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Thread: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #31 - SummerSlam 2018

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    Summerslam The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #31 - SummerSlam 2018

    You know what time of year it is! It's that perfect time of year to wear as little clothing as legally possible in public due to the summer heat! Also the perfect time to grab the nearest beach ball and head to your local wrestling event! But if you do that you'll potentially be kicked out, so if you're gonna get kicked out of a wrestling even due to throwing beach balls around like a FOOL, what bigger wrestling event to get kicked out of than SUMMERSLAM?!? And what better way to tell people of your beach-ball-kick-plans than here, on the latest edition of the WC Roundtable! So take a seat on the sandy beach and watch as some one WC's finest give their thoughts, critiques, and predictions on the entirety of this year's Summerslam.

    Sitting on this year's Summerslam Roundtable:
    Would love the beach if it wasn't for the sand, the heat, the people, or the beach - The EC
    Uses bodypaint as swimwear (not a good idea, never a good idea, has been banned from multiple beaches due to this) - Zero
    Has sworn to count every single grain on the beach, has so far counted up to twenty-three - Sykotic
    Favorite summer activity includes kicking down children's sandcastles and laughing - Shock

    Raw Tag Team Championships
    The B-Team (c) vs The Revival

    The EC: Well this match doesnít do a lot for me. I kinda like The B-Team and I kinda like The Revival but this match has had terrible, almost nonexistent build up. The only positive that I feel will come from this is The Revival finally getting to display their greatness and hopefully walk out with the belts.

    Prediction: The Revival to finally get their fair shake.

    Zero: This match really hasn't had all that much buildup & seems like an abrupt change from the B-Team vs. Wyatt/Hardy stuff, although definitely a welcome one. Honestly both teams worked their asses off on Raw to make that Triple Threat watchable. I think this could actually turn out to be a nifty little match if they get a little time. The B-Team are fun & Axel's underrated in-ring. The Revival are excellent & could turn Raw's crap tag division around and am hopeful for the day they get to be champions.

    Prediction: The B-Team win & keep the titles one more time out. I do think either The Revival or AoP are getting the titles within a month though. I just want a bit more buildup to their first titles win.

    Sykotic: This one could go either way. B Team have had a good little run since they won the titles but are they really the team that you want leading the tag team division. Nope. The Revival and The Authors Of Pain are much better options and I'm hoping we get a change here. The B Team about to be besmurched.

    Prediction: The Revival win the Tag Team Titles.

    Shock: The difference between the Raw tag division and the SmackDown one is ridiculous. B-Team kind of suck, and the Revival have been disappointing on the main roster. Hopefully The Revival win to revive their run.

    Prediction: The Revival

    Rusev & Lana vs Andrade Almas & Zelina Vega

    The EC: This is a nice little mixed tag match and Iím looking forward to it. Kind of sad that both Rusev and Almas are on the pre-show but at least they made it to SummerSlam.

    Prediction: Almas and Vega to triumph. I think Almas is definitely on the rise on SD.

    Zero: It feels like Zelina's wrestled on SD more than Almas has and worse yet every match has been against Lana. Rusev continues to be booked terribly & Almas is even worse. Dear God I hate this fucking bullshit. Rusev vs. Almas should be a main event, not this garbage.

    Prediction: Aiden interferes & it screws up, then he & Rusev fight. Almas gains nothing.

    Sykotic: This Sunday is Rusev Day... the guy was super over this year but seems to have tailed off a little bit. What role Aiden English plays in this will be crucial with the cracks appearing between the duo/trio. Almas needs a big win to keep his momentum up. I think he will snatch it here thanks in some part to English.

    Prediction: Almas & Vega to win

    Shock: Feels like a bit of a waste to have this on the pre-show over Balor vs Corbin. I like all the people in this match and think it will be pretty fun.

