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Thread: WWE Fastlane 2019 - Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

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    Fast Lane WWE Fastlane 2019 - Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Once again, The Man has come around, ready to defy the establishment when she battles longtime adversary Charlotte Flair with huge WrestleMania implications.

    Originally slated to face Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey for the illustrious title after winning the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble Match, Lynch was subsequently suspended by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon and replaced by Flair after she attacked both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H over her refusal to be checked out by medical personal for a potential injury.

    Following The Man’s arrest on Raw last Monday for violating her suspension numerous times and attacking everyone in sight, Rousey urged Stephanie to allow Lynch to challenge for the title at WrestleMania. The Chief Brand Officer then reiterated that Lynch would not compete at The Show of Shows, and that The Baddest Woman on the Planet would defend her title against SmackDown LIVE’s Charlotte Flair as scheduled.

    Given the McMahon family’s refusal to budge on the Lynch situation, Rousey laid the Raw Women’s Title down in front of Stephanie and left it there, leaving many to wonder if she would carry the championship to WrestleMania at all.

    In light of Rousey’s actions, it was determined that she had, in fact, vacated the title. In the wake of that news, it was also announced that Becky had been reinstated and would face Charlotte to crown a new Raw Women’s Champion. However, before Raw ended, Rousey appeared before the WWE Universe and made it clear she never vacated the title, unleashing a war of words on all parties involved.

    As a result, Becky Lynch will still battle Charlotte Flair at WWE Fastlane this Sunday, but not for the Raw Women’s Title. Instead, if Lynch wins, she will be added to the Raw Women’s Championship Match between Rousey and Flair at WrestleMania 35.

    Will this showdown between bitter rivals dramatically alter The Showcase of the Immortals? Find out at WWE Fastlane, streaming live on WWE Network this Sunday at 7 ET/4 PT.

    CWA: A Decade of Decadence
    Maybe the end of something great.
    Maybe the start of something new.
    Stay tuned.

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    Re: WWE Fastlane 2019 - Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

    Becky wins. It needs to happen.

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    Re: WWE Fastlane 2019 - Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

    I just read the preview and not even the worst BTB writer would come up with that story. I think my favourite part was when Ronda laid down the title so it was decided that Charlotte and Becky would fight for it, despite both of them being Smackdown roster members, and then when Ronda says naw I'm still champ bitch, Becky is then again told she's the least deserving of the women and she'll have to win her spot at mania again despite being the rumble winner

    Either just have Charlotte win the rumble if the Fastlane plan was Becky having to fight her way into the mania main event, OR keep Becky as the winner, do none of the McMahon nonsense and if the triple threat was still what they wanted to do, have Charlotte be the one to force her way into the match on one of the PPVs and then play off the history of Charlotte always stealing Becky's moment and have Becky display some moments of doubt and frustration that Charlotte might cost her the dream win at mania, ya know some kind of emotion that I'd root for the babyface for, not someone that laughs off everything. It went to shit as soon as the McMahons got involved.

    I'll never moan about Bryan's road to WM30 again.
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