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Thread: Adrenaline Rush EP#172: Thornbury, Victoria [Show Thread]

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    Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush EP#172: Thornbury, Victoria [Show Thread]

    CWA is addressed by a member of the Board of Directors

    The Adrenaline Rush broadcast opens to Theo Atkins standing in the middle of the ring to address the CWA Universe.

    Theo Atkins: When we first convened last year to address our our concerns that Afa wasn't adequately managing the safety and civility the CWA required we voted to remove him from his position and we allowed a con artist to wine and dine us into thinking he'd do a better job. Since that man came into CWA it's been nonstop chaos. Not only has The Dark Watch situation gotten worse, but he's allowed Nasty Alliance unbridled authority to do whatever they want, whenever they want and that stops now. This company has been under siege for far too long. The Board will convene after In Exile and if there isn't a serious improvement with how CWA operates with by conducting a thorough performance review of our Adrenaline Rush General Manager.

    Theo pauses to let this news sink in and to catch his breathe.

    Theo Atkins: Now that brings us to another matter that equally concerns me. No matter how much the Board would like to see Dark Watch's stranglehold of CWA and the championship disappear management should never involve themselves in championship matches. I have received letters from Lilith's legal team advising me to make this matter right or there would severe consequences for the CWA. As of this moment I can now say that the main event of In Exile will feature Lilith receiving her due rematch for the World Championship. And I want to make this perfectly clear to Mister Carlilse: If you go anywhere near that ring during that proceeding you will be relieved of your duties immediately.

    "Kick in the Door" plays to a ruckus reaction.

    Noah Stocke: That's all well and good and everything, but what about The Elite?

    Theo Atkins: What about you guys? You guys are great athletes. You'll definitely be on the show.

    Trevor Ocean: We're not asking to be on the show. We're the Tag-Team Champions, we're about to get a title match for the Pure Championship. We know we'll be on the show.

    Noah Stocke: We want to know what more do we have to prove before we're treated like the Alpha Dogs around here? Where's out main event?

    Trevor Ocean: To be honest, I'm not sure I even want to main event this company anymore. If th treatment of The Elite doesn't improve, I think we're just gonna walk.

    Theo Atkins: Ultimatums are never the way to get what you want. Lucky for you I happen to like your style and I think you're just what CWA needs. Impress me tonight and we'll talk. If after n Exile you still feel the need to spread your wings elsewhere, we'll let you out of your deals.

    Jackson Fenix: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's all this talk about The Elite in the main event. Everyone around here knows the real main event is The Nasty Ones. We're the Pure Champions and soon to be Tag-Team Champions once we dispense of a couple of losers.

    Trevor Ocean: Is this guy serious?

    Noah Stocke: Not only will you never sniff these tag-team titles, but The Elite are taking that Pure strap from you at In Exile. Best believe it.

    Nate Savage: Come hell or high water we're not leaving down under without our title match. Believe 'dat.

    Theo Atkins: I can certainly promise you all that by the end of the night the CWA Universe will get Elite and Nasty alliance booked for a title match of one significance or another. Now I need to have a private conversation with a Mister Carlisle.

    "K.I.L.L." plays as Dash Carlisle arrives dressed to the nines.

    Theo Atkins: I guess we're not doing this in private.

    Dash Carlisle: Did I? Did I? Did I hear you say you'd relieve me of my duties? I don't think so, pal. I also have an ironclad contract. I'm not going anywhere. That said I'm willing to make a deal.

    Theo Atkins: Don't threaten me. You've already put this company through some serious legal trouble. I'm sure we can terminate that contract just fine.

    Dash Carlisle: Not a threat, an invitation. We don't we raise the stakes? I'm so confident that Brayden Bridges won that match fair and square that if Lilith regains the championship, I'll let you relieve me of my duties.

    Theo Atkins: What's in it for you?

    Dash Carlisle: You see I don't like being handicapped by my limits as General Manager. I'm not a general manager kind of guy. I need the ability to maneuver how I see fit. So when Brayden Bridges retains, I want to be the President of CWA and when Lilith fails to regain the title, The Dark Watch is also banished from CWA for life.

    Theo Atkins: You've put me in an awkward spot because removing The Dark Watch is what's best for business. It's almost a win-win for me. You have a deal, but so help me God if there's any shenanigans at In Exile.

    The scene slowly fades to black as the Adrenaline Rush intro video package begins to play.

    Thornbury Theatre
    Thornbury, Australia

    The show opens with excessive pyrotechnics and an
    enthusiastic crowd in Thornbury. The camera pans around the Thornbury Theatre showing the fans in attendance before stopping near the announcer’s booth where Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman stand with microphones in hand.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in tonight as we bring you, Adrenaline Rush, live from Thornbury, Australia. I’m Jim Taylor joined by my broadcast partner, Tim Coleman.

    Tim Coleman: I said it before and I say it again, I tried to tell you all Dash Carlisle would bring a dark cloud over the CWA Universe. We can only hope Theo manages to oust him at In Exile.

    Match 1: Proving Grounds Match

    Derek Levy VS Dallas Brixton


    We come back from commercial with “With Eyes Wide Open” by In Flames echoing throughout the arena. Dallas Brixton is standing in the middle of the ring, pacing back and forth and awaiting the arrival of his opponent.

    Jim Taylor: This matchup is a Proving Grounds match and I understand we have a newcomer set to make his official CWA debut right here on Adrenaline Rush tonight!

    Tim Coleman: I hope this guy's good. I don't like wasting my time on ham-and-eggers.

    Just then, the drum beat of “Too Young to Fall in Love” by Motley Crue begins blaring throughout the arena and Derek Levy emerges through the curtain on top of the stage. He has a sequined vest and sunglasses on as he smiles and begins making his way down the ramp. Halfway down, he spins around, holds his arms out and takes a few steps backwards before turning back around.

    Tim Coleman: This guy really thinks he's a rock star, doesn't he?

    Jim Taylor: We've heard a lot about this man. Derek Levy is the name and our own Michelle Kelly caught up with him earlier today for an interview that I understand will be an exclusive special very soon. But tonight, Derek Levy looks to earn his keep in CWA as he looks to defeat the very tough Dallas Brixton in his debut!

    As the guitar solo commences, Levy hops onto the ring apron opposite of the hard camera. He looks out at the crowd with his back to the camera, holds his arms out for a pose, and then turns back around to enter the ring. He walks across to the corner, pulls himself up onto the middle turnbuckle, and then begins taking his vest off, gyrating in the process. He gives one last smile and tosses his sunglasses into the crowd before jumping down and turning his attention to Dallas Brixton.

    Lindsay Monohan: From Celebration, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, Derek Levy!

    Levy paces back and forth in his corner, staring across the ring at CWA's Resident Hellraiser. The bell sounds and the match is underway. Levy and Brixton begin circling each other in the ring before coming in for a lock-up. Brixton takes the left arm of Levy and twists it around into a standing wristlock. Brixton looks to the crowd and points to his forehead as if to say he outsmarted Levy on the tie-up. But Levy quickly takes a front roll, twists back around onto all fours, and then quickly flips forward onto his feet, reverses the standing wrist lock, and then kicks the left leg out from underneath Brixton. Dallas Brixton rolls away and looks up at Levy in shock, who points to his own forehead now out of arrogance to Brixton. Out of anger, Brixton jumps to his feet and charges at Levy, who side steps him and once again kicks the leg out from underneath Brixton. Brixton doesn't miss a beat and charges Levy once again, but for a third time in a row Levy simply kicks the leg out from Brixton, who rolls out of the ring and kicks the steel steps at ringside.

