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Thread: BTB Showcase Thread

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    BTB Showcase Thread

    BTB Showcase Thread

    - This thread is to be used to post any pieces of work you may want to showcase (excluding work posted somewhat recently in your current BTB). If you have any written matches, storyline ideas, promos, PPV's, whatever it might be that you want to share, here is the place to do it.

    - Let's avoid discussion in here if possible and keep the thread clean with only BTB work. If a user posts something and you want to discuss/give thoughts, feel free to send them a PM.

    - I'd also recommend only posting stuff you really want to share, work that stand outs, as opposed to every piece you've ever written that hasn't seen the light of day.

    - For any questions relating to this thread and it's use, please ask it in the discussion thread.

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    Re: BTB Showcase Thread

    Seeing as I bugged Stojy about this, I guess I'll post something to get the ball rolling. This is probably my favourite non-PPV show I've ever written, and it'd be nice to have it somewhere as it may well disappear on the other site it's currently posted on pretty soon. There's a few other older shows I'll hopefully post in this thread at various points in the future.

    December 17 2007 | Madison Square Garden; New York City, NY

    The show opens backstage, in an office environment, but with empty beer cans laying around, with the camera motioning, rising, until the figure of STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN is shown - feet on the table, beer in hand - to a HUGE response from the New York faithful…

    Austin raises a can…

    Steve Austin: Welcome!!

    The fans cheer, and Austin swills the beer, chucking the can to the floor.

    Steve Austin: For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Stone Cold Steve Austin … and I’m the host of this little shindig t’night!!

    Pop in the background, as Austin pauses, cracking open another can of beer.

    Steve Austin: Now, don’t be gettin confused. I aint your typical host. I aint gonna be bakin any cakes, or makin a tray full on sandwiches, and I sure as hell aint serving no cocktail sausages - what I may do though is open a big can of whoop ass on any sumbitch who starts flappin their gums!!!

    More cheers. Austin smirks.

    Steve Austin: And if you’re lookin for some refreshments, all I’m servin’s beer, and anyone that doesn’t like that can go kiss ‘ol Stone Colds ass!!!

    Austin takes a swig from a can.

    Steve Austin: If you’re lookin some party games, y’better walk your ass on outta here, because there aint gonna be none of that!! Forget about playin charades, forget about any musical chairs, (faint WHAT chant) no pass the parcel, (WHAT chant grows) Pictionary …


    Steve Austin: … Balderdash!!


    Steve Austin: … Pin the tail on the donkey!!


    Steve Austin: … BLIND MANS BUFF!!


    Steve Austin:(whispers) Chinese Whispers …


    Steve Austin: HIDE AND SEEK!!


    Steve Austin: MARCO-


    Steve Austin: POLO!!


    Steve Austin: And sure as hell, there aint gonna be any Simon Says!!

    The fans cheers drown out the ones who shout WHAT!?, as Austin shakes his head.

    Steve Austin: EH-EH!!! It aint Simon Says - it’s AUSTIN SAYS!!! And Stone Cold Steve Austin says no sumbitch will be steppin outta line t’night, otherwise they’ll be gettin on the wrong side of Stone Cold … AND THAT’S SOMETHIN Y’DON’T DO!!!!

    Pop. Austin finishes off another can, throwing it behind his head off the wall.

    Steve Austin: The rules at Stone Colds party?? Pretty simple; (holds up a finger) ONE - DON’T PISS ME OFF!!! (Holds up another finger) TWO - Well … see one.

    More cheers. Austin smirks.

    Steve Austin: So with that that - I’m gonna sit back here in this little office, I’m gonna drink some more beer, while you people enjoy the show … AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE …


    Steve Austin: You’re damn right!!

    Austin holds up another can.

    Steve Austin: Here’s to ya - and to fifteen years of Monday Night Raw!!

    Austin toasts the fans, chugging a beer, throwing the can away.

    Steve Austin: OHHH HELLL YEAH!!!!

    Fade out …


    “Fast Fuse” by Kasabian is piped into the arena; the new Monday Night Raw theme, and the camera pans around the Worlds Most Famous Arena.

    Jim Ross: All eyes are on Madison Square Garden tonight!! The Worlds Most Famous is the site of the biggest celebration in Raw history; the fifteenth anniversary of Monday Night Raw is on the air!!! I’m Jim Ross, joined as always by my broadcast partner - The Coach!!

    The Coach: Baby boy, I can barely hear myself think!! These New Yorkers sure know how to make some noise!!

    Jim Ross: And you can be sure Coach that these fans in the Garden will be in full voice tonight. Grudges will be settled, championships will be decided - but none richer than that World Heavyweight Championship!!

    The Coach: Has Shawn Michaels still got it?? That’s the million dollar question!!!

    Jim Ross: Indeed it is. Many have questioned that very fact and we’ll get all the answers tonight when Michaels challenges Cena for the richest prize in the game. But Coach, that’s not all. A huge number of former superstars have answered the open invite to partake in tonight’s celebration - including a number of superstars currently plying their trade over on Smackdown!! Who can we expect to see tonight??


    The first man to enter this evening is none other than the brash loudmouth himself; MISTER KENNEDY!!! The Juggernaut strides out onto the stage, laughing off the heat from the fans.


    The Coach: Oh my!!

    Kennedy makes his way down the ramp, not apprehensive in the slightest, despite the Hardcore match he’s about to partake in.

    Jim Ross: For weeks, Kennedy has made life HELL for the McMahon family, but it comes to a head tonight!! It’ll be Hardcore Rules between Kennedy and Shane McMahon!!

    The Coach: I’ve gotta bad feelin about this, J.R!! That warning Stephanie gave Kennedy last week on Raw has me worried. Just what does silver spooned Shane have up his sleeve?? That little, no good schemer has something lined up, I know that!!!

    Kennedy steps to the middle of the ring … and looks up, as the lights dim to a single spotlight … and the old school microphone drops from the ceiling!! The fans initially pop for the prop which hasn’t been seen in a couple of months … as even Kennedy affords himself a smile, smacking his gum around his mouth.

    Mister Kennedy: Seein as it’s a special occasion an’ all … why not?? *Coughs* Ladies and Gentlemen, intr-


    Jim Ross: Uh-ohhhh. I don’t think that’ll go down too well with Mister Kennedy.

    The Coach: Shane’s a buzz kill!!!

    Indeed, Kennedy is angry by Shane’s music cutting him off, and as Shane dances onto the stage … Kennedy isn’t waiting!!!

    The 2006 King of the Ring exit’s the ring … AND MARCHES UP THE RAMP TO MEET SHANE!!! But as he approaches … SHANE PULLS A SLEDGEHAMMER OUT THE BACK OF HIS PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A huge cheer engulfs inside The Garden for the sight of the signature TRIPLE H weapon - and Kennedy’s eyes bug out in shock … but he doesn’t have time to react - AND SHANE NAILS HIM IN THE GUT!!!!!!

    Kennedy doubles over, and drops to his knees, rolling down the ramp again, as Shane shows no mercy, wielding the weapon - looking to smash Kennedy on the ramp - BUT KENNEDY ROLLS AWAY!!!

    Shane JUST misses splattering Kennedys cranium, and he comes after Kennedy as he stumbles to ringside, pulling himself to his feet by the steel steps - Shane swings - KENNEDY JUST MOVES IN TIME - and Shane cracks the ring post with the hammer instead.

    Kennedy quickly strikes back, kicking Shane in the gut, forcing McMahon to drop the heavy weaponry, with Kennedy then ramming his opponent into the side of the ring apron. Kennedy slows Shane down with that, and rolls him into the ring, sliding inside himself - officially starting the match!!!

    Match 1 | HARDCORE RULES:
    Mr. Kennedy vs. Shane McMahon
    Kennedy takes it straight to Shane, stomping him down in the corner - Stone Cold esque according to J.R - with Shane unable to defend against it, leaving him a sitting duck … FOR THE FACE WASH!!! Kennedy smiles, then drops down, choking Shane on the ground, yelling in his face; “HAVING FUN!?” He eventually relents, but drags Shane up to his feet, yanking him in - drilling Shane with a short arm clothesline, sending him right back down. Kennedy drops, rolling under the bottom rope, and throws over the apron, looking under … rummaging around … before throwing a couple of trash cans - complete with the lids - into the ring. However, as Kennedy stands back up, he’s in for a shock … SHANE CONNECTS WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE - INTO ONE OF THE TRASH CANS - INTO KENNEDY!!!!! Kennedy is knocked over with that move, and as he tries to scurry back up … SHANE SLINGSHOTS HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE - CRASHING ONTO KENNEDY!!!!! Both men are down … as J.R is forced to segue into the first commercial break of the evening…

    Commercial Break

    And, back from the commercial, Kennedy and Shane are lost in the sea of fans, with J.R explaining that Shane clotheslined Kennedy over the barrier shortly after the show went to commercial, leading to this brawl through the crowd. They soon wind up back near the barrier, with Shane delivering a drop toe hold, smashing Kennedys face off the cold concrete!!! The Boy Wonder then climbs up onto the barrier, waiting to leap off it onto Kennedy … but as Kennedy finds his feet … he pulls an unsuspecting (PLANTED) fan in front of him, stopping Shane from leaping off … and Kennedy takes full advantage of stopping Shane … throwing the fan aside, before sweeping Shanes legs, giving McMahon a HORRIBLE looking tumble off the barrier, cracking his back off the top of it. Kennedy again has a smirk on his face, and softens Shane up with a few stomps by the barrier, then picks him up … SUPLEX ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!!!!

    Kennedy doesn’t let up, quickly getting back up, and throws his spaghetti legged opponent over the barrier, back to ringside, where he proceeds to KICK Shane like a DOG around ringside, with McMahon crawling, trying to find some sanctuary. Mister Kennedy is having the time of his life, enjoying the superiority over Shane, before shoving over a camera man, and grabs the thick cables … wrapping them around Shanes throat - CHOKING SHANE!!!!! Kennedy chokes the life out of Shane, ignoring the calls from Nick Patrick to let go - he doesn’t have to. Shane tries to fight it, with his face turning blue … but Kennedy eventually decides to let go, having some compassion it would seem. Shane coughs wildly, trying to get his breathing sorted … but doesn’t have long to rest, with Kennedy bundling his sorry ass into the ring. Ken toys with Shane momentarily, grabbing him by the face and asking if this was a “fun day out” … before hooking him into position for the MIC CHECK-



    THE MEAN STREET POSSE!!!!!!!!!!!

    The fans are confused/shocked, as the three biggest jobbers of the Attitude era storm the ring, coming to help their old friend Shane!!! The three clumsy fools jump Kennedy, clubbing him down, stomping him into the canvas, as Shane looks to try and recover!! J.R wonders if this was the master plan that Stephanie alluded to last week … but if it was … it wasn’t a very good one!!! Kennedy is able to fight off the three dweebs, stopping Rodney with a kick to the gut, knocking Gas down with a right hand, and he throws Joey Abs over and out of the ring, before coming back to Rodney and Pete, banging the two heads together, before knocking them both down with a clothesline!!! Kennedy stomps the two out of the ring … but SHANE NAILS HIM FROM BEHIND WITH A TRASH CAN!!!! The attack and distraction from the Mean Street Posse helped give time to Shane to recover, and he nails Kennedy with the weapon again, before crushing it off his head!!!!! Shane - exhausted - throws the trash can out, and makes the cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!!

    Kennedy survives, as Shane shows the effects of the sustained beating, and his lack of training, looking absolutely exhausted, as he tries to instruct the Posse to regroup and get him a table into the ring. The three Muppets stumble around, looking under the ring for a table, eventually finding one, whilst Shane stomps Kennedy to keep him down. With the table in the ring, Shane now looks to set it up, but as he struggles, Kennedy is able to find his feet, spinning Shane around, cracking him with a big right hand. Kennedy slams Shanes face off the upright table, but has to deal with the Posse again - taking care of them easily, but they’re pests, and they hold Kennedy up, whilst Shane rolls out of the ring, then trips Kennedys legs from the outside, allowing Rodney and Pete Gas to stomp him before being pulled from the ring by Shane. Shane charges Kennedy into the steel steps, and instructs his Posse to keep Kennedy occupied, whilst he looks under the ring … GETTING A KENDO STICK!!!!!

    Shane brandishes the stick, and with the Posse holding Kennedys arms - SMACK~!! Shane is able to crack the stick across the cranium of Kennedy … SMACK~!! Another free shot … SMACK~!! … SMACK~!!! … Shane takes a few steps back, jiving as only he does … before one HUGE - ALMIGHTY - WHACK~!!!! Shane cracks the kendo stick off the skull, putting Kennedy down!!!! Shane holds the stick in the air - to a mixed reaction; it’s taken four men for him to get the better of Kennedy after all - and he instructs his goons to drag Kennedy to the announce table, as Coach cries out; “NO!! WE NEED TO SIT HERE!! WE NEED THIS TABLE!!!” … but Shane ignores all calls from Coach, as Rodney strips the table down, and McMahon climbs back onto the apron, perching himself on the middle turnbuckle, as Abs and Gas place Kennedy onto the announce table, hammering him to keep him down … AS SHANE FLIES OFF … FLYING ELBOW TO KENNEDY … THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!!!!!!


    The fans are right. After a few seconds to let it all sink in, Shane is helped by the Posse, as they try to bring him around … but he looks like he’s in another planet with a far away look in his eyes, having to be helped to his feet and rolled into the ring, before the Posse pull the lifeless Kennedy to his feet, rolling him into the ring … urging Shane on to make the cover … but the spent Boy Wonder is barely able to move himself … slowly crawling over, eventually draping an arm over Kennedy … and the count is made … 1...2...KENNEDY ROLLS A SHOULDER!!!!!!!!! The fans pop for the kick out, whilst the Mean Street Posse all look to one another in shock. Pete Gas points to the ring, with the trio entering again - now being boo’ed mercilessly by the fans for their interference - and they set up the table inside the ring again, whilst Rodney helps get Shane up, pointing to the top rope. Shane, with a dazed look, nods, but he doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, as he instinctively climbs to the top rope, whilst Kennedy is placed on the table … Shane perches himself - nearly toppling over, as his buddies help keep him safe …

    But with the Posse tending to Shane - KENNEDY ROLLS OFF THE TABLE!!!! He smacks the three Mean Street Posse members away, then grabs Shane, THROWING HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE - THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!! More ‘Holy Shit’ chants engulf MSG, but Kennedy isn’t able to capitalise though, with the pesky Posse jumping him again … but this time Kennedy has had enough, and after throwing the three from the ring, he decides to follow out, picking up a steel chair - SICK SHOT TO THE SKULL FOR RODNEY … ONE FOR PETE GAS … AND ONE FOR JOEY ABS!!!!!!!! Mean Street Posse - dealt with!!! Kennedy stops for a moment, listening to the cheers, “no point siding with a winner now!!” Kennedy heels on the fans, before rolling back inside, kicking the broken shards of table away, under the ropes, before standing over Shane with the chair. Kennedy talks trash to McMahon, with Shane on his knees, easy prey for a sick chair s- LOW BLOW!!!!!!!!!

    Shane goes low!!! Just as Kennedy swung the chair back, Shane saves his skin, with a desperation move, bringing Kennedy to his knees!!! Shane takes the chair, smashing it off Kennedy’s back, before staggering around the ring, trying to find his feet - clearly blown up - and sets the chair down. Shane looks to pull Kennedy up by his hair, standing by the chair … PUTTING KENNEDY INTO POSITION FOR A FUCKING PEDIGREE!!?? That gets a huge reaction from the fans … as Shane hooks the arms, looking to deliver Triple H’s finisher to Kennedy on the chair … BACK BODY DROP FROM KENNEDY!!!!!! Kennedy survives another scare, and as Shane gets up, the man from Green Bay grabs the arm --- KROSSFACE!!!!!!!!!! Kennedy applies his submission hold, with Shane flailing his free arm like a maniac … but just as he is about to tap, Kennedys eyes bug out, seeing something … and he lets go, quickly getting back up…

    … IT’S THE STOOGES!!!!!!

    PAT PATTERSON AND GERALD BRISCO!!!!!!! The stooges get a HUGE cheer from the fans, as Brisco slides into the ring … ONLY TO BE THROWN RIGHT BACK OUT!!! Patterson doesn’t fare much better, with Kennedy gripping the first ever Intercontinental Champion … and quickly DRILLING HIM WITH THE MIC CHECK!!!!! Kennedy immediately hauls Patterson back up, throwing him over the top to the outside, crashing him onto Brisco … turning away … FLYING CHAIR SHOT FROM SHANE!!!!!!!!! Shane nails Kennedy with a BRILLIANT shot, knocking Kennedy off his feet, and Shane tries to follow up, hooking the leg … 1...2...KENNEDY KICKS OUT!!!!! Kennedy kicks out, and rolls onto his front … as BLOOD drips from his forehead onto the mat, whilst Shane sits on his knees, gasping for air.
    The Boy Wonder exhales, going back to square one, and pushes himself back to his feet, waiting for Kennedy to get up, looking to hit another wind … delivering a flurry of right hands to his worn out and bloodied up rival … and does his jig again thinking he’s Muhammed Ali … nailing Kennedy with a big right to send him back to the canvas.

    On his own, the exhausted McMahon drags Kennedy to the ropes, placing him in a seated position, placing the steel chair across his midsection … with the fans well aware of what’s about to come. Shane somehow musters the power to climb the turnbuckles, looking to set himself for COAST TO COAST … but as he reaches the top rope … KENNEDY RECOVERS!!!! Shane’s eyes bug out, as Kennedy - possibly playing possum all along - has the chair, and CREAMS Shane with it!!!!! He drops the chair, and climbs up, struggling to get Shane on his shoulders up top, with Shane out cold from the chair shot … GREEN BAY PLUNGE --- ONTO A TRASH CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Once again, the NYC fans aren’t wrong. The match is over, with Kennedy savouring the moment, dragging Shanes lifeless body to the middle of the ring … but before making the cover … he has a sick smirk on his face. Kennedy gets back to his feet, wipes the blood off his forehead, and spots Brisco climbing back onto the apron - kicking him back off - then drags the chair back to the middle of the ring with his foot, as STEPHANIE MCMAHON - looking petrified - walks tentatively onto the stage, full of concern for her brother … and is spotted by Kennedy. He chuckles, looking toward her; “What?? You want some of this too, Steph?? Come on down!!” She shakes her head, trying not to cry … pleading; “Please - enough. STOP!!” Kennedy wipes the blood from his forehead, taking a look at it, then looks at Steph; “Not yet.”

    Dragging the lifeless body of Shane up, onto his knees, Kennedy looks at Stephanie - laughing, as she continues to plead with him to stop - and mouths at her “you asked for this” … he turns away … KENNEDY HOOKS THE ARMS … and eyes the hard camera --- “STILL NOT ON YOUR RADAR??” --- Kennedy chuckles, chewing his gum, savouring the moment - Shane is lifeless; he CANT put up ANY kind of fight … PEDIGREE TO SHANE … ON THE STEEL CHAIR!!!!!!!!! The fans groan at the sight - Stephanie has her hands on her head - horrified, frozen to the spot - with Kennedy being the heartless bastard he is, he smirks at Stephanie again; “Tell that husband of yours I said ‘Hi’ Steph.” … and roughly turns Shane over, hooking the leg … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!!
    Winner: Mister Kennedy @ 14:56

    Jim Ross: And mercifully - it’s over.

    Kennedy keeps the leg hooked for a short while after the three, looking toward the hard camera again, cockily chewing his gum, as the blood soaks through his blonde hair, and Stephanie remains frozen on the aisle, her face full of concern for her stricken big brother.

    Jim Ross: By Gawd, Mister Kennedy has won this match tonight, but Shane McMahon gave him more than enough to say grace over!!


    Kennedy leaves the ring, rather unsteadily, touching his bloody forehead, selling the effects of the physical war, certainly worse for wear and in need of medical treatment, whilst Shane has yet to move in the ring, with referee Nick Patrick motioning for help, as the Posse have recovered to tend to their buddy.

    Jim Ross: Indeed he did, but Coach, Shane McMahon knew he couldn’t compete with Mr. Kennedy on his own. Of course he needed the help … but he needed more than this.

    The Coach: Yeah - let me guess … Triple H??

    Jim Ross: That’s certainly someone I would’ve thought of, yes.

    The Coach: Yeah, well The Game is a smart man. No wonder Stephanie said Kennedy isn’t even on Triple H’s radar - Triple H should avoid Kennedy like the plague. Hell, it’s guys like Kennedy that are the reason Triple H took his ball and went home. He couldn’t deal with this guy!!!

    Kennedy passes the emotional Stephanie, smiling broadly at her, with Steph looking very weak, emotional, showing no ‘balls’ tonight to confront him, simply shaking her head as he passes her by - and the sick bastard blows her a kiss, before he walks on - job done.

    Jim Ross: Mister Kennedy has triumphed here tonight on Raw, but the worry here has got to be Shane McMahon. He hasn’t moved!!

    The Coach: He paid the price. Shane wanted to play with the big boys, and he got burned. He’s only got himself to blame for this.

    Jim Ross: Oh for God sakes, have some damn compassion!! A man is seriously injured here!!!

    Coach and J.R continue to bicker, as their commentary tails off, with Stephanie now joining the Posse in the ring to tend to her brother…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, the bloodied up Mister Kennedy shrugs off help from the doctor, pressing a towel against his cut, as an excited MIZ rushes to him, carrying a burlap sack - with Kennedy in no mood for celebrations.

    The Miz: There he is!! The man of the hour - THE MAN!!!

    Miz hugs his mentor - but Kennedy doesn’t reciprocate - he’s just come through a nightmare of a match.

    The Miz: That was unbelievable!! The way you creamed the Mean Street Posse and disposed of the Bucket List!? You are an inspiration!!!

    Miz slaps his mentors back, with Kennedy grunting.

    The Miz: Hey, y’know I wished I had been able to come and help you out there - especially when you were getting beat down - but I did what you said, I left ya to it - and boy oh boy, did you deliver!!

    Kennedy sighs, and offers a fake smile, wanting to hurry the conversation up. Miz still hasn’t caught on though, with his excited puppy demeanour continuing.

    The Miz: Well, hey - listen. I got you a little something. Just- just as a thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the last six months. So … in honour of your win tonight - which was never in doubt - I got ya this-

    Miz opens up the burlap sack … and produces … THE HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!! Miz looks proud as punch to be delivering the tattered old belt - not seen in the WWE for two years since being retired for a second time in December 2005 - but Kennedy?? Not so much.

    The Miz: How cool is that!? Huh?? You should’ve seen the things I had to pull to get my hands on that bad boy. The pe-

    Mister Kennedy: What the hell is it for??

    Kennedy stares at Miz, whose expression drops, seeing how unimpressed his mentor is.

    The Miz: It- well, it’s the- look-

    Miz points at the white sticker reading ‘HARDCORE’, then at the other that reads ‘CHAMPION.’

    The Miz: After the number I knew you’d do on Shane tonight … I thought it‘d be fitting for you to take the Hardcore Title- I thought it-

    Kennedy takes the belt from Miz, taking a quick look at the belt, then glares at The Miz … and shoves it into his chest.

    Mister Kennedy: You keep it.

    Miz looks taken aback.

    The Miz: Really?? You- you’re sure??

    Mister Kennedy: Yeah, I’m sure.

    Kennedy shakes his head, taking a look at his bloody towel, before pressing it against his wound again … whilst Miz looks longingly at the title belt.

    The Miz: So I guess- I guess you’ve awarded me with this championship?? You’ve crowned me as the Hardcore Champion??

    Miz looks at the belt like it’s the WWE Championship, as Kennedy shakes his head.

    Mister Kennedy: Yeah, whatever … congratulations.

    Kennedy rolls his eyes, and walks off, whilst Miz is simply transfixed on the Hardcore belt.

    The Miz: My first championship … The Miz … Hardcore Champion.

    Miz continues to stare at ‘his’ title belt, as the footage cuts away…

    In the parking lot, a LIMO pulls up!!

    Jim Ross: Coach, a lot of speculation is mounting about the next General Manager of Raw … could this be their arrival??

    The Coach: I hope not. The big reveal is supposed to go down on the Playas Club!!

    The driver opens the door … AND THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN exit’s the vehicle!! The fans in the arena cheer, as Ted DiBiase arrives in style, with Matt Striker appearing from nowhere to greet the legend…

    Matt Striker: Mister DiBiase, it’s an honour to meet you!! Can you confirm or indeed, deny that YOU are the mysterious new General Manager of Raw??

    DiBiase laughs. Yes, THAT iconic laugh.

    Ted DiBiase: Well, I’m aware that this new General Manager of Raw is a wealthy individual, and they’ve bought a seat on the board of directors … but little man, with my riches … I could BUY the entire board!!!

    He laughs again, and starts to take out some money.

    Ted DiBiase: And hey, that’s not such a bad idea, is it?? After all … everybody’s got a price … for the Million Dollar Man!!

    Once more, DiBiase laughs, and throws the money in the air, cackling as he walks off, out of shot … and Striker soon reaches down to pick up the money … when a second figure stands over him. Striker looks up, and stands up … with VIRGIL standing, arms folded … and rips the money out of Striker hand.

    Virgil: This don’t grow on trees.

    Virgil stuffs the money in his pocket, and skulks off to follow DiBiase…

    Jim Ross: It wont be the Million Dollar Man, but in just a few moments, the new General Manager of Raw WILL be revealed --- it’s next!!!

    Commercial Break

    And in the arena, THE COACH is stood in the ring, set up for the PLAYAS CLUB…

    The Coach: Ladies and Gentlemen … you know who I am, and you know what time it is!!

    Heat. Coach is oblivious to that though.

    The Coach: That’s right!! I’m The Coach - and it’s time for the greatest talk show in Sports Entertainment - HISTORY!!!

    Heat. Coach looks at Big Zeke, with the stoic bodyguard offering a simple nod to agree.

    The Coach: Piper was the pits, The Barbershop was cut short, The Kings Court got sent down, and for the Highlight Reel it’s lights out. They all pale in comparison to the host with the most, and the show with the brightest glow!!!

    This time, Coach does acknowledge the boos, but keeps his cool.

    The Coach: Don’t hate the playa - hate the game. But that’s enough about me - for now - because right now, I have the responsibility to introduce the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw!!!

    He gets a positive reaction this time.

    The Coach: And it only makes sense that our new General Manager would want to be unveiled on MY show.

    Cue a shit eating grin.

    The Coach: So let’s quit with the waitin - let’s find out who it is!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

    **I‘M BACK**

    No drum roll … it’s Eric Bischoff - the SMACKDOWN GM; the FORMER Raw GM - and he looks extremely serious.

    Jim Ross: This isn’t surprising. For weeks, Eric Bischoff has been promising to be reinstated as General Manager, believing he has a case for unfair dismissal. Indeed, the - as yet - unnamed new General Manager of Raw bought this position via buying their way onto the board, pushing Bischoff aside. But as you can see, Bischoff is here, and he expects to get his job back here…

    Coach looks uncomfortable, shifting in the ring, as Bischoff steps into the ring, picking up a mic from the couch beside the Coach.

    Eric Bischoff: Coach -- this wont be necessary. As we speak, my attorneys are finalising my return to power here on Raw.


    Eric Bischoff: My team won at the Survivor Series so I could keep my job, yet one night later, I find myself “redeployed.” No. I don’t think so. Whoever this mystery person is or was, they’ve made a wasted journey to New York tonight. Coach - I am the General Manager of Raw.

    Heat. Coach nods, looking overly happy - and begins to suck up to Eric.

    The Coach: Well Eric, you and The Coach go WAY back. You know how much The Coach digs The Bisch - right?? And as far as I’m concerned, you are - and always have been - the best man for the job!!! Y- you’re a visionary, Eric!! Raw with you in charge?? It’ll only go from strength to strength!! So, I think I speak for all these fans when I say … welcome back - boss.

    Ugh. Coach offers a handshake, with Bischoff accepting, thanking Coach.



    Jim Ross: What the- is that- IS THAT J.B.L???

    Indeed it is - and the fans POP for the white limo, pulling up at the side of the stage, giving another big cheer as the driver opens the back passenger down … with JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD stepping out!!!

    Jim Ross: IT IS!!! JBL is here on Raw -- is- Is J.B.L the mystery General Manager?? He sure as hell would fit the bill!!

    JBL shows off his toothy grin, taking his hat off to salute the audience, whilst Coach and Bischoff are in conference in the ring, with Eric especially looking angry. JBL does a momentary jig on the aisle on his way down, looking pleased and happy to be in MSG.

    Jim Ross: Well, we haven’t seen JBL since he was buried alive at the Great American Bash by The Undertaker!! Indeed, on that night, JBL suffered a catalogue of injuries - injuries that forced him to retire. And, from the last I had heard on his condition, JBL was still in pretty horrible shape - mentally and physically - but I gotta say, Layfield looks in great shape here tonight.

    Layfield climbs up the steps, with Coach now sucking up to JBL - just to cover himself - and holds the ropes open for The Wrestling God.

    Jim Ross: Awww look at Coach - what a kiss ass!!!

    Layfield steps inside, ignoring Bischoff, and saluting the fans once again, before being handed a mic from the outside.

    Before he can speak though, an agitated Bischoff pipes up.

    Eric Bischoff: What the hell are you doing here!?

    JBL grins at Eric, but Eric doesn’t reciprocate.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: What’s the matter, Eric?? Y’not pleased to see me??

    “No” Eric declares off the mic.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Coach?? Are you pleased to see me??

    Coach nods, overly supportive, giving JBL a round of applause, and turns to the fans, trying to get them to clap too - with Eric narrowing his eyes at Coach, disappointed in him.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Eric, the reason I, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, am here in MY city - New York Cityyy!!

    Cheap pop.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The reason I’m here, Eric … is to personally deliver a message to you, directly from the WWE Board of Directors.

    Layfield flashes the toothy grin, but Bischoff looks confused.

    Eric Bischoff: W- why would you…

    Eric tails off … coming to the realisation of why JBL would have a message from the Board.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Y’see Eric, ever since my enforced retirement, I’ve been expanding my business portfolio, and there is nothin closer to ma heart … than the Dubya Dubya Eee…

    The fans, Eric and Coach all begin to see where this is going.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Which is why in the month of October, I made a sizeable investment in WWE stock - enough stock to earn an important seat on the Board of Directors.

    Smiling broadly, JBL addresses Eric.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Eric Bischoff, you are lookin at the new WWE Executive Supervisor … and yes Eric, I am the new General Manager of Raw.

    The fans cheer - JBL>Bischoff. Bischoff though - is livid.

    The Coach: Let me be the first to congratulate ya - BOSS!!!

    Coach looks for a handshake with JBL - sucking up to the new GM - but Bischoff shoves Coach away.

    Eric Bischoff: Stop kissing ass Coach!! (Turns to JBL) Is this a joke!? Is this a joke!? You- YOU!?

    JBL nods.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That’s absolutely correct, Eric. And furthermore, I have a message for you, on behalf of the Board … YOU’RE FIRED!!

    A huge cheer erupts inside the Garden. Bischoff is shell-shocked, then mouths “YOU CANT DO THAT!”.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I think you’ll find I can, Bischoff. The Board have decided - and I agree with them - that you’ve undermined the wonderful array of talent on the Smackdown roster, and as you’re clearly not emotionally invested enough to give 100% to Smackdown … well … we’ve got no further use for ya. Hit the road!!

    The fans are supportive, as Coach - doing a complete 180 on Eric - points and laughs at Eric. Bischoff though, stands tall, shaking his head…

    Eric Bischoff: This isn’t fair!! You cant fire me!! I wont go!!! I’m gonna sue the Board - I’m gonna sue you personally - hell, for this, I’ll OWN this company. You cant fire me!! And I wont leave this ring, until justice is served, and I am rightfully reinstated at the General Ma-



    And there goes the roof!!! Stone Cold Steve Austin; the host, walks down the aisle, shaking his head, pointing at the ring, as Eric shifts uncomfortably … probably knowing what to expect.

    Jim Ross: There is only one - Stone Cold Steve Austin - and by Gawd, these people in Madison Square Garden love the Texas Rattlesnake!!!

    Austin climbs into the ring, walking by everyone, climbing each turnbuckle, getting huge reactions from the hot crowd each time, before finally going to all four … then stops dead in the middle of the ring.

    The Coach: I know everyone loves The Playas Club, but boys, it’s getting a little crowded at the minute I-

    Austin snatches the mic from Coach, with Coach stopping dead, staring at his empty hand, as Austin speaks up.

    Steve Austin: Unless you want my foot up your bony little ass, you had better shut your mealy mouth - Coach.

    Coach gulps.

    Steve Austin: And take those sun glasses off, jackass. It’s December!! You’re indoors.

    Coach immediately takes the sunglasses off, nodding, not wanting to upset the Rattlesnake.

    Steve Austin: Now … I heard a little … commotion out here …

    Austin scratches his beard, turns to ask the fans… and they pick up.

    Steve Austin: Is … someone steppin outta line??

    Eric Bischoff: You’re damn right there is … (points at JBL) … HIM!!!

    Heat. Austin turns, staring at Eric for a moment, then looks at JBL, pointing at him.

    Steve Austin: He is?? Him?? JBL??


    Steve Austin: Bradshaw??


    Steve Austin: The Wrestling GAWD??


    Steve Austin: APA!!


    Steve Austin: Self Made Millionaire!?


    Austin stops, smirks at the fans, and turns to Eric.

    Steve Austin: Y’mean the new General Manager of Raw?? I think he has every right to be here!! And Coach?? Coach is a little bastard, I’ll give ya that - but he works here. So does the big lump there in the corner … but uh … the way I hear things … word is … you just got your ass fired.

    Cheers. Eric tries to reason initially, but sees Austin isn’t buying any of it.

    Eric Bischoff: He cant fire me!! No one can!! DAMMIT I’M ERIC BISCHOFF!!! SO BACK OFF, AUSTIN!!!

    Bad idea. Erics temper gets him in the face of Austin … before he realises what he’s just done. Austin remains surprisingly calm … slowly raising the mic to his mouth.

    Steve Austin: Word of advice, son, y’might wanna take a little base outta your voice when you address Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Eric mouths “I‘m sorry.”

    Steve Austin: Now, face facts kid … you’re fired. So, you gotta choice to make. Either you leave this ring now … or I stomp a mudhole on your ass and walk that sumbitch DRY!!!

    Big pop.

    Steve Austin: Now, t’tell ya the truth, I don’t really care which way it goes … but you got yourself about five seconds to make up your mind, and these fans are gonna give ya the countdown … just as soon as I ask a few people to get out here that I know are wantin to see your ass off personally.

    Austin motions to the back … and a group of SMACKDOWN superstars walk onto the stage - looking to see off Bischoff after he ran their show down for the last month!!! Led by the veterans Finlay and Hardcore Holly, the group also contains Carlito, Kofi Kingston, Jamie Noble … and the United States Champion himself; Paul London!!!

    Steve Austin: FIVE --- FOUR

    THREE … TWO … ONE …

    Bischoff puts up his hands, finally giving in … admitting defeat, and accepting that he has to leave.

    Steve Austin: That’s an excellent choice, son.

    Eric shakes his head … and dejectedly walks by Austin …

    Steve Austin: But before ya go, I’d like to give ya one last reminder of good ‘ol Stone Cold-


    The Garden erupts!!!!! Austin stomps the FIRED Eric Bischoff out of the ring, with the group of Smackdown superstars getting their hands on him, dragging him out of the building … to a chorus of “NA NA NA NA … NA NA NA NA … HEY HEY HEY … GOOD BYE!!!”

    In the ring, Austin leans on the ropes, smiling, watching the body of Bischoff being trailed up the ramp.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Now Austin, that’s what I call a send off!!

    JBL laughs, as does Austin, with the two laughing (and Coach tries to join in in the background) incredibly hard … until Austin suddenly stops. The fans cheer, as JBL now stops laughing, and looks concerned. Austin waits, then finally pipes up.

    Steve Austin: Is something funny??

    JBL stutters, pointing up the ramp … trying to explain.

    Steve Austin: Shut up. Don’t say a thing. JBL, you’re the new GM of Raw, more power to ya. Congratulations…

    JBL smiles - relieved.

    Steve Austin: … But you aint in charge of this show t’night. You don’t start your job as GM until next Monday … T’night, you’re in Stone Colds ring … and I’m gonna ask ya - just one time - to leave.

    JBL looks upset, and tries to plead off mic.

    Steve Austin: Listen son, I don’t give a rats ass if you own this show, if you own this building, or if you own this ring, because you sure as *sh*t* don’t own me, son. The longer you stand in this ring, lookin at me with those beady little eyes, the more you piss me off … and that’s somethin y’don’t do!!

    Another pop for Austin, with JBL getting very uncomfortable.

    Steve Austin: Standing there with y’little crappy hat, your goofy teeth, silly little tie-


    Steve Austin: Stupid little jacket-


    Steve Austin: Crappy pants-


    Steve Austin: And a pair o’loafers that look like ma dog threw up on ‘em!! You think you’re special?? Huh?? Y’think you intimidate Stone Cold, because you’re wearing an expensive cheap ass suit, and Stone Cold is wearin a t-shirt and jeans?? Y’think you’re better than me!? You aint better than me son.

    The fans cheer again, as JBL puts up his hands, calling for peace, apologising to Austin, pointing outside to indicate he’s going … THEN TRIES TO CHEAP SHOT AUSTIN - AUSTIN DUCKS…

    STUNNER TO JBL!!!!!!!!!!

    The fans go wild again!!! JBL rolls right out of the ring, with Coach (still in the ring) telling Zeke to help escort JBL out - obviously looking to score points with the GM.


    Austins music plays into MSG, and The Rattlesnake calls for some beers, catching them, opening them up … turning around … and spots a frozen Coach.

    Jim Ross: Uh-oh.

    The music dies down, as Austin eyes Coach, with the petrified announcer offering to leave, but Austin seems to tell him to stay, offering Coach a beer. Coach is unsure at first, hesitant to accept … but Austin puts him at ease, telling Coach he likes him, persisting that Coach takes a beer.

    Coach breathes a sigh of relief, smiling, wiping his forehead, before taking the beer, toasting Austin, mouthing; “Y‘know, you‘re not so bad after all” … Coach takes a swig … STUNNER!!!!!!!

    Austin stuns The Coach, with the announcer bouncing backward, beer spraying out of his mouth, with the music returning, and a happy looking Austin calling for some more beers … as we head to a commercial.

    Commercial Break

    Inside the arena, **The Great Gates of Kiev** is playing, and JERRY LAWLER is approaching the ringside area…

    Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, Ladies and Gentlemen - just before the break, The Coach was an unfortunate recipient of the Stone Cold Stunner, and it would appear I am now going to be joined by The King!!

    Lawler shakes hands with J.R, picking up a headset.

    Jim Ross: The band is back together, huh, King??

    Jerry Lawler: Well, you looked awful lonely out here, J.R, so why not?? Coach is back there being seen too, and you’ll be distraught to hear that he might not make it back out here tonight.

    Jim Ross: Wouldn’t that be a shame??


    Brent Albright and Charlie Haas; The Master Craftsmen, enter the arena ahead of their hotly anticipated tag team title shot against Straight Edge.

    Jim Ross: Now this oughta be a barn burner!! King, Haas and Albright have been on a tear this past month. I know you know all about Brent Albright when we called the King of the Ring back in June, and he has two controversial losses to Shawn Michaels in the past month - two matches that arguably he should’ve won.

    Jerry Lawler: You’re absolutely right, J.R. Brent Albright should be challenging John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight … which is why I think this could be bad news for the champs. Albright and Haas will be hungry for some gold.

    Jim Ross: And indeed, many people favour the challengers in this match!! That’s how impressive The Master Craftsmen are as a team, and equally, individually.


    And The Garden comes to it’s feet, greeting the popular tag team champions; CM Punk & Greg Helms - Straight Edge, looking focused.

    Jim Ross: But one thing is for sure - the World Tag Team Champions can NEVER be counted out, King!!

    Jerry Lawler: Without a doubt!! It isn’t often that champions go into a match as underdogs, but I think that tag could be an added incentive for CM Punk and Helms tonight. I know they want to be respected as the best team on the world - well, here’s your chance boys!!

    Straight Edge vs. The Master Craftsmen
    Albright and Helms start proceedings with a tentative lock up which Brent gets the better of, going into a hammerlock, then a headlock, but Helms frees himself, turning the tables, tripping Albright, tying up the leg before making a tag to Punk, who takes advantage of his grounded opponent with a quick elbow. A quick two count doesn’t get anyone excited, but Punk is in control, dragging Brent up, but he takes Punk over with a firemans carry, into a headlock, reaching up and tagging in Haas, who quickly goes to work on Punk with stomps. He sends Punk off the ropes, but Punk rolls off the back when Haas doubles over for the return, running off the ropes and ducks under a clothesline attempt, delivering a swinging neck breaker!! Punk covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! After a quick cut away to the Angels of Anarchy watching the action backstage, Punk backs Haas up into the corner with short forearms, but a distraction from Brent upsets his rhythm and allows Haas to yank him to the mat with a tug at the hair!!

    Albright comes in, charging Punk into the corner, pressing up against him to make the break, but Punk ducks a cheap shot, and executes his variety of kicks, bringing Brent to his knees, then drops him with a spinning back fist!! A two count it all it’s good for, but Punk makes the most of it, and tags in Helms, holding the arm of Albright, as his partner leaps off the ropes, axe handle to the exposed arm!! Helms then looks to work the arm of the King of the Ring, with the basic holds, but Albright is eventually able to turn the tide, executing a snap mare on the champ, running off the ropes, looking for a low dropkick - MISSED!!! Helms rolls to safety, tagging Punk, with Punk leaping into action, the champs sending Albright off the ropes … but Haas wisely trips his own partner … dragging him out to safety!!! The fans boo, as the challengers take a moment to recover and re-strategize … but Straight Edge aren’t interested in waiting … DOUBLE PLANCHA TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!! That gets a rowdy cheer, with the champions in control, heading into a commercial.

    Commercial Break

    Back live, Haas is working over Punk, as we see a clip from during the commercial of the turning point, when Albright was the legal man, avoiding a springboard cross body from Punk - then delivering a sick Half Nelson Suplex for a near fall, with Punk needing Helms to break the pin to save the match. Back live, Haas is in a dominant position, working over Punk on the mat, as we cut away briefly backstage - and see The Angels of Anarchy watching intently, talking to each other as they watch the action. In the ring, Haas drags Punk to his feet, sending him into the corner, and racing in behind - ONLY TO BE MET WITH AN ELBOW!!! Haas stumbles out, rocked by the blow, and Punk looks to follow up … BUT HAAS DUCKS A ROUNDHOUSE - grips Punk from behind - GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Haas doesn’t get the bridge, but floats over into a cover, 1...2...PUNK KICKS OUT!!!! Haas is fuming, and pulls the referee aside, causing a distraction, allowing Brent to steam in, nailing Punk from behind!!!

    Boos rings out, as the King of the Ring sneaks in through the back door, as Haas follows up, delivering a snap suplex, floating into another cover 1...Helms breaks the count, incensed about the challengers getting away with the blatant cheating. Haas again makes the most of the distraction - this time ironically from Helms - and calls Brent in whilst keeping the referee busy … but as Albright drags Punk up - Punk surprises him with a jaw breaker!!! Albright hit’s the dirt, rolling out, forcing Haas into action - walking right into a kick to the thigh, and the other thigh, moving up to the ribs with kicks, and turns, sprinting off the ropes, running back … INTO A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!! Haas quickly hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!!!! Haas turns Punk over … AND LOOKS TO APPLY THE HAAS OF PAIN!!!!! He looks to lock it on, but the Second City Saint fights it off, and breaks free, kicking Haas off, and tries to use the break to make a tag … BUT ALBRIGHT RUSHES ACROSS THE RING - KNOCKING HELMS OFF THE APRON!!!!

    Albright is admonished to the corner, as Haas runs Punk into the corner - shoulder first - then sends him into the corner, tagging Albright back in. The challengers put the boots to Punk, utilising the five count, with Albright sending Punk off the ropes, knocking him down with a knee to the gut, straight into a lateral press for two, quickly applying a front face lock to wear Punk down. Helms is back on the apron, and tries to get the fans going, and Punk begins to get back into the match, battling up, forcing Albright to break, and sends Punk to the corner, but Punk presses up, and over as Brent rushes in, rolling him up, out of the corner, 1...2...NO!!! Brent pushes Punk off, with the champ stumbling forward - into the path of Haas, who hangs Punk up on the top rope, and Punk staggers back, into the path of Albright - BELLY TO BELLY!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!! Helms tries to get the referees attention, unhappy with the interference, but nothing is done about it, as Haas tags Albright back in again, and the challengers beat on Punk some more.

    Haas is in cruise control, picking Punk up, and he drives Punk into the corner, driving his shoulder into the gut repeatedly, before tagging Albright back in. As the challengers double up on Punk once more, footage briefly cuts again to see Daniels and Williams watching backstage, as back live the challengers still dominate, beating down the Chicago native, with Albright enjoying the superiority, lining up and delivering straight rights in the corner, before shooting Punk to the opposite corner, rushing in … PUNK CATCHES HIM - DROPPING ALBRIGHT ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE … GETS HIM UP … PUNK CARD!!!!!!!!!!! The fans come alive, willing Punk on the make the tag … but the sustained beating has taken a lot out of Punk … and it’s agonizing to watch as he crawls to the ropes … whilst Haas reaches too, desperately wanting Albright to recover (he is within touching distance but is out cold) and tag … as Punk reaches … TAG MADE … AS DOES ALBRIGHT TO HAAS!!!!!

    The two fresh men rush to the middle of the ring, with Helms striking first with a clothesline, and another, backing Haas into the ropes, sending him off, and meeting him with a jumping forearm smash to the face!!! Helms then takes a recovering Brent out of commission with a dropkick, and sizes up the recovering Haas … SHINING WIZARD!!!!!! Cover, 1...2...ALBRIGHT BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Helms stomps the desperate King of the Ring, and meets Haas with a kick to the gut, sending him into the corner chest first, running off the ropes, running clothesline!! Albright stops a cover, dragging Helms off, but Punk is back, and he knees Albright into the corner, charging in - running knee … running bulldog!!!! Albright rolls out of the ring, with Punk following, as Helms captures Haas - Russian Leg Sweep … and a hook of the leg … 1...2...NO!!! The action is heating up, with all four men now involved, as Helms goes up top, looking for a cross body - HAAS WITH A DROPKICK!!!!! He scrambles into a cover, 1...2...NO!!!!

    Haas knocks the wind right out of Helms, and gets to his feet … BUT PUNK SPRINGS OFF THE ROPES - CLOTHESLINE TO HAAS!!!!! Punk returns, and now looks to deliver his second Punk Card, getting Haas up … BUT ALBRIGHT DRAGS HAAS DOWN … THEN TAKES PUNK DOWN … CROWBAR!!!!! The submission is applied, with Punk caught … HELMS BREAKS IT!!! Helms breaks the hold … but Haas charges toward him, and clotheslines Greg down … and now HE drops down … HAAS PAIN TO HELMS … BUT HELMS FIGHTS IT!!! He kicks his legs wildly, until Punk kicks Haas in the head!!! Punk nails Haas … but Albright nails Punk - sending him out with a clothesline, as Helms recovers to dump out the King of the Ring!!! Haas rushes up behind Helms … roll through … 1...2...HELMS ROLLS THROUGH … 1...2...HAAS KICKS OUT!!!!! Helms rebounds back off the ropes … AND CATCHES HAAS COLD WITH THE SHINING WIZARD!!!!! Helms covers, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
    Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions - Straight Edge @ 13:13

    In an amazing closing sequence, there was simply NOTHING Haas could do to prevent the Shining Wizard from Helms, and the champions remain just that - the champions!!!

    Jim Ross: My goodness!! Out of nowhere, that kick - that Shining Wizard kick has brought this scintillating match to an end. A match that could’ve swung either way on more than one occasion, has ended up going the way of the champions!!

    Jerry Lawler: And The Craftsmen can have no complaints, J.R!! What a effort from both of these teams!! On the night, It’s Greg Helms and CM Punk that have won - but it could’ve easily gone the other way.

    Jim Ross: And the champions will be well aware of that - and relieved no doubt - that the fortune swung their way.

    The fans in the Garden show their appreciation for the efforts of all four men, as Punk climbs back inside to rejoice with Helms - the champions know they’ve been through a war tonight … but they’ve finally defeated The Master Craftsmen to end that debate.

    Jim Ross: Without a doubt in my mind, King, we are looking at the finest tag team in the WWE today - the argument could be made that they are the finest team in many a year … but in just a few moments, two of the greatest tag teams in WWE history will reignite a rivalry that you and I can still recall vividly.

    Jerry Lawler: Ohhh without a doubt, J.R. Edge, Christian and The Hardys?? I cant wait!! But what a tough act to follow!!

    Helms and Punk hang on to the title belts in the ring, whilst Albright and Haas recover together on the outside, both looking dejected at their quest to clinch the gold falling short.

    And, cutting backstage - MATT & JEFF HARDY walk!!!

    Jim Ross: And indeed, there they are!! If any two men would relish the challenge of following an awesome match like we’ve just witnessed, it’s the Brothers Hardy!!! For One Night Only, they’re back together --- NEXT!!!!!

    Commercial Break





    Footage cuts to the parking lot, where ERIC BISCHOFF - shirt ripped, hair all over the place; looking a real mess - is being escorted from the building by the Smackdown contingent, trying to fight away from them, demanding to be let go … as a black limo pulls up in the background.

    Bischoff continues to struggle, wanting to be let go, with Finlay restraining him … but he soon stops struggling, and simply just looks humiliated … as RIC FLAIR exit’s the limo!!! Flair is custom suited and booted, fixing his cuffs as he exit’s the limo, approaching the arena doors looking a million bucks.

    And he passes Bischoff - the man who barred him from Smackdown on his first night as GM - and has the ultimate last laugh, shaking his head at the frazzled, humiliated FIRED Bischoff, before continuing on, shaking hands with the Smackdown superstars at the scene…

    Into the arena…


    The arena lights go out, as the spotlight searches THROUGH THE FANS … finally finding EDGE AND CHRISTIAN … OLD SCHOOL STYLE - ENTERING FROM THE FANS!!!!!

    Wearing the same ridiculous sunglasses they once did in the early part of the decade, Edge and Christian make their way over the barrier, sliding into the ring, getting a huge reaction for their entrance.

    Edge: Hey Christian - I totally think they know us.

    Not as goofy as he may have once said it, Edge shares a smile with his partner, who nods in agreement.

    Christian: Dude … of course they do. I mean, New York City is full of people that reek … of awesomeness!!!

    Cheap pop. Edge laughs.

    Edge: As cool as this is tonight though, unfortunately, it is for just one night only-

    Boos. Christian quickly talks over it.

    Christian: Lets call it special edition Team E and C!!

    Edge nods, offering Christian a high five.

    Edge: But- while this is a once in a lifetime deal … we know a way that you people can make this moment last forever!!

    The fans get the hint, with cheers building up.

    Christian: Whoa - wait. I almost forgot!!

    Christian motions to outside the ring, with one of the ringside crew handing him a few objects.

    Christian: Streamers and kazoos!!

    Edge laughs, harking back to the old days again-

    Edge: Long live the stream!!

    Christian hands Edge his streamer, while placing the kazoo in his mouth. Edge pauses, letting the fans build up, with MSG knowing what’s coming next…

    Edge: … SO --- for the benefit of those with flash photography… we’re dedicating this five second pose to the Edge heads … and the Peeps!!!

    Edge and Christian pose for five seconds - longer even - with the fans cheering wildly for the touch of nostalgia. They finally stop, as Christian picks up the mic again.

    Christian: Now … let’s get the Hardy Boys out here, so we can make this just like the old days - with Edge and Christian totally wiping the floor with those two reekazoids!!!

    Christian throws the mic down, with the fans enjoying the piece of nostalgia…

    Jim Ross: Well, in just a moment, Edge and Christian will be joined by The Hardys - Edge and Christian, Matt & Jeff Hardy - for one night only - NEXT!!!

    Commercial Break


    Making their own old school entrance, Team Xtreme; Matt and Jeff Hardy rush onto the stage, plenty of energy, making their rather more understated entrance to the ring, as Edge and Christian cut out the games, starting to look serious, as they drop the ridiculous glasses and gimmicks.


    Match 3 | FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY:
    Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boys
    All four stand across from each other in the ring, engaging in a stand off which gets the fans pumping. Eventually, Christian and Matt back out, leaving Edge and Jeff. The two men circle, and lock up, trading arm wringers, each reversing the other, until Edge applies a headlock and takes Jeff over. Jeff frees himself, fighting to his feet, connecting with an arm drag and is on Edge straight way, sending him to the corner with a whip, running in behind, but Edge propels up as he hit’s the corner, pushing over the incoming Jeff and Hardy hit’s the corner!! Edge follows up, unloading with a plethora of straight rights to Jeff, eventually being forced back from the corner and admonished by the official. Edge returns to the corner, softening Jeff up with a kick to the gut, and sends him across the ring to the opposite corner … but Jeff has other ideas … and runs up the ropes - WHISPER IN THE WIND … BUT EDGE STEPS ASIDE!!!!!

    Edge smirks, as Jeff crashes and burns, then drags Jeff to the corner, tagging in Christian. Christian targets the exposed ribs, taking it to Jeff, hammering him down into the mat, then sends him off the ropes, looking for a hip toss - Jeff counters … backslide, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men bounce up, Jeff ducking a clothesline, and fires off an arm drag, then another - just a split second quicker than Captain Charisma, putting him down with a front slam, before tagging in Matt, as the Hardys stand over Christian, delivering a leg drop combo - classic Hardys. The fans pop, and then the ladies scream with the pair ripping off their shirts - again; classic Hardys. Matt backs Christian into the corner, opening up with stiff rights, then cracks Christian with a discus punch, softening him up to send Christian to the opposite corner and runs in … Christian swings out onto the ropes - SEESAW KICK!!!

    Hardy staggers back, as Christian sets himself - reverse elbow from the middle turnbuckle, covers, 1...2...NO!! Christian delivers a front slam, and makes a tag to Edge, with Edge bouncing off the ropes dropping a quick leg, 1...2...NO!!! Edge sends Matt off the ropes, ducking down, allowing Matt to come back with a Sunset flip … 1...2...NO!!! They both try to rise up quickly and Matt strikes first as they get up, then sends Edge to the corner, racing in - but he misses again, with Edge dodging out, and catches Matt with a heel kick!!! Edge keeps going though, hitting the ropes - racing across the ring SPEAR TO JEFF - TAKING HIM OFF THE APRON!!!! Edge nails Jeff, with Jeff writhing in agony on the outside, and the fans come alive, with J.R proclaiming that Edge and Christian are in control of this one, with both Hardys down … as the commercials cuts in.

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, Edge and Christian are in control - and have been throughout the break, with Christian tagging in Edge, and sends his partner to the corner, racing in at Matt - corner spear!!! He drags Matt out, backing him into the teams corner, and tags to Christian with the pair setting up their own POETRY IN MOTION!!!! … It’s a mixed reaction, with Edge on all fours, and Christian races across the ring … BUT JEFF YANKS MATT OUT OF TROUBLE!!! Christian hit’s the turnbuckle, and Matt rebounds, clobbering Edge with a clothesline as he gets to his feet, and makes a desperate tag to Jeff!!! Quickly, Matt drops down, with Christian in a precarious position … Poetry in Motion!!!!!!! The Hardys hit the move E&C tried to use, and the fans cheer, with Matt clearing out, allowing Jeff to kick Christian in the gut - suplex - dropping Christian face first on the mat!! Jeff covers, 1...2...NO!!!

    Out of instinct, Christian crawls to the corner, with Jeff looking to follow up, stomping Captain Charisma, then with the aide of the rope, he swings - dropkicking the chest of Christian in the corner!!! He drags Christian out, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Jeff gets up, applying an arm wringer on Christian, and tags out to Matt again, with the brothers doubling up again, swinging Christian, slamming him face first on the mat. Jeff exits and Matt covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Matt looks for another near fall, hitting a side suplex, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Hardy backs Captain Charisma into the corner, teeing off with more trademark stiff rights - but Christian fights back at him, punching his way out of the corner, firing up the fans, and runs off the ropes … right into a sidewalk slam. 1...2...NO!!! Hardy nearly had him, but Christian gets the shoulder up - to the delight of MSG.

    Matt drags Christian to his feet and backs him up into the corner, tagging in Jeff, and the Hardys shoot Christian off the ropes, looking for a double clothesline … but Christian ducks under both men, going behind, gripping them … A NAILS MATT AND JEFF WITH A DOUBLE REVERSE DDT!!!!! Christian puts both men down, and it’s a case of trying to recover now … crawling across the ring, whilst Matt and Jeff look to shake it off and get to their feet … Christian reaches … and makes the tag to Edge!!! Edge - fired up - charges into the ring with clotheslines to Matt, then Jeff, before he dropkicks Matt out of the ring … and Christian follows up on that, picking his spot, and jumping to the middle turnbuckle - TRIANGLE PLANCHA TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!! The fans rise for the high risk move from Christian … whilst Edge deal with Jeff in the ring - Face plant!! Cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

    Jeff survives, but Edge is in control, softening Hardy up with stomps by the ropes, eventually dragging him up, sending him off the ropes, ducking down … but Jeff returns with an inside cradle - 1...2...EDGE KICKS OUT!!! Both men jump up, Jeff ducking a clothesline … then Edge ducks one from Jeff … BUZZ KILLER!!! Leg hooked, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Edge shakes his head, dragging Jeff up, but Hardy fights back, putting Edge on the back foot with right hands, then runs off the ropes, coming at Edge, but the Rated R Superstar side steps him, sending Jeff over - but he lands on the apron, with Edge coming after him, Jeff ducks down with a shoulder to the gut, and swings over the top, back in with a mule kick to Edge, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Following up, Jeff looks to send Edge off now, looking for a front dropkick on the return … but Edge is too smart, and holds onto the ropes, with Jeff hitting the canvas … allowing Edge to get a pin with a jack knife cover … 1...2...NO!!!!!

    Jeff slips out, and the pair meet on their feet, but Edge strikes first, knocking Jeff down with a clothesline. With Christian back on the apron, Edge makes the tag, and Captain Charisma re-enters, choking Jeff on the ropes, then runs off the opposite side, coming back, sliding out of the ring - uppercut to Jeff!!! Vintage Christian you might say, and the former World Champion looks to climb back inside … BUT MATT YANKS CHRISTIAN OFF THE APRON … AND RAMS HIM INTO THE BARRIER!!! It’s not a friendly battle - that’s for sure, as Matt throws the weakened Christian back into the ring, whilst an incensed Edge is escorted back to his corner by the official Jack Doan. Both Jeff and Christian struggle to their feet, but Hardy gets the decisive blow, and Christian eats a jaw breaker!! Jeff now leaps across - tagging Matt!!! Matt takes full advantage, shooting Christian to the corner - this time connecting with a corner clothesline, rushing out - BULLDOG!!!

    Matt is set to go for a cover, but here comes Edge for the save … only for Matt to act fast, getting up, backing up, and uses Edges own momentum to send the Rated R Superstar out over the top rope!!! Matt tags Jeff, pointing up top, with the pair climbing the opposite corners, setting themselves … AND BOTH FLY; MATT WITH A LEG DROP, JEFF WITH A SPLASH!!!!! Classic Hardy Boys offence, and Christian is surely finished, with Jeff covering, 1...2...EDGE BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Edge is back - and just in the nick of time, he hammers the back of Jeff, weakening him, but as he turns to confront Matt, he’s taken by surprise and caught - SIDE EFFECT!!!!! Edge rolls out upon impact, as the Intercontinental Champion blind tags his brother, and sizes up Christian, looking for the Twist of Fate … stalking Christian as he struggle to his feet … kick to the gut … TWIS- NO!!! Christian spins out, ties up Matt - Inverted Backbreaker!!!!!

    Christian drops Matt, and finds his feet, coming after Jeff now (unaware Matt is the legal man) - but Jeff low bridges the top rope, with Christian tumbling over and out, alongside his recovering partner Edge … as Jeff takes a look around, and slingshots out of the ring with a Plancha onto EDGE AND CHRISTIAN!!!!! The risk taker gets the fans on their feet again, and he plays to the audience as Edge recovers … with Jeff going old school … running the barrier railing … launching at Edge … MID AIR SPEAR FROM EDGE TO JEFF HARDY!!!!! Jeff SPLATS on the floor!!! The fans come unglued for the crazy Spear, and Edge looks to get Hardy back inside, throwing his dead weight body into the ring, climbing inside … and he takes his spot in the corner, waiting for Jeff to stand up again to take a decisive Spear, and he rushes across the ring - CUT OFF BY MATT - kick to the gut - TWIST OF FATE!!!!!

    Matt puts Edge down … but as he stands up, Christian is back!!! Christian cracks Matt with right hands, turning Matt over … UNPRETTIER - NO!!! Hardy shoves Christian away, then as he turns, he kicks Christian in the gut - TWIST OF- NO!!! Christian shoves Matt away!!! Matt is sent into the corner sternum first, where Jeff makes a blind tag … as Christian now hooks up Matt again … UNPRETTIER TO MATT CONNECTS!!!!! Christian turns the elder Hardy over - unaware Jeff is once again legal … and looks confused why Jack Doan isn’t counting … slapping the mat three times, unaware of Jeff climbing up top … AS JEFF FLIES FROM THE TOP WITH A SWANTON!!!!! Jeff nails Christian … but as he gets to his feet - HE’S CUT IN HALF WITH A SPEAR FROM EDGE!!!!! Edge nails Jeff … as Christian rolls over, onto Jeff … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!!
    Winners: Christian & Edge @ 14:01

    Jim Ross: Edge and Christian prevail!!! Edge and Christian once again - get the better of Matt and Jeff Hardy!!! And King, what a match!!!

    Jerry Lawler: I’ve seen these two teams clash dozens of times - but I think this one tops the lot!! What a match!!!

    Jim Ross: Just as it looked like the Hardys had done enough to outsmart Edge and Christian, one almighty Spear turned this match on it’s head!! Christian and Edge are victorious here in Madison Square Garden!!!

    Edge helps Christian up, with the pair getting their arms raised in the air to cheers, but there is no hard feelings with Matt and Jeff Hardy - whilst highly competitive during the match - Edge and Christian show their respect to their rivals, helping Matt and Jeff to their feet … as a momentary stand off ensues, with some words traded … before the four men agree on a respectful handshake to a heart warming pop from the fans.

    Jim Ross: Yes!!! What a moment!!! Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy - stood together in unison!!! Competitors to the end, but respect all round in the aftermath. Edge and Christian no doubt recognise how close this match was, and just how different it could’ve been. But on this night, they got the breaks, but what a showcase!!!

    The four men soak up the cheers from the fans, standing as one unit … as Raw fades to the next commercial…

    Commercial Break

    Backstage, SHAWN MICHAELS is shown for the first time tonight - to a big pop from the live fans - sat in the locker room, meditating almost with his eyes closed, ahead of his World Championship shot later tonight.

    Jim Ross: And there, King, is the man who challenges John Cena later tonight!! In your opinion, is Shawn Michaels still The Showstopper!?

    Jerry Lawler: Of course he is, J.R!! You don’t lose it overnight - especially not when you’re as good as Shawn Michaels is. But he’s got his work cut out for him against the best in the business today. I cant wait for that one.

    **GOLD LUST**

    The Garden erupts; and the lights turn gold - for the return of GOLDUST!!! After months of being abused by Cody Rhodes, defined down to the role of lackey - Dustin Rhodes is no more; The Bizarre One is back!!!

    Jim Ross: We’ve all been waiting for this one, King!! The Bizarre One!!!

    Jerry Lawler: Shattered Dreams productions is back in business, J.R!!

    Jim Ross: For months, King, you begged, you pleaded with that man, The Bizarre One to embrace the madness, to stop being subservient to his brother - and finally he saw the light!!

    Jerry Lawler: It took a long time for him for see sense, J.R, but it was worth it in the end. That ungrateful little punk Cody Rhodes abused his brother for months, treated him like dirt!! He made Dustin feel ashamed for his past - but the only one that should be ashamed is that little runt, Cody. He’s the one who has brought shame to his family - not Goldust.

    Goldust enters the ring, removing his blonde wig, with the arena still engulfed in gold, as he sits in the corner, awaiting his brother.

    **A NEW DAY**

    Cutting into the music, Cody Rhodes isn’t prepared to wait any longer, walking out full of anger, pacing quickly to the ring - brandishing the leather strap.

    Jim Ross: And there you see that damned leather strap!! For months, King, Cody would punish Dustin for the most minor of mistake - even you have been on the end of the leather strap, and tonight, it comes full circle.

    Jerry Lawler: Oh yeah, I’ve still got the welt marks to prove it, but trust me, J.R, Cody will know what it feels like by the time this night is over. It’s not pleasant, let me tell ya.

    Cody steps into the ring, looking at his brothers creation with disdain, shaking his head … but Goldust provocatively rubs himself, taking no heed of Cody and his fury, whilst the youngster throws the strap down, telling the referee to hurry up and attach them together. Both men place the strap on their wrist, with John Cone warning both men to wait for the bell…

    Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust
    It’s a stand off initially, both men grabbing at the strap, trying to stand their ground, inching closer to one another, wary of the other yanking the strap forward … but as he reach closer … Goldust fakes a bite at Cody, with Cody flinching … allowing the Bizarre One to strike first with an uppercut!!! Cody goes down, instinctively rolling out … but he cant get away far, with Goldust attached to him!! He tries to yank at the Strap, but Goldust overpowers him, and yanks Cody, sternum first into the side of the apron. Goldust slips out of the ring now too, delivering another uppercut to send Cody sprawling, but Goldust uses the strap to his favour, yanking Cody back, and drilling him with a falling clothesline. Cody crawls away, whilst Goldust plays to the fans, rubbing his chest, sniffing the air … BUT CODY PULLS ON THE STRAP AND GOLDUST IS YANKED FORWARD - FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!

