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Thread: Adrenaline Rush EP#171: Hamamatsu, Japan [Show Thread]

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    Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush EP#171: Hamamatsu, Japan [Show Thread]

    Opening Segment
    Under-Siege Controversy Formally Addressed By Dash Carlisle

    The Adrenaline Rush broadcast opens to Dash Carlisle standing in the middle of the ring in an empty arena. The lights are dimmed and there is a spotlight on the Adrenaline Rush General Manager who is dressed in a grey suit with gold-rimmed sunglasses covering his eyes. He leans on the ropes, taking a deep breath before beginning his address.

    Dash Carlisle: Many of you tuned into the Under Siege pay-per-view and have voiced your displeasure with what occurred during the main event match-up between Lilith and Brayden Bridges. While we are aware of your displeasure and accept your criticism of what occurred, we must state that what happened at the pay-per-view was done for the betterment of the company. It was not a decision that was made in haste. My team and I thought very hard about how to free CWA from the turmoil that Lilith had put it through for many months, and we decided that removing the title from her at Under Siege in the manner that we did was the correct course of action. CWA will be moving forward and ushering in a new era of wrestling with Brayden Bridges as the World Champion that we not only deserve but also the champion that we need. We thank you and hope that you enjoy the show.

    The scene slowly fades to black as the Adrenaline Rush intro video package begins to play.

    ACT City Hamamatsu Event Hall
    Hamamatsu, Japan

    The show opens without the usual pyrotechnics and instead with a standing ovation from the fans in Hamamatsu, Japan and red and black streamers thrown into the ring. The camera pans around the Hamamatsu Event Hall showing the fans in attendance before stopping near the announcer’s booth where Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman stand with microphones in hand. Jim has a somber look on his face as he takes a deep breath before beginning.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in tonight as we bring you, Adrenaline Rush, live from Hamamatsu, Japan. I’m Jim Taylor joined by my broadcast partners, Daniel Oakley and Tim Coleman, and Tim…I just don’t know what to say.

    Tim Coleman: I know exactly what to say and it’s ‘I warned ALL of you’. I warned you all that Dash Carlisle couldn’t be trusted, and no one wanted to listen to me. Do you all wanna listen now?

    Jim Taylor: I hate to admit it but you were right and it was proven at Under Siege. I wasn’t there at ringside due to being attacked by The Montreal Death Cult, but I can tell you the atmosphere after that match was palpable. I had never seen anything like it in our company before. We’ve seen “screw jobs” in our industry before but I never thought that we’d see one here in CWA. It’s terrible what happened to Lilith, but the show must go on and we have a packed show for the start of our tour of Japan.

    Tim Coleman: Tonight we've got the start of the Pure and Tag-Team Wrestling Series where the winners of the series will face off against the Pure and Tag-Team champions at an upcoming event. And also, tonight we’ll hear from Brayden Bridges regarding what happened at Under Siege but first, we’re going to start off with singles action.

    Jim Taylor: That’s right, it’ll be Humanity VS El Prededor and I’m being told that we will be joined by Sicario and Reign here on commentary.

    Tim Coleman: What’s management deal with putting these weirdos on commentary? They hardly say anything and add nothing to the show, it’d be better if they just watched from ringside.

    Match 1
    Humanity VS El Perdedor
    (Sicario and Reign on commentary)

    Reign: Nothing to say? We've got plenty to say. Why don't you just focus on the match. Do your job.

    Tim Coleman: I guess we will… but let's jump right into the first of our debut matches of the night. Already in the ring we have Humanity.

    Lindsay Monahan: And making his way to the ring... Hailing from Tijuana... Standing at five foot ten and weighing in at one-hundred and eighty pounds... El Perdedor! This match is set for one fall.

    He runs down to the ring falling midway but, he gets up and goes to ring ropes before falling over them too.

    Daniel Oakley: And the match is on. Both men are just circling each other, sizing up their opponent and waiting for them to make the first move.

    Tim Coleman: Why exactly are you even out here?

