A pyrotechnic
display goes off and we get a shot of the fans in the sold-out Walter Pyradmid in Long Beach, California before going over to the announce desk where Daniel Oakley and Tim Coleman are standing by.

Daniel Oakley: Hello fans and welcome to Under Siege live from the
Walter Pyradmid in Long Beach, California, and boy what a show we have in store for you fans tonight!

Tim Coleman: Danny, this show is
jam-packed full of non-stop action!

Jim Taylor: We'll top it all off with what could be the final confrontation between
Lilith and Brayden Bridges
Tim Coleman: Bridges scored the upset of the century by pinning Lilith at the Thundershock pay-per-view and Lilith redeemed herself by cleanly defeating Brayden at Pride. Tonight, we get the conclusion of this awesome feud.
Jim Taylor: We'll also see the tag team titles defended but first we're going to kick off the show with a Mexican Death Match Challenge between Shawn SUmmers and the debuting Sicario

//Opening Match\\
A Mexican Death Match Challenge to Shawn Summers
Sicario VS Shawn Summers

Daniel Oakley:
Look at the way these two are looking at each other!

Tim Coleman: Nothing but Hatred right here.

Sicario and Summers square off in the ring, the bell rings and without
hesitation both men charge each other. Both men laying in lefts and rights back and forth, Summers rocks Sicario back, Sicario returns the favor by knocking Summers back a few steps. A forearm shot by Sicario is met by a chest chop to Summers. Both men trying to tear the other apart, Summers with an overhand right, Sicario finally knocks him back with a kick to the gut.

Daniel Oakley: That will knock the wind out of you.

Tim Coleman: Or break a rib or two, either way!

Sicario backs Summers into the corner and hits him with a pair of shoulder thrusts taking the wind right out of Summers. Sicario hammers in a couple of more punches before Summers grabs him by the neck, reversing things and throwing Sicario back in the corner.

Tim Coleman: Now it's his turn.

Daniel Oakley: Payback's a bitch!

Summers stomps away at the midsection of Sicario, he backs up a couple steps and charges in with a clothesline that lifts Sicario off his feet and slumps him in the corner. Summers goes to center ring before turning around and charging in with a running knee to Sicario. He follows it up with a boot to the head and tells the ref to start the count.

Ref: 1


Daniel Oakley: This one's not over yet.

Tim Coleman: Not even close.

Before the ref can get to 4 Sicario grabs the tops ropes and pulls himself to his feet. He walks out of the corner and comes at Summers. Summers with a clothesline attempt, Sicario ducks and comes off the ropes with a flying forearm taking down Summers. Both men back up to their feet quickly. Summers Charges at Sicario grabbing him in a loose collar and elbow, and pushing him back as the momentum takes both men over the top rope and to the floor.

Daniel Oakley: Both men taken over the top and outside.

Tim Coleman: Now this one's going to get interesting.

Sicario whips Summers into the apron as Summers lets out a yell. Sicario whips Summers, reversal as Summers whips Sicario
in to the steel railing. Summers looks around gets a running start and goes up to jump off the steps laying in a Big Splash on Sicario against the railing. The ref is out checking on the men as neither are totally down, but both men trying to gather their senses.

Tim Coleman: This match is taking a toll on both men already.

Daniel Oakley: The steel is unforgiving, but this one's going to get a lot worse.

Summers grabs some of the cable
laying around the ring and begins to choke Sicario with it. He wraps it around putting his knee in the back of Sicario and pulling back. Sicario head is turning a reddish purple as he grasps trying to loosen the cable.

Daniel Oakley: Summers is trying to turn out his light for good!

Tim Coleman: His heads as Purple as a California Raisin!

Out of nowhere off Camera Reign comes in with a chair shot to the back of the head of Summers causing him to release the pressure as he turns around and focuses on Reign.

Tim Coleman: Uh oh

Daniel Oakley: Someone got caught

Summers begins to stalk Reign around the ring, she walks
backwards around the ring. Sicario has his head about him once more as he digs under the ring. Reign still buying him time as he pulls out a kendo stick, Reign baits him over to where Sicario is finally as Sicario pops up and bends the kendo stick around the top of Summers' head.

Daniel Oakley: GOOD GOD!

Sicario measures Summers and hits him one more time, this time breaking him open on his forehead near the hairline. Sicario follows it up by grinding the butt of the cane in the cut forehead of Summers.

Tim Coleman: Busted wide open.

Daniel Oakley: Reign's interference paid off.

Tim Coleman: Anything goes.

Sicario lays into the open cut with a few right hands before backing off. Summers wipes the blood from his forehead above his eyes and starts to fight back. He punches Sicario with his
blood soaked hand splattering the blood all over the face and forehead of Sicario. Sicario fights back with a chop, Summers returns with a chop of his own, then another, and another backing Sicario up the entrance ramp.

Tim Coleman: This one's getting further and further away from the ring.

Daniel Oakley: Further away, the more dangerous it gets.

Summers comes off with a right hand that is blocked by Sicario, Sicario grabs Summers in a quick front face lock and snaps him over with a suplex on the entrance ramp. The Ref goes to start the
count, but sees both men are decently stirring so he lets them go. Reign can be heard yelling words of encouragement to Sicario.

Daniel Oakley: No man has a
clear cut advantage thus far.

Tim Coleman: This one has a long way to go!

Each man hits the other as they work to get to their feet. Neither man letting the other get the upper hand. They struggle against each other as they lock up in a sloppy collar and elbow pushing each other to their feet as they struggle on the entrance ramp. Sicario snaps around with a
neckbreaker on the hard steel of the ramp. He gets up rather quick as he grabs Summers by his hair and tights throwing him behind the curtain into the back.

Tim Coleman: Where are they going?

Daniel Oakley: We need to get the camera back there!

Tim Coleman: Take it to the street!

Daniel Oakley: this is not good!

Sicario motions for Reign to follow as he goes behind the curtain only to pop right back through it grabbing his head. He turns towards the curtain only to be hit and take a few steps back. Summers steps out from behind the curtain holding a metal rod. He hits Sicario across the back one more time before dropping it.

Daniel Oakley: Looks like Summers found something to fight back with.

Tim Coleman: Hey Sicario is busted open now too!

A shot of Sicario' bleeding head is shown before Summers is shown dropping the steel rod and focusing once again on Reign. He takes a step towards her and is Speared through the curtain into the back area by Sicario.

Tim Coleman: Once again the skirt coming into play.

Daniel Oakley: That's what she's there for!

The scene switches the camera angle to the back of the curtain as both men are seen down amongst some random cables and equipment. The ref begins to count as both men are laying on their backs.

Ref: 1



Tim Coleman: This could be it for one of them!

Daniel Oakley: Don't count on it!



Both men are stirring but neither has made it to their feet yet.



Sicario makes it to one knee and to his feet by 8, he pulls Summers up and kicks him in the side pushing him further into the back area. Sicario sprints over grabbing a handful of hair and bulldogs Summers head first into a catering table. Smashing his opponents head into the random foods as they both smash through the table.

Coleman Catering!

Sicario smashes Summers head into the sandwich tray as he gets to his feet. He looks around for something to use. He grabs a nearby rolling storage crate, he pushes it into the area with the catering table and Summers are. Summers is pinned half standing between the wall, table, and storage crate. He plasters Summers in the face with a right hand before grabbing by his head and pulling him out.

