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Thread: WWE Rebellion 2000 Review

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    Rebellion WWE Rebellion 2000 Review

    December 2, 2000

    The Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian vs T&A w/Trish Stratus - Tables Match
    This is held under elimination rules. The booking of this match made little sense. From the start, Jim Ross claims that this is no DQ, but the referee enforces tag rules. This is the sort of match that should be a chaotic mess of all six men fighting each other with even Trish getting in on the action, but most of the first fall is always just one-on-one with one team, normally E&C on the outside. We do get a bit of a brawl with everyone involved, but that led directly into the first elimination with Albert trying to suplex Bubba off of the top rope through a table, but E&C surprised Albert by power bombing him through the table instead. The action continued with D-Von playing the face-in-peril, which again makes little sense since it’s a tables match. Why is Bubba Ray so content with listening to the referee and staying on the apron, especially after the referee misses the hot tag? Eventually Bubba would get the tag and Dudleyz would take over. There’s some fun comedy with E&C attempting the WhatsUp Drop on Bubba, but Dudley rolled through and D-Von shoved Edge off of the top rope into delivering the drop on Christian. The second elimination came across as a little flat as Christian tackled Edge, preventing his brother from getting a 3D through the table, but The Dudleyz simply pick Christian up and deliver the 3D on him through the table. I don’t know why they had to try and make this a lot more complicated than it needed to be. The fans seemed to enjoy this, but it came across as a lazy effort to me. * ¾

    Ivory © w/Steven Richards vs Lita - WWE Women’s Title
    Exactly one month ago on Smackdown, Ivory defeated Lita to win the Women’s Title. They had a rematch at Survivor Series with Ivory busting Lita open. Despite this match being really short, they still found time to botch some spots. The worst being when Lita attempted a step up Enzuigiri Kick, but Ivory thought it was going to be a drop kick, so she took a bump when one of Lita’s feet connected against her chest, causing Lita to completely miss the Enzuigiri. There was a story though with Richards constantly interfering. Even when Lita is able to take care of Richards, such as grabbing him by his tie and dropping him throat first against the top rope, it always allows Ivory to regain the advantage. Lita even did a half assed suicide dive to the outside onto Richards. The finish came right after that with Lita attempting to sunset flip back into the ring, but Ivory hung on long enough to grab Richards’ hands, stealing the pinfall in the process. This match was just another reminder of what a poor worker Lita was. The only thing poorer is her friendship with the Hardy Boyz with Matt and Jeff not even bothering to come out with her. No wonder she slept with another man. ¾ *

    Steve Blackman © vs Perry Saturn - WWE Hardcore Title
    We’re about to begin a new era of the Hardcore Title division. Since June, Blackman had been the ace of the division. Before the end of the year, Raven would step in and take over as the top guy until RVD would arrive. This was pretty fun and was much closer to what I wanted the opening match to be. The action went in and out of the ring with plenty of weapons being used. The most interesting weapon being what looked to be a square metal shelf that both men used to kill the other. With Saturn doing a bit of high flying, at one point he found himself performing a suicide dive right into Blackman smacking him in the head with the shelf. At various points, I bought into a possible Saturn win until Blackman was ultimately victorious with a bicycle kick that sent a chair into Saturn’s face. Solid stuff. ** ¾

    William Regal © vs Crash Holly w/Molly Holly - WWE European Title
    Considering the fact that tonight’s main event is a four-way for the WWE Title, would it have killed the WWE to put Regal in that match to capitalize on the fact that they have a British star? When else are you going to have the opportunity to utilize Regal as a main eventer with it feeling natural? This was short, but fun for what it was. Crash just kept coming at Regal, like a pesky fly that won’t leave you alone. Not much happens beyond that until the finish. Regal slammed Crash face first into the mat and covered him to apparently win the match. However, Crash’s foot was on the bottom rope. In the chaos of sorting out what happened, Molly delivered a missile drop kick to Regal with Crash quickly jumping on the champion. The referee turns around to restart the match and immediately dropping down for the count. Crash gets the pinfall to become the NEW WWE European Champion. So not only does Regal not get a significant match on this PPV, he loses his title. What’s particularly odd is that Regal regained the title two nights later on Raw, making this title loss, of a Brit with the European Title, be merely something to pop the British crowd. Odd. **

    Backstage, Kurt Angle tries to enlist in the help of Chris Benoit in tonight’s main event, but Benoit blows him off.

