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    WWECW Big Evil Reviews ECW 1994-95

    Let me start this off by saying I'm sure none of you know who I am. But just in the off chance the user name looks familiar, I'm the same guy who's reviews are a part of the old Busted Quad/Unnamed Wrestling Forum set, and I also was attempting to start this up again on another wrestling board about a year or so ago, but real life got in the way and that board wound up disappearing. So hopefully you guys who do end up reading this don't mind me posting here. Any feedback or discussion is welcomed but not necesarily expected, but otherwise, I strictly do this for a hobby and hopefully some people can be entertained along the way. If you are familiar with my old review set, you'll know that I worked my way through most of ECW before (as well as basically the entirety of NWA/WCW from '83-'01). I'm giving ECW a proper shot this time as I was much younger the first time I did this, also, the WWE Network wasn't around back then. I debated starting this ECW review project with the earliest available episodes of Eastern Championship Wrestling available on the WWE Network. But I tried and tried and tried to get through some of those early episodes, and it's just damn impossible. I am from the Philly area, and I do admire some of the really close-to-home aspects of 93/early 94 ECW, but really other than Snuka's heel run and Funk/Gilbert, 1993 is largely awful as are the early parts of '94. Business picks up in Spring of '94, but it was hard to pick a definitive starting point other than this: the birth of EXTREME Championship Wrestling, which came the night of the 1994 NWA World Championship Tournament held in Philadelphia at the ECW Arena. The footage aired on 8/30/94, and ECW was "officially born". I don't want to go into any sort of history lesson now, as I'm sure I'll rant and rave during the episode, but I just wanted to give an explanation as to why I was starting where I was starting, rather than just doing it from the beginning. Hope you enjoy! ------------------------------------------ Eastern Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas (Since 3/26/1994) Eastern Championship Wrestling Television Champion: Jason Knight (Since 8/13/1994) Eastern Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions: The Public Enemy (Since 3/6/1994) ECW Hardcore TV #72 August 30th, 1994 Philadelphia, PA The show starts off with Paul E. Dangerously and 911 already in the ring, and -- DOINK THE CLOWN IS GETTING INTO THE RING?! This is from the NWA World Title Tournament held on 8/27, and was actually a first round match-up! And this is the REAL Doink, Matt Borne, who had left the WWF in late '93 and had the gimmick taken to Ray Apollo and Steve Lombardi, among others. Borne's resurfacing here trying to get his career back on track. Match #1: 911 vs. Doink the Clown [NWA World Title Tournament [Quarter Finals Match] As soon as the bell rings, the crowd is screaming "KILL THE CLOWN". Being fair, so were WWF fans around this time too. It's ashame, because Heel Doink in '93 was incredible work. But here -- he gets 3 chokeslams from 911 and does the deal. 911 advances. Rating: N/A Post-match, Dangerously gets in the ring with a mic and says "This ain't the freakin' circus, this is E-C-W!" and we go into the Eastern Championship Wrestling opening credits. I know it's impossible but I wish the WWE Network was able to get music rights. This generic guitar riff is awful. "Thunderkiss '65" or "Closer" would've been a treat to hear. Joey Styles welcomes us to the show. Instead of standing in front of the Eastern Championship Wrestling banner as usual, he's distracted by the fact that he's now standing in front of a big blue sheet instead. Styles says this will be self-explanatory by the end of the night, but for now he welcomes us to footage from the NWA World Title tournament where a new champion is EXPECTED to be crowned. In addition to that, they will have the Signapore Cane Match between Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman (!!!) and he throws it to a history package on their feud. In the package, we see that this issue began when The Sandman & Woman used signapore canes to beat the hell out of Tommy Cairo and Sandman's ex-wife Peaches. This was during the Michael Fay controversy in 1994 ( So it was done as a way to "humble" and "embarass" Cairo & Peaches. Sandman then had a TV Title match against Mikey Whipwreck and destroyed him with the cane as well. After that, he went on a tear, hitting all of the "young boys" in ECW with the cane. From the looks of it, it seems he would interrupt matches ala Kane in '98 just to beat up young wrestlers. Tommy Dreamer (who was still hated by the ECW faitfhul at this point and dressed in the MC Hammer pants & suspenders) came out to stand up to Sandman. He hit him with the cane, but Woman attacked Dreamer only for Dreamer to kiss her and then Sandman blindsides Dreamer. From