    Reign: We're out here to provide you with some much needed information.

    Daniel Oakley: Which is?

    Reign: We originally came to CWA when Lilith put out an open contract hit on Brayden Bridges. When we couldn't come to terms on price, she subbed out for Shawn Summers. We see how that turned out. So we went to Dash Carlisle and told him we wanted Shawn Summers in a Mexican Death Match to show why it was called a Mexican Death Match to begin with. He had no business accepting that match to begin with. Now that CWA has opened the doors to Sicario, we will take all that you have to offer and more. We're not here to be eye candy. We're here to show you who the true shot callers are in the world of professional wrestling.

    Tim Coleman: Someone thinks migh--

    Reign: Don't you ever interpret me. As I was sayin'... It's not Humanity, it's certainly not Perdedor and it's not even your so-called world champion. Sicario is here to make a point and a point we will make.

    An excellent back and forth match to get the action started in Japan. The crowd was very pro-Humanity at the start, showering him with applause and cheers as he made his entrance and started the match. Humanity started the match off showcasing his technical/puro side, taking down El Perdedor repeatedly but allowing him to get up. El Perdedor finally starts to get smart to Humanity’s strategy and uses his speed to his advantage.

    Reign: I wouldn't put too much stock into this El Perdedor kid. He literally named himself the loser. Perdedor is literally Spanish for loser. What a loser.

    Daniel Oakley: Not much of a people person I take it.

    Tim Coleman: So boring… ah here we go, they’re locking up now in the center of the ring. El Perdedor comes out on top and now he has Humanity in a headlock. He sends Humanity flying into the ropes with an Irish whip and catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex on the rebound.

    Daniel Oakley: Perdedor wastes no time in pouncing on Humanity and pounding on every part of his exposed body, but a head-butt buys Humanity some breathing room.

    Humanity has a hard time keeping up with him and falls victim to a couple of arm drags and hurricanranas before finally putting an end to the high-flying luchador’s onslaught with a vicious Jake Roberts' Hook, right-handed hook, to the back of his head as El Perdedor attempted a reverse springboard elbow.

    Tim Coleman: Only to get caught in the face with a vicious right hand! Humanity is bouncing back delivering a flurry of punches that are just staggering Perdedor. Humanity takes hold of Perdedor and throws him back.

    Daniel Oakley: But Perdedor is already on his feet, and assaults Humanity before he makes it through. He looks out towards the crowd with a grin on his face. He clearly thinks this match is over. But Humanity is on his knees and responds with a couple of hard shots to Perdedor’s gut. He quickly rises to his feet and delivers a nasty DDT to his opponent.

    Humanity goes for a cover but El Perdedor manages to kick out, only for Humanity to deliver stiff elbow strikes to his face. The referee interjects and reprimands Humanity for the elbow strikes, threatening to disqualify him from the match. Humanity obliges grabs El Perdedor by his forearm and yanks him to a standing position and delivering a devastating lariat to him.

    Reign: If that was Sicario, his hand would already be raised.

    Tim Coleman: Now Humanity is playing to the crowd as well. These rookies really need to get their heads in the match if they want to survive here in the CWA. It looks like he is just waiting for Perdedor to get back up.

    Reign: Humanity isn't even a rookie, Timothy. Do any of you actually do your homework?

    Daniel Oakley: Humanity is stalking Perdedor as he tries to make it to his feet. He’s going for some sort of fireman's carry hold. It looks like a neckbreaker.

    Humanity goes for the cover all while making direct eye contact with Sicario on the outside. The referee counts to three and calls for the bell.

    Reign: Someone should tell Humanity he can look this way all he wants, but he doesn't have what it takes to step in the ring with my client.

    Tim Coleman: He calls that Devil's Whisper, and it’s perfectly legal. Perdedor is out. Wait it looks like he might be… no he’s out like a light. The ref is calling for the bell.

    Lindsay Monahan: AND YOUR WINNER… Humanity!

