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Thread: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

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    Bayley: Living The Hug Life


    JULY 24, 2016 || WASHINGTON, D.C.

    It was everything I’d hoped it would be.

    I had wanted this moment ever since I was signed by WWE almost four years ago. To have my music play, to have the crowd react with such unbridled joy. To give the fans what they wanted to see. To make them all happy. This is why I do this, and this is why I got into this business.

    And tonight, I finally got my first taste. I had been invited to a couple main roster live events in the fall and winter, including one overseas. At that one, I got to team with my friend Rebecca, which was the coolest. But tonight was different. Tonight, I was on a WWE Pay-Per-View. And not only that, I got to team with my friend Mercedes, which was even cooler. And I got to stand across the ring from both Ashleys, which was even cooler. The three of us, no disrespect to Ashley from Ohio, who is on her way to success I’m sure. But the three of us had made such significant strides over the past few years in women’s wrestling. We all helped to change the game. And I got to share a ring with them and share a moment with them that won’t soon be forgotten. It was so, so cool.

    The rush I felt when my music hit was amazing. I wasn’t sure how the crowd would react to me. Everyone said that it was a different game and a different world up there. But now, I know that Washington, D.C. has tens of thousands of huggers. It was the largest cheer for me I think I’ve ever had. Maybe bigger than the one last year in Brooklyn, but it’s pretty close, either way. To go out there and hear that crowd and all their happiness was absolutely amazing.

    I wasn’t even mad that I didn’t get the pin fall. And really, how mad could I be? It made sense that Mercedes would win the match for us. And hopefully, she’s able to claim the Women’s Championship soon. But who knows where she’ll be? Who knows where I’ll be? There’s the Draft coming up on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll get selected. Maybe I’ll have to wait even longer to really get my feet wet. I hope that’s not the case, but I’ve had to wait so long for a moment like this already. There’s no telling what’s coming for me and my future, even though it seems like my time in NXT may be up very soon.

    But I got my first taste. And it was incredible. Now though, I want more. I want more, and I want the whole world to feel the joy that everyone felt tonight in Washington, D.C. That’s why I’m here, and this is what I was born to do.

    - FROM:
    San Jose, California
    - FINISHING MOVE: Bayley-to-Belly
    - CURRENTLY: A SmackDown Live Superstar!
    - WIN/LOSS RECORD: 1-0-0

    - SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDED THE NXT WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP FIVE TIMES (vs. Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Eva Marie, Nia Jax, Carmella)



    - def. Nikki Bella (SDLive, 8/23/16, Uncasville, CT)

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    I am sad your old thread is gone for now as it was one of my fav threads on here and on WF. However I did enjoy what TWG did with Cesaro and Bayley is someone I really enjoyed in NXT so looking forward to reading this.

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    These BTB's are always a cool idea. As much as I will miss your work with Generation NXT, I think this has potential to be very good considering how big a fan you are of Bayley. I'll be reading for sure.

    "If you're gonna do it..."

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    Why waste time?



    I knew it was over.

    I withstood one vicious kick from Asuka. I bottled up my energy, channeled it, mixed it with aggression and slapped the hell out of her face. That slap echoed around Barclays Center, generated a shock, but that would be the last piece of offense I would get. She kicked me again, but I didn’t collapse. I went down to my knees, but she ran up and hit me with an even harder kick to the side of my head. After that, it was over. 1, 2, 3.


    My aspiration of becoming a 2-time NXT Women’s Champion was dashed. She won the rematch.

    I laid down and looked up at the ceiling. Things changed greatly within the last year. In 2015, I was standing tall after the greatest women’s match in the promotion’s history. In 2016, I had eaten defeat again, and the mood carried from pure happiness to sadness.

    She pulled me up to my feet, and I embraced her. After that, Asuka left the ring, and I sat on my knees inside it. The ring was mine.

    I knew it was over.

    The crowd showered me with cheers. They stood up to their feet. Everyone in the arena, perhaps, was on their feet, clapping, chanting.


    I knew it was over. I did my best to not let my emotions out, but it was tough. I went out, I smiled, and I hugged Mercedes and Rebecca. That got applause. I walked over to Ashley, smiled, hugged her as well. That one got boos. What could I do? I walked over, hugged my mother tightly, and then took a stroll towards the ramp. I saw my biggest fan, Izzy, walked over and hugged her too. I looked around as I took a walk up the ramp for the final time. I looked out at everyone, still chanting my name. I pointed at the NXT signage on the ramp and stage. I walked around it, showing respect, pointed to it and headed to Gorilla.

    It was over. After three long years, it was all done. I had poured my heart and soul into NXT. I had been part of so many amazing moments in the promotion’s brand. And NXT became something more to me. It wasn’t just a place where I wrestled. It became my life. The people in NXT became my family. Everyone around me. I treated everyone right and with respect, and they showed that same gratitude to me, too. The young girls looked up to me, and I knew all of them would have their own success. There were so many talented girls in the locker room. All of them had high hopes, and I knew that they would do that because I knew I had made NXT a better place.

    I got emotional after getting to the back. I shared many embraces. With Matt, Paul and with Asuka, too. I saw Peyton and Billie, who I had let stay with me after they got here the previous year. I hugged them each, and told them I knew they would reach stardom one day too. Every single NXT superstar, man or woman, rookie or veteran, came to me and thanked me. They showed appreciation for me and all that I’d done, and I became so overwhelmed. It was amazing. All of it.

    But, it was over. I knew it was all over. And I knew that being on WWE TV was the next step. Where I would go? Well, that was all that was left to be seen.


    Just before our final meeting of the night, which was sure to be an emotional one, I found myself waiting here in a corner of the arena. As I rubbed the back of my neck and looked through my phone, seeing all of the messages people, coworkers and friends from home alike, were leaving me, Paul Levesque came walking over to me. And I let out a smile.

    Pamela Martinez: Hi.

    Paul Levesque: Hey, once again… You were spectacular out there. But I knew that was going to be the case.

    Pamela Martinez: Thank you. It means so much to me… everything tonight was amazing, as hard as it was.

    Paul Levesque: You should be proud of yourself. You’ve improved tremendously in the past few years. We’re all proud of you.

    I nodded my head, once again feeling appreciated.

    Paul Levesque: But now, I think you know what’s next.

    I nodded my head once again. I could sense this moment… I could sense what as coming next. Could I stay in my boots?

    Paul Levesque: This was your last show with us here. Your last hurrah. It’s time for you to show your stuff up there with Ashley, Mercedes and Rebecca and the others.

    I exhaled. Then I smiled. Finally, after getting my first taste of it all last month, I was going to be able to be on WWE TV each and every week. To hear that, to CONFIRM that, meant the world to me.

    Paul Levesque: It’s your time. It’s your moment. You’ve spent the last three years here, and it’s time we move you up. Now, they’re going to be putting you on SmackDown Live. Ashley and Mercedes’ program will be running for a while, and we think that, in the meantime, you’d mesh very well with the girls on SmackDown.

    Oh, man. As much as I like Ashley and Mercedes, and I like Mercedes A LOT, obviously… This is exciting. Rebecca, Alexis, Trinity… Leah! My girl. Baymella for life.

    Pamela Martinez: Oh, wow. Okay, um… (Laughs) This is… this is amazing. There’s so many talented girls on that show. So many I’ve worked with already, so many I want to work with. This is so cool. So good. Thank you.

    Paul Levesque: You’re welcome. Now… you’re gonna be staying in town through the weekend. You’re more than welcomed to come backstage for SummerSlam tomorrow. Hang out with everyone. But just… I trust you. Don’t tell anyone who you think wouldn’t be tight-lipped about this.

    I nodded my head. Obviously, I get the deal.

    Paul Levesque: And after Sunday night, we’re gonna have you head up to Uncasville with the rest of the lot. I’m sure you have plenty of people to go with so—

    Pamela Martinez: Yeah. Leah.

    Oops. I shouldn’t interrupt him.

    Pamela Martinez: Sorry. (Laughs) I’m just excited.

    Paul Levesque: That’s fine, don’t sweat it. Don’t sweat that. You should be excited. This is a new chapter for you, and I know how much it means to you and I know how badly you’ve wanted this.