    Cody looks to take advantage, and rams Goldusts face into the post again, before bringing his brother to the wooden table set up at ringside for the commentators, making sure to see King, and slamming Goldusts head off the table, right in front of Lawler, talking trash to King, who tells Cody to concentrate on the task at hand, but the cocky youngster just smiles. Rhodes throws his brother back inside, sliding in, sticking the boots to The Bizarre One. Cody attacks his brother on the ropes, then turns, looking to build up some steam, but Goldust yanks him back with the strap - scoop power slam to Cody!!!!! Goldust stands back up, but isn’t ready to start touching corners - it’s about more than that at the minute. He drags Cody up, pushing him back into the corner, stepping up, delivering the mounted ten punch - with the fans counting along, before The Bizarre One gesticulates like only he can … and delivers one final blow to his brother!!!

    Goldust drops down, with Cody staggering out, into a kick to the gut, and into position - FINAL CUT SUPLEX!!! Goldust is on fire, with the fans giving him plenty of respect, as he stands back up, looking at the strap attached to his wrist … thinking of the assaults he’s had to deal with - and begins to dish out some real punishment to his spoiled brat sibling!!! Goldust mercilessly whips the back of Cody, with the youngster writhing in pain., each shot more stinging than the last!! Dragging Cody to the corner, Goldust sits up on the top turnbuckle, with Cody on the mat, wrapping the strap around his neck - CHOKING - his brother, with Cody flailing his arms, desperately wanting the choke broken!! Goldust finally relents, and watches as Cody chokes on the mat, struggling back up … as the Bizarre One comes off the middle - Bulldog to Cody!!! Goldust looks around for approval, before touching the corners, reaching one, hitting a second, but as he gets to the third, Cody rushes, splashing into the back of his brother to stop the momentum!!

    Cody drags Dustin out, delivering a snap mare, before hooking around the neck, and pounding his gold painted brother - cross face forearms; punishing blows - talking trash while he does, taking out all his aggression out on his older brother. Cody slams Goldys face into the mat, dropping a knee to the back … and then he sizes up Goldust as he gets back to his feet, and begins to punish him with sick whips of the strap, lashing the Bizarre One, before throwing him out of the ring, following out himself, lashing him with the strap again, then whips Goldust into the barrier, with the Gold One slumping down in agony, taking more punishment from Cody, battering him with stomps to the chest by the barrier … as J.R tells the audience that the match will continue after the commercial break…

    Commercial Break

    Back live, Goldust is in the midst of a comeback, fighting out of a rest hold, and his power shots rock the younger sibling, and as Cody tries to get away for a breather, Goldust yanks back on the strap, delivering a Russian Leg Sweep!! He touches two corners again before Cody recovers, and the youngster pulls on the strap, getting Goldys attention again, with the Bizarre One returning to the centre, kicking Cody in the gut, sending him off the ropes, ducking down for the return … with Cody sliding, looking for the trademark - the Goldust trademark - uppercut … but Goldust has it scouted, standing upright as the uppercut comes, then drops an elbow on his grounded brother!!! Goldust makes a move for the corners again, touching two, and reaches the third before Cody recovers, crawling to the fourth to cut Goldust off, keeping him from the turnbuckle.

    They trade blows to the middle of the ring, but Goldust wins the fist fight, sending Cody to the corner, coming in behind, but Rhodes throws an elbow up, stopping his brother, and takes the chance to go up top, coming off with a moonsault onto Goldust!!!! Cody struggles up, crawling to the first corner - and makes it … and the second, getting to the third … but when he hits that turnbuckle, Goldust has recovered, and he drags Cody from the corner, with the younger man trying to stretch - but cant hit the turnbuckle. Goldust yanks him back, but Cody strikes first with a knee, and goes ape shit on Goldust, relentlessly whipping him with the strap, telling him to stay down, calling Dustin a freak. He drops a knee, then goes for the corners again, but after hitting the second turnbuckle - Goldust yanks him back again, catching Rhodes with an inverted atomic drop!!!

    Goldust knocks him down, and sends Cody to the corner, hitting a corner splash … THEN SETS HIS LEGS ON THE ROPES --- and the fans come alive!!! Goldy takes a few steps back, building up the fans, getting them on their feet for SHATTERED DREAMS … AND HE CONNECTS!!!!! But- what the hell?? Goldust connects … but he staggers away from the corner, visibly limping … as Cody smirks - unaffected by the low blow … BRANDISHING A METAL CUP!!! Goldust limps back, but Cody takes the onus, leaping onto the ropes - DISASTER KICK CONNECTS TO THE SKULL!!! Goldust goes down … but Cody isn’t done yet!! The younger Rhodes drags the body of his brother up, hooking him up into position … AND DELIVERS CROSS RHODES!!!!! Goldust is out, and it’s academic, as the cocky youngster LAUGHS on his way to each corner … hitting all four … ending the match!!!
    Winner: Cody Rhodes @ 10:35

    The heel win takes the sails out of the fans, as Cody gets the better of the returning Goldust, outsmarting his older brother, leaving people flat - including The King at ringside.

    Jerry Lawler: What a slime ball, punk!! A good for nothin little squirt, J.R.

    Jim Ross: Indeed, not a popular decision with many here in the Garden tonight, but Cody Rhodes, like it or not, got the better of his brother, King. A major win for Cody Rhodes here tonight on Raw.

    Jerry Lawler: Well he still needs that smirk wiped off his face!!

    Cody leaves the ring, laughing heartily, scoring perhaps the biggest win of his young career, outsmarting his veteran brother, who ever so slowly recovers in the ring …

    Commercial Break

    The sound of fans rumbling, before they begin to count down from ten…


    The video then flashes straight to the 1995 Royal Rumble, and Shawn Michaels dangling from the ring - one foot touching the floor - before dumping Davey Boy Smith to win the match.

    Howard Finkel: Only ONE of Shawn Michaels feet hit the floor!!


    Cut to 2002, and Maven; the inaugural winner of Tough Enough dropkicks The Undertaker; the conscience of the WWE from the ring -- and the looks on both mens faces are priceless.



    1990; and the world stands still … Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior stand across the ring from one another having emptied the ring, and the crowd loses it’s minds…

    Jesse Ventura: LOOK AT THIS; Hulk Hogan and The Warrior!!!


    John Cena in 2005, eliminating Goldberg for the second year in a row to become the fourth man, joining Hogan, Austin & Michaels to become a back to back Royal Rumble winner.

    Tazz: The kid has done it again!!


    Kane throwing body after body after body; Grand Master Sexay with a trash can, using a lid to get rid of Blackman, dumping Al Snow, booting Raven, throwing Saturn, smashing Honky Tonk with a guitar before eliminating him, punching Tazz out, Crash Holly, Albert & Scotty follow before dumping The Rock.

    Jim Ross: The Big Red Machine … has gone crazy here!!!

    Jerry Lawler: He’s on a rampage now!!


    Mister McMahon pulls off the biggest upset in Rumble history - thanks to an assist from The Rock - eliminating Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the 1999 Royal Rumble Match.



    Kurt Angle celebrates, thinking he has won the 2002 Royal Rumble … but Triple H hung on, climbed back inside, and eliminates Angle to complete his recovery from an eight month lay off.



    In 1992, Ric Flair makes the most of a distraction from Hulk Hogan toward Sid Justice … dumping the big man, and winning his first WWE Championship - the only time the title was at stake in the Rumble match.

    Bobby Heenan: YES, YES, YES!! I KNEW HE’D DO IT!!!


    Bret Hart legitimately eliminates Steve Austin in 1997, but the referees do not notice it, and The Rattlesnake re-enters the ring, going on to win the match in controversial fashion.

    Vince McMahon: Austin was eliminated … we saw it and we called it!!


    Last year, a bloodied, battered Christian overcomes the mighty Iron Man, Brock Lesnar in an epic struggle to win the Royal Rumble for the first time in his career.

    Jim Ross: Nothing has stood in his way!! Nothing COULD stand in his way tonight!!!

    Then, darkness.


    Pitch black switches to a brilliant white light…



    Backstage in his office for the night, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN is with GREG HELMS, midway through a conversation.

    Steve Austin: A hell of an effort, kid. Y’know I’ve been watchin every damn week, and you and Punk keep gettin better. Best damn tag team in the world right now for my money - and I know a few things about tag teams.

    Helms looks genuinely delighted with the praise from Austin.

    Greg Helms: Comin from you, Steve? Man, that’s about the best compliment I could get. And I know if Punk was here right now, he’d love to hear it too, but uh, he’s doin some interview with dot com.

    Austin waves it off, turning around, and picking up a couple cans of beer.

    Steve Austin: Well hey, all that hard work has gotta be thirsty work, huh?? Hows about you an ‘ol Stone Cold share a beer, son?

    Austin offers Helms a beer … but the now Straight Edge superstar hesitates.

    Steve Austin: What’s the problem??

    Helms pauses, looking like a rock in a hard place, not wanting to disappoint Austin… then shrugs, taking the beer.

    Greg Helms: Hey - I guess one beer cant hurt, right?? And it’s not everyday I get a chance to share a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Austin smirks, toasting Helms, and the pair take a swig, with Helms turning around as he takes his swig … WITH CM PUNK ARRIVING JUST AS HE GULPS THE BEER.

    Punk looks furious, walking into the room folding his arms whilst looking disapprovingly at Helms, then stares at the can of beer in his hand. Helms tries to smile it off.

    CM Punk: Do you understand what you’re doing??

    Helms doesn’t say anything, whilst Austin simply watches on in the background for now, as Punk takes the can from Helms. Still, Austin says nothing, but listens intently.

    CM Punk: We’re Straight Edge - YOU are Straight Edge. It’s NOT some part time commitment. It’s Straight Edge for life - no free pass just because Stone Cold Steve Austin offers you a beer. You don’t get a night off from being Straight Edge - it’s a lifestyle, not a job.

    Helms holds his hands up apologetically.

    Greg Helms: You know what, you’re right. I screwed up, buddy. I was weak- I- I’m sorry. It’s hard somet-

    CM Punk: Just don’t do it again.

    Punk, like a disappointed mother, shakes his head. He then motions toward the door.

    CM Punk: They want you for an interview with WWE.COM.

    Helms nods, and turns to Austin.

    Greg Helms: I’ll catch ya later, Steve.

    Helms shuffles out of the room, with Punk watching him leave. Austin remains in the background, then clears his throat to get the attention of Punk. Punk turns, and a momentary silence - a staredown - before Austin softly speaks, looking down at Punks hand.

    Steve Austin: Y’gonna drink that??

    CM Punk: No.

    Punk doesn’t even give it a second thought. Austin slowly nods.

    Steve Austin: I think it might help ya loosen up a little, punk.

    CM Punk: You not got any Pepsi??

    Steve Austin: Only if you’re mixin it with Vodka.

    Punk smirks. And puts the can down on the table.

    CM Punk: Go to hell.

    The Straight Edge Superstar smirks again … and tips the can over, dropping it onto the ground. Punk waltzes out of the room, with Austin shaking his head.

    Steve Austin: Keep walkin ya little bastard. (Looks down at the floor) Waste of good beer.

    Austin shakes his head again, as the camera fades out…

    Back inside the arena…


    The Garden - erupts.

    Jim Ross: Oh my!!

    Custom made from head to toe, Ric Flair elegantly strides onto the stage, overwhelmed by the incredible ovation from NYC.

    Jim Ross: You are looking at the absolute best ever to lace up a pair of wrestling boots.

    Jerry Lawler: Amen.

    The Nature Boy styles and profiles down the ramp, with a smile and a look of bemusement, as group of men in the front row by the side of the stage bow at the Sixteen time world champ.

    Jim Ross: Banished from Smackdown by the now fired Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair has been left in limbo since his victory at the Survivor Series as a team captain.

    Jerry Lawler: And I think the world wants to know J.R - is this the end of the road for the Sixteen times World Champion?? Or is there life left in the Dirtiest Player in the Game??

    Flair shakes the mens hands, before proceeding toward the ringside arena, taking the unusual option of walking right around the area to shake hands and greet idolising fans.

    Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll be right back, here on Raw - LIVE - with the Nature Boy; don’t dare go away!!!

    Commercial Break

    Back live, Flair is in the ring picking up a mic, but has to wait out a LONG ovation. The sentimental legend has to try and keep a lid on his emotions, before finally having to speak over the fans.

    Ric Flair: This is … wow. Overwhelming would be an understatement. Thank you.

    Big cheers meet Flairs speech, and Naitch pauses, shaking his head, overwhelmed by the fans.

    Ric Flair: To get this kind of reaction in this building, from you fans?? Wow.

    Flair shows a smile, and nods as the fans refuse to die down - and Flair decides to go with it.

    Ric Flair: YEAH!! We’re havin a party t’night!!!! And where better to have a party than right here in New York - WOOOOOOOOO - NEW YORK!!!

    Nodding, Flair shows off that grin again, eliciting the cheers from the fans. He looks around once more, soaking up the cheers again, surveying the rowdy New Yorkers.

    Ric Flair: Man, I don’t get out here enough!! I LOVE this city - I LOVE this building - and I LOVE each and every. One. Of. You!!

    Once more, MSG cheers the legend, with Flair nodding, then giving another WOOOOO!!! Which the fans repeat back to him. Flair enjoys the interaction, before shifting gears.

    Ric Flair: But the question I’ve been asked for weeks - the question people have stopped me in the street to ask - the question I had shouted at me in LaGuardia when I touched down and stepped off the private jet has been the same, over and over … and I can see that all of you want to know the answer too … Why am I here??

    Momentary pause.

    Ric Flair: Bischoff.


    Ric Flair: That pissant barred me - BARRED ME!? RIC FLAIR!? That no good piece of garbage thought he could ban Ric Flair from Smackdown, and that I would just take that lyin down?? Are y’kidding me!? I would’ve expected Bischoff of all people to know by now that Ric Flair isn’t dictated to by any man alive. It’s sixteen times brother!! Nobody - NOBODY - bans The Naitch from any building!!

    Flair gets himself worked up, but settles - and smiles.

    Ric Flair: And I arrive here tonight in a stretch limousine to see Eric Bischoff being thrown outta the building - WOOOO - HIS ass is fired - yet HERE I AM!!!

    Ric jives a little.


    Pop. Flair pauses, licking his lips with a smile again.

    Ric Flair: Poetic justice, don’t ya think??

    Flair nods.

    Ric Flair: Yeahhhh … aint that a kick in the head. Merry Christmas, happy new year, and have a nice life, Eric … you rotten son of a bitch.

    Ric lets that settle, before moving on.

    Ric Flair: Now, ever since the Survivor Series, people have been asking; “NATICH!? Are ya done??” “Naitch?? - How much have ya got left in the tank??” “Naitch?? - Have ya got one … more … run … left?? Can ya win number seventeen??”

    Another pause.

    Ric Flair: Y’know somethin, New York?? A couple weeks ago, right after Survivor Series, I was prepared to go out on a high. Beating the WWE Champion?? It doesn’t get much better. And when you get to my age in life, you’ve gotta deal with your own mortality. I’m fortunate that I can roll outta my bed every morning, get on my feet and get around. I’m not the guy that sat atop this business twenty years ago, anymore. And I’ve had to look in the mirror a hell of a lot recently and ask myself; “What‘s left to give?? When is enough … enough??

    Flair pauses, and the fans grow slightly restless.

    Ric Flair: Like I said … a few weeks ago, I was ready to go out on a high. So, in this respect, I guess … I guess, I owe Bischoff a thank you. Because him banning me from Smackdown saved me from making the single biggest mistake of my life!!

    Small reaction.

    Ric Flair: I said I could’ve went out on a high at the Survivor Series. Not a lot of people can say they left this business with a win over the WWE Champion … and most?? Most would rip your hand off if they got that offer … but(slight chuckle) … The Nature Boy isn’t most people.

    Flair smiles, and the fans pick up.

    Ric Flair: And going out on A high?? Going out by beating the WWE Champion?? That’s not how I see it. I want it all!! I want to go out of this business on THE biggest high!!! I WANT TO GO OUT OF THIS BUSINESS AS WWE CHAMPION!!!

    Big pop from MSG, as Flair gets worked up, throwing off his jacket.

    Ric Flair: THAT. IS. WHY. I. AM. BACK!!!! WOOOO!!!

    Flair bounces off the ropes - and drops a knee on the jacket!! He bounces back up, grabbing the mic.


    Flair pauses, allowing the fans to shower him with more raucous cheers. Flair calms, and nods, savouring his next comment, which is much more understated.

    Ric Flair: And after some discussion with the WWE Commissioner Jesse Ventura, I hereby announce that Ric Flair will be one of the thirty men in the Royal Rumble next month in Las Vegas … but not only that - I’m gonna win it.


    Ric Flair: Yeah. I’m winning the Rumble, and I’m going to Wrestle Mania … and I’m winnin number seventeen!!! Wo-


    Jerry Lawler: WHAT!?

    WHOA~!!! The fans explode…

    Here comes KURT ANGLE!!!

    Jim Ross: We haven’t seen Kurt Angle since the Survivor Series either!!! Angle- he- we weren’t expecting Angle here in the Garden tonight!! He’s been on a leave of absence ever since the Survivor Series- what is he doing here tonight?? And- and what is his business with Flair??

    Jerry Lawler: And that leave of absence remember, was in relation to Angle losing his Olympic Medal to Rey Mysterio at Nemesis.

    Jim Ross: Indeed it was. Angle lost his most cherished possession to Rey Mysterio back in October, leading to his extended break … but I was under the impression that Angle wouldn’t be back until January…

    Flair looks pensive, as the suited up Kurt Angle approaches the ring, climbing up the steps, and into the ring.

    Jim Ross: My Gawd. Kurt Angle and Ric Flair in the same ring at the same time. A rare sight.

    Jerry Lawler: You called Flair the greatest of all time earlier, J.R. I’d dare say that Kurt Angle would have something to say about that.

    Flair takes a step back, giving Angle his due respect, with Kurt giving the legend a nod, passing him as he collects a mic from Lillian, and turns to address Naitch.

    Kurt Angle: I’m sorry to interrupt your big announcement Ric. But after what I just heard … I had to come out here. Number seventeen, huh?? Good luck with that, Ric, you deserve it. But I hope you have a Plan B in mind for getting there … because you aren’t winning the Royal Rumble - I AM!!

    Big reaction - big MIXED reaction. Angle acknowledges it.

    Kurt Angle: That’s right, Ric, that’s why I’m back here on Raw tonight. I’m here to tell the entire world that Kurt Angle is BACK - and I am goin to WrestleMania to become the EIGHT TIME WWE Champion!!

    Flair smirks, not looking phased by Angle, as he speaks up.

    Ric Flair: Is that right??

    Kurt Angle: That’s right.

    Flair nods.

    Ric Flair: Well … I guess we’ll just have to see. May the best man win, Angle.

    Flair extends a hand for Kurt to shake, with Angle replying first-

    Kurt Angle: Oh, I will.

    Angle then reaches out to accept the handshake-


    ‘Ohhhh’ is the reaction inside the Garden. The Nature Boy runs his fingers through his hair, typical Flair, with Angle smirking at the move.

    Ric Flair: If you wanna be the man, Angle … HA!! - You g-

    - DARKNESS -

    Madison Square Garden is plunged into darkness, and after a momentary second of confusion…

    ~ GONG ~



    The Garden ERUPTS!!! The arena remains in darkness … but on the stage … is the eerie sight of The Undertaker - another man who has not appeared since the Survivor Series!! The Deadman slowly steps to the top of the ramp … and waits … as the music dies off.

    The Undertaker stands silently, as the fans inside MSG chant his name … and he has to wait before speaking.

    The Undertaker: At the Royal Rumble … Twenty Nine souls will fall at the hands of one man … but that man is neither of you mere mortals … that man … is The Deadman.

    Huge pop.

    The Undertaker: The only man going to Wrestle Mania … is … me.

    The Deadman throws the mic down, tips his hat … then rolls his eyes back, raising his arms … plunging the arena back into darkness.


    The fans are losing their collective minds - TWO surprise appearances in the one segment, with three of the all time greats throwing their names into the hat for the 2008 Royal Rumble next month!!!

    In the ring - still in darkness - Angle and Flair keep their focus on the ramp, on The Undertaker … as Raw heads to a commercial with J.R and King staying quiet.

    Commercial Break





    Raw returns with Mark Henry and Theodore Long standing in the ring for a bit of filler action, as we focus on THE COACH arriving back at ringside, slightly dishevelled.

    Jim Ross: I apologise folks - The Coach is back.

    Jerry Lawler: Yeah - way to ruin a party, Coach.

    Coach sits down, trying to push Lawler further down to give himself more space at the desk.

    The Coach: You’re free to leave, Jerry. I think there’s a wet t-shirt contest in the back that’s missing an old pervert from creeping out the ladies.

    Jim Ross: Why did you leave it then, Coach??


    The Coach: Please, J.R. I’m half Lawlers kids age. Compared to me, The King is prehistoric.

    Jerry Lawler: If you keep this up, you’ll be getting my prehistoric fist down your throat.

    The Coach: Don’t mess with me, Lawler. I just gave Steve Austin a piece of my mind back there. You’re all lucky it wasn’t captured on camera. That redneck was reduced to tears.

    Jim Ross: I bet he was.


    To little more than recognising his entrance, D’Lo Brown isn’t exactly besieged with cheers from the fans, but as he makes his way down the ring, nostalgia sets in and the fans warm up for the late 90‘s star, getting set to take on his old friend.

    Jim Ross: D’Lo Brown is certainly no stranger to either of these men. He and Mark Henry were former tag team partners at one time, and he was managed by Theodore Long at one point too. And he jumped at the chance to compete tonight on Raw.

    Jerry Lawler: Well, I admire him for taking this match tonight if he’s hoping to get re-signed on Raw … but I don’t see this working out too well for him.

    The Coach: Yeah, remember “Getting down with the Brown??” Well tonight, it‘s “Brown is going down!!”

    Match 5:
    Mark Henry w/Theodore Long vs. D’Lo Brown
    D’Lo simply hasn’t got a hope. He’s gutsy, but he isn’t able to do much apart from wobble Henry with some dropkicks and right hands. He attempts a cross body off the top - but is caught, and slammed with authority. From there, it’s just a case of when Henry wants to put Brown away, toying with him, whilst J.R notes that Henrys assault last week has led to Shelton Benjamin requiring surgery on his knee which could see him miss as much as four months of action. Henry finally puts ‘The Brown’ out of his misery, finishing the job with the Worlds Strongest Slam!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
    Winner: Mark Henry @ 02:01

    Henry wins in impressive fashion, with Theodore Long, joining his massive man mountain in the ring, standing over the flattened D‘Lo Brown. The Worlds Strongest Man looks like he means business…

    The camera cuts away, showing the backstage party with a number of the wrestlers on the Raw and Smackdown rosters being shown (none of the big names) enjoying the festivities, as DOINK THE CLOWN is shown performing a magic trick with a group of old timers and jobbers (Koko B Ware, Mae Young, Road Warrior Animal, Justin Credible, X-Pac, Scotty Too Hotty, Deuce & Domino) all watching on.

    Elsewhere, THE NASTY BOYS are trying to chat up Kelly Kelly, who looks repulsed by their odour, and turns away, whilst Ricky Steamboat and William Regal look to be in deep discussion. Sgt Slaughter, Marty Jannetty, Finlay, Paul London and Ken Doane are all also seen on camera with everyone in great spirits, until a LOUD bang is heard on the door.

    The music in the room stops, and all attention turns to the door - and the grinning ARMANDO ALEJANDRO ESTRADA stands with his Samoan Bulldozer UMAGA …

    Armando Alejandro Estrada: HA HA!!! Time to step up and speak out if ju have an issue with de Samoan Bulldozer!!! Do any of ju people want a piece of Umaga??

    Estrada lets that linger, and backs out of the room with everyone suddenly very uneasy…

    Jim Ross: There you see the most powerful, destructive force in the WWE today. Who in their right mind will answer this challenge??

    The Coach: I nominate King.

    Jerry Lawler: Been there - done that. I wouldn’t get back in the ring with Umaga for all the tea in China!!

    Jim Ross: Well, someone will answer this monster - this mastodons challenge - and it happens - NEXT!!!

    Commercial Break




    The ominous sounds of Umagas music lead out the suited Armando Estrada - the handler of the Samoan Bulldozer - and he has some added pep in his step, with Umaga as crazed as ever.

    Jim Ross: Of course, the first action of business for our new General Manager JBL will be to punish Umaga and Estrada for their actions at Saturday Nights Main Event, and it is for that reason that the Samoan Bulldozer and his handler weren’t lynched by the Raw locker room in recent weeks after they broke the ankle of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart in Canada. However, tonight, one man gets to step up-

    The Coach: But it might not be one of the Raw superstars, J.R.

    Jim Ross: Indeed. The Open Challenge stretches out far and wide, not restricted to Raw, but open to any Smackdown superstar or any of our special guests tonight for Raws fifteenth anniversary celebrations.

    Jerry Lawler: It’ll take a brave man to face this Umaga, J.R.

    The Coach: Well until I was brutally assaulted earlier in the night, I was tempted to throw my name forward, but that Stunner just ruled me out of contention.

    Jim Ross: Right…

    Estrada steps into the ring with Umaga, picking up a mic, standing in front of his Samoan Bulldozer…

    Armando Alejandro Estrada: Everybody listen… to me. Ju all know my name, and ju all know why I am here tonight with de Samoan Bulldozer!!

    Estrada looks back at Umaga, and smiles.

    Armando Alejandro Estrada: So de time to BE A MAN - AND STEP UP TO DE PLATE … HA HA - IS NOW!!!!

    AAE nods.


    Armando Alejandro Estrada: Raw?? Smack-down?? It doesn’t matter. Ju got a problem with Umaga, come out here now, and say it to his face!!!

    Estrada looks, waiting perhaps for someone to enter.

    Armando Alejandro Estrada: We cannot wait all night, peros. Dere must be at least one hombre back dere with some cojones, ha ha. Come on - face de SAAAA-MO-



    Jim Ross: It’s not-

    Jerry Lawler: IT IS!!

    MICK FOLEY emerges from behind the curtain - carrying a trashcan full of weapons!!! It’s another mind blowing reaction inside the packed out MSG!!!!

    Jim Ross: IT’S MICK FOLEY!!!

    The Coach: He’s got a death wish!!!

    Jerry Lawler: What would possess Foley to want to fight Umaga????

    Foley raises an arm at the adoring fans in his home market, wearing his flannel shirt and has the ‘Dead or Alive’ Cactus shirt hidden underneath - Foley is clearly here for a fight!!

    Jim Ross: We haven’t seen Mick Foley for NINE months, almost to the day, since he was defeated by Shawn Michaels in an epic confrontation at WrestleMania. Indeed, at that event, despite the loss, he gained the one thing he had craved throughout his long career - a defining WrestleMania moment - which begs the question … what more does Mick have to accomplish?? Why would he throw himself into the lions den here??

    The Coach: Because he’s not all there, old timer. He’s nuts!! That - or he needs some Christmas money for those brat kids of his!!

    Foley reaches ringside, taking a mic from Lillian Garcia, motioning for the music to cut, and whilst a “FOLEY” chant reverberates around the arena, Mick isn’t here to soak up cheers; he’s serious.

    Mick Foley: CUT THE MUSIC!!! CUT IT!!!

    The request is met, and an intense looking Foley points at the ring.

    Mick Foley: You’ve issued an open challenge --- well I’m here to accept it!!

    Big cheers.

    Mick Foley: But with that acceptance … I’m bringing a challenge of my own Estrada …

    Foley turns, picking up a steel chair, and holds it up in the air.

    Mick Foley: You say open challenge, I say … NO HOLDS BARRED!!!

    In the ring, Estrada nor Umaga are phased by the challenge - but the fans are PUMPED for the intensity shown by Foley. Foley stands tensely on the outside, waiting for the response.

    Armando Estrada: Mick Foley … como se dice?? … Ju’re wish is my … ha ha … command. On behalf of de Samoan Bulldozer?? I accept.

    Pop. Foley nods, accepting the challenge.

    Armando Estrada: But Mister Foley - before ju commit suicide … please, humour me pero … why did ju accept dis challenge?? I mean, have ju lost ju’re mind?? Didn’t ju see what de Samoan Bulldozer did to Bret Hart??

    AAE looks genuinely interested to know, as the fired up Foley breathes heavily, talking right into the mic.

    Mick Foley: I saw exactly what happened to Bret Hart, you sick sons of bitches!!!

    Foley pauses, breathing heavily again.

    Mick Foley: I SAW IT!!! I saw with my two eyes one of the most vile things I’ve ever witnessed in my twenty years in this business!! And that’s why I’m here!!

    Still Estrada has a broad grin.

    Mick Foley: You two showed Bret Hart no respect; as a wrestler, as a legend, or even as a human being. You broke that mans ankle without any regrets - and it makes me sick to my stomach. But make no mistake about it. I didn’t come here to wrestle Umaga. I didn’t come here to even beat Umaga, and I sure as hell didn’t come here to add to my legacy by knocking off a damn near unstoppable force. I’m here for one reason only --- I’M HERE TO RIP UMAGA APART!!!

    HUGE pop. For the first time, AAE shows the slightest inkling of concern.

    Mick Foley: As far as I’m concerned my career is over. It ended when Shawn Michaels and I stole the show at WrestleMania in the bloodiest, craziest hardcore match of all time. Thumbtacks, fire, barbed wire - everything. I walked away from the WWE with my head held high, my career complete. I’m here tonight, not as the wrestler, not as Mankind, not as Cactus Jack, not Dude Love … but I’m here as Mick Foley - the man. The husband, the father … just a man.

    Foley momentarily pauses again, eyeballing the ring, stepping onto the apron.

    Mick Foley: A man --- a man --- that wont stand by and watch you piss all over a legend - an icon - like my friend, Bret Hart.

    Foley throws the mic down, and climbs into the ring - WITH UMAGA LAUNCHING AT HIM!!!!!

    Match 6 | NO HOLDS BARRED:
    Umaga w/Armando Estrada vs. Mick Foley
    The Bulldozer doesn’t get the legend a time a set, jumping right on him, taking Mick off his feet, and bundles him out through the middle rope. Umaga follows to the outside, clubbing Foley with blows, swarming him, not giving the veteran a chance to settle or even breathe!! Umaga hammers Foley by the announce table, but the legend throws an elbow, catching the Samoan, and Mick now fires back, fighting with all he’s got, then backs up momentarily … AND UMAGA EXPLODES WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Foley gets flattened by Umaga, then whipped at the steel steps - going over them with his knees; typical Foley style!!! Mick brings groans from the fans at that sight, with the Bulldozer standing over him, as Raw heads to a commercial with Foley possibly in deep trouble…

    Commercial Break

    Back live, J.R explains that Umaga has beaten down Foley throughout the break, no selling any/all of Foleys comebacks, and with the action back in the ring, he continues to destroy Foley, using the ropes to give him a springboard, butt splashing onto Mick, over and over, with Estrada applauding his efforts. Umaga drags Foley from the ropes, but chooses not to cover, dragging him to his feet, then forcefully puts him back down with a thunderous clothesline. Under instructions from Estrada, Umaga then rolls back out of the ring, looking under the apron, with AAE pointing at things, as the Bulldozer produces a tool box. Estrada opens the box, looking for a weapon of some sort … hanging Umaga a spanner, imitating a Spike, telling Umaga what to do … but as he gets up to get into the ring, Foley knocks him back with a baseball slide!!!!!

    Umaga crashes back into the barrier, and the Hardcore Legend HAS to follow up on any opening he can find, exiting the ring, faking a shot at AAE to force him away, and Foley wails away at Umaga, over and over and over, piston like shots, giving it all he’s got. Foley picks up the actual tool box itself - NAILING Umaga with it, sending the indestructible Bulldozer reeling away to shake the cobwebs loose. Umaga isn’t knocked off his feet, and rolls back into the ring, with Foley approaching his trash can … reaching inside … 2X4 WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE!!! That ominous sight brings the Garden to it’s feet, and the legend looks to climb back inside … but Estrada is telling Umaga to get out of there!!! He wants no part of the weaponry held by Foley … but … UMAGA DOESN’T BUDGE!!!!!

    The Bulldozer doesn’t back up an inch, as Foley climbs up the steps, and into the ring, wielding the Barbed wire weapon … almost challenging Foley to come at him … and Foley charges - SWINGS - MISSES … UPPERCUT!!! Foley drops the 2x4, and staggers back, with Umaga sending Foley off the the ropes, catching him on the return with a Samoan Drop!!! Umaga drops Foley, and under the advice of Estrada, UMAGA picks up the 2x4, and eyes Foley … with Mick recovering, getting to his feet … NAILED WITH HIS OWN WEAPON!!!! The fans react with a groan, as Foley is busted wide open and quickly, as Umaga dumps the weapon out of the ring. Foley crawls to the corner … setting himself up for Umaga … AND THE RUNNING BUTTSPLASH!!!!!

    Foley is squashed, and possibly done … but Umaga isn’t … deciding to punish Foley further, climbing up top … SPLASH OFF THE TOP … MISSES!!!!! Foley manages to roll out of harms way, with Umaga hitting the mat giving Mick a route back into the fight!!! Umaga is backed into the corner by Foley, with Mick running off adrenaline here, lighting the Bulldozer up in the corner with a huge flurry, POUNDING UMAGA DOWN IN THE CORNER!!!!! Foley somehow pummels Umaga into the corner, and walks out … RUNNING IN WITH A KNEE TO THE FACE!!! The Garden chants his name, with Foley showing glimpses of the old incarnations of his characters … sizing up his rocked opponent … CACTUS CLOTHESLINE OUT OF THE RING … BUT UMAGA LANDS ON HIS FEET … AND CRUSHES FOLEY WITH A ROLLING WHEEL KICK!!!!!

    Umaga takes the life out of MSG - and Foley - with a stunningly athletic big man move, then slams the steps in fury. AAE gesticulates, pointing Umaga to where he wants him to go, and the Bulldozer picks up a steel chair, coming at Foley, but Foley stops Umaga with a kick to the gut, forcing the big man to drop the chair … DOUBLE ARM DDT ON THE CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!! Foley rebounds with a sick DDT, but takes a while to stand up himself - feeling the effects of the match - getting to his feet thanks to the ring apron, and climbs up … sizing Umaga up … CACTUS ELBOW OFF THE APRON!!!!!! Gravel voiced and all, J.R wonders aloud if Foley really can pull off the impossible here, as the bloodied up legend gets back to his feet, picking up the chair, and cracks it five times off the back of Umaga as the indestructible Samoan recovers!!!!!

    Foley almost cant believe what HE is seeing, with Umaga shrugging off the chair shots, but he slams the chair down with Umaga still doubled over … SWINGING NECKBREAKER ON THE CHAIR!!!!! Foley is throwing EVERYTHING at the Samoan Bulldozer here, and he walks around the ring, looking into his trash can again … this time pulling out a SAND BAG!!! Instead of playing dumb, J.R immediately thinks of thumb tacks, as Foley throws the bag inside the ring, before coming for Umaga again. He meets the Bulldozer - who is getting up; AGAIN - firing off some more right hands … but the Bulldozer no sells them, and then blocks a shot, drilling Foley with another uppercut. Foley crumbles, and Umaga drags him back up, picking Foley up … SWINGING SIDE SLAM ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

    Umaga crushes Foley on the outside, and rolls him back inside, before picking up and throwing the steel steps inside too … he follows in himself, immediately eyeing the sand bag. Enamoured by it, Umaga picks the bag up … opening it … and pours out THE THUMBTACKS!!!!! The Garden ERUPTS again, even if it is Umaga pouring the tacks from the bag. He empties the bag, and turns his attention back to Foley … DROP TOE HOLD - ONTO THE STEPS!!!!! Foley catches Umaga unaware, and looks to follow up … kicking his dazed savage opponent in the gut … AND HE WANTS THE PILEDRIVER ON THE TACKS!!! Foley loads Umaga up, getting him into position … BACK BODY DROP FROM UMAGA TO FOLEY … ONTO THE TACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! “HOLY SHIT - HOLY SHIT - HOLY SHIT”

    Foley takes the punishment - as always - with Umaga showing no remorse … grabs the legs … DRAGGING Foley across the tacks, whilst J.R bellows for someone to stop the match. Foley grimaces, with Umaga dragging Foleys carcass to it’s feet … SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!! The match is won … but Umaga isn’t finished. The referee tries to tell him to finish the match, with Estrada hopping on the apron, telling the official it ends when HE says so. Instructing Umaga, AAE tells him to continue, with the Bulldozer nodding. Pulling the lifeless body of Foley to his feet … Umaga steps onto the steel steps … placing Foley between his legs … “OH- OH GOD- NO!!!” shrieks J.R … AS UMAGA PILEDRIVES FOLEY ON THE STEEL STEPS!!!


    J.R bellows on commentary, sickened by what he has just witnessed, with Foley a motionless heap on the steps, with Umaga again showing no remorse, rolling him off them, before stepping up on the ropes … ignoring the frantic pleas of the official to stop and allow Foley some medical treatment … but AAE shouts at Scott Armstrong to keep his nose out … AS UMAGA DELIVERS THE BANZAI DROP!!!!! Foley doesn’t move an inch, and not even deciding to make a count, the official turns … and calls for the bell, mercilessly ending the beating.
    Winner: Via Referee Stoppage - Umaga @ 11:46

    Umaga remains seated on Foley for a few seconds longer, as Estrada looks delighted, stepping into the ring, calling his savage off - all the while smiling - and he stands over the broken still body of Mick Foley, heard to say; “JU MADE A BIG MISTAKE, JU BIG STUPID, CUDDLY, DUMMY!!”

    Jim Ross: We need help out here. We need help out here now. Mick hasn’t moved.

    Jerry Lawler: (Very softly) His head was … crushed against that steel step.

    Jim Ross: I fear the worst for Mick Foley, here. I fear the absolute worst.

    Estrada continues to trash Foley for having the audacity for answering the challenge tonight, whilst medics tend to Foley in the ring.

    Lawler has left commentary to help in the ring, as Estrada finally backs up, with tonights guest host STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN approaching the ring (to much less fanfare) looking concerned for his friend, ordering AAE to “get the hell outta here.”

    Jim Ross: How can he be smiling?? Does he not understand what he’s just allowed to happen here??

    The Coach: And let’s not forget, he and Umaga still haven’t been punished for their actions a few weeks ago at Saturday Nights Main Event.

    Jim Ross: They have to be fired, Coach. No brainer. This is … too much. Too far. Way too far. Unnecessary. We’re talking quality of life here. And he’s ruined two mens quality of life.

    It doesn’t look promising for Foley … as his neck is placed inside a brace, with the legend yet to move or say a work in the ring, as Raw fades out to silence…

    Commercial Break

    In the parking lot, Stone Cold Steve Austin watches as an ambulance - obviously containing Foley - speed off into the night, suddenly not looking so happy as he has throughout the night so far, shaking his head in sorrow.

    Backstage, the celebrations of Raws Fifteenth Anniversary in the locker room are muted; both from superstars of old and today. Sullen, all thoughts are seemingly now not on celebrating the occasion, but on the health of the ever popular Mick Foley…


    Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am … I’m lost for words right now, as to what was just saw. A heinous, vindictive attack - reprehensible. There can be not defence for what we just had to witness.

    Jerry Lawler: J.R, the match was over. Umaga had Foley beaten. After that Samoan Spike, the match was over. What happened after that?? Unforgivable. Simply unforgivable. Estrada and Umaga crossed the line once already with Bret Hart in Canada - they’ve broke Mick Foleys neck in his backyard tonight … you talk about punishment … they have to be fired for this.

    The Coach: Well lets not get too melodramatic here. I don’t mean to sound callous gentlemen, but it was Foley who requested No Holds Barred. He did kinda bring this on himself.

    Jim Ross: He didn’t deserve to be pile driven on steel steps Coach. Umaga had the match won after the damn back drop on the thumbtacks. He had the match won after the Samoan Spike, dammit. So no, he didn’t bring THAT on himself. These two animals have to be fired. There position here in untenable. Damn it, it’s unsafe working conditions for everyone else in the damn company!!!

    The Coach: Listen, I don’t know if firing Umaga and Estrada is the answer - yes; they need some form of punishment, but at the same time, Foley signed up for the match. It was no holds barred.

    Jerry Lawler: It might just be a wise choice if you shut up right now, Coach.

    Jim Ross: That sounds like a good idea. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mick Foley right now. We’re going to take a short commercial break here ladies and gentlemen, gather ourselves…

    Commercial Break





    Small pockets of cheers are heard inside MSG for that Rumble moment which happened in this very arena … but the fans do sound rather solemn after the events with Mick Foley in the previous segment…

    In the ring, Katie Lea (minus her step brother), Jillian Hall and (for one night only) Molly Holly are in the ring, awaiting their opposition for this filler match…

    **SO FINE**

    The Womens Champion - fresh off an incredible defence last week on Raw inside a steel cage - leads out her friend Gail Kim and (for one night only) Torrie Wilson.

    Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am … I’m lost for words right now, as to what was just saw. A heinous, vindictive attack - reprehensible. There can be not defence for what we just had to witness.

    Jerry Lawler: J.R, the match was over. Umaga had Foley beaten. After that Samoan Spike, the match was over. What happened after that?? Unforgivable. Simply unforgivable. Estrada and Umaga crossed the line once already with Bret Hart in Canada - they’ve broke Mick Foleys neck in his backyard tonight … you talk about punishment … they have to be fired for this.

    The Coach: Well lets not get too melodramatic here. I don’t mean to sound callous gentlemen, but it was Foley who requested No Holds Barred. He did kinda bring this on himself.

    Match 7 | SIX DIVA TAG MATCH:
    Katie Lea, Jillian Hall & Molly Holly vs. Mickie James, Gail Kim & Torrie Wilson
    It’s a nothing match, just something to fill time and get the ladies on the show in some fashion. Slowly but surely during the contest, the commentary team come around slightly to the action, having been subdued since the Foley incident. All six ladies get a brief moment at least to showcase their abilities, (with a big pop especially for Torrie) even if some of them don’t have much to offer. The six divas eventually break down - shock, horror - and all six get involved, with Mickie James seemingly in trouble at the hands of Katie and Jillian, Gail Kim comes to Mickies aid, taking Katie out of the ring, and allowing Mickie to nail Jillian with the Mickie-T to score the 1...2...3!!!
    Winners: Mickie James, Gail Kim & Torrie Wilson @ 02:58

    Just your by the numbers win, with the Womens Champion scoring the pinfall victory, and is joined in the ring by Gail and Torrie, with Mickie thanking Gail for her save moments ago.

    Backstage, JOHN CENA is seen walking, World Title belt over his shoulder - on his way down the hallway…

    Jim Ross: And there is the World Heavyweight Champion, folks.

    Jerry Lawler: But for how much longer?? Has Cena underestimated Shawn Michaels??

    The Coach: Or is Cena about to put the old man out to pasture??

    Jim Ross: It’s Cena and Michaels - it’s for the richest prize in the game. It’s next - and it’s commercial free!!!

    Commercial Break





    The arena is quiet … but slowly buzzing …

    **SEXY BOY**

    Shawn Michaels hit’s the stage, full of energy and verve, showing no signs of any trepidation, despite so many questions being asked of his abilities and whether they have diminished in recent times - either way, The Garden loves HBK, and will clearly be on his side tonight.

    Jim Ross: For the last month leading to this match tonight, almost all of the focus has been on whether Shawn Michaels is still Shawn Michaels; The Showstopper. Shawn himself for one believes he is still the Showstopper of all … but the best way to prove it, would be to shock John Cena here tonight in the Garden and become a seven time Worlds Champion.

    Jerry Lawler: I don’t know if it’s a blip or whether he really is in decline, J.R, but I’ve watched Shawn Michaels closely these last couple of months, and I’ve got to admit he has looked just a step off the pace.

    The Coach: A step off the pace?? He’s being lapped right now!! He’s being left behind, and if he has any sense after tonight, he’ll take those leather chaps off and leave those - and his career - behind too.

    Jim Ross: I don’t think you’ll see that Coach, win or lose here.

    Michaels hit’s the ring, finishing up his entrance, with the fans solidly behind the veteran, as he salutes them, looking relaxed and confident, as the music dies down, and the big moment nears…

    Michaels has to wait …

    **MY TIME IS NOW**

    Wow. New York is not Cena territory. The World Heavyweight Champion is greeted with ridiculous hostility from The Garden.

    Jim Ross: Not quite the reaction we might have expected, gentlemen.

    Jerry Lawler: Nope.

    Jim Ross: But this crowd response to Cena will not have an effect, I can guarantee you that!! John Cena has faced hostile audiences before and excelled himself. Perhaps this crowd in Madison Square Garden may just elicit another stirring response from the World Heavyweight Champion.

    The Coach: He wont need to raise his game, J.R. I’m telling ya, this is gonna end badly, embarrassingly but thankfully quickly for Michaels.

    Cena hit’s the ring, parading the title - to boos - whilst Michaels remains patient, as Cena completes his pre-match rituals, and we get set to go…

    Jim Ross: No matter how long it may go - you will see this collision in it’s entirety next. Our main event match, for the World Heavyweight Championship - is next.

    Commercial Break

    John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels
    Joining back live just in time for the bell, Cena and Michaels look around, before eyeing each other, meeting in the middle of the ring, as Cena asks Michaels; “You ready for this?” Michaels stands stoic, quickly replying; “Are you?” The battle lines are drawn, they back up a step each … and lunge in, tying up. Both men jockey for position, battle for supremacy … until Cena overpowers Michaels, shoving the icon across the ring to the corner - with authority!!! The Garden boos, as Cena stands tall, whilst Michaels has to pick himself up - round one to Cena. They circle, and lock up again, but whilst Cena doesn’t brutally overpower HBK this time, he is too strong, and backs Michaels into the corner, pressing against him, forcing Mike Chioda to step in and force the break - a clean one. Cena backs out, with Shawn looking frustrated, being bullied physically in the early going, but he grits his teeth, coming from the corner, and rushing into another lock up with The Champ.

    Cena swiftly applies a side headlock. Michaels perseveres, shoving Cena off the ropes, but Cena knocks him down with a shoulder block on the return. Michaels tries to get up quickly, and ducks a clothesline, going behind on Cena with a waistlock, looking to get Cena down, but The Champ blocks, and prises HBKs grip, overpowering the veteran, and sends Michaels off the ropes, applying a headlock takedown, transitioning quickly into a side headlock on the mat. Michaels struggles, but breaks free with a leg scissors, scrambling to his feet, and ducks under Cena, hitting the ropes … RIGHT INTO A HIP TOSS FROM CENA!!! Cena outdoes Shawn again … and spots a chance … STFU … BUT MICHAELS SCRAMBLES TO THE ROPES FOR SANCTUARY!!! Michaels survives an early scare … and rolls out of the ring to collect his thoughts, with the commentary team - especially Coach - saying it hasn’t been an ideal start for Shawn if he wants to prove his doubters wrong.

    Michaels takes his time, making the most of the count, whilst Cena looks almost embarrassed in the ring, waiting on HBK. Shawn eventually steps back inside, and circles the ring, much cagier … and eventually locks up with Cena, as The Champ AGAIN applies the side headlock, but this time, the veteran slips out, grabbing the arm, wringing it, applying a hammerlock, and avoids the snap mare, tripping the champion, switching to a side headlock on the mat. Cena tries to battle free, but HBK keeps the headlock tight, gaining a one count at a point, but Cena powers up to his knees, but still, the challenger clenches tight, and takes Cena back down, right into the side headlock position again. Once more, Cena battles up, breaking Shawns grip this time, and runs off the ropes, but Michaels leaps over as the champion returns - and meets Cena on the return with an arm drag - right into an arm lock. Michaels is beginning to look a lot more comfortable now, gaining the upper hand - in control.

    Cena though doesn’t stay down for long, battling up, and exit’s the hold with a firemans carry, but as he comes at Shawn - arm drag!!! Michaels is quicker, and is too quick for Cena again, delivering another arm drag, and another, following up on that with a hip toss … AND GOES FOR SWEET CHIN MUS- NO!!!! Cena ducks down … and THE CHAMPION ROLLS OUT THIS TIME!!! Cena gets out of dodge, having been clearly rattled by Michaels - who suddenly doesn’t look so slow or old - and Cena needs a few seconds to gather HIS thoughts now, but Michaels isn’t as patient as Cena was, demanding the champion gets back in the ring, and holds the ropes open for him - getting a rowdy cheer from the fans. Cena looks around, acknowledging the reaction, then eyes Michaels, mouthing something, before stepping back up, and climbing inside - getting a hearty, but mocking applause from the fired up #1 Contender, whose confidence is growing.

    The two men circle, and lock up again, with Cena getting the headlock this time, but the challenger shifts out, going behind, wrestling Cena to the mat, shifting, looking for a front face lock, but as he gets it, Cena wriggles free, quickly getting up, but taken right back down with a snap mare, with Shawn applying a chinlock. Cena again is on defence, looking to break the grip, battling to his feet, but Cena cant shake Shawn off, with the challenger on Cenas back, switching to a mounted sleeper … but Cena grabs the ropes to force a break from Shawn. Michaels keeps the hold on for the entire count, releasing at four. And, as Chioda gives Michaels a few stern words for not breaking the hold sooner - BAM~!!! Cena CLOCKS Michaels with a straight right hand!!!!! The Champ has had enough of trying to out wrestle Cena, and the boos are loud in the Garden. King tries to make reason for the very heelish tactic, claiming that Cena saw the wrestling wasn’t working and he had to change tact.

    Cena - whether right or wrong with his right hand to HBK - has control, and sends his reeling challenger to the corner, following in, driving his shoulder into the gut of the icon, taking the wind from Michaels sails. Softening up Shawn, Cena sends HBK across the ring at full pelt - with Michaels crashing BACK FIRST UPSIDE DOWN ON THE TURNBUCKLES, as groans can be heard inside MSG at the horrible looking predicament, and he tumbles back down, staggering - right into a John Cena flying shoulder, taking HBK right off his feet!!! The boos continue to grow, but Cena remains unaffected … as he spots a chance … and grabs the legs of Shawn … WANTING THE STFU -- NO!!! Michaels scrambles, sensing what is coming, and tries to turn over, kicking at the champion to prevent the hold, kicking him off. Cena though is like a dog chasing a bone, and comes after the legs again, but Michaels frantically kicks him away, pushing Cena off with BOTH legs, sending Michaels across to the corner.

    Michaels quickly rolls to the opposite corner, pulling himself to his feet while he has a momentary break from Cena. He doesn’t get it though, with Cena right on him, pressing HBK in the corner, driving knees to the gut, sending Shawn across the ring again to the opposite corner, charging in after him - Shawn throws an elbow up, catching the incoming champion square on the jaw!! Cena backs up, staggered by the elbow, and Michaels seizes on the opportunity, lighting up Cena with knife edge chops, and blocks off a shot from Cena, before knocking The Champ down with a straight right of his own. Cena bounces up, but is backed into the corner by Michaels, who lights up Cena with more chops … but just as Shawn has the upper hand, Cena fights back out of the corner, showing his own fighting spirit, backing Shawn out of the corner with rights and lefts of his own, slowing Shawn, and runs off the ropes, coming back at HBK - but right into an inverted atomic drop, followed by a clothesline!!!

    Despite the knockdown, Cena isn’t long on the mat, scrambling quickly to his feet … but Shawn puts him right back down with a front slam. This time, Cena is slower in reaching his feet, and Shawn meets him, delivering a side Russian Leg Sweep to put the champ down. Michaels has plenty of energy about him, putting the doubters to shame at this point, as he looks increasingly confident and assured. He climbs onto the apron, and up the turnbuckles, but appears to have to change his idea - as Cena is recovering to his feet - forcing Michaels to fly off with a cross body … CAUGHT BY CENA!!!!! Despite the impressive feat of strength, MSG aren’t enamoured, booing … as Cena POWERS Michaels ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … FU --- NO!!!!! Shawn grabs onto the ropes to stop Cena from executing the move, and he scrambles to get off the shoulders, landing on his feet on the apron. Cena thinks quick, and charges off the ropes, launching himself at Shawn … but Michaels pulls the ropes down … AND CENA TUMBLES TO THE FLOOR!!!!

    The Champ crashes, landing badly on the floor, writhing immediately - out manoeuvred by Shawn; again - and as Cena tries to drag himself to his feet at the barrier, Michaels has an idea, leaping onto the ropes - ASAI MOONSAULT - TAKING CENA RIGHT BACK DOWN!!!!! The fans inside the Garden chant ‘H-B-K’ in adulation for the incredible Showstopper, with J.R bellowing on commentary; “I DARE ANYBODY TO TELL ME THAT SHAWN MICHAELS AINT GOT IT ANYMORE!!!” Michaels has a wry smile on his face, knowing things are going well, and he recovers, getting up, dragging Cena with him and rolling Cena back in, dropping a knee, before making a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Cena tries to shake off the cobwebs, but as he climbs up using the ropes, Michaels light him up again with an array of knife edge chops, and looks for the Irish Whip off the ropes - reversed by Cena - and Cena ducks down for the return … allowing HBK to perform a Sunset Flip … but Cena battles going over … and manages to drop down onto Shawn instead … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

    Michaels just escapes the predicament, but the kick out slows him down, and Cena is able to strike first as they get up with a kick to the gut. Shawn is doubled over, allowing Cena to rush off the ropes - THROWBACK!!! Cena covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Suddenly the momentum has shifted to Cena, and The Champ lifts HBK … AND CHARGES TOWARD THE CORNER, CRUSHING SHAWN - BACK FIRST!!! Shawn winces, as J.R is quick to point out the long standing back issues the Showstopper has had throughout his career, as Cena looks to target that weak area, charging back across the ring again … CRUSHING SHAWN IN THE OPPOSITE CORNER!!!!! Working the back, Cena drives Shawn into the corner again, before being forced back by the official. Michaels tries to mount a fight back, catching Cena with right hands, taking him by surprise, then runs off the ropes, running back … SPINEBUSTER FROM CENA!!!!! 1...2...SHAWN KICKS OUT!!!

    Cena has that lost look in his eyes for a moment as he holds up three fingers toward the official, unable to fathom how the match isn’t over. He continues the debate whilst dragging Michaels to his feet, and looks to deliver his release Fisherman - blocked by Shawn. Michaels drops to a knee to avoid the move, but Cena isn’t ready to give up on it, hammering Shawns weakened back, and looks to deliver the move again - blocked - Shawn refuses to go, and shoves Cena off, beating the champion to the punch, letting fly with desperate rights and lefts, then with knife edge chops, and catches Cena with an inverted atomic drop. Cena backs up after that, with Shawn building momentum, rushing toward him, but Cena sidesteps the challenger, with his momentum carrying him over the top rope … BUT HE HANGS ON!!! The Garden cheers … AS MICHAELS SKINS THE CAT BACK INSIDE … BUT HE GETS THROTTLED WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM CENA RIGHT BACK OUT TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

    Cena kills the crowd with that, and casually steps onto the apron, watching as Shawn tries to climb back to his feet by the barrier, dropping off with an axe handle - crashing into Michaels back. Shawn groans, writhing away from the barrier, with Cena showing no remorse - the title is on the line, remember - and he clubs Michaels back before picking him up again, ramming Shawn - back first - into the ring apron, then the barrier, and then into the ring post!!!!! Michaels slumps down, grimacing, holding his back, with Cena having no mercy, dragging Michaels up … delivering a suplex on the floor!!! Under orders from Chioda, Cena brings the fight back to the ring, rolling Michaels inside, but doesn’t directly follow … and instead, he climbs the turnbuckles, setting himself for Shawn to rise up into position … FLYING LEG GUILLOTINE … MISSES!!!!!!!! CENA CRASHES AND BURNS ON THE MAT!!!!! Cena looks in agony as he lands, and both men are on the mat - struggling - with Shawn still selling the effects on his back.

    Both men struggle up, peeling off the ropes, meeting in the middle of the ring, with Michaels throwing a shot first, dropping Cena to a knee … but Cena responds, coming back with a shot of his own that sends HBK toward the ropes, but he bounces back, cracking Cena in the jaw again … Cena fires back, Michaels responds, Cena, Michaels - blow for blow - with The Garden picking a side; BOO for Cena, YAY for Michaels; BOO - YAY - BOO - YAY - BOO - YAY - BOO … BOOO … BOOOO!!! Cena drills Michaels with three consecutive shots … YAY; Michaels strikes back with a knife edge chop … YAY; right hand from Michaels … YAY; another right has Cena reeling, and Michaels goes for another shot - BLOCKED - and Cena DROPS Michaels with a blistering right hand!!!!! The boos fill MSG, with Michaels rattled by the powerful champion, and Cena pushes him against the ropes, sending the challenger off the ropes … MICHAELS RESPONDS WITH A FLYING FOREARM!!!!!!!

    Madison Square Garden ERUPTS!!!!!!! The Showstopper takes Cena off his feet with his trademark forearm … but both men are down!!! Mike Chioda issues his standard double count … reaching four … five … Cena begins to stir, shaking the cobwebs loose … six … MICHAELS NIPS UP!!!!! Again, the legendary icon gets MSG on it’s feet, all willing the challenger on, as he paces the ring, whilst Cena drags himself up on the ropes, pulling away, swinging - and missing - a clothesline on Michaels … AND SHAWN EXECUTES A DDT!!!!! Quickly rising up again - hitting his second wind - and he steps onto the apron, climbing the turnbuckles, surveying the Worlds Most Famous Arena … THEN FLIES WITH THE ELBOW TO THE HEART!!!!! If a certain Michael Cole were calling the action, you might even call it vintage!!! Shawn jumps to his feet quickly, feeding off the energy in NYC … taking up a position in the corner … TUNING UP THE BAND!!!!!

    Michaels stamps his foot, with the fans rising to their feet … waiting as Cena slowly drags himself to his feet for the inevitable … he turns … SWEET CHIN- CENA CATCHES THE FOOT … TRIPS THE OTHER … TURNS HBK OVER … AND LOOKS FOR THE STFU!!!!!! AND HE GETS IT!!!!! The submission is locked on tight, and it’s crunch time for the challenger!!! Michaels is forced to dig, looking desperately at the ropes as he reaches for sanctuary … but Cena cranks back, willing himself on to make Shawn tap … but The Showstopper wont give in!!! Shawn tells the official as much when asked if he wants to give up, whilst J.R in his gravel sounding voice asks; “HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT SHAWN?? HOW MUCH DO YA HAVE LEFT!!??” … and Michaels looks to prove how much he wants it, as he CLAWS across the mat, reaching … wiggling his fingers … but has to push once more … reaching … CLUTCHING THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!!!!!!

    A huge sigh of relief is heard around The Garden, with Cena letting go of the hold, rolling onto his back, looking up at the lights in disbelief. Michaels doesn’t let go of the ropes - even after the hold is released - whilst Cena sits up, looking at his challenger, shaking his head, unable to work out how the match isn’t over. Cena stands up, waiting for Michaels to rise also, and whilst Shawn survived, he’s clearly worse for wear, as Cena has enough of waiting, dragging Shawn into the middle of the ring, delivering the Blue Thunder Bomb!! Cena rises, holding up a hand, and gives the challenger the ‘YOU CANT SEE ME’ before hitting the ropes … Five Knuckle Shuffle to Michaels. The boos ring out, with Cena standing, stalking Michaels … setting up him it would seem for the FU … and once HBK begins to struggle up, the champion gives up on waiting, hauling Shawn to his feet and onto his shoulders … FU … NO!!!

    With all he has left, Michaels drives an elbow into the face of Cena, right to the temple, slowing the champion … and slips off the shoulders … SWEET CHIN MUSIC - NO - CENA DUCKS … AND GETS MICHAELS UP AGAIN - FU - MICHAELS LANDS ON HIS FEET … AND DRILLS CENA FLUSH - WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michaels drops too, and into a cover … 1...2...3-

    --- NO!!!!!!!!!

    CENA GOT A FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!!!!!! There is momentary confusion inside the arena, with many fans thinking we had a new champion … BUT - Cena spoils the party atmosphere for them. In the meantime, the spent Shawn Michaels cant believe it, hands on head, thinking he had done it. Michaels presses his forehead on the canvas, pounding the mat in frustration, before pulling himself back to his feet … and he wants ONE MORE Sweet Chin Music. This time, no tuning the band, HBK simply waits like a coiled spring, ready to explode, as Cena tries to get up, spaghetti legged … looking ready to go … he pushes off the ropes … SWEET CHIN MU- NO!!! CENA DUCKS … MICHAELS TURNS … HOISTED UP … FU!!!!!!!!!!!! Cena drills the challenger, and hooks the leg quickly … 1...2...MICHAELS KICKS OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    MSG erupts again!!! Michaels survives, with none of the three men on commentary believing what they are seeing!! Coach takes back all of his negativity toward HBK, claiming he’s proven everyone wrong tonight … but although he has survived for now … he couldn’t have much left. Cena meanwhile is stunned … and furious. He gets to his feet, arguing with Chioda, shaking his head - losing his cool - before blowing off the official, and comes back to Michaels, lifting his motionless body up, but as he bends to pick him onto his shoulders … HBK shocks Cena … INSIDE CRADLE … 1...2...CENA KICKS OUT!!!!!! Cena was nearly caught, but kicks out, jumping up, swinging for a clothesline … MISSES … SWEET CHIN- NO - CENA GETS MICHAELS UP … ELECTRIC CHAIR … MICHAELS ROLLS THROUGH … 1...2...CENA KICKS OUT!!!

    BUT CENA GRABS THE LEG AS HE KICKS OUT … AND FLOATS OVER … APPLYING THE STFU - AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Cena goes from the edge of defeat … to the edge of victory!!!! Michaels eyes bulge from his head, reaching for the ropes … but they feel like a mile away!!! Even on commentary, J.R cant seem to help himself but try to urge Michaels on; “DAMN IT!! COME ON SHAWN, DIG IN - ONE MORE TIME!!!” Shawn desperately tries, but Cena cranks back, nodding, wanting to hear the bell … but Michaels tries to roll out of the hold … but Cena rolls through again … STFU IS STILL LOCKED ON … AND HE HAS SHAWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING NOW!!!!! Madison Square Garden wills HBK on, with the challenger reaching out one more time … scratching on the canvas … but he cant get near the ropes … he’s fading … he’s fading … Cena cranks back once more … and Michaels raises an arm …

    … AND TAPS OUT!!!!!!
    Winner: And STILL World Heavyweight Champion - JOHN CENA @ 20:16

    Michaels fails … but not in the spectacular fashion some thought he might. Dogged to the death, the Icon nearly shocked the world … but couldn’t finish off Cena tonight.

    Jim Ross: What a match!! By GAWD what a classic!!! Shawn Michaels and John Cena just gave you everything in their bodies - their minds - their souls!!! For the richest prize in the game!!! And I don’t care what anyone says, despite coming out on the losing end tonight, Shawn Michaels has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he does indeed still have IT!!!

    Jerry Lawler: He is still The Showstopper, no doubt --- but J.R, more importantly, John Cena is still the World Heavyweight Champion. And no matter what plaudits Shawn receives for his effort tonight, it will be of little consolation to HBK. He came to Madison Square Garden for the World Title, and he didn’t win it.

    The Coach: I gotta say, Shawn Michaels made me eat my words tonight. He’s still everything he says he is … but for once, I agree with King; he wont be happy with just that.

    Cena is presented with the title belt, and despite being a little wobbly, Cena graciously takes the title belt, raising it in the air, getting some respectful cheers and the typical high pitched cheers, but there’s still resounding low pitched boos too.

    Jim Ross: But credit where it’s due; John Cena came to Raw tonight and he held off the challenge of a fired up legend. No doubt about it, Cena is THE man - the rightful holder of that title.

    Michaels looks distraught in his failure to capture the gold, sat up in the ring, head down, bowed … as Cena makes the kind gesture to walk over and pat the back of the vanquished challenger … but HBK doesn’t even look up. Cena looks to the fans, pointing down at Michaels, then applauds, as if to instruct the fans to show their respect for HBK - as if they need to be told, before leaving the ring to give Shawn centre stage.

    Jerry Lawler: Michaels looks absolutely gutted.

    The Coach: He is. Gentlemen … maybe, maybe - Shawn is thinking in the ring right now; “was that the last time I will get a shot at the richest prize in the game??”

    Jim Ross: I gotta believe that isn’t the case, Coach. If anything, coming THIS close tonight, will simply make Michaels THAT much more determined to get another crack at the gold.

    Cena leaves up the ramp, grateful to have the title in his possession … as the focus goes back to the recovering Michaels in the ring … and he’s getting a STANDING OVATION from the fans inside Madison Square Garden.


    Jerry Lawler: There’s only a handful of people who can bring Madison Square Garden to it’s feet - and without a doubt, Shawn Michaels is one of those select few.

    There’s a tear in the eye - Michaels is clearly touched by the response, looking around at the audience, and nods, pointing all around, and tells the fans “thank you.”

    Jim Ross: Despite the heart wrenching loss tonight, Shawn Michaels if anything has elevated himself in the minds of these fans in New York City!! And if there is any justice, that man, The Showstopper will be back for the World Heavyweight Championship again!!

    The Coach: Or - will he have to live with this failure for the rest of his life??

    HBK takes his time to leave the ring, feeling lower than a snakes belly, to a chorus of “HBK - HBK - HBK - HBK” from the fans.

    Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels is a fighter, Coach. He’ll keep going, make no mistake about it - he‘ll be back. And folks; so will we. We are NOT finished for this night. Because coming up, Stone Cold Steve Austin will host the final toast of the night - a Beer Bash to close out this three hour extravaganza!!! We’ll be right back!!!

    Commercial Break





    Back live inside a quiet Madison Square Garden…




    Once more, Madison Square Garden rises to it’s feet for the Texas Rattlesnake, who this time DRIVES to the ring in his ATV motoring around ringside, as we catch a glimpse of the ring, which is set up with the red carpet for the closing segment, full of beers and balloons.

    Jim Ross: What a night it has been. From the sublime of our main event, to the ridiculous of Eric Bischoff … this has been a night to remember. And while all our thoughts are with Mick Foley right now - I cannot stress that enough - Stone Cold Steve Austin has decided to go ahead with this closing celebration for the fans in attendance.

    Jerry Lawler: And as much as it pains me to say it J.R, it’s probably the right thing to do. I don’t think Mick Foley would want anyone to leave Madison Square Garden tonight unhappy because of the heinous assault he had to suffer.

    The Coach: The heinous assault that he signed up for you mean??

    Jim Ross: Would you stop!!!

    Austin parades around the ring, going to each corner, eliciting the classic cheers from the fans for the most popular superstar in WWE history. He drops down, taking a mic, and is given some kind of instruction from a stage hand, before walking around the ring.

    Steve Austin: Alright … I’m bein told I gotta make this quick … but uh, before we crack open a few Steveweisers, hows about we give Shawn Michaels and John Cena a round of applause-

    The fans do indeed applaud for the efforts given by Cena and HBK.

    Steve Austin: Helluva match. Helluva match. And, uh, I’d also like to bring up one thing that’s been pissin me off back there … and that’s what happened to Mick Foley earlier.

    Heat, then a ‘FOLEY’ chant.

    Steve Austin: Now, given my history with neck problems, I know it aint no walk in the park. ‘Ol Cactus is bein taken to a hospital nearby as we speak, and I pray to god that it aint as serious as we think it might be.

    Austin paces, picking up a can of beer.

    Steve Austin: So the first toast I’m gonna raise, is to the health of one Mick Foley - here’s to ya!!

    Austin necks the beer can - it’s about as much of a sign of respect as you can expect from Austin - and the majority of fans show their respects.

    Steve Austin: Now … that sumbitch Umaga and his creepy bastard handler are gonna be dealt with in due course, so all we can do in the mean time is have ourselves a feel good end to this winters evenin.

    The Texas Rattlesnake walks around the ring, stopping at the ropes, smirking as he eyes the commentary desk.

    Steve Austin: Ya made it back, huh, Coach?? You little slimy piece of crap, huh?? I guess y’really cant get rid of a bad stain. Y’wanna join me for a brewski??

    Coach sits back, arms folded and shakes his head. Austin smirks.

    Steve Austin: Okay. I didn’t wanna have to waste any beer on a piece a’ crap like you anyway. But … (smirks) … but there is a man back there, that I would like to share a beer with in this ring.

    Austin continues to smirk, stopping by the ropes, looking toward the ramp.

    Steve Austin: I know he’s banned from showing up on television, but hell, if the man cant show his face on an occasion like this, then when can he??

    Many fans know who Austin is alluding to…

    Steve Austin: So before I bring out the entire roster to this ring, how about good ‘ol Stone Cold stands in this ring, and for old times sake, he shares a beer … WITH VINCE MCMAHON!!!!


    Steve Austin: Y’like that?? Alright. Madison Square Garden … if ya want Stone Cold to share a beer with Vince McMahon … GIMME A HELL YEAH!!!!

    “HELL YEAH!!!”

    Steve Austin: You heard them, Vince. Get your sorry ass out here, drink some beer, and who knows, I might not even stun your ass.

    Austin stops, thinking about it, then shoots a look at the fans, as if to tell them; “Yeah, right.”

    Austin grabs a couple of beers, dropping them in the middle of the ring, waiting for the sight of Vince McMahon…

    Steve Austin: C’mon, Vince!! Don’t leave us waitin all night. This show is gonna cut at any minute.

    Austins voice tails off - he continues speaking in the arena … but for the fans at home only (this isn’t seen on the titan tron in the arena - it is literally JUST for the people watching at home)

    … Footage cuts to the backstage area, where faces new and old, Raw, Smackdown or otherwise, men and women are gathered (no out and out main event faces though) … waiting for their call to join Austin in the ring for the beer bash … when JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD takes the attention, standing on top of a chair to get everyone to listen…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: EVERYBODY - SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!!

    Some rumbles ARE heard, but for the most part, everyone settles down.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: NOT ONE PERSON IS TO CROSS THIS LINE!!! As of this moment, I am in charge, and I am ordering every single person here to stay right here!! As of two hours ago, Smackdown was left without a General Manager, and until such time that someone is, you ALL answer to me. Anyone that defies my orders will be in breach of contract, and you’ll be fired. So, who wants to go home and tell your families y’don’t have a job eight days before Christmas??

    The superstars and divas are all confused, and more rumbles are heard amongst them.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: No matter what happens in the next couple of moments - no matter what … no one breaks this line. No one passes me. Is that clear!?

    No one steps forward to argue …

    … Until ARMANDO ESTRADA AND UMAGA emerge through the bodies, with every superstar - loved or hated - looking furious at the sight of the pair …


    Indeed, JBL offers Estrada a nod as he passes by, and with the savage passing too, the superstars begin to talk amongst each other, making a commotion … as JBL motions to security to create a line…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: No matter what…

    Back inside the arena, Austin is still unaware of what is going on, and is busy interacting with the fans…

    Steve Austin: … so I drank a whisky!!!


    Steve Austin: … ANOTHER WHISKY!!!


    Steve Austin: … HELL - A BOTTLE OF WHISKY!!!


    Steve Austin: TWO BOTTLES OF WHISKY!!!


    Steve Austin: … And I washed that sumbitch down with some more beer!!!

    Cheers. Austin smiles, shaking his head, before looking at his watch - which he doesn’t even have.

    Steve Austin: But enough of that. Because my watch is tellin me that if Mister Vince McMahon doesn’t get his sorry ass out here in the next ten seconds, I’m gonna go back there and drag h-


    Jim Ross: Wh- What the hell is this?? I thought they had left!!

    Jerry Lawler: It’s not Vince McMahon, J.R - it’s a whole lot worse.

    The Coach: And I don’t think Umaga is here for the beer bash!!

    Smiling, Armando Estrada leads the Samoan Bulldozer down the ramp, as Austin has a stern look in his eyes, turning away, pointing to the timekeepers position - asking for a chair it would seem, with Austin clearly needing some kind of equalizer - obviously knowing that Umaga isn’t here for any other reason.

    Jim Ross: (Concerned) Steve - Steve get out of there. Please - he’s dangerous.

    The Coach: He deserves whatever he’s got comin to him. Stunning me. That’s why I think Umaga is out here.

    Jerry Lawler: This isn’t the time to be crackin jokes, Coach.

    Jim Ross: No - this is serious. C’mon, Steve - LEAVE THE RING DAMMIT!!!

    Austin refuses to budge though, holding the chair, almost inviting Umaga and Estrada into the ring … but the two go their separate ways, walking around the ring on different sides, but Austin keeps his focus on the Savage - not the handler … whilst the fans are just simply confused.

    Now, commentary has fallen silent - too concerned to say anything - as AAE hops onto the apron; Stone Cold senses it, swinging the chair - but missing … as Umaga slides into the ring, charging at Austin, but Austin swings around just in time, jabbing the chair into the gut of Umaga!!!

    Umaga doubles over, allowing Austin to crack him with the chair across the back, over and over, then stomps a mudhole into Umaga in the corner, walking it dry, stepping out to grab the chair again … BUT UMAGA GETS RIGHT BACK UP … AND AS AUSTIN TURNS … UMAGA CHARGES WITH A SICKENING CLOTHESLINE!!!!!!!!!!

    The Bulldozer kicks over the beer cans, then picks up the chair, nailing Austin with it now instead, busting the weapon over the body of the Texas Rattlesnake!!! On the outside, Estrada pushes Lillian Garcia out of the way, throwing another chair into the ring for Umaga.

    However, as Umaga drags Austin to his feet … AUSTIN FIGHTS BACK!!!!! Never one to back down, Austin gives it back, opening up with piston like right hands on Umaga, then turns, running off the ropes … LOU THESZ PRESS - UMAGA SWATS HIM AWAY!!!!!

    Austin is slammed to the canvas, with Umaga throwing him into the ropes, choking him, taking the life out of Austin, dragging him up … AUSTIN LOW BLOWS UMAGA!!!!! The Rattlesnake has to go low to give himself a chance, and he fights the 350 pound mastodon again, and kicks Umaga in the gut - STUNNER - NO!!!

    Umaga shoves Austin into the ropes … AND CATCHES HIM ON THE RETURN WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!!

    Austin falls and rolls around, clutching his throat, as Umaga backs into the ropes, coming back … AND DROPS THE LEG TO THE BACK OF AUSTINS NECK!!!!!


    Austin - two years out of action - simply isn’t a match for the most devastating force in WWE history, with AAE still not finished. He pulls a cigar from his jacket, getting Umagas attention … and snaps the cigar - whilst maniacally smiling.

    The Samoan Bulldozer nods, knowing the order … and picks up the chair … PLACING IT AROUND THE NECK - THE SURGICALLY REPAIRED NECK - OF STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!

    Umaga drags Austin to the corner … then steps up … with Madison Square Garden stunned into silence … as Umaga readies himself … AND DELIVERS A BANZAI DROP TO THE CHAIR AROUND THE NECK OF AUSTIN --- CRUSHING HIS NECK!!!!!!!!!

    *The camera angle was strategic - obviously he didn’t really crash down on the chair around the neck*

    Umaga stays sat on Austin - who doesn’t move an inch - as AAE looks to make a quick escape, with JBL surely not able to keep the entire roster at bay for long - and he calls off Umaga … damage done.

    The Samoan Bulldozer rolls off Austin, exiting the ring, as a team of medics RUSH past the laughing Estrada, with the handler patting the back of his savage on a job well done …

    Madison Square Garden is SILENT. Austin doesn’t move, and Raw - the fifteenth anniversary of the show; supposedly a celebration - is set to end on the most depressing note … with Umaga set to steal ALL the headlines on a night of destruction, adding Mick Foley and Steve Austin to the obliteration of Bret Hart … three of the biggest legends in WWE history…


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    Re: BTB Showcase Thread

    At the request of my boy, Wolf Beast, here's a Showcase of a series of promos I did back at that other place over a decade ago. At the time, this was apparently some pretty big stuff, and scored really high at the tournaments over there. That being said, this is HIGHLY sensitive stuff here, because the internet was a different place back then. So eh, you might be offended. But this is what I was like when I used to write a lot. I wrote fucked up things and pushed the boundaries quite a bit. Hope it's a nice refresher for my friends from a long time ago, as well. There's four of these altogether, this Killings series. Each one takes place the week after the other, and again, sorry of this offends someone. I have refused to edit these to try and match up with the times because well, honestly, they'd probably suck then :P

    Backstory: It's TNA's debut show on weekly PPV, it's first ever show. The NWA is a known wrestling promotion, and since it is supporting TNA, they decide to hold a legends ceremony to celebrate their past while building their future. So NWA:TNA now brings to you the legends ceremony...

    Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentleman, I hope you are all enjoying the debut of NWA:TNA so far this evening. However, it is now time that we honor some of the great legends who stepped into this ring, and made the NWA a household name back in the 80s. You see, NWA:TNA maybe all about a cutting edge, nonstop action, style, but it also values tradition, honor, and pride, which is exactly what the National Wrestling Alliance personifies! We here are NWA:TNA know that we’re going to be a hit promotion, because cutting edge will blend with tradition, and it will make one heck of a promotion!

    Tenay pauses, and the crowd breaks into applause for the hype.

    Mike Tenay: But now, let me introduce to you, the Legends of the National Wrestling Alliance! From Marietta, Georgia, ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong!

    Bob Armstrong comes out to the ring from the back, getting a respectable pop. As ‘Bullet’ is halfway down the aisle, Tenay goes to the next introduction.

    Mike Tenay: From Amarillo, Texas, Dory Funk Jr., and a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk!

    The Funk Brothers come out together, getting a big pop from the crowd. The two walk down the aisle, and join Armstrong and Tenay in the ring.

    Mike Tenay: The next man is a former NWA Tag Team Champion, and is one of the original members of the legendary Four Horseman! From St. Paul, Minnesota, Ole Anderson!

    Ole Anderson comes out to a slight pop, before walking down the aisle and into the ring.

    Mike Tenay: This next man, is another member of the legendary Four Horseman! He’s a two-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, a one-time NWA United States Champion, and a two-time NWA Television Champion! He is the one and only, Tully Blanchard!

    Tully comes out to a respectable pop, beating out Bob Armstrong for the second best pop of the night.

    Mike Tenay: This next man, is one of the greatest wrestler’s in the history of the National Wrestling Alliance! He was in a severe car accident early in his career, and was told he would never walk again! However, that didn’t stop him from going on to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship eight times! Ladies and gentleman, from Quitman, Missouri, Harley Race!

    Harley Race walks out to the loudest pop so far, as the fans scream and clap their hands for Race.

    Mike Tenay: When speaking about great wrestlers, you cannot not include this next legend! He is a nine-time NWA Tag Team Champion, a three-time NWA United States Champion, and a one-time NWA Television Champion! He may have only won one NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but he is still a legend! Ladies and gentleman, from Honolulu, Hawaii, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ STEAMBOAT!

    Ricky Steamboat walks out to the loudest pop of the night, as the fans get up on their feet for ‘The Dragon’. Steamboat soaks up their reaction, slapping hands with the fans at ringside before entering the ring. The crowd starts chanting ‘RICKY, RICKY’.

    Mike Tenay: This next man, is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling! He is a three-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion! Throughout his days wrestling in the territories, he collected a total off 12 Tag Team Championships, and 10 other World Title reigns! He is also a one-time NWA United States Champion, and a two-time NWA Television Champion! Ladies and gentleman, he is the master of the Bionic Elbow! He is hailing from Austin, Texas! He is the American Dream! He is DUSTY RHODES!

    ‘American Dream’ hits, bringing out the legendary ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes to the largest pop of the evening. The fans start chanting ‘DUSTY, DUSTY’ as Rhodes walks down the entrance aisle, slapping hands with as many fans as he can. Dusty then gets into the ring, and shakes hands with Tenay, and all of the other legends.

    Mike Tenay: On behalf of NWA:TNA, I would personally like to say to all of you, ‘thank you’. Thank you for all of your hard work, time, and effort you have put into this business, and thank you for giving all of us, an industry to work for. If it wasn’t for all of you, there would be no National Wrestling Alliance! There would be no NWA:TNA! None of this would be here, if it wasn’t for each and every one of you!

    The fans break out into cheers and applause, followed by a ‘Thank You’ chant. The legends all beam in the ring. Dusty Rhodes then walks over to Mike Tenay, asks for the mic, and takes it.

    Dusty Rhodes: Firs’ off, lemme jus’ say thank ya’! Thank ya’ Mike Tenay! Thank ya’ Harley Race, Terray n’ Doray Funk, Bob'bay Armstrong, Tullay Blanchar’, Ole Anderson, and thank ya’ Rickay Steamboat! N’ ta’ all da’ women n’ children in attendance ta’night… thank ya’!

    The fans cheer for Rhodes.

    Dusty Rhodes: I appreciate da’ respect that ya’lls have shown me ta’night! But ta’night, ain’t about Da’ American Dream. Ta’night, is abooout, T..N..A! Ta’night, is abooout ‘dis here new generation of wrestla’s! Ta’night, da legends of dis industry step aside, so da’ neeew talent can have da’ spotlight!

    Rhodes pauses, while the crowd cheers

    Dusty Rhodes: Ta’night, tradition meets cuttin’ edge! Ta’night, da’ N Dubya A meets TNA. Ta’night, N-Dubya-A:TNA becomes one! Ta’night, we shake da’ veeery foundations of professional wrestlin’!

    The crowd continues to cheer.

    Dusty Rhodes: But now, lemme make myself a bit cleara’. N-Dubya-A:TNA is abooout da’ new generation of supa’stars, but ‘dat don’t mean Dustay Rhodes won’t be in TNA. Dustay Rhodes is in incredibly excited ‘bout TNA. Da’ American Dream is gonna be a part… of TNA. Dustay Rhodes is gonna be supportin’ TNA, n’ all da’ wrestla’s associated, wit’ TNA. I support TNA, n’ I know all deese otha’ fine gentlemen do too!

    The fans break out into applause, as Dusty Rhodes shakes hands with all of the legends once again. As it seems the ceremony is coming to a close, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ by NWA hits. The fans are a little confused, and start booing, see the ceremony interrupted. After a few moments, Ron Killings, the former K-Kwik, comes out onto the stage. Killings is wearing long, baggy, grey pants, a gray bandana going around his face, and a odd looking baggy vest. Oh boy, we got ourselves a gangsta~! Killings has a microphone in hand, and storms down the aisle, looking upset. Killing gets into the ring, and Rhodes tries to shake his hand. Killing glares at his hand, then Rhodes, before stepping away. Rhodes ain’t too happy about that.

    Dusty Rhodes: Boy, when a legend of professional wrestlin’ offer ya’ a handshake, ya shake muh hand!

    Ron Killings: I don’t need to a damn thang you white ass tells me!

    Ooooh! The crowd starts booing Killing for the comments.

    Ron Killings: Ah hell no! Ya’ll sucka’s ain’t gonna boo ME! I’m RON KILLINGS! I am da’ best damn black wrestler in da’ world! I’m rough, and I’m tough! I’m lean, and I’m mean! I’m a thug, and I’ll squash you like a bug! Bitches got ta’ know, I’m straight outta Compton!

    Killings pauses, and glares down the legends in the ring.

    Ron Killings: So ‘dis right here, dis’ is what the N-Dubya-A has to offa’ as its best. ‘Dis right here, are da’ legends of da’ N-Duby-A. Ya’ got da’ Funk Brotha’s. Ya’lls aint a brotha’, ya’lls are two red neck, old, stunt men. Especially you, Terry. Da’ only thing you a legend at Terry, is throwin’ yo’self onto barbed wire n’ thumb tacs!

    The crowd jeers Killings even louder.

    Ron Killings: N’ we got ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong. Da’ fact that you came out first, and had no accolades listed, says enough. Yo punk ass ain’t a legend! Yo da’ guy who got his ass whooped by da’ Ricky Steamboat’s of the world! I don’t even know why yo out here!

    Bullet looks embarrassed, while the crowd continues to boo Killings.

    Ron Killings: Heh, then we have da’ Four Horseman, Ole Anderson n’ Tully Blanchard. Tully, yo punk ass is just da’ man who couldn’t be Flair. Ya wanted to be like Naitch, but all ya were was a glorified mid carda’! And Ole, ya’ only remembered now because Arn carried yo ass fo’ years!

    Killings is getting into his promo more and more now, and the crowd is eating it up, jeering him on.

    Ron Killings: Harley Race!? Honestly, who remembers you!? Yo so God damn old, my great, great, great, uncle, Jabril, would escape the plantations here in da’ South ta’ see you wrestle! I’m afraid if yo old, wrinkly, ass takes anotha’ step, yo hip will shatter!

    More jeers from the crowd.

    Ron Killings: N’ then… n’ then we got da’ biggest piece of white trash eva’! We got Dus-

    Rhodes cuts off Killings

    Dusty Rhodes: Now ya just hold on a second if ya weeeeeell!

    The crowd pops as Dusty steals some of Killings momentum.

    Dusty Rhodes: Listen here, sonny. I don’t care if ya straight outta Compton, ‘cuz I’m straight outta Texas! I’m straight outta da’ N-Dubya-A! N’ lemme tell ya somethin’…

    Oh, and Killings cuts Rhodes off.

    Ron Killings: Naw, let me tell you somethin’! Yo’ white trash! Yo a fat ass, white trash, no good, glory stealin’, French fry eatin’, black man beatin’, piece o’ shit!

    The crowd goes bananas, booing Killings out of the building.

    Ron Killings: All o’ yo punk asses are! Yo all a bunch o’ punks! Fo’ years, yo’s held my people back! Fo years, da’ white man, held down, da’ black man! In da’ N-Dubya-A, da’ brotha’ got nothin’, but the white man, won the World Titles! No black man eva’ held da’ N-Dubya-A World Heavyweight Title… until ta’night!

    The crowd boos Killings more.

    Ron Killings: Ta’night, da’ black man gets some respect! Ta’night, da’ black man, wins himself a World Title! Ta’night, Ron Killings will enta’ da’ Gauntlet fo’ da’ Gold, and he’ll be one of da’ last two in da’ ring. N’ after dat’, Ron Killings will beat some otha’ punk in a steel cage to finally become, da’ NWA World Heavyweight Champion! Ta’night, Ron Killings, will personify TNA! ‘Cuz that’s what Ron Killings is! Ron Killings is TNA! Ron Killings is cuttin’ edge! And ta’night, when cuttin’ edge meets tradition, the result… is a black man as yo’ World Heavyweight Champion!

    The crowd boos Killings out the building! Dusty Rhodes is just about to reply to Killings, but ‘Ch-Ch-Chosen One’ hits the sound system in the Von Braun Center. Killings, Rhodes, and the rest of the legends look towards the stage to see ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett come out onto the stage, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and orange shades. Double J walks down the aisle, a mic in his hand, and a cocky smirk on his face. Jarrett climbs up the steps, and enters the ring.

    Ron Killings: Oh sure, just what I need! Anotha’ white man tryin’ ta’ steal da’ black man’s thunda’!

    With comments like that, how can you not love Ron Killings!?

    Jeff Jarrett: Now, now, slap nut, hold on just a damn minute! The Chosen One isn’t out here to disagree with you, or anything like that. In fact, I agree with what you’re saying!

    The crowd boos.

    Jeff Jarrett: These men in front of me, are not legends! Not one of them deserve to be here, in my ring! This is my yard, boys, and right now, you’re trespassing! So Bully, Dory and Terry, Tully and Ole, Harley, Dragon, how about you leave my ring, before I kick your asses!

    The legends all look at each other, wondering whether or not they should listen to Jarrett’s order. However, Dusty Rhodes steps in front of them.

    Dusty Rhodes: Now you jus’ hold on a minute, Jeff Jarrett! ‘Dis here is N-Dubya-A:TNA! We got jus’ as much right as anybody else ta’ be here!

    Jeff Jarrett: And that’s what’s wrong with this promotion! The NWA is a dead company, and has been for eight years, Dusty! I am not a part of the NWA, and neither is the new generation of superstars that are going to make this company great! I represent TNA! I represent cutting edge! The fact that TNA is being aligned with the NWA, is only pulling TNA down. Dusty, the NWA is no longer alive. No one here represents the National Wrestling Alliance! The only ones who do, are the old farts like you! The dinosaurs in front of me, oh yeah, they represent the NWA, but the problem is, you guys are all old, fat, out of shape, and has been’s! I, on the other hand, am the greatest professional wrestler today! The NWA can try and stay alive, Dusty, but if it does, myself and TNA will squash it like a bug!

    The crowd starts to boo Jarrett.

    Voice: Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong!

    The fans turn to the entrance stage, and see the man formerly known as ‘Grand Masta Sexay’ walking down the aisle, a mic in hand. GMS is dressed red wrestling tights, with ‘Brian’ going down one leg, and ‘Lawler’ going down the other, in silver text. Well, I guess Brian Christopher is now going by the name of Brian Lawler. Lawler walks down the aisle, and gets into the ring. Boy, that ring sure is cluttering.

    Brian Lawler: Jeff Jarrett, the NWA is still alive, and it never will die! You preach that no one in NWA:TNA represents the tradition of the National Wrestling Alliance except these legends in the ring with me, but you are wrong! I represent the NWA! I will fight for the National Wrestling Alliance, and I support these legends being here!

    The crowd pops for Lawler.

    Brian Lawler: Jeff, you should honor pride and tradition! Respect it! But you know what? You don’t. And because of that, you will not win the Gauntlet for the Gold! Tonight, you will walk out of the legendary Von Braun Center, nothing! However, I, I will walk out of here tonight, the NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

    The crowd cheers on Lawler again, who is doing pretty good at working the crowd.

    Jeff Jarrett: Is that so, Lawler? Geeze, you’re more delusional than you’re joke of a father! Tonight, the only thing you’ll win, is an ass kicking!

    Lawler isn’t intimidated by Jarrett, and steps right up into his face.

    Brian Lawler: Oh yeah? And just who’s going to do that?

    Ron Killings: ME!

    Oh snap! No one saw that coming, as Killings hits Lawler with a straight right hand to the side of the head! Mike Tenay leaves the fire zone, and Jarrett hits Lawler with a right hand! Jarrett laughs, and tells Killings to beat down on Lawler. Killings simply glares at Jarrett, giving him a ‘what the fuck?’ look, before hitting him with a right hand! Jarrett staggers, and Lawler hits him with a right hand, but Jarrett comes back with a sucker punch! Uh oh, here come the legends to the rescue! MAYHEM~! CHAOS~! PANDEMONIUM~! Dusty Rhodes, Rick Steamboat, and the Funk’s charge Killings and Jarrett, and a wild brawl erupts! Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Bob Armstrong, and Harley Race join in too! Killings and Jarrett hold their own however. Jarrett knocks Ole, Armstrong, and Dory Funk, while Killings takes out Tully and Race! Jarrett is set to knock out Ricky Steamboat, but Dusty Rhodes makes the save, hitting Jarrett with a bionic elbow! Down goes Jarrett! Dusty Rhodes goes over to Killings, who is brawling with Terry Funk, and he hits Killings with a Bionic Elbow! Killings and Jarrett are both down, and Dusty Rhodes and Brian Lawler both stand tall! Ricky Steamboat and Terry Funk help the other legends up to their feet, as Rhodes and Lawler pick up Killings and Jarrett. Rhodes hits Killings with another Bionic Elbow, and sends him to Lawler, who tosses him over the top rope, all the way to the outside of the ring. Rhodes then gives Double J another Bionic Elbow, and Lawler hits a Piledriver! Jeff Jarrett is down and out! Lawler picks Jeff up to his feet, and hands him over to Dusty Rhodes, who in turn, sends Jeff Jarrett flying over the top rope and to the outside! The crowd cheers on Lawler and the legends, as they celebrate in the ring.


    Before he has a heart attack, Don West takes a deep breath.

    Don West: This has been an amazing night, but it’s only going to get better, because we’re going to send you backstage, where NWA:TNA’s very own Goldylocks, is with SCOTT HALL!

    "Straight Outta Compton" by NWA hits, bringing out ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Ron Killings out to the ring to a chorus of jeers. Killings is sporting all black tonight; baggy pants, baggy vest, boots, and bandana. Killings gets into the ring, and quickly takes a microphone from a stagehand. The crowd starts booing as he brings the microphone to his mouth, preventing him from speaking. He lowers the mic, and rolls his eyes. The crowd quiets down after a few moments, and Killing starts to speak.

    Ron Killings: Dat was real mature, lemme tell ya! When da’ white man wanna say somethin’, ya’ll shut yo mouths n’ let him speak! But no! When da’ black man wanna speak his mind, all yo punk asses make noise so he can’t talk! Now dat’s some bull!

    The crowd starts to boo Killings, who once again is starting his antics.

    Ron Killings: Oh no! Not ‘dis crap again! Who are ya’lls to boo me!? All o’ ya’lls are a bunch o’ fat, no goo’, beer drinkin’, tobacco chewin’, bratwurst eatin’, woman beatin’, cousin screwin’, white trash hillbillies!

    Oh shit! He went there! The crowd in Nashville, Tennessee, nearly blows the roof off of The Asylum in boos. Killings simply glares at the fans.

    Ron Killings: Yeah, I said it! Wha’ now!? Huh!? Wha’ freakin’ now!? Boo all ya’ want, but ‘dat is da’ truth! Tha’s who ya’lls are, but me… I’m Ron Killin’s! I’m mean, n’ I’m lean! I’m rough, n’ I’m tough! I’m a thug, n’ I’ll squash ya like a bug! I’m Ron Killings! Who am I?

    Killings raises the mic up into the air, only to get boos from the crowd.

    Ron Killings: I don’t think ya’lls heard me! I’m Ron freakin’ Killings! Now who am I!?

    Killings raises his mic into the air again, and once again, gets booed.

    Ron Killings: I know ‘dis ain’t ‘dat hard of a question! Even yo dumb country asses know ‘dis one! Who am I!?

    More (loud) jeers. Killings is getting really pissed now.

    Ron Killings: I SAID, WHO AM I!?

    ‘A ******!’


    The crowd boos Killings out of the building for the ‘clodhopper’ comment, which is a slang term for redneck of hillbilly. Killings walks over to the edge of a set of ropes, and spits into the crowd!

    Ron Killings: So wha’ am I again!? Am I an asshole!? Is Ron Killin’s an asshole!?

    The crowd continues to boo Killings like crazy.

    Ron Killings: ‘Das right! I am an asshole! Ya’lls will always boo me! N’ ya know why!? BECAUSE I’M BLACK!

    The crowd continues to boo Killings, although I’m sure some of them are yelling out racial slurs.

    Ron Killings: I’m black n’ I could kick all yo asses! ‘Das why you boo me! But when Dustay Rhodes comes out here, ya’ll will scream yo heads off! But for what!? I’m in shape, great lookin’, n’ a future World Champion! But Dustay Rhodes, he’s fat, out o’ shape, n’ over da’ hill. But none of tha’ matta’s, does it!? ‘Cuz when I step out of da’ curtain, ya boo me because all ya see is black, n’ when Da’ American Dream walks out, all ya see is white!

    The crowd continues to boo Killings, who simply nods his head.

    Ron Killings: See, ya’lls are provin’ my point! Ya see da’ cola’, n’ ‘das why ya’ll boo! Ya’ll doin’ right now, n’ ya did it las’ week too!

    Woot! More boos for Killings!

    Ron Killings: Las’ week, when da’ brotha’ interrupted Dustay Rhodes, ya’lls booed n’ booed! I was preachin’ da truth ta’ Dustay, but you didn’ hear ‘dat! All ya heard was a black man, cuttin’ off a white man!

    ‘SHUT THE HELL UP!’ yells the crowd. Don’t you just love a prejudiced Southern crowd!?

    Ron Killings: I did speak da’ truth las’ week! All ‘dat stuff about da’ white man holdin’ down da’ black man in da’ N-Dubya-A, ‘das true! Dustay Rhodes held down da’ brotha’s! ‘Cuz Dustay Rhodes feared da’ black man! ‘Cuz Dustay Rhodes is nothin’ more ‘dan a racist pig!

    The crowd continues to boo, but suddenly erupt into cheers as ‘American Dream hits, bringing out ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes to a very loud chorus of cheers. Dusty walks out onto the entrance stage, a microphone in hand. Like a true hillbilly, Rhodes is in a white t-shirt, jeans, cowboy boots and belt, as well as a cowboy hat. YEE-HA!

    Ron Killings: See!? Da’ white man has ta’ try n’ take away the spotlight from da’ black man!

    Dusty Rhodes: Now Ron Killin’s, les’ jus’ hold up fo’ a minute! I sat in tha’ back fo’ a long time, lettin’ ya run yo’ mouth, not sayin’ a word. But now, now I’ve had enough!

    Ron Killings: Oh what!? Didn’ da’ fat white kid like it when da’ black man spoke out against him!? Well now ya know how I felt muh whole entire life! Muh whole entire life, every time I left Compton, da’ white kids would insult me! They like wolves man! You white kids would jump me in teams o’ five n’ six! If I didn’ have muh boys, ‘dis brotha’ wouldn’ be here ta’day! Don’ ya get it, Dustay? You’s one of ‘dem white kids that woul’ bea’ me up! You’s a white trash punk!

    The crowd boos as Killings and Rhodes glare at each other.

    Dusty Rhodes: Now you listen ta’ me if ya weeeeell! Lemme tell ya somethin’, Ron, ‘tis not muh fault ‘dat ya’ were picked on as a kid! Dat ‘dere is somethin’ ya’ gotta get over! If I cried n’ moaned when someone picked on me fo’ being a fat man, I neva’ would’ve won muh 3 N-Dubya-A World Heavyweight Titles! Son, if ya eva’ wanna be a someone in ‘dis industry, ‘den ya gotta learn ta’ quit complainin’, n’ just wrassle! So how ‘bout ya shut ya mouth n’ wrassle!

    The crowd pops for Dusty Rhodes, as the two men continue to stare another down.

    Ron Killings: But what yo fat white ass fails ta’ see, is ‘dat every time I open up muh mouth n’ preach da truth to you n’ all of yo hillbilly friends, my name is gettin’ out there more n’ more. Every time ya come out here n’ talk trash wit’ me, more n’ more people are findin’ out ‘bout Ron Killin’s. I don’t need ta’ wrestle anyone when just by openin’ up muh mouth, ‘dis brotha’ is becomin’ known as a risin’ star! N’ besides, Dustay, why shoul’ I fight anyone in TNA, when there is no one worthy of facin’ me!? Because there is no one in backstage, in ‘dis crowd, or on ‘dis stage, worthy of fightin’ me! N’ yes, Dustay, ‘dat does include you!

    The crowd boos Killings as Dusty looks at Killing, slightly surprised by his cockiness.

    Dusty Rhodes: Boy, one day ‘dat cockiness of ya’s is gonna catch up to ya, and ya gonna get one heck of a butt whoopin’! N’ all I can do is hope, ‘dat I’m gonna be da’ one ta’ do it!

    The crowd pops for Dusty Rhodes. A chant of ‘LYNCH HIM DUSTY’ starts, with the all famous *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*. Dusty Rhodes can’t help but laugh at the outrageous chant, while Killings looks around in anger and disgust.

    Ron Killings: Oh, ‘das real funny! All of yo hicks really crack me up! Da’ negro’s laughin’, Nashville, da negro’s laughin’! N’ you, Dustay, laughin’ along at ‘dis chant! Wha’ Dustay, you a supporta’ of da’ KKK!? Do ya don da’ Klan robes n’ hood on da’ weekends fo’ fun!? ‘Cuz ‘dat’s da’ impression I’m gettin’! I bet you n’ all of yo redneck friends in ‘da crowd ta’night go lynch my brotha’s n’ sista’s on da’ weekends!? Well lemme tell ya’ somethin’, Dusty… yo punk ass disgusts me!

    The crowd immediately starts to boo Killings again, but Ron just talks over them.

    Ron Killings: Hell no! I ain’t gonna let all o’ ya’lls interrupt me anymore! Hell no! Dustay Rhodes is a racist pig! He’s an ova’weight slob, n’ nothin’ but white trash! He’s a Klansman, ‘dat wha’ he is! A Klansman!

    The crowd’s boos continue to get louder, to the point of where Killings has to pause momentarily. Rhodes has his eyes fixated on Killings, no longer laughing at the antics of the crowd. Killings is irate in the ring, the crowd continuing to boo him. Finally, Killings snaps, yelling over top of them.


    The crowd continues to boo Killings, although the boos quiet down, so Killings doesn’t have to shout.

    Ron Killings: Dustay Rhodes, yo are a disgrace ta’ wrestlin’! Ya’ stand there n’ laugh at racial jokes, laughin’ when da’ crowd tells ya’ to lynch me! Well lemme tell you somethin’, Dustay, there’s no way in hell ‘dat I’m gonna be lettin’ you n’ yo’ Klansman brotha’s lynch me anytime soon. ‘Cuz Dustay, me, me n’ muh people have suffered fo’ long enough! Ta’night, ta’night marks ‘da turnin’ point for black people in professional wrestlin’! ‘Cuz ta’night, Dustay, yo gonna feel a small taste of wha’ me n’ muh people have suffered fo’ centuries! …Turn ‘round Dustay.

    The crowd starts booing very loudly as Dusty Rhodes turns around, and gets hit with a hard right hand! Dusty falls down onto the stage, as six men start stomping on Dusty Rhodes, all sporting KKK robes and pointed hoods, but in black! Killings goes for the reverse cliché, having six men come out as Black Klansmen! Ron Killings pockets his microphone and leaves the ring, slowly walks up the entrance ramp as his six ‘Black Klansmen’ continue to mug Dusty Rhodes, laying the boots to him. The crowd is going absolutely crazy, booing this disgusting event of actions. Two of the Black Klansmen pull Dusty Rhodes up to his feet, as Killings approaches The American Dream. Killings glares right into Dream’s eyes, spits in his face, and slaps him! Dusty tries to respond, but Killings sucker punches him in the face and the four other Black Klansman jump on Rhodes, hitting hard punches to his face. Rhodes soon falls down to the ground in pain, laying on his round belly. The Black Klansmen turn Rhodes onto his back, and hold his arms and legs down as Killings mounts Dusty. Killings pulls out a pocket knife from his pocket, and uses it to slice Dusty Rhodes’ t-shirt in three separate spots. Killings then puts the knife up to Rhodes face, and lets the tip of the blade barely touch his face. Killings then folds the knife back, and smashes Rhodes in the face with the handle, presumably knocking him unconscious. Killings gets off of Dusty and up to his feet, and the Black Klansmen lift Dusty up into the air, and the six of them (struggle to) carry limp form of Dusty Rhodes to the backstage. Killings brings up the rear, and after the Klansmen have taken Dusty backstage, Killings turns around, lowers his head, makes a fist with his left hand, and raises his arm into the air, the symbol for ‘Black Power’. The crowd goes irate as Killings then turns on his heel and leaves.

    After a few moments pause, “The American Dreams” hits, and the crowd explodes into cheers at the surprise of ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes’ music hitting the sound system, as just last week, they all saw Dusty carried off and abducted by Ron Killings his army of black-clad KKK members. However, after a few moments, a man comes out, but it is clearly not Dusty Rhodes. It’s obvious that it is the man who has sparked waves throughout wrestling with his gimmick, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Ron Killings! As soon as the crowd notices it is Killings, not Dusty, they shower him with insanely loud jeers, followed by a chant of “You’re Not Dusty, You’re Not Dusty”. Nevertheless, Killings comes out onto the entrance stage, wearing an attire for a complete redneck, aka, Dusty Rhodes. Killings has on a cowboy hat, a red bandana tied around his neck, a red plaid flannel shirt, overalls covering over the shirt, a ridiculous cowboy belt with a large buckle, and of course, cowboy boots. Also, out of disgrace for Rhodes, Killings has a pillow or something underneath his overalls, making his ‘stomach’ appear bigger, and also, Killings has on a solid white mask, making him “white”. Even more, Killings has a slop bucket in his right hand, and he prances down the ramp, acting ridiculous and mocking rednecks of all kinds. Killings then enters the ring, and gets a microphone from a stagehand. The crowd continues to shower him with boos, and “Dusty Rhodes” must wait for the crowd to silence themselves. After several moments they finally do, and Killings begins to speak… so you know they’re going to be booing again. Killings simply arches his back backwards, and screams into the microphone.

    Ron Killings: YEE-HAW!

    Huge amounts of boos from the crowd, and it seems like we’re going to be experiencing the same kind of rowdy, lewd, and vulgar reactions from the crowd again this week. Killings starts to speak again, continuing this act of a redneck hillbilly, to mock Dusty Rhodes.

    Ron Killings: Well rootin’ tootin’ bootin’… it’s me, DUSTAY RHODES!

    More loud boos from the crowd, followed by a loud chant of “You’re Not Dusty”. This chant continues on for several moments, until instead, the crowd starts to chant “We Want Dusty”. The chant carries on for a little while, and then Killings continues on again.

    Ron Killings: Weeeeeel ya’ know somethin’, Nashville, las’ week, ya’ belo’ed Dustay Rhodes was beaten down like a rugged mule, if yaaa weeeeeel!

    More loud boos from the crowd, but Killings just keeps going on.

    Ron Killings: Y’know peoples, las’ week, I, Dustay Rhodes, reali’ed somethin’! All of thee thin’s that a Ron Killin’s was a sayin’… was true. Ron Killin’s pro’ed ta’ me las’ week, that thee black people are a thee dominant race, n’ Ron Killin’s show’ me that thee black’s are thee betta’ wrassla’s than us a white’s! It’s a true… YEEHAW!

    The crowd’s boos only continue to get louder, followed by a ludicrous chant of “We Hate Blacks, We Hate Blacks”. If we could see through Killings’ white mask, I guarantee you we’d see him fuming, but he carries on nevertheless, trying to keep this parody going.

    Ron Killings: Weeeeeel my in-bred brotha’s, cousins, n’ sista’s, that is-a exactl’ay why thee men like-a Ron Killin’s are-a betta’ than-a us. They got that there class that we’sa just lack. So now, in ‘dis here TNA, us white people must-a set thin’s right. In thee N-Dubya-A, we held ‘em down, so now, we must-a do what’s-a right, n’ give all men n’ a races thee right ta’ equality! YEE-HAW! By golly miss molly!

    The crowd continues to rip into “Dusty Rhodes”, laying into him with incredibly loud boos, followed by another chorus of “You’re Not Dusty”, and then “We Want Dusty”.

    Ron Killings: Y’know my in-bred brotha’s n’ sista’s, we mus’-a reali’e that thee so called tradition of thee N-Dubya-A ain’t-a real ‘cuz-a thee fact that we’sa hel’ back thee real wrassla’s, n’ that thee N-Dubya-A ain’t-a nothin’ now! It’s-a thee time o’ thee black race… if yaaa weeeeeel!

    The crowd is relentless, booing “Dusty” louder and louder each time, and finally, the crowd just breaks off into multiple chants. First, they chant “We Want Dusty” for a solid ten-plus seconds, only for it to break off into a vulgar chant of “We Hate Blacks”. The crowd is relentless, keeping the chant going and going for well over fifteen seconds. Finally, Killings brings the mic up to his mouth, in earnest to silence the crowd, but the rowdy Southern hillbillies only make the chant even louder! “WE HATE BLACKS, WE HATE BLACKS” echo’s throughout The Asylum here in Nashville, and Killings again, after well over ten seconds, tries to talk again, but the crowd just keeps going, even louder! AND KILLINGS SNAPS!

    Killings rips his white plaster mask off his face, and slams it into the canvas, shattering it into tiny pieces! Killings keeps going, throwing the cowboy hat to the floor, slipping out of the overalls, and then ripping the flannel shirt open! Killings throws it to the canvas, and newspaper falls onto the canvas as well, which is what was making him look fatter. The cowboy belt is spiked to the floor, the bandana is thrown out of the ring, and the cowboy boots are spiked onto the canvas as well. The crowd is completely silent after Killings out burst, which has left him in a green ‘Compton’ shirt, black shorts, and black socks. His hair is in corn rows, as always, and he looks fucking pissed.


    The crowd’s already insanely loud boos only get even more louder, as this crowd is just going nuts! They fucking loathe Killings with a passion! Again, after more loud boos, a chant of “Fuck You, Killings” erupts, louder than ever, and Killings’ entire body is SHAKING with rage! It’s a scary moment in The Asylum, as both the crowd and Killings look like they could snap at any moment.

    Ron Killings: Yea’, go righ’ ahead n’ say all ‘dis trash ‘bout me! I dare ya’! Ya’lls are always tryin’ ta’ bring down da’ black man, but like I’ve been preachin’ fo’ weeks now, WE’RE BETTA’ THAN YA’! Ya’lls are nothin’ but punks, n’ ya provin’ it week in n’ week out with ya’ chantin’! Ya’lls givin’ off da’ damn impression ‘dat muh brotha’s are da’ trash, but ya’lls are provin’ it wrong… YA’LLS ARE TRASH! YA’LLS ARE IN-BRED, DISRESPECTIN’, HILLBILLIES!

    The crowd only keeps booing the holy hell out of Killings. As they do so, a loud chant of “We Want Dusty” flares up, and Killings snickers! Killings laughs at the crowd!

    Ron Killings: Ya’lls wan’ Dustay Rhodes!? Ya’lls wan’ da’ walkin’ Klansman!? WELL HE AIN’T HERE! I MUGGED HIS SORRY ASS, N’ YA’ BELOVED BOY AIN’T HERE!

    The crowd is freaking losing it with how loud their jeers are getting. Killings has calmed down now though, knowing that he has gotten under the crowd’s skin like never before.

    Ron Killings: Las’ week, Dustay Rhodes tried ta’ tell me wrong, n’ dat fat ass got wha’ was comin’ ta’ him! Dustay got his ass mugged n’ taken away, fo’ da’ good o’ da’ black race! Ya’ see, Dustay Rhodes, he stan’s fo’ everythin’ ‘dat is N-Dubya-A, da’ company o’ supposed tradition. BUT THERE AIN’T NONE! DA’ N-DUBYA-A DON’T GOT SHIT! I SPIT ON DA’ “TRADITION” O’ DA’ N-DUBYA-A!

    Well, so much for being calm. The crowd’s cheers are just INSANELY LOUD for Killings, as they just find a way to scream even louder against him.

    Ron Killings: ‘Dere ain’t no tradition in da’ N-Dubya-A ‘cuz da’ way I see it, all da’ N-Dubya-A did was spit on muh peoples, n’ Dustay Rhodes was jus’ one o’ da’ many who did it! WELL NO MOR’! It’s-a time fo’ da BLACK MAN, ta’ get da’ respect he deserves, n’ I’m a makin’ sure we get it! ‘Dis here is da’ movement fo’ da black man ta’ get recogni’ed in da’ N-Dubya-A TNA, n’ all da’ ole’ school hillbillies like Dustay Rhodes are gonna be mugged n’ beaten down until ‘dey can’t hold us down no more! So all ya’ fuckin’ cracka’s ‘dat think ‘dey can stop Ron Killin’s, ‘DEY CAN’T! Ron Killin’s can’t be stopped, n’ all ya’ know it, fo’ sho! NO ONE CAN SAVE DUSTAY RHODES! NOBODAY!

    The crowd starts another very loud chorus of ‘WE WANT DUSTY, WE WANT DUSTY!”. Killings merely shakes his head and rolls his eyes at the crowd here in The Asylum.

    Ron Killings: Ya’ll don’t recogni’e do ya’!? Dustay Rhodes is on his way outta’ here! N’ ‘dere ain’t nothin’ ya can do ‘bout it! Dustay Rhodes held muh people back, n’ he spit on da’ tradition n’ legacies o’ da black man, so now, me n’ muh brotha’hood are gonna oblit’arate his ass fro’ existence!


    The crowd’s chant continues, refusing to accept the fact that Ron Killings is going to run Dusty Rhodes right out of professional wrestling. As the crowd continues their chant, “The American Dreams” hits! DUSTY RHODES’ THEME MUSIC PLAYS! The crowd EXPLODES into the loudest pop of the night, as in the ring, Killings eyes are as wide as can be, simply shocked at what’s going on! A few minutes pass, and someone comes out, but it isn’t Dusty Rhodes! IT’S DUSTIN RHODES! Dustin Rhodes is here in NWA:TNA! Rhodes is in jeans and a sleeveless white shirt, a microphone in hand, and looking irate.

    Dustin Rhodes: Yeah, ya’ll are shocked that Dustin Rhodes in the buildin’, but what’s going on right here… IS PERSONAL! Ron Killings… you have my father, and damn it, I want him back, RIGHT NOW!

    The crowd cheers very loudly for Dustin Rhodes, the son of Dusty Rhodes, who simply stares down Killings with extreme loathing. Killings returns the stare right back, silent for a few moments. And then, he retorts.

    Ron Killings: Hey yo’… shouldn’t yo’ cracka’ ass be dressed up in some black n’ gold, actin’ like some transvestite ‘Up North’!?

    The crowd boos, but not as loud as before, as Killings comments that mock Rhodes’ character from the WWE, Goldust, which hell, Rhodes was just doing a few weeks ago before leaving the company and just now debuting in NWA:TNA. Killings smirks at Rhodes cockily after making the “shoot” comment, but Rhodes simply keeps on going.

    Dustin Rhodes: You can make all the crude comments about what I was FORCED to do ‘Up North’, but I don’t give a damn! You have my father, and damn it, I WANT HIM BACK! …Ron Killings, what you’re doin’, IS WRONG! MY FATHER NEVER DID ANYTHIN’ TO YOU AND HE NEVER HELD DOWN ANYONE! YOU’RE SPITTIN’ ON THE TRADITION OF THE N-DUBYA-A, AND YOU STOLE MY FATHER!

    Rhodes cuts himself off, huffing and puffing, out of breath, and dramatically, tears starting to form in his eyes.

    Dustin Rhodes: Ron Killings… as God, and all of these fans in the audience tonight, as my witness… I will get my father back, and before I do… I’M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!

    The crowd explodes into cheers for Dustin Rhodes, who keeps staring down Killings with hatred, who isn’t showing any signs of fear from Rhodes’ statements.

    Dustin Rhodes: I’m lookin’ around here, Killings, and I don’t see any of your boys in the robes to help you out tonight! IT’S YOU AND ME KILLINGS! MAN TO MAN! I PROMISE YOU, DAD, I’M GOING TO KICK THIS BASTARD’S ASS!

    Rhodes, still huffing and puffing, his eyes filled with utmost hatred, starts to walk down the entrance ramp! Rhodes slams his microphone down, and the crowd is cheering their heads off as Rhodes marches right down the ramp. Killings is ready in the ring, throwing his mic to the side and getting into fight position. Rhodes then breaks into a sprint, dives into the ring, AND IT’S ON! Dustin Rhodes and Ron Killings both start throwing a spree of vicious right hands! It’s black vs. white! It’s tradition vs. cutting edge! It’s mayhem! Rhodes and Killings keep throwing heavy rights, and after almost twenty seconds of just sheer brawling, Rhodes knocks Killings down with a vicious right hand! Dustin jumps right on top of Killings, and he keeps punching him as hard as he can, right in the face! Rhodes pummels away on Killings face, as Ron does his best to cover up! Rhodes keeps going! He’s beating the holy hell out of Killings!

    …AND HERE COMES THE CALVARY! The six men who attacked and abducted Dusty Rhodes last week, the men dressed in the all-black KKK robes, march out from the back! At a slow jog, Killings’ 6 “brothers” march down the entrance ramp, and Dustin Rhodes spots them coming, and immediately rolls out of the ring! Rhodes gives one last look at Killings, then the quickly-approach “KKK” members, and Rhodes hops the guard rail into the cheering fans! Rhodes makes a beeline through the crowd towards the stairs, so he can ascend away from the situation! And the 6 robed men try to give chase! They walk over to the guard rail and try to enter the crowd, AND THE FANS BLOCK THEM! THE FANS STOP THE SIX MEN FROM PURSUING RHODES! The crowd has unified together against Killings and his boys, and the KKK men can only enter the ring, and watch as Rhodes disappears out of sight, having gone up the stairs and out of sight.

    The KKK men get into the ring, and help a very groggy and out of it Ron Killings back up to his feet. Killings staggers around once he gets up to his feet, and then looks up at the balcony, and there he is! DUSTIN RHODES IS STANDING ON THE BALCONY OF THE ASYLUM!

    The crowd fucking EXPLODES with cheers as Dustin Rhodes stands on the edge of the balcony on the second floor of The Asylum, staring down Killings, who looks on in absolute fear of Rhodes. AND RHODES POINTS RIGHT AT KILLINGS! HE’S CALLING HIM OUT! The just fucking explodes even more with cheers, and Killings slowly comes to, and regains his composure. Rhodes lowers his arm as the fans near him pat him and cheer him on. However, Killings grabs the fallen mic, blood starting to trickle from above his eye, huffing and puffing, looking to score the last ‘blow’.

    Ron Killings: (Huff and Puff) Dustin Rhodes… ya’ think ya’ won da’ battle!? Well fine cracka’! (Huff and Puff) Nex’ week… ya’ gonna get ta’ see ya’ Dad, Dustay Rhodes! N’ ya gonna be seein’ him when I publicly… BEAT DA’ LIFE RIGHT OUTTA’ HIM! YA’ DAD’S DAY ARE NUMBA’ED DUSTIN! NEX’ WEEK, YO’ DADDY IS GOIN’ DOWN FO’EVA’, N’ THERE AIN’T SHIT YA’ CAN DO ABOUT IT!

    Killings drops the mic to the floor, and stares down Dustin Rhodes, who does the same, intense hatred in both men’s eyes. Rhodes shakes his head no, to imply Killings won’t obliterate Dusty, while Killings nods his head yes, and makes the “cut the throat” taunt, letting Dustin know what’s going down. It’s an intense stare down as the segment comes to its end, with the uncertainty of just what in the hell is going to happen to Dusty Rhodes next week.

    Alright, so many know the story by now. It’s NWA:TNA, summer 2002. It’s not the NWA:TNA as we all knew, but more of a risqué style of the promotion. On the first show, there was a Legends Ceremony to honor the NWA legends, like oh, Dusty Rhodes for example. However, one man who came out to disrupt the proceedings was ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Ron Killings. He was arrogant, cocky, and well, pretty racist too. He made several rude remarks towards Dusty Rhodes, and proclaimed that he was the face of TNA, and was going to kill off the NWA and its legends. Eventually, a brawl broke out at the end, with Rhodes and the legends standing tall over Killings.

    The next time around, the following week, Killings responded with a heated promo that insulted Dusty Rhodes as a legend, a wrestler, and a person. Killings also insulted the crowd heavily, forever earning their hatred for him. Racial slurs were shouted from both ends, and soon enough, ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes came out to face off with Killings. Killings proclaimed that Dusty had held down black people for years, and that he was pretty much a phony. In the end, after more explicit remarks from the crowd, in one of the most memorable moments ever in a promo, 6 men, dress in KKK robes, but black instead of white, jumped Dusty Rhodes from behind. They were with Killings, and in a reverse-cliché moment, the white man was mugged by a black version of the KKK, and Killings and his men of black KKK boys abducted Dusty to end that promo.

    With Dusty missing in action, the following week, The Asylum (the building where these events are held) was surprised to hear Dusty Rhodes’ music play. However, it was just Ron Killings, dressed up to parody Dusty Rhodes completely. Killings acted as Rhodes, talking about getting beaten down by Killings, and preached that Killings was right, black people were better than white people, and that Rhodes was trash. Killings soon knocked off the parody, stripping into his own clothing, and went on a rant about the ‘hillbilly’ crowd always harping on him, and proclaimed that he was the next big star of wrestling, and that he spat on the tradition of the NWA. However, the son of Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, debuted in NWA:TNA, and after demanding Killings to give him his father back, the two got into a scuffle, with Rhodes clearly humiliating Killings in the fight. However, Killings 6 Black KKK men came to his rescue, and Rhodes ran off into the crowd. As Rhodes stood on the balcony of The Asylum, Killings proclaimed that next week, he was going to publicly destroy Dusty Rhodes, (beat down to an inch of his life, basically) and end his career for good.

    So now, we’re here. This show has gone on, with Killings already having taken out several NWA Legends such as ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong, the Funk Brothers, the Road Warriors, and Ricky Steamboat. Basically, all that is left, is Dustin Rhodes. Now, it’s time for the conclusion of the show, and the promo of what happens next. Will Dusty Rhodes’ career be destroyed by Ron Killings and his Black KKK? Will Dustin Rhodes save his Dad? Will the NWA lose its last legend and essentially be killed? Will we learn more as to why Killings is doing this? Let’s read and find out as the final chapter of the legendary Ron Killings/Dusty Rhodes saga comes to an end.

    After a few ad-breaks, we head into what could possibly be the final segment of the night. The music that starts this segment, and in turn, gets the rowdy Tennessee crowd on their feet in jeers, is the NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton”. Killings comes out onto the makeshift entrance stage in all black garb again; bandana, baggy vest, baggy pants, boots. The crowd reigns jeers of hatred on Killings, who just stands on the stage, arms stretched out to his sides, embracing the heat of the crowd. After a few moments, Killings starts his descent down the entrance aisle/ramp, avoiding/ignoring the multiple fans who shout out explicit comments at Killings. Ron soon enters the ring, and right away grabs a mic from ring announcer Jeremy Borash, before shoving him down to the edge of the ring. Borash rolls out of the ring like the coward that he is, and the crowd simply showers him with more boos. Killings has an ever-so slight smirk on his mouth, yet his eyes show nothing but hatred towards this crowd. Killings immediately tries to bring the microphone up to his mouth to speak, but a very loud “We Want Dusty” chant starts up, cutting Killings off. Killings lowers his mic down and rolls his eyes, noticeably pissed at the crowd’s antics already. However, this crowd has been wanting their beloved Dusty Rhodes back ever since Killings and his mob of “Black KKK” members abducted him. The crowd continues on with their hopeful chant for several long moments, but finally, it dwindles down in volume, and Killings starts to speak.

    Ron Killings: Ta’night is ‘da night! Ta’night, ‘da so-called “legacy” of ‘da man ‘dat all ya’lls luv’ed fo’ da’ longest time… ends. Ta’night, one man whose lied his entira’ career ta’ create some bullshit legacy… is gonna get his las’ beat down fro’ Ron Killings! N’ ta’night, ‘dat son-bitch gonna make his last appearance eva’ in professional wrestlin’ ‘cuz Ron Killings is gonna run his fat ass outta ‘da entira’ industry! Now beli’e ‘dat!

    The crowd boos the always arrogant Ron Killings, but Killings doesn’t seem to really care. Instead, he continues on.

    Ron Killings: Ya’ see, ta’night, it ain’t jus’ ‘bout Ron Killings one-uppin’ Dustay Rhodes, ah no! It ain’t even jus’ ‘bout makin’ way fo’ muh black society… no. Ta’night, Ron Killings mus’ do wha’ is right fo’ everyone!

    The crowd seemingly disagrees with Killings, starting a “We Want Dusty” chant. It starts off with just a few people in one of the front rows, but it carries throughout The Asylum, and soon enough, practically everyone is chanting for their American Dream. Killings looks pissed as can be in the ring, not wanting to have to deal with this crap. The chant runs its course, and once finished, Killings starts up again.

    Ron Killings: I know, I know! I’ve frickin’ heard all ya’lls fo’ da’ pas’ two weeks! Ya’lls wan’ yo’ precious Dustay Rhodes, n’ guess wha’? I’M GONNA GIVE YA’ HIM!

    And just like that, Killings gets cheers from the crowd. Although, it is just because it was him telling them they’re getting what they want.

    Ron Killings: Yeah, ya’ hear me sucka’s? I’m a gonna give all ya’lls yo’ precious Dustay Rhodes, but not jus’ yet. Like I was tryin’ ta’ say earlia’… wha’ I’m a gonna do ta’night, I gotsa’ do fo’ everyone. Ya’ see, Dustay Rhodes… he’s yo’ American Dream. He’s da’ so-called hard workin’, lov’ble, fan friendlay, son of a plumba’, LEGEND, ‘dat represents everythin’ ‘bout da’ N-Dubya-A n’ da’ old era o’ professional wrestlin’. But whetha’ ya’lls beli’e me or not… it’s all a bunch o’ crap!

    And hey, what a shocker, the crowd disagrees, booing Killings as per usual.

    Ron Killings: Yeah, jus’ wha’ I thought ya’lls woul’ do! Ya’lls here ‘da black man speakin’ out ‘gainst yo’ precious “Savior”, b’ ya’ get angray! Well go ahead, cracka’s! Get angry! Boo da’ black man! ‘Dis ***** knows wha’ ‘da truth is! ‘Dis ***** knows ‘dat da’ legend o’ Dustay Rhodes is one big lie! Dustay Rhodes is a fake! Dustay Rhodes is a noboday! Dustay Rhodes is a no good, racist, fat-ass, traila’ trash, cousin humpin’, piece O’ SHIT!

    The crowd had been booing for about all of that speech, but once Killings lost it and shouted into the mic, The Asylum went with him, overpowering Killings and booing like crazy. The fans are starting to get rowdy and angry, but Killings is just as angry. Through their boos, Killings keeps going.

    Ron Killings: N’ do all ya’ll cracka’s know why yo’ beloved boy Dustay Rhodes is wha’ I say he is? Because o’ each n’ everay one o’ you’s!

    Blaming the crowd for what Killings thinks of Dusty just doesn’t get over too well with the crowd… imagine that. The Asylum keeps on booing Killings.

    Ron Killings: Oh yeah! Shit’s da’ truth! All ya’ll cracka’s built up yo’ boy ta’ be somethin’ great! All ya’ll cracka’s made Dustay Rhodes somethin’ ‘dat he wasn’t, n’ neva’ could be! Dustay Rhodes ain’t no Worl’ Champ! Dustay Rhodes ain’t no legend! Dustay Rhodes ain’t nothin’ but everaythin’ I’ve been sayin’ he is! Dustay Rhodes is a no-good, no-talent, son of a bitch! All ya’ll cracka’s built up his ego like all ya’ll white people’s do ‘da one anotha’, n’ ya’lls made Dustay yo’ King! Dustay Rhodes is like yo’ Jesus Christ ‘cuz cracka’ can’t do no wrong in yo’ eyes! Dustay Rhodes is da’ best damn thing walkin’ on yo’ planet! Well lemme break ‘da news fo’ all ya’… ‘dat era o’ professional wrestlin’ is comin’ ta’ an end! ‘Da bullshit era o’ Dustay Rhodes is endin’… TA’NIGHT!

    And again, the crowd sure as hell does not buy anything coming out of Killings mouth, booing him as loud as the can. Although really, he does have a point on them building Rhodes up to a Christ-like level; he can do seemingly no wrong in their eyes.

    Ron Killings: Lemme’ tell all ya’ll how it goes, da’ realtruth! Yo’ cracka’s built up Dustay Rhodes ta’ be some sort o’ champion n’ legend, n’ in turn, Dustay Rhodes held down muh people fo’ years, he buried da’ black wrestla’s of their time, n’ he built up da’ arrogance ‘dat he neva’ once had ‘da talent ta’ have! N’ ‘dat’s da’ real truth! ‘Dat’s how da’ real story goes! So now, Ron Killings has gotta set things right! Ron Killings has gotta end the era o’ Dustay Rhodes, ta’ let the new era o’ professional wrestlin’ make its way through! N’ when I say ‘dat, I don’t jus’ mean da’ era of cuttin’ edge in TNA, or da’ rightful era of muh black brotha’s n’ sista’s ‘dat have long since been denied our rightful spotlight… I’m talkin’ ‘bout da’ era of Ron Killings!

    And as per usual, the crowd boos Killings. However, Ron isn’t really listening to the crowd right now. With his eyes closed, Killings takes a deep breath and nods his head, taking in what he is saying.

    Ron Killings: Outta all ‘dis ‘dat’s gone on, ‘da most important thang is, is ‘dat ‘da error o’ Dustay Rhodes is corrected, n’ Ron Killings is ‘da new messiah o’ professional wrestlin’. It’s muh time now! I’ve been held down jus’ like all muh brotha’s n’ sista’s fo’ too long, n’ now, it’s time ‘dat Ron Killings gets wha’s his! It’s time Ron Killings becomes da’ new face o’ professional wrestlin’, n’ soon, da’ Worl’ Champion! It’s muh time, muh destiny! But ya’ see, I ain’t no N-Dubya-A Worl’ Champ! Ah no! I REFUSE ta’ have anythang ta’ do wit’ da’ N-Dubya-A! Jus’ like all yo’ rednecks here, da’ N-Dubya-A is jus’ one more thang ‘dat builds up Dustay Rhodes as some sort o’ God, n’ dat is some bullshit! Hell, ya’lls are da’ N-Dubya-A! Ya’lls were ‘dere ta’ cheer yo’ boy Dustay Rhodes become yo’ “legend”, n’ all ya’lls n’ yo’ “tradition” is a load o’ SHIT! Yo’ cracka’s, da’ N-Dubya-A, ya’ made Dustay Rhodes da’ son-bitch ‘dat he was n’ is ta’day! Ya’lls spit on ‘da REAL tradition o’ ‘dis spor’, n’ when Ron Killings becomes ‘da next big star, I’m gonna kill da’ N-Dubya-A, n’ everyone who supports it, once n’ fo’ all!

    Again, the crowd had been booing for almost all of that little speech, but didn’t reach its breaking point until now, as the crowd once again overpowers Killings with their heavy jeers. The Asylum isn’t cool with Mr. Killings wanting to kill off the NWA tradition of NWA:TNA, although that’s what Dusty Rhodes represents and was the starting point of this whole feud at first. Continuity~!

    Ron Killings: So ya’ll know wha’? ‘Dis is it! ‘Da time is-a now! I ain’t gonna run muh mouth ‘bout muh black brotha’s bein’ betta’ than ya’lls, I ain’t gonna tell ya’ll ‘dat I’m headin’ ta’ ‘da top, naw! It’s jus’ time ta’ DO IT! I ain’t gonna be like all ‘da sucka’s who run tho’ mouth n’ don’t do shit ta’ back it up! Ah hell naw! ‘Dat’s was gonna make me differen’ fro’ all da’ whiteys in professional wrestlin’. I say I’m a gonna do somethin’, so now, I’m a gonna do it! Boys, bring out da’ fat man!

    “Straight Outta Compton” hits again, and the crowd fucking EXPLODES with boos as the six “Black KKK” men come out onto the makeshift stage in their black robes and pointed hoods. However… they’re not alone. Three of them, standing side-by-side, walk down the aisle simultaneously, while behind them, the other three drag the bloody, beaten, and possibly unconscious body of Dusty Rhodes. The crowd is freaking livid, booing insanely loud jeers of hate. The crowd boos the entire time as Dusty is slowly dragged into the ring, and soon enough, the American Dream is in the ring, blood trickling from under his right eye, and his forehead. On second glance, he isn’t unconscious, just incredibly groggy and out of it. Killings walks over to the fallen and ‘out-of-it’ Rhodes, and looks at him with complete hatred in his eyes. Killings glares at him for the next several moments, until he starts to speak, still right over Dusty’s body, their faces about one foot apart. And surprisingly enough, this crowd is now dead silent… the tension having captured them in.