    The Radicalz vs Chyna and Billy Gunn
    The Radicalz are represented by Malenko and Guerrero. This is in the aftermath of the Guerrero/Chyna break-up that also involved Eddie winning the IC Title from Chyna before then losing the belt to the recently returned Billy Gunn. Most of the match was pretty average stuff before Chyna ended up playing the face-in-peril to the Radicalz. Even though it’s 2000 and we’ve seen this stuff for years, the commentators were still going apeshit whenever Chyna showcased her power against the men such as pressing Guerrero into the air. Once Gunn got the hot tag, things actually improved quite a bit with Gunn constantly hitting a big move, but his cover would be broken up. This included the Jackhammer and Fameasser. With all of the nearfalls broken up, I was buying into a Radicalz victory until Gunn was able to deliver the One and Only (Cobra Clutch Slam) to pin Malenko. Fine stuff here. ** ½

    Chris Jericho vs Kane
    Ah yes, the shit feud that stemmed from spilled coffee...that wasn’t about spilled coffee, but it’s literally the only thing fans remember about this program. This wasn’t too bad with it being back and forth. Jericho kept trying everything he could think of doing to try and get the best of Kane without having much success. Truthfully, the most success Jericho had in the entire match was countering Kane’s trademark top rope closeline by drop kicking Kane on the way down. However, this wasn’t a match for Jericho’s benefit. When he attempted to lock in the Walls of Jericho, Kane prevented it by throttling him. Later, Jericho attempted the Lionsault, but Kane got a pair of knees up. Then, much to my surprise, Kane simply delivers a chokeslam and pins Y2J cleanly. It’s bad enough that Jericho has hit his head on the glass ceiling in 2000, but now he’s jobbing cleanly to Kane on a nothing UK show. That being said, I feel like I enjoyed this one more than their Survivor Series or Armageddon matches. Much like the DX/Radicalz match, this got interesting near the end with the finisher attempts. ** ½

    After the match, Jericho, beloved babyface, attacks Kane with a steel chair and locks in the Walls of Jericho on the ramp. What a sore loser.

    Backstage, Trish Stratus pokes fun of Lita for not leaving Rebellion as WWE Women’s Champion. Naturally, Lita, beloved babyface, throws her drink in Trish’s face, attacks her, keeps attacking her, strips her of her top, and attacks her further until she’s pulled away. Jeez, that was overkill. Lita just looked like a total asshole.

    Right to Censor © w/Val Venis vs The Hardy Boyz - WWE Tag Titles
    A rematch from a November Raw where RTC surprised everyone and defeated The Hardyz to become WWE Tag Champions. This one ended up being pretty awkward thanks to Jeff seemingly getting hurt after surprised with a closeline from The Goodfather on the apron. Jeff was rocked hard and acted pretty awkward even running directly into Bull, potentially forgetting about the planned spot. Jeff just rolls out of the ring and Matt takes over without a tag. At this point, the match became an unofficial three-on-one handicap match until Jeff could screw his head back on and Matt would get some help. The Hardyz managed to get in the Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb combo, but with Matt fighting Bull in one corner, the referee was distracted, allowing Venis to deliver a Money Shot on a covering Jeff. Somehow, despite the fact that he sustained a Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb, and was under Jeff during a Money Shot, Goodfather was able to muster enough strength to roll over and drape an arm over Jeff’s chest to steal the victory. With Jeff working Raw in a couple of days, I guess he ended up being okay, but the weirdness involving him caused for a distraction and kept the match from being memorable in its own right. RTC have only been tag champions for a month, but it’s already time to take the belts off of them. There’s so many hot teams in the WWE and it’s a waste having them on The Goodfather and Bull f’n Buchanan. **

    Backstage, Kurt Angle reaches out to his buddies, E&C about offering some assistance in tonight’s main event, but Christian is still selling the ribs from the tables match. Angle isn’t very supportive though.

    Elsewhere, Taker is walking through the halls heading to the Gorilla position when he meets up with Chris Benoit. After a brief exchange of words, the other three members attack Taker from behind. Benoit joins in on the assault with the knee being the target.

    The Undertaker vs Chris Benoit
    The biggest reason to watch this show. The reason being that they never really wrestled. They had one house show match and two really short forgotten matches from August 2000 on Raw/Smackdown that both ended in DQ. I can honestly say that this was the best Taker match from 2000 and better than any of his singles matches from 2001. With Taker’s knee being attacked before the match, it was a target for Benoit throughout the match. Admittedly, Taker’s selling isn’t great. In fact, not once was he ever prevented from performing any move despite the knee. The knee is still there for a story and Benoit tried his best to carry Taker to a good match by finding a variety of ways to further punish the knee. In fact, late in the match, The Crippler even delivered a flying headbutt to the knee. The finish is pretty abrupt though as Benoit is slapping on a spinning toe hold to hurt the knee even more, but Taker countered it into a small package for the surprise pinfall. On one hand, I really loved the fact that Taker was forced to use Benoit’s own limb work against him to get the pinfall, but on the other hand, that finish would have worked better had Taker sold the knee better and was clearly prevented from hitting any of his finishers, forcing him to come up with a different strategy. But eh, it’s the Undertaker. He was prone to be mighty frustrating at times. I’m a sucker for limb work based matches though and with this one not only having a lot of that, but also being a really fresh match, I dug the hell out of it. ***

