he tells Banks “you’re welcome” for the win last week. Ohno says though that his work in NXT UK is not done yet. He points out that Tyler Bate picked up a big win over Jordan Devlin last week too. Ohno says that a lot of people have been saying that Tyler Bate should be next in line to face WALTER. Kassius says that he doesn’t know how that’s possible, because he hasn’t beaten Kassius Ohno yet. He says he’s the measuring stick around here and proceeds to seemingly challenge Tyler Bate to a match! But Ohno says that match isn’t going to happen tonight, especially will not while they’re in Pier 12 because he is above having a match of that caliber in front of a bunch of tourists. Ouch…

    Kassius drops the microphone then as Ligero makes his way to the ring. Ligero receives a nice hand from the crowd, as the masked superstar fetches in some support from the faithful who’ve gathered here in Brooklyn today. Ohno paces around the ring as he waits for Ligero to get inside. Commentary says that this is a great opportunity for Ligero, who hasn’t competed since March 20 against Eddie Dennis. Nigel says that Ligero should be honored to share the ring with a wrestling legend like Kassius Ohno, and Nigel also says that he agrees with his assessment, and that Tyler Bate shouldn’t get hasty about facing WALTER until he beats Kassius Ohno. While that can be debated, what cannot be debated is that we’re about to see these two go head to head.
    2 — Singles Match
    Kassius Ohno vs. Ligero

    The arrogant Kassius faces off with fan favorite Ligero here in our second match on NXT UK today. Ligero gets Ohno a bit frustrated in the early goings, putting him on his heels a bit with his quicker style that Kassius isn’t quite able to keep up with. Ohno being a smarmy veteran though is able to know him down with a cheap shot and he uses that to sweep momentum in his favor. Kassius tries to rip the mask off Ligero more than a couple of times, which doesn’t earn him any grace or positive responses. It definitely fires Ligero up, but Ligero’s overaggressiveness plays right into what Ohno wants from him. Towards the conclusion of the match, Ligero nearly gets Ohno down for the count. But, he’s soon taken down with a huge boot to the face by Ohno! Ohno then sets himself up and then runs over and LAUNCHES IN THE KNOCKOUT ELBOW to Ligero! He drops down and covers! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Kassius Ohno via pin fall at 8:07.
    Kassius Ohno gets the win! Ohno is able to take down Ligero, figuratively and literally, with his devastating elbow. As a result, Kassius is able to pick up a strong victory here to bounce back after falling to Banks a few weeks ago. We get some replays of the big moments of the match, including the finish with this KO getting a KO victory. As Ohno celebrates, we get a graphic hyping up the fact that Rhea Ripley is about to get into the ring herself!
    Without wasting any time after the quick commercial break, Rhea Ripley heads out onto the stage. Ripley doesn’t receive the greatest of responses from the crowd that’s packed Pier 12, but Ripley could not care less. The first NXT UK Women’s Champion stomps down the ramp to the ring, as she’s set to compete with MJ Jenkins, who’s already in the ring and waiting to get after it. Commentary points out that these two have history with one another, as they met in a First Round matchup in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. Ripley gets up on the apron and poses, and then climbs inside the ring and discards her vest and stands in the corner menacingly.
    3 — Singles Match
    Rhea Ripley vs. MJ Jenkins

    So… yeah, this goes about as you’d expect. Jenkins and Ripley don’t exactly have the match that they had in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. This time around, Ripley dominates Jenkins from pillar to post and bell to bell. Jenkins gets only a couple of moments of offense, and they are otherwise snuffed out by what is a simply dominant performance by the first NXT UK Women’s Champion. Ripley gets Jenkins set up in the center of the ring eventually and promptly DROPS HER with the RIPTIDE! She goes for the cover after. 1! 2! 3!!!
    WINNER — Rhea Ripley via pin fall at 3:25.
    And this ballgame is ova. Rhea Ripley picks up a commanding victory over the upstart in MJ Jenkins, who had no answer for anything that Rhea or her Riptide could bring to the table tonight. A short replay sequence later, and we see Rhea backing up the ramp. She clearly has no regard for anything the crowd is doing, and she taunts them all and puts herself over as she’s brimming with confidence. She continues to back up towards the stage, and as she does we see someone walk out on stage. The camera closes in on Rhea, who then turns around and looks in the eyes of… PAIGE! Evidently, Paige is back on the scene for the second straight week. Paige looks out towards the ring, and then back at Rhea, and sizes her up. Rhea locks eyes with Paige, who seems impressed with what she’s seen, but we can’t be too sure since she soon departs from the scene without a word.
    After the brief commercial break, we come back and hear the music of Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams! And that means that it’s main event time here on NXT UK. Jordan and Williams go down to the ring with a humongous opportunity at their feet. They seem ready for it as they briskly pace down the aisle towards the ring. They hop inside and communicate with one another as they head to their corner. After they do that, the music of The Grizzled Young Veterans hits. Out walk James Drake and Zack Gibson, both of whom have their NXT UK Tag Team Championships around their waists. They bang fists and go down the aisle, their eyes locked on the team that picked up a win against them a few weeks ago on this program. They get into the ring, we go through intros, and we’re ready… to… go!
    The Grizzled Young Veterans defend against Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams

    With the clock ticking not his episode of NXT UK, this match proves to be a hearty sprint. Drake and Gibson look to do anything and everything to keep their Tag Team Championships intact. But they are certainly put to work by Jordan and Williams. The upstart tag team use their tandem offense to put The GYV on their heels. Late in the matchup, Williams is going blow for blow with Gibson in the middle of the ring. Gibson knees Williams in the gut, and then goes for a Powerbomb. But on his way down, Williams counters it right into a facebuster!! Drake, on the outside, is battling with Jordan, and he props him up and drops him down on the barricade! He then looks inside the ring, as Williams has gotten up. He ducks a desperate shot from Gibson, turns him around and hits him with a Swinging DDT!! Meanwhile, as that happens, we see that Drake has grabbed one of the NXT UK Tag Team Titles! Williams drops down and hooks both legs in the meantime! 1! 2! NO! DRAKE HAS STRUCK WILLIAMS IN THE BACK WITH THE TAG TEAM TITLE BELT!!

    WINNERS — Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams via disqualification at 8:40. The Grizzled Young Veterans RETAIN the NXT UK Tag Team Titles.
    Boos rain down from the bleachers here at Pier 12, as Jordan and Williams have defeated The Grizzled Young Veterans — by disqualification! Drake drops the title down and stomps and kicks away at Williams. Despite a raucous effort by the challengers, they have come up empty handed thanks to Drake’s devious ways. Gibson soon gets up and helps Drake kick and stamp away. While that’s going on though, Amir Jordan has sprung up! Jordan walks over and gets up on the apron. He gets Gibson’s attention, as Jordan slingshots up and jumps off the ropes and takes Gibson out with a clothesline!! He then ducks a shot by Drake, and turns around and hits him with a spinning heel kick! Jordan then runs and launches at BOTH Drake and Gibson, and takes both of them out of the ring with a running dropkick!!

    The NXT UK Tag Team Champions may very well still have their gold. But as this episode comes to a close, they certainly may have also bitten off more than they can chew, and this likely won’t be the last time that these two teams face off!


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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    NXT — April 24, 2019
    Winter Park, Florida Full Sail Live

    The black and yellow brand is back on the airwaves. NXT arrives on the WWE Network at its usual timeslot. And per the usual, the fans inside Full Sail Live are going bananas. Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show, hyping up a huge night of action on the way for us. That of which includes an epic 3 Way Dance to determine Io Shirai’s first challenger for her newly won NXT Women’s Championship between Bianca Belair, Candice LeRae and Mia Yim. And in addition to that, The Undisputed Era will band together to face The Street Profits and a partner of their choosing!

    And speaking of that… SHOCK…THE SYSTEM blares over the PA inside Full Sail Live. And afterwards, The Undisputed Era make their way to the stage! Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong make their way out with Kyle O’Reilly flanking them. Those first three are the ones announced for this upcoming 6-Man Tag, as O’Reilly will merely be acting as the wild card of sort at ringside. Commentary discusses how this match came about, flashing back to last week’s encounter between TUE and The Street Profits, as we then see the group go in the ring and go through the usual motions of their entrance. Then, a few moments later, The Street Profits enter Full Sail Live! Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford dance their way out onto the stage, charismatically and dynamically as ever. Angelo goes to go down the ramp, but Montez pulls him back and wags his finger and reminds him of the fact that their partner’s yet to arrive. Angelo nods his head and remembers that, and tells him, “my bad, fam” as Montez assures him that it’s all good. Ford then points over to the entrance way, Kliq-style, as does Angelo…

