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Thread: Red Dead Rattlesnakes: A RDR Fan Fiction Story

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    Red Dead Rattlesnakes: A RDR Fan Fiction Story

    This is the story of an outlaw gang called the Lone Rattlesnakes in the post Civil War wild west. It is set in the world of the fictional video game Red Dead Redemption, and will feature cities and potentially characters from the series. As of now this is set to be a four volume series that will cover the Lone Rattlesnakes gang and it's members between the years of 1866 and 1916.

    Volume I: The Origin Story

    Main Characters

    Sully (Played by James Franco): A 20 year old outlaw who finds himself in the Tumbleweed Jail cell after a bank robbery gone wrong.

    Achilles (Played by Martin Sensmeier): A young Native American from the Wapiti Indians tribe, who is currently in the Tumbleweed Jail after being accused of a crime he didn't commit. He needs to get crucial medicine back to his tribe who is fighting off a critical illness.

    Gingy (Played by Rupert Grint): An Irish town drunk who finds himself getting intro trouble in the local town of Armadillo before being saved by an unlikely pairing.

    Sheriff Ted (Played by Ted Danson):
    The cynical old Sheriff of Tumbleweed who makes it his mission to go after a couple of escaped prisoners. He has a strong hatred towards Native Americans, and discriminates against any that come across his path.

    Benard (Played by John Malkovich): The Leader of a group called "The Cleansers", an outlaw gang that locates and murders Native American tribes, in an attempt to "cleanse" the land.

    Rainey (Played by Michael Rooker):
    Benard's right hand man and the leading enforcer for "The Cleansers" outlaw gang.

    Stay tuned for the first chapter in Volume One of the Red Dead Rattlesnakes story

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