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Thread: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread

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    World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread

    Promos due Sunday, June 10th, at midnight PST, 3am on Monday EST, 8am UK~

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread


    LEVEL: 11
    FINAL CHAPTER: The End is Near
    DIFFICULTY: EASY MODE (Warning, no trophies will be eligible for unlock at this setting)



    The Gamer’s visor had steamed up with a miserable, frustrated atmosphere as it’s agitated wearer stood once more at the foot of the citadel. The towering structure’s bio-mechanical elegance stretched up for what seemed like forever, high into the heavens as extraterrestrial spires of fascistic decadence knotted dark patches of twisted menace, crooked fingers of evil that blotted out a burning, screaming sky. The gates of the citadel were littered with the charred, dismembered remains of twisted grey alien corpses, that crackled like dried out cockroaches beneath the imposing boot of the Gamer’s gunmetal colored exo-skeletal immersion suit. This was a far future apocalypse governed by an invading empire comprised of 4k, 60fps efficiency. As the Gamer tilted his head up, the player could see the pixelated skies above bleeding an orange and red fresco of manic destruction. Hijacked Gunships from the outlawed Terran alliance fizzed with Tessler energy as they locked cliched horns against the stereo-typically villainous Drak’Thul empire. Two disparate sides dueling for the fractured remains of mankind. It looked nice for an indie developer’s first foray into VR, but it didn’t solve the Gamer’s immediate problem.


    This spindle nightmare of preposterous dimensions had flummoxed the Gamer to the point of easy mode humiliation. Death after death upon a smoldering battlefield of alien controlled desolation had eroded confidence as the console pad felt heavy and unwieldy in the Gamer’s clammy hands. As an internal monologue of frustration began to play it’s symphony of despair, a plethora of excuses flooded in. ‘The controller is broke’, ‘The VR needs to be reset’. ‘The cat has probably chewed a cable somewhere’. The doors to the citadel creaked and moaned as they eventually opened. A flare of brilliant, bright light fashioned a whiteout hiatus between surroundings; one that allowed a slithering exploit to infect and spread through the digital landscape. As the flare subsided, the Gamer faced something unexpected...and decidedly new. The Gamer was now standing deep inside an eerily quiet hall. This sanctum once housed the Grand Paralax’s personal guard and fresh stock of virginal Handmaids. Now, all were slaughtered. The black alien masonry of the anti chamber was soiled with green blood. The Grand Paralax himself was beheaded; the creature’s arcane robes drenched in a pool of emerald plasma. Sitting upon his throne was a smiling Wolf; his customary trench coat was crumpled slightly as Wolf leaned back and gazed proudly upon the massacred vista of his handiwork. For a moment, the Gamer pondered this new development. ‘Is this the end?’, ‘Am I being punished for choosing easy mode?’

    Wolf’s silver irises shone bright as a wave of software updates recalibrated the avatar for a new arrival. There, now Wolf was ready to greet his guest as the Gamer felt a chill descend upon the heavy visor; hands frozen still with a burst of rictus fear, unable to press ‘pause’ and escape. Wolf stood from the throne, hands clasped behind his back as he stepped over a butchered Handmaiden, strolling with a buoyant purpose towards the Gamer. Head tilting to one side as the programmed apparition appeared eager to gather information.

    CyberWolf: Hello, I’m Wolf: a prerecorded message, a ghost comprised of the thoughts and emotions of the man that actually wears this face. And you? You’re my captive Facebook guest, chosen at random from Tristan James Galloway's fanpage. A live target, unable to move or to scream. It’s the perfect game really, you spend hours upon hours inside this brave new world, searching for glory, unaware that this arena of zeros and ones? Well, it has been searching for you.

    CyberWolf exhaled a gust of non existent air upon the exo suit’s Visor. The Gamer’s world became enveloped in a deep mist, visibility a constant zero before a finger pressed down hard on the digital plexiglass and drew a smiley face, the process navigated with a slow, menacing action.

    CyberWolf: This subroutine has been running now for five days, the odds that I’m facing the actual Tristan James Galloway I believe are promising. Ha! Imagine that, I’m a computer program that’s just discovered it has belief! Now, I wonder Tristan, do you? Do you believe enough that you can move? That you can fight my will with your six foot seven tall frame of emaciated, polynesian flesh? While inside the ring, you’re nothing but a below average journeyman, stranded on the same undercard plateau. You’re a million miles away from my North American title, and the distance can never be closed. You slip further and further away from relevance because you have no heart for this business. You’re deaf to the fans, Tristan. And soon? They’ll become deaf to you. You promised to be dual champion and you’ve failed them. And this week? You’ll fail them again. How long can they put up with a man that promises change, yet delivers nothing? You, the great deaf hype. Deaf...and now blind.

    CyberWolf wipes the rest of the mist away with his left hand, his right remaining tucked behind his back. A moment passes as that right hand is eventually raised, clutching a serrated knife.

    CyberWolf: Blind. That VR helmet is a blindfold. I could be standing in that room with you right now and there’s nothing you could do about it. Right now, Tristan. The real Wolf, standing over you, holding an actual knife to your throat. Think about that. Now think about this.

    CyberWolf places the knife to the Gamer’s throat!

    CyberWolf: This is our match, Tristan. This is our semifinal match and you’re completely blind to what’s about to happen to you. Blind because you’d rather live in a fantasy land where you can claim to be the Champion of Champions, but when it comes to actually proving it? You’re completely anonymous. You’re as much a ghost in the real world as this computer simulation is standing before you now with a knife to your throat.

    The virtual Wolf drags the ghostly image of the knife across the throat of the Gamer as we hear a silenced whimper from a frozen windpipe.

    CyberWolf: You cannot barricade your mind from me. You cannot cling to this fantasy and expect asylum. This artificial world will not provide the happy ending you crave. The shining knight does not slay the merciless dragon. There’s no encore and flowers waiting for you at the end of this journey. There’s just me. The ruiner of hope and the bullet that executes your million to one shot getting in to the main event of Back in Business. Right until the end. Right until the end when I shall ascend to the pinnacle of this company and scythe down Cyrus Truth. It’s inevitable, Tristan, because when it comes to me? There’s no line on the horizon between ordinary and excellence. There’s only one rule I live by, rise above everyone, or become no one. I dare you to walk upon that razor’s edge with me this Sunday inside the Tokyo Dome. I dare you to try and extend the limits of your meager talent to reach the tip of my shoe. And while you’re there? You can crank your stack of pennies neck up and marvel at my moves. Because I perform miracles with substandard talent like you every single week. This week, and every week. This virtual world, and every world. Everywhere and everything is my wrestling ring, And you, Tristan? You’re just the next cadaver that’s about to get pinned in it.

    CyberWolf pulls the knife away from the Gamer’s throat, dropping the blade as it dissipates into nothingness, syncopating into a change of environment. The desolate landscape is gone, replaced by scavenging wildlife. A barn door groans as it’s hinges are tested by a persistent breeze. While nearby, a wind wheel sings a rusted, haunting chorus of eerie regret.

    CyberWolf: Your IQ doesn't accommodate your ambition, Tristan. You cannot fathom how to execute your dreams, you can only imagine what it must be like to shuffle around in a better man’s shoes as you lie to the public! You cry for change, but you’ll never fight for it! Look around us now! Look upon the wonder I have caused. And the regret I now harbor.

    CyberWolf rubs his chin. For the first time, he seems...contemplative.

    CyberWolf: Wolf and I do not exist in our worlds to win. We are simply here to make sure none of you gets it. Because this isn't about winning, not for me. I've gone Nuclear. I'm ready to evaporate cities, I'm not in this to win. I'm in this to destroy it. When I signed the contract for this match, I didn't do with a smile and a twinkle in my eye. I did it with anger in my eyes and malice in my heart. I'm sick and tired of trying to fit square pegs into round holes. I'm not going to mark one for death, I'm going to mark three. Because at the end of the day, this is about me. Just like for you, Tristan, it is about you. For Kennedy it's about him. For Bell it's about some kind of f*cked up DMT dream made into reality involving stuffed animals, Mexican chocolates and a very sticky "Full Metal Alchemist" manga... For reasons. Nobody f*cking understands Bell, there is no program or computer capable to understand her, but you don't have to. Well, shit, I don't have to. Because I am just there to ruin her day. In my opinion Bell is the dark-horse. She is going to be the one that makes or breaks this whole thing for her and Kennedy. We know what Kennedy is capable of. We've seen Kennedy put on classic after classic. We know that he isn't just a threat, he's a straight up problem. No one in this company can question the sheer testicular fortitude of Bell's boyfriend... But we don't see much of her. History tells us she is a skilled competitor. Video vaults can even showcase the evidence. But we don't know what she is truly capable of in a situation like this... She is still a footnote compared to me and Kennedy and yet she still made it this far. Congratulations to her. But I am not going to care about how perky her tits are. I am not going to pull punches aimed at those adorable cheeks. I am not going to think twice about watching her spit teeth out onto the canvas. Kennedy knows this and if he cares for her he is not going to let her advance.

    The world changes once more. The Gamer now resides inside the top floor of a skyscraper in Tokyo. CyberWolf sits at the end of a long, ebony conference table. Hands resting on the wood.

    CyberWolf: I really REALLY can't stand Kennedy. That arrogant f*ck. Ryan Rondo didn't send his career straight to Hell. He sent Kennedy's straight to Hell. I'm The Devil, I've come to collect. Maybe, just maybe this is why I'm here... But I doubt it. Not that it really matters, I'm going to do it for the f*cking kicks. Because Tristan may be a hot shit, hot shit I'm going to splatter all over the ring, but Kennedy? Kennedy is the one I want to bleed like a pig. In another life, Kennedy and I could have been pals. He has so much talent and yet I still can't stand the guy. Maybe it's because his ego needs it's own locker room? Maybe it's because he's outwitted me more times than I've even spoken to him? Maybe it's because he has everything he could possibly want in this business and doesn't give a shit about any of it? Maybe it's because he can have a family and enjoy himself and live a happy little life with the woman of his dreams and I'm stuck in dirty locker-rooms and hotel rooms as far from home as I can get most of the time fighting for my life on an almost daily basis? Am I jealous of Kennedy? Yeah, probably. But is any of that why I hate him? No... I've accepted the fact that I'm condemned... and so is he. Keep reminding everyone how much better than me you are Kennedy. Because on Sunday night, it isn't going to matter... I hate Kennedy. I hate him in the way a warrior should. I don't want to do this backstage, I don't want to play the good-guy bad-guy game. I want to do it in the ring. I want to break him in front of this entire company in the finals of Grand Prix Tournament.

    The whole world is beginning to flashing.

    CyberWolf: Doubt is a motherf*cker, I won't lie to Kennedy because frankly I don't need too. He made me doubt myself. I've never beaten Kennedy. I don't believe he is a measuring stick, I don't believe he is the gold standard and I certainly don't believe i have to prove myself to him. Doubt f*cks everything, no matter how strong a foundation a sprinkle of doubt will cause that frame to crumble. I won't be crumbling under the Kennedy pressure, I'll rise to the challenge like a senior citizen on his fourth Viagra. I need to beat Kennedy. I need it more than anything else in the world right now. I'm tired of being compared to him, I'm tired of being told that's what FWA is. FWA is Wolf now, the past is over and you're living in the Age of the Wolf. I need to beat Kennedy, I will do anything I can to beat him. Make no bones about it....his respect wishing, Bittersweet Symphony giving ass me.

    The Wolf NPC appears to experience a malfunction as anger builds within him. There seems to be a glitch in the system.