Daniel Oakley: This one's getting brutal, both men bleeding and covered in food.

Tim Coleman: This is just what these two needed! A good old fashioned fight!

Taking him by the head Sicario throws Summers into a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall knocking it down, Sicario turns to look around, as he does Summers grabs the extinguisher and blasts Sicario in the face with the white powder. As Sicario grabs at his face and eyes Summers blasts him in the head with the butt end of the Extinguisher knocking Sicario back against the wall.

Daniel Oakley: This match goes brutally back and forth between these two men.

Tim Coleman: One of them is going to have to break, they can't take all this abuse!

Summers drops the extinguisher and grabs the face of Sicario clawing at his eyes. Sicario tries to push the hands of Summers from his face,
instead he knees him in between the legs causing Summers to release his face.

Tim Coleman: Nothing is Sacred! Nothing at all!

Daniel Oakley: From eyeballs to
manballs these two are insane!

Summers whips Sicario into the side of a nearby parked car, denting the door with the back of Sicario. He charges in as Sicario with a big boot, Sicario moves
causing Summers to go foot first through the driver's side window. With Summers foot stuck Sicario smashes his head on the roof of the car causing him to fall to the floor ripping his leg along the broken glass.

Daniel Oakley: Look at Summers' leg.

Tim Coleman: It looks like it's been through a cheese grater!

Summers leg is cut in numerous places, nothing deep, just enough to cover his leg in blood. Summers screams in pain as he grabs at his own leg and the ref begins to count.

Ref: 1



Daniel Oakley
:He should just stay down!

Tim Coleman: This one should be over!



Summers somehow makes it to one leg pulling himself up using the side of the car. Sicario goes in to hit him, but Summers grinds a handful of glass into his forehead, busting him open in even more places. He pushes Sicario back into the large cargo metal door. Sicario grabs Summers and they rustle around the wall hitting a door with a push handle taking them outside into the parking lot of the arena.

Tim Coleman: This one can't be contained!

Daniel Oakley: They're outside!

Summers pulls off a Belly to Belly onto a nearby wooden pallet causing it to break beneath them. He gets to his feet pulling Sicario up with him, he slams his head on the hood of a car. Summers reaches into his tights and pulls out a pair of Brass knuckles and levels Sicario knocking him to the concrete.

Tim Coleman: That's going to hurt!

Daniel Oakley: The ref is there to count

Ref: 1



Tim Coleman: He's fighting to get up




Sicario pulls himself to his feet much the same way Summers did on the side of the car. He comes out with a chop to Summers, Summers chops back, the two men exchange chops back and forth fighting For the advantage, chop after chop they fight. Sicario bouncing Summers off the side of a car, followed by Summers throwing Sicario into the side of the production trailer.

Daniel Oakley: These two are leaving a bloody mess wherever they go!

Tim Coleman: This one is Epic!

a man APPEARS from the trailer and spews a blue substance into Summers' face! In his blinded state, Sicario grabs
him, and hits him with a Mexican Destroyer piledriver on the concrete floor.

Daniel Oakley: That's what he calls Disparó de Dinero!

Tim Coleman: Holy Shit!

Ref: 1





Tim Coleman: He's not moving!





Daniel Oakley: It's over!


The Bell rings in the arena and the ref Motions that Sicario is the winner.

Lindsay Monahan: Winner of this bout and the Mexican Death Match Sicario!

The man and Sicario embrace.

Daniel Oakley: Whoever this mystery man is, he certainly made the difference here tonight.

Tim Coleman: There was no difference maker, Danny, the better man won, plain and simple. This man just helped get us where we're going anyway.

Winner: 11:50

//Match 2\\

CWA Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match

Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage VS The Elite(c)

Blue and White lights flash to the opening beat of "Kick in the Door" by Biggie and the fans let out a mix of boos and cheers as Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean make their way out onto the stage. It's no longer weird to see the tag-team championships absent from their waist, as they make their way to the ring since they've been stolen for almost three weeks. Noah keeping his eyes straight ahead while
mouths off with some fans nearby that chose to heckle him.

Tim Coleman:
Ey' Danny-Boy, here come your boys. The championship-less champions, Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke.
Daniel Oakley: It's no secret that I've worked with Noah and Trevor in other companies and if you thought they were dangerous during their hunt for the championships, you ain seen nothing until you've seen them defend those belts when they feel like their reign is in jeopardy.

Trevor and Noah get in the ring and Trevor crouches down in front of Noah who stands void of emotion.

"Cut the Cord" by Shinedown
hits to a mixed reception, but more boos than cheers for the challengers. Brittany Adams walks out onto the stage and smiles as Jackson Fenix walks up behind her, grabs her by the waist, spins her around for a kiss as he holds up one half of the Tag-Team Championship. Nate Savage walks past the two, one half of the tag-team championship and the Pure championship wrapped around his waist.

Tim Coleman: "The Nasty Alliance" making their way out like only they can! I'm willing to bet money on it, the Nasty Alliance will win both of their matches and be one step closer to completely dominating CWA.

Daniel Oakley: Savage and Fenix have been basically unstoppable as of late and our a path of dominance, I mean just look at what they did to The Elite on last weeks Adrenaline Rush. But, I think when it comes to tag-team wrestling, they're going to be in for a rude awakening against The Elite.

Tim Coleman: Spoken like an Elite "smark" if I've ever heard of one.

Savage and Fenix hit the ring and Fenix removes his championship, walks over to Stocke and Ocean and hoist the belt in their face. Stocke doesn't react but Ocean trades words with Fenix as the referee separates the two.

Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Tim Coleman: I hate that, so much.

Lindsay Monahan: And it is for the CWA Tag-Team Championship! Introducing the challengers, the team of Jackson Fenix and the CWA Pure Champion, Nate SAVAAAAGGGEE!!!

A loud mix of cheers and some boos for the challengers as Fenix holds up the title and sarcastically blows a kiss over to The Elite.

Lindsay Monahan: And the champions, fighting out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and weighing in at a combined weight of 422lbs. Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke, they.are.THE ELITE!!!

The fans give a mixed reaction as Noah Stocke suddenly drops the emotionless expression turns his attention to Brittany Adams and blows a kiss, causing the referee to have to forcibly restrain Jackson Fenix.

Daniel Oakley: Let the Elite head games begin.


Jackson Fenix is out to start for his team and this draws a chuckle from Noah Stocke who insists that he start this matchup. Trevor looks over at Fenix and shakes his head with a laugh and obliges to SStocke'srequest.

Fenix attempts to charge at Stocke with a double leg takedown but Stocke is able to easily stuff it, pushing/holding his face down into the mat. Fenix flails his limbs around like a madman, attempting to hit Stocke who continues hold his face down into the mat. Stocke finally lets Fenix up but only after slapping on his head a couple of times. Jackson Fenix is noticeably angry and swings blindly at Noah Stocke, who laughs as he dodges the strikes before finally slapping Fenix. The force of the slap sends Fenxi stumbling backward. Stocke takes this moment to begin his assault, hitting Jackson with a thrusting front kick that puts him on his but. Stocke bounces off the ropes and hits a running forearmed to the seated Fenix before going for a cover but lifts Fenix's arm off the canvas, looks over at Brittany Adams and winks, breaking the pinfall.