    Just then, the camera cuts backstage to another newcomer to CWA, “The American Pharaoh” Jermaine Rose and his wife Zaya, who are watching the match on a moniter.

    Jim Taylor: Very interesting to see “The American Pharaoh” and Zaya backstage watching this matchup. A lot of newcomers in CWA as of late and it looks like some of them are beginning to take notice of one another. And Derek Levy is looking pretty impressive in the early goings of this one here on Adrenaline Rush.

    Brixton comes back into the ring, but when he stands is met with a stiff knife edge chop by Levy. Brixton looks to the crowd in anguish, but then Levy spins Brixton back around and delivers another chop. He pulls Brixton by the hair out to the middle of the ring, grabs him in a front facelock, and lifts him high into the hair for a vertical suplex. Levy floats over for the cover.

    One... Two... kickout!

    Levy picks up Brixton once again and shoots him off the ropes, but when Brixton comes back he ducks Levy's attempt for a clothesline, bounces off the other side of the ring, and then comes back, grabs the head of Levy, and slams him down with a running bulldog. Brixton, visibly frustrated, begins repeatedly hammering the face of Derek Levy with shot after shot. Brixton stands to his feet and begins stomping away on the fallen Levy. He now picks up the fallen Levy, lifts him up and then slams him down with a scoop slam. Dallas Brixton stands over the top of Derek Levy, flicks him in the head with his boot, and orders him to get up once again.

    Levy begins stirring and makes it onto all fours, but Brixton doesn't allow him to make it to his feet before kicking him in the mid section. Brixton takes a lap around the ring, pandering to the crowd and taunting his opponent. He leans over to pick Levy up once again, but this time Levy counters Brixton with a small package for a two count! Brixton, shocked, quickly gets to his feet and delivers one stiff kick to the face of Derek Levy, followed by a lateral press for another swift kickout at two. Brixton, on his knees beside the fallen Levy, assesses the situation.

    Brixton picks Levy up to his feet and hits another few stiff shots to the face of the newcomer, backing him into the corner. Brixton leans in for a grip and then shoots Levy into the opposite corner. He looks at the crowd and then slaps his knee to signal his signature War Nerve, the shining wizard. Dallas Brixton charges at Derek Levy, who sprints from his own corner and scores with an impactful spinning wheel kick in the center of the ring! Both men get right back up and Levy hits another. They get back up once more and Levy ducks a clothesline attempt and counters it into a high angle German suplex. Brixton stumbles back to his feet and then drifts backwards into the same corner that Levy was in moments ago.

    Jim Taylor: What a comeback from Derek Levy!

    Tim Coleman: He looks like he's getting ready to make short work of Dallas Brixton but can he follow up?

    Levy charges at Brixton and launches himself forward with a huge corner dropkick to the face of Brixton, who looks to now be knocked out on his feet. But before he can fall, Levy lifts him onto the top rope in a seated position. Levy takes the arms of Brixton, twists them across his chest, and while facing away from Brixton, flips him over the top for the Iconoclasm! Without hesitation, Levy now holds Dallas Brixton up in a seated position, crosses the arms into a straight jacket again, and turns him over into the Straight Jacket Clutch submission maneuver. And without much hesitation, the half conscious Dallas Brixton screams at the referee to call for the bell, to which the referee obliges. The bell sounds and Levy has won!

    Lindsay Monohan: Here is your winner of the match, Derek Levy!

    Jim Taylor: And that's that! Derek Levy with a very fast and impressive victory over Dallas Brixton in his CWA debut here tonight on Adrenaline Rush!

    Tim Coleman: I gotta say, that was damn impressive. Straight to the point there and he didn't waste any time going for the kill.

    Derek Levy has his hand raised by the referee as he smiles at the crowd once again. He takes a lap around the ring and takes his exit, slapping the fans' hands on the way back up the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: You gotta wonder what “The American Pharaoh” Jermaine Rose and Zaya thought of that man Derek Levy tonight. One could only assume that we'll get the answer to that question in due time. We'll be right back with more action NEXT!

    Match 2: Intergender Tag-Team Match
    Humanity and El Perdedor VS Day of the Soldado


    "Terror Time Again" plays over the speakers as Humanity and El Perdedor make their way out from behind the curtain. They head down to the ring but suddenly Sicario and Miss Reign come out through the crowd and jump them. Reign and Perdedor spill into the crowd and start swinging at each other while Humanity and Sicario beat each other senseless on the entrance ramp.

    Tim Coleman: Now THIS is what I call a great start Jim "The Toolman" Taylor.

    Jim Taylor: How heinous of Sicario and Reign. Is there no level they won't stoop to in order to get a win?

    Tim Coleman: Hey Jimmy, a win's a win, no matter how you slice it.

    Reign and Perdedor continue to fight in the crowd as Sicario and Humanity make it into the ring. They square off and the referee calls for the bell, officially starting the match. Sicario punches Humanity in the gut, tosses him into the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. He then picks up Humanity and hits a Pumphandle Suplex. He follows that up by tossing Humanity back into the turnbuckles and then hits a running high knee lift.

    Tim Coleman: Sicario means business, Jim. He's going right for the jugular here.

    Jim Taylor: I may not agree with his methods, but he's one hell of a competitor, Timmy.

    Sicario tosses Humanity into the ropes again but he puts his head down and Humanity takes the opportunity to kick him in the face, sending him sprawling backward. Humanity then charges him and hits a European Uppercut. He then tosses him into the corner and hits him with a running headbutt. Meanwhile, Perdedor and Reign are battling each other on the floor outside while the fans cheer on. Reign finally manages to get the upper hand and she drags Perdedor to the ring.

    Tim Coleman: This is so great, not only are we getting great in-ring action, we're getting great out-ring action too!

    Jim Taylor: I hate to watch these superstars beat each other up like this, it's so senseless.

    Tim Coleman: It makes perfect sense to me, Jim. The only thing that could make it better is if we get a nip slip.

    Jim Taylor: Would you shut up?

    Reign tosses Perdedor into the ring and heads in after him. The ref forces the two superstars into their respective corners.

    Jim Taylor: Wow, it looks like we might actually have a real match now, Timmy.

    Tim Coleman: Hopefully we'll still get one of those nip slips too.

    Humanity has Sicario set up for a suplex but Sicario manages to counter his way out of it. He then dives to the corner and tags Miss Reign into the match.

    Jim Taylor: Did you see that? What a coward.

    Tim Coleman: Why not do that? Sicario want's a breather and that's the best way to get it.

    Reign comes in and jaws at Humanity but he eventually heads over and tags in El Perdedor. The two then lock up and Perdedor gets the advantage, hitting Reign with a quick kick and then a bodyslam. He flips off the ropes and hits a legdrop. He goes for another one but Reign counters it into an ankle lock.

