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Thread: Shock the World: The Story of Wrestling Revolution

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    Shock the World: The Story of Wrestling Revolution

    A/N Hello guys! Maki here.

    To get a bit of context, I originally started this story back in December, but due to incoming schoolwork and a failure to come up with a consistent flow of the story, updates were scattered at best and non-existent at worst and I didn't really appreciate what I was working on.

    I tried writing this again a few months ago, but I had to stop because I had to follow the rules of the forum. Like the last time, the main issue was the background, because it was still too long and becoming more of a plot dump rather than an introduction to the story.

    Using the lessons I learned from my Creative Writing Workshop class, I'm writing this for the third time, and hopefully this time, it works out.

    From writing this story before, I learned that my mind wasn't in the right place when I started, and it would be better to re-evaluate myself first before conceptualizing a story.

    I still have my doubts about whether this project is going, but I have the ambition, the determination, and hopefully the time to dedicate myself to writing this story.

    Enjoy, and as they always say, let's hope the third time's a charm.

    by Maki Salonga


    Once there was a wrestling company known
    the WWE, which stood head and shoulders above the rest in the industry for a long time

    However, questionable booking decisions, especially that of holding a show in Saudi Arabia in spite of a Saudi journalist being assassinated, constant mismanagement of talent, and putting the spotlight on company legends who were past their prime, hindered the appeal of the product. Much of the blame on the creative direction that the company was heading towards, although harsh, was always justified. Vince Mcmahon was being too stubborn and not giving everyone an equal shot.

    Wrestling fans clamored for change. They wanted something new. A product that not only they could get behind immediately, but become a major player in the wrestling industry for years to come.

    They did not know that this "change" was already coming: they didn't notice it immediately.

    Recently, signs have been spotted at WWE live events

    The second sign, in particular, drew speculation across wrestling fans. Was there talk of a new promotion on the way, which would directly compete with WWE and the other major promotions head on?

    Was this the first serious attempt at fighting against Vince McMahon and co. in a while? (and no, TNA does not count)

    Also, who was the "WE" that the last sign was referring to?

    The speculation only increased 2 weeks later when another sign was spotted in the crowd reading "ALL ELITE WRESTLING=FULL OF CRAP". It was a shot at Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks' ambitious plans to start their own wrestling promotion, backed by wealthy sports owner Shahid Khan and his son Tony.

    Whatever was going to happen, the wrestling industry would never be the same again.


    The three owners who make up Wrestling Revolution ordinary folk. Not wealthy socialites looking to spend, nor businessmen without a background in wrestling, just three casual fans from the northeast United States who want to make a difference in the industry:

    Trevor Johnson
    -30 years old from Worcester, Massachusetts. An entrepreneur and avid wrestling fan, he dedicated the past few years of his life to researching what makes a good wrestling promotion. He grew up watching wrestling with his father. He cites John Cena, Jim Cornette, and Shawn Michaels as his idols, alongside current wrestlers like AJ Styles, Kazuchika Okada, and Matt Riddle. He is married and has a son named Austin who was named after one of his favorite wrestlers, Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Ryan Bailey- 33 years old from Newark, New Jersey. He knew Trevor from high school. He is the most vocal among the three, openly criticizing WWE's current product as well as other wrestling issues on his personal blog. He works as a mobile game developer, which comes in handy when he discovered Wrestling Revolution on the app store. He is married and has 3 children, the eldest he named after Steve Jobs.

    Zackary "Zack" Watkins- 32 years old from Erie, Pennsylvania. He's the eccentric one of the three, often screaming and prone to making irrational decisions He grew up watching WCW and openly cried into his Hulk Hogan poster the night he turned heel and joined the NWO. He's also an avid player of Mat Dickie's mobile games, which came in handy in coming up with the promotion's name. He met Trevor at a wrestling convention 2 years ago while he was trying to get an autograph of his favorite wrestler The Warlord. He currently works as a promotional manager for a energy development company.


