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Thread: nGw #4 RESULTS

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    nGw #4 RESULTS

    The broadcast opens with a backstage shot of the nGw Openweight Champion PARADOX, in a black and yellow sports jacket and training pants, walking through the Bull Snail Arena backstage parking area. He is wearing his headphones and listening to his music, one hand toting a nGw-branded sports bag and the other hand holding the nGw Openweight Championship belt over his shoulder. From behind the camera, Angela Eun steps forward and tries to get a word with the champion as he is entering the double doors to the locker room area.

    AE: "PARADOX, a moment, if you would!"

    PARADOX bumps fists with the security guard at the double doors, then turns towards Angela Eun, slowly taking his headphones off and letting them fall around his neck.

    "Tonight, you defend that nGw Openweight Championship for the first time... as you prepare to once again make history in nGw, what words do you have to share with the nGw viewers, if any?"

    PARADOX looks at Angela for a moment, then turns to the camera.

    PARADOX: "You know... I've been hearing a lot over the past month about controversy, about whos mad at who, about who deserves and doesn't deserve what... nGw, Bull Snail, hear me loud and clear right now. The time for fun and games is over. The time for joking around is done. Its time for business, and the Dox is in the business of knocking down WHOEVER they set up in front of me. So Stefan... Nova Diamond... bring your crew, your drama, you attitude, whatever helps you through the day, bring it! Because the Man of Tomorrow all about taking care of business, and I will leave Bull Snail tonight, STILL!.... nGw Openweight Champion."

    With that, PARADOX walks through the double doors into Bull Snail Arena as the scene fades out.


    Live from Bull Snail University, Orlando, FL


    November 24th, 2018


    The camera opens with the usual overhead swoop shot of intimate Bull Snail University arena, but this time, someones entrance music is already playing, and after a 180 degree swoop, the overhead cam swings to the stage to reveal who is coming out for the first match of the evening.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sean Waterhouse, and for my broadcast colleagues Christian Quinn and Dinorah Redgrave here, welcome everyone, to nGw!! Tonight, the nGw Openweight Championship will be defended for the first time, in a triple threat match!!"

    “PARADOX, The Fabulous Stefan, and Nova Diamond will all step into the ring tonight to compete for the biggest prize in nGw!! To say that the pressure is on for PARADOX would be an understatement!"

    “He didn't look rustled coming into the building, but his championship is indeed in peril! Can he survive The Fabulous One and the razor sharp edges of the Diamond? We'll find out tonight!"

    I'm Miss Sugar Pink, Liquor Liquor Lips! I'm Going to be Your Bubblegum Bitch!

    Britney Monroe and Victoria St. James saunter out onto the Bull Snail stage and post themselves on either end of the stage. After a moment, Svetlana comes out and joins them, standing in between the two as St. James gets them all to stand closer together so she can post a pic on instagram. Svetlana is wearing camo-style green wrestling gear as she makes her way to the ring, while Monroe and St. James share a loud conversation on the ramp about how this place smells like an armpit.

    “We are starting tonight off though, with singles action, as Svetlana of the Sorority makes her nGw debut!"

    “Don't let looks fool you guys, she may have an air of, shall I say, disinterest, but I have it on good authority that Svetlana actually brings a distinguished Combat Sambo pedigree to nGw!! If you thought she was just a pretty face in this trio, think again!"

    "Good Time" plays next as Skye Healy comes out, flashing a wide grin as she takes in the cheers of Bull Snail from the stage. She jogs down the ramp and slides into the ring quickly.

    “She has been cleared to compete, and she is here to do just that!! Skye Healy is back in Bull Snail and she is raring to go, Christian!"

    “The Sorority were less than polite in introducing themselves to Skye at the nGw PC, so this matchup by GM Devin Golden seems appropriate! And I'm sure after what happened in the nGw Openweight Tournament, Skye Healy has a lot she wants to prove to the nGw faithful, and perhaps even to herself!"

    Singles Match - Skye Healy vs Svetlana

    The match starts out with Skye going for a lockup, but Svetlana, who towers over Skye in height, refusing to engage. Skye finally takes one lunge too many and Svetlana strikes, whipping Skye over with a collar and arm throw!! Skye tries to roll out from under Svetlana, but Svetlana suddenly cradles Skye!! Skye kicks out from the flash pin after 2, and as they both get up, Skye armdrags an overeager Svetlana. Skye tries to follow up, but Svetlana tilts onto her own shoulders and upkicks Skyes arm away! Svetlana gets up and collars Skye, but Skye lands strikes to Svetlanas midsection. Skye pulls Svetlana in and tries to belly to belly suplex Svetlana, but Svetlana uses her long legs to suddenly sweep Skye, sending Skye crashing to the mat head and collarbone first with a beutiful Sambo Throw!!!