Tim Coleman: The mental destruction that Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean bring to their matches is downright disgusting. Stocke is out here playing on Fenixs anger and using it against him at every chance that he gets. Fenix is irrational and still pissed about what they, more specifically Stocke, did to Brittany. If the "Nasty Alliance" plans on going any further in this match, they're going to have to...get Fenix out of the ring.

Daniel Oakley: The mental destruction is just one part of The Elites in ring strategy. First, they destroy you mentally, then they destroy you physically. They've been doing it for years, but it seems that no one in CWA bothered to watch
tapeand figure out a strategy to overcome it.

Stocke, with Fenix arm still in his grasp, transitions into a
crossfacehold. Fenix reaches out towards the ropes and towards Nate Savage, who is reaching out towards him. Stocke howls with laughter as Fenix screams in agony. Fenix is able to crawl closer and closer to the bottom ring rope but with each inch that he crawls, Stocke stomps his heel on the back of his hand. Fenix is finally able to get a grasp on the bottom turnbuckle, causing the referee to call for the hold to be broken. Stocke doesn't break the hold though, opting instead to keep the hold locked in until the referee's count reaches 4.9. He breaks the hold and scoots away from Fenix, seemingly allowing Jackson some time to recover. As Jackson crawls towards Savages reaching hand, Stocke grabs his leg and drags him back to the center of the ring, playing with him almost like a cat playing with a mouse. After playing this game with Fenix a couple of times, a serious look appears on the face of Noah who reaches down and grabs his leg forcefully with both hands. As he flips him over, Jackson delivers a stiff upward thrust kick sending Stocke stumbling backward. Jackson uses this opportunity to leap and tag in Nate Savage. Savage charges into the ring and rushes at Stocke with a clothesline sending him crashing into his and Trevors corner. Trevor quickly tags himself in but stays on the apron as Savage backs into the opposite corner and charges at Stocke with a rolling senton. Trevor quickly gets in the ring and stomps Savage as he attempts to get up after the senton. Trevor finally gets Savage seated in the corner, backs up, and charges at him full force in an attempt at "The Bees Knees" (running double knee strike to the cornered opponent). At the last second, Savage moves out of the way and Ocean ends up hitting Noah Stocke, who was still in the corner.

Daniel Oakley: The Elite are doing something that I don't think I've ever seen them do before. They're being outsmarted in the ring! Two technical geniuses are being outsmarted here! This is insane.

Tim Coleman: This isn't insane! This is the Nasty Alliance!

Nate Savage gets to his feet and grabs Ocean and hits a
Swinging leg hook belly-to-back suplex on him and goes for the cover.


Ocean manages to kick out and Savage is quickly all over him, quickly getting to his feet and dropping elbow drop after elbow drop on him before bouncing off the rope and performing a final leg drop onto Ocean.

Ocean is clearly out of it as Savage drops down and traps him in a STF. The camera focuses in on Ocean who has a focused look on his face as he attempts to figure out what to do. He attempts to break Savages grip but Savage has his hands LOCKED. He attempts to crawl to the rope with Savage under him but is unable to as Savage is too heavy on his back. Trevor raises his free arm and it looks as though he's going to tap out but instead he gauges at Savages eyes causing him to break the hold. The camera catches Trevor laughing as Savage stomps over to his corner in a blind rage and tag in Jackson Fenix. Fenix rushes in the ring and hits Ocean with a forearm smash before going for a quick pinning attempt. Ocean is able to kick out, and Fenix gets to his feet and sizes him up. The crowd reacts as they know what's coming next. Ocean stumbles to his feet and as he turns around Jackson Fenix pulls back and launches his foot at his chin for a superkick. At the last second, Ocean manages to grab Fenix's leg and sweeps the free leg before locking in a grapevined
ankle lock! The fans are on their feet as Fenix screams out in pain from the pressure of the hold.

Tim Coleman: That doesn't look good at all! He's got that ankle lock locked in tightly!
Daniel Oakley: Fenix needs to stop panicking and think this entire thing through. He's not in the center of the ring so he's close to a rope. If he can just get to one of the ropes, he'll be able to break the hold and get out of this.

Fenix's face is red as he shouts out in pain, he looks over to his corner but Nate Savage is nowhere to be found. Trevor Ocean puts more torque on the hold and shouts in unisin with Fenix, mocking him. The attention in the ring is on Fenix and Ocean but that attention is quickly turned to the ringside area as Nate Savage yanks Noah Stocke down off the apron, kicks him in the stomach and delivers a devistating powerbomb to him onto the ring apron. As Noahs body bounces off the edge of the ring, Savage is there to pick him up again and deliver a second powerbomb to Stocke onto the arena floor.

Daniel Oakley: What the hell is Savage doing this for? He should be in there helping his partner!!!

Tim Coleman: It's all apart of the strategy, just keep watching!

Ocean releases the ankle lock as he realizes what's going on outside the ring. He rushes out of the ring and chases Savage away from Stocke who is motionless on the ground. Ocean checks on him before getting up and chasing Savage around the ring until Savage slides in. Ocean goes to slide in after him but as he gets up his is met with a superkick from Fenix. Fenix drops down in pain after hitting the superkick on him, quickly hooks his leg as the referee counts.


Tim Coleman: IT'S HAPPENING!!!




Out of the corner of the screen we see a hooded individual charge into the ring and hit a savage curb stomp on Jackson Fenix. But the hooded individual isn't done there. After hitting the curb stomp, he continues rushing at a confused Nate Savage and hits him with what looks like the tag-team championship. The referee calls for the bell and the fans boo as they realize the match is off. The hooded individual shooves the referee as he attemtps to ask what the hell is going on.


The hooded individual exits the ring and helps Noah Stocke to his feet and hands him one half of the tag-titles. The individual grabs the other tag-title and enters the ring, lifts Ocean to a seated position and places the title on his shoulder. Stocke rolls into the ring and sets next to Ocean with their titles as the hooded individual stands behind them. He removes his hood and reveals himself to be none other than Shawn Summers!

Tim Coleman: Are you kidding me?!?!?! After that beating that he took he's still able to come out here and SCREW OVER FENIX AND SAVAGE?!?!!?

Daniel Oakley: Summers, Stocke, and Ocean have been friends for years. I can't say that I'm one-hundred percent surprised. But none the less, Summers managed to lengthen the title reign of The Elite as the title doesn't change hands via a disqualification.

Winner: 12:02 via Disqualification
Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix

//Match 3\\
Under Siege Triple Threat Theater Steel Cage Match
Noah Nitro VS Brayden Bridges

*If Brayden Bridges wins, he advances in the Under Siege Triple Theater, and Noah Nitro is barred from interfering for the rest of the night

As Brayden entered the cage, he was met with a swift running dropkick from Nitro followed by some pummeling shots. The referee is able to close the cage door as Nitro continues to dominate Brayden with strikes and chain grappling holds. He is able to use the cage to his advantage, grinding and bashing Brayden's face into the mesh. The announce team makes light of the fact that Brayden is taking a TON of damage early on in what could possibly be the first of three matches for him tonight.