    Prediction: Almas & Vega

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    Cedric Alexander (c) vs Drew Gulak

    The EC: Please donít let this be on the pre-show! I think this is Gulakís moment. Alexander has been champ a good little while and had some good matches but I donít think heís really made it as the face of 205 Live like they wanted. Gulak is hot, and will make a great champion. Whoever dethrones him will also get a really good nudge and maybe that person can properly solidify themself as the face of 205 Live.

    Prediction: Gulak for the win.

    Zero: Why in God's name is this not on the main show? If Corbin/Finn is then lets take a sip of some Lmaonade. Should be awesome, and I love the idea of Alexander going through Kendrick & Gallagher but them weakening his neck for Gulak here as a sort of final boss battle. This should be a heck of a match.

    Prediction: I'm going with Gulak to keep the title until they move the title to Ali.

    Sykotic: I'll be honest I'm not the biggest follower of 205 Live so I can't really give much of what I think about this one. But I have enjoyed what I've seen so far from Cedric Alexander and he has held the title a long time. Maybe it's time for a change.

    Prediction: Drew Gulak to win the CW Championship and change the direction of 205 Live through to Mania.

    Shock: I donít watch 205 Live or the pre-shows. I liked Cedric Alexander in the CWC, and Drew Gulak apparently has a fun gimmick. I have no idea.

    Prediction: Drew Gulak

    Smackdown Tag Team Championships
    The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs The New Day

    The EC: Looking forward to this match. The Bludgeons are always great, despite their questionable gimmick. I honestly think Luke Harper deserves a better singles run. But thatís a different discussionÖ This will definitely be a good-to-great match between two of the top five teams on the main roster.

    Prediction: I kind of think The New Day will win here. Then retain again against The Bludgeons. Then have a badass feud with The Bar. At least thatís what I hope.

    Zero: This might be the BBs first chance to have a truly good match in their rather weak title reign. New Day have looked very strong in-ring lately and I could see this being a potential sleeper candidate for a big show stealing match.

    Prediction: This honestly could go either way but I'll go with a feel good moment & The New Day getting the titles.

    Sykotic: Didn't we have this match not too long ago. Would have preferred to see the odds stacked against the ominous Bludgeon Brothers by putting The Usos and The Bar into a Fatal Four Way. But alas here we are and despite the fact that the WWE could give us a great moment with The New Day dethroning Harper and Rowan (who I wish would not be together so that Harper can have a solo run) I think they are about to get bludgeoned.

    Prediction: Bludgeon Brothers retain the titles

    Shock: The Bludgeon Brothers are really bad. Their gimmick anyway. But as wrestlers they are so much better than just the team that squashes everyone. But their gimmick is very very lame, almost like something out of 1995 WWF. Anyway, I think thereís a good argument that the New Day are the most successful face act of the last decade. Their comedy might not always hit, but they still arenít stale, still draws, and still get great pops. Their matches are amazing, and they have elevated the tag division higher than its been since 2000. I hope they pick up the straps again here.

    Prediction: New Day wins

    Finn Balor vs Constable Baron Corbin

    The EC: This match has no right to be on SummerSlam.

    Prediction: Balor better fucking win.

    Zero: This match sucks, this feud sucks, they both suck.

    Prediction: It will suck.

    Sykotic: I don't even care for this match in all honesty. Belongs on an episode of Raw. Balor is great and Corbin has his upsides but I just don't feel the spark in this feud. Hopefully the Demon appears to make this one interesting.

    Prediction: Finn Balor's demon knocks off Constable Corbin

    Shock: I donít care, this really doesnít feel like a Summerslam match. Balor is bland and uninteresting, and has been treading water since he lost the Universal title two years ago (even off the top of my head Iím struggling to think of any meaningful feud he had together). Corbin has improved his look and is a serviceable but limited wrestler, so I canít see this standing out.

    Prediction: Balor

    United States Championship
    Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Jeff Hardy

    The EC: Honestly, Iím still a little confused as to why this is the match thatís happening. Is it because Shinsuke punched Hardy in the dick before their last match? I guess that gives Hardy the right to the rematch but itís clear his bigger issue is with Orton. Obviously, they have something specific planned for Orton in this match or they would have just made it a triple threat.