    And the music of The Original Bro hits!!! Matt Riddle is the handpicked partner! A very likeminded choice indeed, Riddle dances with The Profits, as The Undisputed Era roll their eyes inside the ring. This will be, of course, Riddle’s first encounter with TUE, and already he has seemingly drawn the ire of them just by existing as The Street Profits’ partner. Commentary talks up the fact that Riddle is likely looking to get on the right path after falling to The Velveteen Dream at TakeOver several weeks ago. The Original Bro climbs into the ring, dances a bit with the Profits and kicks his crocs off, and again, his presence draws agitation from TUE. They all briefly discuss things, and then we get to business!
    1 — Six-Man Team Match
    The Undisputed Era (w/ Kyle O’Reilly) vs. The Street Profits and Matt Riddle

    It should surprise not one person that this match went off without a hitch. Given the combination of talent in the ring, it was bound to be as fluid as possible. It certainly allows for Dawkins and Ford to have their highest profile match to date, and for Riddle to get some burn with some of the best around. For TUE, it’s a chance for them to get back in the mix. And for a good portion of this match, they show their unity and growth as a unit, and prove why they’ve been so strong a unit for nearly the last two years on the black and gold brand.

    Late in the matchup, which has gone on for some time in the early goings of this episode of NXT, Adam Cole and Bobby Fish are doing some double-teaming of Montez Ford, while Angelo Dawkins has been indisposed on the outside and while Matt Riddle can only watch from the apron. Cole, the legal man in the matchup, taunts Ford while Fish holds him by his arms. Cole then runs forward and looks for a jumping knee to the face, but Ford avoids trouble and Cole’s knee collides with Fish’s face!! Ford now has a chance to make a play for a hot tag to Riddle, who stamps his feet and tries to get Full Sail loud and ready. And loud and ready they are!

    Cole goes to put a stop to that however, as he grabs Ford and yanks him up. He goes for a right, but Ford blocks it and then hits him with a step-up enziugiri! Cole is now on his stomach, and Ford continues to dig and try to get towards the corner. The leader of TUE, meanwhile, is now headed to try and get a tag from Roderick Strong, who has his hand extended out over the ropes. Cole then gets there and slaps Strong’s hand, but concurrently, Ford makes the tag to Riddle!!

    Riddle charges in and ducks a right hand from Strong. He then runs up and knees Strong right in the jaw to get him stumbling away. Fish, back up to his feet on the apron, is then taken right back down as Riddle goes over and hits him with a flying knee as well! He then looks over as Roddy runs over to him. Strong jumps up, but Riddle grabs him in mid-air! He puts him down on his feet, turns him around and hits him with a big German Suplex! Riddle holds on and gets up and hits him with a second German Suplex! The Bro then keeps his arms cinched around him, grabs him again, adjusts his grip and then swings back and drops Roddy with a Dragon Suplex!!

    Matt gets up to his feet and feeds off the crowd, who’re going bananas at the moment. Riddle then sets his sights on Roddy and charges over. But as he approaches, Kyle O’Reilly charges over, grabs Roddy by the hand and pulls him away from the scene! And Riddle’s knees hit the turnbuckles!! The referee though has a serious problem with that, and he accosts Kyle for it! Kyle gets into an argument with him, and the official then throws him out from the ringside area!! KOR argues with the official, but he has no other choice but to be sent away from the ring.

    Meanwhile, inside the ring, Roddy and Riddle get up to their feet. They meet and chop the hell out of each other for a couple of moments, and Roddy grabs his head and knees it hard. Riddle bounces off the ropes and then charges forward and slams his knee HARD into Roddy’s head!! Riddle then immediately grabs him and goes for another German, but Roddy blocks, rolls through and gets him into a pinning combo! 1! 2! NO! Riddle kicks out! Both men get up to their feet and Roddy runs over. He goes for a strike, but Riddle ducks it. And Montez Ford, on the apron, savvily jumps and scores with a Pelé Kick on Roddy with the ropes’ assistance! Riddle then waits and dips down and props Roddy up on his shoulders!