    Got that right.

    Pamela Martinez: Got that right. I won’t let you guys down.

    Paul Levesque: That was never in doubt. Go kill it. We all know you will.

    With that, I shared an embrace with Paul, the last one I would ever share with him as a member of the NXT roster. It was on to bigger and better things starting Tuesday, as I reached the end of the road tonight in Brooklyn.


    Bayley: Living The Hug Life | Now Playing in Be The Booker

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    wasn't sure what this was but now I see its like a tell all book and I love it I really felt for bayley in this I like the in depth look at her kudos man

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    Very nice. This painted a wonderful picture. I can’t wait to see where you take Bayley on the main roster.

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life



    This wasn’t the first SummerSlam I’d attended since I’d signed with WWE. That was last year’s, which was pretty cool since I got to see Rebecca, Mercedes and Ashley take the big stage. But this one was even cooler. And it wasn’t just because of what I knew was coming in the near future, either.

    I was lucky enough to see just about everyone get on the show. Mercedes and Ashley wrestled in an awesome match near the start of the show. Mercedes retained the Women’s Title, which was cool. I guess she actually can retain a title in this building. She just had to face Ashley instead of me. Who knew? But I also got to see my future coworkers get involved, as well. Rebecca, Alexis and Trinity; Leah, Nattie and… to some of our surprise, Nikki. My relationship with her is… going to be complicated, considering my friendship with someone who doesn’t work here anymore… But it was so awesome to watch from back here. Especially for Lex, who was already getting on the SummerSlam card after getting drafted last month to SmackDown Live. Mercedes may be icy with her, but she’s… okay with me. I have great chemistry with her in the ring. Hopefully that translates to WWE TV once I make my debut.

    Speaking of which… I’m still being very tight-lipped about this whole thing, despite Mercedes and Leah trying to get an answer out of me. How long would I be able to keep this to myself? I don’t know, my excitement can only contain itself for so long. Especially since I, you know, needed a ride up to Connecticut by night’s end.

    I suppose it’s funny that this all was coming to mind, since the show has just concluded, and now I’m tasked with answering questions.


    Pamela Martinez (Bayley)
    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado (Sasha Banks)
    Leah Van Dale (Carmella)

    As I’m looking at my phone right now against a wall in the hallway, I see Mercedes approaching me, wheeling her bag.

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado: Yo, dude.

    Pamela Martinez: Hey, dude.

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado: Whatcha’ waitin’ on here? C’mon dude, let’s go back to the hotel.

    I watch as Mercedes takes a couple steps forward. I, however, just awkwardly stand back. She looks back.

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado: Dude.

    I let out a nervous chuckle.

    Pamela Martinez: I um… I can’t.

    Mercedes looked at me. I slyly smiled. She had to know now what was up. I could start to see some disappointment in her face.

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado: Oh… I think I understand now.

    I, too, felt disappointment come over my face. I nodded my head as she exhaled, set her bag over against the wall, came over to me and hugged me pretty tightly. I chuckled and embraced her back.

    Pamela Martinez: Gimmick-stealer.

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado: Dude, shut up.

    She laughed and so did I.

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado: Why you duckin’ me, dude?

    Pamela Martinez: Oh, like I’m the one…

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado: You don’t want this smoke.

    Pamela Martinez: Pretty sure I can handle it. Proved that right here last year.

    I smirked. She did too and shook her head.

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado: Well, selfishly, I’d have loved to have you around. But… go kick some ass, dude.

    Pamela Martinez: You know it. You too.

    Mercedes hugged me again and then sauntered away. That was the last I was going to see her for… quite sometime unless we met up in Florida. It was something I obviously got used to over the last year. But part of me still felt somber about it. I then glanced to my left and saw Leah walking over.

    Leah Van Dale: Hiii! Are you going back to the hotel?

    I laughed.

    Pamela Martinez: Ummmm, actually…

    I let out a laugh again.

    Pamela Martinez: I was wondering.

    Leah Van Dale: What’s up!?

    Pamela Martinez: I need someone to ride with to Connecticut…

    Instantly, Leah put two and two together. She's bright. Real bright.

    Leah Van Dale: Oh my Goddd! Yes! This is the best news!

    She hugged me and I let out a chuckle.

    Pamela Martinez: Dude, yes. Yes it is. Baymella Road Trips back.

    Leah Van Dale: Whoop whoop! C’mon let’s go! No time to waste!

    And with that, it was time to move on. For real this time. No more holding out. No more waiting around. My first WWE TV appearance was less than 48 hours away, and I just couldn’t wait anymore. It’s all I wanted, and now, it’s what I’m going to get.
    The Usos, American Alpha and The Hype Bros def. Breezango, The Ascension and The Vaudevillains
    Sami Zayn and Neville def. The Dudley Boyz
    Sheamus def. Cesaro in Match 1 of a Best of 7 Series
    Team Jeri-KO def. Enzo and Cass
    Sasha Banks def. Charlotte to retain the RAW Women's Championship
    The Miz def. Apollo Crews to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
    AJ Styles def. John Cena
    The Club def. The New Day to win the RAW Tag Team Championships
    Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE Championship
    Alexa Bliss, Natalya and a RETURNING Nikki Bella def. Becky Lynch, Carmella and Naomi
    Finn Bálor def. Seth Rollins to win the Universal Championship, with help from The Club
    Brock Lesnar def. Randy Orton by TKO in an Interpromotional Match



    So, little heavy on the updates the past two days. Just trying to get this out and running. As you can see above, there were some changes to the SummerSlam card. I wanna make it clear that I won't be completely ignoring everything around me. That would be foolish. So, when PPVs come around, you'll get card updates and whatnot from them with my own spin on things. Everything on SmackDown Live stays intact from how it happened IRL. So from that perspective, since Bayley will be on SDLive, there are no changes, whatsoever, to the landscape of this show. Raw, however, looks a little different.

    Also, just want to make this clear here. The next post will be the 'leadup' to SDLive and will include some backstage stuff (I have 4 pieces of dialogue ready to go). Then, after that's posted, you'll get what I have planned out for this SDLive (which will be one promo and one match, written out in full). That will basically be how it goes going forward. Whatever Bayley's involved in will be posted. Whether it be a video package, a backstage interview, a backstage encounter, a match, a segment on Talking Smack! (which also will MORE than likely happen, as well). And those will be done in posts of their own (sort of like how one would post shows). The "Chapters" are all the backstage dialogues and inner monologues I'm posting.

    I think that about covers it. lol.

    Should hopefully have Chapter 2 posted by the end of the week. If we're lucky, Friday. And if we're really lucky, Bayley's looming debut should be up by Monday.

    Stay tuned!
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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    This is so different from anything i've ever seen in a BTB and i really am enjoying it....I cannot wait to see how you handle shows...i love the backstage stuff your doing...The only part i would say maybe do is just let us know who the real names of the people just a suggestion...i eventually figured out who everyone is but it takes me out of the moment when i didnt know who Leah was until the end when u say BayMella and i assumed it was Carmella.

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    TBH bigmc123, I was going to ask y'all about that, as it pertains to people's names. What I'll probably do going forward is just put their wrestler names in parentheses, or just go with the wrestlers to make life easy for everyone.

    Thanks for the comments!

    Bayley: Living The Hug Life | Now Playing in Be The Booker

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life



    I had only been part of a live broadcast nine times since I’d been part of the company. With the only exception coming last month at Battleground, every other time was part of my run at NXT, at TakeOver events.

    This ALREADY felt completely different. And I’d just gotten here about two hours ago.

    Everyone so far has been so welcoming to me and courteous. Nobody seemed too surprised that I was around, especially after I was absent from RAW a night ago. I guess they all did the math and figured there was no way that I could’ve been staying in NXT. Knowing my luck over the last year or so, I wasn’t ruling it out personally before Paul’s conversation with me Saturday night.

    But nobody has to worry about all of that anymore. Me especially. And thank goodness for that.