    Daniel Oakley: That was a great match by both competitors, El Perdedor just didn’t have it in him tonight. I see a bright future for both of these men here in the CWA.

    Humanity rises to his feet, approaches the ring ropes closest to the announce table and staring coldly down at Sicario as we fade to commercial.

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back to CWA's Adrenaline Rush. Sicario and Reign have left us on commentary and have made their way to the ring. For what, we have no idea.

    We return from break and Sicario and Reign are in the ring with El Perdedor. He gets to his feet and looks behind him to see Reign and in front of him is Sicario extending his hand. Perdedor takes it only to be struck with a forearm sending him back. Reign catches Perdedor with a hurricanrana that takes him off his feet. Sicario undoes his cufflinks and grabs Pededor by the back of the neck and yells at him in Spanish before driving him face first into the mat with a headlock driver. He rips off Perdedor's mask, but the camera pans away. Sicario leaves the ring as the music plays for Perdedor's tag team partner Dallas Brixton.

    Match 2: Tag-Team Championship Number One Contenders Series
    The Diamond Dogs VS The Nasty Alliance VS The Montreal Death Cult VS Dallas Brixton and El Perdedor
    *Team that takes the pinfall is out of the four-team series

    Jim Taylor: Here we go! This is our tag-team main event and it is going to be a big one! All of these men deserve a shot at this title and I am sure we will see a hell of a fight for that chance tonight!

    Tim Coleman: I could not agree with you more Jim, this is going to be a huge match up!

    Lindsay Monahan: The next match is an elimination tag-team series match where the losing team will not move on in the series for a shot at the CWA World Tag-Team Championships!

    Jackson Fenix, Dallas Brixton, Hudson Drake, and Ricardo Vance are all in the ring to start for their respective teams. The referee calls for the bell and Jackson Fenix quickly exits the ring, opting to instead stand on the outside with Savage and Adams as the other three men duke it out. Hudson Drake quickly turns and charges toward Ricardo Vance catching him off guard with targeted rights and lefts to the chest, abdomen, and face of the Diamond Dog.

    Jim Taylor: These men are all eager and you can almost see them drooling at the chance to become the CWA World Tag-Team Champions!

    Tim Coleman: You are correct Jim, these are the best of the best and we are definitely in for a great contest tonight!

    Dallas Brixton attempts to get some shots in on Ricardo but is met with a stiff back elbow that sends Dallas straight down to the ground. With Vance down, Drake turns his attention to the downed Dallas and keeps him grounded with repeated heart stopping elbow drops followed by gang style stomps to him.

    Jim Taylor: OUCH! That has got to hurt Dallas!

    Tim Coleman: Hurt yes, but Dallas has too much heart to let that move keep him down!

    To say that the Montreal Death Cult team of Hudson Drake and Morgan Malone dominated the majority of this match is a complete understatement as they kept on top of their opponents with frequent tags and working on one opponent only after completely grounding out the other with a bevy of tag-team maneuvers and backroom brawling techniques. Fenix and Savage continued to watch the match from the outside, occasionally getting involved when it looked like a pinfall could be made. They would quickly exit the ring if their opponents kicked out or the pinfall was broken for some reason.

    Jim Taylor: ONE! NO! Kickout?

    Tim Coleman: These men are proving tonight that they want this badly!

    The match starts to wind down when Dallas Brixton managed to escape from the beat down of the Montreal Death Cult and tag in his partner, El
    Perdedor, who had suffered a beating in the match before. El Perdedor slowly enters the ring and The boys of the Death Cult are all over him like a pack of hyenas. Drake and Malone single out El Perdedor who is now on wobbly legs. Both Drake and Malone take an opposite side of their opponent. They take a step back and level him in the temple with a double Superkick. They both connect with their Superkicks at the same time, sending their opponent crashing to the canvas following that devastating double Superkick.

    Tim Coleman: How the hell did MDC get their legs that high!? That was impressive!

    Jim Taylor: I cannot argue with that, Tim.

    Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix hop on the ring apron and get ready to steal the victory from Death Cult but Jackson hops off and rushes up the ramp as he sees Shawn Summers standing at the top watching. Savage yells at him to get back down to the ring but receives a pair of stereo super kicks of his own from the Montreal Death Cult, sending him falling to the mat below.



    The Montreal Death Cult goes for the cover together, both members staring at the Diamond Dogs as the referee's hand comes down for the three count.



    Lindsay Monahan:

    Jim Taylor: Better luck next time, El Perdedor and Dallas Brixton. I guess it just wasn't their night.

    Tim Coleman: Nor will any other night be for that matter now that they are out of the series.


    Film plays from what can best described as a vintage video camera. It opens up in a gym, the gym looks to be well put together with some of the best equipment that money can buy, there is nothing run down or beaten up about this place. A shadowed figure can be seen striking a punching bag with all his might as the male figure is landing lethal strikes to this bag. Sharp lefts and rights with precise strikes as in the environment of all this a female walks and takes a seat in the background of what we can assume to be a passionate workout. Audio of a throwback Tupac interview plays as the shadow figure lands hard strikes on the heavy set punching bag.

    TUPAC (VOICE OVER): “ You have to be logical. You know? If I know that in this hotel room they have food every day, and I'm knocking on the door every day to eat, and they open the door, let me see the party, let me see them throwing salami all over, I mean, just throwing food around, but they're telling me there's no food.”

    The figure lands a strike on the punching bag as the female in the back takes out her phones and appears to be going through emails and important text message..

    TUPAC (VOICE OVER): “Every day, I'm standing outside trying to sing my way in: We are hungry, please let us in. We are hungry, please let us in. After about a week that song is gonna change to: We hungry, we need some food. After two, three weeks, it's like: Give me the food Or I'm breaking down the door. After a year you're just like: I'm picking the lock.........

    "Coming through the door blasting.”

    The shadow figure takes a step back and hits stiff looking kick that almost breaks the punching bag from the wall.

    TUPAC (VOICE OVER): "It's like, you hungry, you reached your level. We was asking with the Panthers. We was asking with them, the Civil Rights Movement. We was asking...... Those people that asked are dead or in jail. So now what do you think we're gonna do?


    The shadow figures is revealed to be one of the top free agents in wrestling today, a man who has traveled all over the world to perfect his craft as one of the best strikers and high flyers in the sport. None other than “The American Pharaoh” Jermaine Rose. Looking to be going though it with this intense workout as he is a true believer in hard work is the key to any ultimate success. The female in the background walks up and is revealed to be his wife, Zaya Rose as she winks at the camera as everything fades to black. The theme song for Jermaine Rose, “American Pharaoh” by Jase Harley plays it out.

    Woke up in the morning
    Broke all my chains
    Money's my language
    But I'm nobody's slave
    Open my eyes
    See the crabs in the barrel
    'Cause I'm on the rise
    American pharaoh..

    Match 3: Pure Wrestling Series
    Noah Stocke w/ Trevor Ocean VS Beast w/Belle

    Lindsay Monahan: This match is scheduled for one fall with the time limit of 20 minutes. It is your first match in the Pure Wrestling Series.

    The first match of the Pure Wrestling Series starts out working slowly with Stocke and Beast exchanging words with one another in the center of the ring. Beast seemingly has heard enough from the much smaller Noah Stocke and pie faces him, sending him stumbling back towards the corner of the ring. Stocke laughs to himself and gets to his feet in a fighting stance.

    Jim Taylor: ... And we begin!

    Stocke rushes at Beast and attempts to kick down the behemoth with swift kicks to his legs. Beast attempts to grab Stocke but the smaller man is able to move out of the way quickly and throw another leg kick on Beast. Beast can be seen growing frustrated with the constant leg kicks from Stocke and the next time that Stocke attempts a leg kick Beast anticipate it backs up and sends him into a backflip after a massive lariat. Beast goes for the cover but Stocke is able to kick out at two and a half. As Beast attempts to get up Stocke grabs his leg, trips him to the ground and locks in an Achilles lock but Beast immediately is able to kick him away with his free leg.

