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Thread: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

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    FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    Post your promos here. Promo deadline is 23:59 PST on Sunday, January 6th. This is 2:59 EST and 7:59 BST on Monday, January 7th. Extensions are available on request up until 24 hours before deadline. Any request made after this WILL be automatically denied unless an emergency occurs. Extensions will also be granted to all participants in a match if one participant receives an extension.
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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    The Woman and The Shadow
    in the Rain

    "I'm only human, I've got a skeleton in me
    But I'm not the villain, despite what you're always preaching
    Call me a traitor, I'm just collecting your victims
    They're getting stronger, I hear them calling

    Don't you ever wonder how we survive?Well now that your gone, the world is ours"

    A small light shines down in the cracks between two buildings. Rain soon begins to fall. The downpour pooled in the alley’s numerous holes and puddled among the trash and debris. One figure stood in the alleyway in the rain. A bluish white light cascaded her face. It was Izzy Van Doren. Her face was covered in the down-pouring rain and it glistened back the light. Izzy, dressed in her street clothes, acknowledges the camera with an ice-cold stare.

    For the past few years, I have been chasing after one thing… I’ve been chasing after notoriety. And every time I get close, FWA management wants to knock me back down… They try to bury me in multi person matches, stuff me in the undercard… And I’ve had superstar after superstar, road agent after manager, tell me “Izzy Van Doren will not main event an FWA pay per view”.

    Izzy lifts her head slowly, flips the hood up on her leather jacket, and walks out of the alleyway and into the streets. The rain continues to fall hard onto the pavement as the camera jump cuts to face Izzy once again. Her menacing glare shifts from the street back to the camera. A sly smile forms across her face.

    But I don’t see the dead-end signs, I don’t see any of the obstacles, I see the thing that I’ve been busting my ass for! I want people to know that Izzy Van Doren is here! I’m not a pawn in someone else’s game. I am the baddest woman in FWA right now. So, throw up all the signs, block my path, but the fact of the matter is this: I will blast through any road block you put in front of me. I have been treated like an outcast and I have been treated like an embarrassment to this company and you can tell me til your throat rots that it’s not gonna happen and I will knock your teeth down your throat and stomp your face into the ground! You can tell me the path that I’ve walked is a dead end, but you’re dead wrong about me.
    On this road, there are no twists, there are no turns… it’s a one-way path to destruction.
    This road runs straight into “my moment”. On this road, there’s nowhere to go... Nowhere to hide... one conclusion...

    Ya see, all I need is this one moment to make FWA management and fans finally listen to me. I’m not the enemy. I am a freaking role model! I’ve wrestled the toughest bastards around the globe, but it doesn’t matter where I go. My heart hasn’t died, and I keep my eyes focused on the prize:

    Show the entire world what Izzy Van Doren is made of.

    It doesn’t matter how many buckets I bleed, how many bumps I take, how many times I get suspended, I keep coming back and I will keep coming back because it doesn’t matter if it’s 3, 4, a dozen guys… I will always find a way to rip somebody’s head off, gouge their eye out, do whatever it is I need to do to win. Some call that dirty tactics, some call me a depraved, sick human being, but I don’t see that. I’m fighting for something nobody can ever take away from me. I may sound like a broken record, I feel like I’m talking to faceless people... but at Aftershock, I found not just a victory… but I found part one of my proof. Proof that I can overcome FWA's odds no matter how much they stack them against me. I made people stand up and put their eyes on me. But more importantly to me, I had a certain pair of dark brown eyes on me. I knew I had someone’s attention. And folks… a year ago nobody in their right minds could have predicted this… Nobody thought that this match could have, or even would have, occurred...

    Izzy Van Doren… Versus Gabrielle Montgomery…

    When I walk down that ramp, I step into that ring, and I look across I’m going to see... a legend.

    Izzy stops in her tracks. She looks up at the night sky continuing to beat down the rain. She looks at her reflection in the puddle before her. Thunder rumbles on in the distance. She chuckles to herself a little.

    FWA made Gabrielle a legend. The people loved you, Gabrielle! Hell, for a short time in my life, I cheered you on as well! They believed in you! You are “The Caramel Goddess” and quite possibly the best to step foot in the FWA ring. I could list off all of Gabrielle’s accomplishments, but I don’t need to do that…

    The hopeful smile on Izzy’s face slowly forms into a vacant expression of malice. The scowl grows and festers, her brow furrows, and her breath becomes heavier.

    But Gabrielle does, just look at her little series on I don’t need to list Gabrielle’s championships, her moments of glory, no no no because once I put down Gabrielle in the middle of the ring, or I make “The Caramel Goddess” tap out…

    Izzy pauses for the sound of rain to come in. She smiles as she looks to the sky. She points to the camera with a cheeky smile and laughs under her breath.

    No one will even remember she was here. I'll say it again… I don’t need to list Gabrielle’s accomplishments, Gabrielle does.
    Because everyone has forgotten you, Gabby... No one cares about "The Caramel Goddess".
    Ya wanna know why? Because when push came to shove, Gabrielle, you LEFT...

    Izzy pauses as she walks down another street.

    You left your fans high and dry. You took your ball, went home, and abandoned us. But now that the spotlight on the Caramel Goddess has shifted ever so slightly… you wanna come back and reclaim your former glory. This isn’t the Cinderella comeback story, FWA wants to frame it as, this is FWA feeding you to the young and hungriest lion it has and let me tell you I am ready to rip out your heart, rip out those beautiful, brown eyes, and leave you a broken mess in the ring. This isn’t your comeback story, Gabrielle...

    This is my takeover...

    You wanna call me “another young upstart” when the fact is a year ago, you were sitting on your ass watching FWA become bigger and better without you! You wanna say I’m trying to use your name to get into the spotlight, but here’s the kicker, Gabby. I never needed your name to get me to the dance… YOU needed mine. YOU ARE NOTHING!! WORTHLESS, BROKEN DOWN, USED UP… but hey let’s not talk about your adult film career…

    You are everything that I hate. You are everything that I am the antithesis of. You wanna talk about me being jealous of you and your body when I could not give any less of a crap about what you look like. I only care about what you wrestle like. And if your accolades that you cling onto so badly are really as good as they say they are, then maybe, HOPEFULLY, you'll actually give me a fight and not worry about one of the 95% plastic body you have breaking. You wanna talk about waning glory, Ms. Caramel Goddess? You are it! The be all, end all of everything that FWA used to be and I am its future. You’re nothing more than a mid-life crisis waiting to happen.

    Izzy walks into a dark alleyway. She sits at the exit door of a large brick building. The pale blue light cascades down as Izzy smiles.

    Listen I know, my back is against the wall. I’m the underdog in this fight, but I’ve never gone down without swinging. I may be the underdog, but I’ve been in those shoes before. I was against Hughes and guess what Gabby... I beat James Hughes so bad he had to retire again... I beat Hughes into a shell of what he used to be and that’s the exact same thing I’m gonna do to you… All I need is one opportunity… All I need is just one single moment… and in that moment I’m going to make the empire that you built, burn to its ashes.

    You don’t know what it’s like, Gabrielle... You don’t know what it’s like to have the world in your hands and it slip right through your fingertips. I do. I do because I have scratched and clawed my way to this moment. I have worked for every opportunity I have and I will never ever let it slip through my fingers again. I grew up on these streets. I grew up in the den of thieves and junkies. I come from a world where no one cares what you want, all they care about is what you have. Because if you don’t hold on tight enough, it’s theirs.

    At Revival, I’m gonna take everything from you Gabrielle. Your titles, your achievements, and I'm gonna put them and you in the trash.
    I’m gonna take from you what I’ve wanted for a long time:


    Izzy calmly looks into the camera with a sort of nonchalant demeanor.

    If you asked me before I would’ve said I look forward to wrestling Gabrielle because I respect her, but I don’t.
    I don’t have an ounce of respect for pompous, self-indulgent Kim K wanna be trash like Gabrielle.
    To be quite honest, I don’t think Gabrielle has an ounce of respect for FWA fans as well.
    I’m fighting for all the boys and girls in the locker room that wanted to be wrestlers… and not be “entertainers” …
    I don’t fear that bitch either. See, I’ve been here, Gabrielle. I’ll always be here. I'll be in an FWA ring until my blood stops pumping through my veins. So you’re gonna have to come kill me to get rid of me, but we all know that you can’t do that...

    So, no I don’t look forward to wrestling you, Gabrielle. I look forward to beating you like the bitch you are…
    I’m gonna beat you… I’m gonna victimize you… I’m gonna leave you defenseless.

    Not just for me, but for every single man and woman whoever had to give up their spot to the old guard that think they can still go...
    For the fans, who’ve already moved on to the next big thing and want to see something new…
    but more importantly I’m doing this for Carmella, because she needs to have her mommy at home...

    Izzy’s coy smirk fades to evil glare. Her stern, dark, graveled voice cuts deep. There’s no emotion, just raw intensity. No more jokes, this is serious. She raises slightly and reaches out, pulling the camera close. She clenches her teeth and lashes out in anger.

    You’re gonna be lying on the mat, Gabby. You’re gonna be looking up at the lights and my hand will be raised in victory. And I may stand 5’4”, but when the second that ref counts 3, I’m gonna be feeling 10’8”. I am the shock to the system that FWA has needed for a long time.

    You’ll finally understand that... and soon... very soon... everyone will understand that...

    Izzy retreats back into her seated position. She pulls her jacket around her shutting herself away from the weather. A large thunder rolls overhead and seconds later a large flash of lightning. It's not just FWA's Revival... It's Izzy Van Doren's...

    𝖍𝖚𝖗𝖙 // 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖑

    x x x x x x x x x

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    October 2018
    PPG Paints Arena
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Moments after his brutal showing in the Brawl for it All, FWA cameras catch “The Wildcard” getting checked out by medical staff. From taking out himself and Tristan James Galloway off a balcony through a table, to Izzy Van Doren finishing him off on a pile of steel chairs, and even before the match Randall suffered an assault at the hands of Mac Michaud after coming to aide of his girlfriend Penny. Somehow, someway, the man is still breathing however. Penny is with him while he’s being checked out and he’s getting stitched up on his forehead, it’s no big deal to him however Penny looks concerned.

    Are you going to be okay?

    Randall glances over at her as the medic finishes stitching him up.

    I’ve been through worse, that was nothing…

    He stands up, albeit gingerly, but he manages to power through the pain and leaves the room as Penny follows.

    I was more fired up than ever before, you know? Every person I hit whether it with my fists, kicks, or anything I could get my grubby mitts on, I imagined it was Mac and his big ugly mug and I was smashing it over and over again until there was nothing left. Fortunately for him, it wasn’t him, unfortunate for those that stood in my war path, well except for Triple J Security those guys got what they had coming to be honest…

    They continue their walk down the hall before reaching the locker room. They enter together and Jason takes a seat on a bench, and is handed an ice pack from Penny. He slaps it on the back of his neck and lets out a sigh of relief. He grabs his duffle bag and rummages through it before finding what he was looking for, his trusty flask, more than likely the contents being Jack Daniels. He takes a swig of it and another sigh of relief after the drink, he offers some to Penny but she declines.

    No, you know what that stuff does to me…


    He shrugs and takes another drink. Penny takes a seat next to him and gets close, putting her arm over him and hugging him.

    Thank you…

    She puts her head on his lap and lays there as he gently strokes her hair.

    Sooner or later, I’ll get my hands on that bastard, and he’ll regret ever laying a finger on you…

    They just sit there in silence as the scene slowly fades out.

    January 2019
    Amway Center
    Orlando, FL

    The scene opens up with a shot of a red car and next to it is a flaming barrel. The camera pans out more to reveal “The Wildcard” Jason Randall standing next to the car, sporting a new hairstyle and more facial hair since the last time we saw him. He’s wearing a black leather jacket with a gray hood and jeans along with black steel toe boots. He looks over at the fire, and from his jacket he pulls out a pack of cigarettes, and lights one up before putting them away. He takes a puff from it and exhales the smoke, then he turns back to the camera.

    It’s a new year and so for that, it’s a new me. New look but still the same old rough and tough, take no shit Wildcard that you all have come to know and love…

    He takes another drag from the cancer stick.

    It’s been about, what? Four months? Yeah, we’ll go with that. Four months that I’ve had to wait until I could do what I’ve wanted to do since Aftershock, and that’s make Mac Michaud pay for his sins.

    He hops up on the hood of the car and sits down, all while still smoking.

    Now I know this looks like your typical edgy promo right? Fire, cool car, smoking. I don’t know why I went this route but I did and who is going to tell me otherwise. It doesn’t even matter, it’s not the point. The point is that I’m here to talk about Mac and talk about what I’m going to do to him when the time comes at Revival. It’s not going to just be any ordinary match either, it’s no disqualification which means I can do anything I damn well please to that big ugly bastard and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do to stop me…

    He takes yet another drag from the cigarette and blows out the smoke in the night air.

    Before I delve into that though let’s take a trip down memory lane for those that need a refresher on how we got to this point. It was Back in Business season and everything was fine and dandy. I had just had a grueling match with one Daniel Toner, and lo and behold I see that our friend Mac Michaud has returned after crawling out from whatever hole he had been hiding in for years and decided he wanted to become relevant again. He decides that the best way to do that is to target an innocent victim, and not just any innocent victim, no he decides to go after my dear sweet Penny. She wouldn’t even harm a fly, unless maybe it had it coming, still probably not. I digress though, and in doing so he wanted to send a message or something, I don’t know. If he wanted to break her spirit though, well he should have tried harder because she’s still standing. Despite it all, she’s still standing and challenged him to a match, much to my dismay but I let her handle her own. Yet again, it has passed and she may not have won, but she’s still standing and unfortunately for you Mac, so am I…

    He finally finishes off the cigarette after one final drag and flicks it into the flaming barrel.

    You may think that you have won the battle but you can bet your sorry ass that you will not be winning the war. If I’ve said it before I’ll sure as hell say it again because each time it bears repeating, if you’re gonna wanna keep me down you’re gonna have to kill me at Revival because I won’t stay down. Everything you throw at me will not be enough, you will have to stop me from breathing if you want any chance of winning this war but that ain’t likely.

    Ask WOLF, wherever he went off to again, ask your old pal Kennedy, those two damn near killed me and here I am still breathing…

    He hops off the hood of the car and stretches out his arms.

    I am still standing, so throw your best shot and I’ll throw it right back at you and spit in your face. You started this Mac and now I will be the one to finish this, and it won’t be finished until your left lying, broken, battered, and scarred. You started this and now you must pay the consequences. The time has come for you to meet your maker and there’s nothing you can do about except live with it because you have no other choice. You will suffer and you will fall at my hands, you can guarantee that…

    Just then Penny walks into the frame and stands near Jason.

    You think that you’re big and scary Mac, but I saw that hint of fear in your eyes when I stood across from you at Aftershock. You may have beaten me but I showed no fear. You showed me no mercy but I showed no fear and stood toe to toe with you

    Nor will I show you no mercy, Mac. There will be no mercy and no escape, accept your fate. Face your consequences and pay for your sins, you wanted a war well you got one and I intend to finish it!

    He wraps his arm around her and the two leave the scene as it fades to black.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Chapter 2

    Volume 1: Evolution

    "From so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.." - Charles Darwin.

    Our scene opens in what looks to be a tropical environment...but far more primeval, more primordial. Large ferns and conifers surround a massive pond, a body of water filled with the murkiest, thickest liquid you've ever seen. Despite the lush jungle biome, it is surprisingly quiet with no sounds of wildlife, no chirping of birds or sounds of animals rustling in the grass. The slightest breeze wisps through the foliage as the silence is broken by the hum of insects and the sound of tree branches swaying in the breeze...

    The tranquility is broken by the sound of snapping twigs coming from the forest. It's getting closer and closer to the pool of primordial ooze as a figure begins to emerge from the foliage...a tall, thin figure wearing a heavy leather overcoat, his hands firmly taped as if ready for a fight. The soft earth gives way underneath his booted feet as he walks up to the edge of the pool.

    And around his waist, shining in the noon day sun, is the FWA World Heavyweight Championship in all its glory.

    As the camera zooms out and we see that this figure is indeed Cyrus Truth, the champion who had regained his title against Chris Kennedy in a scintillating Iron Man Match at Aftershock. The champion looks leaner, more trim than ever before. It's evident that the time between Aftershock and Revival has been well-spent by the Exile, getting his body ready for the return of FWA. But more evident is the expression on Cyrus's face, one that speaks volumes of the champion's pride and resolve.

    Cyrus looks out to the pool of primordial ooze, eyes sharp and peering out for something. As he looks out with his hands resting on top of the title belt, he speaks with a tone ringing with authority...the tone of a man who has taken a great burden and terrible responsibility on his shoulders. Still, he's smiling, as if the weight feels right...feels necessary.

    "For the fourth time, I find myself in the familiar position that I've been since I came to FWA. Atop the mountain, surveying the entirety of the the World Heavyweight Champion. At Aftershock, I proved that I could go the distance, that I could rise to a challenge that had once halted me. At Aftershock, I took Chris Kennedy's best shots and survived his best attempts to steal a win. Chris Kennedy, the man who would be a god, ended up broken at my feet. And I ascended, and took back what was taken from me at Back in Business. Just as I said I would.

    "I have to admit. I was a bit disappointed when this card was announced and it wasn't a rematch against Kennedy. I honestly would've thought Chris would've been made of sterner stuff than to just take his ball and went home after one loss, especially considering how much he crowed about his supposed greatness after winning at Back in Business. Oh, how he boasted for weeks about that win, about how he was the sole standard bearer for FWA and how the rest of us were best suited to grovel and bow at his feet. And yet, I bloody his nose a bit, and he decides that the FWA World Title...the very title he himself claimed he and he alone deserved to have and he wanted back after winning the Grand Prix...that title? It isn't worth immediately fighting and clawing for after he was embarrassed in a match he himself requested. The golden god...nothing more than a flimsy copper idol, too easily burnished and tainted by the collapse of their own hubris. Still, I doubt he'll stay away forever. He places too much faith in this myth he's built for himself to fade away for long. He'll be back...and this dance of ours will continue. And I will continue to march towards true immortality...over his dead and broken body if need be."

    Cyrus's tone is forceful as he looks out over the primordial pond. Off in the distance, bubbles starts to pop up out of the ooze...slowly at first, and not in any pattern.