    Jim Taylor: Wow, these two can wrestle.

    Tim Coleman: And she's hot, so it's a double bonus, Jim.

    Reign keeps the ankle lock cinched in but Perdedor eventually makes it to the ropes. The ref forces Reign to break the hold. The two circle each other in the ring and then Reign tries to grab at Perdedor but he slides out and puts an armlock on Reign. Perdedor continues to apply the pressure and Reign's about to tap but Sicario hits the ring and stomps on Perdedor, who is forced to release the hold.

    Jim Taylor: That's disgusting.

    Tim Coleman: Hey, all's fair in love, war and wrestling, Jim.

    Humanity hits the ring but the ref pushes him back, which allows Sicario and Reign to double team Perdedor. Reign then grabs Perdedor, tosses him into the ropes and tries a back body drop but Perdedor jumps right over her and makes the hot tag to Humanity who hits the ring like a house on fire.

    Jim Taylor: Humanity wants Sicario and he's going to get him.

    Tim Coleman: Sicario should stay in his corner and let Reign do his fighting for him, I'm sure she could beat up Humanity.

    Jim Taylor: You really are sick aren't you?

    Tim Coleman: Yes, thanks for noticing.

    Sicario looks mad that he's been forced back into the match and he charges at Humanity but meets a quick boot to the face. Humanity then tosses Sicario into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Sicario ducks it and hits a flying forearm on the way back. He quickly covers Humanity for the pin.



    Jim Taylor: Oh, that was close.

    Tim Coleman: Humanity should just stay down, now Sicario is going to hurt him even more.

    Sicario picks up Humanity and tosses him into the ropes and as he comes off Sicario hits him with a powerslam. He follows that up with a legdrop to Humanity's midsection and he covers again.



    Jim Taylor: Humanity kicks out again. There's no quit in this guy.

    Tim Coleman: There should be.

    Sicario picks Humanity up and throws him into the corner. He then runs in and tries a clothesline but Humanity ducks out of the way and Sicario eats the turnbuckle. He stumbles backwards dazedly, right into a backbreaker from Humanity. He goes for the cover.



    Tim Coleman: YES!! Come on Sicario, you can do it.

    Jim Taylor: That was very close.

    Sicario and Humanity slug it out for a bit with neither getting the upper hand. They head into the corner and Perdedor slaps Humanity on the back, tagging himself in. He and Reign meet in the middle of the ring and start fighting while Humanity and Sicario continue to go at it as well. Reign manages to snap off a neckbreaker on Perdedor. She then goes to the top and tries a frog splash but at the same time, Sicario attempts to hit a superkick on Humanity. Humanity manages to duck out of the way as Perdedor rolls out of Reign's way and Sicario superkick connects right with Reign's jaw on the way down. Humanity hits The Devil's Whisper on Sicario which sends him sprawling out of the ring while Perdedor covers Reign.




    Jim Taylor: What a match and what a finish! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that, Timmy.

    Tim Coleman: Bah, the wrong team won, but that was a hell of an effort from everyone. Reign could be dead after that superkick!

    Lindsay Monahan: ...and your winners of the match, Humanity and Elllll Perdedor!

    Humanity and El Perdedor celebrate in the middle of the ring while Sicario heads over and checks on Reign.

    Match 3: Tag-Team Championship Number One Contender Series

    The Diamond Dogs VS The Nasty Alliance VS The Montreal Death Cult
    *Team that takes the pinfall is out of the remaining three-team series

    VS VS

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back to Adrenaline Rush ladies and gentlemen, I’m Jim Taylor alongside my broadcast partner Tim Coleman and we are about to begin week number two of the tag-team championship number one contender’s series. Last week we saw El Prededor and his partner eliminated from the series after being pinned by the Montreal Death Cult and tonight we’ll narrow things down to teams.

    Tim Coleman: Look, I’m all for the final three teams in this match, I believe that each team could be a decent challenger for the champions. However, if they perform like they did last week - teams hiding outside of the ring away from the action, teams being afraid to engage and team members refusing to tag out when they need to - then The Elite is going to continue dominating and embarrassing the teams of the company.

    Cut the Cord by Shinedown begins to play through the speaker system and the fans unload with a chorus of boos as Nate Savage makes his way from behind the curtain holding his Pure Wrestling championship walking at a fast-determined pace towards the ring with Jackson Fenix looking over his shoulder and around the arena for presumably, Shawn Summers.

    Jim Taylor: Just from their entrance alone, I feel like maybe Nate Savage has taken your advice, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: That’s great and I’m excited to see what he brings to the match, BUT this is a tag-team match. Savage looks ready and determined to compete, but Fenix looks paranoid and concerned with a possible appearance from Shawn Summers. The Elite aren’t even competing in this match and they’ve already gotten in his head.

    The lights in the arena dim and begin to flicker to the beat of I Could Care Less by DevilDriver and the fans give off a mixed reaction for the arrival of the Montreal Death Cult. Remo Richardson, Hudson Drake, and Morgan Malone make their way out onto the stage standing side by side. The camera shifts to Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix in the ring with Savage whispering into Fenix’s ear, seemingly working on a plan. The camera shifts back to The Montreal Death Cult who now walk down the ramp with Remo leading as the fans put their hands out only for them to be ignored by the team.

    Tim Coleman: This is exactly how a team should enter a match. The Montreal DC look focused, determined, and unfazed by everything around them.

    Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle begins to play throughout the arena as mint green and neon pink laser lights begin to flash throughout the arena and the fans raise to their feet as the Diamond Dogs make their way out from behind the curtain and down the ramp, slapping the outreaching hands of fans in attendance. They enter the ring and the camera shifts to Remo Richardson perched atop the turnbuckle smirking at the Diamond Dogs with Hudson Drake and Morgan Malone standing to his sides. The scene shifts to Savage standing with his arms folded across his chest and Fenix still surveying the arena.

    The referee calls for the bell and Remo Richardson, Nate Savage, and Santino Dongarelli all agree to start for their teams. Remo Richardson can be heard dressing down Savage and Dongarelli as the three stand in the middle of the ring before backing up towards the ropes, sitting on the middle rope and motioning towards Dongarelli and Savage to exit the ring.

    Tim Coleman: Richardson is playing mind games early in this match. These teams all want that tag-team championship opportunity and he knows that. Him giving them the opportunity to leave the ring and leave the match is genius because it already plants that seed of uncertainty in their heads. They have no idea what he’s gonna do, what his intentions are or anything. This is good.

    Savage and Dongarelli stand next to each other watching Richardson hold down the rope until Savage hits him with a side elbow followed by a kick to the gut sending him bellowing over. Savage grabs him by the trunks and throws him into the Richardson, who is still holding down that middle rope. Richardson moves slightly out of the way causing Dongarelli to go flying out of the ring to the ground below.

