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    “I’m from the left side of an island, never thought this many people would even know my name”

    Gabrielle Maddison Montgomery
    The Best Of The Best

    Your Caramel Coated Goddess
    The Goddess Of The Mountain

    5’7, 1.75m

    125lb, 57kg


    32, born September 14th 1986


    Current feuds:
    Cyrus Truth

    FWA accomplishments:
    Two time FWA Womens Champion
    First Ever FWA Womens Champion
    Three time FWA Tag Team Champion; twice with Jenny Ignito, once with Daniella Kennedy
    First Ever Female Tag Team Champion, with Jenny Ignito
    Two Time FWA World Champion
    Longest Reigning Female World Champion
    Womens Wrestler of the Year 2010, 2012, 2015
    Wrestler of the Year 2014
    Quest For The Best 2019 Winner
    First and only recepient of the Christopher Stallings Memorial Award
    Only Wrestler to win the Mile High Match Twice.
    Former member of Executive Excellence with Jack Severino, Aja Melissa and Thomas Princeton
    Former member of Sinful Sensuality with Jenny Ignito
    Former member of The Great Siege with Chris Kennedy, Aut Pax Aut Bellum, Zaire Wyoming and Saddle Sally.
    Former member of Executive Excellence 2.0 with Thomas Princeton, Danny Toner, and Christian Quinn
    Former Fight Night General Manager
    Former nGw General Manager

    Non-FWA accomplishments:
    Covergirl for numerous magazines.
    Previously Contracted with Elite Modelling
    Previously Contracted with Hentai Company; Kitty Media to use her likeness
    Has been invited to dinners with former President Barrack Obama during his Presidency
    Ex-Wife of Jenny Ignito
    Ex-Wife of Chris Kennedy
    Had her own version of the Bible the GaBible published
    Has her own Lingerie Line; Caramel Lace
    Has her own Workout Line; Caramel Fit

    Attack Of The Octopus People II
    The Rivers Run With Blood And Caramel

    nGw Record
    nGw Revival II vs. Ghost - Win
    Bulletproof 2016 vs. Bell Connelly vs. Sarah DuBois vs. Sonny vs. Charity LeGrange vs. Bella Kendall in an Elimination Chamber match for Contendership to the nGw Womens Championship - Loss

    CWA Record
    Wrestle Royal 2015 competing in the 2015 Wrestle Royal match - Loss

    FWA Record
    3 (5 No Contests)
    The Return Of A Goddess 2019+
    FWA Revival vs Izzy Van Doren - Win
    Fight Night with Izzy Van Doren vs Bell Connolly & Shannon O'Neal - Loss

    Fight Night in the First Round of the Quest For The Best vs Dave Sullivan - Win
    Fight Night in the Second Round of the Quest For The Best vs Dominic Armistead -
    Quest For The Best 2019 in the Finals of the Quest For The Best vs Izzy Van Doren - Win
    Fight Night with Cyrus Truth vs. The PAJ Project -
    Fight Night with Cyrus Truth vs. Over The Edge -
    FWA 14th Anniversary Show vs. Cyrus Truth for the FWA World Championship -
    Fight Night vs. Jason Randall -
    Fight Night vs. Krash -
    Fight Night vs. XYZ -
    Desert Storm 2019 vs. Cyrus Truth vs. Dave Sullivan for the FWA World Championship -
    Fight Night vs. -
    Fight Night vs. -

    FWA Back In Business Record
    Back In Business II vs. Saddle Sally vs. Anyanka vs. Becky Jones for the inaugural FWA Woman's Championship - Win
    Back In Business III vs. Jenny Ignito for the FWA Woman's Championship - Win
    Back In Business IV with Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) vs. Dan Ward & Andrew Johnson (Aut Pax Aut Bellum) defending the FWA World Tag Team Championships - Loss
    Back In Business VI vs. Duke Drazin defending the FWA World Championship - Win
    Back In Business X vs. Drew Stevenson defending the FWA World Championship - Win

    Style Of Wrestling:
    Technical Brawler. Very flexible. Very willing to use her feminine wiles.

    Perfected Moves:
    GaBuster (Reverse Lungblower)
    Split Legged Hangmans Neckbreaker
    Split Legged Leg Drop
    Split Legged Moonsault
    Head Over Heels (Diving Hurricanrana/Litacanrana)
    Savate Kick
    Step Up Enziguri
    Jumping Heel Kick
    Lotus Lock
    Body Scissors

    Finishing Moves:
    The 34 Double D-DT (Future Shock DDT)
    The Caramel Wrapped DDT (Cradle DDT/RamPaige)
    (only used on other women, or small men)

    Theme Music:

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