    Sky looks out of sorts as Monroe and St. James cheer on the outside. Svetlana settles in on a bow and arrow, digging her knee into Skyes back as St. James slinks onto the apron to mock Skye to her face. Svetlana suddenly lets go of the bow and arrow, causing Skye to bounce face first onto the ring canvas! Svetlana drags Skye up and pushes her into a corner, then asks St. James to get up on the apron and take a snapchat video of whats shes about to do. Svetlana shushes the crowd, but as she goes for a big chop to Skye in the corner, Skye ducks!! Svetlana falls into the corner and Skye instead chops Svetlana!! Svetlana screams at St. James to delete the video before Skye shuts her up with a big enzugiri!! Svetlana falls down and Skye casually pops her in the back of the head with a switchblade kick!!

    St. James is losing her shit ringside now as Skye gets up and plays to the crowd. Skye gets Svetlana up but as she tries to run the ropes, Svetlana grabs at Skyes hair! Skye back elbows Svetlana, but as Skye turns around, Svetlana lands a desperation european uppercut!! Skye stumbles and Sveltana charges, but Skye scoops the running Svetlana up and crashes her down with a thunderous Michinoku Driver!!!! But Skye loses her grip on Svetlana and cannot cover!! Svetlana bounces to the apronside, where Victoria St. James grabs her and drags her out of the ring!!

    The fans boo as St James continues screaming at Sky Healy while pulling a disheveled Svetlana up the ramp. Skye Healy shakes her head in frustration, climbing up on the turnbuckle closest to the ramp to beckon St James back into the ring. But from behind, Britney Monroe suddely slides into the ring!!!!!

    But Skye hears the nGw crowd yelling, and as Monrie tries to blindside her, Skye Healy turns her head and blasts Monroe with a flying Shuriken (Spinning Wheel Kick) off the turnbuckle!!! Monroe is completely knocked out as St. James starts screaming some more at whats going on. Meanwhile, the ref has no choice but to count Svetlana out.

    Winner: Skye Healy (countout)

    A recovered Svetlana suddenly charges the ring and Skye readies herself, but Svetlana only pulls the KO'ed Monroe off the apron and then high-tails it back up the ramp with her teammate in tow. As St. James throws a fit on the ramp, Skye Healy holds the ring ropes open, begging St. James to come into the ring.

    SW: “Skye healy wins by countout here, but it looks like a situation where nobody is happy at the moment! Fair to say that the Sorority might have underestimated Skye, guys?"

    “You know who definitely undeestimated Skye? Britney Monroe!!"

    “Skye looks like she specifically wants St James now, and St. James is not obliging... this doesn't look like its over!"


    We throw backstage, where Devin Golden is standing next to a large screen TV, still searching for a comfortable angle to watch it.

    DG: "Actually... move it over a little to the right..... well... no, back left a little... well now my neck is... sheesh, watching cctv of whats going on the ring really is hard...."

    Suddenly, Nova Diamond, dressed in a suit, walks into the shot.

    ND: "Mr. Golden..."

    "Oh hey, Nova, how can I help you? I was just trying to find which TV-watching angle reflects my best me."

    "Mr. Golden... I just came by to thank you for being level-headed enough to grant me my rightful shot at the Openweight title tonight, but surely you saw what Stefan and his crew of carnival goons did to me! And yet Stefan is also in this match? I believe that you are sending a very bad signal to the locker room and all of the viewers at home by letting Stefan compete in this match..."

    ".... so what you're saying is you want me to pull Stefan out of the match? Right now?"

    "You have the power to."

    "Nova.... I think we both know that isn't going to happen. Its a little rich of you, of all people, to be complaining about someone bending the rules."

    Nova suddenly gets up right into Devin Goldens face.

    "Now listen, you.... I have come here humbly, to you, and a simple yes or no would've been suffice. I'm already ignoring the fact that you threatened me before my match against Stefan, Mr. Golden, or that your hapless officials screwed me out of the Openweight Tournament, or the fact that you have yet to sanction that shrill shrieking harpy Dinorah Redgrave for spreading lies about me on air. My patience with you is wearing thin, Mr. Golden, and after tonight, when I become nGw Openweight Champion... it would be best if you recognize exactly who you are speaking to and change your tone."