    Prediction: I think Shinsuke is going to retain for sure. Unless Orton gets inserted last second. Then maybe Orton will win. But for nowÖ Shinsuke.

    Zero: Nak has been much better as a heel in terms of character work but the matches have yet to follow. Quite frankly I've never been a fan of Jeff even at his best, & he looked horrible against Shelton on SD so I doubt this will be that next step. Plus with Orton's involvement almost certain I can't say I'm looking forward to this. The most notable thing about this is it let Orton cut a good promo for probably the first time in like 12 years. He must have been more excited about turning a heel than he could shake a dick-err...stick at.

    Prediction: Orton interferes & Nak wins.

    Sykotic: There doesn't seem to be much story to this one rather than Nakamura beat Hardy for the title. With Randy Orton lurking around I think it's safe to say that Nakamura is retaining here. I'm keen to see what Nakamura does next too as he needs a good strong face to feud with over the US Title.

    Prediction: Nakamura defeats Jeff Hardy to retain the US Title

    Shock: Kind of weird to be doing this match with Orton hanging over it all. As a match this doesnít seem to enticing. Both are very very hit or miss, and I canít see their styles meshing well. Nakamura wins, probably thanks to Orton interference.

    Prediction: Nakamura

    Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

    The EC: The best feud on this card and itís not even close. The build may not have lived up to what we hoped but considering weíve been clamoring for this to happen for like two years, it would have been damn near impossible for it to live up to that level of hype. This could be a certified SummerSlam classic. The only thing I question is if this will be the end of this saga or just the beginning...

    Prediction: Daniel Bryan? Maybe? Sure, Daniel Bryan.

    Zero: The best built match on the show almost by default with all their WWE history and some great promo work from Miz in particular has created the first real big feeling Daniel Bryan match since his WM return. Him in a spot with his hated rival has been anticipated since the epic Talking Smack promo and I really loved how they built this up on SD by interspersing their interview throughout SD and by the last Miz segment I felt he reached a tip top money promo level. I didn't think Bryan's half was quite as strong but it was still very good and I really liked him mentioning him keeping his word to Vince by staying on as GM. (Although realistically, what was he gonna do? Stay home and end up like Neville?) But I thought it was great to even bring up that loose end and Miz was so smug I bet there were people who can't wait to see Miz his ass kicked by Bryan. I'm really not as big of a fan of Miz in the ring as a lot of people here but it's hard to imagine this not being Bryan's best match upon his return. That said, he's a ways away from the title at the moment and I think this feud still has juice...I'm feeling some kind of dirty finish to continue this to another show. I definitely think this could go until Hell in a Cell and it be reasonable if you could get Miz to somehow agree to a worthy bump or at least some level of violence.

    Prediction: Miz wins after Maryse interference. I just can't imagine them resisting that Brooklyn heat and to put Bryan under. Especially if he still hasn't signed.

    Sykotic: This match is definitely one I'm looking forward to more than most. Years in the making. Some have said it seems a little rushed but not me. I can't wait for Bryan to finally put the Miz monkey off his back. He needs to. As good as Miz is on the mic he's no Daniel Bryan in the ring, and I want to see Bryan/Styles for the World Title. I don't think this match needs to be explained as much as others in how important it is. Both will deliver as they always seem to do against decent opponents.

    Prediction: Daniel Bryan defeats The Miz

    Shock: The match Iím most looking forward to on this whole show. These two have been such a big part in each othersí career, and the build for this match over the last two years has been incredible. I hope they hit it out the park on this show. In my fantasy booking land I wish this had been a world title match, but I am so happy that theyíve got a big match on a big show to go with. I canít see this being anything less than fantastic because Bryan is always excellent, and Miz has proven himself to be a fantastic worker over the last few years.