After piling on an assault onto Bridges, Nitro finally goes for a pinfall. To the surprise of everyone in attendance, Bridges is able to power out after just a one count launching Nitro off of him. Nitro attempts to charge at Brayden as he gets to his feet but Brayden tosses him in the air and connects with the Fade to Black (Pop up European Uppercut). The crowd pops as Brayden seems to finally be catching his groove in this match.

Brayden doesn't give Nitro any opportunity to catch his breath as he is quickly on him, bashing his head into the mesh of the
cage. The referee goes to stop him but Brayden shoots a look at him almost to say "don't mess with me". Brayden goes for the cover but is only able to get a two count out of it. That doesn't bother him though. It finally allows for him to get his hands on one of the people that have caused him and CWA so much pain and chaos over the last six months.

Brayden's assault is a vicious one on the Dark Watch member. He rests Nitro in the area between the ring ropes and the steel cage before delivering a devastating Call the Coroner (Rolling Elbow) that bounces his head off the cage. Nitros body drops and Brayden grabs him, looks directly
in the camera and shouts "I'm coming for you Lilith," before dropping Nitro him with The Last Rites (End of Days). He forcefully pins Nitro, One...two...three!

Winner: 8:15
Brayden Bridges

//Match 4\\
Ladder Match for CWA Contracts
The Echo VS The Diamond DogsOne will stay, one must go

Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is a ladder match for CWA Contracts! The only way to win is by climbing up the ladder and securing the contracts! The first team to successfully secure the contracts will be victorious while the other team will be forced to leave the CWA!

The fans are hyped up after hearing the announcement from Lindsay while the camera pans up to show the contracts hanging high above…

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven, love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth

The crowd becomes unglued as the familiar opening chorus from Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth” rings out, indicating the arrival of “Slick Rick/Big Dick Rick” Ricardo Vance and Santino “Sonny D/Dongmeister Jr.” aka The Diamond Dogs! Ricardo and Santino burst out on stage without their respective valets, knowing how dangerous this match might be they chose to keep them out of harm’s way. The duo
make their way to the ring while the fans are on their feet cheering them on…

Lindsay Monahan: First, making their way to the ring from Miami, FL, and weighing in at a combined weight of three-hundred & seventy-five pounds! “Slick Rick” Ricardo Vance & Santino “Sonny D”
Dongarelli...THE DIAMOND DOGS!

Daniel Oakley: Would you listen to this ovation?! I can hardly hear myself speak!

Tim Coleman: If that’s the case, then thank god for these guys making their entrance when they did so I don’t have to listen to another word from you!

The Diamond Dogs enter the ring together, Vance runs the ropes and comes back jumping high up for a high five from Santino as they await the arrival of their opposition…

The familiar opening sounds of “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” plays out and the fans continue to cheer with respect for one of the best tag teams to ever grace a CWA ring, Drew and Ethan Conner, otherwise known as The Echo! The brothers make their way out, showing off for the fans and such…

Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents, from Gainesville, GA by way of your mother’s bedroom, and weighing in at a combined weight of three-hundred & fifty pounds, “Vicious & Delicious”, “The Money Makers”, and “The Leaders of the tag team Revolution”...

Once they reach the ring they approach Lindsay and whisper something to her, she sighs but nods…

Lindsay Monahan: and they are the team that will superkick The Diamond Dogs straight out of a job...Drew & Ethan Conner...THE ECHO!

Ricardo and Santino just laugh that last bit off while Drew & Ethan taunt them.

Daniel Oakley: The Echo trying to get in the heads of The Diamond Dogs, but the Diamond Dogs don’t seem phased at all by it

Tim Coleman: The Echo can make all the jokes they want but it’s time to get serious! Their jobs are on the line here!

Daniel Oakley: The fans seem to be in pretty
even favor of both teams as well

Tim Coleman: They might as well enjoy both teams while they’re still here because one team will be gone by the end of the night!

The Echo still taunting and mocking The Diamond Dogs, while Vance and Santino just shake their heads at them. Senior referee, Billy Stevens explains the rules one last time before calling for the bell.


Right off the bat Drew and Ethan go for a stereo superkick, but The Diamond Dogs see it coming and manage to move out of the way in time, and as The Echo turn around they are met with stereo bicycle knee strikes to the face! The brothers stagger back some and The Diamond Dogs hit them with stereo standing dropkicks that send the brothers through the ropes and to the outside! Drew and Ethan gather their bearings on the outside but no time to recover as Ricardo leaps over the rope while Santino goes through the ropes and they take out the brothers with simultaneous suicide dives! The fans are going nuts as Vance and Santino
grab a ladder together and slide it in the ring. As they are setting it up, Drew and Ethan have recovered and stand on the apron, yell at The Diamond Dogs, and on cue both brothers springboard off the ropes with Ethan nailing Santino with a dropkick while Drew hits a springboard clothesline on Ricardo!

However Ricardo is able to roll back to his feet but eats a superkick from Ethan! Ricardo is still standing albeit stunned, allowing Drew to come back with a handspring backflip into a tornado DDT planting Ricardo face first to the mat! Ricardo rolls to the outside to recover leaving Santino alone and as Santino is getting up he’s caught by a running leg lariat from Drew while Ethan sweeps his legs!

Daniel Oakley: Just when it looked like The Echo was out of this, they come right back in and take complete control!

Tim Coleman: I didn’t doubt them for a second, Daniel!

They continue to isolate Santino and focus on him while Ricardo is still on the outside trying to recover. Ethan comes off the ropes with a springboard leg drop on top of Santino! They aren’t done yet as Drew picks up Santino and holds him in place for a
german suplex while Ethan sets him up for a superkick, but just as Ethan goes for the kick, Santino ducks out of the way causing Ethan to superkick his own brother and Drew falls to the mat! Ethan looks on in shock before Ricardo re-appears and grabs Ethan from behind...TITTYPLEX! Modified dragon suplex to Ethan! With Ethan laid out, Santino climbs up top and executes his Pimpin’ Dive! Corkscrew senton!

Both Ricardo and Santino begin to climb the ladder, but Drew is up and pushes ladder down towards the ropes and Santino crotches himself on the rope before tumbling to the outside while Ricardo manages to stay in the ring but took a hard landing himself. “It’s not gonna be that easy!” Drew yells at a downed Ricardo and motions for Ethan, who is still trying to recover and once he does they execute The Devil Went Down to Georgia! Drew with a roll through following a 450 splash from Ethan followed by a moonsault from Drew! The brothers are spent but they bring the ladder back up and begin their ascent to the top but Santino slides back in and shoves the ladder away, but both brothers land on their feet before taking a nasty spill. Santino drills Ethan with running dropkick that sends him to the outside, meanwhile Drew clubs Santino from behind but Santino counters with a
pele kick that stuns Drew! This allows him to follow up with...SONNY D’S NUTBUSTER! CRADLE BACK TO BELLY PILEDRIVER! Drew is out like a light! As Santino hits it though
Ethan slid back in and nails him with a superkick! Ethan sees this opportunity and positions the ladder back up, and begins to climb up and looks down at his brother, taking his eye off the ball for one second allowing Ricardo to climb up to the top with Ethan and he slams Ethan’s head off the top of the ladder! Ethan is stunned and Ricardo senses an opportunity in an extreme situation and he has Ethan where he wants him…



Daniel Oakley: Whatever it takes, Tim! Whatever it takes!

