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Thread: Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)

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    Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)


    January 10th, 2016

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. In Minnesota, the Vikings know that all too well. Since 1976, they have appeared in the NFL playoffs 15 times. In all those times, they have never appeared in the Super Bowl. Hell, Minnesota's never even won a Super Bowl. Their downfall is usually something so preventable, sometimes not. A missed kick, a dropped pass, a shut-out loss. Thus is life in Minnesota. It's not like the Twins or the Timberwolves are useful, and the Wild are always taken out of the NHL playoffs early. It's an exercise in futility, to be frank. This missed kick? This is not the last of sudden heartbreak for the family clad in purple, it is the same scene for the last 20 years. It only brings flashbacks to Gary Anderson missing the kick in the 1998-1999 NFC Championship.

    For Minnesota, their season is over. For the Seattle Seahawks, they will go to be blasted by Carolina, who is on their way to a Super Bowl appearance and eventual loss at the hands of a retiring Peyton Manning. Rumors have been swirling, however, that change is coming. The Wilf family, owners of the Vikings since 2005, are rumored to be in negotiations with a mystery financier about the sale of the Minnesota Vikings for approximately $3 Billion.

    Those rumors would prove to be correct, though. The Vikings were sold for exactly that amount with the Wilfs continuing to be minority owners. Under new management, it looks like the Vikings are looking to finally break the curse that has long afflicted them and their fans. This is the beginning of a new era in Vikings football. This is in search of Valhalla. This is the quest for the ever-elusive Lombardi Trophy. What's the worst that could happen? Well... never mind.




    Teddy Bridgewater 82
    Shaun Hill 69
    Joel Stave 63
    Taylor Heinicke 59


    Adrian Peterson 91

    Jerick McKinnon 77
    Matt Asiata 72
    Jhurell Pressley 64


    Zach Line 69


    Stefon Diggs 78

    Jarius Wright 76
    Charles Johnson 75
    Laquon Treadwell 73
    Cordarrelle Patterson 71
    Adam Thielen 68
    Moritz Boehringer 61

    Tight End

    Kyle Rudolph 82

    Mycole Pruitt 74
    Rhett Ellison 70
    Brian Leonhardt 62
    David Morgan 62
    Kyle Carter 58
    Kevin McDermott 50

    Left Tackle

    Matt Kalil 83

    Andre Smith 78
    Austin Shepherd 66

    Left Guard

    Brandon Fusco 73

    Willie Beavers 70
    Zac Kerin 64


    John Sullivan 87

    Joe Berger 81
    Nick Easton 64

    Right Guard
    Alex Boone 82

    Mike Harris 79

    Right Tackle

    TJ Clemmings 71

    Jeremiah Sirles 63

    Left Defensive End

    Brian Robison 81

    Scott Crichton 70
    Zach Moore 66
    Justin Trattou 66

    Right Defensive End

    Everson Griffen 87

    Danielle Hunter 74
    Stephen Weatherly 64

    Defensive Tackle

    Linval Joseph 92

    Sharrif Floyd 85
    Kenrick Ellis 76
    Tom Johnson 72
    Shamar Stephen 69
    BJ Dubose 63

    Left Outside Linebacker

    Anthony Barr 90

    Edmond Robinson 58

    Middle Linebacker

    Eric Kendricks 77

    Audie Cole 70
    Kentrell Brothers 68

    Right Outside Linebacker

    Chad Greenway 77

    Emmanuel Lamur 72
    Brandon Watts 65


    Xavier Rhodes 79

    Terence Newman 76
    Captain Munnerlyn 76
    Mackensie Alexander 72
    Trae Waynes 70
    Marcus Sherels 64
    Melvin White 64
    Jabari Price 62

    Free Safety

    Harrison Smith 97

    Michael Griffin 78
    Antone Exum Jr. 71
    Anthony Harris 69

    Strong Safety

    Andrew Sendejo 78

    Jayron Kearse 68


    Blair Walsh 79


    Jeff Locke 70

    ​Head Coach

    Mike Zimmer

    First I want to adress the elephant in the room. I know this is a somewhat similar project to the one Musashi is doing here, but this one is more focused on one team, not a league, and this deals more with the inner-workings and cap situation involved with the decisions made by me (the owner). Needless to say, I'm playing the game in Franchise Mode, as a custom owner, using the Preseason Roster. The game will begin in Week 1 of Preseason, 2016.

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    Re: Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)

    Looks awesome, I’ll be following. Will be pretty cool to see how you deal with the cap, draft and free agents. Good luck with this!