    CyberWolf: Hiroshima was man at his darkest, at his most sadistic. The Grand Prix Finals will be me at my darkest, at my most sadistic. I'm not going to wrestle any of you, but I will f*cking fight all three of you at once if I f*cking have to. I will end careers if it means I get what I want. Not because I don't like you, or because I want to see you gone, but because you and everyone out there needs to know one absolute fact... I'M THE F*CKING WOLF AND MY WALLET IS THE ONE THAT SAYS: "BADDEST MOTHERF*CKER" ON IT! WHEN I'M RETIRED I'M GOING TO WALK THE LAND LIKE KWAI CHANG CAINE IN "KUNG FU LEGEND CONTINUES". BUT UNTIL THAT DAY COMES? I'M GOING TO DROP RIGHT HANDS THAT LAND LIKE F*CKING BOMBS, I'M GOING TO SMASH YOUR SAND CASTLES AND I'M GOING TO PISS IN YOUR CHEERIOS. WHY? BECAUSE I CAN. BECAUSE IF I WANT TO LEAVE HERE CEMENTING A LEGACY AND THAT LEGACY HAPPENS TO BE THE MOST SADISTIC SICK F*CK TO EVER SLAP PRETTY PUNKS, MOVIE STARS AND HYPER-COLOR RAVE REJECTS IN THE MOUTH? I'LL... TAKE... IT.... BECAUSE I AM THE BIGGEST, I AM THE MEANEST, I AM THE MOST SADISTIC MAN TO EVER COME TO YOU VIA PC SCREEN... AND I AM HERE WITH A BUCK OF F*CKING NUKES, SIMPLY TO F*CK UP YOUR DAY. THAT'S NOT A THREAT, IT'S A F*CKING PROMISE!


    Wolf suddenly drags his fingers across the wood as they leave deep incisions in the surface. The world collapses. God has turned the lights out. A remote clicks, “off”.
    "You only need to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards you need to hang."

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread

    Flashback to a few days earlier at the Staples Center in LA where day three for FWA World Grand Prix was taking place, our hero Penny is backstage watching Jason Randall in his match after he told her to stay in the back. She is with Fred and Norman as she watches intently, when there’s a light knock on the door and in comes Fight Night GM, Ashley O’Ryan. She looks up at him with a bright smile and waves at him.

    Penny: Hiya Ash! What brings you around?

    Ashley O’Ryan: Well, top o’ the evening to ya Penny, and the reason I’m here is to let you know you’ll be facing off against Kevin Cromwell and XYZ in a number one contenders match for the X-Championship at the World Grand Prix Finals in Tokyo

    Her face really lights up now as she looks at him bright eyed.

    Penny: Really? You want me in that match?

    Ashley O’Ryan: Yes I do, as a matter o’ fact. I know it’s been awhile since you’ve been in a match but I truly believe you have proven to be deserving of this opportunity

    Penny: Oh, I can’t believe it! This is too good to be true, I promise I won’t let you down!

    Ashley nods and makes his exit leaving Penny with her excitement.

    Penny: Did you guys hear that?! I’m gonna be in a number one contenders match for the X-Championship! Isn’t that wonderful?! Oh I can’t wait to tell Jason!

    Fred: That’s delightful news, Penny, but Ashley made mention that you haven’t had a match in quite some time so maybe it would be best to train and prepare yourself for this match. It is a big opportunity and you wouldn’t want to squander it because of ring rust

    Penny: That’s a good point Fred, maybe a little training won’t hurt and it could be fun!

    Fred: What about you Norman? How do you feel about a training session?

    Silence from Norman as they listen intently.

    Fred: It’s settled then, let the training commence!

    Penny: This is gonna be so much fun!

    A few days later and we find Penny at the FWA Performance Center located nowhere in particular. Penny still has several days before her big match in Tokyo so she’s been training hard since finding out the news. I was told by Penny as the narrator person to put together a montage of her training, so I did and for a more dramatic effect I went and added in some music that’ll really get you going.


    Penny is seen running a treadmill with Fred giving her encouragement and holding her bottle of water. Then we see Penny punching and kicking a punching bag while Fred and Norman sit off to the side looking scared at Penny getting so into this particular part of her training. Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks. All part of the exercises Penny is putting herself through. There’s a point in the montage where it looks she might quit…

    Penny: I don’t know if I can do this Fred, maybe I’m not ready for this. Maybe Ashley O’Ryan was wrong about me

    Fred: Now I don’t believe that for a second Penny, you can’t give up just yet! I’ve this saying that was once said by a wise man, and he said to Never Back Down and Never Quit. I don’t know if it means anything though because there’s no evidence of the man ever existing due to people being unable to see him for some strange reason

    Penny looks at Fred, confused by his rambling.

    Fred: The point I’m trying to make is, don’t give up now. Not yet, you’ve gotten this far. Do you think Kevin Cromwell or XYZ have given up yet?

    Penny: No I don’t think so

    Fred: Then you shouldn’t either!

    Cue more montage music and we’re back with more of Penny’s rigorous training, which includes more bag punching, bike riding, jogging while wearing a baggy sweater with a hood over her head, etc. You get the picture, typical training montage stuff from feel good sports movies like Rocky.

    However, we have reach Penny’s final day of training and it’s at the performance center inside of a wrestling ring. Penny is sitting in the ring with Fred and Norman when the door to the center opens and it’s Dave Weinstock. Behind him is Triple J Security, led by Jiggy John along with Jobber Jimbo and Jugem Jugem.

    Dave Weinstock: Hey Penny, hey Fred, you guys called and asked, and this is the best I could deliver on such short notice for training

    Jiggy John: What’s this? Do you expect us to fight a girl Davey? Haha we could beat her with one arm tied behind each of our backs, ain’t that right boys?

    Jimbo and Jugem Jugem laugh in agreement with John.

    Fred:Well, this is the last of your training Penny, so you might as well go with it

    Penny: Okay then, if it’s what I have to do in order to prepare for Kevin Cromwell and XYZ then so be it

    Triple J Security laugh to themselves as they each enter the ring and stand across from Penny.

    Dave Weinstock: Well, which one of you will go first?

    Jiggy John: If she ain’t scared we can all take her on and beat her no sweat!

    Dave Weinstock: Do you think you can do it Penny?

    She nods in agreement, albeit a bit hesitant.

    Jiggy John: You stupid girl, you can’t beat us! Just like you ain’t be able to beat them other two guys in Japan!

    The trio laugh at her with their backs turned, and Penny has had about enough of them so she sneaks up behind Jiggy John, grabs him by the crotch and delivers a mighty suplex that sends him flying across the ring! He lies on the mat in agony while holding his crotch. Then she kicks Jimbo in the crotch and hits him with the rolling cutter! This leaves Jugem all by himself, he tries to run away but she chases him and catches him with an octopus submission hold forcing him to tap out immediately. She lets go but she’s not finished yet as she climbs up top and hits Jiggy John with a twisting moonsault!

    On the outside of the ring, Fred, Norman, and Dave all watch in shock. Penny gets up and looks out at them.

    Penny: I think I’m ready!

    She sits on the ring apron to rest as Dave approaches her.

    Dave Weinstock: That was impressive, but do you think you can do that against men with talent caliber of Kevin Cromwell and XYZ?

    Penny: I believe in myself that I can and the fans believe in me that I can, as well as you, and Fred, and Norman, and Jason. That’s enough for me to think I have a good chance against them. Sure, Kevin Cromwell has wrestled all over the world and now he’s made it here to the FWA but doesn’t mean he’s better than me. XYZ may be a strange fellow that has achieved some success, but does not mean he’s better than me. No one is better than anyone, we’re all equals whether it be boys or girls.

    She moves off the apron and stands next to Dave.

    Penny: I may be different but that doesn’t make me a bad person. Kevin Cromwell may be arrogant but he’s not really a bad person. XYZ is...well he’s not a bad person, to put it nicely. I don’t have anything against them nor do I care if they have anything against me. That’s their issue and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. All I want is to show that I’m just as good as they are, that I’m equal to them, and most importantly what I want is a shot at the X-Championship.

    Ever since Jason lost it to Tristan James Galloway, he was crushed. That title meant a lot to him, you saw how he was, he did anything to keep it. Now is my chance to bring it back to our family and when it’s back we can be one big happy family again. I want this more than anything, not just for me, but for Jason too. I know this means as much to him as it does to me too.

    Dave Weinstock: Well, good luck Penny, I’m rooting for you

    She waves goodbye and smiles as she leaves with her cats as the scene comes to an end.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread

    After some static we are greeted by shaky camera work and a familiar voice telling the person holding the camera to get it together. Once they get it all sorted and focused we see that voice belonged to Jason Randall with his unkempt hair and facial hair, while wearing his usual attire of a plain black t-shirt with a leather jacket and tattered jeans along with his black steel toe boots.

    Jason Randall: You got it? You’re focused in?

    The camera person nods and gives a thumbs up to Randall. He nods back in acknowledgment.

    Jason Randall: Alright, well I’m here today at the FWA Performance Center located...somewhere...where are we exactly? Ah, who cares it isn’t important! What is important is why I’m here and that’s because I wanted to scout my next opponent before I face him in Tokyo. You see my next opponent is “The Texas Outlaw” Jack Adams and unfortunately I know next to nothing about this guy. Yeah, he’s been in the FWA for a cup of coffee and I don’t know a thing about him. Which brings me to why I’m here at the performance center because I wanted to get to know more about him and to do that I wanted to speak with the guys that have faced him since he’s been here in the FWA…

    Just then he’s approached by two almost identical caucasian males in crisp looking business suits.

    Jason Randall: Can I help you two?

    Male 1: [COLOR="#A52A2A"Yes you can, you can help us out by listening to us speak about our firm [/COLOR]

    Jason Randall: Your firm?

    Male 2: Yes, you heard right. We run a firm

    Jason Randall: What kind of firm?

    Male 1: That’s not important. What is important is that you take a second and listen to us

    Male 2 produces several dollar bills from the pocket of his suit jacket.

    Male 2: Maybe George Washington can persuade you?

    Jason Randall: Wait a tick, are you two The Swamp Creatures?

    Male 1: Yes but we’d rather not be referred to as that

    Male 2: Please if you could, refer to us as…

    Jason Randall: Yeah, I don’t give a crap. You guys faced Risky Douglas and his buddy Jack Adams, right? Could you do me a favor and tell me what he’s like? I mean what is he like in the ring? I’m facing him in Tokyo at the Grand Prix Finals and I don’t know a damn thing about him

    SC 1: We’d rather not talk about that rather embarrassing encounter with those two gentlemen

    Jason Randall: Look, I don’t care about Risky Douglas. I just want to know about Jack Adams!

    SC 2: You heard my partner sir, and if you aren’t going to hear us out on our firm then I’d suggest you take your business elsewhere

    Jason Randall: Is that right?

    The two men nod in unison.

    Suddenly there’s static on the screen for a moment until we return back to the performance center halls, and see the Swamp Creatures laid out on the floor before the camera turns back to Randall. He's shoving the dollar bills in his jacket pocket before turning back to the camera.

    Jason Randall: Let’s carry on, shall we?

    The camera follows him as he walks down the hall to a locker room area. He enters the locker room and locates Paulie the Parrot, and what appears to be Paulie trying to perfect his King of Safety style schtick for the next event. Jason approaches Paulie and pats him on the back, damn near startling the poor bird.

    Jason Randall: Paulie, my main bird, how’s it going pal? Hey listen I know you faced Jack Adams so I just want to know, what was he like? What can I expect from him?

    Paulie, looking frightened at remembering what Adams did to him, shakes his head and runs off. Randall shrugs and turns around to see The Coastal Elitists, another pair of opponents that had faced Jack Adams. Randall is about to approach them but then thinks twice about and decides it’s best not to after seeing how they’re dressed, and overhearing their lousy jokes. He leaves the locker room and turns to the camera.

    Jason Randall: Well, I guess I’ll just have to find out for myself what Jack Adams is like in the ring. I ain’t afraid of him though so if he thinks that, well he’s an idiot. Why should I be afraid of someone that’s faced a bunch of nobodies?! Yeah, pal you may be undefeated here in the FWA but the people you’ve faced are nothing to write home about, and with all due respect to poor Paulie, but I ain’t afraid like he is!

    Just then he hears a commotion in the main room and turns around to see Penny training. He opens the door and enters as the camera follows him. He stays back as he watches Penny decimate Triple J Security without even breaking a sweat, and when she’s done he smiles at how well she’s doing and how proud he is of her. He turns back to the camera with that same smile.

    Jason Randall: You see Jack, you see what my dear Penny just did? She ain’t afraid, just like I ain’t afraid! Hell, she could probably beat you no sweat! Just like I will! Wanna see how I’ll beat ya? Allow me to demonstrate!

