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Thread: Neville reportedly no longer under a WWE Contract!

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    Re: Neville reportedly no longer under a WWE Contract!

    Shout out to Neville. What a hunk.
    Quote Originally Posted by RaiZ-R View Post
    What the fuck is happening to you guys? I once got a blowjob where she used her teeth a little bit too much and I ended up with a bloody dick, I still enjoyed the blowjob up to the point I started bleeding. I can honestly say that I have never had anything I would call a bad blowjob, that wasn't a great experience but up until I started gushing blood I was having a great time!

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    Re: Neville reportedly no longer under a WWE Contract!

    Quote Originally Posted by TB12 View Post
    Because he's 5'8 and 185lbs of winstrol?

    I dunno how that qualifies someone to be a good NFL player if they've never played a game of football in their life.
    Notice I was specific with "slot receiver" ? The guy is solidly built has obvious quicks and agility, player. IF.....he can catch a football. That we don't know. Would a coach give him a chance, hell yes.

    He can do other things.....

    Early life

    Satterley was born on 22 August 1986 in Newcastle upon Tyne, the son of Stephen and Gill (sometimes Jill)[10] Satterley. He was extremely active as a child and participated in sports such as football(socccer), hockey, roller hockey, basketball, and swimming. His interest in wrestling came about through one of his aunts, who was a fan of the World Wrestling Federation. His parents had banned him from watching wrestling at their house, so he would go over to his aunt's to watch it. His favourite wrestlers growing up were The Undertaker and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. By the age of 16, Satterly had wrestled with backyard wrestling organizations TWXW in Newcastle and FXW in nearby Middlesbrough. Even as one of the younger wrestlers in the group, Satterly's technical ability and athleticism ensured he was always in the most entertaining matches. Many of the FXW roster went on to form 3Count Wrestling (3CW), an organization Satterly would later return to. He started training as a wrestler on a more permanent basis at the age of 18 at St Joseph's Hall in Gateshead, described by Satterley as "pretty much the only wrestling school in the area".[11]
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