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    Re: Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)

    I love a good Football BTB and the Vikings are always an interesting choice. Will be reading, Yuri. Good luck with the project, buddy.

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    Re: Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)

    Week 1:

    Transactions & Acquisitions:

    - Vikings Signs 29 Year Old Full Back Darrel Young (78 Overall)

    He may be a little older for my liking, but his talent as a free agent is undeniable. Zach Line is younger than Darrel, but I need someone who can protect Teddy Bridgewater in the backfield. In my opinion, this was a great pickup on our part, especially this early in Pre-Season.

    - Cut Quarterback Joel Stave (63 Overall)

    It may only be week one of Preseason, but already I'm going to go ahead and make several cuts to the team. The first of many cuts is to be young rookie Joel Stave. Stave had some promise, but not truly enough to justify staying on the future 53-Man roster. Unfortunate, but it is what it is.

    - Cut Running Back Jhurell Pressley (64 Overall)

    To be frank, with Adrian Peterson still in the backfield, it'll be tough to see how other running backs gauge against other teams. This is Peterson's team until he either leaves or retires. He's on thin ice, however, as far as I'm concerned. Pressley is an unfortunate victim of circumstance.

    - Cut Full Back Zach Line (69 Overall)

    With the hire of Young, Line was clearly going to be gone from the team. I feel a bit bad about getting rid of young raw talent, but Darrel's talent is the best we're going to get for a while.

    - Cut Wide Receiver Charles Johnson (75 Overall)

    A bit of a confusing move, at first glance. However, there's a method to the madness. Johnson is a decent receiver, yes, but this is more for the development of Laquon Treadwell and Adam Thielen. I'm sure Johnson will find work elsewhere.

    - Cut Tight End Brian Leonhardt (62 Overall)

    Leonhardt was among the several people cut from the roster. We have a surplus of Tight End talent, so I believe it's not such a great loss to cut Brian.

    - Cut Right Tackle Jeremiah Sirles (63 Overall)

    Sirles has never been a great backup, and with Berger moved to right tackle, he is no longer necessary.

    - Cut Left Defensive End Justin Trattou (66 Overall)

    Trattou is a victim of roster movement, and was cut to help with the development of Danielle Hunter

    - Cut Cornerback Melvin White (64 Overall)

    With the surplus of Cornerback talent, Melvin White was excess baggage and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), was the most cost-effective cut.

    Roster Moves:

    - Joe Berger moved from Center to Right Tackle (81 Overall to 85 Overall)

    With John Sullivan as the starter at Center for the foreseeable future, Berger is best placed over at Right Tackle, where he can make an immediate impact instead of hinging on TJ Clemmings to suddenly get good. There's one major problem, however. Between Sullivan, Boone, and Berger, they will all be on the wrong side of 30 next year. I need to inject new talent in due time or I may be between a rock and a hard place.

    - Defensive Tackle BJ Dubose (63 Overall) Placed on Injured Reserve (Torn ACL)

    Dubose suffered a horrible contact injury in practice and it was revealed to be the worst-case scenario. With a torn ACL, Dubose has been placed on Injured Reserve and is unlikely to return even next year.

    Paul Brown Stadium
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    3 0 0 7 0 10
    0 7 3 0 0 10

    Vikings, Bengals Tie in Preaseason

    (Teddy Bridgewater preparing a handoff)

    In the preseason opener, the Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals fought to a tie in a low scoring, defensive affair. Among the highlights was a last minute pass from veteran backup Shaun Hill to Cordarelle Patterson to score the game-tying touchdown. During overtime, Hill threw a costly interception with 37 seconds left at the Bengals 30 yard line to determine the tie.

    Teddy Bridgewater was 3/4 for 70 yards, with Stefon Diggs and Laquon Treadwell the recipients of his pass attempts. Shaun Hill was 26/34 for 157 yards while throwing both a touchdown and an interception. Adam Thielen was all hands today, catching 11 passes for 161 yards. The run game however, was stagnant and was almost certainly a determining factor in the tie game. Adrian Peterson had one rush for 13 yards, while Jerick McKinnon ran several times for few yards. All was not lost for McKinnon, however, as he was excelling in the passing game today.

    On the Defensive side of the ball, Danielle Hunter looked every bit impressive as he has been made out to be, pressuring the AJ McCarron several times today and even getting 2 sacks. Trae Waynes was also a standout performer, making an interception to help set up the game tying touchdown drive.

