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Thread: Kohei Sato

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    Kohei Sato

    Enjoyed his match with Sekimoto from New Year's Day as a pretty decent heavyweight stiff-fest, and it reminded me of how awesome he was with Ishikawa during the Twin Towers run.

    Absolute crowbar, one of the stiffest workers going and carries himself with a presence of a total asskicker, which is makes match-ups against lower opponents really compelling as they try to take him down. To that extend he knows how much to shrug off to make himself appear the mountain, and how much to sell to make them look like they are climbing it.

    Not afraid to escalate the violence, he has the nastiest elbows in wrestling (sorry Ohno), and generally a great moveset that all looks brutal. Him and Ishikawa made a great bruiser tag team and they clearly had a really good understanding of tag wrestling psychology, having awesome matches with pretty much everyone else in Big Japan and even campy dance wrestlers like Oosugi and Senga.

    I have no idea what he's been doing in the wilderness of NOAH, but go watch those Twin Towers tags I've been posting in the video section, because I'd rate him above the majority of NJ guys without hesitation.

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    Re: Kohei Sato

    Pretty confident I've not seen one match from this dude in the last 4 years

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    Re: Kohei Sato

    Great worker, has a real menacing presence to him. Even compared to Ishikawa who still can have a somewhat of a good hearted giant vibe to him ever since he started working AJPW & DDT more (until he inevitably starts busting heads), one look at Sato wherever he goes and he looks like a guy with more than one screw loose that actually enjoys his heelish tendencies.

    He's never below good on his own, but he's also never risen above a certain level either that I might need for a guy to pop into top 50 territory, but the tag work might be enough to slide him in. He's good.
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