We are posting a special Under Siege Pre-Show while we work on the results for a pay-per-view that will surely shake the very foundation of CWA.

We open up to a wide shot of the inside of the arena! Seats aren't yet entirely filled, but the atmosphere is alive and well with those that are in the building. We then see the "Under Siege" stage itself, which looks so amazing it can't be described with words. We then shoot over to Michelle Kelly, who seems to have one of the best seats in the house, in one of the bottom corners of the arena with a perfect view of the ring over her shoulder. She's looking directly into the camera, and she's talking to you as we kick off the CWA Under Seige Pre-Show

Michelle Kelly: "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning into the CWA "Under Seige” Pre-Show! For those of you who have watched some before, we know how this goes down. But for those who don't, let's get right off to the introductions. Of course, I am your host for the evening, Michelle Kelly. To my immediate left, we have our Behind The Scenes operator and everybody's second favorite interviewer, Jim Taylor!

The camera cuts to Taylor, who has a smile on his face before it goes back to Kelly.

Michelle Kelly: "To his left, we have the man responsible for tonight's little shindig if you will, he is the General Manager of CWA... Dash Carlisle, ladies, and gentlemen!

The camera cuts to Dash who chuckles as the panel claps for him.

Michelle Kelly: "Anyway, we have a very special guest with us here tonight. You know him as former CWA World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer, DAN MASKELL!"

Another round of applause from the panel, with Dan smiling as the camera cuts to him.

Michelle Kelly: "So tell us Dan how does it feel to be back in your old stomping grounds?"

Dan Maskel: Honestly, Michelle? It feels pretty damn good,.Obviously I've been away for a long time, but every time I step into a CWA function? It feels like I never left. But that's not why we're here tonight Michelle, we're here to talk about this wonderful card set up tonight by the CWA Officials."

The camera cuts to a wide shot of all four, with looking to be the center of attention as she has the eyes of Taylor and Dan on her. Dallas points to himself right after he says "CWA Officials", before shooting a quick smile and turning his attention to Kelly as well.

Michelle Kelly: "Being that you do have an affinity for the chaos you love to create - have you thought about coming back?

Dan would chuckle, but inquiring minds would like to know.

Dan Maskell: You can never say never to comin' back - especially if you're a wrestler. I mean, "And at the same time, every time I try to make a comeback, I seem to get beat up pretty good. So, maaaaaaybe I'll just pop in every now and again on this little panel you guys got goin'."

Michelle Kelly: "And we would love to have you on every time. We've got the legendary mind of Dash Carlisle who is arguably one of if not the greatest wrestlers of all time - but he's never been in the locker room as a competitor. So how are you finding your new role It's obviously an amazing opportunity for the talent t...... excuse me.

Kelly's attention would turn to her right, and the one shot of her would pan out just a tad to show that we have a NEW person on the panel - Remo Richardson! wearing an all-black suit ensemble, Remo’s eyes would be locked on the CWA Commissioner with a ferocity like no other. He would briskly walk past Michelle chair and would be blocked by one Jim Taylor.

Dash Carlisle: "We're trying to do something here, pal - you want to talk to me it can wait."

Remo would look at Jim Taylor before his gaze goes back to Carlisle. He lifts his arm over Taylor's shoulder and points to Dash, and says three words that could send chills up a man's spine:

Remo Richardson: You've done this."

The panelists look confused, and even Dan Maskell stands up out of his seat now. All four panelists are trying to sort the issue with Kelly even staying in the midst of things bu - DOWN GOES DAN! WHAT IN THE HELL?! Chaos now, Kelly shrieks as Dash and Taylor are yelling. Do cameras catch the culprit.....s? Morgan Malone! Hudson Drake! The Montreal Death Cult is here the younger duo of MDC would begin hammering away at the downed Maskel, all the while we have trying to stop Remo Richardson from getting involved, The Black Mark would SHOVE Taylor directly out of his way to send him flying, and it seemed as though he would be joining the fray - until Dash stood in his way.