    Cole, seeing this transpire, goes to go inside the ring. As does Bobby Fish. But as they do, Angelo Dawkins gets in the ring and sprints over and TAKES BOTH MEN OUT WITH A HUGE TACKLE!! And as that happens, RIDDLE DROPS STRONG WITH THE BRO 2 SLEEP!! Montez then hops in the ring to play watch dog as the referee counts! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERS — Matt Riddle and The Street Profits at 12:32.
    And it’s over! Riddle and The Profits are victorious!! A chaotic and frenetic six-man tag opener concludes with the good guys prevailing over the mighty Undisputed Era. Riddle and The Profits maintain the ring while TUE collects themselves and heads up the ramp while replays air of the high spots of the match. Those replays conclude, as commentary makes a note that pinning Roderick Strong might be the biggest thing Matt Riddle has done thus far in NXT. Riddle and The Profits dance once again, now in the center of the ring, while TUE looks on in disgust from the top of the stage.
    We then get some additional hype for our main event, as we cut to see Candice LeRae taping up her wrists in preparation. LeRae, of course, will be fighting with Bianca Belair and Mia Yim in a 3 Way Dance to determine who’s next in line to face Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship.
    After a quick round of commercials, we get a look back at how last week’s show ended. Of course, The Velveteen Dream had all of the spotlight. The Dream defeated Keith Lee in a non-title match, as he did not defend his NXT North American Championship against the man they call Limitless. But the story certainly revolved around what happened after the match. As Dream went to celebrate on stage, the music of one TYLER BREEZE hit to the shock of EVERYBODY in Full Sail Live. Prince Pretty then appeared for the first time in a few months, as he’d already tangled with Ricochet a few months prior, but this move appears much more permanent. And as Mauro Ranallo points out, it is, as Breeze was involved in the Superstar Shakeup and is officially on NXT.

    We then cut to a exclusive video that saw Cathy Kelley interview The Gorgeous One. Breeze said that he was delighted to hear that he was coming back to NXT. He says that while some might think that he didn’t get the job done on Raw or SmackDown Live, he says that he’s not viewing it that way. He says that he’s just looking at this as a fresh start for him. But also, Breeze says that he has unfinished business. He points out that despite his success a few years ago, he never won a championship while he was in NXT. He even points back to the fact that he never even had a one-on-one opportunity for the NXT Championship. But also, he says that he came close to winning that North American Championship against The One and Only, and now, well, The Velveteen Dream has something that he wants.
    The NXT Tag Team Champions hit the scene! The War Raiders stomp out on the ramp. With a boisterous crowd reacting around them, Hanson and Rowe look ready to feast on their opponents in this upcoming non-title bout. Mauro, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson discuss The War Raiders’ enthralling victory over Aleister Black and Ricochet from several weeks ago at TakeOver: New York. Considering that they have dispatched The Undisputed Era and that exciting tag team of Black and Ricochet, commentary ponders who could possibly be next and who could possibly be the ones to take them down. Percy wonders if there’s a tag team anywhere that can do that, given the size and abilities that The War Raiders possess. Nigel is not one to take too big a leap though, and puts over that NXT’s never been more talented and there will come a day where they get taken down, but for now, they are poised to have a dominant reign. In any event, it’s time for them to get going.
    2 — Non-Title Tag Team Match
    NXT Tag Team Champs, The War Raiders vs. Aaron Frye and Nykos Rikos