    Just then he begins to walk fast towards the ring where Triple J security is still laid out and he slides in. This catches the attention of Penny as she’s leaving after her interview with Dave Weinstock, so she stops at the door before leaving and watches Jason in the ring. He waits as Jobber Jimbo is stumbling to his feet before kicking him in the gut and hits him with a stunner! Then he hits another one on Jugem Jugem before turning his attention to Jiggy John, who has crawled to the corner, begging for mercy but Jason shows him none and stomps a mud hole in him while shouting at him!

    Jason Randall: You see?! Are you getting this?! You see Jack?! This is what awaits you when you meet me in Tokyo! I may not know what awaits me but I’m doing you the courtesy of showing you what’s in store for you!

    He finishes up stomping on Jiggy John and storms out of the ring. He walks up to Penny while the camera follows him.

    Jason Randall: Fancy meeting you here!

    Penny: Right?! What are the odds?

    Jason Randall: Well I had some research I needed to do but I think it’s done! Jack Adams ain’t gonna know what hit him when I’m done with him! What do you say we blow this pop stand and head to Tokyo?

    Penny: Oh, that sounds like fun!

    With that the two of them leave as the camera watches them until static appears, thus ending the scene.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread


    I turn, and I see there’s nothing behind me, but who’s in front?
    Raising my hands up, my claws meet the night sky, and I tear at the darkness

    Rainfalls dripping down my face; as the water turns a pure shade of blood before my very eyes
    There’s no… no place for me, and I know, that there is no going back.

    Take away what’s left of me, every drop of blood I bleed and I will take your hand with your fingers still attached. In the forest of your mind, where all the cicadas hide, know when you hear them cry… There is no going back.


    Something was wrong, very wrong. Bell thought as she found herself waking up not in the lush hotel room that was provided to her by FWA management. No, gone were the luxury amenities like a bathroom and blankets. The walls were grimy as mold climbed up them towards the ceiling. The bed frame and most of the metal in the room are rusted over, and Bell was pretty sure that a swarm of… roaches… flies… something… had laid claim to the corner where she had placed her coat and travel bag. This was nothing new to a woman who's been imprisoned in her imagination her entire life; she knew the routine Bell closed her eyes and shook her head, hoping that she’d wake up, Instead as she opened her eyes she saw someone standing at the foot of her bed. It was a girl, a small girl of around eight or nine, and even though Bell eyes had adjusted to the dark room, she could not make out the girl’s face, which was covered by three parts darkness, two parts long dark hair.

    Bell Connelly: “W-Who are are you, and where the hell am I?”

    Bell asked the girl, to which her only response was a giggle. Bell shifted to get out of the filthy bed she found herself in, but the moment she did, the girl ran off towards the door, leaving Bell alone. With a sigh, Bell stood up.

    Bell Connelly: “Gotta work on my inner personal skills, either I’m overly friendly or not enough,” Bell said, looking around,

    It was at this time that Bell realized that she wasn’t in her oversized CK shirt she uses to sleep in. She was fully dressed, aside from her boots, which sat next to her on the floor. Shaking her head, Bell tried to ignore this fact, quickly put her shoes on and start for the door.

    ???“So, that’s how it’s going to be, is it? Are you leaving? Fine. Go ahead and abandon me, leave me all alone… again.”

    Said a warped and distorted voice behind Bell stopping her in her tracks. A chill crept up her spine; she was sure that there was nobody else in this room, Bell turned around, only to find nothing. There was nobody there…

    The voices again

    Without hesitation, Bell reached for the door and opened it. She then quickly exited the room, not wanting to wait and find out whom that voice belonged to.

    As she exited the room, she found herself looking down a long hallway. The walls were covered with the same disgusting rust that covered the metal in her room and looked as if it was spreading across the floor and ceiling as well. It was silent, for the most part in the hallway. The only sound that Bell could hear was the rattling sound of cicadas in the distance, which Bell thought was odd considering it was June. Either way, Bell shook her head and started down the hallway, looking for the girl she shooed off earlier.As she reached the end of the hallway, it forked into two paths, left and right. Bell glanced down the left side, to see it led only to an old, broken down vending machine that had probably not seen service since the early nineties. To her right, however, she saw the girl enter the only door at the end of the hall.

    Bell Connelly:“Hey!”

    Bell shouted as she turned down towards the door, which slams right in her face. “Lovely.”thought Bell as she adjusted her shirt. Taking a deep breath, she reached for the door, not knowing what awaited her on the other side.Bell opened the door and stepped through, finding herself outside in an alleyway. Bell shivered a bit as she looked around A thick fog surrounded her, and the sound of cicadas in the distance louder. This was not the same city she fell asleep in last night. Shaking her head, confused, even more, Bell continued down the alley towards the street where a small figure sat atop a stone wall, kicking her little feet, humming a familiar tune, that Bell couldn’t quite put a name to.

    Bell Connelly:“Sorry for yelling at you earlier. I… I’m not sure where I am and what’s going on...more than usual.

    ??? “It’s fine, I guess.“I’m used to being yelled at.”

    Bell looked at the girl sitting there in a black dress. She was about eight or nine at least, but Bell couldn’t quite tell. The most striking thing though about her was when she looked at Bell; she stared with piercing blue coloured eyes peeking through her long black hair.

    Bell Connelly: “I’m Bell. “What’s your name?”


    Bell cringed as Aurora says this. She’s not sure why, but it sounded… familiar? Shaking her head, Bell continues the conversation.

    Bell Connelly:“Are you out here alone? Where’s your mom?”

    Aurora“I dunno.”

    Bell Connelly:“Oh, Do… you need help finding her?”

    Aurora:“I dunno. You’re the one who looks like she needs help though.”

    Bell Connelly:“You have no idea.”

    Bell titters to herself l looking down at the ground as she says this.

    Bell Connelly:“Well, maybe we can help each other. ”

    Aurora:I guess.”

    Aurora, stands up on the wall, balancing herself. She then begins to walk down it, causing Bell to follow suit. Bell reaches the end of the wall and holds her hand out. Aurora, looking at Bell trying to help replies by sticking her tongue out and hopping down to the ground next to Bell

    Bell Connelly:“So…Where did you come from? Why were you all alone?”

    Aurora: “I dunno. Why are you?”

    Bell looks down at her, confused. Why did she put it that way? Confused, Bell looks away from the girl, but for some reason, she is compelled to respond.

    Bell Connelly:“I… I am alone because…”

    She paused, not sure how to say this.

    Bell Connelly:“I am alone because of … things that other people have done, to me. And because of what I did in return..and what I have to do because of it. It’s a long story.

    Bell says with a chuckle as the two reach a corner. Bell looks around, but it doesn’t seem that there is anyone else out, not a person, nor a car in sight. After waiting a couple of seconds to be safe, they crossed the street.

    Aurora:“Well, we’ve got a long way to go still, why don’t you tell me the story.”

    What did she mean by a long way to go? Bell thought to herself as she looked at the girl, who waited for Bell to speak. Shaking it off, Bell continues, from the beginning.

    Bell Connelly“Alright, if you insist.”

    Bell says, again with a sigh, she pauses momentarily trying to find the words.

    Bell Connelly:“ I…..Don’t work right.”

    Bell admitted after a beat as if it took a lot for her to accept precisely that

    Bell Connelly:“I haven’t for years now, and I always thought. If I ever became world champion...It would fix me; The voices would go away and…Oh, I should probably mention that I’m a wrestler. Probably would add some context.”

    Aurora:“No, I knew that already. Continue.”

    Bell Connelly:“Ok….So at first, no one expected anything of them me, I was just a strange girl that just wandered into the company, they thought I’d last like two weeks, but here’s the thing I was actually REALLY...REALLY good at wrestling and I just kept climbing and climbing from the bottom up and even got a friend out of it Shannon she’s great…”

    She has the power to do whatever she wants. She could in an instant break any woman she stood against, and she did exactly that in the ring. For over a year, she was practically unstoppable… and we joined together and after a lot of trial and error...I finally got the world title

    Aurora“...and did it fix you?”

    Bell Connelly:“That’s the thing pup,”

    She says as they stop again at another corner, this time Aurora pointing to take a left turn instead of crossing the street.

    Bell Connelly: “...Things were going great; I had everything I’ve ever wanted...Sure I had to do something to keep Shannon away, but that was to keep the belt safe, to make sure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands. She’d understand one day….I wish she would see it, but...she didn’t. See, she couldn’t stand the fact that I had something she wanted, so….she helped a bad man...a VERY bad man steal my belt...after everything, I put into that...and I just snapped, and I guess that’s what brought me into the Grand Prix

    Aurora looked at Bell with a cocked head.

    Aurora:“Whattaya mean?”.

    Bell Connelly:“The only way I can get my title back I have to beat that bad man, but in order to get to him; I need to beat three of best wrestlers in the world, Two matches in the same night the world will be watching as the four of us step into that ring and put our bodies on the line. Why? Just for the chance… the fleeting chance to main event the biggest wrestling event in the world today… Back In Business. A fact that I know is not lost on any of you, we are going to do everything in our power to become the number one contender… until finally that bell rings, and only one of us stands tall. Each of us have our own personal reasons for wanting to win this match, I know. Well… except for WOLF, who isn’t smart enough to come up with a unique reason of his own… but still. We all have a reason to be in this match. But if any of them… if any of them honestly believe that there are going to win … if they think that you can take what is rightfully mine. Then I’m sorry… they’re wrong an- Hey wait… Aurora!”

    Bell abruptly says as Aurora breaks from her side and rushes off almost suddenly.


    Bell chases after Aurora as fast as she could, crossing streets without looking, turning corners, but for some reason no matter how quickly Bell ran, no matter how hard it was for either of them to run, Bell could not catch up to Aurora as she crossed over and entered the open door of an old, condemned house. Follows her up the rickety enclosed porch and up to the door, but as she does the door slams shut in front of her. “

    Bell Connelly: Hey! Let me in!”

    Aurora: “No!”

    Bell Connelly“Why?”

    Aurora: “Because you’re a liar!”

    Aurora exclaims from behind the door. Hearing this, Bell takes a step back, not sure what to make of what Aurora had just said.

    Bell Connelly:“What the hell do you mean by that!?”

    Aurora: “You’re a liar. If you are as good as you say you are, then you obviously belong with your friends. You know that you dummy. So until you admit to why you are such a meanie to them, and why you caused your match at Fallout to happen, truthfully… and then admit to me the truth about you… then I ain’t letting you escape!”

    Bell Connelly“ Escape? You’re the one that’s locked inside a house. I’m out outside in the fog wherever the hell I am!”

    Aurora:“Are you sure about that?”

    Bell, confused by what Aurora says tries to open the door again, but it won’t budge.

    Bell Connelly: “There has to be another way in.

    She says to herself before turning around to see that she was, in fact, the one locked inside of the old, condemned house.

    Bell Connelly: “How-?”

    Bell asks, knowing for sure that she was outside not two seconds ago. Bell looks over at the boarded windows. She tries the door once again, but nope, it doesn’t budge. Eventually, Bell lets out a sigh and accepts her fate. For some reason, this girl has locked her in this old house, and no matter what she does she cannot escape. Not until she does what she says.

    Bell Connelly: “Alright, I’ll play your game. I don’t know why I am, or why I can’t just say no. But screw it. You win.”

    Bell says as she steps from the door and looks around, still trying to find a way out. As she walks through the house the sound of cicadas start getting louder, and louder almost as if it was leading Bell. Following the sound, Bell is led to the living room. The living room was scarcely decorated. A couch, a television with a busted screen and a desk. On the floor were old scattered toys. Bell looks around at this room with a grimace. Nothing. The windows are still boarded shut. It looked like, on the first examination it looked like a Tornado had hit it, but on closer inspection, it seemed some animal had been let loose in the room, and if the giant claw marks were anything to go by, quite a big one. The only sign of movement or life is in the corner where a small den appears to make,

    Bell Connelly:“You’re joking right?”