    Ron Killings: Dustay… I gotta do, wha’ I gotta do… I gotta co’rect everaythang ya’ did wrong. I gotta fix ‘da erro’s ya’ made, Dustay. I gotta openlay kick yo’ ass outta professional wrestlin’, ta’ make thangs right. I gotta let muh people be free, Dustay, give ‘em tho’ chance ta’ shine! I can’t let ya’ hold anyone down no more, Dustay, so now, I just gotta do wha’s right! I gotta let it be muh time, now, n’ change wrestlin’! I’m ‘da new American Dream! I’m da’ new Savior of professional wrestlin’! It’s a new era, Dustay… n’ I’m gonna be wha’ ya’ were ta’ ‘dese people… I’m gonna be ‘dere King… ‘da real American Dream…

    Killings cuts himself off, looking as if he’s about to get emotional. It really seems that Killings thinks he’s doing what is right, not making this just a racial angle. He thinks that by getting rid of the legend of Rhodes, he can ascend to his role of being the people’s champion! (Although… he might want to try a crowd that’s more California… not The Asylum). Killings seemingly fights back tears, and inches his face closer and closer to Dusty’s, so now that the microphone is touching both Killings’ and Rhodes’ chin and lips. Killings stares right into Dusty’s eyes, which are partially open; The American Dream is still incredibly groggy, his eyes a little glazed over. And with one final, sad, look into Dusty’s eyes, Killings gives what is to be the final statements to the career of Dusty Rhodes.

    Ron Killings: Dustay… it’s time… yo’ time is ova’… n’ muh time… muh time begins… goodbye…

    Killings finishes his final farewell, and turns on his heel. Killings looks sad still, but closes his eyes, and nods his head, remembering his cause. It’s him time, and he’s doing what he has to do to become the next “American Dream” of professional wrestling. Killings nods his head several more times, his look now focused and serious, knowing what has to be done… although, we the audience don’t. And apparently, we’re not going to find out because once Killings nods to his “KKK” members, “American Dream” hits the sound system!

    The crowd EXPLODES in cheers as they know who is coming… the son of Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes. Killings and his crew turn their attention immediately to the stage, where after a few moments, out he comes! Dustin Rhodes walks onto the entrance stage, dressed in the same outfit as last week, a sleeveless white shirt and jeans. Dustin has a microphone in hand already, and looks very anxious and he stares down Killings. But hey, who can blame him? It’s being implied that his father is about to get beaten down so brutally and viciously that we’re never going to be able to see him in professional wrestling again. After several long moments of the crowd cheering the arrival of Dustin’s arrival, and Dustin and Killings staring down… the crowd quiets down, and, staring straight into Killing’s eyes, Dustin begins to speak, slightly trembling at first.

    Dustin Rhodes: R-Ro... Ron, look… don’t do this. I know, I know what ya’ think ya’ need to do, but Ron… this just ain’t right! I get it. You wanna make an impact, kid… ya’ wanna take ‘da place of muh Daddy; ya’ wanna be ‘da American Dream! Ron Killings, you wanna be just like every other up an’ comin’ wrestla’ in ‘dis sport today! Ya’ wanna blame ‘da past of others for ya’ own let downs in life, but Ron, not ta’day! Not with muh Daddy! Please, don’t use muh Dad as ya’ way ta’ become someone famous!

    Rhodes stares at Killings from the stage in nothing but hope, hoping that he can get through to Killings, persuade him not to do anything to his father.

    Dustin Rhodes: Ron… I’m not here ta’ fight wit’ ya’ ta’day. I tried it once, an’ it failed. I’m only here ta’ talk, so Ron… please listen ta’ me. I know ya’ had it hard. I know ya’ had it rough as a kid growin’ up, but Ron, doin’ what ya’ ‘bout ta’ do ta’ my Daddy ain’t gonna change that! All ya’ ‘bout ta’ do, is rip ‘da thing that my Dad loves most away from him… an’ ya’ gonna change him from da’ man that he is! If ya’ go through wit’ this, ya’ gonna beat muh Daddy down, I know. Ya’ gonna take away everythin’ great ‘bout muh Poppa away from wrestlin’, ‘da fans, muh family, an’ me! Please! Ron, I’m beggin’ ya’ here!

    Rhodes, his face filled with grief, pauses only to drop down onto his two knees.

    Dustin Rhodes: I’m on muh knees, beggin’ ya, Ron… don’t take away muh Daddy! Ple- Please! Ya’ got ya’ group of boys there wit’ ya, an’ I know what ya’ gonna do! Ya’ gonna beat him down ta’ an inch of his life! Ya’ gonna kick him like a mule, but I’m beggin’ ya! Ya’ see this!? DO YA’ SEE THIS!? I’m on muh knees, BEGGIN’ YA… DON’T DO THIS!

    It’s a tense moment in The Asylum, as the stare down between the two men is in a full emotional stand-off. Killings looks confused at his decision, almost as if he wants to listen to Rhodes, but knows that if he does that, he’s stepping away from everything he has thought and done his entire life. He’d be backing away from doing what he himself does think is right still. The big story though, is Dustin. At this point, he’s breaking down. On his knees, grief and sorrow on his face, Dustin truly has tears starting to come down from his eyes. Dustin looks pleadingly at Killings, tears flowing more from his eyes, while Ron, just stares at Dustin. After a few moments, Killings clutches his left hand into a fist, and closes his eyes…

    …And shakes his head no! Killings opens his eyes, still shaking his head left-to-right, telling Dustin, “no, I won’t listen to you”. The crowd can’t believe it, irate at Killings not being moved by Dustin’s speech to listen to him. Rhodes can’t believe it, his mouth dropping in shock, the tears stopping their flow down his cheeks. As Rhodes sniffles and wipes his faces and eyes, Killings continues shaking his head.

    Ron Killings: No… I ain’t gonna change muh mind… not fo’ noboday!

    Killings face becomes serious and focused again, while Rhodes is now back on his feet, his face still showing some grief, but also a lot of anger now.

    Dustin Rhodes: Ya’… ya’ kiddin’, right!? Ron, how can ya’ do this!? Ya’ ‘bout ta’ take away muh Father! Ya’ ‘bout ta’ destroy a legend! A great wrestla’! A great man! Ya’ ‘bout ta’ ruin muh Daddy, n’ all ‘dat da’ N-Dubya-A got left! How can ya’ stand there, an’ want ta’ murder ‘da legacy of Dusty Rhodes, an’ ‘da legacy of ‘da N-Dubya-A!?

    As Rhodes continues to berate Killings, Ron shakes his head ‘no’ two more times, and then retorts.

    Ron Killings: Why shoul’ I not!? Why shoul’ Ron Killings listen ta’ ya’!? Yo’ wanna save ya’ Daddy! Yo’ wanna save ‘da N-Dubya-A! Well we all wanna save shit we can’t save! We all wanna play ‘da hero, Dustin, but ‘dere ain’t always a hero! Yo’ can’t always save a man, n’ ‘dis is one o’ ‘dem times! Dustay Rhodes is standin’ in-a muh way, n’ now, IT’S MUH TIME! SCREW DA’ N-DUBYA-A! SCREW TRADITION! SCREW DUSTAY RHODES! SCREW ‘DESE PEOPLE! N’ SCREW YOU!

    The crowd, like Killings just did, snaps. They’ve been livid ever since Killings shook his head no to Dustin Rhodes, but now, with Killings having snapped, they have too, booing Killings as loud as they probably ever have. The pure hatred that they have for this man is being shown! It continues on for several long moments, and while the crowd rains down their hatred for Killings, he and Dustin glare at one another, hatred in both of their eyes now.

    Ron Killings: Dustin, I gotta do wha’ I gotta do! It’s muh time ta’ be da’ star, n’ NO ONE… is holdin’ me down! Yo’ Dad stood in muh way, n’ he’s gotta go! Da’ N-Dubya-A is standin’ in muh way, n’ just like yo’ Dad, it’s gotta go! I’m just doin’, wha’ I gotta do!

    Rhodes glares at Killings, not buying his speech anymore.

    Dustin Rhodes: YA’ AIN’T GOTTA DO SHIT! Ya’ don’t gotta try n’ kill off muh Daddy’s career! Ya’ don’t gotta try n’ kill off ‘da N-Dubya-A!

    Ron Killings: YES I DO! I GOTTA DO IT! I gotta pave muh path, n’ muh path goes through ‘dis! I gotta destroy yo’ Pops’ legacy, n’ da’ N-Dubya-A! Ya’ ain’t changin’ muh mind, Dustin! ‘Da old American Dream goes down ta’night, n’ yo’ new one comes fro’ da’ ashes! N’ da new one is me, Ron Killings! Ron Killings is goin’ ta’ ‘da top, n’ it’s jus’ wha’ I gotta do! No one is gonna stop me, Dustin! Dustay Rhodes ain’t stoppin’ me, ‘dese people ain’t stoppin’ me, n’ YOU, AIN’T STOPPIN’ ME!

    The crowd is still livid, booing Killings, although the real story is no longer between Killings and the crowd as it was before, but Killings and the Rhodes’. Dustin and Ron stare one another down, with so much hatred you can practically smell it in the air. As the two glare at one another, Dustin realizes that he can’t persuade Killings; he has reached a point of no return.

    Dustin Rhodes: Ron… I tried. I tried ta’ reason wit’ ya! I tried ta’ tell ya’, don’t do this! Ya’ ain’t gonna gain NOTHIN’ by ruining muh Daddy’s career, nor ‘da N-Dubya-A’s. Ya’ can’t kill a promotion an’ a real legacy! I didn’t get that at first, but I do now! No matta’ wha’ ya’ do ta’ muh Daddy, n’ no matta’ wha’ ya’ do ta’ ‘da legends of ‘da N-Dubya-A, it’ll live on! ‘Da American Dream an’ ‘da N-Dubya-A lives on through ‘da spirit of others who appreciate it! I’ll keep ‘Da American Dream alive, an’ I’ll always be N-Dubya-A! An’ as a member of ‘da N-Dubya-A, an’ as the son of ‘da American Dream, I’m gonna what a member of ‘da N-Dubya-A an’ what muh Daddy would do! I tried ta’ reason with ya’, an’ since ya’ wouldn’t listen, I gotta do, what I, GOTTA DO! Killings, ya’ got ‘da numbers, but damn it, I got ‘da pride of ‘da N-Dubya-A an’ muh Dad!

    And Rhodes drops the mic! Dustin Rhodes knows the numbers are well against him, but Rhodes drops the mic and sprints down the entrance ramp/aisle, ready for a fight! Killings has a 7 on 1 advantage, but Dustin is going to free his father, no matter what! The crowd is red hot cheering Dustin on, and soon enough, Dustin dives into the ring, and it’s on!

    Dustin throws a flurry of right hands at Killings, knocking him down quickly, only to quickly be jumped by the Black KKK boys! Two of them try and grab a hold of his arms and head, but Rhodes uses his strength to shove them off! They stagger back, and a double clothesline from Dustin knocks them down! And four more jump him! The 4 other ‘KKK’ members jump at Dustin, and despite his efforts, they overwhelm him with right hands and forearms. The 4 KKK members and Killings all take their turns hitting Dustin, each getting multiple shots in. Soon enough, it’s a 7 on 1 attack, and the crowd is livid!

    The 7 on 1 attack continues on for a few moments, with 2 of the black KKK boys holding Dustin’s arms while Killings hits slow, hard, right hands. The crowd is booing like crazy, but all of a sudden, they start to cheer! Behind everyone else, ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes is on his feet!Dusty staggers once on his own two feet, having to have at least a concussion as blood drips from his face! Dusty may be a little groggy, but he knows what’s going on, and he’s going to help his son! Dusty hurries over to Killings and his crew, and drills one of the 4 idle KKK members with a Bionic Elbow! The crowd is booming with cheers, and Dusty is going to town… BIONIC ELBOW~! A 2nd KKK goes down, followed by a 3rd! The two KKK boys that were holding Dustin release him and jump at Dusty, but The American Dream tries to fight them off with right hands! Dusty battles the two KKK members, while Dustin struggles to his feet and battles the final KKK member not on the canvas. The crowd is loving the action, pulled into the action, but no one seems to notice Killings not in the action! Killings has backed off into the corner, and is digging into his pocket… he has a steel chain! Killings quickly wraps the chain around his right hand, just as Dusty hits two more Bionic Elbow’s to the two men he was dueling with! Dusty tries to walk over and help his son, Dustin, but before he can, KILLINGS CLOCKS DUSTY IN THE FACE WITH THE CHAIN!

    Dusty goes down, and his face immediately starts gushing more blood, but Killings doesn’t stop there. Dustin Rhodes knocks down the man he was dueling with, but as soon as he does, KILLINGS HITS HIM WITH THE CHAIN AND FIST! Dustin goes down immediately, and he starts to bleed from the forehead as well! Killings drops the chain into his pocket, and takes a few deep breaths while the irate crowd boos like freaking crazy! Killings takes a few more deep breaths, while his 6 KKK boys recover to their feet, their robes wrinkled and such. With the 6 men back on their feet, Killings digs into his pockets, and pulls out two pairs of handcuffs. Why he had two, I don’t know, but he has handcuffs! Killings tosses a pair to one of his boys, and then the other pair to another black KKK member. They take the cuffs, while two others drag Dustin Rhodes to one set of ropes, and the other two drag Dusty to the opposite of ropes. While they do so, Killings speaks, having picked up his mic.

    Ron Killings: I told ya’… I told all ya’lls… I had ta’ do ‘dis! Ya’ woul’n’t listen ta’ me, n’ look wha’ happenin’! Now, Dustay Rhodes is goin’ down, ‘da N-Dubya-A is goin’ down, n’ Dustin Rhodes is goin’ down! Dustin! I told ya’… ‘dere ain’t always a hero! Ya’ ain’t da’ hero, n’ now, now ‘da N-Dubya-A n’ yo’ Daddy got nothin’ but tho’ end! NO ONE CAN SAVE YA’ NOW! IT’S MUH TIME! YO’ AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD, N’ SO IS ‘DA N-DUBYA-A!

    The crowd is irate, booing like CRAZY~! Killings is irate, his eyes filled with pure, unadulterated, anger. He looks at his “boys” and then the crowd, taking it all in. After a few moments, he brings the mic up to his mouth one more time.

    Ron Killings: Ta’night, ya’ were gonna witness ‘da end o’ jus’ Dustay Rhodes, but now, ‘da entira’ Rhodes family is goin’ down! Boys, ‘cuff ‘em! It’s time! It’s time Ron Killings makes his leap ta’ stardom! It’s muh time! N’ now, I’m ‘da new American Dream, n’ I’m yo’ Messiah!

    Killings nods at his “boys”, who prepare to handcuff Dustin and Dusty to the ropes. However, before they do… the light cuts out! The Asylum is filled with mass confusion from the fans, who don’t know what the heck is going on. Even though the lights are off, you can still hear Killings yell into the mic,

    Ron Killings: Wha’ ‘da hell is ‘dis!?

    The lights stay out for several moments, and it is only after a few moments that lights come back on, but not the stage lights… spotlights! Spotlights starts flashing around through The Asylum; in the ring, the ramp and stage, the crowd, everywhere! Killings can be seen sporadically looking throughout The Asylum trying to figure out what is going on, when the spotlights cut out! It’s darkness again for just one second, and then there’s a spotlight, right in the middle of the ring!

    Killings is right in the spotlight, but he immediately jumps out of it, confused as to what is going on! The spotlight flashes white several times, and then, the logo of a scorpion appears in the spotlight! The crowd gets it, and they EXPLODE into the loudest ovation yet! The scorpion logo flashes several times, and as it does so, several loud screeches fill The Asylum! Those are screeches from that of a Crow! The signals continue to flash through The Asylum, as the scorpion logo flashes while a crow screeches! After several moments, with the crowd still cheering their heads off, the scorpion logo disappears, and the crow screeches come to a halt. And then, a bright white light from above shines down from above the center of the ring, all the way down to the ring! AND THERE HE IS~!

    A figure dressed in black starts descending from the rafters of The Asylum, the bright white light on him! The crowd is cheering like crazy, and Ron Killings and his crew of black KKK members are looking up at the figure, in disbelief! STING IS IN NWA:TNA!

    The man known as Sting descends down from the rafters, dressed in his black trench coat and white and black face paint, wielding his black baseball bat! Sting lands on his feet in the canvas, in the middle of the ring, surrounded by Killings and his KKK members, all of whom are so bewildered that Sting is here in The Asylum! Killings and co. are practically dumbstruck, not knowing what to do, giving Sting enough time to release himself from his quick release safety harness. The lights flash back on, and Sting attacks!

    Sting swings his black bat at the nearest KKK member, scoring with a direct hit to the head! He goes down, and Sting swings like a madman! A second goes down with a shot to the head! A third takes a shot to the side of the face! A fourth KKK member finally charges before Sting can attack, but he takes the tip of the bat to the gut, and then an overhead shot to the upper back, knocking him down! The final two KKK members charge, while Killings is still dumbstruck, apparently afraid by the arrival of The Stinger! The fifth KKK member takes the bat to the chest, staggering backwards, while the sixth takes a quick strike right to the head, knocking him down! That fifth KKK member tries to stagger towards Sting, but he takes a shot to the head as well, knocking him clear out!

    The crowd is on their feet in incredibly loud cheers, as the 6 KKK members have been knocked from the ring, and it’s just Sting and Killings! Sting, his face emotionless as always, stares at Killings, and points the head of the baseball bat directly at Killings’ chest! Panicking, Killings quickly tries to make a quick charge at Sting, but The Stinger is ready, swinging the bat hard, drilling Killings right in the gut! Killings keels over, the wind being knocked out of him. Sting walks behind Killings, releases his bat, and grabs him by the head into a reverse face lock… SCORPION DEATH DROP~!

    The crowd explodes into even louder cheers as Killings is spike to the canvas, and he is down and out! Sting gets back to his feet, and uses his foot to push Killings out of the ring to the ringside floor. The crowd is on their feet, cheering as loud as can be, as Sting is in NWA:TNA! Killings thought no one would save The Rhodes and the legacy and tradition of the NWA, but one man did! Sting has returned to his roots of the NWA to save the day! After a few moments of standing in the middle of the ring, emotionless, Sting cups his hands to his mouth, and loudly yells out “WOOOOO”. And then, Sting turns his head from side to side, and walks over to the edge of the ring, right where Dustin Rhodes is. Dustin, blood flowing from his forehead, looks up at The Stinger, and smiles, knowing he has come to save the NWA and the Rhodes. Sting extends a hand, and he helps pull Dustin up to his feet. The two embrace quickly, and Sting and Dustin then walk over to Dusty, and extend hands to him, helping to pull The American Dream up to his feet. Dusty, blood still gushing from his forehead, embraces Sting for a moment to cheers from the crowd. The two release the embrace, and then it is father and son’s turn, as Dustin and Dusty Rhodes embrace, father and son re-united! The Stinger and the Rhodes family all celebrate together in the ring as the show comes to its happy end, Dustin and Dusty Rhodes saved from Ron Killings, and the NWA legacy and tradition still alive, all thanks to Sting.

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    Re: BTB Showcase Thread

    Back at the end of 2017, I joined this forum having found it by chance upon doing a google search for forums that offer a BTB section (and what a fortuitous find it was). I found a few places, but this place seemed not only the most active, but also of a quality unmatched by anywhere else, and thus I joined with the intention of bringing a BTB to the boards a few months down the line in early 2018. That never happened due to life getting in the way, but I am now in a place where I fully intend to bring my first BTB to this place and expect to have something started in the first third of the year, if not the first quarter. With that said, I figured I would share with you what I feel is my best work from a previous BTB I did back on a forum I used at the time. This was (scarily) 10 years ago, and whilst I have not written anything since I feel it will be representative of my upcoming work as, after all, I now have 10 years of experience reading other BTB's and gaining ideas and further knowledge of wrestling, so I should technically now be a more mature and capable writer than I was back then. Basically, I'm hoping you'll read this and go 'well that was good, imagine what he can do now!'.

    With that said, I present to you my showcase piece. I was originally going to post my entire Wrestlemania 25 show, but having read through it, as it was so spectacularly long I will just post the last 3 matches of the event as this provided the two main title matches as well as The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, and also the writing of these matches was more detailed than the earlier matches, given their importance.

    JR: Randy Orton putting his plans into place as he looks to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, but I'm sure he'll have one eye on the WWE Champion who is just moments away from defending his title against Edge, who has vowed to take advantage of the situation between The 'Legend Killer' and Triple H and walk out as the new WWE Champion.... let's take a look at what has been an intense rivalry between 'The Game' and The 'Rated R Superstar'......

    Clips from No Way Out where Triple H won the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber, a match where Edge was eliminated early on by Jeff Hardy...

    Three weeks later on Smackdown, after Randy Orton had announced he was challenging Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship, Vickie announces that Edge will challenge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 25 against whoever was the WWE Champion...

    The next week, Vickie announces that Triple H will defend his WWE Championship the following week on Smackdowns 800th episode against The Big Show inside a Steel Cage...

    On the 800th episode of Smackdown, Triple H is taunted by Edge following an interview, The 'Rated R Superstar' making some vicious comments about Randy Orton's attack on his wife Stephanie. Triple H flips and batters Edge before being restrained by officials...

    Later that night Triple H defends his WWE Championship against The Big Show inside the Steel Cage. Show looks to have the match won as he walks towards the open cage door, only for it to be smashed back into his face by Edge, who had his own issues with Big Show...

    The next week Triple H has a match against Mark Henry and is attacked by Edge, who hits him with a Spear before hitting a con-chair-to on the champion...

    2 nights ago, the contract signing between Triple H and Edge where both men quickly sign the contract only for Edge to make some more disparaging remarks about Stephanie's attack at the hands of Randy Orton. Triple H is again less than impressed and leaps over the table to attack Edge, only being restrained when a dozen officials rush to the ring. Triple H breaks free a couple of times to further assault Edge as the video fades out...

    Edge makes his way to the ring first, surveying his surroundings with a smug look. The crowd are on their feet as Triple H's music blasts out into the arena and 'The Game' makes his way to the ring, staring at Edge all the way from the top of the ramp to being in the ring. The referee holds the WWE Title up after briefly talking to both men, and hands it to the timekeeper before ringing the bell......

    WWE Championship

    Triple H © vs Edge

    The bell sounds at the behest of the official and Triple H takes Edge completely by surprise with a Thesz Press, 'The Game' mounting him and hammering him with some vicious rights as Edge desperately tries to cover up. Triple H gets up and drags Edge up by the hair and pushes him into the corner where he continues to rain down blow after blow. Edge is dazed as Triple H rips into him, kicking his ass all across the ring, kneeing him in the gut, more punches, the Triple H whips Edge to the ropes and takes him down with a Harley Race like knee. Triple H goes for another Irish Whip. it's countered and Edge stoops for a back bodydrop but Triple H hits a Facebreaker Knee Smash followed by a huge Spinebuster!!!! Triple H flexes his arms and roars but turns back to find Edge has managed to roll to the outside and relative safety. Triple H is hot on his tail, sliding out of the ring as Edge tries to crawl away. 'The Game' lifts Edge up by the hair and lays into him with some rights before whipping him shoulder first into the steel ringsteps. Triple H rolls in to break the refs count and rolls back out as Edge again tries desperately to crawl away, only to find himself being driven kidney first against the barricades. Triple H throws Edge back into the ring and carries on the attack, dropping a knee to the sternum and making the cover, which Edge kicks out of at 2.

    Triple H has dominated so far and drags Edge to his feet after the unsuccessful cover, but Edge hits a desperate punch before looking to whip 'The Game' to the turnbuckle. Triple H counters it and switches momentum to whip Edge into the corner they were coming out of. The referee was not expecting it and is trapped in the corner as Edge steams towards him but The 'Rated R Superstar' manages to put the brakes on just in time. Edge steps back and turns just as Triple H looks to take him down with a clothesline but Edge ducks.... but he too manages to avoid nailing the ref. Triple H turns around and Edge explodes towards him, Trips dodges him and Edge scythes the official down with a Spear!!!! Edge looks down at the referee as he runs his hands through his hair. He turns and is kicked in the gut........

    JR: Pedigree!!!!
    King: Oooh, low blow, by Edge!

    Triple H collapses after the cheap shot, Edge taking the only way out he could find. He is slow to capitalise after the beating he's taken early on but eventually gets to his feet. Triple H slowly staggers up to his feet moments later....

    JR: SPEAR!!!!
    Michael Cole: We're going to have a new WWE Champion! Edge makes the cover...
    King: There's no-one to make the count! The referee hasn't moved since he took the full brunt of that Spear...

    Edge is clearly frustrated and pulls Trips up by his hair, hitting several punches before whipping him to the ropes and taking him down with a Big Boot. Edge shakes the referee to get him to come around but he's out and Edge just pushes him under the rope to the outside. He heads up top and hits Triple H with a Missile Dropkick before crouching down in the corner.....

    King: Edge setting up for another Spear...
    Michael Cole: Triple H is up, here comes Edge......
    JR: No, 'The Game' counters with a kick right to the face of Edge.. an... and Triple H going for a Pedigree... yes! Pedigree!!!!

    Triple H is slow to make the cover but manages to crawl over to Edge and weakly hook the leg.......

    JR: But there is still not referee, wait... another referee running to the ring.....
    King: Hurry up ref!...
    JR: He's made it....
    JR: No, Edge kicks out!

    Triple H can't believe it, he'd have had this won but for the lack of a referee. He slowly gets up and drags Edge to his feet and nails him with some rights that knock him into the corner. Irish Whip by Trips and Edge slams into the opposite turnbuckle, Triple H follows it up with a hard Falling Clothesline and makes a cover, Edge rolling a shoulder out somehow. Triple H hauls Edge up once more and whips him to the ropes looking for another big clothesline, Edge ducks, turns and takes Trips out at the knee with a chop block, taking a page right out of 'The Games' book. Triple H stumbles to the ropes and falls across the middle rope, Edge takes advantage and charges to hit a flying Crossbody across the back of Triple H. Edge waits for Triple H to get back up and hits a perfect dropkick before making another cover. Triple H kicks out just in time and Edge is certain he got the 3. He gets tp his feet and argues with the referee, holding up 3 fingers in protest. He runs his hands through his hair and stares angrily at the official before turning around just as Triple H launches at him with a huge clothesline. Edge ducks and Triple H smashes the official, sending him down to the canvas. Triple H gets up from the collision and turns into a kick to the gut from Edge who quickly hits an Impaler DDT. You can see the cogs turning in Edge's head as he ponders his next move, choosing to roll to the outside knowing there is no referee to make the count. Edge walks towards the timekeepers area and shouts at the timekeeper to get up, before taking his steel chair. Edge gets back into the ring and walks slowly towards Triple H licking his lips. Edge raises the chair above his head......

    King: This isn't looking good for Tr....
    JR: Wa... oh Spinebuster by the champion..... Triple H sensing the danger and exploding with a huge Spinebuster to Edge..... an........ and now he's going for The Pedigree...... No! Back Bodydrop by Edge

    Triple H gets up and turns, and Edge Flapjacks him up and right down onto the chair. Edge has taken some punishment and takes a second to paw at his aching body before striding towards Triple H and grabbing his hair, but Triple H trips Edge up and grabs both legs.....

    JR: OH! Triple H looking for the Figure Four.... can he lock it in..... he can, Figure Four Leglock by the champion in the middle of the ring.....

    Edge is in trouble and has nowhere to go, the pain clear on his face......

    King: He's tapping!
    JR: But again there is no referee!

    Edge stops tapping and has his hands on his head as he struggles for a way out, he looks around and starts dragging himself towards the ropes, inching very slowly towards them, but he reaches out for the steel chair that he brought in earlier and gets a finger on it, and just manages to pull it towards him......

    JR: Triple H has got this locked in, but wait, Edge has got the steel chair..... Ooooohh, huge shot to the skull of the champion.....

    Triple H falls back and rolls onto his chest after taking a steel chair shot right to the skull and Edge escapes the submission hold, although his legs are clearly in pain. He stumbles to his feet, hobbling around for a few moments before picking up the steel chair and raising it above his head......

    King: What a shot across the back of Triple H.... and another, and again.....

    Edge hits half a dozen hard shots with the steel chair across the back of Triple H before dropping the weapon and falling to his knees. Edge lifts Triple H's head up and stares at him for a second before sliding the chair underneath his face and dropping his head back down. Edge rolls back to the outside and grabs another chair from ringside before climbing back into the ring and standing ominously over the champion. He raises the chair above his head and takes a look around at the crowd as they all boo loudly.....

    JR: Come on Edge, can't you do this the honest way.....
    Michael Cole: Con-chair-to!!!!
    King: And look at this....

    We see Vickie Guerrero appear from backstage ordering a third referee to run to the ring as Edge lies across Triple H and hooks both legs, looking around as the official runs quickly down the long ramp towards the ring.......

    JR: Come on 'Game'.....

    King: Edge has got it....

    Winner And New WWE Champion: Edge

    JR: Edge, The 'Ultimate Opportunist' does it again to win the WWE Title.......

    Edge rolls off Triple H and moves up to a kneeling position as the referee is handed the WWE Title from ringside. He walks over and places it in the hands of Edge as we flick to a shot of Vickie Guerrero clapping at the top of the stage with a big smile on her face......

    JR: Edge doing what he always does, taking advantage of a situation in any way possible and coming out on top.....
    King: What a match it was, both men could have won it early on but for the referee being down but I was sure Triple H had it won when he locked in that Figure Four Leglock.....

    Edge slowly gets to his feet, still cradling the WWE Title in his arms as he looks down at it almost lovingly....

    Michael Cole: Edge even tapped out but once again there was no referee to make the call.....
    JR: Wait a minute..... OH.....

    Edge suddenly slumps to the floor.....

    King: What the.....
    JR: IT'S MR KENNEDY!!!!!! and he's just smashed Edge in the back of the head with the Money In The Bank briefcase......
    Michael Cole: And Mr Kennedy handing the briefcase to the referee.....

    Kennedy is pumped up, shouting at the referee to get a move on. The official walks to the ropes and says something to Lilian Garcia as he hands her the briefcase......

    Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

    King: I don't believe it!

    WWE Championship
    Mr Kennedy Is Cashing In The Money In The Bank Briefcase

    Edge © vs Mr Kennedy

    The bell rings just as Edge somehow stumbles up from the shot to the head and turns right into Mr Kennedy...

    JR: MIC CHECK!!!


    JR: By gawd, Mr Kennedy is the new WWE Champion!!!!!!

    Winner And New WWE Champion: Mr Kennedy

    Mr Kennedy is handed the WWE Title by the official, slumping to his knees as it sinks in what he's just done.....

    King: I never saw this coming, JR!
    Michael Cole: Mr Kennedy became the first man to win two Money In The Bank Ladder matches earlier on tonight, and now he wins his first major title in the WWE!!!!!
    JR: Half of the packed out crowd are cheering, the rest are totally stunned, as am I....

    We see a shot of Vickie Guerrero still standing at the top of the ramp, her head in her hands as she looks on in disbelief...

    Mr Kennedy gets to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle, proudly holding up the WWE Championship and enjoying every second of it as the fans continue to cheer loudly...

    JR: What a night it has been for Mr Kennedy.... the new WWE Champion!

    We fade backstage where Cryme Tyme are walking along a corridor smiling away and talking about their big victory when they suddenly stop, the corridor becoming bathed in a red glow as the music of The Boogeyman starts to play and he suddenly appears from inside a portable rubbish bin. He looks at the pair with a weird smile before pulling out a handful of worms...

    JTG and Shad look at each other and shrug...

    Cryme Tyme's music plays and the pair start swaggering, but more bizarrely, so does Boogeyman who really gets into it...

    JTG & Shad Gaspard: He got worms worms yeh yeh, he got worms worms yeh yeh, he got worms worms yeh yeh...

    Boogey stuffs a handful of worms into his mouth before joining in...

    The Boogeyman: I got worms worms yeh yeh, I got worms worms yeh yeh...

    Cryme Tyme smile and start laughing as they continue on their walk, Boogey continuing to get down and eat worms...

    Michael Cole: What the hell... haha
    King: Did that really just happen?
    JR: The Boogeyman there folks.... well, boogeying, I guess with the new World Tag Team Champions Cryme Tyme...
    King: Man that was weird hahaha.....

    We cut to another backstage location where Vickie Guerrero is with Edge, fawning over him as a doctor helps him into the medical room...

    Vickie Guerrero: Oh baby......

    The doctor closes the door and Vickie turns around, right into Triple H who is walking down the corridor with a face like thunder...

    Vickie Guerrero: You.... where do you think you're going...

    Triple H stares intensely at Vickie...

    Triple H: Don't worry, I couldn't care less about Edge, I'm going to find Randy Orton...

    Triple H starts to walk but Vickie puts her hand on his chest to stop him...

    Vickie Guerrero: Stop..... no way Triple H, as Smackdown General Manager it is my duty to control the Smackdown locker room and I am ordering you to keep away from Randy Orton tonight, if you so much as think about laying a finger on Randy Orton and compromising the RAW World Title match, I will suspend you indefinitely...

    'The Game' looks at Vickie with a stern stare...

    Triple H: Ok... fine... I won't lay a hand on Orton... tonight...

    Triple H barges past Vickie and out of shot as we head back into the arena...

    Lilian Garcia: Please welcome on stage, the inductees into the 2009 WWE Hall Of Fame!!!!!!

    The HOF music plays and out steps 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, 'Cowboy' Bill Watts, Koko B. Ware, Howard 'The Fink' Finkel, Terry and Dory Funk Jr, representing the Von Erich's - Kevin Von Erich and finally, representing Owen Hart - his brother-in-law Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart. After being introduced one by one by Lilian Garcia, the HOF'ers leave the stage to rapturous applause...

    We suddenly cut backstage where a slew of officials and backstage workers rush along a corridor, and the camera finally gets in place to show Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and David Smith, all flat out on the floor, presumably having been attacked. Randy Orton appears, checking worriedly on his pals before looking up, gulping and getting an angry look as the camera pans to the direction of his stare. A seething, heavy breathing Triple H is stood staring hard at the bodies of the Legacy members, and Randy Orton. Triple H shoots a look at Orton before turning and making his exit, Orton taking a second to make sure he's gone before looking back and checking on the injured trio...

    JR: Well, Triple H may have been ordered not to lay a hand on Orton tonight, but he has certainly made sure it's going to be a level playing field for the World Heavyweight Championship match coming up next. Let's take a look at the build up to this Triple Threat match between Orton, John Cena and the champion.... Chris Jericho...

    We see clips of Orton's assault on Vince McMahon the week before the Royal Rumble, and then a clip of Jericho telling Orton he doesn't expect him to be in the WWE much longer. We then see Orton winning the Royal Rumble match...

    We see clips of Chris Jericho being victorious inside the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out...

    Next is the moment Randy Orton made his decision to face Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 25, only for Stephanie McMahon to come out and announce that she would be adding John Cena to the match as he has not yet had his rematch since losing the title at No Way Out...

    Clips from the forthcoming weeks of Orton getting increasingly annoyed as Stephanie looks to make him pay for what he has done to her father and brother, only for Orton to sink to vile new depths, by punting Stephanie in the skull...

    Shots of each man getting the better of the other two over the last 3 episodes of RAW leading upto Wrestlemania, ending with Chris Jericho hitting a Codebreaker on Cena as Orton is chased off by Triple H...

    We fade back into the arena where John Cena is first out, bouncing energetically around the stage as he salutes his fans. Randy Orton is out next, staring straight ahead as he makes his way to the ring, The 'Legend Killer' zoned in and ready for the match. Finally, out steps the champion, Chris Jericho walking out and sneering at the booing fans before strutting towards the ring with his usual air of confidence. Having held the title high in the air, the official hands it to the timekeeper and rings for the bell...

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Triple Threat Match

    Chris Jericho © vs Randy Orton vs John Cena

    All three men look at each other cautiously before Jericho looks at Orton in a way that suggests they pair up on Cena. Orton seems to agree and the pair walk towards Cena only for Orton to pause and push Jericho forward as Cena kicks him in the gut. Cena hits a few rights on Jericho and turns his back on Orton who sneaks up, grabs Cena and hits an Inverted Backbreaker before pulling Jericho down for a cover, the champion kicking out at just 1. Orton turns his attentions to Cena, hitting him with some punches before Jericho confronts him and The 'Legend Killer' hits a European Uppercut before going to work on the champion. The next few minutes see the three men trading blows as they all seek to take control, but as is the case in this match type, it's hard to do unless you can take an opponent right out of the game. Moments later, Cena is knocked down by an Orton clothesline, and hauls himself up on the apron only for Jericho to knock him right to the floor with a Springboard Dropkick. Orton is right on top of Jericho the moment he gets up and The Legend Killer' takes control of the champion, shunting him to a corner and raining down blows before whipping him to the ropes and taking him down with a perfectly executed Dropkick. Orton grounds Jericho in a Body Scissors before Jericho fights out and hits a few punches before Orton takes him back down with a falling clothesline. Orton looks like he's really enjoying being in control of the champion and lifts Jericho up but the champ knocks his hands away and hits some rights before bouncing iff the ropes at Orton who hits a snap scoop slam before making a cover for 2. Orton helps Jericho up again and looks to throw him out of the ring, turning his back and not seeing that Jericho has landed on the apron. Orton turns and Jericho Hangmans Orton on the ropes. Jericho takes his time and gets back on the apron, entering through the top two ropes but Orton is alert and kicks him in the gut before wrapping his arm around Jericho's head and planting him off the middle rope with a rope hung DDT! Orton looks down maniacally, his eyes wide and dark, but he doesn't go for a cover, something takes him over and he backs off to the corner....

    JR: Orton looking to turn out Jericho's lights...
    King: Orton with the punt...
    Michael Cole: No! John Cena takes Orton down...
    King: Where did he come from?

    Cena slid in just in time to take Orton down, catching him by surprise. Cena unloads on Orton on the mat and as the pair both get up, Orton swings at Cena who ducks and hits a twisting side slam suplex before quickly doing a 'you can't see me' wave and bouncing off the ropes. Cena drops the knuckles onto Orton's forehead and lifts the 'Legend Killer' up onto his shoulders as he stumbles to his feet. Orton somehow uses his weight to make Cena stagger towards the ropes and Orton grabs the top rope so Cena drops him throat first across the top rope before pushing him to the corner. Cena is really in control and lifts Orton onto the second turnbuckle before hitting him in the gut and climbing up to the second turnbuckle. Cena is looking for a suplex from the second turnbuckle but Jericho is up and gets under Cena and into a Powerbomb position. Jericho powerbombs Cena who in turn suplexes Orton from a great height and all 3 men crash and burn. Orton takes the brunt of the impact with Cena not exactly having a good time of it whilst Jericho also reels from the move. The champion is first up though, and makes a cover on Cena who kicks out, then Jericho covers Orton who also rolls a shoulder. Orton is hurt from the impact and instinctively rolls to the outside after kicking out as Jericho concentrates on Cena, locking him in an armbar and wrenching on his arm. Cena fights up to his feet and breaks the hold before running to the ropes, only for Jericho to take him down with a spinning heel kick. Jericho gets up, looks at Cena and looks at the ropes before going for a Lionsault. Cena rolls out of the way but Jericho lands on his feet and Cena turns straight into a Enzuigiri. Jericho makes the cover but Cena kicks out.

    Jericho looks down at Cena with derision as he struts around the ring, pulling him up by his hair and punching him before whipping him to the ropes. Cena counters with a flying shoulderblock, and another.... no! Jericho ducks and Cena lands on his front and Jericho quickly strides over and grabs his legs....

    JR: Jericho looking for the Walls Of Jericho.... oh wait Cena rolls him up....
    JR: Jericho kicks out!

    Cena hauls Jericho up and looks for a suplex but Jericho lands behind him, springs off the ropes and hits a running bulldog. Jericho quickly hits a Lionsault and goes for the cover, Orton slides in and breaks the cover with a boot to Jericho's head, although Cena rolled a shoulder out anyway. Orton hits Jericho with a few European Uppercuts and whips him to the corner, following it up with a running knee to the champs gut. Jericho stumbles out of the corner and Orton climbs the turnbuckle, waiting for Jericho to get back to his feet. Jericho is up and turns........

    JR: Diving Crossbody by Orton... but Jericho rolls it through...1...2...Cena breaks it up!

    Cena clotheslines Jericho over the top rope and turns around to get kicked in the gut by Orton, European Uppercut from The 'Legend Killer' who then whips Cena to the ropes.... flying shoulderblock, and another, Orton is up and swings, Cena ducks and hits the twisting side slam suplex, 'you can't see me' wave, five knuckle shuffle..... Orton stumbles up and Cena lifts him up for the FU... Orton struggles out and slides down Cena's back.... RKO.... no Cena pushes Orton away. Orton turns back around and Cena drops him with a drop toe hold...... STFU!! Cena has it locked in.... but Jericho is back in and breaks it up within a matter of seconds with a running bulldog to Cena. Orton looks for a clothesline on the champ, Jericho ducks and clotheslines Orton to the outside. Jericho turns and sees Cena getting up, Jericho trips him.....

    JR: Walls Of Jericho!!! he's got it locked in!
    King: In the middle of the ring, I don't see a way out for Cena
    Michael Cole: Jericho wrenching back hard on Cena's back...

    Cena screams in anguish as Jericho has the Walls locked right in, but tries desperately to start crawling towards the ropes and pulls Jericho along millimeter by millimeter. Cena gets closer to the ropes and reaches out but he's not close enough, and he makes one last effort to drag himself along the canvas..... he gets a hand on the bottom rope but Jericho won't break the hold, knowing that there are no disqualifications in Triple Threat matches. Jericho keeps the hold locked in for a few more seconds until breaking it and getting to his feet. Jericho hasn't seen Orton climb the turnbuckle from the apron and turns just in time for Orton to hit a Missile Dropkick from the top. Jericho gets up and turns as Orton goes for an RKO but Jericho pushes Orton away and quickly grabs him and throws him to the outside before going back over to Cena who is still reeling from being in the Walls Of Jericho for a lengthy time. Jericho strides towards Cena, but Cena suddenly gets to his feet and lifts Jericho onto his shoulders....

    JR: FU!!!!!!
    King: Wait, Jericho landed on his feet....

    Cena turns.....

    Michael Cole: Codebreaker!!!!!!
    JR: Jericho just seconds away....
    King: RKO! RKO!
    JR: From out of nowhere...

    Jericho rolls to the outside following a huge RKO from Orton and The 'Legend Killer' drops to the mat in a press-up type position, staring intensely at Cena as he punches his fists into the canvas, spit forming on his lips.....

    King: Don't get up, Cena!...

    But Cena does get up and turns straight into Orton...

    JR: RK... no Cena pushes him away, Orton turns and, oh OH!! FU FU.....

    Cena is slow to make the cover but crawls over and hooks the leg...


    Orton kicks out of the FU. Cena gets to his feet and drags Orton up, the pair almost using eachother as objects for resting against when Orton suddenly livens up....

    JR: RKO, this time Orton connects with the RKO....

    Orton takes a few steps back and runs back at Cena who is somehow not completely out.....

    King: Oh.... that punt from Randy Orton...
    JR: Not again....

    JR: Awww.... Orton does it again, and just like last years Wrestlemania, he wins a Triple Threat match to win the title, and again uses that sick punt to the skull to secure the victory....

    Winner And New World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

    King: Chris Jericho still down on the outside, losing his title without even getting pinned!
    Michael Cole: As is always a possibility in a Triple Threat match, but the fact of the matter is, that man, Randy Orton is the new World Heavyweight Champion....
    JR: The 'Legend Killer' doing what he said he would, and fulfilling his destiny to become the champion here at Wrestlemania 25.....

    Randy Orton holds up the belt, weakly climbing the turnbuckle after the grueling match to make sure everybody knows he's the new champ as the screen fades out slowly....

    A video plays hyping next years Wrestlemania 26 to be held on the 28th March at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona. A tagline for the event also appears on screen, that reads 'Destruction In The Desert' as the video fades out and we head back into the arena.....

    JR: Well folks, it's time, in my mind the most eagerly anticipated match in WWE history just moments away. Many have labeled it a dream match and I for one have been waiting for this since the moment it was announced. Two of the most successful and entertaining superstars ever to set foot inside the squared circle, let's take a look at how Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker find themselves set to face each other on the grandest stage of all, here at Wrestlemania 25.......

    Smackdown 20/02/09: Michaels makes a surprise appearance on the first Friday Night Smackdown following No Way Out, and surprising people even further by challenging The Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania 25...

    The next edition of RAW, where we see Michaels challenged to a match by JBL, the winner of which will get to officially challenge The Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania 25...

    We see Shawn defeat JBL the following week and earn the right to challenge The Undertaker...

    RAW 09/03/09: The Undertaker accepts the challenge of Shawn Michaels and says 'A couple of months ago, I recall telling Shawn Michaels a few very important words.....' as we flick to a clip from the Royal Rumble where Undertaker appears in Michaels' locker room as he prepared for a match and tells him 'sometimes it can be hell trying to get to heaven'. We flick back to that edition of RAW where Taker continues... 'It seems to me that you have just found what you were looking for when you rid yourself of the disease of the influence which JBL held over you, and yet now you seek the very antithesis..... you seek the very depths of the most putrid, decaying pits of hell by challenging me to a match at Wrestlemania. A place where not only am I unbeaten, but a burial ground for the very souls of all who have dared to step into the ring with the 'Deadman'. You call yourself Mr Wrestlamania, Shawn, but at Wrestlemania something so unearthly enters my very being to create a foe that you can and will not defeat. And so at Wrestlemania, Shawn, I accept your challenge and look forward to conspiring yet another sorry soul to a fiery hell of which even I dare not speak...'

    Michaels' music hits..... 'I knew it.... I never had a doubt in my mind that you would accept my challenge, Undertaker, and you know why?... because Wrestlemania is a place where we both come alive, don't get me wrong, I'm the Showstopper every time I step into this ring, but at Wrestlemania, something just takes over my body that I can't explain and my match is always the one that everyone is talking about as they leave the arena.....'

    Michaels extends a hand to Taker, who accepts before the lights go out and come back on, Taker having disappeared in eerily quick time...

    We see a clip of Undertaker suffering a defeat against Vladimir Kozlov on Smackdown 13/03/09 before jumping to RAW 16/03/09 where Michaels says in an interview 'what better way to show The Undertaker I mean business than by beating the man that he could not, and ending the undefeated streak of Vladimir Kozlov much like I intend to do against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania....... after I end Kozlov's streak tonight, I'm going to do exactly the same thing, in my home town of Houston, Texas, when I face the man that nobody thinks can be beaten at Wrestlemania... The Undertaker.....'

    Michaels defeats Kozlov only for the titantron to distort and start showing clips of Taker defeating his previous Wrestlemania opponents as the counter goes from 1-0 to 16-0, before showing clips of Michaels at different Wrestlemanias, then freezing on a shot of him as 17-0 appears on the screen...

    A clip from the next edition of Smackdown where Taker beats JBL only for Michaels to appear on the titantron clapping his victory and telling him 'congratulations on beating JBL...... but Undertaker..... You have never beaten The 'Show Stopper', The 'Main Event'.... 'Mr Wrestlemania, and after Wrestlemania...... that will still be true....... contrary to the little message you sent me over on RAW, Undertaker, I will not be number 17...... I will not be the 17th victim to turn up at Wrestlemania and fall prey to The 'Deadman', instead I will be number 1...... the first person in Wrestlemania history to walk into the ring with the 'Phenom' and end the night with his hand raised in victory...... at Wrestlemania, The 'Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels will make history when he ends the most storied streak known to man, the streak of The Undertaker......'

    We see clips from the next RAW, just two weeks before tonight, where Taker and Michaels find themselves teaming up against Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, picking up the win over the new World Tag Team Champions despite their constant attempts at one-upmanship throughout the match, most notably at the end when Michaels is tuning up the band only for Taker to tag himself in, finish off DiBiase himself, looking directly at 'HBK' as he makes the cover. Michaels rushes straight into the ring at the end of the match to square up to Taker, before backing of and leaving up the ramp whilst still making the point to Taker that he had the match won...

    Smackdown later that week, Taker and Michaels versus JBL and Kozlov, which sees the pair working well together once again. Taker tags Michaels in who ducks a clothesline from JBL who stops just short of Taker who hasn't yet left the ring. JBL turns and Michaels attempts the Superkick only to nail Taker right in the face as JBL ducks. Michaels soon hits Sweet Chin Music on JBL to win the match and looks down at Taker who suddenly sits bolt upright. Michaels quickly leaps out of the ring and backs up the ramp staring back at Taker with a shrug of the shoulders...

    The final episode of RAW before tonight and we see Michaels telling Todd Grisham how it was an accident that he Superkicked Taker on Smackdown, but at the end of the day they still won the match. Later that night, Michaels has a match with Knox which he wins, only for Taker to come out and Chokeslam 'HBK' forcefully into the canvas...

    Finally, Smackdown 2 nights ago, Taker appears at the start of the night.....
    The Undertaker: Shawn Michaels.......... This Sunday at Wrestlemania, you seek to succeed where 16 others have fallen..... Yet you make the same mistakes that those 16 men made before you........ I remember not so long ago, telling you Shawn, that sometimes it can be hell trying to get to heaven, and you know that more than most, but you exude the same arrogance of those that have previously fallen to The Undertaker, and show an unwilling desire not to reach heaven, but the very pits of your deepest hell......... You challenged me to a match at Wrestlemania, Shawn, expecting as all the others did, that 'you' will be the one who ends the streak and lays my soul to rest, but my soul will never rest, Shawn. You have always been a man of confidence, but your confidence will be your undoing at Wrestlemania. Nothing can prepare you for what lies in store this Sunday, and the Chokeslam you received on RAW was simply the tip of the iceberg. Whilst my soul will continue to walk these plains long after my body has perished, yours will be lost forever to me....... because at Wrestlemania.... Shawn...... you will rest........ in....... peeeeeeeaaacceeeeeee!

    As The Undertaker rolls his eyes back into his head, the titantron suddenly bursts to life as the screen fuzzes over, flickering before slowly unfuzzing to reveal what appears to be a mound of dirt. The camera pans out and we see a graveyard. The camera pulls out more to reveal a figure dressed all in white resting on a shovel, in fact, it looks like an exact, all white version of The Undertaker's clothing. The figure lifts his head and we see that it is Shawn Michaels, who begins to talk in the slow, methodical style reminiscent of The 'Deadman' himself.........

    Shawn Michaels: Hello, Undertaker....... You speak of my confidence as though it is a bad thing, when the very opposite is true. You see, the 16 men who have fallen before you at Wrestlemanias past have all had one problem....... they were scared of you, but I, Undertaker, I am not afraid. You can not get into my head as you have your previous victims, in fact, if anything, when you blindsided me with a Chokeslam on RAW, you showed that it is in fact you who is afraid of me. Both you and I know, Undertaker, that in all the years we have co existed in the WWE, you have never beaten me in a match, and the thought of 'that' streak continuing on Sunday, scares 'you'. Undertaker, I do not need to resort to mindgames in an effort to beat you at Wrestlemania, I am Mr Wrestlemania.... I am The 'ShowStopper', The 'Icon' and most importantly....... the man who will end the infamous streak of The Undertaker......... This Sunday.... I will not become the 17th victim, because you, Undertaker, will be the one.......

    Michaels starts to shovel the mound of dirt back into the freshly dug grave that sits beside it......

    Shawn Michaels: who rests...... in...... peeeeeeaacceeee

    Michaels lowers his head as he goes back to resting on the shovel as the camera pans towards the tombstone at the head of the grave. The camera draws in close and reveals the writing on the tombstone........ 'The Undertaker' and underneath it, '16-1'. The screen fades to black, fuzzing briefly before restoring to its original state. We look back at The Undertaker stood in the ring, staring up at the titantron, looking rather annoyed at Shawn Michaels' message......

    Later that night, Taker has a match with Kozlov, and finally defeats the Russian with a Chokeslam and then a Tombstone, sending a message to Michaels. But it is 'HBK' who has the last word, appearing in the ring and nailing Taker with Sweet Chin Music just seconds after winning the match

    Tazz: A big win for The Undertaker, but there is no doubt in my mind who has the upper hand going in to Wrestlemania....

    The video slows down on the image of Michaels standing over Taker, staring down at him unflinchingly as he heads into Wrestlemania with the momentum behind him.......

    JR: And that folks brings us to this very point, this huge match, The 'Phenom', The 'Deadman' - The Undertaker versus 'The Icon', 'The Main Event', 'The ShowStopper', 'Mr Wrestlemania'.... Shawn Michaels....


    The fans almost blow the roof off of the Reliant Stadium as 'HBK's music hits and he appears from backstage wearing the same white suit we saw him in on this past Fridays Smackdown. He looks really pumped up as he does his usual entrance, kneeling and praying as fireworks erupt behind him before jumping back up to his feet and pausing, removing the white hat and pulling off his white suit in one fluid movement revealing it to be a one piece garment loosely stuck together at the back, before he walks the rest of the way to the ring with a big smile on his face. He enters the ring, running around with a skip in his step before settling and awaiting the entrance of his opponent.......


    The crowd have only just died down a little following the entrance of 'HBK' but they are soon lifting the roof off once more as The Undertaker appears and makes his ominous, foreboding journey towards the ring as mist swirls all the way down the ramp at the feet of The 'Deadman'. Taker climbs the steps and raises his hands as the lights come back on and he then enters the ring where he stares piercingly at Michaels. Taker removes his hat and lifts his head as he rolls his eyes back before handing it to the timekeeper along with his cloak. The referee asks both men to join him as he goes through the rules of the match, although neither man seems to be really listening as they choose instead to stare at each other. The respect is obvious, but both men want to win this match tonight. The pair back off and the crowd are absolutely electric as the bell rings at the behest of the official.......

    The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

    The early going is tentative, with the pair locking up and breaking up with neither man getting anywhere. They circle around before locking up again and Taker pushes Michaels to the corner and throws a big right which Michaels ducks, hitting a big chop to the chest before backing off. The pair lock up again and once more Taker pushes 'HBK' to the corner only to miss his mark and get chopped across the chest. Michaels backs off with a small hint of a smile as Taker walks out of the corner. They lock up again and Taker whips Michaels to the ropes, he ducks a clothesline from Taker and then ducks a Big Boot on the way back, stops and looks for an early Sweet Chin Music but Taker reels back and the pair stare at each other for a few seconds as neither man is able to take any measure of an advantage. Michaels whips Taker to the ropes next and charges at Michaels who leapfrogs over him, Taker bounces back and ducks a clothesline before bouncing back and aiming one of his own at 'HBK' who also ducks and runs the ropes himself. Both men spring at each other and Taker clasps his hand around Michaels throat but he is quick to knock the arm away and jump back, the pair once again having a standoff as the crowd lap up the early exchanges.

    The pair hook up again but Michaels this time lifts a knee to Taker's gut and whips him to the ropes, Taker ducks a clothesline and bounces back to take 'HBK' down with a Big Boot. Taker pushes Michaels to the corner and hits several big strikes before whipping him to the opposite corner. Taker charges and Michaels hits a falling clothesline, making a tentative cover that Taker kicks out of with the referee barely reaching a 1 count. Michaels immediately maneuvers into a front face lock on Taker, struggling to keep him down but keeping in position and locking the move right in for a good 25 seconds before Taker finds a way to his feet and breaks the hold, throwing some big right hands at Michaels before whipping him to the ropes again only to be taken down by a Flying Forearm. Michaels kips up and moves towards Taker who is getting up and nimbly takes Michaels down before applying a Fujiwara Armbar. Taker wrenches back on 'HBK's arm and Michaels eventually manages to somehow roll onto his back and push Taker away to break the hold, standing up and pawing at his arm briefly. The pair trade some blows for a short while until Michaels goes for a clothesline which Taker ducks before throwing Michaels over the top rope, but 'HBK' lands on the apron and Taker turns, reacting quickly and knocking Michaels off the apron with a Big Boot. Michaels staggers back up to his feet and turns back towards the ring just as Taker flies over the top rope, taking him down with a Suicide Dive!. Both men are down although Michaels clearly had the worst of it as the official begins his count. Taker hauls Michaels back into the ring and pushes him to the corner where he delivers several vicious strikes before whipping Michaels to the opposite corner with huge force, Michaels theatrically rolling back-first over the turnbuckle and to the outside. Taker follows him out and hits some more rights before whipping him into the steps as he starts to take control. Taker is in his element now and breaks Michaels down on the outside, occasionally rolling in to break the officials count, between driving Michaels kidney first to the barricades and to the ring apron and taking him down with a big clothesline that sends Michaels crashing to the thin mats. Taker pushes Michaels against the ringpost and looks to hit a splash/clothesline but Michaels moves at the last second and Taker eats steel. Michaels senses his chance to turn thins around and clobbers Taker across the back before pushing him head first back into the ringpost. He rolls in and out of the ring but the few seconds are enough for Taker to recover as he takes Michaels down with a huge right hand. Taker pushes Michaels back into the ring and climbs onto the apron but Michaels hits a rope assisted double footed kick to the chest of Taker to knock him to the floor. Michaels waits as Taker gets up and turns, pulling back on the top rope and taking The Deadman down with a Slingshot Crossbody.

    Michaels leads Taker around the ring, slamming his head against the apron and barricades before Taker rallies with a knee to the gut and a few strikes of his own. Both men trade blows for the next couple of minutes on the outside whilst both rolling in and out to break the referees count. Taker takes the upper hand and rams michaels' head into the ring apron half a dozen times before hauling him onto the ring apron and placing him with his neck hanging over the apron. Taker climbs up and backs towards the ringpost before striding a dropping his leg across 'HBK's throat, The Heartbreak Kid falling back down to the floor. Taker takes a few seconds to regroup before going back to the outside and walking towards Michaels who suddenly stoops and lifts Taker up with a Back BodyDrop that sends Taker on to the announce desk!....

    JR: Oh my, I think we had best move guys....
    King: I'm way ahead of you, JR!...
    JR: Michaels Back BodyDropping The Under..... ooooh wait a second....SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT.... Michaels, he's just hit a Springboard Moonsault from the middle rope straight onto The Undertaker and driven both The Undertaker and himself through the announce table....
    Michael Cole: We moved just in time!...

    Both Michaels and The Undertaker lie amongst the debris of the broken announce desk following HBK's high risk maneuver and the referee checks on both men amongst the carnage before going back to the ring to start a count. He gets to 4 before either man starts to move as Michaels picks himself up and heads back to the ring just as Taker starts to rouse, and Michaels opts to haul Taker up himself and push him into the ring as JR comments that Taker may not have answered the ten count. Michaels is in control now and pushes Taker to the corner where he hits a dozen stiff chops to the chest before backing off and allowing Taker to stumble out, but he doesn't wait long before hitting a Belly to Back Suplex and making the cover for a 2 count. Michaels whips Taker to the ropes and hits a Dropkick before whipping him to the ropes again and stooping for a Back BodyDrop that Taker counters with a running DDT. Taker needed that to get things back on an even keel and as the pair get up, Taker hits a few blows before whipping HBK to the ropes but is taken by surprise as Michaels springs off with a Flying Forearm that knocks Taker down. Michaels quickly kips up and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop, then a punch then Scoop Slams Taker before heading quickly to the turnbuckle. Michaels climbs and wastes no time in soaring through the air looking to drive the elbow into Taker's sternum, but The Deadman lifts his knees up right into the arm and ribs of The Heartbreak Kid, who rolls around the ring clutching at his arm and midriff. Taker takes the initiative, throwing some solid rights and lefts into Michaels' rib cage and grabbing HBK in a wristlock and delivering some hefty shoulder blocks as he goes to work on Michaels' upper body. Taker hits a Sidewalk Slam and makes a cover which Michaels kicks out of at 2, but Taker is really in control now he has a target to work on. Taker pushes Michaels to the corner and delivers some more precise shots to the ribs of Michaels before whipping him to the ropes and taking him down with a high leaping clothesline. Taker hauls Michaels back up and grabs his arm, twisting it around as he heads towards the corner and climbs the turnbuckle......

    King: Uh oh Shawn.... I think Taker's looking to end this soon...
    JR: The Undertaker walking across the middle rope, spelling danger for Michaels, Taker about to go Old School.... OH! SWEETCHIN MUSIC! what a counter, is this the moment...
    Michael Cole: Michaels with the cover!
    JR: No! Taker kicks out
    King: What an amazing counter that was by Michaels, the Superkick from nowhere just as Taker was ready to go Old School..... How did The Undertaker kick out?

    Michaels gets right down to business and doesn't dwell on Taker kicking out of the Superkick, almost as if he expected it. He whips Taker to the ropes and The Deadman stoops only for Michaels to scout the Back BodyDrop and hit a swinging neckbreaker, making the cover for 2. He pushes Taker to the corner, hitting several chops before whipping him to the opposite corner. Michaels steams in and Taker lifts a boot, but HBK catches it, throws it down and hits another series of chops before looking to whip Taker across the ring again. Taker counters and Michaels slams into the turnbuckle as Taker charges at him, but HBK lifts a boot to his face and takes him down with a clothesline, again going for a cover for 2. Michaels is in control here and drops a leg across Taker's throat once, twice, three times before making another cover as he looks to pick up the win. Michaels picks Taker up and grabs his wrist, twisting it around as he looks around at the crowd with a rye smile. He walks towards the turnbuckle and climbs up.....

    King: Is Michaels doing what I think he is?
    JR: I believe so, Michaels looking to go Old School...

    Michaels walks across the top rope and pushes off...

    Michael Cole: Michaels from the top rope...
    King: Taker's caught him, he's got him!...

    Taker has caught Michaels around the throat, preventing HBK from hitting Old School but getting right into position for a Chokeslam...

    JR: Undertaker going for the Chokeslam...
    Michael Cole: Michaels counters, landing behind The Undertaker and.. oh wait a minute, backslide by Michaels...

    JR: Ohhh, Undertaker kicks out again
    King: Great counter again by Michaels, I thought he had him...

    Michaels pushes Taker to the corner and hits several punches to the face of The Deadman before climbing the turnbuckle and standing over him as he drives his fist into the forehead of Taker, the crowd counting along with every one..... 4... 5... but Taker suddenly grabs Michaels by the waist of his trunks in a Last Ride position but looks to drop Michaels into the turnbuckle with a sort of modified Snake Eyes... Michaels blocks it and lands with his feet on the bottom rope and his hands on the top, quickly climbing up as Taker stumbles out thinking he's bought himself some time. Taker turns around.....

    JR: Moonsault!!!! OHHH, Taker's caught him, he's got hi... oooh.. TOMBSTONE!!!! IT'S OVER!!!!!

    Taker folds Michaels' arms across his chest and makes the pin...

    JR: 1......
    King: Taker's got him...
    JR: 2......
    King: What a match...
    JR: 3......
    Michael Cole: NO!!! Michaels kicks out...
    JR: MY GOD! I thought he had him...
    King: I can't believe it.... no-one kicks out of the Tombstone!

    Taker shares this view, his eyes widening the moment Michaels instinctively rolls a shoulder, staring down at The Showstopper in disbelief before pushing his hair back out of his eyes. Michaels has barely moved apart from kicking out, and Taker lifts him up, only for him to fall back down. Taker helps him up again and pushes him to the corner and hits some more shots to the ribs and face of Michaels before whipping him to the corner and following in successfully with a clothesline that sees Michaels stumble out and fall to the mat face-first. Taker pushes Michaels back to the corner after hauling him up and drives several back elbows into Michaels cheek as he looks to finish The Heartbreak Kid off. Taker grabs the wrist of Michaels and twists his arm around before climbing the turnbuckle and walking across the ropes before finally hitting Old School right across the back of Michaels' neck. Taker forces Michaels' head between his legs and raises his closed fist in the air...

    King: Michaels in desperate trouble here...
    JR: Undertaker signaling the Last Ride.....

    Taker lifts Michaels up and suspends him by the waist of his trunks...

    King: Here it comes...
    JR: Wait, Michaels sliding down behind The Undertaker... Michaels with the roll up... no wait...

    Michaels grabs both of Taker's legs....

    King: Michaels looking for the Sharpshooter!!!!
    JR: He's... can he turn The Undertaker ove.... he can.... Michaels has the Sharpshooter locked in.....
    Michael Cole: Another amazing counter by Michaels, can he make The Undertaker tap...

    Michaels pulls back as hard as he can, his face screwed up as he tries desperately to force Taker to submit. Taker is in some pain and tries to crawl to the ropes with all of Michaels' wait on his lower back. Taker pulls and scratches at the canvas, edging towards the ropes as Michaels tries to stop him but Taker reaches out a hand and grasps the bottom rope and the referee orders Michaels to break the hold, HBK using up every second of the five count before releasing Taker. Michaels walks around briefly, pawing at his own ribs and back having put everything into that submission hold. He walks towards Taker who grabs his trunks and pulls him so he lands throat first across the middle rope, a veteran move by The Undertaker. Michaels stumbles to his feet and towards Taker who scoops him up and puts him across his shoulder.......

    JR: Undertaker back in control..... Snake eyes!!!!........ looks to take Michaels down with that Big Boot.....
    King: WOAHHHH!
    JR: MY GAWD! Sweet Chin Music!......
    Michael Cole: Again the counter by Michaels and a second Sweet Chin Music..... but can he capitalise....

    Michaels slumps to the floor after hitting the Superkick having seemingly used up what energy he could muster to hit his trademark move....

    JR: Michaels, slowly crawling towards The Undertaker..... this is his chance... he gets the arm across the chest....