    "But, Kennedy's bruised ego is not my concern. This...'Revival' is something far more pressing. I don't know if the rest of my peers can feel the adrenaline rush in the air that I can, but I can feel it in my bones. Something is about to happen in FWA that I've been anticipating for a long time. This 'Revival' is more akin to a rejuvenation, a fresh start that FWA has needed long before I ever became its champion. This event, this's an opportunity, don't you see? FWA can become something more than it was before. It can evolve, change, and shine brighter than any wrestling company past, present, or future. It's an opportunity that all of us, from me the champion to every man and woman on the roster, should be ecstatic about. But, I suppose even that's not entirely true.

    "Evolution is necessary...vital. We must become more than the people we were before. Better philosophers, better warriors...better kings. FWA has reveled in the filth that management and its top superstars have indulged in, believing that it made for better TV. "Pop those ratings with controversy," the idea was. I think you can see how well that worked out the moment I decided to stake my claim to the top of the FWA mountain. I stood steadfast against the tide of avarice. I took the FWA Title and made being called a "champion" mean what it was SUPPOSED to mean! And though it cost me dearly, I remained on the path that I chose, the path that had to be taken. And now, I have achieved what few in FWA ever could dream of. My vision, my hope for this business and this promotion now has a chance, a REAL CHANCE, to come to fruition. A company that rewards valor, pride, and dedication, and casts down the filth and deceivers who wallow in the mire of greed and subterfuge.

    "But, I'm no fool, and I know full well my sentiments aren't shared with everybody in FWA. There's more than a handful of people who want to follow the path of the back biters. And despite the fact that such a path is one that drives through the filth, there are still those who wallow in it...REVEL in it.

    "Enter Phillip A. Jackson."

    The bubbles in the primordial pool start to get more and more frequent, more agitated. Over Cyrus's left shoulder, a second series of bubbles begins to emerge, smaller than the ones in the center of the pool.

    "You know, I hate being right. When Phillip was on his 'redemption' tour back during my second title reign, I warned everybody that it was all an act. It's not that Phillip isn't capable of being better than what he's simply because he chooses not to be. The filth and deceit are his natural element. It is where he feels at home. For as talented as he is, he places no faith in that talent. Just baseless pride in his skills...that's all he has. He needs the filth to hide the part of him that he wishes didn't exist. The part of him that he hates, that shows him as something less than the champion he has been in the past and reigns as now. And isn't it the least bit curious that his latest title reign comes at a time where he's found yet another pawn to help him in his agenda...a pawn he'll no doubt bring to this championship match? Well, 'curious' is the wrong word. More like 'typical.' 'Expected.' It's all in his playbook, the only playbook scum like him goes by. And if he had his way, he'd have us all wallow in the filth with him.

    Cyrus's attention snaps in the direction of the bubbles as a figure bursts out from underneath the primordial water. It's a human man, fair and well-built. He's gasping for air, coughing out water as the primordial ooze begins to slide off his naked form.

    Cyrus's attention then turns to the larger series of bubbles in the middle of the pond, which now look like they're starting to move...slowly, ever so slowly towards the emergent man. With his foot, Cyrus kicks up a piece of gnarled wood and grabs it in his hand as he, too, moves towards the exposed man.

    "In my heart, I know that most of my peers in FWA want something more than the shit we've had to deal with from lesser champions. They've seen time and again champions who game the system, use management to protect themselves, and take every available shortcut to keep their ill-gotten title belts. And they, like me, want the shit to stop. They want to emerge from the mire and start anew! But that's not what Phillip wants..."

    The large pool of bubbles starts to pick up speed as the man has finally caught his breath. Cyrus, still speaking, seems to have a singular focus on his grimacing face as he grips the driftwood tightly and picks up his pace.

    "Phillip wants us all to drown in the avarice. He knows he's a cretin, an ugly shell of what a champion is who finds comfort in the disgusting tactics that have defined his career. And the fact that I am the World Champion and have been World Champion without having to resort to those same tactics is abhorrent to him, because I am a constant and perpetual reminder of his failings. It scares him to truly look at himself as the monster, the abomination he he doesn't. He ignores the hard Truths and instead works to bring everything down with him. He will wait, wallowing in his avarice until he has an opening to strike..."

    The bubbles speed up as the man, now aware that he's not alone, looks at Cyrus with a bewildered expression. But Cyrus is unfettered as he closes the gap.

    "And if this were the FWA of old? He might be able to get away with it..."

    The naked man falls onto his ass, terrified. Cyrus gets to within a foot of him as he raises his makeshift cane up.

    "...But that time is now over."

    With a snap, Cyrus turns and brings the stick down hard...onto whatever was emerging from the pond. It's lightning fast, and it's hard to get a good look at the monster. The only look we get is of its black, slimy tail as it retreats back into the primordial pond. The nude man, shocked, looks up at Cyrus wide-eyed as Cyrus looks out over the body of water, eyes focused like a hawk.

    "Go ahead and try to take away this title from me, Phillip. Bring that walking meat golem with you if you think it'll give you even the slightest chance of accomplishing what you've been unable to do time and time before. The time for your toxic influence and that of those like you is done. FWA finally has an opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning, and I will be damned if I allow you and your ilk to ruin it like you've tried before! I see now what my role has to be, the role that has been abandoned for so long. I am the one who must stand guard...who must show the way."

    Cyrus turns back to the man...and extends a hand. The man, still nervous, takes Cyrus's hand gingerly as The Exile helps him to his feet. Cyrus motions in a direction, telling him without a word what direction to take.

    As the man walks off, more bubbles at the edge of the pond as more people, men and women alike, emerge from the mire and let it wash off of them. They, like the first, find their way out of the pond and head off in the same direction. Cyrus, for his part, stands guard like a shepherd as he speaks.

    "There will come a time when my time is done. Where I have my final battle and can no longer stand up against the opposition. And perhaps...history and the Road will provide the rewards that I have sought after for far too long. But until that day, I have a new task in front of me. A task that requires everything I am or ever was. FWA stands on the precipice looking at a new dawn. And I have to show my peers, the fans, and all those who watch, learn, and follow what our sport was, and should be. I must guide them, help them to understand that my words are not just for show, but are the very heart and soul of what we all should hold dear...the value that led us all to take this path that we as wrestlers have chosen. And, more pressingly...I must be the one who fights the monsters, the predators...the filth. I must stand against this, even if it costs me everything. Because it is important...and because no one else is ready to accept that burden. So come on, Phillip A. Jackson. Bring your muscle and that gilded tin you and your ape wear around your waists and be prepared to once again kneel in the presence of a king. Come and accept the judgment that I will lay down upon you...and serve as an example for all those like you. You wretched, horrid facsimile of a man! You will NOT take this title away from me! You will not become World Champion at my expense and taint this title with the same poison that you've allowed your entire career to be defined by! I am no saint, nor am I any great leader of men...but what I am is a warrior well-versed and well-equipped to fight monsters, demons, and the selfish desires of wanton men like you. Twice before, you've faced me. You ran from one and fell short another. And that was when I WASN'T motivated to end you! I don't give a damn about Maximus, and I know you are nowhere near prepared to face my wrath! A wise man would realize that he's heading into a no-win situation and run off, but wisdom has eluded you your entire career. So be it, then. At Revival, I do my part to breathe new life, new purpose, new focus into FWA and, as its champion, serve as a guide for those who wish to follow and as a scourge to those who threaten it.

    "There's a new day dawning for FWA, Phillip. One that will leave you behind. So either brave the sunlight...or die, wallowing in the filth of your greed and self-indulgence."

    More and more people emerge from the pool, and whatever monster was haunting it seems to be keeping its distance as long as Cyrus remains a stalwart sentinel. Dozens...hundreds...thousands emerge, all of them seemingly focused on the horizon, where a new dawn is breaking. The message is clear: Cyrus sees Revival as a chance to start anew, for FWA and all of its competitors. And as champion, he will stand as a guide to what he believes the true path will be...

    ...And will slay any who dare sully it...

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    Close up on a clock that reads 4:34 AM. When the clock changes to 4:35, an alarm goes off. A hand reaches out for the clock to disengage the alarm. It’s a middle age man with a scruffy beard and stocky frame. He sits at the edge of the bed scratching his face and releases a deep sigh. Rack focus to Tristan James Galloway leaning in the door frame of the bed room.

    This is Jeffery. He works construction. Around this time every day, he gets up out of bed and goes to work.

    Jeffery shuffles into the bathroom and flips the light on. He takes a long look at himself in the mirror. There’s heavy bags under his eyes and his skin appears almost rough and coarse.

    Every morning he washes his face, brushes his teeth and gets ready to make breakfast. Three eggs and two hash browns. Take a close look at his eyes.

    The camera closes in on his eyes. The greenish eyes appear dull. Meanwhile, Jeffrey begins to brush his teeth.

    You know that look when have something to prove? When you’re ready to conquer the world. When you have a life ahead of you and dreams to achieve? That fire, that passion, that desire has been snuffed out of Jeffery. He has no more passion. He’s resided that this is his fate. This is his life for the rest of his life. Every day it’s work for 12 hours a day and come home watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory or Sports Center.

    It’s mid day. The sun is at its highest point and the heat is unbearable. Jeffery is wilding a sledgehammer trying to break up concrete to the foundation of a previous building. He takes a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow.

    It must be maddening. Every day being like groundhogs day. Same routine, same situations transpiration… Actually, I know it’s maddening. Because I,too, live in this never ending cycle like Jeffrey. It’s exactly how I feel always being a number one contender to the North American championship. It’s the same scenario over and over. I find myself racking up wins in singles matches against all the familiar competitors in the division. I find myself in a multi man match against more wrestlers. I get the championship match. I pour my heart and soul into the match and I’m one count away from claiming the championship… and it doesn’t happen. I lose. Am I defeated? Not entirely. Because I come back and find myself in title contention once again.

    Galloway looks over to Jeffery, who is taking a sip of water surveying his surroundings before getting back to work.

    I sympathize with his madness. Many months ago, I was able to call myself a champion. I reigned over the X-Division with an iron fist. My reign looked as if there was no end in sight. I think it was obvious after several defenses and the decisiveness that I had outgrown the division. I needed a new challenge to conquer. I needed to be in the North American championship division. My first taste of that came in my encounter with Mike Parr. I proved that I belonged in the division in my series of matches with WOLF. I proved my worth in that series. Though I may fall, I don’t plummet far because I’m still in the race, closing in on the runner in front of me. Still able to catch up to the leader of the pack and over take them.

    Tristan James Galloway is transported from the construction sight to a Merry-Go-Round. The Polynesian Powerhouse’s back is up against the bar on a black horse as it bobs up and down as the Merry Go Round circles around in its slow crawl.

    Round and round I go. Lost in the never ending cycle. So I have to ask myself? Am I a fool? I must be right? After all, I’ve had so many chances yet I can’t win when it matters. I’m chasing the North American title and it’s still an arm’s length away. I’m Jeffrey. (scoffs) And that’s what’s so frustrating. Because I want off this ride. I need a change. I have to make it change. I’m tired of the chase. I want a second to breathe. I want to be on the mountain top and feel the cool breeze for a second before I have to knock someone down the mountain top. I have the heart. That was never the question. But the question is.. how determined am I?

    Galloway spins around facing the front of the horse now. He leans against the top of it pondering his question.

    I look to the men I must face in this ladder match at REVIVAL. The first one being Kevin Cromwell, the very man who took the X-Division championship from me. To an extent, that angers me because he, along with WOLF, took something from me. He took away a title that I helped elevate to mean something. He took away my opportunity to possibly be a double champion. The only one in FWA. It’s a moment that I was robbed of and now I look to rob him of a moment when I throw him off of the ladder when he’s a finger tip away from grabbing the North American championship.

    Then, there’s Tommy Thunder.

    The Polynesian Powerhouse chuckles, burying his face in his hands trying to pull himself together.

    Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. What’s there to say about Mr. Thunder? When he came into FWA he declared himself a Division One athlete, yet he looks like he couldn’t even beat the third string of the Harlem Globetrotter, yet he finds himself in a big championship match up. No matter where I am. I always seem to find myself against Tommy. Tommy, glad you could make it, but it’ll be more or less the same for you… and I feel bad because you’re always there when greatness happens, yet never get to experience it for yourself. You, too, are a Jeffrey.

    Then there’s Aaron Kendrick. A man who I’ve never faced. A man I see trying to make a name off of me. Who believes he can pass me in the race to the top. If this were Mario Kart, I’d be pelting him with the green shell to keep him at bay. Because I can’t let you take away this from me. This is my chance to break from the spin cycle I have found myself in. Aaron, this is first shot you’re first of many. This is my fifth shot. And I don’t intend to make it a sixth time. Not again.

    Galloway steps off the horse and spins around the horse. He moves along the Merry Go Round past all the various animals on the ride. Tristan leaps over the bench and finds himself sitting on a tiger, pretending to ride it in to battle. He takes a moment to laugh at his own silliness as he takes off his hat to fix his hair before putting the fedora back on.

    Finally, I look at Starr. The reigning North American champion. The one who dethroned WOLF. That in and of itself pisses me off. It was supposed to be me. It was supposed to be my achievement. I was supposed to be the one who ended this reign of terror. Beating WOLF was supposed to be apart of my legacy! Not Starr’s! Mine! Yet he did it. And he has the title I’ve been eyeing for quite sometime. That championship is acting more of a bull’s eye for me. It’s made Starr a target.

    Starr, your speeches are eloquent. You’re through provoking in a way. You have a way at looking at things that I have never considered. You’re story is a lot like mine. You’ve come from nothing and made yourself into, no pun intended, a star. You proved your mettle in FWA. Your cosmic journey for peace and prosperity ends at REVIVAL. Because its time I revive my career. It’s time I remind everyone the kind of wrestler and fighter I am. I’ve fought my way out of foster homes, group homes, poverty, and anything you can think of. Endless cycles very few break out of and I broke them. And you’re standing in my way of breaking the contender’s cycle. You are keeping me from what I want- no, what I need. What I desperately need to show each and everyone who's watching that I am more than untapped potential. I will not continue this cycle. I’m done living this scenario out. With every loss, the pulse of my career feels like it’s getting fainter and fainter. No matter how many times I come back and find myself in a championship or contender’s match. The North American championship is the defibrillator to my career.

    Tristan becomes almost entranced with a thousand yard star and quiet muttering of words.

    You beat WOLF. YOU beat WOLF…. it was supposed to be… it was supposed to be me… not you.. me… it was mine… mine… the title should be mine…. mine… not yours… I should be the champion. I should be the champion. I will be the champion. I have to. I have to. There’s no two ways about it. It must be mine… it has to be mine!

    He closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths. Once TJG has regained his composure, he opens his eyes and smiles to the camera.

    The ladder needed in this match is symbolic. It will mark my ascension. I’ll do it over Starr’s broken body… and Tommy’s, and Kendrick’s, and Cromwells. You will all be pieces of my legacy. You will be my stepping stones. I’m taking what was stolen from me by Cromwell and Starr. They call this show revival and it will be my calling card to each and everyone of you. I am good. I’m THAT damn good. I’m a monster. I’m the only monster in this match. I’m the only one who’s seen darkness and lived in the darkness. I mean truly lived in darkness. Starr merely visited the darkness like a tourist. I’m not a hero. Not in this moment. I’m not here to inspire anyone anymore. The only person I’m here inspire… is me. And I am. I’m more motivated now than I ever been before. I can’t keep going down this path. I can’t keep being Jeffrey. I have to be more. I’m going to take from you what you’ve taken from me. Especially you Starr. You will be my prime target considering the fact you’re the champion… but I have to ask. Is your heart even in this? I heard you months ago talking about how you want Bell Connelly. I know you were obsessed with getting even with her, yet she holds nothing of value. You’re a champion.

    Is that what it’s been reduced to? An after thought? Fine, Starr. I’ll take it off your hands. I was going to do it anyway. For taking it from WOLF when it should have been me. For insulting the championship by being more worried about a silly woman than being a damn good North American champion. I’ve survived on my kindness and desire for competition… but I don’t seek to just compete. I aim to destroy. I aim to take because I’ve been robbed of so much over the past few months. I’ve gained notoriety, but what did it get me? I have the respect of the fans, but what is it doing for me? It hasn’t gotten me the North American championship! I love the fans. I truly do, but i can’t worry about them at Revival. I’m worried about taking the North American championship. Because I want out of this rat race. I want off this ride, and I want off this ride now! I will get of this ride with the North American championship come hell or high water. No matter what.. No matter what…

    (muttering) I’m coming for you Starr.. I’m coming from you… No third eye bullshit. Namaste your ass home and you won’t get hurt, Starr. Don’t make me do this. I don’t wanna do this, but i have to do this. I can’t do this. I can’t…

    Galloway sinks to the floor, rocking back and forth as the camera pulls back from him.

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    "When you walk through the garden ...

    you better watch yooo' back."


    Sunny skies overhead. Little strands of white clouds. A brief thunderstorm always just minutes away. Quick-stop fried chicken restaurants, gas stations, run-down houses and check-cashing businesses line either side of Orange Blossom Trail. A busted-up chain-link fence on the east side of the famous inner-city Orlando street. Two abandoned bicycles on the west side of OBT. Two traffic-camera intersections in view. One camera works, one doesn't. Few cars speed by. Three men, all African American, slowly walk separate of one another and 20 yards apart on one side. Two men, both African American, sit at a bus stop on the other side.

    NEW ANGLE -- Interior of a black rolls royce vehicle. One man, a Caucasian male, sits in the driver's seat with binoculars covering his eyes. His long, dirty blonde hair hangs behind his neck and touching his shoulder blades. Binoculars come down. Then back up. Four seconds later, they are back down.

    FADE OUT -- Another man, a large African American, sits in the passenger's seat. He eats a chicken drumstick. Takes another bite of the drumstick. A piece of fried chicken skin falls on his lap. He picks it up with his free hand and inserts it into his mouth. He is not looking at whatever his partner is focusing on.

    The man in the driver seat shifts the car from park to drive. The car slowly pulls forward and out of view.

    XYZ (V.O.)
    Not everything is as they say. Some tell me we're here for work. Others say it's for sport. But all I see is something that needs fixed. I see a place that deserves something more.