    Pamela Martinez (Bayley)
    Brian James (Road Dogg)
    James Gibson (Jamie Noble)
    Nicole Colace-Garcia (Nikki Bella)
    Mr. McMahon (You don't need clarification, LOL)

    As I just exit catering, which by the way was terrific. People can bag on it all they want. Today, they had real good food. But as I just exit catering, I’m then tapped to go in to talk to head booker of SmackDown Live, Brian James, aka Road Dogg. I then see him as I walk into the office.

    Brian James: Well, look who we got here?

    Pamela Martinez: Oh, you didn’t know?

    He laughs. I’m glad that went over well.

    Brian James: Haha, welcome aboard Pam. It’s about dang time.

    Pamela Martinez: You don’t have to tell me twice.

    Brian James: Well, it’s good to have ya here. It’s good that you’re officially Team Blue. We’re real excited. I bet the rest of the locker room’s real excited. We definitely lucked out. I’m glad that RAW didn’t get ya. Not that that’s not the goal for ya down the road, but I’m glad we’ve got you aboard here first.

    Pamela Martinez: Well it’s an honor, and I’m really happy about it. And I’m really excited to get started.

    Brian James: Well, ya should be. And I hope you’re ready. We’re not gonna be waiting around for you. We’re gonna get things going for you right away.

    God. That’s EXACTLY what I wanna hear. I’m fired up now.

    Pamela Martinez: Oh yeah? Awesome!

    Brian James: That’s right, that’s right. So. As you know, we don’t have a Women’s Champion on this show yet. That’s about to change. Three weeks from now, we’ve got Backlash. We didn’t know what we were getting, if we were getting you or not here until yesterday, so we had plans for both situations. Obviously, you’re here. So we’re about to get things going tonight to lead towards crowning a champion.

    I nodded my head. This sounds really exciting and cool.

    Brian James: So, what we’re gonna do here. We got three weeks. So we’re going to have three play-in matches over those three weeks. And at Backlash, it’s gonna be a Triple Threat, one fall to a finish, to crown our first Women’s Champion on SmackDown Live.

    Pamela Martinez: Okay, that’s… that’s good. That sounds really good to me.

    Brian James: Yeah and tonight, in your debut match on SmackDown Live, we’re gonna have you in a play-in match.

    My eyes lit up. This all is really real, and it’s all sounding amazing.

    Pamela Martinez: Okay! This… this is firing me up right now.

    Brian James: It should. You’re a bundle of energy, I like it. It’s infectious. Tonight, we’re gonna have you starting the show, well, what I should say is that Shane and Bryan, they’re starting the show. With the title out there. But then, Nikki, who’s gonna be your opponent in this play-in match…

    Oh boy. Okay. I guess we’re gonna get weird right away here.

    Brian James: She’s gonna come out. She’s gonna think she’s entitled to the title. She’s gonna be the villain here. She’s gonna think that she’s going to be crowned the champ. But, as it turns out, that’s not what the deal is. Bryan and Shane are gonna tell the crowd and the fans watching what I just told you. Three matches. Three weeks. Triple Threat at Backlash. And Nikki’s gonna be disappointed, and she’s gonna wonder who she’s gonna face.

    He laughs.

    Brian James: And well, it’s gonna be you. They’re gonna introduce you as SmackDown Live’s newest superstar. Your music’s gonna hit, we’re gonna hope for a big reaction, which I’m sure will happen. You’re a big star. And you’re gonna work Nikki to start the show for about 10 minutes, and we’re havin’ you go over.


    Pamela Martinez: Wow. Um… okay! Okay this is so cool, okay. I’m so excited. Thank you… um, who’s… who’s producing the match? Is Nikki around? Should I go talk to her? I have so many questions.

    He laughed again.

    Brian James: Hey all good, all good. I believe Nikki’s around somewhere. Won’t be too hard to find, although they’re probably filmin’ somethin’ for Total Divas I’m sure so you might have to wait around a little bit. I’m sure you’re gonna be asked about that.

    Yeahhhhh that’s not for me.

    Pamela Martinez: Yeah that’s… that’s gonna be a no. But I understand.

    Brian James: That’s okay. That’s okay. Plenty understandable. I figured that honestly. But yeah, James is the producer for that match. He’s laid everything out you and Nikki can talk turkey about everything else. But we’ve got you goin’ over. Go talk to him and I’m sure he’ll have the 411 for ya.

    Pamela Martinez: Okay. Awesome.

    Brian James: And a quick thing, Pam. I gotta tell you this before I leave cause I wanted to make sure. If you ever have questions… we’re here to help you. But if you got questions, problems, what you gotta do around here… you gotta talk with the boss, okay?

    I nodded my head, although feeling nervous about it. I mean, it’s Vince. He kind of has a big presence around here.

    Brian James: He’s the one, at the end of the day, that you have to build the relationship with. He’s excited about you bein’ here. So what I suggest is you get your workin’ boots on tonight, you work confidently, and you impress him. Hell, don’t stop at Vince. Go and impress everybody. There might be people tunin’ in tonight who’ll see you for the first time ever. There might be people in this arena who haven’t seen you before. And I know you’re a superstar and so does everyone around here. So go out and show it.

    I smile and nod.

    Pamela Martinez: You got it. I won’t let anyone down.
    I nodded my head, shook Brian’s hand and left. Alright… on to find James. I took my stroll through the inner workings of Mohegan Sun Arena. This is such an interesting venue. There’s a freaking casino right next to us. And there’s like another one around here I believe. Yeah. Down in PA in Wilkes-Barre. It beats the rec centers on the Florida loop, though. Charming as those were.

    I head on down, passing by a couple SmackDown superstars, and then do wind up finding James Gibson sitting down in a room. And I knock and wave.

    James Gibson: Howdy, Pam, how ya doin’?

    Pamela Martinez: I’m great, James, it’s so cool to be here.

    James Gibson: Hey, it is equally awesome to have you up here. About time.

    Pamela Martinez: You know it. So… I hear you produced my match tonight.

    James Gibson: I did, I did. You know… I was lookin’. I just got it approved. Lord knows if it’s gonna be rewritten but if it is we’ll do what we gotta do. I think we’re in the clear though. So… here’s what I got. You’re obviously familiar with the TV match process. You had a bit of a shorter rope sometimes down in Orlando. Not so much around here, at least not tonight. I got you goin’ 10 minutes and change with Nicole.

    I then looked down at the notes sheet as he was explaining it.

    James Gibson: …So we got you, for the finish, we got you kickin’ out of the Alabama Slam. After that, Nicole’s gonna put you up on her shoulders. But you’re gonna roll her up. Near fall. She’s gonna look to get you with the forearm, but you’re gonna duck it and go for the Bayley-to-Belly. She’s gonna knock you down, go for the Rack Attack, but you’re gonna land on your feet when she spins you. And you’re gonna grab her and hit the Bayley-to-Belly for the 1-2-3.

    I nod my head repeatedly. Okay, this all sounds good. Really good, actually.

    Pamela Martinez: Excellent… excellent. Thank you.

    James Gibson: Not a problem at all, Pam. You got any questions??

    Pamela Martinez: Honestly… all of it is sounding good in my head and I have nothing to add.

    I let out a laugh.

    Pamela Martinez: So I think I’m good.

    James Gibson: Alright, alright. Outstandin’. Outstandin’ then. Well I’ll let you know ASAP if somethin’ changes but like I said… I wouldn’t bet on it right now because it looks like we’re in the clear.

    Pamela Martinez: Cool.

    James Gibson: Have a good show. Kick some ass.

    Pamela Martinez: That’s the goal!
    Alright… business = settled. At least that part of it. Now, onto the next step… Hoping to swim move past any awkwardness with Nicole.

    I went down and around through the back workings of this venue to find her. And… sure enough, when I did, they were filming something for the reality show. Of course they were. It’s awesome that this exposes our business to other people and maybe gets them more in touch. But, this couldn’t ever be me… I’m glad that things aren’t as icy as they used to be when it came to that. Like, three years ago the only people who weren’t on the show were like. AJ. Tenille. And… was that it? It might’ve been it. Crazy.

    She noticed me after they were done filming. She smiled and walked over. Of course, I couldn’t tell how genuine all of this was, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Nicole Colace-Garcia: Hi! Oh man it’s so awesome to have you here!