    Devin Golden laughs at the sheer bravado of Nova Diamond.

    "If, Nova... if you become champion."

    "No, not 'if', Golden..."

    Nova turns and walks away from Devin Golden.

    "You heard me right the first time."

    As Nova Diamond walks away, Devin Golden sighs to himself. He turn around and faces back to the TV.

    "Okay, maybe left a few more steps."

    The camera moves over to the TV to reveal that Boris has been holding up the flat screen TV this whole time. Boris shuffles to Devin Goldens left a few steps.

    Boris: "OK."


    We throw back to the ring area as we see Daiquan Andrews and Rosanna Richens already in the ring.

    SW: “We move on to tag action here at nGw, and as alliances form and battle lines are drawn in Bull Snail, we have a new pairing on our hands!"

    “Daiquan is still looking for his first nGw win while Rosanna Richens got her first W at nGw 3, lets see what these two can do as a team now!"

    Some strange music plays as Simon and Winston Drake come out next, with Phillip Drake behind them.

    SW: “Speaking of seeking a first win, thats what the Brothers Drake will be looking for here also, and tonight we are going to see the combination of Simon Drake and Winston Drake represent the family!"

    “And Phillip is out here with them, thats going to give that much more for Daiquan Andrews and Rosanna Richens to have to keep an eye on..."

    Tag Team Match: Simon Drake/Winston Drake vs Daiquan Andrews/Rosanna Richens

    Simon and Daiquan start the match as Phillip paces the outside and leers at Rosanna Richens. Simon and Daiquan lock up, but Daiquan immediately overwhelms Simon, pushing him against the ropes. Simon calls for and recieves a rope break, but as Daiquan releases, Simon immediately kicks Daiquan in the gut! Simon thinks he has control but Daiquan immediately chops Simon hard in the chest!! Daiquan starts rapid0fire chopping Simon, who falls to the mat, rolls and tags in Winston. Winston jumps in, and Daiquan immediately start chopping him as well! Winston pushes Daiquan away and charges, but Daiquan ducks a wild clothesline and supekicks Winston in the back, and Winston falls front first into the opposite corner! Daiquan tags in Rosanna Richens, who slingshots into the ring and takes down the discombobulated Winston with a slingshot bulldog!!! Richens goes for the cover, but Philip Drake suddenly jumps on the apron behind her!! Daiquan and Rosanna both go for Phillip, but Phillip immediately jumps off the apron once its apparent he stopped the pin.

    Rosanna tries to get Winston back up but Winston grabs her by the throat!! Rosanna elbows out of it and runs the ropes, dodging another Winston blow! Rosanna lauches herself with a dropkick, which stumbles Winston but doesnt knock him down. Rosanna charges again, but Winston steels himself and shoulder tackles her! Rosanna tries to get up quickly, but Winston spins himself and absolutely decimates her with a discus clothesline!! Daiquan readies himself to break any cover, but a winded Winston instead goes to tag in Simon, drawing a disapproving lecture from Phillip ringside. Simon comes in and immediately puts Richens down again with a back suplex! Richens reaches out for a tag, but Simon drags her back center ring and scoop slams her. Simon runs the ropes, flips off Daiquan in his corner with some theatrics, and then elbow drops Rosanna!

    Simon isnt satisfied, and instead climbs the top rope and flings himself down with a dagger elbow drop, but Rosanna rolls away!! Simon crashes and burns, and Rosanna drags herself to her corner and tags Daiquan back in!! Daiquan jumps in, but rather than stop Simon, he slaps Simon in the back of the head a few times and then throws Simon INTO his corner and gestures for Winston!! An enraged Winston tags himself in and charges, but Daiquan levels Winston with a slingblade!! Daiquan runs the ropes and smashes Winston with a flying forearm, but on the other side of the ring, Phillip Drake suddenly pulls Rosanna Richens off the apron!! Rosanna falls to the floor and Phillip jumps onto the apron, disstracting both DAiquan and the ref. With the ref distracted, Simon sneaks into the ring and chop blocks Daiquan!!! Simon slides out of the ring as Winston grabs a hobbled Daiquan and forcefully dragon whips Daiquan!! Phillip jumps off the apron as Winston grabs Daiquans leg and just sits on him with a single leg crab!!! Daiquan tries to fight it but theres too much weight on his back and leg and Daiquan has to tap!!