    White walls. Mexico flag hung on one wall. Flat-screen TV on another playing a Mexican soap opera. XYZ, the man we saw inside the vehicle, walks into the restaurant and immediately smells pork tacos. The other man, Big Al, follows while eating another fried chicken piece. He only eats fried chicken. He ignores the smell of tacos.

    The pair goes up to the counter before stopping. A Mexican man stands behind the counter and nods with his head, read for the order.

    Nothing for me. I'm here to ask about a ... murder.

    XYZ looks up at the man's face right before saying the last word. He's trying to read his expression. Big Al does not look or care.

    Mexican Restaurant Worker
    No murder. Just work. Don't know what talking about. Are you po ... police?

    XYZ nods his head. He isn't police. He pulls out a fake badge, opens it and then closes it before the man can recognize that it's XYZ's passport.

    There was a killing not too long ago, and I'm trying to figure out why. Can you answer me some questions?

    The man behind the counter nods his head. XYZ now has a small white notepad, open to the first blank page. A black pen sits between his index and middle fingers attached to his right hand. He slowly lets out a "gracias" before beginning with his stature leaning against the counter. Big Al finally looks up, confused as to where they are.

    Weeks ago, the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance was killed. Do you know anything about this?

    The restaurant worker is confused. He shakes his head. He doesn't understand if this is a real murder or not. Big Al is also confused, but as been for a while now.

    It didn't happen here in Orlando but it also did. It happened everywhere, all across the world. You can't tell me anything about this?

    Same response. Shook head.

    Can you identify these men?

    XYZ holds pictures out of "The Prodigy" Mike Parr, the Prototype, and the Protege, together making up The New Breed. Two of them look like the guys from the show Suits and one looks like a Greek God. The Mexican man says he does not recognize them.

    Big Al also looks and does not recognize them, despite seeing them often.

    They are some of the murderers. They did this killing.

    XYZ puts the pictures away. He leans a little harder against the counter and places the notepad on the surface, drops the pen, and rubs his eyes with his hand in an exasperated manner.

    We have to stop this. We have to ... revive it. Do you understand?


    You see ... these three men allowed this to happen. This man, Mike Parr, he could've been a titan. He could've gone to a new height. He could've ... been more for the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. Instead ... he allowed himself to become less, and the FWA became less with him. The Prototype and the Protege, they are presented as ways to make Mike Parr stronger ... but they make him weaker. Mike Parr was a hill becoming a mountain. He was the North American Champion for nearly one year. He was a furnace. He ... HE ... was the beacon for many. But he settled down for being a soldier, fighting small fights, taking small gains. On his own, he was mighty. With these two, he is meek. The Prototype and the Protege are handymen carrying the bags and doing the dirt work. They are Satan's rats creating cracks in the foundation and setting traps. But they represent so much more. They are an image of what has gone wrong, and what has killed the FWA.

    XYZ leans off the counter. The man has become bored listening now. Big Al is listening intently.

    The FWA used to be a place of individual ideas, a place for individuals to push themselves. It used to be a place for men to become gods, to lead the suffering into the light. The FWA used to be a place for the bullied to come and build hope. The FWA used to be a place for the weak to become strong. But the strong became weak, and the hopeful became symbols of apathy. I let this happen. I'm part of this killing. I let people sin at the hands of the prestige and legend that is the FWA. But no more. Now it's on people like me, like Lord Dog, like Starr ... to REVIVE this great place. I wanted to know about a murder that happened, but I already know all about it. What I want to know next is ... are YOU going to join me in undoing it?

    The Mexican restaurant worker shakes his head and begins speaking in spanish. XYZ cannot understand him. Big Al cannot, either. XYZ and Big Al leave the restaurant.


    XYZ and Big Al sit in the car outside the Mexican restaurant. XYZ looks over the passenger's seat using his binoculars. He peers at the front window, where two employees are watching the car from their vantage point. Big Al keeps looking back and forth between XYZ and the Mexican restaurant workers.

    Big Al
    When are we going to the arena?

    XYZ sighs.

    We need more people for our cause, Al. Too many people have sat by and allowed this to happen. When we joined up together, and with Lord Dog, we wanted to make ... a difference. Yet what has happened since? The FWA has suffered. The weak have struggled. Those who are stepped on have been STOMPED ON. We must do better. We must get stronger. We must grow.

    XYZ sits back in his chair and moves the car from park to drive.

    We will grow in ... here.

    XYZ places his free hand on Big Al's chest, where his heart would be. The car slowly drives off, out of vision yet again.


    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
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    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    Disclaimer: I’ve never been one for “Celebrity” Interviews. I got into journalism to cover much more serious topics. But sometimes in life you get an opportunity to do something different, December 30th was just such a day for me. A day where what would normally be a huge inconvenience was in this instance a blessing.

    Stuck In An Elevator With A Goddess

    I had just had a meeting for a story I’m following up on, that story has since gone to print. But I left their office, and hoped into the elevator, and just as the doors begin to close I hear this sweet voice call out “hold the lift please”. Being the gentleman that I am, that’s exactly what I did and I was rewarded with a sight that has been burned into my mind forever.

    Gorgeous, she looked stunningly gorgeous. I mean bite the back of your hand gorgeous. She was gorgeous. Breath taking, heart pounding, pants tighteningly beautiful. Even in this era of “Me Too”, wolf whistling is rape, don’t look without consent I couldn’t stop myself from staring. Long dark brunette hair, caramel complexioned skin, deep brown eyes, soft and full lips, curves that entice the imagination, to this day its all there in my mind perfectly. She was wearing red soled stiletto heels that were spiked all over the otherwise black material. They suited her so well; beautiful and dangerous. A tight pair of blue denim jeans hugged her lower body, I got the impression these jeans were custom made just for her with how well they wrapped around her legs and hips. Her midriff is bare for a few delightful inches, enough to expose a diamond navel ring on her belly button. A tight, white baby tee delicately caresses her upper body. It conforms to the curves of her body, exposing an ample amount of cleavage with a plunging neckline, and hinting to the fact that she must be going braless as just the thin white straps of her top hug her shoulders. Her long hair was tied back into a ponytail, gold hoops hung from her ears, and her face, no in fact her entire being just radiated this warmth and joy. She was very casually dressed really, heels, jeans and a simple tee, its an outfit that many women would look great wearing admittedly, but this particular woman appeared to be like a Goddess.

    “Going Down?” I meekly questioned as she joined me in the elevator. It was a question that seemed simple and innocent enough in my mind, but the second I uttered it, it somehow seemed suggestive and filthy. “Yes, ground floor” she replied and with a growing awkwardness the doors closed and we began our descent. It was as we started to head downwards that catching glimpses of her out of the corner of my eye she seemed more and more familiar to me. But I had to do my best not to stare. Last thing I wanted to do was creep out a woman with spikes all over her shoes.

    But then it hit me. I was a wrestling fan when I was a kid, I grew up watching the Kennedys wrestle all over the World through the various Territories before losing interest as I grew up. Kerry’s son Chris getting into the “family” business piqued my interest for a bit which saw me watch the FWA off and on for years, and that’s where I knew this Caramel Coated Goddess from…then it happened. The lights flickered, and the elevator stopped between two floors. A few tense moments later, and after a call on the emergency phone it was confirmed we were stuck while the maintenance crew troubleshooted the problem. For her I’m sure it seemed like a great annoyance, stuck in an elevator with a strange man who was pretending not to stare, for me it was more of a blessing, for I was stuck in an Elevator with a Goddess, with THE Goddess, Gabrielle herself.

    It was soon made apparent that we were going to be spending a least a couple of hours stuck in here together, and the easiest way to break the awkwardness of being in there with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen seemed to be to do my job. So after introductions, a few poorly worded gaffes and embarrassing one liners on my end, and a quick glance at Gabrielle’s Wikipedia page I was conducting an Interview with Gabrielle Montgomery just days out from her returning to the ring for the first time in a couple of years.

    Garret Matthews:
    I’m Garrett Matthews sitting in a broken down elevator. But its not all bad, as luck would have it I’m not alone in here. As even greater luck would have it I am stuck in here with an Icon, a Legend, a Goddess as she is known. And as even greater luck would have it she is just days away from returning to the ring from retirement. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you someone who is considered one of the all-time greats of Professional Wrestling; one Gabrielle Maddison Montgomery.

    Gabrielle: That was a fantastic introduction, I don’t get those anymore being retired and all.

    Garret Matthews: I channelled my best pro wrestler vibe there to make it as grand as possible.

    Gabrielle: Well you pulled it off masterfully I have too say.

    Garrett Matthews: Thank you, high praise indeed. Now I want to just jump straight into the big question. I’m sure everyone wants too know; what has brought you out of retirement? After three years away from the ring, what has inspired you and motivated you too make this return?

    Gabrielle: That’s not an easy answer, that’s a multifaceted answer. There’s no one thing that has made me want to get back into the ring.

    Its easy to say I’m retired, its easy to be retired as well, especially after the career I’d had and everything I had achieved. I truly was burnt out and over it. I had gotten to a point in my career where I really had nothing left to prove, nothing left to accomplish. I had done everything and beat everyone. But doing that, achieving all of that over the course of nearly a decade meant that I had sacrificed a lot in that decade. To get to the top of multiple divisions, multiple times you miss out on a lot outside of the industry, that was a factor as well.

    Garrett Mathews: That must be rough.

    Gabrielle: It is, it really is. It’s a sacrifice you make very early on as well, from day one you’re on the road travelling a lot. Before you know it that’s been your life for a few years, then many years. You don’t always realise it at the time though, I was focused on achieving everything I could, winning everything I could, beating everyone I could. There’s not always the time to stand back and really realise just how much of your life has gone towards climbing the ladder and getting to the top of the business. It made stepping away from it all easy, all that free time, all those people you haven’t seen enough of, and just relaxing. It was easy to retire, it was nice.

    I mean I stepped away and to be honest as weeks turned to months I thought less and less about my time in the ring. When I did it was just about all the good things, all the great things, all that I achieved. My name is in the Record Books so many times. I’m one of the longest reigning World Champions ever, across multiple reigns and for a single reign. I’m the only two time Female World Champion in history. I’m the longest reigning Female World Champion in history. And they’re just the big records, those are the memories I had, so I was happy in retirement, there really seemed to be nothing left for me to do in professional wrestling.

    But the one thing is, and anyone who has ever competed professionally in any sport, any kind of competition knows this but you never ever get over that itch to compete. That’s the one thing that never left me. My passion, my desire to dedicate my life to being the very best may have deserted me but I still had a desire to compete. Its almost a contradiction really.

    Garrett Mathews: Almost…

    Gabrielle: Well, like I missed testing myself, but I didn’t miss the life, the travelling, the sacrifices. But my occasional foray into Acting just wasn’t the same. It kept me busy, it was fun, and it was a challenge at times, but a different kind of challenge. If I have a bad day in the ring I lose, a bad day on set just means we reshoot the scene. I missed that one and done, this is it, win or lose challenge that competing in the ring always gave me. That need to pit yourself against another human being and see who is best, that never really goes away.

    Garrett Mathews: So its your competitive spirit that’s brought you back to the ring?

    Gabrielle: Well…that alone wasn’t enough. I missed competing, but I was still enjoying my life the way it was. The freedom, the spare time, the privacy. My boyfriend really motivated me to get back in the ring. I was always still in touch with someone at the FWA, to appear at an event for them, or using my likeness, my image, whatever. Or occasional appearances onscreen like when I commentated Shannon O’Neals Back In Business victory a couple of years back.

    And the topic of what it would take to get me to return always came up in some way. I’m still young after all, just thirty-two years old, so the option was always presented to me. I’d always consider it, always hit the gym a bit harder afterwards and wonder if I really had it in me. It was a late night conversation with Lajon, my boyfriend that really kept that interest there though. Normally I just dropped any thoughts of returning to the ring after a day or two, but Lajon made me realise how much I did it all, and how much it means to me. That was…August last year, it left me more open to the possibility of actually returning to the ring, and returning to the FWA.

    Garrett Mathews: Its always good to have that support from your loved ones. So we have this Lajon to thank for The Goddess returning to the ring? Thankyou Lajon.

    Gabrielle: I said I was open to it, but I wasn’t quite there yet.

    Garrett Mathews: Another piece in the puzzle then?

    Gabrielle: The last piece.

    You see over the years my name would come up from time to time within the FWA roster. Generally it was some new upstart trying to get some attention, and generally I just ignored it. I knew their game, try and create some drama with THE Gabrielle and get their name out there.

    I never really bit though.

    I’d heard it all before, I spent my career hearing everything anyone could say about me. People constantly trying to degrade and devalue me or my accomplishments. People finding excuses for my success, people blaming their own failures on me.

    But this time was different. I’d started to entertain the idea of returning, the hunger was back, the FWA was undergoing a “Revival”. Everything was lining up so nicely, so perfectly for me and then the last bit of motivation I needed. Another young upstart dropping my name…Izzy Van Doren was all over twitter trying to reduce my entire career to nothing more than me showing off my breasts. Trying to belittle everything that I have done.

    Garrett Mathews: That must be hard to hear, or read as it were. I largely grew out of watching pro wrestling, but I’m still familiar with your body of work, and everything you achieved.

    Gabrielle: The thing with everything that Izzy was saying, was most of it, the personal stuff doesn’t bother me. I long ago accepted that people will always try to tear me down, I long ago got used to those insults. I don’t necessarily look like your typical wrestler, or fighter and that’s something that works against me, and works for me. It comes with the territory, too toot my own horn for a moment; I’m gorgeous…I mean look at me, and I was insanely successful in a career that’s not about beauty.

    What gets me about these claims, these statements from women like Izzy Van Doren, or Shannon O’Neal, or Ayla El, or whoever else is how self-absorbed they are. They always think they have it so much worse than I did, or Jillian did, or Moira did, or Jenny did. They think it was easy for myself and those other women who bucked convention to do so. Women like Izzy always expect to just stroll to the top of the Mountain with ease, and wear World Championships within months of their debut.

    That is just not how it works at all. I had to bust my ass for years and years to get any kind of recognition. When I signed with the FWA there was no Women’s Division, there was no Women’s Championship, there was very little Women’s Wrestling. There was Jenny Ignito, Anyanka, and Jillian de Silva. That was it, Jillian had broken the mould and surpassed any woman’s wildest dreams and won the World Championship before I signed, a victory that was a catalyst for the FWA signing a slew of other women; myself, Saddle Sally, Becky Jones, Moira Crawford, Aja Melissa among others.

    But Jillian didn’t have it easy, I saw it every day how all the guys backstage thought it was a fluke, or thought she was a joke. All the women backstage were inspired by it, and motivated by it, and all of us could see a World Championship in our future. None of the men did though, as much as the FWA Womens Championship was a beacon to attract the best Womens Wrestlers in the World, it was also the one Title we were allowed to compete for.

    Izzy Van Doren has been with the FWA for a year now, she’s won some, she’s lost some, but she’s still waiting for that victory or moment that really puts her on the map in the FWA. Yet she expects to be handed the World on a silver platter, she expects to just immediately get the big matches, she’s claimed she’s being held back by the FWA in the past. Held back because she doesn’t fit some mould that I created.

    Garrett Mathews: Let me just say, that mould…would be hard to fill with your looks and everything you have achieved. But, go on.

    Gabrielle: What women like Izzy and Shannon never stop to consider is this idea they have of needing to look a certain way to succeed in the FWA as a woman, well my looks didn’t help me. They weren’t some magical key to success, I had to bust my ass for years because despite Jillian’s success I still had to be a trailblazer for my own success. This match that Izzy expects to just walk into straight away, a World Championship match took me four years to get too. Four years of beating every other woman on the roster. Four years of taking step by step to get there. Four years of having to take down every challenge put in front of me. Four years of slowly climbing the ladder, and bit by bit proving myself and getting that World Championship match

    I had to earn it.

    These “girls” today just want to be handed it. They want my hard work, Jillian’s hard work, Moira’s hard work, Aja’s hard work, Anyanka’s hard work to just hand them a World Championship match. I had to beat the World Champion at the time; Rocky Creed just to get my shot. Then I had to beat five men in a Mile High match to be the World Champion.

    I had to work my ass of to get to the top, yet these girls today expect to just be handed everything, and then blame me when they realise they still have to earn it, they still have bust their ass to get to the top. That’s what gets to me about these girls who take these shots at me. They act like I had ot so easy and they have to struggle. They still have to fight, they still have to earn it, but every woman who signs with the FWA today does so knowing that they have the possibility of fighting for the World Title.

    I was never sure of that, even after Moira won the World Championship, I couldn’t be sure I would ever get the chance.

    Garrett Mathews: Its easy to see everything you’ve done, and take it all for granted. I got into the FWA when you were World Champion and Chris Kennedy had just debuted in the company. It was incredible seeing a woman take it to the guys and win. But lets focus on this Izzy Van Doren woman, she’s who you’re coming out of retirement to face. She’s one of the “new era” of women's wrestlers in the FWA as it were. Are you familiar with her at all?

    Gabrielle: I wont sugar coat it, not overly. I’ve watched some tape now once I knew she was the one I wanted to come back and face, but prior to that I knew the name but that was it really. That’s not a shot at her either, it was just one of those things, when I was out of the business, I was out. It felt weird when I would go backstage to see friends, and it felt weird even just watching. There’s something about watching people whose asses you’ve kicked succeed. I cant put my finger on what it is, its just I’d watch and constantly think “I’ve beat him”, “and him”, “him too”.

    To really switch off and enjoy retirement I had to move past pro wrestling entirely.

    Garrett Mathews: Now though, what do you make of Izzy?

    Gabrielle: The personal shots aside, I respect her as a fighter. She’s talented, she’s driven, she wants everything, she just hasn’t worked hard enough to get it yet. She’s young though, she’s what twenty three, twenty four? So she’s cocky, she’s full of herself, she expects everything to come easily. She’s got the talent, she just hasn’t put it all together yet. She hasn’t got those big wins yet, that is where name dropping me comes in. She wants to play with the big boys and girls, she wants to be a Star, she wants to be in the Main Event and hasn’t got there yet…but she wants it all right now.

    I get it. I wanted the World as soon as possible. I wanted to achieve every dream as quickly as possible when I was her age

    But it’s a Marathon not a Sprint.

    I’m a Veteran now, a Legend coming out of retirement. That feels really awkward to say. But it’s the truth, and in that regard I feel I’m some who can pass on advice to the younger generations.