Tim Coleman: Yes, but at what cost?!

All four men are laid out in the center of the ring as the crowd chant's "this is awesome" over and over. The camera focuses and shows Ricardo slowly beginning to crawl towards the ladder. He winces in pain as he slumps up each rung of the ladder until reaching the very top. He slowly reaches up and is able to secure the contract as the referee calls for the bell.


Lindsay Monohan: Here are your winners...THE DIAMOND DOGS!

Ricardo slumps down the ladder as Santino begins to regain his balance using the ring ropes. The two embrace in the ring as they have just secured a full fledged contract here in CWA. The two are helped out of the ring by the referee as the fans give them a standing ovation. Back in the ring, Ethan slowly raises to a seated position as his brother Drew crawls over to him. The two look out into the audience at the fans clapping and cheering for them. Drew manages to raise his hand and wave to the fans before helping his brother up to his feet. The fans cheer for The Echo as they make their final walk up the ramp.

Tim Coleman: After a storied career here in CWA, we are witnessing the end of tag-team dominance. We are witnessing the end...of The Echo in CWA.

Daniel Oakley: It has been incredible to watch the career of Drew and Ethan Connor in CWA and I think I speak for the entire roster when I say, the tag-team division won't be the same without them.

Winner: 13:57
The Diamond Dogs

//Match 5\\
Under Siege Triple Threat Theater Tables Match
Thomas West VS Brayden Bridges
*If Brayden Bridges wins, he receives a CWA Championship match against Lilith in the main event, and Thomas West is barred from ringside

As Thomas West makes his entrance, Jim Taylor stresses that IF Brayden is able to make it past him he will get the one on one rematch with Lilith that he deserves. Tim Coleman stresses that not everyone believes that Brayden deserves a rematch
against Lilith. One person, in particular, he doesn't believe it is CWA General Manager Dash Carlisle. The focus shifts back to the ring where Thomas West is in the ring.

The Bottom by Devour The Day plays throughout the arena and the fans are on their feet as they await the arrival of "The Lost Soul". The music continues to play but Brayden is nowhere to be seen. The camera focuses on the ring and we see someone on a headset approach ringside signaling to the referee that something is going on backstage. A cameraman rushes up the ramp to the backstage area and everyone is confused. During all the confusion, Brayden Bridges hops the ring barricade, guitar in hand, and enters the ring behind Thomas West. With a smirk on his face, Brayden swings Thomas West around and strikes him over the head with the guitar smashing it in the process. The fans are ecstatic as Brayden stands tall in the ring before exiting and bringing in a table.

Jim Taylor informs the fans that the backstage commotion was apparently a diversion created by Brayden to direct everyone's attention away from the ring. Tim Coleman sarcastically says "Brayden must have an influential friend in the company to be able to pull something like this off." Brayden leans the table against a turnbuckle in the ring before picking up the lifeless body of Thomas and signaling the end before hitting The Last Rites (End of Days) sending him crashing through the table.

The fans cheer as Brayden motions around his waist with his hands, signaling that he's coming for the championship. Brayden stands tall in the ring as the lights flicker in the arena. An eerie fog creeps from the entrance way as the lights dim to a red and black. Hooded individuals slowly begin to make their way from the stage down to the ring and retrieve Thomas West as Brayden looks on. They carry Thomas West out of the arena as everyone looks on in silence and shock. This was completely a message sent from World Champion Lilith.

Winner 4:23
Brayden Bridges

//Match 6\\
CWA Pure Championship
2-on-1 Handicap Match
Krash VS Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage(c)

The fans in the Walter Pyramid are restless as a video package plays highlighting Krash's rise to winning the High Voltage Championship.

We see a montage of news headlines flash across the screen, all with the same message: "Will Krash EVER defend the High Voltage Championship?" The news headlines end with Krash making his entrance at Thundershock to a ruckus crowd in his hometown. Highlights of the match are shown until we see Krash get the final pin-fall with his legs on the ropes. Krash is presented with the Pure Wrestling Championship and we hear a voiceover of Krash vowing to defend and honor this championship in a way that the High Voltage championship wasn't. Static hits the screen and we see Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix going on their rampage of CWA leading up to the matchup between Fenix and Krash at PRIDE. The last moments of the match are shown with Krash managing to get the better of Fenix. The camera focuses on Fenix and Savage after the match and a voice over of Savage can be heard saying "this is our company, this is our time, and we're gonna take what's ours".
The video package goes on to show Savage and Fenix stealing the Tag-Team championships before switching over to Savage vowing to take the Pure Wrestling Championship, next. Krash and Savages match highlights are shown with commentary highlights from Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman dubbed in. The final chaotic moments of the match are shown and the camera focuses in on Krash as the bell rings and Savage is announced as the winner. We see a visually distraught Krash sitting in the ring as a voice over from a wrestling podcasts announces that Krash will get his rematch against Savage...AND Fenix at Under Seige. The scene switches to a heavy metal song alongside a video montage of Krash preparing for the match before ending with a voiceover of Savage saying "two championships down, one to go".
Ding, Ding, Ding

Lindsay Monohan: The following contest is a Pure Rules Handicap Match scheduled for one-fall and it is for the CWA Pure Championship!

The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. The arena erupts into cheers, with a few boos, as the fans prepare themselves for the entrance of Krash. The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro rains down from the top of the entrance way, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all.

Daniel Oakley: No one in this company is able to elicit a reaction like The Heartbeat of CWA, Krash. He's about to step into one of the biggest challenges of his entire career as he faces off against Savage and Fenix.

Tim Coleman:
For someone about to step into their "biggest challenge", he sure doesn't look that concerned, but I wonder why? Oh! I know why it's because our General Manager decided to book The Nasty Alliance, that's what I'm calling Savage and Fenix, in a tag title match against those lunatics The Elite AND have Savage defend his championship against Krash all in one night. That has to be some type of abuse of power!

Lindsay Monohan: Introducing first - From Melbourne, Australia. Weighing in tonight at 205 pounds. He is the former CWA Pure Champion...The White Wolf, KRASH!!!

Krash begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner, patiently awaiting his opponent.

"Cut the Cord" by Shinedown quickly replaces Krash's entrance music and the fans immediately burst into a roar of boos. Jackson Fenix limps out onto the stage, being held up by Brittany Adams. The camera focuses in on the bruises sustained from his battle earlier in the night with The Elite as him and Brittany turn around and wait as Nate Savage burst onto the stage, the Pure Wrestling championship firmly in his hand as he makes a purposeful march towards the ring.

Daniel Oakley: Earlier tonight, The Elite showed that they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their championship.

Tim Coleman:
Yeah, who would have thought that Shawn Summers would be the one to help Stocke and Ocean retain their championships? It may have been by disqualification but I guess the ends justify the means. They're still champions and they managed to rough Fenix and Savage up pretty bad in the process.

Daniel Oakley:
Savage and Fenix managed to do some damage to The Elite that I haven't seen in quite a long time. But none the less, The "Nasty Alliance" still has to face a 100% Krash before they can pick up their check and leave tonight.

