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Thread: WC Royal Rumble X: Day 8

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    WC Royal Rumble X: Day 8

    In the ring, it's a battle between two cult favourites! The hot joshi export Kairi HoHo, doing fisticuffs with the sly Slick Mitch! OOOOOH IT'S A SHOWDOWN FOR THE AGES!

    Nash: Lame.

    QUIET YOU. The users in the ring, unlike the heathen Nash, hush down and pay attention to the climactic showdown! It's the stoppable force and the moveable object! HoHo! Mitch! BATTLE OF THE AGESSSSS

    Kairi HoHo rocks Slick Mitch with a right!

    The EC: My god, what a punch!

    Slick Mitch levels Kairi HoHo with a left!

    Zero: Holy shit, what a throw!

    The two stop to take a breather.

    Tennessee Nicky: It's okay, take your time.

    Smooth Jazz Wolf: I'm on the end of my seat!

    Nash: I'm at the end of my rope.

    Kairi HoHo & Slick Mitch continue to battle, and eventually Kairi HoHo strikes with an enziguri, staggering Slick Mitch to the ropes. With a battle cry worthy of the highest dub of an anime, Kairi HoHo charges! But Slick Mitch intercepts him with a back body drop, throwing him over the ropes!

    Nash: Great, now we can move o-

    BUT WAIT! Kairi HoHo's feet have not touched the floor!

    Nash: fuck's sake.

    For you see, Slick Mitch launched Kairi HoHo with such velocity that Kairi HoHo flew over the floor, into the front row of the audience! The audience heaves Kairi HoHo on their shoulders, crowd-surfing him around the arena!

    Kairi HoHo: MY FANS! MY LOVING FANS! Quickly, crowd surf me back to the ring!

    The audience is cheering so loudly they don't hear his request, and instead starts to carry him away from the ring.

    Kairi HoHo: No, no, other direction! Other direction!

    Alas, Kairi HoHo's pleas fall on unhearing ears, as he is carried through the crowd, further away from the ring, his cries growing fainter and fainter, until the crowd carries him out of the arena doors. Where he will end up, who knows. Tune in to the spinoff, 'HoHo's Great Adventure', to find out!

    While we wait for that, here's our next entrant! It's the Lucha Bear, Baloocha! Fresh from hibernation, Baloocha roars, sliding into the ring to take down CGS with a tackle!


    Kairi HoHo's out, Baloocha's in. My apologies for the delay. Had a shift at work that lasted far longer than it should've.
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    Re: WC Royal Rumble X: Day8

    Outrageous that I get punished for pulling up someone on their grammar
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    Re: WC Royal Rumble X: Day8

    Lasted seven days longer than I expected I would.

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