    Izzy Van Doren…getting to the top isn’t easy, you can think it was for me, you can wish it was for yourself, but it just isn’t. You want to break the mould, you want to succeed where a variety of women from Jillian de Silva, to Moira Crawford, to Bell Connelly have all succeeded then you need to step up in these moments. I am returning to the ring after three years, this is a special moment, for me, for the fans, for the FWA…and for you. These sort of matches, and these sort of shows like Revival don’t happen every day.

    But this is what you have wanted, this is what you’ve needed. That match, that singular moment in time where the World is watching you…and if you win it opens up so many more possibilities. You beat me at Revival Izzy…and your entire life changes. You go from being just another pretty face on the roster, to being someone that everyone expects more of.

    That’s something no one ever prepares you for. As much as I had to struggle to get to where I am now, once I started beating people like Duke Drazin, Darnell Porter, Anthony, Rocky Creed everyone expected more of me. It was still an uphill battle, but when you get those big wins your World changes. You can’t coast along anymore, you cant sit back and demand better treatment, you have to take it. If you beat me Izzy, the sky is suddenly the limit and the expectations on you grow so much bigger.

    If you’re reading this Izzy, and I hope you are I’m sure that makes you want it even more. What I am too you beyond everything else is a life changer. You either stand in the ring bathed in glory with endless potential in front of you…or my dear sweet Izzy…you crawl out of the ring dejected, knowing that the moment you dreamed of was a nightmare.

    That’s the one I am banking on.

    I’ve beaten better than you Izzy. I’ve faced better challenges. I’ve faced more pressure. I’ve competed under brighter spotlights.

    (This is where Gabrielle’s beauty was somehow bathed in this coldness, I’ve never experienced anything like it before. So beautiful, yet there was this cruelness in her eyes.)

    This is my return, but its also just another match to me, you’re just another opponent. I made a career out of being the standout Female Wrestler in the World for nearly a decade. That hasn’t changed, I’m still THE Gabrielle, I’m still a Goddess, I’m still an Icon, and a Revolutionary. I’m still above you honey. Everything you have done, I have done better, and bigger and more impressively.

    Garrett Mathews: As I understand it, and as you have pointed out before none of this is new to you, but even moreso the young guns as they were have tried to bring you down before. Looking back over your career, the name PAJ stands out in that regard.

    Gabrielle: Nice research Garrett. Yeah, I’ve had people try and suggest I was the past before, people who’ve tried to bring in this new era, new wave and act like I cant keep up. PAJ was at the forefront of this in the past…then I beat him for the World Championship and held it for an entire year. The future, the present has yet to overcome me, I started this when I was nineteen years old, I’m thirty two now, and have already achieved so much, and I still have so much time ahead of me. PAJ thought I was a stepping stone back then, now Izzy thinks the same. She got what she wanted, it just won’t play out the way she wanted.

    Garrett Mathews: Ominous words indeed. I’m pumped for this match, I gotta ask though, the Kennedy family were always my favourites and your Legacy, in fact your Life is so entwined with Christopher Kennedy, Kerrys son. I see Chris is still competing in the FWA, is there anything there?

    Gabrielle: Chris and I…we have a daughter together, and that’s it. He’s moved on and found someone else, as have I. But we’ll always have Carmella, the next generation of Kennedy, the one woman who I think can actually surpass me one day. I could see my little Melly kicking Izzy’s ass one day, she’ll be able to watch my match at Revival as inspiration, and an example of how to take down women like Izzy Van Doren…

    It was at this point that that we got a call from the Maintenance Crew, a few minutes later we had power restored, and Gabrielle was freed from the presence of a lowly Reporter, and I had to let her walk away, out of my life. It was a real come down, being locked in a box with a woman like Gabrielle was somehow magical, like the Gods were looking out for me for just a moment. Now though I was just looking forwards to cheering her on at Revival.

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    What appears to be a hand held camera crackles into life and after some fidgeting it's eventually lifted to reveal Tommy Thunder's face. He is sweating, wearing a plain grey t-shirt which is stained with sweat. He's breathing heavily. He is standing in a wrestling ring and in the background some seating can be seen and it becomes apparent that the ring is set up in an arena.

    Tommy Thunder: Greetings, FWA 'fans', or should I say; sheep. So, I've been granted an opportunity this evening to expose some more frauds. 4 of them, to be precise. 4 so called men all trying and failing to grab the proverbial brass ring that will be hanging above the ring in the shape of the North American championship. Meanwhile, I will be standing on top of a ladder looking down at them squabbling around on the mat while I grab that very prize.

    I've even come into the ring that the FWA have set up for us here in the Amway Center to get some cardio in before tonight.

    You see that's what separates me from everyone else. That's what makes me a Division One Superstar and the rest of the field nothing more than a bunch of wannabe frauds and pale imitations.

    Thunder moves to the corner of the ring and he turns the camera to face the centre before slowly panning upwards towards the hook that's hanging form the arena's rafters.

    Tommy Thunder: It's a long way up, isn't it? To the top of the mountain. But it's also a very, very long way down to fall for Tristian James Galloway, Kevin Cromwell, Aaron Kendrick and the beloved North American Champion Starr.

    The camera is spun back around to face Thunder

    Tommy Thunder: But that's exactly what's going to happen to all 4 of you, here let me show you.

    Thunder places the camera on the turnbuckle facing the middle of the ring. He briefly exits but quickly re-enters the shot as a ladder is slid into the ring. Thunder follows and he then goes to set it up in the middle. With a smile on his face he comes back to the camera and grabs it.

    Tommy Thunder: Observe.

    Thunder walks with the camera back to the ladder ad then climbs. He appears to reach the top as he stretches the camera out to show himself sitting atop of the ladder and he shows the view down to the canvas below.

    Tommy Thunder: See, this is the view that I'm going to have of all of you when I'm up here grabbing the championship and you're all down there looking up at me, just as you should be. This will be my crowning moment, the moment that I've been waiting for since I joined this company to cement my place in FWA's hall of champions. And while I do this I'm going to show the world that you 4 idiots are nothing more than cheap pretenders.

    Tristian James Galloway? 'The Polynesian Powerhouse'? You're not even from North America! Kevin Cromwell? You're from even further away! Do you really think that you're going to be the 'Amadeus' of this match? The only thing linking you to to Mozart is going to be the the length of your career when I'm done with you!

    Aaron Kendrick, I think I've already shown you plenty of times that there's nothing 'great' about you aside from the fact that you for some reason persist to be a great pain in my side. You're holding me down but you're not going to be holding me down from climbing up here to here I'm sitting right now. Tonight is going to be the last time you get in my way before you fade away into the regular, boring, everyday rhythm of life that you're suited to.

    And then there's our champ. Starr. I've been waiting a long time to avenge that night when we put on a match of the night on Fight Night way back in 2017. You've come a long way since then and you've climbed a very long way towards the top of FWA but you know what they say about that don't you? The higher up you are the harder your fall will be and believe me when I say that falling from way up here is gong to be a very, very hard fall for you.
    You#ve been fooling people since day one about how great you are, haven't you? But I think you know deep inside you that you're not as great as you think. There's always been that doubt in your mind, those apprehensions. It's about time you gave in to those fears. Let me help you realise the truth that you and I both know; which is that you're nothing but a cheap pop and a highlight reel that everybody is waiting to see crash and burn. You may have all the people fooled but it's time to remove the wool from their eyes and it's time for them to wake up from their dream that you have them in.

    It's time for people to acknowledge that there's only one, true Division One Superstar in the FWA. And after tonight he is going to be the FWA North American Champion; Tommy Thunder.

    Thunder stands up from his sitting position on the ladder and drops the camera. The screen shatters but the camera is still working momentarily and rolling, and it's pointing upwards, showing Thunder waving down.
    Static slowly fades in and eventually completely engulfs the screen.

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    Risky Douglas Talks to Himself Part 1

    "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

    A quote I often heard growing up from family members. I never took it seriously until I got older. Now I live by it. And at FWA Revival it means the most. Lately I find myself labeled as a failure. I've brought my teammates, Jack Adams and Mark Merriweather, down with me. To get this opportunity to fight for the X-Title Championship means the world to me. This will be the fight of my life. Dave Sullivan is not one to be taken lightly. To be completely honest the reason why I am speaking directly to you is because I am not confident. I am a shattered man and I don't believe I have what it takes. To my friends I have been acting very overconfident. I cannot tell them how I feel. Please don't tell this to anyone else I'm only telling this to you. I am The Real Risky Douglas.

    The Real Risky Douglas

    Cameras open up to Risky Douglas arriving at their hotel in Orlando with Jack Adams and Mark Merriweather. Risky is wearing a stylish floral shirt with jean shorts, flip flops, and Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Jack is wearing his usual cowboy hat with a plaid shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, and Aviator sunglasses. Mark is wearing a grey suit with a white dress shirt and brown penny loafers. The three of them get to the front desk and Mark smirks at the cute girl there.

    Risky Douglas: Hey there we're with FWA. Douglas, Adams, and Merriweather. We've got a 1 bedroom suite with a living room.

    Front Desk Girl: I'm sorry your room won't be ready for another 2 hours. None of your other colleagues have arrived yet. You're actually not expected until later.

    Risky Douglas: Yeah we took an earlier flight than everybody else.

    Jack Adams: It's all good we can hit up the bar.

    Risky Douglas: Maybe we should hit the gym.

    Jack Adams: We're hitting the bar.

    Mark Merriweather: Maybe the bar isn't so bad of an idea. We've had a long day plus we went to the gym this morning before going to the airport.

    Risky Douglas: Yeah true enough, I need a drink to calm my nerves anyways.

    The guys go over to the hotel bar and get a table. Risky orders a vodka OJ also known as a screwdriver, Jack orders a rum and coke, and Mark orders a glass of red wine. A fan notices the three of them and walks over to their table.

    Fan: Hey guys I'm a huge FWA fan. Would it be okay if I got a picture?

    Risky and Mark seem alright with it but they both look at Jack, who is known to be a stickler with fans.

    Jack Adams: Eh what the hell.

    Their server takes the picture and the fan shakes hands with all three of the guys.

    Fan: Thanks a lot guys! And good luck with your match Risky, cause you're definitely going to need it.

    The fan walks away as the three are astonished at what he has just said. Jack almost goes to follow them but Risky stops him.

    Risky Douglas: Jack that guy isn't worth getting suspended for. Plus he's right. I am going to need it.

    Mark Merriweather: Where's this talk coming from? Ever since we found out about your match you've been super confident. First at the front desk you mention you're nervous and now this. Risky you're hiding something.

    Risky Douglas: I did not want to tell you guys this. How I've been all week, it's all been an act. I'm scared shitless. These last 6 months I've been losing my confidence. I came back to FWA on a high horse full of momentum. Kicking ass with my boy Jack here. But lately nothing seems to go right. I've been a complete failure. Maybe this is the Real Risky Douglas. This is my life now. Perpetual losing.

    Jack Adams: Stop this shit right now Risky. You shouldn't keep this hidden. I know I've taught you to be tough but being open with your friends is just as tough as anything else. Remember what I've taught you. Remember the most important lessen.

    Risky Douglas: Being tough is being tough but never forget who you are. Fuck Jack you're absolutely right. This isn't the Real Risky Douglas. The real me takes on all comers. The real me is an absolute asskicker.

    Mark Merriweather: Risky never forget. Confidence is key. Take it from I went through the exact same thing you're going through.

    Risky Douglas: Thanks a lot guys I guess I should have told you this a while ago. All I really needed was a good talk over some good drinks. This my chance to show the world who I really am. Dave Sullivan calls himself the King of the X-Division. He's a tough guy and I'm even tougher. Who can forget this title was almost mine. February 24, 2017. Almost two years ago. I was in a Hardcore Ultimate X Match for the X-Title Championship against Vincent Blackbird, XYZ, Starr, and Jason Randall. I had a hold of Vincent but I couldn't hold on. He ended up winning the match due to this and I never had this chance again. My friend Mark here had close chances for this title against Vincent and Jason Randall as well. I need to win this title. For Mark, for me, for all those who have either never had chances or had their chance and blew it. I'm making up for lost time. This is called FWA Revival and this is a Risky Revival as well.

    The boys cheers their drinks as the camera fades out.

    Risky Douglas Talks to Himself Part 2

    Tomorrow, January 6. The first day of the rest of my life. Having that talk with my boys really helped out. I'm feeling much better about this match. My heart is pounding but I feel good about it. Tomorrow night is my night. Dave Sullivan is going down and is going to be the first of many Risky Douglas victories. This title is mine. I can do this, this is my time to shine.

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    ‘The Phillip A. Jackson Project and the search for Truth’

    Phillip A. Jackson stands outside an apartment building. Modern, sleek and recently built. Jackson steps through the glass doors and is met by a spacious reception. Jackson mostly ignores his surrounds, that is not the purpose of his visit. Jackson reaches into his bag and pulls out a piece of paper. He scans over it quickly, in not paying attention he almost walks over a plant against the wall, Jackson just manages to dodge it, stops scanning the paper and pushes the button for the elevator. Jackson waits, he looks back down at paper before deciding to wait before looking at it again. Jackson steps in the elevator and pushes the button for the 25th floor. Jackson looks at his watch as the elevator carries him up to the 25th floor.


    The doors slide open and Jackson turns to the right coming out of the elevator and stares down the hallway. He sees number ‘1250’ Jackson stops halfway down the hall and looks at the door. He reaches for the paper and doesn’t scan it. This time he reads it over. He analyses the words he has written. He reads it one more time to make sure he has covered everything.


    My whole career I have been doubted. Told I wasn’t good enough, I was too small, I was vanilla, I didn’t have it.

    My whole life I have been doubted. Told I won’t amount to anything, my mother was destroying my life, I was going to fail at that fighting thing you do.

    My whole life and my whole career has been filled with one thing. Lies. People spent their lives trying to keep me down with their words. They allow my head to fill with doubt. They made me disillusioned, they made me doubt. They almost won. I was nurtured to hate, I was nurtured to see the bad. I was programmed this way.

    That is why I created a new vision. That is why I had to change everything. It is why the project exists. I want not only to be better but lead better. I want to be a positive influence to you and I will do everything in my power to do that…

    However, for one night only. You take a backseat. The Project moves to one side and it is, for the first time, not my main focus. Those words hurt to write down, but I have always maintained truth guides the project. For one night only, my main focus is Cyrus Truth and the FWA Championship. A belt I have experience with. I have beaten Shane McLean and Chris Kennedy to hold my titles but for everyone that is ancient history. For me, it is the crowning achievement of my career. I am no longer the man I was. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It depends on how you look at it.

    Maybe, I can no longer compete at the top level. Even if I give it everything, maybe I just can’t do it anymore.

    Maybe, I have simply found a renewed purpose. My quest for truth and the project is my main focus now.

    Or maybe it is a bit of both but I cannot allow doubt to enter my mind. I can’t allow those voices of doubt that plagued my past to come back. I can’t allow them to boil back to the surface. This is my opportunity. This is my chance. Maybe my final chance and I will not let it die quietly. It is a crossroads in my career. It will be a night where I found out more about myself than maybe I want to know. Our partnership still means the world to me. I still want to be tag team champions but there is nothing that can compare to this moment and this opportunity. I want you to understand that.

    This is MY opportunity and MY opportunity alone. For this match, I must prepare alone. I must seclude myself from the world. You will stand beside me when the time comes, I’ve always told you that but you will not hear from me until the show.

    Your Friend and Mentor,


    Jackson folds the piece of paper up and places it in an envelope. He seals it shut and walks up to Apartment 1250. Jackson raises his hands as if he is going to knock but stops himself before he makes contact. He stares at his fist. He lowers it back down. He gets down onto one knee and slides the sealed envelope under the door. Jackson walks back from the door, he doesn't turn around straight away, he wants the moment to last. After about 10 steps he admits defeat and turns around away from Viktor's apartment. Jackson looks back once over his shoulder and smiles.


    Isolation and Exile

    A fire roars in the night. Crackling as more wood is added as fuel. A camping chair is set next to the fire. A man sits down on the chair and stares into the fire. That man is Phillip A Jackson. Jackson is wearing a winter hat that is covering his ears, he has allowed some facial hair to grow and is covered by a thick winter coat. Jackson looks up into the clear nights sky and sees all the stars. Jackson takes a deep breath, reaches down and picks up a cup. Jackson takes a sip of coffee from the cup. Jackson puts the cup down and looks up to the sky. Jackson rubs his face and focuses on the fire again. Jackson leans his head up slightly to look at the pot that is cooking on the fire. Jackson nods. He picks up a book that was resting near the fire. He pulls the pencil out of the spine of the book and begins to scribble something down in the book. Leaving the book open and staring at three words.

    The Final Chapter?

    Jackson sits and thinks, he really contemplates his next move. Jackson is in no rush. He has a small travel torch taped on his shoulder and is focusing it down on the book. On the floor we can see assorted folders and notes. Many of them titled ‘Cyrus Truth’ and ‘Revival’

    This is not an underdog story. This is not a redemption tale. This is not a revival. This is so much more. This is my life on the line. This is everything. Let me make that clear right away. This isn’t a sob story, it is not the end but it approaches. There is NOTHING that is more important than one last chance to stand at the top of the mountain. NOTHING can distract me. I have to be here. I might be damn fool for doing it in the dead of winter but there is nothing around me. No distractions. Nothing to tempt me. Allowing myself free thought and freeing my mind from the temptation that lies in wait. No public appearances. No press conferences. No build up. Just a rested, focused Phillip A. Jackson. No press conference answering questions about ‘how I’ve made it back’ or ‘how nice it is to get another opportunity’. Mundane bullshit takes away from the spectacle that lies in wait. I’ve waited and waited for this opportunity and I will not allow anything to stand in my way. I will go through everyone and anyone to get the big belt back. There is no cost to high. Nothing that cannot be sacrificed to get back to the top of the mountain. My days are numbered because all wrestlers reached Day Zero. This career isn’t about counting up. This is about counting down. Most wrestlers are too eager to keep counting to three. They don’t see past making sure they count to three over and over. That is short sighted and naïve. I am beyond that. I am counting down and waiting for Day Zero to come for me, just like it’ll come for everyone. I cannot waste opportunities like this, I simply can’t. This isn’t era versus era. This isn’t the next chapter of a story. This is everything. This is the beginning, the middle and the end of the story, you just haven’t seen it yet.