Savage drops the Pure Championship at the edge of the ramp, quickly enters the ring and approaches Krash. The referee attempts to get between the two but Savage pie-faces him out of the way and headbutts Krash square in the nose. Krash stumbles backward but Savage grabs him, launches him into the ropes and hits the Nasty Bomb on him. The canvas is marked with blood as it appears that Savage may have broken Krash's nose with that vicious headbutt. Savage yells at the referee to call for the bell, to which he reluctantly obliges, and he quickly goes for the pin.


Krash manages to get his shoulder up at the literal last second, much to the dismay and annoyance of Savage. Savage lifts Krash up and drags him over to his and Fenix's corner, where Fenix has finally reached and tags him in. Fenix stays on the outside, holding Krash by the arms in the corner as Savage backs himself into the opposite corner. Savage charges out of the corner with a corner cannonball senton attempt but Krash is able to squirm out of Fenixs grasp and slide out of the ring in between his legs. Savage hits the corner hard and before Fenix can even react, Krash grabs his legs and forcefully pulls him down, causing him to hit face first on the edge of the ring apron.

Daniel Oakley: Wow! This match has been high impact, hard-hitting action since the get-go!

Tim Coleman:
They're showing what they are willing to do to keep or win that Pure Wrestling Championship.

Krash slides back into the ring as Nate Savage rolls out and crawls towards Jackson Fenix. Brittany Adams checks on the two as Krash is handed a towel to wipe the blood from his nose. Using the towel was almost pointless as his nose continues to drip blood down his face. Fenix and Savage use the ring barricade and Brittany to get to their feet as Krash tosses the towel and charges towards the ropes. He dives through the ropes with a suicide dive landing on both men. Krash is quick to get to his feet and stomps on the downed Jackson Fenix, using the barricade for balance. The referee's count has now reached ten as Krash lifts Fenix up and throws him into the ring. Fenix attempts to get Krash to give him a time-out and can be heard trying to plead to Krash that he wrestled earlier and nees a second. Krash doesn't oblige and hits Fenix with a low kick to the gut, followed by a roundhouse kick to the chest, then a Sweet Chin Music-looking kick to the chin.

Tim Coleman: Krash couldn't give Fenix a timeout? Did he not see Fenix's match earlier in the night?

Daniel Oakley:
This is professional wrestling, there's no offseason and there are NO timeouts. The only thing Krash was willing to give him was the Krash Kourse.

Krash quickly goes for the cover but Fenix is able to get a foot on the bottom rope as the referee counts to two. Krash gets to his feet and stomps on the leg of Fenix that got on the bottom rope. Fenix howls in pain as Krash continues to stomp that leg before backing off. Fenix gets to a seated position and scoots to a corner holding his leg. Brittany Adams comes to the corner and attempts to comfort him but the comfort doesn't last long as Krash hits a sliding dropkick to the cornered Fenix. Fenix looks out of it as Krash pulls him up from the corner and into the center of the ring. He hits the Overdose (Killswitch hold into a reverse roll-out dropkick) and quickly goes for the cover.

The fans can't help but cheer at the quick thinking of Nate Savage. He quickly gets to his feet, picks up the lifeless body of Fenix and places him against the turnbuckle in their corner. Savage exits the ring to the apron and tags himself in as Brittany Adams uses all her strength to drag Fenix out. Savage approaches Krash but is surprisingly rolled up!
Two..Thre.. kick out!

Savage gets to his feet and so does Krash. Savage charges at him with a spear like a maneuver, only for Krash to counter Discordant Serenity (Guillotine Choke, w/body scissors).

Tim Coleman: Jesus, that came out of nowhere! Krash is truly breaking out all the stops to win back his championship.

Savage thrashes around as Krash cranks the hold with vigorous force. The fans are on their feet in anticipation as Savage appears to be fading. The referee walks over and raises up
Savages hand and before it can fall, Savage clutches and makes a fist. He uses his strength to get to his feet and uses his strength to stomp over to his corner and allow for Fenix to tag himself in. Fenix immediately gets in the ring and superkick's Krash off of Savage. Fenix goes for the cover but Krash is able to get his foot on the rope. Savage holds his neck and coughs while ordering Fenix to cover Krash again. Krash manages to get his foot on the rope again and Savage orders Fenix to lock in a submission hold. Fenix obliges and locks in the figure four leglock on Krash. Krash gets to the ropes but Fenix keeps the hold locked in. The referee begins to count and as his count reaches 4 Savage breaks the hold up and shouts "WE CAN LOSE THE TITLE BY DISQUALIFICATION YOU IDIOT!" at Fenix.

Daniel Oakley: That was a close call by Fenix and Savage but this is bad for Krash.

Tim Coleman: Krash no longer has any rope breaks. Fenix and Savage can pin and lock in submissions anywhere in the ring on Krash and the ref can't break the pin or hold due to the rules.

Daniel Oakley: That's an amazing strategy from Savage and Fenix.

Krash is breathing heavy from his mouth as the camera focuses in on him. He's clearly exhausted but not willing to stop fighting for the championship. Fenix goes to pick Krash up but is met with a thrusting headbutt to the abdomen. Fenix stumbles
backwards and Krash uses this moment to hit a release German suplex on him. Fenix is able to land on his feet and tag in Savage who immediately charges at Krash and hits him with a bionic elbow. Savage goes for the pin but Krash manages to kick out before the referee's hand can count three. Savage picks Krash up and slaps his face. Savage can be heard yelling at Krash, "Why wont you just stay down!?" Krash throws a weak punch at Savage but Savage manages to move out of the way before grabbing him and hitting the Savaged (Package Piledriver) on him and going for the cover.

Ding, Ding, Ding

Winner: 12:29
Nate Savage & Jackson Fenix

Lindsay Monohan: Here is your winner and STILL the Pure Wrestling Champion, Nate Savage!

Savage rolls out of the ring and is handed the Pure Championship by Brittany before hse goes to help Fenix up. Savage makes an immediate exit up the ramp towards the back as Krash finally starts to recover and realizes he's lost to Savage...again. He sits up in the ring and stares out into the audience, sorrow in his eyes before getting up and slowly making his way up the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans in attendance.

Daniel Oakley: That was an amazing performance by Krash, but the numbers were just too much for him. He kept fighting until the very end.

Tim Coleman: one has to wonder how different things would have been if Krash wasn't put at this disadvantage by our General Manager.

//Match 7\\
Singles Match
Sweet Sammy Riggins VS The Beast w/ Belle

The familiar sound of Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer” plays and the crowd cheers in delight as Sammy Riggins steps out, bobbing his head to the music while soaking in the fan reaction. He walks down to the ring interacting with the fans while they sing along to his theme music.

Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring, from San Diego, CA and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds…he is ”Sweet” Sammy Riggins!

Daniel Oakley: Well, Riggins is in a positive mood tonight

Tim Coleman: Ha! He won’t be positive for long…

On cue and Sammy’s music dies down and is replaced as “Devour” by Shinedown hits, and the fans positive reaction turns to negative in an instant as Belle struts out with Beast at her side. Belle wears her usual devilish smirk and Beast scowls down at the ring right in Sammy’s direction.

Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, being accompanied by Belle, from Dallas, TX by way of Houston, TX. He weighs in tonight at three-hundred & eighty pounds...BEAST!

Tim Coleman: Parents, put the kids to bed now because this isn’t gonna be pretty! It’s gonna be a massacre!

Daniel Oakley: Beast has that intimidating scowl looking to strike fear in Sammy, but Sammy doesn’t look intimidated at all

Beast enters the ring, staring a hole right through Sammy. Belle gives Beast last minute instructions while Sammy bounces in place in his corner before the referee Karl Rooney signals for the bell.


Sammy, not even the least bit intimidated by the monster in front of him, runs at him and begins to pound away on Beast in the corner. The monster is not even affected by Sammy’s strikes and with ease, shoves Sammy away sending him flying several feet back. Sammy lands on his backside and stares back up at Beast in awe, and Beast says some words that can’t be repeated on TV before roaring and charges at Sammy with a big boot, but Sammy has the wherewithal to roll out of the way just in the nick of time. Instinctively, he clips Beast from behind on the leg, and that does bring the monster down to one knee. Sammy uses this opportunity wisely and pounds away on Beast some more before running the ropes and drills Beast in the temple with a running knee! Beast doesn’t go down though so Sammy runs the ropes again, but Beast pops up in time and clobbers Sammy with a massive lariat!

Daniel Oakley: My god, he just about turned Sammy inside out! Can Sammy even come back from that?

Tim Coleman: I don’t even think Sammy knows where he’s at right now or what day it is after that!

Belle looks pleased as punch by Beast nearly decapitating Sammy. Beast drags Sammy up by the hair and hoists him up on his shoulder before sending him crashing down with a running powerslam! He hooks the far leg and makes the cover…


Sammy gets a shoulder up in time and the fans can’t believe it, Belle shouts instructions at Beast to continue his beating and Beast obeys as he brings Sammy up and sends him to corner with a hard irish whip! Sammy crashes in the corner, and bounces off of it violently right into a big boot from Beast!

Daniel Oakley: Sammy Riggins in just getting manhandled right now!

Tim Coleman: For his
sake I hope he has medical insurance because he’s going to need it after tonight!

He drags Sammy back to the corner and hits a giant chest slap! It echoes throughout the arena and leaves Sammy’s chest beet red! He drags him out of the corner and hoists him up on his shoulder and brings him back down with a samoan drop! Another pin by Beast…


Daniel Oakley: How is Sammy Riggins still kicking out?!

Tim Coleman: If he were smart he’d just stay down!

Belle is on the apron now, trying to say it was three even though it wasn’t and she tells Karl Rooney to learn how to count. Beast has Sammy in position for a chokeslam, throttling him by the throat, but Sammy kicks Beast right between the legs!

Tim Coleman: Come on now, that’s illegal!

Daniel Oakley: The referee had his back turned because he was getting an earful from Belle, so Sammy took full advantage of that!

Beast hold his crotch in agony and Sammy uses this opportunity to nail Beast with a superkick! Beast doesn’t go down but he’s stunned allowing Sammy to take Beast off his feet by using all of his strength taking the big man down with a snap suplex! Beast is down! He does begin to crawl back up
however, but Sammy is one step ahead of him and drills him with another superkick! He’s stunned on his knees now and Sammy plants him face first with a DDT straight into a pin!

One...NO! Beast kicks out with authority, nearly sending Sammy across the ring! Beast is beginning to crawl to the ropes to help himself back to his feet, but Sammy quickly drags him away and applies his ankle lock submission! He has it grapevined in now applying extra pressure to the big man and the fans are going crazy! Belle is losing her mind on the outside and
eventually she pushes him in the bottom rope when the referee isn’t looking, thus allowing Beast to grab it and break the hold. The fans boo at this as Sammy is forced to break the hold. He drags Beast away and climbs up top looking to hit Beast with a frog splash, but Beast rises up albeit slowly yet in time to catch Sammy by the throat, while he’s on the top rope still, and brings him down with an earth shattering chokeslam! Both men lay motionless on the canvas for what seems like an eternity while the crowd is losing their minds at the insanity that they are witnessing. Belle screams at Beast to get up and he slowly but surely rises to seated position. Belle orders him to make the cover and he inches closer to the motionelss body of Sammy and makes the cover.



Lindsay Monohan: Here is your winner, BEAST

Winner: 7:08

//Main Event\\
CWA Championship
Under Siege Triple Threat Theater Main Event:
I Quit Match
Brayden Bridges VS Lilith(c)
If Brayden Bridges won both Triple Threat Theater matches, Dark Watch is barred from ringside

We return to the Walter Pyramid arena fresh off the heels of a pre-match video package showcasing Brayden Bridges journey to his match tonight in the main event, competing for the World Championship. The camera pans around the arena showing the thousands of fans on their feet, ecstatic for the start of the main event. The camera pans to the ringside area where we see Dash Carlisle sat alongside Clint Shepherd.

The Bottom by Devour The Day begins to play throughout the arena and the fans explode with cheers as the lights in the arena begin to dim.

Daniel Oakley: Brayden Bridges has overcome the odds. He managed to defeat Thomas West and Noah Nitro earlier in the show, he managed to do so without suffering a bruise or scratch at all. This man is READY for this match.

Tim Coleman: Is he ready for this match? Is he ready to possibly be forced to shout "I-Quit" and suffer yet another loss to Lilith? This match is being reported as Bridges final chance at facing off against Lilith for the World Championship. If he doesn't win, he'll be out of contention for as long as Lilith is champion.

walks out onto the stage, carrying his guitar over his shoulder, staring down at the floor. He refuses to look out into the sea of fans cheering him, choosing instead to soak in the moment. He begins the long walk down the ramp towards the ring, still refusing to look up from the ground.

Tim Coleman: Look at him. His body language screams "I'm a nervous wreck and have no idea how I'm going to do this".

Daniel Oakley: Where you see nervousness, I see focus. Brayden's entire body language screams that he is focused and refusing to allow anything to get in the way of him coming out here and accomplishing what he needs to accomplish. And that is, taking out the dark dominant force that is the World Champion, Lilith.

Brayden begins his slow march up the ring steps, taking a moment before finally crossing between the ring ropes and entering the ring. The lights in the arena all go black, except for a single spotlight shining down on Brayden. As the spotlight hits him, Brayden finally looks up from the ground, raising his guitar in the air as the fans pop with excitement for the challenger to Lilith's crown.

The lights in the arena illuminate to full brightness as Bridges paces slowly in the ring as The Lost Soul awaits the champion. Virgin Queen by Mediaeval Baebes seeps through the sound system of the arena and the lights dim down, flickering like fire. The fans in the arena rain down 'boos' for the arrival of the CWA World Champion.

Daniel Oakley: We're witnessing the arrival of the darkest figure to compete in CWA. We're witnessing the arrival of The Herald of Darkness. The CWA World Champion, Lilith.

The boos intensify as the world champion, Lilith makes her way out onto the stage. Her face, void of any emotion, is as pale as ever as she stares down at her opponent waiting for her in the ring. She slowly begins her walk down the ramp as the fans berate her with insults and jeers. Through all of this, she never shows any ounce of emotion keeping her attention on her opponent.