    Prediction: Bryan wins.

    Smackdown Women's Championship
    Carmella (c) vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

    The EC: Damn, remember when people said Asuka taking those Ls to Carmella was fine and she would ultimately get her revenge? I do. Now lookÖ There are five women from SD on this card and none of them are Asuka. What a shame. As far as this match goes though, Iím here for it. This looks to be the end of Carmellaís shoddy reign and hopefully the beginning of Lynchís at long last. Then we get a good little Charlotte/Lynch feud. Yeah, Iím down for that.

    Prediction: Lynch wins the title in a way that Charlotte takes exception to.

    Zero: This has been one of the better built feuds on the show...on Charlotte & Becky's part anyway. They've been planting subtle seeds for Becky to turn heel & Charlotte winning the title after sticking herself in the middle of Becky's opportunity is a logical catalyst. But...Becky's such a natural babyface it seems so unnecessary & speaks volumes about SD's poor handling of her. Plus wouldn't Asuka be more suited to a turn than her right now? Alexa-Ripoff-But-Worse-At-Everything has added nothing to this build and won't to the match either. I miss Ellsworth.

    Prediction: Charlotte wins & starts the road to Becky's turn.

    Sykotic: This is a hard one to predict. Carmella just isn't in the league with the rest of the main talent of the Smackdown roster, but her character work is definitely improving. I'm unsure whether Charlotte and Becky will cancel each other out but I'm hoping that we get a title change, the second women's one of the night in fact... so that the title matches that mean the most in the division actually have the best that the roster has to offer involved in them. As for who gets the win I'm hoping the Lass Kicker regains the title, it's about time she had a chance to shine again as the focal point of the show.

    Prediction: Becky Lynch wins the Smackdown Women's Championship

    Shock: I think I made my thoughts on Carmella pretty well known in the last PPV thread. Iím chuffed that Becky has gotten a bit of a push recently because sheís always been a big favourite of mine and a likeable wrestler too. I think this match will be pretty decent with Charlotte and Becky doing all the heavy lifting and hopefully Carmella not messing up anything in particular. As for the outcome I think that Carmella will survive another month until she drops to Becky at a later date. I would love to be wrong though.

    Prediction: Carmella wins because WWE hates me.

    Intercontinental Championship
    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Seth Rollins

    The EC: Ah yes, yet another feud that should have been wrapped up already. Luckily, Dean Ambrose returned this past week to add at least another level of intrigue for me and Iíve actually enjoyed these twoís matches so Iím not really going to complain about this one. If anything, I actually feel like this could be one of the better matches on the card.

    Prediction: Dolph should win because heís a proper midcarder and Seth should be in the Universal Title mix. Additionally, I think this could be where Drew turns on Dolph, laying him out after the match and pursuing the IC Title.

    Zero: After these two predictably bombed last month we're back at it again after all the excuses of the Ironman match came out. They don't have the pressure of main eventing that Seth never seems to be able to handle so I'm anticipating a solid match, and the closing angle of Dean's return was very hot and added juice to this, although one could argue what he does overshadows the match. The turn is so predictable I hope they hold off at least a month & let Dean be a hot babyface.

    Prediction: Dean turns & Dolph wins. Wouldn't mind this all building to a Dean/Drew/Dolph vs Shield 2.0 feud.

    Sykotic: Dean Ambrose's return has changed the whole landscape of this match for me. The new look, the absence... all points towards him reversing the roles and turning on Seth Rollins here. Ziggler and McIntyre in the midcard is fine but Rollins needs and deserves to make that step up to the main event in the next six months or so. A feud with Ambrose with the roles reversed could be fresh, especially if the Lunatic is resentful and unhinged. 30 mintues will be easy for the marathon men of the company.

    Prediction: Dolph Ziggler defeats Seth Rollins to retain the IC Title.