    Jackson stands up from his chair and stretches. Jackson puts down the book. He leaves it open. Jackson looks around and walks out from his small clearing in the woods and walks through a small set of trees. Over and over Jackson circles his camp. Saying nothing, acknowledging nothing. Just thinking. Jackson nods. He walks back his carefully set up seat and picks up his pencil.

    So why do I write these words. All I’ve had is time to think. About everything. A man I greatly admire once said ‘words are weapons’ and if that is true then I will be unleashing weapons with every word I write. For me, this is therapeutic. An outlet to clear my mind. An outlet to show the world a bit more about me and what drives me as the hours slowly tick by. Is there a lesson in here somewhere? Maybe but that is not my intention. It is to talk about this opportunity and this opportunity, provides a learning experience. Not just in the ring but learning about my limits. Today, I experienced new things. That’s the thing you learn about America, it is that you can do things like this because of the vastness. You have no idea where to start but you get on with it. I created this fire. Me. With my bare hands. I chopped the wood, I found the kindling to get the fire going, I added fuel to the fire, and I made this. This is something you can get anywhere. Warmth is an under appreciated commodity in our world. Guys who are too busy focusing on counting to three, they miss this. They exploit what is around them. They don’t get their hands dirty. They don’t roll up their sleeves and actually achieve something. You look at me when I first came here, I would be in the biggest, fanciest penthouse I could find and I would be looking down on the world with two middle fingers raised. I let the thrill control me. I let people dictate my story. Out here away from everyone, I am free. I don’t have anything to worry about. This fire means I have learnt a new skill here, a vital skill in survival. If nothing else, I am and always have been a survivor, that is why I am immortal. I continue to learn and I continue to grow but over the years I learn more and more about what is and isn’t important to me. Those have changed over the years. Rather than a big blowout on the town before a big match, I sit here in isolation, enjoying the sweet embrace of silence but there is always one thing that is important. The FWA World Heavyweight Championship. Even now, that is what drives me. Correcting the wrongs I have faced. Almost two years later, I get my re-match. I never forgot. Just like I built with my hands, the FWA built a fire that is finally ready to burn. Through the Project, through the quest for truth. I have never forgotten and the FWA continued to overlook me. They continued to embrace their flashy, new toys that would look good. They left me to rot. They left me to die, thinking I was done. I had nothing left. I would wither away into nothingness and never be a problem for them again. They lit the fire, they stoked the fire, they left it to burn out of control but I kept it under control. I re-focused. I did not die. I did not rot and I found them Viktor Maximus. I found them Phillip A. Jackson, not some flashy, arrogant bastard who wanted to count to three more than anyone else. The man, the respected veteran of FWA. Down to earth, grounded and realistic. I don’t die in my delusions. I live in truth. That is why I am here. I can clear my head, I can think and I can properly think. People will ask questions about it but it is not their concern. Isolation has allowed to me think about everything. It allowed to me think about the project, the future and the importance the FWA Heavyweight Championship has had on my career.

    Jackson’s eyes scan over what he has written. Jackson closes the book but leaves the pencil on the page. Jackson puts on a pair of thick gloves and carefully takes his cooking pot off the fire. Jackson pours the contents into a metal bowl. After a short pause to allow the contents to cool, Jackson quickly shovels down the baked beans he cooked. He throws down the bowl and places the spoon inside.

    Cyrus Truth, he is a deserving champion. I will admit that much. He has developed from a flash in the pan that burst onto the scene. A shiny toy that replaced me. A shiny toy that will rust and be replaced. It is the way of the industry. A Carnal Contendership winner. A World Champion, He is the man. He is the one that rules over FWA. He isn’t just an emperor, or a king. He is the empire, he is the kingdom. Destroying all those who stand in front of him. Slaying everyone who dare challenge him. I await the opportunity to challenge him. He has faced and defeated the very best in this company. He will face me at my best, he will get everything that I can possibly give because for Cyrus this is the norm, he has become comfortable on a lofty perch. I have been to the very top and I had it taken away from me but now I have a chance and I have had months to think about this moment. Months for it to sink in. You think I didn’t know what was coming? I have had sleepless nights waiting for my chance to take on Cyrus Truth. For the chance at the FWA Championship. The moment draws closer with every second and with every second I get more excited. I know that Truth demands respect and I have treated him with respect. I have not spoken a word about him. I have not disrespected him. I have allowed reputations to speak for themselves. We are both grown ups. We have both won the FWA Championship multiple times. This opportunity did not need anything added to it. This is a match that has been waiting to be made. This is a match that FWA will be proud of. Revival will be worth the wait because there is a new Phillip A. Jackson, refreshed, clear of doubt and ready and willing to do whatever it takes. I have demonstrated that time after time. Success is a force that drives me. My quest and my project drive me but the success of these is more important. Success is the be all and end all. That is the point of me being here. Living off the basics. Truly understanding and learning. Aristotle once said ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’. That was the idea that beginning of the project. The idea that knowing who I truly am would re-ignite the fire within in me. We, Viktor and I, discovered together. Michael Garcia discovered that I still had a cutting edge, that I still could put down any man. The Sin City Vultures left this company after Viktor and I took their belts. Sacrifice was the cost of success. I sacrificed Michael Garcia so that Viktor could shine. The Project sacrificed The Sin City Vultures so that we could have success. Maybe, in the end, Piers Gallagher had to be sacrificed for my greatest moment. All I know is that I will not go quietly into the night. Cyrus will have to get close to killing me to make my shoulders stay down. Cyrus will get to see what so many others have. I do not quit. I will NOT quit. I will come at him forever until he does enough to stop me. This is the FWA Championship.

    Jackson has nothing but time. He looks down and picks up the folders he has placed down. Jackson reads them thoroughly, acknowledging everything he can about Cyrus Truth, about his own plans for Revival. Adjusting things, circling things frantically. For one moment he looks up and some of the colour drains from his face. Jackson hurriedly shuffles over to a pile of plastic boxes. Jackson takes the one off the top and opens it up. Jackson takes out bags of oats, rice and pasta, long shelf life food. He places them out in front of the box and looks down at what he has left. He has about half of his food left. Jackson has a rye smile on his face. Jackson stares at it. Jackson looks out into the barren woods and can see no other food sources. He carefully places them back in the box, ensuring he does not lose a single bit of food. Jackson closes the box back up and heads back to the warm embrace of his fire.

    For Revival and for the FWA Championship, I have sacrificed my comforts, my technology, my links to the outside world. I made the most important thing in my life move aside. Living off basics, cooking what I can find, rationing everything I bought to make it last. Eating to survive rather than to enjoy. Has it been easy? No, some days it was rough, even in moment, it is rough. The lingering doubts of whether I have enough food to live. Just for one second. That day gave me the idea, I should log my thoughts. My ideas. Memories, to clear my mind because I know that the bright lights are doing to draw me back in and I will have no choice but to step through the curtain and into the bright lights to stand face to face with a devil. When that day comes I can have no doubts, not even for a second because he is a man who will never stop trying to win. A man who will do whatever it takes. All he needs is a second and it is over. He is a man with an Iron Will and a man who, like me, has defeated Chris Kennedy with the FWA title on the line but mine was much more iconic than his, but like Cyrus I will stop at nothing. I have done nothing but sacrifice and prepare. My time in isolation has allowed me to study Cyrus. His moves. His tendencies. His style. I am suitable prepared and I will prepare more and more. I don’t want to think I could have done more. I want to know everything there is about Cyrus because I want his journey to end. I’ve got folders on Cyrus Truth that I bought with me. Days and days focusing on my one goal. For one night only, my goal is to become the new FWA Champion and I want to sacrifice Cyrus Truth for my success to be achieved and he, like so many others, will learn why they call Phillip A. Jackson, The Immortal but I cannot chose what is sacrificed for success. I can only make sure that whatever is destroyed is not lost in vain, no matter what level of enjoyment I get from it. I may be a changed man but I am still Phillip A. Jackson and I always survive.

    Jackson signs his name underneath the final words and with a smile closes the book. Jackson writes one more word on the book. ‘Memories’. Jackson puts the book down next to him and makes sure he keeps an eye on it, glancing over every so often as he trawls through the folders he had prepared. Painstaking making notes in the folder. Muttering inaudibly to himself as he notices things in the folders.

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    PERSONALITY #1: Cheerful With A Sadistic Taste

    Click. The cameras are rolling as the fans file in on the upper deck of the Amway Center while a horde of Media and lucky fans with Media passes swarm the arena floor. Hastily the staff members finish setting up the set as the last few fans and media members take their seats allowing for the press conference to start. Slowly the camera pans over to the stage where two long tables are standing, and in the middle, a hard wooden podium is standing slightly out in front of the tables. Seated at these tables are many FWA staff members, writers and other nameless people that the fans do not really care about. The fans want to see the men who will be speaking this evening, and more importantly, they want to see who will be coming out first.- Behind the tables and podium is a black cotton backdrop covered with an irregular pattern of logos from the top left down to the bottom right in a square of sorts. There are six rows of this visible to those watching online at FWA. Com and from top to bottom and left to right it goes FWA logo, Revival logo, repeat. The camera then pans once more and off to the side behind the right table at an angle facing the media members is a large television set that feeds directly to the massive jumbotron hanging above the stage for the fans in the rafters to get a good look. As of right now the screen is the same view as those on get, and that is an empty podium but not for long. Soon after the television set and backdrop were shown on camera FWA Interviewer, Todd Salum would stand up out of his seat and walk over to the podium. Clicking the microphone on he would test it by tapping it which would resonate a loud thump throughout the arena causing many fans in the arena to making whooping sounds and groan at Todd Salum Finally it is time for this press conference to start as Todd finally leans his head into the microphone and speaks.

    Todd Salum" Sorry about that ladies and gentlemen."

    The fans who before were making those same whooping sounds and mocking Todd were at it again as he pauses to allow them to get it out of their systems. Before long he would take a deep breath and once again speak into the propped up microphone on the podium.

    Todd Salum"Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to FWA Revival press conference!"

    Todd would take his right hand off the podium raising it up and out to the fans as they explode with cheers, clapping for they know they are about to hear and see some of FWA’s greats right before their very eyes.

    Todd Salum; "Tonight, just before the show we’re going to give you all access to the up and coming Revival shows, Signing sessions from your favourite FWA wrestlers and of course they’ll be up on this stage to answer YOUR questions. So without

    Suddenly and quite unexpectedly "I ain't weak" plays over the PA system. Almost immediately the fans erupt with boos and jeers towards this man as the members of the Media pop The cameras pan away from the
    tron, and focus more on the top of the ramp. Bell comes jumping out through the black curtains and jumps around the top of the stage while pointing at the booing audience. She makes her way to the right (her right) side of the stage and jumps around while pointing at them, receiving more boos at that end of the arena. Bell frowns at that and mouths "what'd I do?" with an innocent look on her face. She then makes her way to the other side and does the same, receiving more boos, as usual. Bell laughs this time and blows them a kiss. Bell dressed in a floral spaghetti strap top and powder blue mini-skirt wrapped with a furry pink belt. As she jumps about, her white furry boots glitter when the arena lights shine on them out of their seats.

    Todd Salum: Well this is a surprise we appear to be joined by Bell Connelly! Bell Connelly everyone! Um, Bell-

    Todd, seems confused as she looks down at the place, where momentarily Bell was happily making her way down to the mic as happy as can be but the smile slowly fades away as she stops suddenly staring a hole into a Shannon O'Neal sign held by a young female fan who looks a bit intimidated. As Salum calls out Bell's name, she turns towards the podium and proceeds to skip to it, climbing upwards, and firmly re-adjusts her skirt. She raises her hands in the air with a grin on her face as the fans continue to boo.while Bell joyfully walks to Todd who looks like he had something to say, but Bell rudely shoes him off the stage as Bell laughs at her domination towards the ring announcer. Her music dies out, and the arena lights go back to normal, and the fans are booing the psychotic lady Bell Connelly as she approaches the podium looking giddy once she does she reaches into her clothes and pulls out a piece of paper which she places on the podium, smoothing it out lovingly

    Bell Connelly: Well! Well! Well! Look what we have here?! Are we having ourselves a little party? Wow! Oh, my Gosh! Thank you so much for that wonderful welcome! Seriously, it really makes me happy to hear that I am loved all over the world and that I'm an inspiration to young female fans across the globe!

    The crowd boo.

    Bell Connelly: ...And are you excited? Of course, you are. Well; I don’t have to explain myself do I? You can feel it can’t you? I know you can; excitement. The thrill, after all this time. All this waiting for-

    Bell suddenly stopped momentarily her eyes downcasted just a little towards the paper. She takes a beat before she tries again

    Bell Connelly: Just give me a moment. Have to get this right.

    It’s getting a little awkward now as Bell makes a few spluttered attempts to read whatever it is she has on the sheet but is too excitable to even get a coherent word out before she shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders as if to say she can’t get the words out

    Bell Connelly: You know what; for once, I don’t think I can do it justice, but I think I know someone that would;

    Bell tilts her head as if pondering that question for a moment while her left-hand reaches down her jacket and comes back just as suddenly with a...Puppet, what appears to be a white sock that someone glued on bright blond hair with tiny googly eyes apparently, an attempt to imitate Shannon O’Neal and yes it is as unsetting as it sounds.

    Shannon Puppet: Howdy Yall! I’m Puppet Shannon O’Neal and Boy I’m I just plum glad to be here with my good
    olbuddy Bell, I’m more excited than a cat on a hot tin roof sugar!

    Not that you need to be told, but yeah the perfect was speaking in a ridiculous parody of Shannon O’Neal’s southern drawl, that clearly was coming from Bell’s mouth. Despite all attempts of acting surprised

    Bell Connelly: Oh hey! Puppet Shannon! Wasn’t expecting you to show up! How have you been!? What have you been up to;

    Puppet Shannon: Ohhhh, not much; just hanging out with your puppet friends!

    Bell Connelly: That’s nice! And it’s totally not weird that I’ve made puppet versions of the entire roster!”

    Puppet Shannon: Not at all!

    Bell Connelly: Well I’m very glad you’re here! Maybe you’d like to read this piece of paper for all the boys and girls!

    Puppet Shannon: Well that’ll be just dandy!

    Bell moves the sock puppet towards the piece of paper on the podium as she begins to read

    Puppet Shannon: "Thank you to the fans, to the management team, and to all my friends who I met along the way. I had quite a few amazing moments, ones I'll never forget, but it has been time for me to step away for a few months now.

    This is not the perfect ending I envisioned, but it could be far more damaging for me to stick around for that perfect ending and end up resenting the FWA or leaving on worse terms. This is not an ideal departure, but it is better than it could be. And I have nothing but respect and admiration for the FWA, its fans, the locker room, and everyone behind the scenes
    makes this happen. Not an easy job, to say the least.

    It's time for me to move on from wrestling and re-attempt to go into the music industry. To clarify a few things: Yes, I do have a family. No, I was not kicked out of my house at age 17. No, my parents aren't dead -- or dead to me. Yes, I am from Indiana and do talk with an accent, but no, I didn't move to Los Angeles when I was 17 and worked on the Sunset Strip. That was inspired by the movie 'Rock of Ages.' When I said all those things that were in the opposite, I was playing a character. I have a lovely set of parents to return home to now. I'll enjoy spending time with them.

    The sock puppet bobs it's head rapidly as bowing while Bell gasped like “Puppet Shannon” recited the entire works of Edger Allen Poe right there on the stage

    Bell Connelly: That was perfect. Bravo. Bravo. Bellissimo

    Bell stays there for a moment silently nodding her approval. Then with no warning what so ever she starts slapping her left hand over and over again against the podium in what can only be described as a
    fit of anger as she screamed at the puppet


    With a flourish Bell take the sock off her hand and tosses it haphazardly behind her banging her fist against the podium giddy once more.

    Bell Connelly:
    I knew it! I knew it! I knew this would happen: But I’m not the only one, I’m I right?; We all did. She admitted she was a liar a long time ago, but I personally can’t believe-the-the GALL she had to write that did she REALLY think we’d buy that? Retirement, just like the last time she left for good, to CWA right? It’s almost impressive how you could have written that with a straight face. That she was done?: Just like that? Oh come on, I bet not even SHE bought that. She might be able to lie to herself but, I know her better then she knows herself self, Trust me, I have a vacation home in her head I’ve carved out for years on end, and she can’t lie to me, but that never stopped her before right? : She ’s a fighter. That’s just who you are. That’s what defines her; that ’s why you all justllllllllove her. She’s Gal Gadot. She’s Buffy. She’s Lara Croft all rolled up with some pure southern charm for added spice. She fights, and she fights, and she fights until her knuckles bleed. That’s who she is. So did any of you really believe that retirement? Did you really think it could be that easy That she could leave all this behind? That she could leave me? After all, we’ve been through? She really thinks we’re idiots huh?

    Bell claps her hands together in a business-like manner

    Bell Connelly: AW WELL! No use crying over spilt milk right? She ’s here now right? And we’re all so, right? Are you excited? You? You? You?

    Bell asked pointing out random members of the crowd.

    Bell Connelly: “ Of course you are,
    Because of this. This is all I wanted, the entire time; Isn’t it great? This is what I wanted for Back In Business. What? You didn’t think I did that for litt’ old me, did you?

    Bell chuckles and shakes her head.

    Bell Connelly: You’re not going to believe a word of this; but….unlike Shannon; I’ve never lied to you; Not one time have I ever put you ahead of me. I called her out; for you. And for her. Even after everything she did. To all of you. To me; I gave her the change to make good on one; just one promise and give you all a back in business you’ll never forget; You’re welcome.

    The boos for Bell’s disingenuous attitude doesn’t seem to seem to move her

    Bell Connelly: Oh you remember her promise don’t you guys because I do, I remember her exact words were; “Women rule this shit and Bell Connelly will Main event Back In Business.: Those aren’t my words! Those are words of Shannon O’Neil. No, more than that a promise, to every single glitter girl in this room right now, she looked each and every one of you in the eye and promised you all; that we’d tear the house down for you, and hey you all remember that right? That legendary match that’ll be remembered as the GREATEST match of all time? That twenty years from now, the greatest women that ever stepped in the ring, future world champions will look at and say; “That was the moment, I wanted to be a wrestler because I wanted to be Shannon O’Neal and Bell Connelly. You remember that match? : No you don’t; Because when the time came; I was there, but Shannon O’Neal Hid. So, remember when you’re conflicted about where I stand and where Shannon stands? “I was here, and Shannon was nowhere.”