    All in all, while the running game has not looked solid today, everything else points to a potential playoff season for Minnesota. Cincinnati may also surprise a couple people.

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    Re: Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)

    Week 2:

    Roster Moves:

    - Wide Receiver Adam Thielen (68 Overall) Placed on Injured Reserve (Torn Pectoral)

    An extremely unfortunate injury during the Seahawks game. He'll regrettably be out for the entire 2016 season. It's a damn shame, but what can you do? He's a personal pet project of mine and I'm most certainly not going to give up on him just yet.

    Preseason Game
    CenturyLink Field
    Seattle, Washington

    Minnesota Vikings
    1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
    0 7 7 10 24
    0 7 0 0 7
    Seattle Seahawks

    Vikings Pillage Seattle 24-7

    The Minnesota Vikings won an exhibition game against the Seattle Seahawks today 24-7. While the score may look good, on the field, Minnesota's running game was once again stagnant and unable to make an explosive impact. Seattle's lone score came off of a 4-yard touchdown run from quarterback Russel Wilson in the 2nd quarter.

    Shaun Hill, Minnesota's veteran backup quarterback, was 26/34 for 231 yards on his throws today. He threw both a touchdown and an interception as well. Jerick McKinnon had 5 rushes of 13 yards today, the highest amount of rushing yards the Vikings put up today, and wide receiver Laquon Treadwell caught 11 passes for 107 yards.

    On the defensive side of the ball, Danielle Hunter made his presence known with several pressures and 2 massive sacks. Backup cornerback Mackensie Alexander also made an interception late in the 3rd quarter. The defense held Seattle to a total of 133 yards of offense.

    Adam Thielen was walked off the field today after being blasted on a catch and run of 8 yards. He was slow to get up and needed help from trainers to get to the bench. An diagnosis came later today and revealed the worst-case scenario for Thielen: a torn pectoral. Soon after the news, the Vikings placed Thielen on Injured Reserve, effectively ending his season. Many people are questioning whether he could possibly return next year, as well. Time will tell.

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    Re: Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)

    Week 3:

    Transactions & Acquisitions:

    - Cut Tight End Kevin McDermott (50 Overall)

    Kevin McDermott was a very good special teams player, but his cap hit was minimal and we need to make cuts eventually.

    - Cut Defensive Tackle Tom Johnson (72 Overall)

    Tom Johnson is still a great backup player, but we saw somebody who has potential to be better and is younger than Johnson. I'm almost certain Johnson will find work in the very near future.

    - Vikings Sign 22 Year Old Defensive Tackle Vincent Valentine (72 Overall)

    Vincent Valentine was cut by the Patriots for inexplicable reasons. He was a draft pick by them this year and he's only 22, which is a good sign for us. This might just be the biggest steal of our preseason.

    Roster Moves:

    - Trae Waynes (73 Overall) Injured (Knee Cartilage Tear)

    This is probably the second biggest news coming out of this week. Waynes got hurt during the game and it looks like he could be out several weeks. Luckily, he should be able to play once he returns, but there is no estimate to when that is. We'll have to see what the doctors say.

    Preseason Game
    U.S. Bank Stadium
    Minneapolis Minnesota

    San Diego Chargers
    1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
    7 0 3 7 17
    3 7 10 3 23
    Minnesota Vikings

    Minnesota Debuts U.S. Bank
    Beats Chargers 17-23

    (Everson Griffin (97) Sacking Phillip Rivers)

    Minnesota welcomes the newest stadium in the NFL today with a pre-season debut against the San Diego Chargers. Fans were not disappointed at the grandeur of the new stadium, as they were also treated to the Vikings defeating the Chargers 17-23. Blair Walsh kicked for 11 of Minnesota's 23 points, hitting perfectly for both extra points and going 3/3 on Field Goal Attempts. The only offensive touchdown came off a 23 yard pass from Shaun Hill to the "German Unicorn" Moritz Boehringer.

    The second touchdown came from an interception return by Trae Waynes in the 3rd Quarter. It was also during that play that he was injured and had to be helped off the field. The defense fired on all cylinders, sacking Kellen Clemens five times, and Phillip Rivers once. Xavier Rhodes allowed no passes his way during the first half. The most important play, however, came from the last drive of the game, at Minnesota's 17-Yard Line. With 10 seconds left and no timeouts, Clemens attempted a slant pass to Asante Cleveland. Mackensie Alexander, whom was in coverage, jumped the route and intercepted the pass to seal the victory for Minnesota.