    Kurt Angle © vs The Rock vs Steve Austin vs Rikishi - WWE World Title
    All four men are scheduled to meet each other again in a week inside of HIAC at Armageddon. It’s a lot like the go home edition of Smackdown that featured another four-way for the title (Taker in place of Rikishi though) where this match is incapable of having any effect on the company, regardless of the result, but it can slightly alter who is the champion at the moment. The go home edition of Raw had the right idea with Angle defending the title against Y2J, in a match that could have really altered Armageddon. I guess what I’m getting at is that this match is meaningless. Since Rebellion’s creation in 1999, the main event WWE World Title matches have been hidden gems for their respective years with each match getting better starting with Rock/Hunter cage 1999 just being good until Brock/Edge 2002 was great. This one was a step up from 1999’s match as it’s an all out fun match that was constant madness. Thanks to having four men in the match, there was always something happening inside of the ring, sometimes with more than just two wrestlers. The biggest strength of the match being the interactions between Rocky and Austin. They held off until the middle of the match before there was finally interaction between them with Austin stunning Rock and later Rocky delivering a Rock Bottom to Austin. In both incidents, the covers were broken up by either Rikishi/Angle or by the interfering E&C. Rikishi and Angle both played their role of being the opportunists of always looking to take advantage of whatever big moves Austin and Rock are hitting on their opponents, trying to just leave with the WWE Title before the end of the match, or pulling the referee out of the ring during someone’s cover. Speaking of E&C, they’d provide a distraction towards Rocky, fighting him on the outside while The Radicalz’ Guerrero and Saturn ran out to attack/distract Austin. That allowed Angle to hit Rikishi with an Angle Slam to pull off the victory and escape England with his title. I don’t know why this match has never been thrown on a DVD. It’s fun madness and I find it to be superior to the overly long Six Man HIAC match. The little tease of the Rock/Austin showdown was also a good preview for Rebellion 2001’s main event of Austin/Rock for the WWE Title. A match all about fun. *** ½

    After the match, Angle, Rikishi, and E&C leave, but Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit run out to join Saturn and Guerrero in fighting Austin and Rock. Things do not go well for the Radicals with Malenko sustaining a Stunner while Saturn eats a Rock Bottom. Austin and Rock end up sharing some beers before The Radicalz try to pick a fight again, only to again get bested by the top two WWE wrestlers to end the PPV on a high note.

    Rebellion 2000 is a typical UK PPV. It’s a very easy watch of under two and a half hours and only one match went over ten minutes (Benoit/Taker) and even that, it was just twelve minutes. Most of the matches aren’t anything special and at times were rather bad, but the majority of the show was really solid. The final two matches were the highlights of the show with Benoit carrying Taker to his best match of the year. Meanwhile, the four-way was a really fun match and was well worth being on a proper PPV rather than just being on an UK PPV. Like all UK PPVs, nothing is actually important here, even the European Title switch, but there’s a couple of matches to watch between Survivor Series and Armageddon if you’re watching the 12 PPVs of 2000

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    Re: WWE Rebellion 2000 Review

    Is the Mick Foley promo at the start of the show cut out of this on the Network? Not that it was anything memorable, iirc, he just used the time to mock Triple H and explain why Triple H wasn’t there.

    That Taker/Benoit match is a hidden gem for sure. Sad we never got a full program or just a feature length PPV match between them at any stage. Easily the best match Taker had in 2000.

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    Re: WWE Rebellion 2000 Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Beast View Post
    Is the Mick Foley promo at the start of the show cut out of this on the Network? Not that it was anything memorable, iirc, he just used the time to mock Triple H and explain why Triple H wasn’t there.
    Nah, it's there. I just have zero desire to endure a ten minute promo at the start of a PPV. ECW could sorta get away with it because that's how they presented themselves, but when it comes to WWE, I just want to get to the action. There's enough talking on the weekly shows that there's no need to do the same on PPVs.

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    Re: WWE Rebellion 2000 Review

    Undertaker vs Benoit in 2007 would have been a dream for me but Benoit dragging a good match out of 2000 Undertaker will have to do.

    I agree about the main event.

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    Re: WWE Rebellion 2000 Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    Undertaker vs Benoit in 2007 would have been a dream for me but Benoit dragging a good match out of 2000 Undertaker will have to do.
    Taker vs Benoit in 2006 or 2007 could have been amazing especially on PPV. Hell, I would have even been satisfied with a 2003 PPV match.

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