    So… as you might expect… this goes as you might expect it to. Hanson and Rowe dominate their competition, which doesn’t prove to be too much in the way of competition for them. They bulldoze through Frye and Rikos, as neither of the two really stand much of a chance. Credit to Frye and Rikos for taking the bumps that they do in this match. But, this is certainly one-sided in just about every which way that you can imagine it to be. Towards the end of the match, with Frye taken out to the outside, Rikos is left lying. And Hanson and Rowe pick him up and drop him down with their tandem finisher. Rowe scores the cover. 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERS — The War Raiders at 3:17.
    A quick and decisive win for The War Raiders! Hanson and Rowe easily dispose of their poor opponents, and this strong showing only keeps the ball rolling for them. We get a very quick series of replays of the big blows that the Raiders delivers to Frye and Rikos. Afterwards, we see them embark up the ramp, as commentary continues to wonder who’ll be able to stop them.
    Backstage, Io Shirai, the NXT Women’s Champion, is seen walking through the halls of Full Sail Live. Naturally, she’s accompanied by Kairi Sane, her lovable ally, and the two appear to be headed towards the ring for the main event. As they’re walking down however, they run into one Bianca Belair. Belair sizes them both up, as Shirai doesn’t flinch one muscle. Bianca tells Io that she meant everything she said last week and calls her a fraud of a champion. Bianca says that she should be champion right now and that the two of them know it. Belair says that when she gets through Mia Yim and Candice LeRae now, there won’t be any more room for discussion. Because, Bianca says, she’ll prove that she’s something more than un-de-fea-ted, and that’s the un-dis-pu-ted NXT Women’s Champion. Bianca rolls her eyes at Kairi and then storms off, as Sane is sure to hold Shirai back a bit. Io assures her that she’s good, and the two of them continue on their path.
    Prior to our main event, we get some hype for next week’s show!

    ~ The Forgotten Sons battle Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan!
    ~ The in-ring debut of KUSHIDA!
    ~ Johnny Gargano’s Championship Celebration!

    And as we get back, the music of Mia Yim hits. Out walks The HBIC, as she receives a very nice hand from the fans in Full Sail. Yim trots down the ring with confidence in her step, as this is of course a major opportunity for her right now. Yim goes up the steps and into the ring, wasting little time for fanfare or anything of that ilk. Afterwards, the music of Candice LeRae then hits over the loudspeakers. The bubbly LeRae comes on out, as she looks pumped up and focused for this big opportunity in front of her. LeRae high fives some fans down the aisle, and then rolls int he ring as it’s all business for her right now too. And finally, Bianca Belair’s music hits next. Bianca hops out, and she too has plenty of fire in her eyes. Especially after coming up short the last two times that she’s challenged for the NXT Women’s Championship. As the three stand in the ring, Io Shirai’s music hits! Shirai and Kairi Sane come on out, as they decide to sit down on the stage to scout. Kairi, naturally, has brought out her telescope, two in fact, as The Sky Pirates are certainly going to want to key in on Shirai’s next opponent, whomever it might be.
    Bianca Belair vs. Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim

    Bianca, Candice and Mia instantly start to go after one another once the bell rings. There’s no waiting around in the ball pit here, as the three superstars aim to try and chomp away at each other from the opening bell. Each woman gets their turn at trying to pick each other apart really, as it’s clear that these are three of the best we’ve got here in NXT, and the stakes being where they are right now certainly have made it that much more impactful and that much more important.

    As time goes by, Mia and Candice are scratching and clawing at each other with Bianca having been disposed of around the eight-minute mark. Mia puts Candice on her heels after hitting her with the Seoul Kick, and then grabs her afterwards. She goes to suplex her, but Candice lands on her feet, grabs her by the head and drops her with a neckbreaker! LeRae then crawls over and climbs up to the top rope. Yim, meanwhile, has stumbled up to her feet. She then turns around, and LeRae dives off the top rope and brings Yim down with a huge hurricanrana!

    Candice takes a bit of a spill afterwards and is slightly slow to get up, and Yim meanwhile has trouble too obviously. Candice gets up to her feet, and Bianca then slides into the ring. Yim, elsewhere, gets up and walks in the direction of Candice. But Belair grabs her long ponytail and suddenly SLAPS Yim’s back with it! Yim shrieks, and Candice then decides to stay back and look on. Bianca then grabs Yim and brings her up on her shoulders. LeRae then climbs up to her feet as she waits around still in the corner. Bianca then props Yim up in the air and DROPS HER DOWN with the KOD!!!

    And while Bianca had her readied and slammed her down, LeRae has run over to the ropes. LeRae jumps up to the second rope, springs off and DROPS DOWN ON BIANCA WITH A MOONSAULT!! Bianca, a bit shocked, looks on as Candice makes the lateral press!! 1! BIANCA DIVES DOWN ON MIA TOO! 2! 3!!!

    ELIMINATED — Mia Yim by Bianca Belair AND Candice LeRae at 9:07.

    Bianca and Candice have teamed up to eliminate Mia! An intelligent move indeed, it is now down to Belair and LeRae, with a shot at Io and her gold on the line.