    Tim Coleman: The two lock up, Beast ducks under and takes Stocke's back.

    Jim Taylor: He goes for a lifted bearhug, but Stocke locks his legs.

    Tim Coleman: Stocke rolls across the ring with Beast on his back. Beast hasn't let go yet.

    Jim Taylor: He switches the bearhug for a headlock.

    Tim Coleman: The two stand up and Stocke pushes Beast off. Wait for it, boom! Stocke tries to knock him down with a big shoulder.

    Jim Taylor: A very nice counter. Beast is still standing only to be dropped by a dropkick.

    Tim Coleman: And another!

    Jim Taylor: Stocke goes for a third, but Beast moves out of the way.

    As the match continues, Beast continues to use his strength to overpower the smaller Noah Stocke but Stocke simply won't back down. He continues to use leg strike combination moves and submission holds on Beast but to no avail. Beast either manages to overpower this way out of the of the submission holds or gets to a rope.

    Tim Coleman: Stocke comes running, but is hit by a bodyslam.

    Jim Taylor: Beast follows that with a big boot and legdrop combination.

    By the Seven minute mark of the match, Beast has already used up his three rope breaks getting out of the submission attempts from Stocke. Beast is moving much slower than he was earlier in the match as the leg strikes from Stocke have started to show as he limps to his feet after a belly to belly suplex on Stocke. He limps over to him and locks him in the Master Lock submission hold rag-dolling the mutch smaller Stocke around the ring. As he does this, Trevor Ocean gets on the ring apron and attempts to get in the ring, drawing the attention of the referee. While he does this, Noah Stocke is able to thrust back with his leg delivering a low blow to Beast sending him falling to his knees. Stocke stumbles to his feet and levels Beast with a running knee strike before locking in a vicious heel hook on the big guy.

    Jim Taylor: HEEL HOOK! He got him with it!

    Trevor Ocean stops arguing with the referee and rushes over to Belle who is attempting to perform a distraction of her own with the referee. Trevor grabs her from behind and hits a boobplex on her as Beast shouts in pain due to the heel hook he's locked in. Those leg kicks and submissions finally start to come back to haunt him as he attempts to go for a rope break but the referee doesn't break the hold due to Pure Rules. With no way to break out of the hold Beast can't do anything except tap out as Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean celebrate. They walk up the ramp and can be heard saying one down two to go.

    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner ... Noah Stocke!

    Main Event: Pure Wrestling Series
    Krash VS Sammy Riggins

    Sammy Riggins stands in the ring waiting for the arrival of Krash as he entrance music plays.

    Jim Taylor: Well, that's the theme music for Krash but...where's Krash?

    Tim Coleman: That's a good question. We all know that Krash would love to get back in the ring with Savage to win back that Pure Wrestling title and this is his best shot at doing so.

    The music stops and everyone in the arena is confused especially Sammy Riggins who questions the referee as to if this is some type of mind game that Krash is playing. Krash's theme song begins to play again and the fans wait in anticipation for the arrival of the "White Wolf". Their anticipation quickly turns to dissapointment as instead of KRash making his way out onto the stage we see CWA General Manager Dash Carlisle strut to center stage with a microphone in hand.

    Tim Coleman: He's got alot of nerve coming out here after what he did at Under Siege, and to come out here to Krash's theme music? That's just disrespectful.

    Jim Taylor: That's just...Dash Carlisle.

    The fans boo as Dash Carlisle stands on the stage waiting for the fans to quiet down. He raises the microphone to his mouth and smirks as the fans continue to boo him.