there, they have a match at Hardcore Heaven that seems to have never really started. Dreamer was hiding under the ring during Sandman's entrance and got in to attack him from behind with the signapore cane, bloodying Sandman up good, before Woman attacked but again got a long kiss from Dreamer. Backstage, Sandman & Woman are cutting a promo. Woman says she wants Tommy -- she wants him bloody, she wants him beaten and she wants him begging for his life, down at his knees looking up to her, like every man should be anyway. Sandman tells Dreamer this is what he has to put up with because of him, and what Woman wants, Woman gets. He lights up a ciggarette and promises to light Tommy's ass up tonight as well. (If you only know Woman from her NWA/WCW stuff, I HIGHLY suggest checking out her entire 2 year ECW run. It's her best work ever.) Match #2: Tommy Dreamer vs. The Sandman [Signapore Cane Match] This is the real version of a Signapore Cane Match. The loser has to submit to getting ten lashes with the cane after the match. Sandman waits for Dreamer from the second rope, staring him down with a cig in his mouth, and Dreamer comes out and Joey puts over how little he obviously wants to feel that cane ever again. This match is more just to continue the angle though, unfortunately. Dreamer beats up Sandman for the few minutes we see, including a brawl into the crowd and some chair shots. Dreamer has Sandman set up for a DDT, but Sandman reaches up and takes a thumb to the ref's eye to blind him. Woman gets in the ring after Tommy hits Sandman with the DDT and Tommy tries kissing her again but she shoves him away. Sandman goes to attack from behind, but Tommy moves and Sandman almost hits Woman. He stops and Dreamer goes to attack Sandman, but Sandman turns and ducks and Dreamer runs right into a signapore cane shot across the face from Woman. Sandman grabs Dreamer, hits the DDT and covers quick as the ref gets back up, and Sandman wins! Rating: *1/2 Post-match, Tod Gordon runs down and calls for this match to be restarted due to Woman's interference. Sandman starts to protest, but Dreamer grabs the mic. He tells Tod not to do that, because he lost no matter what way you look at it, and he's willing to take this like a man. Woman grabs the mic and tells Tommy that there's still a chance for him to avoid all of this, and all he has to do is get down on his knees and kiss her feet. Dreamer refuses, and lines up against the ropes to take his lashes. Sandman hits him 6-7 times, and each time, Woman stops and tells Tommy that this can all end if he just takes her up on her offer to kiss her feet. He keeps saying no, telling her to kiss his ass and tells Sandman to keep bringing it. Dreamer's back is completely welted and bloody by the time Sandman hits him for the 9th lash. Dreamer gets back to his feet once more and yells into the mic "THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER". Sandman takes a running start and hits his hardest shot yet, making Dreamer collapse from the pain. Sandman & Woman stand over him, but Dreamer perserveres and again gets up to get in Sandman's face. He tells Sandman that he's still right here, he's still standing, and asks if that was the best he's got? This elicits a very positive reaction from the crowd, and they cheer for Tommy for the first time ever. Dreamer goes to leave, but Sandman attacks him from behind with a cane shot to the back of the head this time. Woman lights up another cig for Sandman and they leave in celebration. Dreamer eventualy gets back to his feet, legit fucked up, but he gets his first ever standing ovation from the ECW arena with Joey Styles saying "Tommy Dreamer has finally arrived, Tommy Dreamer is HARDCORE!" What a legendary segment. Styles throws it to highlights of the rest of the NWA World Title tournament. - Shane Douglas beats Tazmaniac with a roll-up and hand full of tights. - 911 defeated Doink (as seen earlier). - Scorpio defeated Chris Benoit after Benoit hit a superplex and went to do a roll over, but Scorpio hooked his legs and pinned him. Damn creative finish. - Dean Malenko defeated Osamu Nishimura (not shown). - In the semi-finals, Shane Douglas defeated Dean Malenko after two consecutive piledrivers. - Scorpio deafeated 911 by count-out. Alot happening here. 911 chokeslammed Scorpio after beating the shit out of him. Before he could pin him, DOINK RAN BACK OUT AND ATTACKED PAUL E! 911 went to the outside and started beating down Doink -- BUT THEN MATT BORNE RAN OUT IN STREET CLOTHES WITH JUST THE DOINK MAKE UP ON AND NAILED 911 WITH A CHAIR! THE OTHER DOINK REVEALED HIMSELF TO BE SHANE DOUGLAS! They floored 911, and he got counted out via NWA rules! Douglas & Borne celebrate to the back and a livid 911 checks on Paul E, and Scorpio is beat up in the ring. Match #3: Shane Douglas vs. 2 Cold Scorpio [Tournament Finals - Vacant NWA World Heavyweight Championship] This wasn't some sort of mat classic or anything but it was perfectly fine. Main story