    Savage motions for Richardson to “come on” and Richardson laughs to himself before rising from the middle rope and approaching Savage in the middle of the ring where the two exchange blows. Savage slowly starts to get the advantage of the slugfest, whipping Richardson into the ropes and charging at him with a stiff knee to the gut. He picks Richardson up knees him in the gut again before hitting a snap suplex. He holds onto Richardson, picking him back up and hitting another snap suplex on him before popping up and landing a heart attack elbow drop on him. Savage drags Richardson into his Fenix’s corner and begins stomping him in the chest before tagging in Fenix who immediately continues stomping on the chest of Richardson.

    Jim Taylor: Am I the only one that’s noticing that Richardson isn’t wincing in pain or showing any type of discomfort throughout all of this? He’s literally smiling throughout all of this.

    Tim Coleman: the Montreal Death Cult is a straight up enigma and Richardson is no exception.

    Just as Taylor notices the amusement on the face of Richardson so does Jackson Fenix, who stops stomping him and reaches down and slaps him across the face causing laughter. Fenix lifts him up and hits him with strong rights and lefts to the front while Fenix hits him with elbows to the back of the head. Fenix backs away from the corner, charges at Richardson and monkey flips him to the center of the ring. Richardson lands on his feet as Fenix turns around charges at him and is hit with a backbreaking Spinebuster in the middle of the ring before going for the cover. One, two, kick out. On the outside of the ring, Dongarelli begins to stir and finally gets up to the ring apron, jumps atop the top ring rope and jumps off with a jumping hurricanrana onto Richardson. He uses this moment to tag in Ricardo Vance who enters the ring and immediately knocks Fenix down with a high-speed roundhouse kick followed by a running knee strike from Dongarelli. Vance goes for the cover and manages to get a two and half count only for Hudson Drake to break the pin fall with a sliding stiff forearm shot to the face of Vance breaking it up. The camera shifts and shows Richardson slowly getting to his feet on one side of the ring. The camera shifts back, and we see Ricardo Vances face and his nose is clearly crooked and blood streaming down towards him mouth.

    Tim Coleman: That’s broken. That’s definitely broken.

    Richardson makes his way to the corner of him and Hudson, tagging him in as Jackson Fenix crawls and tags in Nate Savage who bulldozes into the ring dropping down on Vance with a running back splash before popping up and leveling Hudson with a decapitating clothesline. Savage continues his assault elbowing Dongarelli off the turnbuckle and front thrust kicks towards Richardson who avoids the strike by jumping off the apron. Nate Savage lifts Ricardo Vance up and tosses him into the ropes and attempts to hit him with the Nasty Bomb, but he catches Savage with a Muff Dive midair as Richardson stands on the outside of the ring with Hudson Drake, and Morgan Malone as Ricardo goes for the cover. Drake attempts to get in the ring but Richardson puts his arm out, stopping him from entering as Ricardo gets the three count eliminating The Nasty Alliance from series.

    Tim Coleman: Ricardo came out and showed the ingenuity that is needed to put up a threat against The Elite but I promise, I’m not counting out The Montreal Death Cult because we still don’t know what all they’re capable of.

    Jim Taylor: Trust me, I know what they are capable of and the finale of this series is going to be chaotic next week as we make our way back to Japan for In Exile.

    Krash is out for redetermination

    "The Kill" plays as Krash makes his way to the ring with a purpose.

    Krash: We saw two miscarriages of justice go down at Under Siege and Adrenaline Rush. First Dash Carlisle interfered in the title match between Lilith and Brayden Bridges and secondly he claimed I stood CWA up? I'd never willingly blow off the CWA Universe. Dash Carlisle is just trying to throw his weight around while he still has the chance. There's no love loss between myself and Lilith, but he knew I'd make a ruckus for him and he kept me off the show. I demand to get my spot back in the Pure Wrestling Series.

    "Livin' On A Prayer" plays as a well-dressed Sammy Riggins comes out. Suit, tie and his baseball hat, of course.

    Sammy Riggins: Whoa, whoa, whoa, little buddy. Who do we think we are demanding things after we no showed last Adrenaline Rush. We aren't in any position to make demands, now are we? It's time for you to go back to the back of the line and let a real pro handle things now.

    Krash: You can't beat me, if I'm not even here, big man. But look at this: I'm here, you here. Let's do this right now?!

    Sammy Riggins: Yeah, why don't we?

    Nate Savage blindsides Krash from behind.

    Jackson Fenix: You're never, ever getting near this Pure Title again. Do you hear us now?!

    Jim Taylor: Something needs to be done about this pack of heathens. They think they can do whatever they want.

    Tim Coleman: Something tells me they can.

    The Elite come out.

    Noah Stocke: Why don't you boys pick on someone your own size?

    The Beast stands behind The Nasty Alliance. As soon as they turn around they are both goozled around the neck. Britney from behind Beast tries to low blow Beast, but he just turns around and laughs as the frightened Britney rolls out of the ring and The Nasty Alliance retreats through the crowd.

    Match 4: Pure Wrestling Series
    Trevor Ocean w/ Noah Stocke VS Belle w/ The Beast

    The sound of “Devour” by Shinedown begins to play and Belle steps out on stage first before being joined by Beast. She nods to him and they both walk down to the ring ignoring the fan reaction they are receiving, Belle even scoffing at fans trying to reach and touch her while Beast glares at them for getting too close.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making her way to the ring being accompanied by Beast, she is “The Quinn of CWA”...BELLE!

    Now “Devil’s Dance” by Metallica hits to more jeers as Trevor Ocean steps out and of course he’s flanked by Noah Stocke. Ocean proudly displays his tag team championship gold wrapped around his waist while Stocke has his slung over his shoulder. The duo make their way down to the ring, and they take some time to trash talk along the way to some fans in the front row.

    Lindsay Monahan: Her opponent, representing The Elite and being accompanied by Noah Stocke, from Seattle, WA by way of Vancouver, BC. He weighs in at two-hundred & twenty two pounds, and he is one half of the CWA Tag Team Champions…”Full Metal”...TREVOR OCEAN!

    Jim Taylor: It’s one half of the tag team champions Trevor Ocean in singles action tonight as he takes on Belle, it’ll be interesting to see how this one will play out considering both Beast and Noah Stocke at ringside

    Tim Coleman: It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if either one of them played a factor in how this one plays out Jim.


    The bell sounds and Ocean walks up to Belle in the center of the ring, and he just laughs at her and says “Are you serious?” Belle responds back with a slap right across the face of Ocean, and she says “Not so funny now, huh?!” Ocean smiles slyly while holding his cheek and goes for a forearm strike, but Belle is one step ahead in the exchange and side steps him and sends him stumbling to the corner with a dropkick!

    Jim Taylor: Belle is certainly not one to be underestimated and she’s letting Trevor Ocean know that

    Tim Coleman: Seems to me she’s just playing hard to get

    Jim Taylor: I highly doubt that Tim

    She has Ocean in the corner and delivers some hard forearm strikes before referee Nate Byrne backs her away. Ocean holds his face and laughs at the aggression from Belle and yells at her for more, and Belle gladly obliges but Ocean sidesteps her and catches her with a quickly executed drop toe hold sending her face first into the turnbuckle padding! Ocean respositions her and fires off several forearm strikes of his own to Belle. With Belle stunned now, Ocean backs up before charging in and nails Belle right in the mush with a Rocket Kick! He drags her from the corner and then hits her with a leg hook saito suplex followed by a quick pin…ONE...NO! KICK-OUT BY BELLE!