    JR: Ooooh, I'm not sure how much more I can take..... Taker kicking out from a second Superkick, this is ridiculous...

    Michaels barely reacts to Taker kicking out, it seemingly being all he could do to make the cover with just his out-stretched arm as he stays slumped face down for a few moments. He starts to move and you can sense a little bit of disbelief on his face now, wondering what it will take if two Superkicks aren't enough. Michaels slowly gets to his feet and hauls Taker up, wrapping his arm around his head before planting him with a DDT and making another cover which Taker kicks out of. Michaels gets up again and moves towards Taker......

    JR: Michaels looking to drag The Undertaker back to his fee... OH, Undertaker grabbing at Michaels and going fo.... he's... he's got that devilsome submission hold locked in....
    Michael Cole: Undertaker with the Hells Gate submission... it's locked in, Michaels in trouble... struggling to get out as the leg of The Undertaker crushes against his throat... Michaels trying desperately to reach for the ropes.... he's there, somehow, he's got a hand on the ropes...
    King: Undertaker only had that hold locked in properly for a few seconds, but the damage could be done to HBK...

    Taker breaks the hold and waits as Michaels gets up clutching his throat. Michaels stumbles doubled over towards Taker who grabs Michaels and drives him between his legs.....

    JR: Now what!!!
    Michael Cole: LAST RIDE!!!
    King: Michaels head bounced off the canvas, he's out...
    JR: Undertaker with the cover...
    Michael Cole: I don't believe this!!!
    King: Michaels kicked out?!?
    JR: How on earth is Michaels still moving let alone kicking out of a thunderous Last Ride...
    King: That had to be pure instinct, no two ways about it...

    The Undertaker is almost too weary to let it show, but the frustration is there to see as Michaels kicks out of one of his finishing moves yet again. Both men unsteadily get to their feet before trading blows. A punch from Taker, a chop from Michaels, punch, chop, punch, chop then Taker unleashes a volley of hard rights that have Michaels reeling. Taker whips Michaels to the ropes and they both have the same thought, taking each other down with a clothesline. Both are slow to get up and as they walk towards each other, Taker scoops Michaels up and looks to get him into a Tombstone position, but Michaels wriggles out and turns across Taker's shoulder to plant him with a vicious DDT...

    JR: How many times have we said it, another textbook counter by Michaels an... what's he doing now.... CROSSFACE, he's got Taker locked in the Crossface....
    King: Michaels literally trying everything in this match, will this be enough...

    Michaels has the move fully locked in with Taker's arm trapped and Michaels' hands wrenching Taker's head back. Taker grimaces in pain as does Michaels who again puts everything he's got into the hold. Taker is struggling to crawl with the bodyweight of HBK on top of him and looks in trouble until he somehow manages to roll over 360 degrees. Michaels keeps the move locked in but Taker is much closer to the ropes now and reaches out a finger that just brushes the rope. Taker drags Michaels an extra few millimeters and wraps his fingers around the bottom rope, Michaels again using the full 5 count before breaking the hold as a look of frustration washes over him, although it is somewhat masked by the pain. Both men are to their feet and Michaels reacts quickest, hitting Taker with an Inverted Atomic Drop, then a punch before scoop slamming Taker onto his back. Michaels walks towards the corner with a determined look on his face before climbing the turnbuckle a little unsteadily. He reaches the top...

    JR: Flying Elbow Drop by Michaels... he's up... and he's tuning up the band......
    Michael Cole: Is this the moment Michaels has been searching for, looking for a third dose of Sweet Chin Music...

    Michaels looks real determined as he stomps his foot into the canvas, waiting impatiently for Taker to turn around having helped himself up in the opposite corner. Taker stumbles back a few steps and turns as Michaels moves forward...

    King: Here it comes!.....
    Michael Cole: Wait... Taker's blocked it, and..... CHOKESLAM! This has got to be it now...

    Taker falls away from Michaels and takes a few seconds to make the cover, hooking both legs...

    JR: Michaels kicks out.... yet again!
    King: I give up trying to call this one...
    Michael Cole: Shawn Michaels, somehow has kicked out of a Tombstone, a Last Ride, and now a Chokeslam.... normally just one of those would be enough...

    Taker hauls Michaels up, a hard job by the looks of it as Michaels can barely move, but eventually Taker gets him to his feet. Taker clasps his hand around Michaels' throat again and lifts him up. Michaels jumps out and lands behind Taker, his knees buckling for a second before he runs to the ropes and springs back at Taker. Taker sidesteps, grabs Michaels and throws him over the top rope.... but Michaels skins the cat and somehow just about finds the energy to lift himself back over the top rope, but Taker has turned and catches Michaels on his shoulder.....

    JR: Michaels skinning the cat.. but Undertaker grabs him...
    King: He's going for another Tombstone...

    Taker gets Michaels upside down, right in position...

    Michael Cole: This is it... wait a minute... Michaels breaks free and, oh... he... Michaels grabbing at Undertaker's legs, Taker on his back and Michaels is somehow up to his feet...
    King: Is he doing what I think he is...
    Michael Cole: Michaels looking for the Figure Four Leglock....

    Michaels turns to lock the move in...

    JR: But The Undertaker, pushing Michaels away with his boots...

    Michaels is pushed forward forcefully and slams chest first into the turnbuckle before stumbling back out and around....

    JR: The Undertaker lifting Michaels up again...
    King: But Michaels slides down Undertaker's back...
    Michael Cole: Undertaker turning around and..
    JR: SWEET CHI.....
    King: NO! Undertaker ducks... Michaels turns.... Undertaker...
    Michael Cole: Lifting Michaels up again.....
    JR: TOMBSTONE!!!!!!!!!
    King: Surely it's over...

    Taker makes the cover, again folding Michaels' arms across his chest but doesn't stick his tongue out like usual...

    JR: IT IS!!!! Ladies and gentlemen what a match......

    Winner: The Undertaker


    King: I'm almost lost for words...

    The arena darkens to a dark blueish glow as The Undertaker collapses over on to his side, looking more worn out than he ever has before, staring over at the motionless Michaels with a bemused look on his face......

    JR: The look on the face of The Undertaker says it all, he can not believe just how much it has taken to defeat Shawn Michaels here tonight, The Undertaker has never been tested like this throughout his entire WWE career...
    Michael Cole: Everyone was saying how this was a dream match, but it really was like being in a dream.... to see Michaels keep kicking out after The Undertaker hit him with everything in his locker.... a Tombstone, a Last Ride and a Chokeslam not enough to defeat Michaels here tonight, only a second Tombstone Piledriver able to put Michaels down for the 3 count...
    King: And just look... the entire crowd, every single fan in attendance is up on their feet applauding both of these superstars... this has to go down as the greatest match in the WWE let alone at Wrestlemania...

    The Undertaker is still only in an upright sitting position at best, wavering between that and lolling back on to his side.....

    JR: The Undertaker knows he has been in a match here ladies nad gentlemen, Shawn Michaels, it has to be said hasn't moved to my knowledge since that second Tombstone Piledriver, an... well he is just very slowly moving his one arm but he still looks out to me...and I have to say it, what an absolute slobberknocker of a match that was...

    Fireworks start erupting all around the Reliant Stadium, lighting up the arena as Undertaker manages to just get up onto his knees with the assistance of the ropes.

    JR: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for joining us here for what has been a spectacular and unpredictable 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania, goodnight from myself, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, as we leave you to look back at the biggest moments from Wrestlemania 25.....


    Well, that's my showpiece. One huge thing is my formatting will be miles ahead of what it was here, though this is c&p from the other forum and tidied up as best I can. I can already see that my match writing will be greatly improved on this as well, along with my general writing, but basically this should give you an idea of what my upcoming BTB will deliver, I hope. Also, my new BTB won't be this detailed in general, but will be scaled down to suit weekly shows; this was just so in depth because it was the biggest show of the year!

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    Royal Rumble Re: BTB Showcase Thread

    So, seeing as it's Royal Rumble season, I figured I'd post one of my old Rumble PPVs here. This is the show that follows on from that Raw XV show I posted in here the other week. Writing Rumble matches has always been my favourite thing about booking in general, so I've a soft spot for the ones I've written (albeit there's one that definitely doesn't age well) but one of the main critiques about this one was the amount of outside influence on the match, which is fair, but I still had a lot of fun putting it all together.

    THE 2008
    January 20 | Thomas & Mack Centre, Las Vegas NV


    The sound of a single piano key is heard.

    Narrator: Gambling…

    An up close shot of coins falling from a one armed bandit machine, the spin of a roulette wheel, the sight of dice hitting bouncing off a table wall…

    Narrator: Highs…

    Ric Flair dumps Sid in 1992 to win the WW(F)E Title.

    Bobby Heenan: I KNEW HE’D DO IT!!!

    Christian launches at Lesnar, sending him off last year to win.

    Jim Ross: Nothing has stood in his way; nothing could stand in his way!!

    Duggan drops the top rope, sending One Man Gang tumbling over.

    Vince McMahon: Ohhh yes!!!

    Narrator: And lows…

    Clips of MVP, Carlito, Brent Albright and Mark Henry being eliminated at last years Royal Rumble.

    Narrator: … With the ecstasy of victory…

    Thousands of chips fall, sprinkled in with clips of John Cena having his hand raised in 2005, Yokozuna in ‘93 and Lesnars triumph in 2003.

    Narrator: … The bitter taste of defeat can follow in the blink of an eye.

    The sight of stacks of chips being hooked away, intertwined with clips of Austin being screwed in ‘99, Bret Hart screwed over in ‘97, and the Bulldog having his moment ripped away by Shawn Michaels in 1995.

    Narrator: To risk it all - becomes the addiction…

    Shot of a hand throwing dice, with the dice slowly moving through the air … as clips of Shawn Michaels foot dangling in ‘95; Bret Hart & Lex Luger both tumbling over the top in 1994, and the The Games triumphant return in 2002.

    Narrator: … The difference between victory and defeat - miniscule.

    Clips of Carlito & Kofi Kingston, Bryan Danielson, The Miz, Matt Hardy, Cody Rhodes and Garrison Cade.

    Narrator: Despite an uncertain outcome, tonight, 30 men will gamble, 30 men will roll the dice, 30 men will risk it all to taste victory…

    Clips of Kurt Angle, Paul London, The Master Craftsmen, Rob Van Dam, The Brian Kendrick and Shawn Michaels.

    Narrator: There are those who have gambled before and won…

    Clips of Shawn Michaels kicking Diesel out in 96 … Flair walking the aisle in 1992 then with the title after nearly an hours work …

    Ric Flair: WITH A TEAR - IN MY EYE!!

    … And Christian having his hand raised last year.

    Narrator: And there are those who have left empty handed…

    Rapid clips of Angle being eliminated in 2004 & 2005, Edge being thrown in the same years, and The Undertaker being victim to his own eliminations in 1997 and 2003.

    Narrator: But tonight…

    More recent clips of Edge, Angle and The Deadman in action.

    Narrator: They all try again!!

    Kurt Angle: I have to win the Royal Rumble. I have to go to the main event of WrestleMania.

    Michaels, Christian, Angle, Flair, Edge and The Undertaker eliminating others through the years.

    Narrator: They are not alone. New faces roll the dice for the first time…

    Shots of Rumble debutants; Bryan Danielson, The Brian Kendrick, The Coach(!?), Nick Nemeth and The Miz.

    Narrator: Players new and old … beset by addiction…

    A confident looking Mr. Kennedy swaggering down the aisle, and a ferocious looking Brock Lesnar.

    Narrator: Whether to chase one last rush…

    Clips of Ric Flair in his heyday … and now, in the latter stages of his career.

    Narrator: To re-live past glories…

    Shawn Michaels posing in the mid-nineties, and now in the modern day.

    Narrator: Or for the life changing jackpot…

    Matt Hardy saluting the fans, Garrison Cade looking focused.

    Narrator: They will all chase the elusive pot of gold the lies at the end of the rainbow…

    And now, focus on John Cena and Randy Orton holding their title belts - with more of the focus on the belts.

    Narrator: Hell bent on glory, friendships are cast aside …

    Clips of Albright and Haas together, and Kofi and Carlito giving each other a high five.

    Narrator: Addiction for victory eats at the very soul, pushing them to the absolute limit.

    Christian, Rob Van Dam and Paul London all flying through the air, putting their bodies on the line.

    Narrator: For some, the outcome will be catastrophic …

    Array of clips of superstars being thrown out over the years at the very end; Kane in 2001, Bulldog in 1995, Lesnar in 2007…

    Narrator: … for others … inevitable.

    More clips of mid carders falling by the wayside throughout the years…

    Narrator: As on this night, only ONE can hit the jackpot …

    Umaga, Van Dam, Kennedy, Angle, Flair…

    Narrator: The ultimate prize of a lifetime…

    Clips of a victorious Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 12, Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 19, Christian at WrestleMania 23...

    Narrator: Wrestlemania.

    End on the WrestleMania 24 logo … as the video fades to black…




    The lights come on, and the Thomas and Mack Centre is HOT in anticipation. The camera pans around the arena, with the stage set up like a typical casino, before we pan to the commentary desk - a three man booth!!

    Jim Ross: We are live and on the air for the twenty first annual Royal Rumble!!! Tonight, thirty men will converge all with the one goal - and that is to go to WrestleMania to meet one of the World Champions in the main event!! The biggest prize in all of wrestling will be on the line tonight!! The fastest hour in the WWE calendar is tonight in Vegas, and ONE man will hit the ultimate jackpot!!! I am Jim Ross, and alongside me tonight are my Smackdown colleagues, Joey Styles and Paul Heyman…

    Paul Heyman: Thirty men, one match - one prize. Beside WrestleMania, this is my favourite night of the year, J.R. Luckily for you tonight, you’re sitting with the a-team!!!

    Joey Styles: Indeed, tonight, J.R, Paul Heyman and myself will call all the action, with J.R’s usual broadcast colleague The Coach (laughs) competing(?) … in the Royal Rumble(?) …

    Jim Ross: Our loss is twenty nine others gain. I for one cannot wait to see The Coach get his ass thrown right over the top rope. What in the world he is thinking right now … I don’t know.

    Joey Styles: He could be the number two entrant, he could be number twenty nine, or anything in between. As we know, the draw is random - but only for twenty eight of the superstars.

    Paul Heyman: That’s right, Joey. Because the number one and number thirty entrants have already been decided; last years winner faces the ultimate uphill task - Christian will be entrant number one … whilst Mister Kennedy has the best draw of the lot; number thirty.

    Jim Ross: But, let’s not forget, no one has EVER won the Rumble match from the number thirty position - is tonight the night where that statistic is put to bed once and for all??

    Paul Heyman: Not if my pick, Brock Lesnar, has anything to say about it…

    Joey Styles: And just before we came on the air, KEN DOANE picked up a HUGE victory against Burchill to earn a coveted spot in tonights Royal Rumble match!!


    The arena lights dim to the spotlights on the stage, and the #1 Contenders for the coveted World Tag Team Championships; Doug Williams and Christopher Daniels make their elaborate entrance.

    They flip their hoods off, and the lights return, with the pair looking as ready as they’ll ever be for the one on one (two on two?) shot they’ve been chasing since their debut five months ago.

    Jim Ross: But we are kicking off this Pay Per View extravaganza with the World Tag Team Championships!!!

    Joey Styles: For five months since they debuted on Raw, The Angels of Anarchy have been eyeing the World Tag Team Champions - and so far, they’ve only had one opportunity, and that was in a triple threat match.

    Paul Heyman: They’ve been defiant that if they get a straight up shot against the champions that they would dethrone Straight Edge - well tonight, it’s put up or shut up for these two guys.

    The challengers make their way to the ring, climbing up the steps, and inside, hitting the ropes, warming up for their big opportunity.

    Jim Ross: Two amazing athletes, but in recent weeks, CM Punk has been convinced that that these two men; Daniels and Williams are just playing a role, so to speak - toying that they are nice guys, just waiting for them to show their true colours.

    Joey Styles: CM Punk knows Christopher Daniels incredibly well from their time before arriving in the WWE, and like you say J.R, Punk is waiting for The Fallen Angel specifically to show his true colours.

    Paul Heyman: So what?? This isn’t a place to make friends. It’s about winning championships. So what if The Angels of Anarchy end up cutting a few corners?? If that’s what it takes, then that’s what it takes!! Punk should know that himself, and expect it.


    Paul Heyman: I’ve been waiting for months to say this; IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME!!!

    Punk and Helms; collectively called Straight Edge, make their way onto the stage, crisscrossing with each other to salute the fans on either side of the arena, with Punk then taking up his position, looking at his imaginary watch - with Helms nodding, looking over his shoulder behind him, before Punk bellows… “IT‘S CLOBBERIN TIME!!!”

    Jim Ross: For the last year, this team - this tandem of amazing athletes - have lit up Raw, and carried tag team wrestling into a new era!! And I know you’re both Smackdown guys, and we’ve got the tag team titles from your show at stake tonight - but for my money, this is the greatest team on the planet today!!

    Paul Heyman: It’s all a matter of opinion, but I must say, while I wouldn’t look past AMW as the best team in the world, I’m a huge fan of these two guys - specifically Punk, who I knew very well before he arrived in the WWE - and I’d love to see ‘em both on Smackdown.

    Joey Styles: Well, gentlemen, what we may be forgetting is that for as good as Straight Edge have been and are - there’s no guarantee they’ll be leaving Vegas with those title belts. The Angels of Anarchy wont be a walk over by any means.

    The champions reach the ringside area, with Punk eyeing the challengers in the ring, pointing them back, wanting space to get into the ring, but Helms isn’t as bothered - or paranoid - stepping right inside.

    Jim Ross: And Joey, given CM Punks recent obsession with proving that Daniels and Williams are a couple of snakes in the grass - you’ve gotta wonder if his paranoia will cost his team tonight.

    Joey Styles: It’s a good point to make, J.R. He and Helms need to be at their best to beat this team if you ask me, and if Punk has a distraction - I don’t see it being a good night at the office for the Straight Edge champions.

    Paul Heyman: Don’t be talking about Punks paranoia as if it’s a weakness gentlemen. Your mind works at it’s best when you’re paranoid. And Punk is a special kind of talent.

    World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Straight Edge vs. The Angels of Anarchy

    After discussion in their respective corners, the teams finally decide on who will start, with Helms convincing Punk he’ll start - not wanting his (recently) hot headed partner to start. Daniels and Helms circle as Punk and Williams file out - with Punk shouting to Helms; “DON’T DROP YOUR GUARD!!”, and the legal men lock up in the middle of the ring. They struggle into the ropes, switching positions as they look for the upper hand, before both men relent; a stalemate.

    Helms and Daniels alike have the slightest sign of a smirk, both somewhat impressed by the other after neither could gain the upper hand. The two men circle the ring again, sizing each other up, before locking up, and the two struggle to gain an advantage - until Daniels manoeuvres into an arm wringer. Daniels twists the arm, and a second time, with Greg wincing - before escaping with a snap mare.

    Building up some speed, Helms races to the ropes, bouncing back toward Daniels, but The Fallen Angel is already up, and he looks to surprise the incoming champ with a hip toss … but Helms is able to counter, landing on his feet, and turns it into a hip toss of his own!!

    Helms looks to drop an elbow, but reacting just as fast, Daniels rolls out of the way, leaving Helms to hit the canvas, bouncing up, looking to deliver an elbow of his own - but he misses too!! Stalemate.

    Both are up quickly, into a lock up again, but Helms moves straight into a side headlock, and keeps Daniels there until getting to the corner, reaching to tag Punk for the first time. Together, Straight Edge shoot Daniels off the ropes, delivering a stereo hip toss!!

    Helms exits, Punk presses down onto the challenger, 1...Too soon. Daniels rolls a shoulder almost immediately, but Punk keeps the pressure on him, backing Daniels against the ropes, elbowing him, then looks to execute a side suplex - but Daniels flips out, landing behind, and knocks Punk off his feet.

    Daniels presses Punk into the corner, and brings Doug Williams in for the first time. Williams shoots Punk across to a neutral corner, and rushes in, cracking the champion with a running European uppercut!! Punk is groggy coming from the corner, and Williams executes a headlock takedown.

    Punk head scissors out of the headlock on the ground quickly, and rushes to a vertical base, ducking under a clothesline from the Englishman, and returns with stiff kicks to the knees of Doug, then kicks to the thigh area, but Williams ducks the knockout blow - the roundhouse kick- stand off.

    After the missed kick, both men take up a defensive position - hands up - expecting something from the other. The fans give the two men a little reaction, and Williams offers a nod at Punk - who offers nothing in return - before they begin to circle around the ring again. Lock up.

    After an initial struggle, the more powerful Englishman presses his size advantage onto the Straight Edge star, and powers Punk onto the mat, but Punk escapes, and meets Williams on the feet with a kick to the gut, and backs Doug into the ropes, driving a series of forearms into the mush of the Brit.

    Punk softens Williams up, and sends him off the ropes, but ducks down, and Doug returns, hopping over Punk, coming off the opposite side - but Punk drops down, with Williams running past, off the ropes again - but this time, Punk leaps up, and surprises Williams, who runs right into Punks path - and Punk hoists Williams up -- PUNK CARD … NO!!!!!

    Williams emphatically - and desperately - elbows free, delivering a succession of blows to the skull of Punk to escape the move, and once back down on his feet, Williams goes behind his groggy opponent, running the tag champ into the ropes, and rolls Punk up … 1...2... PUNK ROLLS THROUGH - INTO HIS OWN PIN … 1...2... NO!!!

    Williams pushes free, and sends Punk into the corner off the kick out. Doug quickly gets to his feet, meeting Punk in the corner, but Punk strikes first with a kick to the gut, and applies an arm wringer, gaining control of the Brit, and takes him to the corner - making a tag out to Helms. Greg makes the most of the five count, perching himself up onto the top rope, and with the arm wringer still applied - Helms leaps off with an axe handle to the exposed arm.

    Helms continues to focus on the arm, applies an arm wringer, kicking the back of Williams knee, gaining leverage on the challenger, but the tough as nails Englishman battles back to his feet to try and escape the hold. Helms stops him though, yanking on the arm, then sends Williams off the ropes - but Williams returns and surprises Helms with a running shoulder block!!! Helms takes a tumble, and The Anarchist shakes his arm loose, before wisely tagging out to his partner.

    Daniels rushes in, stopping Helms from tagging out by dragging him back to the middle of the ring, dropping an elbow to keep him there. On the apron, Punk is livid - but has no reason to be; his frustrations are just boiling over. Daniels looks up at the complaining Punk, shaking his head, and turns his focus back to Helms, delivering a front slam.

    The Fallen Angel backs Helms up against the ropes, delivering a couple of short forearms, before sending Helms off the ropes - where CM Punk makes a blind tag - and Daniels delivers a back body drop on Helms - who he believes to be legal - and drops an elbow. Daniels gets up, still believing Helms is legal … but gets a surprise, as Punk comes off the ropes - SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE - DANIELS SIDE STEPS!!!!!

    The Fallen Angel smirks, pointing to his head - suggesting he was aware of the supposed blind tag - and he bashes Punks head off the turnbuckle pad, softening him up, and tags Williams back in. Williams stomps Punk in the corner, softening him up to deliver a gut-wrench suplex. No cover, but Doug backs into the ropes, coming back - dropping a knee, before making the cover, 1...2... KICK OUT!!

    Williams transitions quickly into a sleeper on the mat, but Punk doesn’t allow the hold to be clamped on for long, pushing to his vertical base, and frees himself with elbows, then turns, looking to make a tag, but Williams clubs him around the back, putting Punk back on his knees, preventing a tag.

    Williams drags the champ up, delivering a side suplex, transitioning into a cover, 1...2... KICK OUT AGAIN!! Williams looks up, seeing Daniels, and the challengers nod, with Daniels accepting the tag once Doug is up.

    Together, the Angels of Anarchy make the most of their five seconds, stomping Punk down in the corner, before The Anarchist is forced out. Daniels drags the champ out, and looks for an uppercut forearm - but Punk ducks underneath it - and surprises Daniels with a BACKSLIDE - 1...2... NO!!!! Daniels slithers free from the pin, and ducks a clothesline attempt from Punk when back on their feet - and dropkicks Punk - beautifully - on the return. Cover, 1...2... KICK OUT!!

    Daniels follows up, delivering a couple of forearm blows to Punks jaw, before shooting him off the ropes, and looks for a back body drop; but Punk shifts, and rolls off the back, Daniels spins around … ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE SKULL!!!!! Punk with a devastating blow to Daniels!!! Punk hooks the leg;


    …KICK OUT…

    Punk looks to his corner - he could do with a tag - but instead, despite Helms reaching out, imploring the tag … Punk grimaces, and shakes his head, mouthing to his partner; “I NEED TO TEACH THIS DICK A LESSON” … and decides to stay in the ring!!

    Punk meets Daniels as the challenger stands up, softening him up with sharp forearms, then runs off the ropes, rushing back at the Fallen Angel - but right into a drop toe hold too!!! Daniels traps Punks leg with his own, making sure Punk cant escape, and he reaches up, tagging Williams, and Williams enters with a elbow to the exposed back of Punk.

    Whilst the commentators discuss Punk making a mistake by not tagging out when he had the chance, Daniels rolls out, and Williams focuses his attack on the back, pushing Punk up against the ropes - torso against the ropes - and hammers his back; over and over, softening him up.

    Scott Armstrong gives Doug a brief warning on his offence by the ropes, with the Brit accepting the warning, before dragging Punk from the ropes, and executing a back breaker!!! Williams hooks the leg…



    Punk survives!! Williams looks to his partner- the two men clearly in sync and on the same page - and drags Punk up, tagging to Daniels, bringing the fresh man back in. Daniels traps the arm behind Punks back, and drives his knee into the weakened area of the champion. Daniels sends Punk across the ring, hard into the corner, with Punk wincing from the pain shooting through his back, but as Daniels rushes in - Punk puts an elbow up!! Daniels takes a step back, with Punk exploding out of the corner … RIGHT INTO A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!!!! Daniels hooks the leg…


    ………KICK OUT………

    Daniels shakes his head, and brings Punk back to his feet, pushing him up against the ropes, softening up Punk further with knees to the gut, and a couple of forearm shots to the jaw. The Fallen Angels attempts to send Punk to the corner is reversed though, and Punk gains a head of steam, attempting his signature running high knee into the corner - MISSES!!! Punk knees the turnbuckle instead - and Daniels makes the most of the miss- school boy on Punk out of the corner;


    …KICK OUT…

    Both men shoot up, but Daniels is a split second quicker, striking with a clothesline to knock Punk down again. Taking a second to look at the ropes and back at Punk, Daniels looks for an Arabian Press - PUNK GETS HIS KNEES UP!!!!!

    Daniels rolls away, clutching his gut, whilst Punk turns onto his front, crawling toward his corner - now wanting to tag out - with Helms desperate to get in … but Daniels grabs the leg, looking to stop the tag. Both Punk and Daniels reach their feet with The Fallen Angel holding onto the leg, and Punk bouncing up and down on his standing leg- ENZIGURI!!!!!! Opening for Punk … and he crawls to his desperate partner - TAG TO HELMS!!!!!

    Fired up, Helms leaps into action, knocking Daniels down, and again, before executing a dropkick. Helms has the fans fired up, and sizes Daniels as the challenger gets to his feet - groggy - and clutches him; Russian Leg Sweep!! Helms covers, 1...2... KICK OUT!!! Daniels survives the leg sweep, but is still out of sorts, as Helms pushes himself to the top rope … waiting for Daniels to reach his feet - CROSS BODY OFF THE TOP!!!

    ………KICK OUT………

    Helms isn’t able to finish Daniels off!!! Williams offers words of encouragement as Daniels tries to shake the cobwebs loose, but Helms is on him, beating Daniels into the corner, sending him across the ring to the opposite corner, but as he charges in, Daniels ducks, and propels Helms over the top, and Helms tumbles to the floor - with J.R quipping that that would be an elimination if this were the Royal Rumble match later - and Daniels keeps him out there with a baseball slide, before tagging The Anarchist back in.

    Williams drops down, coming after Helms, hurling him into the barrier, and follows up with a catapult into the ring post!!! Meanwhile, Punk is furious on the apron, imploring Armstrong to do something about the beating on the outside. It’s too late though, as Williams rolls Helms back in, following in, and drops a knee again. Cover, 1...2... SHOULDER UP!!!

    Williams takes another look to Daniels, with Christopher offering a shrug. The Anarchist drags Helms up, looking for an Irish whip - reversed by Greg … PUNK LOWERS THE TOP ROPE - AND WILLIAMS TUMBLES OUT!!! This time, Heyman makes a quip about that being another example of an elimination in the Rumble.

    However, the focus from J.R and Joey Styles is on the cheap tactics from Punk, and Daniels is held back by the official from entering the ring to confront Punk - but from across the ring, Punk points to the outside, and Williams earlier indiscretion with Helms - “Turnabout is fair play according to Punk” is the quote from Styles at ringside.

    Armstrong manages to restore order in the ring, calming the growing tension … whilst on the outside, Helms doesn’t elect to follow up on the assist from his partner, and instead rolls Williams back inside.

    Indeed, Punk confronts Helms on his way back in, asking him what he’s playing at, with Helms shaking his head, telling Punk “We don’t need to do business like that” - and distraction from his own partner costs Helms, as Williams meets him back in the ring with a stiff European uppercut.

    Helms is sent back, and Williams charges toward him in the corner - met by a foot to the face!! Helms rushes out of the corner and off the ropes, charging back at Doug - but both men have the same idea; DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Both men are down!!!

    Both Williams and Helms look worse for wear - but both begin to stir, and both have the same idea - TAG OUT. The race is on, with Punk and Daniels both reaching for the tag … WILLIAMS TAGS DANIELS … HELMS TAGS PUNK!!!

    The fans come alive, as the two men; Punk and Daniels - meet in the middle of the ring, going blow for blow; forearm for forearm, rocking one another, but a knee to the gut from Daniels gives him the upper hand, and he strikes with further forearms, then wants a clothesline - but Punk ducks, meeting Daniels on the return, and delivers a spinning, swinging neck breaker!!! Hook of the leg;


    …KICK OUT…

    Punk wastes no time off the kick out though, and pulls Daniels back up, hammering him with more forearms, pressing the Fallen Angel into the ropes, and shoots him off, across the ring to the opposite ropes - but Daniels wisely grabs the ropes to stop himself from bouncing back - whilst Punk kicks fresh air, having expected Daniels on the return. The roundhouse hits air, Punk spins around, and Daniels takes him down with a double leg - and into a JACKNIFE COVER-



    ……………………SHOULDER UP……………………

    Punk escapes the pin attempt, but Daniels strikes first as they get up, going behind, and rushes Punk into the ropes - roll up;



    The two men get up … but before Daniels can follow up … Punk turns his attention AWAY from The Fallen Angel, and exclaims to the official; “HE HAD THE TIGHTS!!”

    Daniels shakes his head, involving himself in the conversation, shoving Punk, denying he had the tights - and Punk shoves him back, telling Daniels “Leopards never change their spots - and neither do you”, before Daniels turns to the official, telling him this is crazy - BAM~!! Punk cheap shots Daniels!!!!!

    Punks frustrations boil over, and he drops Daniels with the right hand!!! Doug looks to step in, but is prevented by Armstrong, whilst Punk talks trash at Williams about catching Daniels out - before going back to work - whilst the commentary team confirm that Daniels DID NOT try to grab the tights - and Punk whips Daniels off the ropes, nailing him on the return with a jumping calf kick!!! Lateral press; 1...2... KICK OUT AGAIN!!!

    Punk finds his feet, watching Daniels recover, pulling himself into the corner - and this time Punk DOESN’T miss - the running high knee in the corner connects … AS DOES THE RUNNING BULLDOG!!!

    Punk stands up, and makes the ‘NAP TIME’ gesture, getting a reaction; a mixed reaction. He doesn’t let if affect him though, and Punk waits for Daniels to get to his feet … AND GETS HIM UP … PUNK CARD … CONNE- NO!!! DRAGON SCREW FROM DANIELS BEFORE THE KNEE CONNECTS!!!!!

    Daniels escapes the move with some ingenuity, and the fans react in kind for it - with the veteran offering a smirk to the fans. Punk struggles up, with Daniels meeting him - kick to the gut … AND LOADS UP … FOR A POWERBOMB … BUT PUNK LANDS ON HIS FEET … AND EXPLODES WITH THE PUNK CARD TO DANIELS!!!!!!! Punk hooks the leg;



    Williams doesn’t just stop the count, but continues to stomp Punk … until Helms enters, rushing at Williams, and Helms hammers Doug with right hands, as Punk joins him, with Armstrong losing his control of the match.

    Straight Edge are too much for Williams to handle on his own - and Daniels doesn’t look like recovering any time soon. Helms and Punk place Williams on the top rope, climbing up - looking to put him out of commission with a DOUBLE SUPERPLEX - BUT WILLIAMS BLOCKS IT!!!

    Fighting back, The Brit nails Helms, then Punk, then - in an act of desperation - head butts both men, before shoving Helms off - who lands throat first across the top rope - then delivers a big European uppercut that sends Punk tumbling onto the canvas!! Williams takes a second to catch his breath, then stands up, sizing up Punk … BOMBS AWAY … MISSES!!!!!

    Helms drags Punk out of trouble, and Williams crashes his knees into the canvas, with the Anarchist rolling away … but whilst Helms looks to help his partner up, Daniels is back to his feet - and he clotheslines Greg over the top rope to the floor below!!!

    Punk is up - but Daniels creams him with his own calf kick!!! No cover though - Daniels has much more in his sights, and he shouts to Williams … who still winces from his missed knees, but shakes it off … with the Angels of Anarchy standing Punk up … TOTAL ELIMINATION CONNECTS!!! The cover is made…



    Greg Helms SAVES Punk and the titles!!! Williams and Daniels are livid, and beat down Helms, hammering him into a weakened condition … before the challengers stand him up … TOTAL ELIMINATION TO HELMS!!!!!

    Now, as Helms rolls out of the ring Armstrong steps in, demanding Williams - the illegal man - gets out of the ring, which he does, protesting his innocence … whilst Daniels drags Punk up to his feet - KICK TO THE SKULL FROM PUNK TO DANIELS!!!

    Punk - out of nowhere - delivers a kick that puts Daniels down, and he spots Williams stepping out onto the apron - sensing an opportunity … and rushes across - delivering a stiff ass forearm, sending the Brit tumbling off the apron - hitting his face off the steel steps!!!

    Punk smirks at the result … but has Daniels rushing toward him in the corner - PUNK MOVES … DANIELS HIT’S THE CORNER … AND WALKS INTO THE PATH OF PUNK … PUNK CARD … NO!!! Daniels escapes this time, landing behind Punk, and runs him into the ropes … roll up …





    Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions - STRAIGHT EDGE @ 16:17

    Jim Ross: What the hell was that!!

    Paul Heyman: It was CM Punk takin care of business!!

    Jim Ross: He hooked the tights!! And there was damn sure no accident about it!!!

    Daniels is sat up in the ring, appalled by what just happened, looking up at the official, tugging at his tights to suggest to the official he was cheated, but Scott Armstrong doesn’t seem to know what it’s about.

    On the outside, Punk has no qualms or guilt over what he did, collecting the title belts, and meeting up with his partner at the bottom of the ramp - who also doesn’t know what’s happened - and he passes Helms the title belt, with Greg patting Punk on the back, delighted that Punk managed to get the job done for the team tonight.

    Jim Ross: Well, this is confusing. Not once during that match did I see the challengers push the envelope or bend the rules to gain an unfair advantage … the only person that did … was Punk.

    Joey Styles: I cant help but think that Punk was spurred on by his past dealings with Daniels, and decided to act before Daniels did the same to him - I don’t agree with it, but that’s what I think his thinking was.

    Jim Ross: Either way, CM Punk has slipped down a heck of a lot tonight in my estimation. The challengers were robbed of a decisive outcome here. A damn shame to a helluva match.

    Straight Edge leave up the ramp - with Helms still unaware of the finish - whilst Williams joins the exasperated Daniels in the ring, asking him what happened … and the outraged Fallen Angel explains the story to the Englishman - who isn’t happy either when he hears the news…





    Backstage, an extreme close up of the tumbler is shown, with the balls spinning around, before the camera pans out - showing the newest divas on the Raw and Smackdown rosters; Eve on Raw and Tiffany on Smackdown, taking care of the tumbler - whilst JBL inspects with Ranjin Singh and Finlay looks unimpressed by his Raw counterpart in the background.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ladies, I must say - excellent job.

    Looking like a real creep, JBL grins at the two uncomfortable divas…

    Voice: WOOOOO

    Everyone looks around - as it’s obviously RIC FLAIR entering the room, custom made from head to toe - looking like he’s brimming with confidence, ahead of his FINAL chance to win the Royal Rumble for a second time tonight. JBL is disingenuously nice.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: MISTER FLAIR!!! It is an honour, good sir, to have you here t’night!!!

    The two look set to shake hands … before Flair pulls his hand away, chuckling, as he runs his fingers through his hair instead. JBL is momentarily pissed at the slight - but smiles over it.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: HA HA!! I love it!! Stylin and Profilin!!! The Naitch is in Vegas!!! Please, be my guest; take your pick.

    Ric Flair: It’d be my pleasure - ladies??

    Flair takes the hand of each diva; kissing the hand, and the two both like it - it’s Flair after all. Flair then dips his hand into the tumbler, taking his ball out … but doesn’t open it. Instead, he throws it from one hand to another.

    Ric Flair: Tonights the night!!! WOOO!!

    Flair then turns around to leave;

    And turns right into THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN.

    Charlie Haas, Nick Dinsmore and the Intercontinental Champion Brent Albright all stand in front of Flair.

    Brent Albright: Well, well, well. Look who it is, gentlemen. It’s the oldest player in the game.

    Haas and Dinsmore both smirk, not showing the legend the type of respect he deserves.

    Ric Flair: For your information, it’s the dirtiest player in the game - and jack, if you’re not careful, you’ll wind up findin out why that is later tonight.

    Albright scoffs.

    Brent Albright: Step aside, Slick, we’ve no time for stroking egos. This aint Gods waiting room, so if you don’t mind…

    Flair smirks, then steps aside.

    Ric Flair: Be my guest.

    The trio move to walk past, but Flair grabs the arm of Albright. No longer smirking, Ric gets in the Intercontinental Champs face.

    Ric Flair: You cant touch me tonight, pal. Oldest guy or not - I’m the man, and on this night, no one is gonna beat the man.

    Flair smirks again, and steps back, leaving the room - with Albright looking angry at the words from Flair…

    Brent Albright: We’ll see about that…

    Fade out…


    Josh Mathews is standing by;

    Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome - the United States Champion, Paul London.

    Mathews turns, and the camera pans, showing London - heavily strapped up around the ribs.

    Josh Mathews: Paul, I’m sure there’s a lot of emotions you’re going through right now; you’ve been betrayed by one of your best friends, he stood and watched as you were decimated this past Friday night, and now you have to face him with your United States Title on the line. Clearly, you’re far from a hundred per cent tonight - how badly injured are you??

    Paul London: I’m pretty banged up. To say the least. As for how badly injured I am?? Josh, I’d rather not say. But let me just put it like this; I was advised not to compete tonight. Finlay himself told me he would see to it that I wouldn’t have to relinquish my title … so really, I could’ve bailed tonight.

    London shakes his head defiantly.

    Paul London: Never gonna happen.


    Paul London: There was no way I wasn’t comin here tonight, and just givin up my shot in the Royal Rumble. No way. You only get so many opportunities of going to the WrestleMania main event, and I’m not willing to give up ANY shot - no matter what happens to me. I told the doctors to strap me up, and I’d sign whatever I needed to in order to be here tonight. Maybe I’m nuts for facing a psycho like Batista when I’m in this kinda shape - but I don’t care.

    London narrows his eyes, showing his serious tone tonight.

    Paul London: Batista stood and watched while I took a beating on Friday. He doesn’t get to stand and watch tonight. See, Josh - maybe I’m a gullible fool, but Batista is or was - my friend. And I know he was a cool guy at one time … and I still think that he’s worth saving. Right now, we’re all about to find out just how far off the deep end big Dave has gone.

    The Golden Boy walks off the set - but not with any bounce in his step, clearly hampered by his injury.



    **I WALK ALONE**

    The fans don’t seem to know how to react to the music of The Animal, as the emotionless Batista walks through the curtain. The fans eventually agree to boo the 300 pound beast, with Batista not even bothering to pose for his pyro … and just keeps walking as it shoots off into the air.

    Joey Styles: And I’m lost for words on this guy. J.R, you said a few moments ago that CM Punk went down tonight in your estimations?? Well, over the last month on Smackdown, Batista has sunk right down to the lowest of the low in everyones eyes.

    Jim Ross: As a Smackdown viewer from the outside looking in, I just cannot fathom why there was such a sudden change in demeanour from this man.

    Paul Heyman: You CANT?? The man was cruelly denied the opportunity to compete in the Royal Rumble match tonight!! He’s having to watch while Edge gets another shot at earning a crack at the title, and he has to watch while lesser beings like Paul London gets to hold the U.S Title for eight months and a free pass into the Royal Rumble match!!

    Batista jogs up the steps, and onto the apron, climbing inside - and doesn’t bother to pose on the ropes. The Animal surveys the reaction of the fans instead, remaining emotionless …

    Jim Ross: In my opinion, Paul, this isn’t the way to deal with a lack of success. Paul London is supposed to be the mans friend - he’s the only one that had tried to stand by The Animal after his actions recently - and on Friday, Batista callously watched on as London was assaulted by Lashley.

    Joey Styles: And if you ask me, that was the worst of all. Batista didn’t need Paul London to be softened up here tonight. He has all the tools he needs to beat London - and now he has a huge advantage too. And just what is going on between Batista, Richards and Lashley?? We need answers on that.

    Paul Heyman: Forget Richards and Lashley. Let’s just focus on Batista, can we??


    The alarm bells should be ringing from the get go, as Paul London tentatively steps into view - with heavily taped ribs - and a permanent grimace etched on his face … he attempts to salute the fans - but winces in pain, cutting the wave short … and he doesn’t even manage to run down the aisle like he normally would, having to walk down instead.

    Joey Styles: By all rights, this match shouldn’t be happening. Paul London was advised not to compete here tonight - but such is his desire to headline WrestleMania, he has signed a waiver, allowing him to compete tonight - TWICE - this match … and the Rumble match later.

    Paul Heyman: He’s greedy. And he’s got more guts than brains too. He’s putting his career at stake taking this match tonight. And for what?? Because trust me, this kid wont be in any Royal Rumble once Batista is finished with him.

    Joey Styles: It’s called pride, Paul. Paul London has the pride of a champion - and there’s no way he would come to Vegas tonight and just relinquish that U.S Title after EIGHT long months fighting off every challenge that’s been thrown his way.

    London reaches ringside, and Marty Elias backs Batista up, with The Animal hovering near the ropes, watching his former friend struggling to climb up the steps and onto the apron. London steps into the ring, unbuckling the title belt, taking a long look at it - probably for the last time…

    Jim Ross: And while you’re absolutely right, Joey - I cant help but agree with Paul too - I just don’t see anyway that London walks out of this match - win, lose or draw - and competes later tonight.

    Joey Styles: It wouldn’t surprise me, J.R. London has made a career of upsetting the odds.

    Paul Heyman: Well, you wanna talk about odds in Vegas - there’s a saying in Hold ‘Em Poker when a player has no chance of winning; drawing dead. Paul London is drawing dead right now…

    WWE United States Championship Match:
    Paul London vs. Batista

    Despite the bell ringing, nothing happens immediately - both men slowly move from their corners to the middle of the ring, with London raising his arms by his sides, calling over to the challenger; “Is this really what you want??” The Animal remains stoic, saying nothing, whilst the heavily taped ribs of the U.S Champ are hard to miss, and London points at his gut, asking his ‘friend’ “Is all of this really worth it??”

    Batista still remains silent, saying nothing - and London SHOVES the chest of the challenger, forcing him to step back. London is emotional, and shouts at Dave; “If this is what you want - if this is how you wanna go about it - go for it!!!” London gets in Batistas face, talking to him one last time; “It‘s not too late, buddy. We can do this the right way - not like this. But if you want to go through with-” Batista PIE FACES London!!!

    London is shoves to the canvas by Batista - he’s got his answer - and the champion quickly gets up, shaking his head; “THAT‘S HOW YOU WANT IT THEN?? LET‘S GET THIS OVER WITH!!!” And London comes rushing at Batista - CLOTHESLINE!!! Batista turns London inside out with malice, and doesn’t show any compassion, scooping the groggy Champion to his feet, and onto his shoulders - running London into the corner, back first!!!

    London is left hung up in the tree of woe after the crushing blow in the corner, and Batista again has no compassion, stomping at the chest and gut of his former friend, relentless - until Marty Elias steps in and forces Batista out. Dave shoves the referee aside though, and goes back to work, driving his shoulders into the upside down gut of London, over and over - working the weakened rib area of the champ.

    Elias is forced to back Batista up again, warning him for his aggression in the corner … but The Animal has something unsavoury to say to him, before charging back in for a running shoulder - BUT LONDON SITS UP IN THE CORNER!!!

    Batista staggers away from the corner, clutching his shoulder, wincing in pain, whilst London gets his footing set on the top rope - AND MOONSAULTS OFF THE TOP ONTO BATISTA - TAKING THE BIG MAN OFF HIS FEET AND HAS A COVER …


    The scary strength of The Animal sends London two feet in the air, and crashing back onto the canvas!! Batista rises, as does London, with Dave rushing at London for a clothesline - misses!! London ducks it, and rushes off the ropes, ducking another swing from the big man, and then UNLOADS with all he has!!!

    Cracking The Animal with his stiffest forearms, London is stunning Batista, putting the big man on the back foot - and then explodes with a DROPSAULT!!! Batista is taken off his feet, and tumbles, rolling out of the ring to shake the cobwebs loose!!!

    The fans rise, chanting Londons name, as the fighting champion builds up a head of steam, and he isn’t willing to wait for Batista to get his head together, deciding to run the turnbuckles, springing onto the them - and springboards from the middle rope - OVER THE TOP WITH A CROSS BODY TO BATISTA … CAUGHT!!!

    The Animal catches London … AND RAMS HIM INTO THE STEEL RING POST!!!!! London winces in pain, with Dave keeping London in position - and runs him into the post again, before taking a few steps back, holding onto The Golden Boy still and SLAMS him on the floor!!!

    London writhes on the floor, clutching his back, whilst Batista takes a walk, ignoring the heat inside the Thomas and Mac Centre, before coming back, watching as London tries to pull himself up on the ring apron - and lunges toward him, dragging London up, grabbing him by the face; “YOU WANNA PREACH TO ME!! PREACH TO THIS!!” … and HURLS London into the steel steps!!!!! London is a crumpled mess!!!

    Batista doesn’t relent though, and drags London up by the hair again, setting him onto the apron, before driving an elbow to the face, and again, and again and again!!!

    The Animal shows no mercy for his ailing former friend - no conscience for his action, grabbing London by the face again; “YOU CANT IMAGINE THE SHIT I‘VE HAD TO DEAL WITH!!! YOU‘VE HAD IT ALL ON A SILVER PLATTER!!!” and drives the elbow into the face of the champion again!!!

    The Animal rolls London back inside, climbing in himself, and kicks London in the face. He hauls London up, and shoots him across the ring into the corner, but before impact, London propels up on the ropes - over the incoming Batista, landing behind … AND LONDON EXPLODES WITH A RUSH OF FOREARMS!!!

    The Animal has to try and cover up in the corner, with the gutsy London fighting back, but Big Dave shoves London away, with the U.S Champ tumbling over, but rising right back up, coming at Batista - but gets a reverse elbow for his troubles.

    London goes down, and Batista clubs his back to soften him up a little before bringing the champion to his feet, and whips him off the ropes, but London bounces back, sliding under The Animal, coming off the ropes, and leaps up at the challenger - Hurricanrana!!!

    Batista is thrown a loop with that one, and stumbles back to his feet, with London rushing at him, leaping over the challenger, coming back off the ropes - RIGHT INTO A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Batista turns the champion inside out!!!

    The Animal slows down London to a sudden halt, and mouths a few more obscenities before reaching down, peeling London back up off the canvas, and up - executing a rib breaker … BUT HOLDS ON - and executes a second rib breaker, and a third - as J.R comments; “He‘s throwing London around like a small child!!” … before Batista delivers a FOURTH rib breaker to the champion, and drops him like a sand bag on the mat, before the lateral press…

    ……………………KICK OUT……………………

    A simple head shake is all the emotion Batista shows, looking at the champion with disdain, grabbing him by the face; “YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHEN TO GIVE UP!!” and then proceeds to TEAR OFF the taping around the ribs of the injured champion, shouting as he does it; “BE A MAN - YOU DON’T NEED THIS, RIGHT??”

    And Batista proceeds to stomp London whilst taking the wrapping off his ribs. Taking the tape, Batista reaches down, and CHOKES London with it, as the champion squirms, choking - before Elias demands that Batista stop - threatening to disqualify him.

    Batista stands up, and throws the tape out of the ring, before pointing at the official, telling him to stay out of it. The Animal drags London up, driving his knees into the gut, then sends London off the ropes, catching him on the return - applying AN ABDOMINAL STRETCH!!!

    London squeals upon the impact of the submission hold, and with the ribs exposed Batista relentlessly hammers away at the ribs, with the official getting in close to see if London wants to give it up, but the gutsy champ shakes his head - he wont quit.

    Batista though, isn’t even interested in the submission, and shows his scary strength; hurling London across the ring like a rag doll!!! Standing over London, Batista stomps him, talking trash; “I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE TOUGHER LONDON!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE TOUGH!!!”

    The Animal shakes his head at the state of his crumpled up opponent, before reaching down and bringing London to his feet again, scooping him onto the shoulder for a running power slam … but as he moves across the ring, London slips off the back … SCHOOL BOY surprises the challenger …



    The Animal bounces up after the nearly shock loss - but misses a clothesline - with London ducking under, fighting through the pain, and runs off the ropes, jumping over Batista, coming back - BUT GETS CREAMED BY A RUNNING SHOULDER TACKLE FROM THE ANIMAL!!!!! London goes FLYING across the ring, and rolls under the bottom rope, landing with a thud on the outside!!!

    Batista shakes his head, not willing to give London any recovery time, and rolls out too, standing over the champion again - as Styles rhetorically asks; “how is London ever gonna compete in the Rumble match later?? He looks like he needs a hospital bed - NOW!!”

    The Animal drags London up, holding him in a bear hug position … and RAMS London into the ring apron … turns … and RAMS London into the barrier … turns … and RAMS London back into the apron … turns … and RAMS London back into the barrier!!!

    Batista contemplates stopping there … but changes his mind quickly - and RAMS him into the apron, then the barrier, then the apron AGAIN … before CHUCKING London into the barrier one last time!!!!! Batista brings the champion - who is now BLEEDING from the mouth - back into the ring.

    In the ring, Batista toys with The Golden Boy, stomping him in the head as London crawls in the ring, spitting the blood from his mouth as he looks to reach the ropes, but the challenger shakes his head, bending down, picking The Golden Boy up, and into position - FOR THE BATISTA BOMB- … BUT LONDON WAILS AT THE ANIMAL!!!

    Desperate to save his title, London wont go down easy, and manages to escape the power bomb - landing on his feet - The Animal lunges, misses- SUPERKICK!!!!! London hit’s the super kick out of nowhere - and falls back onto Batista - cover - COUNT…


    Batista gets a shoulder up!!! London sees his hopes vanish with the kick out, and the champion buries his head into the mat, having to continue, whilst the challenger looks to sit up, shaking the cobwebs. The champion looks up, feeding off the energy of the fans, and climbs back to his feet, looking back at Batista - who is also getting to a vertical base, and the champion digs in - springing onto the second rope, springing up top - CROSS BODY - BUT BATISTA SIDE STEPS HIM!!!!

    London crashes onto the mat, and squirms in agony, clutching his ribs, whilst the challenger takes a moment to catch his own breath and shake the cobwebs, leaning on the ropes, selling the effects of the super kick. London starts to get up … UNTIL BATISTA RUSHES IN, DRIVING A BOOT TO THE FACE OF THE CHAMPION!!!!! Batista presses down for the cover;


    Slapping the mat in frustration, The Animal shakes his head, immediately grabbing the champion, dragging his lifeless body to a vertical base, holding him by the face; “WHY WONT YOU GIVE UP!!! YOU‘RE MAKIN THIS WORSE FOR YOURSELF YOU STUPID SON OF A BI-” … AND LONDON EXPLODES!!!!!

    The Champion fires back, rocking Batista - giving him EVERYTHING he’s got, driving his forearms and elbows into the face of The Animal, then turns, racing off the ropes, building up steam - BUT RUNS INTO A BATISTA SIDEWALK SLAM!!!!!!!!!!! Hook of the leg…




    “DAMMIT” yells Batista - growing ever so frustrated, whilst London continues to refuse to give in. The champion crawls to the corner, whilst Batista follows in, still shaking his head - and drives his knee into the face of London, using the ropes for leverage, ignoring the official, and shouting “JUST STAY DOWN, LONDON!!!” before stepping back, and stomps London repeatedly, punishing the champion.

    Reaching down, Batista hurls London back to his feet, and looks to biel the champion out, but London reverses - ARM DRAG!!! Batista looks stunned, but quickly rises, with London rushing toward him - SPINEBUSTER!!!!!!!! Batista FLATTENS London with the spine buster!!!! The Animal turns to the ropes, and stomps his feet, preparing to shake the ropes … but stops once he grabs them. The boos ring out, and the eyes narrow … no playing from Big Dave…

    He turns back around, peeling London up off the canvas … just as the camera switches to show LASHLEY AND RICHARDS stepping out onto the stage - with Richards smiling broadly and nodding … whilst in the ring, Batista has London on his feet, with the champion out of it - unable to put up a fight … A SECOND SPINEBUSTER CRUSHES LONDON!!! And the fans quieten down - the match is clearly over.

    However- The Animal bounces back up, and shakes his head - “NOT DON’T YET!!” … and while Richards and Lashley slowly walk down the aisle, Batista peels London up one more time … THIRD SPINEBUSTER TO THE U.S CHAMPION!!!!! London was done after the first one … but three spine busters later … Batista still isn’t finished. The challenger drags the dead weight of the champion … and into position …


    The exclamation mark … with Richards applauding, and Lashley just standing stoic … before The Animal hooks the leg - almost with disdain at having to go through the motions with London beaten…



    Winner: And NEW United States Champion - BATISTA @ 10:12

    Joey Styles:
    Mercifully. Mercifully - it’s over.

    Paul Heyman: You’ll have to scrape London off the mat, Joey. That was a HARSH landing.

    Batista stands tall, snatching the United States Championship from Elias, and doesn’t even hold the belt up, but just stares down at London for a moment, whilst Richards is beaming on the outside, sucking up to The Animal.

    Jim Ross: Batista picks up the United States Championship - and dammit, I hope he thinks it’s worth it - because it’s cost him a friendship.

    The Animal looks out at the fans, offering no expression whatsoever, before departing the ring - blanking Richards and Lashley - and walks up the aisle, with Richards motioning to Lashley to follow The Animal … and focus returns to the ring, where London remains down.

    Joey Styles: After eight long months of being the most fighting champion in all of wrestling, Paul Londons reign as United States Champion ends with a whimper.

    Paul Heyman: Don’t do that. Don’t play the martyr, Joey. Paul London took the risk and paid the price. He didn’t have to wrestle tonight. He didn’t have to take on Batista - he’s to blame for his reign as champion ending like it has.

    London remains flat on the canvas, as a trainer tends to his injured ribs, touching them and asking London questions, with The Golden Boy groaning in pain, agonizing with each prod.

    Jim Ross: And unfortunately, I don’t believe we’ll be seeing Paul London compete in the Royal Rumble later tonight. I think he’s on his way to an emergency room.

    Joey Styles: A damn shame.


    The video opens with a snap in football, and the Quarterback leans back - shooting the football through the air…

    Narrator: In life, moments of glory don’t come along often…

    As the football flies through the air in slow motion; flashing shots of Hogan slamming Andre and Austin raising the title for the very first time are shown.

    Narrator: For many, these opportunities may only appear once - if at all…

    Clips of The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VI and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII.

    Narrator: And with the stakes so high, the pressure so great - many mere mortals can buckle.

    Kurt Angle taps to the Undertaker last year, and Chris Jericho falling to the Pedigree in 2002.

    Narrator: Whilst others rise to the occasion - and etch their names in folklore and history.

    Christian with the title at WrestleMania 23, Macho Man winning the title twenty years ago.

    Narrator: On the last stop on the road to Wrestle Mania…

    Shots of fireworks going off at the last few WrestleMania events, with the football continuing to fly through the air.

    Narrator: With one final opportunity to make history…

    Clips of Mister Kennedy, Paul London, Umaga and Batista.

    Narrator: Men will collapse under the pressure, mere mortals will fail on their quest for immortality…

    Shots of a bloody John Cena, RVD in agonizing pain, Shawn Michaels trying to pull himself to his feet by the ropes, and Edge running his fingers through his hair in anguish.

    Narrator: But others will succeed.

    Randy Orton performing his destiny pose, Straight Edge with their title belts, Brent Albright looking pleased with himself, and Ric Flair stylin and profiling.

    Narrator: Which will you be??

    The football looks to be sailing toward a pair of hands … but the video turns to black before finding out if the catch is made - or not.


    Back in the number drawing office, Finlay is seen on his cell phone - very serious look on his face.

    I want the three of them OUT of the building - NOW. And they don’t come back in. I’m not takin any risks with Batista, Lashley or that Richards one tryin to disrupt the match. Understood?? Get back to me when they’re gone.

    Finlay ends the call, with JBL snooping around.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Sounds like you got a problem keepin your boys in line, Mister Finlay.

    Finlay: Nothin I cant handle.

    Finlay looks beyond JBL, and scoffs.

    THE COACH has entered the room. On his own, Coach is wearing shades and a tracksuit, ahead of his Royal Rumble debut. And he’s brimming with confidence.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: COACH!! MY MAN!!!

    The Coach: Ha ha!! The Royal Rumble winner is in the buildin!!!

    Coach bumps knuckles with JBL. Finlay shakes his head in the background. Coach then motions at the tumbler.

    The Coach: Shall I??

    JBL throws his hands up in the air.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Be my guest!!!

    Coach rubs his hands together, and takes a look at Eve and Tiffany spinning the tumbler.

    The Coach: You know, ladies; I love me a blonde.

    Coach winks at Tiffany who tries not to throw up.

    The Coach: But I love me a brunette too.

    Coach then gives Eve the eye, with Eve grimacing.

    The Coach: But don’t go fightin over The Coach, girls - because my favourite of all is a bit of both!!!

    The girls both look disgusted. Finlay has heard enough, and his patience is lost;

    Finlay: For fu- Pick a ball a leave!!!

    Coach looks offended, and sighs - before shaking his head, and dipping his hand in to pick out a ball. He then turns around, and looks at Finlay.

    The Coach: I’m gonna go out there and throw twenty nine other chumps outta the ring - and I’m gonna imagine every single one of ‘em is you, Finster. You hear me??

    Coach starts to back up, still looking at Finlay.

    The Coach: I’m gonna make mince meat outta them all!!! Every, single-

    Coach stops. He’s backed into something - or someone - and slowly turns around …

    Into … UMAGA.

    Coach gulps, and drops his ball, with Umaga staring him down. Estrada reaches down, picking the ball back up, and placing it back in Coach hand.

    Armando Estrada: Ju were saying??

    Coach is frozen to the spot, staring up at the intimidating monster…

    Armando Estrada: Ju better run along.

    Estrada grins, patting Coach on the back, with the announcer suddenly getting a reality check; he’s swimming with sharks tonight. Coach scarpers out of the room, with Umaga standing back, as AAE steps forward, shaking hands with JBL.

    Armando Estrada: Aha!! Meester Layfield!! Ju look great!!

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: A pleasure as always, Mister Estrada. Please, take a ball.

    AAE grins, and turns to Finlay, tipping his hat - with the Irishman not responding; remembering his own previous issues with Umaga. Estrada turns, nodding at each of the tumbler spinners.

    He then dips in, and pulls a ball out, but as he does, JBL steps over, and puts a hand on Estradas arm, and leans in.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You know what has to be done, right??

    Estrada looks up - and nods. The serious scowl on JBL’s face is then replaced with a big smile.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Tremendous. Mister Estrada - I wish you the best of luck tonight.

    Armando grins, and nods, turning away, and motioning to Umaga to leave, and the pair exit the room. Finlay though looks curious, and turns, as JBL sits down…

    Finlay: What was that about??

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Raw business. Nothing for you to worry about.

    Finlay raises his eyebrows, and takes the answer with a ‘fair enough’ look, and turns away…

    Fade out…




    !! TONIGHT !!


    Jim Ross: We are back live, and as we just saw, in 2005, John Cena became the fourth man after Hogan, Austin and HBK himself Shawn Michaels to win back to back Royal Rumble matches - tonight, the number one entrant in the Royal Rumble match Christian looks to become the fifth back to back Rumble winner in history. Are the gods of fate looking down on Christian?? We’ll find out later…

    Joey Styles: And what a headline it would be. It’s already been a headline grabbing night in Vegas - but coming up in just a few moments, MNM have the chance to make a grab at the headlines themselves; they have ONE last shot at winning the WWE Tag Team Titles!!!

    The graphic shows up on the screen.

    Jim Ross: But without their manager, Melina, they are at a sizable disadvantage, as has been the case almost every time they’ve stepped in the ring with AMW.

    Paul Heyman: Yeah, because it’s got nothing to do with AMW being the best damn team on planet earth!! Thirteen months they’ve been champions - maybe that’s why they keep beating MNM!!!

    Joey Styles: The bad blood runs deep between these teams - and here’s how this one wound up at the Royal Rumble tonight…

    AMW / MNM

    Open with the in ring interview conducted by Joey Styles with MNM two weeks ago…

    Johnny Nitro: We’ve had to deal with a lot of crap from AMW. If they haven’t been running from us, they’ve been hiding. And if they haven’t been hiding, they’ve been taking every single short cut in the book to beat us.

    Clips air over the words spoken; of AMW doing everything Nitro has said they have, backing his words up to be true.

    Joey Mercury: AMW have been shouting from the roof tops about being champions for over a year - but Joey, all they’ve been is lucky. They’ve taken every low road there is to take over the last year to keep hold of the tag team titles.

    And, more clips of AMWs actions of the last 13 months to back up Mercurys claim.

    Joey Styles: Obviously, this issue isn’t just about the tag team titles though. On October 26, James Storm broke a glass bottle over the face of your manageress Melina

    Cut to October 26 on Smackdown;

    It’s AMW vs. MNM for the tag titles - the action has broken down, and all six people; McCool and Melina included - are involved.

    On the outside, Storm picks up a beer bottle left by him at the time keepers desk earlier, and he sizes up Nitro … LOOKING TO SMASH HIM WITH THE BOTTLE … BUT NITRO AVOIDS IT …

    Joey Styles: … and Melina hasn’t been seen on Smackdown since.


    And the one shrill yelp from Melina upon impact - then silence.

    Joey Mercury: The least we can do for her now, Joey … the very least we can do … is go to Vegas in nine days time, and take away the one thing AMW live for - take away their life; and that’s the WWE Tag Team Championships!!

    Clips of MNM walking out of the arena with Melina placed on a stretcher on that fateful night…

    Johnny Nitro: We all know what happened in October - the bottle was meant for me. Hell - there’s not a day gone by since that I don’t wish it had been me. What happened to Melina was an accident … but they- they made a mockery of it.

    Cut to November 2, and the AMW ‘apology’ amidst sombre music…

    Michelle McCool: What happened to Melina was a horrible accident … and while Melina may have the physical scars … James has the emotional ones.

    Storm has his head buried in guilt, then speaks.

    James Storm: Sorry doesn’t seem to be a big enough word for the hurt I‘ve caused … and perhaps I went too far last week. After all, are the WWE Tag Team Titles really worth the pain and suffering Melina is going through at present??

    The music stops - and Storm looks up;

    James Storm: You damn right they are!!

    Clips now of AMW laughing it up, and showing no sign of sorrow in the weeks that follow…

    Johnny Nitro: They came to this ring the week after and made a phoney apology … then laughed at Melinas misfortune.

    James Storm: Melinas pretty face was a price worth payin!!!

    Johnny Nitro: They took away a young, beautiful womans confidence, her livelihood - she LIVED for this!! Sold out arenas, screaming fans - this WAS her life!!! And they took it from her!!

    Michelle McCool: If you ask me, James did Melina a favour!!! Her mangled face will be an improvement now!!!

    Johnny Nitro: They haven’t PAID for what they did to Melina. For them to show no compassion, no remorse - how can they- how can they look themselves in the mirror??

    Chris Harris: We’re guilty as sin - and proud of it!!!

    Joey Mercury: The least we can do for her now, Joey … the very least we can do … is go to Vegas in nine days time, and take away the one thing AMW live for - take away their life; and that’s the WWE Tag Team Championships!!

    Cut back to the in ring interview on January 11; Styles speaks with a stagehand in the middle of the interview, and shakes his head - baffled … then turns his attention to MNM…

    Joey Styles: Uh … gentlemen … I’ve just been informed … that Melina is here…


    The red carpet is rolled out, with Nitro and Mercury looking befuddled as to what is going on …

    As …

    AMERICAS MOST WANTED walk out instead - NOT Melina … and they point to the back…

    As MICHELLE MCCOOL steps out onto the stage - wearing Melina-esque attire and a brown wig…

    Looking like the Elephant Man.

