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Thread: Blind Willie Johnson made this famous.

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    Blind Willie Johnson made this famous.

    Eric Clapton a huge fan of Blind Willie as is Ry Cooder.

    So much of that old pre 1940 stuff that is absolutely remarkable. You're really cheating yourself if ya don't check it out. So many rockers well aware of that music, so many influensed by them old blues.

    You've all heard that commercial.....Goin' up the country... with the motorcycle. That belongs to an old rock/blues back from the 60's called.....Canned Heat. The band were deep into roots music, and them old blues. Here is where they got their name.

    Left to right....Tommy Johnson, Furry Lewis and Ishman Bracy, three legends of them prewar blues.

    Remember the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou", that is the Tommy Johnson Chris Thomas King played in the movie. Remember that scene where Tommy is picking and singing around the campfire, well he's doing the above mentioned Skip James tune "Hard Time Kiling Floor"

    Canned heat was some home made brew, some weird concoction....shoe polish???
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