    Jim Taylor: Belle not staying down so easily

    Tim Coleman: I’m sure that’s a first

    Jim Taylor: I don’t even want to know what you were implying there

    Ocean taunts Belle while she lays on the mat, even smacking her head while he has her on all fours. He brings her up and sends her to ropes but as he bends down after doing so, Belle comes back with a swift kick right in the face! Ocean stumbles back a few steps while holding his face and this allows Belle to run full force at Ocean and take him down with a running dropkick followed by a running clothesline for good measure to keep Ocean down. Ocean is down and Belle sets him up, kicks dust back at him before performing a standing moonsault into the pin attempt by Belle...ONE...NO! OCEAN KICKS OUT! Belle is now the one smacking around her opponent as she brings Ocean up, but she wasted too much time belittling Ocean and she pays for it with a jawbreaker from Ocean!

    Tim Coleman: All of that trash talking not wasting any time coming back to haunt Belle

    Belle stumbles back against the ropes and bounces off of them with enough momentum for Ocean to catch her with a spinebuster and a pin as he hooks the far leg...ONE...TW-NO! BELLE KICKS OUT! Ocean keeps her grounded however with a headlock yet Belle finds a way to escape and slips away from his grip and bounces back to her feet, and as Ocean charges in at her she stops him dead in his tracks with a swift kick to the midsection, doubling him over and setting him up for what looks like Quinnsanity but as she runs the ropes she’s tripped up by Stocke on the outside. She turns to him and yells at him, and Beast hauls over there staring down Stocke while he throws his hands up in defense and Belle is barking orders at Beast to handle Noah. Meanwhile, while this is happening Ocean has recovered and with Belle distracted this gives him the opportunity to strike and he catches her with Glutinous Punishment! The crossface chickenwing submission is applied now with nowhere to go for Belle and she’s forced to tap out!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Trevor Ocean!

    Jim Taylor: You may as well give an assist to Noah Stocke for distracting Belle long enough for Ocean to recover.

    Tim Coleman: That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, Jim! Maybe next time Belle won’t take her eye off the ball!

    Ocean retreats to the outside joined his tag team partner to celebrate while inside the ring Beast tends to Belle.

    Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix rush the ring and begin to stomp Ocean. Stocke attempts to make the save, but is met with a blow to the head with a microphone.

    Jackson Fenix: There's no way we're going to be cheated out of our tag-team title shot again. We had that match won fair and share. So we're not asking anymore, we're demanding a title match - right here, right now. Ring the bell, monkeys.

    Segment: Match - Tag-Team Championship Match?
    Nasty Alliance sanction themselves a Tag-Team Title Match

    Jim Taylor: There is the bell and here we go. Noah Stocke starts things off with Jackson Fenix. They circle the ring and the two lock up in the center of the ring.

    Tim Coleman: Fenix takes the upper hand and kicks Stocke in the midsection followed by a snap suplex.

    Jim Taylor: Stocke slowly pulls himself back up to his feet, Fenix goes for a knee but Stocke catches his leg and takes him down with a leg whip.

    Stocke follows it up with repeated kicks to the side of Fenix. Fenix covers up and pushes himself back up to his feet. Stocke goes for a running leg lariat but Fenix dips out of the way and sends Stocke crashing down to the mat. Stocke holds his back while Fenix follows up with a knee to the back of Stocke locking him into a chin lock with a knee to the back.

    Tim Coleman: Fenix with a submission hold, I don't think this will be enough to take out Stocke however.

    Jim Taylor: Stocke is already trying to fight out of it, he sits to the side lifts up Fenix and drops him in a belly to back suplex.

    Tim Coleman: Fenix rolls to the ropes and slowly pulls himself up. Stocke begins to do the same goes to make the tag to Ocean but Ocean doesn't respond. Fenix makes the tag to Nate Savage.

    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage is in the ring and he unloads with a huge right hand to the side of Stocke!

    Tim Coleman: Stocke doubles over and holds his side. Stocke staggers as Nate Savage hoists up Stocke in a military press and slams him down hard.

    Stocke holds his back as he tries to call back to his corner. Savage follows up with a kick to the side of the head sending Stocke rolling to the ropes. Savage stalks Stocke as he proceeds to try and get to Ocean who still looks on. Savage stomps down hard to the side of Stocke who clutches at his side. Savage quickly bounces off the ropes and looks to be coming in for another kick but Stocke gets his foot up and kicks Savage in the midsection doubling over Savage.

    Jim Taylor: What a great instinctual move by Stocke! Savage trying to regain his bearing as Stocke leaps at Ocean and slaps Ocean's hand which was still on the ropes.

    Tim Coleman: Ocean gets in the ring as Stocke pulls himself outside and to the floor. Savage comes at Ocean and gets caught with a big boot.

    Jim Taylor: Ocean is looking to clean house! Ocean looks like he may be going for the Glutinous Punishment!

    Tim Coleman: But No! Fenix has come in the ring and kick to the midsection followed by the Sin City Hangover!

    Jim Taylor: Ocean is down! Savage grabs Ocean by the back of the head and pulls him up to his feet. Savage hoists up Ocean for a chokeslam and connects!

    Tim Coleman: This smells like trouble for Ocean!

    Jackson Fenix now has Ocean exactly where he wants him, in place for the superkick...

    Jim Taylor: Uhh Ohh, Jackson is going for that boot to the head move!

    Jackson Fenix charges toward Ocean for the punt to the head but Ocean charges toward Jackson and nails a massive clothesline sending him in a backflip and landing flat on his back. Ocean stops at the corner turnbuckle with his face into the padding for a breather and Jackson rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope landing hard on the ringside floor.

    Tim Coleman: I felt that over here!

    Jim Taylor: I know, I think Ocean knocked Fenix clean out cold.

    Nate Savage, the other member of Nasty Alliance enters the ring and charges into Ocean from behind with a big splash sending Oceans face into the steel of the corner turnbuckle. Nate Savage grabs Ocean by the head and tosses him into the corner where Noah Stocke is seen standing and out of desperation, Noah Stocke tag's himself into the match. Noah climbs through the ropes and charges at Nate with a clothesline but it has no effect. He bounces backward off the ropes and makes another attempt but Nate nails a big boot.

    Tim Coleman: There goes Noah.

    Jim Taylor: Ocean can consider himself done now...

    Jackson Fenix has found his way back into the ring as the legal man, and Nate Savage exits through the ropes back to his corner. Jackson grabs Noah by the head and lifts him to his feet tossing him across the ring to the ropes. Noah comes back and leaps over Jackson. Noah immediately turns around and drop kicks Jackson in the back of the head sending him through the ring ropes to the outside of the ring once again!

    Tim Coleman: He can't seem to stay in the ring at all tonight!

    Jim Taylor: He has butterfeet, what can he do?

    Tim Coleman: HA HA!

    Noah Stocke turns around and is immediately met with a closed fist across the forehead from Nate Savage as the Referee did not see it while checking on Jackson Fenix. Ocean is still laying outside the ring on the ground and is now seen with a small amount of blood dripping from his forehead.