    Despite the tone, that little tidbit went down like a wet fart as boos start raining down on Bell. This time she can’t fall to notice them.

    Bell Connelly:
    Sure, why not? Treat me who has done NOTHING wrong horribly meanwhile when you see Shannon here you’re all going to kiss the floor she walks on! Shannon walks around and treats you people like dirt, openly mocking you, denying you historical matches, but she’s blessed the good daughter, while I get put in the dungeon and made to wear that big
    ol’ Iron Mask! Ahh!! It just makes me so mad like I want to rip her blonde hair out of her damn head!!

    Bell moves the mic' away from her mouth and catches her breath as the fans chant "psycho."

    Bell Connelly: You know what? It doesn’t matter what hurtful words you throw at me. Because at 'Revival ' I get what I wanted. What SHOULD have happened six months ago and that was to make Shannon O’Neal regret ever being friends with me because she didn’t deserve my friendship! And I am
    soooooooready couldn't feel better about myself. Seriously, I am so focused right now about our match that it hasn't left my mind all year! And this Sunday I WILL come out on top. ME. ME. ME.

    Bell holds her arms out from side to side and begins twirling around, looking mentally unbalanced. The fans shower her with boos as she stops twirling and smiles.

    Bell Connelly: That's right! Your TRUE inspiration! The greatest women’s champion of all time! In fact, the best Ladyface the whole wide world has ever seen! The best inspiration this company will ever see! I have gotten to know Shannon really, really well over the past few years and I know everything imaginable that she can try this Sunday. Shannon, I have her well scouted. I know counters to your counters counters. You think these past few years were just to pass the time with you, huh?! Well, She’s wrong. I watched her every move... even when she thought I wasn't there. Yes, you heard me. The first of July? 2016? The night she had on this sexy silk robe before she went into the shower... oh, yeah, that was me who made that little noise in the closet! Shannon is so fun to play around with...

    The crowd begin a "Bell’s a psycho" chant as Bell bites her lip, trying to control herself over the unflattering chants.

    Bell Connelly: This actually brings me to the point of why I'm out here. I'm out here to make a statement! You see, breaking Shannon O’Neal mentally and physically... has been something I’ve dreamed of months that, along with winning the World Heavyweight title of course! You see, this Sunday at 'Revival ' will be the last time you see Shannon O’Neal as you know her because after her match with me she's going to be different. Much different than the way she is now. Different in a way that only I can change people. Because when she steps into the ring with me, she's not only stepping in the ring with Bell Connelly... NO, she's stepping in the ring with a person who is somewhat... obsessed with the destruction of Shannon O’Neal! When she looks across the ring and sees the pure hate in my eyes for her, she's going to be SO intimidated by me that she'll be shaking throughout the match! Because she knows what’s coming. A side where you pray to the God above, wondering why you ever set foot in the ring with me... this side is pure fury and rage coming from a girl that is dead set on breaking Shannon both mentally and physically!. Chanting Shannon’s name won't stop me from doing what I have planned to do for months. I can come out here and be cheerful, but that won't stop me from showing you fans and Shannon that payback is a bitch!. Because when someone makes me go through this mental process of pure hate… it sets off this little thing in my head that I need to release on someone!! And that someone is Shannon O’Neal She's going to witness first hand what I can be like when you have completely set me over the edge, and she's going to witness what I can DO when you set me off over the edge! Miss. Shannon O’Neal, prepare for the fight of your life this Sunday at 'Revival' because when you get me fuming like this... it's only bad news for my opponents, and my opponent is you, Miss. OKAY?! If you underestimate me, it will just mean bad news for you because I have proven that I can, and I WILL beat you this Sunday, Shannon! And it will be; my masterpiece

    Bell lets out a loud scream before dropping the microphone down to the mat. Her theme plays again in the arena, prompting the fans to get off their chairs and boo Bell.with her eyes glued on the camera in the crowd, as if in the state of paralysation. Bell then randomly begins laughing, confusing fans with her sudden change of emotions. As she turns around and holds out her arms from side to side and begins twirling, inciting a huge amount of boos towards her. Bell smiles and turns around, skipping through the curtains.

    PERSONALITY #2: Cheerless, Sympathetic... Or Just An Act?

    “Three-six-nine, Shannon and Bell were fine. Bullets n’ Bubblegums were looking good with titles on the line. Bell’s mind broke, Shannon got chocked, and they both went to hell in little wrestling shorts."

    The cameras slowly pan throughout the backstage area of the stadium where FWA Revival is taken place, we see many workers going out their duties to prepare for today's show carrying various long cables and equitment...and every single one of them, trying to ignore a near hysterical Bell Connelly — sitting in the corner of the corridor half crying gently rocking back and forward talking to herself.

    Bell Connelly
    “Shannon. Are you there?”

    Bell suddenly noticed the camera, pointed towards her, her head snapping up she crawls towards it until her tear stricken blue eyes fill the entire screen.

    Bell Connelly: I hate this. I really really do. I never wanted this; this was the exact opposite of everything I wanted. I just had to do what any person in my position would do. The sad truth is Shannon. You couldn’t be trusted around me. I couldn’t trust you. So when the day came where I turned on her and smacked her in the head with the title; Can you blame me? If the roles were reversed Shannon, would you do anything different?

    Clearly, distressed Bell looks over to the side for a moment and runs her hands through her hair

    Bell Connelly: I remember that night. I remember the semifinals of the WS3T when your head slammed into the jagged edges of the title, and when your blood starting pouring out of your head, it was that moment in time that I knew what I had done was the right thing. It wasn’t a nice thing, but it was right. But do you think I enjoyed that Shannon?!

    Bell rubs her right eye as if rubbing a tear out of it

    Bell Connelly: “Shannon… You know me more than anyone else does on the FWA roster. You know my weaknesses, my fears, and my overall personality. We used to walk side by side on the brick road called life together, but I guess we took different paths. We were sisters, Shannon. We didn’t have the same blood, but we were connected with one another. Shannon, I loved you as if you were apart of my family. You were EVERYTHING to me. When I first met you. I was sick of getting my heart shattered into pieces; I was sick of being a failure. I wanted to be like you in a way; respected, loved, and accomplished. I didn’t have any of that, You SAVED me, Shannon… So why do you torture me like this? You save me one second, and the next you break my heart. I call that brutal irony; You took my trust, my security and the half-shattered dream that we shared.. to show the non-believers, the haters, and the doubters that anyone can be on top of the world if all they did was work. And then you threw it ALL away when you stood in the middle of the ring and SPAT in the face of everyone that ever supported us. You revealed this insane plot that you had from day one to manipulate your way to the title. You lied to me from day one! YOU USED YOUR MISCARRIED AS SYMPATHY POINTS! WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. YOU?! So was it really so crazy to think you were planning to stab me in the back the first chance you got! YOU WERE CALLING IT “OUR” WORLD TITLE. Not Bell’s title. Our title.Bell Connelly: How long were you going to play that game? Huh? How long were you going to string me along before you threw that knife in my back huh? Well, I wasn't going to let that happen. So I took that knife, and I plunged it in your front. Because I worked too hard to become just another victim of Shannon O’Neal’s endless lust for power and I should be crucified for that?! You wanna judge me for that?! Compared to you. I am a living breathing... Saint. And I am SICK AND TIRED of everyone treating me like a villain. Because they don't know ANYTHING about who you are so HOW DARE THEY ?! HOW DARE THEY PUT YOU ON A PEDESTAL ABOVE ME?! HOW DARE THEY TURN THEIR BACKS ON SOMEONE THAT LOVED THEM TO FOLLOW YOU. SOMEONE WHO LAUGHED IN THEIR FACES.

    Bell tone raises and raises until a shrill, hysterical shrink looking every bit the mad woman she’s become, with full hands of hair which she tugs and grips, internally torn apart.

    Bell Connelly: So many roads, we could have gone down. We could have been sisters instead; I’m going to hell tonight I’m taking you down in with me, Call my bluff, I know you are probably sitting in your dressing room, trying to gain your composure ‘cause you’ve finally realised who the hell you will be walking into the ring with tonight. I haven’t forgotten who I ’m stepping into the ring with tonight, Shannon I’m walking into the ring with a traitor; someone who I considered family, but now; now I got to erase the past ‘cause our past? Our past is dead! The only thing we have is bad blood. As much as I want to go back in time and just relive the times where you and I were friends; I have to come to terms with the fact that I can’t do that. The only thing I can do now is look at the present, and the present ain’t so clean between us. I would shed one last tear for the violence that’s to come, but guess what? I got over it. I’m going to bury you in your own regrets in that ring, and then I’ll finally be able to move on.”

    As she spoke a strange kind of peace overcoming her, her movements becoming less and less frantic her face becoming less red and emotional and the tears drying in her eyes as the thought of getting some kind of closure through beating the life out of Shannon, seems to have some kind of soothing effect on Bell, her manic episode seemingly passed as she took deep breaths, she closed her eyes tilted her head back and let that calm wash over her, before she locked eyes with the camera once more…

    ...And gently leaned forward to kiss the lens

    Bell Connelly: You’ve given me the greatest gift I could have asked for; Thank you. Thank you So much, after all this time, ; you’re still my best friend....

    PERSONALITY #3: Obsessive

    The scene opens up with the camera panning the backstage corridor, some time later, mere hours before show time The camera passes the usual tables, chairs, and random FWA staff members until it reaches a certain silver rusty door. As the camera zooms into the door, we notice a gold label with the words "Off Limits" encrypted on it. The camera zooms into the door, carefully examining the label until the scene slowly switches to the actual inside of the room, and it’s a pitch black scene. We can see the outline of a body; We can also see the shape of a few objects. Two big rectangles are side by side, but we cannot make out what they are. All of a sudden, a loud noise begins to take over the area. It sounds like a projector. Then, a beam of light comes from the machine. It turns to the large box on the left, which turns out to be a screen, and a scene begins to play out in front of us — a haunting scene for any wrestling fan. After all, it was certainly the single most shocking moment of the summer.

    "....So I came to the FWA. I made a story about a girl who worked in a bar on the Sunset Strip, after leaving her hometown in Indiana. Wanted to be a rock star. Became a fighter. Then signed a short-term contract with the FWA. Basically, I was a blue-collar girl who everyone could get behind, right? That's who Shannon O'Neal was. She was blue-collar. She was a hard worker. Nose to the pavement. Been through some sh*t. Girl power. Believed in herself against tough odds……... that underdog stuff, you know? But with the image, too. With the background. With the dead parents….”

    The film skips

    …. I wanted you and THEM to think I was worthy of belief, of praise, of attention. The women's revolution stuff. Dating all the way back to the Gabrielle feud. The Cyrus Truth stuff. All of it…..Well, not all of it. I had a miscarriage. And Jack of Diamonds stalking me was real. But ... well ... that was a blessing. I didn't have to fake all of that. That was easy sympathy points…”

    ...And again

    “The accent. The work ethic. The acting. The portrayal of a blue-collar girl from Indiana. All that stuff. All the stuff I wanted you to see. Believing in the stuff, I said about Cyrus' reign as World Champion. Believing in the stuff, I said about working hard, being a leader, all of that crap. I didn't mean it…”
    ..And again

    “I conned all of you for FOUR YEARS. Accept it…”
    The film cut off entirely. The projector turns off. We’re left in darkness.

    ...And then Bell starts to speak in an overly calm manner

    Bell Connelly: Was that fun for you? It looked like you were having fun, and why wouldn’t you? This was your big moment, your magnum opus, You conned the world. Suckered everyone in. Suckered me in.


    Bell Connelly: When we were travelling along the road, and we were growing closer and closer, and you shared with me, intimately personal. Details, about your life. Your hopes. Your dreams. How much of that was true; Was ANY of that true? Was anything you told me reality? Or were you just working me? Did you ever really consider me your friend?

    A slightly bitter chuckle escapes her mouth.

    Bell Connelly: There you were listing all these things you used as tools to fool the world...inspiring people, working hard, believing in yourself. Friendship. You wanna know what all those things have in common? I have fought for those things since the second I came to FWA, and there you were revealing in your own greed as you SPIT in the face of everything I ever believed in. YOU USED ME. YOU TOOK EVERYTHING I HELD SACRED, AND YOU STOLE IT AND USED IT FOR YOUR TWISTED GAMES, AND YOU WONDER WHY I DID WHAT I DID?! YOU WONDER WHY I’M LIKE THIS. WHY I’M SO DEMENTED?! BECAUSE YOU PUT THE DEMONS IN MY HEAD. YOU BROKE MY HEART. YOU CORRUPTED AND STOLE EVERYTHING THAT WAS PURE INSIDE ME FOR YOUR OWN GAIN. YOU TOOK THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE FROM ME THE ONE THING THAT WAS KEEPING ME TOGETHER. YOU. YOU. YOU. LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!

    We hear the sound of someone clapping their hands once. This prompts the lights in the room to turn on. The camera pans out, and we see Bell kneeling on the floor. Surrounding her is hundreds of pictures of Shannon O’Neal We can barely see the colour of the white walls with these posters. And each and everyone looks like they’ve been either clawed or written over with bright pink letters.






    Bell Connelly: Does that make you feel good? DO YOU FEEL ACCOMPLISHED, SHANNON?! I bet you do 'cause in moments, I am going to give you your reward. I am going to show the world who you really are, Shannon and do you know what you are? Because you’re not a returning hero and you sure as hell aren’t a fighter with honour. You’re scum — a parasite. That thinks she can destroy lives with any consequences that the universe wouldn’t demand. a price but believe me when I tell me. Karma is coming to collect tonight. I’m the avenging angel for everyone you stepped on for the last four years for your “Con”, and there is nothing you can do to stop your judgement. There's not one move in your arsenal that'll stop my heart from beating. There's not one thing you can say that'll break my spirits. TONIGHT, SHANNON; YOU CAN BREAK MY BONES AND SPIT IN MY FACE. Try anything you want; it doesn’t matter. You can break my arm, and I will still reach out to grab you. I only need one. Break my legs, and just call me peg leg Connelly because I’ll stand up and hobble after you. You can knock me out, hell you can even kill me! And I’ll still keep coming for ya.. because not even death can stop me ripping your life apart! BECAUSE I NEED THIS. BECAUSE THIS ISN’T A MATCH THIS IS A EXORCISM. Last time I broke you from the inside out. You were laying in a pool of your own blood done by MY two hands.

    Bell pauses momentarily her rant broken up as she looked down and stared at her hands out in front of her; palms up.

    Bell Connelly:
    Sometimes I can still feel the blood. Wet on my hands.

    She mutters almost in a dream-like fashion, wigging her fingers before snapping out of it.

    Bell Connelly: But there are no more playing games, ... I've shattered your mentality, and the only thing left to shatter and break is your piece of mind. Your pride, your dignity, every way imaginable. I want everything that you claim is yours and that you stole from me... I want my life back that you stole from me. I want the demons out of my head gone. I WANT MY IDENTITY BACK. I am going to get that, even if it means ending everything for you, from your career to your dammed life right here and right now…. And once I’m standing over with my hand raised, I’m going to lean down towards your broken body and whisper one thing;

    Bell lowers her tone just a little; one index finger pointed at the camera and her voice hoarse.

    Bell Connelly“Hey. Guess what? I didn't accept it

    Bell extends that index finger closer and closer to the camera slowly but ever getting closer

    Bell Connelly
    ...And the last thing you'll see before you wake up in a hospital bed will be this finger covered in your blood, gently pushing against your nose.

    ...And as she speaks that very finger takes over the entire picture causing the entire scene to go black

    Bell Connelly; "Boop"
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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    The following was posted on Kevin Cronwell's official site on the day of FWA Revival;

    This might not be Back In Business. But believe me; It might as well be, And I know there's a lot of people pulling off random stunts. You’re going to get people doing promos off the top of the
    tron. You got people walking around backstage with sock puppets. Maybe someone's cutting a promo at the Burger King down the street. This kind of show makes people do crazy things, but I'm standing here because .. I am a wrestler.

    And I will do what a wrestler
    does, like I was born and bred to do. I won't become something or someone I'm not, or show out. So please take time to listen to the words I have to say, they are vital. They are very important, because on this very night? I have a lot to say. On this very night, I have a very lot to say. And it has to start with way back when, a date. That was a year and four days ago. A year and four days ago I debuted to success in a tag team match, But it was a side story. It's not my main storybook, and I'll reveal the premise of the book. It all started way back when I told the world that I would make my way into a show like this and that no matter where my placement? I would be the main event. And of course, I find myself in the exact same position as I did at Back In Business; A five-way match with another title suspended above me. Another ladder match.

    For Fuck sake.

    He scratched the top part of his nose a bit and paused to look around the ring. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can continue with my mission. As I said, people are looking at me like I have something to prove.

    And while I’d like to forget how that particular match went down. I'm going to make this ONE a match never forgotten. I made a promise to myself, and I made a promise to all of you a very long time ago, that every chance I’m given I will prove that I am that I am every bit as good as I say I am. That I am, The Golden Boy of British Wrestling And that was a promise broken. But you know what, I'm going to repair half of what I said. I'm still here; I'm STILL standing here a competitor for Revival -Appropriate name right?- , and I'm competing in my second ever ladder match it would seem? And people are still looking at me as if I have something to prove. They want to see when I’m going to deliver the magic they were all told I had.

    I wanted to open a wrestling utopia, and now I find myself on the surface of it. I am looking over the horizon, wanting to reach on out and grab my utopia. And this time, it just so happens to be an object hanging over the ladder, waiting for me. Now, I'm pretty sure this is the part where I tell you why I should win, or why I'm going to dominate. But let me look at all of you right now and remind you of one very simple word that I have not forgotten about.

    Faith. It's something that I relied on the way back when it's something that helped me usher on. And it's something that I must rekindle tonight if I ever hope to be as dominant, ever so ruthless, I'll have to tap into that raw essence, that power .. in order to take on these four men. Each one of them thinking they’re the best. But it's okay because they can think these things. They can believe that they are the best, because in reality? It's me And with that being said, is that I have this match in the bag. But not without bringing my a game. Not without pulling out all the stops. You see, last time I slipped I let Dave sneak by me And as far as I'm concerned, that match is completely out of my mind. That match never happened, because I am better than that. And now, I'm moving on to this match. A match made in heaven but contested
    a hell without a cage. Many men will fly, many will climb to grab what we think to be ours. But only one man deserves the North American title. But I ask you, who deserves it most? Who actually deserves to be the man to walk out the winner?

