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    Low Ki

    Silly Hitman gimmick aside, he's still a world class talent, still worth watching almost every time he turns up, and is still sneakily great under the radar.

    I've really enjoyed his stuff in JAPW, his fued with Callihan in AAW, his the odd place he turns up in like the wXw tag league. Still carries himself with superstar presence, works hella stiff, but also great at knowing when to take and make someone look good. Thought the Rey Mysterio match was a rare indy dream match which delivered.

    I've been watching stuff from his Impact run and nothing has really blown me away, but I've heard nothing but good things about his MLW run so I'll have to get on that some point.

    Still burns all his bridges so hasn't been in one place for extended period of time and hasn't worked for many of the major promotions which get eyes, but every time I watch him he feels like an easy Top 50 guy.

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    Re: Low Ki

    I really like Ki, I still think he's good but I'm not sure there's anything of the last 4 years that I would call truly great. For example, I really enjoyed the Fenix match he had on MLW in 2018, but I'm not even sure that's gonna make my top 100 for the year. You mentioned the wXw tag tournament, he was good in it but I wouldn't put him in the top 10 performers of that weekend because everyone was at their best that weekend. The Sami match I'm not as high on and has the dopey finish. Also I'm pretty sure he's barely active in 2016.

    He's someone that if I was a regular viewer of MLW I might be higher on, but I don't see much of a case for Ki here. He'd have a lot of ground to make up this year.

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    Re: Low Ki

    He’s not very spectacular in MLW either. He’s probably not even a thought to make my list as of right now.
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    Re: Low Ki

    If this were 15 years ago I'd be all for him. Not now, not even in the parking lot of the ballpark. Still good though in a variety of companies & situations & for all the wear & tear he's went through, that's more than you can ask for and at the same time not even in the bottom tier of workers nominated by any stretch.
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