    And MNM are disgusted. The fans boo, whilst McCool fixes her hair, asking Harris and Storm how she looks. Nitro and Mercury shake their heads - fuming at the audacity of the tag champs and their valet…

    Michelle McCool: Mirror … mirror … on the wall … who’s the fairest of ‘em all??

    Storm pulls the mic from her.

    James Storm: Sure as hell not you Shrek - and I’d advise ya not to be lookin in any damn mirror in case y’break the thing!!

    MNM don’t see the funny side.

    Chris Harris: And we wouldn’t want ya to get any more glass in that face now, would we??

    Flashback clip of the fateful night where Melina had the glass bottle smashed in her face.

    James Storm: Hey- hey boys. John boy, Joseph - you askin about how we can look in the mirror?? Ha!! At least we can!! This tainted broad cant even bear to see her reflection on the back of a spoon!!!

    Flashback of Melina being stretchered out of the arena in October.

    James Storm: Face it - you boys don’t have a hope in hell at beatin us at the Royal Rumble. We’ve been champs for thirteen months, and we’ve faced tougher teams to get into a fight than you pair of cry babies.

    Clips of Harris and Storms continued success over the last year; specifically the help of McCool since September.

    James Storm: So come the Rumble, we do you two tiny tears a big ‘ol favour - we put you outta your misery, and send you packin to hide in some cellar with the Phantom of the Opera herself!!

    MNM have heard enough!! Nitro and Mercury jump out of the ring, and make their way up the ramp - meeting Storm and Harris, beating the tag champions to the punch!!!

    The fans finally have something to cheer for, with MNM hammering Storm and Harris … but Michelle McCool inserts herself into things, pulling Nitro by the hair, distracting him … and it allows Storm to fetch his title belt - AND CREAM Nitro with it to the back of the skull!!!

    James Storm: Sunday at the Royal Rumble - we aint gonna be sorry ‘bout your damn luck no more. Sunday at the Rumble - you’re a problem, and we’re gonna find a final solution for it.

    Nitro goes down, and Mercury doesn’t stand a chance against Harris AND Storm - with him falling the same way Nitro did; belt shot to the back of the skull!!! MNM are left laying - AGAIN - at the feet of the WWE Tag Team Champions…

    Chris Harris: You boys have had your shot. Sunday - one last time, we’ll kill your spirit.

    And it’s all thanks to Michelle McCool…

    Michelle McCool: We’ve all had a little bit of fun at your and Melinas expense. But there wont be any laughin on Sunday. Just like Chris and James always do - it’ll be all business on Sunday. And you two boys have no business, bein a part of our business. And we’ll make sure you don’t anymore after the Royal Rumble.

    One final shot - of the trio of Storm, Harris and McCool standing over MNM … with flashing clips of the night and the moment Melina was nailed with the beer bottle…




    Nitro and Mercury enter the arena - with the full red carpet treatment - but minus the theatrics of photographs and a cocky ring walk; without Melina, they’re just two guys in fur coats … and tonight, Mercury and Nitro look fired up to finish the emotional, personal feud with AMW once and for all.

    Jim Ross: I watched these two fine young athletes for about eighteen months over on Raw, gentlemen, and I have to say, I don’t think in all that time that I saw them this serious, this focused, on the task at hand. Make no mistake about it - for MNM it’s not just about the titles - it’s damn sure personal with AMW.

    Joey Styles: As you said, J.R - they’ve never been this serious or focused. MNM have been absolutely obsessed with ending AMW’s run as WWE Tag Team Champions after they put Melina on the shelf - but they’ve found themselves on the short end almost every time they’ve faced the champions.

    Paul Heyman: You hit the nail on the head, Joey - but they don’t seem to get it. MNM CANT BEAT AMW!!! Every time they face AMW, they come up short - and it’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results … and in that case, I guess it makes MNM insane.

    MNM throw off their coats as they pace the ring - they’re ready for AMW.

    Joey Styles: Insanity?? Paul, there should be an asterisk beside each of those wins, because every time MNM meet AMW, AMW win - but it’s always thanks to the smoking gun on the outside; Michelle McCool. Without Melina by their side, MNM are at a major disadvantage.

    Paul Heyman: Well in that case, MNM are still insane. Why didn’t they replace Melina?? Huh?? If that’s all they need, why not get Layla to be their manager or Armando Estrada or Theodore Long??

    Jim Ross: But if I may interject; it’s not like buying a new pair of shoes or a cell phone or a new baseball cap - you cant just replace a manager, Paul. As a former manager yourself, you should understand that, surely??


    Harris and Storm walk out first - all smiles and full of confidence - then stop, pointing to the back … as Michelle McCool steps through the curtain … AND SHES GOT HER HIDEOUS ELEPHANT MAN COSTUME ON AGAIN!!!!

    Joey Styles: Oh come on!!!

    Jim Ross: That’s disgusting.


    IT’S A BRAWL!!!

    Paul Heyman: NO!!! This - THIS - is disgusting!!!

    Joey Styles: AMW had this coming!!!!

    Mercury and Nitro hammer the champions - catching AMW cold on the aisle, with Mercury tossing Harris into the barrier, and Nitro SLAMS Storm on the cold floor … with MNM dragging the champions to ringside, ramming them into the guardrail at ringside - whilst McCool has removed her stupid mask - and looks horrified at what she’s seeing.

    Nitro gets Storm up for a suplex - THEN DROPS HIM ON THE BARRIER - gut first … whilst on the other side of the ring, Mercury drops Harris on the steps face first with a drop toe hold!!! Taking looks at one another, Nitro and Mercury work in sync, getting AMW to their feet again - and sends the champions colliding into one another … BEFORE STEREO DROPKICKS PUT THEM BACK DOWN!!!!!

    The fans cheer for the challengers, who pat each other on the back, and look to get the action into the ring to start the match, throwing Harris and Storm inside, then bump knuckles - offering each other moral support to do the job … and they slide inside too - starting the match!!!

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
    Americas Most Wanted w/Michelle McCool vs. MNM

    Harris and Storm try to roll right back out of the ring, and head straight for the stage, meeting the aghast Michelle McCool to LEAVE … but Nitro and Mercury aren’t having that, and chase the champions down, catching them … and lead AMW back down the aisle, throwing them into the ring again.

    This time, they DON’T let the champions escape, with Nitro attacking Harris and Mercury taking it to Storm in the opposite corners … with MNM sending both champions out of the corner - AND JUST LIKE THEY DID ON THE OUTSIDE A MOMENT AGO … THE CHAMPIONS ARE INVOLVED IN A MID RING COLLISION!!!

    AMW collide into one another, staggering away - STEREO DROPKICKS FROM THE CHALLENGERS TO THE CHAMPS!!! Mercury and Storm are the legal men, and as a result, Harris rolls out of the ring, and Nitro climbs out onto the apron, whilst Joey clasps onto Storm, executing a Russian Leg Sweep to The Cowboy!! Cover, 1...2... KICK OUT!!!

    Storm survives the early scare, but the fired up challenger follows him as he retreats into the corner - rake to the eyes by Storm!!! Storm buys himself a moment, and looks to his corner to make a tag - but comically - Harris shakes his head!! HE DOESN’T WANT IT!!!

    Harris points to the ring, telling Storm to take care of business, and the conversation distracts Storm, which allows Mercury to not only recover, but make the most of it, and he rushes in from behind, pushing Storm into the ropes … ROLL UP … 1...2... KICK OUT!!!

    Both men are up quickly, but Mercury is quicker to act, catching Storm coming in with a hip toss, then backs Storm into the ropes, sending him off with an Irish whip, but Storm ducks under on the return - and leaps across to make a tag to the unsuspecting Wildcat!!!

    Harris looks livid, as he looks down at Storm on the outside, whilst Michelle McCool tries to calm things down, telling Harris to concentrate. Slowly - with Mercury demanding Harris to get on with it - the Wildcat tentatively steps inside through the ropes.

    Harris tries to be smart and slow the pace down, circling to avoid the fired up challenger … then locks up with him, straight into a side headlock, but Mercury shoves him off, into the ropes - but returns with a shoulder knockdown to Mercury. Harris is on Mercury, and sends him off the ropes, but misses a straight right, with Mercury ducking under - Harris turns around - RIGHT INTO A SPIN KICK!!!

    Harris goes down, and he rolls right out of the ring, needing a break … and is met on the outside by his concerned partner Storm, and the manager McCool, with the trio looking to regroup after a horrible opening sequence against the red-hot challengers. But it isn’t going to get much better … with Nitro tagged in … and MNM get the fans rocking - DOUBLE PLANCHA TO THE OUTSIDE - TAKING OUT THE TAG CHAMPIONS!!!!!

    MNM have the champions all over the place, and McCool stands to the side in shock, whilst Nitro throws Harris back inside, rolling in, knocking Harris off his feet with another hip toss off the ropes, then delivers his fancy theatrical leg drop!! Nitro covers after soaking in the pop from the fans…

    …KICK OUT…

    Harris gets a shoulder up, and after Nitro rolls off … MCCOOL PULLS HARRIS FROM THE RING!!! The fans boo, with McCool interfering again and she looks to round up her troops again, with Storm there … whilst MNM look to pull off the same trick again - but this time, they have to stop short … as this time MCCOOL STAND IN FRONT OF AMW!!!

    The boos ring out in Vegas, with MNM not willing to attack the female - unlike their counterparts - and shakes their heads in anger … whilst McCool smirks, and tells her team to get it together. Taking their time, AMW step back onto the apron, with Harris climbing back inside.

    Once inside, Harris circles before offering a Roman Knuckle Lock with Nitro … and Nitro is goaded in … with Harris then kicking the challenger in the gut. Harris hammers Nitros back, pushing him back into the ropes, sending him off … and takes Nitro up on the return - WITH A TILT-A-WHIRL …

    … NITRO COUNTERS INTO A HEADSCISSORS!!! Harris is dazed from the ride, and Nitro reaches, tagging Mercury back in, with Mercury springing into the ring off the ropes - DROPKICK!!!


    …………KICK OUT…………

    Mercury comes close, but as he gets back up, backing Harris into the corner -- MCCOOL THROWS A TITLE BELT INTO THE RING!!! Nick Patrick is instantly distracted, and the official makes a beeline for the title belt, picking it up … as the reason becomes clear for McCool throwing the title in … AS STORM SNEAKS INTO THE RING - HAMMERING THE BACK OF MERCURY!!! Immediately, Nitro is in, chasing Storm out … but the damage is done, as Harris nails Mercury with a clothesline!!! He covers, 1...2... KICK OUT!!!!!

    Whilst Nitro returns to his corner on the outside, the momentum has shifted to the champions, and Harris sends Mercury into the AMW corner, stomping Joey down, and tags The Cowboy. Storm enters, and making the most of their five seconds, AMW stomp down Mercury in the corner.

    Once the five seconds are up, Harris has to step out, with Storm keeping up the pressure, dragging Mercury up, softening him up by the ropes, and shoots him off - but misses a clothesline on the return, with Mercury ducking, coming back - FLYING FOREARM!!!

    Storm stumbles up, into the corner, with Mercury following in, mounting the champ and unloading with right hands - with the fans counting along - reaching seven … when MCCOOL CLIMBS BACK ON THE APRON - distracting Nick Patrick … whilst Harris runs along the apron, grabbing Mercury - and HANGS HIM UP ON THE TOP ROPE!!!!!

    Nitro naturally steps into the ring to come after Harris - but Nick Patrick stands in his way, stopping him … and whilst he restrains Nitro, getting him onto the apron, whilst AMW double up to attack their challenger illegally.

    Harris slaps his hands together to mimic a tag behind the back of the referee, and once Nick Patrick returns to the action, he ushers Storm back out of the ring, whilst Harris executes a side suplex on Mercury, making a cover … 1...2... SHOULDER UP!!!

    Harris stands up, toying with Mercury a little, slapping him around the head, mocking Nitro, telling him to come and help his partner … but Mercury surprises Harris, fighting back with shots to the gut, and stands back up, running off the ropes - KNEE TO THE BACK FROM STORM!!! Joey stumbles back from the ropes, into a clothesline, and Harris tags out to Storm again.

    Storm climbs in, instructing Harris to hold Mercury up - using all their five seconds - by pummelling the exposed challenger with free shots, as Harris blocks Mercury from defending himself. Harris is sent from the ring eventually, with the Wildcat playing the innocent, whilst Storm slams Mercury down.

    The Cowboy picks Joey up, whips Mercury off the ropes, and goes for a reverse elbow, but Joey ducks, and runs off the opposite side, with the Cowboy going for another reverse elbow, only for Mercury to duck again, but as he comes off the ropes for a third time, The Cowboy catches him with a big power slam!!! Cover;



    The Cowboy picks Mercury back up, and drags him to the AMW corner, making a tag back out to Harris. The Wildcat relentlessly pounds Mercury down in the corner, then walks out to trash talk Nitro … with Nick Patrick following him - and stopping Nitro from stepping inside … which allows Storm to illegally choke Mercury!! Harris laughs at Nitro, turning his attention back to Mercury, and stomps him in the corner, tagging Storm again.

    Together, AMW choke Mercury in the corner with their boots, before the Wildcat is forced out by the busy official, whilst Storm knocks Mercury down, then applies a front face lock to wear him out some more. Mercury battles, struggling to break free of the hold, with Storm applying as much pressure as he possibly can … but Mercury tries to push up, and push his way to the corner - where Nitro is reaching desperately to tag. Mercury pushes up, nearly at his corner … reaching his hand out … AND MAKES THE TAG!!!


    Nitro is in the ring, hammering Storm … but quickly, Nick Patrick returns to prevent him, forcing Nitro - despite his protesting - out of the ring … as Harris picks up the scraps; and nails Mercury with a blow to the back of the skull!!! And, as Nitro is forced from the ring, AMW make the most of the chance to double team - delivering an aided leapfrog body guillotine to Mercury!!! Harris slaps his hands together again to make it sound like a tag is made …

    And the referee seemingly accepts it, turning around, with Harris now ‘legal’, picking the exhausted Mercury up, sending him off the ropes, ducking down for the return … big mistake - MERCURY COMES BACK WITH A SWINGING NECKBREAKER INSTEAD!!!!!

    The fans pop for the comeback move - and Mercury looks to pick himself up, NEEDING to desperately make a tag after suffering a LOT of punishment … but just as he is about to reach for the tag … STORM RUSHES INTO THE RING AND NAILS NITRO - KNOCKING HIM OFF THE APRON WITH A STIFF FOREARM!!!!!

    Storm prevents the tag, and accepts the telling off from the official - it was worth it after all - and Storm looks to keep the referee busy … as McCool crawls into the ring … AND LOW BLOWS MERCURY!!!!! Joey Mercury drops to his knees … whilst Harris takes advantage, scooping him up … AND DELIVERS THE CATATONIC!!!!!!!!! Harris hooks the leg tight … and the referee is implored by Storm to turn and make the count …



    Johnny Nitro returns JUST in time to save the match … but the consequences see the official admonish Nitro - and allows AMW to beat down Mercury in a two on one attack. Once more, Harris claps his hands behind Nick Patricks back to signal a ‘tag’ and it’s accepted again.

    Despite the boos at the awful officiating, Harris and Storm don’t complain, combining, looking to deliver a double side suplex … BUT MERCURY FLIPS OUT - LANDING BEHIND … AND STUMBLES BACKWARD … INTO HIS OWN CORNER - WHERE NITRO MAKES A TAG!!!!!

    TAG MADE!!!

    And Vegas comes alive!!! Fired up from his long period on the outside, Nitro leaps into action, ducking between both AMW members, coming off the opposite side - AND FLIES WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!! AMW go down, with the fresh man waiting with anticipation … as Storm stumbles to his feet, with Nitro delivering a dropkick - that sends Storm tumbling out through the ropes -, then nailing Harris with a jumping calf kick!!!

    Nitro nips up, and pumps up the fans, before climbing to the top rope … AND FLIES ONTO HARRIS WITH THE STARSHIP PAIN-


    The heat is red hot, as AMW live to fight another day, and look to regroup - frazzled by the impact of Nitro … BUT MERCURY EXPLODES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!!

    McCool looks horrified at what she is seeing, and Mercury rolls Harris back into the ring … where Nitro is getting back up … and he springs off the ropes - CHUCK KICK --- HARRIS DUCKS IT - AND NITRO NAILS NICK PATRICK INSTEAD!!!!! OH NO!!!

    Patrick is knocked out from the kick, and Nitro stupidly turns his attention to the official … whilst McCool makes the most of the opportunity … AND THROWS THE TAG TITLE BELT TO HARRIS!!!


    Mercury arrives a second too late, and attacks Harris, with the belt going flying out of Harris hands … but just as Mercury gets the better of Harris - Storm returns, helping his partner!!!

    AMW double team Mercury, with Harris delivering a running knee lift, and Storm following in with a DDT to the challenger!!! It looks to be all she wrote for the challengers, as AMW signal for the DEATH SENTENCE!!!

    Harris begins to climb the ropes, whilst Storm gets Mercury into position … and McCool climbs inside, trying to revive the unconscious referee, dousing him with a bottle of water to bring him around … but up top, Harris has frozen.

    The fans ROAR in the background … whilst Storm looks up at his partner - confused - telling him to hurry up and get it over with … but Harris - who looks like he’s seen a ghost, pointing behind Storm … and The Cowboy lets go of Mercury … turning around …


    IT’S MELINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The fans come unglued, as Melina shouts down at Storm … then spots McCool - AND THE CHASE IS ON!!!!! Michelle dives out of the ring, and looks to hop over the barrier … and Melina gives chase … WHILST MERCURY CROTCHES HARRIS ON THE TOP ROPE!!!!!

    Harris topples from the top rope … whilst Nitro comes around … and is helped to his feet by Mercury, who also tries to clear the shards of glass from the ring … and they get Harris up … SNAPSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick Patrick comes to, and the count is made…






    Winners: And NEW WWE Tag Team Champions - MNM @ 11:31


    Jim Ross: After thirteen months - AMW have FINALLY been beaten for the titles!!!!!

    Nitro and Mercury are both on their knees, and hug tightly, whilst the groggy Nick Patrick makes a grab for the tag titles, and presents them to the two partners, with the official announcement made.

    Joey Styles: Poetic justice - Melina - after two and a half months out because of that broken glass incident on Smackdown … has returned tonight at the Royal Rumble, and she IS the difference maker!!

    Jim Ross: For months, MNM couldn’t beat AMW because of the McCool factor … but Melina levelled the playing field at the precise moment tonight.

    Paul Heyman: Levelled the playing field?? What match were you watching?? She smashed a glass over a mans head!!! On purpose!!!

    As Nitro and Mercury reach their feet (and Harris and Storm roll out of view) they each catch a sight of their manager (and in Nitros case; partner) returning to ringside after chasing off McCool, with the music dying down - and the cheers taking over.

    Melina looks emotional, as Nitro and Mercury open the ropes for her to step in, and as she does - the three embrace in a group hug - and the fans respond with a big cheer for MNM … finally dethroning the long time champions.

    Jim Ross: WHAT A MOMENT!!!

    Paul Heyman: I cant believe the hypocrisy!! AMW have been vilified for accidentally smashing a glass over Melinas head a few months ago, yet tonight, Melina does the same thing and she’s being treated like a hero!!!

    Joey Styles: What comes around, goes around, Paul!!! And for Americas Most Wanted it’s been a long time comin around!!!

    MNM continue to celebrate, hoisting Melina onto their shoulders, with the fans cheering for the reunion … as the action fades out…

    70 DAYS

    Backstage, a confident looking MIZ - Hardcore Title around his waist - has his Royal Rumble ball, tossing it up and catching it, continuing down the hall; then smirks - he sees someone…

    The Miz: Well, well, well. Look who we got here…

    The camera pans…


    The fans pop in the background, with Christian looking unimpressed with the cocky reality star…

    The Miz: Hey, I just got done pickin my number from JBL’s office. You been round yet for yours?? Oh- wait…

    Miz mock laughs.

    The Miz: That’s right - you’re NUMBER ONE!!!

    Miz laughs, then puts a hand on Christians shoulder, and Captain Charisma peers over at the hand.

    The Miz: I mean, I’d say good luck … but … y’know.

    Christian: Yeah. And I’d say the same to you. But … y’know.

    The Miz scowls, then looks to rile Christian a little more.

    The Miz: Think I’ll take a look at what I got.

    Like a kid at Christmas, Miz unscrews his ball, pulling out the piece of paper - looking excited, then hands it over to Christian.

    The Miz: I cant do it. Here. You do it.

    Miz hands the piece of paper over to Christian. Then closes his eyes, whilst Christian takes a look - and a smile develops over Captain Charismas face. He pats the shoulder of Miz disingenuously, then hands him the piece of paper.

    Christian: Sorry.

    Christian walks off, shaking his head … as Miz opens his eyes, looking at the piece of paper in his hands … and his smile instantly disappears. And he gulps. Hard…



    Matt Striker is standing by;

    Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, one of the thirty men in tonights Royal Rumble match - Kurt Angle.

    A big ovation greets the intense figure of Kurt Angle.

    Matt Striker: Kurt, the time is almost upon us. A match you claim you MUST win. Defeat is simply not an option. But in a match with so many variables, in the most Star Studded Royal Rumble of all time - can you really be that confident??

    Kurt removes his mouth guard, and stares a hole through Striker.

    Kurt Angle: You’re right about a couple of things. I did say I must win tonight. Defeat simply is not an option. Yes. Do I look like I care about the roll call of stars in the match?? I’m Kurt Freakin Angle. There’s no one bigger than me. Can I really be that confident?? It’s not a case of being confident. It’s a case of having no other option, Matt.

    Angle pauses momentarily.

    Kurt Angle: I HAVE to win the Royal Rumble tonight. I HAVE to main event WrestleMania. I HAVE to be champion … it’s all I’ve got left. And no man is gonna deny me on this night.

    Kurt places his mouth guard back in his mouth, and walks off…

    Matt Striker: Thank you, Kurt. And good luck…



    Jim Ross: Kurt Angle sure as hell means business tonight!!

    Paul Heyman: You sound surprised, J.R. The man is obsessed with winning this Royal Rumble tonight.

    Joey Styles: Indeed, Kurt Angle is emotional tonight. He’s piled a whole lot of pressure on his shoulders. He says he has to win tonight-

    **BOOYAKA 619**

    Exploding from under the trap door, Mysterio is greeted with a raucous pop from the Vegas fans, and the #1 Contender salutes them before proceeding down the aisle, going head to head with fellow mask wearing fans on the way. The creep.

    Joey Styles: And speaking of guys who need to win tonight!!!

    Jim Ross: The moment of truth is here!! Is Rey Mysterio good enough to be World Heavyweight Champion??

    Joey Styles: For his entire career, Mysterio has broken down barriers and blazed a trail - proving that you don’t have to be a monster to make it. Rey is on the edge of history tonight, and he could become the smallest man to ever hold the World Heavyweight Title.

    Paul Heyman: To answer your question, J.R - yes. Of course he is. But is he good enough to beat John Cena?? Well, that’s a very different question - and it’s a very shot list of guys that can. We’re gonna find out.

    Rey hit’s the ring, and climbs to the middle rope, posing toward the fans, blessing himself and looking up at the man upstairs.

    Rey drops down, and has to wait now as his music dies down…

    … and he has to wait a little longer …

    … and the fans get a little restless at the wait …

    **MY TIME IS NOW**

    Shrill cheers initially greet the World Heavyweight Champion … but those are soon dampened by rather loud boos. Cena looks unaffected by the mixed reaction - he’s used to it - and looks to the camera; “It‘s go time. Road to WrestleMania begins right here!!” … before running down the aisle.

    Jim Ross: Monday night on Raw, Cena and Mysterio got into a physical altercation which looked to be favouring the quickness of Rey … but in one fluid motion, the wind was taken from Mysterios sails by Cena with one FU. Could that be how this match goes tonight?? Could it just be a case of Cena biding his time to catch Rey and deliver his finishing move??

    Paul Heyman: I’d like to think that that FU will have served as a reminder for Rey if I’m perfectly honest. If he’s to be successful, Mysterio cant afford ANY slip ups. If Cena gets his hands on Rey here, this thing could be over - early.

    Joey Styles: Well, for me, the question is whether Cena truly respects what Rey brings to the table. Watching Raw, it seems to me that Cena DOESN’T. And if he doesn’t - it could well be the champs downfall!!

    Cena slides into the ring, and hoists the belt aloft - soaking up the mix of cheers and jeers from the fans with a smile.

    Jim Ross: And Joey, some have made that same observation. I just cant fathom that someone like John Cena would take ANY challenge lightly - especially at this time of the year, with Cena so damn determined to return to WrestleMania as champion.

    Paul Heyman: But let’s face it, gentlemen, Cena has clearly been looking ahead past Rey, whether he takes him lightly or not.

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio

    The bell rings, and both men circle the ring with Rey sizing up to lock up with Cena, but eventually, Cena stops dead, placing his hands on his hips. He looks directly at the somewhat confused Rey, and has a look of pity almost for the challenger, asking; “Think about this, Rey. You really want to lock up? Is that how you want this?” … Rey is stubborn though, and refuses to listen to Cena, circling the ring again - and DOES lock up with the much larger champion.

    Easily though, Cena backs Rey into the corner - too easily. Mike Chioda steps in, forcing the break in the corner, and gets a clean break. Cena backs up, and says to Rey; “I did try to warn you Rey” - but Rey bounds out of the corner, wanting to lock up again, but runs straight into a headlock takedown from The Champ.

    Cena wrenches at Rey, applying pressure, but Rey manages to push back to his feet - but Cena puts him back down with a snap mare - AND KICKS the back of the challenger; HARD. Mysterio winces, and Cena shakes his head, almost looking sorry to have to do it.

    Cena then drags Rey up, shooting him - HARD - into the corner, with Rey bouncing out due to the impact … right into a boot to the face from the dominant champion. Rey goes down in a heap, and has to shake the cobwebs loose as he reaches for the ropes, with Cena bellowing at him; “Need to re-think, Rey. This aint gonna work for you.”

    Rey drags himself back to his feet using the ropes … and is too stubborn AGAIN - with Mysterio wanting to lock up again, seemingly. Cena looks down, and shakes his head - disappointed - but exhales, saying; “If that‘s how you want it, pal.”

    They circle, and look set to lock up - but Rey delivers a stiff kick to the leg, surprising Cena - and again!! Mysterio is kicking his way into the match, and Cena winces with each kick, then looks to stop the offence with a clothesline, but Rey ducks - and responds with ANOTHER stiff leg kick!!

    Mysterio turns, rushing off the ropes, ducking another wild swing from Cena, coming off the opposite side again - when Cena attempts a hip toss … but REY COUNTERS INTO AN ARM DRAG!!!!! Rey is just too quick for Cena, and the flummoxed champion is unable to do anything to stop a HEADSCISSORS from Rey - sending Cena into the ropes; PERFECT SET UP FOR THE 619 … but before Rey can try it, Cena instantly drops and rolls out of the ring.

    Cena is boo’ed by the fans for that - but it’s smart tactics, with The Champ looking a little concerned … as Rey leans through the ropes; “Hey John, don’t count me out, bro.” Cena stops, and turns his attention to Rey in the ring, eyes narrowed, temper raised.

    Cena takes a moment to think about it, then walks up the steps, and climbs back into the ring, circling the ring, sizing up Rey - lunging in; but Rey is too quick and ducks out of it, scoring with a kick, then runs off the ropes - SHOULDER KNOCKDOWN FROM CENA!!!! Rey is turned inside out by the onrushing Champ, and Cena presses down for the cover;

    …KICK OUT…

    Cena isn’t playing now. The Champ rolls off, and looks to drag Rey up right away, looking to stay on him- LEG KICKS AGAIN!!! Mysterio surprises Cena with the leg kicks again, slowing Cena, and Cena misses with another clothesline, and off balance, Rey is able to take Cena down with a side headlock, applying a headlock to the larger champion. On commentary, the trio discuss how impressed they’ve been with Rey in the early going, getting the better of the much larger champion.

    Rey cranks on the headlock, but Cena overpowers Rey, and pushes to his feet, shoving Rey off and into the ropes, catching him on the return - with a headlock takedown of his own … but Rey winds up too close to the ropes, reaching and grabbing them to force the break. Cena nods, letting go long before the count of five, and stands back up, prowling as Rey reaches his feet.

    Cena focuses, looking - actively now, as opposed to telling Rey not to - for the lock up lunging in, but Rey avoids it - LEG KICK!! Cena yelps momentarily, as Rey opens up with another couple of leg kicks before Cena fights through them, and gets his hands on the challenger, powering him into the corner, and DRIVES his shoulder deep into the gut of Mysterio.

    Cena slows Rey down, bringing the pace down to a comfortable level for himself, and shoots Rey off the ropes, but the challenger returns into a wheelbarrow position - BUT before he can execute his bulldog … CENA SLAMS REY DOWN FACE FIRST ONTO THE MAT INSTEAD!!!!! Mysterio is flattened on the mat, and Cena follows up by dropping an elbow!!

    The Champ spots an opening with Rey softened up, and instead of turning over for the cover … HE LOOKS TO APPLY THE STFU!!! Going for it early, the champion looks to lock on his submission hold, but doggedly, Rey squirms, battling not to fall victim to the hold, and wriggles just far enough to reach out and grab the bottom rope - putting a stop to Cenas pursuit; for the moment at least.

    Mysterio gratefully clutches onto the ropes, then rolls onto the apron whilst Cena puffs his cheeks, thinking he was about to give himself an early night. He waits and watches, as Rey pulls himself to his feet on the apron, and comes to meet him, and suplex the challenger back inside, but before he can get Rey up, the masked lucha hooks the top rope to stop it - and then hangs Cena up, throat first across the ropes!!!

    The champion holds his throat, reeling away from the ropes … while Rey hops onto the ropes - and springs off at Cena - CAUGHT!!! The Champ catches Rey in mid air … AND ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … FU-


    The challenger runs off the ropes … RIGHT INTO A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER FROM THE CHAMP!!! He takes a second, and presses Rey down, then hooks the leg, 1...2... NO!!! Rey shows his fighting spirit to kick out, but Cena pushes him down for another cover, 1...2... KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Rey kicks out again, but this time, Cena goes right into a bear hug, clutching around the waist, keeping Rey on the mat.

    Mysterio tries to squirm, but Cena clamps on tight, forcing Rey to dig in, with the trio on commentary calling this a perfect opportunity for Rey to prove his heart, but Heyman suggests he’ll need more than his heart to escape the hold - with Cena clenching, drawing the life out of the challenger.

    Cena uses his powerful arms to squeeze and clamp the bear hug on tighter … but Rey digs in. The challenger isn’t going to give in lightly, and he looks to find a way to his feet, but Cena doesn’t let go - despite the challenger getting to a vertical base.

    Fighting, Rey turns, shifting his position, and does all he can to fight out of the draining hold, clubbing Cenas back - but that doesn’t work. Rey then slaps the temples of Cenas head, looking to disorient the champion - and after three of those, Cena does look shaken - and looks like he’s about to release his hold … until he explodes, and RAMS Mysterio into the corner!!!!!

    Rey is crushed by the hold, and Cena drags him back out, going behind, applying a half nelson, and throws Rey up in the air, shifting - NECKBREAKER!!!! Cena delivers a somewhat awesome looking neck breaker - and covers the challenger…

    …KICK OUT…

    But it doesn’t put Mysterio away!!! Cena sits up, puffing his cheeks, and shakes his head, looking surprised by the tenacity of Rey to survive. The Champ pulls Rey to his vertical base, and sends him into the corner, charging in after … BUT Rey gets a foot up!!!

    Cena eats foot, and the blow has the desired effect, as The Champ staggers away, spaghetti legged … as Rey builds up a head of steam, rushing toward the champion - BUT CENA CATCHES HIM WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM!!! Rey is squashed again, and the leg is hooked…



    Cena sits up, and lets out a chuckle - but more in a sense of disbelief as opposed to anything being funny. He shakes his head again, surprised by the kick out from Rey once more. Cena stands back up, looking down at Rey, and shrugs, taking a glance at the fans, as if to give Rey credit for his fighting spirit … and then drags the challenger to his feet, shooting Rey into the corner again … but doesn’t follow in this time - remembering how that ended a few moments ago.

    Stopping himself from rushing in, Cena instead takes a measured approach, walking toward Rey, and softens him up with body blows, before sending him across the ring again - chest first off the turnbuckles, with Cena coming in behind, looking for a side suplex perhaps - but Rey rolls out, landing behind Cena on his feet!!

    Rey instantly takes off, hitting the ropes, sliding under Cena upon his return, then ducks a clothesline - springing off the middle rope with a cross body - CAUGHT AGAIN BY CENA … BUT REY SLIPS FREE FROM THE CLUTCHES OF THE CHAMP - ARM DRAG!!!

    And Cena tumbles out of the ring!!! Cena rolls out via the bottom rope, and stumbles around on the outside, whilst Rey waits for his opportunity - and as Cena moves back toward the ring, the challenger swings out - holding the ropes - with a neat dropkick, before swinging back inside. Cena crashes into the barricade, and Rey positions himself, watching Cena … then hops onto the ropes - SEATED SENTON TO THE OUTSIDE - TAKING THE CHAMPION DOWN AGAIN!!!!!

    Mysterio has the fans in Vegas rocking with his high risk offence, and Cena is down!!! The challenger feeds off the energy - and his desire to win the big one - recovering to get Cena rolled back into the ring, taking his position on the apron - signalling to the fans - before leaping onto the ropes, springing off - MYSTERIO DROPS THE DIME!!!!! The challenger covers…


    The Champ kicks out!!!!! Cena sits up quickly - too quickly - off the kick out, and looks to shake the cobwebs off, crawling on his hands and knees to the ropes … but that’s simply an invite to the challenger, and Rey seizes on it, clubbing the back of the champion on the ropes, looking to keep him there … before setting off, across the ring and back … FOR THE 619-


    Cena catches Rey, and carries him back through the ropes like a child - and into position for a POWERSLAM - but Rey slips off the back, and as Cena turns around - he is met by leg kicks from the challenger!!! Rey opens up again on Cena, stopping the champion from making a comeback, then runs off the ropes, coming back - going for his wheelbarrow bulldog for a second time … BUT AGAIN CENA COUNTERS - THIS TIME INTO THE BLUE THUNDER BOMB!!!!!!!!!!

    “MY GAWD - THE POWER!!!” bellows J.R on commentary, as Cena flattens Mysterio once more. Instead of the cover though, Cena bounces right back up … AND SIGNALS FOR THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!!! Vegas is wavering - split between cheers and boos for Cena - but The Champ keeps on smiling, bending down to say the words; “YOU CANT SEEEE MEEE!!” … but REY KICKS CENA!!!

    Cena is staggered by the kick, taking a few backward steps, shaking the cobwebs loose, whilst Rey gets up to his feet by the ropes - and the champion rushes in … LOW BRIDGE!!! Cenas momentum sees him go over and out, as Reys quick thinking helps him out again.

    Looking out at Cena, and steps onto the apron, taking another look back at Cena as he gets to his feet … ASAI MOONSAULT TO CENA … BUT CENA MOVES!!!!! REY CRASHES AND BURNS IN A HEAP ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!!!!

    On commentary, Heyman suggests that that could be all she wrote for Rey, suggesting that Cena wont slip up again from here. The Champ recovers, and picks the challenger up, rolling Mysterio back inside, before climbing onto the apron himself.

    Just as he gets set to climb in though, Cena has second thoughts - and looks at the top rope. The Champ turns to the fans, telling them with a smile “Rey aint the only one that can fly!!”

    Cena then proceeds to climb the turnbuckles, positioning himself - whilst J.R suggests he took too long - but it doesn’t appear to be the case … AS CENA FLIES AND CONNECTS WITH THE LEG GUILLOTUNE OFF THE TOP!!!!!!!! And THAT could be it for Mysterio, as the cover is made;

    …KICK OUT…

    “WHAT!?” Styles cant believe it, and that is echoed by J.R and Heyman, as Rey lives to fight another day!!! Cena is in shock too - but there’s no smiling this time, and there’s no respect shown for Reys fighting spirit; Cena is pissed off now at his inability to put Mysterio away.

    The Champ stands up, approaching Chioda, having a lengthy discussion about the two count, with Cena questioning if the count was perhaps a little slow, and is heard on camera TELLING the official; “You might want to pick up the count a bit. That was three.”

    Cena shakes his head, and watches as Rey stirs, looking to crawl toward the corner to get up … but Cena has other ideas, grabbing the leg - STFU ATTEMPT NUMBER 2 … BUT REY TURNS OVER - AND KICKS CENA AWAY!!!!!

    Cena bundles back to the corner, but shrugs it off, and comes for the submission again before Mysterio can get up, and looks to apply the STFU; ATTEMPT NUMBER 3 … BUT MYSTERIO TURNS OVER … AND COUNTERS INTO A CRADLE…



    Mysterio nearly stuns Cena, but the champ just escapes the predicament, bouncing up to his feet, whilst Rey is up too - CENA RUNS THROUGH REY WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

    A huge ‘OHHH’ erupts through the Thomas & Mack Centre with Rey turned inside out, and the increasingly agitated Cena leans onto the ropes - no smiling now. Rey looks to get up again, looking out of sorts, whilst Cena turns around, taking a moment to watch … waiting for Rey to stand up … AND RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH ANOTHER DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Cena hooks the leg…

    …KICK OUT…

    Cena looks up at Chioda again, holding up three fingers, bellowing; “C‘MON!! YOU‘RE KILLIN ME HERE, MIKE!!” before shaking his head. Cena brings the challenger with him, and executes a simple front slam … bending - and giving Rey the ‘YOU CANT SEE ME’ taunt again … before rushing off the ropes … coming back … stops to shake off his shoulder- but stops short of doing it, shaking his head instead - going straight for the jugular - FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!!!!!

    No cover though - Cena wants to make sure of it this time. The Champ stands right back up, and crouches … shouting to Rey; “TIMES UP REY - LETS FINISH THIS!!” … with Cena prowling, waiting for the challenger to rise to his feet. Mysterio - worse for wear after the two clotheslines and the fist drop - struggles to climb to his feet by the ropes … and in the end, Cena loses his patience; and comes for Rey, hauling him up, and onto his shoulders … FU -


    … AND CENA LANDS IN THE ROPES!!!! Vegas explodes, whilst Rey spots the opening, with no time to take a breather to recover … REY RUSHES ACROSS THE RING … 619 --- CONNECTS!!!!! The fans are on their feet, as Rey takes up his position on the apron, whilst Cena groggily stands back up … AND REY SPRINGS OFF … WEST COAST POP!!!!!!!!!!

    …………CENA KICKS OUT…………

    Rey CANT BELIEVE IT!!! The challenger looks heartbroken, sitting up, hands on head, whilst Cena sits up, looking stunned himself - coming SOOO close to losing his title - JUST escaping the pin in time. Rey shakes his head, having come so close to the shock result, but looks to keep the momentum rolling … AND DELIVERS A BASEMENT DROPKICK TO THE SEATED CHAMPION ON THE MAT!!!

    This time, Rey doesn’t cover, but instead gets right back to his feet, and to the ropes, climbing out onto the apron, and proceeds to climb the turnbuckles … getting up to the top, whilst Cena stumbles back to his feet … peeling off the ropes, into the middle of the ring … AND MYSTERIO FLIES - CROSSBODY TO CENA … CENA ROLLS THROUGH!!!!!

    CENA ROLLS THROUGH … AND GETS BACK TO HIS FEET … WITH REY IN HIS CLUTCHES … AND THROWS MYSTERIO UP - ONTO CENAS SHOULDERS … FU CONNECTS!!!!!!!!!! It has to be over, and Cena doesn’t waste a solitary second, hooking the leg …

    …………REY KICKS OUT…………

    Once more, Cena sits up - jaw hitting the floor; eyes wide open - he cannot believe it!!! The Champ is unable to fathom how Rey is still in it, and J.R - in his gravel voiced best - asks aloud if Rey is indeed right, and his heart is bigger than The Champs - and wonders if it will be enough for him to beat Cena.

    Cena looks to be ready to snap, but he keeps his composure, and gets back to his feet - still seething though - before coming for Rey, and peels him off the canvas - with Cena the only thing keeping Rey up. Cena hooks Rey up, onto his shoulders again … but stops before hitting the FU.

    Instead, Cena lets Rey down. The Champs wheels seem to be spinning, before he nods - having an idea - and pulls Rey back to his feet. Cena gets Mysterio back on his shoulders again, and makes his way to the corner!!! CENA IS SCALING THE ROPES WITH REY ON HIS SHOULDER!!!!! On commentary, Styles is losing his mind, asking if Cena is going to FU Rey from the top rope … and it would appear to be what he has in store … positioning for it …


    Knowing the consequences are dire, Mysterio fights with all he’s got left to avoid the FU from the top … drilling The Champ with elbows, fierce elbows, which force Cena to relent, and allows the challenger to escape from his shoulder, positioning onto the top rope … and after hammering Cena with right hands, Cena teeters … but doesn’t fall off … although it allows the challenger … TO FLIP FROM THE TOP … SUNSET POWERBOMB TO THE CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vegas EXPLODES!!! Rey refuses to be beaten … and that stunning power bomb from the top might just see the title change hands!! The challenger looks to shock the world, crawling into the cover, with J.R losing his mind; “REY IS ABOUT TO SHOCK THE WORLD!!! HE‘S GONNA DO IT!!!” … and he has the cover …


    …KICK OUT…

    Cena gets a shoulder up!!!!! Mysterio is crestfallen again!! The commentary team put over Cenas own fighting ability - not just Reys - and the challenger pulls himself back to his feet, looking to the heavens, wanting some divine inspiration. He watches, as Cena comes to, pushing up onto his knees … with Rey looking to land a killer blow and finish off The Champ - ROUNDHOUSE KICK- NO!!! CENA DUCKS … AND TRIPS THE LEG OF MYSTERIO …

    APPLYING THE STFU!!!!!!!!!!

    Cena has it locked on!!! Mysterio is trapped … and NOW we’ll see just how much heart the challenger has!!! Trapped in the middle of the ring, Rey is a LONG way away from the promised land of the ropes … and will need to claw a long distance to save his title aspirations … but Cena leans back … ADDING THE PRESSURE!!!! ASKING THE QUESTION OF REY!!! JUST HOW MUCH DOES MYSTERIO WANT IT!!!!!

    Mysterio flails his arms in desperation, unable to see the ropes with Cena own arms blocking his vision!! J.R asks how much the challenger can take, after everything he‘s already had to deal with tonight - and survived, but wonders if it‘s one step too far for him. Cena cranks back further, and at the top of his voice roars “TAAAAP” …





    The challenger reaches into his gut, looking to find the strength to surge forward and get to the ropes … and pushes up … yelling out, making one last push for freedom … and rolls through …



    Still trapped, Mysterio is in a world of trouble - still a long way away from the sanctuary of the ropes, with the hold firmly applied by The Champ!! Cena torques back, and a huge groan comes from Mysterio … with the littlest big man wincing in pain, he cant get to the ropes … and despite his best efforts … he’s given it his all …



    Winner: And STILL World Heavyweight Champion - JOHN CENA @ 18:28

    As the music hits, Cena finally lets go of the hold, dropping his weight onto Rey - spent from the effort he expended in a gruelling match; more gruelling than he anticipated for sure - before rolling off Mysterio, and accepting the title whilst still on his knees.

    Jim Ross: What a match!!! What a World Heavyweight Championship match!!

    Joey Styles: And while Cena has seen off Mysterio tonight - make no mistake about it - he had to fight for every inch of that win!!

    Paul Heyman: He had to fight a whole lot harder than I think even he anticipated, and it shows. Cena looks like a relieved man.

    Cena then sits upright, next to Rey, giving the fallen challenger some words of encouragement, putting a hand on Reys shoulder, helping him to a seated position, giving Mysterio plenty of respect for his efforts.

    Jim Ross: Rey Mysterio may not have won this match, but by Gawd, he earned John Cenas respect here as a competitor. On another night, Cena could be leaving here without the title - it was that fine a margin in the end.

    Joey Styles: And I don’t think anyone will be writing Mysterio off any time soon in any match going forward.

    Paul Heyman: Well sure - but did he win?? No. He gave his all, he came close - but he failed. Nothing has changed, gentlemen - Rey Mysterio still hasn’t won the big one, and some words of consolation from Cena wont help him sleep tonight.

    The Champ pushes up to his feet, and surveys the mixed audience, standing still for a few moments to listen to the reception - then lifts the title belt high in the air, peering at the WrestleMania 24 logo in the distance, before throwing the title over his shoulder, and leaves the ring … and the recovering Mysterio to ponder what might have been …


    Back in the number drawing office, the tumbler is being spun … with the camera panning to show SHAWN MICHAELS (to a pop) waiting to open it up and pick out his number.

    Tiffany: Make it a good one, Shawn.

    Shawn smirks and reaches in, taking his ball out.

    Eve Torres: Good luck, Shawn.

    Voice: He’ll need a little more than that.

    Michaels looks around, as does everyone … and BROCK LESNAR is standing by the door. Shawn gives Brock a piercing look, as the Iron Man steps into the room.

    Brock Lesnar: They must be a little thin on numbers on Raw if you’re in this thing. Last time I saw you, they were scraping your ass off the floor at the Survivor Series…

    Lesnar walks up to Shawn, trying to intimidate the veteran.

    Brock Lesnar: Right after I F5’ed you into the ground-

    Lesnar snaps his fingers.

    Brock Lesnar: Just like that.

    Shawn doesn’t react, but stands his ground, staring at Brock, showing no trepidation of the Iron Man. Brock ends the stare down, and looks off at JBL…

    Brock Lesnar: Don’t tell me this is still the best Raw has to offer??

    Lesnar shakes his head, and makes his way to the tumbler, picking out his number…

    Brock Lesnar: Actually - I hope he is.

    The Iron Man proceeds to walk out without revealing his number, but has one final dig for Michaels as he walks by…

    Brock Lesnar: Because that just made this night half as easy.

    Brock leaves the room, with Michaels stoic, but brimming with anger clearly - frustrated at Brock dismissing his chances - essentially writing HBK off.



    The opening chords of Nirvanas classic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ plays, as clips of the massive crowds at WrestleMania 21 in Detroit and 23 in New Orleans play, interspersed with various shots of John Cena on his way to the ring, Christian pounding his chest and The Undertaker walking by the druids.


    Flashing clips of fireworks displays, then Rey Mysterio hitting a 619, Randy Orton standing atop the ladder, Kurt Angle letting off his pyro and a smirking Brent Albright.


    Shots of the city of Phoenix are spliced in with Shawn Michaels nipping up, Paul London hitting a 450 Splash off the ladder at WrestleMania, Triple H’s grand WrestleMania 22 entrance and Steve Austin toasting a beer to Brock Lesnar in New Orleans.


    Random shots of the fans going nuts at recent WrestleManias, with quick shots of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air for a Five Star and Christian triumphing at WrestleMania 23


    Quick clips of Cardinals Stadium is spliced in with John Cenas big entrance at WrestleMania 23, Edge’s Spear off the ladder at WrestleMania 22, Mick Foley crashing through the flaming table in the Superdome and The Undertakers famous sit up.


    Triple H spitting water, Umaga storming down the aisle, Batista letting off his pyro and MVP bursting through his set.


    Brock Lesnar hitting an F5 on Triple H, Cena hitting an FU on Orton, Christian hitting an Unprettier on Austin, and The Undertaker hitting a Tombstone on Jericho.

    HEY … YAY

    And end on the logo for WrestleMania 24



    The fans pop in the arena…

    Joey Styles: Gentlemen, this is the one I’ve been waiting for. Randy Orton and Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship!!

    Jim Ross: And it is a level playing field!! No advantage for the champion. Orton MUST win this match to leave Vegas as Champion. And to ensure the rules are abided, a second official will be at ringside.

    Paul Heyman: I still don’t like it. It’s not fair if you ask me. But mark my words, with the carrot of a free pass to WrestleMania being dangled in front of Orton, he wont disappoint. He’s faced every challenge with aplomb - and he’ll do that again tonight.

    Joey Styles: It’s not just for the richest prize in the game - this one is personal…


    Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho
    LIONSAULT … NO!!!! Orton rolls away … but Jericho lands on his feet!!! The champion smiles, thinking he’s outsmarted Jericho, but as he gets up, he turns … taken down … WALLS OF JERICHO!!!!!

    Randy Orton: It seems to me that it’s one rule for me, and a different ball game for the rest. Because for the last year, every single time one of MY opponents has finished up on the wrong side of me … every time they’ve wound up on the shelf …

    The champion struggles, and Jericho torques back, cinching in the Walls … desperately wanting the sound of palm hitting canvas … but it doesn’t come. Orton is as tough as nails, and the Champion digs in … crawling his way to the ropes … AND MAKES IT!!!!!

    Randy Orton: I’ve been blamed, maligned, victimized, vilified - branded some kind of sick S.O.B … yet when I was injured at the hands of one of my opponents … I don’t see the same outpouring of emotions toward them.

    The champion looks exhausted after having to expend a lot of energy to make it to the ropes … and as he gets to his feet by the ropes, he glances at Scott Armstrong … AND KICKS THE OFFICIAL BETWEEN THE LEGS!!!!!

    Randy Orton: You need to climb down off that pedestal, Jericho. Look at what your actions have accomplished. I’m sat at home with a torn groin - because of your methods.

    Armstrong goes down in a heap, with Orton wanting to take the cheap way out … but just as he smirks … CODEBREAKER!!!!! Jericho drops the champion … the match is surely won … with Jericho desperately looking around, beckoning another official from the back, with the fans just as desperate …


    … 1...2...ORTON KICKS OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    It took too long!!!

    Jericho tries to get right back at Orton to finish him off, but Robinson holds him back, giving Orton the chance to get up on his own accord, standing between the pair … ORTON SPINS ROBINSON AROUND - RKO TO THE REFEREE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Randy Orton: You and everyone else has cried and complained that me kicking people in the skull is wrong. What about the careers you’re putting at risk, Chris. The Walls of Jericho??

    Orton takes out another referee as his desperation to survive reaches a new low!!! He gets to his feet, and swings at Jericho - Jericho ducks … WALLS OF JERICHO AGAIN!!!!!

    Randy Orton: That’s why I’m sat at home. You sit there and you talk about trying to purify the WWE, show the world that we don’t need to be bloodthirsty cavemen … yet look at what YOU have done, Chris.

    Orton cries out in pain, caught in the submission hold for a SECOND time, and this time, Jericho cranks back even further, giving Orton no room to move … and just as Armstrong is coming back around … ORTON TAPS … AND THE REFEREE CALLS FOR THE BELL!!!!!
    Winner: And NEW WWE Champion - Chris Jericho @ 16:45


    Jericho is damn near in tears, falling to his knees, burying his head into the mat initially - he’s held true to the old school methods, and he has been richly rewarded with the WWE Championship!!!

    The worse for wear Armstrong gives Chimmel the decision, whilst taking the title belt, as Jericho sits on his knees, waiting to be presented with the title.

    Tony Chimmel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match … BY DISQUALIFICATION … Chris Jericho!!!

    Winner: Via DQ - Chris Jericho @ 16:45
    *Randy Orton remains WWE Champion*

    Tony Chimmel: Therefore, STILL WWE Champion … Randy … Orton!!!

    The heat is UNGODLY. Jericho shakes his head, and mouths something to Armstrong, unable to comprehend how Orton has survived.

    Joey Styles: What a crock!!! Orton tried to walk out of this thing, he kicked one official in the nuts, RKO’ed another … he deserved to lose the title tonight, he knew he couldn’t beat Jericho … and maybe he knows he CANT beat Jericho.

    Cut to interchanging shots of Orton and Jericho talking…

    Randy Orton: Yet, because it’s Randy Orton - that doesn’t seem to matter, does it?? It doesn’t matter that I have to put my career at stake again at the Royal Rumble against Chris Jericho…

    Chris Jericho: I had Orton beat. I made him submit. I’ve proven to the world, and especially Orton that my way does still work. That the spirit of professional wrestling is alive and well - I‘ve done it twice.

    Randy Orton: Not that I’ve got anything to worry about. Chris Jericho had the opportunity to choose any kind of match he wanted.

    Chris Jericho: So I’m not going to take up the offer of a streetfight or a first blood match … I’m going to beat Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble and win the WWE Championship the old fashioned way - one on one …

    Randy Orton: He could’ve locked me in a cage, he could’ve made it a Streetfight - he could’ve made it as extreme as he wanted … and he took the cowards way out.

    Chris Jericho: All I ask for, is that Orton has no championship advantage.

    Randy Orton: If you honestly believe removing my advantage is the answer …

    Black and white clips of the fateful punt to the skull in April 2007 from Orton to Jericho, that put Jericho out of action for seven months…

    Randy Orton: Then that punt to skull eight months ago must’ve done more damage than we all thought.

    Cut to Orton dropping Jericho with an RKO on January 11, after Jericho hesitated with the Walls of Jericho…

    Randy Orton: You think just because I cant retain my title by getting counted out or disqualified that you suddenly hold the cards?? That I’m suddenly at a disadvantage?? … Never.

    Cut to Friday on Smackdown and the face to face showdown…

    Randy Orton: After all the preaching you’ve done, Chris, after all the talk about me being dangerous, my ideals putting careers at risk - you’re no saint. Chris, you’re a hypocrite. You’ve talked about me having no remorse for kicking people - people like you - in the skull … but you and your Walls of Jericho … just as dangerous.

    Jericho doesn’t react - he just glares at the pompous WWE Champion.

    Randy Orton: I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that. Hell, it’s MY philosophy. It’s why I’ve been champion so long. I do WHATEVER it takes to keep this. I do what’s necessary.

    Orton peers at the title belt on his shoulder, then fixes it, before looking at Jericho again.

    Randy Orton: But- if you really want to send a message, Chris … if you really want to send a message; to me, to the fans - … your Jericholics … and all the boys in the back that you’re trying to influence … that you have morals, and ideals … then you’d outlaw the Walls of Jericho in order to protect the careers of your peers…

    Outpouring of heat. Jericho shakes his head though … and finally gets a word in.

    Chris Jericho: I’m not gonna outlaw the Walls of Jericho … And it’s not because I’m a bloodthirsty animal like you are, Orton. It’s because I look at you - and I don’t buy this crap about your injury.

    Cheers. Orton shakes his head, and points to his groin, mouthing at Jericho he WAS injured.

    Chris Jericho: You don’t want me to stop using the Walls of Jericho because it causes injuries - you’re tryin to talk me into outlawing my move … because you know you don’t have the guts to survive in it.

    Clips of Orton tapping to the hold at Armageddon and the following Friday on Smackdown…

    Chris Jericho: You didn’t - and you don’t - have an injury. You’re scared. I look at you Orton, and I don’t see a champion. And damn sure not a fighting one.

    Clips of Orton escaping with the title last month on Smackdown.

    Chris Jericho: On Sunday at the Royal Rumble, you cant bail yourself out with any short cut. Not with a second set of eyes and ears on the outside. When I came back, I came back with one goal. And that was to cut you down. The only way to truly do that … is to beat you - for that.

    Jericho points at the title.

    Chris Jericho: Not just beat you for it, Orton - but beat you for it … the right way … and show you how it should be done. Show you … the error of your ways.

    Orton looks ready to snap, yanking the belt off his shoulder and charging angrily around the ring, before getting in Jerichos face.

    Randy Orton: Jericho, there’s NOTHING you can show me!! I am the W-W-E Champion, and I have held this title for longer than ANY of your title reigns - COM-BINED!!!

    Clips of Ortons successes over the last ten months as Champion - and consistently having his arm raised in the air.

    Randy Orton: If anything- Chris, if anything … you should follow MY lead, and take a leaf out of MY book…

    Orton pauses, and stares at Jericho - who glares right back at him.

    Randy Orton: Because the longer you stick to this rigid holier than thou mindset, the longer you leave yourself open…

    Orton stops. Jericho looks confused, then looks around before looking back at Orton.

    Chris Jericho: Open to what??

    Randy Orton: This-


    Randy Orton: I’m not scared. I’ve faced EVERYONE over the last year - and I haven’t been scared of ANYONE!!! And I’m not scared of you.


    Chris Jericho: On Sunday at the Royal Rumble, you cant bail yourself out with any short cut.

    Orton spins around … Jericho with the double leg take down …


    Chris Jericho: Forget about walking out, you cant save yourself by getting disqualified - and the cheap tricks wont fly either.


    Joey Styles: … did he … hesitate??

    And Orton wildly kicks free, shrugging Jericho off … and the champion scrambles under the bottom rope, grabbing his title belt as he escapes!!!

    Paul Heyman: It looked that way to me, Joey.

    Jericho stands up, and watches as Orton takes a walk - his plan backfiring - with the champion deciding better of it, and backs away up the ramp.

    Paul Heyman: Jericho clearly feels more guilty about the Walls of Jericho, and the damage it can cause, than he let on. Ortons words made more of a mark than Jericho let on. He’s worried his move DOES cause injury.

    Joey Styles: Well, if Jericho hesitates like that on Sunday - it might just cost him the richest prize in the game.

    Clips of Jericho hesitating to apply the hold against Orton and Sandow in recent weeks…

    Paul Heyman: He who hesitates is lost. If Jericho passes up the opportunity to apply that hold - he’ll lose in Vegas.

    Joey Styles: Sunday at the Rumble, this issue - dating back almost a year - comes to a head.

    Paul Heyman: He who hesitates is lost.


    He who hesitates is lost…

    Who hesitates is lost …

    Hesitates is lost …

    Is lost…




    … 5 …
    … 4 …
    … 3 …
    … 2 …
    … 1 …


    Entering in his plain black leather jacket, Chris Jericho stretches out his arms, spinning around and examines the sea of the fans, before striding down the aisle - his face a picture of concentration.

    Joey Styles: The playing field is even tonight!! The best man WILL walk out of Vegas as the WWE Champion - no advantage for the champion tonight, and to make sure that Orton cant take any short cuts a second official will be on the outside of the ring.

    Jim Ross: No way out for Orton other than to beat Jericho, tonight. But can he?? After ten months as WWE Champion has that long reign taken it’s toll on Orton?? It’s the longest title reign in over a decade, and no champion has ever had to withstand the kind of challenges Orton has - and since Jericho returned in November he’s had Ortons number.

    Paul Heyman: He’s been champion for ten months - the carrot has been dangled in front of him of a clear path to WrestleMania should he win tonight - Orton will be at his best, make no mistake about it.

    The challenger climbs up the steps, and into the ring, standing in the middle of the ring, nodding at the faint ‘Y-2-J’ chants that are beginning to build in the arena.

    Jim Ross: Just look at the focus, the concentration. Chris Jericho has been waiting on this match for the last month. This is just as big for the challenger - make no mistake.

    Joey Styles: Without a doubt. Jericho has said how much this means to him - to show Orton the error of his ways - and he needs to beat him in order to do what he promised he would; and that’s cut Orton down.


    Orton strides slowly onto the stage, taking his time, whilst the fans let him know what they think of the WWE Champion.

    Joey Styles: Much has been made of the so-called groin injury that Orton suffered at the hands of Chris Jericho and his Walls of Jericho submission a month ago in successive matches at Armageddon and Friday Night Smackdown - but whether it was as serious as he made out or not - Orton appears to have gotten into the head of Jericho - as we saw in the video package moments ago.

    Paul Heyman: He who hesitates is lost - and if Jericho shows any hesitation - he’ll lose tonight.

    Jim Ross: But there’s a little more to it than that, Paul. Orton is playing a clever game - he knows Jericho wants to show him success is obtainable in this day and age without causing your opponent injury, and by planting that doubt in Jerichos head that the Walls is a dangerous move - if Jericho lets that thought linger, he’s just lost his biggest move.

    Randy Orton approaches the ring, taking a walk around before climbing inside, making Jericho wait, with the challenger pacing around - watching Orton closely - as Orton passes by the second official outside.

    Joey Styles: Has Orton successfully got in the head of Jericho?? Will Jericho look to avoid applying his submission move?? Or will Jericho stick to his belief that Orton was faking his groin injury all along?? We’re about to get those answers, gentlemen.

    Paul Heyman: If Jericho really wants to prove he’s holier than thou, he’ll not go anywhere near even THINKING about the Walls of Jericho - if he does, he’s a sell-out and a liar!!!

    WWE Championship Match | NO Championship Advantage:
    Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

    Circling the ring, Jericho and Orton don’t even blink, transfixed on one another, not wanting to make any kind of mistake, then both lunge in - lock up. Jericho swiftly transitions into a hammerlock, applying pressure, but despite wincing, Orton switches, turning the tables and applying a hammerlock of his own momentarily - but like Orton, Jericho is able to switch, right back into a hammerlock of his own.

    Jericho twists at the arm, but Orton shifts, and takes Jericho over with a firemans carry, only for Jericho to escape the champions clutches, and reverses the roles, going back to the hammerlock on the mat. Orton looks to scramble, and gets back to his feet despite being trapped in the hammerlock, but squeezes out and reverses AGAIN.

    This time though, Jericho isn’t interested in manoeuvring out of trouble, and instead throws elbows to the skull of Orton behind him, breaking the hold the old fashioned way. With Orton groggy, Jericho hit’s the ropes, with the champion swinging wildly - and missing - with Jericho ducking, and into a school boy pin … 1...

    Jericho breaks the count himself, standing up with his arms controlling the legs of Orton … AND LOOKS TO APPLY THE WALLS OF JERICHO … but he HESITATES - and Orton looks to take advantage, reaching up - INSIDE CRADLE … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Jericho breaks out of the cradle, and both men stand up on opposite sides of the ring - with Orton smirking; he knows he’s in Jerichos head at this point.

    Jericho takes a walk around the ring, thinking it over, before reaching in and locking up with Orton again, but it’s the larger champion that gets the better of the exchange, powerfully backing the challenger into the corner. Chad Patton steps in, forcing the clean break - and Orton does so - THEN, he pulls back for a right hand … but HE hesitates, remembering it’s in his best interests to tow the line…

    Which allows Jericho to take advantage with a knife edge chop!! The roles reverse with both men suffering from hesitation, and Jericho lets fly with his knife edge chops to Orton, then right hands; chop, followed by right hand, chop, followed by right hand, punishing the champion, backing him across the ring into the ropes and sends him off, knocking Orton down with a reverse elbow!!!

    Orton - instinctively - bounces right back up, but walks right into an arm drag, with Jericho holding onto the arm, applying an arm wringer to the champ, and the natural reaction from Orton to break it is to pull the quiff of Jericho - but after doing so, he is sternly warned by Patton. Orton nods, accepting the telling off, and knocks Jericho off his feet with a clothesline.

    Randy pulls Jericho to his feet, and shoots him off the ropes, but Jericho ducks under on the return, and Orton then drops down flat on the mat in anticipation for the return … but Jericho stops himself short … and BOOTS Orton in the ribs!!! Orton turns over and writhes, allowing Jericho to follow up by dropping an elbow … but after that, he isn’t able to capitalise, with the champion rolling under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

    Boos circulate around the Thomas & Mack centre, with Orton deciding to take a walk with things not entirely going to plan. John Cone (the second official on the outside) follows Orton, seemingly instructing him to get back inside, and Orton snaps at him, telling the official to get out of his face. The momentary distraction costs Orton severely, as he climbs back onto the apron - still arguing with the referee … allowing Jericho to nail him with a springboard dropkick!!!!!

    Orton crashes off the apron, and the fans cheer at the VINTAGE~!! Jericho offence, with the challenger then doubling up, climbing up top, waiting for Orton to rise to his feet, and when he does - CROSSBODY OFF THE TOP TO THE OUTSIDE BY JERICHO TO ORTON!!!!! The high risk offence from Jericho garners a ‘Y2J’ chant, and the challenger nods before picking the champ up, rolling him back into the ring.

    On his hands and knees, Orton crawls across the ring, toward the ropes, with Jericho stalking him down, and begins to club his back, trapping him at the ropes and peers out at the fans, nodding again, before rushing off the ropes, running back, and DRIVES a big knee into the back of Orton!!!

    Another cheer develops for Jericho, and the challenger watches as Randy struggles to pick himself up from the ropes - right into the focused challenger, and a kick to the gut, double underhook - picks Orton up - and delivers a (ugly) backbreaker!!! Hook of the leg…


    …………KICK OUT…………

    Orton survives the first real near fall of the match, but Jericho doesn’t give him any time to recover, pushing Randy back into the corner, and lighting him up with chops, forcing Orton to try and cover up. Jericho sends Orton across the ring to the opposite corner - but Orton reverses the momentum, sending the challenger across instead … ONLY FOR JERICHO TO BOUNCE RIGHT OUT AND CLOTHESLINE ORTON!!!!!

    Orton struggles up, and once again Jericho is on him with another kick to the gut to soften him up - and reels off a vertical suplex, floating over into another cover…

    …KICK OUT…

    Orton manages to get the shoulder up again. Jericho shakes his head as he gets to his feet, and begins to stomp Orton with the champion getting to his knees, then strikes Randy with right hands, pummelling the champion. Punishing the champion, Jericho throws in some trash talk while he does it, then runs off the ropes, coming back … RIGHT INTO A SNAP POWERSLAM FROM RANDY ORTON!!! The champion EXPLODES on Jericho!!! He hooks the leg…


    Jericho survives!! But the momentum has shifted to the champion, and Orton picks himself up, stamping Jericho, and systematically breaks the challenger down, leaping up, and stamping each of his hands, one after another, and stamps the legs too before he stands over Jericho - leaping up, dropping a big knee to the face, and into another cover… 1...2...Jericho pushes free.