    Winner: The Drakes

    In the ring, Winston gets his hand raised by the ref, but he suddenly grabs Daiquan again!! Winston tries to smash Daiquans leg one more time, but Rosanna Richens slides back in and gives Winston a running dropkick! Winston falls out of the ring and onto the outside, but as he tries to charge back in, Simon and Phillip restrain him.

    SW: “Rosanna Richens is still hot about how it went down, but The Drakes are now on the board here at nGw!!!"

    “There are no innocent bystanders when it comes to tag team and trios teams here in nGw guys!! Phillip Drake profiles as the mastermind behind the Drakes and its proven to be true here!"

    “I think the team of Richens and Daiquan shows promise, but Daiquan has taken another loss here... sooner or later he has to break through, right?"

    Rosanna Richens screams something inaudible at Phillip Drake, who just smiles and waves bye to Rosanna as he and Simon escort Winston up the ramp. The ramp camera catches Winston yelling that he was going to 'tear her apart', while Phillip calms him by telling him that they got what the came for. Back in the ring, a distraught Daiquan and Rosanna share a few words before she helps Daiquan to the apron, where the ringside doctor checks out his knee and leg. Rosanna tries to help Daiquan off the apron, but Daiquan testily pushes and the physio away, limping up the ramp on his own power with a look of sheer frustration on his face.


    The shot suddenly throws to a black screen, with nothing visible but the sounds of several radio recievers heard. After a few more moments of static, we finally hear a voice cut through the feedback.










    The scene switches to backstage at Bull Snail, where The Fabulous Stefan stands facing the camera, with Martina to his right and Fabian to his left. After a moment of just gazing into the camera with smoky eyes, the nGw faithful hears from the man himself for the first time ever.

    "Oscar Wilde once wrote: ''The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself'. And at this fateful hour, I find his words to be quite compelling, quite comforting, a sign that my victory tonight is all but assured. nGw, it is I, The Fabulous One, and I am here to tell you all that by this time tomorrow, all the precious babes from New York to California, Tokyo to Timbuktu, and all the way from Paris to back across the Atlantic to Orlando, will awaken to the delight of me being their new nGw Openweight Champion.

    And why am I so confident, you may ask? Well, if that is indeed a serious question, look no further than my opposition. In one corner you have that wild hyena, Nova Diamond, masquarading as a gentleman but in reality just a poor rabid little pup. No man who would lay unprovoked hand on my beautiful Martina is fit to be a champion, no? And Martina, I must say, you did quite an exquisite job defending yourself!"

    Martina giggles as Stefan continues.

    "And in the other corner... PARADOX... The Man of Tomorrow, he calls himself... how delightfully specific! PARADOX, I must admit, that unlike Nova Diamond, you have actually impressed me! A most vivacious performance in the Openweight Tournment, though of course, I was not allowed to participate in it.... and your finals opponent had an unfortunate run-in with Mr. Diamond.... well, when you put it like that, your performance in the tournament doesn't seem all that impressive after all, does it? You may be many things, PARADOX, but at the end of the day, you are not FABULOUS, and if I may be frank, Nova Diamond may have a point about you being made of paper. But enough about those two, nGw, because the key to my victory isn't the two people who will oppose me in the ring tonight, but rather, it is the two people standing right here."

    Stefan put his arms out, right in front of Martina and Fabian, who embrace him.

    "Do you know why I am so confident, nGw? Its because unlike the pretenders Nova Diamond and PARADOX, I am comfortable with who I am. I am confortable in this skin, with being the Fabulous One, with being the man who has combined martial prowess with Parisian showmanship, and with Martina and Fabian behind me, I cannot fail. Unlike PARADOX and Nova Diamond, we do not run from who we are, we embrace who we are, we are stronger because of who we are, WE LIVE OUR TRUTH... and the truth is that I am the nGw Openweight Champion-in-waiting.... but the wait is almost over my lovelies. There's going to be a dance party in Bull Snail Arena tonight. And I encourage you all to dance to your hearts content, dance along with your master of ceremonies, the man who will be dancing with the nGw Openweight Championship belt clasps around his waist, shimmering in that golden light, and just simply looking... FABULOUS....



    We throw back to the arena floor, where "Enemy Within" plays. After a moment, Samson Riggs steps out onto the stage.

    SW: “Ladies and gentlemen, Samson Riggs kept his name in the mix for championship oppurtunities when he scored his first nGw win at nGw 2, but from the looks of it, you couldnt tell because he seems as disgruntled as ever!"

