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Thread: Fight Night - 04 July Promo Thread

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    Fight Night - 04 July Promo Thread

    Promos are due Thursday, July 5th, at midnight PCT, 3am EST on Friday, 8am UK.

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    Re: Fight Night - 04 July Promo Thread


    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    July 4th 2018, 10:30 AM


    A groggy Ty Johnson wakes up in his 4 star hotel bed. He's wearing a black wife beating a pair of sweat pants. He rubs his eyes.

    Everything seems to be going in slow motion. Ty looks around, and sees an empty hotel room. He was staying with Dave Sullivan, but Dave appears to be nowhere to be found.

    Ty tries to remember last night, but his memory is foggy. He remembers his boy Daiquan Andrews was partying with him all night in OKC. But Daiquan is nowhere to be found either.

    Ty is all alone.

    "Oklahoma City PD, open the door!"


    Ty jumps up out of his bed. He runs to the bathroom where he as a little dime bag of weed sitting on the kitchen sink.


    Just then a key card can be heard sliding in and out of the secure door lock, as officers in SWAT gear come rolling in with assault rifles.

    Ty throws the dime bag in the toilet, but he can't flush it in time. He is thrown to the ground of the bathroom.

    "DO NOT MOVE!" says the head SWAT officer.

    Ty struggles a bit until he is hit in the head with the butt of a rifle. Johnson is dragged out of the bathroom and thrown face first on the carpet of his hotel room.

    "Man it's just a damn dime bag. Y'all gotta chill. I was just holding it for a friend".

    "SHUT UP" yells an officer.

    The SWAT officers are tearing apart the entire hotel room.

    "Man my Manager gonna be here any second. He can clear this shit up. He prob just went to go get ice."
    says Ty.

    "I SAID SHUT UP" the officer says again.

    One of the officers pulls a large suitcase out from underneath the bed. Ty doesn't seem to recognize it.

    "That aint mine" Ty says.

    One of the SWAT officers puts the suitcase on the bed, and opens it up.

    It is filled with bricks of cocaine.

    "YO that definitely aint mine"
    says Ty.

    "Yeah and I'm sure your momma aint on Welfare either. Shut your mouth boy, you're going away for a long time."

    Pittsburgh, PA

    August 28th, 2017
    Dave Sullivan and Ty Johnson are training in a gym. Ty Johnson had just won the first season of Ground Season, and he is training to debut as an FWA Superstar.

    Ty is hitting a punching bag with Dave over and over again.

    "Come on Ty. You have to push yourself. This is the big league...every opponent you face...every single one, they have been training longer and harder than you have to this point.

    They are way ahead of the game. Wrestling has been their life for as long as some of them can remember. Wrestling has been your life for less than a year.

    But you can't think about that. You have to think that wrestling has been your life. It's been your entire life since the day you were born, and every day was leading up to this moment"

    Ty hits the bag harder and harder before finally running out of breath. He bends over gasping for air.

    Dave continues "One more thing Ty...this IS your life now. Wrestling IS your life.

    That old life? That gang banging street hustling's over."

    Ty nods, as if he's already known that since the day he signed up for Ground Zero.

    But Dave keeps going...

    "No Ty, you don't understand. It isn't that easy. You can't just flip a switch and turn that life off. You think I don't know your life? You think I believe you were just some hood rat and nothing else?

    I'm not stupid Ty. I was in the game. I know things, I know the things you did.

    Ty, if you want to be successful. It has to stop. "

    Ty seems to have a confused look on his face, like he doesn't know what Dave is talking about. A playing stupid kind of look.

    "The drugs Ty. The cocaine. Daiquan told me all about it during the production of Ground Zero. I know you did it. I know you do it. I know you've been addicted.

    Well I'm telling you now. That shit stops. It stops right now. Because it will KILL you. I don't mean literally, I couldn't give a damn if it killed you literally because that's not my job.

    My job is to run your career. And it will kill you career.

    You are a superstar now. The media will be all over you. One picture of you on a boat in Miami having some big party with pizza and cocaine in the background, and your face is all over TMZ.

    There is no three strike policy here Ty. I will drop you so fast that you won't even be able to show your face in Paterson, NJ again...let alone an FWA ring.

    I'm serious Ty. I have your back in this business. You NEED someone to have your back. But drugs? Trust me, I went down that road. It's not good, and it's one thing I won't tolerate. Drugs are the dealbreaker.

    Don't make me have to drop you Ty.

    This can be a very strong team, you and me. Tell me you understand..."

    Ty nods his head. He doesn't have any words for Dave, but he knows Dave is serious.

    Ty finally says something...

    "Dave man...this opportunity you've given be something. It's been a dream come true. My life has changed. I promise you 100%, drugs are out of my life. Cocaine is out of my life. I am dedicated man.

    I promise."

    Dave seems reassured. "Okay. That's all I needed to hear. Let's get back to work."

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    July 4th, 11:28 AM

    Dave Sullivan gets off the floor of his hotel room elevator. He has a bag of breakfast in his hand, and a protein shake for Ty. He is walking down the hall, when he comes to a halt.

    He drops the bag of food and the shake on the floor. He sees Ty Johnson being led out of their room and down the hall in handcuffs.

    "YO Dave man. I don't know what's going on..."
    says Ty.

    Dave looks worried.

    "Ty, what did you do?" he says.

    "I didn't do nuttin man. They settin me up. Settin up the black man. That shit wasn't mine man. That cocaine".

    Dave hears the word cocaine, and his expression immediately changes. He remembers Ty's promise to stay out of the drug game.

    Dave expresses his disappointment. "Ty...I told you! I told you to stay away from that shit!'

    Ty keeps going "DAVE IT WASN'T MINE. I don't know...Daiquan was up here last night. I don't know if he stashed it there or what's going on man. I promise tho it aint mine.

    Dave call our lawyer".

    Dave's looks of worry have changed to a lack of empathy. He looks disappointed, crushed, betrayed...he doesn't know what to think.

    "I told you Ty...I told you man. Drugs were the deal breaker".

    Ty is in tears as the police drag him down the hallway.

    "Please Dave...please get me out of this. I NEED you man! I NEED YOU!" Ty screams as the police haul him into the elevator.
    Dave is standing in the hallway...alone and shocked.

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