    Orton sneers, and is right on top of Jericho, pounding him in the mount position before getting another verbal warning from Chad Patton for use of closed fists, forcing him to stop. Looking agitated by being confined by playing by the rules, Orton stands back up bringing Jericho with him, and throws Jericho out of the ring through the ropes - protesting innocence when questioned what he’s doing by the official.

    The champion climbs out himself, hammering the back of the recovering challenger, then - with Jericho sufficiently softened up - Orton proceeds to send him across the floor crashing into the steel steps!!! John Cone on the outside gives Orton a stern warning, but Orton shakes his head, with the camera picking up his response; “He tripped. I‘m just helping him up.”

    Jericho winces in pain after the impact in the steps, and Orton drags him up, still protesting his innocence to the official on the outside, and rolls Jericho back onto the apron, nailing the challenger with malicious clubbing forearm blows to the chest area of Jericho, punishing him - reddening his chest. Orton eventually relents, and shoves Jerichos prone body back under the ropes and into the ring, climbing back in himself.

    Orton pushes Jericho back into the corner, and pounds him with a series of straight right hands, telling Patton that it’s not a closed fist, before proceeding to instead stomp Jericho down, softening the challenger up again. He pulls Y2J up, and with Jericho weakened, Orton is able to place him up on the top rope, climbing himself - setting Jericho up for a superplex … BUT JERICHO BLOCKS IT!!!!

    Jericho refuses to budge, pounding the mid section of Orton to fight him off, but before he can shove Orton off the top, the champion fights back, still determined to deliver the superplex, pounding the skull of the challenger, and hooks him up again - but again, Jericho grips onto the ropes to prevent the move.

    Orton looks to be losing his cool, and lands another blow to Jericho, but the challenger strikes back, delivering a knife edge chop to Orton, and as Orton clutches his chest in pain - Jericho SHOVES him off!!!

    Orton hit’s the canvas, and Jericho attempts to fly from the tope - reverse elbow … ORTON MOVES!!!!! Jericho crashes onto the canvas, missing the reverse elbow!!! Orton leans on the ropes, puffing his cheeks and shaking his head, before coming back after the challenger, sizing him up, and grips Jericho from behind, into position - delivering his modified backbreaker!!! Orton makes the cover…



    Jericho gets a shoulder up, not going down without a fight. Orton grimaces, then pounds the mat once, before pulling Jericho into a seated position, clamping on his boring chinlock OF DOOM~!! Orton takes the life out of the fans, and wears the challenger down with his rest hold, forcing a brief and fairly miniscule “Y-2-J” chant from the fans, that quickly dies off.

    Orton leans back, looking to apply further pressure, shouting to Jericho; “GIVE UP!!”, but obviously, not even The Miz would tap to a chinlock. Jericho throws his arms around trying to break the hold, with Orton clenching in tight, digging his knee into the back to add further punishment, and the challenger winces as he fights the hold, with Orton clenching tight, looking around at the fans - showing some concern as Jericho starts to push up!!

    Jericho manages to manoeuvre around, making space, and squeezes free of the hold overpowering the champion momentarily, and prevents Orton from reapplying the hold with a series of driven elbows to the gut, then rushes off the ropes, coming back at Orton … ONLY TO BE MET WITH A QUICK CLOTHESLINE FROM THE WAITING CHAMPION!!! The energy is instantly zapped from the fans, expecting a fight back, and the champion drops down, making a cover


    Again, Orton is left frustrated with a kick out, peering up at the official and shaking his head. The champion drags Jericho to his feet, and looks to have bad intentions on his mind, throwing Jericho toward the ropes - HANGING HIM UP ON THE MIDDLE ROPE … INTO A DDT POSITION!!! Orton licks his lips, with Jericho in place for the HANGMANS DDT … BUT JERICHO FIGHTS BACK AGAIN!!!!

    Knowing the consequences could be dire, Jericho does everything he can to battle out of the predicament, pounding the ribs of the champion, and the ferocity of the blows DO force Orton to back up and release his hold on Jericho, but comes back at him at the ropes - only for Jericho to duck down, and DRIVE his shoulder through the ropes into the gut of Orton!!! Orton doubles over, allowing the challenger to SUNSET FLIP back into the ring, taking Orton over into a pinning predicament…

    …………ORTON ESCAPES…………

    Both men rush up - knowing the momentum could be shifting - and it’s Jericho that’s able to strike first with a stiff knife edge chop!!! The chop backs Orton up, and Jericho proceeds to deliver a few more, with the viciousness of the stinging blows to the chest forcing Orton back into the ropes, with Jericho gaining a head of steam, charging at the champion at the ropes - ELEVATED OVER THE TOP BY ORTON!!!

    Jericho though, manages to land on the apron instead of hitting the floor, and as Orton turns, looking to land a blow - Jericho blocks - then HANGS Orton up on the top rope, forcing Orton to reel away from the ropes, clutching at his throat - which allows Jericho to climb the turnbuckles, setting himself for Orton to turn around … and when he does … JERICHO FLIES WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK TO THE CHAMP!!!!! Jericho scrambles into a cover-


    …………KICK OUT…………

    Orton survives!!! For now. Jericho picks himself right back up, beginning to stalk the champion, with the commentators proposing that it could be a set up for the CODEBREAKER … with Jericho following Orton as the champion looks to pull himself up … dragging himself to his feet on the ropes - not knowing what’s about to come … as Jericho spins Randy around … CODEBR- NO!!

    Orton SLAMS Jericho down, blocking the finishing move, and he quickly grabs the legs - CATAPULT into the turnbuckles!!! Jericho hit’s the buckles, and staggers after the impact, with Randy refusing to let up, giving the challenger no time to catch a breath, catching Jericho from behind - side suplex connects, and Orton shifts right into a cover…


    …………KICK OUT…………

    Jericho refuses to stay down!! Orton is irritated, but remains focused, and looks to ramp up the level of punishment, pulling the challenger to his feet and sends him into the corner. Jericho stumbles out, right into a huge European Uppercut from the champion.

    Jericho bundles backward, but Orton doesn’t let up, stepping forward, and lets loose with another big uppercut forearm. Jericho is a sitting duck at the ropes, and it allows Orton to hit another European uppercut before dragging Jericho out, and flattening him with a clothesline. Lateral press…


    Shaking his head, the champion climbs back to his feet, bringing Jericho with him, and placing him into a suplex position … hoisting the challenger up in the air … but then, instead of executing the vertical suplex, ORTON DROPS HIM - GUT FIRST ACROSS THE TOP ROPE - hanging Jericho up on the ropes, driving the wind out of the challenger!!!!! Orton smirks, and sizes Jericho up - and DROPKICKS the challenger off the apron - crashing INTO the barrier!!!!!

    Jericho writhes on the floor, and seeing the challenger in pain seems to make Orton happy. The Champion smirks, ignoring the calls from the referee to get Jericho back inside, instead rolling out, and stomps Jericho by the barricade. He shows no mercy to the challenger, stomping him profusely in the chest, softening him up, before dragging Jericho back up (via the orders of John Cone on the outside) but then RAMS Jericho into the barrier again.

    Rolling in and out of the ring to break the count, Orton comes back after the challenger, walking him around the ringside area, and SLAMS Jerichos head off the steps before knocking him down with a right hand. Arguing again that Jericho tripped into the step, Orton pleads innocence, and after delivering some more clubbing blows to the back to soften him up, Orton rolls Jericho back inside.

    Orton follows, and pushes Jericho back into the corner, bashing him with more straight right hands, and stomps a mudhole into Jericho whilst there - and has to remember not to push the boundaries with the five count being issued, stopping himself at the count of four - taking no risks. Orton backs out, pleading innocence again, holding up four fingers to indicate he has until five - “THAT’S THE RULES.”

    Orton pulls Jericho to his feet, and shoots him across the ring to the opposite corner - HARD - with the velocity of the impact making Jericho bounce back out … into Ortons path, who clasps his clutches on the challenger - DRILLING JERICHO WITH A T-BONE SUPLEX!!!!! Orton displays some of his strength, busting out a move he would rarely use … and hooks the leg quickly …



    Cheers are heard in the arena, with Jericho just surviving - and further infuriating the champion. Randy keeps a lid on his temper though, and keeps focused on the task at hand, pulling Jericho to his feet, raring back - BAM - another straight right. Softening Jericho up, Orton again sends him across the ring - HARD - into the corner, but this time Jericho doesn’t bounce out after impact.

    Orton shakes his head, and is forced to come to Jericho. He rushes in - BUT ORTON EATS BOOT!!! The Champion is forced to take a step back, and try to shake it off, coming back at Jericho again - but he eats boot AGAIN!!! The fans cheer with Jericho getting a chance to switch the tide … pushing himself up top … BUT ORTON RUSHES BACK IN - AND CROTCHES JERICHO ON THE TOP ROPE!!!

    Jericho yells out in pain, caught up top, and the wind is taken out of the fans sails … with Orton climbing the turnbuckles, coming for the superplex for a second time … and this time he DOESN’T fail … EXECUTING THE SUPERPLEX!!!!!

    The big move gets a big reaction from the fans, and has Jericho in BIG trouble too … but Orton is hurt from the impact himself, making him unable to capitalise initially … eventually making his way to the challenger and covering Jericho…



    Jericho JUST survives!!! The fans breathe a sigh of relief, with the challenger just managing to get a shoulder up to keep the match going. Meanwhile, Orton regains his own bearings, and asks the official how THAT was only a two count whilst climbing back to his feet. Orton looks down at Jericho in disdain, and keeps the officials attention whilst trying to stamp on Jerichos face - forgetting John Cone.

    Cone points it out to Patton, with Orton again having to defend himself, saying he lost his footing, with Patton telling Orton sternly that he needs to be careful, and Orton graciously (phoney) accepts the warning. Orton meets Jericho as he gets to his feet, picking him up in the air with a gut wrench … onto his shoulder … INTO A NECKBREAKER!!! Orton draws gasps from the crowd with his impressive feat of strength to pull off the move … and hooks the leg…


    …………KICK OUT AGAIN…………

    “HOW IS JERICHO DOING THIS!!??” is the immediate reaction off the kick out from J.R, with the challenger AGAIN finding it in himself to survive - and it raises the ire of Orton again, who bounces up to his feet, furious with the referee, trying - for a moment - to intimidate Chad Patton, standing over him, letting out his anger … then calms down. Knowing he cant boil over, Orton settles, closing his eyes and exhaling. He turns, coming back to get Jericho, reaching down … JERICHO SURPRISES ORTON - CRADLE…

    …………ORTON KICKS OUT…………

    Orton bounces up from the near miss - and THROTTLES Jericho with a stiff clothesline!!! Shaking his head profusely, Orton looks LIVID at the near shock count, reaching down instantly, bringing Jericho to his feet, talking to himself whilst he does, and there’s no hesitation this time - he throws Jericho through the ropes onto the apron … hanging him up … HANGMANS DDT!!!!! Orton shows no mercy - and wastes no time, hooking the leg …


    ………………FOOT ON THE ROPE………………

    WHAT!!?? Jericho goes into survival mode - unable to kick out, and uses his instinct to keep his challenge alive!! Orton slowly looks up, with Patton indicating to the ropes, and Orton swears - loudly - before yanking the leg off the bottom rope, pulling the challenger a few inches from the ropes, and hooks the far leg - stopping Jericho from using the ropes this time -

    …………KICK OUT…………

    “NO!!! NO WAY!!!” Orton yells at the official, and looks to the outside, shouting at John Cone too, asking him if he agrees with Pattons count - to which the second official agrees. Orton talks under his breath, muttering to himself, looking livid, but never takes his focus off Jericho, crouching down … pounding the mat - he’s setting up for the RKO!!! Orton has the look in his eyes, wanting to finish Jericho off once and for all now, wanting his deadliest weapon …

    But the champion has to wait for the groggy challenger to struggle to his feet. Jericho struggles to pull himself up, selling the effects of the rope hung DDT - with Styles mentioning his previous head injury at the hands of Orton - and Orton swoops in … RKO - NO!!!!!!! JERICHO REACTS - AND ELEVATES ORTON UP … CROTCHING HIM ON THE TOP ROPE!!!!!

    Ortons eyes bug out - and the fans come alive - with Jericho seizing the opportunity, rushing off the ropes, coming back - and dropkicks the sitting duck champion, with Orton tumbling to the outside!!! Suddenly, after a long period of being left quiet by the dominant champion - and Jericho appears to have a new lease of life, climbing onto the apron … AND HE LEAPS OFF AND ONTO ORTON WITH AN AXE HANDLE!!!!!

    The tables have indeed turned, and Jericho drags the champion up now, and brutally sends him into the steps!!!! “Turnabout is fair play” is the comment from J.R, but John Cone doesn’t seem to think so, admonishing Jericho like he did Orton earlier, but Jericho ignores the warning, pulling Orton up, and rams him into the barrier!!! Jericho doesn’t stop there, and opens up with some more knife edge chops against the barrier!!!

    Jericho doesn’t let up - letting out a lot of pent up aggression on Orton, before the second official has to force Jericho off. Admonishing Jericho, Cone warns him to get the fight back inside, with Jericho saying nothing, but seemingly nods to agree … but before he can turn back around to meet Orton, the champion nails him with a clothesline from behind!!!

    Orton cuts off the momentum of the challenger, and tosses him back into the ring, before complaining to Cone that “one rule for him, and another for me, huh??” Orton shakes his head in disgust, taking a little too long with the official before climbing onto the apron.

    Orton steps through the ropes, and into the ring, with Jericho now stood up, and as Orton moves toward him … Jericho surprises Orton - STEP UP ENZIGURI TO THE CHAMPION!!!!! Orton crumbles, and Jericho covers, with the fans counting along in unison …


    Orton kicks out!!! Now, it’s the champions turn to show his guts and determination to survive. Jericho shakes his head at the kick out, and drags Orton to his feet, sending him into the corner, and Orton staggers out, inviting the challenger to rush off the ropes …

    … And attempt the running bulldog set up for the Lionsault … but Orton ducks, sensing Jericho coming - and avoids the bulldog - then, as Jericho turns back around, Orton surprises him with a double leg takedown … and APPLIES THE WALLS OF JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!

    The heat for Orton is off the page - performing Jerichos OWN hold - the very hold that Orton claims INJURED him a month ago!!! Jericho is trapped in his own submission move, and desperately looks to make the ropes. Despite the clear pain shooting through his body, Jericho refuses to give in, clawing along the mat, determined not to give in to Orton … trying to scratch his way to the ropes … whilst Orton leans back … applying MORE strain!!!

    … He inches closer …

    …… Jericho reaches ……


    The Jericho-holics in Vegas can breathe a sigh of relief, as the challenger survives the ignominy of tapping to his own submission hold. Orton looks disappointed by the kick out, but motions to the unhappy fans that it’s over with his hands … as he sizes up for the RKO for a second try. Jericho struggles to his feet … and Orton pounces … BUT JERICHO REACTS QUICK ENOUGH TO BLOCK … AND HE SHOVES ORTON…


    Patton goes down from the accidental collision, with Orton open mouthed, but turns … RIGHT INTO THE CODEBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jericho nails his finishing move, with the fans ERUPTING … but the challenger cant capitalise right away!!!

    Struggling to recover from the pain of the Walls of Jericho, the challenger is on all fours, holding his lower back … before finally crawling to the champion … and the lateral press … with the second official (busy tending to Patton) reacting a few seconds later to make the count …



    Too much time elapsed between the move and the cover and the count - and Orton was able to survive!!! The fans simmer down off the near fall, with the thousands in attendance hoping for a new champion. Jericho looks bitterly disappointed too - all whilst wincing in pain still from the after effects of the Walls of Jericho.

    Jericho shakes his head, and pulls the lifeless champion to his feet, pushing him into the ropes, rattling him with another couple of knife edge chops for good measure, before shooting the champion into the corner, and this time he connects with a running bulldog … setting up the LIONSAULT perfectly … WITH JERICHO HITTING THE ROPES … BUT ORTON ROLLS AWAY …

    … ONLY FOR JERICHO TO LAND ON HIS FEET!!! Orton spins around - not expecting Jericho to be up … AND IS TAKEN DOWN … and unable to fight out of it … Jericho applies the WALLS OF JERICHO!!!!! The submission - the one Orton claims put him out of action for a month - is applied by it’s master … and Jericho sits back, applying as much torque and pressure as humanly possible … with Orton is DEEP, DEEP trouble!!!

    All three men on commentary say that this is the test of Ortons grit, and how much he wants or deserves to be champion … as Jericho leans back … applying even MORE pressure to the back - and potentially the still weak groin - of Randy Orton. The WWE Champion tries to grit it out … crawling across the ring … reaching …


    Orton has to dig in again, battling through the pain … and the cheers of the fans … with the pain appearing to be too much for Orton to handle … and now it looks like his will could be broken too … as Jericho continues to wrench back, YELLING “TAAAP” … with the fans on their feet, surely about to witness history and the end of the Orton reign of terror … as the champion reaches one last time …

    … AND MAKES THE ROPES!!!!!!!!!!

    Orton survives!!! It’s another Vegas buzz kill!!! Jericho is forced to break the hold, and as soon as he does, Orton clutches the top of his leg in pain, groaning in agony, telling the official “IT‘S TORN AGAIN!!” … and Jericho spots it too, leaving him a rock in a hard place. Cone asks Orton if he wants to give it in, but the champion shakes his head, saying he wont give up, and beckons Jericho to bring it on.

    Styles concedes that that’s a gutsy move from the champion … as Jericho hesitantly makes his way to the injured champion, almost at a loss for what to do … with Orton approaching him … Jericho reacts - and takes him down!! Jericho momentarily looks to apply the Walls of Jericho again … but AGAIN he hesitates after seeing the pain in Ortons face … and lets go - NOT applying the hold … but drops an elbow instead!!!

    Jericho stands back up, telling Cone that he should call it off, telling him Orton cant continue like this … but the official tells Jericho that Orton wants the match to continue. Orton struggles to his feet, with Jericho shaking his head, slowly walking toward the injured champion … turning to tell Cone he doesn’t want to win the title this way … then turns around to face Orton-


    Orton explodes out of nowhere with the RKO - and the smile on his face tells the story - he sucker punched Jericho … HE WASN’T INJURED AT ALL!!! Orton laughs - enjoying the unbridled hatred from the fans in Vegas, as he drops down, and makes the cover… as the second official makes the call - but doesn’t look pleased at Ortons tactics at all … but he didn’t break any rules - he just outsmarted Jericho…


    Winner: And STILL WWE Champion - Randy Orton @ 23:11

    Paul Heyman: GENIUS!!!

    Joey Styles: Asshole.

    Jim Ross: I agree, Joey.

    Joey Styles: And thanks to that, it means Orton is going to WrestleMania. Straight to WrestleMania as champion.

    Orton stumbles to his feet - not due to injury, but exhaustion - after a gruelling match, grabbing the title belt from the official, and holding it aloft for the fans to see - and boo - with the WWE Champion doubling over at the ropes … showing a smirk; he’s heading to WrestleMania after all.

    Joey Styles: Randy Orton has deceived Chris Jericho tonight - he preyed on the vulnerability of Jericho, feigning injury after the Walls of Jericho - and he wasn’t injured at all.

    Paul Heyman: WEH, WEH, WEH!!! Enough of the crying Joey - he who hesitates is lost - Jericho hesitated - he lost. It’s called smarts, and Jericho has been around long enough that he should’ve known.

    Joey Styles: It’s a travesty. Orton has out smarted Jericho, but in my eyes, he didn’t prove he was the better man.

    Paul Heyman: Your eyes don’t count. Orton did what he had to - and he’s going to WrestleMania as WWE Champion as a result of it.

    Orton departs the ring, a relieved man, finally seeing off Jericho - with Y2J sitting on his knees in the ring, looking out and watches as Orton leaves; with the WWE Title in his possession. Jericho buries his head into the mat, and pounds the mat with his fist in frustration; he knows he blew his shot tonight.

    Jim Ross: And you’ve gotta wonder - as a result of this loss, under these circumstances … will Jericho begin to second guess his own methods?? Does he need to be more ruthless and vindictive in this era?? Dare I say it … does Jericho need to learn from Orton here tonight??

    Joey Styles: God help the future of this business if he does…







    Backstage, outside the office of the General Managers a long line of superstars (X-Pac, Jamie Noble, Goldust, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, JTG, Chuck Palumbo, William Regal, TNT, Kid Kash, Hardcore Holly - and even Jerry Lawler and Tommy Dreamer!!) are shuffling around, as Smackdown GM Finlay approaches the office…

    Finlay: Relax!! Everyone, just settle yerselves. There’s one spot left, and myself an JBL are about to discuss which of you deserves it. We’ll need a minute. Okay??

    Finlay walks into the office, where he is greeted by a beaming JBL.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You ready??

    Finlay: What about this lot outside??

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: What about ‘em??

    Finlay: Well, who gets the last Rumble spot??

    JBL smiles.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: It’s been taken care of.

    Finlay: What?? No, we were supposed to talk about this. Y’cant just go on ahead and make these types of decisions. Jesus!! I step out for five minutes to take care of this Batista and Lashley business and make sure they’re out of the building. Lemme guess - someone from Raw, right?? Who??

    JBL smiles again and shakes his head.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Nope. Not one of my Raw talents. Quite the opposite. I handed the final spot in the Rumble to one of your Smackdown superstars.

    Finlay looks suspicious.

    Finlay: Who, exactly??

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Well, lets just say I was bowled over by the pitch that was made to me. It would’ve been a damn shame had I not acquiesced to that-

    Finlay: It didn’t happen to be a certain brunette female with a British accent that “bowled” you over by any chance??

    Layfield looks embarrassed. His look to Finlay is enough to suggest that Finlay was correct. The Smackdown GM shakes his head.

    Finlay: You’re a joke.

    Finlay then looks around toward the closed door.

    Finlay: I’m leavin it to you to tell that lot.

    JBL shifts uncomfortably.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Uhm … Ranjin??

    Singh rolls his eyes. He then walks toward the door, and stops.

    Ranjin Singh: I think I’ll give Vladimir a call first.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Good thinking.

    Singh takes a deep breath, then exit’s the room. Finlay is reading through the list of names for the Rumble match, and turns to JBL.

    Finlay: Uh … which one did you give a spot to??

    JBL shrugs.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’ll let the girl work that one out.

    Finlay shakes his head.



    The camera pans around the locker room … and it is empty … except for the presence of one man …


    The #30 entrant in the Royal Rumble is deep in thought, eyes fixed straight ahead - the last man to enter tonights Royal Rumble match…


    Joey Styles: The time is almost upon us. We’ve just caught a glimpse of an empty locker room - bar one man.

    Jim Ross: And Mister Kennedy goes into tonights match as the clear favourite - and probably rightly so, even though no man that has entered at Number Thirty has ever gone on to win the whole thing.

    Paul Heyman: He’s the man everyone is picking - but not me. I’ve got a lot of cash on The Iron Man.

    Joey Styles: It’s the most Star Studded Royal Rumble match in history - and with so many former champions, former Rumble winners and future Hall of Famers - it’s the most hotly contested Rumble in history … and right now, let’s just see how hotly contested this Royal Rumble match truly is - with our colleague Todd Grisham over at the MGM Grand Garden Casino. Todd??


    Todd Grisham is standing by…

    Todd Grisham: Thanks guys, and I’m here in the hub of the action, where floods of bets have been coming in for the Thirty Man Royal Rumble - as you can see to my left…

    The camera shifts a little to show board with the list of confirmed entrants in the Royal Rumble match and odds beside each name;

    MISTER KENNEDY; -100 (1/1)
    UMAGA; +110 (11/10)
    THE UNDERTAKER; +170 (17/10)
    BROCK LESNAR; +200 (2/1)
    KURT ANGLE; +250 (5/2)
    SHAWN MICHAELS; +300 (3/1)
    ROB VAN DAM; +400 (4/1)
    EDGE; +450 (9/2)
    BRENT ALBRIGHT; +500 (5/1)
    RIC FLAIR; +700 (7/1)
    CHRISTIAN; +1000 (10/1)
    MARK HENRY; +1200 (12/1)
    *ANY UNNAMED ENTRY*; +1400 (14/1)
    GARRISON CADE; +1500 (15/1)
    MATT HARDY; +1600 (16/1)
    NICK NEMETH; +1800 (18/1)
    PAUL LONDON; +2000 (20/1)
    CHARLIE HAAS; +2200 (22/1)
    BRYAN DANIELSON; +2500 (25/1)
    CARLITO; +2500 (25/1)
    CODY RHODES; +2800 (28/1)
    NICK DINSMORE; +2800 (28/1)
    THE BRIAN KENDRICK; +3000 (30/1)
    KEN DOANE; +3300 (33/1)
    KOFI KINGSTON; +3300 (33/1)
    THE MIZ; +5000 (50/1)
    THE COACH; +500,000 (5000/1)

    Todd Grisham:
    And the money has been flowing in all day long here in the MGM. With me right now, is the publisher of the ‘Las Vegas Advisor’; Anthony Curtis to give us a run down of the betting patterns for this - the most Star Studded Royal Rumble in history. Anthony, thanks for joining us.

    Anthony Curtis: Thanks Todd, and yes, it’s been neck and neck all day long as far as the favourite has been concerned - people just cant choose between the #30 entrant Mister Kennedy and the dominant Samoan Bulldozer. The odds have flipped between them constantly - but as the lines are set to close, having the last entry spot looks to have secured Mister Kennedy as favourite - but only just. And right behind them is The Undertaker. He’s always a popular figure, and the money coming in on him says as much.

    Todd Grisham: And tell us a little more about money that’s been coming in for the rest of the field.

    Anthony Curtis: Well, as you can see, Christian - despite being the number one entrant - is high on the list just for the sheer amount of money that’s come in for him to win this thing. Ordinarily he’d be a much bigger price than what’s been offered today - but The Peeps have come out in force to back their man despite the uphill challenge he’s facing tonight.

    Todd Grisham: Indeed, when I arrived here earlier today, Christian was a 20/1 outside bet, but clearly, money has been going on Captain Charisma to do the impossible.

    Anthony Curtis: And Ric Flair is much the same. He’ll be the oldest man in the match, but there’s a lot of sentimentality in Vegas tonight, and a lot of people will be happy to see Flair win this Royal Rumble tonight. Much like Shawn Michaels - it’s well documented that he’s been a shade off his game in recent months, but that hasn’t put off the punters in Vegas. Michaels remains a popular figure here.

    Todd Grisham: So, outside of some sentimental favourites, what about some of the guys coming in under the radar?? Guys like Edge, Paul London and Brent Albright??

    Anthony Curtis: London is an interesting one. Quite a bit of money was on the kid initially, but after already competing tonight - and looking worse for wear, his value has dropped like a stone. In fact, there’s rumours he wont even compete - which will leave a lot of people disappointed. As for Edge?? Popular. He’s been on a roll, and he went through all kinds of hell just to qualify - but because of slip ups in the past, he’s nothing more than a solid chance. Not a favourite in our eyes. Albright you said??

    Grisham nods.

    Anthony Curtis: We’ve had one or two substantial bets on Albright. He’s a value bet if you ask me - depending on how well the draw works out for him, he could end up in their with his two buddies Charlie Haas and Nick Dinsmore. If the three of them end up in the ring together - he’s got to have an incredible shot, right??

    Todd Grisham: And anything that’s taken you be surprise in the betting patterns??

    Anthony Curtis: Yeah, actually. We’ve had some money has come in on an unnamed entrant. Some people covering their bets a little with that one. Three spots that are still up in the air, so some people are taking their chances on a surprise winner. A risky bet if you ask me - but there’s been all kinds of crazy rumours in Vegas today. If I had a buck for the amount of times someone told me they saw Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold in Vegas today I wouldn’t be standing here with you.

    Grisham looks at the board, smirks - and asks.

    Todd Grisham: And I have to ask. Coach??

    Anthony Curtis: Just one bet on Coach. A big, huge guy that a few people here recognised. I think they called him Zeke. Thousand dollars. Maybe he knows something we don’t, huh??

    Todd Grisham: And how about you?? Where’s your money going on this Royal Rumble??

    Anthony Curtis: Well, y’know, it’s hard to look past the two guys that have led the field all day long; Kennedy has the biggest advantage, Umaga has a tonne of momentum … but me?? I’m looking at this guy right here-

    Curtis taps the board - right on the name of BROCK LESNAR.

    Todd Grisham: Brock Lesnar??

    Anthony Curtis: Absolutely. He had about a month off and he came back on fire a few weeks back. Runner up last year - as the number one entrant by the way, he lasted over an hour, a former winner - he’s got previous history in this thing - and he’s coming into this with a lot of momentum. But I wouldn’t be shocked if Kurt Angle upsets the odds a little - for much of the same reasons.

    Grisham nods.

    Todd Grisham: Anthony, thank you for your time. And ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. The smart money is on Mister Kennedy and Umaga - and the expert with me here is tipping Brock Lesnar. But who is going to WrestleMania?? We’re about to find out - back to you at ringside…



    Jim Ross: There you have it. Kennedy, Umaga, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar lead the way.

    Paul Heyman: I’ve been sayin it for weeks. Brock Lesnar. Now that the experts are backing me up, will the two of you finally agree with me??

    Jim Ross: Well I’m a sentimental old fool, Paul. Ric Flair is my pick. Umaga is the danger, no doubt about it - but I got a feelin in my gut that the Nature Boy can pull it out tonight. Joey??

    Joey Styles: I really don’t think I can call it. It’s the most star studded Rumble ever, never before has their been such a long line of top contenders … Edge went through hell just to qualify, and that lingering thought keeps running through my head. No one had to go through what Edge did to qualify, and I cant help but think he’ll have the grit between his teeth and do it.

    Jim Ross: Time to end the speculation gentlemen … let’s send it up … to the Fink…

    **BELL RINGS**

    Howard Finkel is standing in the ring, waiting for his cue to speak…

    Howard Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen. It is now time … for the Royal Rumble MATCH!!!!

    Huge crowd pop, and many mark out at home with the sight of the legend that is Howard Finkel, making an appearance to run down the rules for the Royal Rumble.

    Howard Finkel: Here are the rules. In just a few moments, the individual’s who drew numbers one and two, will make their way to the ring, and the match will begin. Then, every two minutes thereafter, another superstar will enter, until all thirty men have entered.


    Howard Finkel: For eliminations to occur, an individual, must go over the top rope, and both feet must touch the floor.

    The Fink pauses again.

    Howard Finkel: The winner of the match, will be the last man standing, once every other superstar has been eliminated, and that superstar will earn himself a championship match, against either the World Heavyweight Champion or the WWE Champion, at WrestleMania Twenty Four!!!

    Crowd pop - and the camera zooms in on the WrestleMania banner hanging in the rafters…

    Howard Finkel: Now, here are the individuals who drew numbers one and two…

    … Pause …

    Everyone knows who is coming …

    … but there’s still a slight delay


    Jim Ross: No surprises - we’ve known for weeks who the number one entrant was gonna be.

    The fans come to their feet, as Captain Charisma makes his entrance, having to climb the steepest mountain tonight. He slaps his chest and points to the Peeps in Vegas, and makes his way down the aisle - unshakable focus in his eyes.

    Joey Styles: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And Christian will have to take this match one step at a time. One minute at a time, one entrant at a time.

    Paul Heyman: He’ll have to be more resilient than he’s ever been before, gentlemen. He’s facing the longest odds in Rumble history - and while Shawn Michaels won from the Number One position in 1995 - it HAS to be noted that in 1995, it was just ONE minute between entrants. Shawn Michaels run in that Royal Rumble was a shade under forty minutes. Christian tonight is looking at an hour - PLUS.

    Christian reaches the ring, and runs off the ropes a couple of times, loosening up some more, before taking a long, deep breath. He steps back, as the anticipation grows for who he’ll start with…

    … And he’s being made to wait …

    … With the fans getting restless …


    And out comes THE MIZ - and he’s wheeling a trolley full of weapons!!! The fans greet him with the disdain he deserves, and he looks to try and exude some confidence…

    Jim Ross: Well, well, well…

    Miz digs into his neatly assorted trolley of weapons, picking out none other than a SINGAPORE CANE. He *tries* to intimidate Christian by rattling the cane off the steps, and shouts in; “YOU WANT SOME OF THIS??” … to which Christian smirks, and shrugs.

    Miz then throws a trash can into the ring, and gets onto the apron, holding up the Cane - and declaring; “I‘M THE MIZ … AND I‘M … HARDCORE!!!”

    Paul Heyman: Please. Shoot me.

    Joey Styles: Cant we just shoot him instead?? We’d be doing society a favour.

    Miz climbs in, smiling broadly - looking confident with the weapon in his hand, whilst Christian remains calm and clearly undaunted in the corner … as the bell rings to officially start the match!!!!!

    The Most Star Studded 30 Man Royal Rumble Match EVER:

    ENTRANT #01 - CHRISTIAN @ 00:00
    ENTRANT #02 - THE MIZ @ 00:00

    Miz is like a coiled spring in the corner, waiting to explode, asking Christian if he wants to beg … but Christian lowers his head, and chuckles, then looks up to say “Not really.” Miz readies himself … with Christian telling him to bring it on … AND MIZ CHARGES ACROSS THE RING … BUT CHRISTIAN SWINGS OUT ONTO THE ROPES - SEESAW KICK TO MIZ!!!!!

    Miz staggers back, dropping the Cane, as Christian swings back into the ring, perching himself on the middle rope, leaping off when Miz turns around … reverse elbow connects!!! Miz goes down, and Christian reaches … picking up the Singapore Cane to a hearty pop. Captain Charisma looks around, and points down at Miz - which gets a HUGE pop. Christian smirks, and shrugs, mouthing; “Sure. Why not??”

    And, with that, Christian waits for Miz, who struggles up, and turns around … WHACK~!! Christian cracks the cane across the mid section … WHACK~!! Right across the back … and Christian winds up … like a baseball player … WHACK~!! RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE!!!!!!!! Miz goes down, and the fans ERUPT!!! Christian is enjoying it too, and throws out the Cane … then points at the trash can!!!

    Another big cheer from the fans makes Christian mind up for him, and Captain Charisma picks the trash can up, placing it over the head of the annoying reality star - to a few laughs. Miz stumbles around, obviously unaware of where he’s going … as Christian perches himself onto the top rope … MISSILE DROPKICK TO MIZ!!!!!

    Christian bounces up, pounding his chest, enjoying the adulation, before pulling off the trash can, and drags the lifeless “Self Proclaimed” Hardcore Champion to his feet … and toys with him a little, teasing to throw him out each side of the ring, asking the fans on each side to cheer … before finally deciding the fans behind the announce tables are loudest … and proceeds to throw Miz over - NO!!! Christian stops at the ropes - to boos.

    Captain Charisma pats the chest of Miz, telling him he’s okay, and that he was only playing … as Miz - completely out of sorts and dishevelled - breathes a sigh of relief … resting his back against the ropes, whilst Christian walks away … but the camera focuses on the smirking Christian … who spins back around … AND CLOTHESLINES MIZ OUT OF THE RING - FINALLY PUTTING THE REALITY STAR OUT OF HIS MISERY!!!!!


    Christian stands alone in the ring, looking around the arena after wiping his hands as if to say; “Job done”, and smiles at the reaction, before waving out at Miz, then turns his attention, motioning for the next guy to come on down … and after a few seconds of waiting, the countdown begins for the first time tonight … and the fans count down with the clock …

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #03 - MARK HENRY @ 02:03
    Being led out by Theodore Long, Mark Henry trudges down the aisle, whilst Christian rolling his eyes - this wont be a stroll like dealing with Miz was…

    Jim Ross: Well - this sure as hell aint The Miz.

    Joey Styles: Play time is over.

    Paul Heyman: You can say that again!! Christian might regret throwin that Cane out of the ring - he’s gonna need it.

    Henry climbs into the ring, with Christian wisely meeting him, at the ropes, blasting the Worlds Strongest Man with blistering right hands, trying to make a mark right away … BUT HENRY SWATS CHRISTIAN AWAY WITH EASE!!!!! Christian tumbles over, but tries to rise up quickly - BUT HENRY CRUSHES HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

    The mood has changed, with Henry a completely different animal to Miz for Christian to deal with, and Captain Charisma knows ALL about it already, with Henry backing into the ropes, back out … WORLDS STRONGEST SPLASH TO CHRISTIAN!!!!! It could be over already for Christian, with Henry picking him up like a small child … and mocking his treatment of Miz, Henry points to each side of the ring - to boos - for where to throw out Christian…

    … And after listening to Theodore Long, Henry aims for the entrance side of the ring … and presses Christian - with ease - other his head, looking to launch last years Royal Rumble winner out in a scary fashion … walks across the ring … BUT CHRISTIAN SLIPS FREE … AND LANDS BEHIND HENRY!!! The #1 entrant then tries to surprise Henry, pushing him toward the ropes, but Henry is too big and too fresh to be easily dumped out, and he sends Christian flying.

    Christian pulls himself to his feet in the corner … but HENRY CHARGES IN - BODY AVALANCHE!!!!! Christian is squashed in the corner, and stumbles out, spaghetti legged, with Henry picking him up again, looking to flatten him with the WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM - and Theodore Long pumps his fist in glory … AND HENRY CRUSHES CHRISTIAN WITH IT!!!

    Captain Charisma looks to be finished, with Henry putting on a dominant display, and Long shouts to his client; “NO MESSIN PLAYA - GET ‘IM OUTTA THERE!!” Henry offers a solitary nod, and pulls Christian up, and shakes his head as if to suggest he thought this would be tougher … before tossing Christian over …


    Henry doesn’t realise it right away, and he holds his arms aloft, whilst Long jumps up and down, getting his attention, telling him Christian isn’t out yet, and Henry turns, bugging out, seeing Christian on the apron … AND HENRY RUSHES AT HIM … BUT CHRISTIAN LOW BRIDGES THE TOP ROPE, DUCKING DOWN WITH IT …



    Henry is out - and fuming … whilst Christian climbs back INSIDE the ring … looking spent already after a severe beat down at the hands of Mark Henry … needing a few moments to recover … but Captain Charisma only has ten seconds, with the countdown beginning from the fans again … as Christian sits on his knees, looking toward the entrance for the next man out…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #04 - BROCK LESNAR @ 04:01
    And the fans EXPLODE!!! Brock Lesnar storms out from the back, and heads directly down the aisle - whilst Christian is hunched over with his hands on his knees, shaking his head.


    Paul Heyman: Oh boy!! It’s over!!! Here’s the winner!!! Here’s my pick!!! BRRRROCK LLLLLESNARRRR!!!

    Joey Styles: He went over an HOUR last year!! Brock Lesnar - last years runner up to Christian, a former Royal Rumble winner - has his eyes on returning to the main event of Wrestle Mania … and revenge for last year is up first!!!

    Brock doesn’t waste any time, seeing Christian in the weakened state he’s in, and wants to capitalise on it, rushing down the aisle, and leaping onto the apron - as he always does - before climbing inside. Christian, having no other option - decides to fight head on, rushing at Lesnar, but Brock BRUTALIZES him with a thunderous clothesline!!!!!

    Christian goes down, with Lesnar wasting little time, picking him back up, looking to send Christian out - with no playing up to the fans from Brock - but Christian looks to switch the momentum, and toss out Lesnar - no dice. Brock is an immovable object, and he kicks Christian in the gut to cut off any fight back from Captain Charisma.

    Lesnar sizes Christian up now, taking him up with ease, onto his shoulders … AND WANTS THE F5 … POSITIONING CHRISTIAN BY THE ROPES … LOOKING TO F5 HIM OUT OF THE RING … BUT CHRISTIAN ELBOWS, ELBOWS, ELBOWS - to freedom!!! Christian slips off the back of Lesnar, and now tries to dump out Brock, but again - Lesnar is too fresh to just go over like that, and he shoves Christian away.

    Brock sends Christian into the corner, and charges in - delivering a big running high knee - right to the MUSH of Christian, and then, following up on that softening up, he scoops Christian up for a second attempt at the F5 out of the ring - seemingly desperate for the revenge on being pipped to the post last year … AND SWINGS CHRISTIAN …


    Christian finds footing on the apron, holding onto the top rope, and Lesnar looks to push him off, but Christian ducks down - shoulder to the gut!!! That slows Brock, and it gives Christian an opening - as they hark back to the climax of last years match … as Christian tries to suplex Lesnar out of the ring … BUT JUST LIKE LAST YEAR … BROCK LANDS ON THE APRON!!!

    Lesnar - like Christian - grabs the rope to get his footing, before he and Christian trade blows with both men dangerously close to disaster, and the Iron Man switches his focus to trying to break Christians tight grip on the ropes to get him out that way … but Christian - in an act of desperation - rakes the eye of Lesnar, who spins away, walking along the ring apron, as Christian comes at him … but Brock throws an elbow … with Christian teetering … but he hangs on!!!!

    Christian climbs back in, and lands on the canvas, looking exhausted already, whilst Lesnar also slowly climbs back in, but looks like his eyes are giving him trouble, as things simmer down … with the ten second countdown beginning again in the mean time…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #05 - CHARLIE HAAS @ 06:04
    Met with light heat, Haas jogs out from the back - and for the first time, three men will be in the ring at once in this years Rumble.

    Jim Ross: Entering his fourth Rumble match, Charlie Haas has a huge chance to step up big time tonight.

    Paul Heyman: Without a doubt - and J.R, Charlie and I had a conversation earlier today where he told me that he was still sore over missing out on this match last year - so expect a big performance from Haas.

    Joey Styles: Not to be taken lightly. A former multi-time tag team champion, a former United States Champion, and along with Brent Albright on Raw recently - he’s been making a lot of waves.

    Haas doesn’t waste any time, sliding straight in, and puts the boots to Christian, before doing the same to Lesnar, showing plenty of spirit, but focuses on coming for Christian, pulling him up, AND SENDS CHRISTIAN OVER THE TOP ROPE … BUT CAPTAIN CHARISMA HANGS ON … LANDING ON THE APRON AS HE TUMBLED OVER!!!!! Haas quickly follows up, trying to force the #1 entrant out - but Christian fights him off, and climbs back inside.

    Lesnar now gets involved again, and drives a forearm to the back of Haas - wanting Christian to himself - but Haas fights back into it, refusing to back up from the Iron Man - but it costs him, with Brock gripping him - BELLY TO BELLY suplex!!! Haas gets tossed by Lesnar across the ring … but as Lesnar shoots back up - here comes Christian, looking to take Brock by surprise, and pushes him toward the ropes … but he cant get Brock over, and is elbowed away.

    Christian takes a backward step, and Lesnar now turns the tables, looking to get Christian out, running him into the corner. Driving his shoulders into the ribs of Christian, Lesnar softens up Captain Charisma, then looks to get him up and over … BUT HAAS IS BACK UP - AND HE LOOKS TO SURPRISE LESNAR - RUSHING BEHIND HIM … BUT LESNAR DOESN’T GO OVER!! Brock is too strong to get forced out, and just like with Christian a moment ago - he brushes Haas off.

    Lesnar turns around, knocking Haas down with a clothesline, then turns his attention back to Christian, getting him in the corner again with a series of stomps, weakening last years Rumble winner. Once again though, Lesnar has taken his eyes off Haas, and Charlie rushes up behind him with a chop block to take him down!!!Not the wisest move, as Haas is unable to lift Brock up - and he’s forced to come after Christian instead.

    Haas nearly has Christian over the top, but Lesnar stops him, wanting a taste of revenge for last year and to eliminate Christian himself instead of trying to help get a competitor out of the ring. Once more, Haas and Lesnar come to blows over it, allowing Christian time to recuperate, which he does, and takes advantage of the distraction, and propels himself onto the middle rope, and hit’s a double clothesline, knocking both Haas and Lesnar down!!! Christian gets Haas up, and tries to get him out - as the clock ticks down…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #06 - KOFI KINGSTON @ 08:00
    Greeted by a small pop, Kofi rushes excitedly onto the stage, doing his hand gesture thing very quickly, before pumping his fist and running down the aisle.

    Joey Styles: A Royal Rumble debutant!!! Kofi Kingston, one half of the Caribbean Connection over on Smackdown - Jamaica’s finest!!!

    Paul Heyman: We’re about to see just how Kingston fares on his own against this level of competition. We’re about to find out a lot about this kid, Joey.

    Jim Ross: What a fine young talent - one of many that currently grace the WWE. A whole lot of upside and potential with this kid!!

    Paul Heyman: But, as you say J.R - you cant buy groceries on potential.

    Kofi slides inside, and throws punches at Haas, then Christian, then Lesnar - who shoves him away, quickly. With plenty of fire and gusto though, Kofi bounces right back up, coming at Lesnar - shoved away again. This time, as Kingston shoots up … LESNAR CLATTERS THROUGH HIM WITH A DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Kofi takes a spectacular tumble, with the fans responding in kind with gasps of shock.

    Whilst Christian and Haas struggle in the corner, Lesnar shows no mercy to the youngster from Jamaica, hauling Kofi up, and sends him over the top rope - but not to the floor!!! Kofi goes over, and manages to hang onto the rope, helping him survive and regain his footing on the apron … with Lesnar spotting it, and charging at him to send him off … but Kingston slides in, under the bottom rope, through the legs of Lesnar - and stuns Lesnar by propelling him OVER THE TOP …


    Kingston nearly pulled off an all time Rumble shock, and the excitable stars eyes bug out, before looking to follow up on the close call, sticking his boot in Brocks face, trying to send him off the apron, with Lesnar struggling, still lying on the apron, trying to shrug off the persistence of Kingston. In the other corner, Haas and Christian are still doing very little at the moment, struggling back and forth, each trying to overpower the other over the top.

    Haas manages to get Christian over the top - but Captain Charisma fights to hold on, whilst Brock is able to shrug off Kofi and his persistence, and roll back inside, with Kofi now in big trouble. Whilst Haas and Christian continue to battle at the ropes - with Christian in a perilous position - Kofi looks to stick and move against the much bigger and meaner Lesnar - with the Iron Man forcing him to back into the corner … but Kofi dodges out before Lesnar can attack.

    Brock turns, and comes toward Kingston again - but Kofi ducks, and rushes off the ropes, splashing back - BUT LESNAR SIDE STEPS KOFI - AND KOFI CONTINUES … INTO THE BACK OFF HAAS - WHO COLLIDES WITH CHRISTIAN… AND CHRISTIAN LOSES GRIP OF THE ROPES WITH HIS LEFT HAND…


    The fans buzz, with many concerned - as Lesnar looks to seize the opportunity, trying to break the grip of Christians hand - the only thing keeping him in the match at this point - but Christian strikes back with a left forearm, right to the temple of the Iron Man!!! Brock takes a step back, allowing Christian to hang on with both hands, and stumble back into the ring - to safety. Meanwhile, Kofi and Haas now square off … and the countdown begins again.

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    **NASTY GIRL**
    Antipathy greets the sight of the resident Smackdown jobbers, entering to their managers overly feminine theme music, and confusion reigns over which of the two jobbers will be participating…

    Paul Heyman: I thought this Royal Rumble was supposed to be STAR STUDDED!!!

    Joey Styles: I’d love to know how Layla pulled this one off.

    Jim Ross: And how are they gonna pull this off?? Which of these two men is in the Rumble match??

    Paul Heyman: They should make it fair - give the kids a chance … let them both go in.

    Kassidy and Kacey argue over who gets the ball Layla is holding, with Kacey grabbing at it, and Kassidy then making a grab of it. In the ring, the four men are paired off, paying no attention to what’s happening outside …

    But Kassidy and Kacey continue to fight over the ball … which eventually spills from their grasp… and they both make a dive for it, with Layla trying to get between them, and stop the madness. Both reach out at the ball, unable to get it…

    … WHEN THE REPO MAN appears from behind the curtain to a big response from the surprised fans, and shuffles by the warring tag team … AND HE TAKES THE BALL INSTEAD!!!!!

    Jim Ross: Is this really happening?? Or am I having a really bad dream.

    Joey Styles: I just pinched myself, J.R. This is really happening. The Repo Man just repo’ed himself a Royal Rumble entry!!!

    Maniacally, laughing, Repo Man parades the ball, and shuffles down the aisle (as poker chips fall from his pockets) toward the ring. On the aisle, The James Boys look on in horror.



    Paul Heyman: Hey, J.R - watch he doesn’t try to repo your hat!!

    Jim Ross: Maybe you should hide under the table, Paul. I hear the Repo Man is on the lookout for you. Something about a bounced cheque.

    Paul Heyman: That’s a low blow.

    Repo walks around the ring - where the action has come to a standstill almost in opposite corners with nothing of note happening - and then takes a sneaky look around … and sneaks into the ring … then crawls right back out again … AND HIDES HIMSELF UNDER THE RING!!!!! In the ring, no one has really taken any notice, too wrapped up in their own struggles, with Lesnar and Christian paired off, whilst Haas and Kofi continue to have their troubles in the other corner.

    Meanwhile, Layla and The James Boys are still on the aisle, angered by their rumble spot being repossessed by the Repo Man … and she points them to the ring, telling them to go to the ring anyway … and they do!!! Kassidy and Kacey sprint to the ring, sliding inside … MET BY LESNAR - AND A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

    Lesnar wastes no time with either man, and disposes of Kassidy quickly by throwing him over and out … then scoops Kacey up … AND DELIVERS AN F5 … OVER THE TOP - ONTO KASSIDY - ON THE FLOOR!!!!

    Whether official or not - The James Boys are OUT of the Royal Rumble match and in emphatic fashion!!! The Repo Man continues to stay hidden under the ring, whilst Lesnar looks to continue his burst of energy, and tries to eliminate BOTH Haas and Kofi, but his plan backfires, with Haas and Kingston momentarily joining forces to take on Brock, whilst Christian gets involved, with things breaking down once more, and now Christian and Kofi struggle, whilst Haas tries to deal with Lesnar…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    “YO, IT‘S ME, IT‘S ME - IT‘S D … D … P!!”
    A HUGE cheer greets the legendary THREE TIME WCW Champion, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE!!! DDP hit’s the stage, throwing out his diamond pose, the self high five - taking the fans in Vegas by surprise.

    Jim Ross: MY GAWD!! Diamond Dallas Page!!?? In the Royal Rumble??

    Joey Styles: What is goin on here?? The Repo Man, and now DDP!!??

    Paul Heyman: And he looks great!!! He hasn’t aged a day!!!!

    Whilst DDP takes his time to get to the ring, Christian has Kofi over, but the tenacious upstart refuses to go out, hanging on and fighting to stay on the apron, whilst Haas is having to do the same, with Lesnar overpowering him - but the resilient Haas escapes, and lives to fight another day by getting back into the ring, and quickly decides he’s had enough of dealing with Lesnar, making a beeline for the other corner, teaming up with Christian - but Christian doesn’t want his help.

    On the outside, DDP is about to step inside … but looks up at the fans, and smirks, then points to his head … and walks around the ring, before flipping the apron over - REVEALING REPO MAN!!! The fans cheer, as DDP plays to them a little, pointing at Repo as if to ask should I bring him into the ring - and gets a good response for it. Repo tries to beg off, but Page shakes his head, and pulls him out, throwing him into the ring.

    Page then slides inside, and opens up on Repo, with a series of right hands … THEN THE DISCUS CLOTHESLINE!!!!! The fans pop, and the other four men are all too engrossed in their own battles to get involved in this … as DDP signals for the DIAMOND CUTTER on Repo … and as the Repo Man stands back up … THE DIAMOND CUTTER CONNECTS!!!!!

    DDP bounces up, and gives the diamond pose again - with many in the crowd responding with the same pose, as Page drags Repo up, and SENDS REPO CRASHING OVER THE TOP ROPE - AND TO THE FLOOR BELOW - THE REPO MAN IS OUT!!!!!


    Page dumps Repo to a big pop from the fans, and pops them again with another diamond pose by the ropes, then turns around … RIGHT INTO A BROCK LESNAR CLOTHESLINE … AND PAGE GOES OVER THE TOP - AND OUT TO THE FLOOR!!!!!


    Lesnar is greeted with SERIOUS heat for eliminating Page so quickly, with the fans very vocal with boos, as DDP hit’s the floor, alongside Repo Man now - both gone in short order. Lesnar clearly doesn’t care about upsetting the fans (not very face like if you ask me …), and look to anger them even more by coming after Christian at the ropes, trying to dump him out - but doesn’t have the same success. The fans cheer again for DDP as he gets up to leave, eliciting a “D-D-P” chant … before the countdown…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    **POWER CUTZ**
    ENTRANT #09 - NICK DINSMORE @ 14:00
    Dinsmore runs down the aisle quickly to the ring… covering up almost no reaction to his entrance.

    Jim Ross: Now, things could get interesting here. Nick Dinsmore over the last couple of weeks has formed an alliance with Charlie Haas and Brent Albright over on Raw - in fact, he was officially unveiled as the third member of the Master Craftsmen this past Monday. Could he and Haas begin to take over this match here??

    Paul Heyman: If they’re smart, they’d better.

    Joey Styles: A huge opportunity tonight for Nick Dinsmore - last year, he had his Rumble slot taken at the very last minute. This year, he has the chance to go to WrestleMania…

    Dinsmore immediately hit’s the ring to help Haas, taking it to Lesnar with shots to the ribs, and takes a shot at Christian, then Kofi - before Haas directs Dinsmore to take care of Lesnar. The pair then double up on the Iron Man, delivering a double hip toss, before doubling up on Kofi in the corner, putting the boots to the Jamaican, with Christian being cut off as the pair look to remain a unit, and they get Christian over the top - but Kingston prevents the elimination.

    Kingston helps Christian out - and the reasoning on commentary is given that if the Craftsmen eliminate someone else, it leaves Kofi at a bigger disadvantage, needing more bodies in the ring to survive against Haas and Dinsmore. Kofi helps Christian to survive, but nearly pays the price himself, with the Craftsmen trying to overpower him out of the ring, but Kingston struggles and fights - with Christian repaying the favour, and saves Kingston.

    Kofi and Christian still don’t get the upper hand on the duo though, with Haas and Dinsmore a well oiled machine. Kingston and Christian do survive though, escaping from the ropes to get a moments break. Lesnar is also back up … and suddenly, things don’t look so good for the duo … because the trio they’re trying to take out band together momentarily for their own benefit. There’s a stand off, with Haas and Dinsmore suddenly looking a little timid …

    And the three men; Christian, Lesnar and Kofi all lunge at them, with Haas and Dinsmore unable to overcome these odds. Christian and Lesnar don’t remain a unit for long though, with Brock shoving Christian out of the way to have Dinsmore to himself, with Christian taking exception to that - and spins Lesnar around - GIVING HIM A BIG RIGHT HAND!!!!!

    Brock explodes, tackling Christian down with a double leg, and it gives Nick a reprieve - and a chance to help Haas against Kingston. The Master Craftsmen are able to band together once more, with Dinsmore saving Haas from being eliminated by Kofi, knocking Kofi down. Dinsmore helps Haas back in, and the pair proceed to stomp the hell out of Kingston in the corner, wearing him down, then make the most of Lesnar and Christian going at it - and begin to stomp them down too, wanting to wear everyone down … and the countdown begins once more…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #10 - UMAGA @ 16:00
    Business just picked up. Umaga powers out through the curtain, and rushes quickly to the ring - with Armando Estrada having to jog to keep up with the Samoan Bulldozer.

    Jim Ross: He entered at number ten last year too - and he eliminated SEVEN men before being eliminated by the eventual winner Christian. Tonight though, Armando Estrada has declared that the Samoan Bulldozer wont fail.

    Joey Styles: And what a path of destruction this monster has been on. He has obliterated THREE of the biggest heroes in WWE history over the last two months; Bret Hart in Canada of all places, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin in Madison Square Garden - and now, he wants the main event of WrestleMania.

    Paul Heyman: And what kind of madness can we expect if he DOESN’T win here??

    Umaga hit’s the ring, with Haas and Dinsmore bravely coming at him - but even in a two on one scenario, Umaga has the upper hand, knocking both men down with big shots. Lesnar shows no fear of the monstrous Bulldozer, coming straight ahead, hammering him into the ropes, and sends Umaga off … BUT UMAGA REBOUNDS BACK - ROLLING WHEEL KICK!!!!!

    Umaga takes Lesnar off his feet, and then batters Christian with a ridiculously hard clothesline. He knocks Haas back down, then Dinsmore, before sending Christian into the corner. Before delivering a running hip attack though, Umaga is attacked by Kofi Kingston - whose blows have no effect on the Samoan Bulldozer - and for his troubles - KOFI IS QUICKLY TOSSED OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!!!

    … BUT HE HANGS ON!!!!

    Kingston hangs on desperately, ala Shawn Michaels in 1995, his feet almost hitting the ground … whilst Umaga carries on, rushing across the ring - RUNNING HIP ATTACK TO CHRISTIAN!!!!! Umaga squashes Christian in the corner, then bounces out - with Kofi on the apron - AND BLASTS KINGSTON WITH A CLOTHESLINE - AND KOFI IS GONE THIS TIME!!!!!

    *BY UMAGA*

    Kingston is out, and Dinsmore is next on the hitlist, with Umaga gripping the poor guy, pushing him against the ropes - SAMOAN SPIKE … SENDING DINSMORE OVER - AND OUT OF THE RING!!!!!

    *BY UMAGA*

    Dinsmore is gone, and Haas launches himself at the back of Umaga, trying to lock on a sleeper hold … but Umaga simply walks around the ring with the wrestler on his back, toward the ropes facing the aisle … AND THROWS HAAS OFF HIS BACK - SENDING HIM OUT OF THE RING TOO … HAAS HIT’S THE FLOOR WITH A THUD - HE’S ELIMINATED TOO!!!!!

    *BY UMAGA*

    Umaga clears the ring, with Armando Estrada applauding loudly, before telling his man to get back on Christian and Lesnar, with Umaga nodding, and charges at Lesnar in the corner - RUNNING HIP ATTACK!!!!! Umaga walks out of the corner, right into the path of the recuperating Christian, and scoops him up … SWINGING POWERSLAM!!!!!!

    Umaga flattens Christian like he wasn’t there, and then drags Lesnar up by the hair, talking gibberish while holding him up … before delivering the SAMOAN SPIKE TO LESNAR!!!! Lesnar goes down, and rolls away, clutching his throat - under the bottom rope - out of the ring, but not the match. Meanwhile, it leaves Christian all alone, and Umaga nods - it’s time for revenge after last year - and he drags Christian to his feet slowly, dragging the lifeless #1 entrant to the ropes … while the clock ticks down…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ~ DARKNESS ~

    - GONG -

    ENTRANT #11 - THE UNDERTAKER @ 18:00
    The Thomas And Mack Centre is on it’s feet - to a man!!! Umaga is transfixed in the ring, throwing Christian aside (with Christian rolling out under the bottom rope) - his focus now on the Phenom.


    Paul Heyman: What are we about to see!? The Undertaker and Umaga??

    The Undertaker walks out through the curtain - no long walk tonight - the overcoat is dumped, and the hat is taken off on the way to the ring!!!

    Joey Styles: I’ve got goosebumps!!! If anyone can bring Umaga down - it’s The Undertaker!!! The Samoan Bulldozer has taken out the biggest names of the last two decades in the last two months - but now he’s about to come face to face with the one constant - the one man who has transcended three era’s - the CONSCIENCE of the WWE!!!!

    Jim Ross: Put the women and children to bed!!! This could get nasty!!!

    The Undertaker walks up the steps, and as soon as he steps into the ring - UMAGA IS ON HIM!!!!! The Samoan Bulldozer savagely attacks The Phenom in the corner, busting him up, forcing Taker to cover up … UNTIL HE EXPLODES INTO ACTION!!!! Taker fights back, putting Umaga on the back foot, getting the fans fired up … UNTIL UMAGA RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!


    Umaga looks stunned, and he runs off the ropes, looking to kick Taker in the face, but The Deadman rolls out of harms way, and then on his knees, fights back to his feet, then runs off the ropes, bouncing back with the FLYING CLOTHESLINE … BUT UMAGA STRIKES HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT!!!!! In mid-air, Umaga knocks Taker down, then roars in tribal tongue, whilst standing over The Deadman.

    He reaches down, and pulls Taker to his feet, sending him across the ring, into the corner … RUNNING HIP ATTACK - BUT TAKER MOVES AND DODGES THE ATTACK!!!!! Umaga hit’s the turnbuckle, and bounces out of the corner … right into a GOOZLE … CHOKESLAM-


    Umaga shrugs off the choke slam attempt, throwing the hand away, then softens Taker up with another uppercut. The Deadman staggers backward, with Umaga coming to him, grabbing him by the head - and softening him up with a head butt. And another, and a third, with Taker showing the effects … staggering, before Umaga comes charging forward again and knocks him down with another clothesline!!!!!

    The Samoan Bulldozer is dominating The Undertaker, and The Deadman is struggling to the corner, pulling himself up … making himself easy pickings for the Bulldozer … AND THE RUNNING HIP ATTACK!!!!! Taker is squashed by Umaga in the corner, and slumps down, with Umaga walking around the ring - looking DOMINANT!!! Estrada barks orders into the ring, with Umaga turning his focus back to Taker, dragging himself up on the ropes …

    AND UMAGA RUSHES AT HIM - BUT TAKER RUNS OFF THE ROPES AND UNDER UMAGA … COMING BACK … BIG BOOT TO UMAGA … BUT UMAGA STAYS STANDING!!!!! The Phenom does a double take, then runs off the ropes, coming for another big boot - but Umaga ducks under … Taker turns back around …


    Undertaker slumps to the canvas, and on commentary, all three men are stunned at how Taker has been simply outgunned by the Bulldozer. Umaga drags Taker to his feet, with Estrada motioning for him to finish the job now, and he gets him up, onto his shoulder (power slam position) and looks to send him out that way … but as he charges toward the ropes …



    OUT OF THE RING!!!!!


    Vegas EXPLODES as Taker guts it out to eliminate Umaga from the Royal Rumble!!!!! Despite being dominated, Taker survives the onslaught to outmanoeuvre the Bulldozer at the vital moment. On the outside, Estrada has his hat off, punching at it in anger … whilst Umaga comes around. In the ring, Undertaker looks exhausted already … but the next entrant is just seconds away…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    … Umaga is back up, and in frustration, flattens Christian with a clothesline …

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    … Before taking a steel chair …

    ~ FIVE ~

    … And BASHING Lesnar with it across the back - keeping both men outside the ring for a little longer …

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~


    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    **A NEW DAY**
    ENTRANT #12 - CODY RHODES @ 20:13
    The youngest Rhodes walks out … but surveys the ongoing situation in the ring from the aisle … and decides he’s going to stay there, rather than get in the way of the Samoan Bulldozer…

    Jim Ross: Folks- we’ve got a situation here!!

    Joey Styles: Umaga has been eliminated!!! Get him out of there!!!

    Paul Heyman: Easier said than done.

    Umaga wails away at The Deadman in the corner, hammering Undertaker into the canvas with a plethora of rights and lefts - savage blows, and the legendary Phenom has no answer for the punishment Umaga is dishing out. The Bulldozer steps up, onto the middle rope - after dragging Takers body out of the corner and into position - and sets himself … BANZAI DROP TO THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!

    The Deadman is CRUSHED by Umaga, but the Bulldozer isn’t done yet. On the aisle, Cody Rhodes continues to bide his time, jawing with fans - coming up with any excuse to stay out of the ring. Umaga stomps Christian - keeping him out of the ring - and he rams Lesnar off the apron - keeping him out too. Umaga picks up the steel chair, and stands - watching as Taker tries to stand himself up by the ropes -


    Taker crumbles - going out of the ring THROUGH the ropes - such is the ferocity of the blow, and Taker crashes on the floor - out cold. Umaga shows no remorse, and climbs out of the ring too, dropping down onto the floor, putting the boots to the lifeless Undertaker, much to the delight of AAE. Picking Taker up, Umaga holds the Deadman up … then THROWS him right across the Spanish Announce Table!!!!



    J.R and Styles both have their views on what they’re seeing, as Umaga strips the Spanish Announce Table of it’s contents, picking up one of the monitors - AND PROCEEDS TO SMACK IT ACROSS THE SKULL OF THE UNDERTAKER - AND THE DEADMAN IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!! The monitor is smashed off Takers skull again, and again on the ground - crushing the skull - though the cameras cant get a good look at it.

    The Savage throws the monitor away, and walks away from the announce table - and grabs Christian again, sending him into the steel steps. Meanwhile, Lesnar is now in the ring - and perhaps wisely isn’t getting involved in someone elses business - instead focusing on the task he has of winning the Rumble. Umaga proceeds to drag Taker back up, and slams the bloody head against the announce table repeatedly - with Taker offering no resistance. Meanwhile …

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #13 - NICK NEMETH @ 22:07
    Nemeth sheepishly enters - no gyrating or posing - he almost looks afraid to proceed … and indeed, he stops and speaks with Rhodes at the mid point of the aisle … and it looks like he’s going to stay there too as long as Umaga is still around.

    Jim Ross: Well … I don’t know what to say, here. Can somebody put a stop to this?? It’s sickening.

    Joey Styles: This whole match has just suddenly come to a stand still. Christian is outside the ring, Brock Lesnar is resting up in the ring, and we’ve got two men standing on the aisle. Umaga is proceeding to make sure that NO ONE wins this Royal Rumble.

    Paul Heyman: The Undertaker sure isn’t winning.

    At the announce table, Umaga continues to open the wound on the forehead of his foe, with Estrada offering plenty of moral support. The Bulldozer gets Christian out of the way, throwing him back into the ring - for Lesnar to deal with, before Umaga brings Taker from the table, and charges him into the steel steps. The Bulldozer sits Taker up against the steps … AND PROCEEDS TO SLAM THE BACK OF TAKERS BLOODY SKULL AGAINST THE STEEL STEPS!!!!!