    “It must suck considering yourself the last real man in the world! And to be fair, i don't really know if I want to know what would put a smile on that mans face..."

    Riggs enters the ring and yells something at Angela Eun.

    "Tanks!" plays as Liam Andrews comes out next alone, but wearing one of the nGw Trios Championship belts. Andrews makes the full rounds high-fiving with the fans ringside, but just as hes about done, Samson Riggs slides out of the ring and suddenly slugs Andrews in the face!! Riggs throws a stunned Andrews into the ring!

    Singles Match: Liam Andrews vs Samson Riggs

    Riggs wastes no time in descending on Andrews with blows!! Andrews trie to fight back put Riggs is all over him!! Riggs drags Andrews up and headbutts Andrews!! Andrews reels for a second, but then headbutts Riggs right back!! Riggs takes a swing but Andrews ducks, and lights up Riggs with a bunch of rhythmic punches! Andrews winds up for a final punch, but Riggs takes the split-second delay to push Andrews away! Both men charge and clothesline each other at the same time!!

    The wild brawl continues as both men recover at the same time, but Andrews flings himself on top of Riggs with a thesz press!! Andrews rains punches on Riggs, who rolls over to block them. Andrews gets up and deadlifts Riggs up by the waist!! Andrews tries to german suplex Riggs, but Riggs elbows out as Andrews lifts up! Riggs clubs Andrews with a forearm, but as he runs the ropes, Andrews runs too and smacks Riggs with a clothesline!! Andrews runs the ropes and tries to crossbody Riggs, but Riggs ducks!! Andrews airballs it and crashes to the mat face first! Riggs picks up Andrews and gives him an overhead fallaway slam!!

    Riggs grabs Andrews and tries to put him in a full nelson lock! Andrews tries to break out and forces Riggs to stand up with him, but Riggs changes the hold at the last second and puts Andrews back down with a full nelson slam! Riggs screams something at Liam and then charges the ropes and tries to PK Andrews, but Andrews rolls away and schoolboys Riggs!! Riggs kicks out at 2, but Andrews has already anticipated it, and brute strength picks up Riggs for a one-armed powerbomb!!! Andrews covers again, but Riggs kicks out! Andrews stumbles out of the cover and pulls himself up at the ropes while the ref checks up on Riggs, but a masked man in black hoodie and sweatpants suddenly jumps out of the Bull Snail audience and slugs Andrews in the face with some kind of foreign object!! Andrews tumbles back towards center ring as Riggs pushes the referee away and dives onto a cover!!!

    Winner: Samson Riggs

    SW: “Its over!!!! A mysterious man has helped Samson Riggs win this match against nGw Trios Champ Liam Andrews!!

    “Look out!!"

    Andrews is down and perhaps out cold inside the ring as the mystery man puts the chain back in his sweatpants. As the masked figure stands outside by the ramp, he and Riggs look at each other. Suddenly, James London and Danny Knox charge out from the back!!

    Samson Riggs comes out of the ring and starts brawling with Danny Knox while James London brawls with the masked man. James grabs a faceful of mask and tears it off to reveal:

    Adore'e James.

    Another man runs out from the back and smashes James London in the back with an object!! London collapses as the camera finally focuses to reveal that the assailant is none other than Francis King!! King, Riggs, and James all set upon Danny Knox and put the boots to him!! The camera zooms to reveal that the object King hit London with was a pipe! Liam is stirring in the ring, but Adore'e James rolls into the ring, grabs Liam, and pops him up high before smashing him with a GxG (Pop-up Spinning Backfist)!!!

    Liam collapses in the ring as Francis King chokes James London with the pipe on the outside!! Riggs throws Knox into the ring, then rolls in himself as he and James continue to put the boots to Knox!! Knox suddenly fights back as Riggs drags him up, serving up elbows and forearms to both James and Riggs before King enters the ring and hits Knox in the back with the pipe as well!!! A furious Riggs grabs Knox and yells at James, who scales one of the turnbuckles. James leaps and Riggs destroys Danny Knox with a James-assisted Spike Piledriver!!!!!

    Riggs and James get up and join Francis King center-ring. King looks around with a deranged smile, admiring the scene of carnage as he puts his boot on the chest of Danny Knox and raises the pipe high in the air. James also raises his hands in celebration as Riggs throws Liam Andrews out of the ring, where he tumbles down next to James London. Riggs and King look at each other before King rasies Riggs hand.

