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Thread: Bram Stokers Dracula a vampire mafia game.

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    Re: Bram Stokers Dracula a vampire mafia game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sicario View Post
    So Yuri needs another vote to be lynched? I was personally leaning towards Red or OMB today, but that seems suspect and we need to see that flip. Sorry, buddy.

    Official Vote: Yuri
    Quote Originally Posted by Silk View Post
    Hey this was my move in my last mafia game.

    Official Unvote: OMB

    Official Vote: Yuri

    Just in case it could help

    Yuri: 8 (Cox, Red, OMB, Jiggy, Mitch, Fuji, Sicario, Silk)
    Red: 1 (Yuri)

    Day is officially over. Do not post unless your role permits.

    Yuri- you are the 3 Vamire women who serve Dracula and seduce the males. You require 2 extra votes to lynch.

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