    Will the winner be Starr? He’s worked for it. He's the man who will not die. And that's interesting, because for a man who will not die? He sure as hell comes close every time, now doesn't he? And now he's in this match, with the hopes of knocking me down and claiming my moment for his own? I laugh, but at the same time? I'm not so naive. I do know Starr poses a major threat. This match is tailor-made for him and if you happen to pay attention? You'd realise that he's the North American champ right now. So with that being said, he technically has more credentials going into this match currently. He's a champion, with something else. But that's his downfall. You've managed to become the Champion. While I congratulate you on this, it means nothing at Revival. Championships are obsolete in a contest of skill. Where a man like myself becomes the greatest because I know it's my time. And you being here, will do nothing. You think you have this match won, but you're wrong, No please don’t think this is ego. I respect you too much to give you the same guff as TJG or Tommy is going to give you. This is the truth. And the truth is, that really? You're the weakest link in this match to me, Starr It's why I targeted you first, You're the one with everything to lose and nothing to gain. Just another person I'll be pushing off the ladder and taking my belt

    Simply put, this streak you’re on? It's going to come to an end, tonight. Because I'm going to make sure I put you in the ground, Starr. Burying you alive, and proving to the world .. my dominance, as a man. As a wrestler, showing I'm the very best and moving on to bigger and brighter futures and pastures. You know, and sure. Maybe Starr will be underestimated. Just maybe Starr can try to put on the greatest show of his life like we all know he can, But you know what? In the end, everything won't work out to his advantage. And it's because he has bigger things on his brain — other things on the horizon. I'm pretty sure he has to worry about Bell Connelly, Chris Kennedy. You know, all those other threats to his title. He'll be looking over his shoulder all match, and when he finally makes that one fatal mistake? I'll capitalise, and become the winner of this match. And make my name in FWA, because, Ian? I’m the real star on the rise

    Next, we have someone who's never really crossed my mind up until late. A man who hasn't had anything going on for him in almost forever, yet decided that he would be the one to come in here out of nowhere and win this match? This man must be out of his mind, and if you all are wondering just who I'm talking about? Well, it just so happens to be the man known as Tommy Thunder. This is a man who's joined FWA and was suddenly the best? I laugh at men like this because of their ignorance. But then I ask you. What is the one thing, the one thing .. that we can't recycle? Wasted Time. And that's exactly what you can sum up this wrestler, nothing more than wasted time. You see, I'm taking on a man who's calling himself division one, but I doubt that. But Tommy would love to prove me wrong; I'm just too afraid that won't be happening anytime soon. Because it's time for you to find out what a true wrestler looks like, you show me division one? Try it. When we lock up in that ring, it won't just be Tommy Thunder going over as one of the best. It's going to be me,. Showing my face, and proving to you something. I mean, let's face the facts, Tommy. You're nothing much more than common fodder at the bottom of the barrel. You're someone trying to claw your way to the top because you don't know any other way to live. But I'm standing here right now as your future. I hold your fate in my hands. And it's going to be knocking you all around that ring. It's going to be me, showing you a thing or two about the wrestling world. I only have two words for you, blast off because I'm moving pretty fast tonight. I'm actually moving like something crazy — a bat out of hell and going wild. You're Tommy Thunder; you're someone who prides himself on a fight. And now that we'd be in a ring, we get to test just how crazy you are. If you are what you say you are, But make no mistake about it, I'm going to walk out the winner, no matter what you throw at me. Your irrelevancy is very funny; it's interesting to think that you would actually try to best me. And to think that you would try to come at me? I find it very admirable; I find it very brave. You have balls for accepting this match, but balls won't get you anywhere, Tommy. Balls won't protect you from The Amadeus. It won't save you from the very best in the world, I promise you, and that will be your downfall. That will become the reason you fail in your task, whether you like it or not. I'm sorry, but I know this to be true
    .You want to know a secret, Tommy? You want to know something, a reason why I'm so confident over you? A reason why I'm so much better than you? IIt's because I've commanded people like you before. And you do nothing but constantly remind me of them — so much raw potential. But you don't know how to use it. Just like you seem to be struggling at hacking it. Don't you forget that. Because like Starr you're nothing to me when it comes to this race of time against the ladder. You're nothing more than another stepping stone to my path of greatness. And when I beat you and move on? You'll just be another name on the forever list of people I've defeated. You see, for far too long have I played the good guy role to a full extent, always letting people get the best of me. I was the X Champion, something that should not be taken lightly. And it's because of that accomplishment, that I know I can win this. And actually, continue to stay up where I belong. While you stand there mocking me, smiling .. just like all the rest? You'll be forced to feel my might, the might of Kevin Cromwell. The might of a man harnessing the true power of wrestling, true power .. and nothing more .. nothing else. It will just so happen to be me with the tides on my side, rising.

    ...and now we have the next man. A man who's so wrapped up in himself that he wouldn't know a real wrestling match if his daddy spanked it across his bare bottom. And yes, people. I'm talking about Arron Kendrick A man I have a victory over, and now it seems he's back for more. But he isn't all so great; he isn't even one of the greatest. He's nothing more than another notch on my belt. Aaron thinks that his success comes off acting different, and changing up like the seasons. But in actuality, he's doing nothing but killing himself. He doesn't know who he is, and the fans don't either. He's, and he won't make up his mind, and it's clear that he wants to be beaten, and I’ll prove it again.


    “Oh, yeah. I’ve heard ya, and let me just state for the record, that night I didn’t want WOLF’s help. I didn’t need his help, and if the match went on, the result still would have stayed the same. But if you want to prove me wrong? Well. Now’s your shot and the result will be the exact same. Me standing over you, with a brand new belt wrapped around my shoulder

    All these people come and go, but I'm going into this match with the firm nothing that I deserve this. I don't think I'm going to win, I KNOW .. I'm going to win. THIS IS MY DESTINY; I DESERVE THIS! I've worked so hard ALL year to be in this position. While these people have all just popped up as of late for no reason, but to try and take my spot? Try it! THIS MATCH IS IN THE BAGS BECAUSE
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    The Life and Times of Jarvis Lorde #001: KILLING IN THE NAME OF

    Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.
    Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.
    Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.
    Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.

    Augusta, Georgia, Late July, 2001. A young Jarvis Lorde peers through his window as flames swallow the crucifix that's been planted in his front yard. His eyes are saucer-like projector screens, the vibrant image of the flames reflecting back on them. He watches as his Uncle Ray and Uncle Tone come sprinting from the neighbors house with the water-hose they've just borrowed, Cousin Ricky in tow. They anxiously hook the hose up to the faucet in the front, which hadn't been used in years. Uncle Ray sprays the flames down with the hose and Jarvis can't help but think of the movie Ghostbusters, where the heroes vanquish otherworldly specters with their proton packs. That word, "otherworldly", was the perfect one to explain the spectacle before Jarvis's eyes. Thelma, Jarvis's mother, is frantically pacing behind him, as much as she can in the limited radius that the landline phone's cord afforded her. Tears stream down her pale, tired face. She hasn't sobbed this hard since she was a small girl, she thinks to herself as she pleads with the 911 dispatcher.

    "I called over an hour ago. Maybe 90 minutes even!" Thelma screams out, desperation in her voice.

    "They aren't coming, Thelma. They'd have been here by now" Grandma said, sitting in the corner of the living room, rocking back-and-forth in her rocking chair. She wasn't wrong either, and the look on Thelma's face seemed to indicate that she knew it to be true as well.

    "No, I'm not holding again! You have to do something. This is the 2nd time something like this has happened since we've moved into this neighborhood. You ain't do nothing about by mailbox back when and that's just that I suppose but they set a CROSS...on my front yard, you understand, ma'am? Hello, ma'am?" Thelma's face fades from desperate anguish to blank numbness as she realizes that the 911 dispatcher, who had warned her several times to "calm down or the call would be disconnected" finally made good on her promise.

    "What is that, Grandma?" The 10 year-old Jarvis asks, not fully comprehending what is happening. As the years would pass, he'd become all to familiar with what this was.

    "The evil that men do"
    Grandma said, staring out the window, watching the smoke rise from the charge cross, finally extinguished.

    "The evil that men do, Jarvis. It's destroys everything it touches"


    January, 2019. The garage belonging to Jarvis Lorde, otherwise known as Lord Dog. Jarvis stands at the sander on the table, sharpening a large hunting knife, Rage Against The Machine's "Killing in The Name Of" blaring on the speakers as the muted TV shows CNN coverage of the US Government shutdown. A crazed look adorns the face as sweaty Dogfather as Jarvis holds the knife up and examines it, deeming it satisfactory before placing it on the table with 3 other knifes. Jarvis's Grandmother comes up from behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder. She visits him every night, despite the fact that she has been dead for 11 years now. Whether Grandma is some sort of ghost or aberration, or simply a figment of Jarvis's imagination, remains to be seen. As her hand grips his shoulder, the music seems to turn down, all on it's own.

    "Now what you need all those knives for, Jarvis?" She asks, still standing behind him.

    "Don't need 'em for nothing, I suppose. Just like having them." He says, picking up a knife from the stack of unsharpened blades, before applying it to the sander.

    "I liked it better when your hobbies included video game tapes, mm'hmmm. Dangerous path you goin' down." She says before disappearing into thin air, then reappearing on the rocking chair nearby.

    "Yeah, well... I still gets the fuck down on 'em too."He says, eyes focused on the blade being sharpened, sparks flying before him.

    "You goin' back to work I see. Lord Dog himself, back at it again" she says with a warm smile.

    "Yeah, well... Lord Dog is dead." Jarvis says as he turns around and flings the knife at the target board across from him, sticking the knife dead center in the bulls-eye.

    "Oh? That so?" she asks with an amused sort of curiosity.

    "Yeah, it's so. That world outside the window, Grandma? It's still on fire. I ain't just talking 'bout the wildfires in California. I'm talking about the whole sh'bang. Flint still ain't got clean water. Got this government shut down hurting Native American tribes that depend on government funding for resources like food and education. Got the man upstairs looking for 5 billion to put up walls but we got veterans sleeping in these streets, underage girls walking' these streets and young men dying in these streets, you feel me? I'm done singing and dancing for them, y'know? You see all that's going on, and I'm supposed to put on some goofy smile, sing and dance for that? Would you?"

    "No. I can't very well say I would, Jarvis. But thing is, Lord Dog ain't just a character. It's the light inside you that's always lit up a room, through the worst times. Don't let that light go out, baby"
    She pleads

    "The light will always be there, Grandma. I shine bright, I love life. That's why I fight, because life is precious and everyone has the right to it. We all children of God. What you need to understand, as well as everyone else, is that there is a time and place for the silliness, the Tomfoolery and the out-there antics. And then there is a time to stick up for what is right. For truth, justice, and the American way. See, I ain't no politician, and I can't change the world from a podium, but I DO have a microphone and as long as I have a platform in the FWA I have the ability to speak my truth and let the world know they have two Woken Warriors in XYZ and Lorde. The used, the abused, the exploited and the oppressed, they have people out there that will speak on their behalf when it seems like the world isn't listening. But the thing is, Grandma? I need more than just a microphone for my words to carry weight. I need CHAMPIONSHIP GOLD. The voice of a champion is one that rings on deaf ears, making them hear clearly. That's why XYZ and I have to defeat The New Breed. We need to beat the New Breed so that we are one step closer to becoming Champions."

    "XYZ and Lord Dog--er, excuse me, Jarvis Lorde, Tag Team Champions of the WORLD!" Grandma says, clapping her hands.

    "That's right. In the jungle that is the FWA, XYZ and I are the young lions that rule the land. We'll make that perfectly clear by obtaining the FWA Tag Team Championships and using that power accordingly. With great power comes great responsibility, right? That's some real shit right there. The New Breed can go into this thing thinking we are the plucky underdogs, that's fine. That would be their first mistake, which they'll learn soon enough. Men like Mike Parr, The Prototype, and The Protoge, they are the personification true evil. Evil doesn't look like horns, fangs and claws. It looks like expensive suits, $200 haircuts and eyes bluer than the pacific ocean blue eyes. When I think of Mike Parr's history, I'm reminded of what you told me all 'em years ago. "The Evil that men do destroys every thing it touches."
    Sometimes I despair, Grandma. But then, I reminded that all through history the way of truth and love have always triumphed over evil, y'know? This world has seen tyrants and murderers who, at times, can seem invincible, but in the end, they all fall. Yeah, that evil burns everything in it's path, for a time. Put eventually, here comes someone with the water hose to put the flame out. May as well call me Aqua Man or some shit. Yeah, the world is a dangerous place, but not just because of their are people who are evil, but because there are people out there who don't do anything about at. The Warriors Of Virtue are not those mother fuckers. We putting the entire FWA on notice, the bigots and the bullies, the users and the abusers, they will answer to forces more powerful than they are "

    "And I'm assuming those forces are you and XYZ" She says.

    Jarvis Lorde picks up another knife and slings award the target board, then another, then another. Each knife lands.

    "You got'damn right. Thought I was pretty clear on that, Grams. I'm gon' get real with you. The New Breed will not defeat The Warriors Of Virtue. Not on their best day. It's not just because we are being fueled by the power of several million desperate voices, it's not because we are better competitors than them and it's not because they are bland, boring wastes of oxygen. It's because we want those tag team championships more than anything. That clout that comes with carrying that gold, it means something different to me than it does most. For guys like The New Breed, the tag titles mean fame, glory, and a little bit of extra cheese on their paychecks. For me and XYZ, it puts the spotlight on us that allows our message to reach a wider audience. That message is, you are NOT alone. You are NOT as hopeless as you think you are, because XYZ and Jarvis Lorde are same as you. The Warriors Of Virtue represent the voice of the voiceless, the sickened and the downtrodden. When The Prototype attempts to hit the Genesis on me, I'm going to counter it and put his ass down on the mat, hitting him with the Curb Stomp and bringing him back to reality. When The Protoge tries to hit me with Perfection, I'll show him that true perfection isn't a finishing move, it's iron will coupled with determination, things that are completely foreign to the New Breed. When Mike Parr watches from the sidelines in his expensive Armani suit, he'll bare witness to the destruction of his golden boys as The Warriors Of Virtue dismantle them.

    "I've told you for years now that violence isn't the answer, Jarvis. But it's for a man himself to set his path, no one else. Even still, I'm proud of you, baby. Follow your heart, it's never led you astray. Go beat them New Breed boys like I know you can" she says before fading away into nothingness.

    She's gone now and Lord Dog finds himself all alone. He looks at the TV and see's the headlines that run across the bottom of the screen. 'Surviving R. Kelly' spurs probe by DA, says attorney for alleged victim's family. Analysis: ISIS is far from being defeated as a fighting force or ideology. Jim Acosta presses Kellyanne Conway: Will Trump tell the truth? The President describes a national threat on the US border. His speech was often at odds with the facts. Kevin Spacey's defense claims sexual assault accuser was flirting with him. With tears welting in his eyes, Jarvis Lorde, otherwise known as Lord Dog, picks the belt saw up off the table and throws it into the TV, smashing it and causing it to fall from the wall. He then turns around and flips over the table, everything on it crashing down to the floor as he turns it upside down.

    Jarvis huffs and puffs before his crazed facial expression transitions into a smile. Laughter then follows as our scene fades to black.

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    "Rise and shine...
    No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until … well … let's just say your hour has come again. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference…"

    Camera opens. Time lapse of the sun rising and falling. Cycles of day and night pass. Across the horizon is a beautiful orange tinted sunrise meeting it’s deep purple sky. It looks so cool, yet so warm at the same time. to The music stops with a single clang of a small cymbal. Facing up to a purple sky with large white clouds, the camera tilts up and sees the Interstellar Shaman, FWA’s prince of inner peace, Starrin his meditation stance. His hands were placed together and he was smiling as bright as the sun that peeks over the purple mountains. He's dressed in his usual monk orange garb. He welcomes the viewer to sit with him in this odd color scheme of reality, if you even wanna call it that. A slow zoom closes in on Starr.

    Why do we fear?

    The question echoes in the dream-like realm.

    How can one overcome fear and gain confidence?

    Once again, Starr asks a reverberating question.

    Come with me… let me enlighten you…

    The zoom closes in on Starr’s face. He opens his eyes letting us see the technicolor mindscape of kaleidoscopic images.

    When you feel fear grasping onto you in your life, one must regain control of your physical vessel. It’s what houses your mind and your thoughts. If you feel that life’s pressure is weighing you down, there are plenty of exercises you can do. For instance, try to control to your breathing. When life is a little too… hectic. Slow your breathing. You’re able to process the situation more. You’re able to understand fear and then you are able to process it and let it surround you. That’s the tricky part for most of my students. It’s too scary or it’s too hazardous, but. with the proper technique, when the fear hits you you won’t feel as much fear as you had before and the pain will never be as bad.

    Fear is all in your head, in your mind. You are able to overcome fear.

    For you see, Fear is a great motivator. Our brains are able to adapt to many different actions and understand the severity of many situations. This fear that you hold it’s not difficult and it’s easy to deal with. It’s just humanity overthinking, over-analyzing, and fearing the worst. That’s my point. Fear lies within yourself. You scare yourself. Now, granted, there are things in the physical realm that often intimidate or haunt us, but for the most part all of fear is within the mental scape or internal. You fear, you overthink, and it is no one else’s responsibility for that fear being in your mind. In fact, it’s YOUR responsibility to stop this fear from happening. You have let go of that negativity. You have relinquish those thoughts and stop them from impacting your physical reality…

    I don’t let fear consume me. I live in that constant state of awareness. I live in hyper-reality where I am moving 10, 20, 100 times real life. My opponents move slower than I do. That’s how I was able to finally capture... this...

    Starr lifts up the FWA North American Championship. It glistens bright against the sun.

    I was finally able to vanquish my demons. I was finally able to achieve my enlightenment. My chakras aligned… my path was there… and I simply took the leap that I needed to. All I needed was my one moment of clarity… And at Aftershock, that moment of clarity had shown itself to my third eye and I... I kicked WOLF’s head off his shoulders. My soulmate Bell Connelly was vacant and I had the champion in my sights. And just like I predicted that moment was the grand enlightening of not just my destiny, but for the future of FWA. WOLF was at my feet for a second time. Bell was out of the equation. I lifted the FWA North American Championship over my shoulder and I celebrated with you the FWA fans because this wasn’t just my moment, it was our moment.

