"Timetus Mortem"

Formed in the dingy back alleys of Canada, The MDC is less of a stable and more a street gang with one goal in mind; Utter mayhem. Founded and led by a man with quite an infamous reputation.“The Black Mark” Remo Richardson. Funny enough, this isn’t the first time Remo Richardson had walked through the doors of CWA, back in 2009 when CWA was born, a twenty-year-old Remo was brought along with a group of young wrestlers into their development system in order to craft their own “Home-grown talent” However, lackluster mannerisms and sub-par ring work failed to impress CWA management, and he was quickly released. With no prospects, there wasn't a lot of doors opened for Young Remo. So in a desperate attempt to get booked, he went into the world of “Deathmatch//hardcore wrestling. After years of barbed wire. Tables. And chairs and enough blood to fund red cross, Remo has become “The Black Mark” A sociopathic degenerate who loves pain and has made a rep as one of the most brutal wrestlers on the planet. Along the way, he managed to put under his wing a young up and coming tag team of lifelong friends Hudson Drake and Morgan Malone, and together the three intend to be rule

The Montreal Death Cult

Remo Richardson (De Facto Leader), Hudson Drake & Morgan Malone

From: Montreal, Canada.


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Tag Team Moves (Hudson Drake/Malone)

- Double knee drop arm breaker
- Catapult and spear combination (usually Drake and Malone act as the catapult)
- Malone holds the opponent in a modified Indian deathlock, while Drake stomps on the opponent’s back repeatedly, ending with a final soccer kick to the head
- Drake locks in a sleeper hold while Malone does a kneebar on the same opponent at the same time

Double-Team Signature Moves:

- Aided knee bulldog
- Unholy Union (Drake delivers a roundhouse-feinted superkick, where the opponent lands on the middle rope; Malone finishes off the attack with a knee strike to the stunned opponent)
-- Restless Heart Syndrome (Drake delivers a series of shoot kicks to the chest of a seated/kneeling opponent, Malone finishes off the attack with a penalty kick)

Double-Team Finishing Moves:

-ActioIaculat ( Kill Shot ) Drake and Malone single out a member of the opposing team. With the opposing member on wobbly legs, both Drake and Malone take an opposite side of their opponent. They take a step back and level him in the temple with a double Superkick. They both connect with their Superkicks at the same time, sending their opponent crashing to the canvas following that devastating double Superkick.

-Mortuum ille
Adventu ( Dead on Arrival ) Hudson Drake is perched on the top rope while Morgan Malone locks in a Guillotine Choke on the unsuspecting victim. Drake jumps off the top rope and levels the opponent with a Double Foot Stomp, while Malone drives the head of his opponent into the canvas. The Guillotine Choke/DDT being applied at the same moment Drake hits the Double Foot Stomp.

Remo Richardson

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 225 lbs.

⟶ Remo Trembler (Running knee lift, proceeded by a two finger gun taunt)
⟶ Hook and Ladder (Chickenwing facebuster)

⟶ Victimizer (Fujiwara armbar)
⟶ Ambrosia (Arm trap cross-legged STF)
⟶ Crossface Chickenwing (w/ body scissors)

⟶ One Hitter Quitter (Vertical suplex dropped into a DDT)
⟶ Thesz press followed by multiple punches
⟶ Spinebuster
⟶ Pendulum lariat
⟶ Snap DDT
⟶ Snap elbow drop
⟶ Running front dropkick
⟶ Avalanche back suplex
⟶ Powerbomb
⟶ Vertical suplex powerbomb

Triple team moves
Triple Superkick

Triple Forearm

Orion’s Belt (Triple back suplex)

Triple Backstabber

Triple team Finisher

Murder City Cry-Triple crucifix powerbomb