    In September 2018, these three men met up at Trevor's apartment to discuss plans to start up a new wrestling promotion. While Zack was just going on and on about the newest 5-star match put on by New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ryan ranted on the recent Hell in a Cell PPV, especially the controversial ending to the main event, Trevor was focused on the task at hand. He told his two buddies that he came up with an idea on how to present it. Zack suggested using Wrestling Revolution as the company's name, citing the mobile game of the same name and saying that it invokes a desire for change and the unlimited power of the masses that can make that change happen. Both Trevor and Ryan liked the idea, noting that they have to ask Mat Dickie to allow them to acquire the rights to use the name. Trevor suggested that they sign wrestlers in their prime who could draw large crowds and have a history of being unsuccessful with major promotions.

    With a few tweaks here and there, the original concept for Wrestling Revolution (or WresRev as an abbreviation to avoid lawsuits with other promotions who also used the acronym WR) was in place. All they needed was a financier, an on-screen authority figure, about 500 pages of notes to help them write the first show, and some optimism. They told themselves that somehow, their vision will become a success.

    Over the next few weeks, Trevor, Ryan and Zack made contract offers to various wrestlers across the world, ranging from current and former WWE Superstars, prominent independent stars like Jeff Cobb, Shane Strickland and Chuck Taylor as well as young prospects seeking national exposure. They even got themselves a financier (well, financiers) in ex-Bellator owner Bjorn Rebney, former Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, plus various investors ranging from businessmen to wrestling fans who were willing to chip in their own support (They were also planning to start up a Patreon campaign, but Trevor convinced his friends that setting up a starting capital was a better idea.)

    During the period when they spent all their time negotiating and finding suitable partners, their first major acquisition was not a wrestler, but an authority figure, someone familiar with writing shows and nurturing future top-tier talent. Someone who's given out his fair share of passionate
    speeches and who can do wonders as both a manager and booker. Someone who's taken criticism from wrestling fans and smacked it in the back with his tennis racket. Someone who's fallen off a scaffold, held public assemblies to deal with company issues and managed one of the best tag teams of all time....

    (Trevor's House, November 7, 2018)
    (phone rings)

    Trevor: Hello?

    ???: Are you Trevor Johnson?

    Trevor: Yeah, who is this?

    ???: I'm Jim Cornette and I'm wondering how in the hell are you going to start up a wrestling company in 3 weeks without anyone to direct it for you?

    Trevor: WHAT? Jim Cornette? As in THE Jim Cornette? The Jim Cornette who fell of a scaffold? The Jim Cornette who I idolized growing up as a young boy? The Jim Cornette-

    Jim Cornette: Hold your horses kid, that's me alright. Listen, I got wind of you new promotion you plan to start up in a few weeks and I must say that I am impressed. You and your friends managed to come up with a promotion in less than a month. How did you manage to do that?

    Trevor: Well, Mr. Cornette, we aren't exactly starting up right away. We're actually waiting until next year to launch. We're just looking for someone to finance the shows, a head booker, an on-screen authority figure, some road agents-

    Jim Cornette: OK then, well first off you need to build connections with famous wrestling personalities, figure out what type of wrestlers you're going to sign and make sure that they're not egotistical jackasses who only care for paychecks and don't have any passion for professional wrestling. The second thing you should know is to not rush things. When exactly are you guys going to start?

    Trevor: Maybe next summer.

    Jim Cornette: Well there's a red flag right there. You don't just start wreslting companies with a simple snap of a finger. You need to figure out how you're going to market your company. You need to hire staff, pay them adequately, sell tickets and obtain sponsorships and TV deals. Earning money is priority number one in this business, so I'm going to teach you guys how to do it.

    Trevor: Wow thanks for the advice. I was actually considering you to be our on-screen authority figure and head booker for our promotion.

    Jim Cornette: Say no more Trevor, I'm in.

    Trevor: Alright! I didn't know you would accept right away given how highly regarded you are in the wrestling world.

    Jim Cornette: Well that's your first lesson in the wrestling business: expect the unexpected. Now kid, we've got a lot to discuss, and also a lot of lessons you need to learn, so let's get going......