    Starr presses his forehead to the title and smiles. He's touching the belt to his third eye and seeing beyond it. What the belt stands for, and what it means to himself. He mouths something to it, but it's inaudible.

    Which brings me to my next conquest. Being a fighting champion. The FWA fans deserve a one and hey, my momentum is rolling. We are moving forward. You see... it's like I have said before, I will defend this championship with the honor and respect it deserves. This championship, under my reign, isn’t about categories. Personally, professionally, I don’t believe in those categorizations and I don’t believe in boundaries. Everyone has a right to challenge for this belt. Can Cyrus Truth? Yeah. Can Pauly? Yeah. Can Joe down the block? If he's a trained wrestler, then yeah. There are no limits as what can happen with this because this championship has been the sign of the best and brightest this company has to offer. SOMETIMES, more than the World belt.

    My first test comes at FWA Revival when I am in the ring with five other men and my FWA North American Championship hangs high above the ring and someone has to climb a ladder and retrieve it. Now, if you were to ask any of my other opponents I guarantee they would tell you they are much more nervous than I am because if you overthink things and over-prepare, than you end up overthinking in that ring and that… leads to mistakes. For me, I wait and I react. I have been physically prepared for this. I have known and studied my opponents for a long time. So, when I see them coming for me, it’s just a little to the left and to the right. This match it’s gonna get reckless. It’s gonna be the foot on the gas type of action. Everybody at Revival has a statement to make and to have their moment in the spotlight. Guess what? The brightest spotlight is on me because I have this championship.

    Not that I think any less of the other competitors, but I have always had my back against the wall and I always delivered. I bet on myself and I outperform everyone I step in the ring with. I throw caution to the wind, I leap off the precipice, and what happens in between me and the ground is magic. Rewinding back to fear, if you have that hesitation in you mind, then you shouldn’t be doing it.
    There’s a reason this match will be match of the night because all of my challengers are that damn good. They’ve fought for this moment and my god have they earned it.

    This championship, to me, means prestige, honor, and respect. This is the championship without limits. And that’s why I took on the 4 most toughest competitors in this company. You have the likes of Kevin Cromwell and Tristan James Galloway who are former X Division Champions.

    For Cromwell, this is his biggest test. Kevin has been here for such a short time, but he’s already captured gold. Granted, he lost it just about as quick as he won it, but the promise that he had shown as champion is still there. Kevin is one of the most technically gifted athletes in FWA. He’s a caliber of athlete that I am happy to defend my championship against. Perhaps one I might’ve sought after. I knew we would have the best match on any card because as technically gifted as he is, I am better. That’s not ego, that’s confidence. If he is wrestling’s Amadeus, than I am the Salieri.

    Cromwell fears failure. Failure to live up to his name and failure to be his country's hero. I don't fear failure. I ride the wave like Kelly Slater and I pass by all the heads bobbing in the sea gasping for air.

    For Galloway, this is his opportunity to regain the gold he’s been without for a long time. For a long time, I have admired Galloway’s performances out in that ring. He has this raw power that is almost unrivaled. That’s an incredible skill to have. Since losing his championship Galloway has had misstep after misstep. This is his opportunity to get back up on the horse and recapture his past glory. I don’t doubt he’s capable of doing so. That’s why I accepted his challenge. Galloway is capable of giving me a fight this championship is deserving of. He is a powerhouse in the ring and one that will challenge me to be the very best I can be.

    Galloway fears obscurity. This is his chance to stand up and re-situate himself back on top of a mountain. Galloway may be a powerhouse physically, but his mind is not. I have outsmarted plenty of men and women before and I can and will do the same to Galloway.

    Then you have The Division One Athlete Tommy Thunder… Oh Tommy, you and I have had battle after battle and we have put on a clinic each time. You’ve won some, and I’ve won some, but the fact of the matter is… I like you Tommy. You really are a Division One Athlete. You don’t get nearly enough the credit as you deserve. You are one hell of a wrestler. You have been here for a long time Tommy. I wanted to give you this opportunity as a means to an end. This feud we’ve had for as long as I have been here ends at FWA Revival.

    Tommy fears he won't be able to overcome his demons. I have been the monkey on his back for a loooong time. That loss has eaten him inside and he has only recently recovered from it. Tommy's troubles end at Revival when I finally end this conflict and show him true enlightenment.

    Finally you have Aaron Kendrick. The newly driven Kendrick has established name as the future of FWA and I’m likely to agree with him. But you see he falls into the same pit as Kevin Cromwell. His return shocked a lot of people, but this is one of his first big challenges in the ring. Now I’ve sat and bided my time waiting for Aaron’s next move and he chose me. Initially, I wasn’t going to accept it, but I took another look at him and I saw with my third eye the person Aaron Kendrick could be. I saw the motivation, the hunger, the passion to prove himself. I want that in a challenger.

    Aaron fears the fall. A fall from grace.
    That's just what he's going to do when he steps into the ring with me.

    So… as it stands right now, I am looking over my challengers knowing that it’s very possible I could lose this championship I’ve worked very hard to get… Being a champion is an impermanent state and everything happens for a reason. I know that I walk into this and the odds aren’t in my favor...

    Starr looks to his North American Championship once again. His pensive stare looks like he realizes the dangers ahead. He places his hand on the golden center plate and calming like rubs it. He looks fearful for a second.. and turns back and smirks...

    But like I said before…

    When I jump off that precipice, I will create magic. That’s what I intend to do. I may lose this championship in the process, but I will carry with me a champion’s spirit. I will fight with all my heart, all my soul, and I will open my third eye even wider and see the possibilities for me are infinite. I will do battle with the hardest hitting, most charismatic grapplers in FWA with the same confidence, the same drive to be the absolute best as I always have. This match makes me proud to be a wrestler, it makes me thankful for everyone who’s ever cheered for me or willed me on, hell it even makes me appreciative of all the people who doubted me. It’s matches like these that motivate me. They are what I dream about and they’re why I wake up in the morning. Matches like these make me proud to be the FWA North American Champion. And I can make a promise to everyone that I will give absolutely everything I have. Every single time I go out beyond that curtain, I leave my artistry out there.

    The first defense is always the hardest, but I am ready.

    This match isn’t just an enlightening experience.

    It’s an awakening.

    The light in me sees the light in you.

    A flash of light blinds the viewer.

    N A M A S T E

    Starr's voice fades into the void of the dream like realm. Echoing across and around the world.

    A symbol clang brings the world is seemingly back to normal. Starr is gone and the camera is all alone on a cliff.

    The camera turns to see the sun glaring down only in the center of it... is a giant eye.

    A symbol clang sends us to black.
    𝖍𝖚𝖗𝖙 // 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖑

    x x x x x x x x x

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    Date: March 11, 2018
    Three days following the March 8th Fight Night from Glasgow, Scotland

    "There's just no way I could do anything more."

    Those words from a Dr. Stanson regard the attempt to fix a messed-up spine.

    "Recovery from surgery will take about two months. Pain will die down after four weeks. But the fusion work can only do so much and work against so much going forward. Any major bumps or anything and ..."

    Dr. Stanson pauses as he doesn't want to consider the possibility that the patient have another, more-serious spinal injury, one that leaves irreversible damage and places the patient in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

    "Do you want to tell the patient?" The nurse standing by and looking at the X-ray on the board simply wants to begin her dinner break. The doctor can't read a room so he never looks up and acknowledges the nurse or her question.

    Dr. Stanson simply walks away from the X-ray board, but not before grabbing it off the wall and heading down the hallway with it. When he turns the corner, he looks through the narrow window at the top of the push-to-open door. Inside, there is a couch along one of the walls, a window overlooking three stories in the Dallas, Texas suburbs, and a flat-screen television propped up in one of the room's corners.
    The doctor's focus is on the woman in the hospital bed.

    Shannon O'Neal's body is bandaged up. Her arm is in a cast. Her eye is bruised. Her ribs are cracked. She can't move.

    It's finally time for the heart-to-heart conversation. The doctor knew it was coming eventually. He was just afraid to do it. He didn't know what to expect really. This was a person's livelihood, their career. He had it in his hands and was about to break it with the words from his mouth.

    The doctor takes the x-ray and places it neatly back into the case file. He enters the room and sits on the stool next to the bed. Small talk ensues for a few minutes, but it eventually ends. Then the doctor gives Shannon the good news.

    "You're going to walk out of here."

    *Incoming perspective change in ...

    Shannon was prepared for the worst.

    She wasn't hoping for it, but she was preparing for it. She was ready to be told that she wouldn't be able to walk again. When the doctor said those words -- "You're going to walk out of here" -- she started beaming with delight.

    What she didn't know is that her walking again was never really in question. Her spinal injury wasn't so serious that she would become paralyzed. She didn't know this, though. All she knew were the horror stories. She was "under" amnesia before she could learn more about what happened.

    "Well that's ... amazing! How long?" Shannon asks.

    "You'll walk again in a few weeks, full recovery in a few months. A lot of physical therapy, though."

    Shannon is half laughing, half trying to talk. She's so so so happy.

    The doctor takes a deep sigh and his face turns long. Shannon quickly asks what's wrong. "What's going on?" she inquires. Despite the setting, Shannon isn't worried. She's more curious.

    "There's some bad news."

    Shannon was just told she'll be able to walk again. She just got the news that she was fearing for days. What bad news could there be?

    "I don't see how you'll be able to do what you do. Be a professional wrestler. Or anything involving physical contact that could involve falls. Contact sports, even. I don't think it's going to happen. I don't think your back will ever get strong enough for that. At least not in the next few years, and by then it may be too late for you to return. There could be a small possibility but..."

    Shannon closes her eyes and softly says, "Doc. Doc. It's OK." The doctor stops talking and his mouth shuts as he looks down at the patient, nothing more than a grown woman who seems, if anything, grateful.

    "It's fine. I don't really care all that much."


    Date: Saturday, January 5th
    One day before FWA Revival

    Dear Bell,

    This is not the revenge story that everyone else thinks it is. Shannon O'Neal is not out for revenge. Shannon got her revenge. I got it that night, Bell, when I cost you the World Championship. Even if you hurt me, even if you made me think my wrestling career was done, I didn't want or need any revenge. I was fine with how things ended. I was content.

    It's YOU who wants revenge. You're the one who isn't satisfied.

    I'm coming back, months after everything that happened, because I want to finish what I started. Properly. But I know what Revival entails. I know the risk of getting into the wrestling ring again. I understand the consequences. And I know whom it is I'll be facing. I know what she has on her mind.

    Bell, I want you to know something: You absolutely hurt me way back when. You broke what we had and you stepped on it. And that hurt. It did.

    But that's for another day, another time. Revival is about bringing things back to life. Our rivalry comes back to life. So does my wrestling career. Bell, our story matters less to me today than it ever has. I'm going to that ring and facing you for you, to help YOU become satisfied. I won't lay down for you, but I know this matters more to you than to me. I'm going out there to help you, and hopefully to end this. You are not my mirror, you are not my crutch, you are not my entire career. There is more to Shannon O'Neal than her relationship with Bell Connelly, and hopefully there is more to Bell Connelly than her relationship with Shannon O'Neal.

    Thank you for urging me to return to the ring, Bell. But going forward, MY story matters more than OUR story. I hope you understand. Yes, this is a breakup. I am breaking up with our rivalry, our friendship, our connection in general. It's time for us to move on. Hopefully at Revival, we finally suppress this thing.

    Your no one, Shannon

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: FWA REVIVAL Promo Thread

    King's Jobber

    It's a dark and windy night. The brisk Orlando wind is blowing everything in sight. It looks as if it might rain, but it's held off for now. One thing moving faster than the wind is a set of tires. The tires screech on the road, as a white box van pulls up to an abandoned warehouse. Certainly not the atmosphere for a king, but a king is who inhibits this land. Dave Sullivan is standing there, outside the warehouse, fully dressed in his King attire. He has the black and gold robe, the gold crown, and of course his sceptre. Two men in black tied suits come out of the box van. Sullivan gives them a nod, as they open up the two doors in the back.

    Inside is a man, with a burlap bag tied over his head. The man is wearing a black "Risky Douglas" t-shirt, and blue jeans. On his feet are a pair of black work boots. The man looks to be in relatively good shape. It could very well be Risky himself under that burlap bag. The men in suits drag the man in the van out onto the pavement. He struggles a bit, but a couple kicks and punches keeps him subdued for the most part. Sullivan grins at the sight, as he orders the men to take him inside the warehouse and tie him to a chair.

    We hear moans and groans from the man underneath the burlap bag. He is clearly gagged, or else he would have called for help by now. Suddenly, the dark room lights up as if it suddenly turned from dark to day. We stay focused on the poor man underneath the burlap bag, but footsteps can be heard slowly walking on the smooth hard floor of the warehouse. We start hearing whistling. In fact the whistle sounds like a very familiar tune. The man walking is whistling Twisted Nerve by Benard Hermann.

    The whistling man is revealed none other as our king. Still dressed from head to toe in his majestic robes. He is swinging around his sceptre like a baseball player would swing around his bat as he comes up to the plate. He gets right up to the poor man underneath the burlap bag, and kneels down right in his face.

    Dave Sullivan:

    You disgust me. Do you know that? You absolutely disgust me...Ricky. You don't deserve to be here. You don't deserve to be in the FWA, fighting in a match like this. What have you done? What are your accomplishments? Have you ever even won a goddamn match Douglas? Huh? Have you? I doubt it. Not against anyone of any value. Look at you right now. You're wearing your own t-shirt. Quite honestly, I find that part impressive.

    I find it impressive that despite your skill level you are egotistical enough to wear such a thing.

    I find it impressive that you have the self esteem to wear such a thing. I think most people wouldn't be caught dead in a Risky Douglas t-shirt.

    Most of all though, I find it impressive that FWA Marketing even manufactured such an item. How did you get them to do that? Surely they were aware that a Risky Douglas t-shirt wasn't going to fly off the shelves. Or...or was this t-shirt a commissioned item? Risky, did you...oh my...did you pay someone to make them that personalized t-shirt for you?

    You did didn't you?

    Dave slaps the man underneath the burlap bag across the head.


    The man groans in agony once gain.

    Oh Risky. You are pathetic. You do not deserve to be in my presence. Not now, and not tomorrow night in the ring. Do you want to know why Risky? Do you want to know why I find the sight of you just absolutely atrocious? Because you my friend...





    You are a pathetic, weak, little jobber. And you're up against me, why? Who's dick did you suck Risky to get this match? Do you understand the work that I have done to bring prestige back to this title once again? The absolute scrubs I've had to dispose of to once again bring glory back to this title. This title means so much to me, and it constantly gets DISRESPECTED by so many people. And why? Because people like you suck a cock to get a shot at it, instead of some actual real goddamn talent!

    Sullivan takes a moment to ease himself down. He got a little worked up there for a moment.

    Have you looked at the other matches on the card...Risky? Have you? I'm sure you have. You've seen the North American title match right? Have you seen it? Have you seen who is fighting for the North American title?

    Aaron Kendrick, Tommy Thunder, Kevin Cromwell, and Tristan James Galloway.

    Risky, not only have I beaten three out of four of those scrubs at some point...I've just about humiliated them as well. One after the other I've shut them down. They thought they were good enough to fight me, and I dragged them right back down to reality. I'll give Galloway some credit, I haven't gotten a chance to go toe to toe with him yet. But I know he had my title shortly before me, and I know he damn well didn't deserve to.

    But those other three...tell me Risky, tell me how those other three have earned a spot in that match? What have they done, other than lose week after week to me? Huh?

    You know who was the North American champ a little bit before Starr? Mike Parr. Do you know the match Mike Parr had right before he got a shot for that title? IT WAS AGAINST ME. FOR THIS DAMN TITLE. Let me give you a hint, just in case for some possible reason you haven't picked up how the story works by now...HE LOST. He lost like everyone loses. And then why does he get rewarded with? A shot at the North American Championship. While I'm stuck fighting jobbers like Thomas freaking Jordan, who I'm pretty sure is off working at a Famous Footwear store somewhere by now.

    And once again, here we are...with history repeating itself. I shatter three different men. And instead of those men being thrown to the curb for their absolute incompetence, they are given a shot at the North American Championship. And then here I am, fighting a useless jobber like you.

    I'm not going to lie to you, Risky. I was starting to get real damn sick of it. But let me tell you, I came to a little revelation about the whole thing. An explanation. Quite frankly, it's the only explanation that makes sense.

    The North American Championship is not as prestigious as my X Championship. It's BELOW it. With me holding it, this X Championship is the second most prestigious title on the card, and honestly I could make an argument for it being just as good if not better than a world championship. It's the only explanation. Why else would people that I beat be given shots at it, while I'm still here fighting scrubs like you?

    It's because I'm sending people down the ladder, not up it. You don't lose one championship match, and then get a shot at a more prestigious one. That's not how it works. So the only logical explanation is, FWA management has clearly realized the value of my title and the value of Starr's title. Quite frankly, I am going to propose that they simply disolve Starr's title all together. We don't really need a jobber division to have a championship. What just so guys like Starr can feel good about their little North American championship victory? No. Send them up my way at the top of the ladder, and I'll shut them down.

    Not only that, but I also am going to propose that one of two things happen. Either we officially declare my X Championship as a world title, like I've so rightfully turned it into...or I get a shot at a world title.

    That makes sense, right Risky? It makes much more sense, as opposed to me having to waste my time in a jobber match with the likes of you.


    Risky! I am talking to you!

    Sullivan pulls the burlap bag off the head of the poor man, who is revealed to be some random guy with brown hair.

    What...who the hell is this?

    Sullivan turns back to the men in suits.

    I told you Risky Douglas! Who is this scrub?

    The men shrug in confusion at their mistake.

    Oh son of a bitch. You guys can't even get a simple kidnapping right. None of you are worthy of being in the presence of a king. I should have all of you beheaded!

    Sullivan rubs his temples in agony, as if he has a brain freeze.

    Ugh, get this guy out of here. I don't care what you do with him, just dump him on the side of the road somewhere.I have to go prepare for yet another jobber who has no right fighting for such a prestigious title. No right fighting against such a prestigious king like myself. All of you need to learn how to do one thing...



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