    “Liam Andrews, James London, Danny Knox, they were all set up!! Francis King and Adore'e James laid a trap that the nGw Trios Champions were baited into, and now look at this carnage!!!"

    “And it looks like Samson Riggs is in on this alliance as well!!"

    “Well come on, TRIPLE AYYY didn't think they were just going to be Trios Champs willy nilly right?? As soon as those belts are on you, so is the target on your back!!! And Francis King looks like he has led the ambush that first felled Liam Andrews and then all 3 members of TRIPLE AYYY!!!!! King, Riggs, and James, theres a new trios in town guys!!!"


    As "Money" plays, we cut to a pretaped video showing the passage of a stretch luxury black and silver humvee through the streets of nightime Orlando, intentionally sped up to show the humvee hitting up all the famous spots in town. The humvees final destination is Bull Snail Arena, where the video finally slows to normal speed.

    Humvee Driver: "This is the address, Mr. Brixton."

    The window of the passenger side of the luxury vehicle rolls down, and the man inside looks at Bull Snail with cold, steely eyes.

    "Take me back to Windermere...

    These people don't deserve me... yet."

    Driver:"... Yes sir."

    The windows of the humvee go back up and the vehicle drives off.


    A promo plays, set to an abbreviated live version of "The Rising" by Bruce Springsteen

    An out-of-focus image of a FWA ring with someone in it is shown in slow motion.

    Come on up for the rising....

    The camera slowly focuses to show the person standing in the ring, with eyes cast upward to the heavens, is Bell Connelly.

    Come on up, lay your hands in mine!

    The scene switches to a faraway shot of a person walking down the long ramp at a BIB. The camera focuses to reveal that its Phillip A. Jackson.

    Come on up for the rising...

    The scene switches to a shot of the back of Cyrus Truth, standing on a FWA stage, raising the FWA World Championship high in the air as a thousand camera flashes from the arena envelop him in light.

    Come on up for the rising tonight!!


    The scene goes back to the ringside area, where Devin Golden has just arrived to watch the main event by ringside.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, as nGw GM Devin Golden takes his seat ringside, its time, for the first ever defence of the nGw Openweight Championship!!!!!"

    "Crucified" plays first, and the disco ball is lowered in Bull Snail as Stefan makes his way onto the stage first for the main event.

    “The Fabulous One is not short on confidence entering this matchup, despite the fact that his entrouge of Martina and Fabian are banned from ringside for this match via the order of GM Golden!"

    “Stefan may be flamboyant, but he is also no combat athlete rookie!! Don't let the flash fool you, he is ready and capable of taking the biggest prize nGw has to offer right here tonight!!!!"

    "Comfortably Numb" plays next as Nova Diamond appears next, glowering as he slowly makes his way to the ring, staring a hole into Stefan, who is doing some strange-looking warmup exercises in his corner.

    SW: “As Nova Diamond makes his way to the ring for this matchup, I have to ask you, Dinorah, aside from your personal feelins about Nova, do you think this triple threat format favors Nova Diamond?"

    “Sure, why not? Nova seems right at home in chaos. I have to admit, Sean, that I hope someone puts an end to all his incessant crying and whining tonight!"

    "Easy Rider" plays last as PARADOX enters Bull Snail. PARADOX takes some time to hype himself up on the stage with the nGw Openweight belt straddled around his neck like a towel, before hitting the ring with speed. Both Nova and Stefan back off a little as PARADOX does a spinaroonie-style flip in the center of the ring, spinning up to one knee and then standing while raising the Openweight belt high over his head. PARADOX tells the referee to keep the belt warm for him as he hands it off.

    SW: “Ladies and gentlemen, the Champ is in the house, and he doesn't look at all nervous with the task in front of him!!"

    “Just like Stefan, PARADOX is no rookie when it comes to championship matches or triple threats!! I'm sure he is very aware of the risks in this match and what he must do to retain!!"

    “He has to have eyes in the back of his head!! He could lose the championship without being the one pinned, and to prevent that, the key tonight for PARADOX is to be the one who dictates all the action!"

