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Thread: WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live Discussion Thread - June 19th, 2018

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    Re: WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live Discussion Thread - June 19th, 2018

    Loved the SD Gaunlet. I still hink the 205 Live one was better but this was very good also.

    Big E vs Daniel Bryan started of great with Bryan picking apart the limbs of Big E, trying to limit him. Big E fighting back, showing off his explosive power, throwing Bryan around with Bryan selling everything very well. Liked Big E trying to beat Bryan with the Brock Lock but gets caught by Bryan who transitions into different submissions moves. First the yes lock then the triangle. This was a good match and highlight the strengths of both really well. Bryan his submissions abilities, Big E his power. Joe vs Bryan was short but smartly worked. Joe lighting Bryan up with brutal chops before being outsmarted Bryan with the coquina clutch on the outside. Brilliant. Then with the Bludgeon Brothers coming in destroying Bryan (on top of the previous matches), allowing Miz to get the quick win was genius. RUSEV MACHKA!! Miz vs the low point of the match but it was still very good. Miz too focused on rubbing Bryan’s face in the match costing him the match. Nice touch . Glad Rusev is finally getting something from this company. I doubt Rusev will win (which is fine) I just hope they don't treat it as some filler feud until SumemrSlam.

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    Re: WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live Discussion Thread - June 19th, 2018

    Finally getting around to watching this.

    I know I keep talking about this, but Carmella’s act is, well, money. She’s just so charismatic and the trashy gimmick is so played so good. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think that’s a testament to how good the character work is. And THE BIG HOG adds a good amount to it too. Missed that guy on TV.

    Asuka coming in hot feels a bit unfortunate coming right after how successful and great Ronda coming in hot was.

    I’ve never heard a more quieter crowd than during that Iconics promo.

    Sanity intro was flat as hell.

    Gauntlet match was great. Actually into BB versus DB and interested in the Rusev/AJ build.
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