    Bell says looking around. Of course, there would be the abandoned den; Of course, she would draw the connection of what the Wolf Den symbolized Bell moved over to the den and took a knee. and lets out a small laugh looking at the little creatures that were left to feed the beast

    Bell Connelly: “You’ve got yourself in a little trouble haven’t you little guys?. Find yourself once again trapped in the WOLF’S dead, and nobody around to help you. Trust me; I’ve been there. I’ve been there countless times.

    Bell smirked a little

    Bell Connelly“ I don’t even understand what your motives are anymore WOLF. I really don’t I used to… I used to have a pretty good read on what your intentions and why you’d do the things that you do. I guess that’s why you’re so angry all the times but I think of the man that you once was, and now I see someone who's looking not just for attention, but validation. Something that you never got until recently. Someone that needs to invoke Donald Trump to rile people up; and distract them from the fact that you’re past your prime The fact that you’re even in a match of this fortitude is a joke in itself. Let me tell you; I hope Manson gets a free trip to the white house after what happened last week. As far as I see it? You’re nothing more than a distraction to yourself. Far too focused on shocking people to even see what's in front of your eyes. There’s a saying that goes: Old men talking, young men dying. And it represents you to a T WOLF. You ’re a fossil, in the past. Someone we shouldn't even acknowledge anymore. Yet, you ’re given the same opportunity to take over, despite your recent shortcomings in life. You're in my path WOLF is in my path. My path to glory and you’re a force that needs to be dealt with. Whether TJG takes care of you ’re, or I need to dance around you, I assure you, WOLF. Old men will be dying. And the young, the great, we'll be talking. I'll be talking. About how Mr WOLF, huffed and Poofed but couldn’t blow my house down and become the next contender for the World Title. And then after this is all over? You can go do what you do best, Maybe get into politics."

    Laughing, Bell starts pulling the exit door open. She steps through the door and finds herself in a children’s playroom. Plastic weights are scattered everywhere, with no rhyme or reason, filling the room.

    Bell Connelly Oh, now I know where this is going….”

    Bell says as she wades through the ocean of plastic weights like the world’s smallest gym over to a table where a stuffed H-man doll sits, half covered in that rust like mould from earlier, she tuts just a little bit as he stares at the doll

    .Bell Connelly “Hi TJ”

    Bell says looking at the face of the doll.

    Bell Connelly “We haven’t had a chance to talk since me and Chris pretty much paid for your tickets here-Still waiting for the thank you card-but I guess this is the best opportunity, isn’t it? Since you’re not here… so I’m not inclined to try and put you in the hospital.”

    Bell sighs as she picks the toy up, causing the cicada that was hiding behind it to fly off.

    Bell Connelly: “Do you actually think that you can pull this off Tristan? Because if you do, then you are more childish than Aurora…”

    Bell shakes her head, setting the doll back down on the table.

    Bell Connelly: Power...Intensity….Pride...That’s you in a nutshell; I know that because; I faced you a year ago...and haven't actually evolved since the first time I've met you. You still say the exact same thing each and every time I lay eyes on you. Every time I hear you it's monster this, powerhouse that. Leather Jackets here, fedoras there/ You're all style and absolutely zero substance. Tristan, buddy. There's nothing in depth about you. There's nothing more to you. You're nothing more than a glorified blunt instrument who can’t keep up with the times. Do you even care why you're here? Do you even know what it is you're fighting for? Do you even know your purpose? Why does the Polynesian Powerhouse get out of bed in the morning? Is it just to hurt people? Because that's what we're paid to do, TJ Newsflash. I want to know your actual purpose. Because from where I'm standing. I don't see a damn thing. I don't see a reason or use in your soul. I never have, which is why I haven't even taken you seriously up until this point. Because you can't beat me. Not because I'm better than you . But because my spirit, my fortitude, the wherewithal do what needs to be done. Because THAT.. is a thousand times stronger than all the muscles in the world At the end of the day, this isn't even my biggest challenge. You don't pose a threat. Not to someone like me. Not to someone who values that championship with everything within her being. This is my life; I’m sorry TJG you can’t have a happy ending, not the blood in all of our hands is still fresh, and still dripping from our necks. See you at castle grayskull”

    Bell knocks the doll on its side and turns around. As she does the toys on the floor, have seemed to separate making a path to the door. She goes to open it, but it doesn’t budge.

    Bell Connelly: “Come on…”

    Bell says as she fights to open it once again. She shakes her head and turns around, and just like she expected the room has changed and now, now she finds herself in the bedroom of the house. It, much like the living room is scarcely decorated. The only things in the room are a bed and a desk. On the desk, is a letter. She approaches the desk. She doesn’t dare open the letter, but she knows exactly what it is, from the heart on the envelope.

    Bell Connelly
    “A love letter? Really? Alright…”

    Bell sits in the desk’s chair and holds the letter up for a second. As she sets the message down, P notices a small picture frame. One it is men and women embracing, but their faces have been blacked out. She sighed. She knew what this was

    Bell Connelly:How lucky can one girl be...I kissed him, and he kissed me like the fella once said; “Ain’t that a kick in the head?

    Bell sang lightly to herself as she looked the picture up and down.

    Bell Connelly:“Chris I… I’m sorry.” . “I want this to happen. It needs to; I have to get to Cyrus Truth, for the last three months, I’ve barely eaten, I barely slept, -Less than usual- my entire WORLD had been consumed by the main event of Back In Business…..So if I have to beat you to do that...Like the fella once said ain’t love a kick in the head? I never intended for it to lead to this. I promise you that. But nothing about the GP has been simple, everything since I lost the world title,everything had been such a big drama. When the whole world turned their back on me Chris was the only one who didn’t and for that…..Thanks….but, I’m doing it again aren’t I? I’m letting myself think emotionally, which isn’t anything new; but if I took that part away? And ignored how personal it is? Chris Kennedy has the main event so man Back In Business, so many titles and so many achievements…..He has so many moments...And all I want is one. Just one. Me standing over Cyrus with the spotlight on me at the main event of BIB. That’s my moment. And I will fight tooth and nail to get it done. I know what Chris Kennedy I’m getting; I’m going to get your best. You’re going to throw the world and drop it on my head. But as much as you want to tell me to get out of your way to clear your path to the final... But I can't do that; You can't move me, I WON’T MOVE. Now, not ever. You should know better than anybody what I'll do to win!

    Bell pauses for a moment before letting out a sigh; Bell continues to speak.

    Bell Connely“You’re right, I should have actually talked about my problems, but I didn’t. Because like I keep telling you, you wouldn’t understand. My whole life, I have never been able to… I can’t… explain what is wrong with me. I’ve never been able to. Don’t you understand that? Ever since I was a child, I’ve never been able to connect with anyone, and you were the first person who I could…

    Bell pauses for a second.

    Bell Connelly: At least I can finally say I have someone I can relate to.”

    Bell looks at the letter. She picks it up and looks at it longingly for a bit. She brings it to her face and kisses it before ripping it in half as if accepting something that she should have accepted a long time ago. She gets up from the desk and turns to the door. She slowly crosses the bedroom and opens the door. Stepping through she finds herself back at the doorway she started. The sound of cicadas are loud, but Bell has come to accept the noise now. Shaking her head, Bell sits against the door.

    Bell Connelly: “Alright Auoura … I understand now. And you know, if you’re going to fake our name you've got to do better then that. You think I wouldn’t know a Disney princess name when I hear it?

    A small voice echoed from the other side of the door

    Aurora“When did we stop dying our hair black?

    Bell Connelly:“It’s a long story. How long have you been locked up in here?”

    Aurora: “How long have you kept me in here Bell?”

    Bell Connelly:“A long time.”

    Aurora:“Yep, and do you know what I want you to say?”

    Bell Connelly:“I do. But before I do, I want to say this is the last time we take a nap before a big match, okay?”

    Aurora:“No promises.”

    Bell Connelly:“Everything I said before you brought me here, was true… or at least that’s what I saw. There’s been a hole inside me for so long, and I thought if I won the title I could fill it. So I tried everything that I could to do so, from competing against men… to this addiction to pain that I seem to have acquired. But it was stolen from me...From us, and that just made the hole so much deeper “But because of that, because I never grew up… I’ve ruined everything that I stood for, and because of that… I lost almost everything. My best friend. My belt. Even though I don’t want to admit it, I am the reason that we’re even in this predicament… because I am no better than a bratty eight-year-old girl throwing a tantrum to get what she wanted. I manipulated the situation set us on this path to destruction. For my entire life I always wanted to be the hero but , ever since I lost that title ...I’ve been its villain. I’m the villain… and I…”

    Bell stops, realizing that she’s apologized to everyone… but one person. She looks up at the ceiling, at the cicadas flying around her.

    Bell Connelly:“Bell… Aurora… I am you… and you are me. I am sorry… I’ve ruined our life...again... and have become this… this… thing…”

    She says as tears start falling down her face. She goes to wipe them away, only for her hand to be covered in red.

    Bell Connelly: “I doubt I’d be able to live with myself knowing what I have done… I understand if you don’t want to forgive me; You...we...I have been hurt so damn much but… how can I let you back out into the world where I have become the villain you never were meant to be?”

    The door opens behind Bell causing her to stumble back. She quickly rolls to her feet and slowly turns to face the child standing there. But in her place… is herself, wearing the same clothes, her hair now blond draped over her blue eyes. Aurora smirking with an almost sinister grin on her face responds.

    Aurora:“I am you, and you are me Bell. I just wanted you to stop, lying to yourself and accept your… our fate. Because if you did, then maybe… maybe this will all work out in the end….Once we get that title back we can fix everything, and tonight is the first step; Shannon always knew you were self-destructing. I needed to step in and save us. Besides, after everything that has happened, there is no going back. If we’re the villain… then I guess we’re going to have to live with it. Now, come on, we got a match to win… we’ve got to prove a point. We’re more than a sad, broken little girl after all, aren’t we?”

    Aurora extends out her hand, crooked and warped towards Bell. Aurora looks at it before nodding with a smile that she’s not shown in a long, long time.

    Bell Connelly:“Yeah…”


    “Bell? Is that you?”

    Says a voice not familiar to Bell as she snaps awake finding herself sitting against a mirrored wall in the weight room of Nippon Budokan Bell shaking her head looks to see who the voice belonged to. It was Katie Lynn Goldsmith scared and confused as she kneels down next to Bell.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: “WOLF, Chris Kennedy and Tristan said you came into their locker rooms and started talking to them as if they weren’t there. Heck, you even tried to kiss Chris… and here you are talking to yourself in the weight room? Are you going to be okay? Do I need to call the trainer?”

    Bell looks at Katie, and a uneven laugh escapes her as she slowly raises up to her feet.

    Bell Connelly:“No, I’m fine. I’ve never felt better in my entire life Katie.”

    Bell stretches a bit, confusing the living hell out of FWA backstage interviewer.

    Bell Connelly “Go tell the others that I’m sorry for bothering them before their matches. Tell them that we’ll settle this in the ring as we’ve always been destined to… and that I think I finally know who I am. Thanks.”

    Katie gives Bell a confused look but agrees before being shooed away. As Katie leaves, Bell turns around and looks into the mirror image of the child staring back at her. With a smile, she places her hand on the mirror, and Bell speaks to Aurora one last time.

    Bell Connelly:“We’ve almost there..”


    They are extinguished, each one in succession these flames of blue.
    Off in the distance, beyond total darkness where the sun never rises…
    Deep within the mirror’s edge, many hands are desperate to break away.
    They’re reaching out to you to cure their loneliness won’t you lure another soul deep down here?

    Will you come away with me while I sing this melody?
    Don’t even try to escape, It’s a game of tag, we’ll play.
    Every single trace of you, I will come to capture you.
    Where the cicadas cry, Only silence remains…
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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread

    The Grand Prix Finals were over and what a night it was, full of Championships and lives on the line. Following the successful event, FWA posted many videos to their YouTube and their main site. We should talk the exclusive video series called "FWA Embedded", which tracks the movements of everyone involved with the GP event. There were specials on Chris Kennedy. Cyrus Truth. TJG among others Kevin Cromwell was the last Embedded video to be uploaded to and FWA's personal YouTube account ( The video starts with the newly revamped FWA Embedded logo, which goes with the red and grey colour scheme for the FWA logo.

