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Thread: All Elite Wrestling: A Global Revolution

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    Re: All Elite Wrestling: A Global Revolution

    Your presenatation and detail is awesome man!

    It feels like a legit show.

    Loving the graphics used and the card is looking awesome.

    Soon as the PPV drops, I'll leave a full review and carry on from there. Keep it up, man.

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    Re: All Elite Wrestling: A Global Revolution

    Hell of a show and I 100% back up this MJF and Drake alliance without a doubt that is fantastic duo. Knox comes off dangerous and should def be a future champion in my eyes. I dig how detail you are in your show everything down to the commercial break and that is great. You can tell you put some serious thought in and that entrance video is pieced perfectly.


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    All Elite Wrestling: A Global Revolution

    Some may remember the fated Aaron Solow promo that received mixed reactions from Dynamite on TNT lately. The reason that it has been removed from all media, as well as Aaron Solow being off television since, seems to be that AEW received a Cease and Desist letter from WWE, amongst other legal threats. This has led to AEW removing any shots from promos on YouTube that featured anything that was officially owned by WWE (including Cody Rhodes' replica titles on his wall now being blurred in the promo). Legal proceedings likely will not go further, as this was somewhat expected. People were wondering when the line would be crossed in terms of The Elite getting BTE styled jabs at WWE on TV. It seems that things that would fly on their YouTube channel clearly won't on television, however this may greatly affect AEW's future. Due to the legal issues raises a lot of eyebrows, AEW has put 4 contract offers on hold. The contracts (Jungle Boy aka Jack Perry, Luchasaurus/Judas Devlin aka Austin Draven, and SSB/Super Smash Brothers aka Evil Uno and Stu Grayson). Super Smash Brothers, fearing lawsuits from Nintendo, were going to go by SSB. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy recently put out a Super Mario parody shirt. With as protective of its' brands that Nintendo are, AEW has chosen to wait on hiring these four people until things are simpler (SSB finding a new name for their team/gimmick that can be trademarked and made merch for, and seeing whether legal action is taken against A Boy and His Dinosaur).

    Speaking of contracts, three major contracts for Impact Wrestling are set to expire in the next week or so. John Hennigan, also known as Johnny Insert-Company-Here, and the current iteration of LAX, Santana and Ortiz, will be free agents in the coming days. With Hennigan, it is unknown where he could end up, as his age is being cited as a reason All Elite Wrestling would pass him up to sign, while low morale is slowing WWE from signing as many people as they would have this time last year. LAX seems on all accounts to be interested in both AEW and WWE, and apparently will be fielding offers from those two, as well as Impact, AAA, CMLL, and possibly a company from Japan. Either way, one has to wonder for AEW, with Tony Khan acknowledging that they couldn't sign everybody, but having a few "vetoes" in mind for contracts that should come up soon, could he have been talking about either of these two acts?

    PAC's last Dragon Gate date is Kobe World on July 21st. From that point, it's unknown if he will be exclusive to All Elite Wrestling, but it seems likely at this point. PAC is scheduled to face Ben-K in the main event for the company's main title, as well as the fact that PAC hasn't been pinned or submitted in over 21 months. Whether AEW will acknowledge the (assumed) loss on camera after the fact is unknown. However, PAC has stopped bringing his Dragon Gate championship out with him during AEW dates, and it has stopped being mentioned that he is a double champion. There is the chance that AEW and DG may have found a work around together to get what both want, and the loyalty of PAC to Dragon Gate ensures that at the very least, Dragon Gate will come out of the situation looking as best as it physically can.

    Even more trolling the fans from The Young Bucks on the most recent episode of BTE. Fans zoomed in on a Notebook that read "Long Term Booking." On the notebook, we saw comedy gags like Young Bucks 859 Day Tag Title Reigns, Pharaoh Title Run???, and "MJF sux" but what drew everybody's attention, was something written much smaller, with a check mark next to it. It read, "FTR" and many are believing this is full confirmation of the team's signing to AEW. While some are still unsure, it does raise some questions that no dates have been announced for FTR yet despite putting out their booking info last week.

    All Elite Wrestling sources have told us that the company is very worried about introducing comedy characters at this stage. With wrestlers on their roster like Orange Cassidy and Joey Ryan, there are sure to be some controversial views on the comedy wrestling in AEW. However, AEW officials recognize that they need to wait a little bit in order for the comedy to be clearly comedy, and not make the company look minor league. This is the reason for the slow build specifically on the Orange Cassidy story, and why Joey Ryan has pretty much been absent from All Elite storylines, despite staying on the indies. Many are saying that Ryan's contract allows him to work indies while also being a part-time "player-coach" for AEW. The idea being that he can still make money with his shtick on the independent scene, while a toned down version will be used for him on screen in AEW, and he would become a trainer/coach when he wants to retire. This could lead to Joey Ryan bolstering the tag team scene, as there would be a much more accepting space for a veteran/protege team than people accepting someone of his age being built from the ground up as a singles. That's purely speculation, though.

    NWA's President, William Patrick Corgan, has announced the return of the Crockett Cup Tag Team Tournament! This tournament, taking place in August, will apparently crown the first champions for the recently reinstated NWA Worlds Tag Team Championships. The announcement came from Twitter, and stated that it would be a field of 16 teams. The Tweet also announced the first 8 teams that would be participating in the Crockett Cup, featuring teams from AEW, Impact Wrestling, and all over the globe! The final 8 teams will be announced on Twitter next week.

    Crockett Cup Confirmed Teams:

    Extra Talented [Aaron Solow and Ricky Starks] - *Representing The Independents

    Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee - Representing All Elite Wrestling

    Latin American Xchange [Santana and Ortiz] - Representing Impact Wrestling

    Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Eli Drake - Representing All Elite Wrestling

    The Von Erichs [Marshall Von Erich and Ross Von Erich] - Representing The National Wrestling Alliance

    The Briscoes [Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe] Representing The NWA and All Elite Wrestling

    The Yolo Twins [Yohann Ollores and Logan Ollores] - Representing Philippine Wrestling Revolution

    Tim Storm and Jocephus - Representing The National Wrestling Alliance

    *Aaron Solow has elected to represent the independents instead of All Elite Wrestling by choice.

    [SOURCE(s): Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, Ryan Satin, Sean Ross Sapp]
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    Re: All Elite Wrestling: A Global Revolution

    Such good shit! Are you planning on coming back to this project after the BTB tournament? It looks like you have a bunch of awesome plans for this, its one of the most creative bookings on here. Good luck with the tournament though!

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