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Thread: The Gorilla Position

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    Re: The Gorilla Position

    I can see why you labelled that as "controversy"! With that in mind, I'll start with that the ending. I remember when this happened in 2008 with Cena/Orton when Cena cashed in his Royal Rumble match early. I wasn't crazy about it then. I'm not sure it sends the right message and, in some respects, decreases the prestige of the world title. After all, winning the Royal Rumble isn't just about "a title shot" - it's about the winner earning the right to be in the main match at WM, for the title, closing the show etc etc (I know WWE seem to play fast and hard with that now - again not condoning it).

    However having said all that, from a storyline perspective, I can't criticise your rationale for taking this decision at all. It makes perfect sense within the story you're telling with Orton and within his character as well. I may not agree with the decision but I think the way you've handled it is pretty compelling, so credit for that.

    What does worry me though is the outcome of the NWO match between Edge/Orton. If Edge wins, then Orton, the winner of the Royal Rumble match surely then isn't going to be in the Main Event at WM, which really takes the shine of his Royal Rumble win. On the other hand, if Orton wins, it feels like you're cutting Edge's legs out from underneath him already when, from my perspective, it seems like Edge is just on the cusp of being a massive player now. On either result, I also don't think you could have a rematch between them at WM - heel v heel World Title WM Main Event probably wouldn't go over too well. No doubt you've got ideas about all this - just some thoughts I had. Certainly though, as I say, the story is compelling and I'm intrigued to see how it pans out.

    The Batista/Undertaker feud looks like it's going to be excellent. I absolutely love how its started. I'm anticipating that you may be doing their WM feud 1 year earlier and possibly without the World Title, which I think would be a good idea. If anything, as much as I remember enjoying that feud and that match, the World Title felt like an afterthought within it. The idea of these two together, at WM especially, is enough without the championship having to be involved quite frankly. Really interested to see where you go with this as the groundwork for it is brilliant.

    I think the Cruiserweight Championship feud, and particularly Simon Dean's character, is a pretty strong angle you've got going on SD at the moment. Really like how you're using Simon Dean and I'm anticipating his feud will go for longer as I think you can really do some good things with him.

    I'm wondering what JBL's reaction will be to the decision to overlook him at No Way Out, especially given the bribe he attempted on Teddy? Hope you've got something interesting in store for him leading up to WM.

    The Kennedy/Hardy angle caught my eye. Not sure if Kennedy's words were purely designed to get in Matt's head or foreshadow something down the line with Jeff? If Matt drops the belt then I'll be inclined to think the latter. Just make sure you handle Matt/Jeff better than it was handled IRL if that is your plan...

    Overall though, really enjoyed reading. Certainly is a controversial road to take with the RR winner cashing in early, but, as I said, you've done it in a way that furthers the actual story and makes sense within the story you've created.

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    Re: The Gorilla Position



    The richest prize in professional wrestling is the WWE Championship currently held by Shawn Michaels. In the aftermath of the Royal Rumble two men have stepped forward to stake a claim to being the next in line for a title shot. On one side is Kurt Angle, the Olympic hero, a man of pure skill that has been at the top of the mountain several times before. In recent weeks Angle has had a change of heart after seeing the tactics used by Shawn Michaels to steal the WWE Championship. In doing so he has made an enemies out of the Heartbreak Foundation but Angle has refused to back down, citing Michaels as a coward and vowing to take the title back. On the other side is a demonic demon – Kane! The Big Red Machine was the target of members of the Heartbreak Foundation during the Royal Rumble event. A tactic that Kane believes had to come from the man calling the shots – Shawn Michaels! It appears that the Heartbreak Kid didn’t want to give Kane a shot to come after his WWE Title but that has only enraged the demon. How will the title aspirations of these two men develop this week as Raw heads towards Saturday Night’s Main Event?

    After a shocking return at the Royal Rumble that sent the wrestling world into disbelief Chris Jericho makes his in-ring return to Monday Night Raw. Y2J came so close to winning the Royal Rumble on his first night back, falling just short, and the next night he continued to show that he’s not here to be a bench player. Jericho burst right back onto the scene confronting Triple H and blasting him for his actions against former ECW stars and a violent attack on former ECW announcer Joey Styles. Hunter did not take well to the confrontation and a brawl erupted which leads us to tonight. Outraged that Jericho would interrupt him, Triple H immediately sought out council with Mr. McMahon and demanded a match with Y2J on Raw. That match happens tonight!

    For the third week in a row Gregory Helms looks to stamp his name into the history books when he challenges ANY former WWE Intercontinental Champion to a one on one match. The Eye of the Storm has yet to taste defeat at the hands of the former champions and tonight will seek to embarrass another legend who once held the gold. This week it will be different however… as for the first time Gregory Helms will not only face a former WWE Intercontinental Champion but he will defend the gold against the former champion! Has the current champion bitten off more than he can chew this time?

    WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus will have to play peacemaker this week on Monday Night Raw. Stratus will join forces with Ashley Massaro and Mickie James to face the trio of Vince’s Devils (Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson and Victoria). After a brutal WWE Women’s Title match at the Royal Rumble between Stratus and Victoria; the bad blood has yet to settle between these women. Victoria will look to climb back into the title picture by leading her team to victory while Stratus aims to remove the powerhouse as a challenger completely. Trish will no doubt have to keep an eye on Mickie and Ashley in the background though… the two teammates having their own bitter issues which will be hard to keep contained when they team up.

    Finally, John Cena will confront Mr. McMahon live on Monday Night Raw! The former WWE Champion was screwed out of the Royal Rumble by members of the Heartbreak Foundation and had every obstacle put in his way to simply get into the match. Cena has promised to have a word with Mr. McMahon as he still has his sights set on becoming WWE Champion again… even if it seems like a distant memory at this point.

    Confirmed Matches:

    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:

    Gregory Helms [c] vs. A Former Intercontinental Champion

    Trish Stratus, Ashley Massaro & Mickie James vs. Vince's Devils (Victoria, Candice Michelle & Torrie Wilson)

    Y2J's Monday Night Raw Return:

    Chris Jericho vs. Triple H

    John Cena will confront Mr. McMahon live on Monday Night Raw

    Kurt Angle & Kane will both stake their claims to being the number one contender for the WWE Championship

    Daivari has a few words for the World's Greatest Tag Team on behalf of the Brutalisers

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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