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Thread: The Prototype & "The Protege" Sean Hughes - The New Breed

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    Meltdown The Prototype & "The Protege" Sean Hughes - The New Breed

    Character names
    "The Prototype" Damian Lynch / "The Protege' Sean Hughes

    Collectively known as
    The New Breed

    6'5'' 275 lbs / 6'1'' 200 lbs

    34 / 20


    Style of wrestler
    Strong Style / High Flyer-Technical

    Signature Moves
    Prototype - Dragon Suplex, Running Knee Strike, Superkick, Tiger Driver, Ripcord Knee
    Protege - Corkscrew Moonsault, Superplex, Plancha, Crossface, Hammerlock DDT
    Tandem - Doomsday Device

    Prototype - Genesis (One Winged Angel)
    Protege - Perfection Personified (Top Rope Elbow Drop - usually set up by Superkick)
    Tandem - Superkick-Plex (one has opponent belly to back hold, other superkicks in face whilst belly to back turns into a German suplex)

    Base Pic:
    Prototype - Lasse Matberg

    Protege - Matt Lapinskas

    Promo Introduction:

    You were right. You both were right.”

    Both Sean and Protoype nod knowingly. Parr turns away again from camera and seemingly begins to start to try and manage his thoughts and control his demeanor. This is the queue for The Prototype to take over. He has his hands clasped as if preparing to face camera and read a statement for an autocue. He is solid, unmoved and in direct contrast to what we have just witnessed, he is totally in control.

    “When Mike says that we were right – he means that we knew this was coming. Do you really thing that he is going to be impressed that he is now being given a match with PAJ? PAJ for all his faults is one of the most well respected athletes in modern FWA history. That is the sort of opponent and that is the sort of dream match that The Prodigy should be given on the biggest stage. That is the sort of dream match that would sell tickets. That is…..”

    Sean, excitedly, interjects “That is EXACTLY the type of situation where Mike shows up and beats him until he prays to whatever God is listening to his prayers to end it.”

    Prototype isn’t the biggest fan of being interrupted, regardless of whether or not that interruption was from his own team or indeed from the person who’s head he wants to rip off. He shoots Protégé a look that pretty much tells him to shut his mouth or prepare for it to be shut for him. Protégé, for now, gets the message so Prototype can continue.
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    Re: The Prototype & "The Protege" Sean Hughes - The New Breed

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