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Thread: Rook vs Vet: Does it entertain you?

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    Rook vs Vet: Does it entertain you?

    Here I go with another fun filled discussion and I have another one for everyone here: Do you like when a Veteran talent goes against a Young talent in Wrestling? The other day I was watching a Match and the female talent had to be maybe 14 or 15 at most 16, and this girl was getting her ass whopped by a veteran Wrestler within the company. Now I know these young vs vet like Matches has been going on for a long time, but I don't know when I see a young talent getting tossed around, almost bullied it doesn't sit with me well. Hiroyo Matsumoto is one of those talents who I enjoy when she is faced with a young talent, she doesn't go out to harm the Wrestler, she teaches them along the way she doesn't need to prove anything and try to embarrass the kid.

    I can't say the same and maybe and it's not just Joshi, but Wrestling in general when you see a downright beatdown of a young talent the purpose of seeing if they can handle it right? Veteran talents want to see if they want this career or not, which is you see the talent get knocked around the Ring never being in the Match other than to take the pin. My personal opinion I hate to see a talent get broken down, I like to see how they deal with adversity sure that's how they get better, but the balance with veterans to help the young talent is off to me at times. It's one thing when a talent is taking a stiff shot it's a whole another matter when a kid is leaving the ring with Bruises and a Goose Egg under their Eye. What are your thoughts I'm really interested.

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    Re: Rook vs Vet: Does it entertain you?

    If it's done right, as in it's being designed to introduce the new talent and give them a bit of a rub even in a loss, it's perfectly fine. A good example of this would be Cena vs. Angle.

    If it's done like this, it's even better...

    Taking lumps is a part of the business and I'm sure most young wrestlers are happy just to get a chance to be in the ring with veteran workers. You only learn from real life experience after all.

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    Re: Rook vs Vet: Does it entertain you?

    Ohh yes.

    I think the perfect examples would be Tenryu or Liger vs a rookie. One is a mauling which is fun. The other allows the rookie to shine which is also fun. Either dynamic can be fun if done right. Not only are they usually entertaining, they allow you to get more of a connection with the rookie for the future. The more you see the rookie get their ass beat, the more you cheer for them later. Its win win. The veteran looks strong and loses nothing from it and the rookie gets a showcase.

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