    Jim Taylor: Ocean is bleeding!

    Tim Coleman: I knew it was bound to happen with that post connecting to his forehead!

    Jackson gets back to his feet and rolls back into the ring. He waits patiently as Noah Stocke returns to his feet and as he turns around, Jackson begins slapping him across the chest with a few hard chops! Jackson tosses him across the ring again and as Noah comes back Jackson locks in a sleeper hold.

    Jim Taylor: Time to tap out Noah!

    Tim Coleman: Noah can hang in there, watch...

    After a few brief moments of the sleeper hold, Noah Stocke goes under the arm of Jackson Fenix and tosses him into the corner turnbuckle chest first. Fenix comes backward and Stocke nails a dropkick to the back of his left knee. Fenix goes down to one knee and Stocke runs across the ring for the ropes and back for a charging shoulder thrust but Fenix moves and Stocke goes straight into the steel post! Fenix rolls across the ring and makes the tag to Nate Savage.

    Jim Taylor: Here we go!

    Nate Savage enters the ring quickly and as Stocke slowly backs out of the corner post, he turns around and Nate Savage grabs him across the throat, lifts him high into the air and nails the Chokeslam!

    Tim Coleman: He got it right in the center of the ring!

    Jim Taylor: Stocke is out cold!

    Savage makes the cover...




    Jim Taylor: How did Ocean do that!

    Tim Coleman: We both thought he was out cold!

    Ocean used his final breath to break the pinfall and it has sent Nate Savage into a rage of fury. Nate Savage raises himself to his feet and grabs Ocean by the head lifting him up to his feet. Savage tosses him across the ring and as Ocean comes back he connects with a Nasty Bomb! Nate Savage falls backward right into the corner where Jackson Fenix is seen. Jackson reaches over the ropes and tags himself into the match.

    Tim Coleman: Smart move by Jackson Fenix.

    Jim Taylor: Very Smart!

    Ocean is now seen leaving the ring under the ropes and back to the floor. Jackson Fenix climbs the top turnbuckle as Noah Stocke is seen getting to his feet. Stocke turns around and Fenix leaps nailing a high knee!!

    Jim Taylor: The diving high knee!

    Tim Coleman: It's over!

    Fenix makes the cover over Stocke in the center of the ring.




    Jim Taylor: ITS OVER!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners??? Nasty Alliance, Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix?!

    Theo Atkins comes out waving his hands in the air.

    Theo Atkins: I don't think so. I said CWA was no longer going to let the inmates run the asylum and I meant that. That match was not sanctioned and therefore still your tag-team champions The Elite.

    Dash Carlisle wastes no time rushing out to get in Atkins face.

    Dash Carlisle: Overruled. Not only do I sanction that title change, I applaud their take charge initiative.

    Theo Atkins: You don't have the authority to make that call anymore.

    Dash Carlisle: I guess we'll see after In Exile who's the Undisputed Tag-Team Champions and who does or doesn't have the authority around here.

    Lilith demands her rematch

    The lights go out and we're greeted with Lilith standing in the ring.

    Lilith: It seems to me that this company still doesn't understand that I own this company. If you still don't see that, my lawyers will see to it that you do.

    Brayden Bridges comes on the DashCam above the stage. He appears standing over the bloody and bruised bodies of The Dark Watch.

    Brayden Bridges: Did I hear that, right? Your lawyers? Since when does Lilith hide behind her Lawyers' skirt? It doesn't matter to me. I know it, you know it, and the CWA Universe knows you quit. Just in case I haven't made my case convincing enough for you, even your Dark Watch knows it.

    Brayden rips the tape off Nitro's mouth.

    Brayden Bridges: Do you quit?

    Brayden smacks him around a bit more.

    Brayden Bridges: Well, do you?

    Noah Nitro: I do, I do. I quit. I quit. I quit.

    Brayden Bridges: Seems to me they quit. What about you?

    West violently shakes his head in agreement.

    Lilith: Whatever these malcontents do or don't say is of no concern to me. I have not now nor will I ever say the words "I quit."

    Brayden Bridges: You just did and when I see you at In Exile you will again.

    Lilith: Whoever said the rematch would also be an I Quit Match?

    Brayden Bridges: You'll see in due time. You don't need to worry about me tonight, though. I'd worry about him.

    The Beast is in the ring and for once Lilith is the one caught off guard.

    Beast: I told you you'd seen my lovely face again. You may no longer have the worlds title, but this isn't over by a long shot. You and me right now!

    Before Lilith has a chance to respond Britney once again cracks Beast from behind, but this time she's learned to bring a steel chair. Savage and Fenix slide in the ring and both land a superkick on Beast bringing him to a knee. Sammy Riggins uses this moment to launch off the ropes and catch Beast in a rear naked choke. Beast laughs him off and slams him into the canvas as Elite and Krash hit the ring with singapore canes to chase off Britney, Savage and Fenix.

    Theo Atkins: This is the kind of chaos I was talking about. Every other segment is you lot coming out to the ring, demanding things and then attacking each other from behind. We don't settle our problems like that here in the CWA. Tonight in the main event it there will be an eight-man tag team match between Krash, Noah Stocke, Brayden Bridges and The Beast on one side and The Dark Watch, Britney Adams and Sammy Riggins on the other. It's time to settle these scores.

    Tim Coleman: Noah Stocke and Beast on the same team after Elite eliminated Beast and Belle from the Pure Wrestling Series?

    Jim Taylor: It's going to be one explosive powder keg in the main event.

    Match 5: Proving Grounds Match
    Jermaine Rose w/ Zaya VS Apollo Griffin


    We come back from a commercial break to see Apollo Griffin pacing back and forth in the ring. He is smiling and stretching his arms out, getting ready for the arrival of his opponent.

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back to Adrenaline Rush, everyone! We're set for our final Proving Grounds matchup of the night. And we see Apollo Griffin awaiting the arrival of his debuting opponent, right now!

    Just then, “American Pharoah” by Jase Harley begins playing throughout the arena. Jermaine Rose and his wife Zaya emerge through the curtain. Jermaine stops center stage and pulls his sunglasses down his nose and then flashes a bright smile at his wife, Zaya, who places a hand on her man's shoulder. The duo begin their walk down the ring. Zaya is the serious looking one of the two as Jermaine seems to be enjoying the spotlight and taking in the moment. They approach ringside and he takes off his glasses and unzips his vest. He takes it off and hands both items to his wife. Jermaine's smile turns to a scowl as he slides into the ring and immediately attacks Apollo Griffin with a stiff clothesline! He follows suit with several repeated stomps in the center of the ring on the fallen “Fresh Prince of Brooklyn.”

