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Tbf what other choice did Corey have? He did it because clearly Punk was ignoring him every other way that Corey could have tried. This way, Punk can't exactly ignore him can he? Punk can't ignore him now because that's just proving Corey right and will lead to more backlash.
WWE swings through Chicago multiple times a year. If he and Punk were that close he has had multiple opportunities to head to where he lives (which surely he knows cos they're so close, right?) and have a face-to-face conversation. Don't know where he lives? You sure as hell know where he trains. Go ask what's up. It's not hard.

Don't wanna intrude or don't have the time to make the in-person visit? Text or call one of your surely multiple shared friends, his wife perhaps, other guys he's definitely still in touch with such as Colt? Nah, this was Corey being a weenie and trying to side-eye without the subtlety or deft required. This guy he's pissed at had a shitty night and he was piling on because he's a fucking prick. No other way about it.

Also, this wasn't to get Punk's attention. He didn't mention his name in the initial tweets. He wouldn't mention him by name but to try and make a fan feel shitty about themselves he namedropped Omega? Dick move right there. What's that got to do with anything. That's a guy who's whining about something but doesn't want the other guy to be sure what he's whining about if it ever comes up in real life. Laughable really. When he did finally start @ing Punk he ignored everything he'd previously said, all the shade he was throwing, all the manipulative bull about friends getting lost, and just said "Call me. I still love you". If you're gonna be a dick, own it.

You come at Punk directly and he gives you an answer. That's always been true. It might not be the answer you want or one you believe but he's not going walk away from the difficult situation if you're being direct with him.

I found it interesting Lita liked some of Corey's tweets. Obviously Punk's not in regular contact with her anymore either.