    Unsurprisingly, Belair and LeRae hit each other hard and fast for the next few several minutes. In the late stages, Belair has LeRae weak-kneed, and she gets her up and looks for the KOD! But as she props her off her shoulders, LeRae lands on her feet! She then grabs her arm and chops it down, and gets down and looks to lock in the Mrs. Garga-No-Escape!!! And she slaps it on indeed!! Belair is in trouble in the middle of the ring, as LeRae has cinched her husband’s signature submission hold in! And it may be about to punch her ticket to a title opportunity!!

    Belair struggles to get around the ring as LeRae has her trapped. She digs in with her elbows though and gets toward the ropes. She reaches out, grazes the ropes, and LeRae wrenches back even more! But Belair is able to grab the bottom rope and successfully gets the rope break she needed. Candice lets go and tumbles backwards. She looks on at Candice and wonders how she can get it done. She then grabs Belair by the ankles and puts her by the center of the ring. She then jumps over her, runs to the ropes, and looks to hit her Springboard Moonsault again! BUT BELAIR PULLS HER KNEES UP!!

    Candice lands hard on them, as she then gasps for air. Belair gets up to her feet afterwards and looks over to LeRae as she pulls herself up with the ropes. She holds onto her abdomen in pain, and Belair adds even more damage as she hits her with a huge Spear!!! Belair then quickly rolls into a cover! 1! 2! CANDICE PUTS HER FOOT ON THE ROPES!! Belair thinks she’s won the match, but the referee scrambles to get her attention. She points over to the foot of LeRae, which was put up on the bottom rope. Bianca can’t believe it, as she screams at the ref, and then angrily stomps over towards Candice.

    She pulls Candice up to her feet and hammers away at her. She lets out her frustration on LeRae, having been bamboozled in front of everyone, thinking that she’d earned her way into winning this #1 Contender’s Match. She throws Candice down and away from the corner. LeRae shakes it off, as she grabs at her knee pads, but Belair tells her that she needs to stay down. She yells at her that she needs to go back to being Johnny’s wife, which sets her off as Candice slaps her across the face!! Belair, angered now, YANKS LeRae up and then quickly props her on her shoulders! She then INSTANTLY throws her off and DELIVERS THE KOD TO CANDICE!! She covers!! 1! 2! 3-NO!!

    LERAE KICKS OUT OF THE KOD!!! Belair, Shirai, Sane, the commentators and the entire crowd can’t believe it!! LeRae has just managed to do the damn-near impossible as she’s kicked out of one of the most successful finishing maneuvers in all of NXT. Bianca slaps her hands three times, but the official tells her it was just two, and she is clearly on the verge of a tantrum. She kicks the bottom ropes, and then walks over towards LeRae. She grabs her by the hair, shakes her head furiously and then lifts her up to her feet. She puts her up on her shoulders, looking to once again deliver the KOD!!! BUT LERAE SLIPS OFF HER SHOULDERS!! Candice then quickly grabs Belair by the arms, turns her inside out and DROPS HER WITH THE HEARTBREAKER!!! Candice then gets up to her feet, holding her abdomen, and runs over and jumps off the middle rope, AND HITS THE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT YET AGAIN!!! She pulls Bianca over onto her back, and hooks BOTH legs!!! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER — Candice LeRae via pin fall at 16:32. LeRae is the NEW #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.
    AND SHE’S DONE IT! SHE’S DONE IT!! Candice LeRae is the #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship!! LeRae’s gritty and gutty performance tonight as earned herself a first class ticket to face The Genius of The Sky for her prized championship in the very near future! She gets up and pumps her fist after having her hand raised, having survived the efforts of both Mia Yim and Bianca Belair. And what great efforts those were. We get a sequence of replays, highlighting damn near everything that happened in this tremendous matchup. The focus then goes back to LeRae, while we see Bianca ditching the area, having gone over the barricade, and avoids any and all contact with anybody as she storms off towards the back.

    With LeRae inside the ring, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai make their way to the ring. LeRae is there to wait for them, as she looks on with no real fear in her eyes. Sane and Shirai get in the ring, and Shirai, holding her championship on her shoulder, walks right up to Candice. Candice looks at her and nods her head, and looks down at the championship. Io congratulates her on the win, and then offers a handshake. LeRae is very quick to accept that handshake, and Io then nods her head as she steps back. Kairi too congratulates Candice, and Candice nods her head and thanks her. Io holds up the championship belt, reminding Candice who really owns the ring right now, as whenever this encounter comes, it’s sure to be nothing short of a firecracker.