    The video starts with the generic rock music mix, accompanying the video's logo. Then, we are taken inside the hotel in Tokyo Japan, where all the FWA talent were staying for the weekend while they prepare for the GP finals event. But of course, the focus of this video is on Kevin Cromwell. Then, the cameras fixate on room 258 as the doors open. There, sitting on the edge of his bed, as if he just woke up was Kevin Cromwell -- Cromwell was wearing nothing but a pair of white underwear. He stood up and took one look at the FWA camera crew and shook his head as if he forgot that he was apart of this video series. He laughed and said aloud,

    Kevin Cromwell“Forgot you guys were coming. Give me a minute. ”

    The cameras turn around and leave the hotel room. Due to the magic of video editing, we are back following a jump cut, and Kevin Cromwell leaves his hotel room, wearing a grey t-shirt and a pair of work out shorts. He was holding a duffel bag in his left hand and his right hand he was carrying a clear shaker cup that was full of a brown liquid, we could only assume that it was full of a chocolate protein shake. He took a sip and forced it down, as the time appeared on the screen, showing that it was 6:15 in the morning.

    JUNE 8th | 6:15 A.M.

    Kevin Cromwell started walking down the hallway and made his way to the elevator. He presses the "1" button and awaits the elevator to come up. Kevin was quiet as he maintained focus on the elevator, but he soon opened his mouth.

    Kevin Cromwell: “Started a little later than I would have liked, but what is it that they say? The early bird gets the worm? Better late than never, though. ”

    Kevin took another swig of his protein shake and forced the chalk-flavoured chocolate down his throat. The elevator made a "ding" noise as the doors open, and Cromwell and the cameraman enter the elevator. The doors close as Kevin looked down at his feet and clinched his duffel bag tight. The elevator was dropping floor by floor, as after a few moments, the doors open again and we were on the ground floor of the hotel. Many people were walking through the doors to check in, but we immediately head to the right where we see the signs that read "GYM | POOL | LEISURE" hanging on the wall. Kevin approaches a door and grabs his key and swipes it, as the door unlocks. We enter the hotel gym and, surprise surprise, there was no one there. Kevin opened the gym and set his duffel bag on the bench near the smith machine. Kevin rolled his neck and reached into his duffel bag and pulled out a pair of black lifting gloves as well as a wrist support. Kevin put his gloves on and sat on the bench, while the camera crew stood there and captured everything Kevin was going to say on camera. We were stepping into the life of Kevin Cromwell. The time appeared on the screen again, showing us when Kevin would start working out.

    JUNE 8th | 6:27 A.M.

    Kevin Cromwell“I try to get to the gym whenever I can, but when you travel all over like I do it's tough. It's tough to eat healthily, stay healthy and whatnot, especially when the only places open at one o'clock in the morning are fast food places. ”

    Kevin strapped his gloves on and lowered his head, releasing a big sigh out of his mouth. He stared at the ground below and then looked up and continued onward.

    Kevin Cromwell“ And my training regimen has been the same for years. I go to the gym as early as I can, I work out three hours a day, twice a day, for six days. Since I started, I have not changed my routine at all. But, for the past few months, I have. For the first time in my career, I was doing something different. ” (

    Cromwell couldn't believe it either, but if he says it, it was true. He chuckled and took a swig of his protein shake and shook it up more before looking to his right at the camera.

    Kevin Cromwell “Ever since I signed for FWA, I have been at the gym more and more. Almost to the point where I am living there. I stay to myself; I put my headphones in, and I focus on the task at hand; I focused on the GP. I focused on the main event of BIB. I focused on my shot at shocking the world., I would enter the GP in the best shape of my career. The absolute BEST Kevin Cromwell that ever lived...And it wasn't good enough. ”

    Kevin eyes almost filled with tears, as it was apparent how much work he put into his craft. He shook his head and looked back at the camera with a sense of disappointment.

    Kevin Cromwell: I wasn’t let in the GP, and that was BAR none the worst moment of my career

    Cromwell's eyes maintained focus on the camera as he pressed forth, letting that statement sink in for a moment.

    Kevin Cromwell “ It’ll be different if I was in the tournament and I lost every match I'll be the first to admit when someone is better than me, but I have yet to meet ANYONE who is better than me at what I do. From the collegiate level to the amateurs, to where I am now, I have always been the absolute best to do it. And when I entered FWA, being in the best shape of my career, I felt unbeatable, and I was ready to prove that...but I wasn’t given a shot.

    The scene changed, as the mood in the room deepened. Kevin lowered his head and spoke again.

    Kevin Cromwell: ..And at that moment everything changed; Pride from being signed to disappointment...and that turned into anger and that turned into motivation. I won’t deny I have a chip on my shoulder; I have some time to prove. I told Dave that all I needed was one opportunity. Just one shot and I would take with both hands and a chance at the X-Fly belt? That’s a shot worth taking, But it means more to me than a shot at the X-Fly championship. I have a point to prove; I’m not some young boy for this company to pat on the head and say “Sorry kid, you’re too green, you’re not ready”, no I’m the F’N best! And my time is now

    Kevin stood up and walked toward the Smith machine. He put four 45 pound plates on each side and proceeded to do some deep squats. His face was turning red, sweat pouring out of his face as he did each rep harder than the last. He said aloud to the cameraman, “I'd appreciate it if you left me alone; I don't want people knowing my training regiment. ” The cameras focused on Kevin working out, zooming in on his legs showing the pure strength he had in them. Of course, the video edited a few jumps cuts later; we were met up with Kevin Cromwell again, this time, he was done with his work out. The camera crews took Kevin's request and didn't show his work out, but it was a long one. Kevin started his deep squats around 6:40 in the morning and now? It was a little after 10:00. Kevin's morning work out was over three hours long, and it showed. His face beet red, he was out of breath and the grey t-shirt that he was wearing as now a very dark shade of grey, covered in sweat. Kevin picked his shirt up and wiped the sweat from his face. He was drinking from a bottle of water this time, not his protein shake. Kevin, with his hands on his hips, was visibly out of breath and tired. The time, once again, appeared on the screen.

    SATURDAY, JUNE 8th | 10:08 A.M.

    Kevin Cromwell:“One work out down, one to go... ”

    Kevin chuckled and finished off his water bottle and tossed it in the trash. He wasn't eco-friendly and into recycling. Whatever the reason, Kevin was now packing his duffel bag up with his sweaty clothes and was soon changed into a clean pair of clothes. He was heading back up to his hotel room, in the elevator again, as the cameras stopped recording at this moment. The video flashed the FWA Embedded logo again, as we are back with Kevin Cromwell, but time has flown by at this point.

    SATURDAY, JUNE 8th | 1:37 P.M.

    Kevin was in his hotel room, eating a plate of white rice, cod and asparagus. He was shoveling it down, not even tasting it. Then again, who would want to? Kevin finished his lunch and put the plate in the sink and sat down on his couch in his hotel room. Kevin was leaning back on the sofa, relaxing for the first time today it would seem. Kevin was wearing a Manchester Utd jersey (Cristiano Ronaldo, Number Seven) and a pair of black shorts and white socks. Kevin's legs were on the couch and in a relaxed position with his arms draped over the back of the sofa. The television was on,--.

    Kevin was looking at the television, his face stoic in look as we Kevin’s eyes narrowed and his face was now watching with anger. Kevin reached for the remote and turned the television off. He sat there, breathing a bit heavy Kevin was staring at a blank television screen as he opened his mouth and began to speak again,

    Kevin Cromwell“I'll never forget a match. I re-watch matches every day, trying to find out what I did wrong. What I did right, and I’ve noticed that most matches I lose? It’s because II showed mercy. I showed mercy. I made a mistake and I paid for it, So now? I had no more mercy to give. With a match of such high stakes? I can’t afford to have mercy Believe you and me, tomorrow night? I won't show mercy. I won't give in to cries for mercy. I will SHATTER limbs if I need to And if you don't believe me? Then watch what I do tomorrow night because “The only thing separating me from my goal of getting a shot for the X-Fly belt is XYZ and Penny. Let's be honest here, whoever walks out tomorrow night the winner? They SHOULD be considered the number one contender and that's what I am going to do. From day one, my goal was to be Champion, just like everyone else. Everyone wants a belt and I have been a Champion in every promotion I have competed in. I am the true definition of what a Champion should represent; relentlessness, won't take no for an answer but tomorrow night? I am going to represent that again. Failure is not an option. I won’t let down my family watching. Not a chance in hell

    Kevin stood up and walked to his room where his bed was and shut the door. The camera then cut again and picked up the next day. It was Sunday morning, and the GP was going to go on live at 8 o'clock on the dot. Kevin was in his car, driving to Nippon Budokan where the first annual World Grand Prix event would take place. The cameraman was sitting in the passenger's seat and focusing on Kevin. Kevin was driving down the high way with his GPS on. The GPS said aloud in a robotic feminine voice, "your destination will be to the left in 6.8 miles." Kevin had his eyes focused on the road as the Japanese sun was shining brightly. Once again, the time appeared on the camera, telling the viewers what day it was and what time it was. It was fight night for Kevin Cromwell, as in a matter of eight hours, it will be time to put up or shut up. It was going to be the longest eight hours of his life as he prepared for a mammoth

    SUNDAY, JUNE 9th | 11:49 A.M.

    Kevin Cromwell“ Today's the day. ”

    Kevin was maintaining eye contact on the road, as any competent driver should. Kevin was ready for the biggest match of his career, and luckily for us, the FWA cameras were there picking up every moment of Kevin; preparation.

    Kevin Cromwell“Twenty-One years had led up to this. Got up early, had my morning work-out, took a shower, and now we're on our way to the arena. I can't even begin to fathom how big this is, not only for me and my career-- but for my friends, family, and everyone else watching. Am I nervous? Not at all. I am prepared for this. I am ready for this. I am ready to lock eyes with Penny and XYZ and not flinch. I am ready not to show mercy. When that bell rings around us, I am going to be a caged animal, showing no regard for whoever is in front of me. I will maim everyone that stands in my way, and unfortunately for XYZ and Penny, that person is me. ”

    His hands were on 10 and 2, and his eyes were locked on the road Kevin turned left, and he was now staring at the stadium where in just a short eight hours. The traffic was, and Kevin was stopped at a red light. So close, yet so far away.

    Kevin Cromwell: “I know full well that in a few hours, there’s going to be a stadium full of Japanese fans, booing me the hell out of the building. I’m expecting it, because I don’t care what Donald Trump crap, WOLF is on. Take it from someone who knows; Japanese fans are so damn proud. They adore their style of wrestling, and the fact I turned down Japan’s biggest promotion to come to FWA? I might as well slapped them all in the face. But even if that wasn’t the case, I’m pretty sure I would be the least popular guy in this match. I know the score. XYZ and Penny are crazy characters and me? I’m just me. I’m not over the top or whacky. They're bright and colourful, and I’m...well...not, maybe you might call me boring

    Kevin chuckles to himself finding the idea amusing.