    Shock: I thought their Iron Man match was boring, but Iíve been a big fan of Rollins this year, and a tiny tiny part of me still thinks that Ziggler can do something good. The real interest comes from Dean Ambrose and whether he will turn heel or not. Lots of people are predicting that, but I think thatís a little premature. The heel turn will come, but not for a little while yet.

    Prediction: Rollins wins with Ambroseís help

    Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens

    The EC: I legit forgot this match was happening. I'm just so over this feud and Iíve lost basically all interest in Braun which is shocking since he was one of my favorites last year. That's pretty sad. And they've also taken Owens from Universal Champion to a total laughing stock which I don't appreciate at all. Being a chicken shit heel is one thing but Owens has regressed to a complete non-threat and that's a pretty big fall from grace for one of the best brawlers on the roster. The only thing I will say is IF Owens does win and takes the briefcase, that would be a big step in the right direction for him, and could help salvage his role. I wonít mind Owens being the dirty cowardly heel if heís a little more like the Edge kind.

    Prediction: Braun will crush Owens again, probably throw him off the Titantron or through the stage or something.

    Zero: This whole feud is meant to accomplish 3 things. 1. Kill time for Braun until he cashes in. (Successful) 2. Bury Owens & make him look bad a lot. (Successful) 3. Make Braun look strong. (Eh...) I'm really bored by Braun right now, & he was never much in the ring. Maybe others are still into his cartoon feats of strength. Not me.

    Prediction: Braun wins & looks to cash in.

    Sykotic: I love Braun Strowman. The guy is a monster among men, literally. My only problem with him is that I think he's better as a heel, and I definitely do not think that he needs the Money In The Bank briefcase. As for Kevin Owens he has always been one of my favourite guys, even before the E, and he is somebody who could once more propel himself into the main event picture if he gets his hands on the briefcase. Dream scenario is we get Owens/Heyman after Summerslam as a pairing. Somehow, someway I think Owens takes the briefcase. When he cashes it in is anyone's guess, could be within hours, days, weeks. But he's a better option to have it than Strowman.

    Prediction: Kevin Owens wins the MITB briefcase from Braun Strowman.

    Shock: Iím really not excited for this. I think on the whole Owensí entire WWE run has been much more bad than good, and while Braun is fun I donít think heís as exciting as he was a year ago. They didnít show enough at Extreme Rules to suggest they have any chemistry together. I donít see the need to take the briefcase off Strowman. Owens should be nowhere near the title picture as it currently stands, and they have dicked around with Strowman for too long.

    Prediction: Strowman wins, probably will kill Owens for a third PPV in a row.

    Raw Women's Championship
    Alexa Bliss (c) vs Ronda Rousey

    The EC: This is without question the right women's match book for SummerSlam. Other than Charlotte, Bliss has to be seen as the most accomplished woman on the roster right now and she has amazing mic skills and heel heat to boot to make this a much anticipated bout. Rousey is still a little rough around the edge to say the least when it comes to her ring work but her presence is undeniable and she comes across as a real badass in a way that few others ever have. Despite being so green, I think this has to be her crowning moment. She won't feel as special by WrestleMania so now is the time to pull the trigger and create a lasting SummerSlam moment while solidifying Rousey as the new face of Rawís women's division as well as WWE in general.

    Prediction: Bliss will stall a little with dirty tactics and what have you but Rousey will win with ease.

    Zero: I'm REALLY not looking forward to this match unless it's just Ronda killing Alexa. I don't see any value in a competitive match and as good as Alexa may be as a talker, Ronda should be the champion and I hope they don't try to get cute & save her win for Evolution. Ronda was excellent in her physical segment this Monday & comes across as a legit main eventer unlike any other woman in the company so can not screw this up please?

    Prediction: They screw it up. Alexa wins after Nattie turns on Ronda.