    Both Nova and Stefan step foward to meet PARADOX in the center of the ring!

    nGw Openweight Championship - PARADOX vs Nova Diamond vs Stefan

    The bell has rung, but all three men are still talking trash to each other in the center of the ring. Nova suddenly pushes both PARADOX and Stefan, and they respond by both throwing Nova out of the ring! With Nova out of the way, Stefan and PARADOX square up as the fans cheer! PARADOX goes to lock up with Stefan, but Stefan baits PARADOX in and cheekily leg sweeps him!! PARADOX tries to get up, but Stefan cartwheels off to his side! PARADOX can't find Stefan, who grabs PARADOX by the wrist and swings him down into a Fujiwara armbar!!! PARADOX struggles out of the hold and breaks Stefans wrist clutch, but as PARADOX rolls to his belly, Stefan nonchalantly sits cross-legged in the ring and blows a kiss to a confused PARADOX. PARADOX is heard saying 'alright...' in the ring as both men get up. They actually get into a traditional lock-up, but this time, as Stefan tries to sutema-wazi PARADOX, PARADOX instead yanks Stefan in close and picks Stefan off his feet with just one arm!! PARADOX flattens Stefan with a swinging side slam, but before he can follow up, Nova slides back in the ring and superkicks PARADOX!! PARADOX falls back and tumbles out of the ring as Nova sets upon Stefan!!

    Nova starts raining punches down on Stefan, and when Stefan tries to get up, Nova grabs him and tries to suplex him! Stefan blocks the suplex and instead tries to small package Nova, but Nova brute strength deadlifts Stefan up and turns it into a front suplex!! Nova grabs a stunned Stefan again and gives him a suplex! And another!! And another!!!! Nova goes for the cover after the trio of suplexes, but Stefan kicks out at two!! PARADOX comes back in the ring and intercepts Nova! Nova reverses PARADOX into the ropes and tries for a thesz press, but PARADOX basesball slides completely under it!! nova lands on his hands and knees, and when he gets up he doesn't see PARADOX running diagonally, and PARADOX drops Nova with a running neckbreaker!! PARADOX covers but Nova kicks out! Stefan is up and tries to land a sneaky Glamour Shot (Shouten) on PARADOX, but PARADOX ducks it and irish whips Stefan into a corner!! PARADOX then whips Nova into the opposite corner and proceeds to clothesline each of them one after the other!! Nova tries to explode out of the corner when PARADOX is running, but PARADOX blocks a jumping knee from Nova and instead overhead belly to belly suplexes Nova!!!

    Nova crashes to the mat, but as PARADOX turns around, he sees Stefan fall out of the opposite corner and try to cover Nova!! PARADOX runs to break up the pin, but Stefan jumps out of the pin, and claps PARADOX on both his ears!! PARADOX starts to lose his balance from the highly unconventional move and takes a wild swing at Stefan, but misses and ends up falling on his belly. Stefan cloverleafs PARADOXs legs, rolls, and stacks PARADOX up with a cross-legged cradle!!! PARADOX juuuuust kicks out in time, but his kickout has enough power to bounce Stefan to the other side of the ring! PARADOX sits up in disbelief, but Nova Diamond comes out of nowhere and smashes PARADOX with a sliding lariat!!!

    Nova punts PARADOX out of the ring, and then tries to grab Stefan and lift, but Stefan knees Nova in the head!! Nova drops Stefan into a corner, where Stefan climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle. Nova charges, but Stefan fakes a Glamour Shot off the turnbuckle!!!! The fake works and Nova stops charging and flinches, and its enough for Stefan to collar Nova and drop him out of the corner with a huge tornado DDT!! Stefan covers!!



    Nova kicks out!! Stefan tries to cross-leg cradle Nova as well, but Nova untangles his legs and tries to stand up. Stefan decides to sag his weight onto Novas back and sinks in a rear naked choke!! Nova gets up with Stefan on his back and tries to shake Stefan off, but Stefan hangs on!! Nova continues to struggle wildly while carrying Stefan on his back, and eventually decides to charge backwards, pancaking Stefan back-first into a turnbuckle!! Stefan lets go, but PARADOX slides into the ring and charges full speed at both men in the corner, but only Nova sees it!!! Nova full-on dives out of the way as PARADOX crushes Stefan in the corner with a huge Soul Splitter Spear!!!!! Stefan falls forward onto PARADOX, who rolls up Stefan, but just when the ref is going to make the count, Nova Diamond runs right over the referee!! PARADOX breaks the cover, but Nova pushes PARADOX with both hands through the middle ropes!!! PARADOX tumbles out of the ring, while Nova quickly grabs the fallen Stefan, picks him up, takes him to the other side of the ring and lands a running Uncomfortably Numb (Emerald Flowsion)!!!! Nova quickly covers!!!!!


    PARADOX is on the apron!!


    PARADOX slides into the ring!!!!!