    Dash Carlisle: Earlier tonight, we were informed that Krash would be unable to compete on tonight's card due to flight delays out of California after the Under Siege pay-per-view. That's what he told the front office, but I'm here to tell you all that the reason Krash isn't here isn't that his flight was "severely" delayed. No, the reason that KRash isn't here is because he's a small, petty individual who decided that he would "stand up" to me and my management team for us doing what was best for business at Under Siege. Krash decided to boycott tonight's event to stick it to me but, what KRash doesn't realize is that he isn't doing any harm to me by not showing up. No, he's doing harm to himself and to each and every one of you who purchased tickets to see the "Heartbeat of CWA". He's harming his career because now, he has NO chance of advancing in the Pure Wrestling series. He's attempting to harm the company, the business by not showing up tonight so it's up to me to do what's best for the company. And what's best for the company is for us to ring the bell and start this match. Ring the bell ref.

    The camera shows the referee in the ring confused asking Dash if he's serious and the camera shifts back to Dash who can be heard yelling at the referee to ring the bell. The referee reluctantly calls for the bell as a disappointed Sammy Riggins stands in the ring shaking his head at Dash Carlisle as the referee counts to twenty and calls for the bell.

    Lindsay Monohan: Ladies and gentleman, the winner of this contest..."Sweet" Sammy Riggins.

    Tim Coleman: Is this what we can expect from CWA? Is this what we'll be seeing? Dash Carlisle blatantly ripping off old gimmicks and doing what's Best for Business? This is ridiculous.

    Jim Taylor: I think everyone is a little shaken up by the whole Under Siege controversy and I'm told that we will hear the first comments from the other person involved in that controversy, Brayden Bridges, here when we return from a commercial break.

    Brayden Bridges Addresses His World Title Win

    Brayden Bridges music hits and out he walks from the crowd. The audience is very indifferent to him, not giving him the boisterous reaction that they had been giving him leading up to his battles with Lilith. The camera pans to the CWA Championship in his hands glistening in the spotlight that is shone on him as he makes his way to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Earlier tonight we heard from our General Manager Dash Carlisle who spoke very candidly about what happened at Under Siege. I’m hoping that we get the same amount of cadence from Brayden, who in my opinion is a victim of this just like Lilith.

    Brayden enters the ring and asks for a mic as his music slowly begins to fade out. He stands in the ring as the crowd waits to hear from him. Brayden begins to speak but, he stops almost as if he’s looking for the correct words to describe the situation.

    Brayden Bridges: Last night, at Under Siege, I went through hell. I defeated Noah Nitro & Thomas West in the same night to earn my shot at Lilith and the World Championship. I scratched and clawed my way to that match where around every corner Dash has tried to stop me. He said, I “didn't deserve it”. He said I “didn't want it”. He told me that at Under Siege it was my “last shot”. Well, I am as confused as you all because last night is not how I wanted to win. I had Lilith beat in the middle of that ring. She was within moments, hell she was within seconds of saying “I Quit” and I was within moments of getting to prove to everyone and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that I deserved and that I EARNED the CWA World Championship. But that all disappeared once Dash called for that bell. And now, I look at this championship and I see it tainted with...

    The lights go out and the fans erupt into cheers as they know what that means. The lights turn back on and we see that Brayden Bridges is no longer alone in the ring. Lilith stands opposite him with her eyes
    glued on the championship belt Brayden goes to speak not moving at all.

    Brayden Bridges: Look, what happened to you last night was terrible. I can’t speak from experience but I have to believe that being screwed out your championship is the worst thing that could ever happen to a wrestler. Last night had to be the worst experience of your career. So, I want to propose a rematch between you and me.

    Lilith doesn’t respond, choosing instead to stare blankly at the championship that rightfully should be hers.

    Brayden Bridges: Right here, right now. No Dark Watch & No Dash just you and I let's get an official down here and give the people the match that they deserved to see.

    Lilith closes her eyes for a second before looking up at Brayden with the emotionless stare that she has become known for. As she stares at Brayden, the fans begin to boo as Dash Carlisle makes his way down to the ring flanked by security.

