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Thread: MLB Live On Facebook

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    MLB Live On Facebook

    I Tried To Tune Into The Jays vs Braves Game Yesterday Afternoon
    Only To Find Out That It Wasn't Available Due To MLB Restrictions (Game Was Being Broadcast On Facebook)
    I Ended Up Watching The Last 3 Innings On Facebook
    An Interesting Concept
    During The Game The Announcers Ask Questions And People Respond Right Away
    1 Would Watch Another Game On Facebook
    Has Anyone Else Watched A Game On Facebook ?
    Do You Like Or Dislike The Concept ?

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    Re: MLB Live On Facebook

    I hate it. MLB's blackout restrictions are already RIDICULOUS. It's antiquated and one of the biggest issues with the presentation of the game. Instead or pretending the games are too long maybe they should focus more on people being able to watch the game.

    I spent $120 on MLB.TV to watch every game. So the Facebook exclusive shit causes me to lose a game in my preferred method which is retarded. On top of that I don't use Facebook that much. There's people who don't use it at all and forcing people to sign up for some shitty social media service to watch a game is pretty lame.

    The interaction is fine but literally every broadcast could do the same thing if they chose to do it.

    I hate everything about it. On top of being blacked out of 4 teams already because of their shitty rules (which costs me 38 total games of the 162 I paid to watch for the Braves) Facebook also supercedes the subscription so if there's a dope matchup I wanna see that's on Facebook I can't use it because i refuse to do it.

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