    Sykotic: Every match I look at I wonder where the swerve is coming from. Rowdy Ronda Rousey has been outstanding inside the ring since she came here... and everybody is willing her to give Little Miss Bliss the ass kicking that she deserves. Barring a NXT call up causing problems for an old friend I see it happening. The biggest name the WWE Women have to offer is Ronda Rousey, whether you like it or not. So it's only fitting that she heads into Evolution with the title around her waist. That and Alexa has a date with Trish Stratus (anyone else jealous) and there's no intrigue if the title is in Alexa's hands if that match was to be for the title.

    Prediction: Ronda Rousey to arm bar her way to the Women's Championship

    Shock: I think that everything Iíve seen of Ronda since sheís come into WWE has been a total success and I donít think anyone could have imagined her being this good this quickly. Itís reminiscent of Kurt Angle when he debuted and just seemed to get everything. Alexa has had a good run at the top, but I think itís time for her to step aside and let the rest of the division flourish. With Ronda at the top, Iím very excited to see the future matchups Ė a rematch with Nia, Sasha, Bayley if she becomes good again, etc. I donít think thereís a future for Alexa at the top of Raw for the foreseeable future.

    Prediction: Ronda wins

    WWE Championship
    AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe

    The EC: Now weíre talking. I think WWE knew they had to book this one just to make sure the IWC wasn't completely irate about this card. It's pretty much surreal to think AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship is going down at SummerSlam in the year 2018. It's a dream match for me so I give WWE two thumbs up for making it happen. Even though some people have panned the build up, I've found it mostly solid. Joeís promos have all been A1, though I'll admit the intensity as a whole for this feud is pretty lacking. For whatever reason WWE just don't seem to put a lot of effort into AJís storylines and that's gotta be the main reason his reign has been has been so average. If they don't overbook this and just let them go out and have an ROH-style bout this will almost certainly be match of the night.

    Prediction: Samoa Joe to win! I don't actually think it will happen but I'm typing it into existence. What an accomplishment it will be for Joe to win the WWE Championship after seeing his career fall off drastically around 2010. Styles has had a pretty boring reign too, so it's no major loss and maybe he can make some magic without the belt.

    Zero: A tried & true matchup in TNA finally gets its WWE shine in what feels like arguably the hottest match on the card. Both men have been outstanding on the mic leading into this with Joe continuing to be arguably the best talker in the company and AJ being a perfect babyface foil to him with his fiery rebuttals, they've taken a potentially super whack storyline & made it work. Joe hasn't shown much in-ring in years but if there's anybody on Earth that can bring back the old Joe it has to be AJ.

    Prediction: I think Joe gets the title here. The Nak feud was awful & the Rusev stuff was good but the company pushed their feud way down the card. Joe is a breath of fresh air as usual & could be a great foil although they need more babyfaces on SD to give him a worthwhile reign. Right now it's AJ, Bryan, & Rusev. My idea would be to turn The Bar & give each one-off title programs with Joe while building up a legit 4th longterm guy. But regardless, I think this feud will continue no matter what at least 1 more month if not 2.

    Sykotic: I started to lose interest in WWE back in 2004-06, and I was glad that the alternative product had the likes of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe at the top bringing us great match after great match with the likes of Daniels, Low Ki among others. But this is the real big time now... a World Title match in the WWE. The powers that be have kept these two apart very smartly but even though Joe could kill AJ... I just think that at Summerslam it is the Phenomenal One that continues to be the Champ That Runs The Camp. After a half year of feuding with Nakamura I see Styles picking up the victory to continue the Joe feud... right up until we get the dream match between Styles and the man behind the Yes Movement.

    Prediction: AJ Styles sneaks out a victory over Samoa Joe, the feud continues.

    Shock: I will get my negative thoughts out the way first: I donít think either of them have been at their best this year. In AJís case heís still amazing, but compared to his other WWE years heís not quite hitting it out the park like he did (blame Nakamura, I guess), and Joe had that horrible match with Reigns under his belt. That said, this is a really exciting match to have as a Summerslam main event. I imagine this will be the best match on the show, and if itís anything close to their TNA matches in 2005 weíre in for a treat. Iíd like to see Joe win the title, but I donít think it will happen here.