    With his Idol James E. Cornette (Jim to you and me) on board as head booker and on-screen authority figure, Trevor Johnson continued his recruitment of literally every wrestler he could find. He, Ryan and Zack were determined to get WresRev off the ground even though it would take months of their time and sacrifice their jobs, their time with their respective families and possibly their income. Even if he had no experience writing, producing, or being in the wrestling business, he knew from studying wrestling history that the time to strike is now. Wrestling fans have only a short amount of time to appreciate them before moving on to the next trend in the industry. If they were going to present a credible alternative to the WWE, then it has to be something that if it says it will be different from major promotion, they meant it because for them, the words "fresh start", "competition", and "something new" were a bit overused at this point.

    In a few months, when all the long hours of preparation were over, the Revolution will commence, and contrary to popular belief, it WILL be televised.

    The only problem they had to face was how they were going to handle business. Sure they managed to get people to help finance the company, but how long is it going to last?

    The three of them needed to take a look at wrestling from a business standpoint. Ticket sales, merchandise, PPV buys, worker salaries, and almost every concept about pro wrestling promotions that involve money in some way were the biggest needs that they had to address quickly. If they didn't, their new company was going to flame out very quickly. With the help of guys like Jim Cornette, they learned the ins and outs of the wrestling business, hoping not to learn the same mistakes that doomed other wrestling companies.

    With their financial situation likely settled, they now looked to secure wrestlers who were willing to perform for them, or in their case, join the Revolution.
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    Re: Shock the World: The Story of Wrestling Revolution

    Wrestling Revolution Officials have unveiled today the partial list of wrestlers that have agreed to contracts with the company.

    "We wanted to scout talent that will not only grow our brand, but have the ability to put on amazing shows for our audience" co-owner Trevor Johnson commented at a recent interview.

    When asked about acquiring talent from All Elite Wrestling, Johnson stated: "We're going to wait and see if we're going to have peaceful negotiations with Cody and his friends." Johnson also noted that the Khan family-backed promotion could be their best competition.

    "We have no interest in competing with WWE, even if we are sigining talent from there. Even if the shows have been poor recently, we can't deny that they're still the best wrestling promotion in the world."

    The list of wrestlers currently signed to the upstart promotion are as follows, with more names to be announced by the company as soon as they finalize negotiations:

    Male Wrestlers:
    Bold indicates wrestler was signed from WWE
    Italics indicates wrestler was ssigned from NJPW

    Ace Austin
    Andrew Everett
    Akira Tozawa
    AR Fox
    Austin Aries
    Bobby Lashley
    Bobby Roode
    Chavo Guerrero
    David Starr
    Dezmond Xavier
    Flip Gordon
    Gabriel Kidd
    Heath Slater
    Jack Evans
    James Storm
    Jeff Cobb
    Jimmy Havoc
    Joe Hendry
    Joseph Connors
    Lince Dorado
    Mark Haskins
    Mike Bailey
    Mr. Anderson
    Nick Aldis
    Paul London
    Rob Van Dam
    Rocky Romero
    Sammy Guevarra
    Samuel Shaw
    Shane Strickland
    Stu Bennett
    Tommy Dreamer
    Toru Yano
    Willie Mack

    Women's Division:
    Allysin Kay
    Angelina Love
    Ivelisse Velez
    Kimber Lee
    Kay Lee Ray
    Kiera Hogan
    Lana Austin
    Madison Rayne
    Mickie James
    Millie McKenzie
    Santana Garrett
    Shazza McKenzie
    Tenille Dashwood
    Tessa Blanchard
    Xia Brookside
    Veda Scott
    Velvet Sky

    Tag Teams/Stables:
    Best Friends (Trent Barretta and Chuckie Taylor)
    Catch Point (Tracy Williams and Fred Yehi)
    Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

    Roppongi 3K (Sho and Yoh)
    TMDK (Nick Miller and Shane Thorne)
    The OGz (Eddie Kingston, Homicide and Hernandez)
    The Singh Brothers (Sunil and Samir)

    Trevor Johnson- Co-Owner
    Ryan Bailer- Co-Owner
    Zack Watkins- Co Owner
    Al Snow- Head Trainer/Producer
    Mat Dickie- Creative Consulatant
    Jim Cornette- Head Booker/General Manager
    Steve Keirn- Head Writer

    On-Air Personalities:
    Charly Caruso- Backstage Correspondent
    Matt Striker- Play-by-Play Commentator
    Don West- Color Commentator
    David Penzer- Announcer

    Current Champions:
    WresRev World Heavyweight Championship: Vacant
    WresRev Women's Championship: Vacant
    WresRev Television Championship: Vacant
    WresRev Tag Team Championship: Vacant
    WresRev Cruiser X Championship: Vacant
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    Re: Shock the World: The Story of Wrestling Revolution

    (From an article posted on Cageside Seats, March 15, 2019)


    Contrary to popular belief, it looks like the Revolution will in fact be televised.