    Pamela Martinez: It’s awesome to be here!

    She hugged me. I’ll allow it.

    Nicole Colace-Garcia: Yeah and how bout that… I get to face you tonight. I’m so excited. This is so cool.

    Pamela Martinez: Yeah I mean it is, isn’t it? I helped you train when you were getting back a couple months ago. Now we get to go out there and do our thing.

    Nicole Colace-Garcia: Yeah, absolutely. And we’re gonna kick ass.

    Okay, so she’s sounding positive about this. That’s good.

    Nicole Colace-Garcia: I’m a little disappointed that I’m working heel again, but I get it. I feel like people might wanna cheer me, I mean, they did pretty loudly on Sunday. I’m coming off my neck injury and all that. But the way they’re writing me makes sense. Like. Obviously, Brie’s with Daniel. I might expect preferential treatment. So I get it. I get it. I totally get it. I’ll be the best mean girl I can be.

    I nodded my head again. I definitely understand all this. It sounds like she’s rationalizing but hopefully that doesn’t affect things. I don’t think it will though.

    Nicole Colace-Garcia: It’s really cool to be working with you though. Like I was honestly hoping they didn’t send you to RAW last night. And when you didn’t show up I’m like, oh my God, is she coming up here? And then I found out that you were and I got stoked. Like. You’re really popular among all the girls here. You’re well-liked and respected. And obviously you’re so great, Pam. So great.

    Again, gonna give her the benefit of the doubt here but… she’s sounding genuine. It’s nice to hear praise. Especially from a peer of mine.

    Pamela Martinez: Hey I mean, thank you. I really appreciate it. Honestly, I’m trying not to get too big-headed about it. Like, I’m amped. This is what I wanna do. This is where I wanna be. But I understand that this and NXT are completely different. I wanna just take it step-by-step, moment-by-moment. You know?

    Nicole Colace-Garcia: Hey, absolutely. I totally understand that. I’ll help guide you along tonight, absolutely. You obviously know your way around a ring and I think you’ll really hold your own. But trust me, we know you’re gonna kill it.

    Telling me what I wanna hear versus what I need to hear… well, for now, I’ll accept it.

    Pamela Martinez: Thank you. I’m really excited about this.

    Nicole Colace-Garcia: Me too. We’re starting the show off, too. Like, we can set the tone for tonight and I think we’re really gonna. I’m so ready for this.

    Pamela Martinez: Same.

    Nicole Colace-Garcia: Well, if you need me, I’ll be around here. I’m done filming for right now so just holler if ya need me.

    Pamela Martinez: Awesome. Thanks, Nicole.
    I hugged her and off I went. So far, so good here… but just one more person I wanna talk to before things get underway. One more person.

    The most revered around here. The boss. No, not THAT one. She's on RAW. I'm talking about Mr. McMahon.

    I had only talked to him a handful of times in my life. Each time, of course, was while I was in NXT. It had been a while but, even with that being said, I still felt a little bit nervous. But I knew I had to hide it. I had to try my hardest to, at least. Any wrong move and maybe he wouldn’t think so highly of me. I mean, he has to think pretty highly of me to have me going over in my first match. Especially against a mainstay like Nikki. I saw him over near Gorilla, with about an hour to go until showtime. They were about to start Main Event tapings for the live crowd, which sounded like it was filling up pretty good. I couldn’t feel compelled to stand around any longer. So, I made my move and approached him.

    I looked at Mr. McMahon and exhaled.

    Pamela Martinez: Hi… Mr. McMahon. Great to see you today.

    He looked right at me.

    Mr. McMahon: Ah, Bayley… yeah. Glad to have you here, pal.

    He shook my hand. Good God, my nerves right now. Off the charts.

    Mr. McMahon: How ya doin’?

    Pamela Martinez: I’m doing great, sir. Um… I’m really excited to get going. Really excited.

    Mr. McMahon: Well dammit, that’s great. You should be excited. Y’know, I’ve heard and I’ve seen a lot about you. You’re great with the kids. I like that. I like that a lot.

    Pamela Martinez: Thank you, you know, um… that’s what we’re here to do. To entertain. To put smiles on their faces. We were them one day looking up to the people who were doing what we do now. And I couldn’t be more about that. I couldn’t be more about making kids in the arena happy.

    Mr. McMahon: That’s great. That’s great.

    I hoped all that made sense. Turns out, it probably did.

    Mr. McMahon: So, you’ve got this match. We’re starting the show with it. I have a lot of faith that Nikki can bring you along, but I’ve been told you can bring it too.

    I’m not gonna worry about sounding big-headed now.

    Pamela Martinez: Yeah. Yeah I can. I’ve been wrestling for the last few years, and I’ve held my own with just about anyone. I’ll perform up to her level, I’ll perform higher than that. I’ll do what I do in that ring.

    A smile came across his face.

    Mr. McMahon: Bring that with you tonight. Bring that confidence with you, pal. Get me and get everyone excited tonight. You’re starting the show. Get us off on the right foot.

    I confidently smiled.

    Pamela Martinez: I will.

    With that, I exhaled, shook Vince’s hand again and went off to the side. In about an hour, I was set to make my WWE TV debut on SmackDown Live, wrestle Nikki Bella, and assure myself of my first-ever WWE Pay-Per-View match, and be part of the match to crown the first SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. All the nerves, I had to put them to bed. This was just like any other time. This was like Sunday in Brooklyn against Asuka, and like Dallas against her, or like Mercedes last summer in Brooklyn.

    This was what I was born to do. This is all I ever wanted. Now, my dreams were about to become reality.


    SMACKDOWN LIVE, 8/23/16

    Bayley: Living The Hug Life | Now Playing in Be The Booker

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    And... we're off.


    The show begins with the opening video, but afterwards, there’s no pyro. No, instead, we jump inside the Mohegan Sun Hotel & Casino in Uncasville, and hear the Commissioner’s music blasting over the PA system. We see the Commish, Shane McMahon inside the ring with the GM, Daniel Bryan, and they’re standing by something that’s currently hidden under a black veil.

    Mauro Ranallo: We welcome EACH and every one of you to SmackDown Live! Tonight we’re here at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and guys we’re kickin things off in a big, big way!

    John Bradshaw Layfield: You are right about that, Mauro. We got the Commissioner Shane McMahon and the General Manager Daniel Bryan as present company in the ring. I got it on record that they’re about to announce somethin’ huge!

    Mauro Ranallo: Well I don’t think Shane McMahon’s gonna be wasting anymore time here.

    Not so, Mauro. We go up to the ring, as Shane brings the mic up.

    Shane McMahon: What’s up, Connecticut?!

    Loud cheers.

    Shane McMahon: First of all, before Daniel and I get started here, on behalf of everyone on the SmackDown Live brand, we would like to take this time… to thank those of you who attended SummerSlam, which was an out of the park success.

    Cheers again.

    Shane McMahon: I think that SmackDown Live, absolutely, stole the show, especially so in the match that featured John Cena… and AJ Styles.

    Cheers, and then a LOT more cheers.

    Shane McMahon: And also… I would like to congratulate Dean Ambrose on a successful defense of the WWE Championship in his match against Dolph Ziggler.

    Cheers again from the Connecticut crowd.

    Shane McMahon: But not everything went without a hitch… as you all know, Randy Orton was brutally, viciously beaten up in his match against RAW’s Brock Lesnar.


    Shane McMahon: And I’d like to take this opportunity… to extend… a thank you, to my sister Stephanie McMahon and RAW General Manager Mick Foley for doing the right thing and suspending Brock Lesnar indefinitely and issuing him the fine that they did.

    Bryan nods his head. They have to give the devil their due sometimes.

    Shane McMahon: Now Randy Orton, unfortunately, will be sidelined for some time after suffering a concussion and serious injuries to his face. But hopefully, ‘The Viper’ will be back in the ring soon enough.

    Shane nods his head and then nods at Bryan.

    Daniel Bryan: Now, onto matters for tonight… and why we’re here right now. You see, RAW had there little “fun” on Sunday when they crowned the first Universal Champion.