    As Zaya is at ringside watching her man take care of business, he flashes her a quick smile. He then turns his attention back to Apollo. Rose picks Griffin up and shoots him off the ropes and waits for him to come back to swing around Apollo's body and pull him backwards into a school boy, but Rose forces him on through to his knees and then follows up with a rolling enzuigiri. Apollo rolls over to the ropes and instead of getting back to his feet, Jermaine Rose lays in the middle of the ring, crosses his feet, and showboats after the work he's done so far. Just as it looks as if Apollo is making it back to his feet, Jermaine Rose kips back up to his feet and immediately grabs the head of Apollo in a side headlock. He has the headlock cinched. Once again flashing the smile to the crowd, Rose seems to be in control. But just then, Apollo hits a couple forearm shots to the mid section of Rose, backs him up to the ropes, and then shoots him off. Rose comes back, ducks a clothesline, bounces off the other side again, and when Apollo goes for a back body drop, Rose lands on his feet! He wipes the dust off his shoulder, but turns around to catch the clothesline from Apollo Griffin! Griffin goes for the cover, but only gets a two count.

    Rose shakes the cobwebs off as he makes it back to his feet but is caught with a headlock takeover from Apollo Griffin. Griffin flashes a smile of his own to his fans as now the tide seems to have been turned in this match. He grinds the head of Rose with the headlock, but then Rose reaches up with his legs and catches the head of Griffin in a headscissors. Rose, now sitting up in position, slaps the stomach of Apollo and seems to be taking things a little more seriously now. Apollo attempts to kick out of the hold, but isn't able to. He tries again, but same result. Finally, Apollo is able to kick out and then falls right back down on top of Rose with the same side headlock, but Rose uses that momentum to pull Apollo over his body. Rose, in the same motion, ends up on top of Apollo, picks up up, and throws him up for a Saito side suplex!

    Tim Coleman: Did you see that? Jermaine Rose just used Apollo's momentum against him in a way I've never seen before! One second, he was in a headlock, and in the same fluid motion, he somehow found his way to his feet for a suplex!

    Rose goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Rose stays on his knees and looks at his wife as if to ask for advice. Zaya looks at her husband and smiles, to which he follows suit in return.

    Just then, the camera pans backstage to Derek Levy, who is sitting in front of a monitor with an obnoxiously large bowl of popcorn and a CWA souvenir cup of soda. He is laughing as he seems to be mocking the way Jermiane Rose and Zaya were watching his match earlier in the night.

    Jim Taylor: Look at this! Derek Levy, who we saw in action earlier tonight, is doing the same thing we saw Jermaine Rose doing earlier. You gotta wonder what this is all about.

    As the camera pans back to the ring, Rose is flying off the middle turnbuckle with a spinning tornado DDT! Once again, he only gets a two count. But this time, he gets right back to his feet. Rose takes a lap around the ring to pander to the crowd while he waits for Apollo to make it back to his feet. When he does, Rose is stalking him from behind. He waits for Apollo to turn his back, and when he does, Rose darts across the ring, bounces off the ropes, and leaps towards Apollo with the X Strike kick to the face! Instead of going for the cover, Rose holds his arms out in arrogance on his knees. He then signals that the end is near. He stands up and begins yelling at Apollo to “get his ass up.” He paces back and forth and awaits Apollo to answer his commands. When he finally does, Rose races across the ring once more, bounces off the ropes, and spins around to deliver a Rolling Elbow, followed by an Ace Crusher in the same fluid motion!

    Jim Taylor: Oh my! He calls that THE STRIKE OF NEGUS!!!! What precision on that maneuver!

    Rose goes for the cover...




    The bell sounds and Rose is on his knees facing the hard camera. In the background, you see Zaya making her way up the steps and into the ring. She walks up and stands behind her man. Just then, the camera pans backstage once again to Derek Levy. Levy is now standing as he puts down his popcorn and soda and removes his sunglasses. A serious look is on the face of Levy. He crosses his arms as he studies the monitor.

    Rose and Zaya stand tall in the middle of the ring as “American Pharaoh” sounds throughout the arena.

    Tim Coleman: I, for one, can't wait to see this inevitable confrontation between CWA's newest rising stars. The future looks very bright for this organization!

    Jim Taylor: No doubt about it, Tim. “The American Pharoah” is here for all the gold, there's no doubt about it. But I have a feeling Derek Levy may have something to say on that matter. We'll be right back!

    Main Event: Eight-Man Tag Team Match
    Krash, Noah Stocke, Brayden Bridges and The Beast VS Sammy Riggins, Britney Adams, and The Dark Watch

    The theme music for The Dark Watch hits and out comes West and Nitro, showing no real emotion or anything as they make their way out, still bloody and bruised.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making their way to the ring first, representing The Dark Watch...NOAH NITRO & THOMAS WEST!

    “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi hits and some cheers for Sammy Riggins who looks ready for action. He plays up to the fans on the way to the ring and slaps some hands in the front row.

    Lindsay Monahan: Their tag team partner, from San Diego, CA and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds…”Sweet” SAMMY RIGGINS!


    “Gimme More” by Britney Spears hits and Britney Adams slowly and seductively makes her way out. Negative reaction from the women and children, while an unsurprisingly positive reaction from the adult males in the audience. She walks down to the ring and scoffs at anyone that gets too close.

    Lindsay Monahan: and their tag team partner, from Toronto, Ontario, CA by way of Beverly Hills, CA and weighing in one hundred & forty-one pounds, she is “Wrestling Royalty”...BRITNEY ADAMS!

    Tim Coleman: I don’t know about you Jim, but Britney Adams makes me feel some kind of way…

    Jim Taylor: I don’t know if you’re aware but she has a boyfriend, Jackson Fenix

    Tim Coleman: Oh I am aware but a guy can dream, right?

    “Devour” by Shinedown hits before Jim can retort and Beast hauls on out on stage, sans Belle who is still recovering from her match earlier in the evening. He marches down to the ring paying no mind to the fans that reach out to him, and keeps his eyes on the ring specifically on Sammy Riggins.

    Lindsay Monahan: Their opponents, first from Dallas, TX by way of Houston, TX and weighing in at three-hundred & eighty pounds...BEAST!

    “Hell of a Life” by Kanye West plays and Noah Stocke walks out looking as arrogant as ever while his tag team championship rests snuggly around his waist. Beast watches Stocke make his way out, not forgetting what Stocke did earlier in the evening to Belle.

    Lindsay Monahan: His tag team partner, from Montreal, Quebec, CA by way of Vancouver, BC and weighing in at two-hundred pounds, representing The Elite and one half of the CWA Tag Team Champions...NOAH STOCKE!

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner.

    Lindsay Monahan: and their tag team partner, from Melbourne, AU and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds...he is “The Heartbeat of CWA”...KRASH!

    Jim Taylor: Listen to this ovation! The fans going wild for their fellow countryman!

    Tim Coleman: These Aussies sure do love Krash and I can’t say I blame them right now. He’s the only one man enough these days to stand up to the authority around here…

    Jim Taylor: Maybe mince your words there, partner. You know who signs your check around here and he has ears everywhere…

    “The Bottom” by Devour the Day hits and the boos rain down as the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Brayden Bridges makes his way out. Bridges ignores the reaction and slowly walks down to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: And finally, from New Orleans, LA and weighing in at two-hundred & forty-five pounds, he is “The Lost Soul” and the CWA World Heavyweight Champion...BRAYDEN BRIDGES!