    Dash Carlisle: No, this is not happening. The decision from Under Siege is final and we will not be having another contest between the two of you to determine who is the CWA World Champion because the CWA World Champion is Brayden Bridges, period. Brayden, you need to look at where you are at right now. You are the CWA World Champion. I GAVE you that championship, I GAVE you a chance. I GAVE you the throne and I GAVE you the championship. I can take it all back easily if need be. Are you willing to give up the championship you said you scratched and clawed for?

    Brayden pauses for a second before answering

    Brayden Bridges: You bet your ass I’m willing to give it all up because I didn’t earn it…I didn’t earn it MY way.

    The fans clap and cheer at Brayden's response as he walks over to the ropes as Carlisle is saying fine and motions for an official to come down. Lilith casts side eye at Dash as he walks past her to exit the ring as Bridges walks across to hand the title to the outside. Brayden stares at the title belt and after a pause he shakes his head refusing. He turns back and connects the championship with the back of Lilith's head. She falls to the ground as the crowd let out boos. Brayden picks her up and connects with Last Rites. Carlisle hops on the ring apron and yells at the official to ring the bell. The official argues before reluctantly calling for the bell. He counts the cover pausing before allowing his hand to come down for the three as Dash calls for the bell. There is another round of boo's as the fans slowly but surely begin to rise from their seats and exit the building.

    Dash demands Lindsay Monahan announce Brayden as the winner. Lindsay reluctantly raises the microphone to her mouth.

    Lindsay Monahan (unenthusiastically): Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and still CWA World Champion… Brayden Bridges.

    She drops the microphone and makes her way around the ring and up the ramp, shaking her head. She is followed by Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman. Coleman can be heard yelling “I told you at Jim Taylor” who simply swats him away as the camera pans back to the ring.

    Brayden holds the title high staring into the crowd as the arena continues to empty out. Dash Carlisle enters the ring and raises the hand of Brayden and hands him a microphone.

    Brayden Bridges: Everyone here is going to shut their mouths and listen exactly to the words I say. See, I hold the championship in my hands which means I have the power and with this right here I am doing what I want. I am a man who has paid for a crime I didn't commit. A man that took the debt that society owed him and cashed it in the price of gold. Lilith, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I came here, and I was a lost soul, a lonely drifter who questioned everything I had done. I was a lost soul who questioned everything he had, but I’m not lost not anymore. No, that soul has found peace, that soul has found a purpose and I hold that in my hands right now.

    Brayden holds the championship up high in the air much to the displeasure of the almost empty arena.

    Brayden Bridges: You’d be a fool to think that I’d do anything less to get it then I would keep it. You people never got behind me. You people never gave a damn about me! I saw every single eye in this arena, every eye in the streets judging me for my past. So, I accepted that things were never going to change that I’d just be doing the same thing repeatedly. Until…Dash gave me a chance to shock the system. Dash gave me the chance that no one ever could, that no one ever did. He gave me the chance to wash away my sins and forge and merge my plans with his and together we will lead CWA into a brighter and prosperous future.

    Some of you may not like it some of you are going to fight it but, you will learn to accept it. The devils greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist, and I am the devil himself and now I am sitting high on the mountain upon my throne and I have no plans of stepping down anytime soon. This championship in my hands makes me king of the world.

    I am your King, and this is my kingdom. This is my legacy right here now this is my dynasty and you are all peasants at my feet. I took what was mine and now I reap the awards. Lilith was just a pawn, a tool just like her brand of off-brand hot topic rejects so mad at the world I didn't sell my soul to the devil I built the stairway to heaven on the rotten decaying flesh of Lilith and the rest of this roster. I am awoken, and I am the champion and you will all bow. So, the next time you all call me a coward or call me a sellout, make sure that you also remember to call me the champion.

    Brayden flips the mic allowing it to hit the floor as the last remaining fans in the arena slowly begin to trickle out. Brayden Bridges stands right next to Dash as Brayden stares at the championship. He holds it high and you can see the smug sense of entitlement on his face. Bridges rolls to the outside and he and Dash walk up the ramp to the back. The camera focuses on Lilith who lays out cold in the ring before rising to a seated position as the lights flicker off ending Adrenaline Rush.
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