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    Dominick Armistead

    Name: Dominick Armistead
    Nickname: "The So Called 'Saviour of the FWA'"
    "Self-Named 'Next Big Thing'"

    Billed From: Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
    Hometown: Rosseau, Minnesota

    Age: 26
    DoB: 9/17/1992
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 234 lbs.

    Disposition: Uber-Heel

    Gimmick: Spurned wrestler who feels he has big league talent but is always getting screwed by refs, officials, and the company itself (in his mind at least). An avid narcissist, he never ceases to tell people how incredible he really is (when he's not getting "screwed"). In reality, he's a mediocre wrestler with the gift of gab, and not much else. He is a tad flashy, and will show off his "amazing"ly mediocre wrestling like no one ever has before. He has tinges of technical, high flying, and brawling in his "unique" style, which is really just standard wrestling. He also loathes anyone who doesn't agree with the idea he's amazing.

    The worst part is when he gets on a winning streak. Then he goes full blown preachy and obnoxious in how amazing he is. "The greatest thing since Matt Boudreau" he thinks to himself all the time when he gets hot. You don't even wanna know what happens when, God forbid, he wins a belt. Obnoxiousness dialed up to 11, that is. Let's just hope he never wins a world title...

    Despite the annoyance factor and the general unlike-ability, he does have several positive traits. He has the never-say-die attitude in him, making him a tough opponent to really put down for good, and he never backs away from a fight, even if would be the smart thing for him to do. He isn't a chicken-shit and isn't afraid to wrestle someone who is miles better than him; he may be narcissistic and obnoxious, but he's not a coward. That, however, is what usually leads to his downfall and brings things full circle to going from being incredibly haughty to complaining that he's getting screwed... even he has recognized the irony. He just doesn't care.

    Feuds: N/A

    Win-Loss Record (W/L/NC/D): 2-0-0-0

    FWA Matches:

    January 21, 2019 - "The Great I Am" Aaron Kendrick vs. "The Saviour of the FWA" Dominick Armistead
    February 8, 2019 - Dominick Armistead vs. Tommy Thunder

    Non-FWA Accomplishments: 1x Pax-Americana Southern Wrestling Ultra-Openweight Champion
    1x Pro Tennessee American Wrestling Chattanooga Choo-Choo Champion

    FWA Accomplishments: N/A

    Wrestling Style: Amalgamation of Technical, High Flying, and Brawling

    Signature Moves: Texas Cloverleaf
    Snap Suplex
    Shining Wizard
    Diving Elbow Drop
    Reverse DDT

    Finishers: Rise and Fall (Death Valley Driver) [Uber-Finisher (Major Opponents)]
    Clock Shot (Bull Hammer) [Secondary Finisher (Lesser Opponents)]
    Herculean Killer (Crippler Crossface) [Regular Finisher]

    Character Picture: Fandango

    Theme Music: "Peace Sells" by Megadeth

    He sits there looking at the main page of the website, staring intently at the words glaring before him in bright bold letters:

    JANUARY 4th

    ???: Pah...

    The young man sneers at the news from, and the intensity can be felt in his eyes, as he leans back into his leather desk chair. He has a disgusted look on his face from seeing the news, for some reason. This man here is Dominick Armistead, a professional wrestler still in the early years of his career. Rumor has it three years ago, he was snubbed from joining the FWA's very own development territory nGw following a dark match. Not even a contract offer. To a man with the "talents" of Dominick, it was a grave error. He couldn't handle the fact that a big name company like FWA wouldn't want the next big thing on their roster. His career stalled and he had to stick to those garbage indy shows to make ends meet.

    Dominick: So they're coming back... and just when I thought they were going out of business. Those no good bastards, all of them; ignoring my talents for crap like Dameon Osborn, Locke, and those idiots "El Taco Hombres", yet where is "The Next Big Thing"? I'm right here, FWA. You should have signed me, instead of those idiots... What have we here?

    His face lights up as he scrolls the page down with his mouse and few more words are highlighted in big letters.

    Tickets Available Now!

    Dominick: I just had a thought... If FWA won't come to me... I'll just have to come to FWA... by force! I'll make the whole damn world notice me. This is your time to shine, Dominick. This is the beginning of the Armistead Era...

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