    Jim Taylor: Here comes the man shrouded in controversy as of late, the world champion Brayden Bridges

    Tim Coleman: That’s putting it lightly Jim. The man is a sell-out, plain and simple. I’m usually all for taking the easy way out, but not like how he did it…

    Krash and Bridges already sharing some choice words with each other while Beast tries to keep the peace between them and Stocke just laughs. Meanwhile, Britney is trying to give orders to her team, Riggins just shrugs while The Dark Watch ignore her. Britney insists on starting the match for their team, Riggins obliges once he sees who is starting the match for the other team and The Dark Watch don’t really care either way.


    Britney turns around with a smile only for it to turn upside down and is now looking on in horror as Beast stands before her. She quickly makes the tag to Riggins, who is quick to make the tag back to her. They begin to argue but Beast has had enough and grabs Britney by the hair causing her to scream, and he just slams her to the mat with powerful force! Britney holds her head and rolls to her side on the mat, grabbing the bottom rope to help herself up and senses Beast stalking her and tells him to back off. He moves in closer, ignoring her warnings and she ends up slapping him across the face. Beast smiles sadistically and grabs her by the shoulders and shoves her in her corner and barks at her to tag in Riggins, which Riggins responds with, “Come on man, wtf?!” Britney is quick to tag in Riggins and exits to the apron. Riggins is reluctant and slow to enter the ring, but Beast gives him a helping hand and pulls him in close for a belly to belly suplex!

    Tim Coleman: Beast giving a whole new meaning the term, “a helping hand”!

    Beast drags Sammy up by his hair and shoves him in the corner, and delivers a giant chest slap that echoes throughout the arena! Sammy howls in pain while holding his chest, which is now beet red. Beast charges back and runs back in at Sammy for a huge corner splash! Sammy is on spaghetti legs now at this point but a blind tag is made by Noah Stocke, much to the dismay of Beast and the rest of the fans that boo Stocke. Noah enters the ring and stomps away at Riggins before dragging him away from the corner and hits a crisp looking snap suplex! Sammy rolls over to his now but Noah is still on the attack and delivers a sharp soccer kick to the midsection! Sammy is in trouble now as Noah brings him up, but Sammy finds a way to fight him off and chops Noah right across the chest several times before sending him off the ropes and catches him on the return with an overhead belly to belly suplex! Sammy drags Noah over and makes the tag to Thomas West of The Dark Watch and West hits Stocke with a huge corner splash followed by a tag from Nitro, who delivers a corner splash of his own and a blind tag from Britney and she comes in and puts a boot right to Noah’s throat!

    Jim Taylor: Noah Stocke looking a little worse for wear right now

    Tim Coleman: Boy do I envy Noah right now, what I would give for her to treat me that way!

    Jim Taylor: Please keep it in your pants, and need I remind you again she has a boyfriend and I’m sure he’s watching and listening!

    After choking Noah with her boot, Britney holds her arms out to the fans who shower her in boos and catcalls from the males. She turns around in time to duck an attack from Noah and counters back with a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT and a pin...ONE...NO! KICK OUT BY NOAH! Britney drags Noah in position and looks for a split legged moonsault, but Noah rolls out of the way in time forcing Britney to eat the canvas! Noah rolls back to his corner where he makes the tag to Bridges and the boos get louder than ever as Brayden enters the match, and just as Britney is getting to her feet she makes a tag to Thomas West and as he enters the match he makes a beeline to Bridges and the two big men start trading lefts and rights before Bridges gains the upper hand with a knee to the midsection followed by an inverted headlock backbreaker! Bridges makes the cover...ONE...NO! SHOULDER UP BY WEST!

    Bridges brings up West for a gutwrench powerbomb but West slips away and behind Bridges and clubs him in the back. He turns Bridges around and tosses him across the ring with a fallaway slam! Bridges rolls over to his corner and once he’s on his feet a blind tag is made by Krash much to the delight of the fans. Bridges, however, it's not happy as he glares at Krash but Krash pays not mind to that and runs in, ducking a clothesline from West and nails him with a pele kick! West drops to one knee in a daze and eats a fame asser from Krash for his troubles! Krash now makes the cover...ONE...TW-NO! IT’S BROKEN UP BY NOAH NITRO! Nitro stomps away at Krash before being reprimanded by the senior referee Billy Stevens. West recovers and makes the tag to Nitro, and now Nitro can legally stomp away at Krash much to the dismay of fans. He throws Krash in the corner and it’s there where Riggins cheap shots Krash with a punch while Nitro stomps away at him. Riggins blind tags himself in and continues to punish Krash but Krash makes a comeback, shoving Riggins off of him out of the corner and delivers a spear to take out Riggins as well as himself!

    After several passing seconds Krash makes the tag to Beast just as Riggins in up, and Sammy eats a clothesline from Beast! Both Nitro and West enter the match and eat double clotheslines from Beast! Britney has entered but looks at Beast hesitantly and asks him, “You wouldn’t hurt me, would you?”

    Tim Coleman: If Beast knew what was good for him he wouldn’t lay a finger on her, she’s wrestling royalty!

    Beast nods but then pulls Britney in and sends her flying to the corner with a hard irish whip, and as she bounces off she stumbles into his hand over her throat and he’s about to chokeslam her, but Riggins clips him from behind forcing Beast to drop her. Riggins realizes the error he has made but it’s too late as Beast pulls him...CHOKESLAM! Meanwhile on the outside, Bridges and Stocke are dealing with The Dark Watch and a blind tag is made by Krash and Krash climbs up top...DAYBREAKER! DIVING ELBOW DROP FOR THE WIN! ONE...TWO...THREE!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winners of the match, the team of Krash, Noah Stocke, Beast and Brayden Bridges!

    The Nasty Alliance race down the ramp and come to aid of Britney, and Trevor comes from the crowd for Noah while the camera shifts to the rafters of the arena where we see Lilith looking down on everyone.

    Dash Carlisle: Enough. Enough. ENOUGH. I've decided what our In Exile main event is going to be. Since you 12 can't seem to stop interfering in each other's matches, calling each other out, asking for rematches; we're to settle this all in one match. Last time we were Under Siege and now some of you will be In Exile after this next Sunday because someone will be exiled after this battle is over. We're settling all the scores in a winner takes all match. We're going to see The Dark Watch get their rematch for the Worlds Championship. We're going to see The Elite and Krash join forces to both defend their Tag-Team Titles and get their respective Pure Title matches. The Nasty Alliance will also have Sammy Riggins by their side to not only help them retain the Pure Championship, but possibly even finally prove they are the true Tag-Team Champions and don't forget Sammy Riggins will not get Beast and Belle in a match where's there's no escape. And who could let Brayden Bridges defend the Worlds Championship without backup either, as he's going to have Beast and Belle on his side when he defends the title and the CWA itself one last time against The Dark Watch. 4 teams. 3 championships. 2 rings. 1 steel cage. It's going to be WarGames!

    There’s an intense stare-down between everyone as the show comes to a close!
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush EP#172: Thornbury, Victoria [Show Thread]

    Holy shit, War Games.

    Holy shit, War Games with every title on the line.

    Holy shit, War Games with every team having a unique stipulation that could cause world-changing ramifications throughout all of CWA.

    ... Holy shit.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush EP#172: Thornbury, Victoria [Show Thread]

    War Games fuck yea


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