    Winner and NEW nGw Openweight Champion: Nova Diamond




    PARADOX lays in the middle of the ring, with his head hidden in his hands that he did not make it in time. Nova Diamond crawls over to the corner and pulls himself up as it dawns on him that he has done it.

    Martina and Fabian run down to the ring and assist a still-stunned Stefan off the apron and to the floor. PARADOX rolls to the floor as well, and the ringside camera gets close to see that PARADOX's face is just a blank stare of shock that he is no longer champion.

    The referee takes the nGw Openweight Championship belt from Devin Golden and enters the ring, but Nova Diamond suddenly screams that he wants Devin Golden to give him the belt. After a moment of confusion, Devin Golden does indeed enter the ring, and when he takes the belt and tries to hand it to Nova Diamond, Nova demands the Devin Golden strap the belt around Novas waist. Golden gives Nova a look, but Nova screams in his face 'DO IT!!! I AM YOUR CHAMPION!!!!!!", and Golden eventually does take the belt and strap it across Novas waist. Meanwhile, PARADOX is still sitting on the outside while Martina and Fabian help Stefan up the ramp and backstage.

    SW: “Ladies and gentlemen, PARADOX has fallen in his first championship defense!!! And now, the improbably proclamation has become reality!! Nova Diamond has pinned Stefan, he has won this triple threat, Nova Diamond is the nGw Openweight Champion!!!

    “Cheer up, Dinorah, I'm sure Nova will let bygones be bygones..."


    Nova, championship belt on his waist, now starts screaming something at Dinorah Redgrave on the outside to come into the ring.

    Dinorah gives Nova an icy stare, refusing to move.

    PARADOX suddenly enters the ring, drawing Novas attention away from the commentary desk.

    PARADOX walks over to Nova, saying 'this ain't over", but also offering his hand out.

    Nova is heard saying 'get out of my ring, trash" to PARADOX and then slaps PARADOX in the face!!

    PARADOX dives onto Nova!!! Nova tries to escape but PARADOX just starts laying into Nova with punches!! Refs and security flood into the ring to seperate the two, but in the melee Nova sqiurms out of the ring with the championship belt!! Nova holds the belt up inthe crowd, but PARADOX breaks free of security and charges into the crowd!! Nova tries to run for a moment, but then turns around and swings at PARADOX with the belt!! PARADOX ducks and the brawl is on in the crowd!!!


    “I see that being the champion hasn't mellowed him out!!!!"

    “PARADOX was not the one pinned but he's lost the title!! And now with this unsurprising show of disrespect, this battle between Nova Diamond and PARADOX seems far from over!!!!!"

    nGw #4 goes off the air with PARADOX and Nova Diamond still brawling in the crowd as security desperately tries to get to them.


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    Re: nGw #4 RESULTS

    flipped my lid when i saw a full stefan promo. you fuckin mad man.

    great show. I'm really enjoying Skye vs The Sorority story right now. Gives me Bryan vs The Wyatt Family vibes.
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    Re: nGw #4 RESULTS

    What I always like about these shows and Kai's writing, in general, is the clear level of effort that goes into them; Take one moment in the opening match that stuck out to me. It would have been very easy for him to write something like

    " Svetlana counters Skye and hit her with a throw"

    Instead, he writes;

    "Svetlana uses her long legs to suddenly sweep Skye, sending Skye crashing to the mat head and collarbone first with a beautiful Sambo Throw!!!"

    It's such a small thing but I adore the fact that Kai never falls to injects character driven things whenever he gets the chance for example; I never considered Svetlana being a Sambo combat expert. But I love it and I'm mad I didn't consider it myself, It serves as a great point of juxtaposition with the others that she's the mean disinterested tank of the group. And I echo what Onam said. Really enjoying the feud.

    And hey big ups for taking characters that aren't yours and doing full promos with them. Especially one as outlandish as Stefan.

    OHHHH-! big shock with Nova winning the belt! I would have thought that that would have happened until the first takeover like show.


    But yeah. I'm watching I'm loving and it's taking all my self-restraint not to throw every half baked idea for apps and overloading you
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: nGw #4 RESULTS

    thanks for the feedback guys~ as always, pls feel free to use this thread to signal to me what direction you would prefer your characters move towards.

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name View Post
    I'm watching I'm loving and it's taking all my self-restraint not to throw every half baked idea for apps and overloading you

    any ideas that one believes has main roster FWA potential but is not yet fully formed or you haven't "figured out" yet is welcome in nGw.
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