Tim Coleman: Although the Dark Watch have been banned from ringside, you have to wonder were they ever truly needed to begin with? Lilith has managed to overcome almost all
obsticales without them. Was having them face off against him just another mind game set up by Lilith....and our General Manager, Dash Carlisle?

Daniel Oakley: Are you seriously trying to insinuate that Lilith and Dash are in cahoots to keep Brayden from the championship?

Tim Coleman: I call it like I see it Danny-Boy. Seems like a setup to me.

Flames continuously spurt from the ring posts as Lilith makes her way up the ring steps and into the ring. She enters the ring and walks past Bridges, making her way to the ring corner where she kneels with her World Championship clutched against her chest as the lights return to normal and the music stops. Lindsay Monohan makes her way to the center of the ring as the fans in attendance roar with excitement for this.

Lindsay Monohan: The following contest is an I-Quit Match, and it is for the C.W.A. World Championship!!! In this contest, the only way to win this match is by forcing your opponent to admit defeat or utter the words "I Quit".

The camera shifts from Monohan and focuses on Brayden Bridges, who has his eyes locked on the CWA World title.

Lindsay Monohan: Introducing first, the challenger, from New Orleans Louisianna, weighing in at 245 pounds and standing at 6 foot 3'. The Lost Soul......BRAYDEN BRIDGES!!!!

The fans in the arena erupt with cheers as Bridges bounces back and forth in his corner.

Lindsay Monohan:
And his opponent, from Salem, Massachusetts, she stands at 5 foot 9' and weighing in tonight at 170lbs. She is the reigning, defending, CWA World Champion. The Herald of Darkness.....LILITH!!!

Lilith and Brayden meet in the center of the ring as the referee pats them both down. He requests the championship from Lilith who takes her time removing the title hoisting it in the air, sending Brayden's gaze up at it, before handing it to the referee.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and Brayden Bridges charges at Lilith and takes her down but he doesn't have her out. Lilith returns with punches to Bridges, using GREAT head movement to avoid the punches and elbows that Bridges attempts on her. Lilith manages to swiftly get from under Bridges and finds herself backed against the ring ropes. Bridges charges at her for a clothesline but Lilith drops down into a wide-legged split at the last second, causing Brayden to fall over the top rope. The fans seem to be impressed by that incredibly swift thinking of the World Champion. Lilith doesn't give Brayden any time to recover as she bounces against the ring ropes and dives outside landing a spiked Diving Tornado DDT on Bridges. Lilith waists no time and looking under the ring and bringing out a spool of barbwire. She grabs the barbed wire and takes a seat on Brayden's back. She wraps the barbed wire around Brayden's forehead and pulls back in a modified Camel Clutch hold. Brayden shouts out in pain as the barbwire digs deeper and deeper into his head, causing drops of blood to begin trickling down his face. The referee is quick to exit the ring and ask Brayden if he is "okay" and if "he want's to quit".

Daniel Oakley: We knew this match was going to be physical, we knew this match was going to be violent but we didn't know that it would be....this.

Tim Coleman: Would you expect anything less from Lilith? She want's to retain her championship!

Brayden immediately shakes his head "no" and manages to lift himself up with Lilith still on his back. He grabs ahold of Lilith's legs and rushes full force, backward into the ring barricade. Although in pain, Lilith refuses to let go and so, Brayden charges backward again, sending Lilith into the barricade. He does this again and again until Lilith finally
lets go and falls to the floor. Brayden rises to his feet and the indentions of the barbed wire are deep in his head along with blood smeared over his face. He grabs Lilith by the hair and forcefully whips her into the barricade. He lifts her up again and she spews black mist from her mouth but during the whip into the barricade the mist just about completely misses him. A smirk appears over Brayden's face as he reaches down and continuously punches Lilith in the mouth.

Tim Coleman: It's a hard
to watch moment, for sure, but Brayden has to do what he can to ensure that Lilith doesn't get up.

Daniel Oakley: I know that I'm supposed to be unbiased in these situations but I 100% do not condone this type of competitive action. The punches from Brayden will always be 10x stronger than Liliths. He's almost TWICE her size, for god's sake.

Brayden stops punching Lilith grabs her by her attire and tosses her into the front row of the audience. Brayden moves fan's out of the way and enter's the audience, standing over Lilith. Brayden places Lilith up against the Barricade and moves back further into the audience. He charges at Lilith but is met with a Discus Big Boot straight to the face sending Brayden buckling down to his knees. The fans let out a loud "Oww" as Brayden looks motionless in the ring. The camera shifts to show Dash Carlisle and Clint Shepherd now standing on their feet with concern in their eyes. Lilith reaches down and grabs Brayden by the hair and slowly drags him up to the barricade. She climbs over back to ringside with her hands still firmly grasping Brayden's hair before draping his body over the barricade. He hangs between the ringside area and the audience as Lilith enters the ring and scales the top turnbuckle. She casts a gaze over at Dash before jumping off with a diving leg drop to Brayden causing him to fall back into the ringside area. Lilith doesn't stop there, she reaches under the ring and pulls out a barbed-wire wrapped steel chair.

Tim Coleman: What the hell is she gonna do with that?!?!

Lilith reaches down and picks up Brayden who punches her in the stomach followed by the "Call the Coroner" (Chris Hero Rolling Elbow). Lilith is down and Brayden takes this opportunity to catch his breath as Lilith moves to get away from Brayden. He approaches Lilith and steps in front of her, blocking her from crawling away. Brayden smirks as Lilith looks up at him, her face still void of emotion. Brayden's smirk quickly disappears as Lilith delivers a low-blow to him causing numerous amounts of groans from the audience. He falls to his feet and Lilith is able to lock in The Darkness Falls (Grapevine Crossface Chicken Wing). Brayden writhes in pain as Lilith applies more and more pressure with the hold. The referee comes over and asks if Brayden wants to quit. Brayden refuses but it's obvious that he is spent and at his limit. After what seems like an eternity in the hold, Brayden is able to break free and lock Lilith in the Mercy Kill (Elevated Triangle Choke)...

As he locks in the Mercy Kill the camera pans out to a wide angle view of the ring and the arena. As the camera pans out we can see Dash Carlisle out of his seat shouting at someone. As the shouting continues, the ring bell rings and the arena is in utter shock. Clint Shepherd and Dash Carlisle are shouting at one another until Dash pushes Clint and can be heard saying "I'm in charge and we do what I SAY". The members of the CWA roster can be seen pouring into the arena from the back, led by Krash. Krash enters the ring and immediately asks the referee what's going on. The referee is as confused as Krash. Lilith sits in the ring staring at Dash Carlisle while Brayden Bridges
extis the ring and approaches the GM. Dash reaches down at the timekeepers area and snatches the championship. He places the title on Braydens shoulder and yells "SAY IT" at Lindsay Monohan.

Lindsay Monohan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this match via a forfeit
....Brayden Bridges.

looks upset and confused as Dash Carlisle is escorted out of the arena by security. Lilith sits in the ring emotionless as Krash and other memebers of the roster can be seen yelling at Clint Shepherd, who can't even look them in the faces. The broadcast comes to an end with the fans yelling and throwing debris in the ring.