    Kevin Cromwell: ….And you know what? That’s fine, Here’s the thing. The crowd are going to be entertained by Penny and XYZ. Because I’ll admit it; They’re entertaining. But here’s the thing; They entertain. I fight. They like to have fun. I want to win. I don’t have pet cats, and I don’t have a cape, but I do have a lot of pent-up anger and more submissions then XYZ has jumpsuits. That’s the difference between them and me; They call Penny an eccentric dreamer and XYZ has become known for telling the world that “The Dream Never Dies” -Whatever that means- They’re dreamers. But I’m a realist. I don’t deal with dreams, I deal in reality and the reality is. I have my family watching from Manchester counting on me. I have a reputation I need to live up. I need to take off someone’s arm or choke someone out tonight. That’s reality. There’s going to be a lot of pomp and circumstance with Penny and XYZ’s entrances. She’s going to come down all smiles with her cat, and he’s going to prance to the ring in his cape talking about dreams, but when that bell rings, and I teach XYZ the ABC’s getting slapped in the face. Then the reality of the situation is going to hit him. When I have Penny in an armbar, and I’m bending her arm out of her socket, she’s going to think “Oh no, it’s not a game anymore” because it isn’t. It’s my life I am prepared to leave it all on the line for the chance to f I can't get the job done? Then I don't deserve to be here anymore. This is do or die and it's as simple as that. That's why you guys are here filming me, watching what I do to prepare for this. I am entering the triple threat with the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I'll be damned if I let it overcome me. I will not let the weight of the world cause me to crumble. ”

    The light turned green finally as Kevin stepped on the gas and made his way to the arena. He parked his car in the back where all the talent and employees were. He stepped out of the car, dressed in a pair of khakis and a dark navy blue shirt. Kevin swung his bag over his shoulder and put on a pair of sunglasses on his face. He closed his door and started walking toward the back entrance of the arena. The camera crews followed him as he approached the door to the back entrance. He stopped and put his hand on the knob and turned it as he spoke aloud to the camera with a satisfying grin on his face. Like a warrior as he is about to enter the Coliseum for battle, Kevin was about to enter the Nippon Budokan, knowing full well in a few hours, it will be him and XYZ and Penny just how he wanted it. It has all led to this moment.

    “We're here.”

    The cameras cut again, and when we cut back following the FWA Embedded logo again, we see Kevin Cromwell in the backstage area at the Gorilla position, which was named after Gorilla Monsoon, a true legend in this sport. He was leaning headfirst against the position with his head resting on the wall. The sounds of the fans screaming their heads off as we hear the sounds of the announcers telling the crowd that we are just five minutes away from going live on pay-per-view! The voice was heard in the distance, albeit muffled. Kevin snapped his head up and started to pace back and forth as the countdown began to the start of Grand Prix final. Kevin was grasping his union jack jacket tightly in his hand as he walked. Kevin was dressed in his ring gear and even though he was still a few hours away from his match beginning, those hours felt like days. Kevin knew that it was almost time. The FWA Embedded cameras were focused on Kevin as he spoke one final time before Grand Prix Finals went live on pay-per-view from the sold-out arena. One last time, the timestamp appeared on the screen showing us how close we were from the start. Although you were watching this video well-after Grand Prix went off the air; it was a great way to see how Kevin Cromwell approached this match and what goes on in his life.

    SUNDAY, JUNE 9th | 7:56 P.M.

    Kevin Cromwell“Three hours to show time.”

    Kevin rested his head against the wall again, listening to the crowd scream once more. Kevin began to lightly tap his forehead against the wall, his eyes wide and staring down at his feet. He was ready to go to war.

    Kevin Cromwell“This is the biggest moment in my life... This is the moment that is going to define just who in the hell Kevin Cromwell is. Amadeus. All the hype. Everything beforehand that means nothing if I can't become It means nothing if I can't walk out there and do what I said I was going to do.”

    He was smiling; he wasn't angry; he was in a euphoric state of mind. Kevin was in a trance, like a man obsessed with wrestling. He was obsessed with winning. It was a must for him to continue his career.

    Kevin Cromwell. I've never been this focused; I've never been this determined to beat XYZ and Penn and if I don't? Then I'm going to die trying.”

    He was lightly tapping his head against the wall as his eyes remained focused on the ground below. Kevin stepped away from the wall and paced back and forth again as he spoke.

    Kevin Cromwell “When I told my father I wanted to do what he was truly Hell trying to get to Heaven. I see the Heaven in front of me. I can see it all in my mind; my arms raised in victory, with TJG next on the hit list that's how I see this going down tonight. That's how it is going to happen. I am going to do whatever it takes to make the dreams in my head become a reality. For the past month, I have had sleepless nights thinking about what I am going to do when I get unleashed After tonight; I will finally be able to sleep. I will finally have what I have wanted. If it is Hell trying to get to Heaven, then XYZ and Penny are in for a type of Hell they have never seen. I am more than just a competitor; I am Kevin Cromwell. I am Amadeus. I am the SICKEST son of a bitch to walk God's green Earth and tonight? I prove it.”

    Kevin Cromwell took a deep breath before looking back down at his feet. The sounds of the fans going nuts as The Pay Pay View officially began were heard, muffled in the distance. Kevin closed his eyes and released a deep sigh, as he said under his breath, “C’mon!” Kevin pounded his fist against the wall. The video ended at the start of the Grand Prix Finals began.
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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread

    An FWA camera crew catches sight of The Interstellar Shaman Starr walking out of the building and into the parking lot. Starr holds the back of his head, messing with his hair, muttering something to himself. The crew follows close enough to make out a couple statements.

    "Regroup, realign, refocus"

    "Undecided, undeterred, unpredictable"

    "Must stay centered."

    Starr finally stops dead in his tracks. He eerily turns to look at the crew that's followed closely behind him. He's smiling after what could be a huge loss for him. Finally, out of the awkward tension, Amy Duke produces herself and looks at Starr.

    Amy: "Starr, you knew going into this match you were at a big risk. Unfortunately, your championship conquest has fallen short once again. So, uh, how are you feeling right now?"

    Starr thinks the question over as he removes his wrist tape. He stands with a certain hands on his hips posture. He calmly responds.

    Starr: "I feel… numb. That kinda numbness that shoots down your whole body. From your core to the tips of your fingers and toes…

    "And I guess if I had to say anything about that match… it's a well deserved good luck. I mean it makes me think about how fragile and momentary life truly is. I was one second away from going onto the finals. One second. Maybe even less. As a human, I know, as well as you do, that the human body can only muster up so much energy and expend it. I dug deep this entire tournament. I simply had no more to give. There's a reason the brain is the way it is and it's because a human body can be broken, but human condition can not. And I don't break, I never will break, I only bend."

    "The thing about physical contests like that means that I am getting exactly what I signed up for when I joined FWA. Now, I definitely believe I should have won… But Manson, I think, not only impressed me, but everyone around the world. And Amy, that's absolutely amazing because I have seen it all, done it all, won it all so it takes a lot to make an impact on me. And by golly did he. The only caveat of the night is WOLF is going onto the finals and neither me or Manson. Not because he actually accomplished something, but by playing to the old man known as Father Time. Fair enough to him though. I hope he enjoys his match in the finals, I hope he gets... exactly what he deserves. "

    "But I'll end with this… My focus remains on the here and now. And right now, Amy, I'm going to go regroup what I can and move forward. Thank you. Peace be with you. Namaste."

    Starr slowly turns away with his arms dangling at his sides. His posture and demeanor seem starkly different to how he presented himself on camera. Starr slowly exits into the darker corners of the lot. Amy Duke awkwardly signs off still peeking around the crew to watch Starr leave.

    June 9 // Undisclosed Location
    “In the midst of chaos, there is opportunity.” - Sun Tzu

    An old familiar cymbal clang cues a underscore of beats and sounds, juxtaposed with different sites. Sites such as: a large body of water, a snowy mountain range, a statue of Buddha. The underscore escalates and rises until a large cymbal centers us in the depths of space. The camera is pointed towards a large galaxy of shifting colors and hues. We slowly back away further and further. The cluster of stars shrinks more and more as we notice the galaxy is placed in an eye. We pull even further back and realize this is the Third Eye belonging to FWAs resident and spiritual guide, The Interstellar Shaman, Starr. The eye spins and rolls around in its socket and examines the surroundings. Starrs meditation pose is firm. He speaks with his normal eyes closed.

    Starr: "The path to enlightenment is never easy. Gosh if it was, ya think everybody would be doing it like The Bartman. Sometimes, it's a mind and body disparity that can cause unhappiness. The deities have shown me the way, that path towards enlightenment. My third eye will help guide me on the trail towards my one true goal. I may not be going to the main event of Back in Business, but I have made it my mission to make history at the biggest FWA event of the year. Last week’s defeat, felt like a victory. And being deterred only fuels the fire that burns in my soul more and figure out a way to get that FWA championship around my waist."

    "What will I do? Undecided. But it will shake the FWA Universe to its core. Everyone in the FWA roster will take notice…"

    "But that's the near future... What I have before me is quite the daunting task.

    "Danny Toner once again shows his face in FWA again. Amidst fanfare and adulation, Toner will take on The Guru to the Galaxy. Now, Danny is a former Tag Team champion here, so I suppose I should say he stands a chance against me. However… Danny has proven time and time again that with his back against the wall, he can't get the big win. Danny hasn't aligned his chakra, he just finds his way to crawl back into FWA territory, not learn anything from his previous stint, and retreat back into his hole waiting for the next opportunity to become relevant again strikes. People have labeled myself as the next Danny Toner. But no I'm much more than that. I can be better than Danny and it's time I show the world that! Danny, don't take this the wrong way. I have wanted the best FWA could offer and you are one of the big names here. You have competed on the grandest stages before… but I have opened my Third Eye, Danny. Have you? It helps me remove my fear, shed the skin that prevented me from achieving my goals. My Third Eye warns me of the possibility of loss, but my soul promises victory. Danny you are my pathway to a higher plane. I'm gonna pour my heart out into this fight, challenge my body to pull off another upset, and know that with my Third Eye open, I will achieve enlightenment… I am empowered… and that I will overcome this challenge.

    Starr’s hand slowly come up and press against each other. He brings them in front of his face.

    The light in me sees the light…

    Starr opens his eyes to reveal the same color shifting galaxy as before. The Third Eye centers on the camera.

    …in you.

    A cymbal clang causes Starr's body to explode into millions of tiny glimmering lights like fireflies in the night sky. Fade to black.


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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread

    This is Tommy Thunder?

    Deception sits looking at a photo in his hands We go to the photo and see its Tommy Thunder standing next to two young man. Tommy stands next to Deception's former persona Kid Justice and his partner Knight Wing the Knights Of Injustice. The picture starts to get crumbled by the hand of Deception.

    Tommy we used to be friends, you were a mentor to me I looked to you for advice and you were always there to lend me a helping hand and I will always hold a place for you in my heart.

    That was then Tommy, This is now.


    Now I can't stare at you without disgust I look at you and all I see a shell of the former man you are. Thunder you are a loser now and you are a fraud. You claim to be the division one athlete when in the reality is you are just a sheep like everyone else.

    I used to respect you Tommy, you used to be a ally a hand on my shoulder on my darkest days but now, you are just Old Yeller and I must take you behind the shed. Thunder you are too weak, you are to lost but I will guide you . I will show you the way I will bring you to your knees Tommy and your demise your fallen sacrifice will open the seals of over the eyes of the sinners of this place Tommy. Thunder you won't die in vein I won't let that happen. I am a righteous man and I will be the savior of this place and you will be the martyr in a war that is coming into the horizon there is no rest for the wicked Tommy.

    Now as for our match, as for the things I must do to fufill the work I been given the voice that has been whispering the call of duty I will have to hurt you Thunder and it is not going to be pretty it is going to be sick and it is going to be twisted but, see I need to make you an example I need to make you and everyone else eyes open and we will commit the acts. Tommy we go way back and we have seen the very best we have had to offer and we seen each other in the very worse states we have been unfortunate to be in but, come tonight when we go into the ring no matter how hard you try no matter how far you think you are willing to go I am willing to go further, I am willing to do what must be done while you sit on your hands.

    Tommy while you make excuses for what is to come I will break you Tommy. I am going to end you because this is the will that needs to be done his is the chance that needs to be taken do you even see the faults you have made. There is the will you had and now the will you have and there is the will I have the will I can. I am a righteous man Tommy and you are just a wicked sinner a false idol a liar and you need to pay for your sins.

    Deception walks off not wanting to waste another word on someone he deems unholy in his eyes as He burns the picture off. Deception states that it is time to move forward. The only thing he needs or wants is judgment day for Tommy Thunder and it seems as though that time has come.


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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread

    "I don't want this to happen. I love her so much" a young Chris Kennedy says out loud as he holds his dog close to his chest, eyes watering as his entire body trembles with fear and uncertainty consumes the smalls boy's every being.