    Statistically, Shaun Hill had a pedestrian game, throwing 18 passes, 12 of which were completed, for 147 yards and a touchdown (the aforementioned Boehringer touchdown). Jerick McKinnon had 20 rushing attempts for 75 yards, and Moritz Boehringer had a standout game, attaining 3 catches for 73 yards and a touchdown.

    Trae Waynes's injury was diagnosed to be a tear in his knee cartilage, which could potentially keep him off the field for several weeks, and potentially longer. A rocky start to his second season in the NFL, however, Waynes stated he considers it "luck that (he) will not be gone" for the entire season.

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    Re: Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)

    Week 4:

    Transactions & Acquisitions:

    - Tight End Kyle Carter (58 Overall) Moved to Practice Squad

    - Tight End David Morgan (62 Overall) Moved to Practice Squad

    - Defensive End Stephen Weatherly (64 Overall) Moved to Practice Squad

    - Tackle Austin Shepherd (66 Overall) Moved to Practice Squad

    - Free Safety Anthony Harris (69 Overall) Moved to Practice Squad

    - Cut Free Safety Antone Exum Jr. (71 Overall)

    - Cut Outside Linebacker Brandon Watts (65 Overall)

    - Cut Guard Zac Kerin (64 Overall)

    - Cut Defensive End Zach Moore (66 Overall)

    - Cut Cornerback Jabari Price (62 Overall)

    - Center Max Tuerk (69 Overall) Signed to Practice Squad

    - Tackle Shon Coleman (68 Overall) Signed to Practice Squad

    - Guard Rees Odhiambo (66 Overall) Signed to Practice Squad

    - Outside Line Backer Aaron Wallace (67 Overall) Signed to Practice Squad

    - Guard Andre Davis (66 Overall) Signed to Practice Squad

    Preseason Game
    U.S. Bank Stadium
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Los Angeles Rams
    1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
    0 7 7 0 14
    6 6 10 3 25
    Minnesota Vikings

    Minnesota Raids Rams 14-25

    (Minnesota's Offensive Line and Los Angeles' Defensive Line)

    Minnesota defeated the Rams 14-25 in a preseason game that saw Blair Walsh go perfect on all six field goal attempts, the farthest being from 57 yards. The Los Angeles Rams, formerly of St. Louis, scored two touchdowns, but it was not enough to defeat Minnesota. Case Keenum, who was the starter for the game, had a rough one as he was sacked three times and intercepted once to put LA in a bind early. Jared Goff, the first overall draft pick in the 2016 draft, was sacked an equal amount of times by Minnesota, but was not intercepted once. He did, however, go 60% on his passes.

    Shaun Hill threw the lone touchdown in the third quarter. It was a short toss to Cordarelle Patterson who ran 5 yards from behind the line of scrimmage to gain the touchdown. Hill threw 15/21 for 194 yards and a touchdown and interception apiece. Jerick McKinnon ran as hard as he could, but on 14 carries, he could only muster 60 rushing yards, an average of 4.3 yards per run. Moritz Boehringer, surprisingly, had the best game out of all the receiving corps. Moritz had 7 receptions for 113 yards.

    Defensively, Minnesota looked to have excellent depth at the defensive line position. Danielle Hunter had 2 sacks on Case Keenum, and Stephen Weatherly attained all three sacks on Jared Goff in the second half of the game, which possibly has earned him a spot on Minnesota's practice squad.

    The biggest story was Blair Walsh's aforementioned perfect game kicking Minnesota to 19 of their 25 points. Walsh has looked to have turn around his kicking woes following the infamous botched kick that sent Minnesota home against Seattle in the 2015-16 NFL Wild Card Game. He attributes it to the locker room and upper management trusting him to do his job in spite of the incident, and that inspires confidence in him.

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    Re: Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)

    WEEK 1

    Here we are. The start of the 2016 Season Proper! We had a very good preseason, so hopefully we can translate that into success in the regular season. Here is a look at our official 53-man roster:

    Official Roster:



    Teddy Bridgewater (82 Overall)
    Shaun Hill (69 Overall)
    Taylor Heinicke (52 Overall)


    Adrian Peterson (91 Overall)
    Jerick McKinnon (77 Overall)
    Matt Asiata (72 Overall)


    Darrel Young (78 Overall)

    Wide Recievers:

    Stefon Diggs (79 Overall)
    Jarius Wright (76 Overall)
    Laquon Treadwell (73 Overall)
    Cordarrelle Patterson (71 Overall)
    Adam Thielen [Injured Reserved] (68 Overall)
    Moritz Boehringer (61 Overall)