    Some boos in the crowd, mostly due to the name.

    Daniel Bryan: Trust me. I know. The name is completely ridiculous. I know. But anyway, it’s time that we have fun crowning new champions. And we’re going to do that in three weeks time at the first-ever SmackDown Live-brand event, Backlash.

    Bryan lets out a smile.

    Daniel Bryan: We’ll not only be crowning the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but we’ll also be crowning…

    Bryan walks over to the veil.

    Daniel Bryan: The first-ever…

    Bryan then takes the veil right off!

    Daniel Bryan: SmackDown Live WOMEN’S Champion!!

    A loud round of cheers. We see the championship inside a case, white leather belt with a blue faceplate and the giant WWE logo. So, essentially the RAW Women’s Title, but with blue. As you’d expect it to be.

    Daniel Bryan: Now, you might ask yourself how—



    Coming out to a strong reaction is none other than Nikki Bella, who of course made her return to WWE this past Sunday at SummerSlam. Nikki is wearing her ring gear, blue tonight, fittingly, and does her bit by the entrance ramp before making her way down the aisle.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well, Daniel Bryan just finished making a huge announcement regarding the new SmackDown Live Women’s Championship but guys, here comes the returning Nikki Bella, making her first appearance on SmackDown in almost a year!

    David Otunga: Yes she is! Nikki made her return to WWE at SummerSlam, subbing in for Eva Marie in a six-woman tag team match that she helped win after pinning Carmella.

    Mauro Ranallo: But I have to wonder what it is that she’s doing right now. Obviously she’s invested in this announcement, but—

    John Bradshaw Layfield: But nothin’, Mauro! Relax. Nikki Bella, like you said, she’s invested. She probably wants to come out here and commend these two for this. It’s great to have Nikki back here on SmackDown Live!

    Nikki gets into the ring and grabs a mic and shakes both Shane and Daniel’s hands.

    Nikki Bella: Well first of all guys… first of all, I have to say, it’s GREAT to be back!


    Nikki Bella: It’s great to be on Team Blue…

    Nikki smiles and nods her head.

    Nikki Bella: And it’s great that SmackDown Live has a Women’s Championship now!

    “Right?” Nikki says off mic to the crowd, who lets out a pop.

    Nikki Bella: I mean, I think it’s great that this championship was created. I mean, with all I’ve gone through in the last year… I didn’t even get to be part of the moment when, y’know, the Divas Championship turned into the Women’s Championship. Like… that wouldn’t have been possible if my sister and I never started the Women’s Revolution. You know?

    Nikki is bringing… um… quite the perspective here…

    Nikki Bella: So I mean, it’s an honor to be out here right now. And an honor that you guys, thank you Daniel, you’re so sweet. I see what Brie sees in you. It’s an honor that you guys created this championship… for me!

    Oh… That generates some heat from the crowd. Daniel and Shane awkwardly look at each other.

    Shane McMahon: Um, Nikki… Nikki, I’ll be the one to say it here. (Turns to Daniel) You two can smooth this out at Thanksgiving. Nikki, that’s not what we’re doing here.

    The crowd pops as Nikki looks quite a bit bewildered.

    Nikki Bella: I’m sorry, what? But—

    Shane McMahon: Nikki, SmackDown Live is The Land of Opportunity. We will not be handing anyone… anything around here.

    Cheers again. It appears that Nikki’s thoughts did not align with those of the hierarchy. What a surprise?

    Shane McMahon: You see, what Daniel was going to announce was that at Backlash, we will be crowning a new SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. And in the next three weeks… we will be determining the three participants, who will be competing for that little in a Triple Threat Match!

    A positive response for that. Well, Nikki’s still stewing.

    Shane McMahon: And Nikki… I do have good news for you. You will be competing for a spot in that match at Backlash. Right now.

    Nikki nods her head.

    Nikki Bella: Okay. Fine? Who’s my opponent then? Huh? Is it Carmella? I pinned her at SummerSlam. I can do it again. Who is it? Natalya? Naomi? Becky Lynch? Alexa Bliss? You know what…

    Nikki shakes her head this time and wags her finger.

    Nikki Bella: It doesn’t matter.

    The Fearless One shakes her head again.

    Nikki Bella: You know why? Because I’M the best woman on the roster, and there’s NOBODY in the back that can hold a candle to me. Those are the facts!!

    Heat. Daniel and Shane look at each other again, and Shane nods his head again.

    Shane McMahon: Nikki, your confidence is… well, it’s what you’re all about. I’m glad that you’re here. But… you named a couple of superstars who you could be facing. However.

    Shane pauses. “What do you mean, however?” Nikki asks, off mic.

    Shane McMahon: However… you did not name the woman who you will be facing.

    Oh. The crowd begins to stir a bit, as they can kind of sense what’s going on…

    Shane McMahon: You see, Nikki, SmackDown Live… as I just mentioned, is The Land of Opportunity. Daniel and I, we do not discriminate. We give opportunities to everyone, and that includes people… who’ve never been given them here on SmackDown Live.

    The crowd, once again, begins to buzz…

    Shane McMahon: Earlier today, Daniel and I officially procured the hottest free agent in the ENTIRE world of sports entertainment.

    And that much confirms it. The crowd pops.

    Shane McMahon: And… she… is about to make her SmackDown Live debut.


    Shane McMahon: So, without further ado… ladies and gentlemen… PLEASE WELCOME… TO SMACKDOWN LIVE… … …


    A HUGE POP!!

    ***TURN IT UP***


    David Otunga: Oh yeah! Alright!!

    Mauro Ranallo: What a MOMENT this is, ladies and gentlemen!!! MAMMA MIA, IT’S BAYLEY!!! AND SHE’S HERE ON SMACKDOWN LIVE!!

    Bayley, full of energy, heart and excitement right now, cannot contain the smile on her face. She goes to both sides of the stage, high-tenning the crowd before going towards the ramp. But she then backs up, boogies a bit and brings her hands up – as the tubemen come up with her!!

    David Otunga: They made the trip! Haha!

    Mauro Ranallo: Guys, Bayley is one of the most accomplished young women that this company has to offer. It is amazing to me that she is on SmackDown Live right now. What a job by Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon to sign her!

    John Bradshaw Layfield: Got that right, Mauro. Listen to these facts, okay? She was the former NXT Women’s Champion before losing it to Asuka back in April. She held that title for 224 days, that’s longer than Sasha Banks and only passed by Charlotte and Paige. Two of the greatest in NXT history. She defended that title successfully FIVE times, including in the first-ever Women’s Ironman Match last October. This is a HUGE win for SmackDown Live. This is what I had heard was going to happen. What I alluded to before. This title stuff was common knowledge.

    Mauro Ranallo: And even more to it JBL, Bayley and Nikki Bella are about to get it on like Donkey Kong. Bayley could very well be bound for Backlash if she wins this match!

    David Otunga: Nikki Bella is so off her game right now. So out of the loop. She thinks this was going to be a coronation for her. Bayley might very well catch her on her first night here!

    Mauro Ranallo: Well ladies and gentlemen do not go anywhere at all, because this match is about to start off the night here on SmackDown Live!


    Nikki looks out from the inside, demanding that the championship and the podium it’s on be removed. All the while, Bayley, the newest superstar to join SmackDown Live, is glowing. She continues to receive cheers from the crowd, and an agitated Bella covers her ears as she glares over at The Hugger. Bayley simply shrugs her shoulders and takes off her Chalkline jacket and puts it off to the side. We see that she’s wearing her silver and blue attire with yellow trim, with black wrist tape and boots. And, of course, her trademark pony off to the side. The belt, the case and the podium are finally removed and moved over to the side, and Bayley climbs up the steps, gets onto the apron, dusts her boots off and climbs in the ring.

    Nikki Bella vs. Bayley

    The frustrated Nikki Bella takes a run at the newcomer Bayley. But, The Hugger sidesteps her and she hits the corner! Bayley lands a couple of right hands on Nikki before she’s shoved away. Nikki runs in and goes for another shot, but Bayley ducks that one too! Nikki hits the ropes on return and Bayley catches her with an elbow to the face! Nikki gets up to her feet and Bayley runs over and hits her with a running forearm to the face! Nikki then gets up again, feeling a little bit dazed, and Bayley charges in and clotheslines her right over the top rope and to the floor! Not the greatest opening sequence for the former Divas Champion, but an excellent start to the former NXT Women’s Champion’s SDLive career.

