Starr: This didn't come across as a pay per view promo for me, let alone a championship promo. It is on the bland side for me. While you do have a general theme, I just feel like it wasn't creative enough to win a title match. The formatting also through me off too. The random bolded parts threw me off. Overall I think this would be a solid Fight Night promo, but not a promo that's going to beat Wolf of Bell Connelly.

TJG: This seems super rushed to me. Similar to a lot of promos this weekend. I don't know if everyone just wasn't in sync with their promos and characters this week, if it was just a busy time for everyone, but this didn't come across as a pay per view promo to me. The intro is rushed, and you just jump right into it. Your dialog with Galloway is one of the strongest aspects of your repertoire however, and it's going to give you an edge. I just think you could have had more setting detail and descriptive writing thrown into this. Also a theme too, and not just a monologue.

Mike Parr: This was solid stuff. The intro is very strong, and I love the insanity quote/theme. But this one ends kind of right when I was getting into it. I feel like you brought it though, and this is one of the better ones of the card.

Bell Connelly: This is solid Bell stuff, and it's a pay per view quality promo. The intro is incredibly detailed and descriptive, and as always your formatting comes out so clean. The base of this is strong, with Bell talking to her grandfather. The twist at the end was too. This was cinematic, and those are my favorite types. Bell remains to be one of my favorite characters of all time.