    Wrestling Revolution owners Trevor Johnson, Ryan Bailey and Zack Watkins announced in a recent press conference that the upstart wrestling company has agreed a 4-year TV deal with NBC Sports.

    As part of the agreement, NBC will hold exclusive rights to WresRev's weekly programming, including the company's flagship program Revolution TV beginning August 26 with a 2-hour live show to be aired on NBCSN with subsequent broadcasts every Friday.

    "In keeping with our marketing strategy, which is deviating from the norm in the wrestling industry, we're about to become the first wrestling promotion to air on this network. We're honored to be a part of the NBC Sports Network Family and we look forward to showcase our own brand of professional wrestling" Johnson said.

    NBC is currently home to the Premier League, the NHL, Sunday Night Football and the Olympics among its current sports programming. The network's executives are pleased to welcome the three under the NBC fold.

    Johnson, Bailey and Watkins have very high aspirations in entering the wrestling industry and by getting themselves a television deal despite being relative newcomers, they're positioning themselves to be a major player in the coming years.

    (Wrestling Revolution Press Conference, April 9, 2019)

    (Trevor, Ryan, and Zack sit down on a table that comes with mounted microphones.)

    Trevor: Hello and welcome to our inaugural press conference for Wrestling Revolution. Right now, Myself, Ryan, and Zack are currently taking your questions. Later on, we have 3 huge announcements concerning our inaugural slate of programming, new marquee signings, and how we plan to conduct business.

    (reporters raise hands)

    Reporter 1: From what we have heard so far from you three on social media, you seem like the kind of wrestling fans who want to appeal to hardcore fans. However, we haven't heard that much about your business model. How will it work?

    Trevor: For starters, our main objective is to selling tickets at a reasonable price while putting on a show that caters to the casual wrestling audience. We also want to be as financially stable as possible by getting sponsors and financial backers who are willing to contribute to producing the shows.

    (reporters raise hands)

    Reporter 2: How many people do you expect to contribute?

    Trevor: Plenty. We're expecting a near-sellout for our first show, which will take place August 26 from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    (reporters raise hands)

    Reporter 3: I have a question for Ryan. I've heard about your dissatisfaction with All Elite Wrestling. What drove you to think about the company in a negative manner?

    Ryan: One thing that I can mention is that I hate when big businesses and wealthy owners ruin the wrestling industry. It's been seen before, like Ted Turner with WCW, so I'm pretty skeptical about what the Khans are going to do. As Trevor mentioned, these guys are our best competition. They've got Jericho, Neville, Kenny Omega, etc. We're going to have to step it up this early and beat them before they have the chance to seize control of the wrestling market.

    Trevor: Ryan's pretty agitated about AEW, because he thinks that they will make the same mistakes TNA did back in the day. He REALLY hates them, but I'm concerned that his hatred might cost us when we bid against them for talent.

    (reporters raise hands)

    Reporter 4: Among unsigned talent, who would you like to sign?

    Trevor: Pretty interesting question. I would say Will Ospreay is very high on our radar, but his commitments to New Japan would make it difficult for us to sign him on an exclusive contract. Other names that interest us include Shane Strickland
    , Tom Lawlor, Brian Cage, and now that Tye Dillinger's on the free agent market, we're working to get him as well.

    Zack: We're pretty aggresive in signing talent to our brand. Our main goal in starting this promotion is to prove everyone wrong, that big names and gimmicks don't get you anywhere if you have the drive, the passion, and the connection to the audience that we have.

    Reporter 4: You've mentioned earlier that you have some marquee signings you want to announce. Is it time to unveil them?

    Trevor: Well we have three. The first one is coming up to the stage right now:

    (To be continued)

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    Re: Shock the World: The Story of Wrestling Revolution

    This is really interesting so far, I'll be reading!

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