    Nikki gets up and slaps the apron in frustration as she verbally jousts from the outside. “This shouldn’t even be happening! That’s my title!” Nikki shouts, pointing over to the title belt. Bayley again shrugs her shoulders and invites Nikki to get back into the ring. The fearless Bella climbs up onto the apron and into the ring and she locks up with The Hugster. Nikki backs her up into the corner, as the referee starts a 5 count. 1! 2! 3! Nikki breaks off, and gets a quick talk by the official. But she ignores her and SLAPS BAYLEY ACROSS THE FACE!! A cheap shot from the former Divas Champion echoes around the arena, as Bayley feels the sting of it as she rubs her face and is then blindsided by a right hand from Nikki. Bayley goes down to her knees, and Nikki yanks her up and continues to strike her up against the ropes.

    She then whips Bayley into the ropes. On return, Nikki comes running in and plants her with a shoulder block that wipes her off her feet. She looks at Bayley, measuring her up, and Bayley walks in and Nikki promptly sends her down on her back with a back drop. The Hugger favors her back, while Nikki takes the opportunity to go get down and do pushups on the canvas. This draws some heat from the crowd, but Nikki doesn’t particularly care. She gets up, and calls on Bayley to get up and fight. She walks her into the corner and clocks her with an elbow to the face. She connects with a second one, and then charges in going for a third one. But Bayley bends down and props Nikki up in the air! Nikki lands on her feet on the apron, and Bayley turns around and goes for a right hand. Nikki, however, blocks the move, grabs her by the back of the head AND DROPS HER NECK ON THE TOP ROPE AS SHE LANDS ON HER FEET ON THE FLOOR!!

    The Hangman’s move causes Bayley to gasp for air while Nikki smiles on the outside. She takes a look over at the championship belt, and then dives back into the ring and goes for the first cover of the match. 1! 2! SHOULDER UP! Nikki glares at the referee and then puts Bayley in a chin lock. She pushes her knee up into Bayley’s spine, adding more pressure while the crowd tries to get behind her.


    The referee checks on her, but Bayley won’t die this quickly. The crowd engages, as we see Bayley beginning to wrestle her way back into this. Nikki wrenches away, causing the newcomer to feel more than a decent dose of pain in the early goings here. But there’s plenty of signs of life, and Bayley gets up to a knee and throws her elbow into Nikki’s gut. She doesn’t break free yet, so she does it again, but Nikki won’t relent. Bayley gets up to her feet now and hits her with a THIRD elbow to the gut! She finally pops free from Nikki’s grasp, and she grabs her by the waist, pulls her in and delivers a Saito Suplex! Bayley scrambles over and goes for the cover. 1! 2! SHOULDER UP!

    Bayley shakes off the stinger she got in her back after the chin lock, and then the drop down on her back from the Saito Suplex. She gets up to her feet and meets Nikki in the middle of the ring. She goes for a right, but Nikki blocks, and throws one of her own. She connects, and then sends her to the corner. But, Bayley stops herself short, and sensing Nikki coming, she throws her elbow up! It catches Nikki in the face, and then Bayley grabs the top rope, jumps up onto the middle rope, turns around and pulls Nikki down with an arm drag!! Nikki is sent hurtling into the corner, and Bayley runs in and goes for a shoulder tackle and connects! Bayley then tumbles backwards, “WOOOOOOOO!” she goes as she brings her hands around, and then runs to land the flying back elbow. But Nikki puts her boot up and catches Bayley in the face!

    Nikki then walks over and slaps Bayley upside the head. The constant disrespect towards Bayley is showing, as she slaps her again, which ticks Bayley off! And she turns around, grabs Nikki and throws her down to the mat!! The crowd reacts as Bayley starts to throw right hands at Nikki’s face, dealing out a hearty amount of punishment to the former Divas Champion. She grabs Nikki and whips her strong into the corner. The Hugster then charges over, leaps and catches her with her arm to the throat! Right after, she grabs her by the head, snapmares her down to the ring and runs hits the ropes. Bayley rebounds, runs forward, leaps in the air and DROPS AN ELBOW onto Nikki’s chest! But Bayley isn’t done yet! She runs to the ropes once more, rebounds, jumps up and DROPS A KNEE onto Nikki’s face!!

    She gets up to her feet and receives a hearty hand for the outburst she dealt towards “Fearless” Nikki. But she makes sure to scramble right back down to make the cover on Nikki! 1! 2! SHOULDER UP! JBL remarks that it may have been a “rookie mistake” by Bayley to not cover immediately, especially considering that the count was so close to being pulled off. Nevertheless, The Hugger remains on the attack. She pulls Nikki up to her feet and clocks her with a forearm shot to the face. Nikki gets over to the ropes and Bayley sends her on out of the ring with a clothesline to the outside! She looks down at Nikki as she gets up, and then grabs the top rope, shoots herself between the middle and second ropes, lands on Nikki’s shoulders and takes her down with a hurricanrana on the ringside floor!!

    Bayley is gaining steam and more confidence as we see her then grab Nikki and throw her right back into the ring. She gets up on the apron and goes over and climbs to the top rope. She tightens up her ponytail, watches Nikki get up to her feet and launches off. FLYING BACK ELBOW TO THE FACE! Bayley reaches back and pulls the leg up! 1! 2! KICK OUT! It doesn’t spur Bayley away from trying to achieve her goal however, as she eventually gets up and starts to tee off on Nikki again. She runs off to the ropes after putting Nikki on skates. But Nikki THROTTLES her with a clothesline on return! JBL points out that it was more of a lariat, and he may very well have been right. She reaches down, plucks Bayley up off the mat, takes aim AND SENDS HER FLYING INTO THE RINGPOST, SHOULDER FIRST!!

    A loud bang ricochets around the arena as Bayley lands with a hard thud on the apron. She grabs at her shoulder, which may have been seriously damaged after the punishing toss from Fearless Nikki. Nikki takes the opportunity to taunt the crowd as she gallivants around the ring, arms extended, and she does her dance in the center. She’s feeling great, while Bayley is most certainly not.

    Nikki finally returns over towards Bayley, having climbed out of the ring. She shakes her head at Bayley, then drags her away and slams her face down on the apron. The Hugger crumbles down to the floor, as Nikki taunts yet again, eliciting more heat from the Uncasville crowd. She hears it from the ref, who says to come back in the ring. Nikki mouths off to him, before rolling Bayley back in.

    She watches Bayley crawl away, and walks over and stomps on her back. Bayley lets out a cry, and Nikki then takes aim and stomps on her shoulder! Bayley favors that area as she writhes in pain, and Nikki again punches her with her foot, landing another stomp, this time right on her lower back. The ref accosts her, but again, Nikki shows no regard. She targets Bayley, watching her climb up to her feet in the corner. She then steamrolls in and squeezes her up against the turnbuckles! More damage dealt to the back of Bayley, who takes a tumble down to the mat after staggering for a mere moment or two. Nikki watches Bayley move around in pain, and smiles as she then stomps on her back yet again. Nikki shakes her head at Bayley and taunts her once more, as the crowd tries to energize The Hugger, who appears to be in great peril now.

    Bayley reaches out for the ropes again as she gets in the corner. Nikki walks in and slams her face down on the top turnbuckle. But… Bayley starts to feed off the crowd. Nikki slams her down again, as Bayley grits her teeth and clenches her fists. Nikki slams her down again as Bayley shakes her head after! Nikki starts to look shocked, as she grabs her head and slams her down once more! But Bayley turns around after! Nikki’s mouth goes agape, as Bayley then grabs her and repeatedly slams her face down on the top turnbuckle!! Bayley then runs to the ropes, comes back and lands a Polish hammer! She runs up and connects with another, and then a third, and then Nikki barrels over to the corner. Bayley runs in and delivers a shoulder tackle, tumbles back… “WOOOOOOOOOOO!” she goes, waving her arms around, and wastes no time, runs over and lands the back elbow this time!! She grabs Nikki right away, and sends her back with an Exploder Suplex!! Bayley makes the cover right after!


