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Thread: "The Great I Am" Aaron Kendrick

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    Aaron Kendrick
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    "The Great I Am" Aaron Kendrick

    Character name: Aaron Kendrick

    From: Star City, AR

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 240

    Age: 23

    Face/heel/tweener: Heel

    Current feuds:

    Non-FWA accomplishments: National Wrestling Federation World Champion (3 times); New Age Wrestling World Tag Team Champion (1 time)

    FWA accomplishments:

    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one:

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.): Technical

    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match:


    Spinning Wheel Kick
    Driving Elbow from Middle Rope
    Fast Leg Drop

    Cattle Mutilation(Used as false finish/High drama submission)
    Signature Moves
    Irish whip, punch to the stomach, followed with Russian Leg Sweep
    Super Kick
    Tiger Driver

    Finishing Moves
    TAK ATK(Prounounced "Tack Attack," Stands for The Aaron Kendrick Attack)- Falcon Arrow, delivered from top rope if the situation presents itself
    Frog Splash

    Base pic for your character (please include the name of the base pic):

    AJ Styles: Long black hair with a beard. Wears black tights with either gold or silver designs of a crucifix wrapped in barbed wire. On the butt of the tights reads "I Am" in classic Killer Instinct font. He wears a black leather jacket with mirrored aviator sunglasses during his entrance.

    Theme music: "He Is" by Ghost
    <font color="#000000"><font color="#333333">
    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:

    As the camera turns on, it follows Kendrick through the curtain of what appears to be the aftermath of a wrestling match. Aaron Kendrick walks through the long hallway of talent, agents, and officials as he receives a standing ovation. One agent gives him a hug.

    "You did good, kid. You carried this company with that belt. It will be yours again someday."

    Kendrick walks on through the crowd of colleagues and into a dressing room. He collapses on the carpet and stares at the ceiling. He reaches in front of himself and begins unraveling the now useless stream of white athletic tape. He finishes the first wrist and begins the second. What now? He begins thinking to himself. He just dropped this company's championship and is looking at indefinite time off from wrestling so that he can deal with personal matters. Surely his career isn't over at only 22 years old, but what if it is?

    No. It can't be. I haven't even started. I've been doing this since I was 18. I started my adult life doing this, and I'm not going to stop anytime soon. I love this too much. I just have to go home and make things right. I'll be back. I know I will.
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    Re: "The Great I Am" Aaron Kendrick

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