Dash Carlisle: "You better call them off RIGHT NOW or so help me I will have ALL OF YOU TERMINATED!"

Dash would continue to scream in the face of Remo who would simply look down to his right side and smile. He then balls his hand up into a fist and looks to SMASH DASH WITH A RIGHT HAND, TAYLOR GRABS THE ARM! Remo would then quickly rip his arm away and...


HE JUST PUNCHED JIM TAYLOR IN THE JAW! Malone and Drake are still swinging away at Dan who's had no chance from the moment he was jumped from behind, but the real story right now is Dash and Remo. swings Richardson around and cocks back his arm

We hear more shrieking from Kelly who has now scurried away from the scene, and it seems like nobody is looking to come to the assistance of the three men on the receiving end of this beating. Drake and Richardson both look at the mayhem they created before looking back up at one another with looks of concern on their faces - and those soon twist into disturbing grins. Almost like this is something to be celebrated. Morgan Malone on the other hand now has Dan up on his feet, and just RAMS his head into the glass panel table, and it just bounces off like a basketball. Malone does it one more time, and then another, and then another even though nobody is chanting "One More Match" when it comes to Dan Maskell's skull versus the table! With Maskell clearly out of it, Remo advances towards him now as Remo watches from a few steps away. Malone grabs Maskell by one pant leg and his shirt while Hudson grabs the other pant leg and another part of his shirt.

Remo Richardson:"You know what to do, boys.

Remo wears a disgusting smirk on his face. You could take 100 showers and that smirk would still forever make you feel dirty. The two younger members of MDC then lift Maskel up off the ground and SLAM HIM on the table! You hear the thud across the arena, and the fans begin to boo as loud as they possibly can. Hudson and Malone don't look satisfied with Dan Maskell fate, but Remo Richardson wears a smile so big it reminds everybody of his gut. Drake taps Malone, who looks at him and Drake nods towards the table. Malone says "Yea?", and Drake would smile for the first time before perking his eyebrows up. The two men then put their slimy palms on the table and TIP IT OVER! Dan Maskell goes crashing headfirst into the ground, and FINALLY, we've got medical personnel on the scene. They're yelling for the Montreal boys to back up, but it seems like they've done all they came here to do in the first place. The three would take one last look at the destruction and mayhem they've caused, with all three of their glares right before Malone and Drake look towards the proud dad of the group, Trent Seven. The three would share the same grin, before leaving the scene.

//Pre-Show Marquee Match-Up\\
Singles Match
Humanity VS Johnny Badass

Prior to the start of the match, Tim Coleman informs us that after the attack on Jim Taylor earlier in the show he will be joined by the junior play-by-play analyst, Daniel Oakley. Oakley settles into his position well and hypes up the return of Humanity, a former tag-team and high voltage champion. The bell rings and Humanity waits, calculatingly in his corner of the ring as Johnny Badass shouts at him to 'bring it on'. When Johnny realizes that Humanity isn't going to meet him in the middle for the brawl he's looking for, he charges at the CWA veteran with a takedown only to have it stuffed. As Humanity is stuffing the takedown he delivers a severe knee strike to the top of Johnny's head. The camera pans out and we see that Johnny is bleeding pretty bad. A sick smirk appears on the face of Humanity as the referee goes to check on the Johnny. Tim Coleman brings up Humanity's hardcore/extreme wrestling past and wonders aloud if this will have some type of effect on him. Humanity approaches Johnny and the referee moves out of the way, not wanting to be involved in any type of confrontation with him. Johnny gets to a crawling position and Humanity lights him up with a few Soccer kicks causing a loud audible "owww" from the fans. After a third soccer kick, Humanity lifts him up and stares out into the audience before hitting Johnny with The Devil's Whisper (Attitude Adjustment into a neckbreaker).

Winner: 3:32

The Under Seige pre-show comes to a close as Humanity stands tall in the ring, successful in his return to CWA. Daniel Oakley woners aloud what the future holds for Humanity as we close out the show with a video-montage hyping up the pay-per-view