    Prediction: AJ wins

    Universal Championship
    Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns

    The EC: There isn't a lot more to say about this match that hasn't been said. But I'll say a few things for the sake of this RoundtableÖ this must, by all means, be the last meeting between these two regardless of the outcome. It's been more or less a year and a half of this feud building and unfolding and the fans have never bought into it the way they should a main event feud. WWE clearly wanted this to be one of those signature rivalries like Hogan/Andre, Austin/Rock or Cena/Edge that define an era but have badly missed the mark. By forcing this thing they set back the ascension of everyone from Finn Balor to Braun Strowman to Bobby Lashley and I feel like the focus theyíre putting on trying to make us care about this has caused Raw to fall off a cliff. It is a horrible television show, week in and week out. The Raw contributions to this card speak volumes to the quality of the show right now. They almost had me interested when Lesnar manhandled Heyman but they've already slammed the door shut on that intrigue. I just want it to be over already.

    Prediction: Reigns to win, finally, and go on to brag about slaying the beast on the his 18th try.

    Zero: Woo boy, what a crazy world we live in that the company has walked this long road again. A main event & main event push that's failed repeatedly, and this is where we're at right now. The buildup has been mostly strong and Brock's been so terrible as champion even Roman has gotten slight cheers at times when presented in decent ways. But it seemed to all go to Hell this Monday after weeks of incredible Heyman promos they seemed to turn their back on a potentially intriguing storyline with the Paul & Roman segment just leading to Brock beating him down again. I would have played it much more loosely with perhaps Reigns winning a squash and Heyman making his offer from the ramp, leaving Roman bewildered & questions left unanswered. Having Reigns get laid out took away potential intrigue in what was once an impossible match to get excited about. As for the match itself I also don't have high hopes. These two are 0-2 this year and it's just a question of if the third time's the charm or if it's 3 strikes & they're out. Sadly, with an angle of some sort looming I'm leaning towards the latter. I think this is set up for Braun, not Roman to be anointed to get that major pop although Reigns winning & going heel would have been way more interesting to me.

    Prediction: Roman wins after some Heyman help, the crowd goes ballistic booing him until Heyman reveals Braun is the REAL new Heyman guy and we have a new champion.

    Sykotic: Oh!!! The match that everybody is wondering what will happen. It seemed like they took away the intrigue of the contest by having Heyman spray Reigns in the face on Raw. Although my head keeps thinking that Vince and his lackies want to throw us another big swerve at Summerslam. Cash in perhaps, or maybe even a double swerve from Heyman to align with Reigns. I'm not buying that as I think or actually I hope that they do what's really best for business... and put Roman Reigns over Brock Lesnar... at least during this match!!!

    Prediction: Roman Reigns to defeat Brock Lesnar

    Shock: Oh boy, where to start here. This is an all round disaster on so many fronts that is dating back nearly four years now. I was a big fan of both of them, I think that their Wrestlemania 31 matches is one of the best matches in recent WWE. And yet my opinion of both of them has fallen off a cliff this year. Their match at Wrestlemania this year will likely be my worst match of the year, and their Greatest Royal Rumble match wonít be far behind. So I should have no expectations at all, but that Wrestlemania 31 match hangs over them. The problem is they canít possibly hope to win over the crowd, which means that once again their match will die a horrible, horrible death. Itís time for WWE to stop dicking around with Roman and end this because heís had coronation after coronation and none of it is working. He needs to be moved away from Brock forever. I am completely over Brock and his reign has been terrible. I think a big part of that is that the Universal Title hasnít had a good reign at all so far, and itís barely a part of the show for the last eighteen months. Just give Roman the title, donít do a cash in (been there, done that) and move Roman on to literally anything else.

    All of this said, the masochist in me can't wait to see this, especially if it goes on last in front of the tired Brooklyn crowd. Good or bad, it's going to be memorable and I can't wait.