    Over and over and over - Umaga decimates Taker - the fans are stunned into silence, such is the ferocity of the attack from Umaga to Taker … where even the three men on commentary momentarily fall silent. Umaga finally relents after at least a dozen slams of skull to steel … but only to be handed a steel chair by his handler … and Umaga stares down at the weapon. In the ring, Lesnar has tried to get the best of Christian - but isn’t able to eliminate him.

    Back outside, Umaga sizes up the seated Deadman … AND NOW SLAMS THE STEEL CHAIR TO TAKERS SKULL - CRUSHING HIS SKULL - CHAIR TO THE FACE AND THE BACK OF THE SKULL AGAINST THE STEPS!!! Over and over - and at a perfect angle to cover for air shots - Umaga bashes the chair off Takers skull, destroying The Phenom - finally coming to a halt, and slams the chair down, before screaming out in gibberish.

    Estrada claps, whilst on the aisle, Rhodes and Nemeth still aren’t budging, and in the ring, Christian is hanging on, but Lesnar is doing everything in his power to finish Captain Charismas night. Meanwhile, Umaga drags The Undertaker up by the arm … and toward the Spanish Announce Table - placing Taker on it … as J.R cries for help, shouting to Estrada; “THAT‘S ENOUGH DAMMIT!!!”

    And the camera switches back to the entrance … because JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD walks out in a rush, with Ranjin Singh coming along by his side, and the concerned looking Raw General Manager has a few choice words for Rhodes and Nemeth first … then arrives at ringside, with Singh informing the announcers that until the issue out here is resolved the clock is on hold for any more entrants in the match - and Joey Styles relays the message to the audience at home.

    JBL meanwhile is deep in discussion with Estrada … then gets a little more animated, pointing at Umaga whilst chewing out Estrada. Umaga stands by the announce table while this goes on, and Taker is still out cold laid out on the table itself … as AAE takes orders from JBL, putting his hands up and nods … before gesturing to Umaga … Umaga nods … AND HE CLIMBS UP ONTO THE AMERICAN ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!

    J.R, Styles and Heyman all get up and move from the area - as it appears JBL has ordered the beating to continue!!!!! J.R asks what the hell is going on - with Styles reminding everyone that Taker put an end on Layfields career in their Buried Alive match back in July - and perhaps this is payback … as Umaga stands tall on the announce table …


    Layfield has a scowl on his face, stepping forward, looking down at the bloodied, battered, decimated Deadman … then points down and bellows;


    Umaga recovers himself, crawling away from the rubble, and getting back to his feet, as JBL motions to the back for something. The Undertaker doesn’t move a muscle, completely dissected by the vengeful Bulldozer … but JBL still isn’t satisfied. He calls Estrada over, and points at the steps, giving AAE some orders for Umaga to carry out, whilst telling Singh to step back from the immobile Undertaker.

    Armando then gives his instructions to Umaga, who nods and picks up the steel steps - with AAE pointing at Taker … and the Bulldozer steps forward, standing over the fallen Phenom with the steps … THEN GOES CRAZY WITH THE STEPS - SLAMMING THEM OVER AND OVER INTO THE SKULL OF THE DEADMAN!!!!! Over and over, Umaga slams the steps (the inverted side of the steps - hence the lack of any impact in reality) into the skull - as a group of men - working for Layfield - arrive at the ringside area.

    Layfield pats the back of Umaga - calling the attack off - having seen enough, whilst J.R is livid on commentary, asking how JBL can be allowed to order this to happen … whilst AAE talks Umaga down, soothing the Bulldozer, telling him his work is done. As Estrada does this, JBL starts handing out instructions to the group of six workers, pointing down at Taker. All six men nod, following their orders, as Layfield is then heard telling Singh to get the car ready.

    Estrada begins to lead Umaga away from the scene … whilst the six men pick up the broken, lifeless body of the Phenom, and proceed to carry him from the area too. Styles makes the comment; “They don’t look like paramedics, guys.” … “Where are they taking The Undertaker??” is the reply from a stunned Heyman … whilst J.R remains silent.


    JBL leads the group of six men away from the ringside area, with Taker being hauled away … with Umaga walking through the curtain - whilst Nemeth and Rhodes avoided him by finally getting in the ring; there’s a match going on after all - and as Layfield leads his squad of men, J.R finally speaks up again …

    “Umaga took out the biggest stars of the last two eras in the WWE in November and December. Tonight … he‘s taken out the biggest star of any era. Tonight … Umaga crippled … The Undertaker.

    In the ring, Nemeth and Rhodes have obviously struck up a bond, forming together to take on Lesnar - whilst Christian recovers after being at the end of a one sided beating from Brock for the last few minutes while the Umaga, Undertaker business went on. Styles relays another message coming through to him now that the next few entrants will be at NINETY second intervals after a long hold up.

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #14 - MATT HARDY @ 26:58
    Hardy is in an unfortunate spot, with the fans still very much ‘out’ of the match, meaning he doesn’t quite get the reaction he should.

    Paul Heyman: And now - as heartless as it may be to say it - the match can resume.

    Jim Ross: Well, I’m still in shock, gentlemen. I’m still unable to comprehend what we have just seen.

    Joey Styles: As am I, as are these fans … and Matt Hardy will join the action here - let’s not forget, a main event at WrestleMania is still at stake here.

    Jim Ross: We owe it to the audience watching at home, I guess. I’m gonna do my best to call the action here - but once again - Umaga has left a lasting mark - a black mark on another huge occasion…

    Hardy slides right into action, clothesline to Nemeth right off the bat, and is then met by Cody Rhodes, but Matt blocks a right hand, and drills Cody with one of his own - sending him to the canvas. Nemeth is back up, and looks for a piece of Matt, but Hardy ducks under, then catches Nick on the return, and puts Nemeth down with a SIDE EFFECT!!!!! Cody is back up - but he gets caught with a flurry of rights this time by Matt - finished up with the DISCUS PUNCH!!!!!

    Matt then makes a beeline to the ropes, where Christian is having success against Lesnar - but Hardy - looking for some bragging rights over Christian after their recent collision on Raw XV, and Hardy attempts to dump the unexpecting #1 entrant over the top, getting him over - but Captain Charisma luckily lands on the apron, and rolls back inside quickly to salvation. With that, Hardy and Christian pair off, whilst Lesnar takes a moment to catch his breath.

    Cody shows no more friendliness toward Nemeth, spotting an opportunity for himself to take advantage of the groggy Smackdown star, still recovering from the Side Effect from Hardy, and gets the top half of Nemeths body over - but Nemeth is able to place a hand on the ring apron, and pushes to stop the momentum taking him out of the ring.

    Whilst Cody continues to try his best against his momentary ally, Hardy and Christian go at it, back and forth trying to eliminate one another at the ropes, with neither getting the job done. Lesnar - fully rested up now it seems - steams in, running a knee into both Hardy and Christian at the corner, nearly sending both toppling over and out - but they hold on, surviving, with Lesnar then trying to force both to the floor as they struggle on the apron - but they survive.

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #15 - KURT ANGLE @ 28:31
    But this music DOES elicit a big reaction from the fans!! Kurt Angle - entering the Rumble for the first time since 2005 - RUNS down the aisle, throwing his straps down on the way!!!

    Jim Ross: KURT ANGLE!!! Kurt Angle has just brought the Thomas and Mack Centre to it’s feet!!!

    Joey Styles: He’s been saying for WEEKS that he NEEDS to win the Royal Rumble - he no longer classifies himself as an Olympic Gold Medal winner - all Angle has left is to be remembered as the best ever in the WWE … and to accomplish that, Angle says he MUST win tonight!!!

    Paul Heyman: And alarm bells will be ringing in that ring right now - expect bodies to fly, gentlemen. You don’t want to get caught by this man!!!

    Angle hit’s the ring, and is met by Cody Rhodes - ducking under the youngster - and grips him from behind - RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Kurt bounces up, and catches Nick Nemeth (just as Nemeth regains his footing in the ring) and unleashes a sick looking BELLY TO BELLY!!!!! The Wrestling Machine bounces to his feet … and is staring down at BROCK LESNAR!!!!!!!

    Angle and Lesnar come face to face in the middle of the ring - and the fans rumble, wanting to see the showdown - with Brock smirking at his intense looking rival … AND ANGLE RESPONDS WITH AN ALMIGHTY SLAP ACROSS THE FACE!!! Lesnar is fuming, and spins back around, taking a swing at Kurt - but Kurt ducks under, and goes behind - but cant deliver the German Suplex he wants - AND LESNAR ELBOWS FREE!!!

    Kurt takes a backward step, and The Iron Man lunges forward, looking to eliminate Angle quickly - but Angle cuts him off with a kick to the gut … AND WANTS THE ANGLE SLAM - TRYING TO ELIMINATE BROCK WITH IT … BUT LESNAR ESCAPES!!!! Brock lands safely on his feet, and drives a knee into the gut of Angle, and looks to throw him over - but Angle stops himself at the ropes, and throws an elbow to Brocks gut to give himself a moments respite.

    As Lesnar and Angle now struggle together in one corner, Christian and Hardy are now battling with Rhodes and Nemeth respectively. Hardy and Nemeth both nearly go over, trying to get the other over the top - but both hang on. Christian looks to wear Cody down, driving his boot into the face and chest of the young upstart, whilst Lesnar and Angle continue to battle tooth and nail…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #16 - GARRISON CADE @ 30:00
    Unlike most others, The Lone Star takes his time - no running or even jogging for the 6’6 Texan. Cade strolls down the aisle looking as imposing - and calm to boot - as ever.

    Jim Ross: You wanna talk contenders!! The Royal Rumble is custom made for a man like Garrison Cade!! The big Texan has had a great second half to 2007 - but tonight, he wants to send himself into a whole new stratosphere.

    Paul Heyman: Like he says- when he hits, he makes a dent. And everyone in that ring better be ready for a war right now!!

    Joey Styles: Talk about a perfect storm - Garrison Cade is peaking right now, before our eyes - this could be the opportunity he’s been waiting for to finally break the glass ceiling!!

    Whilst Cade takes his time, the action continues in the ring, with Nemeth and Hardy splitting apart, and Nemeth - ever the opportunist - looks to make a big statement by coming after BOTH the tied up Lesnar and Angle … to no avail, with Brock quickly shrugging Nemeth off, shoving the bump machine across the ring … giving Angle an opening, and he grabs Lesnar from behind - and TOSSES HIM OVER …


    Lesnar manages to hang on, his feet landing on the apron … BUT ANGLE LOOKS TO POWER HIM OFF WITH A RUNNING FOREARM … blocked by Lesnar, and Brock hangs Angle up on the ropes himself!!! Brock saves himself, and as he climbs back inside, Nemeth tries to seize another opportunity, rushing in on the dazed Angle … THROWING KURT OVER…


    The Wrestling Machine hangs on for dear life, making sure his feet don’t hit the floor, and pulls himself onto the apron. Nemeth is nailed by the incoming Cade with a clubbing blow to the back, and Nick has to go into survival mode - with the big Texan looking to throw him over and out. Christian and Angle finally collide now, with Christian looking to follow up on the attempt to eliminate Kurt by Nemeth - but Kurt battles back to climb back inside.

    Lesnar puts the boots to Hardy and Rhodes in a different corner, and then attempts to get Cody out - but Hardy clubs the back of Brock, and wants to create a temporary alliance with Cody to take out Lesnar, but Cade - just in and wanting to make an early impression - gives up on Nemeth, and puts his mark on Hardy, drilling him with a big right. Nemeth takes a chance to take a breather, whilst everyone else is paired off…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    **SEXY BOY**
    ENTRANT #17 - SHAWN MICHAELS @ 31:30
    Vegas explodes for the legendary tune of Shawn Michaels, and HBK jogs through the curtain - a look of determination on his face, as he takes his t-shirt off.

    Joey Styles: The third of four former winners of this very match, gentlemen - but the only man in tonight’s Rumble to have done it - TWICE!!

    Jim Ross: And over on Raw in recent months, Michaels has been battling a number of professional demons - he’s questioned whether or not he still is who he says he is - he’s questioned whether or not he can still refer to himself as The Showstopper!! Tonight, he has the chance to prove he most certainly does!!!

    Paul Heyman: And it all stems back, J.R, it ALL stems back; the doubt - right back to the Survivor Series when as captain of Team Raw, Shawn was eliminated in double quick time by Brock Lesnar. Don’t be surprised if that happens again if Shawn tackles the Iron Man!!!

    Shawn climbs into the ring - met by Nemeth - but he beats Nemeth to strike, catching him with a knife edge chop, then knocks him off his feet with a straight right hand. Now, Angle wants a piece - especially after their collision on Raw - but Shawn beats Kurt to it too, catching him with an inverted atomic drop - then puts Kurt down with a knife edge chop.

    Christian meets Michaels next, and this time, HBK is beaten to the punch, with Christian then sending Michaels off the ropes … BUT SHAWN FLIES BACK - FLYING FOREARM TO CHRISTIAN!!!! The fans pop … and then explode … AS SHAWN KIPS UP!!!! Michaels jumps back to his feet … BUT ANGLE IS INCOMING … MICHAELS SIDE STEPS … AND ANGLE TUMBLES OVER THE ROPES…

    …BUT HE HANGS ON!!!!!!

    Angle hit’s the apron, and pulls himself to his feet … AND MICHAELS WANTS SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO SEND HIM OFF … BUT ANGLE CATCHES THE ANKLE - ANKLE LOCK!!!!!!!! Kurt now tries to yank Shawn over the top - leg first, but Shawn hangs onto the bottom rope for dear life (on the inside of the ring) stopping Kurt from pulling him over … AND SHAWN ESCAPES!!!!

    Michaels manages to escape Angles grip on the ankle, and scrambles away from the ropes, whilst Angle returns inside the ring, being met by Nemeth. Now, Brock and Cade - the two big bulls - have been acquainted, and they battle in one corner, as Michaels inserts himself into the action going on between Hardy and Rhodes, with Christian also recovering, and coming to get some of Michaels, but HBK fights any attempt to get him over.

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #18 - THE COACH @ 33:00
    Boos ring out - X-Pac kind of heat - as The Coach saunters onto the stage, wearing an Andre The Giant one strap singlet … and sunglasses … with Big Zeke backing Coach up.

    Jim Ross: I’m seeing it - I just don’t believe it. The Coach is about to enter the Royal Rumble.

    Joey Styles: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Is- is he wearing a SINGLET!!??

    Jim Ross: And sunglasses.

    Paul Heyman: Oh boy. I think Coach’s appearance in the match might just be as ugly as his ring attire.

    The action continues in the ring, whilst Coach continues to take his time on the aisle, confidently strutting to the ring, climbing up onto the apron … and he stops … but not to remove his sunglasses … no, instead, Coach turns around, and tells Zeke; “I GOT THIS. EASY. THE COACH IS GOIN TO WRESTLEMANIA BABY BOY!!!”

    Coach then turns, points at the WrestleMania sign in the rafter, blowing a kiss at it, (whilst a few of the competitors in the ring are now watching Coach posturing) then turns and tells Zeke; “WATCH THIS” … and Coach looks to show off … BY HOPPING INTO THE RING OVER THE TOP ROPE … AND BEFORE HIS FEET CAN BARELY TOUCH THE CANVAS …




    COACH IS OUT - IN RECORD TIME!!!!!!!!!! The fans - and the three men on commentary - are in HYSTERICS!!! Coach is laid flat out on the floor, spread eagled … as Shawn comically shrugs … then gets back to work!!! The action continues as normal in the ring … but the camera momentarily focuses on the outside … with Coach being scraped off the floor by Big Zeke … and Zeke carries the colour commentator over his shoulder - out of the arena.

    Whilst the laughs continue on commentary, the action continues back in the ring, with Michaels and Hardy getting into it, whilst Christian - still going strong - is battling Kurt Angle, as Lesnar and Cade continue to duel. Rhodes and Nemeth once again band together, looking to take out Christian and Angle - but fail to eliminate them, despite coming close - getting a few gasps from the crowd - who have settled down somewhat after the blink and you’ll miss it Coach appearance.

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #19 - PAUL LONDON @ 34:33
    Limping heavily, the now FORMER United States Champion makes his way down the aisle, heavily taped up - to a nice response from the fans - respecting his guts to come back out here.

    Joey Styles: Speculation was rife that Paul London WOULD NOT compete in the Royal Rumble after his defeat at the hands of Batista earlier tonight … but obviously he’s determined to gut it out!!

    Jim Ross: He’s clearly less than a hundred per cent - but it just goes to show how much being part of the Royal Rumble means to this young man!!!

    Paul Heyman: He was in the final four last year … but I cant see London getting close to that tonight - let alone BETTER that. There’s no way he could’ve been medically cleared!!!

    London jogs with a limp - and Nick Nemeth spots him, licking his lips in anticipation over getting one over on the man he desperately tried to usurp for the last three months on Smackdown as the Golden Boy. Nemeth leaves Cody to deal with Christian and Angle on his own, and waits, as London slides into the ring … and CHARGES TOWARD THE GOLDEN BOY … BUT LONDON BACK BODY DROPS NEMETH OVER … … AND NEMETH HIT’S THE FLOOR!!!!


    Nemeths face bounces off the floor, and London limps on - not even looking back - and is met by Kurt Angle … who shows no mercy toward the less than healthy former U.S Champion, beating him into the corner. On the outside, Nemeth sits up, fuming with his elimination, slamming his palms on the mats, before being ushered to leave by the officials - once again bettered by London.

    The action cuts to Brock and Cade, with Brock getting the big Texan onto his shoulders - arguably to send him out with an F5 - but Cade elbows to his feet … AND CATCHES LESNAR WITH A HEART PUNCH!!!!! Lesnar crumbles from the impact, but Cade doesn’t bother to try to pick the heavy lump up, and instead eyes Shawn Michaels instead.

    The former student and stablemate of HBK gets reacquainted quickly, whilst Christian slugs it out with Cody Rhodes, beating the youngster in a fist fight, and hooks him into position for the REVERSE DDT … BUT MATT HARDY RUNS THROUGH CHRISTIAN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! Hardy - showing no favourites for sure - saves Cody to try and get the better of Christian.

    Matt gets Christian back up - with Christian dead weight, forcing Matt to look around and call for help from Cody - who obliges, and the two proceed to try and get the tiring #1 entrant out of the ring - after over THIRTY minutes in the match for Christian. Michaels struggles against the imposing Cade, whilst London holds on for dear life against Angle…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #20 - KEN DOANE @ 36:00
    Doane wastes no time, and runs down the aisle - to little reaction.

    Jim Ross: He earned this position on the pre-show by beating Burchill!!! Ken Doane, at twenty one years of age is looking to make history!!!

    Joey Styles: There’s a lot of untapped potential in this youngster - one to watch, and a run in this match tonight, with the legends he’s gonna encounter could be a big learning curve for Doane!!

    Paul Heyman: Isn’t this the kid that lasted ten seconds at the Survivor Series?? NEXT!!!

    Joey Styles: And gentlemen, I’m being told that the intervals are set to return to every two minutes again. Two minutes until the next entrant…

    Doane rushes into the ring, and instantly makes a beeline to help out Shawn Michaels, clubbing the back of big Garrison Cade, doing the man he looks up to a big favour. Meanwhile, Angle still tries to get the tenacious London out and in the other corner, it’s Hardy and Rhodes on Christian, getting him elevated … but Christian saves himself with a last ditch poke to the eye on Hardy, and it allows Christian to land his feet on the canvas again.

    As Hardy reels away, Christian opens up on Cody, fighting away from the ropes, and sends Rhodes off the ropes, ducking down - but Rhodes responds with the vintage Rhodes offence, dropping down; and delivers the uppercut!! Christian spins away, backing up, as Cody takes a moment to shout at the fans; “I DO IT BEST!!” just to make sure there’s no confusion about him paying homage to his brother. He charges forward - looking to eliminate Christian…


    … BUT CODY HOLDS ON!!!!!

    Cody hangs on, and uses all his strength to pull himself back up and onto the apron, but Christian looks to finish him off, trying to kick Rhodes off the apron, but Angle is back in action, kicking Christian - inadvertently saving Rhodes, whilst Matt Hardy is now dealing with the recovered Brock Lesnar. Angle puts the boots to Christian by the ropes, with Cody back in, suggesting he and Kurt team up. Kurt nods, accepting the offer … but as Cody smiles, Kurt doesn’t - and shakes his head…



    Angle lets Rhodes know in no uncertain terms that he works with NO ONE, and turns his attentions back to Christian, but London is back up - and wants a piece of Angle, landing blows to the mid section of the Wrestling Machine. Michaels and Doane work together on Cade on the opposite side of the ring, each taking a leg, and getting it over, but the big Texan is hard to shift, and he fights their attempts to eliminate him.

    In the other corner, Lesnar is driving the wind out of Matt Hardy with successive shoulders to the gut, and thinks he has him suitably worn down - then looks to get him up and over, but Matt slips free, then catches a kick, spinning Brock around … TWIST OF FATE … NO!!! Lesnar blocks it … AND RUNS HARDY TO THE ROPES - LOOKING TO THROW HIM OVER… … BUT HARDY LANDS ON THE APRON!!!!

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #21 - EDGE @ 38:00
    And a hell-bent Rated ‘R’ Superstar explodes from behind the curtain!!! Edge readies himself on the aisle … before-


    Jim Ross: What the-!!??

    Paul Heyman: IT’S LASHLEY!!!!!


    Joey Styles: Son of a bitch!!!

    Jim Ross: He’s supposed to be outta here!!!

    Lashley and Richards stand over Edge, with Richards doing plenty of talking down at him … BUT EDGE EXPLODES AND TACKLES RICHARDS DOWN!!!!!

    Edge bounces right back up, and launches himself at Lashley, driving him into the side of the barricade on the aisle …


    The action continues in the ring, with nothing of note happening - meaning ALL focus is once again outside the ring - as Edge and Lashley are pulled apart, with Finlay berating both Lashley and the recovering Richards, as the pair are led away to be officially escorted off the premises.

    Edge badly wants a piece of Lashley - but he’s not stupid - he’s got more important things to deal with right now. He points in the direction of the God of War and Richards, telling them he’ll get to them eventually …


    … BY BATISTA!!!



    Paul Heyman: It’s a master plan!!! He hopped the barrier when Edge was distracted!!!

    Joey Styles: Get these guys out of here!!!

    The Animal stands over Edge, pointing down, verbally tearing him a new one, whilst agents are now on the scene; Tommy Dreamer and Dean Malenko, along with a handful of officials not on Rumble duty - all escorting Batista away, whilst Edge grimaces on the aisle.

    Jim Ross: And Edge’s dreams … may have just gone up in smoke!!!

    Paul Heyman: They warned us. They warned us all. And Edge should’ve been ready for it.

    Joey Styles: Edge battled for weeks to make it into this match. He beat Batista and Lashley fair and square to make sure they didn’t qualify … this is disgusting. Even if he can recover to make it into the ring … he’s got to be at a huge disadvantage.

    Jim Ross: IF he can recover…

    In the ring, Kurt Angle is choking London with his boot, and Lesnar is once again paired off with Christian, once again trying to overpower the Captain and get him out - to no avail. Doane and Hardy are now paired off, and Michaels is doing what he can to survive against Cade. Hardy fights off Doane in the corner, kicking him away, and then propels himself to the middle rope, leaping off with a double axe handle.

    Christian has managed to get back on the right side of the ropes, and rattles Brock with right hands, giving himself a chance to run off the ropes … RIGHT INTO A BROCK LESNAR BELLY TO BELLY!!!!! Lesnar explodes into action with the Belly to Belly, as footage turns to Edge on the aisle, holding the back of his head, dousing himself in water, as J.R reports that early indications are that Edge could be concussed - solemnly saying his night might be over before it’s begun.

    Meanwhile, Lesnar surges, knocking down Hardy, and clasps his hands around the waist of the unsuspecting Kurt Angle … RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX TO ANGLE!!!!! Lesnar looks like he’s hitting a second wind, and he points out Cade now - wanting revenge for the Heart Punch earlier, and spins him around, scooping him up … F5 TO CADE!!!!!

    The Iron Man is putting his stamp on the match, and bounces to his feet … AND HE’S EYEING SHAWN MICHAELS who is slumped in the corner … BUT KEN DOANE LEAPS onto Lesnars back - saving Michaels, but is flipped right off by Brock - who shakes his head whilst looking down at Doane … the poor kid could be in trouble.

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #22 - DAMIEN SANDOW @ 40:12
    Sandow pompously enters to boos, wearing his robe … AND HE’S CARRYING A MIC!!!

    Joey Styles: So Sandow did get a spot in the match aft-

    Damien Sandow: SILENCE!!!

    The fans boo, as Sandow walks down the aisle…

    Damien Sandow: Finally, the General Manager of Smackdown has seen the light, and granted YOUR Intellectual Saviour a chance to compete in this arcane event - and whilst I find the art of a Battle Royale beneath my high standards … I shall compete in this cesspit of debauchery known as Las Vegas.

    Heat. Sandow continues on, walking past Edge, who is still being tested by medics by the side of the aisle…

    Damien Sandow: Sin City. Sin City indeed. Never has a name been more apropos than SIN CITY!!! Before I enter the Royal Rumble, I’d like to deliver some heartfelt concerns about this city, and how you c-


    Edge grabs Sandow by the robe … AND CHUCKS HIM INTO THE RING!!! Edge pushes the medics away, and HE CLIMBS IN TOO!!! He’s officially entered the match!!!!

    In the ring, Sandow is livid, explaining that he hasn’t even had time to take his robe off … and he lunges at Edge - but Edge blocks the punch, and knocks Sandow down with a punch of his own!!! Edge - going crazy - rips the robe off Sandow, throwing it away, as Sandow begs off into the corner … but Edge isn’t in the mood for mercy, and wails away on Sandow in the corner!!!!

    Elsewhere, Doane is being brutally beaten down by Brock Lesnar, and Cade is still down off the F5, whilst both Christian and Angle are slowly recovering from their Belly to Bellies at the hands of Brock too, as Michaels fights off Hardy with knife edge chops, then an atomic drop - with Matt backing into the ropes, but as Shawn runs to clothesline him out - Hardy throws up an elbow, sending Shawn stumbling away, and Matt lives to fight another day.

    Edge finishes up his beat down on Sandow, and walks out of the corner, breathing heavy - highly fired up - THEN CHARGES BACK IN - CORNER SPEAR TO SANDOW!!!!! Edge delivers the move, crushing Sandow in the corner, but as he comes back out again, London explodes into action with a dropsault to Edge!!!! Edge goes down - not expecting the move - whilst London doesn’t get up quickly; still feeling the effects of his injuries.

    On the apron, Doane is hanging on FOR DEAR LIFE, with Lesnar shoving his boot into the kids face, trying to break his grip on the ropes and send him out … BUT SHAWN MICHAELS SAVES DOANE!!! Michaels spins Lesnar around - and the two men finally cross paths!!!!! The fans excitedly gain voice, with HBK and Lesnar squaring up for the first time since Survivor Series … AND LESNAR PIE FACES MICHAELS!!!!! Before any more can come of it though, Angle explodes, and attacks Lesnar himself.

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #23 - RIC FLAIR @ 42:01
    Stylin and Profilin, Flair marches into view - wearing a custom made robe as always, taking his time walking down the aisle, with the fans showing their full support for the legend on his final quest for glory.

    Jim Ross: The sentimental favourite!!! Ric Flair is here for one last hurrah - one last WrestleMania main event - and one last World Title to his collection!!! I know we’re supposed to be partial - but dammit - I’m a sentimental old fool, and I’m pullin for Flair!!!

    Joey Styles: When we sat down during the week, an emotional Ric Flair said he hoped he’d have a tear in his eye at the end of this night - and if he replicates his success of 1992 here in Vegas - I doubt there will be a dry eye in the house!!!

    Paul Heyman: I hate to burst the bubble, gentlemen - but this isn’t a fairytale. There’s no happy ending in this for Flair if you ask me. But yeah, good luck to him.

    Whilst Flair continues to make his way to the ring, in the ring, it’s Angle and Lesnar battling it out, Sandow has recovered and targeted London, whilst Christian is getting the better of Hardy, hammering him down in the corner, and sends him across to the opposite corner with an Irish whip - but before he can follow up, Edge stands in front of him, gesturing for them to perform the POETRY IN MOTION!!!

    The fans respond with cheers - wanting the Edge and Christian reunion … AND CHRISTIAN NODS!!! Edge drops to all fours … AND CHRISTIAN RUNS ACROSS THE RING - POETRY IN MOTION TO HARDY!!!! Christian hit’s the move, but as he gets up … EDGE LOOKS TO THROW HIM OUT … BUT CHRISTIAN BRINGS EDGE WITH HIM!!!!! BOTH MEN TOPPLE OVER …


    Edge and Christian both hang for dear life on the ropes, swinging wildly to make sure their feet don’t hit the floor, desperately trying to survive … and both are able to get their footing on the apron. They share a few words, with Edge telling Christian it’s every man for himself … BEFORE CHRISTIAN CHEEKILY TRIES TO THROW HIM TO THE FLOOR - BUT EDGE BLOCKS IT, AND CLOTHESLINES CHRISTIAN BACK OVER - INTO THE RING.

    Flair has arrived in the ring, and immediately takes it to Ken Doane, lighting up the youngster with classic chops - all getting the WOOOO treatment from the fans - as Doane takes a lesson from the Naitch. Elsewhere, Hardy is in trouble, as Michaels tries to get him up and over, and London hangs on despite Sandows best efforts to eliminate him. Sandow then targets the bad ribs, and charges at London - but London ducks down, then dropsaults Sandow, knocking him down.

    Cade is finally back up, and he looks to help out Angle now - wanting payback for the F5 from Lesnar earlier, but as Angle gets back in, he takes exception, not wanting any help from anyone, and it’s Cade and Angle that pair off instead, leaving Lesnar free, and he sets his sights on Christian, but Edge blindsides Brock, and looks to get him over … only to find it’s harder than it might seem, with Brock hard to shift … as Christian recovers to help Edge, despite the pair trying to double cross each other moments ago.

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #24 - BRENT ALBRIGHT @ 44:00
    The 2007 King of the Ring unstraps the Intercontinental Title, and jogs down the aisle, wasting no time coming to the ring.

    Jim Ross: You wanna talk about a contender!! He’s young, hungry, successful - Brent Albright; like him or hate him - he’s got a REAL chance of victory here, and he’s got a real good draw.

    Joey Styles: Christian won the Royal Rumble last year from this very position. And as a result, the number twenty four is the luckiest draw - along with twenty seven - four winners from each position.

    Paul Heyman: History is on his side. Think of all the former Kings of the Ring who have won Royal Rumbles - think of all the former Intercontinental and United States Champions who have won Royal Rumbles - and not just that; this guy is good enough to do it.

    Albright hit’s the ring with a purpose, knocking down Michaels, and knocking down Hardy, before taking a cheap shot at Christian and Edge, then slams Sandow down - AND CATCHES LONDON - HALF NELSON SUPLEX CRUSHES THE GOLDEN BOY!!!!! Lesnar now takes a turn, but Albright is too quick on his feet, side stepping Brock, then exploding with a side suplex to send Lesnar rolling away.

    Albright is entering the Rumble on fire, but Ric Flair surprises him with a series of knife edge chops, backing him into the ropes, but Albright reverses a whip, and knocks Flair down with a clothesline - before doing the same to young Ken Doane. Kurt Angle and Garrison Cade are next on the radar for Albright, and he rushes up behind them - both struggling for leverage at the ropes - AND HE DUMPS BOTH MEN OVER!!!


    Albright turns away too quickly though - and thinks both men are gone - as he targets Shawn Michaels, with Shawn in BIG trouble, teetering … but Ken Doane AGAIN helps out the man he looks up to, and drags Shawn back in, before he attacks Albright, sending Brent into the corner. Doane then pats Shawn on the shoulder, giving him a thumbs up, as Shawn nods … and Ken walks away … or tries too … BUT SHAWN GRABS DOANE FROM BEHIND…



    Doane is gone - thanks to a double cross from Michaels!!! Shawn looks down apologetically at the kid - who looks heart broken whilst sitting in a daze on the outside - and Michaels is seen mouthing; “SORRY, KID. THAT‘S A LESSON RIGHT THERE. EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF.” Shawn shrugs - tough love for Doane - but what Shawn doesn’t notice … IS BROCK LESNAR LINING HIM UP … AND BROCK RUSHES IN, DUMPING SHAWN …


    Shawn desperately gets his footing back on the apron, with Brock turning back around - and his eyes bug out that Michaels is still there!! Lesnar charges forward … BUT MICHAELS LOW BRIDGES THE TOP ROPE … AND LESNAR TUMBLES OVER …

    … ONTO THE APRON!!!!

    Lesnar lands on the apron, and frantically tries to get back up, whilst Michaels climbs back inside … with Brock pulling himself to his feet on the apron … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!



    After a FORTY minute showing, LESNAR IS ELIMINATED…

    … BY SHAWN MICHAELS!!!!!!!

    The Showstopper gets sweet revenge for Survivor Series, with Lesnar sitting up in a clear daze, knocked silly by Sweet Chin Music … with Shawn snapping his fingers - harking back to earlier in the night - saying “Just like that” down at the recovering Lesnar … but Michaels doesn’t have long to celebrate, with Garrison Cade delivering a stiff looking clothesline to knock Shawn back down. The fans are still selling the enormity of Brock being eliminated, whilst Christian and Flair trade blows in one corner, and Albright is battling Edge in another.

    Kurt Angle, meanwhile is trying to oust Sandow, whilst London is battling through the pain to try and eliminate Hardy, but no one looks like buckling at the moment, whilst Brock Lesnar is slowly coming around to what just happened to him … as Ken Doane now walks away, head down, hands on hips - thoroughly disappointed. J.R notes that Christian has now been going strong for OVER FORTY FIVE MINUTES …

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #25 - CARLITO @ 46:00
    To a nice pop - but nothing earth shattering; (he’s not winning this, is he??) Carlito jogs to the ring, taking a chunk out of his apple, before dropping it.

    Joey Styles: This is a big opportunity to Carlito to make it to the promised land!!!

    Jim Ross: His partner, Kofi Kingston didn’t fare too well, but Carlito knows all about these Royal Rumbles by now - this will be his third.

    Joey Styles: And what a great time to be comin in!! He has to be seen as a threat here!!!

    Heyman is heard taking his head set off, as Brock Lesnar stands up, being informed to leave by the officials…

    Carlito hit’s the ring … AND INSTANTLY SPITS HIS APPLE INTO THE FACE OF DAMIEN SANDOW!!!! Carlito then pounds away at Sandow, beating him into the corner - which gives Kurt Angle a moment to rest up, as everyone else is still paired off. Elsewhere, Albright has given up on dumping Edge for now, and targets Cade and Michaels … but instead of taking them both on, he teams with Cade, as they try to throw out HBK.

    On the outside, Brock Lesnar looks ready to explode, his eyes glaring at the ring, as Paul Heyman tries to calm him down, being heard saying; “You can deal with this another day. Let‘s just go now.” Heyman continues to try and reason with Lesnar, but Brock paces back and forth - and if anything, his anger is building higher - as he kicks over the steel steps.

    Heyman looks horrified, rubbing his forehead, convincing the officials to allow him to speak with Lesnar alone, before calmly talking to Brock, suggesting they leave - NOW. It appears Heyman will be leaving J.R and Joey Styles to finish up the evening, as he leads Lesnar away, talking the whole time, whilst Lesnar is still ready to explode, furious at being eliminated from the match by Michaels.

    Back in the ring, Michaels is in trouble, teetering on the ropes, struggling to overcome TWO men trying to get him out, but both men get him over - and think the job is done …. BUT IT ISNT!!! Michaels is hanging on … AND HE LOOKS TO SKIN THE CAT!!!!!

    From the top of the entrance curtain, Lesnar has stopped to look back - and watches as HBK does everything he can to hang on, and defy the naysayer’s that believe he’s no longer got it … and he tries to pull himself back over and into the ring … but before he can find the strength … ALBRIGHT RUNS BACK AT THE ROPES …

    … 61-KNEE TO MICHAELS!!!!!


    … AND ELIMINATE MICHAELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The boos in Vegas are not nice. Albright smirks at his handiwork, whilst Michaels slumps on the floor - his dream of heading back to the main event of WrestleMania now over - just minutes after he got the better of Brock Lesnar. Amidst the boos from the fans - many pulling for HBK tonight - Michaels buries his head in the mat, grimacing in pain.

    Michaels then winces as he holds onto his rib cage, selling the pain of the knee from Albright, as one of the referees looks to help him back up. At the curtain, Brock snickers, scoffing at the fall of HBK before Heyman pats Lesnars arm, clearly mouthing “He‘s pathetic. He‘s not worth your energy.” and ushers Lesnar through the curtain - disappearing from view.

    In the ring, Albright is now doing battle with Christian, as Flair takes a moment to regroup - before Edge makes his busy again, whilst Cade and Sandow double team Carlito, and Angle takes on Hardy, as London is down - struggling - but surviving; somehow. On the outside, Michaels is seen sitting up, indicating to the medic by his side that he’s okay … but he needs help to stand up, wincing as he reaches his feet.

    Cade and Sandow send Carlito off the ropes, with The Cool One coming back, ducking under a double clothesline attempt … AND DRILLS CADE WITH A BACK CRACKER!!! Carlito bounces back up, with Sandow rushing at him, but Carlito side steps him, sending Sandow over … but the Intellectual Saviour holds on, and survives. Meanwhile, the fans show their respect for HBK, giving him applause and a light ‘H-B-K’ chant, as he limps up the aisle…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    Danielson enters to a respectful pop, and meets Shawn Michaels by the curtain, with the two men sharing a few words. Danielson nods, and Michaels pats his former student on the shoulder, before Danielson switches his focus to the ring…

    Jim Ross: And there you see the man that’s lighting up Friday Nights!!! The Cruiserweight Champion!!!

    Joey Styles: He absolutely is, J.R. One of the finest practitioners of wrestling on the entire planet - yet to be pinned or made to submit. He has raised the bar in the Cruiserweight division.

    Jim Ross: And he comes from a helluva background!! A former student of the man he just passed, Shawn Michaels. I’m sure he’s picked up some tips along the way, Joey. And there aint a better teacher than HBK!!!

    Danielson slides inside, but before he can even get up, Sandow is on him, stomping him. Sandow throws Danielson across the ring - BUT BRYAN FLIES BACK WITH A FLYING FOREARM!!!!! Danielson leaps up, but before he can follow up, Albright is on him, spinning him around … but Albright gets a rude awakening - BY TAKING A PLETHORA OF KICKS!!!!! Danielson opens up with the kicks on Albright, bringing Brent to his knees …

    But before he can deliver a big roundhouse, he’s cut off by Cade!!! The big Texan knocks Bryan across the ring and goes to work on Danielson, whilst Christian (nearing FIFTY minutes) takes over on Sandow, looking to get him out by the ropes, and it’s Edge and Carlito, with Hardy battling the tenacious Paul London … which means the seas have parted … AND IT’S KURT ANGLE AND RIC FLAIR standing face to face in the middle of the ring!!!!

    It’s a big reaction in Vegas for the first showdown between two of the all time greats. Angle and Flair share a couple of words, with Flair nodding and smirking at Kurts words, then giving Angle a WOOOO right in his face … and gets one back from Angle!!! Flair looks to the fans, and tilts his head at Kurt … then quickly unleashes a knife edge chop!!!

    Kurt covers up his chest, but Flair backs him up, unleashing another chop, and another - before Angle fires back with an overhand right!!! Flair steps back, and Angle follows up, delivering a European Uppercut, which sends Naitch tumbling toward the ropes, but before Kurt can follow up, Ric backs him up again with another chop, and another chop, and one more - then makes a mistake by giving the fans a WOOOO, which allows Angle to explode - BELLY TO BELLY ON FLAIR!!!!!

    Angle bounces up, giving his own WOOO, and reaches down, picking up the sixteen times champion, and looks to pick him up and throw him out - WITH AN ANGLE SLAM - getting gasps from the fans who don’t want Flair to be eliminated … and Angle has him in big trouble by the ropes - EYE POKE by Flair!!! Flair saves himself with an eye poke on Angle … AND A LOW BLOW!!!!! Angle winces and doubles over …


    … TO THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Angle hit’s the floor, and immediately sits up, hands on head - the dream is over - the quest, the mission - IS OVER. Ric Flair - the dirtiest player in the game - out smarts Angle, and the fans momentarily boo, with quite a bit of disappointment in Angle being eliminated. Flair though, has a little bit of celebration, and struts a little around the ring, running his fingers through his hair, before getting involved with Cade and Danielson.

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    **ONE OF A KIND**
    ENTRANT #27 - ROB VAN DAM @ 50:08
    The fans cheer, as the relaxed and confident ‘Whole Damn Show’ strides onto the stage, nodding at the reaction from the fans, and passes by the dejected Kurt Angle, who walks up the aisle with his hands on his head. RVD shrugs, and continues on his way, giving the fans the “R-V-D” thumb taunt.

    Joey Styles: The former WWE Champion!! A year ago, RVD headlined WrestleMania as champion, and won his match - before the unforgettable, sickening punt kick from Mister Money in the Bank Randy Orton ended his title reign.

    Jim Ross: And as they say, the rest is history. Van Dam though is eyeing sweet, sweet revenge at WrestleMania. But to do it, he has to win the Royal Rumble here tonight.

    Joey Styles: He couldn’t ask for a better draw, J.R. Four winners from number twenty seven over the years!!!

    Van Dam finishes up his entrance, and hops onto the apron - delivering a high kick to Carlito before he even gets in, then he hops onto the top rope - and leaps off with a flying kick to Albright!! RVD leaps to his feet - but here comes Matt Hardy … BUT RVD CATCHES HIM WITH A KICK TO THE GUT … AND HIP TOSSES HARDY OVER…



    Hardy is eliminated with a thud after a twenty minute plus effort, and Van Dam is starting off on fire … but is attacked by Cade!!! RVD didn’t see Cade coming, and takes a shoeing in the corner. Meanwhile, Sandow tries to dump out Christian to little success, whilst Edge, Flair, London and Danielson all struggle for supremacy in the opposite corner.

    The Lone Star hammers RVD, and then hoists him up in the air, IN POSITION FOR THE RAZORS EDGE - LOOKING TO THROW RVD OUT … but Van Dam wriggles free, and off the back, and by the ropes, RVD elevates Cade up - CROTCHING CADE ON THE TOP ROPE!!!!! Cade grimaces … BEFORE TAKING A SPIN KICK … AND HE TOPPLES OVER AND OUT - ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!!


    Cade is gone after a twenty minute showing himself, as RVD makes his mark on the match, targeting Carlito next. In the other corner, Flair is tied up with London, whilst Edge tries to get Danielson out - but to no avail. Christian is fighting back on Sandow, but Sandow puts that to an end, ducking a shot from Captain Charisma … RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!!

    Sandow rolls through, and stands up, posing … looking to deliver the ELBOW OF DISDAIN … BUT CHRISTIAN ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!!! Sandow hit’s the mat, and struggles to his feet at the ropes, as Christian draws a laugh from the fans, mocking the theatrics of Sandows elbow… BEFORE DROPKICKING SANDOW … OVER THE TOP …



    Even after FIFTY minutes, Christian - despite being exhausted - is still able to tough it out and eliminate another man, getting a big reaction from the fans again - and a light “CHRISTIAN” chant, from the appreciative fans. By far and away, Captain Charisma has been in the longest, as Paul London trails way behind at just fifteen minutes. With everyone else tied up, Christian affords himself a brief break, with the countdown set to go down…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    Boos greet the arrival of the Slammy Award winning Brian Kendrick - carrying the two awards he received for one category - and saunters down the aisle - not in any hurry.

    Joey Styles: You wanna talk about delusional…

    Jim Ross: And look, he’s bringing his Slammy Awards too!!!

    Joey Styles: But the sad part about all of this is that Kendrick is a hell of an athlete. He’s great. He’s the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion of all time - but he’s a huge jerk.

    Jim Ross: A huge jerk that has a great shot at main eventing WrestleMania. But is that ring big enough for his massive ego??

    Christian involves himself with Albright, as Van Dam/Carlito tussle, whilst Edge remains paired with Danielson and it’s London and Flair doing battle in another corner - as Kendrick surveys the scene from the outside, before climbing up the steps - setting the Slammy awards in the one free corner … THEN RUSHES INTO ACTION … AND DUMPS OUT CHRISTIAN AD ALBRIGHT … THEN VAN DAM AND CARLITO!!!!!!


    All four men land on the apron, but Kendrick thinks he’s thrown all four to the floor, quickly turning, and sensing an opportunity against Edge and his old rival Danielson - AND DOES THE SAME TO THEM!!!!!


    Kendrick still isn’t paying attention, and eyes Flair and London next … AND HE TOPPLES BOTH OF THEM OVER!!!!!


    Kendrick runs around the ring like a maniac, pumping his fists, thinking he’s won the match, and runs to his Slammy Awards, picking them up, kissing them both, and raises both in the air, shouting; “I‘M GOIN TO WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!”

    … But he’s not. Obviously.

    The eight men Kendrick believes he has just eliminated all filter back inside the ring, and they’ve all taken their focus off each other, and all eyes are on Kendrick. Kendrick continues his ludicrous celebration, then steps back … and into the chest of Flair. Kendrick initially seems confused that someone is behind him, and slowly he turns around … and his eyes BUG OUT when he sees Flair, Danielson, London, Edge, Carlito, Van Dam and Christian.

    And Flair levels him with a knife edge chop!!! Kendrick drops to his knees, with his most recent rival and his former tag partner (Danielson and London) respectively pick up the two Slammy Awards … and with Edge pulling TBK up, he begs them to leave the awards alone … BUT DANIELSON AND LONDON SEND THE TWO AWARDS FLYING OVER AND OUT OF THE RING HALFWAY UP THE AISLE!!!!!

    “NOOOOOOOOOO” cries Kendrick, before all eight men begin to put a beating on him - but not for long, as they all splinter off, unable to stay a unit for long … and Kendrick crawls away from the melee … right to the ropes, wrapping himself around the bottom rope like a monkey around a tree to make sure he cant be eliminated!!!!!

    Van Dam - the odd man out at present with everyone else paired up - sees it, but waves it off, not bothering to waste his time with Kendrick. Kendrick shows no interest in letting go either, as Van Dam gets involved with Danielson and London, whilst it’s Edge going at it with Christian and Flair with Carlito before the ten second countdown begins with the fans chanting again…

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    **THE HO TRAIN**
    ENTRANT #29 - THE GODFATHER @ 54:00
    A rowdy pop greets the familiar tune of The Godfather, and the conductor of the Ho Train struts into view, with SIX Ho’s joining him.

    Jim Ross: LAS VEGAS’S VERY OWN!!! The Godfather is in the Royal Rumble!!!

    Joey Styles: He’s taking the night off from runnin his gentlemens club tonight - but the party could go on as long as the Ho Train if The Godfather wins this Royal Rumble!!!

    Jim Ross: And that’s twenty nine of thirty - and we ALL know who is left to come…

    Godfather continues to strut to the ring whilst the action continues in the ring … with everyone getting on with their own business, concentrating on the match … except for one. The Brian Kendrick releases his grip of the bottom rope, mesmerised by the Ho’s accompanying Godfather to ringside, and as they parade around the ringside area … Kendrick stands up, getting to his feet.

    Kendrick begins to smile, winking at a few of the girls, motioning for them to call him, and leans over the ropes to try and chat the Hoes up, leaning over, asking for a kiss on the cheek from one of them; “For good luck”, whilst Godfather ignores the pest completely, taking off his jacket and chains … but Edge spots an opportunity, and looks around as if to say “How can I resist this” … and walks up behind Kendrick … TIPPING HIM OVER …


    *BY EDGE*

    A short but memorable stay for Kendrick!!! The fans pop for the elimination, and Edge looks out at the stunned Slammy winner, and shakes his head, before turning his attention back into the action in the ring, and gets involved with Albright. On the outside, Godfather is just about ready to get in the ring, but Kendrick - already over his elimination - is hassling the Hoes; forcing Godfather to chase the pest off!!!!

    Kendrick runs off, with Godfather telling him to get lost - getting a few chuckles from the fans in the process with TBK running like a scalded dog. Kendrick collects his two Slammy Awards on the aisle, and bellows down at Godfather; “I DIDN’T WANT ‘EM ANYWAY!!!” Godfather shakes his head, and now finally gets into the ring, and into the match…

    … And immediately, Godfather has the opportunity to deliver his signature move - with Edge and Christian both holding Albright into position in the corner, egging Godfather on - and the fans do too - with Godfather getting the arms moving … THEN CHARGES ACROSS THE RING … HO TRAIN TO ALBRIGHT!!!!!

    The King of the Ring is crushed in the corner, and flops onto the canvas, as Edge and Christian get back at it with each other, their alliance not lasting for long, whilst Godfather sees another opportunity for the Ho Train - this time on Carlito … AND DELIVERS!!!!! The fans are rocking with the nostalgia of Godfather, and the big man is looking good, as the clock counts down for the last time - and there’s no surprises about who the last man entering the match will be …

    ~ TEN ~

    ~ NINE ~

    ~ EIGHT ~

    ~ SEVEN ~

    ~ SIX ~

    ~ FIVE ~

    ~ FOUR ~

    ~ THREE ~

    ~ TWO ~

    ~ ONE ~

    !! BUZZER !!

    ENTRANT #30 - MISTER KENNEDY @ 56:00
    Walking out licking his lips and rubbing his hands, the thirtieth entrant - the last entrant - Mr. Kennedy makes his way down the ramp, looking to pick off the scraps in the ring!!!

    Jim Ross: And here he comes!!! Joey, he has to be the favourite at this point??

    Joey Styles: Lesnar, Undertaker, Umaga, Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle all gone already - Christian is there nearly an hour, and we don’t know how bad Edge is hurt. Flair’s been there for twenty minutes, as has Paul London. Kennedy has to be favourite.

    Jim Ross: And now we know, one of these men in the ring will be goin to WrestleMania to face either John Cena, or Randy Orton!!!

    Kennedy climbs into the ring, and he instantly runs across the ring - CLOTHESLINE TO GODFATHER - SENDING HIM OVER THE TOP AND OUT TO THE FLOOR!!!!!


    The boos are merciless for Kennedy - eliminating the ever popular Godfather right away - and Kennedy loves the reaction. Kennedy reaches for RVD next, gripping him into position - MIC CHECK!!!!! Kennedy pops right back up - and gets Edge - MIC CHECK TO EDGE!!!! Paul London gets on Kennedy before he gets back up again, but he is pushed away - THEN KENNEDY MIC CHECKS LONDON!!!!!

    Kennedy really IS picking the rest of the field apart. He locks his focus on Albright and Christian next, but is cut off by Carlito, and The Cool One takes it to Kennedy with a few right hands, slowing The Juggernaut down - then looks to springboard off the ropes … BUT AS HE JUMPS UP - KENNEDY RUSHES BEHIND - AND THROWS CARLITO OVER … AND OUT TO THE FLOOR!!!!!


    Kennedy ends Carlitos dream, but as he turns back around - BAM!!! He is met with stiff kicks by Danielson, and the Cruiserweight Champion brings Kennedy to his knees, sizing him up - ROUNDHOUSE - KENNEDY DUCKS!!! Kennedy ducks the roundhouse kick, and explodes, hoisting Danielson up onto his shoulders (like he would on the top rope for the Green Bay Plunge) and runs across the ring … DUMPING DANIELSON OVER HIS SHOULDERS AND OUT!!!!!!!!!!


    It’s ALL Mister Kennedy and the fresh man looks like he WILL make good on his promise to make the most of being the final entrant. Kennedy spots Flair in a perfect position in the corner - and runs through him - FACE WASH TO FLAIR!!!!! Kennedy then turns, and ducks a clothesline from the fading Christian … AND CATCHES HIM ON THE RETURN - MIC CHECK TO THE #1 ENTRANT!!!!!

    Kennedy gets the better of his exhausted rival, then knocks down an incoming Brent Albright, before dragging Christian up, looking to finish him off and dump his lifeless body out of the ring after a phenomenal effort from Christian to win back to back Rumbles. The Juggernaut hauls the dead weight body up to a vertical base, and just about has him by the ropes, ready to dump him out …



    The arena comes UNGLUED - the music of TRIPLE H blares through the arena, and the lights dim green!!! Kennedy shoves Christian aside in the ring, and hunches down, looking ready for the likely run in from Triple H, nodding and shouting “YEAH!! BRING IT!!!” … but the music … stops. The fans boo as the lights come back up … and Kennedy is fuming. He shakes his head, shouting for Triple H to grow a set …



    … AND ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!


    There’s an uproar in Vegas - KENNEDY IS GONE!!!!! The Thirtieth Entrant hit’s the floor, and despite looking good to pick off everyone left in the match, the music of Triple H turned everything on it’s head. Kennedy stands back up, and looks PISSED, eyeballing the fans, and asking them if they think that was funny … and shouts out for everyone to hear; “SHOW YOUR FACE - COWARD!!! I‘LL FINISH YOU -- SON OF A BITCH!!!” … obviously for Triple H…

    Kennedy then storms up the ramp, ready to kill someone, whilst in the ring, Christian is sat down in the corner, completely exhausted, and he staggers out of the corner, looking to take on Flair. RVD and Edge are both recovering from the Mic Check, and pair off, whilst London is also regaining his bearings from the earlier Mic Check, but as he gets up, he’s cut off by Albright - and Brent tosses him over the top …


    London - with one arm, hangs on, still showing fight, but Albright wants to have the last laugh over his old rival and make it a miserable night for London, pounding Londons hand - AND IT LET’S GO …


    London wont give it up, as Albright tries to break his grip - and his will - beating at the hand, but London fights back with his free hand, drilling Brent with a stiff forearm!! Albright steps back, and London looks to climb back in quickly … but Brent kicks the middle rope - right into the nuts!!! London winces, and Albright grabs the arm, and whips London along the apron into the side of the buckles and the ring post - then delivers one big right hook to the ribs …



    Albright sees off London, with the pain just too much for the Golden Boy to take - and the fans voice their dissatisfaction. Albright looks delighted, seeing off his mortal nemesis, killing his dream of main eventing WrestleMania. London is hunched up on the floor, holding his ribs - his will finally broken after a brave fight for near thirty minutes - on a night where he also pulled double duty.

    And J.R turns attention to Christian - as the Number One Entrant hit’s the SIXTY minute mark, and the final five. Christian looks absolutely exhausted though, and is the next target for Albright, whilst on the other side of the ring, Flair is taking a break as Edge and RVD tussle. London is shown hobbling away to a nice ovation, whilst in the ring Albright is a little cocky as he takes on Christian, knowing Captain Charisma is spent - running on fumes - at this point.

    Christian isn’t done though, and he battles back - somehow - against Brent, fighting off the ropes, but Albright cuts him off with a deep knee to the gut - and hoists Christian up - ACE IN THE HOLE - NO!!! Christian slips out of it, and lands behind Albright, hooking him up into position - DRILLING ALBRIGHT WITH THE INVERTED BACKBREAKER!!!!!

    Captain Charisma drops Albright, and stands back up - met by the rested up Nature Boy - but he ducks a chop, then kicks Flair in the gut … and hooks him into position … UNPRETTIER - NO!!!!! Flair escapes, and trips Christian down, grabbing the leg - no wasting time with theatrics - Flair turns over … FIGURE FOUR TO CHRISTIAN!!!!!

    It’s essentially meaningless in the Rumble, but Flair locks his hold on anyway, whilst RVD knocks Edge down with a spin kick on the other side of the ring - but Edge isn’t eliminated, and lands in the ring. RVD turns his attention, and sees Flair with the Figure Four clamped on - with Christian selling it big time … UNTIL ROLLING THUNDER!!!!!

    RVD delivers Rolling Thunder on Flair - and Naitch is unable to get out of the way of it, with his Figure Four locked on Christian - but the move forces the hold to break, and Christian rolls away, but RVD now comes after Captain Charisma, following him to the corner … MONKEY FLIP!!!!! Rob Van Dam has the fans rocking with two of his signature spots, and gets back up to his feet, smirking at the response, then turns …


    EDGE CUTS VAN DAM IN HALF!!!!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar explodes on the Whole Damn Show, and bounces up, seeing Flair standing …


    AND FLAIR IS TAKEN DOWN BY EDGE TOO!!!!! Edge looks to be hitting another wind, and he brings himself to his feet, and targets Albright now … AND GOES FOR ANOTHER SPEAR …



    Edge staggers back out, stumbling - into the path of Albright - AND THE ACE IN THE HOLE CONNECTS ON EDGE!!!!!

    The Ace of Spades puts Edge down, and surveys the scene with everyone down - except for Christian, who pulls himself to his feet, and Albright comes to meet him, hoisting him up for a second attempt - ACE IN THE HOLE…


    Christian lands on his feet … AND HOOKS ALBRIGHT UP QUICKLY … UNPRETTIER TO ALBRIGHT!!!!!

    Once again - Christian SOMEHOW survives and thrives!!! The fans voice their appreciation for his incredible effort, and the #1 entrant pulls himself to his feet … and with EVERYONE else down on the mat, Christian momentarily stands tall - albeit exhausted. Captain Charisma puffs his cheeks, as J.R puts over his incredible effort tonight - over sixty minutes - with Christian proving how much he wants to return to Wrestle Mania, taking a look up at the logo in the rafters …

    … As footage switches to … JOHN CENA?????

    The World Heavyweight Champion jogs down the aisle, nodding, with Christian looking puzzled at the presence of Cena. Cena is carrying a STEEL CHAIR and slides it into the ring, slapping it and motioning for Christian to make the best use of it. The fans boo, and Christian shakes his head, telling Cena in no uncertain terms “NO. I DON’T NEED IT.”

    Christian points to the back, telling Cena to beat it, but Cena argues, telling Christian to trust him, being heard on camera saying; “YOU NEED IT. YOU WANT WRESTLEMANIA TO HAPPEN?? USE THE DAMN CHAIR!!! OTHERWISE YOU‘RE DONE!!! YOU‘RE EXHAUSTED, MAN!!! USE THE CHAIR!!!” Cena pats the chair again … and Christian looks like he’s getting fed up - but he picks up the chair…


    Cena looks stunned, and looks up at Christian in the ring, asking him what he’s doing. Again, Cena argues that Christian NEEDS the chair as an equalizer to gain the upper hand against the fresher men, but Christian tells him in no uncertain terms; “I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP. I DON’T NEED THE CHAIR - IF I DID, I‘D GET IT MYSELF!!!” Christian again motions for Cena to leave, and Cena shakes his head, turning away …


    … AND CHRISTIAN IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Albright strikes again!!!!! Picking up his third elimination, Albright - worse for wear himself after the Unprettier moments ago - makes the most of every opportunity that presents itself … and we’re down to FOUR - #21 Edge, #23 Flair, #24 Albright & #27 RVD. Albright leans through the ropes, looking out at Christian on the outside, who has his face buried down on the floor - distraught that he’s been eliminated …

    … And Cena - at the stage - shakes his head … and looks out at the camera getting a close up, looking disappointed - telling the camera; “I KNEW IT. HE SHOULD‘VE LISTENED.” Cena looks disappointed at the failure of Christian - despite being the reason for it - and walks through the curtain - the WrestleMania 23 rematch now up in smoke it would seem … whilst Christian looks up on the floor, watching Cena leave.

    Stumbling to his feet, staggering - selling the SIXTY THREE MINUTES he spent in the ring - Christian has a few choice words for Cena, and staggers his way toward the curtain, seemingly wanting to address Cena backstage - he’s sure Cena is the reason he lost the match. And back in the ring … Albright is in a corner … Edge is in a corner … RVD is in a corner … and Flair is in a corner too.

    The final four reset, all stood in their respective corners, as J.R sets the tone; will it be the one last hurrah for Flair, a shot at revenge for Van Dam, a shot at immortality for Edge or a shock win for the fastest rising star in the WWE in Brent Albright. The four men take a few seconds, letting the fans build into a state of frenzy - before Edge explodes first, coming for Albright, leaving Flair to tangle with RVD - the four pair off.

    Edge beats Albright to the punch, hammering Brent - but Brent wisely slams Edge down on the canvas with a whiplash effect - and the back of Edges head takes the brunt of the damage. Working on the potentially damaged head of the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, Albright gets the upper hand, and stomps Edge down - but instead of taking out his energy to try to throw Edge out, he turns his attention to the other two men, and after sending RVD into a corner, he targets Flair.

    Albright puts the boots to Flair by the ropes, but Naitch fights back with chops, opening up on Brent, then drills him with some straight right hands, backing the King of the Ring up against the ropes. Albright is backed up on the ropes … and Flair surges at him … BUT ALBRIGHT ELEVATES HIM UP AND OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A BACK BODY DROP …


    Flair SURVIVES!!!!! He hangs on desperately, and Albright spots it, clenching his teeth in frustration, and charges forward with Flair looking out of sorts … BUT FLAIR LOW BRIDGES THE ROPES …




    Flair outsmarts Albright!!!!! The Ace of Spades looks stunned as the realisation sets in - he’s out!!! Despite eliminating Michaels, Christian and London - Brent is outsmarted by the Dirtiest Player in the Game!!! Natich shows a wry smile, and climbs back into the ring, whilst RVD and Edge continue to battle - and Ric decides to hang back and conserve his energy to let them fight, whilst Albright is escorted away from the ring.

    Van Dam blocks a shot from Edge, and reels off a series of right hands, then sends Edge off the ropes, but Edge ducks under a spin kick - EDGE-O-MATIC to Van Dam!!! Edge rolls off, and gets back up to his feet, whilst Flair still tries to look incognito in the corner and rest up for the final two … with Edge dragging RVD up … AND LOOKS TO TOSS HIM OUT … BUT RVD SWITCHES THE MOMENTUM …

    AND OUT GOES EDGE!!!!!!!!

    ELIMINATED: EDGE @ 66:34

    Van Dam eliminates Edge - IT’S DOWN TO TWO!!!! Flair bursts into life, and takes advantage of RVD - meeting him as Van Dam turns from the ropes with a poke to the eye … and he attempts to toss RVD out - but Van Dam grabs the ropes to stop going over, and softens Flair up with an elbow to the gut. It’ll be one of Van Dam or Flair going to Wrestle Mania, and they struggle for leverage at the ropes - OR SO THEY THINK!!!!!



    ELIMINATED: EDGE @ 66:34

    Whilst Flair and Van Dam battle for supremacy by the opposite ropes in the ring - the officials indicate ONE foot has touched the floor, with Edge swinging ala HBK in 1995, but as far as RVD and Flair are concerned - Edge is gone. They continue to struggle by the ropes … whilst Edge regains his footing on the apron … and rolls back inside … SEEING HIS CHANCE … RUSHING UP BEHIND BOTH MEN … AND DUMPS FLAIR AND VAN DAM OVER -


    *BY EDGE*


    The fans are almost too engrossed to react badly at the elimination of Flair - with RVD hanging for dear life whilst Edge has turned away, thinking he’s won … but noticing the music isn’t playing -- noticing the bell hasn’t rung -- noticing no announcement being made … Edge turns back around - VAN DAM PULLS HIMSELF UP ON THE APRON - HE’S STILL THERE … AND EDGE SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING …




    *BY EDGE*

    WINNER: EDGE @ 67:17

    Jim Ross: Yes!! YES!!! Edge wins!!!

    Joey Styles: After all the roadblocks put in his way - after all the miserable failures - after grasping defeat from the jaws of victory so many times … Edge has succeeded - EDGE IS GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!!!!

    Edge is on his knees, fists clenched by his face - overcome with jubilation, as the announcement is made over the P.A that he has won.

    Joey Styles: In a display of guts, will and stamina - Edge refused to give in tonight. Attacked before he could even make it to the ring, Edge STILL didn’t give in … thrown over the top rope by RVD with one foot hitting the floor; Edge STILL didn’t give in!!

    Jim Ross: And whether you love him or hate him - you cannot deny that on this night, Edge showed incredible intestinal fortitude to accomplish his goals!!!

    Whilst Edge is celebrating in the ring, the camera momentarily switches to show both a dejected RVD and downbeat Ric Flair…

    Jim Ross: And as we can see - the cost of failure. There will be no fairytale for Ric Flair at WrestleMania, no redemption for Van Dam. For all their efforts - they simply couldn’t deny Edge tonight.

    Joey Styles: What must be going through the minds of Flair and Van Dam at this point?? Where does this leave the Nature Boy?? And RVD must now regret helping Edge to qualify for the Royal Rumble a few weeks ago…

    Jim Ross: Maybe. Maybe. This night has not been without controversy - championships have changed hands, and the Royal Rumble match sure did not pass without incident-

    Joey Styles: So many issues that need to be resolved, J.R. John Cena inadvertently cost Christian his shot, was Triple H behind his music distracting Mr. Kennedy?? What about Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar??

    Ric Flair is still sat, slumped against the barrier - dejected - with his Cinderella story being dashed, whilst RVD is spotted walking up the ramp - head down in disappointment…

    Jim Ross: And what the hell has happened with The Undertaker?? Where in the hell did JBL and his goons take him??

    Joey Styles: We’ll hopefully find out in due course - but J.R - this night, no matter what has come before it … this night - BELONGS - to Edge!!!

    Edge poses on the turnbuckles … and you guessed it … he’s pointing off into the distance … at the WrestleMania 24 logo.

    Jim Ross: It may be passé to say it; but Edge now has the chance to make HIS boyhood dream come true at WrestleMania!! He’s booked his date with destiny on March 30 - in the main event of the Showcase of the Immortals in Phoenix Arizona in front of sixty thousand plus - Edge will have the opportunity to live forever!!!

    Edge continues to point off at the sign, with the camera slowly zooming in on the WrestleMania logo …

    Before fading to black.


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