    January 1995.
    The Town & Country Animal Clinic, Tampa Fl. Diana Kennedy rubs her 9 year old sons back, comforting him as he says his final goodbyes to his best friend, a labrador named Libby. The dog has lived a long, happy life as part of the Kennedy family and young Chis Kennedy has always adored her. As a child on the road, Kennedy was never afforded the luxury of having friends his own age. He was home-schooled on the road while he dad was off being a pro-wrestling sensation. Libby was always there though, always at his side with her head in his lab. When Chris Kennedy said "I don't want this to happen", he was speaking his truth, even though he knew his words weren't powerful enough to stop what was happening.

    "I know that you don't, Chris. I know that you love her and you want to see her life, hapilly. But Libby isn't happy, Chris. She's in a lot of pain. The medicine isn't helping her, Chris. It's time to let her go." Diana says with compassion and understanding.

    "No! You can't take her from me, I won't let you!" Chris yells back at her, two small waterfalls trailing from his puffy, red eyes.

    "Chris, she is going to die. Whether you and I want her to or not. You see, death will catch up to all of us one day. For sweet Libby here, hers is catching her a little faster. If she goes on, her pain is going to worsen over time and when she does die, it will be a slow painful death. You can prevent this. It's what she wants." Diana replies, calmly.

    Chris looks down at Libby who brings her eyes to meet Chris's. Chris knows what must be done. He's been putting it off for so long and now it's looking him dead in the eyes. When the veterinarian approaches with the syringe and administers the shot, Chris Kennedy hugs his dog for the last time. He does his best to hold back the sobbing but at this point there is no going back, he lets it all out. Libby musters up enough strength to lick his cheek before hanging her head down for the final time. As Kennedy tightens his grip on her, her eyes close and she slowly fades away.

    "I don't want this to happen. I love her so much" an older, grizzlier Chris Kennedy says into the camera as he hikes the wide nature trail shirtless, blue jeans tightly hugging his ass, black boots on his feet and a strap over his shoulder holding the Remington Model 673 Guide Rifle on his back.

    It's June, 2018. Once upon a time, Chris Kennedy had known these woods like the back of his hand, having gone on many hunting trips with his grandfather during his youth. It's been a long while since Kennedy has been in these woods and while he isn't as acclimated as he used to be, it all becomes a little more familiar with each and every step.

    "I love her so much I'll address her last. It's as they say, save the best for last and between Wolf, Galloway and herself, she is certainly the best, though not better than me. Not by any means. See, I've been dreading this moment, while also knowing the whole time that it would eventually come down to this." He says to himself as he takes a heavy drag from his Marlboro cigarette.

    "May as well start with my dear old friend, Wolf. It's been quite a while since Wolf and I last engaged in battle and after all these years, Wolf isn't too familar. No, I don't mean the eye patch that he is sporting for no apparent reason despite having two working eyes. No, whatever has changed within Wolf isn't something cosmetic. There has been a complete tonal shift in the depths of his own soul. This is not the Wolf I know."
    Kennedy says as he exhales the cigarette smoke from his nostrils.

    "Adrian Wolf, in the year 2018, is a fucking joke. He has become Lord Dog, a comedy act for the fans to get behind and laugh at. He is nothing more than a cartoon character parody of his former self. This new guy pretending to be Wolf, the one promoing about Donald Trump, Batman, detective stories and cartoons, he's a garbage-fire of incoherent lunacy that would make the old Wolf cringe. See, I've been dishing out losses to this dude for about 7 or 8 years by now and believe me when I say that there isn't a single man, inside that ring or out of it, that understands Wolf better than I do so when I say the OLD Wolf is spinning in his grave, I know that to be true because I was the one who put the old Wolf in that grave to begin with. He hasn't been the same since the last time I Bittersweet Chin Symphonied his ass a few years back. He's still seeing stars and I'm wondering who on the medical staff he paid off to get himself cleared for competition. Thing is, I WANT the old Wolf back. I WANT that son of a bitch who placed his hands so gently on my pregnant wife's stomach as he sang "rock-a-bye baby" in an attempt to get inside my head, the one who took a simple title unification match and turned it into a personal blood feud. THAT Wolf would send THIS Wolf running with his tail between his legs, and THAT Wolf couldn't even defeat me if his career depended on it so what is this fuck-boy comedy act going to achieve? I have to wonder if the modern FWA fans even know about that, that I ENDED his career and sent him packing, only for him to be reinstated by the incompetent FWA Management. Does today's FWA universe even remember when I took his World Heavyweight Championship and became the first man to hold both the FWA Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship? Do the fans remember when I fucked his wife, Sara Wolf, and dropped the hottest sex tape 2012? Doesn't matter if the fans remember. WOLF remembers it like it was yesterday and the son-of-a-bitch can put on his clown shoes and sing a little song and dance for these brain dead FWA fans, but I know as well as he does that there is a lot of hurt in Wolf's heart, and Chris Kennedy is the one who put it there. Wolf came into my life, huffing and puffing and threatening to take everything away from me, but it was I who took everything from him and he's hated me ever since, hated me for doing to him what he failed to do to him. He'll tell you he hates me, every chance he gets. Do you want to know what I think of Adrian Wolf? I don't think of him, at all. He is nothing to me. I've proven myself over this man, time and time again. The fact that he even thinks he has a shot against someone like myself only serves as a testament to how far his mental health has declined after eating more Bittersweet Chin Symphonies than any man on recorded history. You wanna see Wolf get his ass pounded to dust and then handed to him in a doggy bag? Drop $9.99 on the WrestlingClique network. You want to see Chris Kennedy get his ass beat? Subscribe to the fan fiction of my haters, only way you are getting that shit right there, pal."

    Kennedy approaches a tree with an orange X spray painted on it. Up in the tree, there is a Hunters saddle fastened to the top. Kennedy begins to climb the tree, en route to the top where he latches himself into the saddle, watching the land with his rifle ready.

    "A few weeks back, Wolf said that throughout his childhood, WRESTLING was there for him, through his difficulty fitting in all the way to his troubled home life, WRESTLING was there for all of it and that's why he's passionate about winning. Well, the first time he ever wrestled me, WRESTLING wasn't there for him, it nearly sent him to the hospital. By the 3rd time we faced, his career on the line vs my championship, WRESTLING wasn't there for him, in fact, WRESTLING said to him "best of luck on your future endeavors" before eventually taking him back so no, Wrestling has not always been there for him, despite what he tells himself while hyping himself up to take on competition outside of his skill set. Adrian Wolf should know how much more seriously I take this than he does, and he should already know what I'm willing to do when Back in Business is on the line, when the FWA Championship is on the line, when my credibility is on the line. Wolf was one of my many, many victims at Back in Business but he wants to call Christopher Manson a notch on his belt. Wolf's belt has no notches and his ass is showing, yet again. Wolf was the original stepping stone, one that I've placed my foot on several times. How much of a joke would I be to trip over that stepping stone when I have so much riding on this? Any other match, I'd have nothing left to prove. But when it comes to Back in Business and the FWA Championship, those are both prizes worth fighting for even if my opponent is undeserving of that fight, because at the end of the day they are even more undeserving of the FWA Championship. As far as I'm concerned, no one in the finals deserves the FWA Championship more than I do. Not Wolf, not Tristan James Galloway, and certainly not---"

    Chris Kennedy is paused by the sounds of an animal nearby. He peers around, looking through the rifles scope for the first sign of game. He notices some shaking in the shrubbery about 60 yards out and readies his rifle, though he lowers it when he sees that it's just a wild dog, filthy and matted. The dog runs off and Kennedy tries to remember where he was, somewhat losing his train of thought.

    "Yeah, Tristan James Galloway. More like Tristan James Go-Away, am I right? See, I had no clue who the hell this ass-clown when I interfered in his match with Cyrus Truth last week. As far as I knew, it was Tommy Thunder or Danny Toner in that match, some lame ass non-consequential piss-ant. I see the name on the cards but I never watched his matches or promos. Googled the kid to see what he's accomplished. To my surprise, he's been here since the tail-end of 2016. He has been here for over a year and a half, surely he must have accomplished something, right? Let's see... FWA Accomplishments: None. Well, now I feel as if that should be updated as he's since won an X-Championship but at least I don't quite feel so bad for not knowing who this jobber is. If he doesn't care enough to make something out of his name, and the FWA doesn't even care enough to update his profile on, then why should I care about putting a face to that name? As far as I know, his biggest accomplishment, apart from taking the X-Championship away from a curtain jerker like Jason Randall, was defeating Cyrus Truth. But he shouldn't pat himself on the back. I did that, not him. He earned nothing, he deserves no glory. If it wasn't for my interference, Cyrus Truth would be the one squashing Wolf and Tristan James Go-Away would be in the locker room with the rest of the insect-tier parasites, rooting against me from behind a television set. Fucking loser. Tristan James Go-Away thinks that he has a shot at main eventing Back in Business when I'm in the finals, that's adorable but shows an extreme lack of mental fortitude on Tristan James Go-Away's behalf. I can try reminding everyone that I'm the greatest of all time with simply my words because apparently stats aren't enough. I can explain it to Tristan but I can't understand it for Tristan, that's going to take me beating his ass until there's no ass left. This is something I'll be able to accommodate. Tristan is as forgettable as he is useless, and so he will be completely forgotten in just a years time. Tristan himself will have forgotten most of this promo, but he'll NEVER forget the Bittersweet Chin Symphony launching from the ground to his head, he'll never forget the POP he hears in his ears when everything goes white for a half a minute and the concussion begins to alter the entire framework of his mental capacity. He'll never forget that, and when he tries to make a comeback and starts cutting promos like Wolf, where him and Scooby Doo are investigating the case of Tristan's missing Wins or some stupid shit, he'll have me to thank for that. The biggest difference between myself and Tristan James Go-Away is that he gives his opponents easy wins, while I give my opponents Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Duke Drazin, Rocky Creed and Bullseye Johnson are names a young pup like Tristan James Galloway might not be too familar with even if they are all former champions and future Hall-Of-Famers, but if he was to ask Wolf who they are, Wolf would tell them that they were all great warriors that, one day, ate a Bittersweet Chin Symphony and then left the business all together. Wolf was among them, for like 10 minutes. What is my point in all of this? My point is that I've put down better men than Tristan James Go-Away when there was much, much less on the line. He has a chance? Get real."

    "A few weeks back, Galloway had said in a promo, I think against Danny Toner, if I'm not mistaken, that he craves a legacy, that he demands excellence, and that he's not content being 2nd best, he wants to be the very best. I have no earthly clue who lied to the boy and told him that he was even in the top ten, let alone 2nd best. See, I'm the greatest professional wrestler of all time. By default, whoever is holding the championship is 2nd behind me, but in this instance that's Cyrus Truth so really Bell Connelly is 2nd best. Third goes to Cyrus I guess. But Tristan James Go-Away? Bruh, give me Deception, Tommy Thunder, Vincent Takaab Blackbird, Jiggy John and The Jello Jigglers or even James Sync and I'd put them on a list over Tristan James Go-Away. Tristan James Go-Away calling Danny Toner "mediocre" is like a Dalmatian calling a Leopard "spotty", he's a fucking NOBODY. Last week he talked a big game against Cyrus Truth, talked about how he previously fought Cyrus but couldn't get the job done. He said now, a whole year later and with the X-Title on his shoulder, that he's no longer a 'virgin of combat', his own words. Well, he may very well still be a virgin but to his credit he HAS spent the last year and a half getting the shit beat out of him so there's that. However, He faced Cyrus Truth twice, and won only once. Only once, I was involved. Do the math.

    Just then, Kennedy sees what he came out here for. A male Elk walks down the path, a 700 pounder too. He's proud, almost walking like he's the champion of the woods. There isn't a more majestic creature within several hundred miles and it's almost as if he knows it. Kennedy aims the rifle, the Elk in his cross-hairs. Suddenly, a loud yelp is heard from down the way, causing the Elk to scurry right as Kennedy gets his shot off, missing him. Angry, Chris Kennedy yells "FUCK" at the top of his lungs before punching the tree.

