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Thread: End Of FWA Year Kudos Thread

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    End Of FWA Year Kudos Thread

    Welp. Back In Business has come and gone, And as we all know, The big Wrestlemania event is new years and the reset button all in new and now the cycle begins anew, so I thought it’ll be fun while we’re in this rest period to look back at the year that was and see what everyone thought.

    For me personally, It’s been….a little dramatic, post last years Back In Business coming off a crushing lost I thought that might be it for Bell especially coming off a few high profile losses and then by the next PPV. World championship Funny how things can turn around just like that, Some things have gone awry, some have worked out great, much to my surprise in all honestly. If you asked me a year ago, I would tell you there would be no way a Bell Connelly heel turn would EVER work, and I got to be honest; For the longest time I thought I made an awful mistake, but when the Kennedy partnership thing happened. THEN things took off, and I think I’m in a good place with it all.

    Wrestler Of The Year: This is going to be somewhat of an outside the box choice, I feel the obvious choice is Cyrus….for being Cyrus really, Three title wins. Same year is awe-inspiring, and there’s a reason he’s been the king for so long;

    But sorry Cy, I can’t give it to you. Because no one has exploded and no one has put in more work then Starr. He may not have won any titles, but God damn Starr has won my heart, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I

    When you consider where he was last year, his rise has been nothing short of spectacular, has there ever been a more effective face turn then Starr’s? Just shows what a slight adjustment and some world class promos can do for you to the point where I’d feel sorry about being the one to stop him winning the world title. He’s everything a face wrestler should be when think we were all rooting for Starr to make it to the GP finals. That if our wrestler don’t get through We all want to Starr to win

    Tag Team of the year: I mean……..It has to be Oz/The Sin City Vultures, doesn’t it? If this thread takes off as I hope, I feel like this is everyone’s vote for Tag Team of the year, and no disrespect to the rest of the tag team, but Oz’s has utterly dominated the division. It’s not even close. And what makes it more impressive, in some years I feel like to be the tag champs you just need to be consistent because activity in the tag rank tends to fluctuate, but no one can use that excuse or say that Oz hasn’t earned that title. When someone goes through a tag team tournament where ALL the members of the roster are sorted into a tag team, and you come out the other side still with the belts? You are a special, special writer. I mean, I would even make the argument that Oz came into that with a handicap considering the majority of the tourney was made up of two separate writers combing and Oz was all on his lonesome. Let’s put that in perspective; To win the tourney he faced me and TGO and Shake and Jiggy, that means not even the COMBINED efforts of four former world champions couldn't take him down!

    God help us all when he breaks into the single ranks, I would not be surprised if one of the Vultures wins the world title by the next BIB

    Best Match: FWA Tag Team Championship - SCV vs Chris Kennedy/Ryan Rondo: What’s not to love? Super close. Well written match. High Stakes. All good.

    Best Promo: Exile Chronicles: Volume 27
    "The Dance of Strings"

    Peak Cyrus Truth. Great description, ominous setting and of course a pitch-perfect speech when Cyrus gets going no one can out talk him

    Best Face: See above for my thoughts on Starr but if I had to pick someone else, it would be TJG mostly because I love what he's been doing with his dude, and I do enjoy big explosive powerhouse, good guys

    Best Heel: #MAGA WOLF

    What do you think? Whose the MVP? Whose the top face, top heel ETC?
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    Re: End Of FWA Year Kudos Thread

    Wow, that's the nicest thing somebody said about me for a long time. I feel touched. <three

    For MVP, I'll go with the obvious choice: Cyrus Truth. He's great. An iconic character in this e-fed universe and he's still alive, kicking, winning world championships and defending it at the biggest stages. Kennedy, Bell and Shannon had their times to shine this year but in general, Cyrus was the brightest of them all.

    For Tag of the Year: I'm not going to pick myself. Even though I achieved far more then what I expected, I still think it will be arrogant to pick myself. So I'll go with Phillip A. Jackson Project, for the fact he beat me and took the titles off me. Tom boomed me. He's so good (x4). But that tag tournament has shown us pretty cool teams too. Tig's DFB beat me too. Then we had heavy hitter teams like Bullets & Bubblegum or Rondo & Kennedy. We had the most likeable team in Rockstarrz I&I. It wasn't the best year for the tag teams...(Olympians going inactive, Jon leaving the site before BFG going big and lack of tag team title matches. I had the belts for 11 months and I only defended the titles thrice, two of them being against the same team blah blah blah)...but we still had positives in the tag tournament and I wouldn't call it a bad year for tag teams.

    For Best Match: I want to go with Cyrus vs Kennedy because that's the dreamiest dream match of them all and the writing quality in that was very good. Oh and I like the Izzy vs Hans match in the Anniversary show too, because I've written it.

    For Best Promo: This year brought us lots of great promos. The two that stood out were Shannon's and Rondo's in last Back In Business. If they don't count then I'll go with Starr's promo in Mile High. Those three were either brutal, artistic or realistic.

    For Best Face: Starr. Honestly he was the textbook example of a perfect likeable underdog until the spiritual shaman thing came along. ONAM still pulls the spiritual thing off well but his face stuff until that gimmick was top-notch.

    For Best Heel: I would've picked WOLF if he was an Erdogan supporter instead of Trump. Jokes aside, WOLF is a great heel...but I'll go with Shannon. She had the best heel turn, the best heel promo(the one in FN which started with dropping the accent), and the best heel character. She had a great impact on both FWA and me.
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    Re: End Of FWA Year Kudos Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Oz View Post
    She had the best heel turn, the best heel promo(the one in FN which started with dropping the accent), and the best heel character. She had a great impact on both FWA and me.
    This feels like fucking forever ago. Jesus.

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