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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond


    Drew McIntyre, Ricochet set for main event battle over spot in MITB Ladder Match

    Spots in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match are quickly filling up. Already, three superstars have punched their ticket to the high-stakes match taking place on May 19, and two more superstars will confirm their entries into the match on Raw.

    Drew McIntyre and Ricochet exchanged words a couple of weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. The animosity between the two has cooled off a bit since, but things are set to be ramped up even more on Monday. The One and Only and The Scottish Psychopath will do battle for what will be the third spot on the Raw side in the match. In the main event of the evening, Ricochet and McIntyre will square off with lots on the line. McIntyre has already proven himself to be worthy of competing for the Universal Championship before, and Ricochet has been lighting up the scene ever since he arrived to Raw in February. Competing in his home state, can Ricochet grab the coveted spot in the Commonwealth? Or will it be an unhappy homecoming courtesy of the titanous McIntyre?

    Will The Viper be MITB bound as well?

    Randy Orton has made a serious impact since moving to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup. On his first night on the red brand, The Viper struck the Universal Champion Seth Rollins with a tremendous RKO. The following week, he went after 'The Phenomenal One' AJ Styles, furthering the animosity between the two superstars that had been previously ignited before WrestleMania. Now, on Monday, Orton will also be attempting to gain entry into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Standing in the way of Orton is Apollo Crews, who is hoping to make good on this opportunity as well. Given the tension between Orton and Styles, it's a wonder if we'll see The Phenomenal One make an appearance before, during or at the conclusion of this match.

    Will tension rise between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler again?

    The Man and The Queen of Spades nearly came to blows last week on Raw. Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler have been inching closer and closer towards a blow up ever since Baszler made her arrival on the Raw brand. To Baszler's credit, she has gotten the better of Lynch in two previous exchanges with her. And last week, she successfully got in the head of The Man. She did so much that she may have caused Becky to have a very awkward and tense confrontation with Sasha Banks following their near eruption. What will happen next? Something is bound to go down, one way or another.

    Contract Signing for the Universal Championship Match at Money in the Bank

    The Miz was able to defeat AJ Styles in last week's high stakes match that pitted the two mega stars against each other. Now that The Awesome One won, he's assured himself of an opportunity at Seth Rollins' Universal Championship at Money in the Bank. The contract will officially be signed for this match on Monday night in Lexington. We have seen how contract signings have gone before on WWE television, and seldom do they come without anything eventful transpiring. You'll want to tune in to see if anything noteworthy occurs.

    Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way set to determine Samoa Joe's next challenger

    The Superstar Shakeup is behind us, and now nearly everyone on the Raw brand has a fresh, clean slate to work with. Because of that, The McMahon Family has decided to create a chance for four superstars on Raw that haven't been able to break through in some time in singles competition. In what's been dubbed a 'Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way' Match, we'll see Chad Gable, Karl Anderson, Mojo Rawley and Sami Zayn square off with one another. The prize for the winner of this match? A one-on-one match with United States Champion Samoa Joe for his championship at Money in the Bank. Which superstar will be able to lay claim to this jackpot? Tune in to find out!

    All of this, PLUS, The Usos make their Raw debut, Cedric Alexander takes on Samir Singh, Alexa Bliss battles Mickie James, AND, Ruby Riott and Dana Brooke face off for the third Money in the Bank slot on the Raw side of things on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw!



    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    'The Scottish Psychopath' Drew McIntyre vs. 'The One and Only' Ricochet

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    Apollo Crews vs. 'The Viper' Randy Orton

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    Dana Brooke vs. Ruby Riott

    Fresh Start Fatal 4-Way Match

    {Winner Receives U.S. Championship Shot at Money in the Bank!}
    Chad Gable vs. Karl Anderson vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Sami Zayn

    !!! THE USOS' RAW DEBUT !!!
    The Usos in action!

    Singles Match
    'The Goddess' Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James

    Singles Match
    Cedric Alexander vs. Samir Singh (w/ Jinder Mahal, Sunil Singh)


    Seth Rollins and The Miz sign the contract for their Universal Championship Match!
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