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Randy Orton is an interesting one.

I've honestly never liked or enjoyed his work.

That being said, I can put aside my personal likes and dislikes and look and look at things objectively. Orton is a solid worker and character and he's had plenty of good matches in his career. How many of those matches do I actually remember or have gone back and watched more than once? Very few. I'm struggling to think of 5 truly memorable matches he's had in his career (vs Foley at Backlash 2004, vs Benoit at Summer Slam 2004 and vs Cena at Summer Slam 2007. I honestly can't think of any others off the top of my head). He's been over as a heel and a face most of his career though and fans love the whole RKO outta nowhere deal. I don't have any issue with people that highly rate Orton. I just personally have never cared for him at all, especially in the last 5 years or so.

Some of the issues I have with him are his shit attitude and the mountain of things he's gotten away with over the years. He's a protected species like Shawn Michaels was. So many wrestlers have been punished far more severely for far lesser transgressions. Orton always gets a pass because he was the chosen one. What would get most guys fired got Orton a slap on the wrist and that's just fucking bullshit. I can't support someone like that.

Another thing he has in common with Shawn Michaels is his tendency to throw his toys out of the cot when something goes wrong in a match. They draw so much attention to something that's gone wrong and then begrudgingly finish the match all the while with a sour look on their face and a clear lack of enthusiasm. It takes me right out of the match when I see that shit. This isn't the best analogy, but it's like as if I'm watching a movie and suddenly the scene turns into an outtake. It kills the immersion. Michaels ruined that Summer Slam 1995 ladder match finish by throwing the biggest dummy spit I've ever seen in wrestling. Orton has the infamous Kofi Kingston "STUPID" dummy spit to his name (among plenty of other similar incidents).

There's many lesser wrestlers as far as in-ring skill and/or mic work than Orton that I have enjoyed much more over the years. I seriously can't wait till he hangs up the boots. These days I find something else to do when an Orton match is happening on the rare occasions I'm actually watching the product. I just have absolutely no interest in any of his feuds or matches.

Also, just to dig the boots in that little bit more, he has easily my 2 least favorite theme songs in the history of wrestling (Burn In My Light & Voices). I'd rather listen to Steinerize or American Males than those shitty songs.
Good summary, basically sums up a lot of my thoughts in the thread so far. He's kind of like Triple H where I don't like him as a wrestler, but I can appreciate that he has some memorable matches, moments and even years to his name.

That said, you are dead wrong about Voices. Voices is a great theme in my opinion. Burn in my Light is very bad though.

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