    Bayley NEARLY pulled off the ‘upset’ win over Nikki Bella in her first match on SmackDown Live. However, the former Divas Champion just kicks out in the nick of time, generating an “ohhhhhh” from the Uncasville crowd. Bayley keeps her head down, however, trying to make magic happen here again. She tightens up her ponytail again as she eyes Nikki as she nears her feet. She extends her arms, as much of the crowd knows what could be on the horizon here! The Hugger then approaches her, grabs her by the waist! BAYLEY-TO-BELL-NO! Nikki blocks the move and rakes the eyes! She then grabs Bayley, bends down, brings her up AND THROWS HER DOWN WITH AN ALABAMA SLAM! Nikki covers Bayley and hooks the legs!


    Nikki can’t believe it!! Bayley kicked out of what was a THUNDEROUS Alabama Slam, and the crowd cheers loudly for the near fall. This frustrates Nikki even more, as she gets up and brings Bayley onto her shoulders! She looks for THE RACK ATTACK 2.0… BUT BAYLEY SLIDES OFF AND ROLLS HER UP!!


    Both ladies quickly get up, and an angered Bella goes to THROW HER FOREARM IN BAYLEY’S FACE! NO! Bayley ducks the shot! She turns and GRABS NIKKI! BAYLEY-TO-BELL—NO! Nikki clocks her in the face! She then bends down, puts Bayley back up on her shoulders, AND AGAIN LOOKS FOR THE RACK ATTACK 2.0…


    BUT BAYLEY LANDS ON HER FEET!!! Nikki doesn’t realize it, but she soon does at the last possible moment! Bayley grabs her, spins her around, grabs her again by the waist.



    WINNER -- Bayley via pin fall at 10:20. Bayley is IN the Backlash Women's Title Match.

    Mauro Ranallo: AND SHE’S DONE IT!!!

    John Bradshaw Layfield: What an upset!!!


    Mauro Ranallo: In her first match on SmackDown Live, Bayley showed the heart of a champion! And now in three weeks at Backlash, Bayley could very well BECOME a champion!!

    John Bradshaw Layfield: This is a TREMENDOUS upset victory, boys!! Bayley just beat the longest-reigning Divas Champion in history. IN HER FIRST MATCH ON SMACKDOWN LIVE!! I think she’s ready for primetime!!

    An exuberant and ELATED Bayley celebrates her victory, the first of many for sure in her career. Her hand is raised, and she smiles and pumps her fists as she gets up on the second rope. She puts her hands up as the crowd applauds her strong efforts, as she showcased exactly what’s made her so good throughout the last few years.

    David Otunga: As impressive a first showing for anyone I can remember. That match went 10 minutes and change, she hung with the longest-reigning Divas Champion, and she beat her! If she’s gonna be doing that, we can’t call these upsets anymore, guys.

    Mauro Ranallo: Absolutely not, David, and Bayley still has a mountain to climb. But she will be one of three superstars who will fight to be crowned the first-ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion at Backlash. The other two yet to be decided, they will in the next two weeks. But tonight is a night… for hugs!!

    Bayley goes up the ramp, high-fiving many, hugging others, and she reaches the top of the stage. She’s all smiles right now, and understandably so. Especially after a top-notch performance like that. And more smiles and more happiness could very well be on the way for her if things work out well at Backlash…
    SmackDown Live Women's Championship 'Play-In' Matches
    Bayley def. Nikki Bella (8/23/16)
    Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi (8/30/16)
    Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Natalya (9/6/16)

    SmackDown Live Results (8/23/16)
    Bayley def. Nikki Bella to qualify for the SDLive Women's Title Match at Backlash
    The Usos def. The Ascension in a SDLive Tag Team Titles Tourney 1st Round Match
    American Alpha def. Breezango in a SDLive Tag Team Titles Tourney 1st Round Match
    AJ Styles def. Dolph Ziggler, meaning that Styles will challenge Dean Ambrose for the WWE Title at Backlash


    After the short break, we come back to the Talking Smack broadcast on the WWE Network. Renee Young is front-and-center here, as expected.

    Renee Young: Welcome back to Talking Smack, ladies and gentlemen. Renee Young here along with SmackDown Live General Manager, Daniel Bryan. And now we’d like to welcome to the Talking Smack broadcast… the newest member of the SmackDown Live roster, the former NXT Women’s Champion, Bayley.

    The camera pans over to Bayley, whom we see sitting at the desk now, wearing her “I’M A HUGGER” t-shirt and the wrestling gear we saw her in earlier.

    Renee Young: Bayley, welcome to Talking Smack and more importantly… welcome to SmackDown Live.

    Bayley: Thank you guys. Thank you, Daniel, for signing me to SmackDown Live… I mean, this is just a dream come true for me.

    Bryan nods his head.

    Renee Young: Bayley, we obviously know about your journey to get here to SmackDown Live. You had your ups and downs in NXT. What does it mean to you to finally be able to be called a WWE superstar?

    Bayley: The world. It means the world to me. I grew up watching Raw and SmackDown. I was as big of a fan as you could find. Y’know, I grew up watching The Hardy Boyz and Lita, my favorite superstar ever. I was completely hooked. I wanted nothing more in my life than to be here. To be a WWE superstar. And to finally achieve that, it’s incredible. There’s no other way to describe it.

    Daniel Bryan: See Renee, this is what I want. This is the kind of superstar that I want on my roster. Someone who’s passionate. Bayley, your passion is obvious to anyone who knows you. You live the business, you breathe it. I know that every time you go out in that ring to compete, you will leave it all out there. Tonight, you did exactly that when you defeated Nikki Bella. Who, unfortunately might be a little PO’d at me, but she’s going to have to live with that.

    Bayley: Yeah. I mean, like you said Daniel. You put it perfectly. I want to be here. I want to compete against the very best. I’m glad that I was able to, you know, face someone like Nikki. The longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time. And she’s a great competitor. I have nothing bad to say about her. Her attitude before the match… I mean, say what you want about that. But in that ring there are few better than her. And I know at Backlash that it’s not gonna be easy.

    Renee Young: Yeah, Bayley, as we now know, we learned this during the broadcast. I’m not sure if you caught wind of it. Next week, Alexa Bliss will face Naomi for the right to be in this match, as well. And then in two weeks time, on SmackDown Live, the final qualifying match will feature Becky Lynch, Carmella and Natalya. These are some of the most talented women’s superstars in all of WWE.

    Bayley: They really are. I’m really glad I’m here. I would have loved to have been on Raw, don’t get me wrong. It’s okay that I’m not, trust me, Daniel.

    Daniel Bryan: Mmmmm, don’t get my bad side now, Bayley…

    Bayley laughs.

    Bayley: No, no, no. (Laughs) I’m not trying to. I’m just saying. Charlotte and Sasha Banks are obviously two of the best women’s superstars we have here. I’ve had my battles with them. I love facing them. They bring out the best in me. But this division, you said it Renee I mean… I’ve faced Alexa before in NXT. She’s gonna be great. Becky Lynch, I’ve had my battles with her. She’s come so close over the years to winning championships, I’m sure if she gets in that match she’s going to do everything she can to win it. And Carmella, I love Carmella. So much. She’s one of my best friends. I’ve faced her too. I enjoy facing her, because she’s such a great competitor. And so fiery. Then there’s Nattie and Naomi, I’ve never faced them. I have tremendous respect for Natalya. She’s a veteran, she’s respected. Naomi’s someone who I wanna face. She’s so talented. I love the way she competes, she’s a high-flyer and tremendously athletic. This is the best women’s division in WWE. This is the best women’s division in the entire world.

    Daniel Bryan: Now, see, that’s the way to win me over. That’s the way to win me over, Renee.

    Bayley: I told you.

    Daniel Bryan: She’s good with me now.

    Renee Young: Now, Bayley, my next question for you—

    “Excuse me. Excuse me.”