    Prediction: Roman Reigns wins.

    Expert Analysts, is there any other thoughts or comments you'd like to share?

    The EC: This is honestly a pretty good card. Most of the feuds leading up to it have fell flat but there are numerous matches on here that Iím looking forward to and I think will be great. The Cruiserweight match, the SD tag match, Ziggler/Rollins, Miz/Bryan and Joe/Styles should all be really good. Reigns/Lesnar will at least be intriguing. All in all, looks to be a pretty solid SummerSlam.

    Zero: The struggle will be real with this one with how long it is and to be honest, as someone who watched the G1 there's absolutely no way I can see anything on this card touching that G1 Final which to me was one of the best matches I've seen in years. Raw has been absolutely brutal to watch these past 2 months and SD is just barely better and hasn't made effective use of their best assets in my opinion almost up and down the card. I could see this coming off positive or negative but this show could be looked back as a real turning point for the company with the end of Brock's and potential end of AJ's title reigns, both womens belts potentially switching, and Bryan possibly starting a rise to the top (or if I have my way a rise to quitting, but that's a whole different story). If I had to pick a match I'm most looking forward to it's probably AJ/Joe due to both nostalgia and their promos, and if there's a finish I feel particularly strongly about I believe Ronda really should win and be kept as clean as possible. There really aren't any surprising omissions for the card because so many people are on here, although it is telling The Drifter/Lashley feud couldn't get on this show. They have ruined Lashley worse than even the most negative person could think and Elias can't wrestle worth a damn. Can't wait to hear his concert. Also I know I don't get to talk about WWE as much as I would like but I wish Gable would get some kind of push on Raw, even if it's just Jordan coming back and AA reforming to help push the tag division more. Those two vs. The Revival worked awesomely the first time in NXT and maybe they could recapture that spark. ...or just Gable and Jordan win both the singles titles. Either way is fine. Hope everyone enjoy the show! (More than I probably will)

    Sykotic: I find that Summerslam is an interesting PPV from the outset. Every match has a chance of going either way barring the US Championship and I'm pretty intrigued to see what happens with the Womens Titles, Lesnar, the MITB and between Rollins/Ziggler, Bryan/Miz and Styles/Joe. Plenty to look forward to and as long as they give the good matches more time I expect that we will all feel happy when it's over. Let's hope that Vince doesn't want to be controversial for the sake of being controversial. Here's hoping for the former.

    Shock:Just that I think the card looks very exciting and lots to look forward to, particularly from the SmackDown side. I only watch the PPVs these days so my knowledge of the actual storylines is limited simply to WWEís video packages. But as an outside view on the card I think it looks fantastic and thereís enough to get me interested. Though I am worried about the show length and there might be some serious pacing issues. And if Roman vs Brock goes on last as I think it will, itís likely to be another disaster.


    Oh god I forgot how much bbcode and formatting went into making these threads. Kill me. My coding woes aside, my generous thanks go out to our highly esteemed guests! Truly a Roundtable worth reading. And my thanks to you, handsome reader, for reading their lovely thoughts. Be sure to join us in the Summerslam Live Discussion thread for what will either be an unmemorable disaster or a surprising success of a show.

    CWA: A Decade of Decadence
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    Stay tuned.

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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #31 - SummerSlam 2018

    Real good read. Especially the Corbin/Balor burials.

    Really surprised to see only one person predict Miz to win tonight. Surely there's isn't a one and done feud with HIAC around the corner, and you're in Gargano/Ciampa territory if the feud is going to carry on but we get the feel good win we've waited years for at the first attempt.

    The only thing I would of added to this is that I dislike the AJ's a bad father/husband element to that story. I'm not sure it's added anything positive to their feud.

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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #31 - SummerSlam 2018

    Great read from everyone else involved. Interesting to see comments from people with varying commitments to watching WWE.

    The Balor vs Corbin section was hilarious

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