    The yelp is followed by a desperate howl, then crying. Kennedy knows that he won't be able to catch anything with this animal hollering at full blast. He climbs down the tree to investigate. He walks down the path where the noise is coming from. He turns a corner past some shrubbery and sees the wild dog from earlier, caught in a bear trap. The trap has a good bit of the dogs leg, it's steel teeth clamped down at the dogs shoulder. Kennedy tries to open the trap but the dog snarls and attempts to bite him. It wouldn't do any good, the trap has separated a major artery and the dog is losing too much blood. This trap was designed to kill a much larger animal, and this dog doesn't have long for this world.

    "I guess this leads us to Bell Connelly, the love of my life. I'd move mountains for her, y'know. I'd part the ocean long enough for her to walk the earth, just to keep her dry. This is hard, man. Let me tell you how hard it was, when I waged my war with Gabrielle, the mother of my child. It wasn't just hard on me, having to put down someone that I loved and cared about. It was hard on my daughter, having to watch Daddy and Mommy come to blows on TV. I had to explain to her what was happening, and to this day she still doesn't understand why I had to put her bitch-mother's career into the ground. As hard as that was, this is much much harder. When all that stuff happened between Gabrielle and I, we had already split up and moved on. This time, I'm going to go out there and beat the living shit out of Bell Connelly and then I have to go to bed with her the same night. I've heard of "strange bedfellows" in this business, but this is some next-level shit. I love Bell Connelly unequivocally, she completes me in a way that I never thought another human being could. Bell Connelly are basically two sides of the same coin, and we have a lot in common. There is one big difference between us, and this is reason why Bell Connelly is going to hold back on me, and I won't on here. That difference is, that Bell Connelly loves me more than anything in this world. I love Bell Connelly, but not as much as I love myself. I love my legacy, and everything I've accomplished. I am going to keep adding to that legacy, and I won't relent. Unlike your Devin Golden's, your Stu St. Claire's and your Gabrielle's, I'll NEVER EVER reach the point where I say to myself 'you know what? I've got nothing left to achieve, I'm proud of what I've accomplished' because I will NEVER STOP. It will never be enough. I am going to ride this wagon until the wheels fall off and it's for that reason, I can't go easy on Bell Connelly. Something tells me that, as proud as she is, she wouldn't want me to."

    At this point, the dog has all but faded into unconsciousness. His breathes are getting shorter, his eyes heavier, and under both Kennedy and the dog is a large pool of blood. Kennedy kneels down and runs his fingers through the fur on the back of the dogs neck.

    "Bell Connelly thinks she can defeat me, she thinks that I'm going to lay down for her and let her get to Cyrus by standing over me, she feels like she's deserved that much. She thinks that the world owes her something, and if it's not going to give it to her, then I should. It's crazy, when you love someone so much, you are blind to how stupid they can be. Bell Connelly is one of the greatest of all time, definitely the best one on the current roster not named 'Chris Kennedy' but Bell Connelly does not have what it takes to stop me, especially when you consider what is at stake. I am Mr. Back in Business, and main eventing BIB is absolutely paramount. You can go on and on about everything I've accomplished but the fact of the matter is, I haven't main evented Back in Business in almost FIVE years. If I've proved anything in the World Grand Prix, it's that I'm fucking FINISHED sitting around and letting the world around me determine my destiny. Bell Connelly knows that her best bet is for me to lay down and let her take my destiny, because she can't beat me. When that bell rings and I am in the ring standing across from her, I won't see my girlfriend. I'll see my enemy. I'll see the next obstacle standing between me and the FWA Championship. I'll see someone I love who needs to be put down for a greater good. I'll crack her across the fucking mouth with those brass knuckles, same as anyone else, if I have to because I made a promise to MYSELF about a month ago. WIN every match by ANY means. If I'm not strong enough, make my punches stronger than brass. If I'm not fast enough, slow them down by taking them out at the knees. Let's say Bell Connelly did have what it took to beat me clean, then I'm fighting dirty. Simple as that."

    The animal looks up at Chris Kennedy with a dire sense of sadness and uncertainty. He pets the dog once more before standing up and aiming his rifle at the back of the dogs head.

    "I'm sorry that Shannon betrayed you, Bell. And I'm sorry that Cyrus Truth took something from you that you won't be getting back any time soon. I know that you are in pain, and this world is too cruel for someone like you. It's darkness is thick and never ending, and as bright as your light is, it can't be seen. I am going to do you a favor and end this pain by ending this fantasy of yours, where you win the finals and then head on to Back in Business. You'll curse me for this, but just know I'm doing this for you as much as I'm doing this for myself."

    We don't see the dog anymore, we see Chris Kennedy from the dog's point of view. Chris Kennedy pauses a bit before pulling the trigger. The screen goes black.

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    Re: World Grand Prix 1 FINALS Promo Thread

    The scene opens inside the Tenno-ji temple, a buddhist temple located in Tokyo, Japan. Burning candles and incense fill the room as The X-Division Champion Tristan James Galloway sits indian style in the center of the room. His eyes are closed and his hands are resting on top of his knees, taking in deep breaths. The X Champion begins to speak, yet does not open his eyes.

    Perhaps you’re wondering why a man of Polynesian descent maybe partaking in Buddhist rituals, but I find meditation to be very soothing. It helps disengage from the chaos that plagues our lives; to unplug for the technological distractions. It has helped center me throughout the process of the World Grand Prix.

    Tristan focuses his breathing, taking several deep breaths in before stopping and opening his eyes. It appears as if he’s in a state of serenity as he sits in the middle of the temple.

    There are two common types of meditation. The first, Mindfulness of breathing, where you shut out the distractions and problems you may be facing and focus on your breathing. The second is Loving Kindness Meditation. You focus on someone you love, someone you’re indifferent one, and someone you dislike. You may find forgiveness for yourself and acceptance for yourself. Perhaps you become friends with the person you’re indifferent too. And finally, the ill will and resentment you have for the person you hate will dissipate. What I was doing is Mindfulness of breathing. I let go of all the the troubles and thoughts of my day. Later on today, I will try Loving Kindness meditation… I would like to think maybe I would use WOLF as an example for someone I dislike in hopes of moving on from the past, but I know that will be a lie. For the events that transpired in our last encounter weighed heavy on my mind.

    I could take this moment to reflect on my victory against Cyrus Truth. I could speak ill of Chris Kennedy, who decided to involve himself in my affairs, but that will come later. Right now, I focus on a man who has been a throne in my side for the past several months. A man filled with arrogance and deception. The man still possesses a trophy I desire, the North American championship, yet he and I are competing for the right to earn a prize even greater than that. Despite my victories over Group D, a group that featured Cyrus Truth, despite overcoming everyone’s expectations for Tristan James Galloway, WOLF will still portray himself as superior to me. He boast on how our match ended exactly as it should because of his veteran status within FWA. Him with a victory and me losing. He feels a sense of pride for this I’m sure. He did exactly what he said he was going to do, and what he expected.. But can you consider it a true victory? His win came by count out after nefarious means and help from a leader of the free world. I was a second away from continuing the fight. One second… My mind, my will, my heart were still ready for a fight, yet my body was not- and it gave up.

    Galloway stands up from the floor and heads over the candles, blowing each one of them out. Now, the only light that fills the room is that of the sun peaking through the covered windows.

    My world resembles this room. Darkness. For I was defeated by count out. In my numerous encounters with WOLF in tag matches, he pinned my partners. In our first ever singles bout, he could not keep me pinned to the mat for the three count. He could not force me to submit in acceptance of unbearable pain. WOLF beats me by count out…

    The shadow of Tristan James Galloway can be seen as he steps closer to the light.

    A win he’ll gladly take. I would be foolish to believe otherwise. Because underneath the rough exterior WOLF exudes with unabashed confidence lies a coward and scared man. He’s said it time after time that he’s getting older and weaker, yet he feels he i able to out muscle me. With advance age comes with the deterioration of ability. He’s admitted that much. When he and I faced for the first time in singles competition, I knew he wasn’t ready for the fight that I gave him. I saw it in his eyes. He will never dare to admit, but deep down he knows it too be true and so do I. I took some of his best shots and still kept coming at him like a freight train with stopping in sight. This hard boiled veteran who’s accomplishments are as long as the hours in a day. A man who’s taken on legends in historical battles. A man who's seen it and done it all almost outmatched by a “lowly rookie”. Perhaps, in this fight he began to rethink if continuing his career was a mistake. If he lost to me the excuses would begin to pile up. Words like “luck” and “fluke” would begin to litter his every day speech. All to be subsided when my body gave out and he won by count out.

    I remember what you said before our first battle, you said you would break my heart. For that was the one thing that would keep me going. If you eliminated that, you would end Tristan James Galloway. My heart is still beating, WOLF. Everything I had done following that encounter was to better myself in hopes of meeting you once again in the ring and beating you. While I anticipated it being for the North American championship, a spot in the Main Event at Back In Business against Cyrus Truth will be even more glorious.

    The creaking of a heavy door opening is heard. The rays of the sun immediately fill the room, revealing Tristan James Galloway, walking out in to the court yard of the Tenno-ji temple

    I will bring the fight to you, WOLF. Just like I did before, but I will fight harder. I found peace in that knowledge. It came from the grueling trials of the World Grand Prix, from defeating heavy favorites in Danny Toner and the World champion himself Cyrus Truth. I’m coming to beat you to finally rid FWA of the arrogance you parade around with. The smugness that you think I’m beneath you or that I don’t belong in the upper mid card to main event. To shatter this caste system you, Cyrus Truth, Chris Kennedy hold so dear and cling to. Where someone like me is seen as a nothing who is incapable of competing against you and beating you. Where losing to me is some sort of fiction, a fantasy world I live in because you don’t think it can’t happen because of your tenure within the company. I’m killing this cliche battle that plagues FWA. The same old narrative of “I’m a legend and you’re a piss ant loser”. I look to move past you and your foul mouth laden promos with random yelling thrown around towards the end. Because at the World Grand Prix Finals, WOLF. I’m going to do what you COULDN’T DO against me at the Tag League Finals. I’m going to pin you. You will hear the sweet sounds of the shattered symphony. End of story. And once I beat you in the World Grand Prix, I’ll continue to lay waste to the opposition in front of me… and maybe I’ll come back for the North American championship once I face Cyrus Truth at Back In business.

    Tristan bows the monks passing by him. One offers him a gift in the form of green tea powder. A gesture Tristan takes with a smile and nod, showing his appreciation for the present. Galloway slides the green tea bag into his back pocket as heads towards the treasure house. The treasure house is adorn with painting and sculptors detailing the history of the oldest temple in Japan. Galloway marvels at the history that surrounds him.

    The mark of a champion is showing what he can do. The actions that back up the words spoken. I proved it last week against Cyrus Truth. I proved it the week before against Danny Toner. I proved it when I challenged, won, and retained the X Division champion. Tristan Galloway keeps kicking the ball in despite you constantly shifting the goal post.

    As much as I would like to solely focus on WOLF and our battle, I know theres a possibility of another match. The final of the World Grand Prix. Where I could be pitted against Chris Kennedy or Belle Connelly.

    For starters let’s start with Belle Connelly. The former World champion who lost her title to Cyrus Truth. Her, Cyrus, and Kennedy have been embroiled in a bitter rivalry filled with controversy. She feels she’s been cheated out of her rightful rematch and forced to compete in this tournament which, in her mind, should not have been allowed to take place. In the very same breathe, you talk about the company not accepting you and having to scrape and claw for everything you’ve earned. Just like me. Unlike WOLF and your beloved Chris Kennedy. You believe everyone should get a fair shake and hard work should be rewarded… or so you lead me to believe. I dunno. I’m confused. Are you a world beater or are you a hypocrite like WOLF?

    Chris Kennedy, a grand slam winner, four time World champion. Your accomplishments are astounding. I see it’s not just a clever nickname, but you fall into the same camp as WOLF. You still rest on the old caste system of “I’ve been here forever so I’m automatically better than you”. You and Bell took away my moment. MY moment! I could have beaten Cyrus Truth without your aid. I know it. Whether you and that angsty bitch you call a girlfriend want to believe it or not. Because you took away a crowning achievement from me, I’ll take the World Grand Prix from you. So enjoy your boats and exotic vacations. I’ll be putting my work boots on and doing what is its I’m paid to do. Fight.

    Tristan walks away from the camera as the scene fades to black.

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