here seemed to me to be one where they're just throwing everything they've got left at each other after a long night for both men. It comes down to capitalizing on a mistake at the right time. After a solid 12 minutes (all shown, too!), Scorp hits Douglas with a piledriver and goes up top for a 450 -- but Douglas moves! Both men are slow to get up, but Scorp stumbles into Douglas arms and he takes him down with a Belly to Belly and covers to win the NWA World Title! Rating: **1/2 Post-match, Shane Douglas is awarded the NWA Title and 2 Cold Scorpio grabs a mic. He congratulates him, says he was the better man, but wants him to know he better not be a hiding champ, because he's coming for that belt still. Douglas shakes his hand and then grabs the mic himself. And well -- "It's no question about it Too Cold Scorpio, you are one hell of a competitor and I will not be a champion that hides. I stand here, before God and my father in Heaven tonight, as I said I would be: World's Heavyweight champion. In the tradition of Lou Thesz; in the tradition of Jack Brisco; all of the Brisco Brothers; of Dory Funk Jr, of Terry Funk, the man who will never die; and the real “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers upstairs tonight. From the Harley Races, to the Barry Windhams, to the... Ric Flairs, I accept this heavyweight title. Wait a second... wait a second, of Kerry Von Erich, of the fat man himself Dusty Rhodes... this is it tonight Dad, God that's beautiful...and Rick Steamboat... and they can all kiss my ass! (At this point, Shane throws the belt down and grabs his ECW Heavyweight Title). Because, I am not the man who accepts the torch to be handed down to me from an organization that died R.I.P. seven years ago! "The Franchise" Shane Douglas is the man who ignites the new flame of the SPORT of professional wrestling. Tonight, before God and my father as witness, I declare... myself, “the Franchise,” as the new ECW heavyweight champion of the world! We have set out to change the face of professional wrestling. So, tonight, let the new era begin! The era of the sport of professional wrestling. The era of the “Franchise.” The era of the E-C-W!" Afterwards, the fans chant ECW for a little while. But then, something I never saw before, Scorpio gets back into the ring and grabs the mic. He says something to Douglas, but we can't hear it on the TV Show, because ECW for some reason dubbed it over with imposed chants of the fans screaming ECW. So either he said something even more controversial than Shane, or maybe was trying to set up something in character that Paul E didn't want to do. Who knows. After the break, the cameras catch up with Dennis Coraluzzo, the representitive of the NWA sent to the tournament here today. This is the only thing that makes me think this may have been a complete work -- why would he agree to even let this air? Coraluzzo says he doesn't have an official statement at this time, but he will say that he's getting ready to have a conference call with fellow NWA board members Jim Crockett and Steve somebody, couldn't make out what he said. He says what happened tonight was a disgrace, and Shane Douglas IS the NWA World Champion. He says he shouldn't have thrown the belt down, he's disappointed, but he's the NWA Champ whether he likes it or not. He says he's going to be looking into, however, having Shane stripped of both the NWA & ECW Heavyweight Titles since Eastern Championship Wrestling is under the NWA umbrella. He hopes to have this resolved tonight, and storms off. Joey Styles talks about Coraluzzo's comments but then says they have comments from ECW President Tod Gordon to clear all this up and "shock the wrestling world". In a pre-tape, Tod Gordon says he finds the words from Mr. Coralulzzo upsetting but says he may find it hard to look into stripping Shane Douglas of any championship at all. Because as of noon eastern today, August 30th, he has FOLDED Eastern Championship Wrestling. In it's place, he has now started EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING, and they recognize Shane Douglas as their World Heavyweight Champion. He promises that ECW will revolutionize professional wrestling, and he challenges wrestlers from all over the world to come to the ECW and challenge Shane for the ECW World Title. To close out the show, Public Enemy sneak on to the empty set where the Eastern Championship Wrestling banner is. They look around to make sure nobody's there, and they spray paint a cross through the word EASTERN, and under it, they spray paint the word "EXTREME". They're giggling and acting foolish before Rocco says that if they thought they were hardcore before -- then they get real serious and turn towards the camera, saying NOW they're going to TAKE IT -- TO THE -- EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME. What an incredible episode. One of the most historic hours of wrestling, undoubtedly.
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