    Tight Ends:

    Kyle Rudolph (82 Overall)
    MyCole Pruitt (74 Overall)
    Rhett Ellison (70 Overall)

    Left Tackles:

    Matt Kalil (84 Overall)
    Andre Smith (78 Overall)

    Left Guards:

    Brandon Fusco (73 Overall)
    Willie Beavers (70 Overall)


    John Sullivan (87 Overall)
    Nick Easton (64 Overall)

    Right Guards:

    Alex Boone (82 Overall)
    Mike Harris (79 Overall)

    Right Tackles:

    Joe Berger (85 Overall)
    TJ Clemmings (71 Overall)

    Left Defensive Ends:

    Brian Robison (81 Overall)
    Scott Crichton (70 Overall)

    Right Defensive Ends:

    Everson Griffen (87 Overall)
    Danielle Hunter (74 Overall)

    Defensive Tackles:

    Linval Joseph (92 Overall)
    Sharrif Floyd (85 Overall)
    Kenrick Ellis (76 Overall)
    Vincent Valentine (72 Overall)
    BJ Dubose [Injured Reserve] (63 Overall)

    Left Outside Linebackers:

    Anthony Barr (90 Overall)
    Edmund Robinson (58 Overall)

    Middle Linebackers:

    Eric Kendricks (77 Overall)
    Audie Cole (70 Overall)
    Kentrell Brothers (68 Overall)

    Right Outside Linebackers:

    Chad Greenway (77 Overall)
    Emmanuel Lamur (72 Overall)


    Xavier Rhodes (80 Overall)
    Terence Newman (76 Overall)
    Captain Munnerlyn (76 Overall)
    Mackensie Alexander (72 Overall)
    Trae Waynes (70 Overall)
    Marcus Sherels (64 Overall)

    Free Safeties:

    Harrison Smith (97 Overall)
    Michael Griffin (78 Overall)

    Strong Safeties:

    Andrew Sendejo (78 Overall)
    Jayron Kearse (68 Overall)


    Blair Walsh (79 Overall)


    Jeff Locke (70 Overall)

    Practice Squad

    Tight End Kyle Carter (58 Overall)
    Tight End David Morgan (62 Overall)
    Left Tackle Austin Shepherd (66 Overall)
    Left Guard Quinton Spain (73 Overall)
    Right Guard Austin Davis (66 Overall)
    Right Guard Rees Odhiambo (66 Overall)
    Right Tackle Shon Coleman (68 Overall)
    Right Defensive End Stephen Weatherly (64 Overall)
    Right Outside Linebacker Aaron Wallace (67 Overall)

    Transactions & Acquisitions:

    - Washington Redskins Sign Center Max Tuerk (69 Overall) From the Practice Squad

    - Vikings Sign Left Guard Quentin Spain (73 Overall) to Practice Squad

    Regular Season Game
    Nissan Stadium
    Nashville, Tennessee

    Minnesota Vikings (1-0)
    1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
    7 3 0 7 17
    0 7 0 0 7
    Tennessee Titans (0-1)

    Vikings Dominate Titans, 17-7

    (Harrison Smith Preparing to Tackle DeMarco Murray)

    The Vikings opened up the 2016 season with a dominating victory over the Tennessee Titans in their home turf of Nissan Stadium today, the final score not telling the entire story. It was a spectacularly defensive battle on the part of Minnesota, stuffing DeMarco Murray for a grand total of 19 yards rushing, and Marcus Mariota had the worst game of his career, passing for a total of 92 yards. He was sacked 6 times, and intercepted twice.

    Teddy Bridgewater showed signs of improvement today when he threw 18/21 and 230 yards. He also threw two touchdowns, as well as the lone Tennessee touchdown, off a 6-yard interception return by Wesley Woodyard. Adrian Peterson barely scraped by 100 yards on 29 attempts, garnering no touchdowns as he could not get the job done in the red zone. Rookie Wide Receiver Laquon Treadwell also appeared to make an impact, making 6 receptions for 74 yards.

    On the defensive side of the ball, it was easy pickings as Danielle Hunter garnered 2 sacks, and 3 tackle-for-losses. Xavier Rhodes had an interception against Mariota, as well as Harrison Smith, who also had a sack on Mariota in the 1st quarter. The Titans had no answer for Mike Zimmer's famed defensive scheme and it left fans of Tennessee to ponder if a playoff run is not in the cards this year.

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    Re: Vikings: In Search of Valhalla (Madden 17)

    As a diehard vikings fan I am loving reading this!

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