    Renee is then interrupted by… ALEXA BLISS! Little Miss Bliss, who’s seen wearing a black tanktop and black pants, with her blonde hair down with the red tips in.

    Renee Young: Well, um… ladies and gentlemen we’ve been joined by Alexa Bliss here.

    Alexa Bliss: Hi Renee. Hi Daniel. Thanks for introducing the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. And I’m glad that you were sooooo brave to your sister-in-law and didn’t just award it to her! Bravo, Daniel. Bravo.

    Alexa applauds.

    Alexa Bliss: And Bayley! Aw, it’s so good to have you up here finally. I mean, it’s just so great. Sasha, Becky, Charlotte, me, Nia, we may have all beaten you here but… it’s just so good that you’re here! On SmackDown Live!

    Bliss smiles. Bayley, well… she’s not exactly feeling that this is very sincere.

    Alexa Bliss: I just wanted to… y’know, I overheard you talking just now. And, you said something about me. That I’m gonna be great. Correction. I'm already great, Bayley.

    Little Miss Bliss glares at The Hugger.

    Alexa Bliss: And once I win next week against Naomi, I’m going to be in the Triple Threat Match at Backlash. Any thought you might have of this “dream come true” moment at Backlash, of you becoming the first-ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion? It’s just that Bayley. A dream. A delusion. Because you’re looking at the first-ever Smackdown Live Women’s Champion, and her name… is Alexa Bliss.

    Bliss glares at Bayley once again and then flips the mic up onto the desk before flicking her hair back. She walks away from the scene as Bayley shakes her head.

    Renee Young: Um, well… y’know, anything can happen here on Talking Smack. Weren’t expecting to hear from Alexa Bliss, one of the many hopefuls for the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship but… Alexa made her thoughts be known. Bayley, any response?

    Bayley chuckles.

    Bayley: I’ve known her for… a very long time… that side of her is new, but all I can say is I’m not surprised.

    Renee Young: Well, ladies and gentlemen we’ll be right back here on Talking Smack here on the WWE Network. Bayley, once again, thank you for joining us. Congrats on coming to SmackDown Live and congrats on the win. Best of luck at Backlash.

    Bayley: Thank you, Renee. Thank you also, Daniel.

    The camera zooms out as the SmackDown Live theme song plays in the background, after a segment that certainly escalated out of nowhere, thanks to the work of Little Miss Bliss…

    Bayley: Living The Hug Life | Now Playing in Be The Booker

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    So this is an interesting read so far. I could never get handle of the backstage stuff when I attempted to write one of these several years ago, long abandoned before I joined the WC

    Having read the first couple of posts, it took me several seconds to realise that Pamela was Bayley’s real name as I don’t think I ever searched for it before. Most of the other names I already knew but again, I never knew that Carmella’s real name was Leah. I actually didn't watch NXT outside of the Banks/Bayley title match at Brooklyn until 2018 so had no idea that Baymella was actually a thing

    I enjoyed the first Smackdown and will be looking forward to how this develops as it goes on
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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    Holy shit man, this might be my favorite project in this section right now. It is so easy to read and even though this has been done previously, I think you have a certain spin to it that draws the reader in. You have perfectly captured the aura around every single person both backstage and in character. Vince with the "good luck pal" type comments haha. Bayley's humbleness and genuine enthusiasm. Nikki Bella with her arrogance and thinking that she is the "women's revolution." Hell, even the way Shane talks. When I was reading it, I could literally hear Shane saying it in my head probably more than any other project I've read. I also really enjoy the commentary in between dialogue, and how it aligns with how and what the reader is thinking about each part of the segment at that given time. Bayley's act is very genuine and you made her debut match against Nikki a fucking match of the night contender...with Nikki haha. A lot of times I will just skim through the match details, because in the booker section I'm always more compelled and intrigued around the segments rather than the matches themselves...but you literally kept me on the edge of my seat wondering if you were going to let Bayley take this first win or pound her down as the underdog and let her lose this. I could see potential in both scenarios, but now I'm definitely intrigued to see what you do with her in the women's title match. I don't see you putting the strap on her right away as it kinda draws away from her underdog never give up type persona. But you had it nabbed perfectly and the nearfalls really sold it as "oh my god" moments. I can imagine that arena though would be fucking insane with her coming out and then picking up the victory, especially with an opponent that is genuinely and legitimately hated. Just perfect heel versus perfect babyface. The Talking Smackdown segment too really sold her as someone with a target on her back too, with EVERYONE coming at her and putting her on the chopping block. You have Alexa Bliss nailed in this segment here too. The whole "it's just a dream" type comments sell her successfully as a babyface that the crowd can truly get behind. Sad how the WWE dropped the ball with that part about her. They pushed it into the ground for too long and didn't give her the crowning achievement moment that everyone waited for.

    I am very much looking forward to seeing how this progresses and if you add in any backstage politics that affects her spot on the main roster. You have completely knocked this out of the park already man

    WCW 1991: A Line In The Sand


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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    I’ll echo the sentiments of others and say that it is a shame to see Generation NXT go for now, but this project has crazy potential. I know how much you love Bayley and it is already coming through in the posts you’ve made so far.

    The backstage interactions were really fun and it shows the understanding you have for what actually goes on behind the scenes, because if you didn’t a lot of it wouldn’t hit Home, but it does so it’s cool.

    I wonder whether you’ll pull the trigger on Bayley and make her champion straight away, but perhaps you have other routes to go down with feuds with Nikki and Alexa to explore first.

    Also I appreciate the name drop in the OP, but I’m pretty sure Bayley will blow Cesaro out of the water. If I go back to that project one day we could do BTB’s first ever crossover? I’ll need to get 4 years of booking behind me first!

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    Today was a tough one.

    As happy as I was to finally reach WWE TV, the goal for just about everyone, it was my last day as an 'active' member of the Performance Center. My locker had to be cleaned out and given to someone else. I chose Cassie (Peyton Royce) to fill the void I would be leaving. She was touched that I elected her, but I knew that she had the poise, the talent and the kindness that I had to make NXT a better place. That's all I wanted to do. I knew I left it a better place, and knew that Cassie and the rest of the girls there would be able to keep the train going.

    I said goodbye to that life today. No more would I be at the NXT TV tapings. No more would I be working the rec centers or the smaller venues in the state of Florida, charming as they all were. No more was NXT, or my apartment in the complex, where I'd call home. It was on to a new life. One that would immediately get me kickstarted this weekend. I had live events in Texas coming up. A fun experience coming up, to be sure. I even got to do a tweet that I always wanted to do.

    It was starting. It was beginning. Five days of wrestling, all in a row. Four live events, and then SmackDown Live #2 in Dallas. I was so ready. I knew I was leaving it all behind. All that I accomplished in NXT. All my friends, old and new. All my hard work. But the road ahead of me was one that I had always wanted to travel on. And so, I marched forward.



    Bayley: Living The Hug Life | Now Playing in Be The Booker

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    I've finally gotten around to reading the rest of the updates in here and so far this is some fantastic work. Your actual Smackdown Live match, segment and Talking Smack segment were all written great, and your backstage stuff feels really authentic as well. As TWG mentioned, the best part about your behind the scenes stuff is that it really feels like it is hitting the mark and everything that is characterised so well. This is really nothing new from you as your writing has been terrific for years now, but this thread is really off to a fantastic start.

    My only point of feedback would to not have anymore behind the scenes segments where you give away Bayley's match/segment results on the actual Smackdown she will be participating in. Felt a bit pointless having to read Smackdown considering we already knew exactly what was going to happen, including the finish of the match.

    Outside of that though, loving the start of this, so much potential. I enjoy the fact that you've really put a full stop on Bayley's NXT run as well, with her final match as well as going back to clean her locker. Brilliant touch.

    As others have said, this is off to a fantastic start. I look forward to reading more.

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    Re: Bayley: Living The Hug Life

    Thanks for the feedback Stoj. TBH, I thought about what you said WRT putting everything out there and I either thought, "Next time I'll 'do this' but not say anything" or put up spoiler tags, at the bare minimum. That's something I'll think about for the next go-around.

    Bayley: Living The Hug Life | Now Playing in Be The Booker

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